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  Paracelsus—Alchemist, Physician, Magician

Different horoscopes are given for Paracelsus, one with the Sun in Scorpio and another in Capricorn. Proposed time of  birth: November 10, 1493, Einsiedeln, Switzerland, 23:00, LMT              

“Manly Hall in Astrological Review 3/1935.  Kraum gave the same data in NAJ 4/2935  (November 10, 1493 OS).  PC gave the same date with 11:00 PM LMT as "date and time spec."  Swainson in M.A. 10/1930 gave November 26, 1493 OS, near Zurich.  DeLuce in Astrological Bulletina Annual 1952 gave December 14, 1493 OS, 3:22 AM, 3 E.33, 47 N.22.  Americana Encyclopedia gives December 17, 1493, Einseideln.”

(Source: Date and time are speculative, from Marc Penfield) (Speculative Ascendant, Leo; Sun in Scorpio with Mercury conjunct Pluto also in Scorpio; Moon conjunct Venus in Sagittarius; Jupiter in H1 in Virgo; Mars and Neptune in Capricorn; Uranus also in Capricorn in H6, Placidus; Saturn in Aquarius conjunct H7 cusp)   

He is reputed to have stated, “Magick is a Great Hidden Wisdom—Reason is a Great Open Folly”—an undoubtedly seventh ray conclusion: Certainly his emphasis upon empiricism and research suggests Scorpio, as does the avowedly medical context of most of his work. The reputedly caustic nature of his personality, and the uncompromising attacked he purportedly made on those who continued to practice medicine as it had been practiced for hundreds of years, suggests the destructive side of the Scorpionic energy—destroying that which has outlived its usefulness. Difficulties in his relations could be indicated by Saturn at the cusp of H7.

The presence of R7, (alchemy), R5, (empirical science) and R1 (a forceful, biting personality presentation) are all suggested by the nature of his life. If these rays were to be arranged in relation to his principle vehicles, the seventh ray would reasonably be assigned his soul (the great alchemist), the first ray to his caustic personality, and the fifth ray to his analytical, empirical mind.

The other chart, for December 17, 1493, emphasizes Capricorn with a possible Virgo Ascendant.
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