Esoteric Astrological Interpretation of RVB [Victor Fox]

DINA II 558 - 569

The New Seed Group

RVB’s Rays and Developmental Formula

II 4 – 423

Rapid Reaction – Vision – The Breath


Elena Dramchini


September 1943/DINA II/558,559/560,561

It is, my brother, a source of satisfaction to me to have you functioning again as a recognised member of my group of chelas. [ The progressed Mercury ( the esoteric ruler of the proposed AS ) has turned Retrograde in December 1942 – indicating re-establishing of the inner link. He was on track of fulfilling his Soul Purpose ( AS ). The progressed Mercury is reaching the opposition to progressed Neptune ( esoteric ruler of the 4th house – the Ashram ), and telling us that his work in the Ashram has been resumed. The Transiting Jupiter ( esoteric ruler of the 11th house of group work, entered the 4th house ( Ashram ) in August 1942 ]  You and I knew always that the link was indissoluble [ the natal Mercury trine Neptune and both in aspect to Saturn in Libra ( karmic relationship ). Saturn is the exoteric and esoteric ruler of the MC ( Hierarchy/Master ) and Neptune is the exoteric ruler of the 12th house ( past karma ) and esoteric ruler of the 4th house ( Ashram )  ] and that the interlude of interior work and the period wherein you worked out karma ( engendered many years ago ) [ this refers to two lives ago, page 319/DINA I: “ …the primary reason for his leaving all his responsibilities and deserting his group brothers and his post, has been the need for certain personality adjustments and the righting of a serious mistake he made two lives ago .“ ]  was both needed and fruitful. [ the progressed Vertex ( fated/unavoidable issue ) activated the closest natal triangle of Venus/Neptune/Chiron ( energies of interior work and healing of the wound ), by sextile to natal Chiron ( wound, related to past karmic pattern ) in April 1942, conjunction to natal Venus ( resolution of the pair of opposites – Gemini/Venus esoteric ruler and exoteric ruler of the 7th house of relationships ) in September 1942 and quincunx to Neptune ( transformation of Solar plexus glamour; the natal Venus quincunx Neptune points to the glamour of falling in love) in January 1943. The Transiting Jupiter and Transiting Nodes activated this triangle in March 1942; the Solar Arc Ascendant was square the natal Chiron also in March 1942 ( also in March 1942 there was a Lunar eclipse on the natal Chiron ), quincunx the natal Venus in June 1942 and conjunct the natal Neptune in August 1942; The progressed Moon square the progressed Vertex in June 1942 and the progressed Moon also in aspect to the Venus/Neptune/Chiron triangle in June 1942. This is a major line up of energies indicating a successful (  transiting Jupiter conjunct the IC and enters the 4th house; the Solar Arc Jupiter square the natal Nodes ) resolution/healing ( Chiron in Virgo in the 6th house, Moon –the esoteric ruler of the 6th house of healing ) of an important/unavoidable ( Vertex/Nodes/AS ) past karmic ( Moon – the exoteric ruler and Neptune – the esoteric ruler of the 4th house of past karma, Neptune – the exoteric ruler of the 12th house of unresolved past karma ) relationships issues  ( Venus – the exoteric ruler of the 7th house of relationships ).  ] It is of great value to the soul when the personality consciously recognises the activity of karma and adheres to the complete working out of the effects of earlier relationships so that to that relation the word “finis” can be written. [ The Solar Arc Uranus ( esoteric ruler of the 7th house of relationships and the hierarchical ruler of the AS – Soul purpose ) square the natal Mars ( exoteric and esoteric ruler of the 8th house of endings/death and the exoteric ruler of the AS ) in April 1942 and the Transiting Saturn ( exoteric and esoteric ruler of the MC – Life Dharma and the hierarchical ruler of the 7th house ) is activating this Mars/Uranus square also in April 1942 by trine to the natal Mars and quincunx to the Solar Arc Uranus. The transiting Uranus was making the same aspects to Mars/Uranus  in March 1942. We have here the right kind of energies brought together which indicate the end/break of a karmic relationship. In 1942 he was 49 years old – indicating a culminating cycle or crisis of achievement where things came to the end and a new cycle was initiated ] You stand now within my Ashram with clearer knowledge and more assured faith. [ the transiting Jupiter ( faith ) in the 4th house – the Ashram; transiting Neptune ( esoteric ruler of the 4th house ) trine the natal Jupiter ] Fuller service opens up before you [ the progressed Moon ( esoteric ruler of the 6th house of service ) conjunct the progressed MC ( Life purpose ) in March 1944 ]- service which you can render in the place where you are [ everyday routine work/ duties – 6th house ] and in spite of a physical vehicle which at times gives you much trouble and difficulty. [ transiting Neptune and the transiting Chiron, both conjunct the natal Mars ( physical body );] She ( AAB ) values your cooperation and you can do much to interpret the work that emanates from my Ashram [ the natal Mercury ( exoteric ruler of the 3rd house of interpretation/communication ) trine Neptune ( esoteric ruler of the 4th house – Ashram ) and thus aid seeking souls. The meditation which I am going to ask you to do is in the nature of an act of service. [ the natal Mercury ( meditation ) in the 6th house ( service ); the progressed Venus ( esoteric ruler of the 3rd house – meditation/writing/books ) square the natal Mercury ( the exoteric ruler of the 3rd house ) in October 1943] I would ask you to take the new book, Discipleship in the New Age, and each day meditate upon its significance, its usefulness and its teaching value in this coming post-war period. [ the word significance implies Triadal energy is being contacted through the meditation and thus the operation of hierarchical rulership of  the Capricorn 10th house ( the Spiritual Triad ) by Venus and of Scorpio ( ruling the 8th house of deeper dimension of the inner planes ) by Mercury; the progressed Mars ( exoteric and esoteric ruler of the 8th house ) entered Scorpio in December 1943 and indicating a beginning ( Mars is also the exoteric ruler of the proposed Aries AS ) of a deeper intuitive work ] Build a thoughtform of the book [ transiting Saturn ( thoughtform ) entering the 3rd house ( book ) and see it going forth to the very ends of the Earth. This book ( 3rd house ) should go upon the wings of meditation,( Mercury ) and you can be a potent focal point ( Pluto trine Mercury ) upon the inner planes ( 8th house – Mercury/Pluto ruling the 8th house ) of such a meditation process, if you so desire. Will you join with me, my brother, in the launching ( Aries ) of this book ( Mercury – esoteric ruler of Aries ) upon its career ( MC/10th house ) of service? [ 6th house – Saturn, the exoteric and esoteric ruler of the MC in the 6th house, conjunct Mercury; the transiting Saturn in the 3rd house conjunct the progressed AS and Solar Arc Moon ( esoteric ruler of the 6th house ) in August 1943 and May 1944. The Lunar Eclipse on the Natal MC in July 1944 and the progressed Moon conjunct the progressed MC in March 1944, the Solar Arc Saturn quincunx the natal Moon in March 1944 ]  Increasingly must your life be filled with this kind of service ;[ the progressed Moon ( esoteric ruler of the 6th house of service ) entered Pisces ( intuitive sensitivity ) in November 1943 and will enter the 12th house ( subjective/inner work of sacrifice and service to the Ashram – Moon is the exoteric ruler of the 4th house/Ashram ) in October 1944] it will lead to the establishing ( Aries – initiating ) of lines of relationship; [ Libra/7th house – the transiting Uranus ( the esoteric ruler of Libra and hierarchical ruler of the Aries AS ) square the progressed Moon/MC conjunction in March 1944 and Venus ( the exoteric ruler of the Libra/7th house will conjunct the natal MC and enters the 10th house in May 1947, In June 1944 the progressed Venus sextile the progressed Uranus ]  these, in later lives, will be less tenuous and will demonstrate to you as the nucleus of that group [ 11th house/Aquarius – Uranus is the exoteric ruler and Jupiter is the esoteric ruler; the Solar Arc Mercury ( esoteric ruler of the AS and the Personality Ray planet ) in opposition to the natal Jupiter ( the Soul Ray planet ) in January 1944; When these two planets ( representing the personality and Soul energies )come together by progression, it signifies for him an important development/turning point in personality/Soul fusion; In the same month ( January 1944 ) the Solar Arc Nodes were making an aspect to the natal AS by semisquare and sesqui-square, and the Solar Arc Saturn by the same aspects to the natal Nodes in February 1944 and thus emphasising the important turning point in his life  ] which every disciple begins ( Aries ) to gather around him, preparatory to forming his own Ashram in a still later life.


November 1944/DINA II/561,562,563,564,565

Your spiritual life has deepened [ the progressed Mars has entered Scorpio ]during this past year and your light within the Ashram shines brighter. The loneliness of your life warrants at times my endorsing any spiritual confidence of which you may be possessed.[His, already limited physical life, has been made even more lonely by the entry of the progressed Moon into Pisces ( November 1943 ) and then into the 12th house ( October 1944 ). In November 1944 the progressed Moon trine the natal Venus, square the natal Neptune and is in opposition to the natal Chiron. Again we see the activation of the triangle of Venus/Neptune/Chiron but the 12th house Pisces Moon is withdrawing the energies even more into the inner/subjective levels of experience. The progressed Retrograde Mercury was within orb to the opposition of the progressed Neptune ( exoteric ruler of the 12th house ) for a few months at the end of 1944 and in February 1945 the Solar Arc Neptune is square the natal Moon. This rich inner meditative process was integrating him deeper into the Ashram ( Moon/Neptune are the exoteric/esoteric rulers of the 4th house/Ashram ) but his spiritual confidence was undermined by the transiting Neptune conjunction to his natal Sun ( ruler of the 5th house of creative self-expression ) in November 1944 and the again in March and September 1945. ] Frequently, prior to a definite step forward of a pronounced kind which is not due simply to a normal progress of a persistent aspirant, the soul of the disciple forces him into a quiet place where he has both the inclination and the time to deepen, to integrate more consciously into the Ashram, and to focus with definite intention upon work in mental matter, under clear, inner impression. Such is now your opportunity. [ the transiting Saturn ( planet of spiritual opportunity ) enters the 4th house ( Ashram ) in July 1945; the progressed Venus ( esoteric ruler of the 3rd house ( work in mental matter ) is activating the Venus/Neptune/Chiron triangle from June to December 1945 ] But, my brother, to make this duly effective and to get true and real benefit out of the opportunity, the disciple must accustom himself to a complete negation of concentration upon the physical vehicle and upon his physical surroundings. [ the Solar Arc Chiron ( wounded healer ) opposition to the natal Moon ( lunar lords ) in August 1945; the progressed Moon in opposition the natal Mars ( physical body ) in December 1945; the transiting Jupiter in the 6th house ( health/healing/work ) increases the focus on the physical health and everyday physical environment and work. It conjuncts the Mars in August 1945 and then the Sun, Mercury and Saturn] It is his path and destiny in life to enter upon what has been called “ the higher way “; he has to learn on those levels and to live constructively there, without reducing the effectiveness of normal, practical living upon the physical plane. [ here we have a hint of the dual life of accepted discipleship; the progressed Jupiter ( the Soul Ray planet ) semisquare the natal Mercury ( the Personality Ray planet ) ] And in exactly the same place where you now are, you can use in a new and fresh way ( Uranus ) the creative power of the mind ( Mercury ) and begin to use your pen ( 3rd house – writing ) in a more potent and dynamic fashion. ( the transiting Uranus conjunct the natal Pluto and trine natal Mercury; and it also activates the natal Venus/Neptune/Chiron triangle; the Solar Arc Venus (the esoteric ruler of the 3rd house ) square the natal Sun ( ruler of the 5th house of creative self-expression ) in October 1945; the progressed Sun semisquare the natal Mercury ( the exoteric ruler of the 3rd house ) in December 1944; the progressed Venus will enter the 10th house in May 1947 and thus indicating that writing would become an important part of his life.  The above statement gives you, also, the incentive which you need for the remainder of your life; One thing, however, you will have to watch with care. As you know, and as I pointed out to you some years ago you have an undue number of rays along one particular line;( 2-4) your equipment of energies is therefore somewhat unbalanced, and this will require the process of obtaining equilibrium( Libra ) before you can move on to the more potent Ashram of K.H. It will be necessary for you to bring into your outer experience more force, and that of the first ray;[ Aries – the most potent transmitter of the 1st Ray;  in October 1945 and in June 1946 the transiting Saturn square the natal Aries AS, from the 4th house ( Ashram ) – indicating the opportunity and the difficulty in expressing the 1st Ray energy ( Saturn falls in Aries )  ] it is necessary also, that you should develop those conditions which will enable you to assume and work through a first ray personality when you next come into incarnation. [ the 1st Ray Personality Ray planet would be the sacred planet Vulcan. The natal Vulcan in Libra points to the energies of the Spiritual Triad/Shamballa To do this I would suggest that you study the instructions of I.S.G-L, given by me to him last year. There I gave him six statements anent this mysterious and holy centre which we call Shamballa. For this year’s meditation, I would ask you to take the third statement [ page520/DINA II: “ Shamballa is the major point of tension upon the planet. It is a tension that expresses loving intelligent will , free from all self-will or mental bias “] and ponder it deeply, relating it to the sixth statement [ page 520/DINA II: “ Shamballa is the head centre, speaking symbolically, of our planetary Life, focussing will, love and intelligence in one great and fundamental Intention and holding that focussed point throughout the entire life cycle of a planet. This great Intention embodies current purpose and expresses itself through the medium of the Plan.”]  and endeavouring to arrive at an understanding of both of them. This you can do through the key which you will find in the first sentence of the meditation which I gave you in the same series. [ page 560/DINA II: “ The Ashram pulsates with life. Its radiation penetrates the outer gloom and dark; waiting aspirants, one by one and all alone, appear within the beam of light. “] The key word here is RADIATION. He was told many times to increase his magnetic radiation and learn to use it to gather around him those whom he can help and who will constitute his own group as an initial nucleus of ( eventually ) his own Ashram. The point of tension held in the Head centre ( Vulcan ) and expressing loving intelligent will. The natal Vulcan in the 6th house points to the raising of vibration of the Devic life to the first atomic subplanes ( ruled by Vulcan and the 1st Ray ). The appropriation of the atomic matter into the composition of the lower vehicles is in process around or prior to the 3rd initiation. The 1st Ray personality would greatly aid this process and at the same time balance the present  strong 2/4/6 line. The esoteric dispositor of Vulcan is Uranus. The placement of Uranus ( also the esoteric dispositor of the Sun – indicating the personality ) in Scorpio ( 4th Ray ) points towards the unpredictability/ambivalence of the 4th Ray. Uranus, as a hierarchical ruler of the Aries AS, brings the emphasis on the 1st Ray ( Uranus is most probably conditioned by the 1st Ray on its Monadic level ). We see here a link or shift from 4th Ray to 1st Ray and from Vulcan to Uranus as the ruler of the Head centre. The 4th Ray Personality planet is Mercury, which is also the esoteric ruler of the AS. Uranus, being the esoteric dispositor of Mercury and the hierarchical ruler of the AS points further towards the flow or shift from the 4th to 1st Ray. If in the next life the Personality Ray planet is Vulcan, the link between Mercury/Uranus/Vulcan is interesting. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure of the exact degree of Vulcan but if Vulcan is conjunct Mercury it will not only strengthen the 4th/1st Ray link but also explains the difficulty he had in speaking directly ( due to the inability to access the 1st Ray energy ), particularly about money ( Vulcan is the esoteric ruler of the 2nd house of money and esoteric dispositor of the Moon in Taurus. Moon is the esoteric ruler of the 6th house – the placement of Vulcan and Mercury is the exoteric ruler of the 6th house. Moon/Mercury are related through the 4th Ray ).  In these three statements and in their true comprehension you have the mode whereby you can put yourself en rapport with the Shamballa force.[ this normally happens around the 2nd initiation ] The first step is to respond to first ray energy; later you will come to use it consciously and constructively – not employing its destructive aspect – and thus learn to use first ray energy as a channel of approach; that, however, constitutes a much later stage. [ this ability comes after the 3rd initiation; the statement “a much later stage “ indicates more than one life away ]


August 1946/DINA II/565,566,567,568

You have profited much from the attention you paid to the last instruction I gave you;[ transiting Jupiter ( the Soul Ray planet ) opposition AS ( Soul purpose ) in August 1946. ]  you have also done a good and creative task, aiding A.A.B. [ the progressed Sun ( ruler of the 5th house of creative work ) opposition to the progressed Jupiter ( esoteric ruler of the 11th house of group work ) and both in aspect to the natal Mercury ( orthodox ruler of the 3rd house of communication/writing  and orthodox ruler of the 6th house of service ) ] I infer not here, my brother, that your will is weak. It is constantly oriented towards that which is good and towards the Hierarchy. But the use of the spiritual will as it can affect and direct the affairs of the personality is another thing altogether; it is here that you must seek to learn to direct the action of the will of the soul as you face the opportunities and crises of life. [ the transiting Saturn ( orthodox and esoteric ruler of the 10th house – Spiritual Triad and the hierarchical ruler of Libra – Shamballa and the planet of spiritual opportunity  ) entered the sign of Leo ( Will-to-direct ) in August 1946 and thus activating the Triangle of Will – Leo/Shamballa/Saturn. The transiting Saturn sextile the natal Sun ( personality ) in September 1946 and the progressed Moon opposition the natal Sun in July 1946. The progressed Sun ( ruler of the 5th house of creative self - expression  ) entered the 8th house of  transformation, detachment and sacrifice, in October 1946. The progressed Venus ( Ajna – directing energy of the Soul ) square the natal Saturn ( personality ) in September 1946 ]

Looking at the progressions for the year 1947 we see the progressed Venus conjunct the MC ( Life purpose/Dharma ) and entered the 10th house ( the Law of the Hierarchy/Shamballa, Spiritual Triad/Mental polarisation ) in May 1947 and indicating the ascendancy of the Soul and the directing power of the Ajna. In February 1947 the progressed AS square the natal Mars, in May 1947 the Solar Arc Jupiter square the natal AS and in November 1947 the progressed Moon conjunct the natal AS and entered the 1st house of real authentic/Soul identity, independence, initiative and personal/spiritual action. The focus on the AS indicates the emergence to greater expression of the Soul purpose.


November 1948/DINA II/568,569.570

The circumstances of your life are such that you are eminently capable of handling its issues and dealing with its crises [ Saturn in relation to the triangle of crisis, that of Leo/Libra/Capricorn ] yourself; [Saturn ( orthodox and esoteric ruler of the MC – Life direction/Dharma ) conjunct Sun ( the ruler on all levels of the 5th house of self-reliance, where one is drawing from one’s own resources of consciousness – that of the Causal body ); the transiting Saturn in the 5th house semisextile the natal Sun ] that ordains for you, therefore, a somewhat unusual state of affairs in the life of discipleship. You have been vouchsafed an interlude [ Libra ] wherein you can perfect [ Virgo/Capricorn ] your work for individual souls; [ Mercury conjunct Saturn in Libra, in the 6th house of Discipleship training ] you have been provided full preparation.

You have not in this life functioned in any way as a member of your race, [ Jewish race  - he is connected with it through the 3rd Ray ( the Ray of his Physical body ) ] once you had reached due years of understanding; you have been held possessively by no binding family ties, [ Moon opposition Uranus ] though you have always been in touch with your relatives; [ Moon conjunct the AS ] you have had no difficulty in assimilating the Ageless Wisdom [ Jupiter ( orthodox ruler of the 9th house – Wisdom/Higher philosophy and the Soul Ray planet ) trine Sun; Mercury ( orthodox ruler of the 3rd house of learning and the Personality Ray planet ) trine Pluto in Gemini ( ruler of the 8th house of deep psychology/occult knowledge ) ]  and you have served the Hierarchy consciously for many decades;[ Saturn ( the orthodox and esoteric ruler of the 10th house – Hierarchy ) conjunct Mercury ( the esoteric ruler of the AS – Soul purpose and orthodox ruler of the 6th house of service ) in the 6th house] you are giving real help to A.A.B. and she is, I know, going to ask for a deepening of the nature of that help though not necessarily for an increase in its quantity. [ the progressed Mercury opposition the progressed Pluto in October 1948 ]

You have had the handicap of poor health which is not, in your case, a real handicap but a pronounced and definitely planned role whereby disciple learns certain lessons of detachment and above all registers – as he learns – the relative unimportance of form. [ the practice of the Technique of  Indifference or detachment from physical body and control of the physical body through the Soul energy dominating the Etheric body. Here we see the relevance of the breathing exercises and the relation of the Breath to the Will. In order for the breathing exercises to be effective there need to be a direct relation between Brain ( Saturn ), Mind ( Mercury ) and the Will aspect of the Spiritual Triad ( Vulcan ) via the Antahkarana. If Vulcan is close to the Mercury we would have Mercury/Saturn/Vulcan conjunction in the 6th house of correction of the vehicles ] These things have happened to you and these lessons have been presented to you for assimilation; you are now faced with a greatly deepened esoteric service which you still perform in the place where you are. [transiting Neptune ( esoteric ruler of the 4th house of Ashram ) in the 6th house of service, conjunct Mercury/Saturn/Vulcan; ]

So you see, my brother, your life is rich and full and free and promises to be even more so. [ in October 1948 the Lunar Eclipse on the natal AS and the Solar Eclipse on the natal Uranus ( the hierarchical ruler of the AS ) indicates the promise of increased freedom ( Uranus ) towards the fulfilment of Soul purpose ( AS ) and release from personal ties ( the progressed Moon opposition the natal Uranus ( the esoteric ruler of the 7th house ) in November 1948 and the Lunar Eclipse on the 7th house cusp ( right human relations, personality/Soul fusion ) in April 1949. The Solar Arc triangle of Venus/Neptune/Chiron also aspecting the natal Uranus in March/June/September 1949 ] Your need is to acquiesce in the limitations of the physical body, which need not necessarily increase until old age is upon you, and at the same time to refuse recognition of that body so that it in no way impinges upon your consciousness in such a manner that it curtails or hinders your pledged service. [ the progressed Uranus semisquare the natal Mars ( physical body ).

Your requirement at this time is to start each day of your life with a steadily deepening period of spiritual recognition.  If you follow this apparently very simple procedure in the morning and at night prior to sleeping, you will discover for yourself a renewed dedication and a very deep [ Scorpio ] insight [ Sagittarius – vision ] into another layer ( if I may so call it ) of esoteric truth [ Sagittarius rules the 9th house of esoteric knowledge and truth ] and of the divine consciousness. [ the progressed Sun ( ruler of the 5th house of accumulated quality or talent of the Causal body ) in Scorpio has entered the sign of Sagittarius in September 1948 ]