Its appearance on the planet.

It is not sought, in this book, to deal with the steps which led to the founding of the Hierarchy on the planet, nor to consider the conditions preceding the advent of those great Beings.  This can be studied in other occult books in the occident, and in the sacred Scriptures of the East.  Suffice it for our purpose to say that in the middle of the Lemurian epoch, approximately eighteen million years ago, occurred a great event which signified, among other things, the following developments:

— The Planetary Logos of our earth scheme, one of the Seven Spirits before the throne, took physical incarnation, and, under the form of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, and the Lord of the World, came down to this dense physical planet and has remained with us ever since.  Owing to the extreme purity of His nature, and the fact that He is (from the human standpoint) relatively sinless, and hence incapable of response to aught on the dense physical plane, He was unable to take a dense physical body such as ours, and has to function in His etheric body.  He is the greatest of all the Avatars, or Coming Ones, for He is a direct reflection of that great Entity who lives, and breathes, and functions through all the evolutions on this planet, holding all within His aura or magnetic sphere of influence. 

1.      The occult history of our planet is masterfully elaborated in The Secret Doctrine, by H.P. Blavatsky. In the Western world, this treatise presents the most comprehensive and volumi­nous exposition of the subject.

2.      According to the Ageless Wisdom Tradition, individualization took place on our planet, on our Earth chain, more than twenty-one million years ago. The figure given is 21,688,345 years ago; written in Esoteric Astrology, p. 64, in 1932 or 1933.) This was approximately three million years before the founding of the Occult Hierarchy on the Earth.

3.      If Sanat Kumara established the Spiritual Hierarchy (and also, Shamballa) on our Earth globe some eighteen million years ago, halfway through the Lemurian Age, and if the Atlantean Age lasted some eleven to ten million years, then a reasonable duration for the Lemurian Age is, perhaps, about fifteen or sixteen million years.

4.      The subject of the relationship between our Planetary Logos and Sanat Kumara is both complex and veiled. In some references They appear to be different Beings. In other reference, Sanat Kumara is understood as an extension of the Planetary Logos.

5.      In this reference, we find the Planetary Logos taking physical incarnation “under the form of Sanat Kumara”. In this case “physical incarnation” means “etheric” incarnation.

6.      Our planet (the Earth globe of the Earth chain) is called a “dense physical planet”, though in reality, it has many subtle dimensions

7.      Our Planetary Logos is said to be “one of the Seven Spirits before the throne”. This is a curious statement. Presumably, the “throne” is the seat of power of the Solar Logos. But the Logos of our planet is expressing through a non-sacred planet. One would imagine that the seven sacred planets of our solar system (Vulcan, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and Uranus — given in order of the rays they primarily express at this time) would be the Seven Spirits. Perhaps in some way, as yet unrevealed, the Earth is ‘part’ of one of these superior Planetary Logoi.

8.      We are told that Sanat Kumara has no real relation to the dense physical plane, which is composed of the residual substance of the first solar system. We, therefore, have a clear reason of why His influence should be so uplifting. He raises us from enslaving involvement with gross matter.

9.      With respect to our Earth-scheme, there are a number of avatars of varied rank. We are told that Sanat Kumara is the greatest of them all.

10.  As a further definition of His identity, we are told that He is a “direct reflection” of the Planetary Logos — “that great Entity who lives, and breathes, and functions through all the evolutions on this planet.”

11.  An avatar is, among other things, a “coming one”, which means that, when the time is ripe for His appearance, Sanat Kumara (the Great Avatar) will make His presence potently felt on the etheric plane of our dense little planet.

In Him we live and move and have our being, and none of us can pass beyond the radius of His aura.  He is the Great Sacrifice, Who left the glory of the high places and for the sake of [Page 29] the evolving sons of men took upon Himself a physical form and was made in the likeness of man.  He is the Silent Watcher, as far as our immediate humanity is concerned, although literally the Planetary Logos Himself, on the higher plane of consciousness whereon He functions, is the true Silent Watcher where the planetary scheme is concerned. 

Perhaps it might be stated thus: — That the Lord of the World, the One Initiator, holds the same place in connection with the Planetary Logos as the physical manifestation of a Master holds to that Master's Monad on the monadic plane.  In both cases the intermediate state of consciousness has been superseded, that of the Ego or higher self, and that which we see and know is the direct self-created manifestation of pure spirit itself.  Hence the sacrifice.  It must here be borne in mind that in the case of Sanat Kumara there is a tremendous difference in degree, for His point in evolution is as far in advance of that of an adept as that adept's is in advance of animal man.  This will be somewhat elaborated in the next section of our subject.

    1. There are a number of those in whom “we live and move and have our being” — the Planetary Logos, the Solar Logos, and Sanat Kumara as well.

    2. It is significant that we cannot pass beyond the radius of His aura. Apparently it will be a while before we can travel with ease to other planets, as so many of relatively mediocre spiritual attainment claim to do or have done, no doubt recounting astral experiences.

    3. The term, “Great Sacrifice” is uniquely His, a far as we (on this planet) are concerned. The term “glory” is used to depict the elevated energy state from which He descended to assist the lower beings of our planet. Later, in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, we are told that Sanat Kumara came to our planet (the fourth globe of the fourth chain of the fourth scheme) via the second globe {the Venus-globe} of the second chain {the Venus-chain} of the fourth scheme). Some have said that He really descended from the actual planet Venus; the Tibetan clarifies the matter, speaking of the origin of this great Being (Sanat Kumara) as that part of our Earth-scheme which is especially attuned to the Venus scheme.

    4. It is significant that Sanat Kumara is said to have been “made in the likeness of man”. This may be literally and gloriously true. Probably the form of Sanat Kumara (the etheric form as used on the etheric plane) is the ideal prototype for all human beings.

    5. Although Sanat Kumara is called the “Silent Watcher”, we understand that that term should be applied specifically to the Planetary Logos of our planet.

    6. There is a great discrepancy between the spiritual status of Sanat Kumara and that of the average Master of the Wisdom. We are told that Sanat Kumara is as much elevated about a Master as that Master is elevated above animal man. Between animal man and a Master lie five initiations, and millions of years of groping human experience. Adding five initiations to the initiatory level of a Master, would it mean that Sanat Kumara is an initiate of the tenth degree? This is sheer speculation, and probably the status of Sanat Kumara cannot even be expressed in terms of humanity’s system of initiations, for His experience in former solar systems is extensive, and a Master is (in most cases) the product of this solar system.

    7. Another proportion is given: Sanat Kumara is to the Planetary Logos as the physical manifestation of the Master is to the Master’s monad on the monadic plane. This is a considerable ‘stretch’, and seems to elevate the status of a Planetary Logos almost beyond our powers of realization.

    8. May it be that the Tibetan is considering Sanat Kumara a kind of “mayavirupa” of the Planetary Logos?

    9. In a way, Sanat Kumara is “spirit in manifestation”. Pure and free on the highest planes of our cosmic physical plane, He is forcing Himself to endure a most oppressive confinement within the material nature of Earth globe for the sake of our little planet.

    10. We have some idea of the millions of year it takes to make a Master of an animal man. How long does it take to make a Kumara of a Master? One might imagine that it will not be done in this mahamanvantara. It is difficult and sufficiently time-consuming to transform a Master into a Solar Pitri (Solar Angel). Solar Pitris (the higher ones of them) can later become such beings as Sanat Kumara is now. (c.f. TCF 844)

    11. We begin to understand something of the rank and status of the great Being Who watches over humanity and the Earth. Some students there are who speak of Sanat Kumara on an almost ‘first-name’ basis, as if daily conversation with Him (in Shamballa) were nothing extraordinary. Really, this is an impossibility, and a truer sense of proportion would correct the tendency.

With the Ancient of Days came a group of other highly evolved Entities, who represent His own individual karmic group and those Beings who are the outcome of the triple nature of the Planetary Logos.  If one might so express it They embody the forces emanating from the head, heart, and throat centres, and They came in with Sanat Kumara to form focal points of planetary force for the helping of the great plan for the self-conscious unfoldment of all life.  Their places have gradually been filled by the sons of men as they qualify, though this includes very few, until lately, from our immediate earth humanity. 

Those who are now the inner group around the Lord of the World have been primarily recruited from the ranks of those who were initiates on the moon chain (the cycle of evolution [Page 30] preceding ours) or who have come in on certain streams of solar energy, astrologically determined, from other planetary schemes, yet those who have triumphed in our own humanity are rapidly increasing in number, and hold all the minor offices beneath the central esoteric group of Six, who, with the Lord of the World, form the heart of hierarchial effort.

1.      Here the Tibetan is speaking of the coming of the various Kumaras along with Sanat Kumara. He is discussing particularly the three Kumaras that surround Sanat Kumara and Who are called alternatively “Buddhas of Activity”.

2.      In various parts of the Teaching we are told that there are 105 Kumaras, Sanat Kumara presumably being the 105th. Because there are also three esoteric Kumaras, the number is raised to 108. This number is extremely important in the Vedic and Hindu Scriptures, and Hindu temple-design is frequently undertaken with this number in mind. (The number 108 sums to 9 which reveals its completeness, nine being the number of a completed cycle.)

3.      Elsewhere in the Teaching, the relationship of Sanat Kumara to the three Buddhas of Activity is more thoroughly explored. It seems that these three Buddhas were Planetary Logoi in a previous solar system, and were associated with Sanat Kumara at that time.

“In the last solar system They were the planetary Logoi of three planets in which the mind principle reached its highest stage of development…” (R&I 267-268)

4.      It is interesting to consider that Sanat Kumara, and the exoteric and esoteric Kumaras Who are associated with Him, can be considered “the outcome of the triple nature of the Planetary Logos”. The word “outcome” suggests the word “emanation”. When considering the nature of any B/being, great or small, the question must be asked, “In what respect is this B/being an emanation or an outcome of some greater Being of which it is an aspect?

5.      From a certain perspective, no B/being in cosmos is self-originating, and even the greatest of all cosmic Beings (let us call that Being the ‘Universal Logos’) is the emanation or outcome of THAT — the only SELF-EXISTENT ONE.

6.      From the structural setup here described, we can understand Sanat Kumara functioning as a kind of “Point within the Triangle”, or, perhaps, an “Eye within a Triangle” — the Buddhas of Activity being the Triangle, representing the three aspects of divinity functioning through the head, heart and throat centers.

7.      The original Kumaras Who accompanied Sanat Kumara have gradually moved on to other spheres of opportunity and Their places have been gradually filled by the Sons of Men — mostly, however, by Moon-chain humanity rather than our true Earth-chain humanity. The humanity of the Moon-chain, having begun their pilgrimage at a much earlier date than Earth-chain humanity, is naturally, as a rule, more developed and unfolded.

8.      Master D.K. speaks of filling “their places”. Are we here talking about places in Shamballa or places within the Hierarchy? The latter possibility seems more logical for Earth-chain humanity, as even the Christ — the most rapidly developing monad of Earth-chain humanity, has only during the past two thousand years become a member of Shamballa (presumably dating from His experience in the Garden of Gethsemene when He accepted the Divine Will as His own, thereby passing the sixth initiation).

9.      This paragraph is fascinating for revealing the nature of those who are working with Sanat Kumara within Shamballa. There is also far more to the statements made than meets the eye.

10.  We are told that the present Buddhas of Activity were Planetary Logoi in an earlier system. Surely it cannot be Their places which are gradually being taken by those who were simply human initiates on the Moon-chain.

11.  That some Moon-chain, human initiates should have made Their way into Shamballa, seems reasonable, but that any of these initiates should be included in the “group of Six” around the Lord of the World seems an impossibility, given the exalted status of those Six.

12.  Probably, there are relatively major and relatively minor offices under Sanat Kumara and the group of Six. Those who now comprise the “inner group around Sanat Kumara” (a group larger than the “group of Six” could be understood as filling relatively major Shamballic offices under the group of Six. They came from the Moon-chain. Those of the Earth-chain humanity who are making the grade can be understood as functioning through relatively minor Shamballic offices (and mostly offices simply within the Hierarchy)

13.  We have thus:

Sanat Kumara

Head of the Inner Council at Shamballa

Three Esoteric Buddhas

Unrevealed members of the “group of Six”

Three Exoteric Buddhas, the Buddhas of Activity

Also members of the “group of Six” — more known that the inner group of Three.

Moon-chain initiates

Presently “part of the inner group around Sanat Kumara”, but not part of the “group of Six”

Earth-chain initiates

Gradually filling in minor offices (perhaps) in relation to Shamballa, but especially within the ranks of Hierarchy

14.  There is an ‘area’ within the upper reaches of Hierarchy which seems to overlap with Shamballa. There are Masters Who are members of both Hierarchy and Shamballa. The most advanced initiates of our Earth-chain humanity may well be those Who are focussed within this area.

15.  We are also told of those “who have come in on certain streams of solar energy, astrologically determined, from other planetary schemes”. These entities are also a part of the “inner group around Sanat Kumara”. The implication is that They are more advanced than the Earth-chain initiates.

16.  We note the fact that the “central esoteric group of Six” forms the “heart of hierarchical effort”. Much depends upon how the word “heart” is being used. Usually, the Christ is considered the “head” of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and certainly its “heart”. Here I think the term “hierarchical effort” is referring not just to the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet but to the whole hierarchical structure by which the planet is organised, including all the many Creative Hierarchies, greater and lesser than man. It would seem that Sanat Kumara and the six Kumaras surrounding Him are the “heart” of this entire planetary, hierarchical process. Shamballa is the peak of all hierarchical effort on our planet.

The immediate effect.

The result of Their advent, millions of years ago, was stupendous, and its effects are still being felt.  Those effects might be enumerated as follows: — The Planetary Logos on His own plane was enabled to take a more direct method in producing the results He desired for working out His plan.  As is well known, the planetary scheme, with its dense globe and inner subtler globes, is to the Planetary Logos what the physical body and its subtler bodies are to man. 

Hence, in illustration, it might be said that the coming into incarnation of Sanat Kumara was analogous to the firm grip of self-conscious control that the Ego of a human being takes upon his vehicles when the necessary stage in evolution has been achieved.  It has been said that in the head of every man are seven centres of force, which are linked to the other centres in the body, and through which the force of the Ego is spread and circulated, thus working out the plan.  Sanat Kumara, with the six other Kumaras, holds a similar position.  These central seven are as the seven head centres to the body corporate.  They are the directing agents and the transmitters of the energy, force, purpose, and will of the Planetary Logos on His own plane. 

This planetary head centre works directly through the heart and throat centres, and thereby controls all the remaining centres.  This is by way of illustration, and an attempt to show the relation [Page 31] of the Hierarchy to its planetary source, and also the close analogy between the method of functioning of a Planetary Logos and of man, the microcosm.

1.      When the Tibetan writes of “stupendous” results, we must weigh that word carefully, as His sense of proportion is far more adjusted than ours and He is not given to exaggeration.

2.      Note the use of the word “advent”, which is usually reserved for discussions of the birth of the Master Jesus. What is being discussed here is a much greater “advent” in planetary terms.

3.      We are understanding that the coming of Sanat Kumara and the 104 Kumaras was an empowerment for the Planetary Logos, allowing Him a more direct method of affecting the evolution of this dense planet, our Earth-globe. In fact, in other sections of the Teaching, we learn that the Planetary Logos experienced an initiation at that time.

4.      When we speak of the Planetary Logos “on His own plane” we are speaking of the cosmic planes — perhaps the cosmic mental plane (third sub-level) on which the causal body of the Planetary Logos is focussed, or even of the cosmic monadic plane, on which the Monad of the Planetary Logos is focussed.

5.      A familiar analogy is given, likening the gross and subtle system of the planetary scheme to the various bodies, subtle and dense, of a human being. The various chains and globes of the planetary-scheme are like the various vehicles and chakras within the human energy system. Within His planetary scheme, the Planetary Logos is to be considered as the true Being or Monad.

6.      The phrase “firm grip of self-conscious control” is used to describe the process through which Sanat Kumara and His supportive Kumaras appeared within the relatively lower planes of our planetary scheme. The Planetary Logos (acting as the Ego) was assuming greater and more direct control of His lower manifestation.

7.      “As above so below”. If the Planetary Logos (as Ego) was operating in a way analogous to the way the human Ego or Solar Angel operates in relation to its personality, then perhaps we are being told something about the evolutionary status of our Planetary Logos.

8.      In the human system of spiritual development, the Ego/Solar Angel takes a firmer grip (or, at least, increased notice) when once the fifth petal of the human causal body has opened to a sufficient degree. From that time forth the Ego is in much closer supervision of the development of its personality.

9.      May it be that the Planetary Logos of our non-sacred planet, had also reached a similar point in the development of His presumably ninefold/twelvefold Egoic Lotus on the cosmic mental plane?

10.  On the other hand, the term “firm grip” seems to suggest a later stage of evolutionary development than that of the unfoldment of the fifth petal of the Planetary Logoic Causal Lotus. When the fifth petal unfolds in a human being, a ‘firmer’ grip by the Ego is achieved, but not yet a “firm grip”

11.  It could be said (referencing the initiatory process of a human being) that at the first initiation a relatively “firm grip” is achieved, and at the third initiation a truly “firm grip” develops.

12.  The two words “firm grip” suggest the activity of the planet Vulcan — the planet both of firmness and of the grasping “grip” or “fist”. Vulcan is involved at both the first and third human initia­tions. Following the analogy, the implication is that, somehow, energy from that planet was involved in the process of the advent of the Kumaras. Vulcan is involved in many great initiatives, and is, even today, closely associated with Shamballa through Taurus. The major approach of humanity to Shamballa occurs at the Wesak Festival when Taurus (and thus Vulcan) is powerful.

13.  While it may be fairly easy to infer the initiatory status of our Planetary Logos (as much is given along these lines in various of the books) it is not easy to determine the details of the process.

14.  Perhaps, it is sufficient for us to realize that the founding of Shamballa/Hierarchy on our planet, coincided with a significant initiation for the Planetary Logos and meant, in effect, the possibility of working out His Plans in a much more direct manner within the lower spheres of His manifes­tation.

15.  This paragraph by the Tibetan is packed with occultism. Initiation: Human and Solar was the first book published for the general public, and yet it is so filled with indispensable and deep occult information.

16.  The Tibetan then mentions a most occult subject relating to the Eighth Rule for Applicants to Initiation:

“When the disciple nears the portal, the greater seven must awaken and bring forth response from the lesser seven upon the double circle”.

The seven centres within the head are, as it were, master centers, and control the seven major chakras or centers with which we are more familiar.

17.  Not much is accurately known about the nature and position of these seven head centers. They are esoteric even to most students of occultism, though obviously not to the Masters.

18.  We are told in this paragraph that the Seven Major Kumaras are analogous to these seven head centers. Just as these Kumaras are the Directing Agents for our entire planetary life, so the seven head centers within man direct all the other centers or chakras involved in man’s microcosmic life.

19.  When dealing with the seven head centers, we are compelled to think of the Seven Rishis of the Great bear who are the Seven Head Centers in an inconceivably vast Being called the “One About Whom Naught May Be Said”. As well, we are obliged to think of Vulcan (perhaps the chief  planet of Will) and that seems to have a direct connection to these controlling head centers, as it is a planet which transmits the Will energy of the Great Bear. These are rather occult thoughts and need not be too thoroughly investigated here. They are mentioned to show how much occultism is implied in the pages of even this earliest of the Tibetan’s books given through Alice Bailey.

20.  As the function of the seven head centers in man becomes more exoteric, it is likely that the functioning of the Seven Kumaras (in a planetary sense) will also become more exoteric. This revelation, however, may be a long time in coming.

21.  When the head center as a whole functions as a unity, it includes the function of the seven head centers. An analogy might be seen in considering that Shamballa can (like a unified head center) function as a unity, directing all the other parts of the planetary life. The various Kumaras may, at times, function relatively independently, but a synthesized action on the part of Shamballa as a whole would be a much more powerful expression of directive energy than the functioning of any particular Kumara separately.

The third kingdom of nature, the animal kingdom, had reached a relatively high state of evolution, and animal man was in possession of the earth; he was a being with a powerful physical body, a co-ordinated astral body, or body of sensation and feeling, and a rudimentary germ of mind which might some day form a nucleus of a mental body.  Left to himself for long aeons animal man would have eventually progressed out of the animal kingdom into the human, and would have become a self-conscious, functioning, rational entity, but how slow the process would have been may be evidenced by the study of the bushmen of South Africa, the Veddhas of Ceylon, and the hairy Ainus.
1.      Here the Tibetan is offering us an interesting piece of planetary racial history.

2.      The state of animal-man before individualization is described, and from this account that entity was, physically considered, a mighty specimen — certainly when compared to the physical power and stature of modern man.

3.      We learn that this animal man was “in possession of the earth”. So, even in those early days, man-as-animal-man was the “King of Nature”.

4.      It is important to focus on the “rudimentary germ of mind” with which animal man was possessed. This germ could have developed into real, self-conscious intelligence, alone and unaided. But aid came through the descent of the Solar Angels and through the advent of the Kumaras about three million years later. The result of these two momentous processes was the rapid growth of human self-consciousness and intelligence, and the eventual production of modern, intelligent man.

5.      The bushmen of South Africa, the Veddhas of Ceylon, and the hairy Ainus are descendants of those animal men in whom the spark of mind was not implanted, and who did not benefit directly from the advent of the “God-Kings” (as the Kumaras Who took physical incarnation as men came to be regarded). For further fascinating information along these lines, consult H.P.B.’s The Secret Doctrine.

6.      We can understand and appreciate the great difference in intelligence and development which exists between the three groups of primitive men here mentioned and modern intelligent humanity. In this contrast we have a vivid reminder of what would have been the fate of the human race without the “divine intervention” of the Solar Angels and the Kumaras.

The decision of the Planetary Logos to take a physical vehicle produced an extraordinary stimulation in the evolutionary process, and by His incarnation, and the methods of force distribution He employed, He brought about in a brief cycle of time what would otherwise have been inconceivably slow.  The germ of mind in animal man was stimulated.  The fourfold lower man,

a. The physical body in its dual capacity, etheric and dense,

b. Vitality, life force, or prana,

c. The astral or emotional body,

d. The incipient germ of mind,

was co-ordinated and stimulated, and became a fit receptacle for the coming in of the self-conscious entities, those spiritual triads (the reflection of spiritual will, intuition, or wisdom, and higher mind) who had for long ages been waiting for just such a fitting.  The fourth, or human kingdom, came [Page 32] thus into being, and the self-conscious, or rational unit, man, began his career.

1.      Master D.K. speaks of “an extraordinary stimulation” which occurred when the Planetary Logos decided to take a physical vehicle. Earlier He spoke of a “stupendous” event. We can begin to understand how significant was this intervention not only for humanity, but for the planet as a whole.

2.      We know nothing of the methods of force distribution employed by the Planetary Logos, but surely the Masters do, and are in a position to assess the difference which such methods made to the speed of the human, and thus planetary evolutionary process.

3.      What do we really mean by the “incarnation” of the Planetary Logos? Surely the mere fact of the existence of a planetary scheme with various chains, globes and even a physical globe means that the Planetary Logos is already in incarnation (from the time that physical globe is created) The various chains and globes are the various vehicles of his incarnation, just as the mental, astral, etheric and physical bodies are the vehicles of incarnation for an incarnating human being.

4.      As the term is used here, “incarnation” can be understood as meaning a more specific focussing by the Planetary Logos of His attention on the lower spheres of planetary manifestation. “Incar­nation” becomes a term indicating a closer connection between the heights of planetary logoic being and the depths.

5.      “Incarnation” means, therefore, a different and more acute form of presence. The Planetary Logos, though always present as the Planetary “Presence”, is still more present as a result of undertaking what is here describes as “incarnation”. He is more specifically present through Sanat Kumara than He is in His more abstracted state and without such a vehicle of expression as Sanat Kumara (and the other Kumaras) represents.

6.      The Tibetan speaks of the Planetary Logos’ achievement, having brought about within a “brief cycle of time” a process of development which otherwise would have been “inconceivably slow”. One ponders on just how slow. Surely, you and I would not be contemplating matters esoteric and philosophical at this time had not the intervention occurred.

7.      In yet another way, this paragraph describes the individualization process. The lower vehicles of animal man were coordinated under the pressure of the Planetary Logos’ initiative. These vehicles became “fit receptacles” for the coming in of self-conscious entities called “spiritual triads”.

8.      We might pause at this point to realize that “we” (as we essentially are) are spiritual triads (as well as the monads of which these triads are an emanation).

9.      It is as if a certain part of ourselves (the spiritual part) had been ‘waiting’ for another part of ourselves (the material part — alive and active in the three lower worlds) to develop, so that ‘we’ could ‘come together’ — uniting all parts of ourselves.

10.  The implication is that we were already, as spiritual triads, “self-conscious”, but that we had not achieved self-consciousness (of a more limited kind) in the lower worlds (in which we were also and simultaneously functioning). The self-consciousness of a spiritual triad and the developing self-consciousness of a developing human being are quite different in their natures, though both are a form of self-consciousness. (To understand how things really work we must read the Tibetan carefully.)

11.  Individualization was the moment of planetary history at which the Solar Angels intervened in the affairs of animal man. They became the bridge by means of which the higher triads could unite with the lower quaternary. In a way, then, they stand for the number eight which is the number of the uniting Christ-principle. A triad, plus a quaternary, plus a Solar Angel, sum to eight.

12.  Some might say that the Solar Angels, themselves, are really the spiritual triads, but I do not think that they are equivalent. The Solar Angels are highly developed beings, returning from a pre­viously achieved “Nirvana”. The Solar Angels are (just as we human beings are) monads with spiritual triads. It was their great skill and understanding (based upon aeons of experience) which allowed them provide the bridge for the two aspects of man’s nature — animal man and spiritual triad/monad.

13.  A little thought on the matter, however, reveals that the Solar Angels must have had some definite relation to the spiritual triads of man. The details of this relation (far beyond the understanding of man, I suspect) are not discussed in the Teaching.

Another result of the advent of the Hierarchy was a similar, though less recognised development in all the kingdoms of nature.  In the mineral kingdom, for instance, certain of the minerals or elements received an added stimulation, and became radioactive, and a mysterious chemical change took place in the vegetable kingdom. This facilitated the bridging process between the vegetable and animal kingdoms, just as the radio-activity of minerals is the method of bridging the gulf between the mineral and vegetable kingdoms. 

In due course of time scientists will recognise that every kingdom in nature is linked and entered when the units of that kingdom become radioactive.  But it is not necessary for us to digress along these lines.  A hint suffices for those who have eyes to see, and the intuition to comprehend the meaning conveyed by terms which are handicapped by having a purely material connotation.

1.      We are coming to understand that the creation of humanity through the individualization of animal man followed by the advent of the Hierarchy was, in fact, a planetary event, affecting more king­doms of nature than the newly emerging human kingdom.

2.      All kingdoms received stimulation and were elevated closer to a transition into, what was for them, the next and waiting kingdom — the mineral kingdom toward the vegetable kingdom, the vegetable kingdom toward the animal kingdom, and the animal kingdom (of course) toward the human (the major topic of this chapter).

3.      It is sometimes disputed whether, when Master D.K. discusses “radioactivity”, He means “radioactivity” as that term is understood by modern scientists. May it not be that He is discussing what might be called the noumenon of radioactivity of which the radioactivity with which science is presently more familiar is a special case?

4.      As developed as our modern science may be, it can only be moreso in centuries to come, and it is then that many of these mysteries will be solved. There are departments of the Hierarchy which are specifically focussed on elucidating important changes and developments within the lower kingdoms. We will have to await their revelation.

5.      For practical purposes, we human beings can see to the development of our own so-called “radioactivity”, by obeying the “laws of that which radiates” — namely the monad (c.f., Rule XIII for Applicants in IHS). The more we leave strictly individualized consciousness behind and cultivate group consciousness; the more we learn to transcend even group-consciousness for the development of “God-consciousness” (or Oneness); the more “radioactive” we become, and the more fit for transition into the fifth kingdom of nature, the Kingdom of Souls.

In Lemurian days, after the great descent of the spiritual Existences to the earth, the work They planned to do was systematised.  Offices were apportioned, and the processes of evolution in all the departments of nature were brought under the conscious wise guidance of this initial Brotherhood.  This Hierarchy of Brothers of Light still exists, and the work goes steadily on.  They are all in physical existence, either in dense physical bodies, such as many of the Masters employ, or in etheric bodies, such as the more exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy.  It is of value for men to remember that They are in physical existence, and to bear in mind that They exist upon this planet with us, controlling its destinies, guiding its affairs, and leading all its evolutions on to an ultimate perfection.

1.      The three major energies expressed by Shamballa are purification, destruction and organization.

2.      Here, Master D.K., emphasizes organization. The “initial Brotherhood” had a great task in hand — the civilizing of newly-human animal man. As well, it was necessary for the Brotherhood to tend to the evolution of the other kingdoms of nature (which are never neglected by the Central Government of the planet).

3.      Master D.K. makes much of the continuity of the Brotherhood over many ages, and would have us realize, forcefully, that that Brotherhood is very much in physical presence (as the Hierarchy judges physicality) — i.e., physicality includes the etheric planes of existence.

4.      Notice that in this paragraph the Spiritual Hierarchy is called the “Hierarchy of Light”, and indeed it was light (rather than love) which was the major need during those middle-Lemurian days.

5.      Why is it of value for men to remember that the members of the Brotherhood (whether in the Hierarchy or in Shamballa) “are in physical existence …”  and “exist upon this planet with us, controlling its destinies, guiding its affairs, and leading all its evolutions on to an ultimate perfection”?

6.      Probably, it is important for us not to think of the Masters and Chohans as abstractions but, rather, as immediacies. To think of Them as immediately present has an effect upon our inner and outer behavior, and holds us more accountable to live according to our highest standards. Their immediate presence is a powerful stimulant to human and planetary evolution.

7.      Today’s humanity suffers very much from ignorance of and disbelief in the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Shamballic Lives. If these Beings were considered as both real and immediately present, humanity’s entire attitude would change, and human evolution would made great strides.

[Page 33] The central home of this Hierarchy is at Shamballa, a centre in the Gobi desert, called in the ancient books the "White Island."  It exists in etheric matter, and when the race of men on earth have developed etheric vision its location will be recognised and its reality admitted.  The development of this vision is rapidly coming to pass, as may be seen from the newspapers and the current literature of the day, but the location of Shamballa will be one of the latest etheric sacred spots to be revealed as it exists in the matter of the second ether.  Several of the Masters in physical bodies dwell in the Himalaya mountains, in a secluded spot called Shigatse, far from the ways of men, but the greater number are scattered all over the world, dwelling in different places in the various nations, unrecognised and unknown, yet forming each in His own place a focal point for the energy of the Lord of the World, and proving to His environment a distributor of the love and wisdom of the Deity.

1.      Master D.K. becomes very specific about the reality and even the ‘location’ of Shamballa. Ancient tradition attests to the reality of the Shamballa and has named it the “White Island”. The Master insists that its factuality will be recognized when etheric vision is developed.

2.      It has sometimes been disputed whether Shamballa is ‘located’ in the systemic ethers or in the cosmic ethers (the logoic, monadic, atmic and buddhic planes of our solar system). Probably the correct answer is “both”. Man is on the point of developing “etheric vision”, but is not on the point of developing cosmic etheric vision. Besides, the cosmic etheric planes (of which the buddhic plane is the lowest) are planes of non-locality, of ubiquity, of omni-presence. So when we speak of location, we must be speaking of the physical ethers. That great omnipresent energies should have specific points of localized expression on the lower planes is not an unreasonable thought.

3.      While etheric vision is rapidly emerging, it pertains to vision of energy states occurring on the fourth and third ethers (the exoteric ethers). The second and first ethers are still esoteric, and Shamballa (as a location) is focussed on the second ether, and, thus, will remain esoteric for yet some time.

4.      That its focus should be the second ether is significant, as the monad (ever a ‘resident’ of Shamballa) is focussed on the second systemic plane, the monadic plane.

5.      In a deeper sense, however, we must not forget that the higher focus of Sanat Kumara (at least in relation to the cosmic physical plane) is on the logoic plane of our solar system. Even the Christ is beginning to focus there.

6.      Grasping the heights and depths of Shamballic demonstration is important. In a way, Shamballa, being the One, is All.

7.      The physical locations (residences) of the Masters are discussed. Some dwell, we are told, in Shigatse. Probably, since China’s invasion of Tibet, They no longer do (at least not physically). Shigatse is no longer an out-of-the-way place, and has changed entirely since this book was published in 1922.

8.      The main point is, however, that many of the Masters do have physical bodies (whether born in the normal way, or “will-created” through the power of Kriyashakti). Their dwelling places are not generally known, as They could not proceed with Their work in an uninterrupted manner. Those who need to find their way into the physical presence of a Master will learn the way. This will be increasingly so as the Externalization of the Hierarchy gathers momentum.

9.      We can understand that when a Master of the Wisdom has a physical body, the Hierarchy has, in some small manner, externalized.  The entire process of externalization is about the appearance on and through the physical plane of the lives (and patterns) which focus in the inner worlds..

10.   Note that every Master (regardless of His ray) is a distributor of “love-wisdom”, the essential quality of the Hierarchy of Light and Love.

The opening of the Door of Initiation.

It is not possible to touch upon the history of the Hierarchy during the long ages of its work, beyond mentioning certain outstanding events of the past, and pointing out certain eventualities.  For ages after its immediate founding, the work was slow and discouraging.  Thousands of years came and went, and races of men appeared and disappeared from the earth before it was possible to delegate even the work done by initiates of the first degree to the evolving sons of men.  But in the middle of the fourth root-race, the Atlantean, an event occurred which necessitated a change, or innovation in the Hierarchical method.  Certain of its members were called away to higher work elsewhere in the solar system, and this brought in, through [Page 34] necessity, a number of highly evolved units of the human family.  In order to enable others to take Their place, the lesser members of the Hierarchy were all moved up a step, leaving vacancies among the minor posts.  Therefore three things were decided upon in the Council Chamber of the Lord of the World.

1.      Although in an introductory book such as Initiation: Human and Solar, it is not possible to discuss the history of the Hierarchy during the long ages of its existence on the Earth, that history exists, and someday will make a fascinating and important study.

2.      The members of the Hierarchy are mighty toilers. Indeed they “toil in Pisces” on a mission of redemption. It is interesting that Master D.K. uses the word “discouraging” to describe the results of early hierarchical efforts. Apparently the human/animal-man of the period was very resistant to cultivation — such was the nature of the matter of which his vehicles were composed. The Hierarchy had certain hopes and ideals, but apparently these were not achieved as rapidly as They had anticipated.

3.      To make even a first degree initiate of early man must have been a Herculean effort. It must have required not only thousands of years but millions of years. We can only wonder at the loving patience of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

4.      Master D.K. offers here an interesting piece not only of planetary history, but of solar systemic history. Towards the middle of the Atlantean root-race, certain members of the then Hierarchy were called away to higher work elsewhere in the solar system. This presented opportunity to the evolving Sons of Men, putting them under pressure. Saturn, the “God of Opportunity” is also the ‘God of pressure’.

5.      It would appear that highly developed human beings from the Moon-chain were also brought in at this time (under the attractive impulse of the Mahachohan). It was these individuals who were to fill the vacancies caused in all the rank and file of Hierarchy by the extra-planetary summons.

6.      We have been told that many of the highly developed human units from the Moon-chain never had to pass through the Lemurian rootrace, and instead entered the Earth-chain to continue their evolution at some point in the Atlantean rootrace. From what is said here, we can see that a number of these more advanced Moon-chain human beings were brought in by necessity.

7.      One matter of interest: some of the most important events on Earth are not caused from within our planetary sphere, but have causes emanating entirely outside it. In this case, a solar-systemic requirement affected the development of many forms of life upon our planet giving opportunity for evolutionary advancement to the human kingdom.

8.      In light of the solar-systemic requirements, certain decisions were made within Shamballa. These decisions had far ranging effects felt even today.

1. To close the door through which animal men passed into the human kingdom, permitting for a time no more Monads on the higher plane to appropriate bodies.  This restricted the number of the fourth, or human kingdom, to its then limitation.

1.      Many owners of intelligent domestic animals may think that their pet is “almost human” (and in a way this may be correct), but for the time being (and really for millions of years past) the “door” into the human kingdom has been closed, and for millions of years will so remain.

2.      The implication is that, at that middle-Atlantean time, there were sixty billion human monads, just as there are today, for the number was, as it were, ‘frozen’ by Shamballa’s decision.

3.      Note that in the individualization process, it is the monad which appropriates a body on the lower planes. Monads are the active ‘players’ in the individualization process, and they work out their intentions with the aid of Solar Angels

2. To open another door, and permit members of the human family who were willing to undergo the necessary discipline and to make the required stupendous effort, to enter the fifth or spiritual kingdom.  In this way the ranks of the Hierarchy could be filled by the members of earth's humanity who qualified.  This door is called the Portal of Initiation, and still remains open upon the same terms as laid down by the Lord of the World in Atlantean days.  These terms will be stated in the last chapter of this book.  The door between the human and animal kingdoms will again be opened during the next great cycle, or "round" as it is called in some books, but as this is several million years away from us at this time, we are not concerned with it.

1.      If one door was closed, another was opened. Earth-chain humanity was by no means as advanced as were the initiates of the Moon-chain who entered in Atlantean days. A means of rapid training was required; the program of initiation was that means.

2.      Again, Master D.K. uses the words “stupendous”, which should give us pause. Many of us are still transiting into the fifth kingdom of nature and are not yet full members within it. Perhaps we have been engaged in this stupendous effort for some time, with many great exertions still remaining.

3.      We note here a mention of the “terms as laid down by the Lord of the World in Atlantean days” for all who would pass through the Portal of Initiation. In this respect it must be said that those who would enter that Portal do not do so on their own terms, but only if they fulfill the terms laid down by those who are in authority.

4.      Mention is made of the next cycle of “round” — the fifth round. Many are the theories concerning such rounds, but in the last analysis, most is theorized by students of esotericism than understood.

5.      In this paragraph we learn that the next round is “several million years away”. The word “several” is perhaps deliberately vague, but surely means under ten, and probably more like four, five or six. When we ponder the impending onset of the fifth round, many questions could arise. Several million years seems a very short time, especially since both the sixth and seventh rootraces must run their course (and the fifth rootrace be completed) before the fifth round begins. As well, there is very little time allowed for what H.P.B. has described as a necessary “pralaya” between rounds.

6.      Do these cycles called “rounds” really work in the rather linear manner described by early Theosophists? If so, the Tibetan’s reference to only several millions of years before the onset of the fifth round would be very difficult to explain.

7.      One thing is strongly suggested, however — namely, that the later root races last a significantly shorter time than the earlier root races. If the Lemurian rootrace lasted perhaps some fifteen or sixteen million years, the Atlantean some twelve to ten

million years, and the Aryan race (thus far) some one million years, one can see the spiral tightening dramatically. (We must keep in mind that the rootrace periods overlap.) The implication is that the Adamic {first rootrace} and Hyperborean {second} rootraces lasted far longer than the Lemurian.

8.      The spiritual progress of the individual human being also reflects this tightening spiral; the final and climactic spiritual developments we call initiations occur with great rapidity when compared to the protracted period of early human evolution.

9.      Another implication we can reasonably gather, is that we are nearing the end of the fourth round (at least so far as our Earth-globe is concerned). The round may (as the Theosophists suggest) continue its progress on globes five, six and seven — all of them subtle — but its duration on our globe (globe four) cannot be long lasting (at least not according to the usual Theosophical model).

3. It was also decided to make the line of demarcation between the two forces of matter and spirit clearly defined; the inherent duality of all manifestation was emphasised, with the aim in view of teaching men who want to liberate themselves from the limitations of the fourth, or human kingdom, and thus pass on into the fifth, or spiritual.  The problem of good or evil, light or darkness, right or wrong, was enunciated solely for the benefit of humanity, and to enable men to cast off the fetters which imprisoned [Page 35] spirit, and thus achieve spiritual freedom.  This problem exists not in the kingdoms below man, nor for those who transcend the human.  Man has to learn through experience and pain the fact of the duality of all existence.  Having thus learnt, he chooses that which concerns the fully conscious spirit aspect of divinity, and learns to centre himself in that aspect.  Having thus achieved liberation he finds indeed that all is one, that spirit and matter are a unity, naught existing save that which is to be found within the consciousness of the Planetary Logos, and — in wider circles — within the consciousness of the Solar Logos.

1.      The third decision has tremendous implications for ‘graduates of Earth-school’. Such graduates are called “adjudicators between the pairs of opposites”. (TCF 1178)

2.      Early man was bewildered as to “right and wrong”, as to the true nature of spirit and matter. The ability rightly to discriminate was simply not a developed part of his equipment.

3.      Clarity as to the “line of demarcation” between spirit and matter, between good and evil, brings with it the possibility of accurate action, and a treading of a directed path leading toward one or another of the poles.

4.      We can see the planet Saturn at work here. Saturn is the planet of discrimination which draws a line or boundary between entities and qualities. Such a bounding line is called a “ring-pass-not”.

5.      As well, the fifth ray, governing the “Law of Cleavages”, must have been an important part of this demarcation between the opposites.

6.      We can see that whereas the fifth principle, mind, was no longer directed as a stimulative factor towards animal man, the fifth principle inherent in the already individualized man of the period, was given a strong impetus.

7.      The dualities themselves are a reflection of the fourth ray of ‘warring opposites’. The ability to discriminate between the opposites is a function of the fifth ray, aided by the influence of Saturn.

8.      A brief story of the psychology of liberation is told. Essentially the formula is ‘divide and reunite’. There is no way to conscious oneness except through the distinct separation of the polar opposites before their reunion occurs.

9.      Early man is immersed in, yet oblivious to, duality. That duality exists has to be brought to his attention. Once he becomes aware of the duality of his entire existence, he has the responsibility (Saturn) of choosing which pole he will emphasize.

10.  We may ask how Hierarchy clearly defined the line of demarcation between Spirit and Matter.

11.  One method could be through the giving and enforcement of new laws and codes of conduct which divided right from wrong. We can see that much of the first and fifth rays must have been involved in the effort.

12.  Rules for achievement must have been imparted, and members of the Hierarchy must have undertaken a closer supervision of certain human beings to make sure they conformed to the necessary laws and the progressive rules.

13.  We can imagine that Hierarchy, as the Custodian of the Law, must have seen to the imposition of punishment (and teaching) when laws were broken. Only thus could the line of demarcation be reinforced.

14.  In short, it is probable that early man was held more accountable for his actions than before the “line of demarcation” was emphasized.

The Hierarchy thus took advantage of the discriminative faculty of mind, which is the distinctive quality of humanity, to enable him, through the balancing of the pairs of opposites, to reach his goal, and to find his way back to the source from whence he came.

1.      The ability to discriminate is inherent in mind. Mind is the fifth principle and the faculty of discrimination is the gift of the fifth ray.

2.      We can see how important is the faculty of choice. Primitive man did not exercise conscious choice; the period of Martian domination (desire driven) must run its course before the reign of deliberative Saturn can be instituted. Saturn is a sacred planet; Mars (planet of rebellion) is not.

3.      Early man had reached the point when he possessed sufficient experience to begin to see the consequences of his actions and the probable direction  of those actions. A vision of the possibilities (good and bad) was conferred by the watching guides of the race, and man could begin to choose (Saturn) which direction he desired (Mars) to pursue. Later he could choose the direction he willed to pursue.

4.      We might say that when these Shamballic decisions were made, there was an implicit acknowledgment by the Planetary Directors that humanity was no longer infant humanity.

This decision led to that great struggle which distinguished the Atlantean civilization, and which culminated in the destruction called the flood, referred to in all the Scriptures of the world.  The forces of light, and the forces of darkness, were arrayed against each other, and this for the helping of humanity.  The struggle still persists, and the World War through which we have just passed was a recrudescence of it.  On every side in that World War two groups were to be found, those who fought for an ideal as they saw it, for the highest that they knew, and those who fought for material and selfish advantage.  In the struggle of these influential idealists or materialists many were swept in who fought blindly and ignorantly, being thus overwhelmed with racial karma and disaster.

1.      If we have studied the Ageless Wisdom, we have heard of the “Great War” in Atlantis between the “Lords of the Dark Face” and the “Lord of the Shining Countenance”.

2.      What is interesting is to realize that this decisive war was impulsed by an extra-planetary decision (the calling away to higher service in the solar system of certain members of the then Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet), and a resultant decision of Shamballa intended to meet the planetary emergency induced by the departure of these initiate members of the then Hierarchy.

3.      Probably, many causes contributed to the onset of this prolonged war between the spiritual and material tendencies of humanity. Quite independently of the planetary emergency, humanity had reached a point of maturity sufficient to allow free choice. Mind was sufficiently developed to serve desire and thus make it more effective (for good or ill).

4.      That “Great War” was/is of tremendous duration, considering that the two world wars of the twentieth century are extensions or recrudescences of the Atlantean war.

5.      The Tibetan divides the opponents in our modern “World War” between the idealists and those who fought for material and selfish advantage. Probably there were agents of good and evil on both sides — especially in World War I. But by the time World War II was precipitated, the true idealists were driven out of the Axis nations, though perverted, fanatical idealists (and Hitler was surely one) could still be found.

6.      The battle (still proceeding today) is between the values of the first and very material solar system, and the values which are divinely intended to be expressed through our solar system (from one perspective, the second in a series of three).

7.      The Shamballic decision of Atlantean times focussed a tremendous light in the responsive human units of the period. No great light can appear without evoking the dark counterforce, and thus it was. Every advance must be made at the expense of the sacrifice of the old; the old must be evoked in order to be sacrificed. It is precisely at the moment of possible advance that the opponent (armed with the weapons of retrogression) can be expected to appear,

These three decisions of the Hierarchy are having, and will have a profound effect upon humanity, but the result desired is being achieved, and a rapid hastening of the [Page 36] evolutionary process, and a profound­ly important effect upon the mind aspect in man, can already be seen.

1.      Shamballa’s great decisions are not influential for only an era; they have great implications for even greater cycles, enduring for millions of years.

2.      We might say that at the time of this ‘Atlantean Decision’, the way was opened for humanity to begin to enter the fifth kingdom of nature. First Moon-chain humanity had to pass through the Portal of Initiation and into the Kingdom of Souls; many did so. Earth-chain humanity, however, was not far behind, and today is being prepared in large numbers to pass through the Portal.

3.      Given Sanat Kumara’s close connection to the Venus stream of energy, it is no wonder that His decision so powerfully affected the mind nature of humanity. Venus is particularly the planet of the soul-illumined mind. It is through the Venusian mind that initiation can be taken. The Hierar­chy is alternatively termed the “Society of Organized and Illumined Minds”.  Sanat Kumara is a great Promoter of all in man that is rational and illumined; He seeks to defeat the irrationality which is the distinguishing feature of uncultivated animal man.

It might here be well to point out that, working as members of that Hierarchy are a great number of beings called angels by the Christian, and devas by the oriental.  Many of them have passed through the human stage long ages ago, and work now in the ranks of the great evolution parallel to the human, and which is called the deva evolution.  This evolution comprises among other factors, the builders of the objective planet and the forces which produce, through those builders, every form familiar and unfamiliar.  The devas who co-operate with the Hierarchical effort, concern themselves, therefore, with the form aspect, whilst the other members of the Hierarchy are occupied with the development of consciousness within the form.

1.      This is one of the significant paragraphs describing the deva kingdom and the manner in which it participates within the hierarchical enterprise.

2.      Master D.K. seems to be emphasizing the work of those devas or angels who long ago passed through the human stage of evolution. The implication is that one may enter the ranks of angelic evolution from the human. The opposite is also true in certain cases.

3.      The human and deva evolutions are called “parallel”, which means that neither is subservient to the other, though there will be devas more advanced than humans, whom they are to obey, and vise versa.

4.      A fundamental (and general) distinction between the two evolutions is brought forward: Deva members of Hierarchy work principally with the building of the form, whereas the other members of Hierarchy (the more human members) work with the development of the consciousness within the form.

5.      Human beings are, in many ways, destroyers of the form. They learn and advance through the utilization and destruction of the forms in which they are embodied. They are, as a rule, always “pushing the envelope”; they resist the limitation which form represents. This is not true of devas who seek the construction and perpetuation of harmonious forms.

6.      What we may gather from all that is said, is that the work of Hierarchy is alive and well in the modern world. Hierarchy is a beneficently guiding and directing Force and without it humanity would be both lost and endangered.

7.      The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, under the guidance of the Christ (and even more potently of the Lord of the World) is engaged in a special redemptive mission meant to salvage an erring humanity, and redeem a planet suffering from retardation. Plans for this redemption are of long standing. They were put into action some eighteen million years ago and have persisted system­atically (though adaptively) ever since.

8.      It may be difficult to extend our appreciation to those great Beings Who established Hierarchy on Earth long ago, deep in the night of time, but our gratitude should be profound. The further we go into our occult studies, we will realize that Their advent made present human civili­zation possible. Through Their intervention in our planetary process, we have been spared untold years of ignorance and enslavement by the forces of matter. If we manage to extend our gratitude to Those Who are for us, essentially Saviors, we shall find that illumination and realization are the result.