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Morya Federation Open Webinars for All Interested in the Ageless Wisdom

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New Year’s Eve Program of “The New Group of world Servers In The Final Years of the Forerunner”

Part 1 – Broadcast on The New Group Of World Servers

As we open up the New Year’s Eve vigil with the first broadcast, we meditated on different guiding thoughts about the New Group of World Servers by Master D.K, by sounding the Great Invocation in every hour, using affirmations and prayers from the Old Commentary, Peace Prayers and other great thoughts from various sources. Focusing on the momentous changes which are occurring in the human family, we invoked the energies necessary for humanity’s successful transition into the Aquarian Age. Participants had the opportunity to create their own inner ceremonies, thus contributing to a growing momentum towards greater service and more powerful offerings to the Coming One. We also offered beautiful music to work with.

 Part 1 Video 1179 MB .wmv file

Part 2 – Webinar Discussion On The New Group Of World Servers

During the Webinar (4.00-9.15pm GMT/UT), Tuija and Michael Robbins featured esoterically knowledgeable guests who offered their insights and understanding regarding the nature and opportunities of the coming times. They discussed their experiences in service and how to built strong and lovingly supportive relationships that transcend customary borders. The work during the Webinar portion was somewhat spontaneous, and attendees had many opportunities to express their thoughts and understanding.  Presenting guests included Phillip Lindsay, William Meader, Elena Dramchini, Uta Gabey and the Hechal Group from Israel, and  Alexandr Ilchuk and Katia Kaufman.

 Part 2 Video 312 MB .wmv file

Part 2 Audio 312 MB .mp3 file

Part 3 – Continuation of the Broadcast on The New Group Of World Servers

In this section of our program we helped prepare for the energies entering with the New Year 2019, building our understanding of our role in the “happenings of the time and in world affairs.” We created our own ceremony of commitment as we welcomed in the New Year.  In this marathon Prayer Day, we contemplated the possible benefits for humanity if the new energies are rightly used and offered the generated energy for the use of Hierarchy. We meditated in silence for much of the day and asked that those watching the recording also hold the Silence as well in offering for the benefit of Christ and for His Purpose to save humanity.

Part 3 Video 374 MB .wmv file


General Student Open Webinar, August 23, 2014. There were two events due to an error in the start time; they are both in this one file. This event was facilitated by Michael D. Robbins.

General Student Open Webinar 722 MB .wmv file

General Student Open Webinar 195 MB .mp3 file

Open Student Webinar 3, held May 17, 2014. This meeting was facilitated by Michael D. Robbins.

Open Webinar 3 224 MB .wmv file

Open Webinar 3 91 MB .mp3 file

Open Student Webinar 2, held August 3, 2013. This meeting was facilitated by Michael Robbins.

Open Webinar 2 389 MB .wmv file

Open Webinar 2 115 MB .mp3 file

Open Student Webinar 1, held July 14, 2013. This meeting was facilitated by Michael Robbins.

Open Webinar 1 287 MB .wmv file

Open Webinar 1 98 MB .mp3 file