Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

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Introduction - Expression in the self-centered - Expression in developed man - Expression in disciples and initiates - Directives - Mantra - Symbols - Contrasts - Similarities - Famous People 

Sun or Ascendant in Cancer with Ray 3



Sun or Ascendant in Cancer with Ray 3 Personality or Soul
Plus Constellationally Transmitted Ray 3 and Ray 7

A very strong mutual reinforcement between ray and astrological energies emerges due to the constellational transmission of the third ray—and {for the masses} in greatest strength—through the sign Cancer. The appropriate category of reinforcement would be, Very Strong by Constellational Transmission.    

Additional reinforcement comes from third ray resonances related not only to the Moon {related to the third chain, or Moon chain}, but related as well to Neptune, who is the “God of the waters”—“water” and “matter” beings synonymous, and “matter” being ruled generically by the third ray.        

From the perspective of the decanates, the reinforcement is slightly strengthened by the third ray components of the Moon and Mercury, which rule, respectively, the first and second decanates of Cancer {considering the decanates in esoteric order} and the third and second decanates respectively {in exoteric order}.

Selfish, Self-Centered or Self-Serving Human Being

Selfish, Self-centered or Self-Serving Human Being

i.  The materialistic ‘self-sheltering’ of the self-centered, self-serving Cancer person combines with the acquisitivenessinduced within the insufficiently spiritualized personality by the third ray.

ii.  Materialism, due to the double emphasis upon the third ray (in terms of sign/constellation and ray). Skillfully selfish use of the third divine aspect.

iii.  Selfish, instinctual consciousness—“mass consciousness”.

iv.  Excessive procreativity. Too literal an interpretation of “Be fruitful and multiply”.

v.  Excessive and wrongly motivated production of many forms.

vi.  Tendency to lie, veil, conceal and deceive. The “cover-up”. Lying and evasion due to fear.

vii.  Strong emphasis upon the three lunar lords, and their unification into a fourth—the personality as a whole.

viii.  Preservation of the past.

ix.  Financial scheming. Cunning.

x.  Wanting insurance in order to feel “covered”. Never, however, feeling secure no matter how much one has.

xi.  Greed, avarice. Parsimony. Un-generous.

xii.  Selfish activity based upon love of acquisition.

xiii.  Intelligence used to further self-protection.

xiv.  Using intelligence to “feather one’s own nest” and to “pad one’s home”. The following distortion is typical (especially when the comfort loving second ray is added to the acquisitiveness of the third: “O money pad my home”!

xv.  Gathering what is desired (not needed) into a ‘center for the perpetuation of lunar selfishness’ one calls “home”.


Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray of either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple
i.  The foresightful providential nature of the advancing Cancer individual combines with the intelligent resourcefulness induced within the spiritually unfolding personality by the third ray.

ii.  The providential attitudes of Cancer combine with the material intelligence of the third ray.

iii.  The skill to “make money” for positive uses. Philanthropic skill and wise discretion in the distribution of resources. For instance: raising money for international relief work, such as the “Hunger Project” or “Save the Children”. (Of course the Piscean energy, would also help in this regard.)

iv.  Intelligence applied to the creation of a safety and security in which the higher values can emerge and express. For instance, the providing of endowments for the arts and sciences.

v.  Abundant creativity. The facile generation of useful forms.

vi.  Expertise in the art of precipitation and embodiment.

vii.  On the Path of Discipleship: meeting the legitimate material needs of one’s fellow travelers.

viii.  On the Path of Discipleship: finding ways to materialize and house the creative projects undertaken as discipleship service. Financing “the Work”.

ix.  On the Path of Discipleship: the “builder of the foundation”. The forerunner. Providing the material base upon which ‘soul’ can depend. Providing the resources for the building of the “Lighted House” for the expression of soul influence.


Advanced Disciple; the Initiate: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray as either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Disciple; the Initiate
Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign, Cancer, with third ray as the ray of the personality or soul

i.  An all-encompassing identification with humanity—an expansive attitude frequently possessed by the soul-infused disciple/initiate born in or under the sign Cancer, combines with a wide and intelligent understanding of the processes and timely applications and adaptations of the Divine Plan—an understanding induced within the soul or spiritualized personality by the third ray.

ii.  Understanding the Divine Plan as intelligent thought marshaled for the meeting of human need (and more widely and truly) planetary need.

iii.  A valuable cooperator in the externalization of the Ashram and the manifestation of its projects.

iv.  One who understands the positive manipulation of the lunar worlds for the sake of expressing the higher worlds—the worlds of the soul and Triad.

v.  Intelligently sensing humanity’s needs (especially in relation to the physical plane and physical necessities). Successful gathering of resources to supply these needs.

vi.  A world-disciple working widely for the welfare of the “common people”. The Dalai Lama (born in Cancer) is an excellent example the initiate who has descended into the ocean of humanity to work for humanity as a whole.

vii.  On a mental level, creating a unification (Cancer) in the world of higher thought (third ray). It stands to reason that Einstein was a third ray soul, and he had Cancer on the Ascendant.

viii.  Facilitating the timely precipitation into the three lower worlds (ruled by Cancer) of imminent patterns within the Divine Mind.



(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work. These are Meant to be Suggestive; Your Intuition Will Supply the Directives and Counsels Most Suitable to You)

Directives for Cancer the Third Ray
(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work)

1.   Accumulate Knowledge And Faculty In Preparation For Release From The Causal Body

2.   Adapt Rapidly To Ensure The Safety, Security And Survival Of That Which You Value

3.   Analyze The Factors Which Contribute To The Permanence Of That Which Should Remain In Manifestation

4.   Apply The Acute Energy Of Divine Mental Perception To The Wholeness You Perceive

5.   As A Personality, Adapt Intelligently To The Requirements Of The Soul

6.   Astutely Detach From Attachments

7.   Become A Vessel For The Light Of Intelligence

8.   Be Providential

9.   Blend Buddhi And Manas—Oceanic Intuition With Acute Intelligence

10.   Build The Foundation

11.   Carry Messages For The Ashram

12.   Choose A “Ring-Pass-Not” And Manage All Intelligently With ThatChosen Circle

13.   Cleverly Bind Or Weave According To Need

14.   Create A Refuge For Creative Thinking

15.   Cautiously Insure Safety

16.   Collect The Needed Resources

17.   Concern Yourself With The Economic Welfare Of The Whole

18.   Conserve Time

19.   Consider TheMany Ways To Earn Your Livelihood; Choose The Best

20.   Contribute Financially To The Manifestation Of The Ashram

21.   Diversify Your Holdings

22.   Do Not Elude Your Responsibility By Retreating Into Your Comfort Zone

23.   DrawA Circle Around Your Ramifying Interests And Efforts

24.   Economize, Save; Manifest Much With Little

25.   Embody A “Presented Attribute”

26.   Encrypt And Seal; Guard Dangerous Knowledge

27.   Ensure Economic Well-Being

28.   Establish Circles In Which Important Ideas Are Intelligently Discussed

29.   Extricate Yourself From The Bonds Of Form

30.   Gather The Needed Resources

31.   Gather The Threads; Weave Of Them One Fabric

32.   Give Thought To Solving The Financial Problems Of The “One Human Family”

33.   Facilitate The Precipitation And Embodiment Of Plan-Based Thoughts In The Higher Mind

34.   Finance The Appearance Of Vessels To Bear The Light 

35.   For The Sake Of Security, Conceal The “Intelligence” Which Must Be Concealed

36.   Hang-On To The Business; Stick With That Which Is Sure To Provide

37.   In Providing For Your Safety, Make Sure It Is Primarily The Soul And Not The Personality Which You Protect

38.   Integrate Your Many Lines Of Activity

39.   Intelligently Conserve And Protect Financial Resources

40.   Invest Sagaciously To Ensure The Future Welfare Of What You Value Most

41.   Know Comprehensively

42.   Let Not Fear Of Disclosure Breed Dishonesty

43.   Look Back Upon The History Of Ideas; Judge What Ideas Are Now To Be Embodied In Form

44.   Make Plans To Ensure The Success Of The Manifestation Process

45.   Make The Necessary Arrangements For Objectivity To Express Subjectivity

46.   Make Your Home A Hub Of Intelligent Activity

47.   Manipulate The Elementals Wisely

48.   Meditate Upon “All Knowledge” As One’s Province

49.   Observe How The Holy Spirit Moves Upon The Face Of The “Waters”

50.   Of Many Gathered Threats, Create A Woven Whole

51.   Perform All The Many Activities Required To Maintain The Household

52.   Plan For Continuing Security

53.   Ponder On The Nature Of The “Home” Which The “Great Architect Of The Universe” Has Designed

54.   Provide A Home For Anchoring An Aspect Of The Plan

55.   Provide For The Economic Welfare Of Those Who Have Gathered For A Purpose

56.   Pull The Threads; Provide The Resources For The Materialization Of The Ideas Which Express The Plan

57.   Reach The Masses With Intelligent Thought

58.   Reason Toward A Comprehension Of Wholeness

59.   Release Yourself From Confinement Through Creative Thinking

60.   Rely Upon Your Intelligence In Providing For Your Own Sufficiency

61.   Remember Well The Lessons Of The Past And Apply Them To Ensure Correct Manifestation In The Future

62.   See To The Provision Of Good Economy In The Home

63.   Selectively Gather What Is Needed For The Incarnation Of The Ashram

64.   Set Up A Foundation For Philanthropic Purposes

65.   Skillfully Veil The Knowledge That Must Not Yet Be Released

66.   Speak Those Words Which Lead Mass Consciousness Towards Intelligent, Individual Expression

67.   Speculate On The Nature Of Wholeness, Of Entirety

68.   Strategize To Ensure Safety And Security

69.   Support The Emergence And Economic Maintenance Of Spiritual Centers

70.   Sustain The Economic Viability Of Lodges Which Embody The Light

71.   Theorize Comprehensively

72.   Think Beyond The Boundary

73.   Think Deeply About A “Unified Field Theory”

74.   Think Widely, But Apply The Results Of Your Thought Within Your Own Immediate Circle

75.   Understand The Economic Needs Of The Masses And Do Something Useful To See Those Needs Met

76.  Unify As One, But Keep The Many Lines Of Energy Distinct; Avoid Confusion

77.  Weave A Protective Fabric Of Thought To Clothe Consciousness



Mantra for Cancer and the Third Ray

Mantram for the Disciple’s Consciousness

Creatively and thoughtfully, I strive to wrap my mind around and through the wholeness of the Whole. I think so as to see and feel the varied Many as the One.

Mantram for the Initiate’s Consciousness

“Purpose Itself am I”—and thus, with keen, acute intelligence, I explicate the greater Plan and Purpose which include the One Humanity within an all-embracing wholeness seen and known as One.


Proposed Symbol, Image, or Scene

Proposed Symbol for R3/Cancer

Acute, alert and centered in the pulsing “Web of Life”, creatively the Weaver weaves all forces of the form together, minding with economy all correlated circumstance, coordinating lunar life to shape, as best may be conceived, the outer vessel for the inner light and life of soul.


Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Contrasts

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Contrasts Between Cancer and R3

Utilize these contrasts to understand how these two energies may contrast or conflict with each other when they are found together within the human energy system.


In Comparison With


1.   Transmits R3 and R7 constellationally


1.   R3

2.   Transmits principally R4, and R6 through its planetary rulers


2.   R3

3.   Colors: violet (given by D.K.) and possibly (on a hypothetical color-scale incrementally related to the chromatic musical scale) yellow-orange, yellow and yellow-green.


3.   Colors: green, yellow, black

4.   Note: Possibly MI flat or E flat


4.   Note: FA or F

5.   Expresses through solar plexus center and centers in the breasts. Later, via Neptune, there may be compassionate heart-center expression


5.   Expresses through the throat chakra and (to a degree) through the sacral chakra, also through the spleen as planetary prana, and, quite reasonably, through the ajna center when that center represents the Spiritual Triad

6.   Creative Hierarchy number V, in process of liberation


6.   Creative Hierarchy number I, liberated, and Creative Hierarchy number III/VIII, unliberated

7.   Hypothesized as especially expressive in relation to the Mineral Kingdom via the Moon, the Vegetable Kingdom via the Moon and Neptune, the Animal Kingdom via the Moon, the Human Kingdom via the Moon and Neptune.


7.   Related to the Animal Kingdom and the Kingdom of Planetary Lives

8.   Associated with the Mother aspect of divinity. The “Waters” over which the Spirit of God moves.


8.   Associated with the Holy Spirit and (depending upon the perspective) upon the Mother aspect as well.

9.   Endowed with strong powers of manifestation


9.   Powers of manifestation are strong, but inability to manifest is also frequently present.

10.   Associated with the forces of retrogression


10.   Associated with the Will-to-Evolve and is thus a progressive energy.

11.   Principally related to the solar plexus center


11.   Principally related to the throat center

12.   Closely associated with instinctual intelligence


12.   Closely associated with both instinctual intelligence, and acute, conscious intelligence.

13.   Strong attachments demonstrated


13.   The capacity to detach can always be accessed with facility

14.   Inclined towards emotional response. Thought affected by emotional considerations.


14.   More mental and less emotional in nature. Though less affected by emotional considerations.

15.   Demonstrates strong commitment, based often upon desire, emotion or love


15.   Commitment is less intense and not so emotionally based

16.   Looking backwards; the historical consciousness


16.   Keen sense of history, but futurism and prognostication are also frequently to be found

17.   Inclines towards slower movement


17.   Inclines towards rapidity of movement


Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Similarities

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Similarities Between Cancer and R3

Utilize these similarities to further understand how these two energies may combine with or reinforce each other (for better of for worse) when they are found within the same energy system.

A.  Third Ray Transmitted Powerfully Through Cancer: The third ray and Cancer are directly related as the third ray is constellationally transmitted by Cancer—in greatest strength as far as the masses of human beings are concerned.

B.  Matter and Mother: Both influences are closely connected to the matter aspect. Thus, both, as well are associated with the Mother aspect.

C.   Linked to the Anima Mundi: Both Cancer and the third ray are associated with the Anima Mundi, or soul of the world.

D.   Time, Space and the World Illusion: From a certain perspective, Cancer and the third ray are related to Time and Space. The third ray is the “Dispenser of Time” and “Lord of Space”, and Cancer is associated with the ring-pass-not within which the World Illusion takes place.

E.   Linked to the Moon Chain and Previous Solar System: Both energies are directly and inescapably related to the moon chain and to the previous solar system.

F.   Personality Nature and Elemental Lives: Both Cancer and the third ray are associated with the personality nature. Cancer rules the entire personality with its four elemental lives. Since the personality is the third periodic vehicle, and composed of matter of the eighteen lower subplanes, it is naturally associated with the third ray.

G.   Reincarnation: Both influences are related to the factor of reincarnation. Cancer provides the materializing energy for each successive embodiment, and the third ray (the “Builder of the Foundation”) builds the lower vehicles of manifestation.

H.   Related to the Past: Both of these influences are representatives of the past. Cancer is the oldest of the zodiacal signs, having found its fullest expression in the solar system antedating ours. The third ray conditioned that entire solar system, and only partially conditions the present one.

I.   Memory: Both influences are closely connected with the factor of memory. The third ray is the Lord of Memory and both influences have a direct connection to the permanent atoms in which memory is stored.

J.   Cautiousness: Great caution is exhibited by those coming under either of these influences.

K.   Financial Interest and Planning: Those under both influences are often focussed upon financial considerations. Cancer is inherently conservative and seeks protection by cautious financial planning. The third ray is, archetypally, associated with questions of economy—money and its flow.

L.  Veiling Influences: Both Cancer and the third ray are, initially, veiling influences. They both veil the higher light, though eventually Cancer reflects and embodies the higher light and the third ray (through the formulation of higher thought) reveals the higher light.


A List of Famous Individuals for whom this combination is prominent

Ray 3 Cancer

Albert Einstein
Physicist, Mathematician, Philosopher, Cosmologist

Bill Gates
Computer Magnate, Entrepreneur, Director of Microsoft

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
Philosopher, Scientist and Mathematician

John D. Rockefeller
Oil Magnate, Financier

Arthur Schopenhauer

Stephen Spielberg
Film Director, Writer, Producer