Esoteric Astrological Analysis of RSU [Regina Keller]

DINA II 599 - 618

The New Seed Group

RSU’s Rays and Developmental Formula

II 3 – 117

Restraint – Strength -- Understanding


Elena Dramchini

The above chart is the third proposed chart which will be used throughout this second part of the astrological commentary for RSU/DINA II. It is rectified on the basis of the Solar Arc Mars reaching the conjunction of the natal MC in August 1947, the year of the passing of the test. The month August has been selected due to the fact that in that month there was an alignment of Sun/Moon/Saturn in Leo falling in one house. This is a rare and significant event which occurs every 28 years and is related to an initiation. We will look at this in more detail when dealing with the November 1948 instruction.

Between the three proposed charts [ CET 15:32, 15:26 and 15:30 ] we are very close to the correct time of birth. 

JANUARY 1940/DINA II/599,600,601

The glamour [ Neptune ] which holds you is inherited from other lives. [ Neptune, esoteric ruler of the 4th house ( hereditary karma ), square Mercury ( exoteric ruler of the 4th house and 12th house ( past unredeemed karma ), conjunct South Node ( past habits ), conjunct Chiron ( wound/pattern of past lives which needs correcting/healing ), conjunct Saturn ( lord of karma ), quincunx Venus, esoteric ruler of the 12th house, placed in the 6th house ( healing/correction ); the progressed Moon entered the 12th house in April 1940, indicating the facing of past karmic habits/subconscious attitudes  ]

You have immersed yourself in no new glamour in this life, and this is rare indeed and for this I commend you.[ Neptune, esoteric ruler of the 1st house ( present life activity ) trine Mars, exo/eso ruler of the 5th house ( creativity, self-reliance/expression. This trine carries a powerful 6th Ray energy of devotion and was in operation by progression most of her life. It also points to developed higher aspect of the Solar Plexus centre, that of higher psychic/spiritual sensitivity. ]

The glamour of  “ the flight into safety of the racial consciousness “ is one of your dominant glamours, even if – in your own consciousness – you repudiate it.[ Moon ( past habits ), exoteric ruler of the Cancer ( safety ) AS and esoteric ruler of the 4th house ( inherited traits ) is placed in Taurus ( stubborn resistance ) and is unaspected ( difficulty of integration ); the Solar Arc Moon semi-square the natal Neptune in January 1940 ]

You are really cosmopolitan.[Mercury, the esoteric ruler of the 11th house ( international/universal identity ) in Aquarius ] But in your life demonstration no one would know it.[ Jupiter, the esoteric dispositor of Mercury, is in the 12th house ( seclusion/inhibition ) ]

The presence of the sense of universality indicates a measure of Monadic inflow via the Antahkarana ( Mercury ).

Disciples need to remember that it may only be in this life that they have been born into any particular race or nation and this only from the personality angle.[ she has the same personality ray and sign as the Jewish race – Capricorn Sun/3rd Ray personality ]   Being, however, thus temporarily affiliated they may – if sensitive –[ Cancer AS/Neptune sextile AS and trine Mars ] become so identified with racial problems and relationships, with racial history and qualities that this ancient inheritance ( which is racial and not personal and therefore not theirs ) overwhelms them and constitutes a major conflict. So it is with you. [ Uranus ( new/recent ), exoteric ruler of the 9th house ( journey of the Soul through the races ) conjunct the IC ( anchorage of the Soul essence in present incarnation ), is placed in Virgo, the Soul sign of the Jewish race. We see the Soul’s planned intention to incarnate in this life into the Jewish race in order to find freedom ( Uranus ) from the separativeness ( 3rd Ray/matter aspect ) through detachment ( Uranus/Moon relation – Moon is the esoteric dispositor of Uranus and Uranus has its fall in Taurus; If the Moon is veiling Vulcan and Uranus, it is the Will which need to be accessed and the intuition awakened and response to the increasing light and thus eventual illumination ( Uranus fall in Taurus ) and thus freedom ( Uranus ) into the life of humanity ( Cancer AS ) ]     

…or to use that racial and national experience as a means whereby there can be breaking of such bonds, a consequent release and a subsequent entering into the freedom of humanity itself.

The powerful Grand Trines in Earth, involving the Capricorn Sun/Mars and Uranus in Virgo and Saturn in Taurus intensify the glamour and dominance of the form. It is the 3rd Ray/matter aspect or personality which need to be overcome at the 3rd initiation and so one of her major tests was related to her racial glamour represented by the materialistic/separative consciousness of the Jewish race.

Ponder on this, my brother, and be not separative in your sensitivity and set as to your personality origins, to your so-called racial loyalties and characteristics,[ Capricorn Sun ] acquired through environing circumstance. [ Sun is the ruler of the 3rd house ( immediate environment ) and Earth, the esoteric ruler of the 6th house ( everyday life circumstances ) is in Cancer ( racial sensitivity ), in the 1st house ( personal identity ); the Solar Arc Pluto opposition the natal Sun in April 1940 bringing up to the surface the personality issues for transformation ]

Upon the second glamour I need not enlarge. We might call it the “ glamour of continuous frustration. “[ Saturn conjunct Neptune and both square Mercury ] In your case and in the constant failure to achieve the fuller expression of your spiritual aims and goals,[ Jupiter, the exo/eso dispositor of Mercury/Venus ( rulers of the 11th house of spiritual aims ) in the 12th house ( inhibition/weakness ); Jupiter is also the exoteric ruler of the MC ( spiritual goal/ambition ), square MC and Uranus, the esoteric ruler of the 5th house ( self/Soul expression ); transiting Neptune ( exoteric ruler of the MC ) conjunct the natal Uranus and square Jupiter ]  because of small and unimportant personality qualities ( most of them tied up with your racial inheritance and your environing circumstances ),

The 2nd initiation deals with learning the uses of failure and lack of confidence. Cancer relates to insecurity and Pisces to inferiority.

you are constantly aware of lack of achievement[ Chiron conjunct Pluto, the esoteric ruler of the MC and conjunct Saturn, the Personality Ray planet ] and of failure to do what your soul has made quite adequately clear to you is possible. [ The progressed MC conjunct the natal Saturn ( spiritual opportunity for advancement of spiritual goals ) in March 1940; Solar Arc Saturn conjunct the natal AS ( difficulty/obstacles to Soul progress ) in July 1940; the Solar Arc Mars square the natal Venus in February 1940 ( test of personality/soul integration ); transiting Chiron conjunct the natal AS and opposition the natal Mars, sextile the natal Neptune ( healing /integrating process of the personality/soul, utilising the energy of devotion and the higher aspect of the Solar Plexus ]

AUGUST 1940/DINA II/601,602,603,604,605

Since my last instruction to you, you have attained to a certain measure of release and that means much and for that achievement I would indicate my pleasure and commend you.[ Transiting Uranus conjunct the progressed MC and Saturn ( the personality ray planet ) ]

Today I deal only with your peculiar difficulties because your battle ground [Mars/Scorpio ] lies right there and it is mainly your racial faults which hinder you.

I would add also to the above- which I rarely do – that you are likewise freer from the imposition of physical control than at any previous time in your life story, except once when you were much younger.[ transiting Neptune ( the esoteric ruler of the AS ) in the 4th house ( physical body ), activating the natal triangle of Jupiter/Uranus/Chiron, is helping to release/integrate the physical body. ]   

Your second major limitation has been, as you know, a physical one and is incidentally also a part of the racial trouble, and of racial polarisation.[ we see an interesting relation between Mars and Moon ( both planets connected to physical body ). Mars is in its detriment in Taurus and Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn. Moon ( past habits ) is the exoteric ruler of the AS ( spiritual/soul intention ) and esoteric ruler of the IC ( racial inheritance )

The other relation is between Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of the 6th house ( indicating the indulgence of the physical body ), being the exoteric dispositor of Venus ( exoteric dispositor of the Moon and Hierarchical dispositor of Mars ), esoteric dispositor of Mercury ( the exoteric ruler of the IC ) and being the Hierarchical ruler of the IC, and Mercury/Venus which are the exo/eso dispositors of Jupiter.

Jupiter is square Uranus ( the exoteric dispositor of Mercury ) and semi-sextile to Chiron ( which is related to Virgo through its healing quality and to Sagittarius through its teaching quality ). We see the significance of the Jupiter/Uranus/Chiron  triangle in relation to the healing/integrating process not only of the physical body but her racial trouble.

Mercury is square, Venus is quincunx and Mars is trine Neptune, the esoteric ruler of the AS and the esoteric ruler of the IC.

Neptune is the esoteric dispositor of Uranus and Uranus is in its detriment in Taurus ( the placement of Neptune ) and Uranus also widely trine Neptune.

From these various interrelation of energies we see a close connection with her two most difficult issues – that of her physical body and her racial identification.

It is also interesting that of all the planets, it is Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Neptune which carry the most stressful aspects and the Moon is unaspected.

Venus/Jupiter/Neptune are implicated at the 2nd initiation and Moon/Mars at the 3rd initiation. This would imply that she was undergoing tests related to both of these initiations.

You have, secondly, also to release your personality from the control of that which is the most potent personality vehicle,[ physical body ] owing to the focus of the thought and life being largely there.

The visualisation of yourself as one who is unlimited in soul expression physically would aid you.[ Mercury/Venus/Neptune triangle; Mars trine Neptune ]

It is usually only in the brain ( not in the mind ) that racial reactions and racial vibrations make their presence felt. [ her brain/physical body is ruled by the 7th Ray and the planet normally associated with brain is Saturn which is making trine to Uranus in the 4th house ( racial inheritance ); both, Saturn/Uranus are conditioned by the 7th Ray on one of their levels. ]

A conflict is then apt to take place between the mind and the brain as in your case, but brain-responsive habits are apt to remain powerful for a long time and hence the problem. [ Mercury ( mind ) square Saturn ( brain ); habits are usually related to the Moon which is unaspected in Taurus ( heavy inertia of matter ) and Saturn conjunct the South Node ( past habits ) and Chiron ( wound ) would make the past habits very powerful. ]

…once you relinquish that emphasis, the integration of the personality will be complete and you will be ready for a major step onwards.[ Moon and Saturn are both related to Capricorn by Saturn exo/eso rulership and Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn ( lessening of the hold of the form and increase of the higher will ).

Capricorn Sun/Mars ( personality ), Saturn is the Personality Ray planet and Mars ( physical body/personality ) is in the 6th house ( correction/integration ); this points to the physical body as the vehicle to be healed and thus make the integration of the personality complete. ]

Relinquishment/detachment is related to Scorpio and the 8th house and Moon/Uranus ( Moon is in its fall in Scorpio and Uranus is exalted there ). We see here the emerging relation between Moon, Uranus and Mercury in the 8th house ( relinquishment of mental thoughtform ); again we see the implication of Mercury as the exoteric ruler of the IC ( inherited essence ) and her strong identification with the racial issues and the need for relinquishment of this emphasis and also how it ties with the problem of her physical body.

Mercury/Saturn are the planets of Discipleship; Mars/Saturn in relation to Scorpio/Capricorn imply tests of Accepted Discipleship and Moon/Mars are related to the 3rd initiation so the major step forward implies the 3rd Degree.

Be, my brother, on the outer plane, what you are interiorly. [ this implies a life of pledged accepted discipleship ]  

Your destiny is that of teacher. Begin, therefore, to fulfil it [ destiny/dharma is indicated by the MC/Earth/Saturn/North Node and teaching by the 3rd/9th houses ( lower and higher education/schools ) but also the 5th ( creative self/soul expression/children ) and 6th ( discipleship training ) houses and the planets Jupiter/Chiron/Saturn ]

Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of the MC/6th house and esoteric ruler of the 9th house, is square Uranus, the exoteric ruler of the 9th house and esoteric ruler of the 5th house and both are in aspect to Chiron ( teacher/guide ). We see again the significance of the Jupiter/Uranus/Chiron triangle which is the closest interrelation of energies in the chart.

The progressed Moon activate the natal Jupiter/Uranus/Chiron in February 1941 and the Solar Arc Jupiter/Uranus/Chiron in aspect to the natal MC November 1940 -

April 1941 and in aspect to their own natal position beginning of 1942.

Earth ( Dharma/obligation ) is the esoteric ruler of the 6th house ( service ) and is placed in Cancer ( humanity ), in the 1st house ( expression of soul identity/causal body on the physical plane  ) and is trine the MC and sextile Pluto, the esoteric ruler of the MC. The progressed AS square the natal Pluto in August 1940 points to transformation in the life/soul direction.

The North Node is in the 5th house, trine the MC and Saturn conjunct Chiron in Taurus ( knowledge/wisdom ). The Solar Arc Nodes over the AS in September 1941- the Wheel of Dharma/rebirth meets the Soul purpose/future direction.

Transiting Jupiter/Saturn over the Taurus stellium, Solar Arc Saturn recent conjunction of the Cancer AS and transiting Jupiter conjunct the natal and progressed Jupiter. We see that both, Jupiter and Saturn ( the Soul and Personality Ray planets ) have returned to their natal positions and the Solar Arc Jupiter square the progressed Saturn in August 1941, thus emphasising the importance/spiritual opportunity for her to start to fulfil her destiny.

You have been much occupied with organisational work [ 7th Ray/Capricorn ] – a choice of vocation made by your soul which was intended to offset the limitations with which I have sought to make you familiar. [ Grand Trine in earth of Sun-Uranus-Saturn/Pluto ]

The combination of 3/7 Rays ( Personality/Physical body ) deals with objective manifestation/timing/money, thus indicating a vocation of an executive, dealing with practical/organisational matters. The involvement of the 2nd/8th houses ( ruled by Sun/Uranus ) points to a good financial sense.

We see that the reason behind the Soul’s choice of that particular vocation was to offset the problem of the physical body and the racial identification – both these limitations were also related to the 3rd aspect/matter. The same energy was being used both, positively and negatively and so we see how one’s vocation/profession can reflect the inner spiritual issues/tests.    

Now pour your energies into the work of the groups [ 11th house ] with which you are affiliated.[ she was in charge of the senior students of the Arcane School; 3rd/9th houses indicate the teaching/schools and their rulers ( Sun/Uranus ) are in trine aspect. ]

Above all else give love [ Venus ] with impersonality and true understanding.[ 2nd Ray/Jupiter ] It must not be the impersonality of a planned and forced achievement but the impersonality of complete self-forgetfulness.[ if we consider impersonality as a quality of the Spiritual Triad ( ruled by Vulcan ) and the Buddhic Heart ( ruled by Neptune ) then the Sun in the third decanate of Capricorn, ruled by Vulcan and Venus ( Soul love ) as the Hierarchical ruler of Capricorn would point to most probable  semi-square  of Venus to Vulcan. Furthermore, Venus is semi-square the Sun and quincunx Neptune and thus indicating a difficult transformative process to reach the Triadal energies. ]

The last decanate of Capricorn is implicated at the 3rd initiation and if the Sun is veiling Uranus ( 3rd initiation ), then Venus, as the Hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, in relation to Uranus ( veiled by the Sun ) would indicate the impersonal love of the initiate.

Venus is in Aries decanate of Sagittarius ( Uranus is the Hierarchical ruler of Aries ) and Uranus is in the Taurus decanate of Virgo ( Venus is the exoteric ruler of Taurus ) and Venus is in its fall in Virgo ( the placement of Uranus ); some work in correction/integration need to be done and thus bring an easy flow ( aspect ) between Venus-Uranus.

The pleasure/gratification through food ( Venus in the 6th house ) and overindulgence ( Jupiter, the exoteric dispositor of Venus ) was a past life karmic issue ( Jupiter in the 12th house of weakness/unredeemed karma ) which she found difficult to control by starvation and then overeating ( Jupiter square Uranus ).

The relation of Venus through its placement in the 6th house and its fall in Virgo points how the Christ Love ( Virgo ) was not being expressed ( fall ) through her relationships ( Venus is the Hierarchical ruler of the Capricorn 7th house ) and how by healing/correcting ( 6th house ) of her indulgence/appetites ( Taurus ) and thus the redemption of matter ( 6th house/Virgo ) through sacrifice ( Venus exaltation in Pisces ) she was able to redeem her karma ( Venus is the esoteric ruler of the 12th house ) and to carry the benediction ( Pisces ) through all the 2nd Ray Ashrams ( Virgo/Libra on the 4th house/Arm ) and thus fulfil her Dharma/obligation  ( Earth, the esoteric dispositor of Venus, trine the MC ) through fuller Soul expression and true Soul identity/pure being ( Earth in the 1st house ).

The significance of the Venus ( Love ) exaltation in Pisces ( redemption/benediction) in relation to the AS ( Soul purpose ) and the emphasis on the Pisces energy by progressed and Solar Arc Mars in relation to the successful passing of the test, is interesting and most revealing. 

Venus is the Hierarchical dispositor of Mars and Mars is the Hierarchical dispositor of Venus and both are placed in the 6th house of correction/integration – where we examine the condition of the vehicles/form and make necessary adjustments. We have already examined this Mars/Venus Hierarchical relation when considering the 1st Ray Astral body and her need to change it to the 2nd Ray by the end of this incarnation.

Mars/Venus rule the 6th/7th houses Hierarchically and both of these houses are related to the integration, that of the three lower vehicles ( 6th house ) or the integration/fusion of Personality/Soul ( 7th house ) and both are concerned with relationships, either working relationships ( 6th house ) or personal ( 7th house ).

We know that she needed to integrate the physical body ( Mars ) in her personality, to change/correct the 1st Ray Astral body to 2nd Ray and to learn to express love impersonally both, in her personal relationships and those with her co-disciples. 

If the Sun is veiling Neptune ( 2nd initiation ), then Venus would have two connections to Neptune ( by quincunx and semi-square to the Sun, veiling Neptune ) and in its esoteric rulership it would be the dispositor of Jupiter ( the Soul Ray planet ) and thus indicating the Soul love and the Heart centre ( ruled by Jupiter ) and thus the impersonal Soul love of the disciple.

The successful passing of the difficult test in 1947, when the Solar Arc Mars came to conjunct the MC, would indicate the learning to handle impersonally the sensitive and most problematical issue of her life, that of racial/Jewish relationship/identification.

It would also indicates that the test was related to the control of the Astral body where the energy could have shifted from the 1st to the 2nd Ray ( that is why she could pass freely into all 2nd Ray Ashrams ) and also the control/purification of the physical body ( that is why she could pass into K.H. Ashram ).

In DINA I/373-4 we read: “ …your astral body is on the first ray. Your personality ray, the third, is focussed in your astral body, adding to its power, its glamour, and its hold on you. Your problem is to call in the energy of the soul in such potency that it will drive out the first ray and leave you, at the close of this incarnation, with a second ray astral body.

…you have hardened in one direction – that of sympathy – and crystallised into a racial pattern which is not yours; it is based on the development of the heart centre [ Jupiter ] which has, as yet, only opened in the direction of your own people[ 3rd Ray/Capricorn where Jupiter is in its fall ] and towards Masonry.[ Gemini ]

Then seek brain-mind alignment with the soul and see the love of your soul pouring into your personality, transmuting its force and working through on to the physical plane. It will express itself as personality love, actuated and directed by soul love.

When you function as a soul, you love much and quite impersonally. You are not yet a Master, however, and so able to give impersonal love without hurting. “

In view of the above we see that we dealing with some of the issues of the 2nd initiation as she was learning to express the impersonal love of the Soul through her personal relationships which she could do only when she functioned as a soul. Love is the basis of impersonality. The emotions, which are normally self-centred and personal must be transmuted into the realisation of universality and impersonality.

We know that she had a problem with the expression of her cosmopolitan/universal quality in the outer life, even though she possessed it inwardly ( which would indicates past life achievement ). By releasing the Soul love through her Astral body ( and the personality as a whole ) this fault could have been also corrected by passing of the test.

Her heart centre needed to be opened to all humanity not only to her own people and towards Masonry. The 2nd Ray astral body would make this possible and so we would need to examine further the implication of the test which she successfully passed in 1947. 

As regards your personal meditation, I seek to give you one which will intensify the activity of the ajna centre [ Venus ] and which will produce new vision and, above all, integration.[ the Solar Arc Venus conjunct the natal Mercury in February 1942 ]

With the powerful stellium in Taurus ( Saturn, the Personality Ray planet, and Neptune, the esoteric ruler of the AS are placed there ) the influence of the Pleiades is strong ( particularly the Pluto conjunction to Alcyone ); there is focus on the light (together with Gemini, the placement of Jupiter, the Soul Ray Planet ) and on the Ajna and vision ( Venus in Sagittarius ).

Taurus is also concerned with the physical body, with the health and wholeness of the body ( EA/378 ) and is closely connected with the expression of past desire ( Moon in Taurus ).

In relation to Pleiades the triangle of Capricorn ( Ajna )-Pisces ( Heart )-Leo ( Head ) or Mercury-Uranus-Saturn ( EA/421 ) is significant as the Pleiades transmit the energy via Capricorn and via Mercury to the Ajna.

In her chart Mercury/Saturn/Uranus form close triangle of energies by Saturn square to Mercury and trine Uranus and Mercury/Uranus are in mutual exoteric reception.

Mercury is the exoteric ruler of the Virgo decanate of Capricorn and so its sextile to Venus ( hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, exoteric ruler of Taurus and having its fall in Virgo ) is significant in relation to the Ajna centre.

The progression of Mercury into Pisces and its conjunction with the progressed Mars and the progressed Venus conjunct the natal Mercury at the time when the “middle point “ ( signifying the Ajna ) between the two Ashrams was discussed is interesting.

The emphasis on the Pisces energy through the progression and the major test in Pisces points to the Heart centre and thus making the Ajna and Heart the focus of this incarnation.

This meditation [ Mercury ] should definitely aid in increasing the activity of the physical body [ the progressed Mars semi-square the natal Mars in October 1940 ] along the lines you have for so long desired, and make the discipline for which you have striven, no longer a discipline but a life of unconscious, automatic spiritual expression.[ the progressed Mercury entered Pisces in January 1941. Mercury is in its fall in Pisces and so it indicates a gradual ( by progression ) disappearance ( fall ) of the limitation of the mind as the mediating principle between the Personality and the Monad and increase of direct communication with the highest aspect ( Monadic life ).

The progressed Mercury is moving through the 9th house and thus points to the building of the second part of the Antahkarana –that between the Soul-infused Personality and the Spiritual Triad.

The progressed Mercury has joined the progressed Mars in Pisces ( entered Pisces in 1938 ) and they reached conjunction in September 1943 ( within orb a few months ); this points to the increase of the power of the intuition and of the Ajna centre.

Mercury/Mars conjunction resonate to the 1st Ray Word of Power “ I assert ( Mars ) the fact ( Mercury ) and being in Pisces, it strengthen the 1st Ray through its esoteric ruler Pluto ( 1st Ray ) and adds extra power to her 1st Ray Mind.

Mercury/Mars are the exo/eso/hierarchical rulers of Scorpio and exo/eso rulers of Aries and adding the Pluto rulership of Scorpio, we have an initiation ( Aries ) of a deep transformative ( Scorpio ) process/test in the sense of identity – from individual identity ( Scorpio rules the 5th house ) to universal identity ( Aries rules the 11th house ).

Here are some extracts from her unpublished Meditation report to DK for the entire year 1941 which we might find interesting:

“ During the first half of the year I was fairly faithful in following the Tibetan’s Instructions, both as regards my personal and the general group Instructions; but it took me sometime to get going, and then, after I had been working at it for a while, I experienced such an increase of earthy inertia that for weeks, and maybe months, I slighted both the study and the meditation during the second half of the year. “

From April to September 1941 the transiting Saturn was going over the Taurus stellium and in May 1941 she experienced her second Saturn return;  in September the transiting Mars in Aries turned Retrograde until the middle of November; the progressed Moon in the 12th house ( weakness/isolation) entered the sign Cancer ( past/limitation ) in September.

“ It occurred to me that the inertia may have been caused by the stimulation of the solar plexus centre, and my failure to raise the solar plexus forces to the heart centre. “

The Solar Arc AS and transiting Saturn were making aspect by trine and conjunction to the natal Mars/Neptune ( Solar Plexus ); in September there was a Solar Eclipse on the transiting Neptune.    

“ Full Moon Work: The full-moon work was always done and the approach made as suggested by our Teacher, but mostly on the actual day only and a few times on that day, not during the two days preceding and the two days following the event. I registered, as heretofore, powerful vibrations in the head, and also at the same time, in the heart centre; but no other phenomena outside of the vibrations and the accompanying light in the head. “

We see that even an advanced disciple, as she was, did not follow DK’s instructions. In the unpublished letter of June 1946, where DK is informing the group that He has decided to definitely disband the New Seed Group, one of the four main reasons for doing so He names the failure in occult obedience of many in the group and He names two of the group in particular: “ …ISG-L seldom pays attention to the requests or suggestions I make; RSU admits that she has not followed instructions. “

The seeing the light in the head is normally experienced after the 1st initiation, when the magnetic field is set up between the Pineal gland and the Pituitary body. When the two centres ( Ajna and Head ) make contact with each other’s vibratory or magnetic field, Father-Spirit ( Head ) and Mother-Matter ( Ajna ) unite and the Christ is born ( 1st initiation ).

“ I wonder if I may be permitted to share with my brothers a certain paragraph written by a disciple of the Master Jesus. How I wish that some of his fervour might become a driving force in my life. “

“ And, curiously, for there is no sixth Ray quality in my present equipment, I find a great deal of light in the lines written by Soeur Therese, the young French Carmelite, to a missionary priest who was conscious only of his shortcomings as he faced his mission. ( I, too, suffer from a deep seated inferiority complex which our Teacher asked me to overcome ).”

She has strongly identified with the qualities of the 6th Ray even though it was not in her present equipment. Neptune, ( the esoteric ruler of her Cancer AS ) is conjunct the South Node ( past ), Saturn ( karma and also her Personality Ray planet  ) and Chiron ( past life’s pattern ) and indicates that 6th Ray could have been her legacy Ray . The powerful Mars/Neptune trine ( one of the closest aspects in the chart ) was within an orb by progression almost all her life.


AUGUST 1942/DINA II/605,606

Your feet [ Pisces ] have onward marched.[Mars ] The progressed Mars in Pisces.

The Path stands clear revealed.[ vision/Ajna ] The Solar Arc Mercury trine the natal Venus in December 1942; the progressed Mercury in Pisces sesqui-quadrate the natal AS in August 1942.

You know the step ahead. [ we have a hint here that the step ( marching – Mars ), ahead (progressed Mars approaching the MC ), could indicate an initiation. 

I would ask you not to backward look,[ Moon/Cancer ] my brother, but tread with confidence[Jupiter ] the Lighted Way.[Antahkarana ]

The progressed Moon conjunct the natal Cancer AS in January 1943, brings the focus on the attachment to the form/family/past and transiting Jupiter conjunct the natal AS during 1943 and opposition the natal Sun in June 1943 increases the confidence.

Stand free.[ Uranus ] Let naught disturb your calm.[ controlled Astral body/Solar plexus; Mars/Saturn trine ] Yet seek not peace.[ Libra ] Keep poised upon a pinnacle [ Capricorn/MC ] of love. [Venus ]

The progressed MC conjunct the progressed Saturn in December 1942 and the transiting Saturn opposition the natal Venus in May 1943, calls for extra effort to stand as a detached observer upon the mental plane and thus mental polarisation.

The progressed Moon conjunct the Solar Arc Neptune and both opposition the natal Mars in January 1943, points to the disturbance of the Solar Plexus centre.

Move forward in my Ashram;[ 4th house ] the middle Place[ Libra ] within that Ashram is the outer Place[ Aries ] within the centre of K.H.[ Uranus, the esoteric ruler of Libra and Hierarchical ruler of Aries is placed in the 4th house ( Ashram ). Libra is on the 4th Arm ( Ashram ) and Aries on the 10th Arm ( Ashram of a Chohan ).

The progressed AS entered Virgo ( ruler of the 4th house ) in October 1942 and indicates the moving forward into the Ashram.


SEPTEMBER 1943/DINA II/606,607,608,609,610,611

It has been under discussion [ Mercury/Mars ] between K.H. and myself as to whether you should at this time move into His Ashram or whether you should still stay within my Ashram – which in the last analysis – is a part of His.[ the progressed Mercury/Mars conjunction was exact in September 1943 and is a contributing factor to the discussion of her shifting the identity level from the Soul identity to the Triadal identity and thus from lower to higher Ashram. ]

The Solar Arc Neptune ( esoteric ruler of the AS and the 4th house / Ashram ) conjunct the natal AS ( Soul/future direction ) in October 1943 ]

You yourself know that consistently you have been told by me that your major hindrance [ Saturn ] was the physical body [ Mars ]– a body equipped to render the service [ 6th house ]and complete certain karmic[ Saturn ] adjustments during this life. [ there is a powerful relation between Mars/Saturn, not only through the trine aspect but also Saturn is the exo/eso dispositor of Mars and Mars is exalted in Capricorn and has its fall in Taurus ( the placement of Saturn ).

Mars/Saturn aspects ( even the trine ) are not an easy energy to handle. It requires an extra effort and discipline to control a particular force of the lower self/personality and it is always of karmic nature. I call these aspects Discipleship tests as they involve the energies of the two most important signs of the Path of Discipleship and the Fixed Cross, that of Scorpio and Capricorn and are only faced by an accepted disciple.

Mars/Saturn aspects are related to the Law of Sacrifice and to a great ray Life, Whose energy is that of the 3rd Ray and Whose mental body expresses itself through Saturn and the astral body through Mars.

RSU 3rd Ray personality was thus strongly conditioned by the Mars/Saturn force and it was her Soul’s choice that she incarnated into the Jewish race whose personality is also on the 3rd Ray with the Sun in Capricorn, in order to work out an important issue of separativeness and personal identity through the process of decentralisation , impersonality and love and she passed the test successfully.      

People seldom appreciate adequately the fact that the physical body is a definite channel of contact ( and sometimes the only one as it expresses physical plane relationships of a karmic nature ) between themselves and the people with whom they have to work out certain relationships.[ Libra/7th house ] This has been pronouncedly so in your case.[ Saturn rules the Capricorn 7th house and is making a Grand Trine with Mars and Uranus ( the esoteric ruler of Libra ) in the 4th house ( physical body/plane ). ]

Your personal karma still demands that you stay where you are – and I still need your aid, my brother. This particular group of disciples in my Ashram, with which you are and will be affiliated, needs your help and service. That is another phase of karma ( this time the karma of a pledged disciple ) which you have assumed. Each incarnation demands the fulfilment of different karma and so necessarily  particular ray energies on the relevant vehicles/levels in order to fulfil/correct it. When the karmic liability is particularly strong ( going too far or in extremes from the middle Path or in order to regain a balance ) there seems to be a selection ( Soul’s choice ) of a different Ray  energy on the three lower vehicles from the usual assignment. This freedom of choice  happens only in the case of the awakening disciple ( around the 1st initiation ) and one would imagine it would become critical at the midway point between the 2nd and 3rd initiation, where the parting of the ways occur ( the Black Magician ).

RSU has Astral body on the 1st Ray which is different from the usual 2/6 Rays for this level and we are told an extremely rare occurrence. Her personal karma is thus related to the correction or the right expression of love [ Venus ( the esoteric ruler of the 12th house of unredeemed karma, is placed in the 6th house of healing/correction )] and Mercury, the exoteric ruler of the 12th house, is square Saturn ( lord of karma and ruler of the 7th house of relationship ). This would make the Heart centre a focal point of development in this incarnation.

Her 7th Ray physical body is the major hindrance in this life and is there to complete certain karmic adjustments which are tied up with the racial problems, thus forming karmic relationships or being born into the Jewish race. The 7th Ray ( the ritualistic aspect of Judaism ) is also the energy of rules and rituals around the preparation of food and eating habits and thus closely related to her eating problem.   

The personal karma is also related to the Personality Ray which can change from life to life or stays the same for a number of lives. It also rotates ( EP I/128 ) according to the Soul Ray after the Reversal of the Wheel and entry on the Path of Accepted Discipleship in a series of four ( more or less ) lives ( as an accepted disciple ) culminating in taking the 3rd initiation.

We know that she has entered the Path of Accepted Discipleship three lives ago and this is her fourth life as 2nd Ray Soul with 3rd Ray personality. Her personal karma is tied up with the racial issues ( sin of separativeness ) of the Jewish race whose personality Ray is also the 3rd Ray. It appears that the 3rd Ray energy was necessary in this incarnation to release her from past karmic faults.

The karma of the pledged disciple is related to the Soul Ray. The 2nd Ray Soul planet Jupiter is in the 12th house of past karma, indicating that she has made her pledges in the past life and continues to do so in this life . Saturn ( karma ) and Neptune, the esoteric ruler of the AS ( Soul purpose ) are in the 11th house ( group brothers )

There is no aspect/relation between Jupiter ( the Soul Ray planet ) and Saturn ( the Personality Ray planet ) and this seemed to indicate that the fusion of Personality/Soul has not been established, particularly that Saturn is also the ruler of the 7th house which deals with the right relations/fusion of these two levels.

Once the karmic racial/physical body fault has been healed ( Saturn conjunct Chiron) then the triangle of Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus will be closed ( energy will circulate freely ) and the Personality/Soul will be related/fused through the Antahkarana [ Mercury ( the antahkarana ) is related to all the three planets ( Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus ).]  

The years have proved your staying power,[ Taurus stellium; G. Trines in Earth ] your unswerving devotion [ Mars/Neptune trine and in aspect to the AS; Saturn conjunct Neptune ] and your stable love for your co-workers.[ Venus in Sagittarius in the 6th house ]

Your work must increasingly be that of the teacher, and you must learn more and more to bring through,[ Mercury ( exoteric ruler of the 4th/12th houses – past lives ) square Saturn/Neptune ] for the use of the many, the knowledge stored up by your soul through many lives of training;[ the progressed MC ( Dharma/Life direction ) conjunct the natal Chiron ( teacher/guide ) in November 1943;

The natal Mercury square Neptune was activated by the Progressed Venus ( the esoteric ruler of the 12th house ) conjunct Mercury and Solar Arc Venus square Neptune in June 1944.  

This knowledge,[ Mercury ] rapidly being transmuted by you into wisdom,[ Jupiter ] must be made available for your personality to use as it seeks to help and train [ 6th house of discipleship training ] other personalities to become soul conscious. [ interrelation between Mercury/Venus/Jupiter ]

The meaning is that in the great interlocking directorate of the Hierarchy and in the basic relation between the Ashrams ( as, for instance, all Ashrams upon the second ray ) there arises a point where the circle of an Ashram overlaps or interpenetrates the circle of another Ashram, and at their point of contact and of overlapping an increased intercourse and interplay becomes possible. It is here that you have to find your place.[ always at the midway point appears the eye ( DINA II/251 ), the Ajna centre; the NGWS, standing between the Humanity and the Hierarchy, also represent the Ajna centre and is ruled by Taurus. Her recent meditation was focussed on the Ajna and on the integration ( one of the keywords of the 3rd initiation )  ]

The progressed Venus conjunct the natal Mercury in June 1944 brings the focus on the Ajna centre.

The analogy of the interpenetrating circles of two Ashrams to an Eclipse is reflected in the progressed Moon opposition the natal Sun in September 1943.

The Soul standing at the midway point between the Personality and the Monad ( DINA II/254 ) and preparing to make the Great Renunciation ( 4th initiation ) and to disappear, leaving the Personality/Monad at one. We see the analogy here with the Mercury fall in Pisces and we know that her progressed Mercury entered Pisces in January 1941. Could this indicate the possibility of her taking the 3rd and 4th initiation in the next life, in respect of the relation of the five signs ( Cancer – Virgo – Scorpio- Capricorn- Pisces ) and Pisces being the sign of the last ( fourth life ).

The presence of the progressed Mars in Pisces, in relation to her successful passing of the test ( in 1947 ) which appears to be connected to the 2nd initiation, we have the analogy here to the 4th initiation through the Pisces energy. 

At this Middle Point[ Libra ] there is a coming and going; there is relation and contact[ Libra ] there is increased opportunity[ Saturn ] and inspiration; there are focal points of transmutation, of transition and of transformation.[ Libra rules all the midway points ( as well as the hub or centre of the wheel ) and is implicated with every major transition/reversal and thus with all the 4th planes/subplanes ( points of major shift/transition ) ]

Uranus, the esoteric ruler of Libra, is in the 4th house ( the Ashram ) and also rules the Libra 4th Arm and was the major energy implicated/activated at the time of her transference from the DK to KH Ashram, as we will see later.

The progressed MC ( Dharma ) trine the natal Uranus in March 1944 and indicates a new direction/freedom/participation in the ashramic life.

It is interesting that the transiting Neptune ( esoteric ruler of the AS and the 4th house ) in the 4th house, entered the sign Libra in August 1943 and the Solar Arc Neptune conjunct the natal AS in October 1943 ]           

It is towards this area of merging and of fusion that you are now asked to move.[ this idea of fusion implies also the personality/soul fusion ]

By your effort, your determination and your understanding you can form part of the group which stands in this “ Middle Chamber “ ( to use Masonic terminology ) and can work from this point in the ashramic life.[ the middle chamber gives analogy to the FC ( Fellow Craft ) or the 2nd initiation ]

NOVEMBER 1944/DINA II/ 611,612,613,614

The past year has seen much change in your life, and for this I earlier sought to prepare you; It is change which is largely in the nature of release and of a freeing for more effective service.[ Neptune, the esoteric ruler of the AS, by Solar arc conjunct the natal AS and the transiting Neptune in the 4th house, entered the sign Libra; the progressed MC trine the natal Uranus,( the esoteric ruler of Libra) in the 4th house ( Ashram ); Libra rules the 4th ARM and the 5th house ( talents of the Causal Body/Soul expression/identity ). ] 

You have, my beloved brother, lived a full and rich life;[ Jupiter ] you have been brought into contact[ Gemini ] with thousands of people of all degrees, religions and points of view;[ 9th house ( views/beliefs on life/religion/philosophy ); Jupiter ( esoteric ruler of the 9th house ) in Gemini square Uranus ( exoteric ruler of the 9th house )  ]

You have known a family life,[ Cancer/Moon ] oft of great pressures[ Saturn ] but also of frequent happiness;[ Venus/Jupiter ]

Cancer AS indicates the importance of a family in her life and the Moon ( exoteric ruler of Cancer ) in Taurus inclines to a secure/comfortable/beautiful home. Uranus in the 4th house ( home/roots ) tends to disrupt the home due to sudden changes and uproot one from the homeland. Uranus is the exoteric ruler of the 9th house ( foreign countries/long distance travel ) and we know that she left Hungary

at the age of 15 and put down her roots in a foreign country ( USA ).

Mercury ( the exoteric ruler of the 4th house ) square Saturn/Neptune points to some pressures and suffering through the family but the Mercury sextile to Venus ( the exoteric dispositor of the Moon ) indicates periods of happiness. 

You have fulfilled your duties [ Saturn ] and adhered to your obligations.[ Cancer AS/Capricorn Sun combination would indicate strong feelings/ties with the family traditions/past and feeling of great responsibility/duty of deep moral convictions. This accounts for the strong influence her family had on her racial attitude and her shock when she was told that nobody from her present family was part of her spiritual family.     

Along with all the many impacts upon your life and the many demands upon you, you have successfully endeavoured to live the dual life of the disciple[ this points to the stage of pledged accepted discipleship ]

In your present circumstances it should be easy for you to apply that desired  and recognised discipline[Saturn ] – a discipline of such a practical nature that you need not that I should outline it for you. It is one that can and should be gradually [ 2nd Ray ] applied; this method is more likely to be successful than a rigidly [ 7th Ray ] outlined and forcefully [ 1st Ray ] demanded procedure and life of physical sacrifice,[ Pisces ] which might succeed but which might, however, land you in another “ field of failure “.[ Saturn conjunct Neptune ] We see here the implication of extreme measures ( starving/binging ) being applied to her physical body. Jupiter ( indulgence ), exoteric ruler of the 6th house ( health/correction ) square Uranus ( extremes/irregularity ) and both related to Venus/Mars, the exoteric rulers of the 5th house ( pleasures ), placed in the 6th house. Venus is the exoteric dispositor of the Taurus ( appetites/desire/physical body ) and as we have seen both, Venus and Mars are related to the Astral body.

The 2nd Ray energy ( Jupiter ) is in conflict with the 7th Ray energy and when the force ( 1st Ray ) fails to be effective there is depression ( Saturn/Neptune ).

Transiting Saturn conjunct the natal AS and the S. Arc Neptune and Moon and transiting Neptune quincunx the natal Moon give a new spiritual opportunity to overcome the past karmic habits. 

…your major spiritual responsibility[ Saturn ] is essentially work that is close to my heart.[ Here the work in the Arcane School is implied where she was training the senior students of  what is today called  the ” Weavers in the Light “. Chiron ( teacher/guide ) conjunct Pluto, the esoteric ruler of the MC ( Dharma/spiritual life direction ); Grand trine of Sun-Uranus – Saturn/Chiron/Pluto.]

Solar Arc Saturn square the natal MC in November 1944 calls for extra effort to fulfil her spiritual responsibility maybe with some extra duties/work.

The Solar arc Chiron opposition the natal Sun in November 1945 and transiting Chiron opposition the progressed Sun in the 10th house; Her role as a teacher is coming into prominence through healing of the personality.

Shrink not from the results, but see to it that reaction to contact with you and with your band of associates, does have definite results.[ transiting Saturn conjunct the natal AS; the Solar Arc Mercury square the natal Mars in May 1945 ]

AUGUST 1946/DINA/614,615,616

This is a painful and rather dreadful testing time for you and – to date – the immediate issue is uncertain, though the final issue is not. [ the transiting Saturn/Mars conjunct the natal AS and the Solar Arc Neptune/Saturn/Chiron; the transiting Saturn opposition the natal Sun and square the natal Moon – indicate a difficult testing process is initiated and there is not knowing if she will pass the impending test ( immediate issue ) as the Solar Arc Mars is approaching the conjunction of the natal MC ]

The problem with which you are faced falls, in your mind ( if you would only think clearly ), [ Mercury square Neptune/Saturn ] into two parts; the problem of your reaction to the minorities question, and the problem of your relation to D.R.S.[ A.A.B. ] The first problem you say does not exist; the second problem you consider entirely the fault of D.R.S. and therefore, my brother, you stand clear of all blame and responsibility on both scores.[ need for right discrimination – the progressed Moon entered Virgo ( Mercury is the exoteric ruler ) and the progressed Sun entered Aries ( Mercury is the esoteric ruler ) in June 1946 ]

Transiting Jupiter and Uranus activating the Mercury – Saturn/Neptune square give a promise of a successful outcome and the ability to see things more clearly. In 1947, around the time of passing of the test, transiting Saturn and Pluto are opposing the natal Mercury and square the natal Saturn and Neptune and are a contributing factors to her test as Mercury ( offer illumination ) Saturn ( offer opportunity ) are the planets of Discipleship.

As you are still dwelling in a personality and have not yet taken the third initiation, such complete innocence if far from likely. [ this is a hint that 3rd initiation is not far away ]

What really lies at the root[ IC ] of your reactions? It is a latent, unsuspected and quite unconscious jealousy.[ Mercury square Neptune ( both planets rule the IC ) ]

This you will naturally deny, and this matters not if you will attempt to establish immediate contact with your second ray soul.[ transiting Uranus ( awakening ) conjunct the natal and progressed Jupiter ( the Soul Ray planet ); the progressed Jupiter square the natal Uranus ]

Right down the years, my beloved brother, I have taught you that your major limitation is your physical body; that necessarily means that your physical brain is a centre of limitation. [ Saturn ( brain ) conjunct Chiron ( wound ) ]

It is on the seventh ray, and therefore its task is to relate the inner to the outer. This it cannot yet do properly, as you have taken few steps to refine[ Neptune ] it and change its quality.[ Saturn conjunct Neptune ]

Your brain, therefore, responds easily to your first ray mind, and very little as yet to your second ray soul.[ Again we see a lack of contact between Saturn ( 7th Ray brain ) and Jupiter ( 2nd Ray Soul ); for the easy response of the mind/brain we would need to take the wide conjunction of Saturn/Pluto trine Uranus; she needs to establish the alignment between Soul/Mind/Brain.]

The physical brain need to be perfected/refined in order to rightly register and transmit the soul impressions and the purposes of the group. In order to do that the Ajna centre need to be awakened into activity and brought into united activity with the Head centre. When this is established it produces a direct conscious alignment between Soul-Mind-Brain and recognition of the light in the head. Here we see also the reason behind the focus on the Ajna centre in her meditation work and from her unpublished meditation report we know that she registered/experienced the light in the head so this would indicates the united activity of the Head and Ajna centres.  

Had it done so, truth and love would have distinguished you during this testing time, and little of these were seen.[ the brain was not able to transmit the love/truth of the 2nd Ray Soul ]

This is an extract from unpublished text which is relevant to the above issue:

“ You have not acted as a loving soul but as a martyred persecuted Jew, bracing yourself to bear nobly the unkindnesses imposed upon you by A.A.B. But those unkindnesses are non-existent or exist only in your imagination,[ Venus quincunx Neptune ] nurtured[ Cancer/Moon ] by your first ray mind ( engendering stubbornness )[ Taurus ] and received by your brain – at this time but little responsive to the soul, to me your Master, or to the love of A.A.B. A.A.B. has tried again and again to reach you, as I have also, but to little avail. “

The progressed Venus is activating the natal Mars/Neptune trine by square to Neptune in July 1946 and semi-sextile Mars in December 1946 bringing into the forefront the misguided imagination which does not see the true love.

The progressed Moon ( veiling Uranus ) square the natal Pluto in Taurus brings to the surface the 1st Ray stubbornness of the mind. 

Drop self-pity[ 2nd Ray ] and the sense of magnanimous[ Jupiter ] superiority[ 1st Ray ] you have lately been cultivating, and just ( how can I put it to you in such a way that I can help? ) – just be sorry,[ Chiron ] truly sorry, for the trouble [ Mars ] you have caused. [ the Solar Arc Moon ( veiling Uranus ) semi-square the natal Chiron ( putting right the past faults and healing the mind ) in November 1946;

What you need at this time is a period of quiet reflection.[ transiting Jupiter and Chiron entered the sign of Scorpio, indicating an intensive inner work in preparation for taking/passing of the test ( the S. Arc Mars, ruler of Scorpio, approaching the conjunction of the MC ) ]

I asked K.H. if He had any word for you, as He had sensed the situation, though He has no time for the details, He replied: “ Tell R.S.U. to move to the periphery of your Ashram, away from the middle point, and there learn truly to love – and love the little ones. “[ the Solar Arc AS conjunct the progressed Uranus and the progressed Moon ( veiling Uranus ) conjunct the progressed AS in September 1946, both indicate sudden change of location within the Ashram. ]

NOVEMBER 1948/DINA II/616,617,618

You are no longer in my Ashram. Like A.A,B. you are back in the Ashram of K.H., understudying – to some extent – A.A.B. so as to free her for work definitely connected with the coming of the Christ.[ in February 1948 the Solar Arc AS square the natal Jupiter, the Hierarchical ruler of the 4th house ( Ashram of a Chohan ), Neptune ( the esoteric ruler of the AS ) trine the natal MC ( Dharma ) and Solar Arc Chiron ( Master ) sextile Pluto ( the esoteric ruler of the MC.)

In March 1948 the Solar Arc AS ( Soul purpose/direction ) trine the natal Chiron and the Solar Arc Jupiter square Pluto, pointing to a successful transformation/transference into the Ashram.

In April 1948 there was a Lunar Eclipse opposition the natal Moon, the progressed Moon ( the esoteric ruler of the IC ) conjunct the IC and the opposition the Solar Arc Mars, indicating the break from the family ties and changing position in the Ashram.

In May 1948 there was a Solar Eclipse on the Saturn/South Node, the progressed Moon conjunct the Solar Arc AS and the natal Uranus in the 4th house, bringing release from Karmic obligation to the family, into the freedom of the Ashramic work.

This concentration of the planetary influence seem to point that the transference to the KH Ashram happened sometime in the Spring of 1948, after the successful passing of the test in 1947.     

Your present work in…provides a fine training ground for this future work, provided that you lay the constant emphasis upon the esoteric aspect of all the teaching which you must increasingly give, and learn yourself always to live in the world of meaning.[ “ The objective of the first two initiations ( DINA II/420 ) is to enable the initiate to live in the world of meaning; the objective of the next four initiations – up to and including the sixth Initiation of Decision – is to enable him to live in the world of significances.” This would indicate that if the passing of the test in 1947 was in reality an undergoing of an initiation, it could have been only the 2nd not the 3rd initiation, as it is the 3rd initiation which opens the door into the world of significances  ]    

Last year you passed through a terrific test and it looked for a while as if the true significance of it all would escape you; [ it is interesting that DK uses the word “ significance “ here, ( not  ” meaning “ ) which would link it to the world of significance and thus to the 3rd initiation and so the test could have been related to the 3rd initiation even if not actually taking of that initiation  ]

Now let us examine the chart for the year 1947 and the passing of that terrific test.

In August 1947 there was an important line-up of Sun-Moon-Saturn in Leo which occurs only every 28 years and seemed to represent the signature of an initiation. In EA/298 is the relevant reference to this: “ in connection with the horoscope of the Leo subject and the theme of initiation, I would point out that when the Sun, the Moon ( veiling a hidden planet ) [ Uranus ? ] and Saturn are all combined in a certain house in the horoscope you have what is called the “sign” of the man who is to take initiation. Leo, being the fifth sign of the zodiac, counting from Aries via Taurus, and also the eighth sign, counting from Aries via Pisces, is closely connected through numerical affinity with Mercury, who is esoterically called “ the Messenger at the eighth gate”; Mercury was active at the time of individualisation when the “ eighth gate “ was opened and a major initiation [ 3rd initiation ? ] of our planetary Logos took place, producing, in the human kingdom, the process of individualisation. “ 

We know that she has no planets in the sign of Leo but the Sun, ruler of Leo, is in Capricorn, the sign of initiation and Mercury ( the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio ) is placed in the 8th house of relinquishment/detachment and Scorpio rules the 5th house ( the Causal body/creative expression of the Soul ), the natural house of Leo.

The transiting Sun/Moon/Saturn in Leo fall in the 2nd house ( illumination/treasures of the Causal body ), the natural house of Taurus, the sign of the powerful stellium.

The Solar Arc Mars ( esoteric ruler of the Scorpio 5th house ) conjunction to the Pisces MC ( fulfilment of life purpose/dharma ) was rectified in this third proposed chart to coincide with this important Sun/Moon/Saturn transit in Leo, in August 1947. As we do not know the exact date of the happening there is still a room for further rectification but between the three proposed charts we are very close to the exact/correct time of birth.

The signs of Scorpio-Taurus-Pisces form a triangle of initiation and the relevant reference is in EA/204: “ These three constellations, therefore, form a triangle of initiation of profound importance because it provides those conditions and that energy which will test and perfect the three aspects of the personality so that they are true reflections of the three divine aspects; “ and on page 487: “ In a peculiar sense, these three constitute a triangle of initiation and are of paramount potency in the initiation process. They express strength,[ Scorpio ] illumination [ Taurus ] and love in full expression.” [ Pisces ]

She has been tested in all the three aspects of the personality; the physical body ( Scorpio ), the astral body ( Taurus ) and the mental body ( Pisces ), and so Mars represented the whole personality, not only the physical body.

In August 1947 the transiting Saturn conjunct the transiting Pluto and both are in opposition the natal Mercury and trine the natal Venus pointing to the relinquishment of the national thoughtform and release from Karma ( Mercury/Venus are the exo/eso rulers of the 12th house of unredeemed karma ).

In August there is an activation of the Moon ( esoteric ruler of the 4th house – inherited karmic heritage ) by the transiting Neptune square the Solar Arc Moon, the progressed Moon quincunx the natal Mercury and the progressed AS trine the natal Moon – facing the past/family/racial karma.

Also in August, the transiting Jupiter ( the Soul Ray planet ) in Scorpio, was in opposition the natal Saturn ( the Personality Ray planet ) in Taurus, thus indicating an important opportunity to bring about the fusion of Personality/Soul.

In September 1947 the transiting Saturn conjunct the transiting Venus and both are in opposition the progressed and Solar Arc Venus and the Solar Arc Venus square the natal Saturn – test of expression/responsibility of Soul love in relationships ( both planets rule Capricorn, which rules the 7th house of right human relations and personality/Soul fusion ). Venus/Saturn aspects are considered an initiatory aspects in relation to Capricorn.

In October 1947 the Solar Arc Uranus ( the esoteric ruler of the 5th house ) was in opposition to the natal Pluto ( the special ruler of Scorpio and esoteric ruler of the Pisces MC ) and the Solar Arc Pluto square the natal Moon. In May 1947 there was a Solar Eclipse on the natal Pluto. This emphasis on Pluto indicates deep purging/purifying process and transformation of the personality.

We are told that Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces ( EA/162 ) enable the initiates to take the 3rd initiation. All these three signs and their ruling planets ( Mars-Saturn-Pluto ) were involved in the progressions/transits during the passing of the test as were the planets conditioning the 3rd initiation – Moon/Mars.

Taurus-Leo-Scorpio ( plus general influence from Gemini ) enables the disciple to take the 1st and 2nd initiation. These three signs were also involved but no so much their ruling planets ( Vulcan-Sun-Mars ), except Mars or the planets ruling the 2nd initiation – Venus/Jupiter/Neptune.  We don’t know the exact placement of Vulcan so we cannot really assess its progressed/transit activity.

The 2nd initiation deals with the learning of the uses of failure and the lack of confidence or inferiority complex. Both of these were her stumbling blocks.

At the 2nd initiation there is a certain relinquishment ( but different from the 4th initiation ) promoted by Saturn/Pluto and these were present in her test ( transiting Saturn/Pluto conjunction in opposition the natal Mercury ) – the relinquishment of the racial/national thoughtform/identification.

In order to take the 3rd initiation one has to be free from the hold of matter/form/personality or the 3rd Aspect, which the Jewish race represent and that is why she was born into that race only in this incarnation and with 3rd Ray personality ( same as the Jewish race ) , with strong Earth signs emphasis, especially the unaspected Moon in Taurus and the problem with the physical body. So the passing of that terrific test represented the release from the hold of matter, the relinquishment of racial identification and achieving a degree of control/purification of the physical body ( she was able to transfer into KH Ashram ).

Even if there were some aspects to the test related to the 2nd initiation, the main issue of the test was that of the 3rd initiation. There were many planetary/signs interrelations involved in the progressions/transits in order to take the 3rd initiation and if she did not take it this life then she will do so in the next life;[ progressed Sun in Aries was one of them ] ;  this particularly in the linking of the five signs Cancer- Virgo –Scorpio- Capricorn – Pisces and her forth incarnation as an accepted disciple, taking the 3rd initiation in Pisces. The Pisces energy played a very important role through the progressions in this life and might be a very important energy to enter through in the next life.     

Disciples of your standing [ 2nd Degree ] have no national allegiances but stand for the One Humanity; this was the basic lesson which confronted you last year. You learned the lesson and earned the right to undertake advanced work.[ the advanced work seem to indicate initiatory process towards the next initiation which could be the 3rd initiation ]  

It is hard for disciples to realise what of beauty and opportunity lies ahead when confronted with a situation in which – at the time – they see no light[ Taurus ] and which involves the testing [ Scorpio ] of their mental perception, their emotional reactions and their physical relationships.[ Mars, ruling the personality as a whole ] All these three were involved in last year’s testing and it took some months for you to see with clarity the trend of events.[ the progressed Sun square the natal Neptune ]

Today you stand clear – a disciple who can pass back and forth into all second ray Ashrams, carrying benediction as you go. [ this indicates freedom from glamour and that is the 2nd Degree initiate ] The transiting Uranus entered Cancer and the progressed Moon through the 4th house, [ Ashram ] joining the transiting Neptune.]  

The parting of the ways has come for you this life as regards the family with which you have been associated through physical birth – with the exception of those few who are – perhaps as yet unconsciously to themselves – associated with my Ashram.[ the progressed Moon conjunct the natal Uranus in the 4th house in May 1948 and the Solar Arc Mars opposition the natal Uranus in April 1949 ]

This incarnation has for you one major lesson: the lesson of standing free[ Uranus ] from all environing limitations,[ Saturn ] whilst steadily giving love where association exists but doing so with complete detachment.[ Uranus-Scorpio-8th house ] G Trine of Sun/Saturn/Uranus.

Your work lies in training [ 6th house of discipleship training ] the senior students [ 9th house of higher mind/education ] and for this you are well equipped and need not to handicap [ 12th house of weakness ] yourself with self-depreciation [ 2nd Ray ] as A.A.B. has done for years.[ Jupiter ( esoteric ruler of the 9th house and exoteric ruler of the 6th house ) in Gemini ( wide knowledge ) in the 12th house and Venus, its esoteric dispositor, quincunx Neptune and Mercury, its exoteric dispositor, square Neptune ( distorted perception ); transiting Saturn and Neptune activate the Mercury/Venus/Neptune triangle in the coming year and providing an opportunity for more realistic vision and use of her inner abilities. ]    

Each group – through its meditation work  - must have its focal point and its energising area and these you must attempt to provide. This is one of the most deeply esoteric arts.[ The focal point of a group ( like a Master ) is represented by the Heart centre with its energising vital life given/circulating through the group; the progressed Jupiter ( Heart ) square the natal Uranus ( vital/awakening energy ); Solar Arc Mars square the natal Jupiter in November 1948 ( activation of the Heart centre ) ]

RSU chart in relation to her Rays gives an excellent opportunity for all of us to test our esoteric/occult knowledge, technical skills and an intuitive perception in judging/ascertaining the stages of the Path and the various initiations and the relevant tests associated with these processes as they are reflected/indicated in “one” astrological chart.