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Scorpio Compilation
From Esoteric Astrology, by Alice A. Bailey

See Michael Robbins' Tapestry of the Gods, Volume III

Tests of initiation under Scorpio

You will note that the human Hierarchy (on chart 9-IV-4) is assigned no particular element as it has to fuse and synthesise them all. This is part of the great tests of initiation under Scorpio. (EA p. 37)

Scorpio and the 7 solar systems

II. MAGNETIC ENERGY...................................................... Solar Fire

   4. The 7 solar                        | Taurus

      systems................. | ......... Mars....................................... Third Creative Hierarchy

                                    | Scorpio                                                 (the 10th) Unknown

                                                The Fixed Cross

All the above energy is called into play as far as man is concerned whilst he is in training as a disciple and upon the Path of Discipleship. (EA p. 50)

Scorpio is also a triple sign

Scorpio is also a triple sign, closely resembling the symbol of Virgo.

These two signs are crucial in the experience of the human being, indicating as they do the function of the triple form and the liberation of the man imprisoned in the form, through the tests in Scorpio wherein he proves to himself and to the world the reality of that which Virgo has veiled or hidden. (EA p. 56)

Scorpio and the Crisis of Reorientation

From the standpoint of commencement in Aries until the man—through many turnings of the wheel of life—reaches the point of reversal and reorientation. The man progresses from the point where, in Cancer, he forms a part of the mass with the mass consciousness, inchoate and unfocussed, and with no recognition of objective (except the satisfaction of instinctual desire) until in Scorpio he becomes the triumphant disciple, having found himself in Leo. Then comes the Crisis of Reorientation which may take a long time and constitute an interlude of many lives of struggle. (EA p. 60-61)

Scorpio and Transformation

5. Cancer and Scorpio, through Neptune and Mars, are related to Ray 6. Transformation of the mass consciousness into the inclusive consciousness of the disciple.

                        The Triumphant Disciple (EA p. 67)

Scorpio and Death

Scorpio, which brings about eventually the death of the personality and with which we shall later deal when we come to consider that sign. Esoterically as well as exoterically, Scorpio is the sign of death and burial in the earth, of descent into the depths in order to be lifted again on to the heights (the mountain top in Capricorn). It is stated in some of the most ancient books that "the heat of the earth, the mother, and the sting of the Scorpion are the beneficent gifts which the turning of the wheel gives to the man at the beginning and the end." These gifts, when accepted and used, bring a man to liberation and eventually from the control and pain of the Fixed Cross.

… The heat of earth, the fiery temper of the mother, destroyed the form, released the soul and so the lesser self was killed (Scorpio).

…2. The death by suffocation in Scorpio releases man into the planetary centre which we call the Hierarchy. (EA p. 96-98)

Scorpio and the Science of Divine Dying

This Science of Divine Dying underlies the well-known phrase "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world," and when the relationship between Aries, Scorpio and Pisces is properly understood (as the linking and merging of the three crosses) a new light will be thrown upon all subsidiary sciences—exoteric and esoteric. The teaching in The Secret Doctrine about the reincarnating monads who are called the divine Sacrifices, Lords of Knowledge, Will and Sacrifice, will be clarified. (EA p. 98)

Scorpio related to Aries through Mars

It is interesting here to note also that through the ruling planet, Mars, the average man born in this sign is related to Scorpio, and thus the Cardinal Cross is related to the Fixed Cross. Points of crisis can thus be noted when the horoscope is considered from this angle. At the same time, Aries is related to birth, through Mercury who rules Aries esoterically, and also Virgo, of which Mercury is the exoteric ruler. (EA p. 98)

Mars leads to the battle ground of Scorpio

Mars embodies sixth ray force which leads to idealism, destructive fanaticism frequently, struggle, strife, war, effort and evolution. God's idea in Aries becomes the concrete plan in Capricorn whether that objective is the full flower of the planetary life in all its forms, the ambition of a personality working out its own ideas and ambitious worldly projects or the spiritual aspiration (worldly ambition [Page 100] transmuted into its higher aspect) of the initiate, who seeks to work out God's plans and make them his own. In every case, Mars leads to the battle ground of Scorpio.

… 1. The crises of the battle field, leading to the culminating battle in Scorpio and the liberation into life in Capricorn, the place of the higher initiations, after the reversal of the wheel. (EA p. 99-100, 101)

The subjects relation to Scorpio

2. Or, is this person beginning to manifest as a soul, pouring light through dense fogs of illusion, and preparing for the major tests in Scorpio, to be followed by initiation in Capricorn? (EA p. 103)

Scorpio and Mercury

Therefore, when we find that the power of Mercury is lessened in Pisces and that it finally "falls" in that sign, what is the esoteric and spiritual meaning? Simply, that after the stage of initiation in Capricorn, as the result of the reversal of the wheel and the consequent experiences, and after the triumph of Scorpio, the power of the mind lessens steadily till finally (like other aspects of form life in the three worlds) it comes to an end and its meaning and illuminating aspects between soul and physical brain are no longer required.

The man, coming definitely into full soul consciousness, requires now no mediator but deals directly himself with his emanating source. Mercury is then met with again under another name, this time as the Sun, mediating between the higher aspects—soul and spirit—for Mercury and the Sun are One. Through Mercury, the mind is illumined and relation is established between personality and the soul.

As Mercury, the Sun—the mediator—shifts to a still higher plane and is no longer mediator between two different stages in consciousness but between life and consciousness itself; this is a very different matter and effects the higher understanding. This will necessarily be incomprehensible to you at present for it is not a mediatorship between differences but a fusion of what is already related. Are you any the wiser for that statement? (EA p. 131-32)

The Tests of Scorpio

3. In Scorpio—In this sign, the disciple undergoes those tests which will enable him to take the second initiation and demonstrate that the desire nature is subdued and conquered and that the lower nature is (by being lifted up in the air, i.e. into heaven) capable of reaching the goal for this world period, and that from the earthy foundations of Scorpio the personality can be so tested that it shows fitness for the world service demanded in Aquarius.

This is beautifully expressed for us in the legend of Hercules, the Sun-God who overcomes the nine-headed Hydra or serpent of desire by being forced to his knees and from that position of humility lifts up the serpent into the air, and then deliverance comes. (EA p. 143-44)

In Scorpio the personality is occultly killed

In the polar opposite of Taurus, Scorpio, the personality is humbled and brought to grips with the soul; in that sign the personality is "occultly killed and then resurrected into air and light," in order to become from that moment the servant of the soul. (EA p. 145)

Scorpio and the 2nd Initiation

Capricorn opens the door into the Hierarchy in a higher aspect when the last three initiations can be undergone and the significance of Scorpio and of Virgo is understood. (EA p. 157)

Scorpio conditioning the Battle

It was this reversal which was the true cause of the great contest or battle between the Lords of the Dark Face (as they are called in The Secret Doctrine) and the Lords of Light—a contest which is today persisting. Certain men then reached the stage of discipleship wherein they could consciously mount the Fixed Cross and be prepared for a major initiation. This the Forces of Materiality and of Obstruction (as they are sometimes called) fought and the battle was fought out and conditioned in the sign Scorpio. (EA p. 160)

Scorpio in relation to Disciples and Initiates

2. The disciples of the world today and advanced humanity are equally in a state of turmoil. They are being tested and tried, prior to taking a major step forward—in some cases this will be the taking of the first initiation and in others the second. This is brought about by, and brings in, the forces of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, plus a general pervasive influence coming from Gemini. You have here three signs found in the Fixed Cross and one in the Mutable Cross conditioning and affecting the world disciples, and all of them of terrific importance and potency today, owing to the stage of development and the sensitivity of the disciples and world initiates.

3. The initiates, in their turn, are being subjected to the impact of energies from Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces—an inflow of force from each of the three Crosses. These three forces enable the initiates to take the third initiation. (EA p. 162)

Disciples and Initiates related through Scorpio

You will note that the world disciples are related to the mass of men through their responsiveness to influences emanating from Gemini, and to each other through Scorpio. This produces in them the capacity to respond to test, to a sense of the vision (through the illumined eye of Taurus) and to use their power of individuality [Page 163] through a developed personality and through the potency of Leo. Initiates are brought into relation to the world disciples through the constellation Scorpio, to the hierarchical centre through Capricorn, and to the mass through Pisces, the sign of all world saviours. (EA p. 162-63)

Scorpio and the reversal of the Wheel

Second, that during the period of the Mutable Cross five constellations are concerned with the experience of man upon the path of daily life, of constant rebirths and of karmic difficulty. Four of them lead to Scorpio, in which sign comes the point of the reversal of the Wheel. (EA p. 166)

Scorpio releases the mind into full governing activity

Gradually, as the aeons have slipped away, the instinctual nature has receded steadily into the background or below the threshold of consciousness, whilst the intellect has become more and more dominant and an increasingly potent factor. In [Page 180] Scorpio the mind is released into full governing activity. This release takes place in two stages:

Stage 1—Wherein the intellect becomes dominant and powerful and controls eventually the emotional nature.

Stage 2— Wherein the intellect is illumined by the light of the soul. (EA p. 179-80)

Scorpio stands midway between two signs

I would suggest that the student bear in mind the position of this sign. Scorpio stands midway between two signs of balance or of equilibrium—Sagittarius and Libra. Libra marks an interlude or a notable point of balance before the strenuous testing and trial of Scorpio. Sagittarius marks another point of balance which follows after that testing, for the [Page 190] Archer has to acquire and hold a steady eye, hand and stance prior to firing the arrow which, when rightly directed and correctly followed, will carry him through the portal of initiation. (EA p. 189-90)

Mind tested in Scorpio

Secondly, the power of the mind, having been developed, tested and found true in the sign Scorpio, begins to wane in its activity and the intuition begins to take its place. This is essential before the sign Capricorn is entered by the disciple and preparation for initiation begins. (EA p. 192)

Scorpio related to Sirius

The four signs—Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius—are related to the following stars which are not numbered in the twelve signs of the zodiac; they constitute another field of relationships:

Aries to one of the two stars, found in the constellation, the Great Bear, which are called the two Pointers.

Leo to Polaris, the Pole Star, found in the Little Bear.

Scorpio to Sirius, the Dog Star.

Aquarius to Alcyone, one of the seven Pleiades.

There is little that I can tell you in connection with the energies pouring into the four zodiacal signs from these distant though potent points of outgoing energy; they are part of the life expression of an Identity, immeasurably superior to and more advanced than our solar Logos.

A few hints may, however, be of service to the truly esoteric astrologer who may study these pages, particularly where Scorpio is concerned. Scorpio, at this particular stage of human evolution, governs the Path of Discipleship. You will note here also how Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius form a peculiar triangle of force, but of this I will later deal in Chapter III under the heading, The Science of Triangles. (EA p. 194-95)

Scorpio, Hierarchy and Sirius

Another triangle of energy also appears: Aries, Leo and Polaris, and they are doubly connected through the medium of the Pointers.

Scorpio is under the influence or inflowing energy of Sirius. This is the great star of initiation because our Hierarchy (an expression of the second aspect of divinity) is under the supervision or spiritual magnetic control of the Hierarchy of Sirius. These are the major controlling influences whereby the cosmic Christ works upon the Christ principle in the solar system, in the planet, in man and in the lower forms of life expression. It is esoterically called the "brilliant star of sensitivity." You have therefore:

Polaris—The Star of Direction—governing Shamballa. Later, another Pole Star will take the place of Polaris, owing to the interplay of forces in the universe and the general shift and movement. But the name and quality of this star will only be revealed at initiation.

Sirius—The Star of Sensitivity—governing the Hierarchy.

Alcyone—The Star of the Individual—governing humanity.

Scorpio is the great constellation which influences the turning point both in the life of humanity and the life of the individual human being. For the first time in the history of both mankind and disciples the energy of Sirius, pouring into the seven groups which form our planetary Hierarchy evokes a response. (EA p. 197-98)

Scorpio and the Path of Discipleship

3. Scorpio—an aspect of the Fixed Cross, of peculiar and specialised potency upon the Path of Discipleship and preparing, with its tests and trials:

a. The process of re-orientation, whereby a man mounts the Fixed Cross and leaves the Mutable Cross.

b. The disciple for the first, second and third initiations. After the third initiation, its peculiar testing potency is no longer felt.

4. The Hierarchy.—The distributing agency to the various kingdoms in nature.

5. Mars and Saturn.—Both these planets are exceedingly potent in connection with initiation into the life of the Hierarchy; Mars is potent in relation to Scorpio and Saturn in relation to Capricorn. This involves the intensified activity of the 6th and the 3rd rays and their energies, and when these are rightly employed there comes liberation from form control and the release of the conscious individual. (EA p. 199)

Relinquishing of desire in Scorpio

Aquarius relates humanity to the Pleiades and therefore to Taurus in an unusual manner. The key to this relation is to he found in the word desire, leading, through the transmutative processes of life experience, to aspiration and finally the relinquishing of desire in Scorpio. (EA p. 199)

Scorpio provides "points of crisis" and "moments of reorientation,"

In order the better to understand the nature of discipleship and the processes of stabilisation and right direction, we must precede the Capricornian experience of initiation with a careful study of the spiritual implications of the sign Scorpio and of its function in providing "points of crisis" and "moments of reorientation," as this will be of the utmost value to the earnest student. (EA p. 202)

The tests of Scorpio

The tests of Scorpio are necessarily three in nature as they concern intimately the readiness of the threefold personality:

1. To reorient itself to the life of the soul and later

2. To evidence readiness for initiation.

3. To demonstrate sensitivity to the Plan thus becoming the one-pointed disciple in Sagittarius. (EA p. 203)

Nine Tests of Scorpio

The three major tests are again divided into three stages, and upon the Path of Discipleship the man may find himself passing into this sign for testing and experience nine times. The fact of the three tests each existing in their three stages may convey a hint to esoteric astrologers as to the purpose of the three decanates into which each sign is divided—a point upon which I shall hope to touch when we come to our study of the Science of Triangles.

Each test (and therefore each decanate) concerns the three aspects which in this Treatise on the Seven Rays we have called: life, quality and appearance. Thus the three great tests in Scorpio are in reality nine tests and hence the nine-headed Hydra or Serpent which is ever associated with Scorpio and hence also the nature of the stupendous victory achieved by Hercules, the Sun-God, in this sign.

It is interesting to note that each of the great Sons of God Whose names are pre-eminent in the minds of men—Hercules, the Buddha and the Christ—are associated in the archives of the Great White Lodge with three special signs of the zodiac (which in a peculiar manner constitute the "zodiacal decanate") in each of which They passed from test to victory.

In Scorpio—Hercules became the triumphant disciple.

In Taurus—The Buddha achieved victory over desire and arrived at illumination.

In Pisces—The Christ overcame death and became the world saviour. (EA p. 203-4)

Scorpio test on the physical plane

Scorpio carries the test right down into the physical plane life, and then, when it is faced and handled there, the life of the man is carried up into heaven, and the problem which the test involved is solved by the use of the reasoning mind. (EA p. 204)

Tests of Scorpio

The three tests in Scorpio also concern the three aspects of the human being as they fuse and blend upon the physical plane. They are, first of all, the test of appetite. This appetite is the natural predilections and tendencies which are inherent in the animal nature and these are mainly three: Sex, physical comfort, and money, as concretised energy.

They are, secondly, the tests connected with desire and the astral plane. These are subtler in nature, producing automatic effects upon the physical plane; they are not inherent in the animal nature but are imposed by the desire nature and are again three in number: Fear, hatred and ambition or desire for power.

Then there are, thirdly, the tests of the lower critical mind which are: Pride, separativeness and cruelty. Remember that the worst kind of cruelty is not of a physical nature but is more mental in character. Therefore, you have in the category of that which must be tested and proved to be non-existent the following categories, which I am re-enumerating because of their basic importance:

            | 1. Sex—the relation of the pairs of opposites. These can be selfishly utilised or divinely blended.

(1)        | 2. Physical comfort—life conditions, selfishly appropriated.

            | 3. Money—selfishly cornered (if I may use such a phrase).

             | 1. Fear—which conditions activity today.

(2)        | 2. Hate—which is a factor in conditioning relationships.

             | 3. Ambition—conditioning objectives.

             | 1. Pride—which is intellectual satisfaction, making the mind the barrier to soul control.

(3)        | 2. Separativeness—which is the isolated attitude and which makes the mind the barrier to right group relations.

             | 3. Cruelty—which is satisfaction with personality methods and which makes the mind the instrument of the sense of power.

When these faults are realised and are overcome, the result is twofold: the establishing of right relations with the soul and also with the environment. These two results are the goal of all tests in Scorpio. (EA p. 205-6)

Scorpio and the Dweller

The keynotes of this sign are, therefore, test, trial and triumph. They can also be called struggle, strength and Sagittarian attitudes. Another angle of the experience in Scorpio can be covered by two words : re-capitulation and re-orientation. In Scorpio, two most occult factors emerge from the past and begin to engross the attention of the disciple.

One is memory and the other is, as a consequence of the memory, the Dweller on the Threshold. Memory in the sense here involved is not simply just a faculty of the mind, as is so oft supposed, but it is essentially a creative power. It is basically an aspect of thought and—coupled with imagination—is a creative agent because thoughts are things, as well you know. From ancient recesses of the memory, from a deeply rooted past which is definitely recalled, and from the racial and the individual subconscious (or founded and established thought reservoirs and desires, inherited and inherent) there emerges from individual past lives and experience that which is the sum total of all instinctual tendencies, of all inherited glamours and of all phases of wrong mental attitudes; to these (as they constitute a blended whole) we give the name of the Dweller on the Threshold.

This Dweller is the sum total of all the personality characteristics which have remained unconquered and unsubdued and which must be finally overcome before initiation can be taken. Each life sees some progress made; some personality defects straightened out and some real advance effected. But the unconquered residue and the ancient liabilities are numerous and excessively potent and—when soul contact is adequately established—there eventuates a life wherein the highly developed and powerful personality becomes, in itself, the Dweller on the Threshold. Then the Angel of the Presence and the Dweller stand face to face and something must then be done.

Eventually, the light of the personal self fades out and wanes in the blaze of glory which emanates from the Angel. Then the greater glory obliterates the lesser. This is, however, only possible when the personality eagerly enters into this relation with the Angel, recognises itself as the Dweller and—as a disciple—begins the battle between the pairs of opposites and enters into the tests of Scorpio. These tests and trials are ever self-initiated; the disciple puts himself into the positive or conditioning environment wherein the trials and the discipline are unavoidable and inevitable.

When the mind has reached a relatively high stage of development, the memory aspect is evoked in a new and conscious manner and then every latent pre-disposition, every racial and national instinct, every unconquered situation and every controlling fault rises to the surface of consciousness and then—the fight is on. The keynote of Scorpio is, however, Triumph. This is its major expression upon the physical plane.

As a result of struggle and of victory, the whole divine man—not yet perfectly expressing himself, if I might word the situation thus—is anchored upon the physical plane with such accuracy and clarity that there is no escape from the environing conclusions of the disciple's family, friends and group that he is a disciple. From that angle he is meticulously watched; he learns the meaning of the word "example"; he is pilloried by those who are onlookers and the first conscious stages toward group awareness and group response, plus group service, are now taken. Such is the outcome and the reward of the experience in Scorpio. (EA p. 206-9)

In Scorpio, the prodigal son comes to himself

It is in this sign that the prodigal son comes to himself, and having eaten of the husks of life and having exhausted the resources of worldly desire and ambition—he says: "I will arise and go to my Father." There are two such major crises in the life of the aspirant:

1. When the intelligent man of the world comes to himself and then re-orients himself to the soul and its requirements. This leads to the tests in Scorpio.

2. When the initiate of the third degree—upon a higher turn of the spiral—re-orients himself to the Monad and passes through most subtle tests to certain undefinable and spiritual recognitions. Upon these we need not enlarge. (EA p. 208-9)

Scorpio-Taurus Spiral

Desire in Taurus becomes spiritual aspiration in Scorpio. The darkness of the experience in Scorpio becomes illumination in Taurus, for it must never be forgotten that where the pairs of opposites are concerned they gain and profit from each other, for there is a direct line of force and of contact between the two. This is a fact which is seldom recognised. (EA p. 209)

Rulers of Scorpio

We come now to a consideration of the Rulers which govern the sign, Scorpio. Their influence is potent in the lives of the average or undeveloped man who responds more easily to the planetary influences in the twelve houses of his personality horoscope than does the more advanced man who is coming under the direct influence of the zodiacal signs. Through these Rulers, two rays are brought into a potent controlling position in Scorpio; they are the sixth Ray of Devotion and the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, the latter having a peculiar relation to the mode of human development and the former to the methods of the Piscean age which is just passing. Mars and Mercury control and Mars is particularly active, owing to the fact that Mars is both the orthodox planet controlling the personality in Scorpio and also the esoteric planet conditioning the unfoldment of the disciple. Mars is the dominating factor in the tests and trials of the disciple, prior to the experience in Sagittarius and the initiation in Capricorn, and this for the following reasons:

First, Mars is definitely the planet which rules and controls the physical vehicle. Mars appears first of all as the orthodox ruler in Aries, the sign in which the first move is made towards bringing about objective manifestation, or physical incarnation. In Scorpio, the result of all the struggles carried forward during the seemingly endless pilgrimage around the zodiac or wheel of life is brought to a point of climax, again through the activity of Mars which has not appeared actively in the intervening signs between Aries and Scorpio as far as the reversed wheel is concerned.

The disciple has now to demonstrate the strength, character and quality which he has unfolded and developed within himself during his long pilgrimage. He started in Aries with Mars ruling, and the great war between the dualities which constitute the man began. The pairs of opposites were thus brought into relation with each other. In Scorpio, with the same planet ruling his interior life, the war is on and in this case Mars rules not only the physical body but the entire form vehicle, which we call the personality in the three worlds.

All aspects of the lower nature are involved in this crisis, for Mars is the esoteric ruler in Scorpio and the tests applied involve the form nature—gross and subtle, integrated and potent. Mars, therefore, rules Aries from the orthodox angle and Scorpio esoterically, and does not again appear in the life of the individual except as that individual responds to mass vibration in Sagittarius, where Mars appears as ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunar lords of the form nature who must eventually be sacrificed to the higher spiritual aspect and brought under the control of the solar Angel.

The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and group results, producing great struggles but leading finally to great revelation. In Aries, it is the final revelation of the nature of knowledge and the purpose of incarnation; in Scorpio, it is the revelation of the vision of liberation and service; in Sagittarius, it is the revelation of the purpose of soul control over the lower kingdoms in nature, via the human centre of energy.

It must consequently never be forgotten that Mars establishes relations between the opposites and is a beneficent and not a malefic factor, as is so often supposed. When we come to study the Hierarchies and their relation to the signs, certain points which are at present obscure will be clarified. This we shall do when dealing with our final point in this section upon astrology and the rays. We shall then find that Scorpio rules and governs the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human from the angle of the soul and not from the angle of the lower nature.

The final struggle in Scorpio only takes place when the point of balance between soul and body has been reached in Libra and it is in Scorpio that the preponderance of the spiritual energy is imposed upon the lower personal forces. Scorpio governs "the initiates," which is the true esoteric name of man, and through its hierarchical planetary ruler, the Sons of Mind, the Messengers of Deity are revealed, but it is through Mars and the Martian activity that the revelation comes about.

Secondly, Mars is closely related to sex, which is an aspect of the pairs of opposites, and its effect is also definitely to vitalise the blood stream; it vitalises, purifies and stimulates all aspects and organisms in the body, via the blood stream. It will be obvious to you, therefore, how the tests in Scorpio and the activity of Mars are potent to arouse the entire lower nature and bring about its final rebellion and the last stand, so to speak, of the personality against the soul. It is Mars who brings the world Arjuna into the active fight. The whole man is then engaged and the "quarrel of the sexes" is resolved in its highest aspect through the battle between the highly developed personality or form nature and the soul which seeks to be the ultimate controlling factor.

The colour assigned to Mars is, as you know, red and this is a correspondence to the colour of the blood stream and hence also the association of Mars with passion, with anger and a sense of general opposition. The sense of duality is exceedingly powerful. Hence also the necessity for the entire life of man (for the blood is the life in this sense) to be swung into the conflict, leaving no side of human nature uninvolved; hence again the need for the disciple to carry his physical nature, his emotional or desire nature and his mental processes up into heaven. This takes place as a consequence of overcoming the "serpent of evil" (the form nature with its promptings and demands) by the means of the "serpent of wisdom," which is the esoteric name oft given to the soul.

In connection with the symbolic connection between Mars and the blood, producing the resultant conflict between life and death (for Scorpio is one of the signs of death), it is interesting to note that Christianity is governed by Mars. One is apt to recognise with ease that the sixth ray, working through Mars, rules Christianity. It is a religion of devotion, fanaticism, of high courage, of idealism, of the spiritual emphasis upon the individual and his worth and problem, of conflict and of death.

All those characteristics are familiar to us in the presentation of Christian theology. It is however pre-eminently a religion which has waged a cruel and oft illogical war upon sex and its implications; it has emphasised a militant celibacy (militant where women and their rights and natures are concerned); it has regarded the sex relation as one of the primary evils in the world and has laid the emphasis upon the inviolable nature of the marriage bond when endorsed by the Church. ...

One of the reasons for this travesty of the truth has been that St. Paul, that great initiate, prior to taking the third initiation which he did at the time he was functioning as related in The Acts of the Apostles, was potently under Martian influence and was born in Scorpio; a study of his horoscope would demonstrate this were you in a position to study as can we who are connected with the Hierarchy. It was he who gave the Scorpio-Mars slant to the interpretation and exposition of the Christian teaching and deflected its energy into channels of teaching which its Founder had never intended. Such is often the undesirable effect of the activities of well-meaning disciples upon the work which they undertake to carry on after the originator of some work for the Hierarchy passes over to the other side through death or relinquishes his task in order to take up other duties.

The blood theme and the death theme, the suffering and the dire testing of the disciple, the value of the individual conflict and the consciousness of the misery of existence are basically due to the combined influences of Scorpio and of Mars which have ruled Christianity for so long and which are only now beginning somewhat to lose their influence.

A study of the processes of death as the sign Scorpio conditions them and the processes of death as we see them working out in the sign Pisces would be of very real value. Death through the influences of Pluto and death through the influences of Mars are widely different. Death in Pisces through the energy of Pluto is transformation—a transformation so vital and so basic that the

"... Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of the ocean of life; he descends into hell, but the gates of hell hold him not. He, the new and living One leaves below that which has held him down throughout the ages and rises from the depths unto the heights, close to the throne of God."

The connection of these words with Christ, the present world Saviour, is obvious in their implications, and yet they were written in our archives over seven thousand years ago. Death in Scorpio is of a different nature and is also described in the same ancient writing in the following words:

"... Ancient One dies by drowning. Such is the test. The waters envelop him and there is no escape. He drowns. The fires of passion are then quenched. The life of desire ceases its appeal and to the bottom of the lake he now descends. Later, he re-ascends to Earth where the white horse waits his coming. And this he mounts, proceeding towards the second death" (that is, towards Pisces).

The reference here to Sagittarius is clear. The disciple—after the death of the personality and after the killing out of desire—goes on towards Pisces where again he dies "unto an eternal resurrection." In Scorpio there is the death of the personality, with its longings, desires, ambitions and pride. In Pisces there is the death of all attachments and the liberation of the soul for service upon an universal scale. Christ, in Pisces, exemplified the substitution of love for attachment. Christianity exemplifies the death of the personality, with individual and not universal implications; love has been conspicuously lacking and the controlling colour of Christianity has indeed been red.

It is not Christ's expression but the Scorpio-Mars presentation of St. Paul. Mars has ruled Christianity because St. Paul misinterpreted the esoteric significances of the New Testament message and he misinterpreted because the truth—like all truths as they reach humanity—had to pass through the filter of his personality mind and brain; it was then unavoidably given a personal slant and twist and this is responsible for the sorry historical story of Christianity and the dire plight of the nations today—ostensibly Christian nations yet swept by hate, ruled by fear and at the same time by idealism, governed by a fanatical adherence to their national destiny as they interpret it and "out for blood" as the piling up of armaments discloses. All these are sixth ray characteristics, emphasised by Scorpio and conditioned by Mars which ever rules the path of the individual disciple, and today the world disciple, humanity as a whole, stands at the very portal of the Path. The entire west is at this time under Martian influence but this will end during the next five years.

Thirdly, Mars governs the senses which are five in number. These senses are the basis of all human knowledge where that which is tangible and objective is concerned or inferred. Mars, therefore, rules science and hence the reason in this present era for the fundamental but not permanent materiality of science—a materiality which is rapidly lessening as Mars nears the end of its present cycle of influence. Already, the trend of modern science is shifting into the realm of the intangible and into the world of the non-material. Hence also the fact that the opposition to occultism is waning and its day of power approaching. These subtler senses will supersede the physical senses over which Mars has so long had a successful control, and hence again the growth in the world today of the psychic senses and the appearance on every hand of the subtler and more esoteric powers of clair-voyance and clair-audience.

This development is inevitable as the influence of Scorpio and of Mars begins to lessen, as is the case today. The year 1945 saw this influence almost completely vanish, particularly from the astral plane. Astrologers would do well to remember that the influence of the constellations, signs and planets, work out upon three levels of awareness—three descending levels—and are felt first of all upon the mental plane, then upon the astral plane and finally upon the physical plane. ...

... You will see from this how important are the functions of Scorpio and Mars upon our planet at this time, and you will note also how brief a time remains in which humanity can (rightly or wrongly) handle its tests. You will realise also the pressure under which the Hierarchy at this time struggles now that Martian energy is expressing itself upon the astral plane. Will the world Hercules lift this problem up into heaven and "elevate the Hydra" of passion and hate, of greed and aggression, and of selfishness and ambition up into the region of the soul? Or will it carry the whole matter down on to the physical plane with the inevitable corollary of world disaster, world war and death? Such are the problems with which the guiding Hierarchy is faced. (EA p. 209-17)

Scorpio related to Cancer

Scorpio is also most interestingly connected with the constellation, Cancer, through the influences of the sixth ray, for it should be remembered that that ray is also expressing itself through Neptune, but in a spiritual and esoteric manner. Neptune governs Cancer esoterically. The significance is therefore clear, for Cancer is the sign of birth; it is the door into incarnation and the sign of generation. Scorpio is the sign of sex and of regeneration, and birth is ever the intended result of the sex relation.

Father-spirit and Mother-matter when brought together produce the Son. The tests and difficulties and pains of this era are symptoms or indications of the "entering into manifestation" of the new civilisation and culture. They portend the birth of the new era for which the entire world waits. This will happen if—speaking esoterically—the sixth ray energy of Mars is transmuted into the sixth ray energy of Neptune, for the one is "objective and full of blood" and the other is "subjective and full of life." ...

… Cancer, being the door to incarnation, has a close relation to Scorpio through Neptune and Mars, both of whom are expressions of the sixth ray energy. In Cancer, you have the devotion of the soul, developed to such an extent that the urge to manifest overcomes all other urges, and the processes of incarnation impose themselves upon the soul. In Scorpio, that same spirit of devotion (which is based on the sense of duality and the need to go out towards that which is not the Self) is turned in the reverse direction and the urge towards liberation and the desire to tread the Path of Return becomes so strong that the disciple submits to tests, reverses—at tremendous cost and pain—his position upon the wheel of life and assumes the attitude of the Observer in contradistinction to that of the Experiencer. Old identifications cease; new trends toward higher, subtler and more spiritual identifications begin to appear and then Neptune and Mars begin to play their part. (EA p. 217-18, 220)

Scorpio related to Aquarius

The point which I am here making is that through the influence of Mercury and Neptune the group consciousness of the individual is developed, so that through the tests in Scorpio and the experience in Aquarius the disciple emerges on the physical plane into the position of a world server; all world servers are decentralised workers and are governed by the need and the reactions of the mass or group. That is one of the reasons why, when in training, disciples are absorbed into a Master's group which is integrally a collection of individuals who are imbued with the group idea and are learning increasingly to react to it. (EA p. 219)

Four dominant signs for Scorpios

A close study of all the above relations will reveal the fact that four signs of the zodiac play a dominant part, therefore, in the life of the man who is working whilst in incarnation with his Sun in Scorpio or with Scorpio rising. These are:

1. Aries            Cardinal Cross Initiating impulse           Life.

2. Cancer         Cardinal Cross Focussed impulse         Incarnation.

3. Scorpio        Fixed Cross      Reversing impulse         Return.

4. Aquarius       Fixed Cross      Group impulse  Service.

These are signs 1-4-8-11. These numbers in themselves are most significant for they are the signs of will-desire, of human expression, of the Christ principle and of initiation. There is no need for me to enlarge upon this fourfold theme and the truth of its implied teaching, for it is obvious and clear and the history of the soul is sealed up in these numbers. (EA p. 220-21)

Scorpio on horizontal arm of Fixed Cross

In connection with the vertical and the horizontal life of the Fixed Cross, it is instructive to note that the vertical life of the man upon that Cross (no matter in what sign his sun may temporarily find position), is ever Aquarius-Leo. This indicates that the self-centred individual in Leo learns the lesson of the Cross and becomes decentralised, group conscious, and given to service. The horizontal arm is Taurus-Scorpio, indicating that desire for materiality is finally superseded by desire for the spiritual values, and this is demonstrated through the tests in Scorpio.

Earth and water (Taurus and Scorpio) must be blended and related and it is this truth connected with these two signs of the zodiac which lies behind all teaching upon baptism and purification. The earthly material desires of Taurus must in due time be brought under the influence of the purifying water in Scorpio. Baptism by water (a name for the second initiation) needs a preparatory period of testing and purification, and this the experience in Scorpio is intended to give.

Likewise, fire and air (Aquarius and Leo) must also be blended and thus the four elements as well as six out of the seven rays must all play their part in conditioning the man in Scorpio for the final stages of the Path. (EA p. 223-24)

Rays of Scorpio

This brings me to two points about which I would like to speak a word. In dealing with the horoscope of the personality and with the average non-aspiring man, the astrologer should endeavour to discover the personality ray from a study of character, of the physical indications, of the emotional qualities, of the type of mind and the nature of the environment. He will then be able to lay out a far more useful chart with the orthodox planets ruling the life. In the case of the horoscope of a disciple, he should do the same, endeavouring to discover the ray of the soul. The soul ray only sets its mark and emphasises its quality and nature in the case of advanced people, and when that emerges clearly, the man is obviously a disciple and the esoteric planets will then govern his chart. Having determined the ray of the man undergoing tests in Scorpio, the astrologer can then place the other rays in relation to him and his probable experience. (EA p. 221-23)

Dignities in Scorpio

The place of the planets in this sign is also most revealing, and in line also with the general purpose of the experience in Scorpio, as outlined above. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio; the power of Venus is lessened in this sign, whilst the Moon falls. What do these facts symbolically portray? Let me see if I can make the beauty of these implications clear to you.

Uranus is the planet whose characteristics are the scientific mind, which, at this stage of the disciple's career, means that he can begin to live the occult life and the way of divine knowledge can take the place of the mystic way of feeling. It means also that knowledge can be transmuted into the way of wisdom and of light. This necessarily brings in the will aspect or the influence of the first ray (Vulcan) blended with the seventh ray (Uranus) producing the desired manifestation upon the physical plane. Uranus, therefore, initiates a new order of life and conditions and this—when developed in the life of the disciple—in its turn produces an understanding of the causes of things as they are, and the desire to change the old order and the old orientation into the new.

This produces the reversal of the wheel. This can be seen happening today most clearly in connection with humanity and with world processes. Carried forward to its logical conclusion, the influence of Uranus finally produces an unfolded spiritual consciousness in contradistinction to the human; for this reason, Uranus is exalted in this sign and assumes a position of power and of directed influence.

Venus, the intelligent mind, has its power lessened in this sign because the intellect—having been developed and used—must now be subordinated to a higher power of the soul, the spiritual intuition. The Son of Mind, the solar Angel, must now manifest as a Son of God. This solar Angel, when in control, must give place eventually to the Presence. This it has hitherto veiled or hidden. Venus must wane and the Sun—as a symbol of Deity—must wax in influence and finally take its place. Such are the symbolic and esoteric significances.

The Moon is here regarded as functioning in its true nature and, therefore, as expressing symbolically that which is dead. The Moon here stands for the personality and, in the final victory in Scorpio, the personality is entirely vanquished and defeated. Desire is killed, for it is through expressed desire of some kind that personality demonstrates life, quality, appearance. Ponder upon this, for in Scorpio the Moon falls and its influence fades out. (EA p. 224-25)

Great Transformations of Scorpio

Extremes ever meet in the disciple who stands at this midway point or at the centre of the Fixed Cross in Scorpio. The spiritual imagination, which is the factor of greatest service to man, begins to take the place of the ancient glamour by means of which we have fabricated the untrue world in which we appear to live and move and have our being. The self-indulgence which was initiated in Taurus gives way in Scorpio to the selfless attitude of the disciple; ambition gives place to the executive activity of the soul, whilst attachment to personality desires, likes and dislikes is transmuted into the tenacity of soul purpose.

The hidden powers of the soul nature—secret and misused because misunderstood and misapplied and, therefore, misdirected—are superseded by the mysteries of initiation, and the practical understanding of the energies thereby conferred upon the recipient. Such are some of the great transformations which take place in the life of the disciple who submits intelligently to the tests and difficulties in Scorpio. (EA p. 225-26)

Decanates of Scorpio

The three decanates and their rulers are given very differently by various astrologers. One group posits Mars, the Sun and Venus as ruling the decanates of Scorpio whilst another regards Mars, Jupiter and the Moon as the three rulers. Perhaps the truth lies in both conclusions, if we view them from the esoteric standpoint or from that of the undeveloped man... (EA p. 226)

Keywords of Scorpio

The keywords of this sign are significant and illuminating. Deception and triumph—control by Maya and control by the soul—conflict and peace—such are the hidden secrets of this sign and these are summed up for all disciples in the two keywords. Upon the ordinary wheel, whereon the soul is found, blind and apparently helpless, the Word goes forth in the following terms: "And the Word said, Let Maya flourish and let deception rule"; upon the reversed wheel, the soul chants or sings the words: "Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant." (EA p. 226)

Scorpio in the sweep of the Zodiac

It is also the sign of intuitive perception and, on the ordinary way of progression around the zodiac, it comes after the normally drastic experience of the man in Scorpio; this is usually of such a nature that the instinct to self-preservation has been aroused to such an extent that in the dire need of the man (not the disciple, at this time) a call to the soul has gone forth and has evoked response. The first few faint flashes of the intuition have been sensed and vaguely recognised. Then follows the experience in Libra wherein a life is spent in quiet, thoughtful reflection or in a condition of static unresponsiveness; it may be a life of balancing, of weighing this and that, and of determining which way the scales shall fall so that in the next sign certain designed results will occur. The following Virgo life will be either one of a personality, materialistic nature, lived under the influence of the material aspect of Virgo, the Mother, or there will be evidenced a slowly emerging soul vibration, indicating that hidden spiritual life of which the Virgin Mother is the fore-ordained custodian.

As progress is made, recurrently or cyclically, around the wheel of life, these experiences and vibratory activities intensify in character until the time comes when the reversal of the wheel takes place. Then Libra leads on to Scorpio and the active soul life (active through the medium of the personality nature and not simply on its own plane) is registered, recorded and noted in Virgo, and balanced and assessed in Libra, eventually bringing about the tests and trials between the soul and the personality, which latter fights with power and determination to preserve the status quo of the balanced expression of these two where the preponderance of the personality influence is not possible. (EA p. 227-28)

Scorpio and the 4th stage of Meditation—Illumination

In the five stages of meditation (as usually taught) you have the following: Concentration, meditation, contemplation, illumination and inspiration. These five stages are paralleled in the five strictly human signs of the zodiac:

1. Leo—Concentration—Soul life focussed in form. Individualisation. Self-consciousness. Undeveloped and average man. Human experience.

2. Virgo—Meditation—Soul life, as sensed in man, the gestation period. The stage of the hidden Christ. Intelligent man. Personality, as hiding the Christ life.

3. Libra—Contemplation—Life of soul and form is balanced. Neither dominates. Equilibrium. An interlude wherein the soul organises itself for battle and the personality waits. This is the probationary path. Duality known.

4. Scorpio—Illumination—The soul triumphs. Experience in Taurus consummated. Astral glamour dissipated. [Page 229] Soul light pours in. The Path of Discipleship. The Disciple.

5. Sagittarius—Inspiration—Preparation for initiation. Soul inspires personality life. Soul expresses itself through personality. The Initiate. (EA p. 228-29)

Scorpio on the revolving wheel

Next comes Libra, wherein the point of balance is eventually reached between spiritual man and personal man and the stage is laid for the final fivefold process which is, in reality, the subjective correspondence to the outer externalisation upon the Path of Outgoing and which is carried forward upon the Path of Ingoing, or the Path of Return. Then takes place the reversal of the wheel and the beginning of the new orientation and of discipleship in Scorpio, the directed, controlled life of the disciple in Sagittarius, initiation in Capricorn, followed by service in Aquarius and the work of a world saviour in Pisces and final liberation. (EA p. 230)

Scorpio and the history of desire

The history of desire is to be found in the four signs of Taurus, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces.

1. Taurus—the Bull of Desire.—Material desire rules.


2. Libra—the balancing of desire.—The opposite objective to desire is the scales or balances.


3. Scorpio—the victory of spiritual desire.—The soul triumphant.


4. Pisces—consummation of divine desire.—The "Desire of all nations." The Cosmic Christ.

                                                (Appearance.) (EA p. 232)

Disciples tested in Scorpio

Today, the foremost men of the age—disciples, aspirants and the intelligentsia—are being tested under the Scorpio experience whilst the masses are in the Scales; the weight of mass desire will turn them either up towards spiritual decision or down towards material and selfish ends. (EA p. 233)

Scorpio and Sex

It is because of this balancing quality in Libra that this constellation can be associated more specifically with the problem of sex than can any of the others. Sex is usually connected in the mind of the average astrological student with the signs Taurus and Scorpio. This is probably due to the fact that the Bull is so frequently regarded as the symbol of the mad urges of the uncontrolled sex principle and because in Scorpio fundamental tests are applied. For most aspirants in the early stages, sex does constitute a fundamental problem. (EA p. 233)

Scorpio on the reversed wheel

A study of The Bhagavad Gita and of Arjuna's problem when he sat down in despair between the two opposing armies will be found most illuminating in connection with Libra. The great battle which is related in that ancient scripture of India really took place in the first instance in mid-Atlantean days and in the sign Libra. The major conflict of this present, Aryan period is being waged upon a higher turn of the spiral and is under the influence of Scorpio. That in the past prepared the world probationary disciple, humanity, for the path of true discipleship. That in the present is preparing the world disciple to take initiation.

During the vast interim between the Atlantean decisive happening and the present time, a great re-orientation upon the wheel of life has taken place; since then, several million men have passed from Scorpio into Libra (symbolically speaking) and there have been "weighed in the balances" and have afterwards refocussed their desire life towards spiritual aspiration and reinforced their determination to move forward and thus have returned into Scorpio upon the reversing wheel. Ponder upon this thought, for this constitutes the real problem for the masses of intelligent men at this time. (EA p. 238-39)

Scorpio governs the path of discipleship

Prior to the present time, only a few pioneering disciples and a handful of intelligent people could be regarded as freely choosing at the "point of balance" the way that they intend "to tip the scales." Today, there are countless numbers and hence the intense activity of Saturn as we enter into the first decan of Aquarius and hence the same activity because humanity itself now stands upon the probationary path. This, Libra governs and controls, therefore the path of choices, of deliberately applied purificatory measures and the turning point [Page 250] before Scorpio, which governs the path of discipleship, can properly play its part. (EA p. 249-50)

Renewed effort in Scorpio

The power of Mars is lessened in Libra; this is the sign of interlude and Mars is temporarily quiescent, prior to gathering his forces for a renewed effort in Scorpio or for the "quickening" of the spiritual life in Virgo, according to which way the wheel is turning for the man. (EA p. 250)

Hercules raises the Hydra in Scorpio

the light of knowledge of which Taurus is the custodian gives place to the light of wisdom of which Virgo is the guardian, and yields finally to the light of initiation in Capricorn. All this, however, takes place and must take place upon what is esoterically called "the radiant surface of the earth," the plane of form; the assumption or glorification of the Virgin has not yet taken place and the raising up of substance is not yet realised. It is interesting to note that Scorpio establishes the inevitability of this final assumption of matter into heaven in Capricorn, and this is previsioned for us in the story of Hercules in Scorpio when he raises the Hydra high above his head into the air. (EA p. 260)

Scorpio in the logoic quaternary

In this triple relation of three major constellations, one clear understanding characteristic can be noted, and that is their essential duality—the effect of which is obvious and so dramatically present in Virgo. Aries sees the beginning or initiation of the relationship between spirit and matter. Gemini is definitely a sign of duality and signifies the relation of these two major energies in the human or fourth Creative Hierarchy; this dualism is emphasised in a still more intimate and comprehensible manner in Scorpio, in which the note of the evolutionary cycle which it dominates is "the Word made Flesh."

It is the sign wherein the Christ demonstrates His control over matter in the guise of the triumphant disciple. Spirit and matter (Aries ), soul and body (Gemini), the mother and the child (Virgo), the Word and the Flesh (Scorpio)—here are the four signs of creative dualism and inter-related evolution presented and descriptive of the potency and objectives of the fourth Creative Hierarchy. When Mercury, the divine Messenger, the principle of illusion and the expression of the active higher mind, has performed his mission and "led humanity into the light" and the Christ-child out of the womb of time and of the flesh into the light of day and of manifestation, then the task of that great centre we call humanity will be accomplished. Ponder on this for the significance of esoteric astrology will emerge more clearly in your minds if you can understand this fourfold activity of Mercury and the inter-relation of these four signs of the zodiac—connected as they are with the logoic Quaternary. (EA p. 272-73)

Scorpio is the Omega of the Disciple

The relation existing between Virgo and Pisces (between the Virgin Mother and the Fish Goddesses) is well known, for they are polar opposites and their functions are interchangeable in a peculiar manner. In the revolution of the ordinary wheel, Aries and Scorpio mark the beginning and the end, and consummate in the rounded out and equipped personality. They are, exoterically, Alpha and Omega. In the life of the disciple, Virgo and Pisces stand in the same relation. Pisces consummates the work carried forward in this major world cycle. (EA p. 278)

Scorpio—the 8th sign

Upon the reversed wheel, this is the eighth sign, the sign of the Christ and of the indwelling Reality; it therefore marks—in this manner—a new cycle. When self-consciousness is born (as at the moment of individualisation) a new cycle begins. This numerical significance links Leo with Scorpio (the eighth sign of the Zodiac) in an effective manner and you have, therefore, the triangle of Leo-Scorpio-Capricorn involving [Page 287] humanity and indicating the three important crisis points in man's career:

1. Self-consciousness or human awareness. Unity—Leo.

2. Consciousness of warring dualities. Discipleship—Scorpio.

3. Group consciousness as an initiate. Unity—Capricorn.

… From another angle, as might be anticipated, Leo is related to Scorpio, whose numbers upon the zodiacal wheel are the same as those of Leo, being five and eight. You have, therefore, the formation of the triangle to which I earlier referred: Leo-Scorpio, leading to initiation in Capricorn. (EA p. 286-87, 288-89)

Scorpio and the purificatory waters

In Scorpio, the purificatory waters of testing and trials are applied. (EA p. 287)

Scorpio on the Fixed Cross

1. Taurus.—The Bull of Desire. The light of aspiration and knowledge.

2. Leo.—The Lion of Self-assertion. The Light of the Soul.

3. Scorpio.—The Agent of Deception. The Light of Liberation.

4. Aquarius.—The Chalice of Self-service. The Light of the world. (EA p. 293)

Scorpio disturbs the equilibrium

In Libra, these reach a point of balance and of a somewhat static equilibrium (later to be disturbed in Scorpio) (EA p. 314)

The secret of directed energy in Scorpio

Hercules comprehended the true meaning of the Mutable Cross and, with full knowledge, mounted the Fixed Cross, with all its attendant difficulties and labours. The Buddha comprehended, through complete illumination, the meaning of both the Mutable and the Fixed Crosses, for the secret of revelation in Taurus was His, just as the secret of directed energy in Scorpio was the source of the strength of Hercules. But the Christ, knowing both the above secrets, also understood with a living comprehension, the mystery of the Cardinal Cross, because the light of the Transfiguration (undergone in Capricorn) revealed to Him the glory and transcendent mystery. (EA p. 315)

Scorpio is one point of the watery triplicity

Cancer is one point of the watery triplicity, and the symbolism which underlies the three water signs is most interesting in one particular direction. You have, as you know, the Crab, the Scorpion and the Fish Goddesses of the sign Pisces. In ancient Lemuria, the symbol of Pisces was a woman with the tail of a fish, and of this symbol the legendary mermaid is the memory. It was only in late Atlantean times (when the conscious sense of duality was becoming present in the minds of the advanced humanity of the period) that the woman part of the symbol was dropped altogether and the two linked fishes took the place of the fish Goddesses.

You have, therefore, the Crab, the Scorpion with the sting in its tail and the Fish. The slow moving Crab, identified with its dwelling place and carrying its house upon its back, lives upon the land (physical plane life) and also in the sea (the life of the emotions); the Scorpion is rapid in movement, deadly in its effect upon men around it and is a creature of the land; it is also the symbol of the transformed Crab and the result of the evolutionary process, and indicates the dangerous nature of the man who is not transformed and is therefore harmful and hurtful to others; the Fishes indicate the man from whom the symbol of materiality has been taken by the removal of half of the original symbol, thus indicating freedom from matter.

The three water signs give us, therefore, a brief and symbolic history of man's growth and true personality development. It is a picture of the law of cause and effect. These thoughts you can elaborate for yourself and thus arrive at the evident implications. (EA p. 317-318)

Point of change in Scorpio

In Scorpio comes a point of transition, of change and of re-orientation. That which has been hitherto hidden appears and is brought to the surface by means of the experience, the tests, the trials and the "sting of life." In Capricorn—[Page 319] as a result of the effects of the influences of Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio—the disciple begins to demonstrate the capacity to express the life of two kingdoms, at least in some measure, and is a developed human being and also a citizen of the kingdom of God. Therefore, for an initiate and for a period of three incarnations, the four signs of revelation (Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn) intensify their effect upon him, until in the fourth incarnation he begins to respond to the inner influence of Pisces.

… 2. In Scorpio, the influence of the occult Hierarchy begins to set its seal on the human being, and his essential duality is put to the test. This is preparatory to a new and higher unity. He is at the miserable stage of being neither the soul nor the form—the stage of transition. (EA p. 318-19)

Scorpio.—The Light of Day

8. Scorpio.—The Light of Day. This is the place where three lights meet—the light of form, the light of soul, and the light of life. They meet; they blend; they rise. (EA p. 330)

Keynotes of Scorpio

8. Scorpio        Unity of selfishness        Conflict with duality.     Higher unity.

            The Monster.    The Fighter.      The Disciple.

            Keynote: Scorpio stages the release of Leo. (EA p. 333)

Scorpio on the Fixed Cross and its implications

2. Through a study of the Fixed Cross—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius—he will arrive at a right interpretation of the lives:

a. Of initiates.

b. Of group absorption into synthesis.

c. Of the significance of the third initiation. (EA p. 335)

The Scorpio-Taurus spiral

2. Taurus-Scorpio.—Powerful focussed lower desire leads to death and defeat. The triumph of the lower nature which eventuates in the awakening to satiety and death. The man is the prisoner of desire and at the moment of consummation knows his prison.

…2. Scorpio-Taurus.—The final victory of soul over form. Death and darkness demonstrate as life and light as the result of this energy relationship. The dark night of the soul becomes radiant sun. (EA p. 338)

Death in Scorpio

Cancer subject into contact with Virgo, Aquarius and Scorpio. From one point of view, you have the imprisonment of the soul and the glorification of the personality demonstrated, ending with death in Scorpio; in the other you have the revelation of the Christ within the form, the revelation of the serving individual and the revelation of the final victory over death. (EA p. 341)

Strength and Power built up for tests in Scorpio

 The strength which comes through conflict and constant struggle builds up steadily that reserve of strength and power which enables the aspirant to take the final tests of discipleship in Scorpio and to brave in Capricorn the [Page 343] trials of initiation and the breaking of all the bonds which the processes of incarnation have forged. (EA p. 342-43)

Mercury relates Gemini to Scorpio

Mercury, as it relates Gemini to Scorpio and to our planet, has a mass or general effect, for it is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio and its effect is of a planetary nature far more than is usually the case, and is, therefore, far more difficult to trace at our present point of planetary development and human consciousness. (EA p. 359)

Scorpio, Gemini and the United States

The influence of Mercury as it relates Scorpio and Gemini is to inaugurate that final stage in consciousness which will place the soul within the form surely in the place of power, swinging the earlier achieved balance and control definitely into the realm of the soul. It is this which, in the Scorpio experience, produces the terrific experience of the disciple and which, at this time, is one of the predisposing causes of the present world conflict. It is of interest to note that the struggle is going to be conditioned primarily by decisions arrived at in London (which is ruled by Gemini) and in the United States (which is also governed by Gemini).

Humanity is now upon the Path of Discipleship as I have frequently told you and Scorpio rules that path; Gemini governs the way of many changes which conditions the struggle which began in Aries, focussed in Cancer, is brought to a crisis in Scorpio and ended in Capricorn. When Gemini, Scorpio and Mercury are correctly related we shall see the United States moving also on to the Path of Discipleship through a release from its present self-centred policy, its well-meaning evasion of responsibility and its innate fears and distrust. ...

These potencies, when effective, lead to true service in Aquarius. (EA p. 360-61)

Scorpio as an arm of the Fixed Cross

It is not my intention to say much here anent the Fixed Cross of which Taurus is one of the arms. I dealt with this in several places when considering with you the constellations Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. I would, therefore, refer you to my earlier comments. Scorpio is, as you will have realised, the dominant arm through which the most effective potency flows upon the reversed wheel, where advanced humanity is concerned because it is the testing sign for humanity and the one in which the human being reaches the depths or attains the heights. Taurus is the dominant stream of energy upon this Fixed Cross where average man is concerned. The energy let loose through this Cross is stupendous in its effects, producing finally the great reversal and renunciation. (EA p. 381-82)

Scorpio—is one of the major conditioning signs of the zodiac

It has been said that "four energies make a man; eight energies make a Master; twelve energies make a Buddha of Activity." During this process of "fashioning," great changes take place in consciousness and there are fundamental changes wrought through this sign which—in combination with its polar opposite, Scorpio—is one of the major conditioning signs of the zodiac. Under its energy impact, profound disruptions and alterations in character, quality and direction take place.

It is a dangerous sign because the destructive aspects are so easily over-emphasised and so intelligently applied to circumstance that the career of the Bull can be both destructive within its field of contacts and at the same time self-destroying until such time that self-will or selfish desire is tempered by aspiration. (EA p. 396-97)

Scorpio-Taurus spiral

The right use of the organs of speech gives the clue to the processes whereby the disciple must bring about certain basic changes. The Taurian upon the way of liberation would do well to employ the [Page 398] method of directed and motivated speech of an outgoing and explanatory nature in order to transform himself from one who goes wilfully on his personality way into a wise cooperator with the Plan.

By this I mean that, as man translates his ideals into words and acts, he brings about transformation, transmutation and eventually translation upon the mountain top of Initiation. The results of this creative work of materialising the vision must be carried to the point of effectual demonstration in Scorpio in which sign the final tests are applied to prove that the energy is flowing freely and without impediment and obstruction between the throat and sacral centres; to show that right direction has been achieved and that there is no longer any fear that the Taurian subject will blunder blindly forward again in his own self-interest but will, in the future, move intelligently upon the Way of Liberation—the way that brings about his own release and at the same time sweeps him into those activities which bring about the release of others.

In Scorpio, the man who has mastered his lessons in Taurus must demonstrate that creativity which will work under the inspiration of aspiration and vision and constructively attempt to express the beauty which all forms intrinsically veil, thus bringing to all revelation of that underlying purpose which motivates all events and forms. All these aspects of basic change in purpose, interest and orientation must manifest in Scorpio, thus proving the effectiveness of the evolutionary processes undergone in the great repeated transition from Scorpio to Taurus and from Taurus to Scorpio. This cycle of moves constitutes (with the greater cycle) a rhythm of experience of tremendous moment. These seven signs are pre-eminently life-experience signs.

The preceding sign of Aries is the "sign of institution" whilst the four which come after Scorpio prove to be signs of discipleship and initiation. This is on the reversed wheel and the implications along the same line on the ordinary wheel can easily be applied by you. (EA p. 397-99)

Success of Uranian forces in Scorpio

The task of Uranus, hidden in the depths, is to awaken and evoke the intuitive response of Taurus to an ever-increasing light until such time that full illumination is achieved and also the development of the spiritual consciousness—substituting these higher soul aspects for the lower form reactions. It is interesting to note that in Scorpio, Uranus is exalted which gives indication of the success of the task which the Uranian forces undertook. Achievement is attained. (EA p. 401)

Demonstration in Scorpio

on the reversed progress around the zodiac, the struggle is to overcome and destroy all that has been so laboriously achieved upon the ordinary wheel and to demonstrate in Scorpio (through the terrific tests there applied) that the form no longer controls but that the lessons learnt through the use of the form have been retained; the struggle is to achieve initiation in Capricorn and thus release the soul from the revolving wheel and achieve final liberation from the thralldom of desire and from form control of any kind. (EA p. 402)

Scorpio and the Seven Solar Systems

Another group of energies can be touched upon though any true elucidation is not possible. They concern the focussed energies of the seven solar systems of which ours is one. These energies (six in number) reach our solar system, via the constellations Taurus and Scorpio and the planet Mars. (EA p. 467)

Soul Crisis governed by Scorpio

5. Crisis of the Battlefield          Conflict            Scorpio            Fixed (EA p. 472)

Scorpio and Discipleship

1. Seven constellations

Cancer, Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo, Leo, which bring the man from the stage of individualisation to the Path of Discipleship. (EA p. 475)

Symbols for Virgo and Scorpio are triple in nature

The astrological symbols for Virgo and Scorpio are triple in nature—the only two which are. When the disciple grasps the meaning behind this triplicity, he will be ready to grasp the significance of this abstruse science and to work with the new astrology. Virgo and Scorpio are two signs connected with the growth of the Christ consciousness; they mark critical points in the soul's experience—points of integration wherein the soul is consciously at-one-ing itself with the form and at the same time with spirit.

I said the soul's experience, not the experience of the man upon the physical plane. When the experience undergone in Virgo is consummated in Pisces and the tests of Scorpio have led to illumination in Taurus, then the effect of these four energies (Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus) will be to make man the true triangle, expressing the three divine aspects or energies as they come from the three major conditioning constellations: the Great Bear, the Pleiades and Sirius. (EA p. 480-81)

Scorpio and the greater zodiac

It is interesting to bear in mind that just as each sign is divided into three decanates which are ruled by specific planets, so the zodiac itself is a part of a still greater zodiac and is also divided into three parts. The three-fold division of the zodiac is ruled by three constellations which are to this greater zodiac what the planets are to the decanates. The three ruling constellations are Scorpio (on the Fixed Cross), Taurus (also on the Fixed Cross), and Pisces (on the Mutable Cross).

This would necessarily be so because testing, trial, desire, illumination, matter, form and salvation are the keynotes of our solar system and of our Earth in particular. This solar system is a system which is expressing the second aspect of divinity and hence the emphasis upon the forces pouring through Scorpio, Taurus and Pisces. Ponder on this. A hint is there conveyed anent our zodiac which is of supreme importance to the astrologer of the future. In the cosmic decanates to which I here refer, it will be found that three great sons of God have expressed for us the quality, the keynote and the development which is expressive of each decanate:

Hercules—Scorpio.—Strength through testing.

Buddha—Taurus.—Illumination through struggle.

Christ—Pisces.—Resurrection through sacrifice.

In a peculiar sense, these three constitute a triangle of initiation and are of paramount potency in the initiation process. They express strength, illumination and love in full expression. (EA p. 486-87)

The Ray of Scorpio

1. This interrelation is effective in this world cycle and will remain so until the end of the Aquarian Age. By [Page 490] this I mean, that these seven triangles of energy are today pouring their force through one of the constellations in each triangle.

2. Today, the following points of the triangles of energy or the following constellations in the triangles are the controlling factors:

Ray I.—Aries: This constellation, as might be expected, is the source of the initial energy, producing the New Age.

Ray II.—Virgo: This constellation produces the increased activity of the Christ principle in the heart of humanity.

Ray III.—Cancer: The mass movement towards liberty, release and light, so dominant today, is caused by the energy of this sign.

Ray IV.—Scorpio: Through this constellation comes the testing of humanity, the world disciple.

Ray V.—Leo: This sign produces the growth of individualism and of self-consciousness, so prevalent today on a world scale.

Ray VI.—Sagittarius: This sign produces the focussed one-pointed effort of the world aspirant.

Ray VII.—Capricorn: This Capricornian energy produces initiation and the overcoming of materialism.

3. It will be noted in this tabulation that several of the constellations find themselves in one or more of the triangles of energy, showing, therefore, that:

a. Ray IV is relatively inactive.

b. Ray VII like Ray I is active through all three points, even though Aries is the most potent and active.

c. Ray VI as might be expected, is equally expressive and effective.

4. Five of the constellations—Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius—are only found in one of the various triangles.

a. Taurus (Ray IV) is not active exoterically as the fourth ray is not in manifestation at this time.

b. Through Scorpio, Ray IV is focussing esoterically the work of the world disciples, preparing them for initiation.

c. Gemini is only found in the triangle of Ray II and at this time, Virgo and Pisces are carrying the major task of transmitting second ray energy. Today the world is focussed (spiritually or materially) and the fluctuations of the pairs of opposites are much lessened temporarily. Gemini, therefore, is the inactive point of the triangle, though still potent from the esoteric angle of the individual disciple or initiate.

d. Libra is also found relatively inactive in the triangle of Ray III. Today there is no true balance but the opposition of spirit and matter is so violent that the Libran force is relatively quiescent. Ray III is expressing itself through Cancer, as far as the mass is concerned and through Capricorn, on a much smaller scale, in relation to the world disciples. Capricorn esoterically leads towards the externalisation of the Mysteries.

e. Aquarius is not today the active point for the transmission of the energy of Ray V. However, shortly, as the Sun passes more fully into the sign Aquarius, the triangle will again revolve and bring the Aquarian point into a controlling position.

5. It is interesting to have in mind that Ray V governs the evolution of consciousness through the revolution of its triangle: Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. This is from the angle of hierarchical effort, as I earlier pointed out. Throughout human evolution, this major triangle governs the relation of humanity, through the mind, to the Hierarchy and the approach of that Hierarchy to the human centre of energy. (EA p. 491-92)

Aspiration tested in Scorpio

2. Scorpio        Aspiration         the key to the testing of the disciple. (EA p. 495)

Scorpio—ruled by Pluto.

You will note that Pluto and not Mars is here mentioned by me as a non-sacred Planet, ruling Scorpio. The reason for this is that there is a relation between Mars and Pluto analogous to that between Venus and the Earth. Esoterically speaking, Mars is the alter ego of Pluto; the activity of Pluto at this time and in this lesser world cycle is very important on account of its esoteric approach to the Earth, impelled thereto by the vivification of its life by a display of Martian energy.

The Earth, Mars and Pluto form an interesting triangle with Venus behind the scene acting as the impelling soul acts towards a rapidly integrating personality. This triangle should not be forgotten when casting the horoscope, because it indicates a relation and a possibility which can be (though it often is not) a major determining factor, prior to passing on to the Probationary Path.

... Pluto, transmitting first ray energy, rules Scorpio, the sign of discipleship, of the man ready for the fusion brought about through the influence of the sacred planets, and governs the house of major separations and of death. "The arrow of God pierces the heart and death takes place." But in this connection it must be remembered that death is definitely brought about by the soul. It is the soul which shoots the arrow of death. (The upward pointing arrow is the astrological symbol of Pluto.)

... Pluto, therefore, comes into full force and expression in order to stage the testings of the world disciple and to this end brings in the potency of Scorpio, the sign of discipleship. Under these influences, the death of forms must eventuate leaving the disciple free; the dissolution of old group structures of thought, embodying worn-out ideas and ideals must necessarily supervene; crystallised old forms must dissolve and disappear, but in their place the undying spirit—impressed by revelation and sensitive to the emerging new concepts of truth—will create the needed new forms of appropriate expression. (EA p. 507-8, 509, 547)

Scorpio and the Fixed Cross

d. It is the Cross whose four energies blend with [Page 555] and transmit the energies of the solar system itself. This it can do because the man upon the Fixed Cross is becoming increasingly conscious of issues which are larger than himself, more engrossing than his previous interests and which concern humanity in its relation to the solar forces and not just to the planetary forces. He is becoming sensitive to a larger whole.

e. The energies of this Cross continue to evoke response until the time of the third initiation.

The four arms of this Cross are Taurus—Leo—Scorpio—Aquarius. It is called the Fixed Cross because the man is stretched upon it by the directed choice and immovable intent of his soul. From that decision there is no turning back. (EA p. 554-55)

Scorpio.—The significance of this sign in the life of Christ

Scorpio.—The significance of this sign in the life of Christ has been deleted from The New Testament, but has been preserved for us in the ancient Christian legend that—in the cradle itself—Christ killed or strangled two serpents, thus referring to the pairs of opposites which could no longer control Him. (EA p. 566)

Scorpio—the Eagle

2. "Enoch, the type of the dual nature of man (spiritual and physical) occupies the centre of the astronomic Cross ... which is a six-pointed star.... In the upper angle of the upper triangle is the Eagle (Scorpio); in the left lower angle stands the Lion (Leo); in the right, the Bull (Taurus); while between the Bull and the Lion ... is the face of Enoch, the man (Aquarius).... These are the four animals of Ezekiel and Revelations." (S.D. II. 561, 562.)

Scorpio was Mars-Lupa

5. The signs of the zodiac: Each a double sign in ancient astrological magic—namely: it was Taurus-Eve; and Scorpio was Mars-Lupa, or Mars with the female wolf.... So as these signs were opposites of each other, yet met in the centre they are connected ... (S.D. III. 154.)