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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire
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Tapestry of the Gods Series


Volume I - Rayology in pdf
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Volume III - Astro-Rayology of Famous Lives

Rays and Signs
Planets in Signs
Famous Lives

Volume IV - On the Monad

Volume V - Physiognomy (planned)

Volume VI - Rituals & Music

"Music and Rituals for the New Age"
Michael Robbins & HG. Moses

Volume VII - Infinitization of Selfhood in pdf
Prolegomena: Entering the Domain

on books of Alice Bailey

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Trans-Himalayan Occultism

focus on works of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky,
and other classics of ageless wisdom

MaKaRa complements study & practice
of ageless wisdom meditation

Compilations, Initiation, Meditation, Charts,
-- such as the Pranava Vada by Bhagavan Das

and Initiation, Fire From Heaven, by Robert Borel

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Morya Federation is an online educational program,
offering Ageless Wisdom Study and Meditation practice
through comprehensive courses.

New classes start each December 21st,

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

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Dear Friends,
Harold Moses and I would like to present our first version of the Great Invocation Video (from May 2011), featuring the Great Invocation as Performed in our Gemini Solar Fire Festival. There will be new versions in the future. 
In Light, Love and Power
—Michael and Harold

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Morya Federation: Online Campus providing training for New Group of World Servers and all serious students of Meditation.
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The Fellowship of Cosmic Fire: offering in-depth study and on-line discussion of Master Djwhal Khul’s masterpiece—A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.
Extensive commentaries on A Treatise on Cosmic Fire are continuously prepared by Michael Robbins as part of the program of study.

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