Mikhail Gorbachev

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Mikhail Gorbachev—Statesman and Political Reformer

March 2, 1931, Privolnoye, Soviet Union.

A rectified time of birth of 7:49:25 AM is suggested (with other neighboring times of 7:33 AM, 7:53 AM, and 8:11 AM, gathered from various sources. Other times of 2:00 AM, 10:16 AM, 12:08:35 PM, and 8:30 PM are used by other serious astrologers who all have their reasons. Thus, there are many conflicting times proposed for Gorbachev’s birth, and the place of birth is also in question (i.e., there are, apparently, more than one “Privolnoye” and a few different sets of longitude and latitude coordinates are given.)

We will examine principally, a rectified time of birth proposed by the author, with reference to some of the neighboring times and the charts which these alternative times would produce. The time of 7:53 AM is a good starting point, and is proposed by the Russian Astrological Center and the astrologer Farida Assadulina, who has been in touch with a close friend of Gorbachev’s. We will also discuss the pros and cons of advancing the birth time sufficiently to bring a symbolically appropriate degree onto the Ascendant, one which changes the decanate from the Aries decanate of the proposed Aries Ascendant to the Leo decanate.)

Chart for a Reasonable Time at the Longitude Farthest West and a Latitude Farthest North

Chart for a Reasonable Time at a Longitude Moderately West and a Latitude Farthest South

Chart for a Reasonable Time at a Longitude Farthest East and a Latitude Moderately North

Chart for at Time which Puts the Degree Symbol “The President of a Country” on the Ascendant

(Proposed Ascendant Aries, with Uranus rising in Aries conjunct the North Node in Aries; proposed MC, Capricorn; Sun in Pisces; Moon in Leo; Mercury in Aquarius; Venus and Saturn conjuncted in Capricorn; Mars, Pluto and Jupiter in Cancer; Neptune in Virgo)

The Testimony of Physiognomy in the Selection of the Chart

a. When faced with many uncertainties concerning even the birth place of the individual, physiognomy becomes a potentially important tool in the determination of the correct Rising Sign. In the case of Mikhail Gorbachev it can be indicative but not finally conclusive.

b. In the large, close-up portrait we see, for instance, certain water-sign qualities, especially in the eyes. They have that slightly ‘watery’ look (a kind of glistening) seen especially in relation to Pisces. Since Pisces is his Sun-sign, this is physiognomically interesting, but not useful in determining the angles or houses of the chart.

c. We note, as well, the ‘water-sign eyelids’, which tend to come down farther over the eyes than is the case when other signs are prominent. However, Taurus (an earth sign) can give a similar effect.

d. We also note a slight rounding and softening of the face—other than might be expected when dealing with a first ray individual. It is proposed that Gorbachev has much of the second ray in his make up—very likely a second ray personality. The features (both structural and dynamic) reveal a certain “kindness” associated with the second ray. The softening effect may be due to the presence of this ray, and to the influence of the sign Cancer.

e. Cancer is of very great significance in determining important aspects of the physiognomy and yet Cancer is neither the Sun, Moon, nor the proposed Rising-sign, though the Sun is in the second, or Cancer, decanate of Pisces. Jupiter, Pluto and Mars, however, are all found in Cancer.

f.  Since Pluto is in a non-angular position, we can expect from it no physiognomical indications, especially since it is not the orthodox ruling planet of any important sign in Gorbachev’s chart. It is the esoteric ruler of his Sun-sign, and this is psychologically and spiritually significant but does not mark the face and features.

g. On the other hand, Mars and Jupiter could have a definite physiognomic effect if either one of them were the ruler of the Ascendant.

h. No one has proposed that Mikhail Gorbachev has both a Pisces Sun-sign and Pisces Rising-sign. Such a double Pisces emphasis would not fit his progressive, dynamic and highly energized character. Moreover with a Pisces Ascendant, the MC would necessarily be Sagittarius (also ruled by Jupiter), and, therefore, Jupiter in Cancer would be both his vocational and individual significator. This, too, seems unwarranted, and would not fit his slow and steady climb to power in the bureaucratic Soviet hierarchy, though that climb was characterized by Jupiterian good fortune.

i.   Aries, however, is widely and thoughtfully proposed by competent Russian astrologers as Mikhail Gorbachev’s Ascendant. This fits psychologically with the character of a man whose initiatives led to spectacular changes in the governmental structure of the Soviet Union and its final demise (Pisces). Importantly, it would yield a Capricorn MC which fits will with Gorbachev’s authority in the field of government. Powerful transits in Capricorn were occurring when dramatic events brought him to the pinnacle of power in the Soviet hierarchy. Coincidentally, these were years in which the Soviet Union experienced irreversible changes in almost every aspect of its nature.

j.   If Aries were the Ascendant, then the position of Mars in Cancer would be physiognomically significant. If we study the appearance of Gorbachev’s nose, we shall see that it is of the kind which frequently appears when Aries is a prominent energy and that, in its size and conformation, it has a decidedly Cancerian quality as well. We note particularly the cleft in the nose which is often found with both prominent Cancer and Capricorn. The cleft is pronounced. Since his life events (and times of birth proposed either by himself or others) give no chance of a Capricorn Ascendant which, ruled by Saturn placed in Capricorn, would similarly affect the nose, we must attribute the cleft to Cancer, which (given all proposed times) can only be related to Mars as the ruling representative of an Aries Ascendant. Mars is also the ruler of Scorpio, but the physiognomy does not at all suggest Scorpio (given the breadth and openness of the face), nor would a chart based upon a Scorpio Ascendant make particular sense. Also, a Saturn in Capricorn nose would not be so full, would be sharper, and would turn downwards more decidedly.

k. Therefore, we conclude that the prominent cleft in Gorbachev’s nose is due mostly to the Mars placement in Cancer—Mars being empowered as the orthodox ruler of the proposed Aries Ascendant. If Mars were in Cancer and the Ascendant were not Aries, the strong cleft would not occur; this, at least, is the experience of the author.

l.   There is something about the ‘typical’ Russian face that is broader than narrower. Of course, in a country of so many millions, with so many ethnic types, there is, perhaps, no ‘typical’ face, yet everyone can recognize the characteristic facial features of peoples of various nations, and artists and photographers are the first to do so.

m.Jupiterian Piscean than a Neptunian type. Jupiter (the orthodox ruler of the Sun-sign) gives this breadth—especially when placed in comfortable Cancer (where Jupiter is exalted). If the personality is on the second ray, then Jupiter becomes even more important and more prominent as a physiognomic indicator.

n. The Leo Moon also adds to the openness and radiance of the face—especially, shall we say, when the soul is shining through.

o. It is Leo which gives a pronounced tendency to frontal baldness—moreso than Aries or Sagittarius, the two other fire signs (though they incline in this direction also).

p. In Gorbachev the baldness is pronounced. It is of course partially hereditary, but the role of the parent’s prominent astrological significators has to be considered as well.

q. If we decide that there is ample evidence (either physiognomical or astrological) that the Ascendant is Aries, we wish to determine whether there is any physiognomical evidence concerning which decanate it might be. Transits, progressions and directions pretty well indicate that it must be either the first or second decanate.

r.  The first decanate is sub-ruled by Aries and, thus, by Mars which becomes important, at least exoterically. The second decanate is sub-ruled by Leo and thus the Sun emerges in power. The Tibetan gives certain planets as the rulers of the various decanates (for developed and less developed people). For developed people, the Tibetan emphasizes Jupiter and Venus as important in the first decanate; which of them is more important will depend upon a clear reading of the Tibetan’s rather veiled statements on the subject. In any case Jupiter will be important, and Gorbachev is a Jupiterian character. Venus seems to be substituted for Jupiter in the third decanate for ‘non-aspiring’ man, whereas Jupiter seems to be the main ruler, proposed by the Tibetan, for the first decanate for soul-oriented man. In any case, if the first decanate is the correct rising decanate, having a Jupiter rulership, as proposed by the Tibetan, makes a great deal of sense, though Mars cannot be discounted. Fortunately or unfortunately they are placed together in the sign Cancer.

s. The second decanate will, however, emphasize Leo, and therefore, physiognomically, it will add to frontal baldness. From a strictly physiognomical perspective, his features and manner seem more indicative of the second decanate of Aries rising than the first, but the Jupiter rulership of the first decanate can confound the matter, and the Leo Moon (as exoteric dispositor of all the Cancer planets) would be very strong and, hence, physiognomically prominent

t.  We do note in Gorbachev a prominent chin—often the signature of someone with a strong first ray. That chin, as well, has a cleft in it. For such features we must account astrologically

u. As for the strength of the chin, Pisces, alone, does not confer it, unless the third decanate, the Scorpio decanate, is involved. But the Sun is in the Cancer decanate, a sign, which, by itself, does not produce the strong chin. However, Jupiter is the exoteric ruler of Pisces and it is placed in Cancer and in the Scorpio decanate of Cancer. The decanate of the sign in which the ruling planet finds itself is a significant modifier on the appearance produced by the sign in which the ruler finds itself. So Jupiter, as ruler of Pisces, is found in Cancer in the Scorpio decanate. Mars, as exoteric ruler of the proposed Aries Ascendant is found in the Pisces decanate of Cancer. Pluto, the esoteric ruler of Pisces is also found in the Scorpio decanate of Cancer. How much an esoteric ruler may be a physiognomic indicator is yet to be established, but, in general, the exoteric planets are physiognomically more influential.

v. As well, two planets in Capricorn will, to some degree, help to strengthen the chin, even though they may not be ruling planets.

w.cleft. Interestingly, Cancer (or Capricorn) produces the cleft in the nose and Scorpio (or Taurus) produces the cleft or dimple in the chin. The Leo Moon, because it is a powerful dispositor, and because Leo gives the strongest chin of all the fire signs, will also strengthen the chin.

x. We should remark on the ear, in the lobe of which one can discern the line or division which marks a tendency towards heart disease. It remains to be proven, but may yet be established that those with strong Aries and Leo carry this mark more often than others. The careful astrological study of the shape of the ear will be rewarded by revelation.

y. His well known birth mark on the crown of his head, emphasizes both Aries and Leo. Aries rules the head in general and Leo, the dome of the head. This mark has to be spiritually significant. It should be pondered in relation to the “Mark of Cain”—‘Vul-cain’.

Comparing Proposed Charts from the Standpoint of Cycles

a. It is often elusive to rectify the chart of an individual with prominent Pisces. Something about that sign seems to blur distinctions.

b. We will focus on charts drawn for a period between 7:49:25 AM and 8:11 AM—period of about twenty-one minutes.

c. The kinds of changes in the various charts which are drawn for this period focus mostly on whether the Aries decanate rising will be the first or the second, and whether aspects and eclipses to the Capricorn MC are more convincing in one chart than another.

d. A number of charts which can be erected during this twenty-one minute period (7:49:25 AM and 8:11 AM) both have their relative merits, and the degree of the MC changes with the longitude and latitude we decide to use.

e. There can be little doubt that the Ascendant is very reasonably Aries, entirely suitable to characterize the many initiatives (Aries) which Gorbachev made to transform and eventually dismantle the old regime (Pisces, his Sun-sign).

f.  To determine the correct time of birth the focus must be placed at the degree of the Capricorn MC and the interplay of three potent planets (transiting during the few critical years which brought great change to the Soviet Union)—Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. During the years 1989 and 1990 Gorbachev was engaged most strenuously in reformist activity. Attention also must be paid to the Asc/Dsc axis, especially when significant directions are involved.

Choosing a Chart to Work With

a. There is probably no method of confirming complete exactitude in the erection of a chart of Mikhail Gorbachev.

b. The evidence and astrological inference and deduction suggest a time of birth within a twenty-one minute range (but other astrologers may disagree).

c. We can, however, and should become more exact than that, and an attempt will be made

d. Whether or not we succeed, enough is known for the principles of esoteric astrology to be applied.

e. A principal chart will be erected for 7:49:25 AM, using longitude, 45N51, and latitude, 41E31. At stated, the choice of a different longitude and latitude would require a different time to obtain similar results for astrological timing. A few different sets of coordinates exist for Privolnoye; reputable astrologers disagree. The coordinates offered differ by as much as a degree and nine minutes in longitude and almost a degree (forty-seven minutes) in latitude. The name of the city is spelled differently in various presentations. It would appear that place of Gorbachev’s birth (a collective farm) no longer exists and that only approximations can be made. Nevertheless, the general area of Russia where the birth took place is known with fair confidence within a hundred miles N/S and a hundred miles E/W.

f.  What is most important for our purposes is to find a chart which is reasonably acceptable within one or two degrees of the angles—MC/IC and ASC/DSC. The MC/IC axis is relatively slow-moving—about a degree every four minutes. But the ASC/DSC axis is moving very fast when signs like Aries (and other signs of “short ascension”) appear on the horizon. The ‘speed of ascent’ of Aries should be a useful discriminator. When examining the various possible charts, a range of difference at the MC/IC of about five degrees (say, from 2° Capricorn to 7° Capricorn)correlates to a range of difference at the ASC/DSC of perhaps eleven degrees (from 5° Aries to 16° degrees Aries) This occurs because the Ascendant/Descendant is moving faster than the MC/IC. We obviously want a time which is significant in terms of both the meridian and the horizon line.

g. As always when attempting rectifications, various convincing configurations or indicators appear, however they do not all become exact for one particular time of birth. By moving the time forward a little, some of the convincing indicators become exact; moving the time backwards a little, others become exact, and the exactitude of the former ones is lost. The whole matter of rectification does, in the last analysis, involved approximation.

h. One decides, almost arbitrarily, that a chart is acceptable if enough convincing indicators (in the judgment of the astrologer) appear in relation to a given chart.

i.   Whether or not we arrive at the precisely accurate chart, it will be instructive for the close student of these matters to see how the astrologer’s approximations are justified. There is no “one-to-one” correlation between the time when a strong astrological aspect becomes exact, and the event(s) correlated with it. The event or ‘inner event’ may occur when the aspect is exact, but may, as well, anticipate the moment of exactitude or be delayed, depending upon a host of other factors, and human free will. It is important for astrologers to develop a general feel for time periods in terms of their quality; then the likely events to be precipitated from these ‘qualitative atmospheres’ will be discerned, and also the likely time-range in which such events probably will precipitate. Then, it is possible for the astrologer to give good (but not rigidly deterministic) advice.

A Rectified Chart for Mikhail Gorbachev

A Chronology of Significant Events
in the Life of Mikhail Gorbachev with Accompanying Eclipses, Progressions, Directions and Transits for Some of these Events in Relation to the Chosen Chart

a. Gorbachev married his wife Raisa on September 25, 1953. (P-MC conjunct N-Venus; P-Sun exactly conjunct to the minute of art the EQ-ASC; T-Sun conjunct N-Vertex and N-DSC; T-Venus conjunct SAD-Moon) The progressed MC is important here, as it is conjuncting Venus, the significator of the seventh house of marriage. Venus often has to do with relationship and nuptials, but when it is also the ruler of the seventh house cusp, it is even more indicative of unions. This is another confirmation of the Aries Ascendant which would, inevitably, produce a Libra Descendant. If the MC were some thirty-eight minutes of arc later, the progressing MC conjunction to N-Venus would be nearly exact on the marriage day. Thirty-eight minutes of arc translates to about two minutes and a half of clock time, which would suggest a time of birth of 7:52 AM (still a minute less than the 7:53 AM often used, and received from a close friend of Gorbachev).

It the impression of the author that Gorbachev may have quietly had his horoscope erected (his wife was deeply interested in Agni Yoga and occult matters); it would seem that the appointed astrologer would have suggested this time to Gorbachev as a rectification based on an approximate time, and he may have relayed it to his friend, who passed in on to some enquiring astrologers). This is conjuncture, of course, but it is not so likely that on collective farms in the early 1930’s, and in medical facilities associated with them, such exact timing of births would be commonplace.

Astrologers arguing for a slightly later birth time (which would produce a later MC with an earlier contact to Venus), might say that the progressing MC should contact Venus sooner to indicate the time when the relationship began, and not the time when it was consummated in marriage.

We do not, however, have the time when Gorbachev met his wife, though we have been told it was while ballroom dancing.

b. In January of 1957, his daughter Irina Gorbachev was born. (T-Jupiter conjunct N-Vertex)

c. In April, 1970 he was elected to the USSR Supreme Soviet. (SE at 16°Pisces44 occurs on March 7, 1970 and conjuncts the P-Part of Fortune (time sensitive); T-Chiron conjuncts Ascendant; T-Uranus conjuncts Descendant; interestingly T-Jupiter conjuncts the P-Vertex exactly on date chosen, remaining close throughout the month. This Jupiter connection to the Vertex {fated advantages} would be operative for charts for which the Ascendant was up to seven and a half degrees of Aries, or so, but not for later charts, as Jupiter begins to retrograde, never reaching the Vertex position in those later charts. Thus, we are in an acceptable range of about two degrees for the proposed Ascendant). There is a chance that this election may have occurred on April 2nd, but this cannot be confirmed. The later in the month of April the election occurred, the closer is T-Uranus to exact of the N-DSC.

d. In February of 1976, Sergei, Mikhail's father dies. (T-Uranus near to exactly conjunct P-Vertex; T-Chiron conjunct P-Sun; T-Saturn conjunct N-Mars, ruler of the proposed Aries Ascendant; SE eclipse at 10°Scorpio30’ on November 3, 1975 is conjunct P-Vertex and would be so for charts with Ascendants within a few degrees of the proposed Ascendant, but not for later Ascendants. For later charts also, T-Uranus would not reach the Vertex. We note also that the P-Moon—ruling the fourth house cusp, a cusp relating to either parent—is within a degree of the proposed Ascendant.)

A chart for the middle of February, 1976, will be chosen since the exact day of death is not known.

e. He became Agricultural Secretary in November 27 of 1978, (T-Jupiter conjunct N-Moon and trine the Aries Ascendant {and all normally proposed Aries Ascendants for Gorbachev}; LE on P-Venus and SAD Moon; SE Oct 2nd, at 8°Libra43’ conjunct H7 cusp). These indicators would work for times of birth ranging from 7:49:25 to 7:53 and a little beyond.

f.  He became a candidate member of the Politburo in 1979 and a full member on October 21, 1980. (SE on August 10, 1980 at 18°Leo17, conjunct the P-IC at 21°Leo47’; T-Juno conjunct N-Dsc—unions and affiliations; T-Saturn conjunct N-DSC and N-Vertex; T-Jupiter conjunct SAD-Moon ruler of H4; T-Jupiter moving conjunct to DSC the next month). During the years of advancement, the P-MC and P-ASC had been moving in trine to each other. At his birth they were in square.

g. March 11, 1985, the day, following the death of Konstantin Chernenko, the Politburo elected Gorbachev general secretary of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union). (T-Neptune conjunct N-MC; T-Mercury conjuncts N-Asc; SE November 23, 1954 at 00°Sagittarius50’ conjuncts the P-EQ-DSC for March 11, 1985; SAD Jupiter exact on N-Part of Fortune. This can be considered a most significant indicator of this most fortunate elevation in status; interestingly, T-Sun is opposed the P-Part of Fortune and, thus, conjunct the P-Part of Spirit, within nine minutes of arc! This would not be possible unless the degree for the proposed Ascendant were very close. For Gorbachev, Chernenko’s death was fortunate and at the right time}; SAD Moon conjunct N-Vertex within a few minutes of arc; T-Jupiter opposes N-Moon; P-Mars is on N-Moon; the SE on May 20, 1985 at 29°Taurus50’ conjuncts the P-EQ-Ascendant and SAD Ascendant.) We note that during this period there is a grand trine between SAD-Sun, SAD-Jupiter and the N-MC.

If these connections do nothing else, they lend support to the hypothesis of an early Aries Ascendant. But it is just possible that some key contacts indicating the early Ascendant proposed are here to be found. The astrologers judgment is invoked.

h. At the XXVII Congress of the Communist Party, he unveiled the Soviet program of nuclear-free world to the 2000 (February- March,1986) (T-Jupiter conjunct P-MC; eclipses are on the P-Sun; T-Chiron is conjuncting SAD-North Node; the SAD-ASC is just moving into zero degrees of Gemini. His powers of communication are waxing.)

i.   Gorbachev in 1987-88 proceeded to initiate deeper reforms of the Soviet economic and political system. Under his new policy of glasnost (“openness”), a major cultural thaw took place. Perestroika or “restructuring” followed. (T-Jupiter crossing Ascendant—same for all Aries-rising charts). We note something very important during this period. When we think of “restructuring”, we naturally think of Uranus (which promises so much because it is the rising planet in Gorbachev’s chart). During such a period, we would want to see Uranus active, and indeed it is, transiting on the P-DSC (restructuring Gorbachev’s relations with all “others”—nations, included—and giving new freedom and openness {Uranian qualities} in the field of human relations). In the chart proposed, these aspects from Uranus definitely begin relatively early in 1987, but for charts with later Ascendants (even two degrees later, as in the 7:53 AM chart) one would have to wait until the middle of the 1987-1988 period for T-Uranus to be in orb of the P-DSC. We can see the importance of the progressing angles and of transits to them. Astrologers can see so much more these days, so much faster, due to the excellence of such programs as Solar Fire.

A chart for February 11, 1987 will be erected to show that early in 1987 T-Uranus was within one degree of exact to the P-ASC, and it became more exact after that point. During this important period of “openness” and “restructuring” we notice a vital eclipse at 8°Aries18’ about midway between Gorbachev’s N-Uranus and on his Aries Ascendant. (The eclipse falls on the star “Algenib”, the “One who Carries”. Found in the constellation, Pegasus, it indicates one who seeks to rise rapidly). These aspects are strongly indicative of what was happening—in him and in his country. Of course, this eclipse would also work for charts with later Ascendants, but at least indicates the importance of an Aries Ascendant, whatever may be the rising degree between 5° plus and 9° plus. The Uranus transit to the progressed Descendant, however, necessitates the kind of relatively early chart we have chosen to work with.

j.   On December 8, 1987, he signed an agreement with U.S. President Ronald Reagan for their two countries to destroy all existing stocks of intermediate-range nuclear-tipped missiles. (P-MC conjunct N-Mercury; SAD-Chiron conjunct N-Jupiter; T-Chiron conjuncting P-Ascendant. This is important, as Gorbachev was “showing the way”. We note also that T-ASC is on the very fortunate star, Betelgeuse, which, says the Tibetan, is associated with the second ray. There is also a SE at 29°Virgo34, on September 23rd, conjunct the Vertex in early Libra. The more the Ascendant moves forward from the proposed degree, the more the Vertex moves forward. It must be researched how wide an orb should be allowed for eclipses to angles, planets and various points. We note also T-Jupiter conjuncting P-Uranus, esoteric ruler of the seventh house which has Libra, the sign of peace, on the cusp. This conjunction promoted {Jupiter} bold new plans {Uranus} for peace {Libra})

A most significant progression (and one that has great meaning) is P-Venus conjunct the Anti-Vertex (or ‘point of free initiative’) at the time of the signing of the treaty. This initiative was mainly promoted by Gorbachev rather than Reagan—who seemed at times almost reluctant to sign. Venus is the planet of peace, love and the soul; here it conjuncts by progression a very time-sensitive indicator (the Anti-Vertex) opposite, of course, the Vertex. The N-Anti-Vertex is in 2°Aries13 and P-Venus is at 2°Aries 15. From indications such as this, it would seem that this chart is very close.

k. In early January, 1988, he was declared Time Magazine Man of the Year for 1987. (T-Uranus almost exactly opposed P-Ascendant; P-MC is ever closer to the N-Mercury, showing his favorable publicity.)

l.   The year 1988 saw publication of Gorbachev's book “Perestroika and New Thinking for Our Country and the Whole World”

m.through that personality). We note in all these exciting happenings, that Uranus and Saturn have not yet reached the MC. Much is talk, much is theory. The consequences have yet to demonstrate (as they invariably do in Capricorn).

n. On May 25 1989 Gorbachev was elected chairman of the Supreme Soviet and thereby retained the national presidency. (SE at 17°Pisces09’ conjunct SAD Saturn at 17°Pisces47’, also conjunct N-Juno; P-MC just moved into Pisces in March at the time of the SE) The change of the progressing MC’s sign (and of the sign of any progressing angle) is deeply significant. Will events show themselves immediately? Perhaps or perhaps not. A new attitude, however, will manifest and in the case of the progressing MC, a new quality of energy will hover over the enactment of dharma.

o. November 9, 1989: the Berlin Wall falls. (P-MC had moved recently into Pisces {dissolution}; there is a Jupiter Return within ten minutes of arc; SE at 7°Virgo48’, August 31, 1989, at the midpoint between N-Earth and N-Neptune {dissolution}; that SE also on SAD-Jupiter; T-Saturn opposes both N-Jupiter and T-Jupiter; we note that there is a very close transiting conjunction between Neptune and Saturn in 10° plus of Capricorn, and that this conjunction opposes his N-Jupiter and T-Jupiter. There were now new realities {Saturn} to be dealt with. The “Wall” had ‘dissolved’ {Neptune} under the pressure of the Christ-energy (if we look for the occult reasons) which, consciously or unconsciously motivated Gorbachev {his mother was a very devout Christian}.)

p. On January 1, 1990, he was declared Time Magazine's Person of the Decade. (P-Part of Fortune entering Sagittarius mid January—his “international” reputation is rising; T-Jupiter conjunct N-IC—prestige at home and abroad; SE at 7°Virgo48 on SAD-Jupiter; P-Ascendant in late Gemini closely trines N-Mercury {hence, again, favor by the press}. We note that when the MC moves into Pisces, the rewards come and also the karma of the dissolution {Pisces} which had been set in motion.)

q. The Congress elected Gorbachev first President of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on March 15, 1990. (Second Saturn Return within three degrees of the natal Saturn position, and T-Saturn conjunct P-Saturn within three minutes of arc; T-Uranus oppose N-Jupiter; T-Chiron closely conjunct N-Jupiter; T-Jupiter conjunct P-Ascendant and N-IC.) All these aspects favored an increase in power and respect.

r.  On October 15, 1990, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. (P-Venus exactly on N-Asc; T-Jupiter conjunct N-Moon; T-Jupiter conjunct P-Mars, ruler of Aries Ascendant within two minutes of arc; T-Jupiter also conjunct Leo Moon, ruler of the N-IC; P-Ascendant enters Cancer less than three months later—consummation.) During this period both P-Moon and SAD-Moon are in Libra, the sign of peace. One of the considerations for setting this chart was the approach of progressing Venus to any proposed Ascendant at the time of the Peace Prize was awarded. Venus as the Solar Angel, exoteric ruler of Libra and a major planet of peace was obviously involved in all Gorbachev’s peace initiatives. It seemed a moment of consummation rewarding his efforts. One cannot necessarily conclude that events related to a progression will occur exactly when the progression becomes exact, but there should be a reasonable closeness. It also did not seem fitting for P-Venus to reach any Ascendant after the Prize was awarded, because so much Venus work had been done before the award. Ascendants later than 5°Aries39’ would mean that the major visibility of Venus qualities signifying by it crossing the N-Ascendant, would have to wait—even two more years (which does not seem reasonable). Major peace-work had begun with the signing of the treaty for the destruction of atomic weapons on December 8, 1987. P-Venus was on the N-Anti-Vertex. Now a little more than two and a half years later, P-Venus is crossing the N-Ascendant, indicating the consummation of the process. Much research is needed to see whether Venus aspects precipitate early, late or on time, but these progressed aspects are rather convincing!

s. In July 31 of 1991, Gorbachev signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START I) along with George Bush, Sr. (SE 25°Capricorn20, on January 16, 1991, conjuncts N-Venus, planet of peace {this eclipse is also relevant for the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize}; T-Saturn opposes N-Moon—limiting unilateral action; P-Moon trine to P-MC; T-Uranus opposes N-Jupiter; on July 11, 1991 there was a SE eclipse at 18°Cancer59, conjunct N-Pluto within six minutes of arc. This period of time relates to life and death matters, and to the cessation of the possibility of death through effective treaties between superpowers. A few weeks later there was an attempted coup by Communist hard-liners; was Gorbachev’s life in danger? A few months later there occurred the “death” of the Soviet Union.)

t.  On August,19 1991 Gorbachev's companions-in-arms attempted to carry out a coup d'etat. He was under house arrest until August 21st. (On July 11, 1991 there was a SE eclipse at 18°Cancer59’, conjunct N-Pluto within six minutes of arc: P-Moon had entered troubled and testing Scorpio two months previously.) Conditions were as they were a few weeks before. We do note that all through this period and through 1990, the end of something big was “in the air”. T-Pluto had been making various conjunctions with the P-Vertex, and also inconjuncting P-Uranus. Pluto took on additional meaning and power, as the esoteric ruler of the P-MC, now progressed into Pisces. When the angles change sign by progression, new orthodox and esoteric rulers emerge as important.

u. Gorbachev resigned the post of General Secretary and quit the Communist Party on Aug. 24, 1991. (T-Uranus closely opposes N-Jupiter.) The chart immediately above applies to this event as to the attempted coup. While it is laborious to contemplate the possibility (for the checking of so many positions is required), progressed, directed and transiting declinations must also be considered. In this case the declination of SAD-Pluto was within one minute of arc of the declination of N-Uranus. The same was true of the time when the START Treaty was signed. Pluto and Uranus together describe atomic energy. As well, together, they are planets of revolution {hence the coup}. Gorbachev was lucky {perhaps he was always lucky, given his natal Sun/Jupiter trine}. SAD-Jupiter was opposing his N-Sun, and so the outcome of the coup would not be dangerous to his life. It was, however, dangerous to his continuation as the leader of the Soviet Union, and a signal that for the Soviet Union, the end was near.

v. On Dec. 25, 1991, Gorbachev resigned the presidency of the Soviet Union, which ceased to exist that same day. (SE on Pluto still relevant; SAD Pluto opposes Juno, asteroid of unions, within five minutes of arc; on Dec 21, 1991, there was a LE at 29°Gemini09’ and 29°Sagittarius09’ on the P-Ascendant/P-Descendant which had just entered Cancer/Capricorn; SAD-Jupiter opposes N-Sun within nine minutes of Arc, and T-Jupiter is also opposed N-Sun {benevolent work complete—“benevolent”, at least, from the perspective of the Western World}; T-Uranus is opposed to both P-Jupiter and SAD-Chiron, and trine to T-Jupiter; SE of January 5, 1992, at 13°Capricorn51’, falls on T-Uranus within five minutes of arc. In the early part of 1991, the Ascendant of this proposed chart had entered Cancer. Karma of a very concrete kind began to precipitate. The accolades had been received during previous years: “Man of the Year”, “Person of the Decade”; the “Nobel Peace Prize”. Now the consequences can home—Ascendant progressed into Cancer (sign of the “home” and “home-country”). The various member-states of the Soviet Union began to defect, to declare their independence. Gorbachev acquiesced to the situation. He let it happen. The esoteric ruler of the new Ascendant was Neptune—the planet of dissolution. During this period Neptune was the ruler of both the P-MC and the P-ASC. The time for the Soviet Union’s “pralaya” had come.

w.th, 1992 at 2°Capricorn27’. It is within a twelve minutes of arc of N-MC. This signals a new career opportunity. Admittedly, it was nothing like guiding the Soviet Union, but it was international in its nature, and a step in the direction of the natal Mercury in Aquarius, the esoteric ruler of the Aries Ascendant, and aligned with the idealism and internationalism of the New Age. However, Gorbachev’s political ambitions with respect to Russia, as history shows, had not yet died.)

x. In 1995, his mother died. (The date is not determined, but T-Saturn is conjuncting N-Sun during the early part of 1995; SAD-Chiron is conjunct to both N-Pluto and P-Pluto, and T-Chiron is also conjuncting SAD-Pluto! These indicative conjunctions, however, cannot be used to determine the time of birth. At other times T-Neptune or T-Uranus conjunct N-Venus, ruler of the seventh house. Also, indicatively, later in the year, P-Moon comes conjunct with the N-MC. The Moon is the “mother” and the tenth house is either parent. Chiron and Pluto set up the indicative conditions. Then we watch to see progressing and transiting planets crossing the ‘parental angle’ of the tenth house.)

y. January, 27 1996, an initiative group was created to promote Mikhail Gorbachev to the presidential post. After much struggle, he was humiliatingly defeated by Jun 17 1996: (SAD-Mars conjunct N-Vertex; T-Chiron, during the election period, became exact to N-Pluto and P-Pluto; T-Chiron stationary direct conjuncts N-Dsc {wounded from the public}. Above all, T-Saturn was on the Ascendant and had been passing square to the N-MC/IC. We note that T-Chiron and T-Saturn were each square the elevated P-Moon in Capricorn. The Moon is the indicator of one’s popularity or respect by the public. This was not a good time to pursue an election. Gorbachev’s popularity was at a low ebb and he received something like .5% of the vote.)

z. His wife, Raisa, died of Leukemia on Sept 20, 1999 (T-MC conjunct N-Sun; P-Sun conjunct P-Chiron; T-Saturn conjunct N-Chiron; T-Chiron near Vertex; T-Sun conjunct SAD Pluto)

aa.global causes.

We have pursued a rather arduous exercise to justify the proposed chart for 7:49:25 AM. While charts with Ascendants just a couple of degrees forward from the one Ascendant proposed, participate in a number of the dynamic contacts of which we have taken note, they do not, in the opinion of the author, participate in as many. For practical purposes, however, and in terms of esoteric astrology, we are close enough. The important thing for the esoteric astrologer is simply to recognize that Aries, Capricorn and Pisces are of great moment in the chart of Mikhail Gorbachev, and to give the spiritual interpretation of these factors.

Considering the Significance of the Life and Work of Mikhail Gorbachev

Mikhail Gorbachev will be remembered as the individual who was instrumental in radically transforming (or, depending upon one’s perspective, dismantling) the Soviet Union. He desired peaceful co-existence with the West and a greater openness (“glasnost”), progressiveness and democratization for his country.

On December 8, 1987, confirming a definite orientation towards progressive change, he signed an Arms Treaty with United States’ president Reagan. For Gorbachev’s persistent efforts to improve relations between the Soviet Union and its long-time opponent, the United States, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on October 15, 1990. Interestingly, at that time, he was experiencing his second Saturn return, which reveals to those who are somewhat aware of their life plan and purpose, the true significance of the life thus far lived, and the path they can take to fulfill their purpose further still.

Although clearly expressing along the first ray line of government, Gorbachev radiated much of the soft-line energy as well. His Sun-sign, Pisces, transmits the second and sixth rays. His world-image was strongly colored by the second ray. In the minds of many, he was “approachable”, and they thought of him affectionately as “Gorby”. Perhaps his phenomenal (initial) popularity was due to a second ray personality, expressed through Jupiter.

Pisces, we know, is exoterically ruled by the second ray planet, Jupiter, which is found in Cancer (the sign of its exaltation) which finds “dignity” by placement in its own house, the fourth, representing the “Mother Land”. This very powerful position is often associated with benevolence and a caring, providential attitude. The Cancer planets can also be associated with agriculture, which was the focus of his early career.

Cancerian Jupiter is almost exactly trine the Pisces Sun (only nine minutes of arc from exact) adding to the expression of the second ray in Gorbachev’s energy system—both the Sun and Jupiter are considered transmitters of the second ray.

The Moon is in Leo, the sign of the heart. In Gorbachev’s case, this added to his natural warmth, radiance, spontaneity and magnetism; for some it merely means pride and self-involvement.

Mercury in late Aquarius, placed him en rapport with the deeper Aquarian potentials of the USSR (since Aquarius is the soul sign of Russia), as well as with the Aquarian nature of the United States. His best thinking is closely in line with the idealism of the coming Aquarian Age. This Mercury position is very important, as it relates to his soul-mission (being the esoteric ruler of his pioneering Aries Ascendant).  His Moon in Leo, of course, helped him understand the nature of the old order—the Leo personality of Russia, with which he frequently sought to make accommodation. When the reforms he had put in motion, apparently, outstripped his capacity to respond, vacillation grew to be a liability, and may indicate a conciliating mind on the fourth ray of Harmony through Conflict.

With respect to the “Peace Process”, we find the important, nurturing asteroid Ceres, in Libra, the sign of peace. Ceres is also in the seventh house of relations if Aries is the correct rising sign. He nurtured the peace process.

Aries (the major first ray sign) as the Rising-sign, fits well with Gorbachev’s character—with his natural spontaneity, impulsiveness, abundant energy—though (with both Saturn and Venus in careful Capricorn) no one can accuse him of not planning or calculating. Given a probable first ray soul, the pioneering Aries Ascendant would encourage him to do what no other Soviet official had yet attempted—to change the entire form and substance of the Soviet Union. Uranus, the hierarchical ruler of the Aries Ascendant is rising in the first house, impelling towards great transformations. Certainly the Soviet Union was completely altered and restructured as a result of Gorbachev’s efforts. The meaning of Uranus in Aries is entirely apt for the work upon which his reputation rests: he initiated (Aries) a massive (Jupiter square Uranus) restructuring (Uranus) of the Soviet form of government, leading to the dissolution (Pisces and Neptune) of its old form.

It is interesting to realize that Pisces, his Sun Sign, is the sign of the end, and Aries, the sign of the beginning. Pisces is “pralaya” and the end of a cycle. The Soviet Union, as heretofore organized, was falling into decay and dissolution; its time had come. From the time he took real power (at the death of Chernenko, March 10, 1985, and his assumption of Chernenko’s role on the very next day), Neptune ‘the dissolver’ and the ‘Idealist’, had been hovering around Gorbachev’s proposed Capricorn MC, indicating the Soviet Union’s uncertain future and its potential dissolution, as well as his idealism which sought to reveal new more democratic possibilities.

The Pisces energy within Gorbachev helped him recognize that the old form had outlived its usefulness. But Aries (with Uranus rising) made it possible for him to push (Aries) for innovation and an entirely “new order”. Probably he pushed harder and faster than he had, initially, planned, for the ideas he was promoting were ideas “whose time had come”, and which had a rhythm of emergence all their own.

The conservative in him (Saturn in Capricorn) protested against the lengths to which other radical Russians (riding his impulse) were willing to take the process he had begun, nor did he entirely approve of the speed of their actions. He sought, it seems, the transformation and restructuring of Communism and the Communist Party—not necessarily its termination. He wished to preserve socialism. When, however, one is the instrument of an idea ready for precipitation, one cannot easily control the greater forces released by the Greater Plan standing ‘behind’ those forces. Though his objectives were, perhaps, more limited than the extraordinary results achieved, the living ideas behind those objectives did not respect the limits he sought to preserve.

It is interesting to see his Pisces Sun exactly opposite the star Zosma, which indicates the “victim or the savior”. Thus, the planet Earth, indicating in the astrological chart a place of service, a karmic point and a point indicating the expression of the monad in the chart (for those who can express it), is exactly on Zosma. It would seem that these reforms demanded a political sacrifice, the full extent of which he was probably unaware.

Gorbachev’s Moon is conjunct “Asellus Austral” (a small grouping of stars called the “Asses”.) What is said about them is fascinating in light of his place in the history of Communism.

“This group has been associated with a disproportionate number of important historic events that have brought about great changes in society. Particularly represented are events relating to the introduction of communism, which may be symbolic of the two Asses eating out of a communal manger, or the busy beehive representing a commune.”

We also find Mercury in the last degree of Aquarius, exactly opposing Regulus—a power-star representing, law, authority and control. Here we see Gorbachev’s Aquarian ideas (aligning with the soul of Russia) poised against its controlling Leo personality (for we need not always interpret the influence of a star in entirely positive terms). All depends on whom or what utilizes the energy. Gorbachev’s new ideas released his country from the centralized control of the Communist Party. Esoterically, it seems clear that the Moon veils the planet Uranus (also a veiled hierarchical ruler of Leo). The Moon, hiding Uranus, is trine to the Ascendant, and would be even moreso were charts with slightly later Ascendants used.

The Venus/Saturn conjunction is certain to be important in the chart of an advanced soul, for these two planets are the rulers (orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical) of Capricorn in which they are placed—Capricorn, the sign of initiation. Given his ultimately benevolent impact on world affairs (at least from the perspective of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet), we can see Gorbachev as treading the path of initiation, at least in its preliminary stages. Interestingly, Venus in Capricorn is almost exactly opposed by the star Procyon (associated both with a vision of the possibilities and “short-lived opportunities”). Indeed, the window of opportunity in which to initiate and complete these reforms was narrow, but another star, Alpheratz, emphasizing an instinctive understanding of how to use speed and movement, is closely conjunct Gorbachev’s all-important Uranus, and so he brought about great changes and reforms swiftly.

Thinking About the Rays of Mikhail Gorbachev

The first, second, and fourth rays seem prominent in Gorbachev’s general approach. The proposed astrological chart reinforces these rays—inaugurative Aries qualifying the Ascendant and holding Uranus and the North Node; ambitious Capricorn qualifying the MC, and containing Venus, Saturn and Vesta; and expressive Leo with its Moon, all resonate, at least in part, to the first ray. His receptive Pisces Sun trine benevolent Jupiter in Cancer, with intuitive Neptune in second ray Virgo and opposing the Sun, resonate to the second ray.

Leaders who are both loved and respected often express through a combination of first and second ray energies. In Gorbachev’s case, this love and respect comes to him more from humanity than from his own countrymen who resented the economic and political hardships which his reforms seemed to precipitate.

With respect to his own country and countrymen, he became something of a “Sacrificial Lamb” (Aries). He saw opportunity and moved fast—“too fast”, many of his countrymen thought (an Aries liability), for they deplored the chaos and instability which succeeded his reforms. Really, the speed was not his to determine. Much larger forces were amassing, and Mikhail Gorbachev was only their representative—a man with a definite role to play in the execution of the Divine Plan, for has not the Tibetan said that the Hierarchy wishes to see the “defeat of totalitarianism”?

If we search for the “primary ray” behind his first ray soul, we shall probably find the second ray of Love-Wisdom. A second ray monad expressing (however faintly) through a proposed second ray personality (with the first ray soul between) would be a powerful combination—a strong will and an appealing magnetism united to bring into manifestation a far greater loving purpose. We would look to the heliocentric position of Earth (in Virgo, a sign of humble willingness, opposite the Pisces Sun) to learn more about this possible monadic effect. Doing so, we would find second ray/sixth ray Neptune conjunct to that “Earth point” also called, the “monadic point”. Pisces and Neptune indicate weakening and dissolution. These apparently negative forces were applied to a monolithic totalitarian thoughtform which had imposed its oppressive pattern upon many nations, races, creeds and peoples who did not want to be under that domination. Gorbachev’s policies weakened the grip of the “giant”, and, as a result, many went free from its grasp.

It is probable that his astral body was on the sixth ray. Mars, the exoteric ruler of the proposed Aries Ascendant, would strengthen the solar plexus and raise its sensitivity. But Mars is opposed by Venus (planet of the soul) and also by Saturn (planet of discipleship) and so, feelings, however strong, troublesome or agitated, would be rendered quite secondary, as sub-diaphragmatic energies were lifted to the throat (Saturn) and ajna center (Venus). The mind was very likely the fourth ray (giving a talent for harmonization). He likes to read fiction, is fond of the theater, cinema and music—all fourth ray tendencies. His also is said to like hiking and swimming. Judging from appearances, the physical ray appears to be the energetic, active third.

The star Algenib in the constellation Pegasus is at 8°Aries11’ and is not far from the Ascendant (and, is, of course, closer to the later possible Ascendants). This star is called “He who Carries”. The constellation as a whole makes one inclined to rise above difficulties and may contribute towards and ambitious over-reaching—a problem with Aries, in any case, as right and realistic estimation of potentials is the forte of the “Ram”.  There are some eclipses at eight or so degrees of Aries which have occurred at important moments of Gorbachev’s life.

Proposed Ray Structure

  • 212-463
  • Monad: TWO (The Ray of Love-Wisdom)
  • Soul: I (The Ray of Will and Power)
  • Personality: 2 (The Ray of Love Wisdom)
  • Mental Nature: 4 (The Ray of Harmony through Conflict)
  • Astral Nature: 6 (The Ray of Devotion and Idealism)
  • Physical Nature: 3 (The Ray of Activity)

Of Exoteric, Esoteric and Hierarchical Rulers

a. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune. Aries is ruled by Mars, Mercury and Uranus.

b. Jupiter and Pluto are widely conjuncted showing his second ray benevolent concern for his country, along with a deep need to help destroy (Pluto) its attachment (Cancer) to an outmoded system. In the case of an initiate (and surely Mikhail Gorbachev was at least an initiate of the second degree), Neptune, the planet of the Christ, and in its own sign (esoterically) would make him the servant of a deeper kind of union than the Soviet Union. Neptune (special ruler of the Pisces Sun-sign) opposes that Sun, and gives an inherent quality of practical idealism. The pace of reform was so rapid, and his ouster following the ending of the Soviet Union so sudden, that he never had the chance to apply the deeper meanings of Neptune in Virgo at the governmental level.

c. If we think of Virgo as the sign of both “matter” and the “worker”, and also as the sign which holds the “monadic point”, we can see in Gorbachev a worker for the World Teacher’s Hierarchy—for Christ, the World Teacher is Vishnu, Neptune. The Soviet Union had become deeply materialistic, and its materialistic system was crushing out the Christ energy (at least officially). Gorbachev’s reforms opened the door to the “spiritualization of matter” in countries which had formed the Soviet Union. It was, in a way, an invitation for a greater expression of the Soul of Russia and a revolt against institutionalized atheism.

d. Aries is the soul indicator and the sign which, if followed, would lead Mikhail Gorbachev, as a soul, closer to the center of his spiritual life. He certainly had the Aries ambition, but also Piscean patience—a willingness to rise slowly through the ranks. Once doors began to open for him, he came from invisibility (Pisces) into global visibility. The hour for the assertion of his Aries energy had come.

e. When the first ray soul combines with an Aries Ascendant, one can expect the assertion of the completely new. His Aquarian ideas came through Mercury in Aquarius, esoteric ruler of the Aries Ascendant. He dared (Aries) to think (Mercury) in completely new and surprising ways, and was given the power (a karmic gift?) to make his progressive ideas into realities.

f.  Conceptually, he is close to the Aquarian Soul of Russia, though he surely understands its Leo Personality (since Leo is his Moon-sign). Aquarius is a sign which demands circulation—of ideas, of goods and service, of all energies and forces. There is hardly a more progressive combination than that of Aries and Aquarius, linked through Mercury.

g. But most significant is the planet Uranus. It is surely veiled by the Leo Moon, and is one of the potencies by which Gorbachev sought to change the domineering grip of the Soviet Union (centered in Russia) upon millions of subdued peoples. The Moon is the prison; for the Soviet Union, Leo represented a prison built up by the misuse of power. Gorbachev sought to end that misuse and institute progressive Aquarian ways.

h. Uranus, we realize, is the hierarchical ruler of Aries, and it is placed in Aries, and ascending. Therefore, it is extremely powerful, the moreso as it is closely conjunct to the North Node (which focuses an individual’s purposeful effort).

i.   Gorbachev was born to be a re-former, as little as he may have suspected the possible scope of reformatory power which would upon up before him.

j.   Was Mikhail Gorbachev susceptible to the influence of the hierarchical ruler of his Ascendant? We would have to say, “Yes”. It was the principle energy through which his first ray soul focussed his dharma: change the system—radically. He was a successful revolutionary (Uranus) but had built into his nature so much of the second ray, that he was able to inspire a revolution without bloodshed.

k. We cannot say whether this means he was an initiate of the third degree. The sign Aries can lead into that degree, and he does have a Venus/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn in the tenth house. These two—the two rulers of Capricorn—conjuncted in their own house can be seen as a signature of initiatory potential. Surely one can think of him as a “world disciple”, and he has influenced millions positively, bringing them closer to freedom, a Sirian quality. Probably, his soul understanding outstrips that which his personality understood as the process began, but perhaps the personality is “catching up”.>

l.   The astrological indicators for considerable expansions of consciousness are present. Aries and Capricorn are two signs which relate potently to the “mountain top”. If the sacrifices in Pisces are successfully made, the door may open to greater vision.


In Mikhail Gorbachev we find another individual strongly influenced by the Divine Plan. He was used by the Spiritual Hierarchy to bring to an end a great totalitarian form of government. This undesirable and restrictive form of government occurs in a number of places throughout the world, but the Soviet Union was one of the most oppressive examples—though much less so since the demise of the murderous dictator, Joseph Stalin.

As long as Russia was in the grip of totalitarianism (consolidated by Stalin) it could not move towards the future represented by its Aquarian soul. The efforts of Mikhail Gorbachev broke the grip of Russia’s personality upon its soul, and although life in Russia following the dissolution of the Soviet Empire may often have seemed ill-regulated and chaotic, the path towards the realization of Russia’s Aquarian potential is far less obstructed as a result of his efforts.

The conflicts which he faced in bringing about his reforms were rooted within his own nature. Gorbachev’s free-thinking Mercury opposes (by sign) his proud (though magnetic) Leo Moon; his illuminating Venus opposes his emotional Mars—a personal planet associated with selfishness; and his Pisces Sun (the sign of the “Old Age”) is semi-sextile (by sign) to his proposed Aries Ascendant—Aries the sign/constellation which inaugurates the “New Age”.

Therefore, the transitions which Russia will one day have to make—from personality functioning towards the expression of its soul—are out-pictured in the process through which Gorbachev, himself, had to pass in his transition from a powerful member of the conservative Communist Party, to a benevolently revolutionary visionary who helped Russia once again tread a path to national development sanctioned by the Divine Plan. It may be necessary for time to pass before Gorbachev’s role in the realignment of Russia with the Divine Plan is recognized, valued and appreciated, but that day will surely come.

It is said that the Master Morya seeks to inspire the political leaders and statesmen of the world so that they can respond to spiritual ideas and ideals, and thus bring forward values which are in accordance with the Divine Plan. Master Morya’s most recent teaching was given through Mme. Helena Roerich (a Russian woman who founded the Agni Yoga Society) and, to a limited extent, through her husband, the great Russian artist, Nikolai Roerich. It was written down in Russian over a period from the middle-early 1920’s to the middle-late 1930’s.

Raisa Gorbachev is reputed to have had a strong interest in Agni Yoga, and, therefore, we know that her husband, Mikhail Gorbachev cannot be unaware of it. In fact, perhaps he knows rather much about it. Perhaps, in fact, he may be one of those who the Master Morya has, indeed, succeeded in inspiring with the spirit of Hierarchy. The testimony of history seems to confirm this.


More socialism means more democracy, openness and collectivism in everyday life.

We are not abandoning our convictions, our philosophy or traditions, nor do we urge anyone to abandon theirs.
(Saturn in 10th house)

Without glasnost there is not, and there cannot be, democratism, the political creativity of the masses and their participation in management.
(Pluto in Cancer)

Surely, God on high has not refused to give us enough wisdom to find ways to bring us an improvement … in relations between the two great nations on earth.
(Uranus in Aries in 1st house. Aries Ascendant. Mercury in Aquarius.)

Certain people in the United States are driving nails into this structure of our relationship, then cutting off the heads. So the Soviets must use their teeth to pull them out.

Our enemy sees us clearly…. They will not start a war. They’re worried about one thing: If democracy develops here, if we succeed, we will win.

I believe, as Lenin said, that this revolutionary chaos may yet crystallize into new forms of life.
(Uranus in Aries. Aries Ascendant.)

Democracy is the wholesome and pure air without which a socialist public organization cannot live a full-blooded life.

My life’s work has been accomplished. I did all that I could.
On being ousted as Soviet president.

Jesus was the first socialist, the first to seek a better life for mankind.
(Venus in Capricorn in 11th house. Pisces Sun.)

The market came with the dawn of civilization and it is not an invention of capitalism.... If it leads to improving the well-being of the people there is no contradiction with socialism.

“America must be the teacher of democracy, not the advertiser of the consumer society. It is unrealistic for the rest of the world to reach the American living standard.”

“If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven't done much today.”

“The world will not accept dictatorship or domination.”

“Reagan was a statesman who, despite all disagreements that existed between our countries at the time, displayed foresight and determination to meet our proposals halfway and change our relations for the better, stop the nuclear race, start scrapping nuclear weapons, and arrange normal relations between our countries.”

"We can either climb together or fall into the abyss."

"Man is beginning to explore the galaxy. But how much remains undone on earth?"

History is a capricious character. It depends on who writes it.

We have no right ever to forget that psychological warfare is a struggle for winning people's minds.


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