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commentary by Michael D. Robbins

Instructions to IBS
Impersonality, Being, Synthesis

Ray Formula—16-463
Part II from DINA II

The commentary continues: The original commentary mostly astrological is written in violet and the new commentary produced in blue. The words of the Tibetan are in black as are some words written by IBS

Relocated Solar Return for June 2, 1939. This was the year in which the Groups of Nine experiment was discontinued. For IBS this meant both discipline and opportunity—Capricorn rises in the Solar Return Chart, and Saturn, its rules, is found in the third house of schools and communication, and is applying to Pluto. There is an ending {Saturn/Pluto} but with possible benefits to IBS if she can truly discipline herself according to group requirements.

The disruption of the group process is indicated by Uranus conjunct the foundation of the chart {the IC}, but Venus is there too, offering, as the planet of the light and love of the soul, renewed opportunity. The Jupiter/Chiron trine shows the Master {Chiron} offering another chance, Jupiter.



January 1940

From IBS in response to the notification in November of 1939, that the Groups of Nine would be discontinued:

My heart has been heavy over our failure in the Groups of Nine, and especially so realising the keen disappointment of the Tibetan. He has been so kind and patient with us all, how little we realise the cost to him in effort in all that work with us. My first impulse   was to write to you immediately in reply to his communication, but decided that it was his wisdom that asked us to consider it for three days, and so I deferred.

This shows the taming and subduing of the sixth ray/Mars in Aries personality nature. Lack of restraint has always been a problem for IBS.

This has given time for a certain sensing of the “New Group” to penetrate the consciousness so that I am quite aware of it, though I have felt a loss, a vacancy where 9-2 used to be, we felt the same when Charles Hill was taken from us.

Even though IBS is a first ray soul, the sixth ray of her personality is an adhesive ray. We must also remember that, essentially, IBS may be considered a second ray monad.

 These spiritual wrenches are much deeper and harder than any of the old personal sense of loss. But there really is no loss because the vitality of the united energies of all the Groups already give sign of a wonderful oneness of light and loving power.

The idealism is undimmed. We see that IBS will always be able to “right herself”, regardless of reverses.

1.                  When the Groups of Nine were discontinued, some of the disciples were made aware that a new Group would be in formation. Not all of them, as we may remember, were invited to continue working with the Tibetan in this way.

2.                  We see that, as a result of the discontinuance, IBS is suffering spiritually rather than strictly personally. This is clearly a sign of a growth in impersonality.

There is no turning back for me, Alice dear. Everything I had formerly, and everything I now am is dedicated to the work, an so I shall again try to do my best. I am not the least bit the old person that entered into 9-2, and life ahead is seen only as service to humanity and the Plan.

Here the first ray soul is gaining.

I would not know what to or where to turn now if that should be taken away. Perhaps that is why the Tibetan is keeping me in the Group out of goodness of his heart, for I was truly surprised to find my name among the twenty-four.

This response demonstrates a subtle sense of self-abasement which is, perhaps, a compensation or correction for what D.K. describes as a powerful ambition and ‘I-Complex”.

So please consider my acceptance of the opportunity to serve with the Group.

On November 11, 1939, Alice Bailey wrote a letter to the Groups of IX telling them that the experiment with the original Groups of Nine had been discontinued. At that time, the progressing MC of IBS had reached 11ºSag43’ almost directly opposing the natal Sun at 11ºGem39’, which means that the progressive IC was conjuncting the Sun. It was, for IBS a fateful point in time, relating to her dharma and her ‘place’ in the Ashram—fourth house spiritually considered . Transiting Neptune at 24ºVir54’ is also almost exactly conjunct the progressing Moon at 25ºVir04’ {indicating the dissolving of a form}. And yet, transiting Saturn is closely trining the Ascendant, indicating still further opportunity, which came with the formation of the New Seed Group.



Major Chart Features in the Dynamic Chart: The Sun by progression has come to the Vertex and is still well within orb. Transiting Pluto has entered Leo and also the eighth house, where it is accidentally dignified. The MC by progression is still very much conjunct the Sun/Earth axis, aligning the personality and soul {through Earth as esoteric ruler of the Ascendant} with the dharma represented by the MC.

The progressing Moon is still in Virgo, and will soon be entering Libra, suggesting new opportunities for relationship and altruism. Given 8:40:30 AM as a sufficiently accurate, though speculative, birth time {it is one minute and third seconds ahead of the time IBS gave on her Application to the Groups of IX}, we see that the progressing Aquarian Ascendant will not long be in that sign, and will soon {within nine months of the discontinuance of the Groups of Nine} be entering Pisces with its Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto rulership.

Jupiter by transit has entered Aries still transiting the third house, trining the progressing Sun in Leo. The Nodes, retrograding through the signs are rapidly approaching the MC/IC axis, indicating the important alterations in the dharma which the discontinuance of the Groups of IX represents. We note that transiting Chiron is closely quite closely conjuncting the progressing Mercury, indicating word from the Master {Chiron} of a disappointing or ‘wounding’ nature.

All disciples in the groups reacted deeply—sadness, grief, self-recrimination, depression. It must have been far harder on those who were merely discontinued without having the opportunity to start afresh with the New Seed Group of twenty-four.

One of the most dramatic indications of the fateful nature of the times was a solar eclipse conjuncting the fourth house cusp of the natal chart, in April 1940. Eclipses work not only retroactively but pro-actively. This means that an eclipse is active not only after its occurrence but before its occurrence. We can see, therefore, that the fourth house, indicating the Ashram, is doubly accentuated—natally and in terms of progressions.

To I.B.S.

January 1940

Progressions, Directions and Transits for January 15, 1940


Let not the glamour of attainment of your service goals

for the progressing MC in Sagittarius in the twelfth house is aligning by opposition with the natal Sun in Gemini, thus bringing together the themes of personality {the Sun} and service goals {the MC}

brother of old, blind your eyes to the need for further and constant training.

The combination of the sixth and first rays will ever race beyond the wise recognition of the need for continued psychological development, and the seventh ray of training is lacking n in IBS’s ray make-up.

The disciple oft becomes absorbed in the work to be done to such an extent that he forgets that the outer life of service will become arid and full of personality unless it is paralleled by a growing sensitivity to the impulses of the soul. That soul is love and understanding

regardless of its ray .

Cease not to work at the problem of true spiritual perception and be not so occupied with the task of service that you neglect the lessons which you yourself must learn.

We see here the potential excessive busyness of the sixth and third rays combined, as stimulated by the empowering first ray. The first ray soul polarized in the active third ray body create the glamor of busyness, especially since three signs inclined to great activity are involved—Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

Live as you teach and keep your values clear.

This is the injunction, wisely given to all Sagittarians upon the sixth ray, to “practice what you preach”; Taurus is the sign of values, which, under Sagittarius, have to be seen clearly.

You have done good and faithful service and helped many. Take help yourself without unduly emphasising in your own consciousness your own need.

It is always difficult for the first ray type to accept help, because, basically, the first ray is non-receptive, just as the second ray is very receptive.

3.                  In this section, wise advice is given to all ‘busy’ disciples. The personality represents the activity aspect of divinity. The soul, however, is love—regardless of its ray.

4.                  It is always easy to lose balance—especially when the major rays are the first and sixth. We note that Libra is missing from this chart; however, Sagittarius, when rightly functioning, can be considered a signs of balance. It rules the “Temperance” card in the Tarot. When this is the case, the higher aspects of Jupiter have come into expression and all things are seen and understood in perspective.

5.                  It is always a mistake to think that we have arrived—spiritually. Such a thought is a relief to the personality, because it is precisely personality that tends to emerge when vigilance over the personal process is slackened.

6.                  The balance required demands eyes upon the field of service and eyes upon the instrument through which that service is rendered. For most of us, the instrument is not completely trained, nor is it completely under the guidance of the soul.

Relocated Solar Return, June 2, 1940: The relocated solar return for this period, June 2, 1940, demonstrates important aspects between the Moon, in the last degree of Aries, Vertex, in the first degree of Scorpio and Pluto in Leo, square to both of them. The lunar life is under stress and a karmic period has arrived—reinforced by the second Saturn return. There is also a close conjunction between Mars, Venus, Part of Fortune and Chiron in the sign Cancer, emphasizing home and family, and, in general, the condition of the lunar vehicles. Jupiter, however, is close to the Moon, and so there will be the ability to rise above adversity. Gemini Rising, indicates the need to learn from all difficult circumstances.



Major Chart Features in the Dynamic Chart: Transiting Neptune is squaring the Ascendant/Descendant axis bringing a period of uncertainty. The transiting aspects of Neptune to the angles necessitate a consideration of the natal aspects to the angles—in this case, a fairly exact inconjunct to the MC, showing the importance of the sixth ray in the career. Sixth ray Mars, too, is in exact opposition to the natal MC thus conjunct the natal IC .

The progressed Moon has moved into the early degrees of Libra, indicating a period in which the necessity of decision presents itself. The transiting Nodes, too, have recently {in July, the previous month} crossed the MC/IC axis, indicating the issues concerning dharma, integration and stability are emerging.

Transiting Uranus is inconjuncting the Ascendant and hence semi-sextiling the Descendant, indicating a period of stressful reorganization required for fuller soul expression. Perhaps, most importantly, we have had the second Saturn Return, in mid-June of 1940, two months previous to the time of this first instruction as part of the NSG the New Seed Group . Saturn, with its enforced realism, is slowly transiting the Taurus stellium, enforcing concern about the manner in which expression {on behalf of the Plan} shall take place.

The Sun, by progression in Leo, is just a few minutes of arc away from the natal position of the Moon, bringing about integrative potentials between the solar and lunar aspects. But this is also a period of a Jupiter Return, so Jupiter and Saturn are, in a way, balancing each other, providing opportunities of different kinds.

Given the three planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, all transiting through Taurus in the 5th house, the opportunity for full expression of causal values, constructively, on behalf of the Plan is very great. The progressed Ascendant in Aquarius has nearly completed its travel through that sign. Much depends upon the exact accuracy of this chart, which cannot easily be rectified to the minute of act due to an insufficiency of real-life data. Utilizing a TOB of 8:40:30 pm, we find a new sign on the Ascendant: Pisces. This marks the beginning of a necessary phase of renunciation, when the disciplines of decentralization will be brought home.

To I.B.S.

August 1940

Progressions and Transits August 15, 1940



There is a question concerning the future and your responsibility

The Saturn Return is occurring.. Saturn is also active in its square to the Solar Return MC

which is at this time much disturbing your mind. It intrudes powerfully at times into your consciousness. Up till now—after a period of inner wrestling and consequent decision

Decision has occurred under the influence of the sign of decision, Libra, into which the Moon has progressed. We remember that Libra is also the sign of relationships—questions concerning which are prominent in IBS’ life at the time this letter was written. “Inner wrestling” is a condition frequently found with the fourth ray mind.

—you have evaded the full facing of the implications and the effect which action may have upon the future. The service of a disciple is frequently affected by his inner worries and defensive suppressions.

The fourth ray of the mind certainly contributes to the state of inner worry; the first ray attitude is often one of suppression, especially of that which is fearful.

The free flow of inspiration is halted in the astral body and there stagnates if I may use so inappropriate a word .

Neptune, squaring the Ascendant/Descendant axis is also a major planet of inspiration, but interestingly, transiting Saturn has been and will be conjuncting both natal and progressed Neptune, causing a congealing of the astral condition, and a blockage in the outflow of inspiration.

He is conscious of the inspiration but is puzzled at the small effect it appears to have upon other people.

The ‘spine’ of the chart is the MC/IC axis, which can reasonably be considered the ‘axis of inspiration’. The Nodes, associated as they are with the astral body, have been transiting this axis.

He wonders constantly where the difficulty lies. Often it lies in an unsolved problem which serves to bewilder the subconscious nature, as the psychologists call it; it may lie in a half-realised inability to work out right relations with people, fretting and gnawing at the lower layers of unformulated thought; it may be found in a state of inner rebellion against life, against people, against the disciple's own decisions, leading thus to a most definite orientation or focus of the entire personality.

Thus, inspiration is being absorbed and rendered ineffective by an unresolved astral condition. A rather permanent state of inner rebellion is indicated by the presence of Mars in Aries conjunct the IC. Mars is the “rebel”, and the IC is where the life ‘settles down’—IF, it ever does.

IBS is perhaps just emerging from a period in which she has been dealing with “certain eventualities of life relationships” to which DK referred on pp. 253-254 of DINA I. It may be for this reason that there has been a move of physical residence not a distant move—simply from New York city across the Hudson River to New Jersey . What seems to be suggested is a change in marital relationship. And it is perhaps about this, and its implications for the future of her life, that IBS is fretting.

7.                  In the section above, the Master is functioning as a practical psychologist. He notes that His disciple is functioning under a condition of inspiration, but that inspiration is ‘short-circuited’ by a largely subconscious astral condition.

8.                  With Saturn transiting natal Neptune, one of the rulers of the astral plane, the time for making these conditions conscious has come. Saturn forces us to face conditions.

9.                  The Master ever seeks the release of His chela. To assist with such a release requires an intimate knowledge of the lunar vehicles and their interrelations. We can never say that a second ray Master evades a consideration of the personal dimensions, because a solution to the problems occurring in those dimensions will bring in a flood of soul consciousness.

10.              IBS is to be forward-looking according to her Sagittarian Ascendant, but according to the Tibetan it is as if she is refusing to see. Perhaps the lower and settled tendencies of her Taurus planets and her Leo Moon hold her back from ‘release into the future’.

11.              When distressing personal circumstances come along, they come for a reason. It is of no use to pass through the distress unless, because of our difficulties, we are able to move forward into greater soul expression.

12.              DK speaks in general of where the difficulty may lie when astral conditions block the free flow of inspiration. He may simply be speaking in general, but His use of specific example should give IBS pause for reflection. Perhaps she chafes subconsciously over an inability to work out right relations with people; or perhaps she is the victim of an inner rebellion “against life, against people” and even against her own decisions.

13.              DK seeks to end the stagnation of inspiration in IBS’ astral body by helping her see the effect which her worries and disturbed mental state are having upon her ability to serve.

14.              Above all, it would seem, He is attempting to help her take her eyes off her little self.

[Page 545]

When the personality ray is the same as the ray of the astral body as in your case a most difficult situation is apt to arise, handicapping the service until such time as right inner adjustments are made. In a curious way, you are isolated from many people by the power and focus of your third ray physical body—a thing which you are the last to desire but which is due to the dominance of the first ray element in your nature, for it conditions your soul quality and that expresses itself through the third ray physical nature.

The square of Uranus {sometimes a third ray planet—cf. EA 138} to the Sun/Earth axis {which has so much to do with the nature of the physical and etheric bodies} contributes greatly to the power and focus here discussed.

Uranus, further, is a first ray planet {monadically considered—EP I 420} and thus the first and third rays of Uranus are brought together in relation to the third ray body. The Uranus/Mars bi-quintile is also involved in this stimulation. The Earth, which is a point representing the physical body and the etheric body, is placed in the twelfth house of isolation.

Intense focus is, therefore, the continuous theme of your life expression for—as you know—you have the first ray and the sixth ray continuously interrelated in your nature.

15.              As we have noted, the condition in which the personality and astral rays are the same occurs in the case of several disciples JWK-P, 2/2; SCP, 6/6; CDP, 6/6; EES, 6/6; WDS, 1/1; PDW, 6/6; and DEI, 1/1.

16.              In the case of JWK-P, his overbalance in the direction of the second ray seemed almost an advantage, offsetting the impact of his first ray soul. For the others, with an overbalance either on the sixth or first ray, the identicality of the two rays often proved a liability.

17.              DK ever has balance in mind and is looking for what He often calls the “offsetting factor”.

18.              How can imbalance handicap service? Basically, imbalance causes blockage of soul energies, whereas balance promotes free passage. Both the “too much” or “too little” of imbalance militates against flow. Any excessive expression of personality energy ‘fills the space’ through which soul energy might proceed, thus blocking it.

19.              We might think that when the soul expresses predominantly through a particular personality vehicle, that expression will be a source of benefit to the developing human being and his service. Such may not be the case, however. Much, again, depends upon balance.

20.              We can imagine that when the first ray pours through the third, it could emphasize maya—an ‘aggravation’ of the activity aspect. The third ray, as well as the first, is a ray of ‘isolation’. Rays one, three and five have been identified by the Tibetan as “Prussian” rays—{DINA II 646} with all the implications suggested. Curiously, the seventh ray was not included in that enumeration, probably because of its capacity to relate

21.              We have been told how the mind may prove itself an isolating factor heartlessly, ‘spinning off’ those who approach. “Mind repels by a powerful, strong vibration, casting off all that is contacted, as a wheel casts off all that hinders its whirling periphery” TWM 81 . The third ray is one of the two rays of mind and is also associated with rotary motion. When the activity aspect of the third ray is overstimulated as it could be under first ray impress , then isolative actions could be the result.

22.              Thus we are seeing that the combination of a double sixth ray and a first ray powerfully expressing through a third ray brain may both contribute to imbalance, and isolation in different ways.

The offsetting factor is your mind which is governed by the fourth ray. This influence too is frequently found in this seed group, for ten of the group members have the mind as the battle ground of conflict—a conflict which is thus planned in order to produce an eventual harmony. Disciples such as yourselves, therefore, will not find release from conflict through the control of desire, or through evasion or through inhibition. They will find it through the right use of the thought processes and through the mind itself, for it can throw upon the problem the light which shines through it.

The importance of the angular Mercury position is here emphasized.

23.              DK has located the offsetting factor—the fourth ray mind. The fourth ray is positioned ‘between’ the three ‘above’ and the three ‘below’, and is, in one way, different from the rays in both triads.

24.              DK notes that ten of the group members of twenty-four, have the fourth ray mind. Elsewhere, He speaks of the importance of the fourth ray mind for the type of work He is attempting: “The possession of a fourth ray mind is an essential factor in my planned work and I would have you ponder deeply on this fact.” DINA I 467 .

25.              We find here one of the best descriptions of the fourth ray mind: “the mind as the battle ground of conflict—a conflict which is thus planned in order to produce an eventual harmony.” What really does this mean?

26.              What is suggested is a process by which right thought is produced, through pulls and counter-pulls within the world of thought. When harmony between opposing forces of thought is achieved, then, equilibrium is achieved and the pulls and counter-pulls stop.

27.              DK says that the conflict in the minds of ten of his chelas is “thus planned”. It would seem that the Solar Angel is the one who has done the planning prior to birth.

28.              The goal is to arrive at a correct sense of mental values. The conflict will cease when a correct harmonious pattern is at length evolved out of the stress of continuing mental conflict. We could call the harmonious result, “right thinking”.

29.              DK speaks of three ways of avoiding conflict common to disciples:

a.       Control of desire

b.      Evasion

c.       Inhibition

30.              We can see immediately that none of them will be thorough and lasting. That which is controlled still exists. Desires contrary to purpose remain contrary until the light of the mind is thrown upon them and they alchemize into goal-fitting desire.

31.              Evasion leaves the conflicting forces untouched. Inhibition merely holds them down.

32.              DK is advising His chela and all of us on useful methods of actually resolving conflict. He also seems to suggest that disciples who are ‘younger’ than IBS may have to resort to one of the above expedients because their mind will not be equipped with sufficient skillfulness to resolve conflict on the mental level .

33.              A big hint is given. If light can be made to shine through a problem, that problem is well on its way to resolution. Mental light brings about an alteration and rearrangement of the forces involved in conflict and moves those forces into greater harmony with each other. When conflicting forces are untouched by ‘re-patterning light’, they remain as they are, unaltered, and continually contending unless exhaustion takes over—which itself is no real resolution .

34.              The words “solution” and “resolution” are very close, and they usually relate to conditions in which forces no longer contend.

This will bring right solution and correct understanding. You do wrestle with your problem, my brother, for your sincere desire is to follow the path of spiritual development but you make the astral body your battle ground whereas the whole problem should be elevated to mental levels.

These thoughts all refer to the dynamics of the Mars, Mercury, Uranus quintile/bi-quintile.

35.              It seems that at various points along the Path, disciples have no choice but to struggle, to “wrestle”—the term here used. Wrestling is an attempt to gain power over an opponent through exerting a hold, from which the opponent may not escape. The opponent is finally “pinned”, and this signals victory for the one exerting the ‘pinning hold’. The opponent is immobilized.

36.              A disciple is a battleground of energies and forces contending for supremacy. If the disciple refuses to wrestle by whatever means he is no disciple.

37.              The psychology becomes interesting. IBS wrestles, but does so upon the wrong battleground. She makes her astral body the battle ground instead of the mind.

38.              What really is the difference? She is seeking for one line of desire/aspiration to gain supremacy over another line, but she does not sufficiently bring the mind to her aid. She is ‘wrestling in the dark’. The image suggests not really knowing what to do—not really knowing how to apply force, and the “holds” which will lead to victory. The right use of the mind is required is there is to be knowing.

39.              Some people wrestle predominantly in the mind, but their emotions follow the rises and falls of the contending thoughts. In such cases, the emotions are affixed to thoughts; kama-manas prevails. Probably this is true of most human beings, even if they succeed in elevating the wrestling match to the plane of mind. Thus, in such cases, when certain thoughts are in control these people feel depression; when others control, elation. And in the midst of the struggle between the contending thoughts, they feel anxiety.

40.              DK is calling for what we might call ‘enlightened mental wrestling’, skillful, illumined wrestling. Wrestling on the plane of emotion is crude by comparison and does not facilitate the ability to see through the negative emotional forces which contend for supremacy with positive aspirations. Enlightened wrestling from the mental level is a deglamorizing process. Emotional wrestling may lead to temporary victory, but no lasting solution.

Think this out and then carry forward right action in two directions: on the mental plane for guidance and down to the physical plane for demonstration.

You will know to what problem or problems I refer.

The natal inconjunct of Mars to Juno in Scorpio in the 11th house, and the opposition of Saturn to the same position {plus the present exact opposition of transiting Saturn to that position} reveal a problem to be handled in the area of relationship.

41.              Sacral center issues could be involved here. Also, it is possible that the ending of an important relationship probably a marriage has caused psychological problems. There is also the problem when attempting to serve of driving others away, about which the Tibetan commented in earlier letters DINA I .

42.              We note again how careful the Tibetan is in speaking obliquely about a disciple’s personal problems. He does not want the group mind dwelling on such difficulties which are really the disciple’s own affair . Group focus would exacerbate the problems.

43.              In offering instructions, the Tibetan seems to be bypassing the astral body. The alignment of soul-mind-brain is often discussed, and it is this alignment which He seems to be requesting of His chela. Soul alignment is assumed. The mental process is to be open to soul-guidance and, perhaps, intuitive revelation. A fourth ray mind rightly oriented is easily subject to such impression.

44.              Whereas guidance is summoned to the mind, that which is mentally realized is to be demonstrated or manifested upon the physical plane. IBS is to think in terms of 1 guidance arising through right thought and right mental-resolution and 2 manifestation calling in the natural connection between her first ray soul and third ray physical brain .

None of your group brothers will understand to what particular condition I now make allusion. It is a problem which you must handle in isolation and when handled, it will open for you a perfect floodgate of relationships and opportunities. Your aim should therefore be the intensification of the illumination of the mind so that the searchlight of the mind can be turned upon the fogs and difficulties of the astral body.

45.              Perhaps we should not even speculate as to the nature of the difficulty. We could so easily be wrong. The matter is well veiled.

46.              The goal of the correct handling of the problem is to open IBS’ life to relationships of the right kind many of them and to unspecified opportunities presumably of a spiritual sort .

47.              We note with care that the progressing Moon is in the sign Libra sign of relationships and that Saturn the planet of opportunity has already returned to the vicinity of its own position, creating what is called the “Second Saturn Return”.

48.              We understand that IBS must learn to moderate her intensity and activity with respect to those whom she would draw to her for service.

49.              The problem is to be handled in isolation; correct solution of the problem will end isolation of the wrong kind .

50.              The TOB we are using shows IBS’ Ascendant progressing into Pisces, in which sign many long standing difficulties are resolved. This Ascendant-ingress is the harbinger of a new opportunity. Jupiter, a planet principally on the second ray, becomes still more reinforced as a ruler for its rules Pisces exoterically . It already has power because it is the exoteric ruler of her Sagittarian Ascendant.

51.              Jupiter, with its implied abundance, is additionally strengthened in this period because IBS is experiencing a “Jupiter return” with transiting Jupiter returning to its natal position in Taurus.

52.              We note the “water” imagery in the word “floodgate”. DK chooses His words with care and they often contain hints for the one who is sufficiently aware.

53.              DK sums up the process succinctly: IBS is to increase the illumination of her mind, so that “the search light of the mind” can contribute to the ending of the glamorous fogs and difficulties of the astral body. For those ensnared in astral conditions, the use of the searchlight of the mind is indispensable.

Of one thing we who are watching the disciples of the [Page 546] world today are convinced, and that is that you are a sincere and intelligent devotee; intelligence and devotion go hand in hand in the accepted disciple, balancing each other and then producing a definite focus of power.

The sincerity of Sagittarius and the sixth ray; the intelligence of Gemini.

54.              IBS is an “accepted disciple”, as are all the others in the New Seed Group of twenty-four.

55.              Master DK suggests that more than one Master is aware of IBS, for He uses the word “we” when mentioning the watching of disciples. Initiates within the inner Ashram are also watchers as is described in the section on the stage of discipleship called “Chela in the Light” .

56.              Those upon the sixth ray will often be devotees and idealists. The important thing is that they be intelligent devotees and idealists. There is in IBS’ astrological chart, we note, a strong emphasis upon signs of intelligence—Gemini and Taurus.

57.              Something of real importance is said about the stage of Accepted Discipleship. In the accepted disciple “intelligence and devotion go hand in hand”. A disciple must not imagine that because he is now a disciple or even an “accepted disciple”, devotion will disappear as something of less worth than mental activity. This is a mistake frequently made, and it leads to stilted and artificial behavior on the part of disciples.

58.              An important key to disciplic power is given: devotion and intelligence together, produce it. Needless to say, an accepted disciple is highly motivated; this motivation certainly involves the right orientation of the astral body.

For all of you this is an incarnation wherein the life focus becomes either irrevocably oriented toward the soul, as must be the case with newly accepted disciples, or powerfully expanded and inclusive as in the case of older disciples. In your case, the achievement of a definite focus is now essential.

The sign of the one-pointed disciple, Sagittarius, is rising and conditions the entire life.

59.              DK is telling His chela that she is a “newly accepted disciple”. This was, presumably, also the case for quite a number of those in the Group of Twenty-Four, for the majority of them, it seems, had not achieved the second initiation.

60.              Irrevocable orientation has much relation to Mars the major planet of aspiration . A “powerfully expanded and inclusive” life focus is related to Jupiter. In this case “older disciples” are presumably those who have passed the second initiation and are ‘broadening out’ towards the third. After the third initiation, the disciple is no longer technically an “accepted disciple” but an initiate.

61.              An irrevocable orientation towards the soul is powerfully assisted by IBS’ Sagittarian Ascendant and the conjunction between militant, devotional Mars and Vesta, the asteroid of commitment—both in fiery Aries.

In the manifestation of souls in time and space, there come lives wherein—at times—a soul problem as the personality embraces it becomes a dominant theme and the whole incarnation with definite points of intensive crisis is given to the understanding of the problem and its solution. In the orientation of your life towards the soul, the keynote of renunciation is wisely clear but you need to see to it that even renunciation is not over-emphasised

as the sixth ray would do

 and that its conditioning power is not applied to that for which there is no call, because such renunciation would constitute an error.

She is in a period of renunciation because of the Saturn Return. Also, the progressed Ascendant is either very close to Pisces or has entered Pisces. Renunciation is a Piscean theme.

62.              The Tibetan’s use of words is ‘masterful’. Souls are to manifest in time and space. They also express on their own level—the higher mental plane.

63.              What is a “soul problem”? It is not a strictly personal problem at all. A soul problem deals with the necessity of bringing soul quality and capacity into manifestation in time and space and on the physical plane. The one overarching soul problem is how to express its quality and capacity through the lunar worlds.

64.              The personality may not be aware of such a soul problem. The personality has its own problems and is, for a great majority of its incarnational career, focussed on such problems.

65.              But there comes a time when the personality now rightly oriented will embrace the principal soul problems of expression as its own. This marks a definite stage of cooperation between the personality and the soul.

66.              The dominant theme of the whole life then becomes the manifestation of the soul. When such a theme persists throughout the life of the personality, there will be “definite points of intensive crisis”. We can presume from what DK is saying that IBS is in just such a crisis. The recent fate of the Groups of Nine can only have intensified the crisis.

67.              Two orders of life are therefore contending. The disciple’s problem is to see that the greater order prevails. Of course, the Solar Angel will help in its own way.

68.              With IBS, Master DK has ever the problem of a disciple who runs to extremes. The sixth ray types are so eager to reach the goal that they overemphasize every incipient correct orientation, transforming it through overemphasis into an imbalance.

69.              For instance, having caught the notion of the value of renunciation, IBS is ready to take it too far, and to apply it to areas where it is not called for. With the sixth ray there is frequently a lack of discretion. Our vices are but exaggerations of our virtues and this is particularly the case for those with a powerful sixth ray.

70.              It is natural at the second Saturn Return that a strong tendency towards renunciation should appear. In the case of this disciple, however, DK has constantly to advise the “Noble Middle Path”.

It is clear from the visualization exercise below that the time has come for an intensification of the light. There are three signs of illumination powerful in IBS’ natal chart—Taurus, Gemini and Leo, and the constellations associated with them all are found in a very lighted area of the heavens.

At this time in IBS’ life, the influence of Taurus, the “Mother of Illumination” is strongly stimulated by the triple transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Gemini confers a dual light, of soul and form, and this dual light is emphasized by the progression of the Sun in Leo over the natal Moon in Leo. The opportunity is present for the cultivation of greater light.

I am giving you, therefore, a personal meditation. I too must have this in mind, reminding you that renunciation itself can be a glamour and a sixth ray idealist is prone to over-express.

Any over-expression tends to emphasize the one who expresses, thus withdrawing the consciousness from the soul and focusing it upon the little self.

I shall not give you what you would call a real meditation. That which will aid you the most at this time is a visualisation exercise on Light.

71.              If the tendency to renunciation ran to extremes, the chela would again be emphasizing the personality which is hardly a renunciation . This is especially so in this case, as the sixth ray is found qualifying the personality and one of its vehicles.

72.              When DK assigns a meditation, He must very much bear in mind His chela’s present state and orientation.

73.              We note that DK seems to be calling His disciple a “sixth ray idealist”. It is, therefore, possible to identify the nature of a disciple by the quality of his or her personality ray, and not only by the soul ray. If anything, in the life of IBS, the sixth ray seems rather more prominent that the first—or at least more troublesome.

1. Sit quietly and relax. Deal not with problems but during the period of this exercise endeavour simply to be a point of focussed vision, with the eye of the mind directed towards the soul.

The right use of the energy of Sagittarius makes it possible for one to become a “point of focussed vision”.

74.              The Tibetan seeks to reduce IBS’ accustomed intensity.

75.              He would have her identify as consciousness i.e., as a point of focussed vision, rather than as a personality . By emphasizing “vision” and the “eye” and the “mind” He is steering her away from any aspirational focus involving as it necessarily would, her intense astral body .

2. When your focus seems adequate then see by the power of the creative imagination a distant peak or pyramid and on its summit there shines a clear pure light of great intensity.

This is the light of initiation which is found upon the mountain {Capricorn} which Sagittarius envisions.

76.              The pyramid resonating as it does to the number five is a symbol for the mind, and in another way, for the soul. There is nothing of an emotional or aspirational nature suggested by this symbol.

77.              The pyramid is equivalent to the “Mountain of Initiation”, and, indeed, speaks in the same breath of a “peak”.

78.              The pyramid is also a symbol for the ‘Temple of Initiation’. We note that the pyramid is “distant”, telling us something, perhaps, of the rather distant eventuality of initiation for IBS. The pyramid is far more readily associated with the third initiation than with the second.

79.              The “clear pure light” reminds of the “clear cold light” which is encountered especially at the third initiation, when the buddhic plane begins to flood the mind—not alone the astral nature.

80.              In relation to this vivid symbol, we think of Venus in relation to the  Mountain of Initiation, realizing that Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn a sign associated with the mountain—the upper part of the Capricornian diamond.

81.              We see the direction of the meditation is leading to a soul-mind focus.

3. With that light you seek to identify yourself, to merge within and thus to avail yourself of its illumination in order that in it the lesser light may shine. You say, after some minutes of careful identification:

82.              The personality considered as both a mind and an eye, is about to lose itself in the greater light.

83.              There are two lights—the greater and the lesser, reminding us of the relationships set forth in the Rules for White Magic TWM 72

84.              The “lesser light” is the personality. In the state of soul infusion, the lesser light shines within the greater light, or the greater light shines through the lesser light.

85.              We note that the act of “identification” is to be pursued with care. How does one do this? Perhaps by not allowing the eye of the mind to see two, not allowing that ‘eye’ to see duality.

[Page 547]

"Dim light am I and yet the pure light shines. Not distant is that light but daily, hourly drawing nearer.

The Geminian theme of two lights, a greater and a lesser, emerges.

86.              The personality is “dim light”. The words of the mantric sentence suggest that the disciple is still identified with the personality.

87.              The personality is increasingly aware of the “pure light” atop the pyramid of initiation.

88.              A change has occurred in the distance of the pyramid or peak from the observing disciple. It is now “not distant”, and the light atop the pyramid or peak is drawing daily ever closer. Thus is a merging process conceived; thus is the growing possibility for soul infusion pictured to the imagination.

The light that is my little self must disappear within the greater Light.

So with that Light, that all-pervading, all-consuming Light, I blend and merge.

89.              Two lights must become as one. The greater Light persists, the lesser light seems to disappear.

90.              The “all-pervading, all-consuming Light” is clearly the “Greatest Light” towards which the second ray antahkaranic Word of Power leads: “I see the Greatest Light”.

91.              We must remember that when a disciple takes the third degree, he is coming in conscious contact with his monad for the first time. May we say that it is a visual contact relating to the second aspect of divinity which is so predominantly pronounced at the third degree?

92.              It may be well to remember at this point that DK’s disciples on the first ray may be presumed to have second ray monads. The light of the second ray monad is related to the “Greatest Light”.

93.              A question of real import for all advanced disciples would be: “How will the monad be experienced at the third degree?”

94.              The personality acts ‘identificatorily’. It is to blend and merge by an act of will with the Greater Light.

95.              We must go too far however; in this case the “greater Light” must be considered the light of the soul. The “greater Light” is not the “Greatest Light”, but “in that light we shall see Light”. The light of the soul will reveal the Light of the Monad.

I can no longer see the two—the greater Self, the little self, the pilgrim and the way, for only one is seen—the greater lighted Whole."

Such a realization accords with the large, global realizations of being and synthesis which are keynotes of IBS’s life.

96.              A synthetic vision emerges. Three factors are referenced in the line above: 1 the “greater self”, 2 “the little self” who is the pilgrim, and also the Way itself. These three ‘merge as one’.

97.              It seems that Master DK is leading IBS through a merging with soul light towards a realization characteristic of monadic awareness on the second ray.

4. Picture the fusion of the light of the personality and the light of the Soul and see that light focussed in the personality upon the astral plane.

The energy of illumination through Taurus is useful in de-glamorizing the astral plane.

98.              Now the meditation becomes practical in relation to the emotional problems, glamors and blockages which IBS experiences.

99.              The problem is on the astral plane and the resources of soul and mind must be used to understand and clarify those problems.

5. Then produce stabilisation of the light appropriated by the sounding of the OM.

100. An important hint concerning one of the practical uses of the OM is here given. It produces “stabilization”. If we seek to anchor the light in any vehicle, we can use the OM to stabilize that anchorage.

Seek not to use the light directly for the clarification of problems, teaching or ideas. That will take place automatically once the light is focussed; it must inevitably bring release and knowledge. Seek simply to visualise the process, knowing that "as a man thinketh so is he." Then forget about the acquiring of the light and endeavour to manifest that which exists as the result of your own effort. Light is within you. Seek not for immediate instantaneous solution of your problems. Look not, my brother, for results. Remember ever that as you continue faithfully with the indicated exercise, the results are sure or I would not waste your time or mine in giving you this work to do. Regularly and without anxiety do as you are told. The results will in due time manifest.

101. DK gives an important caution in order to prevent a premature descent-into0-action following the process of light appropriation. IBS is not to directly and immediately seek to manipulate the light. Once the light is rightly focussed, it will inevitably bring release and knowledge.

102. The correct emphasis, therefore, is not to be upon the activity aspect, but upon the second aspect relating to vision and the eye .

103. IBS needs trust, and the ability to do as she is told. DK works this strong directive into the fabric of His instructions most artfully. We remember that IBS has had difficulty following instructions, or at least in not taking them farther than she should.

104. The Master counsels patience and trust in the process which He assures her will work if faithfully followed . IBS does not have the seventh ray in her present equipment, so DK emphasizes the need for regularity. He also seeks for her to keep the eager expectations of the sixth ray astral nature out of the process.

105. The exercise is a mixture of acquiescence to the higher Light and the efforts of the disciple, herself.

Relocated Solar Return for June 2, 1942: In the Solar Return chart for this period we note the importance of Scorpio and the eighth house, further accentuated by the elevation of Pluto {one of the ruling planets of Scorpio} conjuncting the MC. Chiron, the Master and Guide is also elevated, conjuncting the MC from the tenth house side. That which is dark is being brought to light. The emphasis on light is seen through Venus exactly conjuncting the Descendant and in the sign of illumination,

Taurus. The many powers of transformation evident in this Solar Return are opposed by a conservative Capricorn Moon conjuncting the fourth house cusp. This Moon position may signify that which resists transformation. The Moon is squared by Venus and opposed by Pluto and, loosely, by Chiron. The very early Scorpio Ascendant is also square to the Moon. The stellium in the eighth house is powerful for self-confrontation.



August 1942

Progressions, Directions and Transits for August 15, 1942


Main Chart Features for the progressed chart of this period: The Ascendant has progressed into the sign Pisces in August of 1940, given the speculative birth time 8:41:30 PM. D.K. asked IBS if she was ready to become a sannyasin, except for the company of her group brothers. Venus by progression has crossed the Descendant in June of 1942. Work upon the Geminian/Venusian antahkarana, may be undertaken with still greater success. Saturn by transit has entered the same degree as the natal Sun.

IBS is being subjected to greater discipline of thought. The progressing Moon is in the last degree of Libra; the struggles of the Scorpio progressed Moon lie ahead. Reinforcing this is the position of transiting Pluto preparing to cross the natal Vertex and Moon, signifying an encounter with depth and ‘death’.

In the seed thoughts below, there is much focus upon time. Transiting Saturn, in Gemini, is conjuncting the natal Sun; Saturn is “Lord of Time”. As well, the Tibetan is attempting really to simulate the intuition of IBS. Progressing Venus in Gemini is now angular on the Descendant; these two, Venus and Gemini, when in relation, are vitally important in building the antahkarana.

106. DK gave these seed thoughts to His disciples in the period which could be judged the darkest period of the Second World War. During this period the Hierarchy found it necessary to contemplate its withdrawal from humanity, which, so Hierarchy believed, would “go down to defeat”. EXH 493-494

107. For this reason, the six seed thoughts are of vital importance.

1. As the hours of service pass around the clock of time look for the sounding of the hour. What hour is that?

108. This is a deep question. We can think with reason that “the” hour is the hour when the soul may speak, or when the intuition may make its impact.

109. It is certainly not the usual hour. It is an hour of significance separated from the ordinary hours passed “around the clock of time”.

110. Such a seed thought encourages one to be vigilant, and to abandon the maya with which the third ray and Gemini may so easily become preoccupied. Maya promotes inattentiveness.

2. As the minutes tick away the passing hour, watch for the minute when My voice is heard. When will that be?

111. The Master becomes more specific. We hypothesized that “the hour” was the hour when the soul would or could speak.

112. Now we are to think in terms of “the minute” and not the hour. One may have an hour of deep meditation and soul communion, but the Master will not speak for an hour, but only with utmost brevity symbolized by the term “minute”.

113. The imagery of the second sentence is more precise and specific than that of the first. We get the sense that time is being increasingly subdivided.

114. We remember that an accepted disciple is directly under a Master’s supervision and that an accepted disciple is to learn to make contact with the Master.

115. But when will that “minute” occur? Only in the extremity of service!, and one must be very alert to catch the “voice” and its word.

116. The “Voice of the Soul” is general. The “Voice of the Master” is briefer and more specific.

3. As the seconds note the passing of the minute hand upon the clock of time, expect the second when My face appears. Why has it not appeared?

117. We are dealing with increasing precision and specificity.

118. We are moving from hours, to minutes to seconds. In this movement we are following the occult method which ever works from the general to the specific and from the greater to the lesser.

119. What is the difference between the Master’s “face” and the Master’s “Voice”? May we say that the face is still more intimate and expressive than the voice? Hearing is the first sense to develop; sight develops later. We note that the Master’s ‘touch’ is not mentioned.

120. If the Master’s “Voice” speaks during a “minute”, the Master’s “face” flashes into recognition in a second of time.

121. The appearance of the Master’s “face” means that the distance between the disciple and the Master is shortening. The “Voice” is more remote than the “face”.

122. As “ashramic intimacy” increases, the Master’s “face” may e expected to appear.

123. As the Master’s true identity is appreciated and His will more definitely understood, the “face” may appear giving confirmation or deeper understanding of ashramic intention.

124. “Why has it not appeared?” This is for every disciple to ponder along with IBS—if, in fact, the “face” has not appeared.

125.          It would seem to have to do with identification. The more deeply the disciple is identified with the Master’s and, therefore, the Ashram’s plan and purpose, the more the delineation of the “face” of the Master may be seen as an instantaneous confirmation of correct pattern. This is one interpretation. Let every disciple form his or her own interpretation of such inner events.

[Page 548]

4. When you think freedom lies within your grasp and when you think that you have done the utmost that you can, Beware! Obedience lies ahead, with freedom in its hand.

The power of Saturn demands obedience; obedience is a Saturnian discipline which releases, eventually, into freedom. Interestingly, the planet of freedom, Uranus, has entered Gemini, and will be conjuncting the Sun in 1944.

126. A warning is given to overly eager and overly confident disciples. The personality has done all it can through self-exertion, but it has not braved the disciplines of obedience. The word “Beware!” is italicized and followed by an exclamation point! It must be of special relevance to this disciple endowed with so much first and sixth ray energy.

127. DK is discriminating between a false and apparent freedom based upon personality effort, and a true freedom based upon personality acquiescence and obedience.

128. Unless one passes through the self-abnegating experience of true occult obedience, the emergence of real freedom will be elusive. The idea that freedom lies within one’s grasp as a result of personality exertion is illusive.

129. Occult obedience brings in the overpowering presence of the higher energies, subduing the energies of bondage. Mere personality exertion leaves no room for these higher energies to manifest.

5. Within the Ashram you must work. Cycles of speech transmute themselves into periods of silence. Yet both must play their part.

Gemini suggests alternation between the poles—in this case, speech and silence. Gemini is traditionally a sign in which the floodgates of speech are opened. Sagittarius, the rising sign, although a sign which can confer great volubility, is meant to end in wise silence—the killing of the “Stymphalian Birds”, the ninth Labor of Hercules.

130. DK gives important hints about work within the Ashram. We little realize how much speech and silence are related to such work.

131. According to the seventh ray, cycles of activity and of the refraining from activity must be observed. Speech is an activity. Silence, however, is not simply inactivity.

132. Speech and silence are to come under regulation. The implication is that the expression of the Ashram is rhythmic and the participating disciple must attune with this rhythm.

133. It is interesting to consider silence as transmuted speech. Silence, we can intuit, is something higher and more synthetic than speech. Speech is conveyed through sound and yet, silence sounds.

134. Though one is higher than the other, both are needed. It is for the disciple to determine the times and seasons.

135. Given that transiting Saturn is conjuncting the Sun at the time of this instruction, we can see how appropriate is a sentence directed towards the rhythmic disciplining of speech.

6. You are passing on the Lighted Way, my brother. You have placed your hand in mine. I hold it firm.

136. Here is a sentence of great assurance. IBS is treading what may be called the “Lighted Way of Integration”. It leads eventually to the third initiation, for which one of the main keynotes is “Integration”.

137. The Tibetan has not seized IBS’ hand. To do so would be against the law. Rather, she has placed her hand in His, voluntarily. That being done however, the Tibetan responds by holding it firm, applying His will to strengthen the aspirational will of His disciple.

138. A sentence of this nature must have inspired great confidence in the strength and benevolence of the Teacher. IBS is already strong in faith. She needs to be equally strong in the specificities of occult obedience. An increase of faith may assist her.

Relocated Solar Return for June 2, 1943. The relocated Solar Return for this period is most interesting. We have been told that the conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Saturn in a certain house is the indication of one who can take initiation.

“In connection with the horoscope of the Leo subject and the theme of initiation, I would point out that when the Sun, the Moon hiding a planet and Saturn are all combined in a certain house in the horoscope you have what is called the "sign" of the man who is to take initiation.”
EA 298

This statement is made in the Leo chapter of Esoteric Astrology, and in relation to the sign Leo. It is fascinating to see that in this Solar Return chart the Sun, Moon and Saturn are all gathered in Leo’s house the fifth . As well, Capricorn, the sign of initiation, rises.

Can the Solar Return chart be used in this way to indicate possibilities of initiation? Research will tell.

This chart, however, is really powerful as Uranus by “translation of light” joins the conjunction of Sun, Moon and Saturn, and Jupiter and Venus two planets associated with the amplitude and glory of the causal body are conjuncted in the sign of the “lighted house”, Cancer. The expression of the causal body is associated with the spiritual meaning of the fifth house, already so emphasized in this chart.



September 1943

Progressions, Directions and Transits for September 15 1943


Main Chart Features of the Dynamic Chart: There has been a solar eclipse at 8ºLeo03 on the natal Moon at 8ºLeo 16. Transiting Saturn is conjuncting the seventh house cusp, and conjuncting as well the progressing Venus {these being the two planets ruling Capricorn, the sign of significant spiritual achievement and initiation}.

The Moon by progression has entered Scorpio and is conjuncting natal and progressed Juno {asteroid of relationship}.

Progressed Mars has been {over the past year and presently} conjuncting natal and progressed Pluto, and transiting Pluto has come to the conjunction of the natal Moon in 8ºLeo16, and is transiting the Vertex as well, inducing experiences of termination related to the lunar vehicles. Progressing Saturn is now exactly, within one minute of arc, conjuncting natal Jupiter, which brings maturity and disciplined growth.

Additionally, the relocated solar return for New York/New Jersey, shows an important conjunction between the Sun, Moon and Saturn in Gemini in the fifth house, with Saturn as the chart ruler of the ascending Capricorn. Uranus, too, is widely part of this conjunction. This configuration can be crucial for balancing the relations between the pairs of opposites, soul and personality, and for becoming aware of the “Dweller on the Threshold” which is associated with Saturn in a certain relation to Gemini.

“From certain angles, Saturn can be regarded as the planetary Dweller on the Threshold, for humanity as a whole has to face that Dweller as well as the Angel of the Presence, and in so doing discover that both the Dweller and the Angel are that complex duality which is the human family. Saturn, in a peculiar relation to the sign Gemini, makes this possible.” EA 164


You may have noted that there is a slight difference in the type of instructions which I am now giving to this group of disciples in my Ashram, of whom you are one. It is not that each of them is not definitely personal in their application or that they do not carry a meaning of very real import to the disciple for whom they are intended; this they do and should. It is now, however, my intention to convey certain principles and certain aspects of truth which have more of a group implication than a personal one.

139. We note that the disciples in the New Seed Group are members of the Master’s group, but they are also “in my Ashram”. Unless they were technically, “accepted disciples” this could not be the case.

140. DK reminds IBS of her accepted discipleship.

141. DK is skillful in presenting the teaching impersonally and personally at the same time. To do so He will have to keep group considerations before the eye of every disciple and yet write in such a manner that the disciple understands “personally” how to relate to these larger group matters.

142. DK emphasizes the importance of “personal” instructions, even to accepted disciples. This should help us moderate any exaggeratedly austere interpretation of the meaning of impersonality.

143. We may say that impersonality has to do with the scope and depth of perspective within which matters personal are understood.

144. The group under training has been trained in some cases for as many as twelve years. In IBS’ case the training has been for ten years—time enough, it would seem, to begin to take the focus off the little self while still relating that little self to the group of which it is a part .

The previous two cycles of teaching to which you have all submitted yourselves

each lasting apparently five years

were primarily concerned with the training of the threefold personality and with an effort to bring it into a closer relation with the soul, and therefore with the Ashram.

145. Something of very real importance is here suggested. If the personality comes in closer relation to the soul, it is coming in closer relation with the Ashram. The Ashram and the soul are, from certain angles, equivalent.

This was peculiarly so in the work of the Groups of Nine, and in the first cycle of the New Seed Group work this was continued, though in a lessened degree and with a specific emphasis laid upon the required training for initiation. It was not so much the training of the personality which was under consideration. All this is a part of a definite plan, and the teaching which I intend now to give will have a clear group import, even though adapted to the disciple's personality and to the particular individual to whom the instruction is given. In spite of the individual usefulness, it will profit each member of the group also to read and study and apply the teaching from the group angle.

146. DK speaks of two phases: 1 the phase of training known as the “Groups of Nine”, and 2 the first cycle of the New Seed Group work. We note that in the New Seed Group, the emphasis was more upon training for initiation as an accepted disciple and all New Seed Group members were accepted disciples is one who is in training for initiation.

147. Training for initiation is not specifically the training of the personality. It is more the cultivation of soul consciousness within the personality.

148. DK stresses the fact that He has been following a definite plan. Nothing is occurring randomly or strictly spontaneously though He has shown Himself ever cognizant of group need and adaptable in that regard .

149. DK now intends to speak to the group about broader issues. Probably there are certain principles which need emphasis for all group members but which can be brought out in the instructions of certain disciples, because such disciples have issues related to the larger group issues.

150. The Master is advising a different mode of study. One would think that all instructions to all disciples in the New Seed Group had been read with care and attention. Perhaps this was so. But perhaps the mode of interpretation was not sufficiently from the “group angle”. DK is now advising that this should be the case.

151. What is the difference when interpreting from an “individual angle” and a “group angle”? Probably the answer is obvious, though not readily and frequently applied. When interpreting from the group angle one must be cognizant of the group context in which the various individuals find place. The ‘eye’ is more broadly focussed and the network of group relationships is held always in mind.

152. We have noticed that Master DK was not writing only for the small group or groups of individuals with whom He was associated at that time. He had larger purposes in mind, including the future benefit in incarnational cycles to come of the very individuals whom He was addressing in person. The incarnated group of that period, indeed, needed immediate training—and this DK supplied— but He was also able to provide advanced instruction for disciples and disciplic groups decades and perhaps even centuries ahead. It is clear that, as He wrote, He was thinking in terms of His entire Ashram and in relation to Hierarchy and humanity as well.

There are, of course, three basic principles governing all work in an Ashram. I refer not here to occult principles of [Page 549] life, but to governing principles in training. These three are: Occult Obedience. Group Integration. Right of Access. Let us consider each of them for a minute with a view to group instruction, but with an individual application which will be purely your own.

153. DK speaks specifically of ashramic training, and not merely broadly of occult principles applicable to life in general.

154. DK now launches into the new method. The three training principles—Occult Obedience; Group Integration; and Right of Access—are obviously of great interest to all disciples, but the angle He takes in explaining these will bear specifically on the discipleship life of IBS.

155. If we think carefully, we can understand that DK has already dealt with these three subjects in relation to IBS. Occult Obedience has always been a problem for her. With this issue, the fourth of the six sentence given in 1942 dealt; her integration into the group was also to be facilitated by pondering some of those potent sentences.; the hearing of the Master’s “voice” and the seeing of the Master’s “face” bore upon the issues of “Right of Access”.

Occult Obedience. In the six statements given to you in the preceding instruction I used the words, "Obedience lies ahead with freedom in its hand." Upon these words I presume that you have pondered. The disciple so often gives obedience within limits. His personal sense of liberty due largely to a rapidly developing mental grasp of life and living prompts him to concede certain forms of obedience to the Master Who has him in training, but to refrain from a complete surrender through fear of losing his sense of free action, free thought and free choice of relationships.

This limited obedience may be particularly evident, at least initially, in the case of a first ray disciple. In any case, it is important to remember that transiting Saturn, exacting obedience, is, during the period of this instruction, still in the vicinity of its conjunction to the natal Sun in Gemini, one of the major foci of the personality.

156. We see how DK manages to generalize on the principle of Occult Obedience while relating this theme quite specifically to the life of IBS.

157. What He says may well be pondered by all of us. To what extent do we give “obedience within limits”? I suppose if our obedience were limitless, we would not be where we are on the evolutionary scale.

158. The normal approach is to “refrain from a complete surrender” due to three fears:

a.       Fear of losing one’s sense of free action

b.      Fear of losing free thought

c.       Fear of losing free choice of relationships

159. Of course, it is precisely a complete surrender which would open the doors of initiation and into the heart of the Ashram. The will of the personality is strong, but impermanently strong.

160. This would be the time for each of us to pause and ask “What are the certain forms of obedience which I concede to the Master and the Ashram?” “Which forms of obedience do I still withhold?”

The older the disciple, the less is this the case, for the life of the Ashram and an increasing steady contact with the Master demonstrate to him the complete and utter freedom which governs the entire circle of ashramic life—both within the Ashram and within the field of its interior and exterior service.

This is the freedom of the planet Uranus, the “occult planet” which is the ruler of Aquarius, which sign, the eleventh, rules the Hierarchy; eleven is the number of the initiate. cf. EA 542

161. DK speaks of the realization of the more experienced, “older” disciple, who knows that surrender leads not to bondage, but, eventually, to complete freedom.

162. We must ponder the fact that complete acquiescence to the demands of occult obedience leads to complete freedom. Does it come as a surprising thought that a “complete and utter freedom…governs the entire circle of ashramic life”? It would seem that no individual is allowed farther than the periphery of the Ashram unless he has surrendered to the soul which, let us remember is equivalent to the Ashram . Surrender to the soul, is surrender to the Ashram and its Master.

163. The apparent opposites of complete freedom and exacting obedience are reconciled within the Ashram. The Master of the Ashram is the most occultly obedient of all its members.

 But the development of this discreet appreciation takes time, and the neophyte is always on guard against any intrusion into his organised field of determined self-government.

The influence of archetypal Uranus will be felt as such an intrusion.

164. This is quite an extraordinary sentence. There are some arresting words and phrases.

165. Increasing ashramic intimacy and the trust accorded by the Ashram arises through the “discreet appreciation” of the newly incorporated disciple. The word “discreet” and “discretion” are closely related. The experienced member of the Ashram is “discreet” and exercises a sensitive and well-trained discretion when it comes to what he will and will not think, feel and do. His sense of appreciation for what we might call ‘ashramic ethics’ takes time to grow. When he really understands the patterns upon which ashramic life is based, he will do everything he can to protect those patterns. In his growing obedience to the will of the Master, he learns to stand as a protector of ashramic integrity. The more He is obedient to the Plan freely realized within his consciousness , the more he finds himself obedient to the directing will of the Master which itself is far more obedient to the Plan that he can yet be .

166. The attitude of the neophyte in this case, the one newly entered into the Ashram as an accepted disciple is insightfully presented. The neophyte has an “organised field of determined self-government” subject to his own personal will. He is alert to any danger of the intrusion of a higher will into that organised field. He wishes to preserve his personality prerogatives.

167. Gradually, he must let his guard down, as he comes to realize that much benefit will come to himself, the Ashram, the Master and humanity if he surrenders to the higher will which directs ashramic life.

168. We can see that IBS is clearly the neophyte in this case. DK does not identify her as such, but it is clear that she is. She is one of those who is “on guard” in the manner here delineated.

Let me illustrate in a manner which I believe will convey to you a much needed suggestion.

The beginner and newcomer in the Ashram, new in his service from the angle of his present life experience if not from the angle of the soul , new in his registering of a sense of power which relation to the Ashram always conveys, and new in his joyous reaction to the recognition given him by those to whom he seeks to give help, speaks increasingly of "my work, my group, my teaching, my people, my plans," and in so doing stabilises himself in his chosen field of service.

Again, this attitude is certainly emphasized through the combination of the first and sixth rays which characterize the life demonstration of IBS.

169. DK is speaking in general, but certainly, as well, specifically of IBS.

170. There are a number of realizations which are new to the ashramic newcomer. IBS experiences these. Service given in cooperation with the Ashram is new; the sense of power conveyed by association with the Ashram is new; and the joy which comes from being recognized by those one seeks to serve is new.

171. Under the influence of these new experiences there arises much use of the thought “my”. We note that there is an advantage to using this word, for it exerts a stabilizing influence on the disciple’s chosen field of service. “My” is a ‘fixative’, and draws an integrative and stabilizing though rather small ring-pass-not around an intended field of service.

172. When these attitudes common to the ashramic newcomer are described, we can measure our attitudes and methods against them.

This is a temporary phase, oft unrecognised by the disciple, though annoying to those who hear. As he proceeds in the spiritual life and intensifies his understanding of the Master, as he enters more deeply into the life of the Ashram and into the aura of his Master, and as his vision grows—revealing possibilities of service and the limitations of his equipment, plus a [Page 550] divine indifference—he drops the possessiveness of his approach to service and regards all that he does as his response to the life of the Ashram, as his contribution to the work of the Ashram, and thus eventually comes to the point where he himself fades out of his own picture and from the centre of his work, and only the need to be met and the power of the Ashram to meet that need remain.

His lower Leonian attitude becomes decentralized as he works in cooperation with the Aquarian Hierarchy. From the personal perspective, IBS is really coming under the discipline of Saturn {transiting angular} and of Pluto, which is now the esoteric ruler of her progressing Ascendant in Pisces and is conjuncting the natal Moon, the qualities of which have for so long been the object of the Tibetan’s disciplinary instructions to IBS .

173. Why should the constant use of the thought and word, “my” be annoying to those who hear the neophyte speak in this way? Perhaps because every such assertion is separative and subtly runs counter to the unity-energy of the group. The constantly emphasized “my” creates a dissonance.

174. The message of this section is one of decentralization. The neophyte is almost necessarily self-centered, but experience will correct this attitude.

175. As his understanding of the Master grows, as he moves more deeply into ashramic life and into the aura of the Master, he sees more in every way. His vision grows and he understands, with humility, his Master’s onerous duties and his own limitations.

176. It is interesting to read that the normal attitude of the neophyte is one of “possessiveness” in relation to his service and his responses to Ashramic life. This possessiveness is the result of what we might call ‘ashramic insecurity’ for he is not really established in the Ashram . The neophyte is still thinking in terms of himself and not of the greater need. He has not yet faded out of his field of vision.

177. What remains to the experienced disciple?—only the “need to be met and the power of the Ashram to meet that need…”

178. This is surely an important message of IBS who has been very much the victim of the “I-complex” and its corollary, the ‘my complex’.

179. There is even a sense in which entry into an Ashram as an accepted disciple may temporarily accentuate self-centeredness. The culture of the Ashram and the wider vision accorded will rather quickly correct this undue self-emphasis based upon an error of perception.

This marks a definite step forward, and it is this attitude of selflessness and this capacity to be a channel for the power, the love, the knowledge and the life of the Ashram which constitute in the last analysis what is meant by occult obedience.

180. We are presented with a new understanding of occult obedience. It is not the personally distasteful thing imagined by the relatively independent and ambitious.

181. “Occult obedience” is an “attitude of selflessness” and, as well, a “capacity to be a channel for the power, the love, the knowledge and the life of the Ashram”. It would seem that the second is the result of the first.

182. The little self is a heavy burden, almost unconsciously carried. The irony is that few care to relinquish this painful and unnecessary burden when relinquishment is at last a possibility. We cling to the familiar.

You, my brother, are now at a point where you need to fade more definitely out of your own picture of yourself as a worker.

Saturn on the Descendant and Pluto on the ahamkaric Moon should be of assistance.

183. DK now switches to a direct statement of advice, although the personal implications of what He has been saying must surely have been gathered by IBS.

184. The tendency to keep the eyes focussed on the little self promoted by the Leo Moon is hard to relinquish. But it is a most necessary relinquishment if there is to be any real participation as a full member of the Ashram.

 The first indication of this deepened approach to service will appear in your speech when in company of your group brothers and of other workers in the field of general human service.

Let us remember that Gemini is the Sun sign, and that Gemini is intimately related to speech and to thought. Saturn is now transiting in that sign and is very close to the planet Mercury in Gemini as well. Thus, through Saturn, these exists an opportunity in the area of the right use of speech.

185. DK becomes very practical so that His chela may monitor her progress in the task of decentralization.

186. Speech, we are told, is a most occult instrument to which we must pay serious attention. Through speech we either build our lives in accordance with divine pattern, or render ourselves unfit in the eyes of those who not only sustain that pattern but who are that pattern—i.e., the higher lives.

I stated in the last instruction to you that "cycles of speech transmute themselves into periods of silence." What does this mean?

A disciple endowed with more of the seventh ray and less of the impulsive sixth would more easily understand.

 Something very simple, my beloved chela. Your service in the world and in your chosen and useful field could at present be characterised by the term "cycles of speech," could it not?

IBS is characterized by active rajas and not by rhythmic sattva.

187. One of DK’s preferred methods of teaching is to present a rather enigmatic problem, leave His chela to interpret that which has been presented, and then, later in the next letter of instruction, perhaps , offer an interpretation of that which had been earlier given.

188. We note the use of the phrase, “my beloved chela”. Obviously DK means it. The term, however, softens with love the barriers with which a chela might greet the Master’s advice. The expression of love, allows well-meaning counsel to enter.

189. IBS, it is apparent, serves through speech she is a Gemini individual but not through silence.

190. DK is shining the light of observation on her method of service, and suggesting that it could be modified by an appreciation of that which is the opposite of speech.

 Yet within the Ashram, if those cycles of speech are to be eloquent of truth, the quality which will distinguish you will be the balancing "periods of silence"; in order to acquire this quality of silence ashramic silence you will have to learn to practice silence within the ranks of your brothers and co-workers.

Again, the suggestion can be facilitated by an astrological configuration—in this case the progression of the Moon into Scorpio, a sign known for its depth and silence. The progressed Piscean Rising-sign is also a more propitious influence under which to work at the problem of the retention of speech than is the more extroverted sign Aquarius.

191. IBS’ cycles of speech are not yet “eloquent of truth” because they are not yet counter balanced by “periods of silence”. The presence of the later enhances the quality of the former.

192. DK is instructing IBS in one method of rightly utilizing the pairs of opposites.

193. This is all part of the quality of balance which He has enjoined upon her for years.

194. There is a “quality of silence” within the Ashram—“ashramic silence”, but DK does not advise that she approach this directly. More practically, He encourages IBS to “practice silence within the ranks of your brothers and co-workers”. This will be a useful and practical step towards the achievement of ashramic silence.

195. This silence will obviously lead to deepened understanding. The one who is forever speaking cannot hear.

196. We note how practical is the advice offered. The discussion began with a general approach to decentralization and eventually focusses on IBS’ tendency to speak excessively—probably about herself and probably with much use of the words, “I” and “my”.

Speaking symbolically, and without enlarging upon the significances, it might be stated that an Ashram has three circles I refer not here to grades or ranks :

197. DK is careful not to confuse the three circles of an Ashram with initiatory grades or ranks. Still the distinctions between the occupants of the three circles are significant of the experience and quality of the ashramic members.

a. The circle of those who talk and who stand close to the outer door. Their voices may not penetrate too far and thus disturb the Ashram.

198. The relationship to the third ray ruler of the throat center is clear. Those who talk are near the “outer door” of the Ashram. They are largely externally focussed and lack sufficient depth and deepening silence to enter very far towards the center.

199. Further, it is interesting to realize that the Ashram does accept into its midst externally oriented speech. Noise does not penetrate the Ashram; no disturbance is permitted.

b. The circle of those who know the law of silence, but find it hard. They stand within the central part and utter not a word. They know not yet the silence of the Ashram.

200. A transitional stage is here given. There has been progress, and noisy speech is reduced, but the silence of the Ashram has not yet been achieved, because there is still the effort to suppress speech in order to create the semblance of silence.

201. Such individuals are closer to the center of the Ashram and through the power of their will, they control their speech. The willful suppression of speech, however, is not silence—and especially, ashramic silence which is authentic and based upon a harmony of wills—the will of the ashramic member and the will of the Master of the Ashram which reflects the Plan and Purpose of Hierarchy .

[Page 551]

c. The circle of those who live within the secret quiet place. They use not words and yet their sound goes forth and when they speak—and speak they do—men listen.

How very fitting that the entire question of speech and its right use comes for IBS at a time when disciplining Saturn is due to approach her angular natal Mercury.

202. Whether the Tibetan was aware of the specifics of IBS’ horoscope we cannot say. No doubt His intuition would suffice to indicate that which should be attempted at any given time.

203. Those who live within the “secret quiet place” form a circle—a symbol in this case of ashramic unity.

204. Such initiates have transcended the use of words to convey their thoughts. They possess the “silence that sounds”.

205. However they can and do speak, and when they speak, their words are pregnant with meaning and significance. They convey something which arrests men’s attention. It is a certain quality of being which makes speech compelling.

206. These are the silent ones who are capable of judicious speech according to the need which an infallible intuition reveals.

This triple presentation of the balancing potencies of speech and of silence are the comprehended effects of occult obedience—in itself a voluntary response to the power of the life of the Ashram, and to the mind and the love of the Master of the Ashram. It is upon these potencies I would have you reflect during the coming interlude between this instruction and the next

an interlude of one year .

207. Speech and silence are compared as “balancing potencies”.

208. Three levels of approach to this duality are suggested in the three sentences from the Old Commentary. IBS is to ponder upon them for a year.

209. It is clear that DK would like her to move from the category of those who speak and stand near the outer door, to the category of those who can hold their silence even if it still requires effort .

210. According to the different levels of occult obedience practiced, so will a disciple find himself placed within one or other of the three circles.

211. A beautiful definition of occult obedience is offered here. Occult obedience is “a voluntary response to the power of the life of the Ashram, and to the mind and the love of the Master of the Ashram.” If the appreciation of the power of ashramic life is sound enough and if the appreciation of the mind and love of the Master is deep enough, there will be a voluntary and correct occult obedience.

212. We can say then, that occult obedience is based upon an ‘appreciative response’ to the Ashram and its Master. If the Ashram and the Master are valued at their true worth, there will be occult obedience.

Make the results of your reflection practical, and thus learn to know when to speak and when to be silent, remembering that the elimination of possessiveness and of self-reference will reduce speech to its spiritual essentials.

Thus we see the importance of eliminating the worst excesses of the egoistic Leo Moon, over which death-dealing Pluto is now transiting.

213. This section contains a golden saying: “the elimination of possessiveness and of self-reference will reduce speech to its spiritual essentials”. This dictum could well be practiced, and I venture to say, its practice would not be easy for most.

214. Speech often emerges to support a possessive attitude. Speech is also frequently used to reinforce the presence within the field of consciousness of the little self.

215. Far from human contact, silence emerges and the sense of the real Self grows. Too much society Libra is detrimental to the sense of the greater Self the Sun . The Sun as we know, falls in Libra.

216. Of course, Libra can contribute to an altruistic decentralization which Master DK has been trying to have IBS cultivate.

Your next incarnation holds for you a peculiar form of service, for which this life has been preparatory. It is related to speech, to words, to the voice, and to the creative power of sound;

astrologically, there has been an unusual preparation for this future incarnation, given the preponderance of planets found in Taurus {the sign of the voice} and in Gemini {the sign of speech}—including the placement of the planet of speech, Mercury, in that sign.

for the remainder of this life, the theme of much of your thinking should be concerned with the occult meaning of silence,

the spiritual theme for the advanced Sagittarian individual

of voiceless interludes and of the "spiritual retention of sound." This may, and probably will, manifest itself in an increase of voiced teaching of those you seek to help, but its quality will be different.

The factor of keen discrimination will be necessary in relation to speech and sound; the non-essentials will be eliminated. Certainly the first ray qualities of both Saturn and Pluto, so active in the dynamic chart at this time, indicate a good time to start this program.

217. DK turns prophetic. He can see how the themes characterizing one incarnation prepare for another. IBS, as a teacher of singing, is preparing for a form of service which depends upon the knowledge and experience she is presently gathering.

218. At this point we should remember that IBS is a first ray soul. Do the form of service in which she is presently engaged, and the form of service with which she will be engaged seem unusual for one whose soul is upon the first ray?

219. The message conveyed is that those who would truly speak as representatives of the Ashram must deeply know the meaning of silence. DK enjoins upon IBS not just any silence but, especially, an appreciation for the “occult meaning of silence”.

220. We can see how much Saturn is involved in the advice given.

221. The Master earlier emphasized “cycles of speech” and “cycles of silence”. Now He speaks eloquently of “voiceless interludes” and of the “spiritual retention of sound”. Such interludes will ‘speak for themselves’ and the “spiritual retention of sound” is not simply keeping silent though, that too, has its usefulness as we have seen .

222. What do we do when we retain sound spiritually? Certainly we are ‘qualitatively active’ and our thought may simultaneously be potent.

223. DK is focussing upon the voice. For much of IBS’ life the voice has been used in the field of music; DK seeks to see it used with greater frequency and effectiveness in the field of teaching, per se.

224. Paradoxically, if speech is spiritually retained, there may be a fuller vocal expression though along the right lines and with a different quality presumably a less self-centered quality which is more effectively attractive than IBS’ usual mode of speech .

225. A principle emerges: right silence promotes right speech. DK is working qualitatively with His chela.

The teaching of the ones you seek to help will blot out the picture of yourself, the teacher, and obliterate it from your mind.

Thus, an expanded Sagittarian attitude will dominate the lesser Leo influence.

226. The teacher has her eye on herself as a teacher. But the needs of the ones to be taught, will serve as a decentralizing factor.

227. It becomes clear that IBS, as the disciple and the teacher, must eventually vanish from the field of consciousness.

This will happen automatically and not by planned intent. Some years ago I could not have told you this; you would not have accepted it. Today you will and will profit thereby. Some years ago you would have wasted time and strength in inner worry,

due to the fretful fourth ray mind influenced by Mars in Aries

228. We see that the Master must bide His time. He says many things which are initially inassimilable by the chela. To frankly and immediately share those perceptions would create the very opposite effect for which He hopes. His advice would be repudiated.

229. Right timing—the right timing of expression—is an important aspect of wisdom. We see that DK through the practice of retrained speech is practicing the very interlude of silence with respect to IBS that He enjoins upon her.

[check text] ... ?  in self-condemnation or in refutation. Today you know better the meaning of occult obedience and the acceptance of the statement and expressed wish of your Master—and this because you know me better and trust me more.

D.K. is bringing up the entire question of right timing in the matter of instructing disciples. Interestingly, time and timing have been very much a part of this instruction and the last, and Saturn, Lord of Time, has been prominent at the time that both were written.

230. There has been progress. IBS is no longer so self-centered, nor is she so insecure. The likely personal reactions of earlier years are no longer probable. She views her personally more instrumentally, and is less identified with it.

231. She is getting to know the Master better, and with the resultant widened vision is seeing herself more truly. Her astral body is less involved when the Master speaks from His perspective. We can see why the training of a disciple takes a good, long time.

Let me give you a visualisation exercise to be followed by you each Sunday morning, every Friday morning, and for the five days which come at the time of the Full Moon each month. In company of your group brothers, you have for [Page 552] years visualised me standing by an open window, and you have thus sought contact with me. This trained facility forms the basis of the following suggested exercise, the procedure of which is as follows:

232. The visualization exercise is to be followed on Friday and Sunday mornings. These are the days given respectively to Venus and the Sun. The day of Saturn Saturday is missing.

233. The exercise now given is based upon an exercise long practiced by the New Seed Group when they sought as a group contact the Master at the time of the Full Moon.

1. Picture to yourself a wood of pine trees, a purling brook, a winding, mounting path, and at the end a low built bungalow of undressed wood, in which I live. With you are walking your group brothers, and all of you are talking on the way.

234. This visualization features an image of the Masters “home”.

235. The abode is humble low built and made of “undressed wood”—not finished and polished

236. One must, however, climb to reach the bungalow, indicating the ‘spiritual altitude’ at which it is to be found.

237. The approaching group is walking and talking—evidences of the third ray of motion and speech.

238. We cannot help but think of those who stand near the outer door. They are the talkers.

2. You stand before the door, the outer door, and pass inside and hear a voice which says, "You stand within the circle of those who talk and, talking, cannot hear the Master's voice." Stand there. Listen. Reflect and cease from speech.

239. Indeed, this visualization is connected with the three circles of ashramic life discussed above.

240. A voice speaks. Is it the voice of the Master? It matters not. It is certainly a wise voice which declares that much talking has prevented any true hearing of the Master’s voice.

241. A reflective, receptive attitude is enjoined upon the approaching ‘party’ of disciples.

242. Refraining from speech will make it possible to hear the Master’s voice.

243. When we think of the application of this advice to our own lives, we realize that noisy thought is akin to noisy speech, and is just as effective at rendering the voice of the Master inaudible.

3. Picture a curtain, hanging across the space near to the place where you stand. Imagine yourself achieving, with effort, that complete silence which will enable you to hear a voice which says, "Move forward into the circle of those who know the Law of Silence. You now can hear my voice." Then imagine yourself obeying the summons and passing beyond the partitioning curtain into the central room within my place of retreat. There sit in quietude and contemplative reflection, and listen.

244. There is a curtain within the bungalow. An effort to be completely silence permits the hearing of a voice behind the curtain.

245. We now understand that the voice is, indeed, the voice of the Master, which asks the group to move forward into the second circle. Those within that circle know the Law of Silence even if they find it hard to obey , and, because they can enforce silence upon themselves, can hear the Master’s voice.

246. The group moves forward, through and beyond the curtain into a space which is the Master’s retreat.

247. We remember from an earlier section that the Master’s voice is heard before the Master’s face is seen.

248. The “central room” is a place for quite, contemplative reflection and listening.

249. In the practice of this visualization, one is truly approaching the presence of the Master—at first through a sensitivity to His voice.

4. Then across the silence and breaking into the current of your quiet thought will come a voice, inviting you to enter the circle of those who live within the secret quiet place.

250. If the contemplative, silent, waiting has been successful, a third step will be possible. The Master’s voice will invite the group into the “circle of those who live within the secret quiet place”. That place is different from the “central room” and can only be approached through an achieved occult silence.

You will note, my brother, how I emphasise for you the need to listen. That must be the keynote of your inner life for the remainder of this incarnation.

If Sagittarius provides what might be called ‘the searching eye’, perhaps the preponderance of Taurean planets can also provide ‘the hearkening ear’.

251. The life keynotes for IBS have been given as Impersonality, Being and Synthesis. To these three, “Listening” is now to be added.

252. This inner, contemplative attentiveness will make true union with the soul possible, and will also admit of the vibration of the spiritual triad.

253. Astrologically we notice that progressing Venus, orthodox ruler of Taurus is closing on a conjunction to natal Mercury—both in Gemini. These are two planets relate to perception of the soul and both are connected with the ear and the voice.

254. No one can say that the Master speaks only in abstract terms. The advice given could not be more concrete and practical.

 When you can thus listen, the two other principles to which I earlier referred as governing the life of the Ashram—Group Integration and Right of Access—will take on new and vital meanings to you. Within the circle of those who talk there is no group integration. Right of access comes to those who know the Law of Silence.

255. Three terms governing the life of the Ashram were earlier given. The majority of the discussion has centered on Occult Obedience as a preparation for Group Integration and Right of Access.

256. Listening is part of occult obedience. Amongst those who merely talk there is no Group Integration. The third ray is separative and governs the Law of Disintegration.

257. Silence, however, is golden and relates more to the second ray. When the third ray achieves silence it is ready for its transition into the second ray. Third ray monads have to move from the third subplane of the monadic plane to the second.

258. Those who begin to practice the Law of Silence can achieve Group Integration in the “central room” of the Ashram.

259. But practicing the Law of Silence is not the same as knowing the Law of Silence.

260. The final theme governing the life of the Ashram is Right of Access which comes only to those who know ashramic silence. Because of their achieved silence the voice of the Master can be heard clearly. No disturbances disturb ashramic synthesis.

261. It is interesting and important to consider the normal use of speech as a barrier to access to the Master. A correct silence, however, must arise through the achievement of a deep point of tension, facilitated by a deep appreciation of the power of the Ashram and the purpose its Master. Appreciation and union are closely related—both coming under Venus.

[Page 553]

This exercise will deepen your life, increase your capacity to serve, make pregnant every word you speak to those you teach, and bring you to a point of group usefulness next life. Then you will carry out certain work that you and I together have already planned.

262. We have very powerful hints given here. The purposes of the visualization exercises must have offered IBS a tremendous incentive to fulfill the necessary requirements.

a.       The deepening of the life

b.      An increasing of her capacity to serve

c.       The rendering pregnant of every word spoken in the teaching process

d.      And preparation for a state of much enhanced future group usefulness

263. The principal hint is given in the last sentence: “Then you will carry out certain work that you and I together have already planned.”

264. What we learn is that man’s wisdom is much greater than his personality consciousness reveals. DK has already been in consultation with IBS about her future incarnation, but IBS as a personality does not know that the consultation has occurred.

265. Perhaps many of us have had consultations with the Master of which we remember nothing in our personality consciousness. That which manifests through our personality consciousness is the “least of us”.

266. We can somewhat marvel at the precision and usefulness of the advice given. It is not complex considerations that will advance the disciples of the world, but insightful practical advice closely followed.

267. We can make a useful correlation:

a.       The outer circle of those who speak correlates with the theme of Occult Obedience.

b.      The central position in the central room of those who know how to hold silence, though they may find it difficult, correlates to the theme of Group Integration.

c.       The secret place correlates to “Right of Access”.


Relocated Solar Return for June 2, 1944: A consideration of the Solar Return chart for June 2nd, 1944, is interesting in light of all that has been said to IBS about the value of speech and silence. We see Mercury, the planet of speech rising, and Taurus, the sign of the voice Ascending. The Sun, Venus and Uranus are all gathered in Gemini one of the foremost signs of thought and speech . Venus generically rules the throat center through its association with Taurus and transformative Uranus is given rulership over the sacral at least for disciples .

Venus can also be understood in connection with the ajna center, through which personality integration occurs. This conjunction will contribute to the increasing integration of the personality, and to the second phase of development, Group Integration. Third degree initiates are truly integrated human beings and Venus, the planet ruling the third initiation hierarchically, is closely related to the integration process.

The possible rebellion against the new mode of behavior can be indicated by the Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo in the fourth house of ‘personal tradition’. Speech, however, is to be transformed,  and Uranus {the planet of transformation} so close to Venus {the planet of the love and wisdom of the soul}, and the Sun {the indicator of personality}, all in Gemini the sign of thought an speech, indicate the possibility that what DK has said of speech and silence can be assimilated and applied.



November 1944

Progressions, Directions and Transits for November 15, 1944


Main Chart Features for the Dynamic Chart: Progressing Venus in Gemini has entered within a one degree range of natal Mercury, uniting both aspects of what the Tibetan has referred to as the “Mercury-Venus mind”.

Two times during 1944, transiting Uranus has been conjuncting the natal Sun in Gemini, offering the possibility of a transformed perspective, since natal Uranus is placed in the ninth house of abstract mind and world view. The ninth house is also correlated with the hard won silence achieved by the advanced Sagittarian disciple.

This coincides with a period in which transiting Uranus is square to natal Uranus, adding further to the transformative potential. Progressing Mars has entered the sign Gemini, potentially animating mind, speech and the etheric body.

The Moon by progression is about to leave Scorpio, thus leaving the field of testing and entering Sagittarius, the field of vision, and another sign in which speech is to be retained and wisely directed. Pluto continues its transit over the natal Moon and Vertex, continuing the depth of transformation now in process.

That transit will reach the progressed Sun in Leo during 1946, the year the Tibetan terminated His work with the New Seed Group.


If you will reread the instructions which I gave you last year, I think you will realise that there is little that I need add to them. I gave you an instruction which through its directive injunction covered the remainder of your life events—as I foresaw them.

268. DK speaks of His foresight and indicates the thoroughness of His bestowal in the last instruction.

269. As ever the Master insists upon application.

270. The Master can foresee the entire span of a chela’s life in principle if not in detail . Toward the middle and later 1940’s DK may have foreseen the impossibility of continuing with the New Seed Group, and began, it seems, to give His chelas all they could possibly assimilate for the remainder of their life.

You have lived for years at the high point of tension.

The result of the combined first and sixth rays.

271. DK has remarked upon IBS’ state of tension or tenseness from the first . “Sit not so fiercely erect as is your usual custom” DINA I 243 .

272. The Master is offering a short summary of the effect of fire in the IBS’ life.

Fire has been the quality of your life.

Mars in Aries has been an important and fundamental indicator—found in a first ray sign and distributing the sixth ray, and placed at that point in the chart which is ruled, generically, by the Moon and thus having to do with the condition of the lunar vehicles. Three powerful points in the chart are ruled by fire signs; there is a fire Ascendant, in Sagittarius, a fire Moon, in Leo, and the important placement of Mars.

273. Studying IBS’ process should teach us that, though fire is vital to spiritual progress, it is not easy to handle.

This fire was at first destructive, but in later years it has been warming and nurturing

as she has moved towards developing the second ray personality which is soul-intended to qualify her next life.

274. Her years of training have seen an increasing emergence of solar fire. We remember not only the intended second ray personality of her coming incarnation, but her probable second ray monad. We also remember that Gemini, her Sun-sign, and, therefore, much associated with her personality expression, transmits during this world period and in a focal manner only the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

I think you know that sound and fire are closely allied.

In one way, both sound and fire are characteristic of the first ray. Uranus, a planet on the first ray expressing “electric fire”, and a planet which rules magical sound is now conjuncting the Sun, considered as a major personality indicator.

275. That fire and sound are closely allied is an important hint. Both can be easily associated with the first ray, for “in the beginning was the Word”, and fire is the premier element, just as Agni Yoga is the premier form of yoga.

276. One creates and destroys through sound; the same is true of fire in its various modalities.

277. Both fire and sound are related to essence.

278. We can see how IBS’ present incarnation expressing through a fiery horoscope much endowed with the major sign of sound, Taurus, is supportive of her impending incarnation.

I think you know also that disciples are gathered by the Masters into Their Ashrams when their sound has gone forth and when the fire that is in them has successfully burned away the intervening barriers between the soul and the personality. Then their sound can safely be added to the sound of the Ashram, enriching its volume, adding quality to its tone, and conveying the needed creative qualities.

279. The potential disciple is noticed by the Master when his light has flashed forth. There is also a kind of light demonstration which indicates a readiness to be incorporated into the Ashram.

280. The act of being gathered into an Ashram is expressed here in terms of sound and fire.

281. An Ashram operates to a significant extent on the principle of harmony, and the quality of the potential member’s sound must be at least somewhat harmonious with the present sound characteristic of the Ashram.

282. The work of the fiery burning ground is another necessity before admittance into the Ashram and hence, before, true communion with the factor of soul .

283. Since fire reduces to essence and archetype, its work restores the intended pattern or structure within the personality vehicles allowing transmission of soul quality via resonance. Through the agency of fire, that which is ‘below’ becomes ‘like unto’ that which is ‘above’. The relationship is one of similarity rather than of identicality, because the solar and lunar spheres represent two distinct fields of activity and qualities of energy.

284. The important thing to grasp is that we all have barriers which separate ‘us’ as personalities from the higher life represented by our soul and spirit aspects. Fire burns away those barriers.

285. When we are ‘sounding’ correctly, fire will burn correctly. The right use of the OM, which is a symbol of the fire of soul, is a fiery process. Through the solar fire of the sound OM, the purification proceeds.

286. We note that when a disciple’s sound is to be added to the sound of the Ashram it is to have three effects”

a.       It is to enrich the volume of the ashramic sound. This signifies a strengthening of that greater sound, but not alone a strengthening, as the term “enriching” suggests an enhancement of quality as well. The ashramic sound is not simply ‘loud’ but strong and beautiful

b.      It adds quality to the ashramic tone. Something of magnetic value is thus added to the Ashram.

c.       It conveys the needed creative qualities, for the Ashram is assembled for purposes of creative work in alignment with the Divine Plan.

287. We remember how the Tibetan is seeking for IBS to understand something deeper about speech and silence. Right understanding and right practice along these lines will have a desirable effect on the sound which goes forth from her and which she is. As she masters speech, her sound will become ashramically fit.

The next few years will not be easy ones for you, my brother.

Pluto, Saturn and Uranus experiences will continue. The progressing Moon is soon entering Sagittarius—symbol of the burning ground—where it will be for more than two years, and transiting Pluto is beginning its long transit over the progressed Sun in Leo, at the same time gradually approaching a refining quincunx of the progressing Ascendant in Pisces—sign of relinquishment, esoterically ruled by Pluto.

Be not over-anxious over anything that may eventuate. Speaking symbolically, I might express your future thus: The nature of fire will be brought more clearly and essentially to your attention; fire will be the subject of your thinking. Do not infer from this that I am indicating to you the way of fire, of pain or of sorrow. Such is not my intention. I do not mean that the future holds for you any passing through the fires of purification. You have moved across the burning-ground—as have all your group brothers. The whole of mankind is passing en masse through the fires which precede the first initiation. Every disciple creates his own burning-ground; he then takes his stand within it, and eventually [Page 554] passes out of it to stand before the Angel of the Presence, at the very door of initiation. These are to you the platitudes of the Path and require from me no explanation.

288. Anxiety has been a characteristic of IBS’ astral condition.

289. DK does not specify what kind of fiery experiences IBS will experience as the nature of fire is brought “more clearly and essentially” to her attention. He does say that it is not only the fire of the kinds of burning ground with which she, and all her group brothers, have been familiar through the process of training. The fires of which He speaks, therefore, are not specifically the fires of purification, though purification is a process that continues in the life of all disciples.

290. Probably, there will be a growing effect of solar fire.

291. DK hints that IBS is, like her group brothers, in process of creating her own burning ground and within it she will have to stand. All this is preparation for the process of initiation.

292. All accepted disciples are in training for initiation—whether in the present incarnation or one immediately or shortly ahead. When fire is the focus of the disciple’s thinking, that focus is part of the preparatory process preceding initiation.

293. This paragraph is one of those in which DK evaluates the present very difficult state of humanity as part of a process preceding the first initiation. Through an understanding of this fact, we see the inevitability of humanity’s present liberative suffering. Humanity could, however, suffer with greater wisdom and understanding—i.e., more conscious of the process through which it is passing.

There is one fire, however, with which you should now concern yourself. I would call it "the fire of comprehension."

This fire could be considered a second ray fire.

It is closely related to the blinding light of realisation, but ever precedes it because it destroys all the glamours which may hide or veil the immediate point of illumination for the disciple.

The opportunity to continue the destruction of glamor is offered in part through the closing conjunction of fifth ray/second ray Venus with natal Mercury in Gemini. This is a very light-filled conjunction.

294. While not specifying the nature of the impending experiences of fire, DK does call attention to a type of fire to which IBS should now attend: “the fire of comprehension”.

295. We are advised of a sequence: the fire of comprehension precedes the experience of the “blinding light of realisation”.

296. Really, DK seems to be discussing preparation for the second and third initiations.

297. Through the “fire of comprehension” one prepares for the second degree, before which the glamors which veil illumination must be destroyed. We realize that an “illumined mind” and “spiritual intelligence” are indications of the one who can take the second degree. DK is laying out the tasks to be accomplished by IBS as she prepares for this initiation of deglamorization.

Spiritual instinct, the lowest aspect of the intuition, indicates readiness for the first initiation; an illumined mind and spiritual intelligence are the definite sign that a man can take the second initiation, whilst spiritual perception or intuitive instinct signifies preparedness for the Transfiguration, the third initiation.” DINA II 267

298. When we think of the dissipation of glamor, it is enlightening to think of this process occurring through the agency of the “fire of comprehension”.

299. As for the “blinding light of realization”, it clearly alludes to the drastic intensification of light characteristic of the third degree. This was the major experience through which Paul passed on the Road to Damascus.

300. It becomes clear that IBS is not yet a candidate for the third degree and its blinding realizations in the light of transfiguration. First she must prepare for and pass through the second.

You have approached this fire from the standpoint of the emotional nature and it has been associated in your mind with the waters of the astral plane, thus producing the symbols of mist and fog which are ever caused by the bringing together of fire and water. This concept has conditioned your thinking. I would have you now consider glamour in the light of the fires of comprehension.

The transit of comprehending Jupiter in Virgo through the ninth house of higher mind, and trine its own natal and progressed positions, will help with the growth of comprehending understanding.

301. In earlier letters of instruction we saw DK working to help IBS achieve a greater mental polarization and illumination of the mind so that the conflict normally focussed in the astral nature could be elevated to the mental where it could find resolution.

302. At her present stage of development she no longer needs to emphasize fiery aspiration, but the light of illumination achieved through conflict rightly handled on the mental plane.

303. Were she to continue to emphasize the fires of aspiration, fire would continue to blend with water and the glamors in which she has walked would remain undissipated.

304. IBS has thought of glamor in terms of “mists and fog” resulting from the union of fire and water. DK seeks to reorient her thought so that the she may comprehend glamor more fully by means of the “fire of comprehension”. At this point we should remember that IBS was a member of Group IX.2, the group whose task it was to understand and dissipate glamor. We should also remember that she was one of those who succumbed noticeably to a glamor which presented itself through a misleading thoughtform of the Tibetan.

There comes a time in the disciple's life when he must assume that he knows; he must take the position that he comprehends, and must proceed to act upon the comprehended knowledge. That is definitely the point that you have now reached.

There is a very strong Gemini emphasis at this time; the progressed Venus natal Mercury conjunction; transiting Uranus conjunct natal Sun; progressed Mars having entered Gemini. Gemini represents mental polarization and is associated with the Angel. The opportunity at this time for stabilized mental polarization is very strong. D.K. is asking IBS to take a stand as a knower, and in one respect, she is that, for she has taken the first initiation, the theme of which is the capacity to know.

305. For IBS the “as if” method is of particular value at this time.

306. The assumption of a more elevated perspective based upon the method of “as if” helps to establish that perspective as a reality. We imagine, and eventually, that which is imagined becomes reality. Our ‘dream’ comes true.

307. To use the “act as if” method, is an imitative approach to higher states of reality. It involves faculties other than aspiration; IBS needs to deemphasize fiery aspiration and achieve a greater degree of mental focus.

The results of this definite assumption, and of the activities which it initiates, are oft surprising and apt to be painful; that is why the symbol of fire is again appropriate at this point.

308. We are in the midst of a section in which DK is prophesying that IBS will come into a greater understanding of fire, and that the experience will not be easy. Here he links the assumption of the “as if” attitude to certain painful results that are likely to eventuate. This may come as a surprising thought—that “as if” can summon fire and produce difficult situations.

309. It may be that the “as if” method automatically calls for the fires that burn away all that prevents the higher image from becoming the reality. In this respect “as if” is an invocative act.

Act in the future "as if" there are for you no more glamours, and see, my brother, what will eventuate. Endeavour always to live within the Ashram, which is insulated from glamour, and act "as if" the consciousness of the Ashram was intrinsically your consciousness. Go forth to the service which you are rendering "as if" you remained immovable in the Ashram; live always "as if" the eyes of the entire Ashram were upon you. For the remainder of your life let the esoteric philosophical concept "as if" actuate all you do. It is this constant awareness which the two words "as if" embody that will produce in you a fresh use of the creative imagination.

This counsel comes at a time when, through Venus and Mercury, the ajna center, associated with the power to visualize, is being greatly stimulated. Venus rules the ajna center for most people and also for the majority of disciples. For the more advanced disciple and the initiate, Mercury becomes a co-ruler.

310. This section holds some of the clearest teaching about the occult dynamics of the “as if” process. This process, by means of which one seeks to identify with a state higher than one has actually achieved, is sure to bring about a sense of division—initially. The Angel and the Dweller or, at least, their reflections will come more clearly revealed.

311. DK is suggesting methods of identifying with the Ashram, predicting that such an attempt will have inevitable results, about which He does not say very much.

312. We note an important principle: the principle of ‘ashramic insulation’. The energy pattern of the Ashram rebuffs lower states which would compromise its integrity. The Ashram may also be insulated, in a sense, from states too high to be assimilated. This is true of any integrated living system including our solar system.

313. Such sound advice in this paragraph! What is suggested?

a.       Acting “as if” living always within the Ashram

b.      Acting “as if” the consciousness of the Ashram were intrinsically the consciousness of the disciple

c.       Acting “as if” immovable within the Ashram when rendering service

d.      Acting “as if” “the eyes of the entire Ashram were upon you”—always!; This is an extraordinarily powerful visualization.

314. The result will be, among other things, a fresh use of the creative imagination.

315. Let each of us think how we might apply the “as if method” to our present life of discipleship—without becoming inflated! Do the suggestions given to IBS apply to us given the stage of spiritual development we have reached? Are there other kinds of elevated states to which we should apply the “as if method”?

316. “As if” summons the desired pattern which already exists deeply within our higher nature , and is, eventually, a key to archetypal living.

Some time ago I told the group that initiation was simplification. Therefore, simplify your remaining years by ever acting "as if." Through this living process you will let loose the fires of comprehension. I wonder if I am making some idea of value clear to you? Govern yourself always "as if" [Page 555] your divine comprehension was perfected and the result in your daily life will be "as if" all concealed glamours and all hiding deceptive veils were non-existent. The disciple acts "as if" he were initiate and then discovers that "as a man thinketh in his heart so is he," because the heart is the custodian of the power of the imagination. The imagination is released into creative activity when the disciple acts "as if" he were the soul in full expression, "as if" the Master were ever aware of the doings of His disciple, "as if" he walked in full liberation consciously. For you, these two words will bring release and happiness.

Through the influence of Uranus, which ever brings about the improvement of conditions, D.K. is suggesting that IBS re-conceive and thus re-create her life. It is time for a new pattern to be instituted, and the “as-if” technique, here enlivened by the Uranus/Sun conjunction, is intended to be the method.

317. Something potent and extraordinary is being conveyed in this instruction, and yet so practical that any sincere disciple can begin its application immediately.

318. One very important point: the “as if method” lets loose the fires of comprehension. Through its use we see our present life and all its limitations in a new light.

319. To an extent we are dealing with “sympathetic magic”. Like resonates to like.

320. We can hardly over-estimate the value of this paragraph as indicating a most effective tool for spiritual transformation.

321. Through the “as if”, the imaginary is rendered real. Through the “as if” one may approach and become that toward which one aspires. Through the “as if” one can being to merge with soul and approach greater intimacy with the Ashram and the Master.

322. What is fundamentally important is that the “as if method” is not one of striving and fiery aspiration. It originates from a different part of the astral body the part from which imagination originates and utilizes the mind far more than aspiration, per se, can.

323. The “as if method” as we begin to sense its dynamics utilizes the ajna and heart centers, and not the solar plexus as does the process of aspiration. This does not mean that aspiration should be discontinued. It must be continued, but a different approach to progress is required of the more mentally polarized disciple. The mentally polarized disciple is one who can align at will with the plane of higher mind where what we usually call the soul has its habitat.

324. To move from aspiration to “as if” represents a major ‘shifting of spiritual gears’

The trends of your life and service are established. Seek not to change them. The fund of knowledge which you have accumulated in this life is very real.

This has been one of the purposes of being born in the sign Gemini.

325. The Tibetan honors the Law of Economy in the process of spiritual growth.

Draw, however, what you need for your teaching work from the ancient reservoir of wisdom, and not so much from the pool of knowledge.

The contents of the causal body are more easily accessed under the progressed Venus, natal Mercury conjunction.

326. Wisdom is of the heart and knowledge of the mind. DK seeks to induce a more intuitive heart activity.

327. Really, the Gemini/Sagittarius axis which is so prominent in the astrological chart of IBS is an axis not only of knowledge but of intuition.

328. Wisdom, however, is related to deep and abiding principles, whereas knowledge is relative and more related to time and space conditions.

Deepen your meditation and intensify the inner silence within which it is desirable that you should live. Think humbly,

with an envisioned Sagittarian perspective

speak wisely

under the union of Gemini and Sagittarius to both of which Mercury, the planet of speech, is related

and work ceaselessly

no problem, considering the intensity and activity of the rays with which she is provided .

329. The Tibetan offers His chela some of the well-known platitudes of the spiritual path, but now she has experienced sufficient simplification to value and assimilate them.

330. Humility, wisdom, and ceaseless work—these are enjoined by DK upon His disciple.

331. We note that the Master calls now not only for an outer silence as He did when counseling a greater control of speech , but for an intensified “inner silence”. This is an attentiveness to the Master’s voice and a readiness to see the Master’s face.

332. It is interesting to see how much DK has focussed upon modes of inner contact when instructing IBS. To do this, He has had to reveal the personality habits that have militated against this contact. He is attempting to draw her more fully into the silence of the inner Ashram. This has required a major readjustment on her part.

The opportunity today is great for all disciples everywhere, and the potencies at their disposal are more vital than ever before. Link up with me each day and count on my sustaining love.

333. DK ends this instruction on an affirmative note. The function of the Master and of every great teacher is, ultimately, to inspire.

334. It is fire which will bring liberation and the Master must tend the evocation of the fire in His chelas—both individually and in relation to the group especially so .

335. A great word resounds through Master DK’s Teaching: that word is “opportunity”. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Relocated Solar Return for June 2, 1946: This if the final Solar Return chart occurring before the last instruction given by the Tibetan to the New Seed Group members {though some received one more individual instruction in 1948}. This chart was effective during a period of deep disappointment, as the New Seed Group was discontinued in late 1946. The mark of this chastening in IBS’ Solar Return is the elevated Saturn/Moon conjunction in Cancer—conjuncting the MC. We remember that Cancer is a sign specifically related to the Ashram the fourth house , and that the Moon orthodoxly rules Cancer while Saturn is in detriment in this sign. The outer ashramic experiment was coming to an end, and there was much distress, especially for IBS. Libra, however, rises, with Jupiter on the Ascendant, and Chiron, Juno and Neptune all in Libra in the twelfth house, not only of endings of but of mercy. The Libran relationship with the Master continued, but “behind the scenes”.

Progressions, Directions and Transits for August 15, 1946:

Main Chart Features for the Dynamic Chart: On December 19, 1945, there was a lunar eclipse at 26ºGem50’ on the Ascendant/Descendant axis, followed by an eclipse on June 14, 1946 with a lunar eclipse at 23ºSag05’, again, on the Ascendant/Descendant axis. Important changes of identity and relationship are signaled by both, and can be reasonable interpreted as relating to the impact upon IBS of the discontinuance of the Tibetan’s New Seed Group. The progressed Moon in Sagittarius in nearly conjunct the Ascendant. The progressed Ascendant at 9ºPisces01’ has moved into the degree opposite the natal Uranus at 9ºVirgo44’, indicating disruption and transformation of relations. Saturn by transit is moving towards the natal Moon and will arrive by conjunction by mid-October, 1946, shortly after this last instruction. The transiting South Node and the progressed MC are both in the same degree, and almost the same minute of arc, indicating an important karmic point with respect to the dharma. Certainly, the disbanding of the New Seed Group was perceived as such by IBS. And transiting Pluto is sextiling the natal Sun. Uranus, by transit, will conjunct the natal Descendant within a year’s time, indicating the change which has come about in all higher studies {the ninth house of natal Uranus} and in the significant occult relations which the New Seed Group had represented.

August 1946


I know how greatly distressed you will be at the termination of our outer not the inner fellowship; forget not that the outer fellowship was only the sign of a strong, vital and unshatterable inner fellowship. The inner relation of the group to me and to the Ashram and towards each other is as strong as it has ever been; it is in no wise altered. Because of the very real progress you have made in freeing yourself from glamour, that fellowship can now become even more intimate.

One of the indications of this sustained inner fellowship and deepening ashramic intimacy may be the imminent movement of progressing Venus into Cancer, the sign which generically represents the Ashram as spiritual home.

336. The Master well knew the impact of the discontinuation on the psyches of the group participants. One of His tasks was to buffer that impact by reminding them of the assurance of continued ashramic affiliation. “…the outer fellowship was only the sign of a strong, vital and unshatterable inner fellowship”.

337. As a result of her progress in freeing herself from glamor, DK assures her of the present possibility of an even more intimate fellowship with the inner Ashram.

338. Disciples passing through such a discontinuation had the opportunity to discriminate between outer appearance and inner and abiding spiritual facts.

339. Each of them would now be called upon to emphasize a more subjective approach. They would have to themselves of the fact that failure is to be understood as a prelude to future success.

I can reach you more easily than in the past. I am telling you this because I know it will reassure you and because I know you will not take advantage of it. The further a disciple penetrates into the Ashram, the less need he finds for contact with the Master; he comes to realise the extent of [Page 556] the Master's responsibilities and arrives at a juster value of his own relative unimportance. He then submits himself to "the sustaining aura of the Ashram."

340. Master DK has been training His disciple in the art of communicating more directly with the Ashram and with Himself as a Master. The training focussed on the three circles of ashramic life was directed to this end—producing truer communication and an increasing ashramic intimacy.

341. Now He assures His chela that much along that line has been achieved, and that He can reach her more easily than heretofore. It is also, thereby, suggested that she can reach Him more easily than previously, for she is in a position to “take advantage” of that contact should she so choose. Can it mean that she is approaching the stage of Chela on the Thread? She has probably not achieved that state, more closely associated with the general period of the third initiation, but her line of approach to that state seems be clearer than before and she is on her way.

342. DK is suggesting that she has penetrated further into the Ashram than in earlier days, and He is advising her of the correct attitude for one who penetrates in this manner.

343. The neophyte in the Ashram is likely to think much of the Master and to wish that He would be attentive. This ‘beginner’s attitude’ shifts as the disciple learns more about the vast responsibilities upheld by the Master.

344. There is indeed a source of sustainment coming from the Ashram. DK calls it “the sustaining aura of the Ashram”, and to its utilization the newly entered chela is entitled. When the disciple avails himself of the sustainment of this aura, it does not require the Master’s direct attention.

345. The experienced ashramic member is governed by a wise and just sense of proportion.

346. Establishing a true sense of proportion is not easy for the sixth ray disciple whose tendency towards undue emphasis is always tending towards distortion. IBS, however, has made much progress along these lines, and of this progress DK seems to be reassuring her.

In my last two communications to you I left you with the impression that I had already given you as much teaching as would serve to carry you through this life. I urged on you a steadfast adherence to established spiritual habits. Enough emphasis is seldom put on the necessity for such a stabilisation of spiritual rhythm, and too much emphasis is frequently laid upon that which is new and on progress.

Here, D.K. again speaks to the need for stability which confronts Geminian aspirants and disciples, and to the pressing desire for progress which accompanies the Sagittarius energy.

347. IBS has no seventh ray energy in her present ray chart, and the only astrological sign conveying the seventh ray is Aries, in which Mars not a very seventh ray planet is placed.

348. DK is emphasizing the value of spiritual habits and their stabilization. We remember that one of the mantra for Gemini is “Let instability do its work.” Sagittarius, too, is always progressive rather than given to stabilization through repetition, yet the one-pointedness of Sagittarius can be considered a potent stabilizing factor.

349. DK is advising His disciples to build firmly, stabilizing their gains, rather than to rush ahead in quest of progress and the ever new. We can see from many features in her horoscope that IBS tends to rush ahead.

350. Really, this last instruction from DK is one of reassurance and attempted stabilization. He acts to preserve the integrity of the Ashram by stabilizing the consciousness of some of its outer members. Can the group members remain steadfast in their spiritual practices even though the outer organization which seemed to hold them together is disbanded? They can, if the inner ashramic organism is to them a vivid reality.

Yet disciples have to learn to turn their spiritual habits into instinctual spiritual responsiveness; this is the higher correspondence to the instinctual animal reactions with which we are all familiar.

The main positive features of the astrological chart thus become instinctual, and the disciple can rely upon that which previously he so assiduously cultivated.

351. Our spirituality is to become automatic. We are not merely to stand upon a platform of correct spiritual habits, but we are to become constantly spiritually responsive. Spiritual responsiveness is a readiness to respond spiritually to all impacts—even those with which we have little familiarity, and in relation to which spiritual habits may have not been established. This represents a further step.

352. The sooner certain spiritual preoccupations become instinctual, the sooner is consciousness released for deeper and higher forms of communication. We do not think of shifting the gears of a car every time we do so; our mind is rightfully on other things.

When this has been achieved, the disciple can then depend upon himself automatically to do or say the right thing; more important still, the Master can count upon him, knowing that he can be depended upon.

A great eventual gift of the sixth ray is steadfastness; the first ray is in its purposes ever steadfast.

353. The Master looks for reliability in the chela. Then He can fully extend His trust and the prerogatives of that trust.

354. Two types of dependence or trust are here discussed; 1 the disciples’ trust in himself and 2 the Master’s trust in his disciple.

355. Hierarchy is an affiliation based upon unshatterable trust.

356. When DK undertook the training of IBS she was not yet a reliable and trustworthy disciple, but she was unwaveringly sincere, and this was the guarantee of her future accomplishments.

He is then "permitted to move throughout the Ashram without impediment, and all the Plan is safe with him." This is what I want you to aim at in your remaining years, so that you will in your next life from childhood, express the way of the disciple.

The word “aim” appeals to the forward-looking Sagittarian consciousness. After so great a blow as the loss of the NSG, D.K. is attempting to direct the consciousness of his disciples forward in a positive and constructive manner.

357. DK seems to be quoting either the words of another Master or Teacher or from the Old Commentary.

358. A great incentive is offered to IBS as a future possibility, regardless of the disbanding of the outer group.

359. Only he can move throughout the Ashram without impediment who automatically safeguards the Plan.

360. DK is helping IBS prepare for her next incarnation. He seeks to see her oriented as a disciple from the childhood phase of her next life. What is suggested, however, is that disciples may not find themselves immediately evidencing a disciplic orientation. They may have to find it again, and this can be a relatively length process and, even, a waste of precious time.

361. The ongoing integrity of the Ashram both inner and outer is DK’s concern. He seeks to preserve a continuity of effort on both sides the veil, and to minimize the disruption caused by what we might call ‘incarnational forgetfulness’.

362. We see how much the Master is aiming His counsel in the direction of IBS’ future oriented, Sagittarian Ascendant—the sign which is to lead her closer to the center of soul life by the end of her present incarnation. The imagery used has a definitely Sagittarian appeal.

In my last instruction to you I gave you the injunction to act as if the ideal which you have set before yourself was an accomplished fact.

Not only is this an example of the “as if” attitude, but calls upon the ability of the first ray disciples to assert the fact.

363. We see the Master relating the sixth ray of idealism to the factuality of the first ray.

364. Using the “as if” attitude is one way to transform duality into unity, and the two into the one.

This as if behaviour is one of the most occult of practices. It in reality presupposes the imposition of the highest grasped aspiration upon the normal personality in the form of changed behaviour. This injunction is not the same in meaning as the injunction "as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." That injunction, if rightly followed, brings about the imposition of mental control upon the personality; it affects the brain, and therefore the two lower vehicles. The as if type of behaviour for the disciple brings in a still higher factor than that of thought; it involves the constant attempt to live as if the soul not the mind but through the mind is in constant control and the dominating aspect of expression.

If this as if attitude could be Mastered by IBS, the veiled rulership of the Leo Moon would become first ray/seventh ray Uranus, the planet of occultism, and not sixth ray Neptune which governs the personality and the astral body.

365. DK emphasizes the deep occultism of the “as if” attitude. We come to understand the relation of this technique to both the sixth and first rays, with the influence of the seventh ray of manifestation suggested as well. If the “as if” attitude “presupposes the imposition of the highest grasped aspiration upon the normal personality in the form of changed behaviour”, then the sixth ray of aspiration, the first ray of imposition and the seventh ray of behavioral change or repatterning are all suggested.

366. DK offers important occult distinctions. The “as if” attitude is higher than the injunction “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, and He gives the reason why. The latter injunction facilitates mental control over the personality; it affects the brain and the two lower vehicles. The “as if” attitude is focussed at a level higher than that of mind. The disciple is to live “as if” the soul is the constantly controlling factor. A much higher level of energy than mind, per se, is imposed upon the personality.

367. Both methods are ‘top-down’ methods, but the “as if” technique seeks the imposition of the disciple’s highest light upon the present personality condition. Its reach is higher and greater.

This may involve close thinking about the soul and its relation to the personality, but it is a great deal more than [Page 557] just that. It necessitates, when correctly applied, the growing automatic control of the entire lower threefold man by the soul. I am going to give you six themes for meditation built around the as if idea. These will cover one year's work. I would like to see you take these themes and give them full consideration for three years. At the end of that time you will probably wish to go over all the work again, on a higher level and with a deeper intent.

Interestingly, these three years would take IBS to the point in time when A.A.B. had passed over.

368. So important is the “as if” attitude to IBS that DK continues to elaborate upon it. The benefit, of course, comes to all of us.

369. If the “as if” is correctly used, the result will be complete soul control of the personality. From this perspective, “as if” can be seen as an initiatory technique.

370. DK is outlining IBS’ work for the next six years. This, too, will contribute to her sense of continuity and lessen the impact of the outer disruption of the process of occult training in which she and her co-disciples were involved.

1. Sound the OM inaudibly three times, as a physical person, as an emotional person, and as a mind.

Then sound the OM as the soul.

371. Three important levels of identification are established.

2. Themes for meditative reflection:

a. What, in your life, would happen if you really acted as if the soul were sounding the OM?

372. Our level of identification would be elevated; we would discover ourselves, eventually, as the soul on its own plane.

b. If you are truly thinking as if the mind were the instrument of the soul, what lines of thought will you have to eliminate, cultivate or express?

373. This can only be answered specifically by each of us. Major eliminations occur along the Path of Discipleship. The elimination of thoughts disruptive of the perception of unity is a major elimination. The heads of the Hydra represent such negative thoughts.

c. If you are realistically living as if the soul were visible in your daily life, what will happen to the astral body?

374. Would the astral body disappear? Or would it flooded with the energy of love? Certainly, glamor would disappear and the astral body would be tranquilized.

d. Provided the as if theory were controlling your physical brain and consequently your daily activities, in what way would it alter your mode of living? This is not the same as question a.

375. Would not the patterns of the etheric body be significantly modified and, consequently, external behavior also?

e. Do you understand clearly the difference between the "as a man thinketh...," and the as if modes of procedure? How do they differ in application?

376. This we have discussed, but the distinctions between these two processes are subtle in application. To make the distinctions meaningful, the disciple must experience the difference between the imposition of mental control and the imposition of soul control. The lower and higher minds are involved. Both methods, however, do involve the heart. The “as if” method involves the heart more intensively.

f. What qualities would your particular mechanism or personality demonstrate if you acted as if you were anchored in the Ashram and not just on the periphery? Do not be vague in this reply, but be extremely personal in your analysis of the situation.

377. It is interesting to see the Master calling upon His disciple to be “extremely personal” in her analysis. He asks this presumably in order to short-cut any possibility of evasion through generalization.

378. DK is asking for an analysis of the quality and kind of personality expression of the individual who is really anchored in the Ashram and not just standing on its periphery.

379. I think we can see that each of these questions is of immediate value to the sincere disciple.

3. Then, as if you were consciously standing before your Master and definitely aware of my presence, dedicate yourself to the service of the Ashram for this life and the next.

380. The accepted disciple is directly related to the Master, and this relationship is constantly to be affirmed even if not allowed to take the place of concentration upon service

4. Say the new Invocation, sounding the OM after each stanza.

[Page 558]

5. Sound the OM at as high a point in consciousness as possible.

Then, my brother, go your way in peace,

a quality of the high first ray and, essentially, of Shamballa

knowing the ferment of living energies within you will enable you to act as if you were the soul. This will be a growing, conscious experience. Know too that I, your Master and your friend, will also be aware of it. My love surrounds you and the link remains unbroken.

381. DK’s final words to IBS are full of promise. Her life process has been characterized by a “ferment of living energies”. From this ferment, the Master predicts a positive outcome. She will emerge from turbulence into the realized “peace” of the soul. The soul will be consciously realized.

382. Master DK assures His chela of His friendship and His love—great sustainments in a period of apparent aloneness. Transiting Pluto, as planet of isolation and expulsion, is doing its purifying work.

383. The Piscean Church used to foster the fear of excommunication amongst the faithful. Excommunication was equivalent to eternal damnation. Some echo of this horrible prospect resides in the subconscious of many. The part is horrified by the prospect of being severed from the Whole.

384. When the Master apparently ‘left’ His outer group, there was, to be sure, some dim echo of the fear of excommunication. The Master’s sustaining touch and concern would be withdrawn, and the group members would be left spiritually alone.

385. All such thoughts, however, reside in the veil of illusion; Master DK assured them all of the spiritual facts of the matter which were quite other than the vision their fears may have fashioned.

386. Once a Master accepts a disciple into His Ashram, the link, under almost all circumstances, remains forever unbroken. DK reassures IBS of both His link to her and His love for her. In doing this, He is simply stating an ashramic truth.

387.          DK promises that He will be a participant in IBS’ growing soul consciousness. He could not be more assuring or sustaining.

Dear Fellow Students,

We have come to the end of a rather exhaustive and exhausting astrological and general disciplic analysis of IBS—Impersonality, Being, Synthesis. It is interesting that the vast proportion of attention given by the Tibetan focussed on Impersonality, rather than on either Being or Synthesis. Perhaps progress was not as rapid as expected—yet it was very real and IBS never wavered in her commitment to DK and His Ashram.

With IBS we have the story of a new accepted disciple, with many problems relating to the control of the astral body and the need for moderation and balance. DK has given her a wealth of advice which is of an unusually practical nature. Further, many occult techniques can be found imbedded in the instructions, and there are hints concerning even more.

It would seem that disciples such as ourselves could learn much from a careful pondering of the instructions to IBS. Many of her problems are our problems and DK has been very clear in suggesting methods for their resolution.

When we study IBS, we seen an example of a disciple undeterred. She passed through many difficult experiences and one significant humiliation based on overly hopeful sixth ray attitudes accompanied by a lack of discrimination. Nothing, however, stopped her steady and persistent drive forwards as might be expected from her combination of first and sixth rays . For persistence alone she should be studied, and for the assurance that such persistence will definitely lead to spiritual emergence and will finally “win the day”.