Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

& Ray 5

Introduction - Expression in the self-centered - Expression in developed man - Expression in disciples and initiates - Directives - Mantra - Symbols - Contrasts - Similarities - Famous People 

Sun or Ascendant in Capricorn with Ray 5



Sun Capricorn (or Ascendant Capricorn), R5P (or R5S)
Plus Constellationally Transmitted R1, R3 and R7

For some advanced disciples and for initiates, a strong  mutual reinforcement of ray and astrological energies emerges due to the transmission of the fifth ray through Venus, the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn. Additionally, the fifth ray may be constellationally transmitted through Capricorn. The following statement is important in this regard:

the third and fifth rays work pre-eminently through this sign, embodying the third major aspect of divinity, active intelligence plus that of its subsidiary power, the fifth Ray of Mind. These pour through Capricorn to Saturn and to Venus and so reach our planet, the Earth”.

Notice that the fifth ray pours through Capricorn before reaching Venus! If this were the case, Capricorn would be transmitting four rays and not three, as is presently suggested. Then the category of mutual reinforcement would be Strong by Constellational Transmission, instead of being, exclusively, Strong by Rulership—Class 3.

Presently, the fifth ray of Venus, the soul ray, is the strongest ray energy transmitted through Venus. The sixth ray monad may have to wait until the next solar system before it is the strongest. Clearly, since Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, it is the initiates of the world who will feel the mutual reinforcement between Capricorn and the fifth ray most strongly.

An additional reinforcement arises through the Venus rulership of the second decanate. Especially for those born within the center ten degrees of the sign will this interplay be strongest.


Selfish, Self-Centered or Self-Serving Human Being

Selfish, Self-centered or Self-Serving Human Being

i.   The self-assured, ‘this-worldly-focus’ of the self-absorbed Capricorn person combines with the narrow-minded, confidently-dismissive skepticism induced within the insufficiently spiritualized personality by the fifth ray.

ii. Extremely concrete-minded.

iii. Skepticism; doubt; distrust. Ridicule of those who think in a “softer” manner.

iv. The “inner worlds” are seen as complete delusion.

v. Interested only the “hard facts”; devoid of mental sensitivity.

vi. Mentally rigid, doctrinaire.

vii. Mental aridity. (Capricorn is one of the “dry” signs). Gemini and the fifth ray can give the same aridity, but the mind is less a desert.

viii. Ultra-logical. If the premises are separative (as they usually are in this case) the conclusions will be heartless and even dangerous.

ix. Separative attitude under the Law of Cleavages.

x. Heads of the Hydra Most Active: hatred, ambition, pride, separativeness, cruelty. Note that the three physical heads and two of the emotional heads are not as challenging as the others which have to do with the exaltation of the selfish little ego and its separation from all other egos.

xi. Mental light dies under the weight of material-mindedness.

xii. Mental crystallization. The possibility of growth and transformation is at a stand-still.


Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray of either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple

i.   The practical realism of the advancing Capricorn individual combines with commonsense, factuality and a respect for truth induced within the spiritually unfolding personality by the fifth ray.

ii. A down-to-earth, commonsense attitude.

iii. Effectiveness in the world.

iv. One who knows what he is doing.

v. Mental responsibility. Truth, lucidity, honesty.

vi.  Studying the sciences and beginning to see their relations to each other.

vii. The mastery of a field of expertise.

viii. Pragmatism. If it “works”, it will be accepted—even if old notions have to be changed.

ix.  On the Path of Discipleship: a well-stocked mind. Knowing the most essential facts of the spiritual, esoteric, occult teaching.

x. On the Path of Discipleship: understanding with exactitude the necessary occult techniques and procedures.

xi.  On the Path of Discipleship: learning the anatomy and physiology of the inner worlds.

xii.   On the Path of Discipleship: definitely achievement disidentification from the emotions, their regulation and their illumination (via the light of Capricorn and of the fifth ray—which rules the ajna center)

xiii. On the Path of Discipleship: truth without pretense.

xiv. On the Path of Discipleship: interested in the material aspect of occultism (the permanent atoms, the vibratory quality of the vehicles, atomic and molecular structure occultly understood, etc.

xv.  On the Path of Discipleship: studying minutes the many classifications of the Hierarchy of Lives and the precise distinctions between these classes.


Advanced Disciple; the Initiate: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray as either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Disciple; the Initiate
Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign, Capricorn, with the fifth ray as either the ray of the personality or soul]

i.  The capacity to polarize consciousness upon the higher mental plane—a capacity increasingly possessed by the soul-infused disciple/initiate born in or under the sign Capricorn, combines with a capacity to penetrate the “disk of golden light”, and, thus, achieve a luminous causal/Triadal consciousness—a capacity induced within the soul or spiritualized personality by the fifth ray.

ii. The achievement of intimacy with the Solar Angel. The Solar Angels are members of the Makara (the fifth or tenth Creative Hierarchy). They are conditioned by Capricorn and the fifth ray. They are characterized by an extremely luminous spiritual intelligence and a fiery solar love. This combination of energies allows the initiate to begin developing a more precise understanding of the true nature of these higher greater lives.

iii. The capacity to begin functioning (occultly and technically) as the Solar Angel functions.

iv.   Capacity to identify with and as the Solar Angel, and thus to become the conscious redeemer of the lower man—the personality. This is a very different attitude and perspective from personality identification.

v. The ability to become, consciously, a member of the Fifth Kingdom of Nature—the Kingdom of Souls.

vi.  The ability (if all other factors are in the right alignment and condition) to take the third initiation. Capricorn is the sign most associated with this initiation, and the fifth ray is the ray most associated.

vii.  The ability to use, in combination, both the ajna center and the “eye of synthesis”—the “third eye”. Thus, the power to register and wield “supernal light”.



(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work. These are Meant to be Suggestive; Your Intuition Will Supply the Directives and Counsels Most Suitable to You)

Directives for Capricorn and the Fifth Ray
(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work)

1. Achieve The Diamond State Of Mind

2. Alignment With The Atmic Plane, Attempt To Penetrate The “Mind Of God”

3. Analyze The Nature Of Dharma; Wherein Lies The Distinction Between The Dharmas Of Different Human Beings?

4. Ascend The Mountain And Behold The Light Of Sirius

5. As “Keeper Of The Secret” Withhold The Knowledge Of Power Over Matter Until Man Is Morally Ready To Receive

6. As The “Dividing Sword” Sever Truth From Error

7. As You Turn Your Back Upon The “Light Supernal” Carry The Light Of Spiritual Science To Those In Darkness Below

8. Avoid The Use Of Knowledge For Selfish Purposes; Knowledge Is For The Elevation Of Humanity

9. Be Absolutely Certain Of Your Facts: Confirm

10. Become Proficient In The “Kingly Science Of The Soul”

11. Become An ‘Apprentice’ To “The Angel With The Flaming Sword”

12. Behold Upon The “Mountain Top” The “Angel With The Flaming Sword”

13. Bending All Your Powers To The Task, Penetrate The “Disk Of Golden Light”

14. Beware Severing The Lower Mind From The Higher; An “Eighth Sphere” Is Not Needed

15. Blend Your Cold-Mindedness With Warm Heartedness; Find The Way To Do So

16. Bringing The Light Of Higher Mind Into All Personality Vehicles, Create A Luminous ‘Space’ In Which The Christ May Come To Birth

17. By What Standards Is Something Deemed True Or False; Establish Reliable Standards

18. Compress Definition Into Final Form

19. Conquer Error

20. Contribute To The Creation Of A “Science Of Destiny”

21. Control Emotion With Complete Clarity Of Mind

22. Coolly, Even Coldly, Assess The Facts Of The Matter

23. Demand Clarity And A No-Nonsense Approach

24. Demonstrate Expertise In Your Chosen Profession

25. Discover The Workings Of The “Industrial-Military” Complex; Work To Serve A Higher Light And Not The Power Of The “World”

26. Discover Why The Solar Angel Is Such An Effective ‘Surgeon’

27. Discriminate Between The Various Levels Of A Hierarchy; Determine Whether The Hierarchy Is Artificial Or Justifiable

28. Display Humility In Your Search For Truth

29. Enforce The Law When Necessary But Be Sure Of The Facts Of Each Case

30. Examine Crystalline Structures; Learn With Exactitude Their Nature

31. Express Truth In Compact Formulas

32. Find Ways To Research Life After Death And The Possibility Of Immortality

33. Focus The Light Of Manas On The Investigation Of The Form

34. Focus The Light Of Manas On The Investigation Of The “Kingdom Of God”

35. Formulate The Laws Of Physics; Explain The Laws Of Physics

36. Fortified By Impeccable Scientific Credentials, Extend Your Investigations Into Hidden Areas “Beyond The Pale”

37. From The Summit Perceive With Utter Clarity

38. Help The Lawmakers Have The Facts They Need To Create The Laws Which Serve The Welfare Of The Whole

39. Intensify The Light Of Mind To The Point At Which Entry Into “Light Supernal” Becomes A Possibility.

40. Investigate Karma—Scientifically

41. Investigate The Solar Angel As An Agent Of The “Sirian Law Of Karma”

42. Isolate A Field Of Expertise And Bend Every Faculty In Your Possession To Its Mastery

43. Is There Such Thing As The ‘Science Of Fate’? If So, You Would Be Adept At Understanding Such A Science

44. It Is Easy For You To Be Part Of The “Scientific Establishment”; Are You Open To Truths Beyond The Present Boundaries Of Your Thought?

45. Knowledge Is Power, But Knowledge Should Also Lead To Humility; Express Humility As Your Knowledge Increases

46. Labor In The Laboratory; Bring The Secrets Of Nature To Light Through “Toil Severe” (EP II 169)

47. Let “Three Minds Unite” Upon The “Mountain Top”

48. Make Sure It Works

49. Oh, “Crystallizer Of The Form”, Precipitate The Cross

50. Persist And Unwearied, Persevere In Your Research

51. Ponder Occult Science; What Are The Technical Methods By Which The Solar Angel Controls The Life Of Its Reflection In The Lower Worlds?

52. Prove Your Hypothesis In A Manner Factually Unassailable

53. Put Pressure On Investigatory Procedures; Demand The Discovery Of The Facts

54. Reach The Summit Sooner Because You “Did Your Homework” On The Climb; No Part Of The Ascent Should Proceed On Faith Alone

55. Realism Is Your Forte; But What Is Really Real? Perhaps More Than The “Cold, Hard Facts?

56. Realize That The Power Of Hierarchy Is Based Upon Certain Knowledge; Strive Also For Certainty Of Knowledge

57. Research The “Mystery Of The Makara”

58. Responsibility To Your Profession And In Your Profession; This Is The Way For You

59. Seek A Deep Technical Understanding Of The Mechanism Of Karmic Imposition

60. Skepticism Is Useful As Long As It Does Not Prevent You From Seeing The Reality Of A Higher Light

61. Study The Fifth Creative Hierarchy And Learn That Man Is More Than Manas

62. Subdue All Modification Within The Restless Lower Mind Through The Pressure Of A Sensed Reality ‘Behind’ The Mind

63. Suppress Emotion For The Sake Of Clarity Of Mind

64. Take Responsibility For Technical Performance

65. The Field Of “Vocational Testing” Is Open To You; Help To Make A Science Of Man’s Search For Purposeful Work

66. Through The Power Of Illumined Thought, Assist In The Initiation Of The Human Race Into The “Kingdom Of The Soul”

67. You Have Abundant Common Sense; Help To Clarify Their Way

68. You Have Mastered The Facts And You Know: Now Discover The Love Of The Soul

69. Understand The Role Of The Mineral Kingdom In The Evolutionary Process

70. Utilize Technology To Increase Chances Of Survival

71. When You Demand Conformity, Have Well Substantiated Reasons For Doing So



Mantra for Capricorn and the Fifth Ray

Mantram for the Disciple’s Consciousness
I strive with conscientiousness to elevate my mind into the lighted worlds above and deep within the worlds of sense; to focus in supernal light, explanatory of the whole.

Mantram for the Initiate’s Consciousness
“Three Minds Unite” in glory, in a radiance supernal, revealed within the synthesis and “isolated unity” perceived upon the “mountain top” by those who conquer death.


Proposed Symbol, Image, or Scene

Proposed Symbol for R5/Capricorn

Intent within a ‘Beam of Intensely Focussed Light Divine’, the ‘Scientist of Life-in-Form’ pursues with keen exactitude an understanding thorough and precise—of the mysteries of matter, of the mysteries of spirit and of soul—to unite them at the summit in a blaze of peerless radiance on the ‘Mountain-Top of Life”


Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Contrasts

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Contrasts Between Capricorn and R5

Utilize these contrasts to understand how these two energies may contrast or conflict with each other when they are found together within the human energy system.


In Comparison With


1.   Transmits R1, R3 and R7 constellationally


1.   R5

2.   Transmits principally R3, and R5 through its planetary rulers


2.   R5

3.   Colors: green (given by D.K.) and possibly (on a hypothetical color-scale incrementally related to the chromatic musical scale) blue-indigo or indigo, or indigo violet


3.   Colors: orange (exoteric) and indigo blue (esoteric)

4.   Note: Possibly A


4.   Note: LA or A

5.   Expresses principally at the ajna center via Venus, and at the crown via R1. Further expressions may reasonably be found that the throat via R3 and Saturn, and at the base of the spine via R1 and R7. Unique expression may be found at the ‘unicorn center’ as distinct from the ajna center.


5.   Expresses through the ajna center, where it serves at the primary ruler

6.   Creative Hierarchy number V/X, unliberated


6.   Creative Hierarchy number III, liberated and creative Hierarchy number V/X, unliberated

7.   Hypothesized as especially expressive in relation to the Mineral Kingdom via Saturn and Vulcan, the Human Kingdom via Venus and Saturn, the Kingdom of Souls via Venus, and the Kingdom of Solar Lives via Sun/Vulcan (ruler of third decanate).


7.   Related to the Human Kingdom and the Kingdom of Souls

8.   Related strongly to the Will of God


8.   Related to the Mind of God and through the Mind to the Heart

9.   A sign of synthesis


9.   Most often, a ray of analysis

10.   Enforcement


10.   Observation

11.   Principles


11.   Particulars

12.   Occultism


12.   Science—until the science becomes occultism.

13.   Doing


13.   Knowing

14.   Imposing


14.   Questioning

15.   Achievement through discipline


15.   Achievement through improvement and innovation of technique


Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Similarities

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Similarities Between Capricorn and R5

Utilize these similarities to further understand how these two energies may combine with or reinforce each other (for better of for worse) when they are found within the same energy system.

A.  Ajna Focus: Both Capricorn and the fifth ray focus and express through the ajna center. Venus, the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn and, for a very long period of evolution (the planet which conditions the ajna center most) transmits the fifth ray.

B. Luminosity: Occultly, Capricorn and the fifth ray are linked to luminosity. Capricorn generates “light supernal” upon the mountaintop and the Fifth Ray Lord is a “Being of the intensest spiritual light” (EP I 77).

C. Power to Concretize: Capricorn and the fifth ray are both strongly involved with the power to concretize. The fifth ray rules the concrete mind and Capricorn is associated with all types of density and crystallization.

D. Linked to the Mineral Kingdom: Both influences are linked to the mineral kingdom—our most concrete and crystallized kingdom of Nature.

E. Intimately Linked to the Makara: Capricorn and the fifth ray are, respectively, the sign ruler and the ray ruler of the fifth manifested Creative Hierarchy—the Makara.

F.  Concentration and Depth of Thought: Capricorn and the fifth ray endow those they influence with concentration and depth of thought.

G. Alignment of Soul-Mind-Brain: Together these energies make possible the alignment of soul-mind-brain, strongly regulating and even by-passing the astral body.

H. Realism and Factuality: These two influences are energies of realism. They seek not to be misled by hopes, dreams, wishes and vain imaginings. They possess a factual consciousness.

I. Structural and Mechanical Aptitudes: Capricorn and fifth ray both possess strong structural and mechanical aptitudes.

J.   Related to the Third Initiation: Capricorn is the sign most linked to the third initiation. (Aries and Aquarius are others.) Further, the third initiation is governed by the fifth ray of Science. Together, Capricorn and the fifth ray bestow the intense luminosity (the “supernal light”) which is distinctive of this initiation in which manas and buddhi begin to merge and blend.


A List of Famous Individuals for whom this combination is prominent

Ray 5 Capricorn

Tycho Brahe

Sir Isaac Newton
Physicist, Mathematician

Louis Pasteur
French Biochemist and Bacteriologist

Jonas Salk
Medical Researcher, Physician

Andreas Vesalius
Physician, Anatomist