Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

& Ray 5

Introduction - Expression in the self-centered - Expression in developed man - Expression in disciples and initiates - Directives - Mantra - Symbols - Contrasts - Similarities - Famous People 

Sun or Ascendant in Leo with Ray 5



Sun Leo (or Ascendant Leo), R5P (or R5S)
Plus Constellationally Transmitted R1 and R5

A very strong mutual reinforcement of ray and astrological energies emerges due to the constellationally transmitted fifth ray—at this time in greatest strength—through Leo. At the present time, Leo is the principal zodiacal constellational transmitter of the fifth ray, though, before long, Aquarius will be. The appropriate category of reinforcement would be, Strong by Constellational Transmission. Additional reinforcement of the Leo/fifth ray interplay, comes through fifth ray associations pertaining to Uranus—a ruler of “orthodox science”. Perhaps the fifth ray is the mental ray of Uranus, and hence, strictly a background issue.

Some additional reinforcement comes as well through the fifth ray component of Mars {perhaps its monadic ray and possibly its mental ray}—for Mars is the ruler of the first decanate {in esoteric order} and the third decanate {in exoteric order}, and through the fifth ray associations found in relation to scientific Uranus.


Selfish, Self-Centered or Self-Serving Human Being

Selfish, Self-centered or Self-Serving Human Being

i. The separative self-isolative attitudes of the self-centered Leo person combine with the tendency to cleavage induced within the insufficiently spiritualized personality by the fifth ray.

ii. Rationally induced isolative attitude. (Having good reasons for being separate and alone).

iii. Rationalization; assured self-justification.

iv. One’s view of truth (ray five) is distorted by personal preferences and ahamkaric, self-referencing attitudes. There is no true view of the opposite point of view or of others.

v. Exaggerated self-estimation (Leo) distorts right judgment (ray five).

vi. Finding good reasons (ray five) for belittling others—putting others down (Leo). The little ego (not the greater Ego) remains the central luminary in the microcosmic sky.

vii. Pride (Leo) in one’s own expertise (fifth ray).

viii. Disdainful self-confidence (Leo) based upon judgmentalism and a narrow perspective (fifth ray).

ix. Having good reason (fifth ray) for thinking oneself unique (Leo). In this uniqueness, one feels misunderstood, and that no one will ever succeed in understanding. Thus one remains forever separate in one’s own estimation.

x. Living under the “Law of Cleavages”, a Law connected with the number five. Leo is the fifth sign and the fifth ray is the fifth of seven rays.


Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray of either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Human Being; Aspirant; Disciple

i. The Will-to-Illumine of the advancing Leo individual combine with the clear and lucid thinking induced within the spiritually-unfolding personality by the fifth ray.

ii. There is a double fifth ray emphasis which adds to the ‘light-content’ of this combination.

iii. The power to shed light, especially upon and within specific areas of knowledge. Clear and lucid instruction is given.

iv. On the Path of Discipleship: power to become the true thinker responsive to the “Thinker”—the soul.

v. On the Path of Discipleship: growing power to scientifically, objectively dis-identify with the lunar nature and identify with the solar nature—the soul nature.

vi. On the Path of Discipleship: thus, the growing capacity to establish one’s true identity through discriminative methods (fifth ray)

vii. On the Path of Discipleship: the ability to investigate (fifth ray) the true nature of the Self (Leo). Ability to contribute successfully to the field of esoteric psychology.

viii. On the Path of Discipleship: the radiation of the Light of the Soul is strengthened by this ‘double-five’ combination. The clarification of many personality issues should result.


Advanced Disciple; the Initiate: Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant Sign with the ray as either the ray of the personality or soul.

Advanced Disciple; the Initiate
Additionally, where relevant, combine Ascendant sign, Leo, with the fifth ray as either the ray of the personality or soul

i. The capacity of the soul-inspired disciple/initiate born in or under Leo for identification with the One Self combines with the power to penetrate behind the “Disk of Golden Light” induced within the soul or spiritualized personality by the fifth ray.

ii. Definite capacity to penetrate into (fifth ray) the Kingdom of the Soul (Leo).

iii. Developed capacity to reveal the “light of the soul”. The energy of Light banishes all obscurity.

iv. Pronounced ability to discover (ray five) the “Presence” ‘behind’ the “Angel of the Presence” (The Solar {Leo} Angel).

v. The masterful esoteric psychologist. (Remember that the higher method of teaching upon the fifth ray is in the field of Esoteric Psychology, and that Leo, the fifth sign, is directly related to the luminous Fifth Kingdom, the Kingdom of the Soul. Interestingly, Carl Jung, who authoritatively introduced the concept of the “Higher Self” (the ‘Individuator’) into modern psychology, was born in the sign, Leo, and had a powerful fifth ray—probably conditioning his mental vehicle).

vi. Established capacity to discriminate (ray five) between the three levels of the Self (Leo). Thus, the capacity discriminatively to reject the “Not-Self”. Some power in wielding the Law of Repulse is indicated.

vii. For the initiate with this combination the “Divine Son” identifies with the “Divine Father”. “I and my Father are One”. This happens with the piercing of the “Disk of Golden Light”. The fifth ray (Leo) resolves into the first ray (Leo).

viii. For the initiate—the revelation of the Light of the Spirit.



(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work. These are Meant to be Suggestive; Your Intuition Will Supply the Directives and Counsels Most Suitable to You)

Directives for Leo the Fifth Ray
(On Behalf of Humanity and the One Great Work)

1. Analyze Self-Expression.

2. Become An Expert In The ‘Science Of Selfhood’.

3. Blend Clarify Of Mind With Warmth Of Heart.

4. Blend Common Sense And The Knowledge Of The Soul.

5. Centered In A Point Abstracted, Observe The Fourfold Lower Self.

6. Concentrate A Beam Of Focused Light In Search Of Truth.

7. Concentrate All Resources Of The Mind; Penetrate Into Still Greater Light.

8. Concentrate Your Mind Within The “Disk Of Golden Light” And Know The Possibility Of Penetrating Through That Disk.

9. Cultivate The Luminous Mind, Illumined By The Light Of The Soul.

10. Define The Nature Of Selfhood Throw Light Upon The Manner Of Expressing The Causal Body.

11. Demonstrate Factual Knowledge.

12. Detach From Personality Through Application Of Spiritual Knowledge.

13. Differentiate Between The True Individual And His Vehicles Of Expression.

14. Discriminate With Clarity The Difference Between The Self And The Not-Self.

15. Disidentify From All That Obscures The Radiance Of The Inner Self.

16. Do Not Exaggerate Your Value; Do Not Minimize Your Value. See Yourself Exactly As You Are.

17. Earn The Reputation For Being A Veracious Individual.

18. Every Living Being Is A Unit Of Light; Find Techniques To Increase That Light.

19. Fact Upon Fact, Build Carefully Towards The Illumination Of The Mind!

20. Focus Sharp Intelligence Upon The Nature Of Individuality.

21. Focus The Light Of The Soul Upon The Personality.

22. Focus The Mind As Burning Glass Focuses The Rays Of The Sun.

23. Focus Through Meditation Within The Light Of The Soul.

24. Illumine The Minds Of Others With Factual Knowledge.

25. Invent Mechanisms Of Illumination.

26. Investigate The Nature Of Identity.

27. Invoke The “Ruler Of The Third Heaven”; Establish Yourself There As A Radiant Sun!

28. Isolate A Field Of Specialization And Turn A Beam Of Light Upon That Field.

29. left Knowledge; left The Truth.

30. Knowing The Nature Of Yourself, Avoid The Bias Which Arises From Personal Inclinations.

31. Knowledge Brings Illumination; Know This!

32. Know The Self, Exactly As It Is!

33. Learn All You Can About Light And The Cause Of Illumination.

34. Make Illumination Your Profession—One Way Or Another.

35. Objectively Examine The Lower Ego.

36. Observe The Personality—Know Thy “Not-Self”!

37. Offer Liberating Techniques To The Self Ensnared In Illusion.

38. Open Your Analytical Mind To Illumination From The Solar Angel.

39. Play The Role Of The Illuminator!

40. Precisely Delineate The Boundaries Of The Self.

41. Probe The Process Of “Individuation”

42. Promote Discovery!

43. Radiate The Contents Of The Divine Mind!

44. Represent The Sirian Energy; Burn Away Obscurity!

45. Reveal The Light Of Truth!

46. Seek A Deep And Technical Understanding Of The Solar Angel.

47. Share The Brilliance Which Arises When “Three Minds Unite”.

48. Shine Forth From The Plane Of Mind!

49. Sponsor Research.

50. Scientifically Study The Specific Nature Of The Higher Self.

51. Study The Lunar Vehicles As If You Were The Soul.

52. Study The Nature Of Venus And Sirius. They Should Be Meaningful To Someone With Your Combination Of Energies.

53. Submit To The “Guardian Of The Door”; Know That The Personality May Not Pass!

54. Synthesize Through The Power Of Sight.

55. The “Angel With The Flaming Sword” Wields The “Sword Of Discrimination”; In Your Own Sphere, Do Likewise!

56. Through Observation Of The Apparent Self, Learn That You Are “In The World But Not Of The World”.

57. Transform The Light Of Knowledge Into The Light Of Wisdom.

58. Use The Focused Mind As A Weapon To Help Defeat The “King Of Beasts”

59. Understand How The “Spark Of Mind” Has Grown Within You Over Millions Of Years. Your Energies Were Present When The “Spark Of Mind” Was Planted In The Consciousness Of Animal Man.

60. Under The “Law Of Cleavages”, Cleave The Self From The Not-Self. Discriminate.

61. Use All Powers Of Mind To Ensure That The Solar Angel Remains The Sole Luminary In The Microcosmic Sky; Differentiate Between The Competing Luminaries!

62. Vitalize Your Etheric Body Through The Power Of Thought.

63. Winnow The Chaff—Winnow The Not-Self From The Kernel Of Selfhood.

64. Within The Rays Of The “Sun Upon The Mountain Top”, Enter The “Light Supernal”

65. Your Study Is The ‘Science Of The Self’.



  Mantra for Leo and the Fifth Ray

Mantram for the Disciple’s Consciousness

Mantram for the Initiate’s Consciousness

“Three Minds Unite” within the One Identity, most Luminous when Selfhood has become the Point Relinquished.


Proposed Symbol, Image, or Scene

Proposed Symbol for R5/Leo

Intent within a ‘Beam of Intensely Focussed Light Divine’ the ‘Scientist of Life’


Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Contrasts

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Contrasts Between Leo and R5


In Comparison With


1.       Transmits R1 and R5 constellationally


1.       R5

2.       Transmits principally R2, R6 and R7 through its planetary rulers (unveiled and veiled)


2.       R5

3.       Colors: orange (given by D.K.) and possibly (on a hypothetical color-scale incrementally related to the chromatic musical scale) yellow (golden-yellow) ...


3.       Colors: orange (exoteric) and indigo blue (esoteric)

4.       Note: Possibly MI or E


4.       Note: LA or A

5.       Expresses principally through the heart center (via Sun and Jupiter). Expresses later at the crown or dome of the head through the twelve-petalled heart within the head. An earlier and far more separative solar plexus expression is also likely. Ajna expression reasonable at the time the integration of the dominant personality.


5.       Expresses through the ajna center

6.       Creative Hierarchy number I/VI, unliberated


6.       Creative Hierarchy number III, liberated and Creative Hierarchy number V/X, unliberated

7.       Hypothesized as being especially expressive in relation to the Human Kingdom via the Sun, the Kingdom of Souls via the Sun and Neptune, and the Kingdom of Solar Lives via the Sun and Uranus. Associations with the Mineral Kingdom and Vegetable Kingdom can also be argued.


7.       Related to the Human Kingdom and the Kingdom of Souls

8.       Largely associated with the second aspect of divinity


8.       Initially associated with the third divine aspect (Intelligence) and later with the second followed by the first

9.       Power with the factor of synthesis


9.       Power with the factor of analysis

10.   Emotionally powerful


10.   Drier and less responsive emotionally; tends towards a powerful mentality

11.   Dominating mind


11.   Elucidating, analyzing mind

12.   Spontaneity


12.   Thinking before doing

13.   Creativity (release of self)


13.   Intelligence without exuberance (other factors notwithstanding)

14.   Subjectivity


14.   Objectivity

15.   Exaggeration


15.   Realism

16.   Ahamkara


16.   Contributes to the defeat of ahamkara; Deglamorization

Discover Potentials to be Derived from Energetic Similarities

Discover Potentials to be Derived from
Energetic Similarities Between Leo and R5

Utilize these similarities to further understand how these two energies may combine with or reinforce each other (for better of for worse) when they are found within the same energy system.

A.      Related to the Fifth Creative Hierarchy: These two influences are directly related to the Fifth Creative Hierarchy of Solar Angels, who are called “Hearts of Fiery Love” (showing both their connection with Leo and with the Heart of the Sun).

B.     Conferring Individuality: Leo and the fifth ray, together, are what might be called conferrers of individuality. These influences were instrumental in implanting the spark of mind in animal man some eighteen million years ago (according to the Secret Doctrine).

C.     Linked to Sirius: These two influences have a strong Sirian connection. There is an important triangle as follows: Sirius—Leo—Jupiter. The Fifth Ray Lord is called the “Brother from Sirius”, indicating the relation of Sirius to the fifth ray. Sirius is also a major center of manasic, mahatic stimulation (again, under the fifth ray).

D.     lefting Knowledge: Both Leo and the fifth ray participate in the urge to “left knowledge” (cf. EA 290). In fifth ray terminology, this means experientially and experimentally proving that knowledge is true and real.

E.     Linked to the Ajna Center: Both Leo and the fifth ray share ajna center associations. The ajna center is, until the third initiation, ruled by Venus and the fifth ray. This center is also indicates the integrated and self-directing personality associated with Leo.

F.      Cleavage and the Law of Cleavages: Both influences are related to the Law of Cleavages. The fifth ray is directly related. (cf. EP I 376-377 and R&I 596) Leo distributes the fifth ray and thus creates a cleavage between the self and the not-self.

G.     Individuality and Self-Knowledge: Both influences contribute the strengthening of individuality. This is achieved through the instrumentality of self-knowledge. Both Leo and the fifth ray participate eagerly in the great quest summarized as, “Know Thyself”.

H.     Practical Exemplification: Together Leo and the fifth ray make of a man a practical (fifth ray) example (Leo), of what he believes and claims himself to be. Under the testing nature of the fifth ray he becomes authentic and proven.

I.         Linked to the “Light of the Soul”: Both energies are intimately connected to the “Light of the Soul” (cf. EA 329). “This fifth ray is a Being of the intensest spiritual light…” (EP I 77). The entire Science of Raja Yoga (the science of the fifth root race) demands the use of the fifth ray to reveal the light of the soul and place it in a position of dominion over the personality. This leads eventually to the fifth initiation—that of revelation.

J.       Assisting at the First Initiation: A man often takes the first initiation in or under Leo, the fifth sign. The first initiation represents entry into the fifth kingdom,  the Kingdom of Souls. Thus, both Leo and the fifth ray (by numerical resonance) support this entry into the new dimension ruled by the number five.

K.     Related to Processes Important at the Third Initiation: The third initiation is governed by the fifth ray. Illusion is defeated in the intense supernal light—probably a mixture of ray two and ray five influences, empowered by the first ray. Leo is the symbol for the achievement of the soul at the third initiation. (cf. EA 148) Together, these influences can certainly indicate the possibility of taking the third degree, however, by themselves they do not guarantee it. So much depends upon that actual karmic condition of the individual and his or her readiness. The horoscope can only enhance a state of preparedness, or contribute to preparedness, but cannot guarantee preparedness.

L.      Related to Processes Important at the Fifth Initiation: Leo is inescapably implicated at the fifth initiation (the Initiation of Revelation), considered ruled by the first ray, but reasonably involving the fifth ray (with its close relation to the intense light of revelation). At this initiation (the third solar initiation) one becomes a confirmed  mature participant in the Fifth Kingdom of Nature—a kingdom so closely related to the Sun and to the Solar Angels Who, for modern man, effectively created the possibility of this kingdom. The fifth ray is distributed constellationally through the fifth sign (Leo) and both of them are related to the star system, Sirius—a system profoundly influenced by the fifth ray, in a very high expression. Considering these thoughts, yet another area of cooperation can be seen involving Leo and the fifth ray.

A List of Famous Individuals for whom this combination is prominent

Ray 5 Leo

Louis de Broglie
Theoretical Physicist

John Flamsteed

Sir Alexander Fleming

Henry Ford
Automobile Manufacturer

Italian Physicist-Astronomer

Michel Gauquelin
Scientist, Statistician, Astrological Researcher

Charles P. Steinmetz

Orville Wright
Inventor, Aviation Pioneer

Wilbur Wright
Inventor, Aviation Pioneer