Esoteric Interpretation of the Proposed Chart


RVB [Victor Fox]

DINA I 263 - 278

DINA II – 558 - 560

Group IX.1 – The Telepathic Communicators

and New Seed Group

RVB’s Rays and Developmental Formula

II 4 – 423

Rapid Reaction – Vision – The Breath


Elena Dramchini

                                        THE PROPOSED CHART


                                    (  Based upon the proposed chart  )

The justification for the proposed chart, based mainly on the Tibetan’s instructions, has been included with the RVB dynamic charts interpretation.

The three main reasons behind RVB keywords were:

  1. He needed to speed up the vibration and sensitivity of his, rather lethargic and slow reacting cells of the 3rd Ray physical body and give outer expression to the pulsating life within and thus bring more rapid co-ordination between the inner and outer life and thus more rapid spiritual reaction. He was asked to achieve this not through physical means such as diets but by bringing in of energy to the Throat centre by a practice of meditation.  This is the basis for his first keyword – RAPID REACTION.

  2. He was asked to function upon the Higher Mental plane and thus keep his vision clear as to the real and the illusion. To see life and his co-disciples in true light. One of his requirements for right meditation was a definite visualisation work. He was asked to seek the symbol to be found above the head of each of his co-disciples by linking the Heart and Ajna centres by pouring of love to them as he endeavoured to focus his consciousness in the Ajna. The unfoldment of the sense of vision and building the Antahkarana through the process of visualisation was behind his meditation work. His aim was the closer integration into the Ashram by merging his light with the Light of the Ashram and thus radiating that Light to others. The Ashram represented for him the place of inspiration and renewed vision. This was the basis behind his second keyword – VISION.

  3. His major problem was his Physical body. It was closely related to his mental problem which was that of an increased dynamism. The Etheric is an energy or vital body underlying the Physical body. It is the transmitter of prana and from this body is controlled the circulatory system of the physical body. When energised and controlled by the Soul the etheric centres become the conductors of the Soul energy. Through breathing exercises the physical body can be energised by the Soul energy directed to the Throat centre and the Brain and thus increase the dynamism of the Mental and Physical bodies. We see here the linking of Soul – Mind – Brain as a major integrating forces and an adjuster of right conditions. This is the basis for his third keyword- THE BREATH.

  4. In the proposed chart we have Aries AS, Moon in Taurus and Sun in Libra. The energy which is linking these three signs is that of Venus and Mars. Venus is the orthodox ruler of Taurus/Libra and is in detriment in Aries. Mars is the orthodox ruler of Aries and is in detriment in Taurus/Libra.

2.      Venus is semisquare Mars, thus making this a very important aspect in relation to the past [ Moon ], the present [ Sun ] and the future [ AS ].

3.      Venus is in its detriment in Scorpio – at the stage of Accepted Discipleship this indicates that the intelligent mind has its power lessened, it must be subordinated to a higher power of the Soul – that of spiritual intuition. The light penetrates deep into the darkness and brings  understanding and release from darkness into the Light of Day [ Scorpio ]  of all the hidden and unresolved issues. It also points to a fated attraction and giving an opportunity to transform karma. It indicates the triumph [ Scorpio ] of the Soul [ Venus ].

4.      Venus is placed in the 7th house of right human relations, co-operation with others and of the vertical marriage- that of personality/Soul.

5.      Venus is the orthodox ruler of the 7th house, the orthodox ruler of the 2nd house [ illumination, prana, values, money, the treasures of the Causal body ), the esoteric ruler of the 3rd house [ communications, the immediate environment, Etheric body, writing, meditation, telepathic reception, antahkarana ] and the hierarchical ruler of the 10th house [ the mountain top experience, achievement, Hierarchy ].

6.      Venus is the final dispositor [ and in some way the Venus/Mars aspect is the final dispositing  aspect – Mars in Virgo being the orthodox and esoteric dispositor of Venus and Venus is in its fall in Virgo ) and also the most elevated planet in the chart.

7.      Venus/Mars aspect is a 4th Ray aspect [ as rulers of Taurus/Scorpio – the signs which transmit the 4th Ray ]. These two signs, and Libra [ where Mars is in detriment and Venus the orthodox ruler ), being strong in his chart and Venus, as a final dispositor, in Scorpio, point to a very strong 4th Ray energy presence in his Ray make-up.

8.      Venus rules the Ajna, the Mind, the Soul, the Causal Body and is associated with magnetism and attraction, money and material resources, relationships and partnerships.

9.      We see that Venus emerges as a very important planet in relation to his life lessons and in particular:

                        A/ The development of vision – Ajna and thus seeing himself and others in true light. [ Venus rules Ajna, Venus as orthodox ruler of Taurus – the sign of light/illumination and Venus as esoteric dispositor of Jupiter, the orthodox ruler of Sagittarius – the sign of vision, Venus is detriment in Aries, the placement of Earth ( the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius ); through progression Venus entered Capricorn ( sign of initiation, transfiguration, the mountain top ) conjuncting the MC ( life purpose ) and entered the 10th house ( related to Ajna, achievement, Hierarchy ) and thus indicating his ultimate achievement was the 3rd initiation, where Venus/Ajna/5th Ray are prominent and in this life the 5th Ray could be acting as a subray; The conjunction of Venus ( 5th Ray )/Uranus ( 7th Ray ) in Scorpio ( detachment ) contribute to the seeing things and others as they are in reality and thus helps to dissipate illusion by lifting the polarisation on the Mental plane. We can see the 5th Ray ( light/vision/detachment ) and the 7th Ray (perfect appearance/efficiency) acting as subrays, being either the legacy rays or coming up into prominence in the next life.  ]

                        B/ The extension of his magnetic radiation to attract those whom he can help through love and understanding.[ Venus is related to magnetism and attraction and to the Soul, Venus is the esoteric dispositor of Jupiter ( the Soul Ray planet ) – the extension/expansion of magnetic radiation through love; he needed to link the Heart centre ( Jupiter ) and Ajna ( Venus ) by pouring love to his co-disciples ( Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of the 11th house ) ]

                         C/ The development of understanding, through deep analysis of human beings and the perplexities and difficulties incident in human relationships – by being impersonally personal. [ Venus in Scorpio – deep psychology, Venus is in its fall in Virgo, Venus/5th Ray – analysis ( 5th Ray acting as a sub-ray, Venus conjunct Uranus ( Uranus – the occult mind, is exalted in Scorpio and is conditioned by the 5th Ray on one of its levels ); the Venus conjunct Uranus ( orthodox and esoteric rulers of the 7th house ) in Scorpio ( detachment ), in the 7th house ( personal relationships ) – dealing with others impersonally by showing personal interest through personal contact and thus gaining deeper understanding of himself and others but staying emotionally detached;  ].

                         D/ Falling in love and as a result leaving the group work in order to work out the karma related to the issues of the relationship. [ Venus as a ruler of the 7th house, in the 7th house, in Scorpio – fated/karmic attraction/relationship (Venus quincunx Pluto and semisquare Mars – rulers of Scorpio ), Vertex ( fate/unavoidable issues ), in Libra ( relationships ) trine Pluto, esoteric ruler of the 12th house ( unredeemed past karma ) and special ruler of Scorpio ( tests ). It is evident that this relationship represented a very important test for him ( learning detachment from desire/love – Pluto quincunx Venus; this could have been a test related to 2nd initiation – the control of emotional body related to karma which he worked out satisfactory and was able to close the door …” working out of the effects ( 558/DINA II ) of earlier relationships so that to that relation the work “finis” can be written “  ). Venus conjunct Uranus – indicates sudden/unexpected falling in love, with some emotional disruption – Venus/Uranus opposition Moon, affecting his group work ( Uranus is the orthodox ruler of the 11th house ) and his service and everyday work of training others ( Moon is the esoteric ruler of the 6th house ). This proved too much for him to handle and he temporarily withdrew from the Tibetan’s group to work out the karma related to this relationship. ]

                          E/ To help the Tibetan to launch the DINA book by building a thoughtform of it in meditation. This service/meditation, based on magnetic radiation, was aiding to establish lines of relationship which will be the basis of that group which he will gather around himself in a later life and which will be preparatory to forming  his own Ashram in a still later life. [ Venus as the esoteric ruler of the 3rd house ( writing, books, meditation, communication ) semisquare Saturn ( thoughtform ); Mercury, the orthodox ruler of the 3rd house, is the hierarchical dispositor of Venus and conjunct Saturn – building up of thoughtforms in meditation. The conjunction of Mercury/Saturn in the 6th house shows that this was a definite form of service he was providing. In DINA II/559 we read: “ I know that you will render this service to those who seek for the Light , and to me, for I am one of the distributors  of the Light .”  Venus/5th Ray – the Light ), Venus opposition Moon and quincunx Neptune ( the orthodox and esoteric rulers of the 4th house – Ashram ) building the basis or foundation ( IC ) of a future Ashram. The launching ( Aries – initiating, Venus is detriment in Aries, Saturn is in its fall and Mercury is the esoteric ruler ) of the book ( 3rd house ) – we see the linking of energies between Mercury/Venus/Saturn. ]

                          F/ To help to finance the Tibetan’s work by co-operating with those who were endeavouring to procure the needed funds. [ Venus ( planet related to money ) is in Scorpio ( sign related to finance ),  is the orthodox ruler of Taurus which rules the 2nd house of money and is in opposition the Moon in Taurus ( Moon is exalted in Taurus and in its fall in Scorpio and thus strengthening the aspect ). Venus is in the 7th house ( co-operation with others ), Moon is the hierarchical ruler of the 11th house ( the group work ).Venus semisquare Mars ( the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Scorpio, ruling the 8th house of the financial resources of others ).       

  1. The major lessons of his life were learned through personal [ Venus conjunct Uranus, the orthodox and esoteric rulers of the 7th house ], group [ Venus opposition Moon and conjunct Uranus ( the hierarchical and orthodox rulers of the 11th house ] and Ashramic [ Venus quincunx Neptune ( the esoteric ruler of the 4th house ) ] relationships. This is the basis for the lessons learned through an interlude of complete aloneness and thus bringing into balance his strong need and desire for companionship, in order to become a strength and a centre of poised peace to his group brothers.

  2. Mars, the orthodox ruler of the proposed AS, is in Virgo in the 6th house. His work as a secretary involved dealing with many details of everyday routine procedures/duties and dealing with people on day to day basis. It was only when Mars by progression moved from the 6th into the 7th house was he free from the detailed work and was able to take on the job of procuring of the funds needed for the Tibetan’s work ( Mars is the orthodox and esoteric ruler of the 8th house of financial resources ).

  3. His major problem was his physical body ( ruled by Mars ), governed by the 3rd Ray of Activity. Mars is parallel Chiron ( wound of the physical body ). The physical body was too quiet and lethargic. He was not enthusiastic or outgoing to help those in his everyday work ( 6th house ). Moon ( ruling the lunar lords ) in Taurus further emphasises this slow physical reaction/inertia.

  4. There is a relation between Moon and Mars through the 3rd Ray. Mars is generally associated with activity and it rules the Astral body in the Personality of  3rd Ray Entity and Moon is related to the Matter or 3rd Aspect and the 3rd Chain. He reacted/responded slowly to the things he inwardly sensed ( Moon is the esoteric dispositor of Mars and Mars is in detriment in Taurus ). The other planet related to physical body is Saturn ( 3rd Ray ) in Libra ( 3rd Ray ) where Mars is in detriment and thus emphasises the peaceful/indirect approach. Virgo ( the placement of Mars ) is related to Matter/Mother and the 3rd Aspect and it deals with the etheric essence which is the counterpart of the physical form.

  5. He was told that breathing exercises were good for him. The Moon ( veiling Vulcan ) rules the circulation in the Etheric body and is the esoteric dispositor of  Mars. The Etheric body is related to the 3rd/11th houses and Uranus. Here Venus is the esoteric ruler of the 3rd house and Uranus is the exoteric ruler of the 11th house – Venus conjunct Uranus ( and both are in opposition to the Moon; Mars is the exoteric and esoteric dispositor of the Venus/Uranus conjunction and is semisquare Venus. Through the breath the Soul energy ( Venus ) is circulated ( Moon –veiling Vulcan ) through the Etheric body ( Uranus ) and vitalising or impelling into right activity ( 3rd Ray ) the physical body ( Mars ).

  6.  The problem of his physical body was closely related to the problem of his Mental body, that of increased dynamism. It is interesting that Mars is the only planet in the chart placed in the 3rd decanate which represents the mental body. It is placed in the Taurus decanate of Virgo and the Cancer duad and thus emphasising the Moon in Taurus opposition Venus.

  7.  The dynamic power of his Soul ( 2nd Ray ) must pour through his Mind ( 4th Ray ) to the Brain ( 3rd Ray ) and thus bringing the unduly quiescent physical body to increased coordinated purpose. The line of least resistance for his Soul ( 2nd Ray ) is to focus through the Astral body ( 2nd Ray ) but in this case the Soul must focus through the Mental body ( 4th Ray ) and thus also intensify his mental power/activity.

  8. He must focus with definite intention upon work ( 562/DINA II ) in mental matter ( Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio – signs related to the mind and Venus/Son of Mind is related to all of them through rulership/detriment/fall ); but in order to get a real benefit from it he must take away his attention from the physical body and his physical surroundings [ Venus ( exoteric ruler of Taurus ) opposition Moon ( exoteric ruler of Cancer/4th house –physical body/environment),  semisquare Mars ( exoteric ruler of AS- physical body ) and semisextile Saturn ( physical body/plane ) ]

  9. The work in mental matter implies also the building of the Antahkarana, the bridge between the Mental unit or lower concrete mind ( Libra ) and Mental permanent atom or the Higher mind ( Aries ). This constitutes the first part of the Antahkarana. The second part of the bridge is that between the Soul-infused Personality and the Spiritual Triad ( Libra ).

  10. The 3rd/9th houses, Taurus/Sagittarius – the signs of Illumination/Vision, Gemini ( bridging process ), the planets Mercury/Venus/Neptune and Ajna are normally implicated in the building of the Antahkarana.

  11. In the proposed chart the 3rd house is ruled by Gemini, with its exoteric ruler Mercury in Libra being in mutual exoteric/hierarchical reception with Venus in Scorpio, the esoteric ruler of Gemini. This indicates building of the bridge ( Gemini ) between the abstract mind ( Mercury ) and spiritual intuition of the Soul ( Venus ).The Scorpio hierarchical rulership of Mercury ( Mercury rules the Antahkarana )  indicates the energy of the Spiritual Triad and thus the second part of the Antahkarana is in process being built.

  12. The 9th house is ruled by Sagittarius, with its exoteric ruler Jupiter in Gemini ( Soul/Spirit spiritual duality as against Soul/body duality– the exoteric rulership indicates the growth of the Light of the Soul ) and Venus is its esoteric dispositor ( giving or emphasising the power of the Soul );The esoteric ruler of Sagittarius is the Earth in Aries ( initiating the dharmic process towards the increase of the vision ) where Venus is in its detriment ( The Son of Mind must give place to the intuition or pure perception );  Earth is the hierarchical ruler of Gemini and the hierarchical dispositor of Jupiter and thus linking the Soul with the Spirit.

  13. Mercury rules the Antahkarana and is the exoteric ruler of Gemini and is placed in Libra ( the Spiritual Triad ). Mercury is the hierarchical dispositor of Venus detriment in Scorpio ( the intelligent mind gives place to the spiritual intuition of the Soul )  and thus it acts as the abstract mind as revealer of the Spiritual Triad ( Libra ) to the Soul ( Venus ).

  14. The power of Venus, as the most elevated planet and the final dispositor clearly shows the importance of the Ajna centre ( ruled by Venus ) as a centre of vision and directing power of thought.

  15. Triangle of Head ( Vulcan ) – radiation, pulsating life of the Ashram; Heart ( Jupiter ) – magnetism, central point of light – the Master in the Ashram;  Ajna ( Venus ) – vision, directing power of the light,  indicates the process of the integration into the Ashram, by merging of his light with the light of the Master. The light of the Ashram intensifies, the tiny beam of light is focussed within his heart and is directed by the Ajna to those who wait in darkness. The triangle of Venus/Neptune/Chiron  ( the closest interrelation of energies in the chart ) reflects this process where Venus stands for the light, Neptune for the magnetism of the heart and Chiron is the Master.  

  16. The work in mental matter indicates also writing. On page 265/DINA I we read: “ …for you one of the ways of externalising your inner awareness is through the use of a spiritual diary. Gather seed thoughts out of your consciousness and deepen your grip upon these thoughts by putting them on paper and enlarging upon them as you write. “

  17. The potential or ability for writing is shown by Mercury ( exoteric ruler of the 3rd house of writing ) trine Pluto in Gemini. Mercury trine Neptune shows sensitivity and ability to contact the higher planes of consciousness in meditation and make them conscious and bring the intuitive perception ( Neptune ) into practical expression ( Saturn trine Neptune ) through writing of spiritual diary ( Mercury, exoteric ruler of Virgo, conjunct Saturn ).

  18. The grip on the thoughts suggests Vulcan placement near Mercury/Saturn in Libra. 

  19. On page 564/DINA II we read: “… you can use in a new and a fresh way the creative power of the mind and begin to use your pen in a more potent and dynamic fashion. “  We can see here the implication of Venus, the esoteric ruler of the 3rd house, trine Neptune, semisextile Saturn ( triangle Venus/Saturn/Neptune ). The creative/dynamic power of the Soul is being utilised in writing and  in a more potent manner. The progressed Venus in Capricorn was entering the 10th house of prominence/power.             

  20.  On page 562/DINA II we read: “ It is his path and destiny in life to enter upon what has been called “ the higher way “; he has to learn on those levels and to live constructively there, without reducing the effectiveness of normal, practical living upon the physical plane “. This points to the higher mental plane and mental polarisation where he needs to function as the Thinker/Observer ( Venus , the most elevated planet ) oriented towards the Spiritual Triad ( Libra – Saturn, its  hierarchical ruler, in Libra, semisextile Venus, the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn/MC – mental polarisation ); The progressed Venus entry into Capricorn and the 10th house indicates that he was achieving the mental polarisation and the Soul/Son of Mind/ the Thinker was reaching its seat of power; Mercury,  the esoteric ruler of  Aries AS ( the Soul Purpose ) and Hierarchical ruler of Scorpio ( detachment and dissipation of illusion ), conjunct Saturn ( the esoteric ruler of MC – Life direction/Dharma )  and both conjunct the Vertex – the path of destiny – the Soul Purpose and Life direction/Dharma are united/focussed upon one objective ( mental work – Mercury/Saturn are connected to the mind and are placed in Libra – mental sign ) and in a relative obscurity and everyday duties ( strong 6th house, majority planet below the horizon – subjectivity, Earth - Dharma – in the 12th house of seclusion ). We see here that the hierarchical rulership is beginning to operate and thus accessing the energies of the Spiritual Triad, Purpose and Will and thus movement towards the 3rd Degree.

  21. To fulfil the Purpose of his life he has been provided with a life of interlude ( Libra ) and rather limited physical environment. On page 563/DINA II we read: “ The objective of this life of interlude and of a somewhat drastic, hampering experience, plus repeated frustration, is to fit you in a later life ( next life, if you profit by the present opportunity ) for transfer into the Ashram of the Master K.H. “ We have a hint here that there can be a few lives between the 2nd and 3rd initiation and at least one of them is a life of interlude, balancing and decision ( most probably with Libra Sun or Libra rising ). That these lives of interlude cannot be many is confirmed on page 562: “…such a mode of daily life should not and must not last for several lives…” These lives are needed for achieving deeper integration into the Ashram and work in mental matter (  meditation, writing, building of Antahkarana, mental polarisation ) prior to a major emergence into greater outer service. On page 562/DINA II we read; “ …the soul of the disciple forces him into a quiet place where he has both the inclination and the time to deepen, to integrate more consciously into the Ashram, and to focus with definite intention upon work in mental matter…”

  22. There are several indications for the life of seclusion. The 12th house is a house of seclusion and unresolved karma, limitation, frustration and confinement. The 12th house matters are beyond our control and its inhibitive influences tend to restrict the personal freedom. Yet if rightly used the 12th house can provide the subjective sustainment needed for the inner work on the subjective levels and also the right environment of seclusion, away from the pressures of the daily life of business. Its potential for service through sacrifice is great.

  23. The 12th house is ruled by Pisces – psychic, sensitive, introspective energy of compassion and sympathy. Its exoteric and esoteric rulers, Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto are all retrograde ( they are the only retrograde     planets in the chart ). The energy of the retrograde planets is turned inward, making it more subjective, with the tendency to think more deeply concerning the energies involved. It also indicates matters/energies which have been dealt with in the past lives and so tendency to work with familiar/known matters and also indicate some unfinished business, normally related to karma.

  24. Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto are all placed in Gemini ( fluid interplay between Soul/body or Soul/personality, communication, writing bridging process-Antahkarana ), in the 2nd house ( the seed house of illumination, values, treasures of the Causal body ). This points to the subjective energies of the 12th house being used in mental work through writing, building of the Antahkarana, communication/mediation and adjustment of values, right priorities and motives, and thus increase of light ( Ajna – Taurus house ) and fusion of Soul/personality. Using the treasures of the Causal body but also adding new abilities/qualities to it.

  25. Mercury/Mars, the esoteric/exoteric rulers of the Aries AS are both in the 6th house of everyday routine work/duties. Saturn, exoteric and esoteric ruler of the MC conjunct Mercury in the 6th house ( the career, personal and spiritual advancement/achievement and service to the Plan/Hierarchy are in the place of everyday work ).

  26. Mercury/Saturn trine Neptune/Pluto, Saturn sesqui-quadrate Jupiter and Mercury is the exoteric dispositor of Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto. This further points to the subjective energies being used in the administrative/communicative everyday work of details and duties and establishing right relationships and co-operation with others ( Venus, the esoteric dispositor of Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto, in the 7th house ).

  27. The Nodes  ( karmic process of the Wheel of Rebirth ) across the 6th/12th houses ( life of  seclusion and service and attending of duties/work ) and Earth ( Dharma/obligation) in the 12th house ( seclusion ).

  28. Earth in Aries points to the Dharma of aspiration towards the higher vision ( Earth as esoteric ruler of  9th house Sagittarius ) through the transformation of the form/physical body ( exoteric ruler Mars ) by overcoming and intensifying ( Aries ) the reaction of the cells of the physical body ( 3rd Ray ) through bringing in the Soul energy ( Venus detriment in Aries ) into the Throat centre ( Mercury, the esoteric ruler of Aries conjunct Saturn/3rd Ray ) through a meditative/subjective process ( Earth in the 12th house ). The highest point of the Dharmic achievement is to initiate ( Aries ) the Will aspect ( Uranus – hierarchical ruler of Aries ) and the 1st Ray energy ( Aries ) by establishing a line of contact with Shamballa ( Libra – Path to Shamballa – Uranus, esoteric ruler of Libra ). We see the Soul purpose ( Aries AS ) and the Dharma ( Earth in Aries ) working together towards the same aim/direction.

  29. The Earth in Aries in relation to Dharma could indicate the first life ( Aries ) of interlude ( Sun in Libra, 6th /12th house ).

  30. He was not held possessively ( Moon in Taurus ) by the binding family ties ( Moon, exoteric ruler of the 4th house of family, is in  opposition Uranus, Moon contra-parallel Uranus), even though he has always been in touch with his family ( Moon conjunct the AS, opposition Venus ).

  31. The Moon is veiling Uranus and even more emphasising the freedom aspect. It also supports the indication that he was between the 2nd and 3rd initiation where the Moon is veiling more Uranus than Neptune and also the ability to work upon the mental plane and thus mental polarisation. The Uranus influence is also behind the statement “…must endeavour to keep your personality life free ( Uranus is the esoteric ruler of the 7th house ), I am emphasising ( 268/DINA I ) the two words: Freedom. Simplicity. “ ( The Sirian qualities in relation to freedom from form and karma – this points to Uranus hierarchical rulership of Aries ). Simplicity opens the way to Shamballa.

  32. The main reason for his present circumstances/life of seclusion was the transference into a major Ashram ( that of a Chohan ). This transference requires for him to respond to the 1st Ray energy and put himself in touch with the Shamballa force. 

  33. The fixed star Vega ( Libran agent ) conjunct the Capricorn MC, sets up a power of axis with Sirius conjuncting the Cancer IC and thus establishing a link to Shamballa ( Libra ) and the 1st Ray and the Ashram ( IC ). Saturn ( ruler of Capricorn/Libra ) trine Neptune ( ruler of IC ) and both in aspect to Venus ( hierarchical ruler of MC). On page 274/DINA I we read: “ Live on the mountain top and walk there with your brothers. Thus keep the vision clear above the fogs of earth.” Vega ( involved with vision ) conjunct the Capricorn MC ( mountain top ).  Keep the vision clear ( Venus/Ajna ) above the fogs ( Neptune ) of the Earth ( Saturn ). The progressed Venus conjunct the Vega/MC indicates the opportunity of the achievement of that vision and ascendancy of the Soul/Solar Angel and thus the movement towards the 3rd initiation.

  34. Page 266/DINA I: “ You have to present a stable focal point; and you must hold steadily the reins of government with self-effacement and yet with true insight.” The fixed star Rukbat ( steady stance/stability ) conjunct exactly the MC ( reins of government ). Mercury ( esoteric ruler of AS ) conjunct Saturn ( exoteric and esoteric ruler of MC ) in Libra  - steadiness of purpose. Mercury/Saturn trine Neptune –( insight ) and square MC ( life direction ). 

  35. Another reason for his present limited life circumstances was his great transfer of energy from the sacral centre to the throat centre which was one of the causes of the trouble in his physical body. Uranus ( sacral centre ), the esoteric ruler of Libra ( sex ) is the dispositor of  Saturn/Mercury conjunction ( Throat centre ) in Libra ( mental unit ) and Mercury is the hierarchical dispositor of Uranus ( indicating the great pull of the energy to the Throat ). Mercury is also in close parallel to Saturn and thus emphasising the power of the transfer. Mars ( physical body ) is the exoteric and esoteric dispositor of Uranus and is in its detriment in Libra ( will or fighting spirit is lessened ). Mars in Virgo is parallel Chiron ( wound to the physical body, wound to the will/action ). Sun ( ruler of the 5th house lower and higher creativity – sex ) is in its fall in Libra ( sex ) and in his case indicates the fall of the lower creativity. Sun ( higher creative energy - the Throat ), in Libra ( 3rd Ray – mental activity ) conjunct Mars in Virgo ( factual, mental detail ) points to increased mental energy.

  36. His Soul Ray planet is Jupiter and is placed in Gemini, one of three signs ( Gemini/Virgo/Pisces ) transmitting the 2nd Ray and thus making this very strong 2nd Ray placement.

  37. Jupiter is placed in the first decanate and the first duad of Gemini, bringing a strong emphasis on Mercury and esoterically this decanate is ruled by Jupiter. This gives interest/knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom and ability in writing, teaching and secretarial work but also indecisiveness which contributed to his indirect approach.

  38. Jupiter is the exoteric ruler of the 9th house ( the Higher mind, unfoldment of vision, building of Antahkarana ), the esoteric ruler of the 11th house ( group work/co-workers, serving Ashramic ideal, NGWS ), and the hierarchical ruler of the 6th house ( discipleship training, everyday duties/work ).

  39. Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house of illumination, values/finance, treasures of the Causal body.     

  40. Jupiter is in its detriment in Gemini and indicates the transition from body/Soul dualism towards the dualism in synthesis of Soul/Spirit and thus greater expansion of the Soul towards the Spirit.

  41. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer which rules the 4th house and indicates an increased/expanded ( Jupiter ) vision/intuitive perception ( Neptune – esoteric ruler of Cancer ) for closer integration ( 2nd Ray ) into the Ashram ( 4th house ). 

  42. The exoteric dispositor of Jupiter is Mercury in Libra, in the 6th house and indicates perfectionism in his work/duties with tendency to indecisiveness/indirectness. 

  43. The esoteric dispositor of Jupiter is Venus in Scorpio, in the 7th house and indicates the increased ( Jupiter ) fusion ( 2nd Ray ) of personality/Soul ( 7th house ) through wider ( Jupiter ) vision ( Venus/Ajna ) and impersonality/detachment ( Scorpio ).

  44. Jupiter trine Mars ( exoteric ruler of the AS ) in Virgo ( one of the signs transmitting 2nd Ray ), where Jupiter is in its detriment and is also the hierarchical ruler. It shows his ability to work with detail ( Virgo ) and carry out his secretarial duties ( Jupiter in Gemini, H. ruler of the 6th house ) to perfection ( Mercury, the exoteric dispositor of the Jupiter/Mars trine, is in Libra in the 6th house. ) This aspect also contributed to his ability to procure the funds ( Mars is the exoteric/esoteric ruler of the 8th house of financial resources ) for the Tibetan’s group work ( Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of the 11th house ).

  45. Jupiter trine the Sun is a strong 2nd Ray aspect as both planets transmit the 2nd Ray and are related to the Heart centre. Sun is the ruler on all levels, of the 5th house of creativity/Causal body and is in Libra ( union/relationship, self-expression through others ), in the 6th house ( everyday duties/helping others ). This aspect expands ( Jupiter ) the love and joy ( Jupiter ) of the creative self-expression ( Sun – ruler of the 5th house ) through relationships with others ( Libra ) in everyday work situation ( Sun in the 6th house; Jupiter H. ruler of the 6th house ) and personal relationships ( Sun is the ruler of 5th house of love affairs and Libra rules the 7th house of relationships/partnerships, Soul/personality fusion ) but difficulty to act in straightforward/direct manner ( Sun is in its fall in Libra ).

  46.  The first decanate of the Libra Sun is ruled esoterically by Jupiter and thus further emphasises the 2nd Ray/Heart of this aspect. This indicates that it was through personal interest and contact with others but acting from the seat of the Soul/Observer ( Uranus, the hierarchical ruler of Libra )  he had to learn to be impersonally personal  ( Venus conjunct Uranus in Scorpio – the exoteric and esoteric rulers of Libra ) and also foster impersonality in those he worked with. This lies behind the development of his Heart centre and the fusion of Soul/personality. 

  47. Jupiter sesqui-square Saturn in Libra ( realistic assessment ). Saturn is the exoteric and esoteric ruler of the MC ( life direction) Capricorn ( stabilisation of relationship ) and is exalted in Libra ( law of fairness in relationships ). He had to achieve a clear vision ( Jupiter is the exoteric ruler of the 9th house of vision, Venus (Ajna ) is the exoteric and esoteric dispositor of the Jupiter/Saturn aspect ) by living upon the Mental plane ( Capricorn – the mountain top ) and thus rightly ( Jupiter ) judge ( Saturn/Libra  ) as to what is true and false and right and wrong ( Libra ) and see life true (Jupiter ) and his co-disciples ( Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of the 11th house ) as they are. The mantram given to him by DK embodied his life purpose ( MC ) DINA I/265 “ I know the Law ( Saturn in Libra ) and towards the goal I strive “ ( Capricorn MC – the mountain top ).

  48. The placement of Jupiter in Gemini and in the Gemini Duad brings together the relation between the Soul Ray planet - Jupiter and the esoteric ruler of the AS - Mercury ( exoteric dispositor of Jupiter ) and thus linking the 2nd Ray Soul with the Soul purpose ( AS ).

  49. Mercury is the esoteric ruler of the Aries AS and indicates purification ( Mercury in the 6th house ) through vision. Vision was one of his keywords and Mercury placement in Libra relates it to the Ajna.

  50. Mercury is placed in Libra, in the 6th house. It shows that a part of his Soul purpose was to achieve a balanced point of view ( Libra ) and a good judgement ( Libra ) of those he worked with ( 6th house ) in order to truly help them ( 6th house of Discipleship training ).  

  51. The AS falls in the third or Sagittarian decanate of Aries, ruled by Jupiter exoterically and Mars esoterically. Jupiter is in Gemini and Mars in Virgo – both signs transmit the 2nd Ray. Mars trine Jupiter is a prominent aspect in relation to his Soul purpose – that of procuring  funds ( Mars is the exoteric ruler of the AS and the exoteric and esoteric ruler of the 8th house of financial resource ) for the Tibetan’s group work ( Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of the 11th house ).

  52. The AS degree falls in the Capricorn Duad of Aries and thus makes the Saturn conjunction to Mercury ( esoteric ruler of the AS ) very significant. The Soul purpose ( AS ) and Life purpose/Dharma ( Capricorn MC ) are focussed in one area ( 6th house of correction, service, everyday duties, training those he knew through work of daily life ).

  53. The 3rd decanate of Aries ( Perseus – the Champion ), esoterically ruled by Mars, symbolises the final battle which culminates in victory.

  54.  Mars ( representing the physical body and the personality as a whole ) relates Aries to Scorpio ( triumph of the Soul/death of the personality ). It indicates the final struggle ( Mars ) of the physical body for control ( Moon exalted in Taurus ).

  55. The esoteric dispositor of Mars in Virgo is the Moon ( veiling Vulcan ) and its exoteric dispositor is Mercury ( the esoteric ruler of the AS ). Vulcan ( Spiritual Will ), the esoteric dispositor of the Moon , is in Libra ( Spiritual Triad ), in the 6th house ( correction ). Moon and Mercury are related through the 4th Ray ( Harmony through struggle ).

  56.  It is the evocation of the Spiritual will ( Vulcan ) and the energy of the S. Triad ( Libra ) which will forge/correct ( Vulcan in the 6th house ) the physical body ( Mars ). This struggle ( Mars, 4th Ray ) is centred within the limited area of everyday routine duties ( 6th house ) where he had to win the battle and emerge as a triumphant Warrior(  Uranus, the hierarchical ruler of AS, in Scorpio ).

  57. Here we find the clue to the DK’s statement that it was the Soul’s choice/decision  ( Mercury, the esoteric ruler of AS – Soul purpose, in Libra – decision) for his physical/karmic limitation ( the Capricorn Duad of Aries is ruled by Saturn in Libra – karmic decision in accordance with the Law ); his lesson to achieve detachment ( Scorpio ) from the physical body and the powerful transformation of the energies from the Sacral to the Throat centre ( in relation to the Taurus/Scorpio/Libra energies ) which contributed to his physical problems.

  58.  The following statements can be now viewed with more understanding  562DINAII: “ For such as you, with the handicap of a frail body and the limitation of karma, the place of triumph has to be exactly where you stand and within the circumference of a somewhat limited physical sphere. “ On page 563: “ …you brought about a great transfer of energy from the sacral centre to the throat centre, and here you have one of the causes of your present physical condition,…” 568: “ You have had the handicap of poor health which is not, in your case, a real handicap but a pronounced and definitely planned role whereby the disciple learns certain lessons of detachment and above all registers – as he learns- the relative unimportance of form.”.     

  59. The 2nd Ray Soul with Aries AS at the stage of Accepted Discipleship points to the ability to inspire people to see new possibilities to create right human relations ( Mercury, the esoteric ruler of AS in Libra ). The development of dynamic radiation ( Aries ) and attractive magnetism ( 2nd Ray ) were great part of his Soul purpose. He had to train people to work inclusively ( 2nd Ray ) and be animated by love. Through their individual reaction to him he would arrive at an understanding of his vibratory, magnetic capacity. He was told that the extent of his magnetic radiation could be doubled.

  60. The Liberator from Form is one of the names of the Ray Lord which apply to this combination ( 2nd Ray Soul/Aries AS ). His problem with physical body was planned by his Soul in order for him to learn the detachment from form/physical plane. On page 568/9/DINA II we read: “ You have had the handicap of poor health which is not, in your case, a real handicap but a pronounced and definitely planned role whereby the disciple learns certain lessons of detachment and above all registers – as he learns – the relative unimportance of form”.  On page 562: “ …the disciple must accustom himself to a complete negation of concentration upon the physical vehicle and upon his physical surroundings. ( Mars ( ruler of the physical body, in Virgo, in the 6th house of health ) parallel Chiron ( wound ); Mercury the esoteric ruler of the AS and exoteric ruler of the 6th house, conjunct Saturn ( karmic liability); Venus conjunct Uranus ( the exoteric and esoteric dispositors of the Mercury/Saturn conjunction, are placed in Scorpio - detachment).

  61. The Aries AS points to new initiating cycle of efforts and bringing the will down through the personality ( Sun in Libra ). The coming forth ( Aries ) into the Presence ( Uranus as Hierarchical ruler of Aries ) was his next step. He needed to self-initiate ( Aries ) the crisis ( Saturn is in its fall in Aries ) of achievement ( Saturn is the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Capricorn MC; Aries turn to Capricorn ) by drawing upon the full resources of the Soul ( Mercury, the esoteric ruler of the AS conjunct Saturn ). On page 268/269DINA I we read:  “…in this activity and general accomplishment there must come – as the years go by – what I might call crisis of achievement. There must be culminating moments when the uniform activity climaxes into hours of dynamic crisis. Then one cycle of work ends in some direction or another and a new cycle of activity commences in some place and within the limits of the same general endeavour; This is consciously recognised as a new beginning. “

  62. The self-directness and leadership of Aries falls into the background ( Sun is exalted in Aries and in its fall in Libra ). It was difficult for him to self-initiate ( Aries ) the crisis ( Saturn fall in Aries ) of a new ( Uranus, esoteric ruler of Libra and hierarchical ruler of Aries ) cycle of activity ( 3rd Ray/Libra ).

  63. The quest of the Self ( Sun in Libra ) to Freedom ( Uranus, the esoteric ruler of Libra, Saturn, the hierarchical ruler of Libra  ) was by daring to break ( 1st Ray; Saturn trine Pluto, Uranus quincunx Pluto ) the impasse or oscillation ( Libra ) by evocation of the Will of Shamballa ( Libra ) and the Will-to-decide ( Vulcan in Libra ).

  64. He had to access the Spiritual will ( Vulcan ) of the Soul ( Vulcan most probably conjunct Mercury – the esoteric ruler of the AS ) to direct ( 1st Ray ) the activity of the personality ( Saturn- representing the personality – could also be conjunct Vulcan ) as he faced the opportunities ( 567/DINA II ) and crisis of life ( Saturn ).  

  65. The Personality Ray planet is the sacred planet Mercury in Libra ( intelligent evaluation/judgement, negotiation, indecisiveness/ambivalence ), in the 6th house ( daily work routine, correction of the lower vehicles/Techniques of integration/Fusion, service ).

  66. Mercury is the exoteric ruler of the 3rd house ( telepathic reception, communication, Antahkarana, Etheric body/Breath ), the exoteric ruler of the 6th house, the esoteric ruler of the AS ( Soul purpose, real authentic identity, pure being, Causal and physical body ), and the hierarchical ruler of the 8th house ( relinquishment, detachment, deep/esoteric psychology, research, financial resources, occult powers ). We see the work of the 4th Ray in the bridging process of building the Antahkarana ( 3rd house ),  his work as the mediator to procure the financial resources ( 8th house ) for the Tibetan’s work and the necessity for self-initiating ( Aries AS ) crisis ( 4th Ray ) in order to grow and progress,  in the area of his everyday life/work ( 6th house ).

  67. Mercury, as the esoteric ruler of the AS and the Personality Ray planet ( the 4th Ray personality ), is of great significance. It points to the united intention of both, the Soul and personality, in this incarnation.

  68.  Mercury conjunction with Saturn ( the exoteric and esoteric ruler of the MC ( Life direction/Dharma, Hierarchy/Master ), together with the Sun ( representing the personality ) and Mars, the exoteric ruler of the AS, all in the same area/house, further confirm this.

  69.  The focus of the endeavour is the 6th house ( duties of everyday life, training others to be workers of the Plan, service to the Hierarchy ) where Mercury is in its accidental dignity, and  also the exoteric ruler.

  70.  Its exaltation in Virgo points to the exaltation of the mediation ( 4th Ray ) between the lower concrete mind and the higher mind and sees the polarities and the many details clearly and thus bringing them together with clarity and right discrimination.

  71.  It also emphasises the main focus of his work – work in mental matter/mental plane and the development of the intuition which Mercury ( in its three aspects – concrete/abstract/buddhic )  represents. In these dynamics/relations of energies the 4th Ray energy is seen operating not only on the personality level but also on the mental level ( his Mental body was conditioned by the 4th Ray ).

  72. Mercury and Moon, through the 4th Ray are related to Virgo, where Mercury is the exoteric ruler and Moon is the esoteric ruler. Moon is in Taurus ( 4th Ray ) and Mercury exoteric dispositor is Venus in Scorpio ( 4th Ray ) and Mercury is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio.  Venus in Scorpio is in opposition to Moon in Taurus and Venus/Mars ( the rulers of Taurus/Scorpio ) are in semisquare. This final dispositing aspect is thus conditioned by strong 4th Ray energy and indicates strong presence of 4th Ray in his Ray make-up ( he had 4th Ray personality and 4th Ray Mind ). 

  73. Scorpio and Aquarius are also related through the 4th Ray by Moon ( as the hierarchical ruler of Aquarius ) and Mercury ( as the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio ). This is a 4th Ray use of the Triadal energy of the Buddhi/Pure reason or intuition in relation to the 8th/11th houses. One of the requirements for right meditation ( where he was concerned ) was a definite visualisation work ( Ajna/Mercury/4th Ray ), in order to develop deeper intuitive recognition of the reality ( 8th house ) which lied behind the group of disciples ( 11th house ) with which he was associated through his relationship with DK ( Mercury trine Neptune ( esoteric ruler of the 4th house – Ashram, and exoteric ruler of the 12th house – karmic link; Mercury/Neptune are both associated with Buddhi ).

  74. Mercury ( the exoteric dispositor of Pluto ) trine Pluto, ruler of Scorpio ( 4th Ray ), where Mercury is the hierarchical ruler. Mercury/Pluto aspect is a 4th Ray aspect ( as rulers of Scorpio ).

  75. Uranus is the esoteric dispositor of the Sun ( representing the personality )and of Mercury ( the personality Ray planet ) and is in opposition to Moon in Taurus ( strong 4th Ray placement ) – Uranus is in its fall in Taurus.

  76. Pluto quincunx Uranus in Scorpio ( 4th Ray ) where Pluto is the special ruler.

  77. The Sun conjunct Mars, the exoteric and esoteric dispositor of the Venus/Uranus conjunction and Mars placement in Virgo is linking it to the Moon ( 4th Ray ) – its esoteric dispositor and to Mercury ( 4th Ray ) – its exoteric dispositor .

  78. Venus in Scorpio ( the exoteric dispositor of the Sun ) quincunx Pluto in Gemini ( also in mutual exoteric/esoteric reception ) is a 4th Ray aspect ( Venus/Pluto are the rulers of Taurus/Scorpio – the transmitter of the 4th Ray ).

  79. The Sun, representing the personality, is in Libra – a sign related particularly to the harmony aspect of the 4th Ray, that of peace, beauty, aesthetic/artistic refinement. The exoteric and esoteric rulers of Libra ( Venus/Uranus ) are conjunct in Scorpio ( powerful transmitter of the 4th Ray ).

  80. Sun conjunct Mercury ( the Personality Ray planet and the hierarchical dispositor of the Venus/Uranus conjunction ) bring a strong focus of the 4th Ray energy through the whole personality ( Sun/Mercury/Saturn – representing here the personality – are conjunct), and Venus ( the most elevated planet and the final dispositor of the chart ) is in Scorpio ( 4th Ray ).

  81. All these interrelations of energies ( from exoteric to esoteric and hierarchical rulership ) in relation to the Sun ( representing the personality ) and to the Mercury ( the sacred planet of the personality Ray ) indicate powerful 4th Ray force and Soul/personality fusion and a receptivity to the Spiritual Triad.

  82. The strong presence of the 4th Ray contributed to his avoidance and making a stand or telling unpleasant truth in a direct and factual manner. 

  83. Sun is the ruler, on all levels, of the 5th house of creativity, talents/radiation of the Causal body, the self-expression of the spiritual identity of the integrated personality; and is placed in the 6th house of service, routine duties, purification, techniques of integration/fusion.

  84.  The Integrating Formula for the 4th Ray personality is Steadfastness. The harmonising energy of the 4th Ray is conducive to the integration/alignment of the three lower levels of the personality.

  85. The expression of the steady radiance of the Causal body ( 5th house ) through the personality( Sun ) produces stable ( Steadfastness/4th Ray formula )  activity in accomplishment of daily routine duties ( 6th house ). On page269/DINA I we read: “ The routine of the daily demands can usually be met by the technique of an aligned personality and in your case this is particularly so. True accomplishment ( 268 ) involves a life of steady radiance and stable uniform activity; “

  86. But in this general, routine accomplishment of his duties ( Sun in the 6th house )  there had to come ongoing, self-initiated ( Sun is exalted in Aries ) dynamic crisis culminating in achievement ( Sun conjunct Saturn, the exoteric and esoteric ruler of the MC ) and a new beginning ( Aries AS; Sun conjunct Mercury, the esoteric ruler of AS ) on ever higher spiral ( spiral cyclic motion ) and thus deeply changing the rhythm of his life ( Uranus, the esoteric dispositor of the Sun, in Scorpio ).

  87. To bring about such a crisis would require an extreme effort ( Sun conjunct the midpoint of Mars/Saturn ) on his part and this would consequently draw the full resources of his Soul ( the talents of his Causal body - 5th house, ruled by the Sun ) and thus bringing a closer fusion of Soul/personality and increases ( 269 ) the personality potential and its vibratory influence.

  88. The Technique of Fusion for the 2nd Ray disciple ( and the 4th and 6th Ray) produces increased response to the Soul and to the environment where he finds himself. The love nature is evoked through the creative imagination ( 4th Ray ), thus making the Soul the creative agent of the form. This increases the vital livingness and dynamic flow of spiritual life into the physical life. The stimulation of the imagination will increase the expression of an all inclusive love and thus awakening the Heart centre ( Sun trine Jupiter ) into full activity. The Motive of Service is the focus of this technique. It is the extremity of service which draws the interest of the Soul and the points of crisis in his life had to be brought about through the pressure to serve ( 6th house ).    

  89. Saturn ( representing the personality ) offers the opportunity to progress through crisis and the 4th Ray of Harmony through conflict is conducive to struggle and crisis. The points of crisis in his life ( Sun conjunct Saturn and Mercury ( the personality Ray planet ) were the outcome of the pressure to serve ( 6th house ).

  90. The Sun is placed in the first decanate of Libra, ruled esoterically by Jupiter and exoterically by Venus. The degree of the Sun falls in the Sagittarian Duad of Libra, ruled by Jupiter. The Jupiter emphasis in relation to the Sun brings focus on the Heart centre ( Sun trine Jupiter ) and the 2nd Ray and Venus on the Ajna centre.

  91. The first decanate of Libra is symbolically related to the Southern Cross and to the number four ( Cross ) and thus to the Base of Spine centre.

  92. The Base of Spine centre is related to the Will-to-be and Will-to-survive and thus to the physical plane. Through it the life of matter itself or 3rd aspect works. It is a storehouse of karma and a seat of our major fears and is related to the earth element.

  93. Pluto ( ruler of the Base of Spine centre ) is the esoteric ruler of the 12th house of unredeemed karma, weakness, isolation and co-ruler of the 8th house of major losses and separations and is placed in the 2nd house of values.

  94. He suffered from fear of definite action and was afraid to talk directly, particularly about money ( 2nd/8th houses ). This fear went down into the very roots  ( Base of Spine centre ) of his being .

  95. This fear is basic in the form life – Base of Spine centre related to matter/3rd aspect.

  96. Pluto conjunct Neptune ( esoteric ruler of the IC – roots ) brings to surface the karmic unresolved issues ( both planets rule the 12th house ) and by co-operating with those who will provide the needed finance for the group work the fear will be eliminated ( Pluto/Neptune quincunx Venus/Uranus in Scorpio, in the 7th house ) and the healing ( Chiron in aspect to both, Pluto/Neptune and Venus/Uranus ) and transformation of values ( Pluto/Neptune in the 2nd house quincunx Venus, the exoteric ruler of the 2nd house of values ) is brought about. The courage and will is provided by the aspect of Pluto trine to Sun which is on the midpoint of Mars/Saturn.       

  97. The combination of the Libra Sun and 4th Ray personality carries similar qualities. There is present the ability to harmonise conflict through the intuitive evaluation of others and thus bring about the right human relations. It gives the power of creative imagination and the discernment of spiritual values is facilitated by growing intuition within the personality, induced by the 4th Ray. The ability of clear vision and the development of the Ajna centre is also augmented by this combination.

  98. The Astral body, ruled by the 2nd Ray, was the only vehicle which was not causing him problems and as DK said was sound and good. Here we find the reason for his strength and poised peace which was his major contribution to his group work/brothers.

  99. The 2nd house ( Astral body ) is ruled by Taurus ( also related to the Astral body ). Neptune ( related to the higher Astral planes and the Buddhic plane ) is in the 2nd house, in Gemini ( 2nd Ray ).

  100. Venus, the exoteric ruler of Taurus and the esoteric dispositor of Neptune, is in its detriment in Scorpio (  the intelligent mind gives place to the spiritual intuition of the Soul ) and is quincunx Neptune ( Buddhi/intuition ). This is the closest aspect in the chart.

  101. Venus is sextile Chiron (  healer/guide/Master ) in the 6th house of purification/healing/correction of the vehicles, in Virgo ( perfection/healing ).

  102. The Venus/Neptune/Chiron is the closest triangle of energies in the chart.

  103. Vulcan ( forging/reshaping, persistence, Spiritual will ) the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Taurus, is in Libra (balance/peace ), in the 6th house ( correction of the lower vehicles ).

  104. The Spiritual will is applied in forging and reshaping the Astral body and thus bringing it into balanced equilibrium and poise.

  105. This confirms the placement of Vulcan in Libra and maybe its degree could be close to 13 Degree and thus linking it to the energies of Venus/Neptune/Chiron.  

  106. The control of the Astral body is a major theme/test of the 2nd initiation and this indicates that he passed that stage and was turning towards the 3rd initiation.