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"Your Place in the Divine Plan" presented by Michael Robbins. A Theosophical Society lecture in Denmark, on the evening of May 24, 2010.

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Your Place in the Divine Plan Part I 44 MB .mp3 file
Audio of Part I of the Theosophical Society lecture. The Initiation of our planet. Going into Aquarius under Saturn. Knowing what our subtle energies may be. Three stages of the teaching. Great Invocation. Clarifying the cleavages and bridging them. Approaching unity and bringing about a day of crisis. The externalization of the Hierarchy. Conditions necessary for the reappearance of the Christ. Possible planetary destruction. The need for love. Buddha, the Spirit of Peace, and the Avatar of Synthesis. Discovering yourself as soul. The degree of soul unfoldment. Understanding your ray chart and astrological energies.

Your Place in the Divine Plan Part 2 40 MB .mp3 file
Audio of Part 2 of the Theosophical Society lecture. The Masters who are involved with the externalization. The ten seed groups as fields of service. Requirements for the first initiation. The qualities of the seven rays. Studying your actions and face to determine your rays. Examples of people on each ray. Use the knowledge of your energies to help others.