Esoteric Astrological Analysis of J.W.K-P [Foster Bailey]

DINA I 157-173

Group IX.1 – The Telepathic Communicators


I 2 – 427

Joy --  Wisdom – Knowledge of the Plan


Elena Dramchini


The Solar Return for 1931 indicates a radical change and transformation in the life (  the SR AS in Libra conjunct the natal Uranus in the 5th house of creative

Expression of the personality but also the expression of the higher spiritual will (SR Uranus in Aries) and creativity stimulated by the Soul’s love . Some choices and decisions ( Libra ) would need to be made which will turn or initiate the direction towards group service ( Uranus is the esoteric ruler of the SR AS in the 6th house of service conjuncting the North Node in Aries. Aries rules the 11th house in the natal chart of which Uranus is the Hierarchical ruler. Sun in the SR chart is in the

6th house and rules the 11th house and in the Natal chart it is in 11th house in Pisces and Pisces rules the SR 6th house.) With the 6th house there could be some issues of health and purification and the process of integration of the various vehicles ( Uranus points to the Etheric body). There is a clear indication of lifting of energies of the 5th and 6th houses – to use the creations of the mind and the talents of the Causal body in the joyous service of the group. That this process is not going to be easy is indicated by Saturn in Capricorn conjuncting the IC of the SR chart and opposing Pluto and Mars. It carries with it great responsibility and hard work but also the reward of spiritual accomplishment. The Mars opposition Saturn emphasises the Mars square Saturn in the Natal chart. Saturn being in the 3rd house in both charts is taking away the

joy of the process. 




157DNAI  November 1931

I would conjure you to face the future with joy and optimism. Courage ( 1st Ray ) you always have but joy ( 2nd Ray) you lack ( Mars in Libra in 5th square Saturn in Cancer in the 3rd house. Both planets are debilitated and retrograde, Chiron in the 1st house bring lack of self-confidence and  lack of self-esteem). With you, as with F.D.C., much of the physical plane activity is hampered by etheric devitalisation, though the causes producing the existing condition differ. ( the etheric body is ruled by Gemini, Aquarius, the 7th Ray and Moon, veiling Vulcan., from the circulating angle. We also consider the 3rd and 11th houses and the 5th house as a natural source of vitality. Here the Sun in the 11th house in Pisces is in the Mars decanate. Even though Mars does not rule directly the etheric body it is placed in the 5th house and is the exoteric and esoteric ruler of the 6th house of health, making quincunx to the Sun and also to the Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. Mars is also the exoteric ruler of Aries, intercepted in 11th house. Mars is retrograde, placed in the critical 29 degree of Libra, in Mercury decanate, Mercury is the natural ruler of 3rd and 6th houses and is also the esoteric ruler of Aries intercepted on the 11th house and is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio, ruling the 6th house. Both, Mars and Mercury are retrograde, indicating that these issues have been present in the past life and he can draw and utilise the knowledge of the past experience. Saturn is in the 3rd house in the Moon decanate of Cancer, lowering not only the vitality of the etheric/physical body but making the mind heavy and depressed. The closest aspect in the chart is Sun square Chiron. Both, the exoteric and esoteric dispositor of the Sun, Neptune and Pluto are conjunct in the 12th house, indicating that the issue of the etheric devitalisation is related to past karma. The past life link is further confirmed by Sun and Chiron both semisquare the Moon and the Nodes. Pluto is the investigator who brings the hidden to the light. It conjunct Neptune, the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of 2nd and 3rd house, indicating the destruction of glamour and illusion and releasing the light not only of the Soul but also the Spiritual triad.  Moon in Taurus is very powerful placement for the personality to deal with as it makes the entire instinctual nature very powerful. Taurus is also related to the light, illumination, the Throat, Heart and Ajna centres and the process of transmutation of desire into aspiration and eventually into directed will and purpose. The Moon veils Vulcan ( spiritual will ) who is the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Taurus and is placed in Pisces ?  The form nature must be purified and fashioned anew and through desire translated into spiritual will the form is esoterically raised up into the heaven and of this fact the exaltation of Moon in Taurus is the symbol. From desire-sensitivity to form life, to the world of sensitive perception of the personality to the Plan. Here the Moon is the exoteric ruler of Cancer ruling the 2nd and 3rd house and being the dispositor of Saturn in Moon decanate of Cancer ( the most difficult karmic placement ). Saturn is giving the spiritual opportunity to release the light and see clearly and know the Plan. Moon is also the esoteric ruler of Virgo ( purification ) ruling the 5th house and the hierarchical ruler of the Aquarius ( major healing sign ) MC ( the dharma ).That the issue is of vital importance to be dealt with in this life is indicated by both, Sun and Chiron closely aspecting Venus, the esoteric ruler of the AS and the Moon and Nodes aspecting the Vertex ( the fated, unavoidable aspect in the chart ). We see this confirmed in the progressed chart for 1931 where Sun, Venus, Chiron by SA aspecting  the natal Moon. The present ( the Sun ) is facing the past ( the Moon ). The hindrance ( Moon ) to Soul’s progress ( Venus ) has to be eliminated ( Pluto ). Further we see the MoonSA opposing the Moon SP and both aspecting the Vertex SA and the Nodes SA and all are activated by the transiting Pluto and Jupiter, promising  improvement or successful solution. In the natal chart Sun is sextile Neptune, forming a Yod with Mars. Neptune is in Saturn decanate of Taurus and the esoteric dispositor of Saturn in Cancer in the 3rd house. Neptune is conjunct Pluto, the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Pisces and ruler of Scorpio on the 6th house. In this Yod combination of energies we have a very important key to understand the problem of his etheric devitalisation in relation to higher spiritual issues. The Yod is spiritual, karmic aspect in the chart and when its mystery is unlocked it opens the door to higher spiritual service and knowledge. The activating point of the Yod ( opposite Mars ) falls in the 11th house. It represents the highest spiritual potential available for the individual not only for this life but for future lives. In this case the potential is represented by the higher qualities of the 11th house, that of group purpose, group telepathy, world servers, the ashram, the NGWS, group leadership. But in order to fulfil this potential one has to deal with some karmic weaknesses and areas of imbalance represented by the other pole of the axis of the Yod, signified here by Mars in the 5th house. This point of the Yod , called the Foot represents the line of least resistance for the personality, where we can get stuck in the safe, established patterns or habits of the past ( like Moon and the South Node ). It is the area of greatest resistance to spiritual progress. The lower energies of the 5th house are: creative self-expression of the personal will, talents of the personality used for selfish purpose, self-centerdness, egotism, pleasures, human love, children. Mars rules the lunar lords of the 3 lower vehicles and the personality as a whole, it rules the animalistic nature, aggression, sexual energy, dominance and irritability. It is these forces which need to be confronted and raised on the higher level of expression. This is made even more difficult because Mars is the exoteric ruler of the intercepted Aries on the 11th house. But the reward is great because the opposing point of the Yod ( opposite Mars ) even though it has no planet near it, it falls in the 3rd decanate of Aries ruled by Mars, indicating a powerful struggle to overcome all obstacles on the way of identification with the Plan and Purpose and become an active participator in its fulfilment. We touching here the hierarchical rulership of Mars  ( Mars in Libra is the hierarchical ruler of Sagittarius which rules the 7th house and Libra is the way to Shamballa) Sun is in the 3rd decanate ( mental body or Monad ) of Pisces, ruled by Mars indicating the next step ahead. Mars is one of the planets ruling the 3rd initiation  where the monadic energy is utilised for the first time. Mars is also the decanate ruler of the Gemini AS. Mars ( in relation to Scorpio ) and Saturn ( in relation to Capricorn ) are utilised at the time of the 3rd initiation. Here we have very powerful square between Mars and Saturn dominating the chart. ) During the past years, I have many times conveyed to you the summation of which lies in the emphasis I lay on steadfastness ( 1st Ray Soul, also 4th Ray word of power for integration of the personality,  he has 4th Ray Mental body ) in meditation ( Mercury-4th Ray ). Etheric vitalisation lies in meditation where you are concerned and the bringing in of energy to your physical body through its instrumentality. The main cure for you and the source of success in all your work lies in your persistence ( 1st Ray ) in meditation and your contemplative ( Libra ) endurance ( Vulcan ). ( This relates to the Breath and Prana and the process of  Inhalation, Interlude, Exhalation and Interlude. Libra rules the interlude where point of balance is reached and in meditation it rules the stage of Contemplation. Interludes are the wells of the water of life ( Aquarius ) and 7th Ray is the Ray of interludes. Uranus, the transmitter of  the 7th Ray, is in Libra. It is virtually unaspected , though have mutual reception with Venus in Aquarius ( the Soul energy working through the Etheric body )  and trining the AS and MC but is strong by placement, being the esoteric ruler of Libra. This gives the possibility in acquiring the quality of steady organised occult thought processes into the causal body  and through it vitalise the etheric body. What is emphasised here are the interludes. The first interlude relates to Tension, which is the moment of alert conscious anticipating direction and the intuition of causes ( Mercury in Pisces in Jupiter decanate in the 10th house, esoteric ruler of 11th house making T-square with Pluto and Jupiter) and the second interlude relates to Recognition of this deep intuitive mental work to see the vision and make it a factual knowledge ( Saturn in Cancer in the 3rd house). It is through these interludes where the points of entry for the energy are, to vitalise the Etheric body and the centres.) Visualising the inflow of energy to the centres in the etheric body and the vitalisation, above all, of the heart and the throat centres. ( Jupiter and the Sun –(most probably veiling Uranus ) rule the Heart centre and Saturn rules the Throat. In Libra we balance the Etheric body using the 7th Ray ( he has 7th Ray physical body ). We see here how important is the regular, rhythmic process of the meditation. Sustained effort is the seed of synthesis and the cause of achievement. We can also understand now the deeper significance of the energies of the Solar Return chart with its Libra AS and the strong Uranian influence in Aries ( strong 1st Ray placement ).

Joy, wisdom and the Plan! These are for you the three points which must be matured. Weakness for you both ( he is close to B.S.W. ) lies in the failure of one or other of the manifestation of power to flourish. When B.S.W. knows the true significance of beauty and you of joy, release and fuller service will be yours. (  Joy is the quality of the Soul ( Venus ) and when the personality is anchored consciously in the Soul it expresses the Joy of the Soul. Happiness ( lower expression of Venus) is the expression of self- centered personality, Joy is the expression of the group-conscious Soul. Venus is in Aquarius trining Mars ( the three lower bodies and the personality itself ) in Libra ( personal relationships ) in the 5th house ( amusements, pleasures ) and also trining Chiron in the 1st house ( physical body, focus on personal appearance, personal interests and amusements). Venus, Mars and Chiron form here the Grand Trine. The higher energies of a Grand Trine are very rarely used constructively on the personality level. They can stay dormant, and used on the pursuit of comfort and happiness, until the higher energy of the Soul start to utilise the personality and even then it could be a long process as these energies are very deeply ingrained in the personality habits ( Moon in Taurus ) and  are very often unconscious ( Moon in the 12th house and Taurus rules the 12th of which Venus is the exoteric ruler ). This is the reason why Joy is the most difficult quality( out of the three ) for him to express, but also the most important, because if he knows Joy then he can utilise the higher power of the G. Trine in fuller service. The importance of him to know the true significance of Joy is further emphasised by Venus being the esoteric ruler of  the Gemini AS, ( the mediator ), the most elevated planet in the chart in the 10th house ( hierarchy ) conjuncting the MC ( dharma ). Jupiter, the guru, the symbol of wisdom, is in Sagittarius, the sign of higher mind  and quest for truth and it squares Mercury( the mind in the 3 aspects ). Wisdom ( Jupiter ) is revealed through intuitive ideas which the concrete mind ( one aspect of Mercury ) inhibits. The search for and accumulation of knowledge (  2nd Ray Jupiter in Sagittarius ) has to be transmuted, through love, into understanding and wisdom. Wisdom must take the place of knowledge and the right use of speech (Mercury square Pluto in Gemini ) is very important in this process. The energies of the T-Square ( Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto ) need to be brought into right expression.  Mercury is the Plan as it rules esoterically Aries, through the higher vision seeing the concept of the Plan, what Plan is. Mercury is in Pisces, in its fall and it represents here the abstract mind which reveals the S. Triad to the Soul and this carries the disciple to the 3rd initiation. The man in full Soul consciousness have direct access to his source and we see the transference of rulership to Scorpio where Mercury is the hierarchical ruler, ruling the human family and so the Plan for Humanity must be known and understood only from the level of the Spiritual Triad This indicates that he is not working yet from the S. Triad because he only knows somewhat of the Plan so he is not yet the initiate.





158DNAI/JUNE 1933

You are in much better physical condition ( Saturn SA in Virgo semisextile Mars SP ( exoteric and esoteric ruler of the 6th house ) and Uranus SP ( the esoteric ruler of the 5th house of vitality ) and also trine the progressed Moon in Capricorn ( esoteric ruler of Virgo) indicating stabilisation of health and all this interrelation of energies is being transited by Jupiter in Virgo and thus indicating improvement in his physical condition. ) and your registration of joy must work out also in happiness and eventually in bliss. ( here three levels are indicated: happiness – personality, joy – soul, bliss – monad and he is told he must express all of them. This is a hint that the 3rd initiation is the next step for him. But from the DK comment we see that joy must work out also in happiness in personal life but the level of personality infused by the soul and this might not be easy for him to do. Solar Plexus is the focus of the personality ruled here by Neptune in Saturn decanate of Taurus in the 12th house square Venus ( the joyous soul). Joy is the quality of the Heart centre and Bliss comes from the Heart centre in the Head. )You will know whereof I speak when I say that your personality detachment ( 2nd Ray personality can be cold and detached ,particularly with the 1st Ray Soul energy ) must develop into a deeper attachment to the soul within the forms. ( the lesson for the 1st Ray type is to be personal with complete impersonality , also the Saturn square Mars can be critical, judgmental and isolating influence. The ideal expression of the 1st Ray Soul and 2nd Ray personality  is to master the art of being impersonally personal. In the progressed chart Mercury SP is activating this square by opposition to Mars and square to Saturn, further emphasised by transiting Mercury in Cancer conjuncting Saturn and squaring Mars. Mercury, through its esoteric rulership of Aries on 11th house and hierarchical rulership of Scorpio on the 6th house is bringing the power of illumined mind and also the higher, abstract mind to understand and achieve this balance of detached attachment where he as a servant of the Plan must learn to achieve objectivity and detachment from the personalities of his co-workers , to learn to work with them as Souls in order to participate in the group work ( 11th house ) but also get closer and touch the Soul of ordinary people, when the Soul becomes the healer and his service will be more joyful ( 6th house ). Thus understanding grows. There is a vice of detachment as well as a vice of attachment and the true servant of the Plan seeks the middle way.(Uranus in Libra. There is the Cross of Discipleship emphasised here and the middle Path of Buddha ). He has two gifts to contribute to the group: stability and assured belief. ( Saturn trine Sun and sextile Neptune, and Neptune sextile Sun ).






159,160DNAI/JUNE 1934

You are now entering upon the work for which you incarnated. (Transiting North Node conjunct natal South Node and oppose the natal North Node and square the natal Vertex. The Nodes SA square the Vertex SA and both aspect the AS SP ( past, present and the future meet) and all are being aspected by transiting Pluto. Pluto is the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Pisces ruler of the 11th house of group service.)   For you, therefore, in the immediate future, two things are required. Your sensitivity to inner impression must grow and increase;( Progressed Moon in the 9th house aspecting the natal Mars square Saturn and SP Neptune. Neptune SP sextile natal Saturn and quincunx natal Mars. This triangle is being transited by Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus  Mercury SP entered Taurus ( orientation to light and access to Buddhi) square the AS SA and quincunx Uranus SA. Transiting Uranus aspecting these three points,  indicating that the sensitivity to the energies of the S. Triad is part of the Soul’s purpose )  your will also must be more dynamically used. ( Jupiter SP opposite natal and SP Pluto, Mars SA sextile Mars/Uranus conjunction SP and transiting Jupiter aspecting this by sextile and conjunction, respectively . The Will –to – good must be developed in the NGWS. This Will is dynamic, powerful and effective and it is based on the realisation of the Plan (knowledge of the Plan is one of his keywords ), on the reaction to the Purpose sensed by a disciple who is part of the Hierarchy but not yet able to contact the central Life which indicates that the 3rd initiation has not yet been taken. In relation to this we need to examine the position of the Pointers, Polaris, Earth and Aries in the chart and the triangle of Pluto/Vulcan/Earth )The condition of increased sensitivity is dependent upon a perfected alignment ( Saturn transits Sun, Venus, Neptune triangle, representing the three levels of personality, Soul, S. Triad, Saturn is the esoteric ruler of Capricorn – sign of perfection. The complete alignment between Soul, Mind and Brain is needed for the communication between Soul to Soul on the higher levels of the mental plane; this is required for his work as telepathic communicator ) and the other upon the right seizure of opportunity,( Saturn – planet of spiritual opportunity entering Leo by SP. Leo indicates the height of human achievement – the 3rd initiation. Also with Mercury entry into Taurus and Saturn in Leo and the strong activity of Uranus, the triangle of Leo, Taurus, Aquarius ( active at the 3rd initiation) is coming into focus.) upon directed skill in action ( Ajna, progressed Mercury in Taurus – 4th Ray ) and upon a sustained egoic one-pointedness.(strong one-pointed focus of the 1st Ray Soul, Saturn, the esoteric ruler of  9h house conjunct Venus – the Soul ruler- in the 10th house ) Your task is to work with the Law of Supply. (Through the rulership of Venus  we have triangle  of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn. Capricorn rules the Law of Supply, Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn in the 10th house( Dharma, Hierarchy, responsibility to higher authority ( Soul, Monad ), the initiate  )  in Aquarius ( group work, NGWS ) and also esoteric ruler of Gemini AS linking the energy of the Soul with the S. Triad. Saturn is the exoteric and  esoteric ruler of Capricorn, ruling the 8th ( financial resources available for group use, the disciple ) and the 9th house ( Dharma , higher philosophy, truth, wisdom , the future) and is placed in Cancer ( mass consciousness, security, putting ideas into form) in the 3rd house ( the concrete knowledge, education, writing. aspirant, ) This indicates that his work is not only financial but also educational and not only for this life but for the next. This triangle is closely linked with another triangle, that of Aries, Libra, Aquarius through the rulership of Uranus in Capricorn decanate of Libra in the 5th house ( creative process concerned with the 3rd aspect of divinity – creation of money. The 3rd aspect with the 7th Ray relating the physical need and physical supply and bringing them together through the power of creative imagination and the energy of love ( Venus rules Capricorn hierarchically ), the signs of this second triangle rule the 5th , 10th and 11th house  emphasising the energies of the first triangle. The common denominator or focus of both triangles is the sign Libra and the 5th house pointing to the importance of Uranus and the 7th Ray ( his Soul is focussed in 7th Ray Brain ). Moon in Venus decanate of Taurus, being the exoteric ruler of the 2nd house further points to the issue of finance ) In relation to the initiation, Venus links Taurus/Gemini/Libra/Capricorn through the three levels of rulership. The combination of these energies produces those conditions which enable the initiate to take the 3rd initiation ( Venus in Aquarius – 5th Ray – the esoteric ruler of AS in the 10th house ), Your work is to contribute to the success of the NGWS ( Transiting Uranus – hierarchical  ruler of 11th house conjuncting Mercury SP – esoteric ruler of 11th house) and to the spreading of the truth ( Transiting Jupiter – esoteric ruler of MC – trine natal AS and MC and conjunct natal Uranus.) You must learn to live increasingly the dual life of the disciple – a life of outer activity and of inner sensitivity. (  life of conscious duality must be achieved prior to the 3rd initiation )Your work for the NGWS is now beginning. ( NGWS is ruled by Taurus and the 4th Ray. Mercury SP entered Taurus and is the Esoteric ruler of 11th house, that of NGWS.)





161,162/JANUARY 1935


You face the three most strenuous years of your life and by the time you are forty-nine years old, your work will have fallen into such definite lines that you will see the Plan for future service with much greater clarity and will have acquired the desired momentum. ( T. Saturn through 10th and 11th houses brings more responsibility in his work for the Hierarchy and NGWS with some difficulties and obstacles to initiate ( Aries ) new  educational projects ( Saturn natally in the 3rd house) involving  group work ( T. Saturn conjunct natal Mercury, esoteric ruler of the 11th house . T. Saturn conjunct the natal Sun , ruling the 4th house of  Ashramic work). T. Uranus conjunct natal Moon in the 12th house and square the Nodes ( release  and liberation from past unredeemed Karma ). T. Pluto ( ruler of 6th house ) conjunct natal Saturn ( dragging up to surface some fears and blockages and purifying the mind for deeper mental work. ) T. Neptune square AS, conjunct Saturn SA and square Mars SA


162,163/JULY 1935

Your work is being steadily consolidated and, as you lay the foundations deep and begin the superstructure, you must guard the original idea and the initial thoughtform from all possible deterioration. (T. Saturn in the 10th house conjunct Mercury, esoteric ruler of 11th house and square Jupiter, esoteric ruler of the MC. The progressed Moon in the 9th house is activating the triangle of SA Chiron, Sun, Venus and the SA Moon is aspecting the same triangle in the natal chart. T. Pluto on the cusp of the 3rd house ( making gradual entry into the 3rd house ) is aspecting the same natal triangle )

Be prepared for expansion of the work. ( T. Jupiter in the 6th house conjunct natal Jupiter, esoteric ruler of  MC. SP MC trine natal Jupiter ) Take the tensity of your inner pressure off the work for a while, my brother. ( The progressed Mars/Uranus conjunction has been operating for some time and it is being squared by Neptune SA and the progressed Moon will make a trine to it in couple of months )  Therefore, hold steady, ( The Mars square Saturn by SA is aspecting the natal Uranus trine AS ) brood deeply ( Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter triangle by SP ) but drive not.




This year should see you achieving a greater inner freedom and a clearer spirit of true liberation which will express itself in an attitude of real, and not assumed, joy and peace and a less weighed down spirit of responsibility. ( T. Jupiter opposite AS, sextile natal Uranus, conjunct Mars SA and square Saturn SA , Mercury SP semisextile Pluto SP and square the Nodes SP ) Your  task is the attaining of a keener and more sensitive reaction to subtle and spiritual impression and to the group impulses of the NGWS. ( T. Uranus is activating the natal and progressed T. Square of Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto. The progressed Moon ( veiling Uranus ) conjunct the MC in Aquarius )  Conserve, however, your strength and remember that right relaxation is just as much a part of the service you can render as the strenuous, unremitting work which leads to enforced and perhaps inconvenient interludes of gaining physical strength. The steady, unbroken, inner push, carried forward through right organisation of the outer factors of time and physical strength is essential. (He is still having problem with the right organisation of time and with gaining balance and rhythm ( 7th Ray issues, Moon in Taurus is still the line of least resistance )


165,166/JUNE 1936

Forget not, all creative processes proceed with a cyclic rhythm. The rhythm set by the NGWS is a three year cycle and to this rhythm you will find yourself conforming. ( Uranus in Libra in the 5th house of creativity, hierarchical ruler of Aries on 11th house, that of NGWS)  The end of one such cycle came in May, 1936. Another towards which we will proceed in a mounting crescendo of work and of success will be in May 1939. The third will come in May, 1942. (  The Full Moon in Taurus emphasises the energy of the 4th Ray and the Ajna ruled  by Mercury . The NGWS is said to be the Ajna centre of S. Kumara and JWK-P work with NGWS started when  his Mercury entered Taurus ) Make each three year cycle conform to the rhythm of creation. ( Life – Monad or Spirit -1st Ray, Consciousness –Soul or quality – 2nd Ray, Appearance- Form or Activity – 3rd Ray ) In the first year, lay your emphasis upon the activity of the manifesting principle, using that which appears and with which you have to work. In the second year, let the clarity and the quality of the note to be sounded by the manifesting form appear and be heard. In the third year, behind the form and expressing itself through the quality, let the livingness and the work of the indwelling life emerge for all to see. The keynote of the first year’s work is CONSOLIDATION ( Saturn ) that of the second year must be EXPANSION ( Jupiter ) whilst the keynote of the third year must be the making of a definite impact upon the public consciousness, by the sounding and the emphasising of some one clear note – MANIFESTATION/EMERGENCE (Sun ( veiling Vulcan ). (  The start of the  first year work of consolidation  could be seen in the progressed chart by the progressed Moon ( hierarchical ruler of MC ) in Aquarius in the 10th house conjunct Venus radical ( esoteric ruler of AS ), further aspecting the natal Sun, Neptune and Chiron, bringing into focus his humanitarian work as a spiritual guide ( Chiron ) and leader ( Sun ( veiling Uranus ) Moon SP is also aspecting the natal Mars/Saturn square, indicating the hard work ahead and the point of tension from where the work needed to be conducted. T. Saturn is entering the 11th house emphasising the process of consolidation. Venus SP square AS SP, indicating that he is walking in the light of his Soul )



166,167/JANUARY 1937

It is not my intention to urge you to a greater activity ( due to his physical disability ) but to a greater organisation upon the inner planes (   T. Jupiter in Capricorn through the 8th house which is the door to different levels of consciousness, 7th Ray of organisation ( Capricorn ), Uranus ( 7th ray ) is exalted in the 8th house ; Uranus SA conjunct Jupiter SP and opposite Pluto radical )and greater intuitive reflection. ( the progressed Moon in Pisces conjunct Mercury radical and square Jupiter and Pluto radical and also aspecting the Mercury SP quincunx natal  Jupiter ). The following three sentences may aid you in handling your problem and help your progress as a worker: 1. The sense of responsibility. 2. The sense of sacrifice. 3. The sense of comradeship. ( There is a strong activation of a triangle, Sun/Venus/Chiron ( Personality and Soul working as a guide and teacher of others ) The Nodes and Vertex SA aspect this triangle emphasising the karmic and fated issues to be faced. Venus SP ( the Soul ruler of the chart ) aspecting this same natal triangle, together with T. Saturn and T. Jupiter. This same triangle progressed by SA is aspecting the Mars/Uranus SP in the 5th house ( this conjunction, being within orb for number of years has now reached an exact aspect within 1 min. orb ). Now, there is an opportunity here to keep these energies on the impersonal, Soul  working relationship and not to allow them to become personal )



168DNAI/JULY 1937

Your mental body, my brother, is upon the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. Hence your power to harmonise, ( Mars in Mercury decanate of Libra – desire  for peace and harmony .)to unity ( Gemini is the sign ( 2nd Ray ) which unify  all the pairs of opposite in the Zodiac ( according to the Sun sign ). In this case we have triangle of  Pisces, Virgo, Gemini. Mercury ( 4th Ray ), exoteric ruler of  Gemini and Virgo is in Pisces, reconciliation of the pairs of opposite through tolerant understanding, producing group unity. Mercury in Pisces gives sensitivity to higher spiritual dimension, intuitive mind related to Buddhi ( together with Neptune in Taurus in the 12th house )  and to comprehend. ( The T. Square, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto ( all three planets placed in Jupiter decanate of their respective signs ) is dealing with developing wisdom and understanding for him to handle the work which his Soul assigned . All these three planets rule the previous triangle, Pisces/Virgo/Gemini, through different levels of rulership and that emphasising the qualities of the 4th Ray- Ray of creative living and skill  in action. Your second ray astral body greatly facilitates your work, giving you understanding and harmlessness; your emotions thus do not interfere with your judgment and your decisions. ( emphasis on dispassionate understanding and so on the wisdom aspect of the 2nd Ray  - Venus, the esoteric ruler of Gemini AS in Aquarius in the 10th house, the esoteric ruler of Aquarius, Jupiter, is in the 6th house and rules Virgo hierarchically. Virgo rules the 5th house ( Leo rules  the Astral permanent atom )  Your physical body is on the seventh ray. Hence your Masonic opportunity ( Masonry is related to Gemini, esoteric ruler of  Gemini, Venus is in Aquarius,( 7th ray Uranus ); physical permanent atom is ruled by Aquarius )  and your ability to organise and rule. ( this indicate the 7th Ray qualities of  Capricorn. Saturn is in Cancer which also carries 7th Ray and being in the Gemini house is linking it also with Masonry )



169,170/JANUARY 1938

Responsibility you can shoulder and have always shouldered ( esoteric ruler of Gemini AS in the 10th house conjunct the MC ). Sacrifice you have always rendered and understood ( Vulcan in Pisces – the Will-to-sacrifice – in the 11th house of Group service ). Comradeship, you are learning and it is not easy lesson at any time for first ray souls to master and express. ( 1st Ray can be too isolated and self-sufficient)  As you face and shoulder an increasingly wide financial responsibility (Mercury SP in Taurus, the esoteric ruler of Aries on 11th house of group service square the natal Nodes and is coming to conjunction to natal Moon. T. Jupiter, esoteric ruler of MC through the 9th, 10th and 11th houses for the next 2 years )   Months of focussed and intense action lie ahead of you. ( Progressed Moon coming to trine natal Saturn and square natal Mars and this square is being also  activated by Saturn and Pluto transits ) Handle with care the force which flows through you as you shift increasingly into the consciousness of your first ray soul and into a first ray Master’s group. ( Master M.) You are too sensitive to the desire and feeling aspects of the world personality and the glamour of your own reaction to this. Learn to register with equal sensitivity the mass of the world idealism and aspiring thought. ( The Nodes and Vertex SA aspecting natal Neptune and Venus SP. Venus SP semisextile natal Neptune. Neptune SP and Chiron SP aspecting the natal Mars/Saturn square )



170,171,172,173/DNAI/JANUARY 1940

Proceed, therefore, with patience ( 2nd Ray), with skill in action ( 4th Ray ), and with an unmoved persistence ( 1st Ray ) Your soul energy  ( 1st Ray )is focussed in your physical equipment ( 7th Ray ) thus bringing together the energy of your soul and the force of your seventh ray brain. There is, consequently, a direct alignment between soul and brain and this must be deepened, understood and utilised. ( Venus SP ( the Soul ) opposition Mars radical ( physical body ), square Saturn radical ( mental body ) and this triangle is being aspected by T. Jupiter and Saturn ) Your personality energy ( 2nd Ray ; the esoteric ruler of  Pisces ( Sun sign ), Pluto is in Gemini ( 2nd Ray )  is focussed in your fourth ray mind ( Mercury ( 4th Ray ) in Jupiter decanate of Pisces square Pluto in Jupiter decanate of Gemini ). This leaves your astral body as a unity – by itself. You have a powerful astral body of sufficiently poised ( Libra ) control ( 7th Ray ) to proceed with the task and the solution of personal relationships, without the undue pressure of personality reaction. (  Venus ( love ) trine Mars ( desire ),Venus in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra are in mutual reception, Uranus ( 7th Ray ) is the esoteric dispositor of Mars in Libra ( both in 5th house –Leo rules astral p.a. ),  Uranus, as a dispositor of both, ( Venus and Mars ) is in Libra  standing alone ( unaspected, beside the trine to AS and MC, thus promoting the Soul’s progress and fulfilment of Dharma in controlled ,regulated manner, with new creative process – Sacral centre could be ruled by Uranus ); Uranus is the only planet in the chart in the middle decanate, that of the astral body or the Soul. Saturn square to Mars and quincunx Venus, stabilises the Astral body even further. The progressed conjunction Mars/Uranus has been a powerful focal point for a number of years ( even more emphasised by the progressed parallel between Mars/Uranus ) and for an average person would have caused a problem in the personal relationship but because of the stability of his Astral body he was able to handle it well. But the important point here is that he is a member of the telepathic group being trained in telepathic work. He was told  to perfect his alignment  because by practising alignment a direct channel is created, along which the impressions can descend into the Brain. At first this alignment must be between Brain and Soul and later when the antahkarana is created and the disciple becomes a functioning part of the Ashram he learns to “by- pass “ the Astral body which must be done before the 4th initiation ( this can take a few lives ). One must record directly in the brain the impression from the S. Triad. This impression must come directly from the Mind to the Brain, avoiding all contacts with the Astral body, because only then the impression would be correctly recorded ( without astral distortions ). The natal conjunction between Pluto and Neptune is aiding  this process by helping to eliminate all forms of psychism and glamour from astral plane and steady the S. Plexus and open or clear the channel to Buddhi or intuition ).  The fusion must, therefore be made between the mind and the brain. ( Mercury sextile Moon ( veiling Uranus ) and trine Mars ) That fusion already partially exists. When it is consummated, the mental goal of harmony through conflict will be superseded by the inflow of love, working with power through the brain. It comes though the power of visualisation. (difficult for 1st Ray ) Mercury SP quincunx Mars/Uranus SP and T. Jupiter and Saturn making aspect to this triangle. Moon SP opposite Mars/Uranus SP. Jupiter SA trine Neptune radical. Mercury SA is aspecting the natal triangle Sun/Venus/Chiron ).  Neptune SP reached exact quincunx to natal Mars ( powerful 6th Ray focus of intensity and one- pointedness)