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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Classes

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Esoteric Astrology and Chart Delineation 2015 with Eva Smith and BL Allison
Esoteric Astrology and Chart Delineation 2018 with Eva Smith and BL Allison
Awakening the Higher Mind with Duane Carpenter
DINA Disciples Webinars with Elena Dramchini
Discover the Self: Through the Seven Rays Webinar with Eva Smith
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Labours of Hercules Webinars with BL Allison
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Secret Doctrine Webinars with Francis Donald
Seven Rays Webinars and Esoteric Astrology Webinars with Eva Smith
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Theseus and the Minotaur with Walter Pullen
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The Seven Ray Institute and The University of the Seven Rays 27th Annual International Conference webinar videos.
Conference theme: Envisioning an Ideal World Spirituality: Resurrecting the Soul of Humanity

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Astrology Pre-Conference Workshop: Mantrams and Words of Power ~ The Sacred Utterance of God

April 3, 2013

April 4, 2013

Astrology Pre-Conference Workshop: Vision and Idealism: Channels for Spiritual Fire
Presented by our International Team of Esoteric Astrologers
BL Allison, Lawson Bracewell, Jan Detrich, Francis Donald, Elena Dramchini, Peter Kubaska, Kathy Newburn, Niklas Nihlen, Michael Robbins, David Walters

April 6, 2013

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Opening Meditation, up to first breakout session 389 MB .wmv file

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Vision and Idealism: Channels for Spiritual Fire 499 MB .wmv file

BL ALLISON: Astrologocal Relationships 442 MB .wmv file

LAWSON BRACEWELL: The Humble Yet Powerful Sextile 332 MB .wmv file

ELENA DRAMCHINI: DINA Disciples 787 MB .wmv file

DAVID WALTERS: Vulcan 304 MB .wmv file

PETER KUBASKA 470 MB .wmv file

NIKLAS NIHLEN: Pleades — The Seven Sisters 689 MB .wmv file

April 7, 2013

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Meditation on the Burning Ground 475 MB .wmv file

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Astrology (The beginning of this talk is missing.) 358 MB .wmv file

BL ALLISON: The Labors of Hercules online webinar for Aries, held in conjunction with the worldwide students of the Morya Federation 414 MB .wmv file

KATHY NEWBURN: Speculation on Prenatal Charts 472 MB .wmv file

JAN DETRICH: Asteroid Goddesses 609 MB .wmv file

April 8, 2013

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Meditation on the the Relation of Sacrifice to the Burning Ground of the Sixth Ray 343 MB .wmv file

FRANCIS DONALD: From Mars to Pluto 548 MB .wmv file

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Closing Words 133 MB .wmv file

Seven Rays Pre-Conference Workshop
How to See the Rays and Astrology in Your Face and Form
Finding the Focus of Your Soul and Personality in Your Three Personality Vehicles

Sponsored by the Synthesis Foundation
Michael Robbins, Olivia Hansen, Kathy Newburn, Heidi Rose Robbins, Eva Marie Simonsen, Eva Smith

April 8, 2013

Opening Meditation 264 MB .wmv file

Late Monday Evening 131 MB .wmv file

April 9, 2013

Overview of the Seven Rays 688 MB .wmv file

Morphology presentations - Aries through Leo 659 MB .wmv file

Morphology presentations - Virgo through Capricorn 775 MB .wmv file

Morphology presentations - Aquarius through Pisces 439 MB .wmv file

April 10, 2013

Morphology presentations - Examples from the disciples in Discipleship in the New Age 879 MB .wmv file

Morphology presentations - More examples from the disciples in Discipleship in the New Age 540 MB .wmv file

Closing breakout session and closing words 111 MB .wmv file

Main Conference

Wednesday Evening, April 10, 2013

Opening Address — MICHAEL ROBBINS: Envisioning an Ideal World Spirituality: Resurrecting the Soul of Humanity (2700) 655 MB .wmv file

Ceremonial Meditation: Invoking the Highest Light with Michael Robbins, Keith Bailey and the USR / SRI Board (2701) 697 MB .wmv file

Thursday April 11, 2013

MICHAEL ROBBINS: The Highest Light and the Greatest Light (2703) 197 MB .wmv file

HAROLD MOSES: The Bach Principle – the Vibrational Architecture of Living Together in Harmony (2705) YouTube video at the Morya Federation YouTube Channel. Click the link to go to YouTube and view the video.

FRANCIS DONALD: Becoming the Creative Actor – Using the Art of Visualization to Construct the Rainbow Bridge (2706) 326 MB .wmv file

CAROL PARRISH: Weaving a Bridge from Here to There (2707) 380 MB .wmv file

KEITH BAILEY and MICHAEL ROBBINS: Meditation – Fusing Humanity’s Highest Ideals (2702) 135 MB .wmv file

CLAIRE BEYNON: The Urge to Creative Life (2708) 366 MB .wmv file

FRANCIS DONALD: Working with Color and Symbol workshop (2710) 527 MB .wmv file

KEITH BAILEY: A Temple Percussion Concert 478 MB .wmv file

Friday April 12, 2013

MICHAEL ROBBINS: Universalizing Humanity’s Religious Impulse (2715) 233 MB .wmv file

Musical Interlude – Sharon Little (MUSE) 50 MB .wmv file

NIKLAS NIHLEN: Cosmic Order as the Seed of a New World Religion (2717) 340 MB .wmv file

LAWSON BRACEWELL: The Soul’s Reveille (2718) 360 MB .wmv file

HEIDI ROBBINS: The Language of Fire – Poetry on the Burning Ground (2719) 353 MB .wmv file

KEITH BAILEY and MICHAEL ROBBINS: Meditation – The Unifying Fire of Love (2702) 176 MB .wmv file

DOROTHY RIDDLE: Healing the Cleavages Between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ (2722) 513 MB .wmv file

Music, Poetry, Re-Creation (2728) 162 MB .wmv file

Saturday April 13, 2013

SHELDON & HALINA HUGHES: Strengthening the Hands of All True Servers (2726) 543 MB .wmv file

Sunday April 14, 2013