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  David Koresh—Cult Leader

August 17, 1959, Houston, Texas, 8:49 AM, CST. (Source: Koresh’s mother) Died (of gunshot wound to head during a fiery siege), April 19, 1993, Waco, Texas.

(Ascendant Libra, with Juno in Libra; MC, Cancer; Sun and Uranus conjunct in Leo, H11, with Mercury; Moon in Aquarius; Mercury and Venus conjunct in Virgo with Pluto also in Virgo; Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio)  

Koresh and ninety followers of his Branch Davidiain religious sect died in a holocaust, 19 April 1993, near Waco, Texas.  FBI agents approached the compound on 28 February and there was a stalemate after gunfire before the group were engulfed in an inferno.  Koresh had musical ambitions which amounted to little, but possessed a god-complex and was worshipped by his flock, and in particular, by the women/girls who were sexually accessible to him.
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