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Commentary on Instruction to FCD
commentary by Michael D. Robbins

To F. C. D.

1.            The meaning of the ‘Developmental Formula’, “FCD”, is “Freedom from Ties”, “Chelaship” and “Detachment. We note that “Freedom from Ties” is placed in italics for emphasis and thus it was the most important developmental keynote.

2.            FCD was Dr. Roberto Assagioli, an important Italian psychiatrist who founded Psychosynthesis—a system of psychological analysis, synthesis and therapy which is best understood within the context of Transpersonal Psychology—the “fourth force” in the modern psychological science. He was also an early pioneer in the popularization of Freud’s Psychoanalysis.

3.            Roberto Assagioli is the author of two major books, The Act of Will, and the Psychosynthesis Manual, as well as numerous articles and monographs. Ever seeking anonymity in relation to his esoteric interests, he also wrote (under pseudonyms) books on the Seven Rays and Esoteric Astrology.

4.            Roberto Assagioli, FCD, was one of the more advanced disciples who worked with the Tibetan as He attempted to establish various specialized groups of servers for the purpose of world redemption. FCD’s deeply esoteric roots have been emerging into the light in recent years. A pioneer in the field of the new psychology, he derived much strength and guidance from his association with the Inner Ashram and as a result of his chelaship under the supervision of Master DK. His true Master, however, was the Master KH.

5.            FCD’s rays were 24-127: a second ray soul, a fourth ray personality, a first ray mind, a second ray astral vehicle and a seventh ray etheric-physical vehicle.

6.            The birth data for Dr. Assagioli rectified by Elena Dramchini from the frequently given time of twelve noon is as follows: February 27, 1888, Florence, Italy, 12:12:29 pm, CET (note that true local time is not used in this rectification). She calculates an Ascendant of 0 Cancer 27 and 4 Pisces 13 on the Midheaven.

7.            The chart derived by ED is as follows:

8.            In the Astro-Databank of Lois Rodden, an AA horoscope (“AA” is the highest rating for accuracy) is given for 11:59 am, yielding an Ascendant of 02º Can24’, with Geocentric Latitude Correction (02º Can 34’ without Geocentric Latitude Correction).We note that the place of birth given by Rodden is Venice, indicating that Florence is not the proper place of birth. This confusion arose because of an interview with someone who knew Roberto Assagioli well. This individual gave Florence as the place of birth. However, a certain Mr. “Bordini” presented Assagioli’s birth certificate to Lois Rodden. The chart derived is as follows.

9.            The astrologer Niklas Nihlen worked independently on rectifying the chart of FCD and determined to his satisfaction that the time should be 12:03 LMT, Venice, Italy. The chart derived by NN is as follows:

In this chart we note the slightly later Ascending degree and Midheaven.

10.        We must note that for these various charts, slightly different adjustments for true local time (TLT) are used and, accordingly, there will be slight discrepancies. Such discrepancies are rather negligible in the work we are doing. Only for the closest work in timing would they be significant, and we lack sufficient external data on the life of FCD to make such close work really possible.

11.        For the kind of work we are doing (i.e., analyzing the personal instructions given by the Tibetan to FCD), we are within an acceptable range of accuracy. As we proceed through the chart and the instructions, we will see which if any of the various charts proposed (four charts) comes closest to accuracy.

12.        The important features of this chart are the early Cancer Ascendant, the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, Venus is placed in Aquarius and Mars has just entered Scorpio. Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Saturn retrograde in the first degree of Leo, Uranus in Libra, and Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini.

13.        An astrologically detailed analysis of FCD’s chart vis-à-vis the personal instructions to him will be given by Elena Dramchini in an accompanying document. This analysis presented in this document has a different and more general purpose and, accordingly, the astrological work will be less exacting.

14.        A few important immediate features of the astrological chart are as follows:

        1. The Cancer Ascendant shows the close ties which FCD experienced throughout his life, and points to the first term in his ‘Developmental Formula’—“Freedom from Ties”. As well, his great tendency to guard, cherish, protect, and to express sheltering love is related to the Cancerian energy—at once a great asset and also a liability to one so prominently upon the second ray. The Cancer Ascendant is also related to the necessity for the third term of the ‘Developmental Formula’—“Detachment”.

        2. The Sun in Pisces contributes to FCD’s compassion, unusual depth of understanding, psychological skill and “pervasiveness of wisdom” (EA 136). Placed conjuncting the MC, the Sun demonstrates the distinctiveness FCD achieved in his career as a prominent psychiatrist and psychotherapist. This position (in relation to house ten—a significant number of initiation) may also have relevance to his acknowledged status as a “pledged initiate-disciple” (DINA II 465)

        3. The Moon in Virgo confers practicality and an innate understanding of the healing arts. It contributes to his life demonstration as a humble servant of the Ashram despite his prominence in the worlds of psychiatry and psychology.

        4. Mercury retrograde in Pisces contributes to his power of imagination, so prominent in the techniques of “Psychosynthesis”—the school of psychology which he founded. The retrogradation signals, in his case, the originality and self-reliance of his mind

        5. Venus in Aquarius confers his ability to evoke the soul of the several groups and organizations he originated. He is said to have played a prominent part in the founding of Meditation Mount in Ojai

          , California

          , and of course, of numerous Psychosynthesis Institutes.

        6. Mars in Scorpio speaks of his own struggles with his instinctual nature, and his determination to achieve victory over the same. It may also demonstrate the loss of his son, Ilario (when Ilario was still a young man) and FCD’s suffering over this loss. Mars is placed in the fifth house of “children” as is Uranus.

        7. Jupiter in Sagittarius contributes to his “avidity for knowledge and information”, his foresight and the vast perspective of his mind. Placed in the sixth house and arm of the chart, this position adds the ingredient of philosophical wisdom to his psychotherapeutic approaches. It also promoted his tireless pursuit of esoteric wisdom, and, increasingly, his international (Sagittarius) influence.

        8. Saturn in first ray Leo is one of the first ray combinations in the chart; it is useful in the regulation of the lower ego (Leo), and its trine to Jupiter (and its contraparallel to Jupiter) contribute to his emphasis upon the structured integration and synthesis of the human energy system.

        9. This Saturn position also shows the conditions of privation which he was forced to experience at various points in his life, especially during the Second World War when his life was frequently in danger.

        10. Chiron in Gemini in the twelfth house of healing adds to his power as a healer of mind and emotions. We remember that the Centaur Chiron directed Hercules on his quest for the Golden Apples of the Hesperides; this occurred in the Gemini Labor of Hercules.

        11. The Pluto/Neptune conjunction, also in the twelfth house, is a potent combination for deep psychological therapy and the destruction (Pluto) of glamor (Neptune

          ). This conjunction contributes to his rare and penetrating insight into the human psyche. Among his other accomplishments, FCD was acknowledged as a “depth psychologist”—one deeply concerned with the dynamics of the subconscious (and, in his case, the superconscious) psyche. This conjunction is a key significator of his profound approach to psychological understanding and therapy. It also helped to fashion him as an early advocate of Psychoanalysis.

        12. We find Uranus placed in Libra, the position of its esoteric rulership. Accompanying Mars in the fifth house, it may have contributed to the sad experiences surrounding the death of his son. On a higher turn of the spiral, this position signaled creativity of an unusual and unsuspected kind. It also shows him to be an innovator in the field of understanding human identity and self-expression.

        13. We find the second ray signs strongly accented, with the Sun in second ray Pisces, the Moon in second ray Virgo, and Chiron and Pluto in second ray Gemini.

        14. Although the sixth ray is not found in his ray makeup in the incarnation under discussion, it is astrologically ‘delivered’ through the Sun in sixth ray Pisces, the Moon in sixth ray Virgo and Jupiter (planet of the second ray) places in sixth ray Sagittarius. Second ray Jupiter is FCD’s “soul-ray ruler”, placed in a sign transmitting the sixth, fifth and fourth rays, in a house associated with discipleship, health and labor.

        15. Each of the three fourth ray signs, correlated with his fourth ray personality, is tenanted. Jupiter is placed in fourth ray Sagittarius, Mars in fourth ray Scorpio, and Neptune, a critical ruling planet (esoterically and hierarchically of his Cancer Ascendant, and, in a special manner, of his Pisces Sun-sign) in fourth ray Taurus.

        16. The fifth ray signs are also astrologically delivered through Jupiter in fifth ray Sagittarius, fifth ray Venus in fifth ray Aquarius and Saturn in fifth ray Leo.

        17. As FCD was an “initiate-disciple”, the hierarchical rulers of the Ascendant, Sun and MC may be appropriately used. These rulers are Pluto (hierarchical ruler of the Pisces Sun and MC) and Neptune (hierarchical ruler of the Cancer Ascendant). Their conjunction in the twelfth house of therapy and of the unconscious and super-conscious mind, is unusually potent.

        18. If, as one may suspect with reason, that FCD’s monadic ray was principally the second, then the point opposite the Sun-sign, Virgo, is to be considered the “monadic point” and the hierarchical ruler of Virgo is seen to be second ray Jupiter in the sixth house and arm of service. FCD would, then, have the same monadic and souls rays, and Jupiter would be the significator of both.

        19. Jupiter’s position (square to the Pisces Sun and MC) is important as it indicates FCD (from the soul perspective and perhaps monadically) as one of those commissioned to help externalize the second ray Ashram.

    15.        One or two physiognomical comments may be in place:

        1. It is clear from the beautiful and benign expression on his face that the second ray of love-wisdom radiates through the physiognomy of FCD—especially in the later portraits.

        2. One also finds the bowed-nose frequently found when Pisces is prominent (though the tip of the nose reflects a form common to Virgo, his Moon sign and prominent as the orthodox ruler of the Cancer Ascendant). This bowing of the nose may correlate to the powerful presence of Neptune

          and may not be so prominent is the other two decanates. FCD is born in the first decanate of Pisces ruled, according to the Tibetan, by Jupiter.

        3. Although the later pictures disguise the matter somewhat, we see in earlier portraits a fullness of lips which is associated with Cancer rising. We also see a broadening of the mouth, characteristic of this sign.

        4. Close examination will also reveal a certain flatness of the cheeks under the eyes. This, again, is characteristic of Pisces.

        5. Physiognomical analysis is useful in broad questions of rectification.

    16.        One or two biographical points can be seen as contributing to the rectification of the chart.

        1. FCD was married to Nella Ciapetti in 1922. The date of the marriage has, so far, not been located but there are convincing aspects in 1922 to signal this event. Throughout August of 1922, solar arc directed Venus (a planet of marriage) is conjuncting the natal Sun in Pisces. At the same time, solar arc directed Saturn is conjuncting the IC (in the 11:59:24 am

          chart) which symbolizes the home and the establishment of the home.

        2. In FCD’s natal chart, Saturn and Venus are in opposition. From reports of those informed about the situation, the marriage proved to be very much a Saturn/Venus marriage, with rather more of Saturn in evidence, for it appeared that FCD came to consider it a great restriction.

        3. The chart for Florence

          cannot be strictly correct. Even using its MC, 4º Pisces 13’ the marriage would have to have occurred at the very beginning of the year for Saturn to Cross the IC, and then SA-Venus would be less in aspect with the natal Sun than later in the year. The actual date of the marriage must be researched but the astrological probability is that it is closer to the middle of the year 1922 than towards the very beginning.

        4. An alternative chart erected for 11:59:35 am

          , Venice

          , demonstrates a slightly earlier MC than the Astrodatabank chart. It is as follows:

    This chart has one advantage over the ADB chart of 11:59:24 am—namely, that we find transiting Jupiter stationary on the progressing IC in early June of 1922, at the same time that solar arc directed Saturn is crossing the natal IC. Jupiter (in FCD’s case sextile Venus) is frequently a significator of marriage, especially when related to the IC with its ‘home and family’ connotation.

        1. For some reason (probably the use of different local time settings for Venice

          ) the ADB chart set for the time 11:59:24 am

          has a later MC (by 12 minutes of arc) than a chart derived for the time 11:59:35 am

          . The advantages of the 11:59:35 am

          chart are to be seen in that both ICs, the natal and progressed, are contacted by significant planets in the middle of the year 1922, around early June—June 5th through 10th or so. Discovery of the actual date of the marriage will set the matter straight. Whatever the exact truth, the year 1922 gives significant indications for marriage in the proposed charts.

        2. In any case, with either of these charts ( the 11:59:24 am

          chart derived by ABD or 11:59:35 am

          chart derived through Solar Fire) we are very close.

        3. Another date at our disposal is of significance. In 1951 (again on an undisclosed date) his son, Ilario died. Both (11:59

          plus) charts are indicative and could be justified. In both charts, mid year, we find the solar arc directed Ascendant coming to conjunction with the natal IC (home, family, intimate matters). There is also a solar eclipse in September, 1951, exactly opposite the degree of his natal Sun, and thus, on his heliocentric Earth, and also on his Moon (orthodoxly ruling the Ascendant)—all this, again in the family-related fourth house. The Moon, conventionally, is related to close family members. Earlier in the year, February, there is a lunar eclipse within two degrees of the natal MC/IC axis of both pre-noon charts under consideration.

        4. As well, at the seventh house cusp there is a transit of Chiron (dealing the wound) and the passage of solar arc directed Mars over the same point, such that Mars and Chiron (indicating, potentially, a very wounding situation in the area of relationship) are conjoined.

        5. We also learn that FCD was arrested in 1940 and spent (according to reports) about one month in prison. Any of the charts in use will demonstrate the correlations to this event as transiting Saturn in Aries was conjuncting both the progressing MC and Sun in the early part of 1940. Transiting Jupiter, however, followed Saturn’s trail and release from prison came shortly after. As Saturn continued is long transit through the eleventh and twelfth houses, FCD was hounded by the fascists, and even had to go into hiding (in caves, it is reported) to save his life and the life of his son).

        6. One can decide reasonably for either the 11:59:24 am

          chart (with its slightly later MC) or the 11:59:35 am

          chart (strangely, with its slightly later MC), as both carry strongly the major astrological correlations with available events.

        7. It would appear, then, that FCD was born slightly before noon


        8. There are other techniques of rectification which the astrologer Niklas Nihlen may have used to justify a later time of birth—about four minutes later (12:03 pm ), but the later chart does not seem to work as well as the two earlier Venice charts, because SA-Mars and transiting Chiron do not cross the seventh house cusp during the year of FCD’s son’s death.

        9. If we decide to use any of the three Venice charts (which seems accurate given the birth certificate of which we have been made aware and the testimony of other astrologers who have done FCD’s chart) and if we ignore the well-meaning but erroneous information we received from an interview with someone who knew him well, we shall find that we are certainly with four minutes of his birth time. The three Venice

          charts under consideration range from 11:59:24 am

          to 12:03 pm


        10. As FCD was an astrologer and as his birth certificate gave 11:59 am

          , and as both 11:59

          charts (11:59:24 am

          and 11:59:35 am

          ) work well, it seems best to default in the direction of a birth slightly before noon


    January 1933

    To my fellow disciple, F.C.D., who works in that loneliness which is so difficult for the second ray type, I would say the following: Your problem is twofold and when it yields to solution then your field of service—already large—will increase. You have the problem of a devitalised etheric body and also of a heart attached to many and hence unduly strained and taxed by others. There are many demands upon your sympathies. By the time you have reached the age of fifty years you should have achieved the difficult undertaking of becoming the sannyasin [Page 139] in the Western world. This B.S.W. has already achieved and could help you if you, with frankness, cared to correspond with him. You have somewhat to give him too.

    1. We note that Master DK addresses FCD as “my fellow disciple”. This immediately tells us something of FCD’s relatively advanced level of unfoldment. The Master treats him as something of a friend and comrade.

    2. The second ray is the “Ray of Attractive Coherency” (EA 411). It is a ray of union and fusion preferring affiliation to solitariness.

    3. Yet there is much in FCD’s chart which conduces to isolation: the Pluto/Neptune conjunction in the isolative, hidden twelfth house; the strength of the reclusive Piscean energy (although the Sun is highly elevated and prominent—forcing upon his somewhat reclusive nature an often unwanted exposure to the public eye); and first ray, separative Pluto squaring both the MC and the Sun. We also have to remember that this personal instruction was written in 1933 at which time the Fascists in Italy

      were fully in power, though the anti-Semitic policies later adopted by Mussolini were not yet in place.

    4. There are two solar eclipses prominent during this period, one occurring in August of 1932 almost exactly on FCD’s Moon in one of the ‘hidden’ houses, the fourth, and the other, about a month after this instruction was written, conjuncting both the MC and the Sun in Pisces. The first eclipse emphasizes isolation and hidden work; the second emphasizes prominence, but the kind of isolation-within-prominence that Pisces confers.

    5. The natural isolation to which the chart inclines is increased at this time by the conjunction of transiting Saturn (a planet of isolation) with the natal position of affiliative Venus. This means that Saturn is also in opposition to its natal position increasing the isolative tendencies.

    6. FCD, we learn has a field of service which is “already large”. This we might expect from the prominence of his Pisces Sun on the MC. The Institute of Culture and of Psychological Therapy had been founded as early as 1926.

    7. DK cites two problems which, when solved, will increase the scope of FCD’s service: a devitalised etheric body and a heart that is attached too many and thus unduly taxed and strained.

    8. The Neptune-ruled signs of Pisces and Cancer are both known for their difficulty in specializing prana. Neptune

      is the veiled esoteric ruler of the third house (which correlates with the etheric body). Neptune

      ’s conjunction with Pluto in a house generically ruled by both Neptune and Pluto (namely, the twelfth) depresses vitality still further.

    9. We learn of the many “demands” upon FCD’s sympathies; this we would expect through the prominence of the sympathetic signs, Cancer and Pisces, and the signal importance of empathic Neptune

      in the chart. Pisces is sympathetic but not necessarily attached because Pluto (a planet of detachment) is a co-ruler, esoterically and hierarchically, of Pisces. Cancer, however, is the most attached of all the twelve signs—especially emotionally attached.

    10. FCD would be fifty years of age in 1938. This instruction is sent to him in 1933 when he was forty-five. We have studied BSW, who already achieved the status of sannyasin. Unfortunately, we do not know the birthday of BSW, but have good reason to believe that he was born in 1877, and would thus be some eleven or so years older that FCD.

    11. The age, fifty, signals the Chiron return. It is interesting that the stage of sannyasin (emphasizing detachment from the usual worldly attachments and the focused pursuit of wisdom) should be correlated with the Chiron return. Chiron is a planetoid much associated with the second ray and with wisdom (Chiron was the “Wise Centaur”) so the conclusion of this approximately fifty year cycle is fitting for entry upon such a stage of life. As well, the number fifty is associated with the cycle of Sirius B in relation to Sirius A. Further, since the number five is correlated with the second ray, so is fifty. We would presume, then, that for a second ray soul, the onset of the second Chiron cycle at the age of fifty is very significant.

    12. At that time (1938) Saturn will just have moved out of the sign Pisces into Aries, signaling the beginning of a new zodiacal cycle. Chiron will also be crossing the Ascendant and the progressing Ascendant will have reached the natal North Node, signaling a soul-alignment with a necessary emphasis. This would not be the case in the chart erected for Florence

      , Italy

      . The progressing Ascendant would not yet have reached the North Node. A chart with an Ascendant of at least 2º of Cancer rising is necessary for the progressing Ascendant and North Node to conjoin in 1938.

    13. We have noticed that DK on occasion puts the disciples in his groups into correspondence with each other. The rays of BSW are very different from those of FCD: 17-467 compared to 24-127. They do, however, share the first, fourth and seventh rays. BSW had, apparently, achieved much detachment, although the record we are researching shows him married with a daughter (no doubt grown up at the time this instruction was written). Perhaps FCD’s psychological understanding would have been useful to BSW, as BSW seemed to lack a full understanding of his not-yet-entirely integrated personality nature.

    The problems of the etheric body will yield to treatment if the suggestions made to C.D.P. are noted and if the diet (in your case) is carefully controlled and regulated.... It is not my intention to indicate to those who work in my group the methods they should follow as regards diet. Such things differ for each individual.

    1. The disciple CDP was also devitalized. She too was a relatively older disciple—some twelve years older that FCD.

    2. CDP’s strong emotional body (she had three sixth rays in her personality and personality vehicles) contributed to her condition of devitalization. FCD also had a strong astral body, though on the second ray rather than the sixth. The relationship between his second ray soul and second ray astral body strengthened the astral nature.

    3. Interestingly, for all his mental accomplishment, FCD was considered to be astrally polarized (probably for purposes of his therapeutic, salvaging work). Both his soul nature and personality nature worked through his astral body. This polarization, bringing him into contact with many people who drew upon his sympathies, no doubt contributed to his condition of devitalization.

    4. No word of the suggested diet is in our possession, but we can see that with a Cancer Ascendant and its orthodox ruler, the Moon, in diet-conscious, discriminative Virgo, and in the fourth house (related to Cancer, the stomach and the home), diet would be an important consideration for FCD.

    5. DK, as in other instructions for other disciples, draws the line at suggesting too much about the handling of the physical nature. Diet is a personal matter and is, in general, to be handled by each disciple individually. We do note, however, that in the case of RSU, he emphasized her undesirable physical condition constantly, probably because it was such an obstacle to her immediately possible spiritual advancement. While usually He does not focus on such matters, no hard and fast rule can be laid down concerning the type of advice which the Master will, at times, see fit to impart.

    6. It is interesting and probably important to note (vis-à-vis the question of vitality) that both CDP and FCD had early Cancer rising. Her proposed rectified Ascendant puts the second degree of Cancer on the Ascendant; for FCD it is the third degree in three of the four charts under consideration.

    You have necessarily at this stage the vices of your second ray virtues. You suffer from attachment and from a too rapid identification with other people. This can be handled if you stand steadfast as a soul and do not focus as a personality in dealing with people—both in your home circle and in your world service. You need to bear in mind that your relation is with souls and not with temporary forms and so you must live detached from personalities, serving them but living ever in the consciousness of the soul—the true sannyasin.

    1. We see how vice and virtue are necessarily combined. Our virtues, if taken to excess, prove to be vices.

    2. Usually identification is considered an advanced and desirable state of awareness. For FCD, however, it is a liability, especially since the identification seems to focus upon the personality nature of the one for whom empathy exists.

    3. The rapidity of identification, while astrologically supported by a grand trine in water signs, is probably very much the liability of an advanced, overly-sympathetic second ray soul. There are tendencies derived from the ray chart and those derived from the astrological chart. In the case of this problem with identification, both types of charts reinforce each other.

    4. The liability of rapidity of identification is present for FCD both at home (where there were definite marital problems) and in his work as a psychotherapist and author.

    5. DK is counseling FCD on the requirements of a sannyasin. To stand “steadfast as a soul” requires the utilization of the first ray, with which FCD is both rayologically and astrologically endowed. If he succeeds in such a stance, he will be fulfilling the second term in his ‘Developmental Formula’—“Chelaship”.

    6. The problem for FCD is partially one of discrimination. Pisces and Cancer are both inclusive (inclusive Jupiter rules in Pisces and is exalted in Cancer). Indiscriminate Neptune

      , ever blurring the boundaries, is powerful in both signs. The Moon, however, is in discriminative Virgo, showing a past in which an emphasis may have been placed upon this quality. The Moon, as esoteric ruler of Virgo, veils either Vulcan or Neptune. In the case of FCD, there is good reason to believe that it may be Neptune

      , which, if so, would add considerably to the already powerful Neptune

      presence. Neptune

      , then, would be a ruler, on some level, of the Ascendant, Sun and Moon.

    7. Depending on how one interprets the final sentence of the paragraph under consideration, it is possible to gather the idea that the soul (on its own plane, presumably) is the true sannyasin. The more, therefore, one is identified as the soul and with other souls (not personalities) the more one is the sannyasin.

    Carry your meditations forward exclusively in the head, therefore, except for some incidental practice in connection with the spleen (which I will give you to follow) with a view to etheric vitalisation. Your heart centre is sufficiently awakened for this life and greater sensitivity would be a handicap. The perfect fulfilment of your duty and your freedom inwardly from ties will spell for you that measure of liberation which will release you to fuller service. If you have questions which you seek to ask me, brother of old, I will with gladness reply.

    1. DK recommends a type of meditation which focusses in the head. It is clear that FCD needs to emphasize the hard-line rays in order to correct his overly inclusive, overly identificatory tendencies. The only hard line rays in the ray make-up given by the Tibetan are the first ray mind and the seventh ray brain. It is possible that even the monad is upon the second ray (as was suggested by an esoteric psychologist who knew FCD well). If so, the over-balance of soft-line energies would be extreme.

    2. DK intends to work with FCD’s spleen in the interests of promoting etheric vitalization. We note, however, that He calls such work “incidental”. The vitalization is important, in a way, but secondary.

    3. Most disciples need a further awakening of their heart center; this is not the case for FCD. We learn from what is said that to awaken his heart center still further would constitute a handicap. This should cause us to reflect upon the issue of balance with respect to the centers. It is possible to have “too much of a good thing”.

    4. Three planets related to the heart center (by various means) are the Sun, Jupiter and Venus. They are all in aspect with each other; Jupiter and Venus in sextile, Jupiter square the Sun, and Venus, by translation of light (for it is semi-sextile the MC) semi-sextile also to the Sun.

    5. Master DK enjoins upon FCD a “perfect fulfillment of duty” and a “freedom from ties”. We note how the first phrase of FCD’s ‘Developmental Formula’ is, thus, stated. As these terms of the ‘Developmental Formula’ are unobtrusively imbedded in the text, it is hard to say whether they would be readily recognized had they not been given to us explicitly.

    6. Fulfillment of duty correlates with the planet Saturn, which during the year in which this first instruction is written, is opposing its own natal position, conjuncting natal Venus in Aquarius, conjuncting the natal South Node, and conjuncting the progressing Descendant (thus opposing the progressing Ascendant). Saturn, therefore, is prominent at the time of this writing.

    7. The Tibetan’s goal for His disciples is ever liberation for the sake of widened service. His technique is to point out those liabilities which prevent this expanded service and to point the way to the correction of those liabilities.

    8. Thus far, the exact methods of achieving liberation are left to the discretion of this advanced disciple. The requirement to “stand steadfast as a soul” is, however, ringingly clear.

    June 1933


    Your period of difficulty and of loneliness has not lessened for you and you have found it hard to struggle along. I have not much to say to you at this time; you are coming closer to your Master and in such cases fellow disciples may not interfere. The greatest help that I can give you at this time is to make the above statement to you and this I do. You have the persistence and the will (like tempered steel) of the second [Page 140] ray and can dismiss all fear as to your capacity to weather the storm and difficulty and to win through. Nothing can stop you....

    1. Difficulty and loneliness suggest the first ray, as well as both Saturn and Pluto. At the time this second letter was written, transiting Pluto continues to remain in association with the Equatorial Ascendant of the 11:59:24 am chart; transiting Neptune, bringing reclusiveness, is conjuncting the natal Moon, sometimes-first-ray-Uranus is conjuncting the progressing Sun by transit, and transiting Chiron is just leaving natal Neptune.

    2. The struggle is accentuated by the progressed positions of both Venus and Mercury in the last degrees of Pisces. The last degrees of Pisces, preparatory to new initiatives in Aries, are peculiarly difficult.

    3. We note that Master DK considers Himself a “fellow disciple”, presumably (from the wording) of the Master Who is also FCD’s Master. In fact, this Master is Master KH, the Master, for many lives, of Master DK, and, presently, FCD’s Master as well.

    4. We are learning why Master DK, from the first, addressed FCD as “my fellow disciple”. DK’s relationship to FCD is thus made more apparent. He is there to help and assist, but is not allowed to take the place of FCD’s Master, KH.

    5. We learn that FCD is “coming closer” to His Master. This may have been an occult hint to FCD, perhaps indicating to him the stage of discipleship which he was approaching. DK tells us that He has offered FCD great help by writing the sentence describing, at once, FCD’s approach to His Master and the scope of DK’s allowable assistance.

    6. Then comes an important sentence. FCD is said to have “the will (like tempered-steel) of the second ray…” We note that the will referenced is like tempered steel because it has been through many extremes of ‘hot’ and ‘cold’. FCD’s is an experience-tested will. He is possessed of the power of endurance (Vulcan as a veiled ruler of his Virgo Moon, and the first ray placed in his mind).

    7. There is “storm and difficulty” in FCD’s struggle. His Mars position in Scorpio and in the fifth house of personal self-expression will guarantee that. There is also a grand cross involving Sun, Pluto, Moon and Jupiter. His personal nature (Sun and Moon) will be defeated (Pluto) and he will rise to great heights via Jupiter in Sagittarius.

    8. Perhaps, we do not usually think of the second ray as having a “will like tempered steel”, but elsewhere  in the Teaching we learn of the ability of the second ray work with no let up:

      “The will which brings fulfilment demonstrates through the second ray by the means of that driving force which enables the second ray soul steadily to achieve its goal, relentlessly pushing forward, permitting itself no let-up or leeway until the desired goal is reached. This is a different expression to the will of the first ray which is dynamic and which crashes forward in spite of all obstacles; the latter does not require the slower methods of the steady drive.” (EA 624)

    9. One might be tempted to think that FCD was upon the first subray of his second ray soul, except for the fact that he is treading the Path of the World Saviours, which necessitates a second or third subray to the second ray soul (cf. DINA II 518)

    10. There is, however, much astrologically available first ray in his make-up to reinforce the softer tendencies of his second ray equipment.

    11. FCD is told, “nothing can stop you…” The sentence is discontinued, and may refer to the specifics of the manner in which he cannot be stopped. We do note that at the time of this writing, the planet of “Electric Fire”, Uranus, is making a transit over the progressed Sun in Aries (another first ray sign). This is a significant empowerment of a first ray nature.

    12. We may pause to wonder whether Master DK has the astrological charts of His chelas before Him as He is offering them written assistance. I tend to think that He does not—at least not astrological charts of the kind that modern astrologers use. But His intuition is so keen that the condition of His chelas is entirely known to Him, and, thus, He may speak with authority. The modern astrologer, having no such intuitive certainty, is forced to gather incomplete evidence from an astrological chart. If the astrologer works well, he may come to conclusions similar to those of the Master. Usually, however, the astrologer will simply be in a position to discern a ‘sufficient astrological reason’ for what the Master has said. This, at least, is something.

    I would like to give you a special formula or mantram and I have chosen the following phrases to be repeated by you whenever you choose:

    1. Mantrams are “Words of Power”. Their potency is little suspected.

    2. Those given by the Tibetan will often be of great potency. It is also advisable to create pertinent mantrams for oneself. They may lack rhythm and ancient origin, but should be pregnant with meaning and intimate to the consciousness of the creator.

    "I am a messenger of Light. I am a pilgrim on the way of love. I do not walk alone but know myself as one with all great souls, and one with them in service. Their strength is mine. This strength I claim. My strength is theirs and this I freely give. A soul, I walk on earth. I represent the ONE."

    1. The emphasis is upon the qualities of the dualistic second ray: light (i.e., wisdom) and love.

    2. The “great souls” are the members of Hierarchy, and FCD is to identify with Them, and not so much with the personalities of those for whom he feels sympathy.

    3. The mantram fortifies the user with the first ray; it calls upon the strength of Hierarchy.

    4. One gains strength by giving strength; the mantram calls for this as well.

    5. The speaker is to know himself as the soul. That is his major identification.

    6. The initiate of the third degree is to possess the facility to reveal the One. FCD is, I believe, such an initiate, or becomes so before the end of his period of instruction. DK is having him stand in that position—a revealer and representative of the One.

    7. It is clear that this mantram will add to the power of dis-identification so needed by FCD, to free him from ties. Appropriately, in Psychosynthesis Training, the Raja-Yoga disidentification exercise is much used at FCD’s insistence: “I have a mind, but I am not my mind; I have emotions, but I am not my emotions, etc.”

    Your work in my group and your power in relation to your group brothers, consists in your compassionate comprehension. You feed their love for each other and you act as a focal point for that aspect of the soul which expresses itself in understanding. You can transmit that soul quality.

    1. Although FCD is in the Ashram of the Master KH, he is in the “group” of the Master DK. This is an interesting and important distinction. Many of us may find ourselves in the outer group of some Master; few, however, are conscious members of Ashrams.

    2. FCD’s power in relation to his group brothers results from his “compassionate comprehension”. Why does this quality represent a power? We recognize the quality as pertaining to Pisces, Cancer, Neptune and the second ray. When one is understood compassionately, the best of the individual is drawn forth. He feels loved, accepted, fully understood. Individual and group inharmonies fade away and self-hatreds disappear. One is transformed into a more willing, effective and loving group member.

    3. How does one feed in one’s group members their love for each other? The energy of love is self-validating; it needs no justification. When loving understanding is radiated by a certain group member, it spreads naturally and rapidly to other group members. A beneficent change within the group energy field develops. Harmonious group coherence born of love develops quickly. Only then does real group work become possible.

    4. We note that FCD acts as a focal point for that aspect of the soul which expresses itself in “understanding”. One understands if he has been through similar experiences in this life or another, or if he is possessed of sufficient imagination to identify with another’s experience, whether or not he has had the identical experience. All things being equal, however, an “old soul” who has lived through many of humanity’s common experiences, will express understanding more readily. And because such a soul has suffered through many such experiences, the kind of understanding expressed will be expressed feelingly as “compassionate understanding”.

    5. The thoughts, feelings and behaviors of our brothers and sisters are often incompletely understood or misunderstood. The readiness to misunderstand betrays insufficient soul-experience and soul-culture. When an individual feels deeply understood, there comes a psychological release which opens the door to the inflow of soul energy. In such understanding, the tendency towards judgmentalism is suspended. Those who feel judged are often rebuffed; cleavage sets in and group harmony and coherence are compromised.

    6. What soul quality do you transmit, do we transmit? Think about this, because each disciple is obliged to transmit at least one quality of soul as his contribution to the group. The same is true for any discipleship group when considering its relationship with a greater context.

    June 1934


    You stand at the verge of a real expansion of your work and for this you must prepare yourself. This, I believe, you already realise. It is, however, in the use of the spiritual will on your part that the release to full liberty of action will come. Your life has been a discipline, but the fruits of that discipline will demonstrate as you open the doors and also close them upon ancient imprisoning limitations. You know well whereof I speak.

    1. In looking for the astrological reasons for this expansion, we note that transiting Jupiter is crossing natal and progressed Uranus. These two planets combine to produce “beneficent organisation” (EA 71). As well, we find the progressing Sun in Aries in close trine to the progressing Vertex in Sagittarius, ruled orthodoxly by Jupiter. Jupiter, we realize, is the orthodox ruler of the Pisces MC.

    2. Greater responsibility is coming into FCD’s life, as Saturn is preparing to culminate—i.e., to cross the MC within a year of this instruction.

    3. DK calls for the application of the spiritual will. The growing strength of Saturn, preparing to conjunct the natal Sun and MC, will facilitate this application.

    4. The principle put forth is that there can be no complete liberty of action unless the spiritual will is applied.

    5. FCD’s life, we learn, has been a discipline. He has several T-squares and also a most potent grand-cross.

    6. The Tibetan is a master psychologist. Even as He adivses of the imminent unfoldment of potentials, He asks FCD to close the door upon “ancient imprisoning limitation”. He follows this request by a formula of words which is positively mantric in its effect: “You know well whereof I speak.” Whenever DK uses such a sentence, He seems to be referring to some bad habit or moral tendency which must be dropped. He uses the same mantram with LUT who was advised to seek out men as his companions (and, if we read between the lines, not women).

    7. The problem here referenced may refer to FCD’s sexual life, as Mars in Scorpio in the fifth house of love affairs might suggest. We can understand that someone with so great a psychological understanding and so ready a tendency to identify with others, would have a great capacity for the expression of intimacy through lower love. If this is the case, Master DK has chosen His timing well. A strengthening Saturn will facilitate the disciplinary objective. Soon it will not only be conjuncting the Sun in Pisces but opposing the Moon in Virgo (considering the Moon as the “prison of the soul”, and the repository of habits that must be changed).

    8. At one point in my psychological studies I make the acquaintance of an individual who knew FCD well. He said something to this effect: ‘No one who sees the later pictures of Dr. Assagioli, so saintly, so bird-like, can imagine the potency of his early years. There were many women.’ The quotation is simply a remembrance, but the sense of it is correct. The second ray is the ray of love at whatever level that love may be expressing.

    9. Obviously, the Tibetan considers strictly “human love” (EA 332) to be not only a limitation if over-indulged, but an “ancient, imprisoning” one. Sometimes the disciples had obvious faults that needed correcting; Master DK addressed Himself to these rapidly after commencing the instruction of His chelas.

    First, I would say to you these words, disciple of the Master K.H. Who has also been to me a wise and guiding Teacher: Relinquish that close attention to the lives of those around you which is the easy way of working for all who are second ray disciples. Their sense of responsibility is so great and their desire to shelter and to guard so strong that they unduly cherish those who are linked to them by karmic obligation and whose lives touch theirs in the life of every day. Go your own way with strength and silence, and do that which your soul demands. Let not the lesser voices of the loved and near deflect you from your progress upon the path of service. You belong now to the [Page 141] world, and not to a handful of your fellowmen. This is not an easy lesson to learn, my brother, but all disciples have some day to learn it and it is an appropriate lesson for you at this time. The call has gone out for Servers and all who are pledged disciples must be the first to make response. This will involve sacrifice but you can be depended upon to make it.

    1. The Tibetan uses a very direct form of address calling FCD, resoundingly, “disciple of the Master K.H.”

    2. A primary quality of KH is suggested by DK in this sentence: He is a “wise and guiding Teacher”. DK’s reverence for Master KH is well known.

    3. DK seeks to have FCD identify as a disciple of the same Teacher Who has taught Him. Such an identification would bring greater and more rapid success to FCD’s efforts.

    4. FCD is to distance himself from the personal lives of those to whom he is karmically linked. Such individuals probably include the members of his immediate family, and especially, his son, to whom he was apparently closely attached.

    5. It is to the demands of the soul that he must hearken, and not to the “lesser voices of the near and dear”—an exquisite way of phrasing the problem.

    6. FCD cherishes his “near ones” unduly. The three feminine signs, Cancer, Pisces and Virgo give him this tendency.

    7. DK is trying to separate him from this very understandable second ray tendency. It is hard lesson for all intensely second ray types to learn. But if FCD cannot detach (“Detachment” is the second word in his ‘Developmental Formula’), his service will remain hampered. The attention which he gives so completely to a “handful of your fellowmen” must be more widely spread. We can see that the familial attachments of Cancer must be transformed to identification with and attachment to the “Family of Man” (cf. EA 332 under Cancer).

    8. The “hard lesson” of detachment is appropriate for FCD “at this time”, for astrological reasons which we have noted.

    9. FCD is at least a “pledged disciple”; that much is certain. It is also obvious that he is an “accepted disciple”; and later in the instructions he is referred to as an “initiate-disciple” (DINA II 465). It is clear that these terms are not mutually exclusive.

    10. The Master summons FCD as a “pledged disciple” to sacrifice, at the same time assuring him that he can be depended upon to make the necessary sacrifice. The Master strengthens a chela on the eve of imminent sacrifice. To be rightfully assured that one can live up to a high but difficult standard is to be aided to succeed in the task.

    11. We note that Pluto (a significant planet of detachment) has begun its transit through the second house of the chart. This is the house which indicates those material attachments which must be relinquished or transformed.

    Your health is better and will continue to be so, if you watch with care and keep the earlier rules I gave you as to diet, etc. You may find that in the coming years, your hours of sleep will be less. This will be good, not bad, my brother, for too much sleep leads to diminished etheric force. A hint suffices for the wise disciple. More air and sun, less sleep and fewer human contacts are for you the rule in the future. Into these words read their hidden meaning. Clearer I may not speak for these words will be seen by others. But should you not with clarity understand, ask A.A.B. whose problem was in some points yours. I have told her certain things of value to you but she hesitates to speak and hopes you will comprehend without too much interpretation. I think you will, for your intuition is awakened and your devotion to the cause of the Great Ones is real and you have had much experience with other people. Your main task, at this time, is to get yourself ready and in a good physical condition for the demands upon your time, your strength and your heart which will surely come....

    1. Although it did not seem to be the case in earlier paragraphs, apparently specific rules for appropriate diet have been given to FCD. We note that the Moon has been progressing through the sign Taurus, which is associated with prana, food and natural living.

    2. DK calls upon His chela to sleep less. This may seem surprising, but we learn that “too much sleep leads to diminished etheric force”. Neptune

      is the planet which not only relates to the astral plane (where most time during the hours of sleep may be spent), but to an easy escape from the physical-etheric body. FCD is powerfully endowed with Neptunian energy.

    3. In speaking of the need for less sleep, DK is offering an occult hint to His chela. The advice seems straightforward; in what way, then, is it a hint?

    4. DK advises more “air” and “sun” and advises FCD to read into His words their hidden meaning. ED thinks this advice relates to increased buddhic contact (air) and increased soul infusion (sun) and I agree with her.

    5. As well, “fewer human contacts” are advised. Does this mean that there are to be more “devic” contacts? Does this mean that FCD’s activities at night upon the astral plane are to be regulated in a way that cannot be specified in print?

    6. There is obviously much more to what DK is saying that appears to be the case, otherwise He would not say that He cannot say more.

    7. AAB was also a powerful inner worker and may have had certain problems “out of the body” which were similar to those of FCD. On such matters, it would seem, FCD is advised to confer with her, however reticent she might be to elaborate.

    8. DK is in the process of subtly strengthening His chela. Saturn will increase impending demands—upon strength, time and heart. The disciple must have an instrument fit for requirements.

    9. We learn from this paragraph that much that might be said between disciples is not said, but it communicated via the intuition, which simply knows without explanation or interpretation. FCD and AAB were two senior disciples, each of them (so it would seem) initiates of the third degree by the time DK had finished working with them exoterically. They had achieved a certain degree of “ashramic intimacy” within the Ashram of Master KH. Their knowing existed at a level beyond that of the average disciple in DK’s groups.

    10. We note that FCD has considerable “devotion to the cause of the Great Ones”, even though he has no sixth ray in his ray chart per se. This is worth pondering. The same was true for RSU who suspected, due to her evident devotion, that she had sixth ray in her ray chart, even though she did not.

    11. Again, there is an ellipsis. What those demands upon strength, time and heart may have been, we are not given to know. The Master sometimes becomes very specific in His instructions, but there are occasions when such advice is no one’s business but the chela’s to whom the advice is directed.

    For you this year the emphasis must be laid upon the stabilising of your spiritual routine. Should you feel able to do so and the press of work permits (you see, I make not my request imperative) I would like you to write an article upon the Power of the Dedicated Will. It is the use of the will aspect that second ray disciples have to acquire and this, for you, is an immediate problem. The will of persistence you have. The dynamic will which breaks down barriers and carries all before it is your next achievement and unfoldment. May the power and the blessing of your Master rest upon you, my co-disciple.

    1. In right routine there is strength. We notice that seventh ray Uranus has recently been powerful in FCD’s chart and that Saturn, conferring stability and relation to the physical plane, is increasing in power. Thus the Tibetan’s request is timely.

    2. FCD had, it would seem, a demanding professional practice and not much discretionary time at his disposal.

    3. DK plants the seed for what would eventually become, so it seems, the book called The Act of Will. It may have begun as an article, but was at length expanded into the significant and complete book it became.

    4. DK discriminates between two aspects of the will. Indeed, in his book, FCD made important discriminations between the strong will, the good will and the skillful will.

    5. When a disciple needs to acquire a certain quality, the Master will frequently focus his attention upon that quality, often through meditation or a request for writing, or both.

    6. FCD is so outstandingly a second ray disciple! Such disciples need the dynamic aspect of the will. With the persistent aspect of the will they are often endowed.

    7. We have often pointed to the balance which DK attempts to create in the lives of His chelas. He does not seek for more of what they already possess, but rather emphasizes that which they need to acquire. Although it can be reasonably thought that FCD was or became an initiate of the third degree, still the causal body was in process of being built.

    8. DK strengthens His chela with a blessing, stressing the reality of His companionship—a companionship based upon the mutual membership in the Ashram of the Master KH.

    9. One feels that, through this blessing, the power and blessing of Master KH can actually reach into FCD’s life.

    I seek to answer the two questions you have asked me. As regards Z, the extroverting process must continue and go forward and I make the suggestion that he wait another six months or a year before he again takes up the earlier work which occupied him. He will have much to do as your work expands [Page 142] and grows and his moments of crisis will be real, for your work will assume proportions which his cannot during this incarnation.... Let him work first of all for alignment with his soul and then meditate, for from his own soul, his true counsel must come....

    1. It is apparent that FCD has asked DK a question regarding one of his co-workers.

    2. DK responds as a psychologist and a prophet. He sees the overall ‘shape’ of lives and the possible extent of their unfoldment.

    3. As ever, the Master throws every student back on the fundamental of soul-contact and soul-alignment.

    4. Every serious chela will soon attract co-workers to his efforts. In the handling of these workers lie many opportunities to assert the discriminative faculty.

    Your suggestion, secondly, that there should be a centre at X of international usefulness is of real value and can be materialised if you work without haste and keep the conditioning of it in your own hands and in the hands of no one else. Meditate much upon it but take no steps until after.... In the secret place must your plans be wrought out and two men (who could be of assistance to you) have not yet been prepared; one of them you have not yet met. Think out with clarity, therefore:

    1. FCD eventually sponsored a type of work which became internationally recognized. He was, aw well, a relatively unseen force behind the founding of a number of spiritual centers. The founding of Meditation Mount (some thirty years after this instruction was written) was one such example.

    2. There are some things an advanced chela can do in collaboration with others, and other things which must be kept to himself (until the time is right). When others are to be admitted into a project, the moment of admittance is crucial; if too early, the clarity of the inaugural thoughtform may be compromised; if too late, the potential for manifestation and expansion may be reduced.

    3. DK counsels a type of action at which second ray types are often adept—the ability to work without haste. In FCD’s writings we often find the words, “Make haste slowly”.

    4. We see DK giving important advice about timing. FCD was involved in world work, or that which would become world work. In short, he was really working with the Divine Plan. It is for this reason that DK offers specific advice regarding timing. The details, of course, are not included.

    5. DK seeks to help FCD develop his plans to work with that aspect of the Divine Plan which is his dharma. We see that the Master has the gift of prophecy; He knows about the existence of certain intended, cooperative relations which have not yet become apparent on the physical plane. He shares His foresight with FCD, asking him to be alert to the possibility of cooperation with two who are not yet prepared (and one of whom is not yet known to FCD). The hint is conveyed, therefore, that FCD has met one of the individuals.

    a. The note that you seek to sound.

    b. The work on the physical plane which the proposed centre should do.

    c. The principles which must govern all action which you deem should be taken.

    d. The necessary linking which should be done if the work is to be truly non-racial and planned to dispel some of the world glamour.

    1. For his part, FCD is enjoined to be clear about his intentions.

    2. The first point of clarity concerns the subtle matter of the “note” which FCD intends to sound. Unless the note is correct, that which is manifested will not carry the correct quality.

    3. FCD has been given three “Words” in a ‘Developmental Formula’. He has also been told that the soul quality he should express is “understanding”.

    4. Further “compassionate comprehension” is a strength he can share with his group brothers.

    5. It would seem that the “note” FCD is to sound would have its roots in these factors.

    6. Greater clarity of plan is enjoined upon FCD. It is interesting that when FCD formulated the six stages of the “Act of Will”, the mode of planning here proposed by DK entered the formulation.

    7. Only in the fourth and last point do we realize that the center that FCD is thinking of creating has something to do with the dispelling of world glamor. At a time when racism was rapidly on the rise, the center was to be “truly non-racial”.

    January 1935


    It will be obvious to you now how true were my words in my last communication when I foretold the growing expansion of your work. That has happened and the past year has seen you making many contacts and the increase of your influence in your own country and throughout the world is far greater. The decisions you make and the discipline to which you may voluntarily subject yourself will determine the scope and the extent of your future possible work. Everything lies in your own hands and in your capacity to make wise adjustments.

    1. The expansion of the work foreseen by Master DK has come. We can note the trine of transiting Jupiter both to FCD’s MC and natal Sun. We note as well that Jupiter (his soul ray ruler) is placed in both the sixth house and sixth arm of the natal chart, showing the relation of this planet to the field of labor.

    2. As well the progressing Sun is closely trine the progressing Sagittarius Vertex, ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter, from one method of decanate analysis, can be considered the planet governing the last or Sagittarian decanate of the progressing Aries Sun. All this amounts to expansion.

    3. We come to realize that FCD was a true “world disciple”. A real “world disciple” is an initiate of the third degree or very nearly so. When it comes to such great disciples as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, should they be called “world disciples”? Certainly, from one perspective, the answer must be “Yes”.

    4. The Saturnian period of discipline is impending; it is discipline which will continue to expand the scope of FCD’s work. It is interesting to understand the interplay between Saturn and Jupiter and how the expression of each may lead to the expression of the other.

    5. FCD realizes the extent of his responsibility. A true disciple is responsible for the outcome of his life. Master DK is clear with FCD about where responsibility lies.

    As you well know and as I have already told you, your problems are intimate ones for they concern your home relations and your personal, physical health. These you must solve yourself in your own way and no outsider may do more than suggest and indicate. That, I have attempted to do. The physical [Page 143] weakness has its seat in a constant draining and leakage of the etheric body. This keeps you devitalised and hence the emphasis I have sought to lay upon the need for sun and air. Too long hours of sleep increase the drainage of vitality. Sleep recharges the tired body and fits it for the next day's work, but eight hours sleep each night suffices you. Your true vitalisation must come from the soul. You will not get it from excessive sleep and this is surely proved to you, for you sleep much and yet are ever tired. Forget not that a weakened etheric body is easily drained by other people though they do this quite unconsciously. Therefore, for you, close contact with others is not desirable—not only from the standpoint of your health but from the angle of the status which you have reached upon the Path of Discipleship.

    1. DK refers to FCD’s problems as “intimate ones”. Neptune

      is a planet of the greatest intimacy, for it respects no boundaries (for good or ill). What could be more intimate than to become another through identification?

    2. It is clear that FCD has much personal karma connected with his home life. It has been suggested that his wife was not psychologically normal, or, at least, was prey to many undesirable psychological conditions.

    3. As for health issues, the signs Cancer, Pisces and Virgo (two of them signs of healing and all of them associated with the Moon or Neptune) will necessarily focus attention upon the health—especially upon the issue of weakness or debility.

    4. DK pin-points a problem; it is an ‘etheric leak’. Sun and air, whatever their symbolical meanings may have been, would help to rectify the condition. It should be noted that Cancer, Pisces and Virgo are far more lunar signs that solar—unless, eventually, we consider Neptune a transmitter of solar energy.

    5. We also remember that FCD’s sympathetic nature, tying him personally to many people, was one of the reasons for his etheric debilitation.

    6. Why should excessive sleep cause drainage of the etheric body? Perhaps too much time is spent on the astral plane; astral experience, we know, drains the vitality and thus weakens both the etheric and physical body. The astral plane is not Sun-ruled! The Moon, symbolically and actually, is the great devitalizer.

    7. From what is said we understand that FCD was in the habit of taking more than eight hours of sleep a night. His strong astral focus (even though he was mentally astute) inclined him towards the astral worlds and its experiences. He was probably busier at night in a psychotherapeutic capacity than during the waking hours. One wonders how many clients he met ‘at night’.

    8. An important principle is enunciated; vitalization (i.e., “true vitalisation”) comes more from the soul than from sleep. This all disciples must remember. It is their work in meditation which truly ‘charges’ them with vitality. JWK-P, also with a Pisces Sun-sign, had this lesson to learn.

    9. FCD worked with many people; because he was in a weakened condition, they drained, however unconsciously, his etheric body. I once discussed FCD’s condition with another psychologist who insisted that the reverse was also the case: namely, that FCD unconsciously drained the vitality of others due to his weakened etheric condition. Whether this statement was true or false, I cannot say, but it came from one who worked closely with FCD and in person.

    10. An interesting hint is given: FCD is to avoid close contact with others, not only because of his etheric condition, but because his status upon the Path demands it. We realize that those who are approaching the third degree or who have achieved it, are meant to be increasingly detached from the three lower worlds—the worlds of personality. DK is giving FCD a not-so-subtle hint about the place whereon he stands.

    11. An initiate of the third degree does much of his work “from behind the scenes”. Interestingly, it is members of Master DK’s Ashram who work in a manner more exposed to the three lower worlds. The disciples of KH’s Ashram (the Ashram of a Chohan) are more removed from the general public and are learning to work in ways which are more subtle.

    12. It may be that it is not possible to call oneself a true member of Master KH’s Ashram until the second degree has been achieved.

    Your aura requires sealing (if I may use so unusual a term) and the leakage now present can then be stopped. This cannot be done, occultly speaking, until you have made some changes in your life. Close inter-mingling with the auras of other people causes in your case a constant seepage of vitality, for you are constantly oriented towards giving. Your course is obvious but more I cannot say nor shall I again make reference to this matter.

    1. Master DK is helping FCD to change the habits of a lifetime.

    2. FCD’s auric boundaries can, perhaps, be understood as a permeable membrane; it needs “sealing”. Sealing is, as it were, a ‘hardening’ process, requiring the application of hard-line energies.

    3. The aura will remain ‘leaky’ and unsealed, unless significant changes are made. Such changes demand detachment.

    4. The “close intermingling with the auras of other people” has to be stopped. Such intermingling (a second ray/fourth ray problem) might not be so devitalising for FCD were he not so oriented towards “giving”. His “heart” is so alive and benevolent that it contributes to his devitalization. The solar-plexus connection is also extremely potent, since both the soul and personality are working through the solar-plexus related astral nature. We remember that the true esoteric psychologist works through the crown, the throat, the heart and the solar plexus centers.

    5. Most people have to work hard to develop the open-hearted attitude which for FCD has become a devitalizing liability.

    6. DK has emphasized FCD’s etheric problem repeatedly. At this point, the Master believes He has said enough. FCD knows what he must do; it remains for him to do it.

    Your problem is a very real one, but by no means an unusual one; it must be faced with common sense, loving understanding and wisdom. You must take the attitude of a disciple whose work and time is needed by the world in this hour of urgency. All problems are susceptible of two methods of solution, once the nature of the problem is seen and realised. There is the method of a sudden and drastic adjustment, whereby the old conditions are abruptly ended and a new state of affairs is inaugurated. This method—though oft the best—is not easy for the second ray disciple. The other is that of a gradual readjustment accompanied by outer explanation, until in time the same condition is brought about as in the first method. This is the usual method for a second ray disciple. Between these two you must choose, unless, my brother, you prefer to leave things as they are.

    1. Master DK does not deemphasize the reality of FCD’s problem; it is real and must be solved. The methods of solution are “common sense, loving understanding and wisdom”. All of these promote a solution more gradual than drastic.

    2. FCD is to look at himself from an impersonal perspective. He does not belong merely to himself or to a handful of human beings. He belongs to the world and must be available for world work in an “hour of urgency”. Again, we find the hint that he is a “world disciple”.

    3. DK offers an important lesson in problem-solving. The two methods discussed pertain to those upon the first and second rays. The drastic method pertains to those upon the first ray, and is not easy for strongly second ray individuals like FCD. Nevertheless, the drastic method may, ultimately, be the best, or so the Master suggests.

    4. The other method requires much time and explanation. Abrupt cleavages are thereby avoided, but great uncertainty and unclarity may be the result, and a situation leaving the disciple in a state of greater devitalization than when the first (and much briefer) method is applied.

    5. It is obvious that FCD has some decisions to make, at home and professionally. DK is not advising him how he should go; only this is given—the situation must change.

    6. Saturn, the planet of choice, is coming into strong aspect with the Sun and MC, forcing such choices. Transiting Uranus is leaving its conjunction with the progressed Sun in Aries and getting ready to square natal Saturn, bringing a degree of upheaval into otherwise settled situations.

    7. The Master indicates the impending choice and seems to suggest that it cannot be avoided—by one who is a disciple.

    One thing I will add before definitely closing this subject. When the heart is full of love and the head is full of wisdom, [Page 144] nothing then is ever done that can cause distress to others in the long run. By this, I refer not to action but to the fruits of action. A decision can be made and a line of conduct followed (and the decision can be right) but the eventuating conditions may not be harmoniously adjusted unless there is a subjective freedom from fear, a heart full of love and that loving understanding which is the truest wisdom. The man who is fearless, wise and loving can do anything and the effects will be harmless and good producing.

    1. We see that FCD is facing relationship issues—probably at home. There were many issues with his wife and thoughts of divorce were on his mind—so it seems. But being strongly on the second ray, he struggles with the possible distress which those close to him might feel should he (uncharacteristically) take drastic action.

    2. DK is outlining for him the path of harmlessness, which, we are told, does not necessarily negate drastic action (EH 670).

    3. While certain actions may seem harmful, if performed with a heart full of love and a head full of wisdom, the “fruits of action” will be “good producing”.

    4. There is so much sound psychology in this paragraph. It is not enough that the decision taken may be correct; the “eventuating conditions may not be harmoniously adjusted unless there is a subjective freedom from fear, a heart full of love and that loving understanding which is the truest wisdom”. Well might one ponder at length upon this wonderful summary!

    5. The freedom from fear must be “subjective”, and not merely an outward show or an externally brave demonstration. Fearlessness, love and understanding are great harmonizers.

    6. If FCD is to take the course of separation from a near one (and it seems that he is inclined to do so), the Tibetan is advising him of the proper internal attitudes and energy states required to make such a separation esoterically successful.

    7. We note that FCD has a fourth ray personality and thus his need for harmony is very great.

    8. The last sentence is extraordinary, and is wise counsel for all disciples: “The man who is fearless, wise and loving can do anything and the effects will be harmless and good producing.”

    9. We see that FCD has many internal and external adjustments to make before his full capacities for service are released. The Master can see the necessary adjustments, point them out to the chela and, thus, save him much time.

    Persevere with the meditation upon which you are now engaged.... Meditate constantly upon the will—consecrated to active, loving service. It is the use of the will that is of importance to a disciple, for the rightly directed will is the controller of force and the disciple works in the realm of forces. And, my brother, not only karmically but because the same great Master has been our guide, there is work that you and I can do—both inwardly and outwardly in the world. There is true service that you can render. But your work is that of director and inspirer. Very seldom is the second ray disciple a good executive, unless the secondary ray makes him so. Executive work and organisation are not for you. You must learn to work through others, awakening them to a sense of responsibility and galvanising them into activity. By the steady power of your own inner radiance, you must hold your workers steady.

    1. We do not know the nature of the meditation given, but it seems to be related to the will—a great theme in the psycho-spiritual development of FCD.

    2. The will is, however, to be related to both the aspect of love and activity.

    3. The true disciple is in process of cultivating the will. This is not necessarily the case for the probationary disciple or the aspirant.

    4. The disciple has responsible work to do, and must direct forces. Only the will can do this.

    5. DK hints further at work that He and FCD can do together—in relation to the Ashram of Master KH. For DK to speak with such fellowship to FCD signals the relatively advanced state of this disciple.

    6. All disciples are inclined to serve, but it is vital for them to know how to serve. Here DK distinguishes between the work of the director/inspirer and the very different work of the executive. FCD is to work as “director” and “inspirer” and not as an organizing executive dealing with mind and form upon the physical plane. FCD’s rays do not incline him towards executive work and neither does his astrological chart. A second ray disciple might be a reasonably good executive if his personality ray were the first or seventh, or perhaps the third, but both FCD’s principle rays (those given, at least) are on the soft line—two and four.

    7. The right method of work for FCD is suggested—to work through others, “awakening them to a sense of responsibility and galvanizing them into activity”. This is subjective work, for which FCD as a soul is well suited.

    8. Then follows a most provocative statement: “By the steady power of your own inner radiance, you must hold your workers steady.” Radiance is like the Sun which energizes with consistency. Should the radiance become intermittent or spasmodic its strengthening sustainment would be insufficient to its steadying task.

    9. The responsibility of seeing to the steadiness and power of his radiance is therefore put upon FCD. By its means, he will succeed.

    10. We see therefore, that DK enjoins upon His chela a very powerful though subjective mode of work. As a great psychologist, FCD is to work with the psyches of his prospective cooperators. He is to be their strength (at least initially) but the mode of strengthening which is correct for him has little to do with the direct manipulation of the form.

    The task of finding the right people and of inspiring them is your immediate task. I would not help you and would only limit you within the boundaries of my own work (note that phrase, brother of old) if I said to you: So and so must be approached, or, there is the man I foretold would help your endeavour. You are in training as wielder of men and a guide of aspirants in the building work of the New Age upon which the Great Ones are now engaged. You must learn discrimination and understanding and right choice—through experiment, through failure and through success. All men are souls. Yes, my brother, but all men are not yet ready for disinterested service. Right judgment is a needed quality for you when considering people. For the work which you seek to vitalise, look not for the sweet, the gentle, the kind and tender because so many very good people are oft unintelligent and lazy. Look [Page 145] for those strong souls who, responding to the need of humanity and reacting to the impulse of love (which you so richly shed) are yet capable of thinking in strong terms, are vital in their planning, consecutive in their activity and who waste not time in beautiful visionary dreams. The visionary mystic senses the ideal but (using not his mind) makes no compromise between the wonderful ideas which may materialise in a far distant future and the present period of hard necessity. Look for those who may not resemble you in their second ray background, but who give you of their confidence and love because they recognise your wisdom, realise your inner link with the Hierarchy and lean on your experience and soul strength. Attract not to yourself for the work you seek to do, the sweet and feeble, the weak, well-meaning, gently ineffectual person. Look for the strong souls through whom you must learn to work. Look for those who can cooperate with the Plan.

    1. If FCD is not to work in an executive manner, per se, his task is at least to find the right people through whom he can work. Interestingly, at this time, we find Jupiter, the planet which “brings all together” (EA 126) transiting his Vertex, conferring a potential of bringing fated (Vertex) cooperators (Jupiter) into his life.

    2. DK seeks not to limit FCD within the boundaries of His own work, and so does not wish to continue to recommend possible collaborators for FCD. Yet, we see that on one or two occasions He has (prophetically) done so.

    3. Interestingly, FCD is to become a “wielder of men”; only he, himself, can train himself for this task, through the processes of recognized successes and failures.

    4. As Saturn approaches the natal MC and Sun, the power and responsibility will come to him.

    5. Choices there will be, under Saturn. DK seeks to offer guiding principles in the manner of such choices but not to make the choices themselves.

    6. The advice which follows is very important for all those who intend to ‘wield men’. DK seems to be asking FCD to choose people who have much of the first ray in their make-up. He warns him away from the sweet, kind, gentle and tender people who may be lazy and ineffective. Naturally, FCD was surrounded by many of those on the soft-line rays who came to him seeking psychological help. Such would have Neptune

      strongly accented rather than Saturn or Vulcan. It is apparent that FCD’s sense of discrimination in these matters needed coaching.

    7. DK also warns FCD away from “visionary mystics” who are not yet sufficiently realistic to be effective. Presumably, those strongly conditioned by the sixth ray might not be entirely suitable.

    8. The Master seems to be encouraging FCD to look for those on other ray lines as cooperators; virtues related to the first and seventh ray seem accented.

    9. FCD is to find “strong souls” as cooperators. He is to think in terms of the Divine Plan and the needs of that Plan. He is not to be swayed by his personal sympathies. We will see this test occurring over and again in the life of FCD.

    Look also for your co-workers outside the ranks of the psychologically distressed and the abnormal people.... You must refrain from welding them into any structure which you may build for the Great Ones. They are not yet ready and would constitute poor stones in the building and weak links in your work. You must build for the future.

    1. The analogy of the builder and the building is used. People are as stones to be built into the edifice. This is really a Masonic analogy.

    2. Obviously, FCD, as a prominent psychotherapist, is surrounded by those in need of psychological help. But they are abnormal and weak—unfit for the kind of work which FCD seeks to see advanced in the world. It may be (we do not know) that DK actually commented upon the names of such people, for perhaps FCD was moving in the direction of enlisting them in his work.

    3. A detached point of view is required—one which can measure not only the souls of men, but the nature in which those souls are manifesting through personalities. The true worker with the Divine Plan is a realist.

    I have spoken to you thus at length because your work as a building cooperator can now begin. Symbolically, I say to you: Look for those who have blended head and heart and above whose foreheads shines the mystic symbol of the builder.

    1. FCD is beginning his work as a “building cooperator”. The second ray, the ray of his soul, is one of the chief building rays, along with the seventh ray (the ray of his brain).

    2. Interestingly, this instruction is given to FCD at a time when his progressing Moon is in Taurus, the sign of the builder, and seventh ray Uranus is about to transit into Taurus.

    3. The symbolic remark which closes this short section also implicates the sign Taurus, for FCD is to look for those “above whose foreheads shines the mystic symbol of the builder”. The forehead is especially linked to Taurus. Given DK’s insistence that FCD choose for his collaborators “strong souls”, one is immediately led towards a consideration of Vulcan, the first ray planet, which transmits the constructive or building aspect of the first ray.

    4. We are told that there are certain violet devas from whose foreheads the symbol of the crescent Moon shines forth. One of the symbols of Vulcan is the crescent Moon crossed by the hammer. We are dealing here with seventh ray/first ray matters. The Moon (exalted in Taurus) is involved, and, Vulcan, esoteric ruler of Taurus, as well.

    5. Perhaps FCD (as an esoteric astrologer) is being directed towards those in whose horoscopes Taurus, Virgo, the Moon and Vulcan is strong.

    6. As FCD (with his Pisces Sun and Mercury and fourth ray nature) is sensitive to symbols, he will inwardly ‘look’ for this mystic symbol when he encounters possible cooperators. What may be the actual nature of the symbol, we do not know, and if we knew, would not be permitted to say.

    That you may integrate more freely and more fully in the work of the Great White Lodge and enter into a closer fellowship and relationship with the builders of the New Age is the earnest wish and prayer of your friend, your brother and your teacher.

    1. DK is signaling the possibility of greater integration into the work of the Great White Lodge. This integration can occur under Jupiter and Saturn, two planets which are harmoniously related in FCD’s astrological chart.

    2. It is apparent that FCD has entered a period of new possibilities as progressing Venus and Mercury are conjuncted in the sign of the “new”, Aries.

    3. FCD’s real building work with the Brotherhood is beginning and increasing responsibility, under Saturn, is his.

    July 1935


    There has been for you lately (as for so many) a time of testing; yet it has been at the same time a condition of consolidation, preparatory to the work of building to which I referred in my last instruction. I am dealing with "building groups"—those groups which are coming forth along the teaching line [Page 146] and which are constructing those thoughtforms which will embody the new techniques and ideas. These—during the next two centuries—will change the face of our civilisation and inaugurate a period in human history in which methods will be tried and principles established which remain as yet totally unknown to the majority. That period will lead the race into a civilisation and a mutual, cooperative interplay which will bring to an end the present era of selfishness and competition.

    1. This communication is being written as transiting (and testing) Saturn conjuncts FCD’s natal Sun in Pisces.

    2. DK mentions the consolidation which has been occurring, and this too correlates with the influence of Saturn.

    3. DK speaks of Himself as a builder of groups, and it is apparent that FCD may assist in this work.

    4. DK writes as a prophet, envisioning a time to occur between 1935 and 2135 (some twenty years or so after the Aquarian Age definitely begins). We can see Him enlisting FCD is projects which directly concern the Divine Plan.

    5. If we examine our own lives and times, we will see that we may find ourselves engaged in work that is similar to that of FCD. We too, are building for a time when civilization will evidence “mutual, cooperative interplay” far different to the “present era of selfishness and competition” in which we presently live.

    6. The Masters have long-range vision and Their assignment of tasks and assessment of progress occurs within the context of such a vision.

    You are predominantly the teacher and have needed to learn (and still need to do) three things:

    First, you need to acquire that inner, divine detachment which sees life in its true perspective. A man is thus left free and untouched by aught that may occur. The ideal attitude for you is that of the Onlooker who is in no way identified with aught that may happen on the physical and emotional planes, and whose mind is a limpid reflector of truth. This truth is intuitively perceived because there are no violent mental reactions or emotional states of response; the vehicles of perception are quiet and therefore there is nothing to offset correct attitude. When this state of consciousness is achieved, you will be able to teach with power and at the same time possess that also which must be taught.

    1. In this series of paragraphs, DK lays out the requirements for the type of “teacher” which FCD is to become.

    2. The third term in his ‘Developmental Formula’ (i.e., “Detachment”) will help him become that kind of teacher. How many of us see “life in its true perspective”? Perhaps not many. We are to be free and untouched by aught that may occur because we are divinely detached from the ebb and flow of circumstantial life.

    3. The cultivation of the “Attitude of the Observer” will make of us the “Onlooker” who is disidentified with the happenings of the three lower worlds. As the disciple moves towards the third initiation, this is the inner stance in consciousness which develops.

    4. DK wishes FCD to possess the mind which is “a limpid reflector of truth”. Violent reaction within the three vehicles prevents this reflection.

    5. The true teacher needs to develop this inner condition. To do so will increase the power of his teaching and will also render accessible that which must be taught. Personality control is, therefore, shown to be the key to the power and luminosity of the intuition. The key to personality control is detachment— especially, “divine detachment”.

    Secondly, you must acquire an increased ability to voice truth through the medium of the written word. Opportunity will come to you to reach the world with ideas that are relatively new; that which you write can be printed and circulated.... But, my brother, you must work for a year at the organising of your thought and material, so that you can reach the thinkers of the world with the new ideas in the field of that oncoming major science, that newer field of service—the field of psychology....

    1. To the quality of “divine detachment” must be added the ability to “voice truth through the medium of the written word”. We find FCD’s Mercury (retrograde and thus individual in its expression) in receptive Pisces in the professional tenth house (ninth arm) of the chart, in trine to the natal Vertex (fate) and quincunx to progressive Uranus—hence the power to project new thought, especially thought with a healing or transformative significance (the meaning of the quincunx).

    2. We see that DK may be giving some fairly specific advice which is deleted from the text.

    3. It is here that we learn that FCD is a psychologist. He numbered among his colleagues and correspondents Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, whose eminence in the field of psychology is well understood. But FCD, though in many ways more astute than either of his colleagues, was far less famous than they. In fact, the Encyclopedia Britannica has no entry for Roberto Assagioli, whereas the entries for Freud and Jung run to many pages. This is often the fate of the initiate with ideas ahead of his time. Certainly Freud had a mind relatively darkened compared to that of Assagioli. Jung, however, could in his own right, be considered an initiate, although he repudiated Theosophy (at least as presented by current Theosophical Societies).

    4. Psychology is said to be “that oncoming major science”. Indeed, it is said by DK to be the science through which the public will become aware of the value of occultism. When we look at the way that FCD’s work has spread in the thirty some years following his death, we can being to understand the importance of his work for this growing science, and also gather some idea of how Master DK sought to help him establish that work during the early phases of its unfoldment.

    You have a capacity for clothing an idea in its appropriate garb. You could write a book which would be a synthesis of these new psychological ideas, subordinated to a central theme, which would dominate them as the head dominates the activities of the body. It is upon this central theme that the brooding process to which you are called must take place. You must know with clarity what is the new thing which you seek to give to the world. Then and only then will the many true ideas [Page 147] which ferment so facilely in your mind drop into place and form the pattern of the garment which will clothe your theme with beauty and give it expression. The writing of this book should be your main, subjective endeavour during the next few years. It must be wrought out in the crucible of energetic living and must not be the product of a seclusion, produced by withdrawing from outer activity. Your best work must be done in spite of all hindrances and because the urge to give these ideas to the world will surmount all obstacles.

    1. FCD is rich in the experience of many lives. He knows how to work with people and how to talk with them so they understand.

    2. It is hard to know which book, if any, emerged as the result of DK’s advice in this paragraph. Certainly there was the eventual appearance of the Psychosynthesis Manual. Its central theme was obviously synthesis, just as the central theme for The Act of Will, was the will, itself.

    3. We find FCD at a period of his life when something new is in process of formulation, but it is not yet ready to be born. The presence of Mercury and Venus in progressive Aries signal, in part, this new period, as does the recent transit of innovative, transformative Uranus over the progressed Sun in Aries.

    4. DK is asking for clarity in the matter of what new thing shall be given to the world. Transiting Saturn will help. That same transit will also deprive FCD of the time to enter seclusion in order to write, for it places many demands upon him professionally.

    5. It is interesting how the writing of a book or article is often the method by which DK helps His chelas not only to serve the Divine Plan but to build into their lives those qualities which are up for development and integration. In FCD’s case, synthesis is a prevailing theme, and dynamic will is a great need.

    6. FCD is to succeed in writing his book despite his outer commitments. The book is to be wrought out “in the crucible of energetic living”. He is being given a test. Circumstances will not cooperate with him and bring him the ease in which to reflect undisturbed. It is his desire to give the world these new thoughts which must surmount all circumstantial obstacles.

    7. We see that transiting Saturn is at the top of the chart and that solar arc directed Saturn is preparing during the next two years to opposed FCD’s natal Mercury—the planet of writing and communication. Interestingly, people often perform significant tasks of writing when Saturn and Mercury are in aspect.

    Finally, continue with the task of finding those strong souls who can belong to the New Group of World Servers, if given right training. Train yourself in that discriminative ability which will enable you to find those who will warrant the expenditure of your time and strength and of your thought and energy—from the standpoint of the Hierarchy and of the work that the Hierarchy seeks to accomplish. Study these words, for they give you the clue to the type and quality required.

    1. For the first time DK mentions the New Group of World Servers in relation to the “strong souls” which FCD must locate. We are told that members of the New Group of World Severs must train aspirants and probationary disciples, for such members are not novices. Here we find FCD, a more advanced disciple, enjoined to locate and work with those who can be members of the NGWS given right training. It is clear that FCD is fit to offer this training.

    2. We find DK encouraging FCD to work under the Law of Economy. Those he is to find as collaborators must “warrant the expenditure” of his time and strength, of his thought and energy. FCD has no third ray in his ray-makeup—the ray associated with the Law of Economy, but he is born into the Jewish race (his mother was Jewish), at least in this life, and is presently under the impress of third ray Saturn.

    3. Again DK is hinting at the kind of person FCD must find as a cooperator. The use of the discriminative faculty, necessary for this task, is different from the easy use of his sympathetic nature. He is establishing in his behavior the use of the hard-line rays to assist him to work more efficiently with the Divine Plan.

    Your problems of adjustment must still continue till solved, and the processes of detaching yourself from too close a contact with the auras of others must proceed and must be carried into the field of your service to others. I see in you a better comprehension of this problem and an increased facility in application. You are learning fast, my brother, and will find ample compensation as the work proceeds. Go forward to a fuller release and, therefore, to fuller power to serve.

    1. DK continues to remind FCD of the necessity of avoiding too close a personal contact with others. We note that FCD is to detach himself from “too close a contact with the auras of others”. Presumably, one could be among many people without being attached to their auras.

    2. DK’s task is to encourage His chela to move (tactically) against His own personal tendencies and even the tendencies of his second ray soul.

    3. FCD is “learning fast”. The detaching work of Saturn is proceeding. The potent T-square between Saturn, Mars and Venus is activated through the prominence of transiting Saturn in the chart.

    December 1935


    I have earlier indicated to you that your general sensitivity is responsible for much of your difficulty along telepathic lines and in connection with your physical condition. Today, in this personal word to you, I seek to let you know how well I understand all that you have lately suffered. Life has been peculiarly hard for you the past six months for you can tune in so easily on all that is around you.

    1. The kind of telepathy which may be causing FCD problems may be solar-plexus telepathy. Not all telepathy is mental, per se. Neptune

      is the planet which makes solar plexus telepathy a line of least resistance. On a higher turn of the spiral, Neptune

      can facilitate buddhic telepathy.

    2. The telepathic sensitivity can only be increased by the presence of the progressing Moon in Gemini in the receptive twelfth house.

    3. We read that life has been “peculiarly hard” for FCD during the past six months, precisely the months when Saturn has been so prominent at the top of the chart.

    4. DK strengthens His chela by assuring him that He understands the nature of the suffering through which he has passed. To be understood is to be strengthened.

    The path of the World Saviours is ever a hard one; the way of the Divine Sensitives is fraught with suffering and with pain. This is the way that you have chosen to go, and the knowledge [Page 148] of this and its remembrance may help you to endure. Much help can also come to you if you will remember that there are certain lives in which the development of the equipment is the major goal. Then come other lives in which the prepared equipment is used. For you, this present life is primarily one of training and of unfoldment in connection with the sensitive, response apparatus. You are being rendered sensitive and so made aware. The power to tune in on the world pain and to be conscious of the world sorrow (and that sorrow indicates the world growth in responsiveness) is rapidly being brought about in you. But it is a phase. It takes a strong soul to know the sources and the roots of pain, lying deep hidden in the manifested world.

    1. DK gives His chela important information, informing him that he is on the Path of the World Saviours and is treading the “way of the Divine Sensitives”. All this correlates not only with FCD’s prominent second ray equipment but which the collection of ‘sensitive’ signs in his present horoscope.

    2. We see that the Master did not inform His chela of these facts for any idle reason; receiving this knowledge may be a factor in helping FCD to endure his difficulties.

    3. DK places FCD’s present incarnation in the context of a developmental process. FCD is in the process of preparing equipment (a “sensitive, response apparatus”) which he will in future incarnations use. A true World Saviour must be extremely sensitive.

    4. DK is really explaining the occult reasons for FCD’s suffering; he is obviously and painfully tuning in on world sorrow. The Master indicates the value of that sorrow as indicating “world growth in responsiveness”.

    5. The rays two, four and six are those which are most subject to pain, and it is the second and fourth rays which most deeply understand the mystery of pain. In this regard we should review the fourth purpose of Sanat Kumara which relates to the “mysterious purpose which has necessitated the calling into activity the Principle of Pain.” (R&I 243)

    6. What are the “sources and roots of pain, lying deep hidden in the manifested world”? DK does not elaborate and only the intuition will find them. A chela at the stage of development which FCD has reached will realize the inevitability of pain on our planet. When faced with such pain it is necessary to have deep understanding as well as sensitivity. It is this understanding that Master DK is attempting to instill.

    For you, at this time and temporarily, I suggest an unthinking detachment and an enforced refusal to permit the mind to ponder upon that which beats upon your sympathies from your environment. Practise this divine ignoring for the next six months. Be occupied with meeting the immediate needs of the individual; with carrying out the suggestions which I make in connection with your group work and service; and with deep, introspective reflection upon the Plan and the work of the New Group of World Servers.... My word to you today is simply one of cheer and of recognition. Persist upon the Way.

    1. It is clear that too much pondering on world pain will bring FCD into ever greater stress. The Master counsels an “unthinking detachment”—simply a disidentification from all of a painful nature that may be transpiring in the environment.

    2. The strategy, it would seem, is necessary to safeguard FCD’s sensitive consciousness.

    3. DK is seeking to save FCD from too wide and deep a consideration leading to debilitation. He advises a kind of narrowing of the focus, a task-oriented procedure. All this is occurring under an elevated Saturn.

    4. The letter is clearly one of encouragement, “of cheer and of recognition”. FCD needs these for his strengthening.

    5. FCD has the will to persist; this was noted earlier by DK. Now he is in need of applying it.

    June 1936


    The strain of the past six months has been great. But it is now over and your problem must be to relax, not so much in the physical sense as in the inner mental attitudes. So much of your sense of inadequacy and so much of your inability to carry forward your cherished plans over long periods of time have their basis in physical disability, primarily (as I have often told you) in a lack of vitality and not ill health. Yet the future holds for you much successful work, if right elimination of non-essential activities (with a consequent intensification of the essential and a certain measure of physical discipline) becomes possible to you. As I told you in my last communication, [Page 149] the path of the World Saviours is a hard one, owing primarily to the power to suffer which the second ray type embodies. This is of course in itself the principle of manifestation and holds the key to existence. Hence, therefore, the ability of the person upon this ray to "agonise towards the goal, carrying the burden of the world, learning—through identification with others—a detachment which, as time proceeds, negates all pain." Note the paradox here involved and learn its meaning which, my brother, is your task this life.

    1. The six months referenced have been lived under transiting Saturn with Chiron hovering in the vicinity of the progressing Moon in Gemini. Saturn has now passed some of its major contacts with the natal MC, Sun and Mercury, and so a period of inner relaxation may supervene.

    2. FCD has a number of “cherished plans” and he is frustrated because he cannot carry them forward as he wishes. In this regard DK emphasizes that the reason is not so much ill health as chronic lack of vitality—an issue discussed in the very earliest instructions

    3. Important information for all second ray types is contained in this paragraph. The second ray type (especially those along the Path of the World Saviours) has such difficulty because of the “power to suffer which the second ray type embodies”. This is clear enough, but then DK adds a comment which is unusual: “This is of course in itself the principle of manifestation and holds the key to existence”. He is linking the power to suffer with manifestation and existence. We can then consider manifestation and existence as inseparable from suffering, and we come very close to the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths.

    4. An important formula for second ray types is then given: they have the tendency to “agonise towards the goal, carrying the burden of the world, learning—through identification with others—a detachment which, as time proceeds, negates all pain.

    5. There are apparent paradoxes in this statement. What does it mean to “agonise towards the goal”? It is not a straight form of motion, but occurs as it does because of the many relations and ties which are strained and rendered discordant by forward progress. This discordance is an agony. These relations must be adjusted and harmonized as the chela proceeds forward.

    6. How can identification with others teach detachment? Is it not that one comes to realize that he has been identified with and attached to the ephemeral aspect of persons and that the soul aspect of the same persons can never be lost? One, then, becomes detached from the non-essential and attached to the essential.

    7. All pain is produced by rending and separation, but when one learns the non-separativeness of the state of soul, then, pain-causing separation is ended. There is no loss and no separation.

    8. This amazing and cryptic sentence contains the secret of FCD’s “task in this life”. No easy task and one which requires a sustained power to suffer and, simultaneously, to understand that the power to suffer is a temporary evolutionary expedient. We find that FCD is learning many mysteries of the heart, and that his life is to be increasingly focussed within the circle of buddhic life.

    How to discipline your physical body and how to strengthen it is your great problem and your immediate task. I mean not to infer that you are undisciplined. I seek only to point out that in the adjustments of the physical vehicle to the demands of the period and to your particular life cycle, will come for you release into service. This service will make greater effort possible with less expenditure of energy and of vitality and, therefore, less physical distress. The great psychologists always become World Saviours, because the psychological problem with themselves is faced and solved—and solved on the basis of a technique of transmutation.

    1. There is a difference between a “life task” and an “immediate task”. The life task relates to the power to overcome agony and suffering through right disidentification and right identification. The immediate task concerns efficiency in service in the world.

    2. A special form of disciplining and strengthening the physical body is required. FCD’s usual methods of discipline probably relate more to his mental and psychological nature. But it is the physical vehicle which needs attention.

    3. It is interesting to see the number of disciples who needed to attend to the strength or conditioning of their physical bodies. At least three that I can think of (FCD, RSU and CDP) are hypothesized to have Cancer rising. JWK-P had a Pisces Sun-sign. The water signs are involved in these instances.

    4. Again the Law of Economy is tacitly invoked. FCD is to serve in such a way that greater effort becomes possible with less expenditure of energy. The initiate is to do much more in a given unit of time than will be possible for the average individual.

    5. DK seems to be calling FCD a “great psychologist”. Many who are familiar with his work will agree.

    6. An important equation is being given: the “great psychologists always become World Saviours”. This should cause us to pause and reflect.

    7. Great psychologists have to solve their own psychological problems otherwise they cannot possibly help others. The method by which they solve their problems is transmutation. We are learning that the technique of transmutation is vital to all those who are to become World Saviours. We see therefore, that World Saviours in training are to work out their own salvation in the crucible of daily life, transmuting their psychological condition and transforming it until they achieve transfiguration.

    8. When we study FCD’s potential for transmutative work, we must include Uranus in Libra (of which Uranus is the esoteric ruler). Uranus is the seventh ray planet of transmutation, and interestingly is in a biquintile aspect to the natal Sun and a quincunx to natal Mercury. Both these aspect are considered “minor” aspects, but relate, together, to intelligently creative adjustment. The many psychosynthesis exercises which FCD devised are full of transmutative power.

    9. We note that the Uranus by solar arc direction has begun its two year direction to natal Jupiter. The transmutative process should come to successful fulfillment.

    There is little that I can say, for you are gifted with knowledge and with wisdom; there is naught in connection with yourself that I can indicate, for you have studied your problems deeply and I—for several years—have sought to aid you. One thing only I will say: Your problem has far less to do with your own individual equipment than it has to do with your environing conditions. It is in these conditions that you have to serve. You are excessively sensitive to impacts from those surroundings, both from the mass and from individuals, and you know not yet how to give in fullness and yet retain, how to go out to others and never leave your own poised position. To stand in spiritual being—as I earlier pointed out—is the clue to your problem. You need thus to stand and with greater poise. A dynamic, mental focussing will save you from much depletion. If, my brother, you dwell ever on the plane of the mind, you cannot so easily be reached by the majority who contact you and who at present drain you of your strength. Ponder on this suggestion.

    1. The gifts of knowledge and wisdom indicate an old soul. The position of Jupiter in wise and philosophical Sagittarius supports the presence of these gifts.

    2. FCD’s major problem concerns the demands of his environment. His individual equipment is not so much to blame, but is vulnerable in such surroundings.

    3. DK seeks to husband His chela’s energy, to teach him “how to give in fullness and yet retain, how to go out to others and never leave your own poised position”. A “dynamic mental focus”, supported by a first ray mind, is the key.

    4. The problem is that FCD is too easily reached. Were he to dwell upon the plane of mind, not so many could follow him there. DK is trying to protect His chela, to insulate him from the never ending demands of those in need. The Master is often engaged in protective work. We see this protective work in action through the advice He offers.

    5. More fundamentally, “to stand in spiritual being” is a great protection from the devitalizations of the three lower worlds. This is the best sort of insulation. It demands a knowledge of the art of identification with and as spirit.

    6. Once Pluto (natally square the Sun) has done its work in relation to Pisces, this kind of standing should be possible.

    [Page 150]

    January 1937


    You are about to enter upon a period of fuller service. Much of your life has hitherto been given to objective activities and you have forced yourself to meet immediate needs. Now your work should become more subjective and more far-reaching in its effect and scope. This will only be possible if you learn the difficult lesson (peculiarly difficult to you) of leaving undone much that has hitherto been done, and by the exercise of a wise and most careful discretionary discrimination. Your work must be specific and carried forward in connection with certain souls who warrant your attention because of their capacity to be used upon the Path. Therefore, your work must in the future be given primarily to disciples and not to the rank and file of people. You can, however, work with the intelligent masses, the aspirants and the probationers, through your ability to reach them with the written and the spoken word. Your task is not to reach the unawakened, or to write that which is popular. It is the more specialised task of working with and cooperating with those in whose hands lies the guiding of the "little ones." You have an avidity for service and an acquisitiveness for knowledge and for information which must now be regulated. In the past, its expression has been of value. In the present, this must be adjusted and rightly controlled; in the future, the results of this acquisition will be employed.

    1. The period of fuller service is signaled by the presence of transiting Jupiter in the vicinity of the seventh house where one meets the public. Solar arc directed Uranus is now fully engaged with natal and progressed Jupiter in one of the houses of service—the sixth.

    2. FCD’s life has had many objective demands. With Saturn in the second house of values and finances, he has forced himself to meet those immediate needs. We see that compelling Saturn is quincunx to the MC—the career point and dharmic point.

    3. DK is trying to move FCD into deeper subjectivity, and thus, deeper in the Master KH’s Ashram.

    4. A sentence of great importance is given, touching on the strengthening and subjectivizing of FCD’s service: “This will only be possible if you learn the difficult lesson (peculiarly difficult to you) of leaving undone much that has hitherto been done, and by the exercise of a wise and most careful discretionary discrimination.” Not only has FCD to detach from the auras of many people, but from the doing of many tasks which may no longer demand his close attention.

    5. DK is attempting to help FCD detach from the “rank and file” of people, and instead, to focus his attention on those who are truly disciples and who have spiritual potential (in this life).

    6. The Tibetan sets up a dichotomy. FCD is to work directly with those who have the potential to tread the Path, but can reach a wider (thought not popular) audience through the written and spoken word.

    7. Discrimination in service is necessary. FCD cannot serve all, and his service does not lie with those who are completely unawakened.

    8. DK counsels a regulation of FCD’s “avidity for service and acquisitiveness for knowledge and information”. Both of these qualities relate closely to the second ray of Love-Wisdom, the ray of ‘service poured forth’ and of the ‘eternal student’.

    9. How interesting that at the time this regulation is being proposed, transiting Saturn is conjuncting natal Mercury—the planet of mind through which mental acquisitiveness is stimulated.

    10. One cannot go on gathering knowledge and information forever. That which is gathered must be used. Also, in matters of service, one must discriminate, to ensure that the effort expended actually yields the maximum output of service.

    11. Regarding acquisitiveness, we do note the square from Jupiter in expansive Sagittarius to the prominent, elevated Sun. Such Sun/Jupiter squares often indicate those who undertake vast projects—too vast, really, to be fulfilled.

    12. As well, in a second ray soul, the square may indicate those who are involved in the attempt to externalize the second ray Ashram. The square (coming under the number four) is an aspect of manifestation.

    13. Service, per se, is a positive good. The disciple, however, must learn where his service really lies. If he attempts to serve one and all, his effectiveness will be diluted. This is ever a danger with a Jupiter/Sun square. To add to the problem, expansive Jupiter and inflationary Neptune are in wide opposition.

    Once, my brother, you placed your finger upon a major need when you spoke of the "lack of fire" which you evidence. This is, as you know, partly due to physical causes, but I would remind you that a physical body such as you possess can house a fire of such intensity (owing to its refinement and its purity) that many can warm themselves at it and kindle their own little flame. Make not your physical body a deterrent or an excuse. Use the iron will with which you are gifted and force its compliance to your soul's demands and to humanity's need.

    1. Re the lack of fire, we can point to the prominence of water signs, which, are to a degree, ‘anti-pranic’. FCD does, however, have two significant planets in fires signs—Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo, and they are in trine aspect. As well, his progressing Sun has been in Aries, and now his progressed Mercury and Venus have entered Aries. So there is fire.

    2. The Tibetan adjusts FCD’s understanding of the matter. The lack of pranic fire due to etheric devitalization and leakage may be a real problem, but the potential for carrying etheric-physical fire is very great indeed due to the refinement and purity of the etheric body.

    3. The physical body is, thus, revealed to be an asset; DK does not want FCD to think of it as a deterrent.

    4. As for the purity of the physical (and, presumably, etheric) vehicle, the natal Moon in Virgo must be indicative. With Cancer on the Ascendant, in a chart so much ruled by Neptune

      , we see FCD building a “lighted house” by means of which many people can warm themselves and kindle their own little flame.

    5. The nature of FCD’s will is again stressed. It is an “iron will”. This is furthered by the first ray mind, and by much first ray mediated astrologically. It also suggests that immediately previous personality lives have been spent upon the first ray.

    6. Some might wonder whether FCD could be on the first subray of his second ray soul, but this seems unlikely as he is on the Path of the World Saviours.

    7. In any case, FCD, through his “iron will” is to force his body to do his bidding. RSU, with even more first ray in her ray make-up had great difficulty doing this.

    8. The motive for this exercised compulsion must be the “soul’s demand” and “humanity’s need”. Personal motivations will not engineer the right application of the will.

    This appeal is one that I make to all in my group of disciples. In all of you are limitations, hindrances and certain obstacles to progress. Were it not so, you would be liberated souls and not upon some division of the Path of Approach and under my tuition, as now you are. The immediacy of surrounding [Page 151] need and of hierarchical request for help in world work should galvanise you into a renewed and sustained effort—emancipating you from the lethargy into which it is so easy to lapse. Disciples are prone to two things (as are all aspirants) and these tendencies they should face with courage and clear vision:

    1. DK speaks realistically of where His disciples stand. They are not perfect. They are not liberated souls (i.e., minimally, initiates of the fourth degree).

    2. This is one of those rousing evocations which Master DK sends forth from time to time.

    3. Two major liabilities are cited.

    1. Lethargy or the failure to use the advice and information available for practical, experimental use.

    2. Self-centredness—in some subtle or obvious form.

    1. Not only are aspirants prone to lethargy, but so are disciples. Speaking of lethargy, DK references it as a condition “into which it is so easy to lapse”. This should give us pause as we examine the quality of our own personal activity. When are we overcome by lethargy and torpor (a word much used by Master M., who points to its undesirability)?

    2. The other liability is self-centeredness. This is simply a failure of vision and a misunderstanding of the true nature of Self.

    You will place yourself, I know, under those who, through lethargy, fail to achieve the utmost possible. I would point out to you that though you may have this liability in a physical or emotional form, you have not got it mentally. You are among those who take the kingdom of heaven by violence and enter therein. B.S.D. needs this mental activity in a dynamic form, even if he recognises not the truth of my remarks.

    1. The various disciples could place themselves in one or the other category. FCD would place himself among the lethargic for reasons which have been much discussed.

    2. FCD’s lethargy does may be physical or emotional but not mental. His first ray mind precludes this. He is said to be one “who take(s) the kingdom of heaven by violence and enter(s) therein”. This is interesting because many of those who “take the kingdom of heaven by violence” are said to be first ray monads.

      “The ‘Kingdom

      of God

      suffereth violence and the violent take it by force,’ or by Will or power.  It is not Will, as we shall know it in the final system but it is Will as known in this system, and it has to be utilised to the uttermost by the evolving Monad in his struggle to control each atomic subplane.  The Monads of power have [Page 579] a much greater struggle, and hence the fact so often apparent that people on what we term the power Ray, have so often a hard time, and are so frequently unlovable.  They have to build in on all the six planes the love aspect, which is not prominent in their development.” (TCF 578-579)

      Given FCD’s very close relation to Master KH, it is unlikely that his monadic ray is the first, but one cannot speak knowingly of the subray of the monad or of the sub-polarization within the spiritual triad which could express the first ray. There may be more first ray in FCD’s energy system than Master DK has disclosed.

    3. BSD’s rays are 36-563. He certainly had keen intelligence, but apparently not mental activity in a dynamic form. This dynamism would be conferred by the first ray.

    If you will ponder upon the verse which I am now going to give you for consideration, illumination may pour in. These verses do not refer to your recognised lethargy—of that you are aware and with it I need not deal. These occult phrases deal with things basic and oft unrecognised. If recognised, they are not adequately appraised. Here are the verses:

    1. DK now takes up matters which are deeper than the problem with lethargy—a relatively superficial though annoying problem.

    2. DK’s occasional tendency to teach through verses from the Old Commentary demands of the chela the interpretive power of the intuition. With this, FCD is well endowed.

    3. The verses, it will be seen, are capable of various interpretations depending upon the depth of the interpreter.

    "One star shone forth within the dark blue vault of heaven. Then another and still another could be seen until around the star were many shining points. The circle of the stars revolved and kept its place and darkness was around on every hand. Each star within its tiny orbit kept its place and slow revolved. Its contacts with the circle's edge proved adequate.

    1. The original star is, perhaps, the light demonstration of FCD, the radiance of his soul or spirit.

    2. The other stars are those gathered around him as he seeks to find his co-workers. In a way, he is ‘gathering his Ashram’. It may be that many appear (“many shining points”) but, for FCD, only some can be used.

    3. All workers are ‘in orbit’; they are related to the entirety of the group process and also hold their own little place within the whole.

    4. In FCD’s ‘universe’ of stars, there are many kinds of little spheres which he has drawn into radiance through the power of his magnetism and light.

    "`There is but one great circle,' came a voice, `not many little spheres. Some stars are small and time must feed their flame. Some stars are suns and shed their light on every hand. Seek out a sun and feed its life. Shed forth your rays and live.'"

    1. Wholeness is to be envisioned; the many little spheres are parts of one great whole and must be understood in this way and not separately.

    2. The “spheres” are both small stars and suns. The suns are more developed than the small stars. All are growing, but not all are ready to “shed their light on every hand”.

    3. The work of FCD lies not with the small stars but with those who are “suns”—i.e., who are somewhat advanced on the spiritual Path, the “strong souls”.

    4. FCD is certainly a “sun” and he is enjoined to “shed your rays and live”. If he does this, he will be able to feed the life of the suns who can grow under his influence.

    5. These verses demand of FCD the discrimination long discussed in these instructions. He must differentiate between small stars and suns, and work only with the latter.

    6. The verses may apply particularly to those who are to gather fit co-workers. Not all can be welded into one’s group. For some, time must be left to do its work—the feeding of the flame.

    July 1937


    In dealing with the rays which control and dominate your life I would remind you that it is your first ray mind that gives you undoubted mental influence. This is felt most strongly [Page 152] by all who contact you. Being definitely in touch with your soul (which is in its turn under second ray influence) you have a combination of forces which is definitely useful, both to yourself and others. Your mental body is governed by the first ray.

    1. DK is sharing information on the personal rays of the disciples at a time when solar arc directed Uranus is on FCD’s natal Jupiter in Sagittarius. The information will certainly expand his vision if he lacked certainty as to his ray structure. As well, transiting Saturn is conjuncting progressing Mercury and Venus, both in Aries, giving mental certitude.

    2. The Tibetan speaks of FCD’s “undoubted mental influence”. The first ray in the mental vehicle produces an impressive mind.

    3. The fact that FCD is definitely in touch with his second ray soul seems to strengthen his mind and its impact on others. As well, this soul contact renders his various vehicles and their rays more useful in service.

    4. We note that rays “control and dominate” one’s life. One may have a degree of control over the wielding of certain of the rays, but their presence is a controlling and dominating factor. The ray quality manifesting through the personality vehicles cannot be immediately changed. This is especially so in the case of the soul ray, which changes (if it changes at all) only very slowly.

    5. There are not many conventional aspects to Mercury. There is a noticeable biquintile between natal Saturn and Mercury. Saturn has something of the first ray to convey to Mercury. Mercury placed in Pisces is esoterically ruled by first ray Pluto. It is also placed in the second decanate which is ruled esoterically by first ray Vulcan. There is a significant quintile to Mercury from Neptune

      , but this would not contribute to the first ray nature of the mind. It could, however, render the mind intuitively ingenious.

    6. If we consider fifth ray Venus placed in fifth ray Aquarius to be a mental indicator (which in a sense it is) we see a trine aspect from first ray Pluto and a square from sixth ray/first ray Mars in Scorpio, a sign having much to do with the first ray (through its association with Pluto and Hercules).

    Your astral body is as definitely a second ray aggregation of energies and hence the influence of love which you carry everywhere with you. I would remind you, however, that when the soul and the astral body are both on the same ray, there is presented always an engrossing problem of balance. There will be, in such cases, a tendency to a lack of balance in the total effect of the equipment and with this—as well you know—you have constantly to deal.

    1. In determining the ray of a vehicle we must note that the vehicular ray arises from an “aggregation of energies” of certain types and is not a homogeneous factor.

    2. There is a wide Jupiter/Neptune opposition, a wide Venus/Neptune trine, and a close Jupiter/Venus sextile which may be considered part of the aggregation of second ray astral energies. The close Jupiter/Moon square may also be part of this aggregation. The astrally related Moon is placed in second ray Virgo and probably veils Neptune

      (a planet which may confer second ray upon the astral body in the ray chart of an advanced individual, for Neptune

      has a second ray monad). The opposition of the Moon to the Sun in second ray Pisces may also add to the second ray aggregation.

    3. FCD carries the influence of love everywhere with him. Although his wisdom is considerable, his greatest quality is love—really, loving understanding.

    4. There are a number of the disciples whose soul ray is the same as their astral ray. The two sixth ray souls (HSD and ISG-L) have this particular problem. It is also true of AAB (with her second ray soul and second ray astral) as well as of JSP, RVB and RSW. The problem, then, of lack of balance should be evident in the lives of these individuals.

    5. DK says that for FCD there arises “an engrossing problem of balance”. The terminology is vivid, suggesting a problem requiring much attention. We have seen how through “Freedom from Ties” and “Detachment” (enjoined upon FCD as part of his ‘Developmental Formula’, the Tibetan is attempting to have him apply hard-line ray energies to counteract his overpowering second ray tendencies. In this respect, the strength and position of first ray Pluto is most important.

    The physical body is of the seventh ray type but it is so controlled by your fourth ray personality that—in a most peculiar sense—it has little life of its own. It is negative to an amazing extent and this again constitutes a definite problem. Your rays, therefore, are:

    1. As is often the case, the personality ray so dominates the ray of the physical body that its ray (the ray of the personality) may seem more noticeable than the ray of the physical body.

    2. DK speaks of the negativity of FCD’s physical body. Since the Tibetan is not given to exaggeration, we have to take seriously the words “negative to an amazing extent”.

    3. What could be the nature of the problem if the physical vehicle is excessively negative? For one thing vulnerability through excessive receptivity would result. We have sent that FCD has the problem of both physical and emotional lethargy. The negativity of the physical vehicle would certainly contribute to this.

    1. The soul or egoic ray—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

    2. The personality ray—the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

    3. The ray of the mind—the first Ray of Power or Will.

    4. The ray of the astral body—the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

    5. The ray of the physical body—the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic.

    1. The ray formula is unusual among the DINA Disciples. None of the really advanced disciples, other than FCD, has a fourth ray personality. RVB, probably a successful candidate for the second initiation, comes the closest.

    2. If the monad of FCD is on the second ray as well, there would be a great overbalance of the second ray. Only the first ray mind and the negative fourth ray physical vehicle would be along the hard-line. We can see why Master DK has to work so hard with FCD to introduce disciplines relating to the first ray.

    3. At the same time, such a ray formula will be unusually potent for the expression of love-wisdom. FCD, an advanced disciple, consistently demonstrates this ability.

    I have an idea that the above statement will carry much illumination to you and that it will enable you to make real progress.

    1. When we really certain of our rays, we can work with them intelligently.

    2. Ray assessment, however, is elusive, and often the ray prominent in a previous life will seem strong in the present, even if it is not actually a part of the current ray chart. Astrological factors also introduce their complications and may masquerade as rays. The difference between rays that are actually part of the present ray chart and those rays which are astrologically ‘delivered’ (but which not be part of the ray chart) has to be studied in greater depth.

    January 1938


    The past year has seen the many changes which have taken place in the relationship between your soul and your personality. These have now worked through on to the physical plane and have brought about definite outer changes in your life and circumstance. The uprooting to which you have been subjected should be a cheering indication to you of the emergence into a fuller life of service of a much better equipped worker—[Page 153] better, because he is a freer and less clogged channel for soul force. You have now the use of a renewed and more forceful personality in outer manifestation. Upon this thought I would ask you to ponder and carefully reflect. If you do this, you will be enabled wisely to make certain needed changes and adjustments which have been your inner realised goal for some long time and which can be more easily brought about in unison with the many other adjustments which change of environment have made possible.

    1. Definite outer changes in the life have come. They are evidence of the change of relationship between soul and personality. It is interesting to see the progressed Moon in Cancer conjuncting the Ascendant.

    2. FCD has been subject to an “uprooting”. Transiting Uranus is trine or sextile the natal Sun, MC, Moon and IC. This same Uranus is square the natal nodal axis and also the progressing Ascendant and Descendant. Chiron is making its return to its natal position. Transiting Pluto is conjuncting both progressed and natal Saturn.

    3. If a detailed biography of FCD exists, it should be checked for the actual physical events of the period—the actual uprooting.

    4. DK interprets “uprooting” (most often Uranus or Pluto) cheerfully as evidence that FCD is now a more equipped worker and a freer and less clogged channel for soul force.

    5. The change in outer environment is particularly signaled by the prominence of the progressing Moon, newly entered in the sign Cancer, which sign relates to where one resides.

    6. The personality has been renewed and is more forceful. This is partially the gift of the Chiron return, but the vitalization of Uranus is also a factor. Promotive Jupiter transiting Venus is also a factor.

    7. When there is a noticeable increase in personality strength, then long-intended changes can be undertaken.

    8. It is, indeed, a fresh cycle with fresh opportunities. This is the approximate time that DK suggested that FCD should have achieved the status of sannyasin in the Western world. With Saturn completing its cycle by leaving Pisces, there is a fresh start.

    A period of intensified service lies ahead of you, beginning in September of this year. This, my brother, gives you an interlude wherein to think with clarity, to subject yourself to self-imposed discipline, and to heighten your magnetic vibration. Your task is not to go forth into the difficult places of the earth but to work from your own centre through the magnetic radiance of your soul. This you have always done and I ask of you no new thing but only an increased magnetic radiance, based upon an inner freedom which makes possible the relinquishing of outer shackles and chains, thus gaining a liberty which will extend through every department of your being.

    1. DK signals the possibility of intensified service in September of 1938. Transiting Jupiter is sextile to the progressing Sun and MC in Aries, and the progressing Ascendant is still conjuncting the North Node (in the 11:59:24 am chart)—the North Node indicating that which should be done.

    2. We can see DK calling FCD to truly subjective work. Difficult outer contacts are not necessary for him at this time. He is to serve through “increased magnetic radiance”. We find transiting Jupiter, planet of second ray magnetism, preparing for its culmination in the chart. At the time this instruction was written it is in Aquarius, of which it is the esoteric ruler.

    3. The radiation will surely increase over the next year or so, as there is to be a solar eclipse almost exactly on the progressing Sun in Aries in 1939.

    4. DK addresses FCD most subjectively. It is the inner freedom which he must achieve so that his magnetic radiance may increase. True esoteric development is an inner matter. Such inner progress is considered far more important than any outer correspondence to it.

    In connection with the problem of service and the finding of right cooperators, I might endorse your own opinion that up till now no true well-balanced cooperator has appeared. You are asking yourself (and me) if this lack of cooperators is your own fault and if there is anything you could do yourself which would attract the right person and establish a fruitful and enduring fellowship in the work. I would reply to this subjective questioning of yours in the following terms: Decisive action, carried forward and persisted in for the needed period of time is, for you—as yet—only in the formative stage. I refer not to your power to speak with decision to those you seek to help—physically and psychologically—for that you can always succeed in doing. I refer to the ability always to act with a wise, clean-cut decision in relation to yourself and your own immediate problems. You are learning to do this and the next two years will see you making much advance in this matter, but you are only at the beginning of your training. Always has your problem been that of the true second ray disciple. This involves the ability to identify yourself with others, their [Page 154] ideas and reactions and you thereby limit and hinder your own activity from the indecision which arises from too much understanding and too great a sympathy with the personality problems and the form side of expression. When you can stand with greater firmness in spiritual being and when you can work more definitely and consciously with the soul aspect and less engrossingly with the personality, your life will simplify and certain of your unique personality problems will disappear. Then and only then will your soul call to you those who can be your true cooperators.

    1. FCD is questioning himself, as no true and well-balanced cooperator has appeared even though he has been alert to the possibility of such an appearance, and told by the Tibetan what to seek in such potential cooperators. The Tibetan endorses his opinion; the right individuals have not arrived, or perhaps, have not been recognized.

    2. To help FCD understand why the right cooperators have not appeared, DK points to a quality which FCD has let to develop in fulness, which, once developed would bring cooperators forward. It is the need for “decisive action, carried forward and persisted in for the needed period of time”. Speaking with decision has been somewhat mastered, and FCD is able to help many individuals through wise, clear-cut speech. Clear-cut action, with respect to himself and his immediate environment is only in process of development.

    3. We can understand the problem as belonging to the combination of the second and fourth rays. The sensitive and attached energies of Cancer and Pisces also play their part. FCD’s big asset in this developmental process is his powerful first ray mind.

    4. FCD’s attachments and sympathies for many people prevent him from achieving the necessary firmness and clear-cut action. The emphasis should be on the term “cut”; the second ray type instinctively hates to “cut” from any person; such cutting seems to violate the ‘Law of Unity’ so appreciated by those upon the second ray. As well, the fourth ray personality is the victim of “a hatred of causing pain amounting to moral cowardice” (EP I 206).

    5. If FCD, in the full power of his soul, could stand more firmly in spiritual being, then his plans and intentions would emerge with clarity and be correctly appreciated by those who could become his cooperators.

    6. There is a hint in this for all of us. If we sound our note with clarity and take firm action on the note sounded, those who are ‘with us’ will drawn towards us. In a contrary manner, those who are not intended to affiliate with us will have the situation clarified and can be released to find the energy patterns with which they are intended to cooperate.  The holding power of Cancer can, unfortunately and unwisely retain those who are not ultimately intended to be retained. Also, unclarity of action, does not rightly stimulate firm action on the part of others who could be attracted to what we intend to do if only they could see the pattern of our intended actions clearly.

    7. If the requirements of firmness in spiritual being and decisiveness in action are followed, it is the soul who will call to us those who can be our true cooperators. It is interesting and important that it is not personality action, per se, which sounds the call. The magnetism which attracts the co-workers is soul magnetism and originates from the higher planes. True co-workers are drawn together by soul-inspiration and soul-recognition.

    One hint I will here give you: Look not for those who are potential spiritually but who are not yet expressive, but look for those mature souls who do not need your help but who seek your collaboration as you seek theirs. You have sought for your collaborators among those you help, but there you will not find them.

    1. Again, DK offers a discrimination. FCD’s cooperators are not to be found among those who need his help, but among mature souls who are also looking for collaborators. The ones with whom he is to work are not simply “diamonds in the rough” but are, relatively, cut and polished diamonds. They are proven people and not those who must be evoked into greater responsiveness over long periods of time.

    2. Thus FCD is being asked to discriminate between the “potential” and the “actual”

    It was this idea I had in mind when I told you in an earlier communication to "seek out a sun and feed its life." I gave you no suggestion to do more than let time take care of those stars whose size is small and their radiance limited. One of the difficult things for humble aspirants to grasp is that peculiar moment in their life history when they must shift into the realm of discriminating work. This fits them to work as we, the teachers upon the inner side, have learned to work. We work not with all who would demand our aid but leave the "lesser lights" to be handled by our disciples and the lesser teachers. We confine ourselves to training those stronger souls, those more potent people whose lives can be "focussed in radiance" and whose response and effort warrant our endeavour. There are many gathered around you, my brother, to whom you have given much strength and teaching and whose tendency is to confuse acquiescence in your teaching and acceptance of your strength for the more difficult task of achieving divine self-confidence and innate, not borrowed, strength. Let such people go and—standing as a radiant centre of magnetic force—draw to yourself cooperators in the Plan and not consumers of your energy. Go through the lists of those you have sought to help and relinquish them to their own souls. Mind not their criticism but dedicate yourself to more important work—a work [Page 155] which will appear when you have freed yourself from the clinging hands of well-meaning but weak-minded aspirants. Then, around the star which is your soul will be many "shining points." There have been times when I have been hard put to it to find you because of the obscuration brought about by those who surround and well nigh smother you as they cling to you. Stand Free.... Having pointed this out, brother of old, go forward towards the goal and the vision with confidence, sure judgment and the knowledge that I, who for years (longer than you know) have watched over your progress, am standing by with understanding and with confidence in you.

    1. DK now explains the meaning of the verses from the Old Commentary which He earlier gave to FCD. It is “suns” that must be sought, not the “small stars” for whom time is required if they are to achieve the necessary degree of radiance.

    2. DK suggests that aspirants affiliated with the Hierarchy often lack discrimination, and must at a certain point in their development “shift into the realm of discriminating work”. We have noticed that DK during the course of many instructions has been calling for increasing discrimination on the part of FCD.

    3. An example is given. The members of the Hierarchy do not work directly with everyone who may seek Their attention. The “lesser lights” are left to the care of disciples and lesser teachers. This approach is being suggested to FCD who is simply too inclusive to be effective.

    4. At his present stage of development, FCD is, in a sense, a member of Hierarchy and he has to learn to work only with those who can be “focussed in radiance”—a brilliant phrase. This means that such people already walk within the light which has been kindled in their consciousness and energy system, but that their light needs focussing, intensifying and directed application.

    5. The whole question under discussion relates to ‘discrimination in individual service’ so that the Divine Plan may be best served. Strictly personal tendencies and sensitivities must not enter into the necessary discriminating decisions.

    6. DK’s advice is becoming very direct. FCD is to go through his lists of those gathered around him and to determine which of them should be relinquished to the culture of their own souls. There are many around FCD who are not standing on their own two feet, spiritually, and who are not only “borrowing” FCD’s strength, but draining him of strength. Such as these, he is to “let go”, and instead, through the power of his magnetism, gather those who are true cooperators with the Plan and not “consumers of energy”.

    7. We can see how difficult the required action might be for a second ray type with broad sympathies and many attachments motivated by the will to give. Fortunately, in the period impending and following this instruction, there is a solar eclipse close to FCD’s Pluto—the planet of “cutting” and of “separation”. Thus, the necessary energy will be more available.

    8. DK is offering FCD this sound advice at the time of FCD’s Chiron Return when a new direction must be taken and a new vision seen and pursued.

    9. The Master warns that there will be criticism from the “clinging hands” and the “well-meaning but weak-minded aspirants”. Not too much attention is to be paid to this criticism.

    10. Instead, FCD’s star, the star of his soul, is to shine forth and evoke the presence of fellow stars who may become his cooperators. The condition in which FCD has been obscured (and almost smothered by those who cling to him) must be ended.

    11. An interesting piece of information is given. A Master subjectively and on inner planes ‘seeks’ or ‘looks for’ His chelas. Sometimes a chela may be easily found and sometimes it is more difficult for a Master to ‘locate’ him. The many clinging hands and almost smothering presences of those surrounding FCD have made it more difficult for Master DK to find FCD. The Cancerian disciple is always ‘surrounded’ by lunar forms. It is his task to render them translucent rather than opaque.

    12. Astrologically, the question of emergence from the “mass” relates to Cancer and Leo. FCD’s progressed Moon has just entered Cancer, and so the question of his many attachments must be handled firmly and decisively. As well, his progressing Ascendant in Leo (the sign of emergence) is conjuncting his North Node, indicating action to be taken—an action leading to greater clarity and radiance of soul (Leo).

    13. Master DK is sounding for FCD the note of freedom. Again we think of FCD’s ‘Developmental Formula’—“Freedom from Ties”, “Chelaship” and “Detachment”.

    14. The Master again affirms His confidence in His chela, thus empowering him. The Master’s care for His chelas is a wonderful thing, and exists in a far deeper form (and in many instances, for far longer) than the chelas may suspect.

    January 1939

    You will note, my brother, how you reverse the problem of B.S.D. because your personality ray, your soul ray and your astral ray are all along the same line of force—the line of the second ray. I have already pointed out to you the difficult nature of your problem which is that most subtle one of the right balancing of energies. You have no third ray energy in you at all (the energy of the ray of the intellect) and this in spite of the fact of your physical constitution. It accounts for your intense feeling that you have no racial relationship to the Jews at all in spite of the fact that you are of the Hebrew race. This is a true feeling, and the only thing which relates you to the Jewish race is the fact that your mental body is on the first ray which is the same as the soul of Judaea. The soul knows no distinctions or differences and on soul levels no problem of any kind exists—except the problem of understanding love. Of this you know much.

    1. Master DK compares the disciples FCD (24-127) and BSW (17-467). BSW has no second ray in his presented ray pattern (though, for various reasons, it is suggested that his monad may be on the second ray—otherwise, given his ray formula, he would probably not be working with DK).

    2. DK is now speaking of ray energetics. FCD is faced with a difficult task of balancing an energy system very much endowed with the soft-line rays, especially the second.

    3. DK discusses the third ray and its absence in FCD’s energy system. FCD is told that “you have no third ray energy in you at all”. This statement may be considered a hint that FCD does not have a third ray monad. It is in such statements (apparently straightforward) that the Master may convey information about aspects of the energy system that He only rarely discusses—for instance, the monadic ray.

    4. It is interesting that a number of DK’s disciples were born in Jewish bodies but had no true relation to the Jewish group, per se. Among these were FCD, RSU and RVB.

    5. It appears that FCD’s feelings on the matter are very definite. He feels strongly that, even though he was born into the Hebrew race, he has little or no real relation to the Jewish people, and DK confirms his opinion.

    6. We will see when analyzing DK’s instructions to FCD in DINA II, that FCD was born a Jew for important inner reasons relating to his potential work for the Hierarchy. Such work, however, would require that (although biologically a member of the Hebrew race) he be inwardly disidentified from the Jews. Only thus would he be in a position to help them.

    7. The question of racial distinction is a volatile one, and especially so at a time when the Germans, and to some extent, the Italians, were carry forward a program of persecution. The Master affirms the soul’s perspective—that of a non-separativeness which knows no real distinctions or differences between souls. The soul is possessed of “understanding love” and, with this quality in mind and heart, all questions of racial distinction are to be approached. It is implied that FCD, who knows much of understanding love, can approach this difficult problem with the proper attitude.

    Your soul ray focusses itself in and through your astral body and your personality ray does the same. Hence your problem and hence the facility with which you can relate the soul and personality rays and can carry through their blended energies to the heart centre. The increasing use of this line of force is one of your practical demonstrations of the future. The second thing which you need to do is to take these energies of the soul and of the personality, add to them the energy of the [Page 156] heart centre and then learn how to carry all three to the head centre and there blend them with the power of your first ray mind. This first ray mental power, you must learn to bring definitely down into the head centre by an act of the creative imagination and hold it steadily there....

    1. Another important piece of information is given. DK gives each of His chelas information on the particular personality vehicles through which the soul ray and personality ray focus, or through which they principally express.

    2. FCD’s ‘arrangement’ is unique among DK’s chelas because both his soul ray and personality ray focus through his astral body. This is at once a problem (in relation to balance) and also a considerable opportunity to bring the blended energies of soul and personality to the heart center. We note that in the case of FCD, an integrated disciple, his soul and personality rays are, indeed, blended. The close relationship between the second and fourth rays facilitates the ease of blending.

    3. This unique energy ‘set up’ is to be increasingly used by FCD in the future. One can well imagine its potency for redemptive work. Already we have been told that FCD’s presence feeds his fellow disciples’ love for each other. Here we have one of the explanations for this beneficent effect.

    4. DK gives FCD another task. The blended energies of the soul and personality rays, as they focus through the heart center, are to be lifted into the head (presumably towards that center which is called “the heart within the head”) and there blended with the power of the first ray mind. By doing this, FCD will be placed in a position to intensify the presence of the wisdom aspect in his consciousness and to contact, as it were, ‘Shamballa within him’.

    5. For FCD, the first ray is simply the mental ray, but one suspects that it must, in some way, be more deeply rooted.

    6. Probably, DK has given FCD a meditation or specific instruction on how to bring the first ray mental power into the head center. We are given a hint that when we want to achieve various fusions and blendings, the creative imagination is to be used as our instrument. As stated, Psychosynthesis is a psychological approach which makes extensive use of the creative imagination.

    7. If FCD is successful in following DK’s recommendations, he will have greater access to will, wisdom and pure reason.

    8. Let each of us think of our mental ray and ponder what might be the effect if that mental way were firmly anchored in our head center.

    I would ask you—as far as you possibly can—to insulate yourself from fear and from the effect of the world situation and its allied problems. The future for you is planned and you can take the right steps through the power of your illumined mind. I would ask you to carry forward this insulation along the line of love, using the ancient method which has been called "the wheel of living fire which burns not but ever heals." This method is occult and safe and constitutes no barrier to relationships as does the building of a separative wall. The method is as follows:

    1. Due to his oversensitivity, FCD has always needed the protection which insulation brings. Insulation is a Cancerian dynamic but is not at all related to Pisces. It was so easy for FCD to respond to world fear and the terrible circumstances of those fateful days. DK seeks to protect FCD so that he can serve as effectively as possible. Obviously, fear, worry and negative expectation are debilitating.

    2. We note that the future is planned—the soul and the Master have planned it. This is true for many of us, and with these plans we must learn to cooperate.

    3. DK gives FCD an ancient technique called by an amazing name: “the wheel of living fire which burns not but ever heals”. Really, it is one of the most occult techniques offered in these books.

    4. Many people try to protect themselves from physical or psychic intrusions by imagining a separative barrier between themselves and the potential sources of intrusion. There are dangers in this method, however, as walls of separation are created. “Long time it takes to break that wall…”

    See before you a wheel of fire with seven spokes. See it immediately before your eyes. Then, by an act of the creative imagination, see yourself standing in the centre at the hub of the wheel; there regard yourself as if you were that hub. From that central position, send out the seven streams of living love, radiating upon the world. When you do this you serve and are, at the same time, completely protected. This exercise can be come instantaneous and effective. It generates a protective force and at the same time makes you a living centre of light and love.

    1. The technique is simple and clear. It provides a centralization in radiant love. The energies of the seven rays are part of the visualization. The streams of love sent forth are alive and are effective in serving the world. They are also effective in rebuffing negative energies in the environment or negative energies which might be deliberately directed towards the chela.

    2. Such an exercise is not for those who simply wish to protect themselves, but for those who are actively engaged in strenuous service and need protection in order to sustain and intensify their service.

    3. We can see that the protection is based on a dynamic relationship with fundamental energies and not upon any timid or selfish ‘walling-off’.

    Be not distressed, my brother, but in calmness and in peace pursue your way. There is no life, at this time, without its difficult lot to bear, and what matter what it is? Love all. Serve all. Preserve your mental integrity and be not influenced by those whose hearts are bitter or whose tongues are cruel. Life is initiation and for this you are prepared. The crises in the life of the soul work out along certain lines as major initiations. I am here giving you a hint. For this too you are, as you know, being prepared. I stand behind you with understanding and with strength. I give you my blessing, my brother.

    1. The times are obviously intensely distressing. In 1939, war in Europe

      seemed increasingly inevitable. There was great disturbance in the human psyche—the area of life to which FCD was acutely sensitive.

    2. DK is offering perspective and consolation. He is speaking to FCD as if he were a soul, detached from the three lower worlds and their condition of acute distress.

    3. The advice is simple: “Love all. Serve all.” Proceed in calmness and peace—detached, as a soul.

    4. FCD has a strong mind. He is to preserve his mental integrity under all circumstances. This should not be difficult for him to do.

    5. Then come certain hints: “Life is initiation and for this you are prepared.” It would seem that FCD is not only prepared, but is also in process of preparation for a “major” initiation. The major initiations begin at the third degree. DK seems, at the very least, to be telling FCD that he is in preparation for the third initiation.

    6. It is important to note that when the Master gives a hint, He often has to alert the chela to the fact that a hint has been given! We are all rather dense, are we not?

    7. We see DK interpreting the present period of intense crisis in FCD’s life as a period preparatory to initiation—a major initiation (some might say the third and others the fourth).

    8. The statement “life is initiation…” is important. We may at times think of initiation as a ceremony, a conferral of energy by a Hierophant. Initiation is far more than this. The ceremony is only a confirmation of a living initiatory process successfully undergone. Life itself is the great initiator, and it is in the stress of living that a chela must prove himself initiate.

    9. DK is offering FCD a most necessary perspective which will help him surmount the extreme challenges of the times.

    10. DK gives His chela His understanding, strength and blessing. These three constitute a tremendous support. A Master helps in the ways He can. He will not with frequency offer immediate physical plane assistance; it is for the chela to triumph in his own immediate physical plane circumstances. But the subjective support necessary for achievement is readily offered by the Master.

    11. We note, at the approximate time of this instruction, the presence of transiting Jupiter on the MC and Sun. Jupiter is the second ray Master.

    NOTE: Under the most trying conditions, this disciple is steadily carrying on and working with K.H. and serving with the Tibetan's group.

    1. FCD, a proven disciple, in a period of intensive testing, functions in three ways: he carries on with his outer physical plane responsibilities; he works subjectively within the Ashram of Master KH; he serves with the Tibetan’s group.

    2. Disciples in the Tibetan’s groups stood upon various rungs of the ladder of evolution. Experienced and tested disciples like FCD, JWK-P, AAB, RSU etc., came through” and were triumphant. Others still had many lessons to learn before a significant triumph could be theirs.

    3. It is especially instructive to study the personal instructions to FCD because of his status of “initiate-disciple”. His burdens were far greater than most as were his sensitivities. In him we find a true and selfless server of humanity—and even more, one who is in training to become a World Savior. We are placed in a position to learn from his example.

    4. We will continue with an analysis of the personal instructions written to him from 1940 onwards, and collected in DINA II.



    Without forgiveness life is governed by... an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.
    Roberto Assagioli

    There is no certainty; there is only adventure.”
    Roberto Assagioli quote
    (Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition Pluto.)

    “The most important rule is to formulate, clearly and precisely, the goal to be reached, and then to retain it unswervingly in mind throughout all the stages of the execution, which are often long and complex.”

    'Psychosynthesis is not a doctrine or a school of psychology... There is no orthodoxy in psychosynthesis and no one, beginning with myself, should be considered its exclusive representative or leader.'

    'While psychosynthesis is offered as a synthesis of various therapies and educational approaches, it is well to keep in kind that it possesses its own original and central essence. This is so as not to present a watered down or distorted version, or one overcoloured by the concepts and tendencies of the various contemporary schools. Certain fundamental facts exist...and constitute the sine qua non of psychosynthetic training.'

    We regard man as a fundamentally healthy organism in which there may be a temporary malfunctioning. Nature is always trying to reestablish harmony, and within the psyche the principle of synthesis is dominant. ... Both Jung and myself have stressed the need for a person to develop the higher psychic functions, the spiritual dimension.
    Roberto Assagioli
    (Pluto & Neptune & Chiron in 12th house.)

    "From a still wider and more comprehensive point of view, universal life itself appears to us as a struggle between multiplicity and unity - a labor and an aspiration towards union. We seem to sense that - whether we conceive it as a divine Being or as a cosmic energy - the Spirit working upon and within all creation is shaping it into order, harmony, and beauty, uniting all beings (some willing but the majority as yet blind and rebellious) with each other through links of love, achieving - slowly and silently, but powerfully and irresistibly - the Supreme Synthesis."
    - Roberto Assagioli, Psychosynthesis, 1976, p. 31.

    "Only the development of his inner powers can offset the dangers inherent in man's losing control of the tremendous natural forces at his disposal and becoming the victim of his own achievements."
    - Roberto Assagioli, The Act of Will, 2002, p. 6

    The will [is] an essential function of the self and [is] the necessary source or origin of all choices, decisions, engagements. Therefore, psychosynthesis includes a careful analysis of the various phases of the will, such as deliberation, motivation, decision, affirmation, persistence, execution, and make much use of various techniques for arousing, developing, strengthening and rightly directing the will.
    (Pluto T-square Sun & Moon.)



    Roberto Assagioli (February 27, 1888-August 23, 1974) was an influential Italian psychiatrist, born in Venice. He was the founder of the transpersonal psychology movement known as Psychosynthesis.

    Assagioli was a student of Sigmund Freud and introduced Freud's teachings to the medical fraternity in Venice in 1910. He is one of three Italians credited with being pioneers of the psychoanalytic movement.

    At the same time, around 1910, Assagioli laid the groundwork for Psychosynthesis. He saw that there was a need for something beyond analysis. This was the need for a person to become whole - to be united in synthesis.

    Assagioli maintained that just as there was a lower unconscious, there was also a superconscious. He describes this as a realm of the psyche which contains our deepest potential, the source of the unfolding pattern of our unique human path of development. Assagioli formulated his discoveries into an approach he called psychosynthesis. This term of course distinguishes it from psychoanalysis, but Assagioli did not mean thereby to replace psychoanalysis, but rather to complement and include it.

    Psychosynthesis then is not simply a model of pathology and treatment, but a developmental approach which can help guide a person to understand the meaning of their human life within the broad context of synthesis - the drive towards the harmonisation of all relationships, whether intrapersonal, or interpersonal, between individuals and groups.