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Kalachakra 2011

The Dalai Lama is presenting what may well be his last Kalachakra Initiation from July 6-16, at the Verizon Center, in Washington D.C.  Those who are planning to attend will learn much about what they will experience in Washington. Those who are not yet planning to attend will surely be inspired to do so. http://www.kalachakra2011.com/
Here is a marvelous U-Tube Video featuring a lecture by Ageless Wisdom Scholar David Reigle with video production by Mar Sorell in collaboration with Justin Wilkenson. This video focuses on the meaning of the Kalachakra in relation to Shamballa and to the writings of the Master Djwhal Khul. The basis of the video is a captivating lecture presented by David Reigle at the 25th Annual International Conference of the University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute in early May of this year. David’s voice continues throughout as we are treated to many profoundly evocative, illuminative images which accompany his presentation. This is a video (and a lecture) not only to be enjoyed but to be studied!
David Reigle is co-founder of the International Kalachakra Network, and author of the book,” Kalachakra Sadhana and Social Responsibility”. He is co-author of the book, “Blavatsky’s Secret Books: Twenty Years’ Research”.  His other writings can be found on the Eastern Tradition Research Institute website, www.easterntradition.org . His lifelong research on the Book of Dzyan is currently finding expression on the Theosophical Network website.
This Talk was given at the 25th Annual SRI/USR Conference held in Mesa, Arizona in 2011.  The presentation was sponsored by The Seven Ray Institute (www.SevenRay.net ), and The University of the Seven Rays, under the direction of Michael D. Robbins. (www.Makara.us )
This Video was edited and produced by Mar Sorell (www.SorellFX.com ), in association with Justin Wilkinson, and Alignment Media (www.TheAgelessWisdom.net )


Classified Ads: Inquire Within

Here is a list of pioneer projects, which would be useful to the applicant while providing a real service to some ongoing and new projects. If you have interest, let me know by making some comment, and we’ll see what we can work out. The benefit is that you’ll be working directly with the Agnisuryans of mAkArA, and that can only be a good thing. Agnisuryans give perhaps the best testimonials on the planet to a prospective employer about your stellar performance at a creatively challenging responsibility.)

The positions are numerous, and you may think them up on your own and make suggestions. Here are some, in this format:

Commitment required:

Position: Science Video Collector
Qualifications: Morya Federation student or faculty preferred. Ease (or willingness to be made at ease) with youtube, downloading and uploading files, primarily to wordpress blog interface (easy stuff).
Responsibilities: Find videos latest best videos for various esoteric and exoteric science courses.
Commitment required: Whatever you can provide could be quite handy.

Ditto Position: Video Collector (Other topic collectors also invited)

Position: Astrology Sparky: For someone well-versed in esoteric astrology.
Qualifications: … tba, take a guess …
Commitment required:

Position: Physiognomy Head
Qualifications: Knowledge of skull anatomy; knowledge of rays and astrology; knowledge of photoshop or other program that provides sophisticated cropping and output to .jpg, and basic html, ideal.
Responsibilities: Think the project through in consultation with MDR and VSK and then do something major to help make it happen. Likely, at a minimum, creating a method for coherently organizing current and new photos for physiognomic research, so writing may proceed on each individual and special facial configuration in terms of rays and astrology, in a clear manner.
Commitment required: Whatever it takes.

(Vicktorya would like to be closely involved on this one, and needs keen powerful right arm to do most of the heavy lifting, and this is Michael’s Tapestry of the Gods, volume V; see what is on the website about this so far.)

Other areas, not yet articulated, but — try me.

Ecommerce: how to advance your own passive income, or donate to good causes, while assisting others to get word out about their products and services.
Ecommerce: how to advance your own passive income, or donate to good causes, while providing or CREATING your own products or services.

Are you seeking deeper meaning?

Greetings Seekers — find yourself at home! If you’re not finding what you’re looking for — if it’s a document that may exist on a harddrive on this planet, give me a try.
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