Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

& Ray 2

Introduction - Expression in the self-centered - Expression in developed man - Expression in disciples and initiates - Directives - Mantra - Symbols - Contrasts - Similarities - Famous People 

Sun or Ascendant in Capricorn with Ray 2



Sun Capricorn (or Ascendant Capricorn), R2P (or R2S)
Plus Constellationally Transmitted R1, R3 and R7

A mild mutual reinforcement of ray and astrological energies emerges due to the transmission of the second ray through the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, Venus. The operative category, and it would apply only to initiates or quite advanced disciples, would be Mild by Rulership.


Selfish, Self-Centered or Self-Serving Human Being

Selfish, Self-centered or Self-Serving Human Being

i.   A hesitancy  to deviate from a well- practiced patternan attitude characteristic of the self-centered Capricorn person combines with a fearful disinclination to take actiona tendency induced within the insufficiently spiritualized personality by the second ray. (These undesirable qualities would be in the nature of a relapse or reversion to a formerly bound condition, as it is not possible to have a first or second ray personality unless one is at least an aspirant. The first or second ray may, however, enter the personality by other lines of influence.)

ii. In itself, an unusual pattern, since the second ray is not transmitted through Capricorn, and since it comes only through Venus, the hierarchical ruler.

iii. Hesitancy.

iv.    Timid conservatism. Living one’s life within the rules.  Not daring to “step out of line”. Conformity due to fear.

v. Security conscious. “Playing it safe”. Not daring to “stick one’s neck out”. Hiding behind the rules.


Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray of either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple

i.   The prudence and circumspection of the advancing Capricorn individual combines with a cautious  foresight induced within the spiritually unfolding personality by the second ray.

ii. Thinking ahead in an unhurried way. Foresight.

iii. Understanding the impact of any action which might be taken—especially the impact on people.

iv.    Dependability and responsibility based upon love and fellow-feeling.

v. Bringing the heart energy into business and organizational life.

vi.    Working as a factor for coherence within any group or organizational setting.

vii.   On the Path of Discipleship: a controlled and unemotional approach to meditation and discipleship living.

viii. On the Path of Discipleship: clarity of mind; clarity of action.

ix.    On the Path of Discipleship: learning to ponder and go deep. Careful, well-structured study.x. On the Path of Discipleship: climbing the mountain of consciousness steadily, slowly, wisely—making sure of every foothold.


Advanced Disciple; the Initiate: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray as either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Disciple; the Initiate
Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign, Capricorn, with the second ray as either the ray of the personality or soul]

i.   The power to achieve illumination upon the mountaintop of initiation—a power increasingly possessed by the soul-infused disciple/initiate born in or under the sign Capricorn, combines with a deep response to the “Greatest Light” (as that Light can be received within the human consciousness)—a response induced within the soul or spiritualized personality by the second ray.

ii. A profoundly meditative life.

iii. An austere and persistent approach to the “Greatest Light”.

iv.  The powers of the ajna center and the “third eye” are unfolded.

v. Experiences with “Light Supernal”.

vi.  Registering a synthesis of understanding based upon the experiences of “Isolated Unity” (under Capricorn) and “Naught Is But Me” (under the second ray).

vii. Seeing all as synthesis from the “mountain top” of consciousness.

viii. Transfigured in the Light.

ix.  Understanding how the vision from the mountain top should be taught and wisely worked into the substance of humanity. Seeing the steps gradually to be taken in the practical illumination of the human consciousness.


(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work. These are Meant to be Suggestive; Your Intuition Will Supply the Directives and Counsels Most Suitable to You)

Directives for Capricorn and the Second Ray
(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work)

    1. Achieve The Heights Of Consciousness

    2. Be Humble In Your Attempt To Understand The Ageless Wisdom

    3. Bless Those Whose Strength Upholds The Social Structure

    4. Bring The Light Down From The Mountain Top

    5. Build Wisely And Sturdily; What Is Carefully Constructed May Stand

    6. Call Forth The True Vocation In Those You Meet

    7. Carry The Burden Of Your Responsibility To Cooperate In The Salvation Of Humanity

    8. Calmly Fulfill Your Duty—To The Very End

    9. Climb Slowly And Carefully To The Mountain Top And There Merge With “Light Supernal”

    10. Comprehend The True Nature Of “Right Human Relations” As It Emanates From Hierarchy And Shamballa

    11. Conscientiously Serve The Great Lord

    12. Control The Love Of Form (Not Soul)

    13. Detach Yourself From The Very Strong Magnetism You Feel: Stand Back

    14. Develop Deep Knowledge Of The “Science Of Initiation”

    15. Discipline Yourself; Hold Yourself In Even Though You Wish To Expand Into Every Situation

    16. Distinguish Between Impersonal Compassion And Sentiment

    17. Distinguish Between Personal Intimacy And Spiritual Intimacy

    18. Engage In Intensive Labor Towards Revelation

    19. Enter The “Kingdom Of The Soul” And Identify With The Soul In All

    20. Envision The “Crisis Of Expansion” Upon The Mountain Top Of Initiation

    21. Firmly Establish Spiritual Will (In Your Life) As Well As Spiritual Love

    22. Fulfill Your Duty Through The “Wise Use Of Slow Action”

    23. Harden Yourself To Sentimental Attachments

    24. Having Understood The Glamor Of Ambition, Patiently Pursue Your Destiny

    25. Illumination Is Your Destiny

    26. Include All, Yet Be Detached

    27. Instruct In A Thoroughly Competent Manner; Be Master Of That Which You Would Teach

    28. Knowing The Reality Of Immortality, Suppress The Fear Vibration

    29. Let Your Positivity Arise From Consciousness Upon The Spiritual Heights

    30. Let Christ Be Born In The Midst Of Materiality

    31. Listen Closely To Conscience And Understand The Inevitability Of Social Reasonability

    32. Meditate Upon The Achievement Of Immortality Through Love

    33. Mount To The Summit In The Field Of Education

    34. No One Has To Tell You To Be Responsible, But Beware ‘Over-Responsibility’

    35. Overcome The Fear Of Failure; Do Not Allow The Sense Of Failure To Incapacitate You

    36. Overcome The Tendency To Depression Through The Realization Of The Christ Energy

    37. Patient Endurance Is Your Strength

    38. Perceive From The Broadest Possible Point Of View

    39. Persist In The Work Of Meditation: Penetrate To The Center

    40. Present The Vision Of The “Grand Design”

    41. Preserve The Wisdom Of The Ages

    42. Psychologically Understand The Nature Of Dharma

    43. Radiate The Diamond Light

    44. Reveal The Glory Of The Soul As Seen Within The Kingdom Of Souls

    45. See The Panoramic Unity, The Oneness Of Life, From The Pinnacle Of Perception

    46. Seek The “Greatest Light” Through Participation In “Supernal Light”

    47. Share The “Light Supernal” With Those Who Have Not Had The Strength To Climb And See As You Have Climbed And See

    48. Safeguard The Ageless Wisdom Tradition

    49. Slowly And Wisely Pursue The Summits Of Initiation

    50. Stand Back; Restrain The Flow Of Sheltering Love So Natural To You; It May Rob Others Of The Opportunity To Arrive At Success Independently

    51. Strengthen Your Spiritual Will As You Distinguish Between Personal And Spiritual Attachments

    52. Structure All Things As The “Great Geometrician” Indicates

    53. Study With Great Endurance

    54. Supervise Your Lower Nature; Let Not One Infraction Against The Christ Energy Escape Your Conscience

    55. The “Greatest Light” Is Better Seen From The Mountain Top Than From The Realm Of Personality; Ascend!

    56. Teach The Manner Of Ascent

    57. Tell The Truth As A Matter Of Principle—Despite The Fear Of Doing So

    58. Train Others In The Disciplines Of Enlightenment

    59. Triumph Over The Sense Of Inadequacy.

    60. Undergo The “Crisis Of Expansion” Through Initiation

    61. Understand Love As The Most Exacting Discipline

    62. Understand Sacrifice As Your Spiritual Duty

    63. Union With The Spirit/Soul Is Hardly Won—This You Know

    64. Unite Those Whose Responsibility It Is To Lead

    65. Unity Is Seen From A Lofty Vantage Point—Not In The Midst Of The Crowd

    66. You Are Equipped To Penetrate Into The “Mystery Of Love”



Mantra for Capricorn and the Second Ray

Mantram for the Disciple’s Consciousness
I strive, with open, loving heart, to carry out my duty—fulfilling conscientiously my every karmic task, so that one day in full consciousness I rightfully may stand upon the “mountain top”, a “conqueror of death” by means of Wisdom, Light and Love.

Mantram for the Initiate’s Consciousness
“I See the Greatest Light”—revealed within the synthesis and “isolated unity” perceived upon the “mountain top” by those who learn to conquer death through Wisdom and through Love.


Proposed Symbol, Image, or Scene

Proposed Symbol for R2/Capricorn

Focussed at the center of a radiant Lotus Blue—and animated by compassion and his solemn promise—the Scholar/Teacher undertakes in fullest heart, with heart aflame, to share the “Greatest Light” with all who climb unto the “mountain top” in search of “Light Supernal”.


Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Contrasts

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Contrasts Between Capricorn and R2

Utilize these contrasts to understand how these two energies may contrast or conflict with each other when they are found together within the human energy system.


In Comparison With


1.   Transmits R1, R3 and R7 constellationally


1.   R2

2.   Transmits principally R3, and R5 through its planetary rulers


2.   R2

3.   Colors: green (given by D.K.) and possibly (on a hypothetical color-scale incrementally related to the chromatic musical scale) blue-indigo or indigo, or indigo violet


3.   Colors: indigo blue, sapphire blue, light blue

4.   Note: Possibly A


4.   Note: SOL or G

5.   Expresses principally at the ajna center via Venus, and at the crown via R1. Further expressions may reasonably be found that the throat via R3 and Saturn, and at the base of the spine via R1 and R7. Unique expression may be found at the ‘unicorn center’ as distinct from the ajna center.


5.   Expresses through the heart chakra; the “heart in the head” and also through the spleen as solar prana on our planet

6.   Creative Hierarchy number V/X, unliberated


6.   Creative Hierarchy number II/VII, unliberated

7.   Hypothesized as especially expressive in relation to the Mineral Kingdom via Saturn and Vulcan, the Human Kingdom via Venus and Saturn, the Kingdom of Souls via Venus, and the Kingdom of Solar Lives via Sun/Vulcan (ruler of third decanate).


7.   Related to the Vegetable Kingdom and the Kingdom of Souls

8.   Identified principally with “God the Father”, and secondarily with “God the Holy Spirit”


8.   Identified with “God the Son”

9.   Identified with “God Transcendent”


9.   Identified with “God Immanent”

10.   The disciplining attitude of the Father (archetypally considered)


10.   The allowing, enabling, lenient attitude of the Mother (archetypally considered)

11.   Spirit and Matter/Form


11.   Consciousness

12.   A sign of great hardness, constellationally and planetarily expressive of “hard-line” rays


12.   A ray of softness and receptivity

13.   A “hard-line” attitude


13.   Permissive, loosening or expanding boundaries

14.   Justice


14.   Mercy

15.   Tendency towards emotional coldness


15.   Tendency to express warmth through the astral body

16.   Rapidity of action, albeit cautious


16.   Given to wise and slow action

Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Similarities

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Similarities Between Capricorn and R2

Utilize these similarities to further understand how these two energies may combine with or reinforce each other (for better of for worse) when they are found within the same energy system.

A.  Two Energies without Much in Common: These two energies do not share a great deal in common, though Venus mediates between them.

B. Admitting into the Hierarchy of Love-Wisdom: Capricorn is that particular energy which admits an initiate into the Hierarchy (EA 157)—a center of focus predominantly expressive of the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

C. In Relation to Initiation: Capricorn is the “Sign of Initiation” and the second ray is identified with “the process of initiation as taught by the hierarchy of adepts” (EP I 50)

D. Relation to the “Makara”: Capricorn is concerned with the mystery of the Makara, the Solar Angels, the “Hearts of Fiery Love”, which, as a Creative Hierarchy, liberally distribute second ray energy for redemptive purposes.

E. Redemption: Although Capricorn does not distribute the second ray (except, to a degree, through Venus), it is involved with the second ray in the mystery of redemption.

F.  Solar Initiations: Capricorn represents the liberation of the human consciousness into the system of solar initiations (beginning with the third initiation), all of which take place, generically, under the second ray soul and second ray personality of the Solar Logos.

G. “Sun Gods and Solar Fire: It is said that “Sun Gods” are born in Capricorn. A “Sun God” is an initiate in whom Solar Fire—the energy of the second ray of Love-Wisdom—is manifesting with sufficient power to overcome the personality nature. Thus, a “Sun-God” is an initiate of the third degree.

H. Profundity of Consciousness: The quality of profundity of consciousness is shared by both types.

I. Christ Consciousness and the Second Birth: Capricorn is archetypally associated with the “second birth”—the birth of the Christ Consciousness in the “cave of the heart”. For our planet, the Christ is the embodiment of the energy of the second ray.

J.   Related to the Third Initiation: Both Capricorn and the second ray should be considered active at the third initiation (when the personality comes under the dominion of the Christ or consciousness aspect of divinity. The second ray is established as dominant over the third.

K. Possible Connection to the Second Initiation: Capricorn is active at the first five initiations. The second initiation is particularly concerned with the “condition of the waters”—the state o the astral body. Capricorn is “the one who crosses the water” (EA 333), presumably gaining control of the astral nature. The second ray is required at the second initiation (even though this initiation is governed by the sixth ray). Love must suffuse the astral body, and one must “die” to normal desire. Capricorn and the second ray contribute to the institution of love and regulated astral response which must be achieved at the second initiation.

L.  Possible Connection to the First Initiation: Capricorn is active at the first initiation as at all five. The first initiation admits to the Kingdom of the Soul, which is governed by the ray of Love-Wisdom. 

A List of Famous Individuals for whom this combination is prominent

Ray 2 Capricorn

Clara Barton
Founder of the Red Cross

Father Joseph Damien


Johannes Kepler
Astronomer, Astrologer

Albert Schweitzer
Humanitarian, Physician, Theologian, Scholar

Swami Vivekananda
Indian Yogi, Guru and Religious Philosopher, Vedantist

Paramahansa Yogananda
Indian Yogi, Founder Self-Realization Fellowship