Vulcan and the Signs

Michael D. Robbins


Vulcan in Aries

Vulcan has a natural relationship with Aries through a fivefold relationship: Pointer 2, Aries, Earth, Vulcan, Pluto. What is the nature of the “divine design” being inwardly forged in the life?

The “divine design” being forged in the life of a disciple or initiate with a prominent Vulcan in Aries would be strongly archetypal and ideal rather than practical. The individual “divine design” would be imposed To what extent (and, if so, how) is the “Jewel in the Lotus” active in the life? Is there the capacity to hold an adamantine point of tension?

The power to hold an adamantine point of tension by sheer force of will, would be very strong.. To what extent are the seven head centers [which I infer to be ruled by Vulcan] a prominent factor in the disciple’s energy system? To what extent do they dominate the normal, ‘lesser’ centers?

There would be a tremendous head center focus (crown chakra). Aries can very reasonably be associated with the head center, as is Vulcan (p. 517, EA). Vulcan, as well, may be reasonably associated with the seven controlling head centers by the analogy The Great Bear is the Seven Head Centers in the OAWNMBS as the planet Vulcan is to the seven head centers of our Solar Logos, as Vulcan (in its microcosmic mode) is to the seven head centers in a human being.What is the manner in which the soul (Solar Angel) grips the personality, and bends the personality to its will and enforces that will?

The Solar Angel would grip the personality, and bend the personality to its will and enforce that will in a manner not characterized particularly by subtlety or gentleness. There would be a potent display of forcefulness from the soul field. From a soul perspective, in what manner and with what quality does the soul’s will impact the personality?

From the soul perspective, the soul will would impact the personality with a certain forceful incessancy; the pressure would be unrelenting .The soul would not be moderate in its effort to bend the personality to its will. In what ways does the personality experience the pressure of the spiritual will?

The personality, depending upon its quality and structure would (more or less) experience the pressureful impact of the soul as onerous and unrelenting. There would be a sense that inner pressure was always being applied, and that one was always being forced forward. The soul, in this case, could be sense as a kind of ‘slave-driver’, yet no matter what the ray, Vulcan in Aries represents a powerful combination of ray one forces. Has the life been one in which circumstances and things have been periodically shattered?

The effect of shattering in the life would be pronounced. At least, enough spiritual power is applied inwardly to readily produce shattering (unless modified and buffered by ameliorative forces). Soul-driven will-currents would be unusually strong, and this (in a weakened or unprepared personality vehicle) could readily produce shattering. To what extent and in what fields is the life of the individual impactful? Is the dynamic of the “hammer” noticeable in any of the energy fields or in relation to the environment?

The “hammer aspect” of Vulcan would be readily and easily expressed. Aries individuals have always to learn to co-measure the force they release; this combination does not tend towards co-measurement but the application of excessive force. Force can be expressed in an overpowering manner, and with strong, rhythmic accents-hammer blows. Aries is related to the ‘dance’ (the “Dance of Life”); sense of rhythm in this combination would be strong, and the rhythmic impacts would be powerful. D.K. speaks of the first ray type’s love of “crashing choruses”; Vulcan in Aries would give the love of what might be called ‘crashing impacts’. When the individual uses the energy of destruction in the life, how does the individual exercise this energy and upon what or whom?

Destructive behavior would be expected through the immoderate application of force. Whether upon people or things, destruction is used to be rid of obstacles; these obstacles would be faced “head-on”. There would be very little subtlety in the destructive process. How is will (whether personal will or spiritual will) generally evidenced in the life? What qualities of will are demonstrated? To what extent is the individual capable of steadfastness and endurance?

In Assagioli’s terminology, it would be the “strong” will which would be evidenced, rather than the “skillful will”. That quality of unrelenting will would be prominent. There would be steadfastness for the duration of the period of intense application, but the will would tend to be used in shorter bursts rather than with continuity over a long period of time. What, if anything, does the individual seek to fashion and how does he or she go about this fashioning?

With this combination there would not be a deep understanding of matter per se, so the fashioning would take place not so much in the more tangible realms, as one might expect with Vulcan in Taurus or in one of the earth signs. Depending upon the point in evolution (though, let us remember, we are talking about disciples and initiates) the process of fashioning would relate to the realm of thought and ideation. These types would be more likely to ‘hammer out a theory’ than to fashion or craft in matter. The relationship with matter would tend to be destructive, with a perhaps unrealistic assessment of how much a ‘piece’ of matter “can take”. To what extent and in what manner is the light value of matter manifested in the individual’s energy system, especially through what we normally call the “matter aspect”?

To a rather lesser extent that Vulcan in Taurus or in Virgo. In some ways, soul light is obscured in Aries, though the light of the spirit is not. Aries is not known for the refinement of the matter aspect; its natural ruler, Mars, is ‘profane’ in an important sense (“outside the temple”) and is naturally opposed to Venus, planet of light. But I would think that the matter aspect can be raised to great heat with Vulcan in Aries, and this heat is a predecessor to light. To what extent and how is the individual engaged in the process of the “uplift of matter”?

Perhaps Vulcan in Aries is more involved in forcing the compliance of matter. This combination, however, would definitely force matter into the fire, which, again, would end in revealing the ‘light value’ in matter thus leading to its upliftment. How does the individual go about dominating or controlling the astral body, the body of desire?

I am tempted to say, ‘by brute force’. Aries is such a mental sign (at this stage of evolution). We would see the combination mind/will oppose desire. There would simply be the tendency to say ‘No’ to desire, without necessarily understanding it or transmuting it. Therefore, this combination could be repressive where desire and the astral body are concerned. What is the nature of the interplay between sacral center and throat center, and is the will brought into this interplay in any potent or noticeable manner?

With Vulcan in Aries (especially if prominent in the life through strong aspects or by ray sympathy {i.e., when first ray is naturally a part of the energy system}), will would always be brought into play. There might be the tendency to deny the one (the sacral) and force the other (the throat). With this combination, Cain is all to ready to kill Abel. The danger is that force will be used against nature; will will impose its design without giving time for the process to operate in a reasonably natural manner. Naturally, with Vulcan in Aries there would be a sense of “forcing the issue”. In what manner and to what extent does the physical form prove obdurate, resistant and even obtuse to the will of the soul? To what extent is the individual given to self-will and stubbornness?

Vulcan in Aries is “head strong”, whereas Vulcan in Taurus is “bull-headed”. Perhaps there is a difference, but maybe not much. Anyway, the potential for self-will and stubbornness is very strong. But we might say that Vulcan in Aries would incline a person to be more changeable about the matters about which he or she were stubborn-unpredictably stubborn. (I realize this is not an esoteric interpretation, but we are dealing with a very esoteric planet whose ways in exoteric matters are, perhaps, somewhat obscure, and therefore worthy of discussion. How are ‘crystallizations developed within the personality. What role does ‘hardness’ play in the life?

With Aries transmitting both R1 and R7, hard attitudes are to be expected, but perhaps they do not become hardened as one would expect with Vulcan in Capricorn, for instance. What are the nature and quality of the individual’s initiative? To what extent and how, does the individual “get things going”?

Aries is the sign of all beginnings and Vulcan sets things in motion (including the whole evolutionary process). One can imagine that the tendency to initiate would be prominent and forceful. We might think of this dynamic as ‘original impact’-the “prime mover”. To what extent is the individual concerned with the strength of the physical body?

Very much concerned with the strength of the physical body, and inclined to force the physical body into feats of strength. The Uranian planet ‘Vulcanus/Samson’ would be implicated in such demonstrations of strength. I would leave it to Niklas to discriminate how the effect upon physical strength might be contrasted between Vulcan and “Vulcanus”. To what extent and how is the individual related to the mineral kingdom?

Only to a certain extent, but the tendency to forge weapons, or, even more, to use forged weapons would be very strong. Other placements of Vulcan would, perhaps, be more inclined to fashion the weapon, but the Aries influence rarely hesitates to wield the weapon. In what ways, if any, does the individual will to construct? To what extent is such constructive activity utilitarian or artistic? To what extent is the individual deeply concerned with matters concerning the structure of form?

I would think that construction in matter would be limited. Construction within the realm of mind more common (for disciples and initiates). I do not think of Aries as sign which inclines toward a knowledge of the laws of matter. How does the factor of isolation manifest in the life? For what reason is isolation pursued, if it is pursued?

The tendency towards isolation could be pronounced. On a lower turn of the spiral, Aries inclines towards a “go it alone” attitude. The first ray emphasis in this combination would reinforce the tendency towards isolation. Isolation might be pursued to facilitate independence of action. There would be a pronounced tendency towards self-reliance, and an inclination to “take matters into one’s own hands”. The capacity (at a later stage of evolution) to centralize in the Self would lead initially to isolation. To what extent is the “Will-to-Love” active in the life, and in what manner is it active. (This question is in relation to Vulcan’s connection to the “Heart of the Sun”.)

I think the tendency would be more towards the “Will-to-Be”, though Aries (at a high point of evolution) is an example of the “Lamb of God slain from the foundations of the World”. The “Eternal Youth” (Aries) is also the “Great Sacrifice” (Pisces). We might say the Monad begins its pilgrimage under the impulse of the Will-to-Love, and that beginning might be related to Aries (just as the first impulse into incarnation of the soul comes under the rulership of Aries). How will Vulcan (when it is in a particular sign) operate with respect to the various initiations in which it is said to play a part?

Vulcan in Aries would certainly enflame the “burning ground” phenomenon which precedes the first initiation (during which Vulcan and Pluto are so prominent). We might also say that Vulcan (related as it is to the Monad and Shamballa) forces the spirit into matter at the beginning of the initiatory regime. (The Monad is active in relation to the soul and subtly in relation to matter, even at the first initiation.) The prologue to the first initiation must necessarily be destructive because there are many impediments to a fundamentally new orientation which must be destroyed; the habit nature (Vulcan/Moon) of aeons must be broken, even shattered. We can see with Vulcan in Aries the inauguration of the new and the burning of bridges (or shall we say, the dynamiting of bridges?).

Aries is active at the third initiation (p. 387-388 EA). Also Mars and the Moon (veiling Vulcan from one reasonable interpretation) are also active. The monadic will (active to some extent at the second degree) becomes an irrevocable influence at the third initiation. Aries give a strong orientation to spirit, for spirit is the “One and Only”, and Aries is the One. Vulcan is the emissary of the Will of the Spirit (sometimes called “Spiritual Will”). We can see, then, how Vulcan and Aries are prominent at this initiation, at which time, the Will of the Monad becomes irrevocable (though, at first, tenuously so). Having passed the point of no return some mid-way between the second and third degree, the now trusted disciple is committed to the initiatory regime of the Great While Lodge and cannot turn back. Vulcan in Aries represents a new appreciation of the Divine Will, and a new (though incipient) ability to wield the same. All personality inclinations and desires are burned away (another burning ground for Vulcan in Aries) in the Will of the Monad, and the beginning of real isolation takes place, for the man is never more attracted to the three worlds for what he may acquire from them.

With respect to the fourth degree, Vulcan is greatly involved, as the “depths of aloneness are plumbed.”. At the fourth degree we find the man (detached from “that which is above and that which is below”) renouncing all desire. Again, we see Vulcan as the enemy of desire per se, for will and desire (though related) are, in one sense, opposites. Vulcan confers the strength to prove that all desire except the desire to manifest the Plan has been renounced. As the fourth Degree represents an entirely new departure, and a repolarization within the vital body of the planetary Logos (and even the solar Logos) we can see how Aries, the sign of life is particularly implicated. An initiate begins truly to live at this point, and Aries inaugurates this process of living. We can see as well since the causal body must be destroyed to admit into the ‘realm of Life’, the combination of Aries in Vulcan would be most suitable to both shatter and burn the causal body. Burning takes place for all, but there are different methods of ‘causal dismemberment’; for the first ray, it is shattering, peculiarly related to Vulcan in Aries. What kind of force will “shatter the rock” (reference not only to matter, but to the Jewel in the Lotus which is also destroyed and consumed by fire at the fourth initiation). The fourth degree represents an adventure into the realm of “free souls”, and Aries inaugurates all such adventures. This is an adventure into the Realm of Will (for which the combination Vulcan in Aries is peculiarly useful). Destruction, Fire, Inauguration, Life. What can be expected of the combination Vulcan in Aries based upon the rays which are transmitted through Aries and the rays which are transmitted through Vulcan.

Aries as a constellation, transmits R1 and R7.
The planets ruling Aries transmit rays (6, 1-Mars); rays (4, 3, 5-Mercury); rays (7, 1, 3, 5-Uranus.
Vulcan transmits (rays 1, 4, 7 and or 5 speculatively)

Some rays listed (other than the customary) are based upon various available references, and also upon speculation based upon inference. Rays 1, 7 and 3 for Uranus are given by the Tibetan, and R5 is inferred because of the close connection of Uranus with occult and orthodox science as well as with electricity. Mars’ R1 comes from the discussion of the School on Mars. Mercury’s R3 and R5 are easily inferred.

At any rate, rays 1 and 7 are prominent. Vulcan’s association with R7 arises through the Principle of Rhythm and its association with the mineral kingdom. Vulcan has a close connection with all that is concrete and dense hence its association with R5 which promotes concretion and density. A study of the Primary Lotuses in Cosmic Fire, p. 841-842, seems, by inference and some intuition to connect Vulcan with a strong R5 component. You be the judge. (But of course R5 can be considered, in one way, a subset of R1).

If we were to ask the meaning of the Aries/Vulcan R7 connection, we might think of enforced regimentation, and the fortifying of the Law, rigidly considered. But the Vulcan R7 connection is speculative, whereas Vulcan’s R1 is assured and its R4 strongly suggested through its association with Taurus and with humanity (the “Fiery Stones” and the “Living Stones”)

I decided to take a ‘non-systematic’ approach to speculating on some possible meanings of Vulcan in the remaining eleven signs of the zodiac. I hope before long to give these positions the kind of attention I focused upon Vulcan in Aries, but I find that the time to do so lacks at the moment.

So I will simply share in a rather sketchy manner some possible esoteric interpretations. The list of questions below is still of value, but I will not refer to this list point by point. The points shared are more a smattering related thoughts rather than a sequential development of the subject. They can be used as seed thoughts for a more systematic development of the subject. Surely, it will also be obvious that there is nothing sacrosanct or even necessarily true about these speculations; they are meant to be indicative only.



Vulcan In Some of the Other Signs
A Sketch

Vulcan in Taurus

Perfecting the structure and beauty of the form. “Burnishing the shield of Mars”; putting matter under maximum pressure until it yields its ‘light content’, and yields is ascending ‘light-form’. Willful creativity in matter. The obduracy of matter. Stubborn, resistant self-will. Tamas at its worst. The blinding light of the “Eye of Shiva”, “Wisdom’s Eye”. The capacity to command through the ajna center, or (alternatively) the “Third Eye” (These two are not the same.) Overpowering “unfettered Enlightenment”; the “Will-to-Light” Divine Will projected through the power of the “Word”. The incontrovertible Will of God in Matter. The Manu shaping the vessels of life in the three worlds. The ‘shape’ that Sound imparts; the ‘shaping’ power of vibration. Vulcan, as the sacred planet primarily distributing the first rayon the soul level can reasonably be associated with the Law of Vibration. The empowerment of the physical form; the empowerment of the radiance of the etheric body. The isolation ‘incurred’ by turning all ‘things’ to ‘light’ The capacity to overcome Taurean desire through Will and detachment; the ‘antidote’ to Taurean desire. The ‘Jewel’ (Vulcan) within the ‘Treasury’ (Taurus). The ‘Treasure Chamber’ is the causal body. The hammer blow that shatters the causal body at the fourth initiation. This might equally be said of Aries. Centralization within isolation at the fourth initiation. The power of the enlightened will to overcome glamour at the second initiation. The power to master the physical form through will at the first initiation. An energy associated with the “Heart of the Sun” and the Central Spiritual Sun; The ‘Jewel’ is, in a way, the ‘Heart’, and the Pleiades (associated presently with Taurus) can reasonably be considered the “Central Spiritual Sun”. Etc., as intuition and reason dictate-

Vulcan In Gemini

The will of Pollux, the “Elder Brother”; subduing the “Younger Brother” Thought as the conveyer of lighted Will. The “Word of Power”. The sheer force of thought and word. “Mind over matter”. Movement considered as inertia (the tendency of matter in motion to remain in motion); perpetual motion. The forging of the “lines of communication”-both tangible and subtle. “Forging ahead” to create paths, roads, highways, links; i.e., in many ways, civil engineering-the builder of roads. The capacity to solder. Similarly, the fortification of the nadis of the etheric body. (Both Gemini and Aquarius are particularly associated with the etheric body). Will as the animator of the etheric body. The forging of the “Body of Fire” (TCF, p. 166) The Will of God conveyed through doctrine; conversely, the “tyranny of the mind”. ‘Crushed’ by the ‘letter’. Will and Love united, considering Vulcan as the purveyor of the Spiritual Will and Gemini as the “Head of the Cosmic Christ”. The willful fusing of the two “Brothers” into one; duality overcome through will. The ‘will’ of matter, vs. The will of the soul. Great dexterity in the arts of fashioning; versatile creativity. “Golden hands”. The Solar Angel as dexterous manipulator. The power of will to oppose its opposite, desire, at the second initiation. Capacity to develop the Technique of Duality which succeeds the Techniques of Fusion (See Esoteric Psychology II, in the late 300’s)

Vulcan In Cancer

The power to forge the “Lighted House”; the power to make the ‘House of the Personality’ shine with light. The illuminator of the opaque vessel; blinding light forced into the ‘body of night’. The builder of vessels; or ‘fortress consciousness’ The power to put the instinctual nature under compression. The tyranny of the Lunar Lords, and especially of the fourth Lunar Lord, the personality (See, Rays and the Initiation, p. 9) The ‘grip’ of the lunar nature rather than the grip of the soul. The obduracy of the instinctual nature and the mass consciousness. Strictly ‘personal’ will fueled by desire. Similarly, the resistance and inertia of the third Aspect of Divinity (the product of the first Solar System); the “ancient rhythm”. The power that shatters the personality life in preparation for reorientation towards the soul. The blow that crushed the Crab. The ‘driver’ of the sluggish form. Maternal ‘enforcement’ Unusual persistence and tenacity. (Both of these factors are known for their ability to endure.. Cancer is not a distributor of R1, nor are any of its ruling planets. Cancer in relation to humanity generally indicates a stage before the discovery of Spiritual Will.

Vulcan In Leo

A link to the ‘Heart of the Sun”. Agent of the “Will-to-Rule”. Agent of the “Will-to-Illumine”. The Will of the Soul; (as well, the concentrated, isolated self-will of the personality.) The “Isolated Unity” of the Spirit/Soul. The “splendid isolation” of the personality. The inertia of the “Ahamkara principle” (selfhood). The Soul (or Solar Angel) as the ‘Dominant’ (the 5th in music theory). Above all, the Will of the ‘True Identity’-the Monad. It may be said the Vulcan in Aries represents even moreso, the Will of the Monad. (Aries equates with the Monad; Leo with the Soul; and Sagittarius with the Body) The “Will-to-Love”. Will as expressed through the heart center and, on a higher turn of the spiral, through the “heart in the head” The splendor of the “Jewel in the Lotus”. The “Will-to-Centralize”. If Vulcan in Aries is related to the “Will-to-Be”, then Vulcan in Leo is related to the Will-to be the Self (at whatever level that self is functioning). Will as active in the unfoldment of the Egoic Lotus, the “Golden Flower”. The Will of the Soul (especially as related to the fifth petal which is ruled, in my estimation, by Leo and the Sun {veiling, I presume, Vulcan}). The Will to Sacrifice the Self. (Notable heights of sacrifice and service are attained by the advanced Leo individual.) The “Will to Fulfillment” (This is especially connected with Leo and with prolonged endurance, over which Vulcan rules). Other zodiacal signs may be reasonably connected with the Will to Fulfillment, but the combination Vulcan in Leo is certainly one. The dominating power of the seven head centers. (Similar to Vulcan in Aries).

There is probably a strong connection between
1) the Great Bear;
2) the Solar Logos; and
3) Vulcan.

Somehow there is a septenate associated with Vulcan, just as there is with the Great Bear and with the Seven Rays as distributed by the Solar Logos. The “Jewel” over which Vulcan rules is sevenfold (though, interestingly, it has eight radiations-four atmic and four buddhic). An influence potentially active at the first initiation, when the will of the soul begins to dominate the will of form. We know that Leo (with Libra) is active at the first degree. Since “Vulcan and the Sun are one”, and Vulcan too is active at the first degree, this combination, Vulcan in Leo, is within reason an important factor in this initial confirmed step into the spiritual kingdom. Vulcan in Leo can be potent at the third degree. The soul or “subjective Sun” dominates at the third degree. Vulcan is connected with the “Heart of the Sun”; Vulcan is reasonably connected with the third decanate of Capricorn in which the Sun (which may well be veiling Vulcan in this instance) rules. And Leo/Sun reasonably symbolizes the Egoic Lotus.

For the third degree initiate the soul dominates the form; Vulcan in Leo can reasonably be interpreted in this way (depending of course upon the degree of evolvement of the individual in question). I suspect Vulcan in Leo at the fifth degree. Leo is the fifth sign and the Master is a fifth degree initiate. He is one, moreover, in whom the Will of the Monad (Vulcan) dominates. The Master is taking His ‘Solar Transfiguration’; Vulcan is certainly a transmuting and transfiguring agent, working great changes in the substance aspect (whether that substance is relatively crude or subtle). Vulcan in Leo, the “Jewel” at the heart of every lotus (or ‘sun-flower’) and not only the “Jewel in the [Egoic] Lotus”. We know the Leonian affinity for jewelry; in this case a diamond within a gold setting.

Vulcan In Virgo

The “Will-to-Persist” until the “Birth of the Christ” is achieved. The patience of the “Mother”. According to Morya, patience is a quality of the highly developed will. The willful intelligence of matter. The power to produce the “ascension of matter” The Solar Angel as craftsman The intelligent yet forceful handling of matter. The ‘Will to perfect the form’. The strengthening of the substance aspect; strengthening especially through the application of occult heat, but also through the heat generated by exercise. The latent heat of matter; the “heat” of the Mother; the heat responsible for germination. Refinement of the form/matter through willfully applied solar fire. The persistent will which makes the first initiation possible. The ‘Will-to-Purify’ characteristic of the second initiation. The Will of the “Christ Aspect”. The “Will-to-Serve”. The Will to submit the personal will to the Divine Will. The ‘practical will’ in matter. It is clear that if the Sun is in one sign and Vulcan in a neighboring sign (just as Mercury can be) there will be important modifications of the sun sign energy. So may people display behavior uncharacteristic of their sun sign. The planets within the orbit of earth can to a significant degree account for this, as well as of course, the position of the sun sign ruler, etc. Perhaps these thoughts will be of use to us. We may well question: “Am I responsive to the spiritual will?” If I am responsive, what is the quality of the spiritual will in my life? Am I in any respect, an exponent of the Vulcanian energy. For a long time I did not know how to relate to Vulcan. This was a planet, in my estimation, so associated with matter, and I had very little relation to matter (except in one or two stubborn areas). Then I began to recognize the vibration of Vulcan in relation to the planet Mercury in my chart, and both of them, in Aries (the Sun is 10+ degrees in Aries). This was a vibration I could identify; I could recognize it in how the will operated for me. Many of the descriptions I included in my document on Vulcan in Aries were taken from self-study. By looking for Vulcan in relation to the head and the mind and the voice, I began to recognize its role in my life, and its Aretian quality. Perhaps a number of you have methods of identifying Vulcan for yourselves. It would be interesting to read how various group members see the functioning of Vulcan in their lives, and moreover, the zodiacal quality of Vulcan in their lives. Perhaps such qualitative study could assist other members who are doing aspectual study of Vulcan, and also, orbital study.

Vulcan In Libra

Expressing the Divine Will through law and legislation; the law as an expression of Divine Law and Divine Will. “Hammering out” legislation and constitutions; (like Vulcan in Capricorn in this regard). Controlling the magnetic interplay of the great Dualities; suppressing or bending to purpose the sex impulse. Linking money (Libra rules law, sex and money) and the mineral kingdom. Forging or constructing the ‘body’ of the law. Forging the “social contract”. Forging the “Royal Road”, the Sushumna, the “Noble Middle Path” along which kundalini ascends, and the Divine Will descends. A connection with the four Lipika who, as Lords of Karma, are, in many respects, first Ray Beings, and Agents of the Divine Will. Law Enforcement (along with Vulcan in Capricorn). Let us remember that the two planets associated with Jehovah are Vulcan and Saturn (planets of the Law). The Ten Commandments (somewhat Saturnian) “written in stone” (Vulcanian). This necessarily relates to Vulcan in Capricorn as well. Shamballa as the place of ‘Perfect Peace’ The ‘Will-to-Equilibrium’ The ‘Will-to-Cooperation’ The “Will-to-Peace”; the “Will to Right Human Relations” If the theme of Shamballa for humanity is “Right Human Relations”, Libra in Vulcan is the will enlisted in the manifestation of this objective. Vulcan in Libra-the ‘Will to Decide’; “Let Choice Be Made”-really. Vulcan in Libra is a combination in which both members are related to the first initiation (where the appetites of the physical body, in this case sexual, are controlled). Libra is related to the second initiation through the equilibrizing of the astral body, and Vulcan in this position brings the will to bear in this equilibrization. The will to raise kundalini (as directed through the ajna center). This means that the influence of the head center (Vulcan) has descended to the “throne between the eyebrows” (ruled by Venus, ruler of Libra)

Vulcan In Scorpio

The control of the nine heads of the Hydra by “sheer force of will” A powerful R4 combination, just as is Vulcan in Taurus. The will of the “monster”; every head of the Hydra strengthened by self-will. The will to resolve conflict, perhaps by drastic means. Vul-Cain puts Abel to death; destruction of the errant power of the sacral center by force of will. Fashioning the weapons of war; wielding with smiting power the weapons of war. The will to “go to the depths”-whether the depths of psyche or the depths of matter; the “fire of heaven” descending to the “depths of hell”. The power of the eighth petal; a will petal, reasonably associated with Scorpio, entailing willful sacrifice. Confrontation with the “forces of evil” through the “strong will”. The destruction which precedes the first initiation. The triumph of will over desire at the second initiation. Bringing the lighted will of the soul to the astral plane. ‘Building’ a new emotional body, and thus a force, through will, for emotional transformation. (Transmutation refers principally to the physical body; Transformation to the emotional body; and Transfiguration to the mental body). Bringing the “unfettered enlightenment” of Shamballa to the World of Illusion (ruled by Scorpio- “Let Maya flourish and deception rule”.) A combination which brings about the “death of the personality”. The triumph of the will of the soul over the entire aroused personality at the third initiation. (Scorpio is active at each of the first three initiations.) The mastery of the “fearful conflict” which precedes the third initiation. The “triumphant disciple” in full control of the Dweller. It is difficult to think that Scorpio is not also involved at the fourth initiation, but perhaps in a higher way. Scorpio is associated with the Fourth Creative Hierarchy, the fourth or buddhic plane, and why not the fourth degree where so much destruction is wreaked. Vulcan, with its power of isolation, would, in Scorpio, destroy the hold which form life (again number four) has over the triadally-ascending soul.

Vulcan In Sagittarius

Forging the Path to God; building the ‘highway’ to spiritual Destiny. Forging the “arrows of light” (or any arrows). The metal tip of the arrow. Putting ‘horse-shoes’ on the ‘horse’ of personality. “Let food be sought”-with weapons. Rocketry Firm control of the lunar lords (ruled by Sagittarius-cf. p. 35, EA) The light of aspiration. The ‘Will-to-Direct’. The Solar Angel as ‘Director’ and ‘Vision Guide’; the imposition of a ‘Path to Tread’ The control of the sacral and solar plexus centers (both Martian in a way) by the force of illumined will. Forging a code of ethics. Unvarying opinion, firmly set. Inflexible orientation for good or ill.. Firm in faith. The imposition of the Teaching or the Vision. Forcing others to see. Forcing oneself to see. Undeviating one-pointedness. The will of the one-pointed disciple. The Will (the real Spiritual Will) as an unfailing guide. The ‘Will-to-Envision’; the ‘Will-to-See’. Unrelending search for Wisdom. ‘Hot coals’ upon the “Burning Ground” To travel far for mineral wealth; to travel far for treasure. The legs as weapons; the power to ‘kick’. Tap-dancing: shoes with metal toes and heals, for the purpose of tapping out rhythm. Vulcan in Pisces also. (These kinds of interpretations are quite exoteric, but demonstrate how concretely even esoteric energy combinations can manifest.) “Horse-power”, in more ways than one. Especially horses that are “work horses” and people and machines (like autos) which are “work horses”. Endurance and persistence in adventure, travel and quest. The will to persist upon the “Path” until the goal is reached; “treading the Path until the very end”. The power to “trudge forward” and plod. (This is what a one-pointed disciple must do.) The “Glorification of the Path”; Vulcan glorifies the matter of Earth, and Earth is the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius. The directive power of the ajna center and highest head center. The imposition of the directive power of higher mind (ruled in part by Sagittarius) The third-Aspect orientation of the lunar vehicles. The will to rightly orient the astral forces (lunar lords) at the second initiation; the fusion of will and desire. The will to persist in the journey to the Mount of Initiation

Vulcan In Capricorn

In this combination, Vulcan in Capricorn, the power of the first ray is accentuated (as with Vulcan in Aries and Leo). Also here, the seventh ray may be reinforced (given Vulcan’s association with rhythm and Capricorn’s transmission of the seventh ray as well as the first. The third ray is not so implicated. The blazing light atop the mountain; the luminous reward of ascent The conquest of personality from the “Mountain Top” The will of the Monad experienced in the blazing light of realization. Effectively willed isolation from the concerns and inclinations of personality; all within the three worlds of personality fails to attract. Leading to extremes of isolation. (Capricorn is active at all five initiations) Divine Will, powerfully imposed. The “Will-to-Persist” in the fulfillment of Dharma. Law enforcement; the sheer power of law. The weaponry and means of control at the disposal of the ‘State’. In general, the ‘Will-to-Control’ The resistance to change and reform to be found within all crystallized structures (for instance, the personality) Crushing power, forcing conformity. The embodiment of will in concrete form. Penetration into the depths of the mineral kingdom The steadfastness and ‘solidity’ of matter. Hardening to the point of crystallization and imminent shattering. The masterful control of matter. (This is similar to but more powerful than Vulcan in Virgo) The “rock-hound” Crystalline structures and their power. The power latent in the mineral kingdom; the imprisoned power of the atom; mining. In general, the radiant perfection of the mineral kingdom. Deep connection with the “Jewel in the Lotus” and the state of “Diamond Soul” which indicates one who has achieved the third degree. Both Vulcan in Virgo and Capricorn have to do with the birth of the Christ Principle within the “rocky caves” Clear connection to the third initiation in which solar light blazes forth (especially in relation to the last or sun-ruled decanate-sun-ruled as D.K. presents it) At a late stage of initiation, man becoming a “Fiery Stone”, not just a “Living Stone”. The “Will which Conquers Death”. The adamantine quality of the Will. Divine Will is adamantine.

Vulcan In Aquarius

Divine Will functioning through the Universal Mind (which Aquarius rules). Forging the group, and the group structure. The Will of the Hierarchy (ruled by Aquarius as the NGWS is ruled by Taurus) The Will of the Ashram. The will of the group. The “Will-to-Serve” Impelling the ‘Will-to-Renovate”. Building the new society. The power of an “idea whose time has come”. Advanced ideas to exploit the energy in matter. Power over matter through advanced science. Forging the “new Heaven and the new Earth”, with the help of Uranus. The complete regeneration of the physical form. (The Moon veils three planets hierarchically, and transforms them according to the Principles of Life emanating from the cosmic etheric planes, our four systemic ethers. Vulcan’s province is the physical body, and also the etheric body. There seems to be a connection with prana, solar vitality, given this position. The empowering of the etheric body. (Aquarius with Gemini has special rulership over the etheric body.) The astral body is cleansed at of low desire at the second degree by the power of spiritual will. Group Will replaces individual self-will at the third degree. The initiate experiences the solar vitality of the buddhic plane at the fourth degree.

Vulcan In Pisces

The “Will to Sacrifice” The relation of sacrifice to the “Heart of the Sun”; Vulcan has an association with the “Heart of the Sun” (exactly how, remains to be well-explained) and Pisces relates to the heart center, and probably to the heart center within the head. Obliterating the lower ego and also the individual Ego. “Not my will but Thine be done”. Again, the “Will-to-Love”. The “Will-to-Persist” until the “bitter end”, until “consummation”. The power to persist until the “Cup of Karma is drained” The “Will-to-Save” of the Monad. (Every Monad is a Lord of persevering, ceaseless devotion” The destructive power which initiates pralaya. The construction which lies in destruction. Building upon the ruins of the old. ‘Stomping out’, ‘dancing out’ the rhythm of life. Plodding onward on the “Path”; “putting one foot in front of the other” Within the Egoic Lotus, the “sacrifice petals” are petals of “will”. The second decanate of Pisces is ruled, occultly, by Vulcan. This can be understood (at a certain relatively advance point of evolution) as connected to the eighth petal Pisces marks the last experience upon the Mutable Cross immediately before the true mounting of the Fixed Cross at the first initiation. Much (from the perspective of the personality’s innate selfishness) is destroyed; much is apparently ‘lost’. Will conquers the fluid emotional nature (associated with a certain level of response to the Piscean energy). This is indicative of the second degree. The extremes of isolation when passing through the fourth degree Vulcan in Pisces: through self-abnegation, the initiate prepares to work in association with, or as a member of Shamballa. The Will of the Saviour. (Sanat Kumara is the highest of our planet’s saviours.)