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About Makara BLOG

Hello –

This blog is an INTERFACE MENU for the full, large, archive site of www.makara.

MOST L INKS will take you AWAY from this site –– to either the makara.us website itself, another website, or open a document, etc.
There are a few posts, which will occasionally be added to although current plans do not include active communication on makara.us/portal blog site.

To return to this MAKARA BLOG ‘super menu’- you may wish to keep it open in one of your browser tabs or windows, or use your browser BACK button.

This blog serves as a kind of overview or MAKARA, and the associated projects of Michael David Robbins, as President of the University of the Seven Rays, and its primary educational component, the Morya Federation. In conjunction with Seven Ray Institute and its offering of products, services, and conferences by other esotericists around the globe, these three outposts serve as a key global hub for the serious students of the Tibetan’s Teachings as put forth by Alice A. Bailey, in the 24 books published by Lucis Trust.


To join us, please contact our educational outreach, Morya Federation, or the Seven Ray Institute.


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