Esoteric Astrological Analysis of JWK-P [Foster Bailey]

DINA I 157-173 DINA II 588-599

Group IX.1 – The Telepathic Communicators

Group IX.2 – The New Seed Group

JWK-P’s Rays and Developmental Formula

I 2 – 427

Joy --  Wisdom – Knowledge of the Plan

Discussion of Main Approaches to an Esoteric Reading

of the Natal chart of JWK-P


Elena Dramchini

  1. His Soul Ray planet is a sacred planet Vulcan. Vulcan is a 1st Ray ( soul ), 4th Ray ( monad ) planet placed most probably in Pisces and is in the 11th house of Group consciousness, Group Soul, universality and international identity, Ashram, NGWS and World Servers, Heart to Heart telepathy.
  2. The placement of Vulcan in the 11th house gives emphasis on Group work.
  3. The other conductor of 1st Ray is the non-sacred planet Pluto, placed in the 2nd Ray Gemini, in the 12th house of unredeemed past, Karma, renunciation, subconscious attitudes left from past lives, healing of humanity and those who are handicapped or restricted, monasteries or places of seclusion, sacrifice.
  4. The placement of Pluto in the 12th house gives emphasis on redemptive work of past lives unresolved issues.
  5. 3 signs represent conduit for the 1st Ray Soul: Aries, Leo, Capricorn.
  6. Aries is intercepted on the 11th house of Group work. JWK-P’s duty was to contribute to the success of the NGWS, initiating a lot of projects and activities. He was also trained in leadership to take over from A.A.B. 
  7. Mars, the orthodox ruler of Aries is in the 5th house, the mansion of the Soul. This house rules the Causal body and its radiation, Soul to Soul telepathy, creative expression of the Soul, talents or qualities of the Soul, Joy of service. He needed to initiate ( Aries ) humanitarian group work ( 11th house ), using the qualities of the Causal body ( 5th house ) through effort and struggle ( Mars ) working with Joy ( 5th house ).  
  8. Mercury, the esoteric ruler of Aries, is in the 10th house of Dharma and fulfilment of Life Purpose. The 10th house rules the Hierarchy, Shamballa, the law and authority of the Soul/Spirit, the maturity or age of the Soul, spiritual ambition and responsibility, the Master of one’s Ashram, the mountain top experience, the Initiate. His work for the NGWS  (11th house )  and for the Hierarchy ( 10th house ) was his Dharma and the Purpose of this incarnation. It carried a lot of responsibility and was mainly educational – finding and training those who could co-operate ( Mercury ). He was also trained in telepathy ( Mercury ) and was in the group of Telepathic communicators.HHeH
  9. Both, Mercury and Mars are retrograde and debilitated. Mercury in Pisces is in its fall and Mars in Libra in its detriment. This indicates how very important his work was and that he was dealing with these energies in previous incarnation (emphasised also by the South Node in Aquarius) and can draw on the past experience. The trine between Mercury/Mars guarantees the success achieved in this life. He was praised by his Master for work well done and was told that his humanitarian work will continue in the next life ( MC in Aquarius, North Node in Leo conjunct Saturn and the Sun, the dispositor on all levels, is in 11th house. The polarity of the 3rd / 9th houses emphasises mental, educational work and building of the Antahkarana ).
  10. Leo, the other conductor of the 1st Ray is on the IC. The 4th house rules the Ashram and the karmic links  with our ashramic brothers, Brotherhood, racial heritage, accumulated past lives pattern, building of foundation for the next life, anchoring of the Soul in the present incarnation – gate into form life, Mass consciousness, Instinctual Telepathy – Solar Plexus to Solar Plexus.
  11. Leo placement on the 4th house gives emphasis on the ashramic work and the link between past, present and future life pattern.
  12. Sun is the ruler of Leo on all three levels – orthodox, esoteric, hierarchical and is placed in the 11th house of Group work, in Pisces, the sign of the World Saviour – the Christ. We can see clearly a link emerging between the past, present and future incarnations. The very important part of his work for the Ashram and the Hierarchy was to intelligently prepare the human consciousness for the reappearance of the Christ.
  13. Capricorn, the third sign transmitting the 1st Ray, is ruling the 8th and 9th houses. The 8th house is a house of loss, death and sacrifice, of occult powers, rituals and magic, Masonry, of depth and research, esoteric psychology, of powerful transformation ( Uranus is exalted in here ), group resources, sharing, a door to different levels of consciousness – continuity of consciousness, reincarnation, spiritualism, occultism, Path of Discipleship, the Disciple.
  14. The 9th house rules the esoteric schools, the Hall of Wisdom, the Wisdom Religion, the akashic records, the higher mind, the unfoldment of the sense of vision, the Plan, training for initiation, later stages of the Path, second part of the Antahkarana, intuitional telepathy – Soul and Mind and telepathic work between Soul, Mind and Brain.
  15. Capricorn placement on the 8th and 9th houses indicates the need for in depth psychology of the human nature – he had to find the right people for the work and train them. A very important part of his work was to organise a financial support for the NGWS and the knowledge of the Plan was one of his keywords. He was influenced by Masonry and telepathic work in linking the Soul, Mind and Brain ( Head, Ajna, Throat ) was a very important part in his training as a communicator and mediator.      
  16. Saturn, the orthodox and esoteric ruler of Capricorn is placed in the 3rd house of the lower concrete mind and practical intelligence, learning skills, writing, group mind, mental telepathy – Mind to Mind, meditation, building of the first part of Antahkarana, the Knowledge petals, early stages of the Path, the Aspirant, the Etheric body, the Breath. He had a good sense of direction, pointing the way to people that  they go the correct way. He was making the vision and the Plan ( 9th house ) concrete and practical ( Saturn ) and putting ideas into form ( cancer ) through writing ( 3rd house ). DK was telling him to write more ( with Saturn in the 3rd ruling the 8th, he had to overcome some deep unconscious fears and Saturn is giving him the opportunity to do so ). Much of his physical plane ( Saturn ) activity was hampered by etheric devitalisation ( Saturn in the 3rd house, also Chiron in Gemini ) and the cure lied in steadfastness and persistence ( 1st Ray ) in meditation ( 3rd house ).
  17. In summary, the 1st Ray Soul can express principally through the planet Vulcan, most probably in the 11th house of Group work and through Pluto in the 12th house of unredeemed Karma and subjective work. Further, the 1st Ray of Will and Power would express primarily through the three signs which are the conduits of the 1st Ray energy – namely Aries, Leo and Capricorn. The 1st Ray would continue its expression through Mars and Mercury ruling Aries, Sun ruling Leo and Saturn ruling Capricorn.
  18. His Personality Ray planet is 2nd Ray ( Soul ) Jupiter, placed in the 6th house of healing, health, correction and purification of the form, process of integration of the three lower bodies, relationship with co-workers, service, living the spiritual qualities in everyday life, discipleship training.
  19. The placement of Jupiter in the 6th house emphasises the issue of health and the relationship to his co-workers. He had to learn with wisdom ( Jupiter ) to choose his workers. Very difficult for 1st Ray to get close to people and really know them ( natural isolation of the 1st Ray type ). He was told to choose the workers on the 2nd Ray or 1st Ray with love aspect highly developed but not overdeveloped. Even though the main cause of his etheric devitalisation was wrong meditation work and the need to watch his diet and take care of the health of his physical body, the most important medicine was the expression of Joy ( Jupiter ) in service ( 6th house ).  He was suspicious  (Mercury square Pluto ) of people’s motives and so needed to develop trust ( Jupiter ) by loving them ( 2nd Ray ) and so establish friendly working relationship ( 6th house and ruler Mars in Libra trine Venus ).
  20. The other planet as conduit for the 2nd Ray is the Sun, placed in the 11th house of Group work. This compliments the 1st Ray Soul focus on the Group work, indicating personality/soul fusion. This is further confirmed by the orthodox and esoteric rulers of the AS ( Mercury/Venus ) in wide conjunction in the 10th House ( life purpose ).
  21. The three signs conduit for the 2nd Ray are: Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.
  22. Gemini, the major transmitter of 2nd Ray, is ruling the AS, indicating the Soul’s Purpose. Gemini is the determining and paramount influence within the energies of the Mutable Cross ( love underlies all ) and also the synthesising energy of all the pairs of opposites in the zodiac, forming powerful triangles. In this case the triangle is Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, linking the 5th house ( creative expression of the Soul ) and 11th house  ( group work ) with the AS ( purpose of the Soul ). Gemini produces changes needed in the evolution of the Christ consciousness through the process from the gestation of the Christ consciousness within the individual ( Virgo ) to the active appearance of Christ consciousness in form and eventually of the World Saviour ( Pisces ). Gemini is the sign of the divine interplay, the intermediary, the mediator. It rules the Etheric body.
  23. Mercury, the orthodox ruler of Gemini is in Pisces ( direct knowing ), and is placed in the 10th house of life Purpose and Hierarchy. He acted as a communicator between the Hierarchy and the NGWS. Mercury in Pisces is the abstract mind as the revealer of the S. Triad to the Soul and this carries the disciple to the 3rd initiation. This is one of the indicators that he was preparing to take the 3rd initiation.
  24. Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are related, being the signs of messenger and mediator. Mercury, the divine messenger is detriment in Sagittarius, fall in Pisces and is orthodox ruler of Gemini. These three signs rule the AS, DC and 11th house , further emphasised by the T- Square between Jupiter, the orthodox ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, placed in Sagittarius, opposite Pluto, the esoteric ruler of Pisces, placed in Gemini and both square Mercury in Pisces. All three planets are placed in the first decanate of the signs, emphasising a personality issues. He had difficulties to overcome ( related to the distorted 1st Ray Soul energy manifesting through his 2nd Ray personality ) that of ruthlessness, wrong speech ( Mercury square Pluto ), criticism and lack of appreciation. People were not good enough for his high standard and his quick and original mind ( Mercury sextile Moon, veiling Uranus ).  He despised those who appeared satisfied with what they have done ( 1st Ray ) and this was causing crisis in his relationship with others. This T-Square was the major block for fusing the personality with the Soul ( 7th house – the spiritual or vertical marriage ).     
  25. Venus, the esoteric ruler of Gemini is in Aquarius and also in the 10th house and widely conjunct the MC. Very powerful placement because Venus is hierarchical ruler of Capricorn and MC is the Dharma. This indicates his total commitment and dedication to his work for the Hierarchy. This is further emphasised by Venus conjunct Vesta.
  26. Virgo, the other conduit of the 2nd Ray is ruling the 5th house of the Causal body and the creative expression of the Soul, children of the mind – creative ideas, one’s talents in expression. Virgo is a concrete mind – it can be separative but it can make things clear and it has precision in details. It aids with purification and correction of the form.
  27. Mercury, the orthodox ruler of Virgo is placed in the 10th house in Pisces. He was able to communicate his creative and intuitive ideas with clarity  ( Mercury sextile Moon, veiling Vulcan – esoteric ruler of Virgo ) and attention to comprehensive detail in unity ( 2nd Ray ) with authority and in practical manner (10th house ).
  28. Moon ( veiling Vulcan ), the esoteric ruler of Virgo, is in Taurus in the 12th house. The placement of Moon in Taurus ( lack of light ) makes the form very powerful so the correcting energy of Virgo and the Spiritual will of Vulcan is needed to break the strong hold of the form. The purificatory ( Virgo ) and redemptive ( 12th house ) energy is doing its work here in adjusting Karma ( Moon square the Nodes ) and enabling the free entry of the higher energy and light into the form and so aiding in the integration of the three lower bodies. This reflects his problem with physical body and etheric devitalisation ( Moon –veiling Vulcan rules the circulatory flow in the etheric body ).
  29. Pisces, the third conduit of the 2nd Ray, is ruling the 11th house of Group work. Pisces is a sign of deep intuition and sensitivity to the law operating behind appearances. The 2nd Ray personality gives deep and wise understanding of people, patience, friendliness, tact and social sensitivity, power to teach. But when the 1st Ray Soul is distorted by the personality it manifests as isolating, separative influence, unable to express true impersonality and attached detachment. He had a problem of getting close to people, to truly understand them and was not able to form friendly working relationships with his workers and co-disciples. ( Jupiter, the orthodox ruler of Pisces and Pluto, the esoteric ruler of Pisces are in opposition ). This further indicates this issue was the stumbling block in Soul/personality fusion and taking the 3rd initiation.
  30. Jupiter, the orthodox ruler of Pisces, is in the 6th house of healing and working relationships and is placed in Sagittarius, ruling the 7th house of right human relations and spiritual marriage ( Soul/personality ). Jupiter is square Mercury, the orthodox ruler of AS and the 5th house ( Causal body ), the esoteric ruler of the 11th house ( Group work ) and the Hierarchical ruler of the 6th house ( healing and working relationships ).
  31. Pluto, the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Pisces is in the 12th house ( unresolved  Karma and seclusion ) in Gemini ( fusion of duality, building of Antahkarana, the Etheric body ). Pluto drags to the surface deep, unresolved issues standing in our way of spiritual progress. These deep psychological blockages are usually unconscious and so more difficult to deal with and are the real stumbling blocks upon the spiritual Path. They are known as Maya, Glamour and Illusion. Glamour is related to the Astral body. JWK-P’s glamour was that of fatigue ( physical disability ), ( Pluto rules the 6th house of health and is in Gemini which rules the Etheric body ) and that of disappointment over world conditions. The glamour is the result of his strong sensitivity (Sun in Pisces sextile Neptune) to the desire and feeling aspect ( astral body ) of the World personality. He needs to discriminate ( Neptune, esoteric ruler of the 3rd house sextile Saturn in the 3rd house ) and register ( with equal sensitivity ) the mass of the world idealisms ( 6th Ray ) and aspiring thought. Pluto conjunct Neptune ( both rulers of Pisces ) in the 12th house ( the unconscious ). Pluto brings out the glamour from the Solar Plexus ( Neptune ) by releasing the light ( Taurus ) and destroying the glamour ( 1st Ray ). He was asked to fight the glamour with 1st Ray Indifference – that of non – recognition and by complete right absorption in the immediate task.
  32. In summary, the 2nd Ray Personality can express principally through the planet Jupiter in the 6th house of healing, discipleship training and working relationships and through the Sun in the 11th house of Group work. Further the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom would express primarily through the three signs which are the conduits of the 2nd Ray energy – namely Gemini, Virgo and Pisces. The 2nd Ray would continue its expression through Mercury and Venus ruling Gemini, Mercury and Moon ruling Virgo and Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto ruling Pisces.
  33. His Mental body was upon the 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict. It was the choice of his Soul for this incarnation to have this particular energy conditioning his Mind to help with his work as a mediator and intermediary ( Pisces ) between the network of interrelated ( Gemini) groups ( Aquarius ) and individuals and so aiding the Plan. This energy was also aiding him in building of the Antahkarana ( Mercury ) and the fusion of Soul, Mind and Brain. ( Mercury in Pisces sextile Moon, Venus - Soul quincunx Saturn - Mind and Earth -Brain ). It gave him the power to harmonise, to unify and to comprehend. ( Mercury square Jupiter, Mars in Libra ). The 4th Ray is the Ray of Creative living and Skill in Action ( Mars in the 5th house trine Mercury in the 10th house ). He was asked to move forward with patience ( 2nd Ray ), with skill in action ( 4th Ray ) and with an unmoved persistence ( 1st Ray ).
  34. The conduit for the 4th Ray is Mercury in Pisces ( high sensitivity to impression and intuitive understanding ) placed in the 10th house of  the Hierarchy and the Spiritual Triad. ( Mercury in Pisces is the abstract mind revealing the S. Triad ). The other conduit for the 4th Ray is the Moon in Taurus ( also transmitting the 4th Ray ) in the 12th house of subjectivity and the unconscious. Here we see the fusion ( 4th Rah) of Mind ( Mercury ) and the Brain ( Moon ) in Mercury sextile Moon.
  35. His second keyword was Wisdom. Mercury is Mind – Wisdom ( Venus is Love – Wisdom ). Wisdom is the quality of the Heart ( Jupiter ). Jupiter is also related to Wisdom and is placed in Sagittarius ( search for Wisdom ) in the 6th house ( concrete mind ). Wisdom is revealed through the intuitive ideas ( Mercury ) which the concrete mind inhibits. The concrete mind is ruled by Mercury and to some extend by Saturn. Both planets are debilitated – Mercury is in its fall in Pisces in the 10th house ( ruled by Saturn ) and Saturn is in detriment in Cancer in the 3rd house ( concrete mind ). Mercury is bi-quintile Saturn. Bi-quintile is a harmonic based on number 5, further emphasising the concrete mind ( 5th Ray ). Mercury square Jupiter , which could either expand the Wisdom aspect of the mind or the lower concrete mind. Jupiter (wisdom ) is also contra – parallel Saturn ( concrete mind ). What we see in these dynamics that the Wisdom aspect of Mercury need to be released through the fusion of the Mind ( Mercury ) and the Brain ( Saturn ) each of which expresses one of the two major energies ( Soul and personality ). “That fusion already partially exists. ( 171DNAI ) When it is consummated, the mental goal of harmony through conflict will be superseded by the inflow of love ( love is paramount quality of the Soul which demonstrate as Wisdom ), working with power ( 1st Ray Soul ) through the brain ( Saturn ) and ( incidentally ) your general physical health will speedily improve”.  
  36. His Astral body was upon the 2nd Ray of Love-Wisdom giving him understanding and harmlessness. The emotions were not interfering with his judgment ( Venus in Aquarius in the 10th house quincunx Saturn, Mars square Saturn ). But the combination of a 4th Ray Mental body and a 2nd Ray emotional vehicle required careful watching ( 168DNAI ) so as to preserve the 1st Ray balance as he grew older and tendencies crystallise into habits. The only way to do this is to deepen and establish the soul contact ( 1st Ray Soul ).
  37. His Physical body was on the 7th Ray of Ritual and Magic. It gave him the ability to organise and rule. The planets associated with physical body are Moon, Mars and Saturn. Moon veils Uranus ( 7th Ray ) and is also orthodox dispositor of Saturn. Saturn is conditioned on personality level by the 7th Ray and is placed in Cancer which transmits 7th Ray. Uranus is esoteric dispositor of Mars. The 1st house is also associated with the physical body. It is ruled exoterically by Venus in Aquarius and again Uranus is the orthodox dispositor.
  38. His Soul energy was focussed in his physical body, thus bringing together the energy of the 1st Ray Soul and the force of the 7th Ray Brain. So there is a direct alignment between Soul ( Venus ) and Brain ( Saturn ) but this must be deepened and utilised ( Venus quincunx Saturn ).
  39. His 2nd Ray personality was focussed in his 4th Ray Mind ( Mars trine Mercury )
  40. TRIANGLE Moon/Sun/AS
  41. For JWK-P the triangle is Taurus/Pisces/Gemini. We see the process from attachment to form ( Taurus ) through detachment from form ( Pisces ) leading to the fusion of Soul and form through the Antahkarana ( Gemini ). From a form fashioned anew and irradiated by light and materialisation of the vision (Taurus ) to renunciation and response to the need of humanity ( Pisces ) leading to resolution of duality into synthesis ( Gemini ). From subconscious habits of past lives ( Moon ) to conscious ego ( Sun ) leading to superconscious Soul ( AS ).
  42. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, making the form side of life a powerful controlling factor. It veils, in this case, Vulcan so the Moon here stands for the fashioner of the form, wherein the man has a different attitude towards the form nature. Standing in the seat of the Soul, illumining the form with the Soul light and invoking the spiritual will ( Vulcan ), desire is translated into directed purpose. The form, instead of being used for selfish satisfaction of personal desire is being used for higher spiritual purpose and so is esoterically “exalted” or “raised up into Heaven”.    
  43. The Moon is the orthodox ruler of  the 2nd house  and so further emphasising the Taurean energy of form, desire, spiritual will and light. The 2nd house is the seed house of illumination, of values – material and spiritual and so our priorities – the essentials and the non-essentials, resources and treasures which we have brought from the past lives – the treasures of the Causal body. It rules the Astral body and the Prana and use and control of energy, the Throat centre, the Ajna centre.
  44. The Moon is also the orthodox ruler of the 3rd house of practical intelligence, meditation, mental telepathy, breath, the Antahkarana, the Throat centre, the Etheric body
  45. The Moon ( veiling Vulcan ) is the esoteric ruler of Virgo, ruling the 5th house of the creativity, vitality,   the Causal body, the Heart centre.
  46. The Moon is placed in the 12th house of unredeemed past Karma, weakness, the unconscious.
  47. What we see here that the Moon in Taurus is relating together three houses  - 2nd, 3rd and 5th through its orthodox and esoteric rulership.
  48. The focus of these three houses is on redemption and purification of the form, values, telepathy, meditation, light, the Etheric, Astral and the Causal body and the Throat, Ajna and Heart centres.
  49. JWK-P suffered from etheric devitalisation, lack of vitality, lethargy and his physical activity was very much affected by this. The cause of this problem was wrong meditation. He was asked to visualise ( Ajna ) the inflow of energy to the etheric centres, especially to the Heart and the Throat. His body nature was so constituted that it responded to spiritual healing ( meditation ) more than do the bodies of the majority. His physical body was on the 7th Ray, it means that the atoms of the brain, in particular, are coloured by the 7th Ray energy. The 7th Ray conditions the vitality, rhythm and the right organisation of time. All these were a great problem for him. He was asked to conserve his strength because he worked a long periods without rest and relaxation, lacking balance ( Uranus in Libra ). We see here the impediment in the circulation of the pranic currents through the etheric body ( Moon veiling Vulcan ) and imbalance in the rhythm ( 7th Ray ) of the breath ( 3rd house ). This is connected with the stage in meditation called Contemplation (Libra ruling the 5th house ) and the intervals in the process of Breath called Interludes ( ruled by the 7th Ray ). His major problem was that he lacked Joy ( his first and most important keyword ). Joy is the quality of the Heart ( Jupiter, hierarchical ruler of the 5th house ) and it was the Heart centre which needed to be strengthened by the inflow of the energy. It also required the invocation of spiritual will ( Vulcan ) and consciously to deal with the cause of the problem ( meditation). The problem is related to the past life Karma ( 12th house , Saturn in Moon decanate of Cancer), where the meditation was either made difficult or hindered ( Saturn in the 3rd house ) and the light was blocked ( Taurus ). It could have been a life spent in a seclusion ( monastery ? ) and a wrong decision of how to use the creative power of the Soul ( Saturn is the hierarchical ruler of the 5th house ) led to the wrong turning upon the Path ( Saturn in Cancer, ruling the 9th house of the spiritual Path ). Further indication of the Karmic link is seen from the Moon square the Nodes in 3rd /9th house polarity ( meditation/Path ) in Leo/Aquarius ( vitality/Etheric body ). Neptune, the orthodox ruler of Pisces ( weakness ) is placed in the 12th house ( seclusion, unredeemed Karma), in Saturn decanate of Taurus ( light, vision ). It rules esoterically the 2nd ( prana )   and 3rd house ( meditation, breath ) and exoterically the 11th house ( Etheric body ). It is  semisextile Chiron ( wound ) and sextile the Sun ( vitality ). Neptune is also parallel the Nodes, indicating past life of spiritual orientation and of devotional even fanatical ( 6th Ray ) following. Neptune is quincunx Mars ( 6th Ray ), echoing this devotional, one – pointed focus.  6th Ray could have been the Ray of his Astral body. Neptune is conjunct Juno, indicating either a spiritual relationship or we could speculate that a sexual relationship could played a part in his wrong turning on the Path ( Neptune sextile Saturn ). Juno is conjunct Algol ( female passion, intensity, compulsion to take a revenge ) further indicates that relationship could have been his downfall. The energy involved is very much 6th Ray ( intense passion – Mars/Scorpio ) and the other planet transmitting 6th Ray is Mars retrograde ( going over unfinished business ) in Libra ( relationship ) in the 5th house ( love affair ). Saturn, the hierarchical ruler of Libra and dispositor of Mars is in the 3rd house ( brothers, sisters ). Could this person now incarnated as his brother or sister to resolve this very painful but important karmic issue ? That it was not easy we see from Mars square Saturn. The Juno conjunct Neptune and both square Venus and quincunx Mars indicates that relationships in this life were based on spiritual values but carried with them idealism and some degree of unreality and pain.   
  50. The Moon is semisquare both, the Sun ( vitality ) in Pisces ( weakness ) in the 11th house ( the Etheric body ) and Chiron ( wounded healer ) in Gemini ( the Etheric body ) in the 1st house ( physical body ). Chiron in connection with health is related to Virgo. Virgo rules the 5th house ( vitality ). Chiron  ( wound ) square the Sun (vitality). These dynamics further support the etheric devitalisation and physical lethargy he suffered from.
  51.  The Moon in Taurus and the three houses connected through its orthodox and esoteric rulership are also related to his work of organising ( 7th Ray Saturn in the 3rd house ) financial support ( Moon in Taurus, orthodox ruler of the 2nd house, Saturn ruling the 8th house ) for the NGWS ( 11th house ). He was told the harmlessness ( 2nd Ray ) and the radiance of Love will release the financial supply. But it was energy of Love in its dynamic or electric form ( the Will aspect of Love which the Christ will use when He comes ) ruled by the Heart within the Head  ( ruled most probably by Vulcan through his relation to 2nd Ray and the Heart of the Sun ). As Joy is related to the Heart so Bliss is related to the Heart within the Head. He was told not to lay emphasis upon the Will ( which he has in full supply as a 1st Ray Soul ) but express the radiance of Love.
  52. The Moon rules also the Brain. He was told that ritual ( 7th Ray ) aids the process of visualisation ( Ajna ), Moon is quintile Venus ( Ajna ). Visualisation is the 1st step for him to bring about the fusion (Gemini ) between the Mind ( Mercury, 4th Ray ) and the Brain ( 7th Ray Brain ), Moon is sextile Mercury. He was asked not to work consciously as a Soul from Soul levels ( that would bring too much of the Shamballa force ) but use the building energy of the 2nd Ray personality and the 7th Ray Brain through which the 1st Ray Soul is expressing. Moon most probably veils Uranus and thus indicating mental polarisation and most of his work being done upon the mental plane. We can see that Moon is very important planet in the chart and is one of the planets conditioning the 3rd initiation.   
  53. The second point of the triangle is the Sun in Pisces, placed in the 11th house of the Group work.
  54. The Sun is in the 3rd /6th decanate of Pisces, indicating the mental body/plane or the Initiate, the Head centre and the Heart within the Head ( 2nd Dwad of 3rd decanate ).
  55. The 3rd decanate of Pisces is ruled by Mars, the planet of beneficial fusion, in this case the fusion of the Personality with the Soul. It represents here the final effort or struggle to conquer the personality ( which is also ruled by Mars ) and also the personality’s last fight for survival. This battle is being fought upon the mental plane. The decanate ruler indicates the next step ahead to be taken upon the Path. We have a hint here that he was facing the 3rd initiation ( Mars is the other planet conditioning the 3rd initiation ). We could take Vulcan as the subjective ruler of the decanate which would emphasise the glorification through purification and detachment from matter ( Moon in Taurus ) and the mastery of the spiritual will which is the power of persistence and dynamic purpose. When this is achieved then the disciple is characterised by isolated unity  ( detached attachment ) and synthetic expression. He was told that his personality detachment ( 2nd Ray vice is coldness ) must develop into deeper attachment to the Soul within form and must seek the middle way ( Mars in Libra ) that of detached attachment. His will also must be more dynamically used ( 1st Ray Soul, Vulcan ). He had courage, strength, endurance and he was hard-working and trusted. In times of hardship he didn’t waver but went forward with determination and one-pointed Egoic purpose. When superimposing Vulcan ( as the subjective ruler ) on Mars ( the objective ruler ) we have a powerful driving force which can eliminate all obstacles standing in the way ( this is supported by Mars contra-parallel Pluto ). He was hard and ruthless when dealing with people who were not up to his standard of perfection. He was told that the 1st Ray force must deal with circumstance and must not make its impact upon personalities. It is needed to force the issues and determine results but not to shatter and to hurt ( 170DNAI).  One – pointed, directed effort can achieve results in spite of world conditions ( 167DNAI ).
  56. The Sun rules Leo ( 4th house ) on all three levels. We have already discussed the link between the 4th and 11th houses in relation to his work for the NGWS and the Ashram.
  57. AS, the third point of the triangle, is ruled by Gemini, in the middle decanate ruled by Mars. The objective here is to unify the personality with the Soul and Mars effort is applied to bring this about, with one-pointed devotion and by establishing relation between the pair of opposites.
  58. Mars in Libra is indicative of the need to establish psychic equilibrium which will keep the temper and quick reaction in check and bring emotional stability and to eliminate personal attachment to ideas ( Pluto in Gemini ). Pluto in Gemini also indicate the death of separative instinctual nature which lies behind all dualism. It dissolve the separative relation between Soul and personality.
  59. Gemini indicates sensitivity and skill in communication and education and training. It is a sign of the mediator and intermediary ( together with Pisces ). His job as a sensitive intermediary was to sense the new emerging realities and create the forms which these subjective ideas must utilise.  To blend the wise methods of the present with the vision ( Ajna ) of the newer types of work. To educate the public opinion in the new principles such as non-separativeness. He was told to be sensitive to the new emerging factors and to the people whose task was to precipitate the new group activities ( Uranus, hierarchical ruler of 11th house ). Gemini is involved in building the Antahkarana and telepathic work of inner linking of energies and centers of force. He ( as a member of a group ) was very much involved in the work of building a school of telepathy upon the inner planes which later Humanity can become sensitive.
  60. Venus, through its orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical rulership is linking together Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Gemini and Capricorn. The combination of these signs produces those conditions which enable the initiate to take the 3rd initiation. Venus (5th Ray) is in the 10th house ( Capricorn ) quincunx Saturn gives further indication that he was being prepared to take the 3rd initiation.
  61. Rigel is conjunct the Gemini AS emphasises further his extensive knowledge which he was sharing with others and using it in training and educating workers of the NGWS and aspirants.
  62. TRIANGLE: Sun/AS/Monadic Point
  63. For JWK-P it was Pisces/Gemini/Virgo. We see the process from integrated personality sensitive to international and group issues ( 11th house ) to Soul-infused Personality sensitive to the needs of Humanity and the vibration of the Ashram and the Master leading to the sensitivity of the Spirit through the final revelation of hidden spiritual reality -  “Christ in you, the hope of Glory” ( Virgo ). We are told ( 365EA ) that with Gemini AS, through the activity of Jupiter ( as the hierarchical ruler of Virgo ) the man is able to attain the conscious integration of Soul and Spirit and this indicates the Initiate. The conflict which produces this stage is fostered by indirect influence of Mars ( as the hierarchical ruler of Sagittarius ). The Earth is also the hierarchical ruler of Gemini. All this confirm that his next stage was that of integration of Soul-infused Personality with the S. Triad ( the Monad ) and the importance of Mars ( as the decanate ruler both, the Sun sign and the AS ). The Word of Power for the 1st Ray is “I assert the Fact”. Virgo deals with facts and is associated with the 3rd aspect of Divinity, that of Matter, Mother and the factual knowledge. The Earth in Virgo is conjunct Alkaid ( the 1st Ray star of the G. Bear ). In his last instruction he was told to handle the energy of Love in its dynamic aspect ( The Will aspect of Love ) and then DK made an interesting comment,  “endeavour always to lay your emphasis ( 598DNAII ) not upon the Will – of this latter quality you have ( FOR THIS INCARNATION ) an adequate and full supply”.  We know that the 1st Ray was his Soul Ray but if the subjective ruler of his Pisces decanate was Vulcan and his Monadic Ray was the 1st Ray then the comment would make sense.