Unfortunately there is an occasional student of the occult who has

become so prejudiced against the Bible, or against much that it

contains, that he is unable to appreciate the fact that some of the most

important and basic truths of the Wisdom Religion may be found

therein, clothed in different language. Among these basic truths is one

in relation to Divine Healing. The same truth is frequently referred to

by Bible students as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Cosmic electricity and Fohat are practically identical, and,

although it may seem like blasphemy to many, Fohat and the Holy

Spirit in operation are identical.

The Sons of Fohat are Sound, Light, Flame, Magnetism (heat),

Attraction, Repulsion and Cohesion. The gifts of the Holy Spirit in

their last analysis as forces are the above mentioned cosmic energies,

and the power used by occult means in the healing of disease is

Magnetism. The process of healing by this means depends upon the

practitioner's ability to raise the vibration of the affected organ or part

of a body by means of the magnetic fluid in himself and in his patient.

The rise in vibration allows the diseased cells to attract to themselves

the positive power of the elemental builders, of vital force (Jiva), and

to repulse the negative elemental destroyers of the same vital force,

and so to heal the disease. It is a process analogous to that of using

electric power to start a gasoline motor. The human being who has

allied himself with the positive elemental building forces of life by

persistent effort and normal living may be able consciously to direct

magnetic energy to a given point in the body of another, and so arouse

the dormant cells at that point by his own life force. He may start that

energy into action by a formula of words (sound) and by Will, and so

help to drive out the negative elementals from a diseased organ, but if

neither he nor his patient knows how or where to dispose of those

ejected elementals they may return with redoubled fury to the body

from which they were ejected. And what is infinitely worse, if he does

not know the back karma of the soul from whose body he has helped

to drive those elementals, and the fundamental cause of the disease

from which it suffers, he may do much more harm to both his own

soul and that of his patient than he has done good to the body. Truly it

is said, "fools rush in where angels fear to tread."

The Christian and Mental healers as a rule base the righteousness

of their acts of healing on the examples furnished by the Master Jesus,

[TT 452] but they do not call attention to the record of His act of

driving "the devils" . the elementals . afflicting the sick man into a

drove of swine, nor do they perceive in that act a necessity for some

similar act on their own part before attempting to heal a disease.

Neither do they pretend to put the question asked by the disciples of

Jesus, "Who did sin, this man or his parents ?" when an inquiry is

made as to their willingness to heal the sick, which question in the

mouths of those disciples plainly showed belief in karma and

reincarnation. Upon the answer received seems to have depended.

their power or willingness to heal. For it must be remembered that

Jesus had been teaching those disciples the secrets of occultism for

many days.

Every sincere and earnest disciple has a perfect right to pray over,

lay hands upon, or otherwise minister to the sick, and by so doing

align himself with spiritual forces or beings which may use him as a

vehicle to awaken the healing or building forces in a patient if he

preface his act by aspiration and by an act of renunciation whereby his

personal will is entirely subjected to the Divine Will. His personal

responsibility is thus limited. He has nothing to gain of a selfish nature

in return, in such an instance, and so is indifferent, in the highest sense

of the word, as to the results of his act. He can neither affirm nor deny

the cause or the cure of the disease, neither can he accept payment for

such service, or attempt consciously to expel or disperse the elemental

forces which are the cause of the disease without knowing how to

dispose of them. He who utterly ignores or defies the karmic effects of

such action is running very close to black magic.

If fitted for such service man is at perfect liberty to use nature's

material remedies for the healing of disease under right conditions, for

those remedies and the physical bodies treated belong to the same

plane of life or state of gross matter, and the building and destroying

elementals which have built up both those remedies and the physical

bodies are of the same or similar degrees of life to those which have

caused the disease, and which act and react on the same planes of life.

They are not what they are often termed, "Spiritual forces", therefore

the karmic result of their use is altogether different.

It is in the ignorant use or misuse of Spiritual forces for material

ends that man's culpability lies. As a rule the average man is entirely

ignorant of the after effects of such use. A Master would be able to

use Spiritual forces for the gaining of right ends, for the reason that he

knows exactly to what extent he can safely do so, both for himself or

for others, but no Master would allow himself to be advertised as a

Divine Healer. If he uses his power it is because both he and the

patient belong to the same group soul, and he has been consciously or

unconsciously called upon by the patient to pay some karmic debt of

[TT 453] like nature and therefore has the right to use the power if

conditions and circumstances warrant its use by him.

If it is allowed that there are qualities in human nature which can

only be overcome by sorrow and suffering, and if it be allowed that an

actual necessity exists for the elimination of the said qualities if

evolution on higher fines is to proceed, it should not be difficult to

understand that it must require Divine prescience to determine to what

extent it is justifiable to alleviate the suffering or heal a disease in an

individual case. Neither does the present apparent necessity for

suffering conflict with the even greater necessity for the cultivation of

compassion and all the beatitudes. The first is transitory, the latter is


When all is told, the basic rule of occultism, "Do the right thing at

the right time and in the right place", applies to healing as to all other

forms of action.




Until a student of life can accept the facts, at least tentatively, that

consciousness is the one eternal reality, and that all else is illusion .

reflection . he can never rest in the certainty of attainment in any field

of true philosophy. With every increase of the vibratory pulse of a

world, the increase which takes place on the upward arc of a cycle of

time, the mentality of man enters an entirely new field of adventure.

The devotee of science, invention, politics, sociology, is attracted

toward some new ideal in each individual field of search, and this new

ideal, all unconsciously to himself, will dominate other ideas in the

mind of the thinker. The ideal is new to him then because he cannot

remember similar periods on the upward arcs of preceding cycles

when the same ideal, or some one feature of the ideal, appealed to his

mentality, but which he was unable perfectly to attain because of the

limitations, the exactions which life in a physical body demanded at

that particular time, and because of the action of a divine law which

forbids any one unit of a race to progress very far to which he belongs.

In other words, there is a certain minimum state of development which

must be reached by all the normal, units of the race before the single

units can state of that cycle. [TT 454]

It is by no means easy to retain in mind the fact that it is

consciousness . identity . which creates and moves through all fields

of life, while that consciousness seems to be so firmly imbedded in the

matter of its own creation, and within which it is only capable of

functioning by use of five senses.

It is only possible for man to attain to a full realization of this

truth when the sixth sense begins to unfold, as is now the case with the

more highly developed units of the present root . race of humanity.

As a result of the first flutterings of vital force in hitherto atrophied

brain centers in such highly developed units, the last half of the past

century and beginning of the present one has seen some wonderful

strides in all fields of life, material, psychic and spiritual. Analogy and

correspondence are opening up mind areas which had been closed by

superstition and ignorance, and are being used to augment the results

of investigation by microscope, telescope, spectrum analysis, etc.

Microscopical research alone is furnishing some remarkable

disclosures along the line of the minute forms of life.

The comparatively great spaces between the cells, the molecules,

atoms and electrons, which recent investigation has proven, paves the

way for understanding somewhat of the universes which may exist,

peopled by conscious lives now classified as microbes, germs, etc.,

and even more minute forms of life. Analogy and correspondence

furnish plenty of evidence to the thinker that, as those lesser areas of

space are peopled by minute forms of life, so the wider spaces are

peopled by forms of life correspondingly greater in size ; beings in

which countless other large forms of life now visible to the eye of

man, may be of correspondingly microbic proportion to the

consciousness of such beings. These new discoveries of science are

related to facts which have been known to the Masters of Wisdom for

ages, and many of these facts have been made known to the disciples

of the said Masters long before they were announced by the devotees

of Science now engaged in such research. However, there is one

impassable barrier between the findings of the average scientist and

the teachings of the Masters, and that is that barrier at the point where

spirit and matter meet, and "where one must disappear to give space to

the other." The Master teaches that that point lies in the atomic field of

life, in other words, that neither the atom nor electron is matter, in the

strict sense of the word, but Mind and Soul, entirely different states of

existence within which the microbes of science are non-existent, while

at the same time they are created . built . into form by consciousness,

He teaches that all the forms of the greater as well as the lesser

universes [TT 455] which the scientist now postulates, are facts in

nature also created and animated by consciousness, and as both lie

outside the fields of gross matter and are not subject to the governing

laws of such matter they can only be observed and contacted by the

inner senses . the senses of soul.

One of the very interesting findings of a famous scientist and

microscopist is that the utmost attainable limit of resolving power by

which life in minutia is observable is 1,140,004th of an inch, and that

such restriction is caused by refraction. This means that the ray of

light which enters the lens of the microscope at its axis bends around

the object and enters the eye exactly as though the object did not exist.

However, while this does not mean that organized life does not

exist in minutia beyond that object, it does mean to the occultist that

there are light rays which would not bend in even a microscope of

much greater power, and therefore would leave the object visible to

the eye, if that eye could bear the light ; such rays of light would be

directly transmitted from the Central Spiritual Sun through the sun of

this solar system, but would not be traceable by the physical sense of

sight. The light would be visible to the psychic sense of sight. When

rays of light are diffracted . bent around an object, a window is

opened into the astral plane at the bend, through which man might see

the astral image of any material object in its path if the physical eye

were differently constructed.

Until the scientist can accept the fact that the light which to all

appearances comes from the visible sun is but the reflection of certain

rays of a much greater central sun, his researches in that line will be

unsatisfactory. As the full strength of a chemical may be applied to

some form of gross matter without injury to the latter, but must be

diluted if safely used by a man, and still further diluted if used by a

child, so the energy of the Central Sun is freed by means of certain

rays in proportion to the character of the mass which has attracted

them, whether it be a sun or a world or a man. With the evolution of

the sixth sense, consciousness will have a vehicle by means of which

the human ego will be able to solve many of the mysteries of light

without the aid of a microscope or any other material agent. The

human eye will then be fully developed and will be all that is required

in the line of a microscope. Man will then be able to look through the

aforesaid windows made by bent rays of light which are now opaque

to his vision.

The mind of man is so generally bound by his theories regarding

the constitution of matter that it is difficult for him to accept the fact

that matter has no bona fide existence. [TT 456]




The differentiation of electrical energy to which its latest

investigator has applied the term "Ion", to distinguish it from other

differentiations of the came cosmic energy, and the "Sparks" of

Occulte Science are identical. While modern science has been driven

to accept many of the truths of Occultism, at least as hypotheses,' it is

only one 7 here and there among its votaries who has been able to

apply the theoretical knowledge so gained, in practice ; and it will not

be possible to apply the finer forces in the manipulation of matter to

any remarkable degree until the workers in this field of science are

able to demonstrate to their own satisfaction the intermediate forms of

energy which lie between gross matter . the vehicles of such forms of

energy . and those which more nearly approach the highest poles of

manifested life . Manasic Energy.

While the degree of electrical energy which the occultist

designates Manas, or Ideation, is being applied in its own field of

action : the mental plane, it has not been found possible to direct it in a

manner to show visible or audible effects by any acknowledged

scientist of this age ; and neither has any scientist been able to accept

the statements of occultists who claim to be able to produce such

effects, or to have seen them produced. Yet, until the knowledge is

gained of the possibility that such visible or audible effects can be

demonstrated to the senses it will be impossible to segregate and

demonstrate the reality, of the existence and possible use of the Ion,

and several other forms of the same energy, in the production of

external phenomena. In order to accomplish that feat it is absolutely

necessary to use the Manasic energy outside of its own field, i. e., by

visible or audible effects on or in gross matter, as man has not yet

evolved the senses by means of which he might perceive the natural

phenomena constantly occurring within the fields or planes of

substance in which each form or degree of electrical energy is pre-

eminently active.

Man may be able to gather together the constituent elements, the

chemical agents and reagents, and other forms of substance which

nature has already created, and under exactly right conditions of heat

and moisture succeed in creating a living creature ; but it must be

remembered that practically all he has done is to make conditions

under which the previously created elements, chemicals, etc. ; could

continue to grow. The basic life forces active in every atom and

molecule used in the materials he has brought together were already in

them ; he [TT 457] literally had no hand in creating those basic

materials. If he had only been able to isolate a single molecule of all

those forms of substance that he had gathered, and vas vise enough to

create exactly the same conditions which nature would use in

developing life sparks, from that single molecule would be evolved all

other constituent molecules required to form such a body as the one

that he had been instrumental in bringing to outer form. But nature

would go much further, for while he had to pause when that form vas

created, nature would go on, and from that came molecule would

evolve an organic vehicle through which the electrical energy of

Manas could operate, and that which might be termed a rudimentary

brain would manifest in the form evolved from that single molecule.

But nature could not have performed any of these marvels had it not

been for the basic life . the "spark" which rests at the very center of

every atom which constitutes that molecule.

Notwithstanding our efforts to convey some ides of the four-fold

existence of the Ego on the four planes of life, we are not successful in

all instances, and so we can only try again until our purpose is served.

Many words confuse real issues, and often throw a deep shadow over

what are in fact self-evident truths.

The life and action of the Ego in the four lover of the seven states

of consciousness, the forms through which that consciousness

functions, the states of matter which comprise those forms, and the

motion . the tune . which governs the appearance and disappearance

of those forms in any one or all of those states of matter, are the basic

facts, which alone provide for any understanding of the appearance

and disappearance of the astral and physical bodies from the sight .

the consciousness of each other.

First consider the swinging of the pendulum of a clock, the spring

of which has been wound up to allow the pendulum to swing for of the

spring which sets the pendulum in motion corresponds to the Fohatic

energy which has been set free for an age corresponding to the said

twenty-four hours. That energy sets in action and keeps in motion all

the substance which has previously been asleep through a night of

tune, and moves that substance in perfect rhythm and time

corresponding to the movements of the pendulum of the clock. (We

are not now considering the three highest of the seven states of

consciousness.) Then consider that there are four grades of that

substance, each one more refined, tenuous and elastic than the

preceding one, if we start from that of the physical plane. (The reverse

if we start from the manasic.) [TT 458]

It is through these four planes or states of substance that the Ego .

the unmanifested Spiritual Self of the three higher of the seven~

principles . must function throughout each age, as the cyclic law . the

pendulum of the life-clock . swings that substance around a central

point, in completing one great age of life in order that it may gain

permanent individual life when the hands of the clock have completed

their circles, that is, when the seven great ages are completed.

For the purpose of providing itself with an individual form

through which to function on all planes, all fields of life, the Ego must

evolve a separate vehicle out of each of the four states of substance .

akasic, etheric, astral and physical . which altogether constitute the

composite plane of manifestation. It may simplify this phase of the

subject if we use terms in more general use in attempting to fix this

most important point in the mind. The electric, atomic, molecular and

cellular. divisions of matter, as used in physical science, closely

approach the differentiations of occult science previously given.

If the reader can accept the truth that there is one universe within

another, each one of which is composed of substance in precisely the

state of vibration to which have been given the terms above

mentioned, and that in combination they create an exterior universe

which is the universe we perceive by our physical senses, it may aid in

giving a hypothesis by means of which we may comprehend what is

sometimes termed "the ladder of life" upon the steps of which the

pilgrim, the individual Ego . descends and ascends, from and back to

spiritual life.

For each individual Ego must create for itself, out of the

substance of which each one of these universes is constituted, a form

or vehicle in and by means of which he can live, comprehend, and

finally control the substance of each universe. For instance, the Ego

must evolve a form out of the electric substance, another form out of

the atomic universe, still another form out of the etheric, and yet

another form out of the molecular life of this exterior material

universe, if it desires individual conscious existence on all four planes.

Yet, on his ascent from the lowest step of the ladder he must lose

the consciousness of each universe as a distinct and objective field of

life, retaining only what he has gained from the experience he has

passed through while functioning in the body which was built out of

the substance of that universe.

When he has taken the last upward step of that ladder he ~has lost

all sense of separateness ; the former four universes with their

separated forms no longer obtain in his consciousness, them all has

brought to him. [TT 459]




The blatant materialist or atheist knows in his heart he is not what

he would have other men believe him to be ; he has either built up a

mental image, endowed it with the negative qualities of matter, and

endeavors to convince others that he is that image ; or he is trading on

the weakness of the self-indulgent curiosity . hunter who is ever

seeking some anomaly in nature or in man. A bona fide materialist,

one who disbelieves in Deity, is an utter impossibility in a universe

created in, of, and by Deity, whatever be the name, form or nature that

Deity takes in the mind of man.

By his very nature man must have a God, whether that God is a

Supreme Being, a sun, an image made by his own hands, or an ideal

of a perfect human being, it matters not. The first cry of an awakened

soul for light, whether that cry was smothered in terror of the

unknown, or was loudly uttered in a plea for guidance, comfort or help

in a time of need, is an unconscious recognition of Deity. Possibly the

cry may be an expression of admiration for exquisite beauty or

grandeur, or for some exhibition of phenomenal power ; whatever the

exciting cause, it is the God in him crying out to the God who created

him, for readmission to the Garden of Eden . the state of equilibrium,

perfection from which he was driven by divine law in order that he

might return clothed in immortality.

Every unsatisfied longing for love, devotion, truth ; every wave of

admiration for beauty, in whatever form that beauty is clothed ; every

ambition for strength, power and ability to build some lasting

monument of his own skill, is a half recognized cry to the God the

materialist claims to disbelieve in. His unbelief is negative belief, and

every effort he makes to prove his unbelief to others does but drive

him farther on toward final . positive . belief and recognition of


The mouthings, cursings and invective of the atheist, or his silent

contempt for others who loudly profess their faith and belief in God,

in reality spring from the revolt of the outraged God in himself. The

man who believes his faith in God, and therefore his hope and courage

have departed owing to the evils perpetrated by some other human

being, is mistaken. It is not his faith that is gone ; his temporary

doubts are due to the partial numbing of a single center of the brain by

hard usage, like as a portion of an arm or leg may be numbed from

repeated blows from the outside, and that center win not respond to

the call made by the inner man. But it is not a permanent injury to the

center. Either in the hour of death, or at the [TT 460] coming of some

great unexpected joy, the numbness will depart and he will find

himself saying something like the following : "My God and my King",

or "Thanks be to thee, O God."

The man who bas trained his mind to unbelief by reading

atheistical works or by placing himself under the influence of the so-

called "free thinkers" . the most abject slaves . bas weakened his will

by coming so entirely under the power of negative suggestion, and is

of all men to be sorrowed over, for he bas entered the path to

annihilation. There is no life outside God, and man bas been left free

to choose whether he will have life or death, in the end.

The recognition and acceptance of the Higher Self which comes

to the student of philosophy, after he bas passed a period of what he

believes to be atheism, is the result of the soul's effort to bring the

lover self back into close communion with Deity, for God and the

Higher Self are one. The terminology applied to the Supreme Self by

different expositors of religion and philosophy bas given rise to' much


If disciples could bear in mind one great truth it would tide them'.

over many deep streams of doubt and unbelief ; that is, the truth that

the highest concept of any human mind is a concept of some one or

more aspects of Deity. It is of no permanent consequence whether he

terms that concept God, Brahm, Jehovah or the Higher Self, for, the

time being. It is the recognition of the Supreme whether he places it

inside, outside, or both inside and outside of his physical self. That

Supreme Self knows, for it is Knowledge, when any aspect of Itself is

raised to recognition of Itself. The more perfect that recognition, '' the

more complete the identification . the union, of the human will with

the Supreme Will, the more wisdom, knowledge and power is at the

service of the individual Ego. The sooner man realizes that there is but

one Will active in the universe . the Will of God-and that it is on his

use or misuse of that Will that he is dependent for power, the sooner

he will come into his divine inheritance.




Down twenty centuries of time, repeated over and over, by word

of mouth, by pen and symbol sure, endorsed, denied by countless

peoples of all tongues and climes, have tome the burning words of

One who knew whereof He spoke : "Ye cannot serve both God and

Mammon." [TT 461] Even now they are not understood in full, save

by the few, the chosen ones of earth. Applied atone to mediums of

exchange, to gold and silver, flocks and herds, to lands and houses,

Mammon stands for man's possessions only ; yet He who gave it

utterance meant a wider range of that which stands for wealth than

man now gives to it. Mammon ! Beast ! In truth the words are all but

interchangeable in this age, and if by beast the lover self of man is

also meant it will fitly express that which the great Master meant by

Mammon. Man cannot serve the beast within himself, and serve his

Higher Self, his God, at the same time.

The demon would slay the Higher Self had it the power.

A liar, a deceiver, a murderer, a foul epitome of selfishness and

lust, such is that lover self . a tempter of the pilgrim starting out to

climb the Path of Power.

If man would reach a star he must travel the lone path which leads

thereto. The star route is a lonely route. If man bas sought and found

the only other soul that could by any means walk by his side along

that route blessed indeed is he. Alas, but all too often does he pass that

soul unheeding, mayhap contemptuously, unfeelingly. Desire or

ignorance stays his steps upon the very threshold of success while he

dallies with the tempter and strives to climb all hampered as he is to

the step beyond. But this fie may not do, and so must wait for time to

forge another link between the links of the chain which would bind

him to his other self. Or, having found that other self and started up

the Path, a demon in the form of earthly power or pride awakens from

the sleep in which it bas been wrapped-and lo, the Beast, the Mammon

power, hath seized and thrown him once again.

It stands and faces man or lurks behind at every halting place

upon the Path, and not until his feet are shod with the sandals of Self-

knowledge ; not until his band clasps close the Staff of "True

Indifference" tan he safely, surely tread the Path to his Father's house

and hear that Father say, "Well done, my son, the Beast is slain."




Does the seed of a plant attempt to put forth leaves for the

purpose of attracting the necessary constituents from the air for the

nourishment of roofs, or flowers for the formation of new seed, before

it bas even commenced to put forth a stalk to support the flowers ?

[TT 462]

Does a wise parent attempt to put a child through a college course

before the child has matured a brain by means of which it may

comprehend the rudiments of even a single study of such a course ?

Yet many people are attempting to accomplish a purpose which is

fully as impractical and unnatural as would be a similar purpose by

seed or parent. If it were possible to accomplish such a purpose the

result would be unnatural, for the following among many other

considerations : absence of the functions by means of which the

necessary nourishment . physical or mental energy . could be

supplied from the outside to permit of the bursting of the shell of cell

or molecule in order that the within may become the without ; and

inability to maintain that which has come forth until its divine purpose

is fulfilled in the development of new seed or cells.

If it were possible to accomplish either purpose the result would

be a monstrosity, an abnormal thing incapable of fulfilling the divine

purpose. In no case is this truth more evident than in the over-

development of the quality of egotism in the character of a man or

woman. The seed of the quality of egotism is "egoism" . individuality

. notwithstanding the generally accepted definition of the word, for

the Ego is the spiritual seed of the individual, the consciousness of the

"I am."

The quality of Humility bears a certain correspondence to the

stalk of the plant or the trunk of the tree. It is the quiet unassuming

force which is the real support and base of supplies for the more

exoteric features of individuality. True humility is absolutely

necessary for spiritual growth. Over-development of the quality of

egotism ; and a corresponding under-development of the quality of

humility is ever noticeable in the leaders of mobs. A dearth of actual

knowledge, a little desultory reading, attendance upon certain classes

of lectures and a course of mental gymnastics have fitted the rabid

egotist for such leadership. The normal development of the qualities

of egoism and humility, all things else being equal, serves to fit one

for true leadership ; but one so fitted is generally backward about

asserting himself. Unless a definite call has been made upon him by

others he will avoid everything which tends to push him to the front.

His knowledge of his own limitations is so keen it is actually painful if

he be placed in a situation where he appears to stand forth as a

superior in the eyes of his fellow men.

An egotist has no more chance to unlock the jewel case of Deity

and estimate the value of the treasures therein by means of the seeing

eye than a chicken has to estimate the value of a tray of precious gems

in a jeweler's window. [TT 463]

The ranter on the street corner who draws a crowd to listen to an

arraignment against all ruling heard of political economy, the history

of cyclic laws, or the inevitable results pushed to the wall by his own

incompetence, or indolence, is one example of over-developed

egotism. As a result of his ranting, possibly a large number of people

are aroused to frenzy, and instead of trying to find some real remedy

for what may have been a mental or moral disease, he heads a mob to

wreak vengeance on some other man who is in a position of power,

yet who is, in all likelihood, equally a victim of circumstances,

environment and wrong educational methods. Or, to bring an

illustration closer to everyday life ; the egotistic husband and father of

a family who, because of his inability to make any deep impression on

his fellow workers in some field of labor, yet who is convinced that he

is a much misunderstood and unappreciated victim of the ignorance of

others, makes his home a place of torment to wife and children by his

rigid rule over them, his constant demands upon their credulity, his

repeated criticism of words or acts, by reminders of their supposed

inferiority, as well as by prophecies of the evils to befall them because

of their lack of respect or regard for him, when in fart his inferiority to

many others his family are frequently contacting, his lack of self-

control, his narrow concepts of the great realities, are all so self-

evident to the family that, despite their real affection for him, there is

aroused such a feeling of contempt for his littleness, such a disregard

for his injunctions, that in the end something approaching hate

develops in their minds, with a desire to get so far away from him that

they will never have to behold his face again.

I have no intention of confining my remarks or arguments to the

masculine sex, in giving these illustrations, for they are equally

applicable to the feminine sex, and are daily becoming even more so

as women are being forced all unprepared, more and more into the

positions formerly held by mates atone. Some of the qualities which

are pre-eminently active in the sex make the female heads of families

or of business houses peculiarly trying to those who are under their

control. I refer more particularly to small jealousies of each other, the

character of jealousy seldom noted in the mate sex. While jealousy is

one of the prevailing limitations of the mate it is exercised in larger

ways. But all this is incidental. What I am striving to arouse in those

to whom my words apply in any special sense is the [TT 464] to form

a correct estimate of one's real position in the scale of life. This power

cannot be won so long as self-satisfaction and egotistic pride

predominate over those qualities which make for fair and just

judgment. One method of accomplishing this purpose is to cultivate

the habit of seeking the great, the perfected in the minutiae of art and

science and in nature, and among the humble, the inconspicuous, the

hidden people and things of life.

When you fully comprehend the vast truth that the invisible

molecule is possible of subdivision into innumerable lesser divisions

have more regard for the hidden things of life, for each subdivision is

capable of the generation of energy of incomparably greater power

than that of the mass from which it was subdivided. The is capable of

generating power enough to drive the world out of its present orbit if

the ability to direct it were at the command of a human being whose

trinity of action . Desire, Will, and Mind . was sufficiently developed

to permit of his awakening that energy from its semi-conscious state

and directing the course of its movements.

The time will come when man will be no longer subject to many

of the cruder forms of energy which now limit his action so greatly ; a

time when he will have learned that the many layers of matter which

now seem to make impossible his reaching to the center of any form

of life are in fact illusions possible of dissipation by the means he now

possesses yet fails to use, owing to its simplicity, and to his present

contempt for the very qualities by which alone it would be possible for

him to recognize and use those means.

The man or woman who flatters you, works on your vanity,

praises you beyond your deserts, is one of your worst enemies, for

whether you are conscious of it or not he is adding to the natural

menstruum of your pride and conceit and preparing the way for the

lower self to build therein.

Strive by self-examination to look yourself honestly and fairly in

the face, to recognize the qualities which belong to your lower selves

and gain control of them. Of course, it is a long task . but you have

Eternity to accomplish it in, so do not let that deter you from making a

beginning, lest even Eternity be too short.




In the study of Music at Headquarters the subject of Dissonance

was introduced for discussion and proved to be of such deep interest

[TT 465] that it was thought advisable to get as much light on the

subject as was possible, therefore the following questions were asked

of the Master when an opportunity was given, and were subsequently

answered by him in an instruction which we give in full together with

some comments by the Guardian-in-Chief

1. What is Dissonance ?

2. Has it Polarities ?

3. What is its action on the qualities ?

4. Is it good or evil in its results ?

Dissonance sounds the Key for the dissociation of the atoms of

concrete substance. Divine Law uses the force of Dissonance to

resolve one state of substance into another state. You can only reach a

full understanding of its uses by studying its natural effects on

objective forms, on people and things. It is the uses to which it is put

that determine its good or evil aspects, its effects on the qualities.

Dissonance resolves Harmony into Discord, Love into Hatred,

Peace into Battle. Harmony in music may lull the mind and body into

a false sense of security. Dissonance may arouse mind and body to

action. The final result of such action may be anything but desirable,

or it may be the exact reverse, and yet you cannot truthfully say that

either Dissonance, Harmony or Discord is good or evil in itself.

Dissonance is a force, i. e., the passing of one state of energy into

another. Harmony is a state of Consciousness. Dissonance may turn

Discord into Harmony, yet as Discord is also a State of Consciousness

it also may be influenced to a great degree by Dissonance.

Having reached its gamut . the end of its triune

action-Dissonance may then reverse its course of action ; the positive

aspect of its action may assert its purpose and return to its point of

departure. From that point it may then resolve discord into harmony,

harmony into love, love into unity . the end of the line of its uses

throughout an objective cycle.

It is toneless in itself although it may be used to strike the Key to

a tone. At certain definite periods in a Manvantara when the positive

aspect of the force is pre-eminently active, the disruptive,

disintegrating power of action is as it were unshackled, and turned on

those phases or places in a universe or world as the case may be,

which has reached its apogee . the height of its spiral course . and

Divine Law then uses it to tear apart old forms until another period of

the cycle is reached, at which time the course of action is reversed

again, turned towards the reconstructing, integrating, of the primordial

matter through which it is acting, the matter which is then in a state of

flux, and from that state of flux into definite form. [TT 466]

Of itself Dissonance is nothing ; it is only in its uses that it may

be made manifest. The present period of this manvantara gives

opportunity for the unleashed powers of disintegration, and

Dissonance in all fields of life and action is playing a tremendously

vital part.

As an illustration of the nature and purpose of Dissonance,

consider the following :

Divine Law (God in action) proclaims a decree,

speaks "The (Creative) Word" : i e., sounds the

keynote to a note . a rate of Vibration. If that decree

adversely concerns conditions previously prevailing

and the change is to be precipitated within the

confines of a harmonious, a balanced state or

condition, the force or energy instrumental in

creating the change would be negatively opposed to

the neutral, the harmonious state or condition, and

would result in changing the latter into a discordant,

inharmonious state.

The Divine Decree would in its proclamation have

struck the keynote to a change in the vibratory pulse

of that state, i. e., it would have lowered the rates of

vibration previously in action, and that which

produced the change would be the force of

Dissonance. The force would have been evoked in

the proclamation of the Decree and the Divine

purpose ; the method and means of accomplishment

would operate simultaneously.

During that period of any grand cycle when the force

of Dissonance is most active it will be found that in

all fields of Art, music, literature, invention, and in

national and family life there is a strong tendency in

evidence towards the breaking up of old forms, and

much discord and friction. In religion it will appear

in loss of faith and increase of doubt ; in

governments, in much lawlessness among the

masses ; and in the trust of the earth in much

volcanic and seismic disturbance.

In another, a later period of the same cycle all this

may be reversed. It is to be hoped that the difference

between Discord and Dissonance may be recognized

and that humanity may learn to use the force of

Dissonance in a beneficent manner instead of, as is

largely now the case, being used by it to individual



If I have read the instruction aright, the terms Dissonance,

Harmony and Discord are used in a more general and wider sense than

that in which they are generally applied. The words Dissonance and

Satan may be interchangeable to some extent.

Lucifer . Satan . the bright angel banished from Heaven because

of his Aride and disobedience, brought sorrow and suffering upon the

human race, but as a final result of his act Man is evolving to a state

much higher than would otherwise have

If the Master's interpretation of the purpose and final effect of the

force he terms Dissonance be accepted these would appear to be

practically the same as are those which are laid to be the purpose and

final effect of the action of Lucifer, i. e., the disintegration of matter

and the breaking up of all old forms of life.

The word Harmony in general use is indicative of a heavenly or

harmonious state or condition, but a state which may be destroyed by

Dissonance . Satan . but which may also be re-created by the

opposite pole of the same force, Consonance, at definite periods of

time, and this must be accomplished by the very laws of his being, for

Satan is both good and evil in the last analysis.

He, or It, changes harmonious conditions into discordant

conditions in the lives of men by inciting them to disobedience to the

commands of God, yet in the nature of the Christos he must reverse

those conditions.

While there is a strong disinclination in the minds of many to

assent to the idea of a synthetic Christ and Satan as is put forth in

some of the older philosophies, yet the idea of successful opposition to

God by Satan or any lesser being or power seems even more difficult

of acceptance by others.

The word Harmony as used in music is made to include Concord,

Consonance, Dissonance and Discord, but as indicative of a Cosmic

state of consciousness, energies or forces these words do pot bear the

same relation to each other,

Occultly speaking, Harmony has its correspondence in "the Triple

Key", Atma-Buddhi-Manas. It is all inclusive until differentiation

takes place. Buddhi-Manas in differentiation has polarities and

Consonance and Dissonance would correspond to the polarities of

Buddhi-Manas. Buddhi synthesizes, Manas analyzes.

In differentiation or manifestation Concord and Discord are states

of Energy or Consciousness. In differentiation Consonance and

Dissonance are polarities of the force which is used by Karmic and

Cyclic law to resolve substance of lower vibration into harmonious or

discordant conditions, according to the periods of a Manvantara in

which that force is used by divine law.

On the upward arc of any cycle the positive pole . Consonance .

would be pre-eminently active, on the downward arc of the same cycle

Dissonance would be most active.

While the Master did pot use the word Consonance in his

instruction it is clearly indicated as "the positive aspect" of the force

of Dissonance. It must be understood that the Master was pot using

the above-mentioned terms in relation to Music atone, but in a much

broader and higher sense.

G. in C.

Additional Questions Asked the Master

1. Can you verify my comments on Dissonance, so that they

could be incorporated as part of the Instruction ?

2. Would the word Intersonance include the polarities of

Dissonance and Consonance ?

G. in C.


If Exoteric interpretation by students of words indicating Cosmic

Forces is preferable to the Esoteric interpretation of the same words as

given by you, there would naturally be room for argument. From the

esoteric point of view taken up by you, you are absolutely correct.

The instruction entitled Dissonance as given by me was not given

for the purpose of verifying the adaptation of the same terms as used

in musical composition, but rather in exposition of Cosmic forces.

However the common use of the prefixes "dis" and "con" should

indicate opposition.

The happy use of the word Intersonance by your brother comes

very near to indicating the neutral zone between the polarities

Dissonance and Consonance. It is applicable to the zone of light . on

an, interior plane, from which Dissonance and Consonance are

differentiated, i. e., brought into manifestation, and also Harmony and

Discord as interpreted by me.

The energies which manifest as Light and Sound on the physical

plane are one on an interior plane.




Step by step, through incredible anguish and suffering, the human

race is evolving to a degree where the taking of human life will no

longer be tolerated by that race ; and as a final result of that evolution

all degrees of matter constituting the physical plane are changing, but

the completion of those changes can not occur during the

manifestation of the Fifth Race of humanity. All cosmic eventualities

must first appear as ideals in the racial mind. Ideals of universal

pence, universal freedom, love and harmony taking form in the minds

of the more highly evolved units of the present race will be

consummated in a later age. In the present age as in all preceding

ages, the highest ideals the humanity of the age is capable of reaching

are the final [TT 469] results of the life and teachings of the teachings

are always first given to a group of chosen neophytes or disciples in

the age preceding the one in which it would be possible to bring into

manifestation on the physical plane the ideals which have formed as a

result of the widespread efforts of such a group as I have referred to.

In a Messianic cycle there is more rapid growth and even

objectification of high ideals than in other cycles, as is evident at the

present time ; for while there appears to be a great increase of what is

generally termed evil on the one hand, there is a correspondingly great

increase of effort on all fines which make for righteousness. The ideal

of the establishment of permanent pence between all nations of the

earth is rapidly taking form in the more highly developed minds of all

nations, and it is the result of the teachings of a single group of

disciples during the last Messianic cycle. But that pence can not be

consummated until the decrees of Karmic law are carried out-the

karma made by the rejection of those teachings by the masses then in

incarnation-and the abuse of those teachings in succeeding ages.

It must be remembered that as the different races and sub-races

overlap each other, so do the decrees of Karmic law overlap each

other. Comparatively speaking, there is little of the karma of a race or

nation perfectly fulfilled during the cycle in which that karma was

made. The decrees of racial and national karma, both good and bad,

now being made in the present war, will overlap some of the early

sub-races of the Sixth Race, to be fulfilled or expiated during the

Third and Fourth sub-races, of the same root race, when will occur

another Messianic cycle, and when all the unexpiated karma of all

preceding races will fall on the humanity then under the testing out

forces for the highest point of development a race could reach the final

testing of man for his Divine Inheritance . Mastery. possible escape of

karmic action in the present cycle should not be an inducement to the

man of high vision to plunge into the present holocaust. He should

have a higher motive than that of escaping karma by entering active

service, if that were possible. A nation or a man is only justified in

warring with another nation or another man when the life and safety of

his own, or some other nation, or some other life is at stake, and the

motive is DEFENSE.

There was a time, not so many years ago, when much of the evil

karma the present race is now paying, might have been paid by other

means than those which have precipitated the present world crisis, but

the people would not hear or obey the injunctions . nay, the pleadings

of the Initiates and Prophets of the Great White Lodge as they were

voiced through preceding centuries, as well as in the century [TT 470]

which closed in the year 1898, leaving the karmic law no other

alternative than that which has culminated in the present world-wide

struggle. But this does not mean that war is ever right from the highest

spiritual standpoint (where Spirit and Matter are one), and a neophyte

of the White Lodge should be careful to make distinctions when

voicing his own position or that of the Temple of the People. As an

individual his action should be governed by motive and duty,

regardless of the final fruits of his action, whether he takes an active

or passive part in the war. If convinced that the life and safety of the

people of his own nation or those of another nation, with its teeming

races of humanity, are at stake, and he believes his duty calls him to

take an active part in the defense of that nation, he should not be

considered a renegade to principle, any more than should the man be

considered a renegade to his race who sees his duty in another

direction. Either man may be a far greater man, spiritually speaking,

than the other because of the purity and unselfishness of his motive

and the sacrifices he may be called upon to make. To his own Higher

Self must he stand or fall. But whatever may be his personal action, or

motive for action, or for inaction, he has no right to confuse the main

issue by claiming that the body of which he may be a part, a body

built on the principle of the brotherhood of man, irrespective of nation

or creed, can not be perfectly right if it is unable to endorse his motive

for action or inaction, as the case may be. He is perfectly right from

his standpoint owing to his controlling motive. The body of which he

is a part is right from the standpoint of that universal principle alone.

There is a wide margin between universals and particulars, and wise

indeed is the man who can fill in that margin with data which are right

and just from a spiritual standpoint.

Because of the tremendous responsibility assumed by the

mentality of man when such an issue is under consideration as the

surrender of the vehicle through which the incarnating Ego must

contact the world of matter in order to vindicate what is to that

mentality a spiritual principle, the thinking entity, Man, must take

heed lest the thought waves of others impinge so powerfully on his

mentality as to make his presentation of a question to his Higher Self

more the question of some other individual or individuals, than his

own, and the answer received either by direct word or impression,

might apply more perfectly to those who had influenced his mental

action, than to him directly.

The basic unity of the human race is responsible for this

possibility, as the more closely the spiritual planes of action are

approached the more the essential unity of the race is manifest to the

soul. Therefore, the responsibility of the [TT 471] to the influence of

others when some important decision is to be made is as great as is

that of the one or more who are freeing those thought waves in order

to influence that decision. The thought waves of the audience, in the

case of a murder trial, may do far more to influence the verdict and

sentence of jury and judge than all the evidence submitted could do.

The negative condition into which judge and jury would necessarily

fall, as a result of long tension, would prepare the way for such

influence. If there be a current of sympathetic action between any two

people the danger of undue influence is all the greater, therefore all

the more cure should be exercised when any important decision is to

be reached.




The universe expands under the breath of Fire-Spirit-the Father, at

the beginning of a Maha Yuga . a great age, and contracts under the

breath of Substance . the Mother, at the end of that period. The degree

of expansion and contraction is contingent upon the divine impulse

sent out from the center of all life. Every atom in every solar system

expands and contracts in corresponding ratio at the rising and setting

of the sun upon its field of action, and this action is dependent upon

the impulse sent forth from the sun when it is high noon at any point

of any planet belonging to the solar system.

When man turns his nights into day by means of artificial light,

for toil or pleasure, he must inevitably suffer as a result of thus acting

in opposition to natural law. The physical body naturally falls into a

more or less comatose condition as the energy of contraction is set up

in the atoms of that body, at sunset, and if man oppose his will to the

natural law which governs Motion, at the time when his body is

subject to the contracting forces of the Solar orb, he throws his whole

body out of harmony. In such an instance the forces of attraction and

repulsion are at war in his body, each one striving to usurp the power

of the other so that neither one can perfectly perform its natural

functions, consequently much of the energy of cohesion-the

combining force, sent forth from the heart center when the life

currents flow naturally to and fro from that center, is lost, the

expansive energy of the vital currents is impeded, and there is no

opportunity for cell [TT 472] growth and development ; consequently

degeneration has set up in the nucleoli of the cell before the allotted

life cycle of the incarnated ego is complete.

The same laws govern all forms of organized life to a greater or

lesser degree, i. e., according to the perfection or imperfection of the

organized body, whether the body is created by Divine or human will.

If the constituent parts of a body, the members of an organization,

created by man, turn the night . side of their nature . the effects of the

action of the lower mind . to the purpose of obstructing the functions

of the higher mind . the day . side of their nature, symbolized by the

organizing central point of the body, corresponding to the sun, the

welding force, the cohesive energy, of the central point can no longer

exert the same power, the expansive energy of the body is cut off, and

the growth of the body is impeded.

Not understanding the working of natural law, or permitting their

knowledge to lie dormant, the majority of the students of the

philosophy we sent to the western world through H. P. Blavatsky,

allowed the qualities of the lower mind to usurp the functions or

attributes of the higher mind. They turned the currents of suspicion,

self-interest and factional disturbances upon the natural heart center .

the appointed representative of the Initiates, and drew away from her

the life forces of sympathy, understanding and loyal support upon

which her life work depended. So far as the said students were

concerned, she was no longer able to function the currents of force

from the White Lodge for their benefit, for they had lost the power of

attraction which drew those currents to them, and they fell under the

influence of whosoever had the power to attract them in the world at

large. All this being true, it stands to reason there could not be a

perfect, permanent vehicle for the continuous transmission of those

Lodge currents until a sufficient nucleus of naturally law-abiding, law-

understanding people were drawn together, a nucleus of disciples who

cared enough for their own, development, and the development of the

races of the earth to make determined, persistent effort to dominate

those aforementioned qualities of the lower self, and permit the

attributes of the higher mind to function their natural forces, and so

bring about expansion of the body.

With the completion of the formation of such a body the question

of the worthiness, the ability and power of the selected center, the

Agent, is stilled. The body knows beyond question, that it has received

just what it demanded from the Initiates by its aspiration and devotion

and that its development depends upon its own conduct toward its

heart center. [TT 473]

False to H. P. B. and her teachings, a disciple could hardly be true

to the present agent of the Lodge, for he could not have worked out

the karma of his offense in so short a time and still be in incarnation,

except through some such super-human effort as the average man

would not dare undertake. This accounts for the abject failure of so

many early students and their continual drifting from one point to





From the Master K. H.


That there has been a failure so far as the successful establishment

of a vast organized body is concerned, is beyond controversy ; that is,

such a body as was planned by the Initiates of the White Lodge when

they sent their representative to the Western world. These causes

were, first abnormal development of the quality of egotism

unsupported by knowledge, among the early investigators of the

Wisdom Religion ; second, great increase in the number of imitators

of the phenomena produced by true Initiates, and the natural reaction

which followed the exposure of fradulent methods of producing

phenomena ; third, false claims to personal guidance of the

unfaithfulness to vows of discipleship, and consequent contempt for

such weakness in the minds of those who had previously considered

such solemnly pledged disciples as examples for others to follow ;

fifth, false teaching along the fine of sex ; lest, but by no means least,

an army of braggarts who have constantly poured forth accounts of

personal contact with the Masters, accounts in which the wisdom and

worth of the braggart was duly extolled and the lack of spiritual

perception in the case of their followers greatly deplored. The final

result in such instances has been the arousing of suspicion and the

direction of adverse currents of force against the true disciples of the

Masters, which has stultified their efforts to interpret and give forth

the valuable teachings of the Wisdom Religion to a world in travail.

What should have been the greatest, most far reaching organized

effort for good in the world, by this time, has become a heterogeneous

[TT 474] mixture of small cults, each one under the direction of some

pseudo-occultist who is incapable of fulfilling his or her promises to

followers. Only here and there among these groups may be found a

genuine chela of the Masters who is endeavoring to leaven the lump of

fraudulent or unwise teaching presented to their number. Of all the

enemies by whom these chelas are beset there are none capable of

inflicting so much injury to the cause of occultism as the before

mentioned braggarts, who by their claims of superior development and

of the constant supervision of their "personal Master" arouse strong

feelings of envy or of discouragement on account of the seeming

difference between the claimant and his whilom student, who finally

sinks into a state of despair or of disgust at everything bearing the

name of occultism. Such an one is unable to recover from the shock to

his inner nature throughout his whole life. The evident ignorance of

the causes back of the desertion of erstwhile followers is the most

hopeless feature of the failure of such self-deceived braggarts.

There are false prophets, deceivers and liars in every religious

movement, but there are not always the opportunities for braggadocio

in those others that there are in a body of students of occultism.

Eventually the truth will prevail in the case of the first mentioned

movements and the deceived one will be rehabilitated in his own

estimation, but in the case of the utterly disheartened and discouraged

student of occultism it is difficult for him to recover his former state

of security, for the claims of the braggart will present themselves

repeatedly to his mentality, and he knows just enough of some of the

facts of psychic development to understand that such claims might

possibly be justified in the case of the braggart, while at the same time

his Higher Self is trying to convince him of the worthlessness of those

claims, consequently there is a continuous state of confusion in his

mind and he never feels sure of either side of the argument.

But for the fact that there are the few who have remained faithful

to the teachings of the Masters who gave the truths of the Wisdom

Religion to the Western world, those Masters might well despair. But

while there has been the failure I have mentioned, in many instances,

and despite the injury inflicted on numerous groups of people by the

ignorant and selfish, the force of the main tenets of the Wisdom

Religion . Karma, Reincarnation, and the Seven Principles of life .

has permeated the thought currents of the world, as is evidenced in

changes which have occurred in science, art, literature and religion ;

and it is because of that fact that there will be sufficient antagonism

opposed to the present day revival of orthodox philosophy to prevent

its reaching the same low level of cruelty, inhumanity and pure

diabolism which a similar wave reached in the 17th century when the

notable [TT 475] Blue Laws enforced the burning of suspected

witches, the jailing of the Sabbath breaker and the inhuman treatment

of women accused of breaking the Seventh Commandment, as well as

countless other crimes against humanity ; and if only so much good

has been accomplished the work of the Initiates of the White Lodge

has not failed, in the true sense of the word failure.

The return of the spokes of the cosmic wheel to a similar point of

the world spiral is accountable for the present antagonistic wave

against materialism and occultism. The course the wave is taking was

to be expected. It will do its appointed work and make way for the

return wave of the Wisdom Religion. Nevertheless, the has sustained a

great temporary loss by the failure of so many students of occultism to

rise to the heights presented to them, and their failure has made it so

much more difficult for the faithful to accomplish the task given them

to perform.