Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

& Ray 3

Introduction - Expression in the self-centered - Expression in developed man - Expression in disciples and initiates - Directives - Mantra - Symbols - Contrasts - Similarities - Famous People 

Sun or Ascendant in Pisces with Ray 3



   Sun Pisces (or Ascendant Pisces), R3P (or R3S)
Plus Constellationally Transmitted R2 and R6

No significant mutual reinforcement of ray and astrological energies emerges with respect to this combination, whether through rays transmitted constellationally through the sign Pisces or through its ruling planets. There is a question, however, concerning Neptune: does it have a third ray component? Certainly, it has third ray numerical associations, through its threefold symbol, the “Trident”, and through its associations with ‘water-as-matter’—matter representing the third aspect. Not only Neptune, but Pisces, as a sign, is, associated with the “waters of space”.

Again, since “water” is really “matter”, Pisces can be associated with the third aspect of divinity and the third ray. The operative category of mutual reinforcement, then, could be Weak by Numerical Association Only)


Selfish, Self-Centered or Self-Serving Human Being

Selfish, Self-centered or Self-Serving Human Being

i.      The evasiveness and elusiveness of the self-concerned Pisces person combine with a deliberate unclarity and tendency to veil and mislead—tendencies induced within the insufficiently spiritualized personality by the third ray.

ii.    Deep illusion. The tiny fish swims within the ‘ocean of illusion’. The soul is disoriented, lost.

iii.    The soul followed the command “Go forth into matter”. Then, the soul found itself captive to material life. Submerged by material life.

iv.    Instinctual living. The subconscious guides the life. The soul of matter directs the life through the agency of the lunar vehicles.

v.    Slipperiness. Evasiveness. Untrustworthiness. Cowardice—slipping away from responsibility, accountability, confrontation. Squirming if cornered.

vi.    Escapism. Hiding within the material element.

vii.    Delusion and confusion. Often led astray by voices and images from the astral plane.

viii.   Bewildered and misled or seeking to bewilder and mislead.

ix.    Lying, dishonesty, devious dealings.

x.    Loss of dignity, nobility, truth.

xi.    “Matter reigns” (as in Virgo) and the soul is completely handicapped by the material nature. The higher life is drowned in the “ocean of matter”.


Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray of either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple

i.   The subtlety and growing intuitive response of the advancing Pisces individual combine with the adaptive, worldly intelligence induced within the spiritually unfolding personality by the third ray.

ii.    Material kindness. Sharing material resources. Philanthropy. Seeing to the material needs of the less fortunate. Funding charity work.

iii.   On the Path of Discipleship: understanding the intelligence of personality vehicles. Learning how to condition them so they support soul objectives.

iv.   On the Path of Discipleship: Intelligence applied to the re-conditioning of the personality vehicles.

v.    On the Path of Discipleship: learning to synthesize the forces of the personality to prepare them for greater receptivity to the soul. The third ray gathers up all that has been prepared under the third aspect; the throat center serves as a synthesizing center or “clearing house”. Pisces, likewise, is a sign of synthesis (“Pisces takes from all the signs”—EA 333), and prepares the aspirant for transition from the Mutable Cross to the Fixed Cross. The personality experiences a kind of consummation of materiality, preparatory to a new section of the Path.

vi.     On the Path of Discipleship: the forces of glamor and illusion are recognized for their power to bind and entangle. The process of extrication begins in earnest. The disciple learns to “outsmart” these delusive forces.

Advanced Disciple; the Initiate: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray as either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Disciple; the Initiate
Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign, Pisces, with the third ray as either the ray of the personality or soul

i.    The determination to serve and, even, to save—qualities increasingly possessed by the soul-infused disciple/initiate born in or under the sign Pisces, combine with an acutely intelligent understanding of dynamic energy patterns and a knowledge of how to efficiently manipulate the energies involved for the best advantage of all concerned—all these capacities induced within the soul or spiritualized personality by the third ray.

ii.   Sensitivity to the Anima Mundi, the “World Soul”.

iii.   Connection by resonance to the highest of the liberated Hierarchies. Intelligent substance.

iv.  Sensitivity to that aspect of the Divine Plan which seeks to undertake the economic (third ray) redemption (Pisces) of humanity.

v.    Knowledge of how the Plan unfolds intelligently, “behind the scenes”, arranging for the welfare of all planetary lives. Gifted with a subtle sense of timing.

vi.    Intuitively sensitive (Pisces) to the advent and termination of cycles (third ray)—to the emergence and disappearance of different qualities of energy.

vii.   Intelligent efforts (third ray) to disentangle (third ray) or dissolve (Pisces) the “Gordian Knot”, the ‘World Knot’ of Illusion.

viii.  Part of the ‘Intelligence Department’ within Hierarchy—detecting and intelligently counteracting the movements and strategies of the forces which would veil, conceal and hide the light.



(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work. These are Meant to be Suggestive; Your Intuition Will Supply the Directives and Counsels Most Suitable to You)

Directives for Pisces and the Third Ray
(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work)



Mantra for Pisces and the Third Ray

Mantram for the Disciple’s Consciousness

Mantram for the Initiate’s Consciousness

“Purpose Itself am I”—a Purpose which Expels all Trace of any Evil. Therefore, Evil Now Must End and the World Must be Saved. I Am the Thinking Savior and Redeemer of the World.

Proposed Symbol, Image, or Scene

Proposed Symbol for R3/Pisces

Alert at the center of the ‘Web of Life’ the Weaver creatively ...


Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Contrasts

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Contrasts Between Pisces and R3

Utilize these contrasts to understand how these two energies may contrast or conflict with each other when they are found together within the human energy system.


In Comparison With


1.     Transmits principally R2 and R6 constellationally


1.     R3

2.     Transmits principally R2, R6 and R1 (plus R1, R6, R7) through its rulers (including the special rulership by Neptune)


2.     R3

3.     Colors: lavender (given by D.K.) and, possibly, violet-red


3.     Colors: green, yellow, black

4.     Note: Possibly B


4.     Note: FA or F

5.    Expression is strong through the solar plexus via Neptune and R6, through the heart center via Neptune, Jupiter and R2, through the soles of the feet (naturally) and through the heart in the head via Jupiter, Neptune and R2.


5.     Expresses through the throat chakra and (to a degree) through the sacral chakra, also through the spleen as planetary prana, and, quite reasonably, through the ajna center when that center represents the Spiritual Triad

6.     Creative Hierarchy number I, liberated


6.     Creative Hierarchy number I, liberated, and Creative Hierarchy number III/VIII, unliberated

7.    Hypothesized as especially expressive in relation to the Vegetable Kingdom via Neptune, Jupiter, R2 and R6, the Kingdom of Souls via Neptune, Jupiter and R2, the Kingdom of Planetary Lives via Jupiter, R2 and R6. (There is also some justification that Pisces should be considered expressive in relation to the consummating Kingdom of Solar Lives—a Shamballic Kingdom).


7.     Related to the Animal Kingdom and the Kingdom of Planetary Lives

8.     Related to the consciousness aspect and to the matter aspect


8.     Related to the matter aspect

9.     Related to purification and salvation


9.     Related to activity and intelligence

10.     Slower and gentler in its movements


10.     Rapid in its movements

11.     Receptive, passive


11.     Active

12.     Intuitive


12.     Abstract

13.     Faith and Belief


13.     Reason and Reasoning

14.     Early confusion


14.     Early entanglement

15.     Fusing (confusing)


15.     Separating

16.     Related mostly to glamor


16.     Related mostly to maya

17.     Less effective upon the physical plane


17.     Very effective upon the physical plane—this relates to the more material type of third ray individual

18.     Strong emotional life


18.     More detached from emotional plane

19.     Tends to be gullible, to ‘over-believe’


19.     Tends to be skeptical and critical, and to subject assertions to the test of reason

20.     Empath


20.     Philosopher

21.     The Helping Professions


21.     Business

22.     Relations with physical plane eventually dissolved


22.     Eventually abstracted from material plane through the agency of higher thought

23.     Seeking to escape from karma, but will face it courageously and selflessly if cornered


23.     Seeking to bargain or manipulate his way out of karmic confrontation, but will face it intelligently if force to

24.     Delusion (Illusion plus strong belief)


24.     Illusion

Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Similarities

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Similarities Between Pisces and R3

Utilize these similarities to further understand how these two energies may combine with or reinforce each other (for better of for worse) when they are found within the same energy system.

A.     Matter and the Waters of Space: Pisces and the third ray are both related to matter—the “waters of space”.

B.     The “Soul of the World”—Anima Mundi: Pisces and the third ray are both related to the Anima Mundi, the “soul of the world”.

C.     Linked Through Connection to the Previous Solar System: Pisces and the third ray are both related to the previous solar system. That system was ruled by the third ray. The Piscean Creative Hierarchy (expressing the energy of “Intelligent Substance”) was the product of that earlier solar system.

D.     Linked Through the “Mother Aspect”: Both Pisces and the third ray are related to the mother aspect of divinity.

E.    “Removal” or Abstraction from the Physical Plane: Both types may find themselves removed from the physical plane. For the Piscean person, home is elsewhere (ultimately the “Father’s Home”. For the third ray type, abstract thought may remove him from the usual mundane involvements. (We might call it the ‘Einstein effect’—at least the probably exaggerated anecdotes suggest this).

F.    Diffusion and Diffusiveness: Both types experience some degree of diffusiveness which must be centralized. The Pisces person must learn to focus, and the third ray type, lost in complexity and ‘manyness’, must learn to simplify.

G.     Elusiveness: Both types are elusive. Pisces types are experts at escape, at “fading into the woodwork”, at going about undetected. The wriggle away from traps like fish in the hand. Third ray types are more strategically evasive and escape many a snare. In terms of character, both can be indirect and may prevaricate. Both have stealth and subtlety. Thus they are related to the forces of illusion which veil or distort the truth, or lead away from it.

H.     Related to Developments Immediately Preceding the First Initiation: Life upon the Mutable Cross and under the domination of matter comes to a consummation immediately before the first initiation. Pisces and the third ray are both energies which harvest the fruits of material living, and prepare the personality to come under the influence of the second divine aspect.

A List of Famous Individuals for whom this combination is prominent

Ray 3 Pisces

Albert Einstein
Physicist, Mathematician, Philosopher, Cosmologist

Charles Goren
Expert on the Game of Bridge

Michel de Nostradamus
Physician, Psychic, Seer, Astrologer

Gioacchino Rossini

Arthur Schopenhauer

Rudolf Steiner
Philosopher, Occultist