Esoteric Astrological Analysis of DAO [Helen Freeman]

DINA I 278 - 291

Group IX.2 – The Trained Observers

DAO’s Rays and Developmental Formula

VII 1 – 4? 6? 3?

Detachment – Analysis – Organisation of Time and Service

Elena Dramchini

                            JUSTIFICATIONS FOR THE CHART.

  1. The time of birth was given by DAO herself as “ near to 11.45 pm “ in the questionnaire send to all the disciples selected by the Tibetan to join His Group.

  2. From her questionnaire we know that since she was 3 years old she was “ susceptible to a certain suggestions “ which she has never forgotten. She also said that their house was a rendezvous for bishops, priests and nuns of the Roman as well as the English Church and her mother gradually became interested in Christian Science, and induced her to join that church. DAO later made a serious study of it.

  3. All this immediately suggests the energies of Neptune/Pisces and the most probable placement of Neptune in the 12th house instead of the 1st house as given by 23:45 time.

  4. By bringing the progressed Neptune to the conjunction of the natal Ascendant  when she was 3 years old, we can rectify the time to 23:45:41.

  5. The progressed Neptune was at 27 Taurus 41 ( the degree of the rectified AS ) from February 1889 to April 1890 but supporting this were other very important and significant progressions and transits.

  6. In September 1889 both, Neptune and AS by Solar Arc progression came to square the natal Mercury, the esoteric ruler of the 12th house/ARM ( psychic sensitivity/subconscious attitudes left from past lives ), placed in the 4th house ( lower/higher psychic powers, all the permanent atoms which are the hereditary memory of all previous incarnations ) and 5th ARM ( creative talent/expression of all the past experiences stored in the Causal body ) and semi-square the natal Saturn, the exo/eso ruler of the 9th house/ARM ( vision/abstract mind ), placed in the 3rd house/ARM ( communication/telepathic reception ).

  7. From this we can deduce that she has, at a very early age, established a psychic connection to her past lives experiences/abilities/memories.

  8. Neptune is the esoteric dispositor of the tight Mercury/Saturn semi-square and its close conjunction to the AS from the 12th house indicates Astral/Buddhic connection and mystic temperament. This supports DK’s statement: “ You were the true mystic ( 287 ) and the spiritual visionary…” We see here an indication of a possible 6th Ray legacy, most probably as a Personality Ray. This is further supported by Neptune being the dispositor of the Pisces South Node ( past ).

  9. She mentioned in her questionnaire that she had a lot of illumination during her sleeping hours – getting proofs of mental telepathy and healing powers. The Tibetan, himself, told her that she gets much teaching from Him ( 284 ) subjectively  [ Chiron ( Master ) in the subjective sign Gemini ] and during the hours of sleep. [ Neptune/Chiron are in parallel of declination; Mercury square  Neptune ]

  10.  The fixed star Alcyone conjunct Neptune and AS supports the tendency to inner vision and active Ajna centre.

  11. When she was around 7 years ( 1893 ) old she started to think along esoteric lines with very solitary, subjective life ( 4/12 houses ).  

  12.  In February 1893 the Solar Arc AS and Neptune conjunct the natal Pluto and sesqui-quadrate Mars ( Mars/Pluto aspect is the closest aspect in the chart ) and the progressed Moon in the 8th house ( going deeper into esoteric knowledge ) quincunx the S. Arc AS/Neptune/natal Pluto conjunction.

  13.  In April/May 1893 the progressed Retrograde Mercury square the natal AS and the natal and progressed Neptune. Here we have a clue to the retrograde motion of a planet which points to recapitulation of certain experiences. Mercury had to reach the exact square to the Neptune to trigger and reconnect to the deeper spiritual/esoteric knowledge.

  14.  When she was 12 years old ( 1898 ) her mother induced her to join the church. The progressed MC sesqui-quadrate the natal Jupiter; the progressed Moon in Pisces conjunct the South Node ( indication of past association with religion/church ) and the Solar Arc Saturn sextile the natal AS and Neptune.

  15.  From age 14 ( 1900 ) she made more outer contacts. The progressed MC sesqui-quadrate the natal Uranus; the progressed Jupiter conjunct the progressed Uranus; the Solar Arc Uranus conjunct the natal Mars and quincunx the natal Pluto; the Solar Arc AS activating the natal Sun/Venus semi-sextile; the progressed Moon in Aries, in the 11th house; the Transiting Jupiter and Uranus through the 7th house and the progressing Venus ( exo ruler of the AS ) was entering the sign Leo ( 1902 ). We see that all the rulers of the AS/DC and MC/IC axis were activated and bringing into focus more of the 1st Ray energy.

  16. It is interesting that the last aspects the progressed Retrograde Mercury made, before turning Direct ( 1908 ) was sextile to the Solar Arc Neptune and semi-sextile the progressed Saturn.

  17. Saturn/Neptune are the esoteric rulers of the mental axis of the 3rd/9th houses/ARMS ( lower/higher mind ) and Mercury is the esoteric ruler of the 12th house/ARM ( psychic sensitivity/intuition ). This very important combination of energies seems to be related to her training/application of a spiritual analysis and the concrete mind in the right interpretation of the inner reality. ANALYSIS was her most important development formula.

  18.  Saturn/Neptune is also related to suffering/renunciation/depression. In her chart the midpoint of Saturn/Neptune, AS falls on the axis of Chiron ( wound ) and with the placement of Neptune in the 12th house ( chronic illness ) and the 3/9 mental axis, it indicates tendency to mental depression. One of the questions in the questionnaire was: “ What do you feel is the predominant fault in your personality which might act as a hindrance to the group work? Are you willing to work hard at its overcoming for the definite space of two years? Her answer:  “ I should say periods of depression which I have never as yet been able to analyse satisfactorily or overcome. I am not only willing but anxious to work to dispel this destructive force. I might add that my recent efforts toward harmlessness [ Mars trine Chiron ] have helped.”

  19.  If we follow the progressing Mercury we notice that its aspects ( also aspects to the natal Mercury ) were present or triggered the most important turning points in her life.

  20.  From 1916 to 1922 she made a serious study of the Christian science.

  21.  1916 was the year of her first Saturn return and activation by the Transiting Saturn of the natal Mercury/Saturn semi-square.  The progressed Mercury semi-sextile the natal Moon, exoteric ruler of the 3rd house ( study/learning ) and the Solar Arc Moon square the natal MC ( Dharma ). The progressed AS semi-sextile the natal Neptune.

  22.  In 1920 the progressed Mercury square the natal and progressed Neptune and the natal AS. This is the same aspect as in 1893 ( when she started to think along esoteric lines ) but this time by Direct moving Mercury. Unfortunately, we have no information what happened in her life under this progression but it could have triggered a deeper interest along esoteric lines as in 1922 she became interested in the Arcane School and the teachings of Krishnamurti.

  23.  In 1922 the progressed Mercury reached its natal position and thus repeating the natal semi-square to Saturn but this time in its Direct motion ( after recapitulating learning experiences, now ready to enter into serious esoteric study/training ) and the Transiting Saturn making semi-square to the natal and progressed Mercury and square the natal Saturn.

  24.  In the same year ( 1922 ) the progressed Moon entered Aquarius, moving through the 9th house/ARM ( esoteric schools ). The Transiting Uranus ( exo. Ruler of Aquarius and her Soul Ray planet ) conjunct the progressed MC and the progressed AS square the natal Jupiter, the eso. Ruler of the Aquarian MC.

  25.  She said she liked the Arcane School because it left the individual free ( Uranus ) in his development and we can see why she was attracted to Krishnamurti who also advocated freedom/independence.

  26.  Krishnamurti has Aquarius rising and DAO’s Mars (esoteric ruler of K’s  MC) is making close ( within 4 min. of arc ) trine to it ( according to the chart used by P. Lindsay in his book “ The Initiations of Krishnamurti “ ). His Taurus Sun and Mercury conjunct DAO AS and Neptune, indicating a close psychic/intuitive link. These two charts would make an interesting study.

  27.  In 1931 the progressed Mercury sextile the natal Saturn and the Solar Arc Neptune and AS conjunct the natal Venus. This was the year when the Seed Groups were formed and the first instructions were given by DK. It appears, from her questionnaire, that this was also the year when she was starting on her first important picture ( she worked in the theatre and films ).

  28.  In 1933 the progressed Mercury sextile the progressed Saturn, the progressed MC square the natal Chiron, the Solar Arc AS semi-square the natal Neptune and the progressed Vertex across the AS/DC axis. This was the year of her first personal instruction from the Tibetan and commencement in the group work.

  29.  In 1937 the progressed Mercury trine the natal and progressed Neptune and the progressed Retrograde Neptune reached the conjunction to the natal AS  and started to move back into the 12th house. This was the year when she received the last instruction from the Tibetan as she left the group and retreated into isolation ( 12th house ). This move of the Retrograde Neptune into the 12th house ( unresolved karma ) could point to a possible carrying over to the next life, working with the 6th Ray energy, particularly as Neptune is the esoteric ruler of the 4th house ( Ashram/end of life/karmic heredity ). The 4th house is also related to initiation and in her case it points to taking of the 2nd initiation in some future life.   

  30.  If the rectification of the time of birth, based on the progressed Neptune, is  correct, then the link between the progressed Direct Neptune conjunction of the AS in 1889, when, at the age of 3, she started to have psychic experiences, and the 1937 progressed Neptune conjunct the AS but this time in its Retrograde motion, is very interesting and significant. It seems to indicate unresolved issues which need to be worked at in the next life but at the same time keeping inner, unbroken link with the group.

  31.  We can make an interesting observation here and ponder upon the role or importance of a Retrograde planet and its link to a Ray energy presence in the past incarnation and working with that particular Ray energy in this life during the years of the retrograde motion of that planet, in order to learn or recapitulate certain experiences related to the quality of that Ray/planet.

  32.  DAO has been born with only one Retrograde planet and that is 4th Ray Mercury.

  33.  Even though we are not told the Ray conditioning her Mental body, it appears ( from many hints in her instruction ) to be the 4th Ray.  Through the Retrograde Mercury we see a possible link to the past life working with this same energy ( as another possible Personality Ray ).

  34.  The investigation of a Retrograde planet could be one of the tools of establishing the legacy Ray.

August 1933/DINA I/278,279,280

I have refrained from writing my personal instructions to you earlier than this as I felt your need to think things through, and your strong inner urge to be left free to work out the concept of this group work in your own way. We know that the first personal instructions from DK were given out in 1931 but He was aware of her resistance to work in the group so left her free to decide. She, herself, said in her questionnaire:

“ I have a distinct disinclination to belong to definitely organised groups, which is one reason I have found Mr. Krishnamurti’s views so illuminating. I have always found difficulty in working with groups or organisations or any sort of group effort are to me merely technical conveniences. The responsibility must always lie with the individual and he must guard with all his might against leaning on his group or failing to recognise that in following another or leaning upon him, even if that person is an exalted One, he is using a crutch which he must some day discard and he must not permit personal factors, affection, reverence, pride, fear, etc. to prevent him from honest examination and determination to accept only that which Lie is capable of understanding and assimilating. “

When we examine some of the progressions and transits for the years 1931-3, we see  an interesting dynamics.

In 1931 the Transiting Pluto, the esoteric ruler of the 11th house/ARM ( group work ), trine the progressed MC ( Dharma ); the Transiting Jupiter, the esoteric ruler of the MC, conjunct the IC ( anchorage of the Soul’s essence in this incarnation ) and the natal Sun, the ruler of the IC/4th house ( Ashram ). [ Transformation in her life direction through the link with the Ashram and her group. ]

During the years 1931-2 the Transiting Uranus was in opposition the natal Mars and semi-square Pluto. [The desire to break free and follow the will of the personality must have been difficult to control. ]

At the end of 1932 ( September-December ) the Solar Arc Chiron conjunct the IC [ anchoring in a new, not easily accessible dimension/area of consciousness – that of a Master/Ashram ]; the progressed Moon conjunct the natal and progressed Pluto in Gemini ( purging of old mental attitudes/ideas ]; the Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the natal Mercury [ difficult karmic decision ); the progressed Venus semi-sextile the progressed Uranus and both in aspect to the progressed Moon and the natal Nodes and the Transiting Neptune over all these points; furthermore, the Solar Eclipse in August 1932 at 8 Virgo 10 fell right on the conjunction of the progressed Venus to the North Node [ this combination of energies reflects on one side the film work she was doing and on the higher level it points to an opportunity to organise her time and relationships to meet the demands of both, her personal life and group responsibilities and to consciously recognise an important opportunity in her Soul progress ]; in September 1932 the Lunar Eclipse at 21 Pisces 45 fell on the progressed MC, linking the past unresolved issues to be faced in the present Dharma.    

In early 1933 the progressed Vertex opposition the natal AS/Neptune, conjunct DC [ being forced to face/correct the issue of relationships and psychic impressions/glamour as they are affecting her Soul’s Purpose ]; the Solar Arc Mars/Pluto in aspect to the natal Mars/Pluto [ this combination of energies carry an intense, compulsive expression and stimulation of the desire/will of the personality and on the level of the Soul it is evocative of the higher Will; the Transiting Chiron over this double Mars/Pluto contact brought a healing/correcting influence and together with all the other strong Chiron aspects, opened the channel to the higher Will ], the Transiting Saturn conjunct the natal MC [ taking on extra responsibility ]; the Transiting Nodes return to their own place and the Transiting Neptune, progressed Uranus and Solar Arc Chiron in aspect to the natal Nodes [ an indication of an important turning point on the Path with the opportunity to change/release and heal/integrate unresolved issues ];

In June 1933 the progressed MC square the natal Chiron [ entering under guarded/protective care of the Master ] and the Solar Arc Mercury square the natal Saturn [ serious/difficult/regular mental work/study/meditation ] and the progressed AS conjunct the natal Venus [ the purpose of the Soul is to illumine the form/personality; opportunity in her artistic work ].          

Group work [ Aquarius/11th house ] in connection with the spiritual life is not, for you, easy. Your life training [ MC ] as an artist [ Venus ] in your own field [ 5th house ] has taught you to work [ 6th house ] on the physical plane in group formation.

When we look at the chart what we notice immediately is the triple conjunction of Uranus/Jupiter/Moon [ the rulers of Aquarius, on all the three levels ], in Libra [ relation/association/peace/equilibrium ], placed in the 5th house [ creative self/Soul expression/Causal body/amusements/talents ] or if we consider the Whole chart, in the 6th ARM [ routine work/service/correction/adjustment/healing ].

The Neptune conjunct Pluto, rulers of the Pisces 11th house/ARM [ group/world service ] and both conjunct the AS [ Soul’s purpose ].

The dispositor of all the five planets [ Uranus/Jupiter/Moon/Neptune/Pluto ] is Venus [ intelligent, spiritual love/beauty/art/Solar Angel ], placed in the sign of Cancer [ form or personality/past/passivity/will to manifest/protect ], in the 2nd house [ material and spiritual values/illumination/treasures of the Causal body ] or in the 3rd ARM [ telepathic reception/meditation/antahkarana/concrete mind ].

Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer, semi-square Neptune [ the dispositor of the South Node ] and square Moon [ past habits ] points to past mental limitations/glamour and life spend in seclusion.

The 1st Ray isolated, wilful personality, if not in line with the spiritual law, will not easily accept the authority of others [ Mars square Saturn ], even that of a Master. It will rebel and demand freedom [ Uranus conjunct Moon, trine Pluto ] without an imposition of any restrictions of the law [ Saturn’s exaltation in Libra ] and  accepting the only guidance is coming from, what it considers, the infallible source. [ Neptune, the esoteric dispositor of Sun/Mercury/Venus/Saturn, is placed in the 12th house [ psychic sensitivity ] and conjunct the AS [ Soul’s purpose ]. Here we can also trace the true cause behind her severe depressions she was unable to deal with or understand satisfactory.

It is in the field of esoteric endeavour [ Scorpio ] that you find in yourself an antagonistic reaction.  Mars sesqui-quadrate Pluto . This is the closest ( applying ) aspect in the chart and thus very important and it carries strong 1st Ray energy and power of the will. Mars/Pluto rule the 7th house/ARM [ personal/spiritual relation/co-operation/law ].

There is in you, and rightly so, a determination to be yourself [ Leo/5th house ] and to stand alone [ 1st Ray ] and on your own feet. [ Pisces ]  Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Leo and Pisces, is placed in the 5th house [ self expression/identity ] and trine Pluto [ 1st Ray ] in the 1st house [ impulse to project oneself and be effective/identity ]

It has been necessary for your personality to be forced by your soul to go the lonely and isolated way. Taurus [ AS ] and Leo [ Sun ] are linked through the 1st Ray [ isolation ] and the planet Vulcan [ the esoteric ruler of AS ] placed in Leo [ Will of the Soul ], in the 4th ARM [ the externalisation of the inner Self/Soul/place of refuge/introversion ]. Neptune, the esoteric ruler of Leo, is in the 12th house [ seclusion/isolation ]. 

But it is this very quality of yours that I desire to weld into this group; it can be offered by you in service to the group. Neptune conjunct Pluto and both in trine aspect to Jupiter. [ all three rulers of the Pisces 11th house/ARM ( group service ) ]. 

It is in this participation in a subjective group endeavour [ Pisces-4/12 houses –Neptune/Pluto ] – loosely organised on the physical plane and intended to remain an inner group condition – which will give you opportunity to express [ 7th Ray – Will to express ] for others the gain of your life experience. [ Aquarian MC ]

Grand Trine between Pluto, the esoteric ruler of the 11th house [ group endeavour ], the MC and Jupiter/Uranus, the rulers of MC.

Venus [ 5th Ray ] is the esoteric ruler of the 2nd house/ARM and thus emphasising the illumination/light quality through merging/uniting of the Soul and form [ Gemini ] and thus linking it to Leo [ Sun sign ], where the Will – to – illumine [ 5th Ray ] drives Leo to experiment and so to gain knowledge and it is this which links Leo with Taurus [ incentive towards experience in order to gain knowledge ], the sign of the AS, where Venus is the exoteric ruler.

Therefore I would ask you to remember, my brother, that one of the contributions that you can make to this group of fellow aspirants is the attitude you hold to organised forms. [ 7th Ray ] Venus [ beauty/light ] the exoteric ruler of the rising sign Taurus [ form/light ], conjunct Saturn [ control/responsibility ] in Cancer [ form/lunar lords ], square Moon [ form ], the exoteric ruler of Cancer, placed in Libra [ harmony ] and semi-square Neptune [ inner/spiritual beauty ] in Taurus.

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn [perfection ] and Libra, is semi-square Mercury in Virgo [ detail/discrimination/perfection ] and square Mars [ effort/activity ] in Libra.

Through these planetary interrelations all the signs which transmit the 3/7 Rays are brought together – Aries [ Mars/Mercury ]/Cancer [ Moon/Neptune ]/Capricorn [ Venus/Saturn ]/Libra [ Venus/Saturn ]. Virgo is always conducive to the presence of the 7th Ray and Taurus transmits the 4th Ray of Harmony through conflict, related to beauty/art.

From these dynamics of energies we can deduce her appreciation/building of beautiful/perfect/organised forms, expressing in perfect harmony the outer and inner beauty through artistic/creative expression upon the physical plane.

We see a possible presence of the 4th Ray as conditioning her Mind and the 3rd Ray her Physical body.        

Another is your power of intuitive perception and your capacity to sense reality. Venus exaltation in Pisces is linking Pisces to Gemini, where Venus is the esoteric ruler and thus connecting the 2nd/11th houses [ through renunciation and sacrifice of the past attachment to the form and releasing the intelligent mind from the power of the personality she will be able to guide others from darkness into the light and to exalt the power of the intuitive wisdom and offer it in service to the group.]

There is a tendency to find one’s peace [ Libra/4th Ray ] and relaxation [ Taurus ]  in a well-intended spiritual withdrawing and isolation; [ 12th house/1st Ray ] this is ever a limitation [ Saturn ] of the mystic temperament. [ Neptune ].

Strong 5th house [ enjoyment/pleasures ] with the triple conjunction of Moon/Jupiter/Uranus placed there [ love of good times and freedom to do what she likes, without too much discipline ] in Libra [ love of harmony/beauty/art ]. Venus, the exoteric dispositor of this triple conjunction, and exoteric ruler of the Taurus AS, is placed in the 2nd house, in Cancer [ love of comfort/security ] and is semi-square Neptune, the esoteric ruler of Cancer, placed in the 12th house [ spiritual withdrawing into isolation ] and also square the Moon [ veiling Neptune ], the esoteric ruler of the 5th house/ARM and placed in the 5th house/6th ARM [ devotion to service/doing the right thing  ].

Neptune, the esoteric dispositor of Mercury, is placed in the 12th house and also square Mercury [ the esoteric ruler of the 12th house/ARM ]. This is yet another indicator of mysticism.

The mind emphasises form and the building of forms.[ Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer ] The intuition is formless, [ Neptune/4th Ray ] and yet the ideas intuited [ Mercury square Neptune ] must express [ 7th Ray ] themselves through form. From this concretising faculty, owing to your sense of beauty [ Venus/4th Ray ] and your sense of the essential values,[ Taurus/2nd house ] you are singularly free. The 2nd house Venus semi-square Neptune, the esoteric dispositor of Mercury/Venus/Saturn.  

For you there must be the lesson of the equal [ Libra ] divinity of form [ Neptune/Cancer ] and of form building,[ Cancer/7th Ray ] with the creative work [ 5th house ] of organised detail [ Virgo/7th Ray ] in every balanced [ Libra/4th Ray ] production.

It appears that the 7th Ray Soul needs to express through the 4th Ray intuitive Mind and create a perfect form of beauty where all the details are organised in harmony to reveal the inner divinity in the world, thus expressing the living beauty and through this intuitive creative work she is aiding the group.    

Emotional stress and strain [ Moon conjunct Uranus; Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer, semi-square Neptune and square Moon; Mercury semi-square Saturn and square Neptune in the 12th house ] and your intense love of beauty [ stellium in Libra/strong 5th house; the semi-square aspect between Venus and Neptune ( made stronger by their exo/eso mutual reception ) acts as the final dispositor of all the energies in the chart ] have been the principal training elements in your life.

Oft you have been bewildered and your fellow-men bewilder you at times. [ Moon conjunct Uranus in Libra; to quote her own statement: “ I have made some moves as unexpected to myself as to others, such as my marriage .“

Seek for one year to bring to bear upon them and upon yourself the light of the intellect , [ Mercury ] and let the power of a spiritually applied analysis [ exalted Mercury in Virgo; Venus conjunct Saturn ] and the consecrated functioning of the concrete mind be deliberately applied. Remain ever the Observer, using the concrete mind as a divinely organised instrument. [ Mercury ( the concrete mind ) in the 4th house ( detached Observer ) ] The progressed Mercury is sextile the progressed Saturn in September 1933.

Work with symbols will be found of real value to you if you persevere.[ Mercury square Neptune/Pluto ]

February 1934/DINA I/280,281,282

You have a fair measure of the intuition already developed [ Jupiter trine Neptune; Mercury square Neptune; Neptune is the esoteric dispositor of Mercury and the Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer ( spiritual/intuitive perception ) ] and – as I earlier pointed out to you – you can serve your group and facilitate their work in this connection.

Therefore, my brother, seek increasingly to foster this germ of the intuition from the purely unselfish motive [ Taurus – incentive/motive ] of group usefulness, remembering that the blending of the mind and the intuition [ Venus/Saturn; Mercury/Neptune ] produces a consequent organisation of spiritual faculty which works out in power and magnetic force [ Venus ] or radiation in the personality life. The progressed Sun trine the natal AS/Neptune and progressed Neptune.

Your first ray personality can intensify the usefulness of this conjunction, just in so far as you can work constructively in your chosen field of work [ 6th house ] and with your fellow students. If we consider Pluto as the Personality Ray planet, Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of the Leo Sun, is making a tight trine to it. Jupiter is conditioned by the 1st Ray on one of its levels and thus the Jupiter/Pluto trine carries strong 1st Ray energy of intense transformative/expanding nature.

Venus/Mercury are the exo/eso dispositors of the Jupiter/Pluto trine and Neptune is the esoteric dispositor of Venus/Mercury and is in aspect to both of them. From these interrelations of energies we see the how the 1st Ray personality, working through the Jupiter/Pluto aspect, can intensify the usefulness of the blending of mind [ Venus/Mercury] and intuition [ Neptune ].

Aries/Leo/Capricorn are the three signs transmitting the 1st Ray. We see that only Leo is occupied by placement of the Sun, making it also the only planet in the fire element (representing the mind ). We also see that the predominating element is the air [ representing the buddhi or intuition ].

If Venus is taken as representing the fire/mind and Neptune as representing the air/intuition then the semi-square aspect between them, strengthened by their mutual exo/eso reception and being the final dispositors of all the energies in the chart, pretty potent and significant focus of concentration of power on outer and inner levels.

Mars, the exoteric ruler of Aries ( transmitter of the 1st Ray ), is sesqui-quadrate Pluto. This aspect also carries strong 1st Ray energy as Mars is conditioned on one of its levels by the 1st Ray and Pluto is placed in the 1st house, where Mars is the natural ruler.

Mars/Pluto rule the 7th house/ARM [ right human relations/Soul-personality fusion ]. This explosive 1st Ray aspect was contributing factor to her disruptive relations and lack of rapport between her the Master and also lack of fusion between the personality and Soul.

Saturn in Cancer, the ruler of Capricorn ( transmitter of the 1st Ray ), is square Mars in Libra where Saturn has its exaltation [ deciding according to the law ] and Mars is in its fall in Cancer [ lack of objectivity/acting on feelings ]. Saturn is conditioned by the 1st Ray on one of its levels and so this aspect also carries strong 1st Ray energy, particularly as Mars/Saturn are the rulers of the two signs transmitting the 1st Ray – Aries/Capricorn.

This powerful Mars/Saturn aspect, conditioning her 1st Ray personality, lies behind her problem with authority and her rebellion [ Mars ] to accept even the authority of the Master and insisting on her freedom/independence [ Uranus is the esoteric dispositor of Mars ] and accepting only the authority of her own Soul [ Uranus is the Soul Ray planet ]. We see that she would have to face a lesson of occult obedience [ Uranus is the Hierarchical ruler of the 12th house ]. In DINA II/92 we read: “ Certain other students regarded “ occult obedience “ as an infringement of their freewill, as did D.A.O. “  

A first ray personality can cause the soul much difficulty when not subordinated in all humility to group service. Jupiter/Pluto are the rulers of the 11th house/ARM of group service.

When the personality is guided by the intuition and by clear thinking and the life on the physical plane is given to the freely imposed rhythm [ Uranus ] of organised [ 7th Ray ] service, then power can be conferred, and definite usefulness be the result.

The Solar Arc Mars sextile the natal Uranus and the progressed Mars semisquare the natal Uranus.

Steadiness [ Saturn ] in all relations, [ Libra ] in all relations, my brother, is a needed growth, [ Jupiter ] and discipline or ordered habit [ 7th Ray ] is of real usefulness to you. We have already noted the Mars/Pluto aspect in respect of the 7th house. Venus, the exo/eso dispositor of Mars/Pluto, conjunct Saturn [ steady relations ].

Moon sign [ the hindrance to Soul progress ], represents the past lives habits which need to be overcome and transformed into spiritual habits. Moon in Libra points to wrong decisions/lack of affinity and rapport in relationships and need to transform personal relationships into impersonal/group relationship [ Uranus in Libra ]. Saturn exaltation and Hierarchical rulership of Libra [ karmic choices/relations ] and its detriment placement in Cancer [ paying the penalties of karma due to making the wrong choice/judgment/decision/wrong turning upon the Path affecting the relationship to the Ashram/Master ] support this theme further, together with Venus square Moon. The added strength to this aspect is the Venus/Moon mutual exoteric reception.

The esoteric placement of Uranus in Libra, conjunct the Moon, gives the opportunity to reverse the direction by right decision and establishment of a new rhythm/habit in relationships.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter gives a promise of spiritual growth. The triple conjunction of Moon ( veiling Uranus )/Jupiter/Uranus carries a powerful 7th Ray influence of ordered habit and provides for the 7th Ray Soul a focal point of contact.

Out of the three signs transmitting the 7th Ray – Aries/Cancer/Capricorn, only Cancer is occupied by the placement of Venus/Saturn conjunction there.

When we consider the esoteric rulers [ Mercury/Neptune/Saturn ] of these three signs, we see that Mercury is in tight semi-square aspect to Saturn and their esoteric dispositor is Neptune. We have already seen the significance of this Mercury/Saturn/Neptune combination of energies and how important role they played in her life.   

This must be applied not so much from the standpoint of organising the personality but of your release [ Neptune ] from time limitations. [ Saturn in Cancer ]. Both, Saturn and Uranus are related to time and the 7th Ray [ organisation/habits ] and Uranus in particular to cycles/rhythm.

But this must be done gradually,[ 7th Ray  ] for the creative, intuitive worker [ 4/7 Rays ] has the problem of working in the realm of the timeless, [ Neptune –transcending time ] and from that point of awareness he must employ time in the art of producing [ 4th Ray ] that which he seeks to express.[ 7th Ray ]

The progressed Moon conjunct the natal and progressed Chiron and the progressed Mercury square the natal Chiron [ Mercury/Moon/Chiron are the rulers of the 5th house of the creative self/Soul expression ]

July 1934/DINA I/282

Much of your usefulness to this group has been unrecognised by you as it has worked out mainly on the astral plane [ Neptune ] in a stabilising and loving capacity [ Venus conjunct Saturn and semi-square Neptune ] to integrate the group in love.  Of this your physical brain [ Saturn ] is scarcely aware.

The Solar Arc Venus square the natal Neptune and transiting Neptune conjunct the progressed Venus; the progressed Venus square the natal AS.

You have had a period of relative stability [ transiting Saturn over the Grand Trine Jupiter/Uranus/Moon – Pluto – MC, square the Solar Arc Mars and trine the natal Mars ] in a life hitherto full of ceaseless movement, [ 3rd Ray/Moon conjunct Uranus; the four planets in Libra ( Jupiter/Uranus/Moon/Mars ) fall in the 3rd ARM in the Personality chart ] and this for you is novel and educational. The progressed Uranus conjunct the natal Moon, within an orb for number of years.

Your life work, [ MC ] esoterically speaking, consists in mentally arresting and stimulating the thinkers and workers in the world, [ 10/11 houses ]  so that they measure up to the need and demand of those around them. So many people feel and think. You can teach them the think and feel.   Grand trine Jupiter/Uranus –Pluto-MC [ ability to expand/transform even revolutionise the thinking/spiritual vision of other people ]; Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer [ this strong 3/5 Rays combination gives good analytical mind ];

Exalted Mercury in Virgo [ healing/diagnostic position which gives the ability to understand how the Divine Mind works in the field of matter; skilful manipulation of many details and understanding their interrelation; the exalted Son of Mind which KNOWS unity of things, not just FEELS them but understand how things are related.]

Transiting Saturn entered Pisces, opposition the natal Mercury; Mercury progressed opposition the progressed MC; 

Your work for the group is to blaze the trail [ Antahkarana ] to the high places [ Spiritual Triad/Libra ] and to keep it open.

March 1935/DINA I/282,283,284

I have sought, first, to see you ( as I earlier expressed it ) a “ master of time “ [ the progressed Mars semi-square the natal Uranus and the Solar arc Mars sextile the natal Uranus ] and I have secondly, noted the intuitive help you have sought to render to your fellow group members. [ Solar Arc Venus square the natal Neptune ]

If you cast your mind over the past three years, you will note a life full of experience on all the planes of the personality; you can note too, if you will, a growing tendency towards soul control. [ strong activity of Venus ( the Son of Mind/Soul ) involving the natal/progressed/Solar Arc AS ] I say tendency, my brother, for it is when tendency is transformed into habit [ 7th Ray/Moon; Moon square Venus ] and dynamic daily rhythm [ Uranus conjunct Moon ] that the gates of initiation open before the disciple.

Your major work today is to establish this habit. It lies for you hid in the control of time, which constitutes for you a major problem. [The Organisation of time and service was one of her development formulas ]

…in achievement[ Leo – will to achievement ] along this line will come to you release [ Neptune – the esoteric ruler of Leo ] and the establishment of beauty. [ Venus/4th Ray; Venus semi-square Neptune ]

Vulcan [ 1st Ray ], the esoteric ruler of the Taurus AS, is associated also with the 7th Ray [ rhythmic hammer like stroke ] and with the 4th Ray [ being the master craftsman ].

Vulcan in Leo indicates that the Will of the Soul is to shape up the personality to be a fit instrument of the Soul and to build/fashion a lighted form [ Vulcan in the 4th ARM ] receptive to the light of intuition [ Vulcan is in mutual esoteric reception with Neptune ].

Mystical beauty veils, in beauty, the ideal.[ Venus/Neptune ] Occult beauty reveals, in beauty, the ideal. [ Venus/Uranus ]

For you the occult achievement must be the goal, and the revelation of ordered beauty [ Uranus in Libra; 4/7 Rays ] in time and space must constitute your synthetic effort.

The combination of 1/7 Rays provides the right energies for occult work. Both Rays emphasise the power of the will and action/achievement in the field of concretion with a synthetic effort/result.

Meditate upon the distinctiveness of mystical inspiration and occult revelation and on their synthesis in all great achievement.[ We note that Neptune ( mystical ) and Uranus ( occult ) are the final esoteric dispositors and thus indicate her eventual goal to achieve their synthesis.

The integration of the personality has been your task of late,[recent strong Chiron/Venus/Uranus aspects ] carried forward both consciously and unconsciously. The process of integration is related to the 6th house [ correction/Technique of integration ] and the planet Chiron [ the Healer ]. Venus/Uranus are the exo/eso rulers of the 6th house/ARM.

The enriching of your life experience through fuller [ Jupiter ] human contacts [ Venus/Libra ] and a deepened understanding has for you the promise of creative expression,[ 5th house ] provided that each day is dealt with by you as an arranged opportunity for organised effort.[ Mars/Saturn ]. The Solar Arc Jupiter semi-square the natal Uranus in January 1935; Transiting Jupiter conjunct the natal Mars and square Saturn. Transiting Chiron and Saturn in aspect to the natal Nodes.

Spend your time listening. Give expression[ Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer ] to the sensed vision.[ Neptune ]. The progressed AS conjunct the progressed Moon and both semi-square Neptune [ Moon/Neptune are the rulers of the Cancer 3rd house/ARM ]

Cultivate the waiting attitude of psychic attentiveness[ Mercury square Neptune ] and when you hear the unheard and sense the intangible, endeavour to formulate it into words [ Mercury semi-square Saturn ] and expression of some kind, preserving the spirit of psychic drama [ Neptune, as the esoteric ruler of Leo and the 5th house/ARM ] which informs all such events.

We see an emphasis here on the Throat centre [ sound/speech/creative expression ]. The transiting Uranus entered Taurus and is making trine to the natal Mercury; the transiting Saturn recently made opposition to the natal Mercury and sesqui-quadrate Saturn.

All work to be done at this time must be planned to bring in the organising, synthesising, integrating action of the soul. Uranus [ the Soul Ray planet ], by secondary and Solar arc progressions is approaching conjunction/semi-square to the natal Moon in Libra. This brings the 4/7Rays together and double Ray 7 emphasis if Moon is veiling Uranus and will bring group relations under stress. The transiting Uranus is semi-sextile the natal and progressed Pluto [ the Personality Ray planet and co-ruler of the 7th house/Arm ( Soul/personality integration )  ]. 

Guard your health, my brother. The progressed Moon is approaching the conjunction to the natal and progressed Saturn [ Moon/Saturn are the rulers of the 6/12 axis in the Personality chart ]; transiting Saturn square the natal Pluto in the 1st house [ physical body ] and sesqui-quadrate the natal Mars [ physical body ] in the 6th house [ health ]. This Saturn transit is supported by the Solar Arc Pluto conjunct the progressed Saturn and the progressed Moon is approaching this conjunction [ exact in April 1936 ]. 

September 1935/DINA I/284,285,286

You get much teaching [ 3rd house/ARM ] from me subjectively and during the hours of sleep. [ Mercury/Neptune ] That which you can bring through into your brain consciousness [ Saturn ] each day of that teaching is of inestimable value to you, for it establishes a technique [ 6th house ] and opens up a channel [ Chiron ] through which you can “ bring through “ that which you sense, and this is for you a much needed and immediate development. The progressed Moon[ the exoteric ruler of the 3rd house/ARM ] conjunct the natal Saturn in the 3rd house/ARM and also conjunct the Solar Arc Neptune/AS.  The Solar Arc Uranus [ the esoteric ruler of the 6th house/ARM ] semi-square the natal Moon in the 6th ARM.

The transiting square of Neptune and Chiron [ opens a channel into an area of consciousness not normally accessible ] in aspect to the Moon/Saturn/Neptune/AS line up.

We note that the natal Chiron is trine Mars in the 6th house/ARM which points to a healing ability/talent and interest in health and close participation with the Deva kingdom [ Chiron in the 2nd ARM ( prana/treasures of the Causal body ); Moon, the esoteric ruler of the 5th house/ARM ( talents/gifts of the Soul/Causal body ) is placed in the 6th ARM, as is Uranus, the esoteric ruler of the 6th house/ARM.

From her questionnaire: I might add that I have had many proofs of the power to heal and have also received a good deal of illumination during my so-called sleeping hours. “ 

Aim at real achievement in accomplishment.[ Saturn ] There must be for you that definite objective upon the physical plane which will materialise [ 1/7 Rays ] in an equally definite achievement, so that your soul can say: “ I have accomplished that which I intended. “ The progressed Mars trine the progressed Saturn; the Solar Arc Mars sextile the natal MC; transiting Saturn in the 10th house, square the natal Pluto and sesqui-quadrate Mars [ difficulty in achieving the Soul’s intention and keeping the rebellious personality under control ].

Libra is very effective upon the physical plane and in its ability to project the inner spiritual purpose/will into physical expression, in particularly with 3/7Ray emphasis.

Intuitives ( such as you are ) [ Neptune, the esoteric dispositor of Sun/Mercury/Venus/Saturn, square Mercury, semi-sextile Venus and conjunct the AS ]  have ever the problem of this materialising. It is a creative function.[ 5th house ] This is your obligation [ Earth ] to your soul, and herein oft lies your failure.

Earth [ Dharma/obligation; it represents the area of influence/experience in the world of form ] is the most elevated planet in the chart, placed in the 10th house/ARM [ accomplishments/spiritual advancement ], conjunct the MC [ Dharma/fulfilment of life purpose ].

The Earth makes two aspects – it trines the Moon [ creative expression/accomplishment in her artistic work ] and quincunx the Venus [ transformation in her value system will release the light, unite the polarities bring into material expression [ Earth ], through word/writing [ Gemini ruling the 2nd house/ARM ] the intuitive perception [ Libra/Venus semi-square Neptune ]. We know from her questionnaire that she experienced financial problems [ Venus, the exoteric ruler of the 6th house of work in the 2nd house of money ] and done some writing

Moon is square Venus and so we have a triangle of Venus/Moon/Earth linking the 2/5/8 houses/ARMS. These houses are ruled by the mutable signs of Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius, thus we have the Mutable Cross superimposed upon the Fixed Cross.

What is interesting is that Venus/Moon [ the expression of beauty in form ] are placed in the 2/5 houses [ Fixed Cross ] but in the 3/6 ARMS [Mutable Cross ] and besides being in square aspect they are also in mutual exoteric reception, thus standing at the base of the triangle.

We also note that Gemini/Sagittarius are the only signs ruled by Earth who is relating them to each other and through it there is a balancing process going on between two streams of energies – one from Sagittarius and the other from Gemini, aided by Mercury and Venus who are also the final exoteric dispositors of the chart [ the materialising aspect ].

The Rays emerging from this triangle are the Ray 3 [ Earth ], Ray 4 [ Mercury ] and Ray 5 [ Venus ].  We hypothesise Ray 4 for her Mental body and Ray 3 for her Physical body. Ray 5 could be acting as a sub-ray in this life [ the Sun sign Leo is transmitting 5th Ray and Aquarius [ placement of Earth/MC ] through its analytical aspect [ supported by the Mercury in Virgo ]. ANALYSIS  was the most important keynote of her development formula. Venus, being also the exoteric ruler of the AS and making semi-square to the AS, is very important planet for her in this incarnation.     

What is needed is the realisation that – given right motive and true spiritual consecration – achievement on the physical plane in the chosen field of expression is spiritual achievement [ Jupiter, the esoteric ruler of the MC ( achievement ), trine Neptune/Pluto/MC ]  and, therefore, possible. The progressed Jupiter sesqui-quadrate the natal Neptune/AS in December 1935 and the transiting Jupiter over this and also activating the Grand Trine of Moon/Jupiter/Uranus-Pluto-MC.

February 1936/DINA I/286,287,288

There has been for you a great stimulation of the entire psychic nature during the past six months,[ the Jupiter/Neptune and Moon/Saturn/Neptune progressions ] due to the close attention you have rightly given to your personality unfoldment; due also to the strenuousness of the experiences to which that personality has been subjected,[ transiting Saturn activating the Mars/Pluto; the progressed Mars trine progressed Saturn ] and due too to the effect of increased integration and to the psychic atmosphere in which you live.

This all indicates a step forward, provided you continue to hold with care the attitude of the Observer and do not identify yourself with the phenomena which you experience and may experience in the future. The Observer is the Soul or Son of Mind [ Venus ] who is using, with detachment [ 5th Ray ] the concrete mind [ Mercury ] as a steady/organised instrument.

The sense of abstract [ Mercury/3rd Ray ] and the formless [ Neptune ] was unduly developed in you. You were the true mystic [ Neptune, esoteric ruler of the 4th house ( roots of being ) in the 12th house, conjunct the AS ] and the spiritual visionary,[ Sagittarius – Earth conjunct the MC; Jupiter, the esoteric dispositor of Earth and exoteric ruler of Sagittarius, trine Neptune ] the idealist [ 6th Ray/Pisces ruling the 11th house/ARM ( ideals ) ] and the one whose imagination,[ Mercury/Neptune ] love of beauty[ Venus/Libra/4th Ray ] and the sense of inner reality shut you away[ 12th house ] from the world of practical life;

The blending, merging and fusing[ 4th Ray ] of the subjective beauty and the outer beautiful reality is your daily task.[ Venus conjunct Saturn, square Moon, semi-square Neptune and quincunx Earth ]. The Solar Arc Moon sesqui-quadrate Venus; the progressed Venus semi-square the natal Vertex [ fated/unresolved issue ] and the transiting Pluto square the natal Vertex and semi-square the progressed Venus.

Those who, like you, are intuitive,[ Mercury/Neptune in the 12th house, conjunct AS ] must train themselves to be interpreters. [ 3/5 Rays; Saturn conjunct Venus and semi-square Mercury ] The task of the interpreter of reality and of beauty [ Venus ] should increasingly drive you into organised [ 7th Ray ] and planned activity. The Solar Arc Neptune semi-square Mercury and conjunct Saturn in March/July 1936.  The Solar Arc Mercury conjunct Mars in May 1936.

The goal[ Sagittarius ] is intensification [ Jupiter/Pluto ] of the potent life [ Buddhi ] at the centre; [ Heart ] that life must inevitably find its outlets. Jupiter conjunct Uranus [ rulers of Aquarius ( waters of life ) ] and both trine Pluto [ esoteric ruler of Pisces ] and Neptune conjunct Pluto

Life begins on the Buddhic plane [ the 1st plane of life and also the plane of pure reason/intuition ] and so Neptune [ Buddhi/Heart ] is relating two triangles: Cancer-Virgo-Aquarius and Cancer-Virgo-Pisces.

Seek during the ensuing months to make your meditation [ Mercury ] periods short and powerful,[ 1st Ray/Pluto ] remembering that at present their objective is the inner organising of the bodies and not so much the realisation of the unseen. That realisation is for you somewhat easy. Its bringing through [ Mars ] into the brain [ Saturn ] consciousness and its wise [ Jupiter ] use in service is what calls for your attention. The Solar Arc Mercury conjunct Mars and sesqui-quadrate Pluto [ dynamic and intense mental attitude ]; The Solar Arc Saturn semi-square Mars and square Pluto [ difficulty/hard work in bringing through into brain consciousness ].

In June 1936 the progressed Sun entered Libra [ decision/choice ] and the Solar Arc AS conjunct the natal Saturn and semi-square Mercury [ difficult/serious mental work/ decision ]. The Solar Arc Mars/Pluto activating the natal Nodes and the progressed Moon conjunct the progressed Saturn, square Mars and semi-square Pluto [ transformation/break in the life direction/Path ].

We notice that the two closest aspects in chart, Mercury semi-square Saturn and Mars sesqui-quadrate Pluto, were strongly activated by progressions during this six months period, putting tremendous pressure on her personality who was rebelling against the discipline.

November 1936/DINA I/288,289,290

You are afraid ( as a personality ) of being unduly influenced and of being subjected to an authority[ 10th house ] stronger than your own and coming to you from a source that is not that of your own soul. The triple conjunction of Moon/Jupiter/Uranus [ rulers of the 10th house/ARM ] and all three in trine aspect to Pluto.

You are free, my brother. No one is seeking to hold you in this group. But remember that there is no freedom[ Uranus ] except in making free choice[Libra ] and in serving.[ 6th house ] The idea of freedom can itself constitute a prison.[ 12th house ]

Mercury/Mars, the rulers of the 12th house/ARM, in difficult aspect to Pluto; Uranus conjunct Moon in Libra; We see that the progressed Uranus was within an orb of conjunction to the natal Moon for few years and will reach  the exact degree of the Moon in July 1937, supported by the transiting Uranus quincunx to this progressed conjunction. The Solar Arc Mars/Saturn are also in aspect to this conjunction and thus producing too much power to resist the urge to break free from the authority of the Master and the restriction of the group work.

The statement in DINA I/299 is relevant here: “ D.A.O., too, as you will see from her correspondence, is bewildered – though she realises it not, and would deny the implication – by the glamour of independence. “ [ Neptune conjunct Pluto; Pluto trine Uranus ]

The fluctuations and indecisions [ Moon ( the exoteric ruler of the 3rd house ) conjunct Uranus in Libra and square Venus ] and questionings of your personality do not really matter in the long run and in the light of soul activity…

The more your soul grips your personality, the less you will be concerned with the problems of isolation [ 1st Ray ] and of freedom.[ Uranus ] Mars sesqui-quadrate Pluto [ the rulers of the 7th house ( Soul/personality fusion ) and Pluto trine Uranus, are the aspects expressing the dynamics of the personality.  

Feel free, but be sure that it is not a freedom demanded because the steady discipline[ Saturn ] of occult training [ Uranus ] frets a temperament still essentially mystic.[ Neptune ]

Feel free, but be sure that it is not a freedom demanded because the sense of failure[ Scorpio/Mars-Pluto aspect] to organise your time[ 7th Ray ] and reduce your personality to rhythmic living[ 1/7 Rays/Uranus ] hurts your pride.[ Jupiter ] The more your soul grips you, the more assuredly you will learn to use time as a responsibility.[ Saturn ]

I suggest that you take until next May before coming to your final decision. When we look to May 1937, the progressed Moon is conjunct the IC and entering the 4th house [ Ashram/end of cycle ] and sextile the natal Moon and the progressed Uranus [ strong urge for change/independence ];

The progressed Mars quincunx the natal Chiron is echoing the natal Mars/Chiron trine and giving an opportunity to transform/correct past unresolved pattern; this is further supported by the transiting Chiron return to its natal position and quincunx the progressed Mars;

The transiting Mars opposition the natal Pluto is echoing the natal Mars/Pluto sesqui-quadrate and is further supported by the Lunar Eclipse on the T. Mars/Pluto opposition [ the fear of loosing control or giving control to someone else and so breaking free; the desire of being in charge and use her own free will and thus the difficulty to merge the lower self-will with the higher will reflect the dynamics of the 1st Ray personality through this Mars/Pluto aspect. ]

We note that the progressed Pluto sesqui-quadrate the natal Mars was within an orb through her whole life. The natal Pluto turned Retrograde in 1916, which was the year when she started seriously to study the Christian science and this could have influenced her thinking later, when she joined the Tibetan’s group [ Pluto is the esoteric ruler of the 11th house/ARM ]

Retrograde planet indicates a recapitulation, an opportunity of going back again over a ground covered and elevated to the point that is needed/desirable. It is not just confinement in the past but re-qualifying the past, having already the perspective of the future.

As we have already noted DAO has been born with only one planet Retrograde and that is Mercury [ turned Direct in 1908 ]. There were two more planets which turned Retrograde during her life [ and stayed Retrograde until her death ] and these were Neptune [ turned Retrograde in 1913 ] and Pluto [ turned Retrograde in 1916 ]. All three planets played an important role in her life and we would think that Neptune [ Buddhi/intuition ] and Pluto [ death/purging/destructive power of the 1st Ray ] would continue to be important in her next incarnation. In this connection we note the significance of the Mars/Pluto aspect and that Leo [ Neptune is the esoteric ruler ] seeks release in Scorpio [ Pluto is the co-ruler ] and Scorpio stages the release of Leo.  

I have asked a member of another group in my Ashram to do your work in the meantime.[ Her place was taken by LDO ( II. IV. 4,2,7 ), who was also a mystic, an artist and a writer ( DINA I/132 ). ]

I am therefore assigning you no work, and you are regarded as temporarily suspended from the group. [ the Mars/Saturn square by Solar Arc progression activated the natal and progressed Uranus ]

I would remind you as you seek decision [ Libra ] that your soul is on the seventh ray and that you are working through a first ray personality. Hence, my brother, your problem. The Soul wants to build [ group relations ] and the personality wants to destroy/separate and be free from the control of others. It rebels against the order and higher law which the Soul is trying to impose upon the personality to observe in great detail. The 1st Ray personality see it as a restriction of its will/freedom to do what it wants.

When the two integrating formulas [ Orientation ( 7th Ray ) and Inclusion ( 1st Ray ) ] done their work there is an inclusive orientation towards the Soul law/design and others are included in loving co-operation.

The 7th Ray Soul with Taurus AS brings a strong focus on routine, with highly developed resistance/stubbornness to move/change [ Taurus doesn’t want to move and 7th Ray doesn’t want to relinquish established pattern/rhythm ]. This combination is associated with rhythm/cycles/timing and the right use of body/form, manifestation/expression of the inner/subjective ideas into outer world/objectivity and the transmutation of instinct/appetite into aspiration/directed will  towards perfect expression of the inner pattern in outer form [ transmutation of the Sacral to the Throat centre and thus lower into higher creativity ]. The building of right spiritual habits, right management of resources, organisation of values/time/service and expression of will in beauty.

The 1st Ray personality with the Taurus AS would emphasise the spasmodic/wild rush of Taurus; the refusal/rigidity to change, the persistence and power to overcome/endure and the learning to express the Spiritual will and to shatter [ Vulcan ] the outworn values.

The 7th Ray Soul with the Leo Sun can produce an inflexibility [ 7th Ray ] of self-concept [ 1st Ray ], of the solo/independent/wilful worker [ 1st Ray ] and the co-operative group worker [ 7th Ray ]. There is the ability to perfectly express the Soul life in form and so both of these energies are related to the Will towards Expression.

We note that through the whole instructions there is a strong emphasis on expression and the word “ Express “ is the keyword of the 2nd initiation.

The 1st Ray personality with the Leo Sun gives a powerful 1st Ray emphasis with a tendency to isolation, separation, being right. This combination produces strength, persistence, steadfastness and self-reliance, with a strong focus on authenticity, authority and identity.

A mystic of wide consciousness[ Jupiter trine Neptune ] with a powerful personality ray[ 1st Ray/Leo Sun/Pluto conjunct the AS and sesqui-quadrate Mars  ] and with a soul vibration in line with the New Age, seeking to impose upon the personality the rhythm of a “ ceremonial order and organisation.”[ 7th Ray/Vulcan in Leo/Uranus trine Pluto, conjunct Jupiter and possibly sextile Vulcan ]

I would ask you to bear in mind that group work [ 11th house ] involves sacrifice [ Pisces/12th house ] and oft the doing of that which might not be preferred and which might not – from the personality angle – be the easier way out and easier activity.[ Neptune conjunct Pluto [ rulers of the 11th house/ARM ] and both conjunct the AS and square Mercury [ the esoteric ruler of the 12th house/ARM ] The progressed Mercury is approaching the trine to the natal AS and Neptune.

February 1937/DINA I/291

Only my love and understanding go out to you at this time, my brother, but not my words or my instruction. Seek the way of selfless service and all is well.

These were the last word to her from DK as she left the group. We have already noted some of the aspects occurring during this time but just to add a few.

In March 1937 the transiting Saturn conjunct the progressed MC and opposition the progressed Mercury [ difficult decision affecting her life direction ]. In May 1937 the transiting Saturn opposition the progressed Sun [ ruler of the 4th house/ARM – Ashram ] and points to break in her relationship to the Ashram/Master [ at least in this incarnation, upon the physical plane ].

We have already noted the progressed Uranus reaching the exact conjunction to the natal Moon in October and staying in the same degree until January 1938 [ sudden change in the life routine; strong emotional impulse for freedom ]. This change is further emphasised by the progressed and Solar arc Moon to the angles [ AS/DC/IC/MC ] of the chart.

The progressed Neptune, by Retrograde motion, has reached the hypothetical degree of the AS in June 1937 and stayed there until September 1938 and then moved into the 12th house [ seclusion/isolation ], indicating an unresolved issues and withdrawal into the inner psychic/mystical level of consciousness.

In June 1937 the progressed Mercury [ the esoteric ruler of the 12th house/ARM ] trine the natal AS and the progressed Neptune and further confirms the mystical/intuitive influence and an inner/unbroken link to the group.