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Adventures in Identification Series II by Michael D. Robbins

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Adventures in Identification Webinar 4 Series II is about 2 hours, 13 minutes long. Topics include: 1) OGPABEE: An ongoing Presence accompanied by everything else; 2): the things which usually make a difference do not make a difference, because they are not really different; 3): no difference within the apparent variety; 4): feeling of continuity sustained—an ongoing Presence, which does not vary though everything else seems to vary from moment to moment, and if we could but be sensitive the variation would be extremely rapid; 5): BMDIJ: Being Must Do Its Job; 6): All descent from Being into Manifestation is a Descent in Self-Objectification; 7): all Duality is only a seeming; 8): not just continuity of consciousness but 9): Continuity of Being; 10): COBAEE: Continuity of Being and Everything Else; 11): ATOM: All This of Me; 12): TDOTP: (for later: the Dimensionless of the Point); 13): BOG: Being On-Going; TOOB: The On-Goingness of Being; 14): IINWYABTYAAA: It Is Not What You Are But That You Are At All 15): COC: Current of Consciousness is to be sustained under all conditions; 16): Conditions change—that’s Saturn; yet something remains the same, that’s Uranus; 17): Lord of Time and Condition is Saturn; Lord of Timelessness and Simultaneity is Uranus; 18): GDP: Great Dimensionless Point which is any Universe; and which is a Point considered as the “RAY OF THE ABSOLUTE”; 19): POB and the ROB and the BOG—Perception, Realization and Being of Being; 20): NIBME: Nought Is But ME; 21):PIE: Perceivables in (within) ESSENCE; 22): If we get engaged with things we lose the Being which is BE-NESS; BWIB; 23): The SELF as the SOURCE of Becoming; and all Becoming is SELF-Becoming; 24): Anchor in Presence and Be All Else: AIPABAE; 25): What you are is never absent; WYAINA; 26): We anchor in THAT which is never absent and realize that all apparent ‘elsehood’ is THAT as well; 27): BIFITH: Being is Felt in the Heart; 28): COP: Continuity of Presence; 29): TPAAE: The Presence and All Else; 30): TPAAE: The Presence AS All Else; 31): AEATP: All Else AS the Presence; 32): Emanations are Dimensionless Points within the UP—Universal Point; 33): The UP is the One Dimensionless Existence which the “RAY OF THE ABSOLUTE” has Become; 34): Sustain the Presence as a First Priority; 35): Am I With IT: AIWI?; IIWM: Is IT with Me? 36): For me what we call the Presence is a degree of revelation of the Universal Logos; 37): The Universal Logos registers the PRESENCE of the “INFINITY of all Infinities”; 38): IAAE: 8(I) As All Else39): 40): ‘O’ as the Ultimate 8; Also this ‘ ’ 41): ‘O’ IS before Being Descends to Manifest; 42: ‘0’ is Pre-Manifestational BE-NESS; but it is better written as ‘ ’ or ‘ ’ 43): Be and Do Simultaneously; 44): Realize that Doing is essentially Being; it is Being that Does; 45): SAA: Same as All; SAE: Same as Everything; 46): BAPSS: Before Any Perceivable Say Same: or better REALIZE SAME: 47): BIDI: Being is Doing It; PIDI: Presence is Doing It; 48): If we realize SAA or SAE then we will note that we are Surrounded by Utter Sameness: SBUS; 49): SAPBUS: Surrounded and Pervaded by Utter Sameness; 50): ITYAAE: 8 Take You All As Equals; 51): ASTRAL ELEMENTAL: AEEIE: All Emanations Are Essentially Equal In Essence; 52): What do we do with hierarchical consciousness; 53): All Brothers are Equal in Essence: ABAEIE: 54): ITYAAE: I Take You All As Equals; ITYAME: I Take You As My Equal; used for melting barriers in consciousness which have prevented unitive realization; 55): WATSE : We are the SAME—Essentially; 56): NTVPOPD: Neutralize the Veiling Power of Perceived Difference 57): BOE: Brotherhood of Emanations; there is no-thing which is not a point within the One Universal Point; 58): BOP: Brotherhood of Points; 59): at the end of any Universe, all points have resolved into the One Universal Point 60): we are all NDEs. Non-Dimensional Existences; 61): TSP: Time/Space Point; 62): A Point is an Existent Cipher; APIAEC; 63): with a point there is no time and there is no space, but there is existence and is existence itself to be considered a dimension? 64 ): does dimension and hence differentiation exist within THAT? 65): the Point has the Dimension of Existence; BE-NESS does not have differentiable dimensions—ESSENTIALLY; 66): an infinitude of points added together, yields but a Point and all such Points are UIs: 67): all points are smaller than any possible ‘measurability’; 68): the UMM is always more minute than ANY Measurable; 69): 70): Ultimate Infinitesimal is always more minute than any Measurable; 71): Imaginatively Collapsing Extension if we viewed all Perceivables as dimensionless points; 72): the Ultimate Infinitesimal is always less than any Measurable but always more than any Point; 73): Sometimes infinitesimals are considered to be points; 74): We might even consider the Ultimate Infinitesimal to be a True Point—but is it a True Point? 75): does the Ultimate Infinitesimal have ANY Quantity whatsoever? 76): A True Point has NO Dimension; and an Ever-Lessening has ever receding dimension; 77): the Always Less will have quantity, but the True Point will never have Quantity, and yet It Is! 78): Attributes of True Identity; 79): Immortal, Immutable, Indispensable, Irreplaceable, Ineradicable, Inextinguishable, Indestructible, Inexhaustible, Imperishable, Invincible; 80): Confidence in the Immortal Ray of the ABSOLUTE: 81): Confidence in the Immutable Ray of the ABSOLUTE; 82): Confidence in the Indispensable Ray of the ABSOLUTE; 83): Confidence in the Irreplaceable Ray of the ABSOLUTE; 84): Confidence in the Ineradicable Ray of the ABSOLUTE 85): Confidence in Inextinguishable the Ray of the ABSOLUTE 86): Confidence in the Indestructible Ray of the ABSOLUTE 87): Confidence in the Inexhaustible Ray of the ABSOLUTE 88): Confidence in the Imperishable Ray of the ABSOLUTE 89): Confidence in the Invincible Ray of the ABSOLUTE 90): All this equates to Self-Confidence; 91): One Universal Point; 92): TOWA: The ONE WITHOUT ANOTHER; 93): A Line of Points Leading to the One Point; there are no lines—there are only superimposed points, which are all ultimately equivalent; 94): Depending upon the depth of immersion of the Self-objectification so will be the intensity of the registration of Being.

Adventures in Identification Webinar 4 Series II 428 MB .wmv file
Video of Adventures in Identification Webinar 4 Series II by Michael Robbins.

Adventures in Identification Webinar 4 Series II 127 MB .mp3 file
Audio of Adventures in Identification Webinar 4 Series II by Michael Robbins.


Adventures in Identification Webinar 3 Series II. Topics include: 1): IATS: I am the ‘Sole’: Fundamental realization; I am the One. Feel one’s participation in what the expanded imagination reveals; 2): The One Point has multitudinous points within it, all of them emanated into varying states of circumscription or encapsulation; 3): I am the Sole Self—the Only Self; 4): LFTSIA: Look for the ‘Sole’ in All—trying to detect the Sole-ness is All—that all diversity is really One Thing. Can any thing be seen, known, registered as the Representative of the One…not only the Representative but the One Itself…? GOD “All-in-All” in every apparent part; 5): Do not lose the One because of engagement with multiplicity…with the Many. Do no lose the One because of engagement with the Many; 6): MTSBLFIM: May the ‘Sole’ Be Liberated from its Misidentifications; 7): We have to in the universal process disengage from our Self-objectifications; 8): At last at the end of the Universe, there is the ‘Retraction of the Point’. The Universe IS a Point, radiated forth as the One Ray of the ABSOLUTE; 9): Retraction is Dis-identification, Disengagement, Detachment, Elevation, Centralization; 10): Key process is to reduce multiplicity to SAMENESS while not losing the practical perception of multiplicity; 11): BANIELANIEG: Being All, Nothing is Ever Lost and Nothing is Ever Gained. All loss and gain are ‘apparencies’—not realities…they are relative loss and gain. We are the ALL—which is the ABSOLUTE; 12): The “INFINITY of all Infinities” is the ULTIMATE INFINITY; 13): IHALAIOU: I Have Already Lost an Infinitude of Universes: If the SELF which has or will become all ‘things’ is PERMANENT—then no-thing can be lost, or gained… The SELF has become those apparencies—those things. There is no-thing ‘out there’ really; there is only the SELF in disguise—masquerading as an object or a limitation of ITSELF; 14): The SUBSTRATUM of all SELF-Objectification can never be lost; 15): DNSEAA: Do not seek enlightenment amongst aggregations. While clinging to aggregations, enlightenment cannot be found; 16): A Universe is an aggregation under the spell of illusion; 17): Within the Point the illusion of dimensionality arises, but when the Point is retracted into the POINTLESS all dimensionality ceases; 18): Everything from which we must detach is a Self-projection…. Ultimately a SELF-Projection; 19): HDANH: How Does a ‘Now’ Happen? This question that a ‘Now’ is a moment, but what if there’re are no moments succeeding each other…as if a ‘Now’ were a measurable moment; 20): Maybe the ‘Now’ is indivisible and non-momentary—If the ‘Now’ is momentary then there are many measurable Nows—What if the ‘Now’ is equivalent to Eternal Duration—and that all there ever is is NOW; 21): NITOT: Now is the Only Time—that there has ever been; 22): Maybe there is One Continuous ‘Now’—the Eternal Now—the Same Now that has ever been and always will be…This does not help when dealing with the practicalities of the Great Illusion—i.e., the Universe; 23): Any Point is an illusion. The Great Point which is any Universe is the Great Illusion; 24): Illusion based upon multiplicity and movement and division—and as THAT, the NAMELESS there is none of these; 25): Now is the immediate point of Self-becoming; 26): If we could get the sense of the COB—Continuity of Being, the momentary nows would disappear and the Now would appear; 27): BTTOT: Break Through the Tyranny of Time; 28): ETTOT: Eradicate the Tyranny of Time; 29): NNIDFTN: No ‘Now’ is Different from this ‘Now’: The identicality of all apparent nows….Little now to mean momentary now… The little apparent nows are known by different kaleidoscopic configurations perceived; 30): TITONTHEBOEWB: This is the Only ‘Now’ that has Ever Been or Ever Will Be: Let’s call this ‘Now’ (really NOW) the ‘Non-Configurational Now’—its nature does not depend upon the perception of configuration or pattern… Only configurations suggest to the perceiver that there is one moment and the next—but if there is no concentration upon configuration, then the Now remains ever the same—SAME; 31): The Ongoing Now and the Continuity of Being—are related—with Continuity of Being one perceives or registers the Ongoing Now.

Adventures in Identification Webinar 3 Series II 236 MB .wmv file
Video of Adventures in Identification Webinar 3 Series II by Michael Robbins.

Adventures in Identification Webinar 3 Series II 64 MB .mp3 file
Audio of Adventures in Identification Webinar 3 Series II by Michael Robbins.


Adventures in Identification Webinar 2 Series II. Topics include: 1): BUEXEEEX: Being Un-expendable, Everything Else Expendable, Every perception is a content of consciousness—all of them unreal in the ultimate sense…Learn detachment from the unrealities which are expendable in terms of valuation; 2): BNEX: Being is NOT-expendable; 3): Cherish the presentation, the phenomenon, the content of consciousness, AS IF it WERE the underlying reality; 4): It is not WHAT you are but THAT you are!; 5): See things IN-God, but better, See things AS-God; 6): BITN: Break into the Now or the NOW; 7): No succession in Reality—only Continuity; 8): If there is Succession, there is Illusion based on Apparent Division; 9): BBIC—Be, Being in Continuity; 10): Apparent Succession Deceives our Consciousness; 11): BTIB, BTIN—Break through into Being; Break through into Now; 12): Dissolve your way into Being; Dissolve your way into the Now; 13): Go beyond the apparent limitations which hold the consciousness in encapsulation; 14): The walls of the Great Universal Temple will break—periodically; 15): Why does the INFINITUDINOUSLY COMPLETE become the Finite, Incomplete; 16): BIIN: BIIB: Break into Invariable Nowness: Break into Invariable Being, then we have the pedal tone, the background necessary to enlightenment… This would mean to shatter the illusion of multiplicity and sequentiality…Can we think only of the One and of the Now… the Now without sequence; 17): BTH: Be the Irreducible Homogeneity; 18): BEEAW: Being Everything Else’s as Well; 19): OIEACOC: One is every arising content of consciousness; 20): RMTRUTH: Restore Me to real usefulness to Hierarchy; 21): TRUTH: To Real Usefulness to Hierarchy; 22): RUTH: Real Usefulness to Hierarchy; 23): The Monad is a State of Extension from the Universal Logos; 24): The Universal Logos is only the Point; 25): All Points forever are superimposed…and have no dimension; 26): The POINTLESS and the Point; 27): CNI: Cyclically Necessary Illusion—that’s what a Universe is… Son of Necessity The Universe is a Son of Necessity; 28): BSAPD: Being Same and Perceiving Different (Difference); 29): SUS: Sense Utter Sameness; 30): BUS: Be Utter Sameness; 31): SID: Self-Imposed Diversification; 32): SIAD: Self-imposed Apparent Diversification; 33): RRUTH: Realize Real Usefulness to Hierarchy – to Purpose, to Archetype, to That Which Is Intended; 34): The Point becomes POINTLESS, POINTLESSNESS; 35): Each Universe is a Point and all such point having no duration, are superimposed, and so TIN—Time is Not; 36): When we say Forever and Forever and Forever—we might as well say NOW; 37): EERIAR: Every Emanative Retraction is a Revelation; 38): EEEIAE: Every Emanative Extension is an Encapsulation or Limitation; 39): EEEIAL: …..is a Limitation; 40): All of us Emanative Extensions are in different states of prakritic immersion—immersion into limited perception; 41): Always; 42): IMA: I Mean Always, Forever, Now; 43): Googolplexian: is an Ultimate Infinitesimal in relation to ULTIMATE INFINITY; 44): Such words induce a state of consciousness characterized by ETERNALITY; 45): BTOUP: Break Through our Usual Perceptions; 46): EDION: Eternal Duration is Only NOW; 47): AION: Always is Only NOW.

Adventures in Identification Webinar 2 Series II 187 MB .wmv file
Video of Adventures in Identification Webinar 2 Series II by Michael Robbins.

Adventures in Identification Webinar 2 Series II 64 MB .mp3 file
Audio of Adventures in Identification Webinar 2 Series II by Michael Robbins.


Adventures in Identification Webinar 1 Series II. Topics include: 1): SOLE—substituted for the word SOUL…. SOLE. The Oneness of the Soul is perhaps more vividly realized by thinking to oneself the word “SOLE”; 2): JIOTS: Joy is of the SOLE/SOUL. We must be liberated from the contents of consciousness, then we experience joy and even bliss; 4): How do we liberate ourselves from the contents of consciousness? Through dis-identification. The realization that anything we perceive is a reduction of what we are. Never to become entangled or identified with anything perceived, except that which is the Oneness of anything perceived; 5): RTO: Reveal the One; 6): UTOBTORTO: Understand the One; Be the One; Reveal the One; 7): QFTO: Quest for the One; 8): ‘MONAD-IN-EXTENSION’ is that which is questing for the “MONAD-in-Non-Extension”—MAH: Monad-at-Home; 9): TUOA: Universal One and Only: Universal Logos; 10): A word may communicate some intellectual concept, but unless the ENERGY of the concept is presented, the word has failed in its full potential; 11): Time and Space as Categories of Consciousness. Limitations upon ultimate forms of registration… Cavern of Consciousness; 12): The Point in Time—and a point of no dimension. Time is a dimension. If all time is a point, then that point has no dimension, and thus, no duration; 13): The dimensionless now; all points in time superimposed in a dimensionless now—a non-durational NOW; 14): Is Time non-durational? A now cannot lapse because it has no dimension—no duration. Thus, the Old Platitude, there is as Eternal Now, and it never changes; 15): All quantities are negated in the Point or as the Point; 16): If a Universe is a point, and a point is dimensionless, then a Universe has no measurable duration; 17): THABAN: There has always been a Now; 18): THABTON: There has always been the ONLY NOW—and it is an unmeasurable NOW…with no dimension; 19): THABTOON: There has always been the ONLY ONE NOW; 20): THABTOAON: There has always been the ONE AND ONLY NOW, which has no duration—result: no time has passed forever; 21): TIOCOB: There is only Continuity of BEING… BEING continues to be ONLY ITSELF—there is no perceivable succession; 22): No succession but only continuity; 23): We have forever, cyclically, CHANGELESSNESS and the POINT in which multitudinous change is perceived; 24): What gain do we hope for in all this: monadic retraction; emanative retraction, and the Monad-in-extension moves towards the Monad-at home; 25): Stretch language so that it has greater evocative value for the limited consciousness; 26): A point has existence but no measurability; 27): BIR: Break into Realization.

Adventures in Identification Webinar 1 Series II 509 MB .wmv file
Video of Adventures in Identification Webinar 1 Series II by Michael Robbins.

Adventures in Identification Webinar 1 Series II 68 MB .mp3 file
Audio of Adventures in Identification Webinar 1 Series II by Michael Robbins.