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Aquarius Compilation
From Esoteric Astrology, by Alice A. Bailey

See Michael Robbins' Tapestry of the Gods, Volume III


The dual symbol of Aquarius

6. The two Parallel Lines of force in Aquarius. (EA p56)


Leo finds its crown in Aquarius (the Urn on top of the head)

3. From the standpoint of the pledged disciple and initiate who traverses again the Path of the Sun and finds that that which he has discovered himself to be in Leo finds its crown in Aquarius. The separative individual consciousness becomes the group consciousness in Aquarius, and he begins to comprehend the significance of that basic combination of signs, that "triangle in the consciousness" of humanity:

Cancer                                     Leo                                          Aquarius.

Mass awareness                       Individual awareness                 Group awareness.

Instinctual consciousness           Intelligent consciousness            Intuitive consciousness.

(EA p61)


Aquarius, Leo and Ray 2

2. Leo and Aquarius, through the Sun and Jupiter, are related to Ray 2. Development of the individual consciousness into world consciousness. Thus a man becomes a world server.

The World Server (EA p67)


Scorpio and Aquarius, through Mercury and Moon

a. Ray 1—Taurus and Pisces, through Vulcan and Pluto.

b. Ray 2—Leo and Virgo, through the Sun and Jupiter.

c. Ray 3—Gemini and Libra, through the Earth and Saturn.

d. Ray 4—Scorpio and Aquarius, through Mercury and Moon.

e. Ray 6—Cancer and Sagittarius, through Neptune and Mars.

(EA p68)


Aquarius, Aries and Uranus

Through Uranus also, Aries is related to Aquarius, [Page 99] the sign of world service, leading to death and liberation in Pisces. Uranus is the planet through which zodiacal energy flows, in connection with the Creative Hierarchies upon our planet, from one of the stars of the Great Bear.

… I would also call your attention to the fact that through Uranus, Aries is related to Aquarius. The vague beginnings in Aries, the faint emergence of the latent embodied ideas have—after the turning of the wheel in two directions — brought release in Capricorn and produced the world server in Aquarius, who voluntarily stays upon the great wheel (using the Cardinal Cross as his conditioning signs) and thus staying within the sphere of influence in order to help humanity to find liberation from the Fixed Cross. (EA p98-99, 101-102)


Spiritual demonstration in Aquarius

4. Capricorn, the "birthplace of the Christ," the place of the "second birth" and the scene for the emergence of [Page 103] the fifth kingdom in nature when the right time comes. In this sign, the initiate comes into a spiritual awareness which demonstrates later in Aquarius and in Pisces as man, the world worker, and man, the world saviour—both of them with a universal mission. (EA p 102-103)


Service in Aquarius

In Aquarius, the sign of world service, the lesson is finally learned which produces the world Saviour in Pisces. Hence my constant emphasis upon service. (EA p117)


Development of the Aquarian

The quality of these keynotes changes from a petty and superficial nature to one of deep purpose and profound conviction. The low grade and undeveloped Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross manifests through a superficial self-awareness. This matures in Leo and becomes a deep-seated self-consciousness and a profound interest in self and its need and wishes. As the interplay goes on between Leo and Aquarius (for they are polar opposites) there comes a deepening of all qualities and the superficialities disappear until—upon the reversed wheel—the intensive self-consciousness of Leo expands into the group awareness of Aquarius.

The individual becomes the universal. Man, alone and separative, becomes mankind in his reactions and awareness and yet, at the same time, preserves his individuality; he is no longer just a human being, individually self-centred and separative, but becomes humanity itself, losing his personal identity in the good of the whole yet retaining his spiritual Identity. From self-service, he proceeds to world service and yet is always the individualised Son of God until after the third initiation. (EA p135-36)


Aquarius and Capricorn

As one studies these twelve signs, it is interesting to trace the relation of consciousness to the preceding sign and to the succeeding sign. It is peculiarly so in connection with the sign Aquarius. The material, earthly quality of Capricorn becomes "dissolved into the air" in Aquarius. The individual "fish" of the other sign becomes eventually the soul, and soul quality emerges, and on the reversed wheel it demonstrates as the pervasiveness of wisdom (Pisces) and the universal love of the truly developed Aquarian. On the wheel as it "rolls onward into illusion," the wheel of the personality, the superficiality and the airy nature of the undeveloped Aquarian deepens gradually into the concrete and rocky material nature of the Capricornian. The average man in Aquarius puts all his wares into the window, and often in the room behind the window there is little to be found. Esoterically, the developed Aquarian puts all he has into his water pot, storing it there for service and giving it freely on demand to meet a need. (EA p136)


Aquarius and Pisces

The sign Aquarius is also a dual sign and signifies two vibrations. It is here that its relation to Pisces emerges, for just as Pisces on the wheel of illusion, the Mutable Cross, stands for substance and bondage, in Aquarius, substance and the anima mundi or imprisoned soul begin to work in mutual tolerance, and in the higher Aquarian individual, soul and spirit are expressing themselves through substance. There is consequently an astrological relation between the band of stars in the constellation Pisces, which unites the two fishes, and the quality and nature of Aquarius which relates and binds together into one working and synthetic whole.

The Aquarian recognises the bond which holds all together subjectively and in truth, whilst in Pisces the energy of relationship constitutes an imprisoning band which confines and holds captive. Think this out. It is an error to consider the margin of contact between two signs in the passage of the Sun to be in the nature of hard and fast frontiers or set boundary lines. Such is not the case. There are no rigid lines of demarcation separating two entirely different areas of experience and consciousness upon the solar path. It only appears to be so and this itself is part of the Great Illusion. (EA p136-37)


The rulers of Aquarius

The rulers of Aquarius are of a peculiar interest. They constitute an effective group of planets and bring in the influences of the seventh, second and fourth rays. These are pre-eminently the rays which determine the final stages of man's progress as well as the initial stages, being more potent at the beginning of the involutionary path and the end of the evolutionary path than they are in the middle period. They determine the final stages and happenings of the Path of Initiation. The seventh ray brings into expression upon the physical plane the major pairs of opposites—spirit and matter—and relates them to each other, producing eventually one functioning whole. The second ray gives soul expression and spiritual consciousness and also she power to pour out love and wisdom upon earth whilst the fourth ray indicates the field of service and the mode of attaining the goal. This mode or method is that of conflict and struggle in order to reach harmony and thus express all truly human characteristics, for the fourth ray and the fourth Creative Hierarchy constitute essentially one expression of truth.

Some astrologers assign Saturn as one of the rulers. Alan Leo does so, but I would point out that in this case he is dealing entirely with the progress of the ordinary man upon the wheel of life, and the Saturn which he senses as ruling Aquarius is the Saturnian influence of Capricorn, in which sign Saturn governs in two fields. On the reversed wheel, the Saturnian influence exhausts itself in Capricorn and the man is then free from karma and needs no presentation of opportunity for he stands a free initiate, a true Master Mason and can then proceed with world service undeterred and held back by no thought of self or selfish desire.

He comes then under the influence of Uranus, that mysterious and occult planet. His will is focussed and developed by the Uranian influences and he develops into a leader. He brings about desired changes and produces those new conditions which will help the soul of humanity to express itself more freely. Water being the symbol of substance and of material expression plus emotional motivation, Aquarius is consequently dual in its activity, and the third ray expresses itself powerfully through this sign, reaching our planet through Uranus and the Moon which hides or veils Uranus symbolically in this case.

There is, therefore, to be found the double influence of Uranus, expressing the quality and bringing in the energies of the seventh ray, in one case, and the third ray in the other. The seventh ray is, in the last analysis, the focussed differentiated energy of Ray One as it expresses the will of the first aspect of divinity on earth through the power to relate and bring into objective manifestation—by an act of the will—both spirit and matter. This it brings about through the activity of Ray Three, expressing itself through humanity and its individual units, though combining with the energy of the three rays which are released through the ruling planets:

The Moon brings about the inclination to create these conditions which lead to the great and critical transformations of instinct into intellect. This the moon brings about, but Uranus causes the great transference in the human consciousness from intellectual perception to intuitive knowledge. Bear in mind that the esoteric forces combine with the forces of the exoteric or orthodox planets and that they do not negate their influence. They only supplement and dominate them. ... ...

Planetary influences are unusually potent in Aquarius during this world cycle because it is, in a peculiar way, a culminating sign for the majority of people who proceed from Aries to Pisces upon the Fixed Cross. A rare few consummate the experience of life upon the three Crosses in the sign Pisces, and so become world saviours. They know then, and only then, the highest aspect of the first ray as it expresses itself through the activity of Death. The bulk, however, of the world initiates climax their experience in Aquarius and become liberated world servers. They turn their backs upon all further progress for themselves in this cycle and on all satisfaction of their own spiritual aspiration and become carriers of the water of life to humanity, joining thus the ranks of the Hierarchy. Those who achieve in Pisces and make the higher and further grade in their development pass into that centre to which we have given the name of Shamballa, but the bulk of the initiates and disciples remain attached to the second centre, that of the Hierarchy of Service. (EA p137-41)


Aquarius is pre-eminently a sign of constant movement and possible depression

Aquarius is pre-eminently a sign of constant movement, of changing activity and recurrent mutations, and the symbol for the sign is expressive of this state of activity. It is, therefore, a sign in which the significance of cycles is mastered and understood by the initiate. The results of the valley experience (to use the well-known language of the mystics of all ages) and of the mountain top with its vision and light, are very vividly depicted by the sign.

The Aquarian can experience the depths of depression and of self-depreciation or he can know and pass through the exaltation of the soul and the sense of spiritual power which soul control gives, and know them to be the interplay and the action and reaction which are necessary for growth and comprehension. The law of such action and reaction is the law with which he works. (EA p141-42)


Outgoing tendencies in Aquarius

In Leo, a man's centre and point of consciousness is himself; he turns upon himself and revolves entirely upon his own axis and in respect and relation to himself, and is all the time the self-centred individual, consecrating all thought, time and service to his own well being and personal interests. But in Aquarius, the polar opposite of Leo and its sign of consummation, he becomes outgoing; there is no centre or circle of circumscribed influence but only two outgoing lines of energy, pouring from him into the world of men. The self-conscious individual in Leo becomes the conscious server in Aquarius, and this is well expressed for us in the symbols of these two signs. The Aquarian is consecrated to group service and to the welfare of humanity. The average Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross will be, for instance, a faithful employee, the adherent and worker in some firm or business within whose limits all his interests are confined and to whose welfare all he has is consecrated. Upon the Fixed Cross this consecration to others becomes world service.


Aquarius, the blood and the life

Aquarius, we are told, governs the blood system and its circulation. By means of the blood, the life force is distributed throughout the entire human body. It is, therefore, symbolic of the task of the liberated Aquarian who dispenses spiritual life throughout the fourth kingdom in nature. The Aquarian influences are felt also as life-giving in other forms of planetary life and other kingdoms in nature but with these we will not deal as we are confining our attention to humanity. (EA p142-43)


Aquarius on the Fixed Cross

Aquarius, as you know, is one of the arms of the Fixed Cross. This Cross is outstandingly the Cross of Discipleship and of the three major initiations in connection with which it might be pointed out that:

… 3. In Scorpio—In this sign, the disciple undergoes those tests which will enable him to take the second initiation and demonstrate that the desire nature is subdued and conquered and that the lower nature is (by being lifted up in the air, i.e. into heaven) capable of reaching the goal for this world period, and that from the earthy foundations of Scorpio the personality can be so tested that it shows fitness for the world service demanded in Aquarius. This is beautifully expressed for us in the [Page 144] legend of Hercules, the Sun-God who overcomes the nine-headed Hydra or serpent of desire by being forced to his knees and from that position of humility lifts up the serpent into the air, and then deliverance comes.

4. In Aquarius—In this sign, the long effort of the soul is consummated and concludes the experience of the disciple upon the Fixed Cross. The man then takes the third initiation and becomes free from personality control, taking the next two initiations upon the Cardinal Cross. (EA p143-44)


Aquarius and the beauty of group life

Substance, the ocean of life, water, the symbol of desire and the impulse to incarnate are transmuted into soul light and light substance and the urge to tread consciously the path of return, plus the longing to serve. Desire is developed and focussed in Taurus when the man is upon the Mutable Cross and progressing around the zodiac. It is reoriented and repolarised in Taurus when the man has mounted the Fixed Cross and is eventually relinquished in that sign. In the polar opposite of Taurus, Scorpio, the personality is humbled and brought to grips with the soul; in that sign the personality is "occultly killed and then resurrected into air and light," in order to become from that moment the servant of the soul.

In Leo, the individual awakens to his own identity, concentrates his purpose, learns the lessons and uses of selfishness (for that is one of the best ways to learn and to discover that it is contrary to the laws of the soul) and is eventually so cornered by the life processes that he becomes aware of the futility of self- interest. In Aquarius, the man awakens to the beauty of group life, group interest and his individual responsibility towards the group and begins to live his life and to spend himself in the service of humanity. (EA p144-45)


No dignities in Aquarius

We come now to a very interesting point in connection with Aquarius. There is apparently no planet which is either exalted or "falls" in this sign. The only planet affected is the Sun, whose power is lessened. What is the symbolic significance of this? It consists in the relation of Aquarius to Capricorn and of the Fixed Cross to the Cardinal Cross and of the third initiation to those succeeding it, of the point of balance reached between Pisces and Capricorn, which focus in Aquarius.

I am not here considering the orthodox mathematical or astronomical reasons, for they are, in reality, dependent upon the subjective and spiritual reasons, and it is with these that we are concerned. One of the facts which will emerge in our consciousness as we study along these esoteric lines is that all the outer indications do not indicate truth but only point the way to the subjective realities of which the outer facts are but the illusory symbols. Ponder upon this and keep an open mind.

No planet is exalted in Aquarius and no planet falls in this sign because the true Aquarian—after due experience upon the Mutable Cross and the Fixed Cross—has reached a point of balance. He is held by none of the pairs of opposites but uses them both for spiritual ends. He is hindered neither by earth nor water (Capricorn and Pisces); he has surmounted the tests of both the processes of incarnation and initiation and so stands free, distributing energy and life, symbolised by the two wavy lines. It is interesting to bear in mind that in the progress of the soul, as far as humanity is concerned, one of the four signs of each Cross is of more importance than the others. (EA p146-47)


Initiate consummation in Aquarius

In Aquarius, the initiate consummates all that has been achieved in Leo through the influence of the Sun, for in Leo there is an almost unique condition where humanity is concerned as the Sun governs all expressions—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical. It rules the personality, the soul and the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Hence the Sun (the physical Sun) is lessened in its power in Aquarius. The third initiation has been undergone and the light of the personality has been "put out" or dimmed by the light of the subjective Sun, influencing the soul.

There is much to think out here but little more can be directly indicated, as the curious fact of this triple control by a planet constitutes one of the mysteries of initiation. It is tied up with the relation between Leo and Aquarius, for Leo is unusual in having all its ruling influences concentrated through the medium of one planet. Leo indicates the height of achievement of the human soul. We are apt to think that initiation and liberation are the achievement of the human kingdom and the attainment of humanity. This is not the case.

Initiation is an achievement and an attained success of the soul which has at last succeeded in dominating the personality and in manifesting its true nature and character, in spite of the personality and the antagonism of the human being intent upon his own purposes. It is literally the attainment of certain desired objectives, towards which the units of the fifth kingdom in nature have been working for aeons, and expresses the end of the enforced task and sacrifice and planetary service. This achievement reaches its goal at the third initiation and from that time on man, liberated and free, serves from free choice and as a soul, conscious of intent and purpose upon the physical plane. (EA p147-48)


The decanates in Aquarius

The decanates in Aquarius are governed (according to Alan Leo) by Saturn, Mercury and Venus, and the effect that they will produce upon human affairs and world conditions is already beginning to appear. Saturn is the planet of discipleship and of opportunity; it is exceedingly active today, presenting to the world disciple those difficult situations and crises which will involve free choice, discriminative pioneering, wise response and correct decision, thus bringing about the destruction of that which hinders without the relinquishing of any true values of which humanity may be aware. The individual disciple has always been faced with these conditioning and releasing circumstances, and today humanity itself is in the same position. We stand at the gateway of the new world, of the new age and its new civilizations, ideals and culture.

Saturn, having offered opportunity and proffered us a choice to bring about the needed changes and to destroy that which holds back the free expression of the soul, eventually stands aside in order to let His great Brother, Mercury, spread the light of the soul—intuitive and illuminating—[Page 149] upon the situation, to interpret for us, through our own illumined minds, the significance of events and to relate the old and the new, the past and the future through the light of the present.

Hence, the subjective usefulness of the present general trend towards meditation processes which bring about the capacity to be "impressed from on high" (technically understood) and to be illumined by the light of the soul.

When the task of Saturn and of Mercury has been accomplished, then during the third decanate, Venus, which is the union of heart and mind, will usher in the long hoped for era of love-wisdom, of brotherhood and of expressed brotherly relationships. Opportunity— Illumination—Brotherhood: these are the gifts that Shamballa is planning to confer upon mankind during the Aquarian Age, if man will but prepare for them, accept them, and use them. Only the future will make clear man's reaction.

According to other astrologers, the three decanates are governed by Venus, Mercury and the Moon. You can here see the relation of astrology to the normal or to the reversed wheel of life. The Moon which here takes the place of Saturn hides the planet Uranus. In this case Uranus, the occult planet, stands for exoteric science which penetrates into the hidden side of form life, and thus we have the period wherein man is not alert enough or conscious enough to seize upon opportunity and turn it to esoteric or soul ends, but can identify himself with the more advanced aspects of form. The energy which produces opportunity, illumination, and brotherly love as expressed and attained upon the Fixed Cross, demonstrates upon the Mutable or Common Cross as difficulty, the versatile and volatile mind (unstable and dark) and as sex. (EA p148-49)


The Words of Aquarius

This appears clearly in the words spoken to the man [Page 150] upon the Mutable Cross as he passes through an Aquarian cycle. The words are: "And the Word said, Let desire in form be ruler," for desire becomes gained knowledge and the knowledge of that which is hidden at any stage upon the path of evolution relates the individual to Uranus. When the man is upon the Fixed Cross, the words come forth: "Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men." The implications are so clear that there is no need for me to be more explicit or to elaborate the theme. (EA p149-50)

3. Aquarius. . . . 3rd Aspect. . . . . . . . . .Consecration to the service of the lower self.

                           latent.                                    Selfishness. Experience upon the fixed Cross.

When these three signs form the end of the cycle of expression upon the reversed wheel, then you have:

1. Aquarius. . . .3rd Aspect. . . . . . . . . Consecration to the service of the Whole. The

                           expressed.                             death or negation of all personality selfishness.

                                                                        Culmination of experience upon the Fixed

                                                                        Cross. (EA p151)


Aquarius and Pisces were not part of zodiac

In ancient days, as you may perchance have heard, there were only ten signs, and—at that time—Capricorn marked the end of the zodiacal wheel, and not Pisces as is at this time the case. The two signs of Aquarius and Pisces were not incorporated in the signs for the simple and sufficient reason that humanity could not respond to their peculiar influences; the vehicles of contact and the mechanisms for responses were not adequately developed. Originally, there were eight signs; then there were ten and now twelve.

1. In Lemurian days, during the early period of animal man and before humanity appeared on earth, in the interim period of development, eight signs influenced the planet and the kingdoms of nature found upon it. There was no response to the influences of Leo and Virgo. The mystery of the Sphinx did not exist and these two signs were not then part of the zodiacal wheel. Then individualisation took place and the seed of Christhood was planted in man and these two signs began to influence humanity, and gradually that influence was recognised and the zodiac was then known to have ten signs. The Mutable Cross dominated, but it was then the Tau, for Pisces was lacking and only Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius were evidenced. Aries to Capricorn marked the circle of experience.

2. In Atlantean days, man had become so responsive to the planetary and solar influence that the door of initiation into hierarchical experience was opened and two more signs were added. These two signs were the higher correspondences of Leo and Virgo and were the polar opposites of these two: Aquarius and Pisces. Their influence became active and effective and thus they formed part of the zodiacal wheel because man began to respond to their potencies. It then became possible for the Fixed Cross to function esoterically in the life of humanity, and the first reversals of the wheel in the life of the advanced men of the period took place. It was this reversal which was the true cause of the great contest or battle between the Lords of the Dark Face (as they are called in The Secret Doctrine) and the Lords of Light—a contest which is today persisting. Certain men then reached the stage of discipleship wherein they could consciously mount the Fixed Cross and be prepared for a major initiation. This the Forces of Materiality and of Obstruction (as they are sometimes called) fought and the battle was fought out and conditioned in the sign Scorpio.

3. Today, in Aryan times, a similar conflict upon a higher turn of the spiral is taking place. The reason is that certain world disciples and initiates have reached the point in their unfoldment wherein they are ready to mount the Cardinal Cross and take some of the higher initiations. So the conflict is on between humanity (under the control of the Lords of Materiality) and the Hierarchy (under the control of the Forces of Light and Love), and right before our eyes the battle is being waged. The influences of the twelve signs of the zodiac (particularly of seven of the signs) are being engaged, for today men of all types and rays are responsive to their influences and are implicated in some form or another in the affair. (EA p159-61)


Aquarius and the Second ray influences

Second ray influences and potencies are abidingly present and pour into our planetary sphere and life, via the Sun (veiling a hidden planet) and Jupiter. These sweep the forces of Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius and Virgo into and through our entire planet and all its kingdoms in nature. (EA p167)


Aquarius is the "man, bearing a pitcher of water"

The Mount of Transfiguration in the New Testament is Venus in Capricorn when love and mind and will meet in the person of the Christ, and "He was transfigured" before all men. At the same time, He received the vision of the Father and of what He had to do as He "went up to Jerusalem," the place of death and likewise the city of peace. This Jerusalem is Pisces.

In Aquarius, Christ put His disciples in touch with the "man, bearing a pitcher of water," Aquarius, and in the upper room introduced them to union and unity under the symbolism of the communion feast. For that feast, humanity is today preparing, as we saw when studying the last constellation. The astrological significance of the New Testament is as yet little understood. Christ was born in Capricorn, fulfilled the law under Saturn, initiated the era of intelligent brotherhood under Venus and is the perfect example of the Capricornian initiate who becomes the world Server in Aquarius, and the world Saviour in Pisces, thus completing the round of the zodiac and able to say triumphantly in Pisces "It is finished." (EA p167-68)


Decanates of Aquarius and Capricorn

The triplicity into which each sign is divided and which we call the decanates is of particular interest in the case of Capricorn. As is the case in all correspondence, this triplicity can be related to the three aspects of God and man—spirit, soul and body. The central decanate is therefore of peculiar moment in our world period as it is concerned with the effect of the planetary influences, the solar rays and the energy of the constellations upon the soul or the consciousness aspect. This is the case whether we are considering man on the ordinary wheel or man upon the reversed wheel.

From the standpoint of astrological interpretation and in the case where the astrologer is not sure which way the wheel is turning, it is the only decanate with its ruler of which he can be sure. The influence of the ruler is, therefore, inevitable. This is strikingly the case in connection with the sign Aquarius into which sign our sun is now entering, its three decanates, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, bringing inevitably difficulty, illumination and brotherly love. On the ordinary wheel, in all outer affairs, Saturn controls, and we consequently find ourselves today in a state of chaos and trouble, but as far as the consciousness of the race is concerned, Mercury is becoming increasingly active. A steady illumination is taking place and light is being thrown on all problems—light on government and politics through experiments and the study of great and basic ideologies; light on the material nature of the world through all the many branches of science; light on humanity itself through education, philosophy and psychology. This light is spreading down to the very darkest places in our planet and its many forms of life.

Saturn relates Capricorn to the previous sign Aquarius, upon the ordinary wheel, and Jupiter, exoterically understood, relates Capricorn to Sagittarius upon the reversing wheel. It will be obvious to all esotericists that the Sun is the obvious ruler of the third decanate, veiling as it does a hidden and deeply significant planet and being that which reveals divinity at the time of the third initiation. You will note how, in this great sign of initiation, Saturn reveals the nature of the third aspect of divinity, the nature of intelligent substance; Venus reveals the nature of the second aspect, which is consciousness or intelligent love, whilst the Sun—the physical Sun and the heart of the Sun together—reveals the synthesis of these two. (EA p172-73)


The incarnated world-server in Aquarius

The man can then say with truth "Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back." For him there remains now no goal but service. He therefore passes back through the gate of Cancer, but with his consciousness held steadily in the sign Aquarius. From being the world initiate in Capricorn he becomes an incarnated world server in Aquarius, and later a world saviour in Pisces. (EA p173-74)


Aquarius is a peculiarly human sign

This sign is, as you know, a peculiarly human sign and is connected in a definite manner with the appearance of humanity upon our Earth. There are three of the zodiacal signs which are more closely connected with man than are any of the others. These are: Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius.  In one peculiar (but not yet provable) manner, they are related to the three aspects of body, soul and spirit. The following tabulation or concise statement of rather momentous implications may serve to make this clearer:

Leo                              Sagittarius                                 Aquarius

The Lion                       The Centaur                             The Water-Carrier.

The Man                      The Archer                               The Server.

Self-consciousness        Focussed consciousness           Group consciousness.

Physical nature  Emotional nature                       Lower mental nature.

Integrated man  Aspiring man                            Intuitive mental man.

Human soul                  Spiritual human soul                  Spiritual soul.

Individualisation            Discipleship                              Initiation.

Personality                    Egoic focus                               Monadic focus.

The Fixed Cross           The Mutable Cross                   The Fixed Cross.

Centralisation                Orientation                               Decentralisation.

Individual unity  Sensed duality                          Universal unity.

Fire                              Fire                                          Air.

Selfishness                    Struggle                                    Service.

Evolution                      The final path                            Liberation.

(EA p174)


The Inspiration of Aquarius

It is interesting, in this connection, to trace the unfolding of the human consciousness through the influence of the energies let loose through the various zodiacal signs:

1. Instinct, governing desire—Cancer. Mass unevolved consciousness.

                        I desire.

2. Intellect, governing ambition—Leo. Individual consciousness.

                        I know.

3. Intuition, governing aspiration—Sagittarius. Soul consciousness in early stages.

Initiation 1 and 2.

                        I vision.

4. Illumination, governing intuition—Capricorn. Soul consciousness in later stages.

                        I realise.

5. Inspiration, governing service—Aquarius. Group consciousness.

                        I go forth.

6. Identification, governing liberation—Pisces. Divine consciousness.

                        I and the Father are one.

In these signs—Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces—you have the six signs which constitute the six pointed star of the human or fourth Creative Hierarchy; Cancer and Pisces marking the two extremes. The Crab symbolises imprisonment (the hard shell and the rocks under which the Crab ever takes shelter), and the Fish signifies freedom. In between—in Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius—come the four stages of personality development, struggle with the pairs of opposites, and finally release into full spiritual service. In connection with the development of the intellect into the intuition and its consummation as the divine aspiration of the personality ("inspired from on high," as this stage is technically called), the following ideas may be found useful; I am simply hinting at them and am leaving the student to work out the various implications for himself. (EA p178-79)


Aquarius related to Sagittarius

I would point out also that, through Jupiter and its influences, Sagittarius is related to three other great constellations:

1. Pisces—Exoterically, indicating the final goal for man.

2. Aquarius—Esoterically, indicating the purpose of all [Page 189] material evolution and the objective of all incarnating processes.

3. Virgo—Hierarchically, indicating the purpose of the Cosmic Christ. (EA p188-89)


Aquarius relating to Alcyone and the Pleiades

The four signs—Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius—are related to the following stars which are not numbered in the twelve signs of the zodiac; they constitute another field of relationships:

Aries to one of the two stars, found in the constellation, the Great Bear, which are called the two Pointers.

Leo to Polaris, the Pole Star, found in the Little Bear.

Scorpio to Sirius, the Dog Star.

Aquarius to Alcyone, one of the seven Pleiades.

There is little that I can tell you in connection with the energies pouring into the four zodiacal signs from these distant though potent points of outgoing energy; they are part of the life expression of an Identity, immeasurably superior to and more advanced than our solar Logos. A few hints may, however, be of service to the truly esoteric astrologer who may study these pages, particularly where Scorpio is concerned. Scorpio, at this particular stage of human evolution, governs the Path of Discipleship. You will note here also how Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius form a peculiar triangle of force, but of this I will later deal in Chapter III under the heading, The Science of Triangles.

Aquarius relates humanity to the Pleiades and therefore to Taurus in an unusual manner. The key to this relation is to he found in the word desire, leading, through the transmutative processes of life experience, to aspiration and finally the relinquishing of desire in Scorpio. Aquarius, Alcyone and Humanity constitute a most interesting triangle of force. Alcyone is one of the seven Pleiades and is called the "star of the Individual" and sometimes the "star of intelligence." It was potently active during the previous solar system wherein the Third Person of the Trinity was peculiarly omnipotent and active, just as today the cosmic Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity, is peculiarly active in this solar system.

The energies coming from Alcyone impregnated the substance of the universe with the quality of mind. As a consequence of this most ancient activity, the same force was present at the time of individualisation in this solar system, for it is in this system, and primarily upon our planet, the Earth, that the major results of that early activity have made themselves felt. Two of our planets, the Earth (non-sacred) and Uranus (sacred), are directly the product of this third ray activity. This is of great importance to remember. I would also ask you to link this thought with the teaching that through the divine centre of intelligent activity which we call humanity, the fourth kingdom in nature will eventually act as the mediating principle to all the three lower kingdoms. Humanity is the divine Messenger to the world of form; it is essentially Mercury, bringing light and life to other divine manifestations and of this all divine world Saviours are the eternal symbols. (EA p194-95)


Planetary service in Aquarius originating from Alcyone

This coming process of planetary service through the third divine centre is only truly effective when Aquarius rules and when our sun is passing through that sign of the zodiac. Hence the immense importance of the next 2000 years. Therefore, only when a man is a world server and becoming group conscious can this desired objective of manifestation begin to demonstrate. It is beginning to happen today for the first time in planetary history. It is one of the first fruits of initiation and only in the next root race to our present Aryan race will we begin really to understand the significance of the process and the true nature of the energies to be released through the medium of humanity upon the planet. It is for this reason that Jupiter and Uranus (expressions of the second and the seventh rays) are the exoteric and esoteric rulers of Aquarius.

You have, therefore, the following line of force to study:

1. Alcyone—in the Pleiades, the mothers of the seven aspects of form life and the "wives of the seven Rishis of the Great Bear." They are connected with the Mother aspect which nurtures the infant Christ.

2. Aquarius—the World Server, the transmitter of energy which evokes magnetic response.

3. Jupiter and Uranus—planets of beneficent consummation. The second ray of love and the seventh ray which fuses spirit and matter "to the ultimate glory" of the solar Logos are in the fullest eventual cooperation.

4. Humanity—the focal point for all these energies and the divine distributor of them to individual man and later to the lower three kingdoms in nature.

Thus you see, that from a generalisation re the exterior constellations (exterior to the zodiac and the solar system itself) we are becoming more specific, showing how certain stars in these constellations are definitely related by direct lines of energy to our planet; these lines of force usually reach us via one of the zodiacal signs and—in rare cases— directly to a planet. The latter case is, however, exceedingly rare. (EA p200-201)


Moon veiling three planets as Hierarchical ruler of Aquarius

Scorpio and Aquarius are also in a peculiar relation to each other through the planet Mercury which governs the human family (being the hierarchical planet in Scorpio), and through Neptune which rules Cancer, thus governing expression upon the physical plane. In this connection the Moon is given as the orthodox ruler and the hierarchical rule of Aquarius. I would here remind you that the Moon is usually regarded as "veiling" or "hiding" some planet and of these there are three which the Moon may be veiling. Here the intuition of the astrologer and of the esoteric student must be called out. These planets are Vulcan, Neptune or Uranus.

These three create and influence certain aspects of the Mother principle, which nourish and feed the life of the inner divine reality until the time comes when the Christ child is brought to the birth. They determine or condition the physical, astral and mental natures, thus creating the personality. They form a triangle of immense creative potency, upon which theme I will later enlarge when dealing with the Science of Triangles. The point which I am here making is that through the influence of Mercury and Neptune the group consciousness of the individual is developed, so that through the tests in Scorpio and the experience in Aquarius the disciple emerges on the physical plane into the position of a world server; all world servers are decentralised workers and are governed by the need and the reactions of the mass or group.

That is one of the reasons why, when in training, disciples are absorbed into a Master's group which is integrally a collection of individuals who are imbued with the group idea and are learning increasingly to react to it. In this world period and in a peculiar manner, as far as the race (Aryan) to which the Western world belongs, Neptune is known esoterically as the Initiator. In certain ancient formulas, the great Teacher of the West and the present world Initiator, Christ, is spoken of as Neptune, Who rules the ocean, whose trident and astrological symbol signifies the Trinity in manifestation and Who is the ruler of the Piscean Age. The formula runs as follows, speaking esoterically: "... the fish goddesses who have leapt from earth (Virgo) to water (Pisces) unitedly give birth to the Fish God (Christ) who introduces the water of life into the ocean of substance and thus brings light to the world. Thus does Neptune work." This is, however, a great mystery, revealed only at the time of the second initiation in which the control of the fluidic astral plane is demonstrated. (EA p219-20)


Group impulse in Aquarius

1. Aries            Cardinal Cross Initiating impulse           Life.

2. Cancer         Cardinal Cross Focussed impulse         Incarnation.

3. Scorpio        Fixed Cross      Reversing impulse         Return.

4. Aquarius       Fixed Cross      Group impulse              Service.

These are signs 1-4-8-11. These numbers in themselves are most significant for they are the signs of will-desire, of human expression, of the Christ principle and of initiation. There is no need for me to enlarge upon this fourfold theme and the truth of its implied teaching, for it is obvious and clear and the history of the soul is sealed up in these numbers. (EA p221)


Rulers of Aquarius

6. Uranus         Aquarius           7th       Orthodox

7. Jupiter          Aquarius           2nd      Esoteric

8. The Moon    Aquarius           4th       Hierarchical

(EA p221)


Aquarius-Leo axis is vertical arm on the Fixed Cross

In connection with the vertical and the horizontal life of the Fixed Cross, it is instructive to note that the vertical life of the man upon that Cross (no matter in what sign his sun may temporarily find position), is ever Aquarius-Leo. This indicates that the self-centred individual in Leo learns the lesson of the Cross and becomes decentralised, group conscious, and given to service. The horizontal arm is Taurus-Scorpio, indicating that desire for materiality is finally superseded by desire for the spiritual values, and this is demonstrated through the tests in Scorpio. Earth and water (Taurus and Scorpio) must be blended and related and it is this truth connected with these two signs of the zodiac which lies behind all teaching upon baptism and purification. The earthly material desires of Taurus must in due time be brought under the influence of the purifying water in Scorpio. Baptism by water (a name for the second initiation) needs a preparatory period of testing and purification, and this the experience in Scorpio is intended to give. Likewise, fire and air (Aquarius and Leo) must also be blended and thus the four elements as well as six out of the seven rays must all play their part in conditioning the man in Scorpio for the final stages of the Path. (EA p223-24)


Aquarius in the zodiacal round

…in this round of the zodiac (as far as humanity is concerned) you have depicted the entire history of the race. This involves its mental beginnings in Aries (the will to manifest) and the start of the outgoing life; you have its directed desire in Taurus, producing manifestation; then emerges its dual consciousness in Gemini or the soul-body realisation; the processes of physical incarnation go forward in Cancer, followed by the dual development of the soul-body, or the subjective and objective consciousness, and the God-man in Leo-Virgo. Next comes Libra, wherein the point of balance is eventually reached between spiritual man and personal man and the stage is laid for the final fivefold process which is, in reality, the subjective correspondence to the outer externalisation upon the Path of Outgoing and which is carried forward upon the Path of Ingoing, or the Path of Return. Then takes place the reversal of the wheel and the beginning of the new orientation and of discipleship in Scorpio, the directed, controlled life of the disciple in Sagittarius, initiation in Capricorn, followed by service in Aquarius and the work of a world saviour in Pisces and final liberation. (EA p230)


Aquarius is the 10th sign in the future zodiac of Ten

This final judgment, as far as this planetary cycle is concerned, will take place in the next great world cycle and by that time two-thirds of the human race will have unfolded the Christ principle in one or other of the various stages of unfoldment and be upon one of the final stages of the path of evolution; they will be either probationary or accepted disciples or upon the Path of Initiation. Eventually, in some mysterious way, there will be only ten signs of the zodiac again; Aries and Pisces will form one sign, for "the end is as the beginning." This dual and blended sign is called in some of the ancient books "the sign of the Fish with the head of the Ram." We shall then have

1. Aries-Pisces             6. Virgo-Libra

2. Taurus                      7. Scorpio

3. Gemini                      8. Sagittarius

4. Cancer                     9. Capricorn

5. Leo                          10. Aquarius

Fire and water will then blend, veiling the past which has gone instead of the future as is now the case. Earth and air will then fuse and in this way the old prophecy, repeated in the Bible, that "there shall be no more sea" will be proved correct. Air (heaven) will then have "come down to Earth" and fusion will be established. (EA p231)


The Universal mind of Aquarius

1. Gemini, the Twins     Mind    Cause of duality.

2. Libra, the Balances   Supermind        Cause of synthesis.

3. Aquarius, the Water-Carrier Universal Mind Soul.

These three signs are pre-eminently signs of the Mind of God as it expresses itself through man; the lower mind dominates at first, causing the recognition of the Self and the Not-Self, or the essential dualism which underlies all manifestation; the higher mind, however, steadily increases its power and control, producing the balancing of the pairs of opposites through the illumination which it brings to the lower mind, and then the Soul, the eternal Son of Mind, becomes the ultimate synthesis, focussing and relating the universal mind to the two lower aspects of the Mind of God. (EA p241-42)


Leo and Aquarius as world-servers

The other signs in their consummation carry man beyond the stage of [Page 243] ordinary humanity and produce the following states of consciousness:

1. Aries and Virgo.—The Cosmic Christ. Universal and individual.

2. Taurus and Pisces.—The world Saviours; i.e., Buddha and Christ.

3. Leo and Aquarius.—The world Servers; i.e., Hercules.

4. Sagittarius and Capricorn.—The world Initiates; i.e., Masters.

5. Cancer and Scorpio.—The triumphant Disciples.

(EA p242-43)


Aquarius linked to Libra and Aries via Uranus

Through this planet, Uranus, Libra is related also to Aries and Aquarius and it is through Uranus that the great pair of opposites, Aries-Libra, are brought into touch with each other in a very deep sense. Through its activity, an intense interplay takes place, making for the attainment of equilibrium in Libra of that which had its beginning in Aries. Aries, Libra and Aquarius constitute therefore another triangle of power which must later be considered; these triangles will, as I have earlier hinted, dominate the new astrology in a most interesting manner and condition the charts of those whose horoscopes are being considered. (EA p247)


Aquarius is one of the five signs related to Libra

Libra is related, therefore, to five signs of the zodiac—Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius.

1. Aries            Beginning          Creation           Evolution.

2. Taurus          Desire              Incentive           Progress.

3. Gemini          Duality              Condition         Interplay.

4. Capricorn     Synthesis          Initiation           Attainment.

5. Aquarius       Objective         Inclusion           Service.

(EA p247)


Saturn governing the first decan of Aquarius

In this sign, Saturn is exalted for—at the point of balance—opportunity comes and a situation is staged which makes a choice and a determination inevitable. It is a choice which has to be made intelligently and upon the physical plane, in the waking brain consciousness. It is only now that the full purpose and the work of Saturn for humanity can reach a point of group usefulness, for it is only now that humanity has reached a point of general and widespread intelligence which can make any choice a definite conscious act, entailing responsibility.

Prior to the present time, only a few pioneering disciples and a handful of intelligent people could be regarded as freely choosing at the "point of balance" the way that they intend "to tip the scales." Today, there are countless numbers and hence the intense activity of Saturn as we enter into the first decan of Aquarius and hence the same activity because humanity itself now stands upon the probationary path. This, Libra governs and controls, therefore the path of choices, of deliberately applied purificatory measures and the turning point before Scorpio, which governs the path of discipleship, can properly play its part. (EA p249-50)


Virgo, Aquarius and the birth of the new age

Virgo symbolises depths, darkness, quiet and warmth; it is the valley of deep experience wherein secrets are discovered and eventually "brought to light"; it is the place of slow, gentle and yet powerful crises and periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet which lead to light. It is the "blinded stage" which is found in Masonic rituals and which ever precedes the gift of light. Virgo stands for the "womb of time" wherein God's plan (the mystery and the secret of the ages) is slowly matured and—with pain and discomfort and through struggle and conflict—brought into manifestation at the end of the appointed time.

Today it would seem (curiously and convincingly) that we are entering into the eighth month of the gestation period; this is almost literally the case where humanity is concerned for—counting from Virgo to Aquarius, the sign into which we are now entering—we find that there are just eight signs: Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Pisces and Aquarius, and this is surely the guarantee that the birth of the new age, of the new consciousness and the new civilisation and culture is inevitable and sure. (EA p260-61)


Aquarius, the Moon and the Christ Avatar

It is in this sign also that the Moon in its own right of antiquity and of ancient thoughtform control, and also as veiling both Vulcan and Neptune, connects the force of Virgo with the energies of Taurus, of Cancer and of Aquarius. This is of peculiar importance for it relates the form building aspect with the consciousness aspect which, at a high stage of development, produces the manifestation of the Christ principle or Christ-child. It has been said esoterically that four of the names by which the Christ Avatar is ever called are:

1. The Desire of All Nations . . . Taurus . . . Fixed Cross.

2. He Whom the masses sense or He Whom they anticipate . . . Cancer . . . Cardinal Cross.

3. He Who is, for Her, the purpose of existence . . . Virgo . . . Mutable Cross.

4. He Who shows the light and gives the water . . . Aquarius . . . Fixed Cross.

All these signs indicate forms of consciousness, which are conditioned and manifested by the energies of these signs, performing cyclically and ceaselessly their appointed task. They, therefore, are primarily concerned with the stage of discipleship and the manifestation of a solar disciple. Hence the two energies which come from the Fixed Cross. This is consequently one of the intermediate crosses which relate the major three and there are many such. (EA p273)


Aquarius related to Virgo

Through the Moon and also through Jupiter, Virgo is brought into relationship with Aquarius which means, in this case, with the seventh Creative Hierarchy, or with the atomic substance out of which the dense body of manifestation has to be constructed if the Christ life (which the Virgin nurtures) is to be brought to successful manifestation.

The cause of manifestation is, esoterically speaking, the stimulation of the "dead lives" (the so-called inorganic substance) into activity and into usefulness to the positive Christ life, which is the agent of the stimulation. Hence the Moon is the symbol of the response of the dead lives to the outer spiritual impact. The central idea of occultism that even the smallest atom of substance has in it the germ of that which can respond to spiritual energy is preserved for us in the teaching anent the influence of Jupiter, the second ray agent of the Christ spirit. (EA p277)


Aquarius, Virgo and Jupiter

There is another point in connection with the planetary influences which I would like to mention here because it emphasises again the synthetic position of Virgo and its contribution as a major focal point for the distribution of energy to the fourth Creative Hierarchy. Jupiter rules four signs and each of them represents a different element out of the four which are expressing themselves in the three worlds of human evolution. The following tabulation will make this somewhat clearer:

Virgo                            Pisces                           Sagittarius                     Aquarius

Earth                            Water                           Fire                              Air

Hidden Christ               Hidden Saviour Hidden Master             Hidden Server.

            Jupiter—ruler and the conveyor of EXPANSION

In this sign, Virgo, the place and the mode of expression of the planets are of paramount interest, though most esoteric in implication and most difficult to understand. (EA p280-81)


Decanates of Aquarius

In connection with the decanates, I would point out that what I am in this treatise constantly emphasising is that the astrologer needs to study the horoscope of an individual from the angle of his place upon the wheel of the zodiac and to consider which way he is going. Is he progressing around the wheel as a personality or is he moving forward as a soul? The conflict to which all disciples are subjected can be traced to the fact that the form life of the disciple is influenced in one way by the wheel, and the consciousness aspect in another way or in the reverse direction. The disciple enters the sign under the influence of that decanate which is for him the first but which is the third for the ordinary man. This is interestingly and practically instanced by the constellation which we are now entering.

The three decanates of Aquarius, from the angle of the disciple, are Saturn, Mercury and Venus. It is in this sequence that they affect him and carry him forward on his desired way, thus giving opportunity through conflict, the illumination of the mind and eventually the achievement of brotherly love which is wisdom. Ordinarily speaking, the mass of men would pass through the sign via Venus, Mercury and Saturn, for the undeveloped man is influenced by those qualities which can be best described as instinctual mind or affection (Venus), which is brotherly love in embryo; by the slow unfoldment of the mind through the activity of Mercury; finally, as the result of this unfoldment, conflict supervenes and Saturn offers opportunity to suffer and, through suffering, to learn to choose rightly, to analyse correctly and to decide upon the higher values. These points must be carefully considered by the astrologer.

But at this time, we are at a point of crisis and the problem takes wider implications, for the reason that, for the first time in its history, humanity is beginning to mount the Fixed Cross of the disciple, thus reversing its progress upon the circle of the Zodiac. Humanity—as a whole and owing to the large proportion of aspirants and thinking idealists—is entering Aquarius, via the open door of Saturn. At the same time, a very large number of men are in the non-thinking instinctual stage and their consciousness is predominantly Atlantean. These enter via Venus and hence the conflict. (EA p282-84)


Universality of Aquarius

Passing as we are into the Aquarian Age in which the spirit of Aquarius will be exemplified in its universality and its sense of "general distribution," it is inevitable that a point of crisis should be reached. The true Leo type must react in a new and unique manner to the proffered opportunity, and when I say type, I refer to those people whose sun is in Leo or who have Leo rising. The reason for this is that Leo is the polar opposite of Aquarius, and the interplay of energies between these two is far more potent than at any previous time in racial history. This is a fact which you are not in a position to verify, but I make it as a statement of fact.

It is because of this fact that you have the appearance of the dictators in different countries at this time, and it is because of this fact also that in this present cycle (the ante-chamber of the New Age) you have the pronounced attitude of these dictators—an attitude which is so often ignored but which has real racial value. It is the attitude which leads to a synthesis of the national life, aims and intentions. A typical instance of this attitude is that of Hitler. No matter what may be our personal opinion of him, there is no question that he has unified, produced fusion and blended together the various elements in the German race.

This activity is Aquarian in nature but in its lowest and most undesirable aspect. It is also of the nature of Leo, for the people who can produce these results have necessarily to be intensely self-aware. This is the major characteristic of the Leo person. What [Page 286] part Leo may play In the personal horoscope of Hitler I do not know, for I have not investigated it, but it plays a very prominent part in the horoscope of his soul. (EA p285-86)


Fusion of Leo energy and Aquarian potency

There are two subsidiary yet potent keynotes of the Leo person upon which I should touch at this point if the nature of the influences wielded by Leo are to be clearly perceived. These are the will-to-illumine, which constitutes the driving urge towards self-knowledge, self-perception and intellectual positivity, and also the will-to-rule and to dominate, which is of such a controlling nature in this sign and such a subtle potency in the Leo type.

It is this will-to-rule which leads a person born in this sign eventually to achieve self-mastery and the control of the personality (for either a good motive or a selfish one), and it is also the same tendency which leads him finally to the control by the personality, ruled by Leo, of groups and large or small bodies of people. This—at an advanced stage—is an expression of the fusion of Leo energy and Aquarian potency. It is inevitable in the long run for men and races; for this all experience in Leo is preparatory. The will-to-illumine is that which drives all Leo people on to experiment and so to gain knowledge; it is this which links them with Taurus, which "carries the fair jewel which gives light upon its forehead."

In the relationship of Taurus-Leo-Aquarius, you have a significant and important zodiacal triangle as far as man is concerned and it is peculiarly significant to the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human Hierarchy. You have, therefore:

1. Taurus.—The incentive towards experience in order to gain knowledge.

2. Leo.—The expression of experience in order to justify knowledge.

3. Aquarius.—The use of experience in order to make the gained knowledge a factor in service. (EA p289-90)


Aquarius balancing Leo

I have sought to bring the above thoughts to your attention because the sign we are now studying is one in which the theme of self-consciousness lies open to the investigator. Mass consciousness in Cancer gives place to individual consciousness in Leo. Out of the mass or the herd emerges the self-sufficient unit which becomes increasingly aware of its oneness, its aloneness and its isolated attitude as the "one in the centre" of its small cosmos.

This attitude continues to develop and to become emphatic and dynamic (I use these words with intent), leading to the pronounced ego-centric consciousness of the selfish, intelligent man and to the ambitious display of selfish power of the man who desires place and position. But eventually the time comes when the nature of the Fixed Cross begins to dawn upon the consciousness of the man and the influence of Aquarius (the polar opposite of Leo) begins to balance that of Leo.

Then there comes the gradual shift of the focus of attention away from the "one who stands alone" to the environing group, and an equally important shift away from selfish interests to group requirements. This gives concisely the objective which is attained by the man upon the Fixed Cross; the effect of that Cross is to bring light and liberation. This can be clearly seen if we contrast the energies of the four arms of the Cross as they are demonstrated by the man both before and after the long and drastic experience upon the Cross.

1. Taurus.—The Bull of Desire. The light of aspiration and knowledge.

2. Leo.—The Lion of Self-assertion. The Light of the Soul.

3. Scorpio.—The Agent of Deception. The Light of Liberation.

4. Aquarius.—The Chalice of Self-service. The Light of the world.

(EA p292-93)


Uranus relating Aquarius and Leo

Through Uranus, Leo is related to three other signs of the zodiac: Aries, Libra and Aquarius, and these three constellations, with Leo, form what has been called "the subjective quaternary of the reincarnating soul" because they are related to the permanent atoms which persist from life to life and which form—during the cycle of reincarnation—the repositories or the storing houses of the experiences undergone during life in the three worlds.

1. Aries—is connected with soul intention, the vibratory activity of which (under impulse from the Monad) initiates the successive involutionary periods which produce appearance upon the physical plane.

2. Libra—is related to the mental unit and, as we saw when studying the sign Libra, produces eventually a balance between the pairs of opposites. This is brought about upon the astral plane. It is the attainment of this balance which produces the reversal of the mode of passing around the zodiacal wheel and it takes place when integration has occurred, and the man is focussed upon the mental plane. He can, then, through right use of the mind, discriminate between the pairs of opposites and find the narrow razor-edged path which passes between them and keep his balance upon it.

3. Leo—is connected with the astral permanent atom, for the reason that desire or the power to go forth and occultly touch that which is desired is the basis of all sense of awareness or responsiveness and the underlying cause of progress or evolutionary movement forward; it is the keynote of the man who has achieved that true "self-centred" attitude which makes him an individual. Later, as responsiveness grows and the world of small affairs is converted into the world of ever larger [Page 303] values and reality, the desires change into aspiration and finally into spiritual will, purpose and intent.

4. Aquarius—is eventually connected with the physical permanent atom which is, as you know, upon the etheric level. It is this individual web which is the medium of relationship to the whole. The universal consciousness of Aquarius becomes expressive just in so far as the individual etheric body is in conscious relation with the etheric body of humanity, the solar system and—of course—the planet. (EA p302-303)

Undiscovered planet focusses Aquarius and Leo in one potent stream of force (Isis and Quaoar)

Beyond these two distant planets, lies another planet as yet undiscovered, though speculation is rife about it, owing to certain unexplained movements of the planet Neptune. It is through this planet that the Forces (as they are related to Leo and Aquarius) are focussed in one potent stream of force; these pour into our planetary life during the month of August, and distribute themselves, via Uranus and Neptune. You have, therefore, in this connection:

                        LEO     AND    AQUARIUS

The physical Sun           Heart of the Sun           Central spiritual Sun.


            The undiscovered planet.


            Uranus and Neptune.


            The human Hierarchy.


            The animal Kingdom. (EA p308)


Selfless Aquarian awareness

The "lion must emerge from its lair," and this injunction is badly needed by Leo aspirants. It will, when followed, lead the self-centred Leo consciousness into the decentralised, selfless Aquarian awareness. It will alter the self-service of Leo into the group service of its polar opposite, Aquarius. It might appropriately be added here that the prayer or voiced aspiration of the true Leo person can be expressed in the words of Christ, so well known to all of us: "Father, not my will but thine be done." (EA p310)


Universal expression in Aquarius

I Am That—the Word of the Leo subject who is rapidly gaining the higher consciousness and preparing for fresh and universal expression in Aquarius. (EA p311)


Aquarius consciousness

1. Cancer—mass consciousness—instinctual awareness.

2. Leo—self consciousness—intelligent awareness.

3. Aquarius—group consciousness—intuitional awareness. (EA p312)


Aquarius, Virgo, Cancer, Moon and Neptune

We come now to a consideration of the rulers of this sign and to a study of the planets which act as focal points and as distributing agents for certain cosmic energies. Much has been earlier indicated along this line, and a true understanding of the nature of these impacting energies can only be grasped as we continue with our studies and investigate these signs in the relation which they assume as we study them in connection with other signs, claiming the same planetary rulers.

There is one point which I would like to make clear and that is that in the two rulers of this sign—the Moon and Neptune— you have the symbols of a close relationship between the Mother of all Forms and the God of the Waters, that is between the two planets. In this esoteric marriage, you have pictured for humanity a major synthesis of form and of desire-sensitivity and, consequently, a true statement of the stage of consciousness which we call Atlantean.

There is much of this today and of this stage, mass sensitivity and mass identification with form and with forms is the significant indication and the outstanding characteristic of Cancer and its subjects. The Moon, however, relates Cancer to two other signs and these form a cosmic triangle. They are Cancer-Virgo-Aquarius. In this combination, you have the sign of mass-consciousness, the sign of the Christ-consciousness and the sign of universal consciousness very closely related to each other and all of them through the medium of the influence of Neptune, which the Moon veils.

Like Leo, which is ruled in all its three expressions (orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical) by the Sun, Cancer is the only other sign which is ruled by only one planet, though in orthodox astrology, the Moon is substituted for Neptune because it is the form nature which is dominant in the longest stage of human unfoldment, just as esoterically, it is the feeling-sensitive nature which dominates the average man; it is with this stable tendency that the disciple has to wrestle. 

In the mass mind (of which Cancer is the truest expression), it is fortunate that Neptune is veiled by the Moon and that the form fails to register or step down many of the impacts to which the true man is sensitive. Average humanity is not yet fully equipped to bear the full range of these impacts, to handle them constructively or to transmute them and interpret them accurately.

Upon the Path of Discipleship and along the line of esoteric development, one of the major difficulties and great problems of the disciple is his extreme sensitivity to impacts from every side and his rapid ability to respond to contacts coming from "all points of the compass, from every angle of the zodiacal wheel and from that which is within as well as from that which is without, from that which lies above, below, and upon every hand," as the Old Commentary expresses it.

It is also as difficult and hard for the average student of modern times to grasp the mass-consciousness of Cancer as it is for him to grasp the group-awareness or the universal consciousness of Aquarius and to this final development, humanity is hierarchically related by the Moon, veiling Neptune. The average human being is just beginning to grasp the stage of the individual Christ consciousness of Virgo to which he is related by the same planet.

The unveiled Neptune relates Cancer to no other constellation or sign, and this fact is of very great importance, because it indicates the fact that when a man is an initiate, he does not react to ordinary feeling, sentiment or to personality relations as they express themselves in pleasure or pain. All these are surmounted and eventually the watery life of emotional reaction is superseded by the life of true and of inclusive love. Soul control esoterically "obliterates" the Moon and all traces of Neptunian life. The initiate is no longer ruled by the Mother of Forms or by the God of the Waters. When the "waters break and are carried away," the Mother gives birth to the Son and that individual spiritual entity then stands free. I would ask you to ponder upon this point.

These two—the Moon and Neptune—are, therefore, the direct influences which are brought to bear upon the Cancer subject and thus lead to the unfoldment of the form of life and of the emotional-astral body. The supreme usefulness of these aspects will be grasped if you will intelligently realise that without the form and without the ability to bear in mind the need to respond sensitively to the environing conditions and circumstance, the soul would never awaken to knowledge in the three worlds and, therefore, would never know God in manifestation. (EA p320-23)


The Light of Aquarius

11. Aquarius.—The Light that shines on Earth, across the sea. This is the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone. (EA p330)


Keynote of Virgo

            Keynote: Virgo hides the light which irradiates the world in Aquarius. (EA p332)


Keynote of Aquarius

11. Aquarius     All things to all men.      Dedication to the soul.  The Server of all men.

            Keynote: Aquarius releases Virgo from her load. (EA p333)


Leo and the lives of initiates

Simple as it sounds when stated, the most fundamental point for astrologers to grasp today is the need for them to know—prior to interpretation—where, upon the path of evolution, the subject under consideration stands. One other hint I will give. It will be from a study of those people who are born in the Cardinal Signs that the clearest information will emerge in this connection. It might be useful to point out here that:

1. Through a study of the Cardinal Cross—Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn—the astrologer can arrive at a clearer understanding:

a. Of ordinary, individual, human beings.

b. Of group beginnings.

c. Of the significance of the first initiation.

2. Through a study of the Fixed Cross—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius—he will arrive at a right interpretation of the lives:

a. Of initiates.

b. Of group absorption into synthesis.

c. Of the significance of the third initiation.

3. Through a study of the Mutable Cross—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces—he can arrive at the significance:

a. Of disciples.

b. Of group activity.

c. Of the second initiation. (EA p335)


Interplay of Aquarius and Leo

5. Leo-Aquarius.—The individual seeks full expression and arrives finally at the point where he uses his environment for purely individual ends. He dominates his fellowmen for entirely personality objectives. The isolated individual becomes the group ruler or dictator.

… 5. Aquarius-Leo.—Personality interests as an expression of the individual are submerged in the good of the whole. Selfish individual man becomes the world server. Heights of noted service are then reached in both signs. (EA p338, 339)


Universality of Aquarius

This sign is sometimes called the "constellation of the resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis." Governing as it does all the pairs of opposites in the zodiac, it preserves the magnetic interplay between them, keeping them fluid in their relations, in order eventually to facilitate their transmutation into unity, for the two must finally become the One. It should be remembered that—from the angle of the final development of the twelve zodiacal potencies—the twelve opposites must become the blended six, and this is brought about by the fusion in consciousness of the polar opposites. Pause and consider this phrasing.

The opposites eternally remain from the point of view of human reason, but to the initiate whose intuition is functioning they constitute but six great potencies, because he has achieved "the freedom of the two," as it is sometimes called. For instance, the Leo subject who has an initiated consciousness preserves the individuality, developed in Leo, as well as the universality of Aquarius; he can function, if he so chooses, as a fully self-identified individual, yet possesses simultaneously a fully awakened universal awareness; the same thing can be said of balanced activity and consequent fusion in all the signs. This analysis constitutes in itself an interesting and far-reaching field of speculation. (EA p347-48)


Aquarius expresses the universal consciousness of the Great Bear

In this occult statement is hidden one reason why Gemini is regarded as an air sign, for it is cosmically related (as are Libra and Aquarius, the other two points of the airy triplicity) in a most peculiar way to the Great Bear, to the Pleiades and to Sirius. The relation is essentially a sixfold one, and here you will find a hint as to the resolution of the pairs of opposites—involving as these three constellations do the three ideas of opposition-equilibrium-synthesis or universal fusion. It might be stated that:

1. Gemini—forms a point of entrance for cosmic energy from Sirius.

2. Libra—is related to and transmits the potencies of the Pleiades.

3. Aquarius—expresses the universal consciousness of the Great Bear. (EA p349)


Aquarius and the Central Spiritual Sun

In the expression of the activity of this sign of duality, it is subjective energy we must consider as it produces objective effects. This sign controls esoterically the heart of our solar system and thus controls the pulsation of life which sustains all that is. Gemini is, therefore, connected with the heart of the Sun, just as Cancer is related to the physical Sun and Aquarius to the central spiritual Sun. Here again, you have a significant triangle of a cosmic nature, the energies of which are focussed through the three aspects of the Sun in a most mysterious fashion:

1. Cancer . . . physical Sun . . . 3rd aspect . . . intelligent activity of the Whole.

2. Gemini . . . heart of the Sun . . . 2nd aspect . . . love of the Whole.

3. Aquarius . . . central spiritual Sun . . . 1st aspect . . . the will of the Whole.

Through these signs the three major aspects of divinity are at this time focussed. In casting the horoscope of the planet (a thing that has never yet been accurately done, owing to the lack of data available to the exoteric astrologer) it is the influence of these three constellations which will be found of dominating importance. In Cancer, you have the intelligent synthetic consciousness of the mass, viewing it from the consciousness of matter itself and the awareness of all forms and atoms; in Gemini, you have an emerging recognition of duality, leading to experience and growth in all separative intelligent forms; in Aquarius, you have the results of the activity of Cancer and Gemini, producing a higher synthesis and a universal group awareness. (EA p351)


The Aquarian age coming into manifestation

It might be here pointed out that just as the Aquarian Age is coming into manifestation for our planet as a whole, bringing in its wake universal awareness and the new modes of expressing world synthesis, human interests and the world religion, so humanity, the world disciple, is beginning to come under the influence of Taurus. It is this influence which will bring about at this time the reversal of the wheel of life for those in the human family who are ready (and their numbers are now very great). This is happening and the results are inevitable and cannot be evaded. The great question is: Will this Taurian influence, increased as it is by the incoming Shamballa forces, produce the floodlight of illumination of which Taurus is the custodian, or will it simply foment desire, increase selfishness and bring humanity to the "fiery heights of self-interest" instead of to the mountain of vision and initiation? (EA p374)


Aquarius, Fixed Cross, reversal and renunciation

This is the situation which confronts the Knowers of the race in their various grades of knowledge and illumination at this time. Neither of these influences—the Taurian or the Aquarian—can be avoided. As you will see when we study the analysis of this sign and come to a consideration of its rulers, Taurus forges the instruments of constructive living

It is not my intention to say much here anent the Fixed Cross of which Taurus is one of the arms. I dealt with this in several places when considering with you the constellations Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. I would, therefore, refer you to my earlier comments. Scorpio is, as you will have realised, the dominant arm through which the most effective potency flows upon the reversed wheel, where advanced humanity is concerned because it is the testing sign for humanity and the one in which the human being reaches the depths or attains the heights. Taurus is the dominant stream of energy upon this Fixed Cross where average man is concerned. The energy let loose through this Cross is stupendous in its effects, producing finally the great reversal and renunciation. In this Cross, Taurus is the Initiator for it "impulses the Will," producing movement and momentum. (EA p381-82)


Release through service in Aquarius

2. That which impelled to the processes of involution and evolution (the desire to incarnate) takes form at the second initiation in the will-to-liberation in Taurus and finds itself released through the will-to-serve—universally—in Aquarius. (EA p390)


Aquarius as an arm on the Fixed Cross

Through the three other arms of the Fixed Cross and their three streams of divine energy, the force of love can he brought indirectly to bear upon the man born in Taurus. The rulers of two of these signs, Leo and Scorpio, include the Sun (second ray), Mars (sixth ray) and Mercury (fourth ray). The Sun and Mars are esoteric rulers of Leo and Scorpio and Mercury is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio.

Uranus is the orthodox and Jupiter the esoteric ruler of Aquarius. The Moon is also present but again veils Vulcan, whose influence we have already considered. The only ray influence lacking is that of the third ray and basically that is present also as it is the ray of Earth. Therefore, in this important sign, the Taurian person is under the influence—directly or indirectly—of all the seven rays for the reason that desire, leading to final illumination, motivates them all. Such is the amazing situation which faces the man—particularly the disciple or the initiate—who is born in this sign. Such constitute the difficulties with which he is confronted but such also bring about his immense opportunity for progress. (EA p395)


The Sun passing into Aquarius

4. The passing of our Sun out of the sign Pisces into the sign Aquarius is another of the conditions bringing about the present confusion. This confusion of forces in the solar system is notably affecting our planet. In the process of passing from sign to sign, as for instance transitting out of Pisces into Aquarius as is now the case, the period covered is approximately five hundred years. (EA p409-10)


Decentralised attitude of the Aquarian man

It must not be forgotten that Leo marks the height of achievement for the human soul, and this is today stimulated by the Shamballa force now flowing into the centre of humanity. This inflow will continue its critical work until in the Aquarian Age, so rapidly coming into expression, the one-pointed attitude of the Leo person (or shall I call it the self-centredness?) becomes the expanded consciousness and the decentralised attitude of the Aquarian man. You can, therefore, see how full of promise is the future. (EA p447-48)


Venus governing decanate of Aquarius

In the Aquarian Age, the power of the planet Venus becomes a dominant factor in the last decanate. This I have already told you when we were studying that sign. Upon the reversed wheel in the case of the spiritually oriented man and the disciple, it is the first decanate under whose influence he comes which is governed by Venus; this should be remembered. Venus was the planet which we are told was responsible for the appearance of the individualised consciousness in man—this in combination with other influences and forces.

In the Aquarian Age, Venus will again have an analogous influence only with this difference that the emergence into manifestation of an increased individualism and self-conscious realisation will be subordinate to the appearance of the first stages of an expanded consciousness throughout all mankind—the consciousness of group responsibility. It will be perhaps better expressed as a form of group individualism. (EA p448)


Synthesis in Aquarius

It has been the steady impact of Piscean force which has at long last brought humanity, the world disciple, to the very door of initiation. For over two thousand years, Piscean influence has been playing upon mankind; it has brought about the demand for world adjustment; it has developed the international spirit and has led to the formation of groups in every department of human living and so laid the foundation for the future synthesis in Aquarius. The influence of this triangle finds symbolic expression in the life of the self-conscious individual who reaches self-awareness in Leo; in the culturing care of Virgo and the final self-release in Pisces. (EA p472-73)


Aquarius relating to the stars

There are four constellations, as you know, which convey the required energies which will make humanity divine. They are Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. I need not enter into an analysis of them as this was covered when we studied each of them earlier and separately. I would, however, like to point out that each of these constellations is closely connected, as a transmitter of energy, with certain stars, lying outside our zodiac altogether, thus connecting our tiny planet with certain great focal points of energy. (EA p482)


Aquarius affecting the world disciples and initiates

The effectiveness of this dual process can be seen if it is realised that three great signs—Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius—are today exceedingly active and working in close relation with each other. They are the three signs whose energies are affecting humanity as a whole—as a kingdom in nature. Leo: the sign of the self-conscious individual is potent in its mass effect and today, through the stress of circumstance and the dire results of certain events, thousands of men and women are stepping out of the ranks of the mass-conscious herd and out of the deep sleep of irresponsibility and becoming aware of themselves as detached, functioning entities. Sagittarius is powerfully affecting the world aspirants and leading them towards those attitudes of mind which will produce an unswerving allegiance to the spiritual values and an unalterable adherence to the good of humanity.

Aquarius is—with equal potency—affecting the world disciples and initiates, leading them to world service on a large scale, producing group activity and that living usefulness which is the hall-mark of the pledged disciple. The influence of these three constellations is felt through their esoteric planets, and the mass movement in consciousness (for which Leo is responsible) can be noted as possible even by the novice when he realises that the ruling planets in Leo are, from all three angles—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical—the Sun. The mass movement towards individual self-consciousness is today enormously intensified as is the paralleling individual movement towards initiation. (EA p482)


Aquarius turns knowledge into conscious use in the service of the group

I would like here to remind you of an earlier reference [Page 488] to still another triangle in which Leo is active and to another of the great triangles conditioning humanity: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius. Taurus incites towards experience and towards the gaining of knowledge; Leo leads to the expression of that experience in daily life and to the effort to justify knowledge; Aquarius takes that experience and the knowledge gained thereby, and turns it to conscious use in the service of the group. We might phrase it thus:

Taurus—in the final stage of development demonstrates as the illumined consciousness.

Leo—produces the truly Self-conscious man.

Aquarius—is the man of spirit, of life, and of consecration to the divine expression of service.

It is here that the importance of the esoteric rulers can be seen. These triangles, composed of three constellations are (according to cyclic law) dominated at any one time by one of the three, the other two being subordinated. These triangles are called in the Archives of the Lodge "Triangles in Revolution"; at one time, one of the three constellations will be the controlling factor; at another time another will swing into effectiveness and later a third. Each of these in turn pours its force through its esoteric ruler and the other two energies become of secondary importance. When this information is connected with the teaching upon the rays, it will be apparent how necessary it is to know which of the triangles is the focal point of transmission, because in this way it will be discovered which ray energy is in major or minor expression. (EA p 488)


Ray V triangle of signs

Ray V  Leo      Sagittarius         Aquarius

(EA p489)


Ray triangles effective till end of Aquarian Age

1. This interrelation is effective in this world cycle and will remain so until the end of the Aquarian Age. ... I mean, that these seven triangles of energy are today pouring their force through one of the constellations in each triangle. (EA p490-91)


Aquarius not the active point in Ray V triangle but will be

e. Aquarius is not today the active point for the transmission of the energy of Ray V. However, shortly, as the Sun passes more fully into the sign Aquarius, the triangle will again revolve and bring the Aquarian point into a controlling position. (EA p492)


Aquarius part of Ray V triangle governs the evolution of consciousness

5. It is interesting to have in mind that Ray V governs the evolution of consciousness through the revolution of its triangle: Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. This is from the angle of hierarchical effort, as I earlier pointed out. Throughout human evolution, this major triangle governs the relation of humanity, through the mind, to the Hierarchy and the approach of that Hierarchy to the human centre of energy. Let me recall to your attention the following facts in this connection:

            |           The Achievement of the Hierarchy         The self-consciousness of Leo

            |                                   gives place to the group

            |                                   consciousness of Aquarius.

            |           The FUTURE   The merging of the human centre

Aquarius           |                                   and the Hierarchy.

            |           Soul Expansion Recognition of relation.

            |           The work of the Fellow Craft    The building and service of the

            |                                   temple of humanity.

(EA p493)


Aquarius empowering the Solar Angel

From the standpoint of our theme (the evolution of consciousness) it must never be forgotten that the aim is to bring the solar Angel, the Son of Mind (called in The Secret Doctrine, the Divine Manasaputra) into the seat of power. This task is pre-eminently entrusted to the three great Lives Who function through Gemini-Libra-Aquarius. (EA p493)


Aquarius leading the “Eternal Pilgrim” along the Path

These three constellations, cyclically and eternally, leading the "Eternal Pilgrim" along the path of mental unfoldment produce in him the final stage of mental evolution upon the Path of Initiation. Illumination, the term applied to that final stage, is a synthesis of instinct, intellect and intuition. Students must bear in mind that:

1. Gemini—expresses the relation of the pairs of opposites as they swing the man into activity and evoke his mental perception. With the aid of the ruling planets (Mercury and Venus) the mind begins to function and when the esoteric planet comes into expression and transmitting potency "the Messenger and the Angel exchange their understanding." (Venus and the divine Manasaputras are closely connected. A.A.B.)

2. Libra—expresses the point of balance achieved, prior to a secondary activity and the period of assimilation by the mind of past experience. These processes, when successfully carried forward, evoke the intuition and this brings into activity what is called the super-mind which is the response of the illumined mind to the Mind of God.

3. Aquarius—expresses the activity of the mind which has been initiated into the purposes of the Universal Mind. It is the sign which brings the soul into active cooperation with the inner plan of God. This we call service. (EA p494-95)


Aquarius as part of "triangles in consciousness"

There are other major triangles which are called "triangles in consciousness" and, as you well know, the most important of these for mankind is the triangle of Cancer, Leo and Aquarius. They are important at this time because the influences pouring through these three are basically responsible for the growth of the human understanding and the unfoldment not only of man's response apparatus, the form nature, but also of his expanding perception of that which is contacted. This threefold process under these three constellations produces finally the identification with that which is perceived to be the divine essence, underlying form. This identification with that which is the subjective and real Self and the consequent withdrawing from that which is the not-Self is the keynote of the fourth initiation.

From the mass awareness in Cancer, the man becomes an individual in Leo and the slow unintelligent sub-consciousness of the herd becomes the self-awareness of the developed man in Leo. Instinctual reaction gives place to conscious, intellectual activity. This dual activity in turn gives place to the group awareness which is the gift conferred by Aquarian activity; the super-conscious divine man then transcends his limited self-consciousness and the intuition supersedes the intellect. (EA p495-96)


The emerging energy of Aquarius

There exists at this time an inter-relation between three of the constellations upon which I would like somewhat to enlarge, because their potency and the climax of their inter-relation is being reached at this time. From 1975 on, that potency will greatly lessen until it fades out. The period of this interplay of three major energies and their focussed potent effect upon our planet began in 1875, achieved momentum in 1925, will reach its highest expression (for good or evil) in 1945 and will then decline slowly until 1975. These three constellations are: Leo, Capricorn and Pisces. These are curiously and most mysteriously related to the fourth kingdom in nature and therefore to the evolution and the destiny of the human family. Add to these the emerging energy of Aquarius, and you have four energies which are playing upon the vehicles of men and producing peculiar effects—both destructive and constructive. (EA p537)


Aquarius is a sign of universal relationships

The self-consciousness aspect of the human being is being steadily expanded under this major interplay and through the forces transmitted by Uranus, via the eleventh house, and will ultimately give place to group consciousness and group relationships and group work. Hence the trend towards amalgamation today, towards federation, spheres of action and the many groups which distinguish increasingly human intercourse.

The group spirit and the forms through which it will express itself are being increasingly demonstrated and this constitutes a veritable initiation for the race. It is the emergence of the glory of the human spirit in a more definite and arresting way and involves an orientation towards freedom which will later stand in the historical records as the outstanding characteristic of this age of major conflict. Humanity is today participating in the preparatory tests for initiation, the initiation of the world disciple. Great is your privilege to be taking part in this.

Forget not that eleven is the number of the Initiate and that today it is the eleventh house which is so dominant; forget not that Aquarius, the eleventh sign, is the sign of universal relationships, interplay and consciousness. For all this, the combination of signs— Leo, Capricorn and Pisces—is preparing the race.


Aquarius and Uranus

  1. Uranus. This planet is the exoteric ruler of Aquarius; it is also the esoteric ruler of Libra and the hierarchical ruler of Aries. It is peculiarly active at this time and brings in the energy of the seventh ray.

… This triple inflow of seventh ray energy, coloured by the force of three great constellations, is potent to effect major changes in our little planet. It is interesting to realise that Aries, the Inaugurator, is rendered effective on the Earth through the organising potency of Uranus. Aries is the source, the beginning and the initiator of the New Age and its coming civilisations, of the appearance of the kingdom of God on earth and also of the individual initiate into the Mysteries. Aquarius is the present Determiner of the future. That which is now initiated in Aries will become manifested in Aquarius, and Libra will enforce the achievement of a point of balance or (esoterically speaking) of the "escape from opposing forces at the midway point between the source and the goal." (EA p548)


Aquarius and the Fixed Cross

The four arms of this Cross are Taurus—Leo—Scorpio—Aquarius. It is called the Fixed Cross because the man is stretched upon it by the directed choice and immovable intent of his soul. From that decision there is no turning back. (EA p555)


Aquarius symbolised by the man "bearing a pitcher of water" upon his shoulder.

Aquarius.—The expression of this influence has been beautifully given to us in the story of the Last Supper. Christ sent His disciples into the city to find the man "bearing a pitcher of water" upon his shoulder. This is the symbol of the sign Aquarius—the sign in which the universality of the water of life will become a factor in human consciousness; then we shall indeed all sit down eventually to the communion of bread and wine. He referred indirectly to the same idea when He spoke of Himself as the "water of life," assuaging the thirst of humanity. (EA p566)


Aquarius among the holiest three

"He who sees in the dark light of Shamballa penetrates to that which lies beyond our little sphere to that which can be sensed behind the holy triangle (Venus, Mercury, the Earth, A.A.B.). There is to be found the point of radiant fire which shines within the eye (Taurus), which burns upon the mountain-top (Capricorn) and which the water cannot quench (Aquarius). These are the holiest three." (EA p594)


Keynotes vary during Aquarian Age

A close study of these seven major rays and seven minor keynotes will reveal these truths and their promise. At the close of the Aquarian Age, these keynotes will vary somewhat because the recognition of the Will (leading to understanding cooperation) will produce major changes in human polarisation and human objectives—realised objectives. (EA p602)

2. "Enoch, the type of the dual nature of man (spiritual and physical) occupies the centre of the astronomic Cross ... which is a six-pointed star.... In the upper angle of the upper triangle is the Eagle (Scorpio); in the left lower angle stands the Lion (Leo); in the right, the Bull (Taurus); while between the Bull and the Lion ... is the face of Enoch, the man (Aquarius).... These are the four animals of Ezekiel and Revelations." (S.D. II. 561, 562.)


Words of Aquarius

 2. Aquarius.—And the Word said: Let desire in form be ruler.

11. Aquarius.—Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men. (EA p653-54)