Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

& Ray 3

Introduction - Expression in the self-centered - Expression in developed man - Expression in disciples and initiates - Directives - Mantra - Symbols - Contrasts - Similarities - Famous People 

Sun or Ascendant in Leo and Ray 3



Sun Leo (or Ascendant Leo), R3P (or R3S)
Plus Constellationally Transmitted R1and R5

Only a mild mutual reinforcement of ray and astrological energies emerges through the third ray component of Uranus, the veiled hierarchical ruler of Leo.  But third ray aspect is not powerful as it probably is transmitted through the personality of Uranus, and Uranus is a synthesizing planet. Hence, the general lack of strength in this particular reinforcement Uranus is the hierarchical ruler, applicable only in the lives of initiates.

The appropriate category of mutual reinforcement would be Mild by Rulership,within a Class 3 situation applying only to initiates. This is, as we can see, different from the class of reinforcement which would occur if rays one or seven were involved with Leo, for ray seven is the soul ruler of Uranus {a synthesizing planet}, and ray one is the monadic ruler.

For synthesizing planets, soul rulers and monadic rulers must be considered more powerful, relevant and significant—especially in the lives of initiates. The category of mutual reinforcement would be Strong by Rulership—Class 3, and not simply Mild or Moderate.

Some third ray may be transmitted via Neptune’s third ray associations—its “Trident” indicating a connection with the matter aspect and, hence, the third ray. As well, there is a slight decanate reinforcement coming from ray three associations but not normal transmission through Mars, the ruler of the first decanate in esoteric order and the third in exoteric order.

Although Leo can be a selfish and materialistic sign, so much of Leo is concerned with the second and first aspect of divinity overcoming the third aspect.


Selfish, Self-Centered or Self-Serving Human Being

Selfish, Self-centered or Self-Serving Human Being

i. The personal pride of the selfish Leo person combines with the manipulative, pride-of-mindinduced within the insufficiently spiritualized personality by the third ray.

ii. Leo is usually associated with the first, second or fifth ray. Association with the third ray is less common, but, like all combinations, possible.

iii. Leo, from the occult perspective, has a great potential for materialism.  “This sign has frequently been described as the ‘battlefield of the Forces of Materialism and the Forces of Light.’ It is occultly regarded as one of the most material signs, in-as-much as selfish desire for possession of material objectives can be peculiarly present and the display of the possessive spirit can violently control;…”. (EA, 307) Consider in this respect the Leonian, third ray personality of France for an example of how these two influences (Leo and the third ray) can work together on the level of personality.

iv. Mental pride and arrogance. First among the proudest minds; “holding court”.

v. The “desire to shine” (Leo) intellectually (third ray). Wishing to be admired for one’s prowess in thought.

vi. Intelligence (third ray) prostituted to the welfare and aggrandizement (Leo) of personality. “I am especially important because I am so brilliant”.


Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray of either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple

i. The light-sharing quality of the advancing Leo individual combines with the active, adaptive intelligence induced within the spiritually-unfolding personality by the third ray.

ii. The creative thinker. The self-reliance to think (third ray) for oneself (Leo). Realizing oneself as the creative source of one’s own mental light.

iii. Mental brilliance illuminating other minds, but beginning to love the light more than the little self through which the light is revealed.

iv. Encouraging the creativity of others. Teaching (Leo) creativity (Leo and ray three).

v. The emergence of diverse (third ray) creative talents (third ray and Leo).

vi. On the Path of Discipleship: the light of the soul diversely expressed.

vii. On the Path of Discipleship: resourceful methods (third ray) of lefting knowledge (Leo)

viii. On the Path of Discipleship: realizing the grandeur of the soul and the spiritual Path, and finding the thoughts and words to convey this grandeur. Brilliant formulations of lofty thought.

ix. On the Path of Discipleship: beginning to use great thoughts and wide-mindedness to put the little ego in proper perspective. Higher mind as an agent for decentralization.


Advanced Disciple; the Initiate: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray as either the ray of the personality or soul.

Developed Human Being, Established Disciple; Initiate
Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign, Leo, with the third ray as eitherthe ray of the personality or soul

i. The Self-resourceful brilliance and originalitycharacteristic of the soul-inspired disciple/initiate born in or under Leo, combines with a vital creative intelligenceinduced within the soul or spiritualized personality by the third ray.

ii. The luminosity of the soul-inspired disciple/initiate born in or under Leo, combines with the acute intelligence of the third ray—the “acute energy of divine mental perception”. (R&I 558)

iii. The personality (third aspect) shines (Leo) as a skillful and highly intelligent (third ray) agent of the soul.

iv. The accumulated talents and qualities of many lives (stored within the causal body) manifest successfully in the three worlds of human evolution. The glorified “transpersonality”.

v. Man, the Thinker, intelligently masters the worlds of form. The masterful human being. Leo, the “most human” of signs combines with the ray which symbolizes the personality of man.

vi. Revealing the glories (Leo and the third ray) of personality when aligned with the soul. Of the third ray it is said: “Longing for glory, beauty and for material objectives.” (EP II, 40)

vii. Creativity stemming from a point of tension held in alignment within the Divine Mind. Entry into “super-mind”.

viii. Eventually, Manas fulfilled—the Master, for Leo rules mastership, and it is the third aspect of divinity (the third ray) which the Master has mastered.



(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work. These are Meant to be Suggestive; Your Intuition Will Supply the Directives and Counsels Most Suitable to You)

Directives for Leo the Third Ray
(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work)

1. Accumulate What Is Needed To Produce A Noteworthy Display.

2. Actively Discuss The Stage And Theatre.

3. Articulate And Broadcast Revelation!

4. As “Forerunner Of The Light” Discriminate Between The Light Of The Personal Ego And The Light Of The Higher Self—The Christ Aspect.

5. As “Researcher Of The Past” Trace The Development Of Your Identity Through Significant Past Lives.

6. As The “The Unifier Of The Lower Four”; Weave Together The Four Factors Of Personality And Relate Them To The Soul.

7. Avoid Using Your Reasoning Powers For Selfish Ends.

8. Be A Producer!

9. Become An Outstanding Example Of Creative Thought.

10. Be Generous With Financial Resources.

11. Be The Heart Of Creative Projects.

12. Beware Of Mental Pride—Definitely.

13. Choose Only The Best Personnel.

14. Communicate Openly.

15. Conceive Brilliant Concepts.

16. Conduct An Historical Study On The History Of Individuality And The Emergence Of The Individual

17. Create Opportunities For Joyous Self-Expression.

18. Creatively Facilitate The Revelation Of Talent.

19. Cultivate The Heart; It Is Not Enough To Distinguish Yourself Through Speech And Thought.

20. Deal Intelligently With The Separative Personality; Convince It To Seek Alliance With The Soul!

21. Demonstrate Creative Solutions.

22. Develop Your Personal Integrity To The Point That Lying Becomes Impossible.

23. Discriminate Between Egoism And Higher Ego.

24. Distinguish Between Personality Scheming And Soul Planning.

25. Do Not Exalt Yourself Through A Spirit Of Criticism.

26. Do Not Criticize Or Belittle Others; You Will Not Succeed That Way!

27. Do Not Use Your Intellect Competitively; Cooperate!

28. Embody The Philanthropic Spirit.

29. Epitomize Divine Mental Perception.

30. Exemplify Economic Well-Being.

31. Express Mental Brilliance.

32. Express Yourself In Diverse Fields.

33. Extricate The Lower Ego From Its Illusory Entanglements.

34. Find Numerous Way To Display Your Talents.

35. Finance Self-Expression.

36. Give Broad Consideration To The Theme Of The Individual And Society; An Intelligent Integration Is Needed.

37. Glorify The Divine Plan.

38. left Knowledge For Yourself!

39. Learn The Meaning Of Group Cooperation Instead Of Merely Individual Planning

40. Make Known What You Think.

41. Make It Possible For People To Express Their Talents.

42. Patronize Creative Thinking.

43. Philosophize On The Nature Of The Ego.

44. Plan For The Welfare Of Others, Not Only For Your Own Welfare.

45. Proceed Intelligently With The Task Of Unveiling Of The Self.

46. Produce Artistic Events!

47. Promote The Creativity Of Children.

48. Provide The Funding For The Revelation Of Talent!

49. Reason Your Way Into The Light Of The Soul.

50. Reduce Your Sensitivity To Criticism.

51. Select Those Who Are Outstanding.

52. Speak Intelligently On Behalf Of Individual Freedom.

53. Speculate On The Nature Of Identity.

54. Shine In Debate!

55. Sponsor Many Activities From A Central Position.

56. Stand Intelligently At The Center Of Activities.

57. Study The French Intellect As An Example Of What You Can Achieve.

58. Support Studies Of Gifted Children.

59. Take An Active Interest In The Development Of Genius.

60. Tell Stories With Intricate Plots.

61. The Lower Ego Could Not Enter The “Promised Land” But The Higher Ego Can Begin To Do So. Consider!

62. Think Brilliantly!

63. Think-Through Carefully The Issue Of Authenticity And Inauthenticity.

64. Understand The Meaning Of “Enlightened Self-Interest” And Transcend It.

65. Underwrite Spectacular Events.

66. Use The Power Of Thought To Distinguish Yourself From Others

67. Vitalize The Expression Of The “Plan” Within The Lower Three Worlds.

68. Weave Many Strands Into A Magnificent Whole.



Mantra for Leo and the Third Ray

Mantram for the Disciple’s Consciousness

Mantram for the Initiate’s Consciousness

“Purpose Itself am I”—a Purpose known within the Oneness of the One Complete Identity, when Selfhood has become a Point Relinquished


Proposed Symbol, Image, or Scene

Proposed Symbol for R3/Leo

Alert at the center of the ‘Web of Life’ the Weaver creatively.

Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Contrasts

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Contrasts Between Leo and R3

Utilize these contrasts to understand how these two energies may contrast or conflict with each other when they are found together within the human energy system.


In Comparison With


1.       Transmits R1 and R5 constellationally


1.       R3

2.       Transmits principally R2, R6 and R7 through its planetary rulers (unveiled and veiled)


2.       R3

3.       Colors: orange (given by D.K.) and possibly (on a hypothetical color-scale incrementally related to the chromatic musical scale) yellow (golden-yellow), yellow-green, green (not likely, but presented for completeness.)


3.       Colors: green, yellow and black

4.       Note: Possibly MI or E


4.       Note: FA or F

5.       Expresses principally through the heart center (via Sun and Jupiter). Expresses later at the crown or dome of the head through the twelve-petalled heart within the head. An earlier and far more separative solar plexus expression is also likely. Ajna expression reasonable at the time the integration of the dominant personality.


5.       Expresses through the throat chakra and (to a degree) through the sacral chakra, also through the spleen as planetary prana, and, quite reasonably, through the ajna center when that center represents the Spiritual Triad

6.       Creative Hierarchy number I/VI, unliberated


6.       Creative Hierarchy number I, liberated, and Creative Hierarchy number III/VIII, unliberated

7.       Hypothesized as being especially expressive in relation to the Human Kingdom via the Sun, the Kingdom of Souls via the Sun and Neptune, and the Kingdom of Solar Lives via the Sun and Uranus. Associations with the Mineral Kingdom and Vegetable Kingdom can also be argued.


7.       Related to the Animal Kingdom and the Kingdom of Planetary Lives

8.       Associated mostly with the second aspect of divinity, “God the Son”


8.       Associated mostly with the third aspect of the divinity, “God the Holy Spirit”

9.       Expresses strongly through the heart center


9.       Expresses predominantly through the throat center

10.   The center


10.   The periphery

11.   Stillness


11.   Great activity (until the very late stages of evolution)

12.   Nobility; regal movement


12.   Excessive or unnecessary movements

13.   Induces powerful emotional expression


13.   Inclines towards detachment from or abstraction from the emotional life

14.   Simplicity: (this can even be seen in the handwriting of those who are strongly influenced by Leo)


14.   Complexity

15.   Courage, bravery


15.   Tactical maneuvers rather than confrontation

16.   Honesty


16.   Often, dissimulation, duplicity, evasiveness

17.   Domination


17.   Manipulation

18.   Revelation


18.   Facilitation (through intelligence)

19.   Setting an example


19.   Intelligently coordinating circumstances so that setting an example becomes easier

Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Similarities

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Similarities Between Leo and R3

Utilize these similarities to further understand how these two energies may combine with or reinforce each other (for better of for worse) when they are found within the same energy system.

A.    Few Themes in Common: There are rather few points in common between these two energies.

B.   Personality and the Third Aspect: These two influences combine to make the personality what it is. Leo (in its lowest expression) is associated with the dominating, centralized personality. The personality is, as well, the third periodical vehicle, and is thus associated with the third ray.

C.    Materialism and Materiality: Leo (at a certain stage of evolution) is considered to be among the most materialistic of signs. “It is occultly regarded as one of the most material signs, in-as-much as selfish desire for possession of material objectives can be peculiarly present and the display of the possessive spirit can violently control;..” (EA 307) The third ray is archetypally the ray of materiality and has direct numerical affinity with the third or matter aspect of divinity. When the Leo subject is still working through an unspiritualized personality, this kind of materialism will be demonstrated.

D.    Rotary Motion: The developmental stage of the dominant, self-centered personality fed by the energies of Leo, is a stage correlated with rotary motion. The third ray is also correlated with this type of motion.

E.    The Physical Sun and the Third Aspect: The physical sun is associated with the third aspect of divinity.

F.    Relation to the Spleen—a Third Order Center: Leo is associated with the spleen and with the golden prana which pours through the third aspect of the personality, the etheric body. This prana vitalizes that part of man composed of the third or matter aspect. The spleen, itself, is a third order center. The higher head centers can be considered first order; the normal chakras, second order; the secondary chakras (such as the spleen and the center between the shoulder blades), third order.

G.   Implantation of Intelligence: Both Leo and the third ray are closely associated with the factor in intelligence. Under Leo, the spark of mind was implanted within animal man; the mental unit was formed. This implantation may be reasonably considered a third order activity on the part of the Solar Angels. They have other and higher activities with respect to the development of the human being. The great Third Ray is, of course, the Ray of Intelligence, of which the fifth ray, the Ray of Mind, can be considered a subray.

H.    Pride: Leo and the third ray influence towards differing types of pride, but pride nonetheless. Leo influences towards pride of person. The Leo person is proud to be who he is, or rather, who he seems to be. The third ray influences towards mental pride. It is interesting that the personality for France, that very intelligent nation, is ruled by Leo and the third ray.

I.   Related to the First Initiation: Leo, generically, rules the first initiation. (EA 143). The third ray often conditions the personality of those taking this initiation. Thus, this combination, is a very strong indicator of the possibility of taking the first initiation.

J.   Relation to Third Initiation Processes: Leo could well be related to the third ray through a putable influence at the third initiation. The third initiation is the first solar initiation, thus implicating Leo, ruled by the Sun (Sol). At the third initiation, the number three is associated by numerical affinity. The higher mind (ruled generically by the third ray) comes into prominence and the third aspect of the monad is consciously contacted. Leo, of course, transmits the fifth ray, which is the ray normally associated with the third initiation.

A List of Famous Individuals for whom this combination is prominent

Ray 3 Leo

Sri Aurobindo
Indian Sage, Mystic, Poet, Philosopher

Bill Clinton
United States President

Joseph Goebbels
Nazi Leader, Politician, Propagandist

Mata Hari “Margaretha Geertruida Zelle”
Spy, Double-Agent, Prostitute

Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides)
Philosopher, Physician

J. Pierpont Morgan
Financier, Entrepreneur

Leon Trotsky
Russian Revolutionary