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DINA II Studies of Individual Instructions
To F. C. D.
commentary by Michael D. Robbins


1.                  The chart which we have been using for FCD places the third degree of Cancer on the Ascendant and the fifth degree on the MC. This chart has been chosen rather than the 12:03 pm chart (estimated as being a bit too late) and the 11:59:24 am chart calculated by Astrodatabank using a slightly different TLT (True Local Time) and yielding and Ascendant and Midheaven advanced by about ten seconds of arc. Probably, there is no definitive exactitude in these calculations; one comes a close as one can, given the significant events of which one is aware.

2.                  No mention has been made of the fixed stars and there are few relations which merit a little discussion.

3.                  We note that the Sun is closely parallel the educational star Rigel. From one perspective, Rigel is interpreted as “the foot of the Pharaoh” which symbolized the bringing of knowledge, civilization and protection. This certainly suits the educative role played by FCD in so many fields, but especially psychology.

4.                  Mars is parallel to Zuben Elschemali, which is a star of social reform. This position may also have something to do with the hostility (Mars) of social reformers (Fascists) to FCD’s thought.

5.                  Chiron (the master, guide and healer) in late Gemini is conjuncted to both Betelgeuse and Polaris, in the twelfth house. These aspects demonstrate FCD’s success as a mentor and guide in the fields of psychology and spirituality. They may also indicate His close relations to both Master DK and KH, both of Whom may be conceived as closely related to the sign Gemini.

6.                  We find the MC conjunct one of the most powerful star, Alpha Cygnus, Deneb Adige, which is said to be of the nature of Venus and Mercury. The constellation of the Swan is closely associated with freedom of the spirit, with spirit divorced from matter. On the MC it confers great authority and suggests one who helps to bring such freedom to others.

7.                  At the Vertex, and very closely parallel that Vertex, we find Mirzam, called the “Announcer”. It represents one who makes a statement or brings a message. It is often association with one who brings new ideas to the world. The Vertex is a ‘Point of Fate’. The presence of Mirzam in such close aspect to the Vertex suggests the fate or karma of bringing new knowledge or a different perspective, whether or not such knowledge and perspective are welcome. As we will see by reading through the following DINA II instructions, FCD was offered an “assignment” by Masters KH and DK which may relate to the position of this star (which is also tightly parallel his South Node—the past and its karma). In addition, the bringing to the world of Psychosynthesis surely qualifies as under the influence of Mirzam. There is also a close contraparallel between Neptune and Mirzam, relating the realm of the psyche (Neptune) to the “announcement” (Mirzam).

8.                  Neptune, a crucially important plane in FCD’s chart (as the special rule of his Pisces Sun and the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of his Cancer Ascendant) is also quite closely parallel to the star Diadem, which indicates the making of a sacrifice. FCD’s life was highly sacrificial, both inwardly and outwardly. The star is associated with quiet sacrifice for others and, often, for the “larger picture” (according to B. Brady).

9.                  DK has told us that some of the major fixed stars should be considered in the charts of disciples and, I would think, especially in the charts of initiates, when the solar factor is more likely to play a significant role.

Note: There is much debate concerning whether one should use one of the several possible sidereally based charts for interpreting the lives of disciples and initiates (and even of ordinary, non-aspiring people). I have taken a conservative position on this question because the first solar initiation is the third. When the solar realm is entered, the realm of stars (which are of course suns) is contacted. Some sidereal factor may begin to enter at this point. It is my impression, however, that only initiates of the sixth degree, who are truly Planetary Lives (and thus structurally prominent in the life of the Planetary Logos) should be considered as most conditioned by sidereal astrology (just as the Planetary Logos is strongly conditioned by sidereal astrology). This is not to say however, that the Planetary Logos is not conditioned by tropical astrology for various esoteric reasons.

August 1940


The past few months have been extremely difficult for you, have they not. Twice I have myself felt the necessity to envelop you with shielding care and stand as a wall between you and circumstance. Are you conscious of these two contacts? They came at moments of extreme fatigue and tension. The future also holds for you much anxiety and of this I warn you, for to be prepared is—in the case of sensitive, imaginative disciples—a great deal of help. It is conditions more than circumstances which will cause the anxiety. Can you understand the distinction? Racial, national, and personal conditions meet in your life and create a perfect whirlpool of difficulty and a mixture of glamour and reality. Disciples work hard (as you have ever done) to render their relation to humanity inclusive and they struggle to bring about those conditions which will produce this desirable expanded consciousness. But they oft forget that this expansion of consciousness will not make them susceptible only to superhuman influences and inclusive of soul conditions, but must necessarily include also all intermediate stages of awareness as well as the power to include the reactions, mental and emotional conditions and the pain and suffering of bewildered and sorely tried humanity. It includes also its joys and aspirations.

10.              DK opens this letter with a note of understanding. He sees and knows the difficulty in FCD’s present life conditions and offers His chela the same second ray “shielding care” which FCD has offered to so many.

11.              When we check the horoscope we find that the progressing Moon in early Leo is transited by destructive Pluto (so important a planet in FCD’s chart because of its pivotal position in the twelfth house conjuncting Neptune and its esoteric and hierarchical rulership of prominent Pisces). Pluto, we may realize, represents deadly forces within the environment and within the psyche. By the time this letter had been written, Mussolini had instituted his (however unpopular) anti-Semitic policies in Italy, and the life of any Jew (especially a prominent freethinker such as FCD) was bound to be harrowing. (There is however an interesting rumor that Mussolini had FCD imprisoned for his own protection! It is impossible to confirm the truth of this rumor, but the heavily tenanted Gemini in Mussolini’s chart (including the Moon) may have contributed to more than modest share of contradictions in his thoughts and actions.

12.              FCD’s horoscope makes it clear that he faces strong enemies, because his progressing Sun has reached the first degree of Taurus and is, therefore, opposing his natal Mars (planet of aggression and general opposition) in Scorpio (sign of death and war). To accentuate this opposition further, we note that in April, 1940 there had been a lunar eclipse conjuncting the progressed Sun (not quite into Taurus) and natal Mars in the first degree of Scorpio. With accents on Pluto and Mars, aggression, violence and even death would be possibilities.

13.              To add to the emotional implications of the period, we note that the solar arc directed Moon is within a degree of conjunction of Mars and is, thus, aligned in opposition with the progressing Sun. The reactive lunar nature is involved, as one would expect at so dangerous a moment.

14.              A lunar eclipse shortly after the letter was written, brings FCD’s progressing MC (still in Aries) into the situation. His security (MC) was challenged, no doubt.

15.              We must also add the position of transiting Pluto conjuncting his progressing Moon in Leo just a few months before this instruction was written and also hovering around the position of his natal Saturn. We all know the destructive difficulty of Pluto/Saturn contacts.

16.              We have learned that some time in 1940 FCD was imprisoned for a certain period (perhaps for as little as a month). During this time he is reported to have had great concern over the fate of his patients, and, it may be inferred, of his family.

17.              We note that the Tibetan has stood “as a wall between you and circumstance”. The very difficult situation in Italy could be considered “circumstance”—that which encircles the individual.

18.              The moments of the Master’s intervention were “moments of extreme fatigue and tension”. DK asks FCD if he had been aware of those moments. The question posed is, in a way, part of FCD’s training in chelaship. To be thus aware would enhance his understanding of certain modes of relationship between the Master and the disciple.

19.              DK warns of continued anxiety in the future. We note that transiting Uranus has entered the karmic twelfth house and that, within less than a year, transiting Saturn (a karmic planet of testing) enters that house as well. There are also eclipses involving the MC/IC.

20.              When we look at the natal conjunction of Neptune and Pluto, we may think of it in terms of FCD’s undoubted skill as a psychotherapist. He had great ability to fathom and address therapeutically the hidden contents of the unconscious psyche. This same conjunction could relate as well to his fears and anxieties. Transiting Uranus and Saturn would pass conjunct to this conjunction in the future period of which DK speaks. Pluto, also, would continue its transit between natal Saturn and the North Node, focussing especially at the midpoint between the two.

21.              As a fourth ray personality with a prominent Neptune and water-sign planets, or indicators, FCD is “imaginative”. DK’s warning will help him, because FCD knows how to use the imagination to prepare for impending difficulty. In the psychosynthetic method, the imagination is always employed as an instrument of purpose.

22.              DK makes a fine distinction between “conditions” and “circumstance”. We have heard the Master say He has protected his chela against “circumstance”, but “conditions” must be handled by the disciple. It is likely that the term “conditions” refers far more to the subtler energies and forces of the psyche than to the actual circumstantial, physical-plane events. Of course, certain circumstances stimulate certain conditions. We might think of “conditions” as the ‘force patterns of the moment’.

23.              DK tells FCD that “racial, national, and personal conditions meet in your life and create a perfect whirlpool of difficulty and a mixture of glamour and reality.” The subtle force patterns generated within all these entities (including the personal entity, FCD’s personality) meet and create a combination of forces which is difficult to handle. As he faces the vortex, FCD’s responses are partially prone to glamor and partially realistic. It is a challenging and most confusing time.

24.              DK speaks of the unexpected results of an expanding consciousness. An expanding, sensitized consciousness does not open only to the world of the superconscious and the soul; the disciple becomes increasingly receptive to all the other layers of consciousness as well, and this can be distressing.

25.              FCD is an extremely sensitive, inclusive individual (as one would expect with his prominent Piscean, Cancerian and Neptunian energies). He is now suffering because of this sensitivity and inclusivity.

The glamour of an extreme sensitivity is your major handicap, my brother, and definitely limits your usefulness. The solar plexus is wide open to all impressions. But you, as a soul, are quite indifferent and—as a soul—you suffer not at all. Of this I believe you are conscious. Spring free, therefore, [Page 460] upon the physical plane from all psychic impressions, via the solar plexus, and seek instead to register only those impressions and contacts which concern your service and deal with man's next definite step forward. Watch this process with care in your life. Your extreme psychic sensitivity and impressionability (of a very high order, I must admit, but nevertheless of a personality nature) must be overcome by a paralleling extreme spiritual sensitivity. This again I think you realise, and you know also that this spiritual tendency is accompanied in you by a corresponding powerful, physical and mental inertia. The potency of your astral activity depletes the other two points of the personality triangle. Your spiritual knowledge is so real that you will apprehend my meaning without further extended elucidation.

26.              The first paragraph in this communication has been a prelude to DK’s focus on, perhaps, FCD’s major glamour—“the glamor of an extreme sensitivity”. Glamors must be negated as they limit a disciple’s usefulness in service.

27.              Why would DK call “extreme sensitivity” a glamour? Perhaps, because, emanating as it does from a highly activated solar plexus, it gives a distorted view of life. Glamour always distorts perception.

28.              FCD’s solar plexus is “wide open to all impressions”. The discriminative factor is insufficiently present, and he is easily overwhelmed. This “condition” (of his subtle energy system) negates the perspective of the soul (the perspective of which Master DK seeks to remind him).

29.              The Master is strengthening His chela by reminding him of his soul perspective (which constantly exists ‘behind the scenes’ despite the overwhelming presentations of glamour).

30.              There is extreme suffering in the personality (largely because of the fate of others), but, at the same time, “as a soul” there is no suffering at all. DK tries to help FCD realize this, saying, in fact, that he already does. The soul, in its own nature, is detached from circumstance and conditions. Circumstance relates to the environing “not-Self”. “Conditions” arise because of the energy-force state of the personal self, as it relates to the conditions (the energy-force states) of many other personal selves and to environing circumstance. The soul on its own plane remains untouched by such fluctuating states of energy and force.

31.              DK is asking his chela to be aware of the divine indifference which is already fundamentally his, if he will only view all circumstance and conditions as a soul.

32.              The Master asks His chela to “spring free” from all psychic impressions and, instead, to be aware of soul impressions, indicating, as they do, service and the next step forward. It is fundamental discrimination for FCD and a crucial one, since the astral/psychic nature is so powerful.

33.              DK asks FCD to assume, in effect, “the Attitude of the Observer” and see the contrasting pulls between the detached soul and the vulnerable solar plexus. We remember that one of the terms in FCD’s ‘Developmental Formula’ is “Detachment”.

34.              DK relates FCD’s high order of psychic sensitivity to the personality; it must be supplanted by an “extreme spiritual sensitivity”. It is interesting to see the Master ‘forced to admit’, as it were, that FCD’s psychic sensitivity and impressionability are “of a very high order”. Normally this sensitivity serves him well; in his profession as psychiatrist and psychotherapist it can be put to good use. But the extreme conditions of the times are forcing upon FCD a fundamental discrimination between personal and soul sensitivity. Really, the difficulty is a great opportunity.

35.              Later, when FCD developed more fully his system of Psychosynthesis and committed it to writing, we find much emphasis upon the detached “Attitude of the Observer” and much counsel relating to acquiring the ability to view all personal states with extreme objectivity and detachment, as if a scientist were viewing them.

36.              The tendency towards “extreme spiritual sensitivity” is already present in FCD. It is a positive trend which needs to be more fully drawn forth. But it is accompanied by a powerful tendency towards physical and mental inertia caused by the potency of his astral activity—which depletes the mind and etheric-physical body of vitality.

37.              We come to understand that a powerful astral nature, though at times a liability, does not negate FCD’s spiritual standing. We note also, that it is possible to have a potent astral body even when the second ray is the conditioning ray of that vehicle. Some might think that the second ray astral body is always calm and devoid of emotion. This appears not to be the case.

38.              FCD has a highly developed “spiritual knowledge”. DK can count on his understanding and on his ability to take the correct action to remedy the situation.

You are, my brother, upon the path of the Christ, and in preparation for treading this path of aiding and salvaging humanity, you have to learn (through intense feeling) the futility of emotion and feeling as a means of salvaging your brothers. You need to acquire that divine indifference which leaves the soul free to serve—untrammelled by personality reactions, for that is what all solar plexus conditions basically are.

39.              One of the deep spiritual reasons behind FCD’s sufferings is spoken directly: he is “on the path of the Christ”—the Path of the World Saviours. This “path” may be different from those who are, technically considered, “friends of the Christ” due to their identification with the wisdom aspect of the second ray. Interestingly, however, not only is DHB on this path, but FCD is as well. He is on both paths—one emphasizing love and the other wisdom.

40.              The implication is that the Christ, too, had “to learn (through intense feeling) the futility of emotion and feeling as a means of salvaging” humanity. This seems to be the lesson which all profoundly second ray types must master.

41.              Is one who is on the “path of the Christ” a second ray monad? It is worth considering, but cannot be ascertained at our present level of understanding.

42.              The advice given is arresting. One must pass through intense feeling to learn its relative uselessness as an instrument of salvage. Love and radiance will save; intense feeling will not. Salvation comes through release from desire. Intense feeling (with its tendency to produce intense feeling in others), obviously, is closely related to the desire energy and is an unreleased condition.

43.              DK asks directly for the acquisition of “divine indifference”. Its purpose is to free the soul to serve. Another way of saying this is that the consciousness which is free from personality reactions is more fit to serve.

44.              “Personality reactions” and “solar plexus conditions” are equated. We remember that if the heart is symbolically the Sun, the solar plexus is the Moon. The personality elemental is closely related to the solar plexus. Conditions which arise within the solar plexus are not of the soul. The solar plexus is the exemplary personal organ.

45.              A clear principle emerges in this instruction: one must pass through difficult conditions to be free of them. One cannot detach from that to which one has not been subject or subjected. This is another way of saying (with Carl Jung) that psychological problems are not “solved”; rather, they are “lived through”. The only way to the goal is through and not around.

Above, I gave you one important hint or imparted fact, as the case may be, when I said that the "potency of your astral activity depletes the other two points of the personality triangle." Your problem this life has been the same as that of A.A.B.—the transfer of energy from the solar plexus to the heart. The first stage of that process is, esoterically speaking, the discovery of how potent is the astral polarisation of all your personality forces; the entire focus of your life is upon the highest level of the astral plane. This in your case (not in that of A.A.B.) has led to the withdrawal of energy from the physical body (the etheric body), leading to physical debility and fatigue and also to a pronounced inability to "ground" yourself upon the physical plane.

37.              We note DK’s frequent practice of pointing out a hint which has already been given or which is just about to be given. There is a very good chance that disciples will overlook a hint and fail to profit from it. When the hint is very important, and when time is short, the Master brings the hint to the chela’s attention

38.              FCD and AAB are both in the Ashram of Master KH and are senior disciples within that Ashram (though focussed, in some ways, very differently from each other). Their ray formulas will show this: 24-127 for FCD compared with 21-127 for AAB. The difference is the fourth ray personality for FCD as well as his predominance of water signs, compared with air and fire (Gemini, Libra and Leo) for AAB.

39.              In some ways their problem was similar—the transfer of the energies of the solar plexus center to the heart center. This is interesting, as is becomes apparent that both FCD and AAB (at a certain, and as yet undetermined point in their lives) became initiates of the third degree. When DK speaks of this transference, is He speaking of a process which necessarily occurs before that degree can be taken? Perhaps.

40.              Part of the process of this particular transference is the discovery of the potency of the astral nature. In FCD’s case we remember that He is astrally polarized, since both his soul and personality are expressing through that vehicle. His focus, however, is on the “highest level of the astral plane”. On that subplane, “emotional idealism” is the siddhi or psychic power which expresses. Immediately ‘below’ that subplane, the siddhi is “imagination”. We have already seen what a strong role imagination plays in FCD’s life. The implication is that “emotional idealism” is also powerful, and yet he has no sixth ray in his ray make-up.

41.              In AAB’s case, her early life demonstrated a strong sixth ray astral nature (she was a fiery preacher), which, at some point must have transitioned to the second ray.

42.              We do not know whether the Tibetan is suggesting that AAB also has/had an astral polarization. Perhaps her first ray personality prevented this. We do know, however, that AAB, despite very real health problems and a punishing schedule (as a member of the esoteric “suicide band”—FB’s remark) managed to overcome depletion of vitality (although she said she was always tired) and refused invalidism. Accounts tell us that she slept very little (a Gemini trait) whereas, we have learned in these personal instructions, FCD slept much (a condition more associated with frequently-devitalized Cancer and Pisces).

43.              In any case, FCD’s astral polarization has led to physical debility and fatigue and an inability to “ground” himself upon the physical plane. AAB did not suffer from these effects, even though her astral body was strong and, at times, troublesome because of the fear which swept through it.

44.              If we contrast the major astrological signs of these two disciples we will note that Pisces and Cancer are not two signs known for high vitality, whereas Gemini and Leo (AAB’s corresponding signs) are.

It has also brought about a considerable depletion or enervation of the Will aspect. I refer here specifically to the will aspect as it produces physical plane expression of directed soul activity as the intelligence (focussed in the mind) must condition it. I do not refer to [Page 461] the will in the sense of any fluctuation of your spiritual aspiration or failure to progress undeviatingly towards your goal. But it must surely be apparent to you that if the focus of all your energies inherent in the personality life and also those inpouring from the soul is the astral body, then there must certainly be a condition of attrition or of semi-starvation of the etheric body (determining the physical condition) and also of the mental body. This militates against the full manifestation of a very fine mental equipment. I am putting the problem quite clearly to you, because you are a tried and trusty disciple. Before you can take the initiation for which you are being prepared, there must be a change of life focus and a transfer of energy from the astral body into the mental body, and consequently from the solar plexus to the heart.

38.              The intense astral polarization has also affected FCD’s will. DK uses the phrase “enervation of the Will aspect”. The polarization has rendered him less effective in expressing intelligent will upon the physical plane. Of his strength of will as it applies to his undeviating pursuit of his spiritual goal, there is no question. His steadfast will guides his spiritual aspiration, and, as well, in this aspiration there is no fluctuation.

39.              DK is speaking to FCD in terms of energy dynamics which He trusts FCD to understand. It is highly unusual that the “energies inherent in personality life and also those inpouring from the soul” would both be focussed in the astral body. In fact, if I recall correctly, FCD is the only DINA disciple for whom this is the case.

40.              That dual focus is causing a “condition of attrition or of semi-starvation” in the etheric body; hence, the devitalized physical body and mental body.

41.              DK remarks on FCD’s “very find mental equipment”, which cannot be used to the fullest extent because of this depletion. It would seem that although the mental equipment is of a higher calibre, the emphasis in this particular incarnation is not upon its cultivation. This, it would seem, had already been achieved in a former incarnation. The very strong Neptunian influence, and the presence of mental Mercury in a Neptunian sign, Pisces, suggests, rather, that the cultivation of the intuition is the goal, and, then, its blending with manas.

42.              Then a very important statement is made:

“Before you can take the initiation for which you are being prepared, there must be a change of life focus and a transfer of energy from the astral body into the mental body, and consequently from the solar plexus to the heart.”

We have to question: is this the third degree or the fourth? It is reasonable to assume that we are introduced to FCD at a time when he is being prepared for the third initiation (which, let us remember, often occurs in the same incarnation as the fourth—
IHS 84-85). FCD is only fifty-two at the time this instruction is written. He has yet to approach that period (from age fifty-six to sixty-three) which is of great importance in the initiation process.

Besides, the transference of astral energy to the mental body seems well-correlated with the requirements of the third degree.

43.              What is interesting, however, is that DK suggests that this change of life focus, which involves a transference of astral energy to the mental body, implies a parallel transference of solar plexus energy to the heart. One might have thought DK would suggest the ajna center rather than the heart, for it is the ajna center that is much involved at the third degree. FCD’s Venus (ajna center) in fifth ray Aquarius would equip him for this ajna focus. Jupiter in far-seeing Sagittarius also suggests a powerful capacity to envision and thus a strong ajna center stimulation.

44.              We cannot pass over the fact, however, that while the ajna center is the chakra implicated in the third degree, the heart is the chakra activated in a much fuller way than heretofore at the fourth (cf. R&I 340). We relate this information on chakric emphasis to the fact that FCD is, according to the Tibetan, on the Path of the World Saviours. It may be that DK mentions this Path to FCD quite often because he is (or soon will be) considered a candidate for the fourth initiation (as which point the tendency towards saviourship would be strongly demonstrated).

45.              That FCD would have the opportunity, at least, to approach the fourth degree in the present incarnation seems clear, but whether that approach was being made at this particular point in his unfoldment (1940) is difficult to say. Perhaps opportunities for both initiations were implicit in his life-plan (and in his astrological chart), and this was the period in which the third degree had to be passed, or, perhaps recapitulated. It stands to reason that if the second, third and fourth initiations can be taken in the same incarnation; of if the third and fourth, and, then, fourth and fifth can be taken in the same incarnation, the astrological chart must show the potential for the taking of two or three initiations. To discern the astrological indications of such diverse potentials in the same chart would require great astrological skill. Perhaps charts of such individuals as Swami Vivekananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ramakrishna, Sir Thomas More and Sir Francis Bacon (all with emphasis on either Capricorn, Aquarius or, to a degree, Pisces) should be studied.

46.              Because FCD is named by the Tibetan an “initiate-disciple” we know, with certainty, that he has passed the second degree and, probably, (by the time he was so named—1943) the third. We will have to look for the astrological indicators of these initiatory possibilities in the few instructions which we have yet to examine.

47.              What is clear is that the Tibetan is calling for a change of life focus as a necessity for passing the initiation which lies immediately ahead—probably the third degree. Perhaps, what is needed is a regaining of soul-mind poise in the midst of an astral maelstrom caused not only by FCD’s extreme astral sensitivity, but by the extraordinarily difficulty global, racial, and national conditions of the times.

48.              But one is compelled to think that the achievement of any such mental ‘altitude’ and detachment (characteristic of the third degree) would be simply a launching point for the approach to an initiation for which his astrological chart seems to equip him admirably—namely, the fourth degree.

In this process, the group meditation should materially help and I advise you to follow it with real care. I advise also that you endeavour in the different circumstances of your life to insulate yourself (for selfless purpose) from too close a contact with those in distress. Aid them; love them; but do not identify yourself with them. I speak of an astral insulation and not of a refusal to meet and contact suffering humanity upon the physical plane. I refer to an attitude assumed and held by the soul and mind in regard to the astral body which enables you to express that divine indifference to feeling and to personal suffering as a result of that compassion which is the hallmark of the salvaging Elder Brothers of Humanity. Such is your basic problem.

49.              The meditation here referenced is the one given to the members of the New Seed Group at the outset of their work. The first two meditations (appearing in DINA II) are really one meditation, and involve a process of elevating astral energy to the heart and ajna centers. The purpose of the meditation (in two parts) is the proper conditioning of the astral body of the group.

50.              DK advises a process of insulation, to be followed “for selfless purpose”. The sign Cancer should assist in this process. Normally, the expedient of insulation could be considered selfish—engineered to seal the one insulated from unpleasant contacts. In this case, the insulation is advised to assist FCD to maintain the quality of his service.

51.              This paragraph is important for pointing out the distinction between identification with the personality of others and identification with their soul. The insulation discussed is, therefore, an “astral insulation” and not a heart or soul insulation.

52.              Human suffering (which FCD must constantly have encountered) is still to be met and remedied, but his engagement with the suffering ones is to be compassionate rather than sympathetic.

53.              DK tells FCD how the Great Ones meet human suffering. They do so with a certain attitude (of soul and mind) to the astral body; They do so with an attitude of “divine indifference”. We must think carefully here. There is, indeed, indifference to “feeling and to personal suffering” but this indifference arises “as a result of that compassion which is the hallmark of the salvaging Elder Brothers of Humanity”.

54.              To some, this approach is likely to seem contradictory. How can one be simultaneously indifferent to feeling and to suffering, and yet compassionate? This question will have to be answered by each student for himself. Discovering the answer will necessitate a change of focus in the consciousness, and an elevation of energy from solar plexus to heart, and from heart to the heart in the head. Discovering the answer will necessitate a disidentification from the personality nature—one’s own and that of others.

55.              We note that DK often tries to state the “basic problem” of the disciple, and do so from a variety of perspectives to help the chela more clearly realize its nature. We have seen DK restating FCD’s fundamental problem in a number of ways. One can accumulate much knowledge on the Path of Discipleship, but the solving of the major life problem is far more important than all such accumulations.

Because of this, you will have to watch the earlier effects of this group meditation with care so that the solar plexus is not unduly stimulated, and thus your difficulty increased.

I wish also to give you a personal meditation which will, I believe, prove useful. It is more in the nature of an exercise and its results are based upon your ability to focus yourself in the soul consciousness and to hold that position undeviatingly. It is dependent also upon the power of sustained imagination which you may possess and is a good exercise in constructive creative work. It is also rendered more effective if aided by the will and as your mental body is on the first ray and as this work is largely the steady withdrawal of energy [Page 462] to the mental body, you should find it relatively easy and possible to get the desired results.

56.              DK warns of possible initial effects of the group meditation, emphasizing, as it does, an initial focus in the solar plexus. When a disciple of FCD’s standing is forewarned, the likelihood of adverse effects is lessened. “A word to the wise…”

57.              A personal meditation is offered. Not all the personal meditations devised by DK for His chelas have made their way into the DINA books. When they have, they were considered of sufficient general utility to warrant their inclusion. The included meditations were also considered least likely to be misused.

58.              We can see that the meditation (given immediately below) is based upon an ability to sustain a focus of soul consciousness without deviation. The power of a sustained creative imagination is also involved. FCD’s first ray mind will also assist, because the meditation requires a “steady withdrawal of energy to the mental body”. We remember that the first ray is the ray of abstraction.

1. Focus yourself in the head. Sound the OM as the soul and believe that contact has been made between soul-mind-brain.

59.              The head is necessarily involved as there must be a deliberate and willed elevation of the solar plexus polarization.

60.              The alignment required is soul-mind-brain, with the astral nature not figuring in the alignment.

61.              To “act as if”, or “believe” that an inner energy change has occurred, assists its occurrence.

2. Then see yourself as focussed esoterically upon the mental plane and (from the angle of the soul) exoterically in the brain.

62.              This esoteric focus upon the mental suggests that the focus is to be directed to the higher mental plane. The phrase “from the angle of the soul” suggests the same. The brain focus is seen as exoteric because the perspective is that of the soul (on the higher mental plane). At the very least, the focus will be in the soul-illumined mind.

63.              A dual focus is required: one subjective on the mental plane and the other, objective, in the brain.

64.              This visualization will help assist the soul-mind-brain alignment. Visualization, we know, moves subtle energies and creates subtle alignments.

3. Then inhale deeply, drawing the breath up from the solar plexus in the spine and seeing that upward moving breath carrying the solar plexus energy up the spine into the head, after passing it through the heart. Believe that this takes place.

65.              The purpose of the inhalation is obvious. There is too much concentration of energy in the solar plexus due to the dual polarization (of both soul and personality) in that body.

66.              Inhalations and exhalations (accompanied by the proper visualization) do move etheric energies.

67.              The crown center must be activated in all truly occult meditation; the heart center activation is needed for the desired transference from solar plexus to heart.

68.              Again, the believing is a facilitation.

4. In the interlude between inhalation and exhalation dedicate the energy thus withdrawn by the soul, believing in its consequent and subsequent transmutation. (I would remind you that transmutation is the changing of one vibration and one vibratory activity into another and higher one.)

69.              Interludes are points of for the application of power and for realization. An internal, subjective act is to occur at this interlude.

70.              We note that it is not the disciple who has withdrawn the energy, but the consciousness identified as a soul. This is important.

71.              The meditator is to witness a transmutative change of vibration. At least, he is to “believe” that one is occurring.

72.              This definition of “transmutation” is important. Another definition of importance is the following: “Transmutation is the passage across from one state of being to another through the agency of fire.” (TCF 476)

5. During exhalation—in which the breath is carried on the OM sounded inaudibly—breathe the solar plexus energy, now focussed in the head, to the throat centre. This should produce increased creative output for humanity.

73.              It is interesting to see how the energy of one chakra can be elevated to another and still maintain its character.

74.              We can see that solar plexus energy is being transmuted in this meditation. That energy (‘transmuted through elevation and refocalization’) is being redirected for service’.

75.              We can sense how these manipulations would lessen solar plexus vulnerability and impressionability.

76.              An excess of energy is being elevated and redirected in such a way that the chela’s ‘service output’ may be enhanced.

77.              We note that the silent OM is occultly potent, especially when considering energy to be directed by the soul.

6. In the following interlude, after exhalation, go over in your mind (pictorially) as a sort of recapitulation, what you have done.

OM.      OM.      OM.

78.              The last step is a kind of recapitulatory confirmation of the process.

79.              The use of the imagination (in this instance) is synthetic, and affirms the wholeness of the entire process.

Repeat this exercise three times and do this transference exercise three times a day. Do not look for results. A year's steady work with a detached attitude as to these results will be needed before you yourself will recognise difference of reaction and lessened emotional activities.

80.              A Master’s occult foresight is truly amazing. He knows the nature and duration of inner processes and can foresee results if His directions are followed.

81.              We can see how this exercise (He calls it a “transference exercise”) will have general utility for many disciples. Most disciples in training have a strong solar plexus concentration of forces, and this exercise will surely help lessen the emotional pressure. DK predicts that FCD will “recognise difference of reaction and lessened emotional activities”.

82.              When we encounter various meditations offered by the Tibetan to His chelas, we may think we should use them, or, at least, one of them. There is nothing wrong with this intention, but one must consider carefully why we would do so. If the meditative consideration of our motive leads to intuitive confirmation, we may proceed, but must follow the Master’s advice for the use of the meditation, and must proceed with consistency. It is most important simply to do what is suggested and refrain from looking for results. This will require trust, patience and persistence.

This exercise, coupled to the group meditation, will (as you will have undoubtedly noted) produce in the long run the linking up of the three centres above the diaphragm—the heart, the head and the throat. The exercise just given [Page 463] must be done before the group meditation as it is of the nature of a clearing exercise. If done properly, it will hasten the results of the group meditation for it will clear the solar plexus of undesirable emotional force and leave "room for reception," as the process is sometimes technically called. True love will then take the place of emotion, and compassion will be substituted for pity; understanding will take the place of apprehension of suffering.

83.              We can see that the disciples in the New Seed Group were subjected to a rather rigorous meditation program. They were very often responsible for both individual and group meditations and were required to keep them separate, as in this instance.

84.              Interestingly, Meditation I/II as found in DINA II, had no throat center emphasis, whereas this personal transference exercise has no particular ajna center emphasis (except that the imagination, related in part to the ajna center, is summoned and utilized).

85.              We can see that the dual process is meant to produce not only the elevation of solar plexus energies, but the linking of the higher triad of chakras—head, heart and throat, and thus the linking of the first three aspects of divinity as they manifest in the disciple’s energy system.

86.              Individual and group meditations were always to be kept separate. Sometimes DK advises doing them at different times of the day. In this instance, the two are closely related, and the group meditation may follow the individual meditation, the individual meditation acting as a “clearing exercise” for the other.

87.              We see the value of clearing; making room for the new, or “room for reception” as DK calls it. We are being given a technicality in the process of energy manipulation. It really is a matter of common sense, however, for if something is to be received, the ‘place’ of reception cannot be full.

88.              Expectations for the results of this dual process are high. Transmutations of the following kind are expected:

a.       true love will take the place of emotion

b.      compassion will be substituted for pity

c.       understanding will take the place of apprehension of suffering

89.              We can see that the Tibetan judges FCD to be in an overly-emotional condition, and as one who apprehends suffering and feels pity in relation to the suffering apprehended. Thus, transmutations are needed.

90.              Each of these three transmutations requires pondering. Love is devoid of ordinary desire, and the ordinary attraction and repulsion characteristic of emotional states; compassion carries an elevating and healing tendency, whereas pity does not; pity, per se, is impotent; understanding moves far deeper than the mere apprehension of suffering; it goes to the roots of suffering and may offer remedy.

91.              We can see the disciple standing in a greatly enhanced position to serve if he succeeds with the transference exercise and group meditation which are suggested.

Disciples are apt often to think that the injunction to identify themselves with other people must involve complete identification with all their experiences, moods and reactions. It does not. It should not. It involves identification (through the intuition) with underlying soul purpose and a consequent ability to interpret and explain the present. Ponder on this, my beloved brother.

92.              We see Master DK constantly ‘working’ the themes of “Freedom from Ties” and “Detachment”, which, if followed, result in successful “Chelaship”.

93.              FCD it too completely immersed in the personality changes of others. He feels them all too keenly.

94.              DK is trying to educate him in the art of right identification. FCD has what amounts to a ‘genius for identification’, but it has been far too personally oriented.

95.              We can see the power of the two short sentences, “It does not”, and “It should not”. These are detaching sentences, hammering home the point that a deep identification with the personality states of others is the wrong kind of identification.

96.              The incorrect (i.e., personal) kind of identification is dependent upon psychic sensitivity. The correct kind of identification relies upon the intuition.

97.              The activation of one’s intuition reveals in others their “underlying soul purpose”. With that revelation, comes the ability “to interpret and explain the present”. The healing power of right identification plus the interpretive and explanatory power released by the intuition, can actually elevate a brother, rather than simply feed his personal bondage. Pitiful emotion may do no good whatsoever and may even worsen the situation. Pitiful emotion is not light-filled. Right identification on soul levels, brings light into the bound situation and works for release.

98.              DK is offering FCD the best possible advice. He asks him to ponder what is given, calling him “my beloved brother”. One can feel the blessing which pours forth in these words. The Master must know when to instruct, when to chasten and when to bless. It is an art which comes with deep knowledge of the human soul.

August 1942

99.              Two years have passed since a communication was written to FCD. Actually, there was a two year hiatus in the reception of personal instructions for all New Seed Group disciples. One can only imagine that Master DK and the entire Hierarchy, for that matter, were busy in the extreme, attempting to prevent the collapse of civilization. The Tibetan has often said that there are more important matters which concern the members of Hierarchy than tending to the personal instruction of Their disciples.

100.          From what the Master said (in prophesy) to FCD in the August 1940 instruction, we can imagine that this period (from 1940 to 1942) was extremely difficult, and may have seen the experience of ‘hiding in caves’ reported by those who know something about FCD’s life, and, in general, his attempt to escape the persecution of Jews which was sweeping through Italy in the early 1940’s as well as through Germany.

101.          When we look at the progressed chart for this period we will note an imminent lunar return, with the progressed Moon entering Virgo and very close to the IC. As well, the transiting Saturn is still involved in its very long transit of the twelfth house of confinement. The dire experiences of the period may be signaled by the conjunction of transiting Saturn with the natal Pluto/Neptune conjunction. Deep karmic confrontations are indicated. There is also an August, 1942, lunar eclipse involving the natal MC/IC axis. As well, to augment the difficulty, transiting Pluto is on the progressing North Node. The period must have been one of great chastening.

102.          We remember that 1942 was a most critical year in the relation of Hierarchy to humanity. As the lower interlude progressed in late 1942, Hierarchy, as shocking as it may seem, was making preparations to “withdraw”, sensing that humanity would go down to defeat. Divine intervention based on humanity’s invocation saved the situation. However, at the time this instruction was written (approximately August 1942, or a month or two before), the dire possibility of humanity’s probable defeat was on Hierarchy’s Mind.

103.          It is extremely interesting, then, that Master DK chose not to write conventional letters, as had been His custom, but to give each of His chelas six powerful sentences, which embodied for them great potential revelation if properly pondered. Perhaps DK was anticipating that He might not be able to contact them again and wished to leave them with the most essentialized and valuable kind of teaching.

104.          We cannot know what was on the Master’s mind, but we do know that the sentences conveyed in all cases, are utterly profound and must have been enormously instructive to their recipients.

1. You have given all you had to give. Now take it back enriched. Then give again.

105.          FCD is identified as man of great sacrifice. The Hierarchy can ask nothing more than that we give all we have. Toward this end, They try to encourage us, so that we may be enriched to give again.

106.          The right of those who give all is to receive in abundance. That which has been given away is never lost to the giver. It remains to be reclaimed, but in a state more enriched than when it was given.

107.          The Aquarian formula is sounded. “To those who give all, all is given.” “Use. Demand. Take.” That which is poured forth is replenished in still greater abundance so that still more may be given.

108.          DK is letting FCD know of his riches. FCD is to recognize these riches and use them generously in service.

2. Peace is to you the clearest light of all. The lessons of the dark have likewise been revealed. Pass out between the two.

109.          It appears that FCD has gone through the “cave” experience—perhaps literally. The difference between the light and the dark is emphasized and the value of both.

110.          FCD live in a war-torn country. The term “peace” can relate to many things—not only the outer need of his country. In his psychosynthetic method, the achievement of peace and harmony is pursued (as one would expect when a psychological system is evolved by an individual with a fourth ray personality). FCD was adept at helping to bring his clients to harmonic peace.

111.          Still further, there is something Shamballic in this first sentence. DK seems to be relating the “Peace of Shamballa” with the “Great Light” of Shamballa. It would seem that during these two years, FCD has had experiences related to profundity of will, thus relating him to the Shamballic energy.

112.          He has been to high, serene ‘places’ within himself. He has also passed through the dark. There is such a combination of powerful planets in the “hidden” twelfth house—Saturn and Uranus transiting the conjunction of Neptune and Pluto. All the four outer planets are involved—three of them, “synthesizing planets”.

113.          FCD is to identify with neither the light nor the dark, but is to find That which is neither of the pairs of opposites. An initiate so the third degree can do this. At that degree, the usual battle between these opposites is overcome in the first synthetic realization of the monad. FCD is no longer to be held by the pairs of opposites (as most humans interpret these opposites)

3. The best is yet to be. Hold thou to Me.

114.          Further expansion is promised. An initiation is imminent. And if an initiation has just passed, there is still more potential immediately ahead.

115.          This statement is very different from the warning FCD had received two years before this instruction, promising more anxiety.

116.          The “Me” in this sentence, may be Master DK. If so, it suggests DK as a sponsor in the initiatory process. One holds to another, when that other is one’s guide. It is as if FCD is being led by the Master towards that “best” which “is yet to be”.

117.          The word, “Me”, may also mean the Presence, which to a third degree initiate, means something specific and real.

118.          The sentences are so short and, in a way, cryptic, that only the consciousness of the one for whom they were intended can truly interpret them. We cannot know what arose in FCD’s consciousness when he read what was given. We can only speculate (on the basis of the general tenor of his instructions and the conformation of his astrological chart) about what the sentence may mean. These sentences can also promote access to our intuition.

4. The bridge of light is firmly built and on it you can move this way or that, but always on the Way.

119.          This sentence assures FCD that he has built the antahkarana—“firmly”. To have done so suggests the third degree.

120.          Not only is the bridge built, but it can be used, as a “way of escape” and as a channel for service.

121.          FCD has flexibility. It would see he could move ‘up’ or ‘down’ the bridge and apply the energy of the spiritual triad in many areas of life. DK reminds him, however, that however he may choose to move in the utilization of the bridge, he is moving on the Great “Way”—the beginning of the Way of Higher Evolution. That “Way” is somewhat glimpsed at the third degree.

5. The sorrows of the Cross of Man have weighted thee down but not submerged or blotted out the light. The joy of resurrection lies ahead.

122.          FCD is on the Path of the World Saviours. Those who tread this way experience “the sorrows o the Cross of Man” more acutely than will those upon other of the sacred paths.

123.          DK acknowledges the burdens which FCD has been carrying. We realize that the truly Aquarian worker (no matter what his astrological signs may be) will carry great burdens—the “burden of humanity” and the “burden of the world” being among the final burdens. (cf. EA 333)

124.          Though burdened in the extreme, FCD’s inner light still shines.

125.          One could think of him as one who, having “been to the mountain” had descended into the “veil of tears”, carrying the burden of humanity and the world.

126.          Should this be the case, the “joy of resurrection” would, indeed, lie ahead, for the fourth degree would be imminent. As we know there is a type of “resurrection” associated with the post fourth degree experience, even though it is not the more authentic resurrection of the Initiation of Resurrection, the seventh.

127.          Is this final sentence, then, a hint to FCD is offered concerning the initiation which he is facing. He treads the Path of the World Saviours and the “joy of resurrection lies ahead”. The referencing of the fourth degree seems clear.

6. Love is thy note and wisdom is thy guide. You need naught else but fire.

128.          FCD is indeed expressing love-wisdom. He is functioning as a soul.

129.          In his nature, love is primary and wisdom in is in a supportive role. The two, however, are both powerful (as he is also one of the “Friends of the Christ”). FCD is a mature soul.

130.          One need there is—the need for fire. It is not the internal fire of soul, for this he has. It is the fire which prompts the right manifestation upon the physical plane.

131.          There is another way in which fire may be involved; there is a certain destructive fire of will needed at the fourth degree to complete the necessary work of liberation from the causal body.

132.          Thus, the fire would be useful both ‘downwards’ and ‘upwards’.

133.          The word, “fire” also suggests the “fire of will”, “electric fire”. It would lie beyond the solar fire of love wisdom and would be needed for the next evolutionary step.

September 1943


In the following letter, some portions of letters to FCD which, for various reasons, had been deleted from his letters will be included for their explanatory value. As a member of the Jewish group, I take the responsibility of discussing these matters in the hope that there may ensue some necessary clarifications and a deeper understanding. These inclusions will be written in violet color:

I am not telling your co-disciples whether you are on this side of the separating veil or not. I am not informing them whether you have crossed the "bridge of light," to which I referred in my last communication to you. You need their [Page 464] protective love, no matter whether you are here or there; the turmoil on the other side is so great—as great as the turmoil on the physical plane. Whether you are in the body or out of the body, you are therefore peculiarly vulnerable, because, my brother (as I have told you oft during the past years), your intense sensitivity has complicated your life problem. Your karma, your race (to which you do not belong except through physical heredity) holds you back from that complete freedom and liberation which you deeply desire. Only those who have achieved freedom can return to that group with immunity and helpfulness in their hands—the group from which they have been freed.

134.          Yet another year has passed between communications from the Tibetan. WWII had been ‘won’ by the Allies on the inner side of life, but approximately two more years of intense fighting on the outer level remained.

135.          The long transit of Saturn through the twelfth house (with a duration of about three years) continues, indicating a keynote of confinement. Saturn is also beginning its approximately one year stay in the vicinity of Chiron, conjuncting it three times. Saturn and Chiron together indicate chronic conditions which will not easily lift.

136.          There is a strong possibility that FCD could not receive mail during this period. After the war he received a number of instructions written over a few years. This interrupted communication can be seen as a result, in part, of the twelfth house transit of Saturn.

137.          The Tibetan has His own reasons for deciding to withhold from FCD’s fellow disciples whether he is alive or ‘dead’, whether he has “crossed over the ‘bridge of light’”, mentioned in the last communication of 1942, or not. Presumably, by not revealing FCD’s state, the flow of “protective love” from his brothers would continue in greater measure.

138.          From DK’s words, it would seem a possibility that FCD could remain in the body, but that he might be called to the ‘other side’. He obviously continued to be in considerable physical danger.

139.          DK speaks of the great “turmoil” on the “other side”—presumably, the astral plane. In other references He has suggested that the war on the inner planes was even fiercer than the war upon the physical plane.

140.          DK does not tell FCD whether he is soon to be found “in the body or out of the body”. In any case, FCD’s problem remains the same. He is vulnerable due to his over-sensitivity. It complicates his life whether than life is lived in physical incarnation or on the subtle planes.

141.          DK begins to speak of the karma which holds FCD back from the complete liberation which he deeply desires. The karmic factors may or may not relate to racial factors, but racial complications are definitely related to FCD’s unachieved freedom.

142.          The race involved is the Hebrew race, to which FCD (like RSU) does not belong psychologically, but only through physical heredity.

143.          DK is encouraging FCD to achieve a new freedom so that he may “return to that group [the Jewish people] with immunity and [with] helpfulness” in his hands. This is the beginning of an important and sensitive discussion about a type of service which FCD is uniquely fit to render—the elevation of the Jewish people.

144.          DK is suggesting that FCD must free himself completely from the Jewish group if he is to be in a position which can really help them.

145.          It must be said that, as the possibility for this type of service begins to present itself to FCD, transiting Chiron (indicating the Master, the healer and the guide) is returning to the cusp of the fourth house of the chart, indicating one’s individual heredity, including one’s racial heredity. It would seem that FCD is being prepared to face some deep-seated issues within the psyche of humanity, within the psyche of the Jewish people, and within his own psyche (all indicated by the fourth house).

146.          The timing of this Chiron transit is really interesting in view of DK’s reminder to FCD of the interview which took place in his Master’s (KH’s) Ashram, and which focussed on what DK has called in other writings the “Jewish Problem”, and how FCD would assist with its solution. The fourth house represents deep-seated issues at the ‘bottom’ of the aura which remain to be redeemed, whether the aura of the individual or of humanity. Surely issues which touch on the ‘hereditary relationship’ between the first and second solar systems would come in this category.

I have for you a suggestion. I will not call it an order, for no Master ever gives commands, and in any case you belong to the Ashram of K.H. and will have received your instructions direct from Him. He feels as I do, that in the pressure and anxiety and in your psychic participation in the fate of your country and in your sensitive reaction to racial strain, the import of His conversation with you a year ago may not have registered adequately. It has been difficult for you and well-nigh impossible to concentrate on planning. I am therefore going to summarise for you what He then said. The group protection accorded you (greater than perhaps you realise) enables me to reach you more easily at this time than can any other member of the Hierarchy. I can find and reach you with a minimum expenditure of force.

147.          A general principle is enunciated: “no Master ever gives commands”. Master DK has reiterated this point on several occasions. At times, when reading the Agni Yoga books, one feels that a first ray Master is more likely to do so. Still the statement has been clearly made.

148.          Another principle emerges: no Master has the right to direct the activity of a chela if that chela ‘belongs’ to another Master. Temporarily, a number of disciples have been ‘handed over’ to Master DK for instruction, but we find DK always respecting the ashramic origin of such disciples. Because, in the case of FCD, He is dealing with a very advanced disciple (whom he regards almost more as a brother than a student), He is unusually careful not to interfere with direction which may come from the chela’s actual Master—Master KH (Who is DK’s Master as well).

149.          FCD is still in the midst of great strain, pressure and anxiety. He is participating psychically in the fate of Italy, and is psychically experiencing the “racial strain” through which the Jewish people are passing.

150.          Something of importance has transpired about a year before this instruction—an important interview in Master KH’s Ashram. In this interview possible plans for FCD’s future service were discussed. What is really interesting is that, apparently, the conversation was, at least vaguely, registered by FCD. DK and KH feel, however, that the “import” of the conversation may not have registered sufficiently. Master DK, therefore, undertakes to refresh FCD’s memory so that the full value of that ashramic interview may be extracted.

151.          Yet another principle emerges: not only is FCD benefiting from the “group protection” of his fellow disciples, but that protection opens an avenue of contact to him of which Master DK may avail Himself when He attempts to contact FCD. We, therefore, learn something important about the way in which positive group relations (specifically, the energies of love) enhance the possibility of subtle communication.

152.          Since the protecting group members are members of Master DK’s group, this fact enables Him to contact FCD with greater ease than might any other Master, including, presumably, Master KH. We note that the Masters must ever consider the workings of the Law of Economy.

153.          If we search the progressed and directed horoscope for about a year before this September, 1943, instruction, we shall find an interesting conjunction between transiting Chiron (the Master) and solar arc directed Chiron, both in the thirteenth degree of Leo. A couple of months before that, transiting Chiron was crossing the progressed Ascendant in Leo. All this is accentuated by a solar eclipse on solar arc directed Chiron less than two weeks before transiting Chiron conjuncted it. One could see how, under such aspects, an interview in the Master’s Ashram could occur. Leo (the fifth sign), as well, represents the Master (an initiate of the fifth degree).

154.          Depending upon when the interview actually occurred, we also see transiting Jupiter (the second ray sacred planet) crossing both natal and progressed Chiron (the Master) and the natal Cancer Ascendant at about the time that transiting Chiron would have been conjuncted to the progressed Ascendant. Thus, several powerful indications combine to indicate the second ray Master KH’s increasingly vivid presence in FCD’s life, and, in general, the greater proximity of the life of Hierarchy.

Your Master, K.H., asked you at that time if you were ready to begin work in preparation for a definite assignment upon the Path of World Saviours. Assignment after assignment in connection with groups, nations, races and increasingly large units is ever the mode of developing a world Saviour until the time comes when he can make a world impact and achieve a measure of world salvaging. Many times in the past, I have pointed out to you that you were on that most difficult path of service. K.H. desired to find out if you were prepared to accept your first major assignment upon that Way. When you assented and told Him that you would do what you could but that you had no inner confidence in yourself, owing to the pressures of the time which appeared to you to have a definitely disintegrating effect on your [Page 465] vehicles, He reassured you and told you that the potent inner unfoldment of your love nature and your complete decentralisation were a vital protection. He also informed you that—at the stage of spiritual development which you had attained—the aura of His Ashram and the aura of mine would act as a shield, and that the resources of both Ashrams were behind you. This, my brother, you know well, and to this fused efficiency you can testify.

155.          We see how important the interview had been, for at that time FCD was offered the possibility of preparing for “a definite assignment upon the Path of World Saviours”. It would seem that such an assignment could only be offered to one who had attained the third degree.

156.          DK generalizes on the procedure through which assignments of ever-expanding scope and deepening difficulty are given to the one who is treading this “most difficult path of service”. Eventually, the chela on this path can make a “world impact and achieve a measure of world salvaging”. It would appear that FCD (after following the necessary training) would be poised to make such an impact at the racial level.

157.          It could be said with some confidence that not all second ray disciples tread the Path of World Saviours. Most disciples end their incarnational career in the sign Aquarius as a World Serve; it is far rarer to end in Pisces as a World Saviour. We could not say with certainty whether this was to be FCD’s last necessary incarnation, but there is a possibility.

158.          He died on August 23, 1974, we are not told at what time. A time of 8:00 pm California time has been reported (but this cannot be confirmed). If the time were before 1:00 pm in Italy, the Sun would still be in Leo and conjunct Regulus. The fifth sign Leo is one which is intimately related to Mastership, the fifth degree. The fourth degree (for which it is hypothesized he was being prepared, perhaps for the present incarnation) and fifth degree are often taken in the same life or in two consecutive lives. We can see how death (possibly at the last degree of Leo) could prepare the way for an incarnation in which Mastership could be achieved (whether or not the fourth degree had been passed in the present incarnation).

159.          The point of the ashramic interview was to determine whether FCD was willing to accept this first assignment on the Path of World Saviours, and if so, to give him some instruction on how to proceed.

160.          FCD was willing but lacked confidence in himself due to the “disintegrating effect” which the “pressures of the times” had had on his vehicles.

161.          KH assured FCD that the potent inner unfoldment of his love nature and his complete decentralisation offered him vital protection, and that he need not feel uncertain. It is interesting to understand that which a Master considers to be a disciple’s protection when that disciple is engaged in very difficult service. In this case, at lease, love and decentralization are two qualities most useful in ensuring that the server is not overcome by glamor and illusion.

162.          We also learn something about ashramic protection. The combined auras of Master DK’s and Master KH’s Ashrams shield FCD and would continue to do so. It is clear that FCD has already (presumably through the war, especially) experienced the “fused efficiency” of this protection.

KH then proceeded to tell you that the Jewish race, by means of the fires of purification, would (at the end of the war and prior to 1945) be ready for instruction and for that teaching which , as a race, they have never had and which, when given them, they will at first resent. For this resentment, all workers among the Jews must be ready. This teaching must be brought to them by one who loves them greatly, who is of their race and, at the same time, not of their race, who has suffered so deeply that naught can again touch him to any drastic extent and one also who has the power of the Hierarchy back of him.

163.          The Jews suffered intensely during World War II, as did millions of others who passed through the fires of the global Holocaust.

164.          It is always hard for humanity to see and understand from a Shamballic perspective, but the Chohan, Master KH, a member of Shamballa (because He is a Chohan) informed FCD that the “fires of purification” would have prepared the Jewish race for an important teaching at the end of the war, and even prior to 1945—the year when the war ended. Thus, the teaching intended for the Jewish people was to begin reaching them before the end of the war.

165.          The teaching now intended has never been given to them in any concerted way. Perhaps the Kabbalah (in which FCD was deeply interested) had supplied a few spiritual hints. The new teaching, however, would emanate from the enlightened perspective of the Trans-Himalayan Lodge and would surely bring forth the centrality of the Christ, the Lord Maitreya, by whatever name He might be described (for instance, the “Coming One”).

166.          Naturally, then, given the prevailing consciousness of victimization within the Jewish group (especially in the wake of a terrible war), this teaching would be resented. Resentment is a solar plexus reaction, and we remember, that, according to Master DK, the Jews (correlated as a group with the third and seventh rays—cf. EXH 89) represent the solar plexus of humanity.

167.          The inevitable resentment is related to a well-known persecution complex (which, itself, is based upon insufficient self-knowledge). The race, as a whole, does not know where it has been and what it has done. It feels wronged by others and by the blows of fate, little realizing the nature and purpose of the retributive karma it has earned.

168.          On a personal note (and having been raised as a Jew within the Jewish thoughtform) I must concur with Master KH’s prognostication, though, today, the situation is somewhat better among many progressive Jews who are not of the orthodox persuasion. There are many Jews today, even inside Israel, who represent the best of the Jewish consciousness and who are more than open to the spiritual perspectives of the Trans-Himalayan Lodge. There has been a tremendous revolution in consciousness beginning in the mid-1960s and thousands of Jews have been swept along in the great wave towards enlightenment. Generalization is always a danger.

169.          Master KH’s logic proceeds. There are very few who are qualified to bring a new message to the Jewish group. The requirements are high. Such a one

a.       must love the Jewish people

b.      must be one of their race and yet not of their race

c.       must have suffered so deeply that naught can again touch him to any drastic extent

d.      and must be supported by the Hierarchy

170.          It must have been apparent to FCD how closely he fulfilled the requirements. When an assignment is offered on the Path of World Saviours, it could, of course, be refused. But fate, the soul and the Master combine forces to engineer such an opportunity, and I would judge that refusal is rare indeed.

All these requirement are met by you and you can – from the standpoint of your present life position and during your next immediate incarnation – act as the Teacher of the new dispensation for the Jews; you can, at least, give them that instruction which, during the next one hundred years, will change their point of view and attitude of life. Thereby you will salvage thousands; thereby you will begin your chosen task and fulfil your self-determined destiny; thereby you will list off the shoulders of many disciples the burden of this peculiar phase of world salvage – for the Jews need salvaging. I do not refer to physical conditions which ever engross the attention of the Jew, oft to the exclusion of the spiritual values.

171.          Master DK states the obvious: FCD meets the requirements.

172.          The plan (of Masters KH and DK, and of FCD as a soul) are that he can, both presently and in his next immediate incarnation, “act as the Teacher of the new dispensation for the Jews.

173.          It will be an impactful teaching which “during the next one hundred years” “will change their point of view and attitude of life”. This was written in 1943, and so the years around 2040 are envisioned. The needed instruction can be given in the present incarnation (which ended for FCD in 1974), but also in the succeeding incarnation. We cannot know, but perhaps FCD has been reborn and is now in preparation to do exactly that.

174.          To be faced with such a prospect would be breathtaking for any mature disciple. An opportunity for great service with a significant world impact is offered, and with the offering, the price to be paid is easily apparent.

175.          FCD was told that he was in a position to “salvage thousands”. If he follows Master KH’s advice, he will begin his “chosen task” and his “self-determined destiny”. What is important to note is that this “opportunity” is not being forced upon him by his Master or Master DK, but rather, is to be self-chosen and self-determined. It seems a pre-incarnational ‘contract’ has been made, and it is FCD, as a soul, that is intent upon this work. The Masters are merely refreshing his memory.

176.          The Jewish Problem is, in the annals of humanity, a heavy one with deep implications concerning the relations between the Moon-chain and the Earth-chain, and the first solar system and the second (i.e., our solar system). Many disciples struggle under the weight of this problem, and FCD is being presented the opportunity to lift that weight off the shoulders of a number of his fellow disciples.

177.          Solving the “Jewish Problem” (a problem far deeper than any normal member of that race can possibly suspect) is what is called “a peculiar phase of world salvage”. DK tells us that the Jews need salvaging. They need saving (not as the fundamentalist Christian might think, but in a far deeper, psychological sense).

178.          The salvaging required has nothing to do with physical conditions. These, the Jews have always been able to manage, due to their close ties to the first and third rays and to the practical, material signs Capricorn (the personality sign of the Jews) and to Virgo (their soul sign). Their attention is already focussed on material matters and in them they have always succeeded, often to the detriment of the higher spiritual values, we are told.

I have said enough here to enable you again to resume your active position as a pledged initiate-disciple (a position which your co-disciples have ever recognised as yours), and I have shown you definitely how valuable has been to you the last immediate experience.

179.          FCD has been through experiences of tremendous difficulty during the war. He has been somewhat overcome by conditions and circumstance, as DK has been describing. This letter, with its potent reminder, is written in order to strengthen him and help him get “back on track”.

180.          It is here that we learn something definite about FCD’s spiritual status. He is a “pledged initiate-disciple”. DK is naming him as an “initiate”—presumably an initiate of the third degree. All initiates, we realize, are still disciples, and Master DK often calls Himself a disciple.

181.          We note as well that FCD is a pledged initiate-disciple. There are many levels on which a pledge can be given. We certainly know he is beyond the spiritual status of the normal pledged disciple, because such a disciple may not even be “accepted” in the technical sense. The use of the word “pledged”, in this context, suggests that FCD is pledged to the initiate life, and to the duties which confront the initiate once he has passed the third degree.

182.          We will have to look for the time when the third degree may have been taken, confirmed or recapitulated (a less likely possibility). It may be that the interview in the Master’s Ashram in 1942 coincided, perhaps closely, with the attainment of that degree. We will attempt to see.

183.          One point about initiate status is most important. A true initiate will never declare himself. Were he to do so, it would assure to the watching world that he could not be that which he claims to be. No initiate makes any claims. It is the world that must declare him. In this case, a declaration of sorts has come from FCD’s co-disciples who are in the best possible position to recognize his attainments. It is they who have recognized him as an “initiate-disciple”, and have done so, apparently, from the first.

184.          DK has tried to put FCD’s experience of suffering in context. He has been passing through the fires and has suffered intensely. DK suggests that all this is part of the initiatory experience, for which FCD should be grateful. Fortunately he has the lofty spiritual perspective to readily understand Master DK’s view on this matter.

185.          We do not, it is true, know the exact meaning of “the last immediate experience”. DK could be talking about the ashramic interview. In a larger sense, however, it could be, as suggested, the experiences of great difficulties through which FCD has been passing and which have been preparing him for his first assignment on the Path of World Saviours.

A.A.B. has a very clear understanding of the Jewish problem, character, and racial trends; she has learnt in the ashramic instructions to which she has applied herself, something of the esoteric history of the Jewish peoples; their place, position, background and destiny is known to her in broad and general outline and in the Ashram of K.H. where you meet freely and frequently and at other times, you should talk freely with her. There are no barriers up between you two not only because you are co-disciples in the same Ashram but because your attitude to the Jewish problem is the same and you are both aware of the point of view of K.H. and of myself. Though you are a trained disciple of K.H., you are still working in my Ashram, as I remain in close touch with world affairs in relation to their immediate working out, whilst K.H., being a Chohan, is more active in the handling of the deeper incentives and purposes, and of those matters which will not materialise until such time as the work done by me, and others associated with the Great White Lodge and of like rank and of lesser rank, is completed or at least well on the way to fruition.

186.          FCD and AAB are fellow disciples in Master KH’s Ashram, with AAB holding, perhaps, a slightly senior rank.

187.          Although it might not be suspected, and although AAB has often been accused of anti-Semitism, DK on several occasions assures us of AAB’s love for the Jewish people and for her deep understanding of their psyche and their situation. She has, apparently, studied the matter ashramically and esoterically. She has something of value to communicate to FCD.

188.          We learn something of the manner of communication between chelas in the Ashram of the same Master. In this case, it necessarily occurs on the inner places and not geographically, for FCD and AAB are much separated in ‘space’.

189.          There is the implication, as well, that FCD is consciously familiar with the Ashram of Master KH and frequents that Ashram, presumably during the hours of sleep, or in deep meditation. Conversations between co-disciples can be held ‘there’, and DK promotes the advisability of such.

190.          It would seem that all four—KH, DK, AAB and FCD—see the problem from a similar perspective. FCD, it seems, has much to learn from AAB about the matter.

191.          An important difference between the work of a Master and a Chohan is brought forward. A Master is still in close touch with world affairs and with their immediate working out. A Chohan is focussed on deeper issues which will not work out until Masters and workers of lesser rank have done their task. The Chohan concerns Himself with “deeper incentives and purposes”. We can see the Chohans closer relation to the Divine Will and to the incentives which motivate desire.

192.          What is important for FCD to grasp is that, though he is a trained disciple of KH, he is, nevertheless, working in the Ashram of Master DK.

193.          It is also apparent that FCD is beginning a process of ashramic education which is necessary before he can carry out the task of racial salvage to which he has assented (and to which, it seems, he has been assigned by his soul/Solar Angel).

The work assigned to you, my beloved brother, will be work of profoundest difficulty. You will meet with rebuff from those you seek to help and from your own race; you will find very little understanding; you will meet with encouragement and assistance from the enlightened among the New Group of World Servers who are non-Hebrew in origin; this will make your work possible but it will also greatly handicap you. The intense pride of the Jewish people, their fixed and ancient stubbornness (closely allied in their case to the instinct of self-preservation), their mental approach to all subjects, their inherent weakness in the face of difficult situations which leads them ever to choose the easy way out and not the strong way, and the height of their racial walls will tend at first to baffle you. Their natural separativeness, based on either sensitivity or orthodoxy, will create difficulties and make your task extremely hard. The beauty of their creative life, their ability to bring through ideas into forms of grandeur on the physical plane, their close unshatterable family relations, their dogged adherence to their divine heritage, so-called, their sympathetic handling of all life materials and their philanthropy and group enterprises for welfare and helpfulness are great spiritual assets with which you must work. Their vices must be transmuted into virtues and their virtues must be expanded into world usefulness. They must be lifted out of the past which they ever over-emphasised and the future must be held before them as one of radiance.

194.          DK enters realistically into the nature of the work asked of FCD; it will “be work of the profoundest difficulty”. FCD is to expect to be rebuffed and rejected. This was the fate of the Christ when He sought to help humanity: “He was despised and rejected of men”.

195.          DK is playing the role of seer; He knows, along general lines, what will eventuate as FCD begins to carry out His mission.

196.          The enlightened among the NGWS, especially those who are not Hebrew in origin, will encourage and assist, but this may also prove a handicap. DK does not say why, but we may presume that the Jewish group would not appreciate one who is encouraged (by well-meaning Gentiles) to help the Jews change their ancient ways.

197.          The Tibetan now launches into a fair-minded assessment of the weakness and virtues of the Jewish people. The first list would be exceedingly unpalatable to most Jewish readers; the second list would meet, I think, with their gratified recognition.

198.          Pride, stubbornness, overemphasis on mentality, expediency, walls and barriers—these liabilities result from the combination of first and third rays and a deficiently of the second ray.

199.          DK does not write as a critic, but one with deep understanding. He knows that the traits of fixity and stubbornness are linked to survival issues. He knows that what He calls the “natural separativeness” of the Jews is based not only on orthodoxy but on sensitivity. There is much of the contradictory fourth ray in the Jewish people, and hence their “baffling” nature.

200.          On what basis does Master DK speak? He knows the ancient history of the Jewish people, far more than they do. As a Master, He is in a position to see what even the highly intelligent human being cannot see. He bases His assessment on the “reading of the record”, and will thus be criticized and misunderstood, and, certainly, disbelieved. We can reject out of hand what He says, as it may seem so “far fetched”. Or, having learned to trust Him and His truthfulness in so many other matters, we may give Him the credit for knowing whereof He speaks. We may also observe and evaluate with fair-minded intelligence to see whether His assessment seems to us true or false.

201.          Master DK is, however, definitely fair-minded, and He balances the liabilities of the Jewish people (as He seems them) with a list of great virtues which are surely spiritual in nature and which can be used on behalf of humanity, and which, in fact, are already in use.

202.          The Jews have a creative life of great beauty; they have a sense of grandeur in manifestation; their family relations are so close as to be unshatterable, and they adhere to their divine heritage as they conceive it; as well, they are generous, philanthropic and support group enterprises for human welfare; they also handle life materials sympathetically (a most interesting quality). We can never accuse Master DK or AAB of “hating the Jews”. They see the soul and spirit of Judea in all its beauty and they affirm that beauty.

203.          FCD is to help release the Jews from their vices, help them transmute vices into virtues, and assisted them to see how their virtues can be applied in “world usefulness”. The Jewish past is to be deemphasized and the possibility of a future “of radiance” strongly emphasized.

204.          The plan is clear, but the obstacles are formidable to say the least.

The Jewish dreams of an Utopia wherein they return to their ancient home must be relinquished; the goal of the orthodox Jew for centuries has been a basically material one – the repossession of territory to which they have had no rights for many many centuries. The trumpet call to them which you and those who help you must sound is that of the Kingdom of God without location but to be found everywhere as is the Jew who can, if he so choose, be the symbol of that spiritual race of men – of every nation and creed – who love and think divinely and who are to be found scattered in every nation and race and in every part of the planet. The symbol governing all Jewish thought should be that of the exodus but this time not the exodus out of Egypt, or the exile from Palestine and the great dispersal from the Mesopotamia valley, but the dispersal of the Sons of God throughout the world with the emphasis upon spiritual purpose and not upon material possessions and upon the fact of divine parentage (along with all other races) instead of the orthodox belief in the fact of the Jew being the Chosen People.

205.          We see that DK is engaged in discussing “world work” with FCD; world work is the true preoccupation of the Ashram. FCD has transcended the phase in which he needs to be reminded of his own personal liabilities. As a profound psychologist, he understands them all too well. The discussion, instead, focusses on the work to be done and how it is to be done.

206.          The concept of Utopia exists strongly in the Jewish consciousness. Much needed, however, is a reinterpretation of the meaning of Utopia. It must not be understood in material terms. The “repossession of territory” has nothing to do with the real meaning of Utopia or of Jerusalem (for which “Shamballa” is another name).

207.          What really is the Kingdom of God? To occultists it is found on triadal and monadic dimensions which are non-local. ‘Place’ has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God or with the “Promised Land” (which is to be found everywhere).

208.          DK offers great possibilities for the Jewish people if they can spiritualize the vision of their objectives. They can become “the symbol of that spiritual race of men – of every nation and creed – who love and think divinely and who are to be found scattered in every nation and race and in every part of the planet”. This is a high destiny and worthy of the aspiration of ever progressive Jewish person.

209.          We see DK taking certain great themes in Jewish history, the “Exodus”, the “Diaspora”, Utopia-as-Jerusalem and the “Promised Land”, and reinterpreting them in far more spiritual and philosophical terms. The third ray (and the first solar system under the third ray) has contributed to a heavy layer of materiality in the Jewish consciousness. This layer must be lifted if the process of redemption is to succeed.

210.          A great and new thoughtform is to be substituted for the out-worn world-view uncritically accepted and constantly reemphasized by so many Jews. The spiritual Exodus is to be the Exodus into the world (and not out of the Land of Egypt) so that the Sons of God may be found everywhere and understood as One World Humanity. Spiritual purpose is to replace the ancient emphasis upon material possessions, and the divine parentage of all races is to be understood, and not alone the separative idea of one “Chosen People”.

211.          This is a tremendous task in the reconditioning of consciousness, but is inevitable if there is to be peace in the world.

212.          We see DK offering FCD the main ideas for his approach to the Jews. AAB, who has studied the problem much, will also have ideas of value. As well, FCD must engage in much study before he can successfully carry out his first “assignment”. It must have seemed to him a daunting prospect.

Are you big enough for this inadequately outlined task, my brother? Is your stamina, your inner spiritual orientation and your fixed psychic determination adequate to the undertaking? Can you do it with your present psychic equipment, or must you build new bodies for integration, use and service? The decision rests with you, for those who tread the Way of a World Saviour are left peculiarly free (owing to certain difficulties in time and space within the planetary life) and must work as they will, with what they choose to offer and with a trained understanding of their task.

213.          We return to text that was included in DINA II. We can see, however, how little we would understand of the real process without the inclusion of some of the missing text.

214.          DK admits that the task He has outlined is “inadequately” outlined, but it will have to do for the moment. He asks FCD about his scope, his stamina, his “inner spiritual orientation” and his “fixed psychic determination”.

215.          It must be clear how fitting it is to receive such an assignment when transiting Saturn is passing through the twelfth house associated with Pisces and Saviourship, and also with “spiritual responsibility”.

216.          Then a decisive question is asked and one that must have given FCD great pause: “Can you do it with your present psychic equipment, or must you build new bodies for integration, use and service?” There appears to be no escape from this assignment. It will be waiting for FCD in his next incarnation whether or not he accepts it in the present one. But the opportunity for present acceptance does definitely exist, and a head start on future assignments can now begin.

217.          Many of us know what we have to do. The time equation, however, is in our hands. Shall we seize the present opportunity or shall we hesitate, perhaps until a future incarnation presents the opportunity again.

218.          DK emphasizes the freedom surrounding the decision to be made. No one will compel FCD to choose as the Masters would obviously have him choose.

219.          We are told why those upon this very difficult path are left “peculiarly free” as they attempt to decide whether they will accept salvaging assignments; there are “certain difficulties in time and space within the planetary life”. Perhaps, this does not tell us much, but enough to know that a World Saviour must deal with the mysteries of both heart and will. The will must be left as free as possible, so that the service rendered may be as deep and thorough as possible.

220.          On this particular path, all is voluntary. World Saviourship is related to Pisces and to Shamballa. The will is a deep theme in the Piscean experience and Shamballa is the ‘Home of Will’ (“The Centre where the Will of God is Known”). Perhaps we can somewhat intuit why the will of a potential World Saviour must be left inviolate.

221.          In the context of considering FCD’s first “assignment”, it may be significant to realize that (probably in 1951 or just after) he established the “Foundation for an Italian Union for Progressive Judaism”. Little is reported about this foundation, and mention of its existence was found only in an obscure German summary of the highpoints of FCD’s life. It may reasonably be said, however, that the establishment of such a Foundation can be seen as directly correlated with the decision he was asked to make as a result of his interview with Master KH in 1942.

Such was the gist of your interview with your Master. [Page 466] You can now go forth from where you are with the endorsement of your Master, with the aid and backing of myself and of A.A.B. and, at all times, the protective aura of K.H.; and—with reverence I would call your attention to this—an aspect of the aura of the Christ is incorporated in that lesser aura.

222.          Master DK has completed His summary of that decisive interview between Master KH and His chela, FCD. It is clear that FCD has been reminded of a life-changing experience. Such inner experiences do not occur frequently; such an interview may be an once-in-a-lifetime event, even though the Ashram may be a place of frequent resort. One can only imagine the impact which such information would have on the consciousness of an initiate-disciple.

223.          DK seems to send FCD “forth” supported by the triple strengthening of Himself, KH and AAB. Support from the Great Lord, the Christ, is also inferred, as Master DK lets FCD know that Master KH’s aura (which always protectively surrounds FCD) contains “an aspect of the aura of the Christ”. We must pause to contemplate.

224.          We cannot fail to note that—such are DK’s sense of the spiritual values and realities—when He speaks of the Christ, He does so “with reverence”. This also should give us pause.

In my last communication to you I stated that "love is thy note and wisdom is thy guide. You need naught else but fire." That fire, my brother, is the residue of the pure fire which is left when you have trodden upon and passed the burning ground, through the Portal into the PRESENCE [capitalized in the original]. That you have done. The fire is there, and on it you can count if you seek to destroy opposition, to burn down barriers (inherent in yourself or presented by others), and also to blaze a trail straight from your heart into the heart of others.

225.          DK refers to one of the six sentences for pondering given in August, 1942.

226.          Now we see that the fire implied is not only the vital etheric fire, but a fire remaining after the burning ground has been passed.

227.          It is possible to relate this remaining fire not only to the fire of soul, but to the fire of spirit—electric fire.

228.          DK is now speaking in the ‘Language of Initiation’. ‘Pure fire” remains when one has “trodden upon and passed the burning ground, through the Portal into the PRESENCE”. We are unmistakably dealing with the third initiation, and the “Portal” is the Portal to that first solar initiation, the first real initiation from the standpoint of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

229.          FCD is told that he has indeed passed through the Portal into the PRESENCE. “That you have done.” Only a third degree initiate can do that.

230.          There is a fire beyond that Portal which is the fire of will, and is related to the first aspect and to electric fire. The description of the potency of this fire is beautiful: FCD can count on it if “you seek to destroy opposition, to burn down barriers (inherent in yourself or presented by others), and also to blaze a trail straight from your heart into the heart of others.”

231.          What is being described is the fire of will as it serves love.

232.          FCD had questioned whether he was strong enough, vital enough, integrated enough, to accept the assignment given to him by Master KH (and, we may infer, by his own Solar Angel). Master DK is responding in the affirmative by emphasizing for FCD the potent fire which he possesses by right of having passed the burning ground, having passed through the Portal of Initiation to the third degree, and having entered into the PRESENCE, which is spirit itself.

233.          The closing symbolization suggests the ending point of the trail to be blazed: the fourth initiation, in which the heart is touched in a new way.

234.          FCD will need this fire as he seeks to win the hearts of the Jewish people. Only if their heart is awakened will they accept the redemptive world view he will seek to offer.

The Jew needs to love without superiority or separativeness. Had the Jew loved more widely, generally and generously down the ages, his plight today would not be what it is and this in spite of his strange and peculiar destiny.

235.          The energies of the first and third rays often inhibit the expression of love. One glamor of the first ray (the soul ray of the Jewish people) is the glamor of superiority. Both the first and third rays (the ray of the Jewish personality) may feed the glamor of separativeness. The Jew must overcome these ray tendencies and learn to love without falling victim to either liability. If love is expressed in a way that is tainted by an attitude of superiority or separativeness, it is not true love.

236.          Master DK makes an interesting retrospective assessment. Looking at the terribly unhappy plight of the Jewish people, He concludes that a more generous attitude of love down the ages (love from the Jew to others) would have done much to avoid the present horror. He seems to be saying that the Holocaust could have been avoided had the Jew expressed more love more widely—all this despite the “strange and peculiar destiny” of the Jew (related, it would seem, to the origin of that group of souls in the first solar system). What that destiny is, we are not given to know. We know something of the peculiar origin of the ‘race’, but not what they are intended to become. A hint may have been given, however, when, in various sections of the Teaching, the Jew is considered to be prototypical humanity itself. Are the Jews intended to become the “symbol of [a] spiritual race of men”?

237.          As well, one must think of the Jew as bringing gifts of great value from the first solar system to the second. The nature of those gifts must be pondered.

The Jewish people have been ever governed by the statements of transmitted prophecy and by an anticipated destiny. A defiance of prophecy and a planned control of destiny, plus an immovable purpose to demonstrate the expansiveness of love should be the clue to future racial development during the coming five hundred years. Each Jew who masters his individual tendencies passes out of the racial group as you did many lives ago. You position as a Jew is today one of your free choosing and a decision upon you desire to be of service in the salvaging of a race.

238.          A contrast between past practice and a new approach to the future is offered. What DK says here is really profound. In the past and the present the Jews have been governed, and are governed, “by statements of transmitted prophecy and by an anticipated destiny”. Their entire attitude, says DK, must be reversed and become, instead, “a defiance of prophecy and a planned control of destiny…” They are to repudiate the promises made by the “wrathful Jehovah”; neither are they to passively anticipate the arrival of a promised destiny. They are to use the love-illumined will to control their destiny. A certain strange passivity must come to an end.

239.          The words here are so well chosen. The next five hundred years of racial development are to see, for the Jew, “an immovable purpose to demonstrate the expansiveness of love”. This is an amazing statement. We can see in it the combination of the first and second rays. With the first ray the Jews are abundantly endowed, for the first ray is the ray of the “Soul of Judea”. It is, however, the expansive, Jupiterian second ray which they need (despite the fact that there are many within the ranks of the Jews who express this ray admirably).

240.          It also becomes clear that the Jewish people are not slated to disappear any time soon, for DK speaks of the development of the race for five hundred years to come.

241.          A suggestion is made that FCD has been a Jew before—long ago. At that time he mastered his individual tendencies and passed out of the racial group. This is the pattern to be followed by progressive Jews today: master individual tendencies and leave the racial group behind—in consciousness.

242.          DK may also be saying that anyone who masters the individualism of the personality, thereby, passes out of any racial grouping, for those groupings have their major impact upon personalities rather than souls.

243.          In RSU’s instructions, DK informed her that she had little real connection with the Jewish people even though she felt herself closely identified with them. In this instruction, He is informing FCD, that his present membership in the Jewish group occurred as a result of his own free choice to be an agent of service and salvage to that race.

I stand by you, my brother, unalterably and at all times, and on this you can count. Such is also the wish of K.H., my Brother and also my Master. On that you can count. I am giving you no set form of meditation. Reflection and deep, considered concentration upon the work which I have outlined to you, and which your Master wants to see you do, is for you adequate spiritual focussing. The deep love of all your group brothers is yours, and many, many people are today sending love to you and many, many minds are thinking of you with thoughts of gratitude, of strength, of faith and hope. On this too you must count. The path of a world Saviour is, as you know, a hard one, but of compensations which far outweigh the difficulty. My blessing is yours and my hand is ever stretched out to you in helping.

244.          The Master closes with a paragraph intended to affirm and strengthen His disciple. He lists those who stand in support of FCD. First, He Himself, the Master DK (following the wishes of His Master and Brother, Master KH) stands by FCD, unalterably and at all times. FCD may rely upon this. FCD may also count on his own Master KH, Who ever loves and supports. And, then, there are many within the ranks of humanity, including FCD’s group brothers, who love him and stand by him, sending him thought of “gratitude, of strength, of faith and hope”. We can see that the love which FCD has poured forth on many returns to him in his hour of need. DK tells FCD that not only can he count on the love of his brothers and of the many people who are grateful to him, but that he must do so.

245.          A general vision of future compensation is offered. Though the Path of the World Saviour is hard, the compensations outweigh the difficulty. Surely, FCD has a strong intuition that this is the case.

246.          Master DK closes with a vivid image of blessing offered: “My blessing is yours and my hand is ever stretched out to you in helping.” This is no idle statement. Let us ponder what it means.

November 1944

It is not my intention, my beloved brother, to give you any personal instructions at this time. Those given you during the past three years still need consideration, assimilation and factual demonstration. I simply take, at this time, those needed inner steps which are permitted to the Master of any Ashram in order to draw you into a very close relation to myself and to the group. Such a definite and close relation [Page 467] produces healing and strengthening; it also permits of such a clear vision that the picture unfolds as a unity and the past is seen freed from karma. This sentence may mean much to you, if subjected to the inner insight, or it may mean little. It is, however, of major significance to you personally, and to no one else in this group.

247.          In November of 1944, Master DK did not refrain from writing instructions to the other remaining disciples in the New Seed Group. In fact, some of those instructions were quite elaborate.

248.          Some four months before this instruction, Saturn has crossed the natal Ascendant, signaling the beginning of a new, laborious, cycle, and a few months before that the progressing MC entered Taurus (for a thirty year stay).

249.          With regard to Italy, at least, the worst danger for the Jews had ended. The Germans had been driven away and Mussolini toppled.

250.          The instruction given in September of 1943 was extremely full. Its contents (if read—for the mail may not have gone through) must have been a shock to the system; extensive assimilation was required. That process of “assimilation and factual demonstration” would still in process in November of 1944. If mail had not reached FCD, there would be no point for DK to add still more to His very lengthy instruction of the previous year.

251.          All that Master DK sees fit to do is to draw His “beloved brother” into a very close relation to Himself and the group. This is achieved by certain “inner steps” which are permitted to Him as Master of His Ashram.

252.          The purpose behind this process is to produce healing and strengthening. We have seen Master DK ever engaged in sharing His strength and blessing with FCD.

253.          Another purpose is also given and it is enigmatical (perhaps to all except FCD, for whom it was intended). The definite and close relation between the Master, the group and the chelas “also permits of such a clear vision that the picture unfolds as a unity and the past is seen freed from karma.” DK hints that it will not be easy for FCD to interpret this sentence, even though it is meant specifically for him and no one else. For correct interpretation, it has to be submitted to “inner insight”—the intuitive process.

254.          A unitive vision is the gift of buddhi, which is faculty emanating from the buddhic plane—the “plane of harmony”. Harmony is achieved when all karma is expiated. There are many ways to see the past. When one, at last, understands the why and the wherefore of the karmic process, and when the karma lurking in the past has been expiated, the vision of the past is no longer ‘haunted by irresolutions’. The inharmonies which would be present if karma was unpaid have been resolved and nothing from the past cries out as demanding payment. FCD has gone though a great karmic clearing process. Transiting Pluto has been active at the natal and progressed Nodal Axis and the demands of karmic Saturn have been focussed in the karmic twelfth house. Much has been resolved.

255.          The fourth house represents the past (as we saw when Chiron transited that house and FCD was invited to participate in the salvaging of humanity’s lunar past by serving the Jewish people). Now we see unitive, synthesizing Jupiter at that same house cusp, and the Tibetan speaks of clear and unified vision and a past seen freed of karma. It may be a time for sight of an increasingly clear kind, as the MC, also, has just moved into Taurus, the sign of illumined sight.

256.          Only FCD will know what karma may have been cleared and, therefore, is no longer demanding payment. In the relaxation of tension which comes when karma is paid, sight clarifies.

[That which here continues is not part of the instruction for November 1944, but is a response by the Tibetan to a question concerning the head center posed by FCD. The Tibetan, as we may know, gave answers to some of the questions asked by His chelas and these answers, for the most part, found their way into the DINA books.]

In your question, my brother (about the nature and the function of the counterparts in the head of the various chakras, and how to bring about a better adjustment between the heart centre and its counterpart in the head), you have voiced an exceedingly esoteric inquiry, and one that will warrant the most careful consideration and phrasing on my part. The reason for this is that as yet little is known (even in the esoterically instructed East) in regard to the head centre. This profound ignorance has not been realised, even by advanced students. The thousand-petalled lotus remains a secret, or closed mystery. Though much has been given out in connection with the heart centre, little has been communicated in connection with the head centre. The reason that more is known about the heart centre is due to its being the centre awakened by the highest initiation in Atlantean times. In our Aryan race the head centre is the objective of all stimulation—even the stimulation of the other centres being noted in relation to the effect upon the head centre. The race as a whole, however, is only just beginning to be ready for this awakening. Hence the complete silence hitherto held upon this subject.

257.          DK’s students were given opportunity to ask Him direct questions through AAB. FCD’s question has focussed on the nature of the counterpart (within the head center) of the various other centers, with the focus being especially upon the heart center between the shoulder blades and its higher counterpart, the “heart in the head”. FCD wants to bring about a better adjustment between these two heart centers.

258.          DK tells us the surprising fact that, even in the esoterically instructed East, little is really known about the head center. “The thousand-petalled lotus remains a secret, or closed mystery.”

259.          More is known about the heart center because it was awakened by the highest initiation in Atlantean times. We may presume that that initiation was the fourth, corresponding to the Atlantean root race as the fourth.

260.          Only now, in the Aryan race, can the head center be subjected to the stimulation which will awaken it, thus there has been, says the Tibetan, “complete silence” concerning its nature.

261.          It is interesting that in our times, all the other chakras are to be studied in relation to the crown center. When we note the chakras principally active in the Ten Seed Groups, we shall see that the crown center is always present and active, but that none of the other six chakras are active in relation to every seed group.

262.          The number five is related to the number one. The fifth ray of the Aryan race brings this race into close rapport with the first ray working through the major head center.

Adeptship was achieved in the Atlantean race when the heart centre was alive and its twelve petals unfolded. The fourth initiation, which confers the status of adeptship, produced the mystic realisation, the unfoldment of the lotus of the heart and the deep conviction of the pairs of opposites, yet at the same time the knowledge that the phenomenal reality and the spiritual reality were one and the same reality. Thus the Atlantean attainment established in the consciousness of its adepts, through initiation, the duality of all creation.

263.          The term “adept” is used variously to mean one who has attained to either the fourth or the fifth initiation. In this case, “adeptship” is referred to the fourth degree, with its completed heart unfoldment.

264.          The open heart produces mystic realization (the highest form of the Atlantean consciousness), a deep conviction of the pairs of opposites (so they could be seen and understood in all their interactivity), and, importantly, “the knowledge that the phenomenal reality and the spiritual reality were one and the same reality”.

265.          We remember that the buddhic energy of intuition is prominent at the fourth degree, and that this energy revolves the conflict between the pairs of opposites and sees them in harmonized relation—in fact, to some degree, in unified relation. “Two Merge with One.”

266.          The adepts of Atlantean times were thus educated in relation to the great Law of Attraction and Repulsion. They saw the duality of Creation and they used the heart to reconcile that duality.

The Aryan unfoldment will produce occult identification, the development of the head centre, and the realisation of [Page 468] unity. "I and the Father are One." This constituted the real achievement of the Christ, Who was the first of our humanity to achieve the complete realisation. This point is of vital interest. Our present Masters of the Wisdom have also entered into this same recognition. The distinction between Them and the Christ is that He added to this realisation the capacity to be a channel, pure and undefiled by any form of self-identification, for a cosmic principle—that of Love. Only those Masters, however, Who reached adeptship in Atlantean times are dowered with this occult unfoldment. Disciples are apt to forget that the Masters Themselves are at various stages upon the path of Their peculiar evolution.

267.          The Aryan unfoldment produces “occult identification”. This is different from “mystical realization”. Occult identification depends upon the occult development of the head center and brings about the realization of “unity”. The mantram representing this realization is: “I and the Father are One.”

268.          We learn that the Christ was the first of our humanity to achieve this complete occult realisation, which does not mean that the Buddha had not achieved it. It must be remembered that the Buddha was not part of our humanity, but individualized on the Moon-chain.

269.          Our present Masters of the Wisdom share with this Christ this realization, but He, is a pure and undefiled channel for the cosmic principle of Love, and They cannot be.

270.          Why can They not be as He? Because They did not reach adeptship in Atlantean times, and only those Masters Who became adepts in those time are, as DK says, “dowered with this occult unfoldment”.

271.          We must pause to question. We know that the Christ (and the Buddha) achieved the third degree in Atlantean times, but what about the fourth degree (which meant adeptship in Atlantean times, but not in Aryan times). At least, in Aryan times, it is often the initiate of the fifth degree who is called the Adept.

272.          Did the Christ take the fourth degree as Krishna or was it well before that time? This question cannot easily be answered. If we look at the life of Krishna, we shall see that He had certainly attained the fourth degree. He also sacrificed His life, as fourth degree initiates will often do. But Krishna did not live in Atlantean times, but only in rather recent Aryan times! We must leave this question temporarily unanswered until more is known.

273.          One subject of great interest is the relative development of the Masters and the times at which they became Masters. We are told, for instance, that Master DK became a Master of the Wisdom as recently as the year 1875. It seems also that Master Morya, Master R. and perhaps Master KH all became Masters at some point within the last five hundred years or so. Yet Master Jesus achieved Mastership in the first or second century of our millennium as Apollonius of Tyana. Perhaps Master Hilarion achieved Mastership during the Neo-Platonic era—perhaps the fourth or fifth century AD. Were they assisted by the presence and prominence of the sixth ray on which their soul nature was found (hypothetically, also, in the case of Hilarion)? There really seems to be no great difference in the Chohanic status of the Masters here mentioned (even though some of them took the fifth initiation more than a thousand years earlier than others).

274.          Perhaps we will have to know more about time and the development of consciousness before it will be possible to penetrate very far into these mysteries.

275.          We are told that the Master Jupiter is the “oldest” of the Masters. What actually does this mean? It probably has to do with the time He became a fifth degree (and now, at least, a sixth degree) initiate.

You will see, therefore, that the establishing of the significance of the counterparts in the head to the heart centre, for instance, involves one of the great mysteries to be revealed at a certain high initiation.

276.          FCD has asked a question the answer to which can only be revealed at a certain high initiation. This initiation must be beyond the third degree. Perhaps, the fourth degree will be required, because both the heart, and heart in the head, can be supposed as activated at that degree.

277.          The buddhic energy which figures so prominently at the fourth degree is stimulative of both the heart and heart in the head centers.

278.          We note that the plural, “counterparts” is used and not “counterpart”. There is one heart center between the shoulder blades. There is, so we are told, one twelve-petalled heart in the head center. Then why the plural? Is more than one counterpart to the normal heart center to be found in the head? Are there a number of ascending twelve-petalled lotuses, arranged in the conformation of a cone—all of which are counterparts to the heart center between the shoulder blades?

279.          As DK has said, all this is a “secret, or closed mystery”. We can anticipate at least some elucidation over the next centuries.

In the next great race, which succeeds upon this one, the goal will be—above everything else—a dual one. It will be:

1. The conscious unity of the lower centres by means of a great awakening of the solar plexus centre. This next race will be buddhic or intuitional, and therefore will embody, as a higher expression upon the turning spiral, the higher mystery of the astral unfoldment in ancient Atlantis. It will vision forth the higher correspondence of that achievement. This consummating development will mark its fourth initiation, and will demonstrate the transmutation of the astral life into the buddhic consciousness.

280.          The next race is the sixth root race, and according to its number, will numerologically correlate with the sixth principle, or buddhic principle, which is active at the fourth initiation.

281.          We see that the sixth race will achieve a higher correspondence to the Atlantean achievement. In Atlantis, the heart center was completely unfolded; in the sixth root race, we can expect that the heart in the head will be unfolded. This unfoldment, though highly advanced and potent, is a lesser unfoldment to an unfoldment which comprises the entirety of the head center.

2. The carrying of all this mobilised energy to the heart centre at the fifth initiation for group purposes, and the achieving of this in full waking consciousness.

282.          We can see that the sixth root race will see great achievements in group consciousness. Although centers higher than the heart center will be stimulated, the heart center will be used in new and practical ways “in full waking consciousness”.

283.          One would also expect the appearance of many sixth degree initiates during the sixth root race.

In the final race the process will be repeated on a still higher spiral, and all that concerns the higher centre will be unfolded and occultly consummated, again through the medium of two stages:

1. Wherein the massed energies of the solar plexus (the [Page 469] great clearing house) and the heart and throat will be carried—at the third initiation—to the ajna centre, and the complete racial "transfiguration" will take place.

2. The process will then be carried forward and at the fourth initiation the energies will be centralised in the head centre.

284.          In the final or seventh root race, the entirety of the head center will be stimulated.

285.          We are promised that the complete “racial transfiguration” will occur in this seventh root race. Solar plexus, heart and throat energies will all be lifted to the ajna center. Always DK speaks first of a lower unfoldment which will be characteristic of the many during a particular root race. For instance, in the sixth root race there will be a great solar plexus synthesis and in the seventh root race, the lower development will be racial transfiguration (a very high development from our present Aryan perspective).

286.          Interestingly, in relation to the seventh root race, fourth initiation processes are discussed, whereas in relation to the sixth root race, fifth initiation processes were discussed. In the seventh root race fourth initiation processes will lead to a centralization of energies in the head center, whereas in the sixth root race, fifth initiation processes will lead to centralization of energies in the heart center.

287.          Some of the results discussed are not what might have been expected.

This will lead to a happening of such esoteric significance that I cannot express even its dimmest meaning to you because I myself do not know. It lies too far ahead, even for all Who are the Masters of the Wisdom at this time. Only the Christ and the Buddha begin dimly to sense its meaning.

288.          Master DK is prophesying a “happening” due during the seventh root race. He and the other Masters cannot foresee exactly what that happening will be; it lies too far ahead.

289.          The Christ and the Buddha, who have advanced into their seventh initiation process, are beginning to sense the meaning of this event. Because they have achieved a relation to the number seven, They can sense this great impending event; due in the seventh cycle.

290.          Could the happening have something to do with a more direct relation of Sanat Kumara or the Planetary Logos to the seventh or lowest plane? It is surely beyond our capacity to know, but something of a climactic nature, involving the “Meeting” of the “Highest and Lowest”, would be reasonable to expect.

Therefore I cannot answer your question because until the head centre is somewhat more awakened my explanation would be meaningless. All I dare say is that by the use of creative imagination, by a constant application to the way of the head, and constant group activity, with an increasing capacity to be detached, and therefore not so potently identified with the individual consciousness, you yourself can perhaps get a faint glimmer of light as to that vibrant reality of which the heart is the reflection.

291.          We see that Master DK has gone through an elaborate preparation to say that He cannot answer FCD’s question. A greater awakening of the head center would be necessary before any answer would make any sense.

292.          DK tells something of the mode of awakening that head center:

a.       use of the creative imagination

b.      “application to the way of the head”

c.       constant group activity

d.      an increasing ability to be detached, and thus disidentified with individual consciousness

293.          What is sought is some knowledge of “that vibrant reality of which the heart is the reflection”. It would seem, from that foregoing discussion, that we should not speak too readily of the “heart in the head” if Master DK is so reserved in speaking about its nature.

294.          In the last analysis, the chela is being thrown back on himself for the answer. Greater occult development will begin to reveal it to him.

295.          What we have learned, however, is something about the place of the head center, and its heart, in the scheme of human development, and why Master DK cannot give anything like a full answer to the inquiry.

One thing I can add. As I told you before, the activity of the heart centre never demonstrates in connection with individuals. This is a basic fact. What devastates most disciples is the solar plexus ability (when purified and consecrated) to identify itself with individuals. The heart centre cannot react, except under group impetus, group happiness or unhappiness, and other group relations. This may give you a needed hint. It is a subject which you will do well deeply to consider, and to discuss with A.A.B. who—like yourself—is also on the difficult path of teaching and of world salvage.

296.          In attempting to offer more light on the head center, DK discusses the heart center as a chakra which can never demonstrate in connection with individuals. This is an arresting thought, and seems to run counter to what many disciples consider to be their experience.

297.          It is probable, however, that when they think they are experiencing their heart center, they are often experiencing the higher aspect of the solar plexus center.

298.          We should fix in our minds that it is the solar plexus which confers the ability to identify with individuals. Such identification does not originate from the heart center which can only respond to group conditions.

299.          If this is true, what, then, is being implied about the head center or the heart within the head? If the heart center, per se, will only respond to group conditions, can it be said that the head center (and heart in the head) is only responsive to the whole, consisting of the many groups.

300.          We may have to wait for the sixth initiation before we know something about the full flowering of the head center, for it corresponds, in a way, to the monad (with its focus on the sixth plane, counting from below). The head center represents abstraction from the lower five planes. The ajna center may represent the peak of atma, and the fifth degree. The effulgence of the head center may have to wait for the relative liberation of the monad at the sixth degree. This would mean, however, that only a Chohan demonstrating through a mayavirupa could demonstrate the full effulgence of the head center.

301.          DK seems to be asking FCD to focus on the heart and its relation to the solar plexus, rather than concentrating overly much on the head center. It is clear that FCD is a victim of solar plexus identification with others, and that AAB has been no stranger to this same condition. They are both on the Path of World Saviours and therefore, both have the liability of over-sensitivity.

302.          The Tibetan seems to be saying “first things first”. If true heart response is achieved, maybe light will dawn on its higher correspondence, the heart in the head.

August 1946


You will have, by now, read and absorbed the papers and communications which have been held for you until the close [Page 470] of the war and the attainment of physical safety for you. There has been no great need for me to express myself on the situation which has existed, for the closeness of the link between the Master K.H., myself and you ensures understanding and precludes waste of time.

303.          We may wonder how many years of papers and communications were held for FCD due to the impossibility of reaching him by mail. Perhaps three to four years, maybe more. After all, there was a state of war existing between Italy and the United States since 1940. Even in 1940, a NSG address list, gave no address for FCD. All communications for him were to be sent to “Headquarters”. At the very least, the papers had been held since November of 1944, because an address list of New Seed Group members prepared at that time listed no known address for FCD. Thus it would appear that DK wrote a number of His letters as if FCD could read and receive them, even if he could not—at least as far as we know. Perhaps, because the Masters thoughts about him were clearly formulated in writing, FCD received impressions of the content of these letters psychically. At the end of the war the task of absorbing the Master’s precipitated thoughts for him must have been staggering—so much had been conveyed.

304.          Astrologically, the progressing Moon is moving into Scorpio during the month in which this instruction is dated. Most importantly, there is an exact Saturn Return, which continues through the middle of 1947. Two Saturn cycles are now over, and FCD is in a position to evaluate all that has happened and to begin the work which Master DK has fully outlined for him, and of which he, perhaps, has just been apprised.

305.          With the receipt of this communication (1946), physical plane safety has been attained.

306.          It is also with this series of instructions to His chelas that Master DK ended His formal work with the New Seed Group. He does not elaborate the matter with FCD, for it seem that he knows why it has happened (due to his closeness to Masters DK and KH).

You have come through a period of great difficulty and danger with no loss of your spiritual grip upon essential reality or of your spiritual vision; your strength has been such that you have lifted your family with you and safeguarded them also all the time. Having achieved one pinnacle of spiritual success, another can be glimpsed, and between the two pinnacles lies a field of service, a sphere of danger, a land of glamour and deep morasses through which you must struggle, until the point of attainment planned by your soul for this life is yours. You can achieve, and for your aiding, I and A.A.B. stand ready.

307.          For FCD his passage through the war has been a triumph. He came through “with no loss of your spiritual grip upon essential reality or of your spiritual vision”. With great strength he also lifted and safeguarded his family (an indication of the power and tenacity of his Cancer Ascendant).

308.          Now an important occult hint is given. DK says that FCD has “achieved one pinnacle of spiritual success”. This may well mean, in his case, the third initiation. The other than can be glimpsed would then be the fourth degree.

309.          DK speaks of that which lies between the two pinnacles:

a.                   a field of service

b.                  a sphere of danger

c.                   a land of glamour and deep morasses

310.          The description of the intermediate conditions sounds much more like those existing between the third and fourth initiation (at which time the new initiate must descend from the mountaintop and serve humanity in all sorts of difficult conditions) than it does the approach to the third degree during which time illusion must be conquered. FCD, it would seem, is already the rich young man, has sold all he owns and given the money to the poor, and is following the Christ.

311.          In the meditation below called “The Pinnacles” the second pinnacle is seemingly miles away. If the objective were the third degree, it would not seem so far.

312.          We do not know what the “point of attainment planned by your soul for this life” may be. Is it the fourth degree or some intermediate stage?

A debate arose between your Master (K.H.) and myself. You had been sent (or loaned if I might call it so) to aid in my Ashram. We discussed the subject as to whether the sufferings of the past few years did not warrant your return to the Ashram of K.H.; the work there would be hard but not of the same kind, and there would not be so much need for contact work on the physical plane. I claimed that you were strong enough for the dual test; K.H. felt that you probably were, but that there was no need to ask a disciple always to drink the cup of sacrifice to its very last drop—not at least until the crucifixion initiation is your right. The task today proffered you, and its incidental strain and suffering, will be of another kind and the pain endured will be largely mental, but "you can take it," as the saying is. It was decided to let you attempt the task demanded for three years or for seven (according to your own choice) and then, if you decide to do no more along the indicated lines, you can relinquish the task [an ellipsis exists, but there is no excision] with no sense of failure.

313.          We have learned that the Masters do indeed “debate”. To debate means no argument; simply a spirited exchange of points of view.

314.          FCD has been “loaned” to DK’s Ashram. The topic was FCD’s suffering during the war and whether that suffering did not warrant a return to KH’s Ashram where there would not be so much need for contact on the physical plane. We remember that DK urged FCD to lessen his physical contacts, or at least his attachment to the many clinging hands.

315.          DK, we see, urged the more strenuous approach, seeking for FCD to remain in both Ashrams. Master KH thought there was no need for FCD to “drink the cup of sacrifice to its very last drop” until—and this is important—the crucifixion initiation is his right. We may judge from this that although there are strong indications that FCD had taken the third initiation, and although he was being offered an assignment on the Path of the World Saviours, he had not yet approached sufficiently close to the fourth degree to necessitate complete sacrifice. But was Master DK really asking for complete sacrifice?

316.          The outcome of the debate is a little uncertain. The assignment FCD earlier received (1942 and 1943) was related to the Path of World Saviours and, seemingly, emanate from KH’s Ashram. It would, however, require considerable contact work on the outer plane. Yet, Master DK is the “contact man” in the Hierarchy, and His disciples are more focussed upon the physical plane. So there is some ambiguity here. Later, it is shown that the work with the Jewish people is also intimately related to the Master DK’s work, so for FCD to remain with that task would be to remain for a certain duration in DK’s Ashram.

317.          It is clear, at least, that FCD will not immediately have to drain the cup to its very last drop, although the work required will be arduous, and there will be mental pain.

318.          The choice being discussed correlates with the return of Saturn to its natal position. The choice (regarding work to be offered to him) is, however, being made by FCD’s Superiors and not so much by him, himself. Acceptance or rejection will be his choice.

319.          In any case, the task which FCD has been offered (and is still offered as a result of Master DK’s and Master KH’s decision) involved redemptive work with the Jewish people. It was decided between DK and KH to let FCD work at this for three years or perhaps seven years, and then to decide whether he wished to continue with it. Three years would take him to 1949; seven years to 1953. In the early 1950’s, some time after the death of FCD’s son in 1951, the Foundation for an Italian Union for progressive Judaism was founded, so FCD must have persisted with this task for some time beyond the shorter of the two spans (the three year span).

320.          We may view this task as FCD’s preparation for the fourth degree. DK tells him that at the end of either three or seven years he may relinquish the task, if he so chooses—with no sense of failure. We remember the freedom given to those who are on the Path of World Saviours. We could wonder, however, that, were relinquishment to come, would it mean that the fourth degree would have to be deferred until the next incarnation?

321.          What we know of FCD’s later life is that it was given to developing Psychosynthesis. It would seem that the work with the Jewish people did not continue in great force, at least not obviously so (although there may have been much work done behind the scenes of which we can know nothing). Besides, Master DK (in consultation with Master KH) foresaw, probably, a maximally seven year period of involvement with this task.

322.          It would seem that the Psychosynthesis work was more correlated with the Ashram of Master KH, and that for the remainder of his life, FCD worked increasingly “behind the scenes”, though powerfully so, inspiring many people, writing, and helping establish spiritual and psychological centers. A number of Psychosynthesis Institutes appeared and spread around the Western world. Mediation Mount in Ojai, California, also appeared. Perhaps there were others.

323.          FCD, we know, worked behind a “wall of silence” concerning his occult activities. He scrupulously tried to keep his many and varied occult interests separated from his psychological practice and, in general, from his public image. Today, however, some thirty years after his death, that “wall” has many breaches, and Psychosynthesis advocates are divided about the importance of FCD’s occult interests and whether they should be openly related to Psychosynthesis.

As you know, the task consists in the effort to help the Jewish people to see their plight in a different light. They must register the situation in the light of truth. This work can be undertaken only by people who, like yourself, have taken a Jewish body but have not Jewish consciousness, who repudiate without any difficulty the dreadful and revengeful Jehovah of the Jewish religion and who never act or think as does the average Jew. You, my brother, meet all these requirements, though R.K (i.e., RSU) does not. This work is most definitely part of my work ... and I shall be in touch [Page 471] with you at frequent intervals. On that statement you can emphatically rely.

The edited and altered text that appeared in DINA II was as follows: [ “This work can be undertaken only by people who, like yourself, repudiate without any difficulty all separative attitudes and who ever act and think in terms of the one humanity and with inclusive love. You, my brother, meet all these requirements....”]

324.          DK comes back to the main issue which He has been discussing with FCD for the last few communications (whether or not FCD had actually read these communications shortly after they were transcribed). We can see DK’s essentially benevolent attitude to the Jewish people, even though His frankness offends some with high solar plexus sensitivity. That the Jews are deeply immersed in a “plight” is acknowledged, but the way through it, is to see the plight “in a different light”. A program of re-education must be undertaken so the Jews can understand their condition in the light of a wider truth.

325.          It makes sense that no group will take initially unpalatable advice from an ‘outsider’. FCD, because his mother was Jewish, is an ‘insider’. The fact that he is Jewish by heredity makes him far more acceptable to the Jews than if he had been a Gentile.

326.          But his consciousness is not Jewish, and like so many thinking people in the modern world, he rejects “the dreadful and revengeful Jehovah of the Jewish religion”. HPB has much to say of Jehovah as a lunar deity, and not an especially high one. Those with no knowledge of occultism will not be able to see to the truth of the matter.

327.          FCD meets the requirements. R.K (also known as RSU—Regina Keller), so we are told, does not meet these requirement, for although she is Jewish, she is overly identified with the limited perspective and ‘wounded’ psyche Jewish people. She identifies, as DK says, as a “persecuted Jew”. Therefore she lacks the necessary objectivity on the Jewish problem, and cannot see things as the Hierarchy sees them. Therefore, she cannot represent Them.

328.          It would seem that FCD cannot easily avoid the responsibility which has come his way, even though his free choice in the matter is affirmed by the very Masters Who have presented him with this “assignment”.

I would ask you to hold conversation with A.A.B. on this matter for (as I told you in earlier papers) she knows more about the problem than most people and has always loved the Jews and worked for them. In the enormous task of extricating the Jews from their ancient complexes and liberating them from a carefully cultivated persecution mania – a cultivation and a mania which their religious rituals have perpetuated for three thousand years – strong measures are and have been needed. The article I wrote wherein I appealed to the Jew to recognise his responsibility and to realise the existence of faults in the Jewish race, which he must change and for which he has pain penalty over the ages, has been well received by the younger Jews, but violently repudiated by older Jews, such as R.K. (RSU) and some of her family. The “attack” made by me upon the churchianity of Christianity is far more drastic than that made upon the Jews.

329.          We read of AAB’s love of the Jews: “she…has always loved the Jews and worked for them”. This is exactly opposite to what many people have come to believe! She can counsel FCD on the matter because she knows much about the problem.

330.          Facing FCD is an “enormous task”, although it does not face him alone. He can be a significant teacher in the process of “extricating the Jews from their ancient complexes and liberating them from a carefully cultivated persecution mania…”

331.          Complexes are unconscious thought patterns which live a semi-autonomous life in the unconscious psyche. Any kind of ritual, oft repeated, is an agency of reinforcement, and Jewish rituals, says the Tibetan, reinforce the ancient complexes.

332.          It is interesting that the number “3000” is given, when the usual history of the Jews dates from 4000 years ago or even earlier. Three thousand years takes us back to the time of the great Hebrew kings and to Joshua (an earlier incarnation of the Master Jesus) whose armies slaughtered thousands in aggressive wars to seize the “Promised Land”, ‘promised’ to the Jews by Jehovah (admittedly, a jealous, blood-thirsty, revengeful god). The major ‘sins’ committed by the Hebrews date from this period.

333.          Is somehow fitting that much of this enormous task of psychological redemption falls upon one of the finest, deepest and most spiritual of the world’s psychologists.

334.          Master DK has written much on the Jewish Problem, and has been much criticized for doing so. Perhaps, AAB has been even more criticized, for it is assumed by many that it is her attitudes (not those of the Tibetan) that come through the words which have been written on the subject.

335.          We see that, in DK’s view, one of His very own and most trusted disciples (RSU) has violently repudiated His analysis of the Jewish Problem. It is obvious that He considers this repudiation a serious mistake.

336.          DK closes with an important and, perhaps, surprising statement: in His eyes, the so-called “‘attack’ made by me upon the churchianity of Christianity is far more drastic than that made upon the Jews.” A careful reading of all that Master DK has said about the present state of the Church will confirm His assessment. The reason for the over-reaction of Jewish people and passionate sympathizers is that there are very many Christians and only relatively few Jews. The atrocities of the Second World War (also, let us remember, perpetrated against Christians of conscience) did much to feed the over-reaction. Then, there is the highly sensitive Jewish solar plexus, as the Jews are said to be, by DK, the solar plexus of humanity.

337.          It is obvious that this over-sensitivity must be dropped if the Jews are to fulfill their planetary purpose as a symbol of planetary, spiritual man.

You will have to be much thinking and studying, my brother, before you start contacting the various heads of Jewry; the Zionist movement is an impossible point at which to make a beginning, for their aim is not humanitarian but purely political in intent. So study, think, meditate, write, make contacts and lay a sound foundation for future work. Most of the work you plan to do will only begin at the close of about three years study, and will last around five years; in those years the Jews will come to recognise a new voice, a clear note and a sound policy.

338.          FCD cannot leap into the redemptive process immediately. Much deep study must precede his first approaches, so enormous is the task and so defensive the Jewish psyche.

339.          We can see that much contact will be required. FCD will have to contact the various “heads of Jewry”. It is hardly a task which can be handled from an ivory tower. The outer contact required identifies the task as closely related to DK’s Ashram.

340.          DK always distinguishes between the Zionists and the true Jews. From His perspectives, the Zionists are a politically motivated, reactionary group who work without humanitarian motives. It would be hopeless to begin with them. Their mind is made up. Later, He gives His assessment of who the Zionists really were—historically and reincarnationally.

341.          DK seems, temporally, to circumscribe FCD’s work in this regard. It is not to begin for another three years (after much study) and will last around five years. This means that it begins in 1949 (interestingly, a year in which Uranus by transit crosses FCD’s natal Ascendant). In 1952, we do note a solar eclipse on FCD’s natal Sun and Ascendant. We do not know the exact year in which the Foundation for an Italian Union of Progressive Judaism was begun, but we do know that it was after his son’s death in 1951. Such an eclipse would have indicated important opportunities in this regard. As well, during 1950, 1951 and part of 1952, the progressing Moon was to be found in Capricorn, the sign which rules the personality of the Jews.

342.          We can see that Master DK was somewhat optimistic about the possibilities, for He foresaw that “in those years the Jews will come to recognize a new voice, a clear note and a sound policy”. Unfortunately, this was not to be, for the Zionists moved powerfully in 1946 and 1947, and in 1948, the State of Israel was established amidst war, political maneuverings and general turmoil.

343.          The consolidation of a national homeland for the Jews probably limited the scope of FCD’s intended work. The imagination of Jewry was captured by the founding of Israel and no new voice or clear note could be heard. From the perspective of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the establishment of the land of Israel was not “sound policy”.

344.          This, of course, is still a subject over which the greatest passions rise, as we can see from the terribly conflicted situation in the Middle East today. No one (not even Hierarchy) knows where the present situation, so filled with mutual hostilities, will end. What is clear is that certain superpowers, and world Jewry (in general), moved in exactly the ‘wrong’ direction from the perspective of Hierarchy. Now, there is no going back, and resolution will have to be found in another way. Fortunately, Sanat Kumara is that great Being Who has the power to promote the emergence of the “Good” from all distressed and darkened situations.

This is all that I have to indicate here. A.A.B. will send you some books and papers, for it is no longer possible for her to help in this work which is a phase of my work. It would profit you much to go through my books and papers and pamphlets and collect into one volume of script all that I have said. A.A. B. has made a beginning here, but it is very poor as she has not due time. This work is more definitely part of my work, for there will be no true world peace until the Jewish problem is solved. More Gentiles, true friends of the Jews, such as A.A.B., see this correctly; the Jews seem unable to grasp it.

I shall be in touch with you, my brother, and at frequent intervals. On that statement you can emphatically rely.

345.          AAB has made a beginning in the study. Her papers are to go to FCD as she can no longer be involved in the task, for reasons of health and vitality, and even more importantly, because of the work she must complete for DK before she passes over—just a few years from the writing of this communication.

346.          We now see that, in a way, FCD has been retained in Master DK’s Ashram. This answers somewhat the question earlier raised: “Who prevailed in the debate between Master DK and Master KH?”

347.          The work with the Jewish people, we are told, is definitely a part of Master DK’s work. Why? Because “there will be no true world peace until the Jewish problem is solved”. This means that Master DK’s work, and the work of His Ashram, are clearly involved with the attempt to create “world peace”.

348.          This would make sense if, as Marion Walters (RSW) used to say, Master DK’s Ashram is ruled by Libra.

349.          FCD’s job will be to help the Jews grasp what so many Gentiles, who are true friends of the Jew’s already grasp.

350.          DK promises to be in touch with FCD at frequent intervals. Obviously, this means far more frequent intervals than the rare written communications sent through AAB. As a matter of fact, in 1946 all New Seed Group members were informed that such communications would stop. But in 1948, the Tibetan again communicated through AAB with just a few of His remaining working chelas, and that final effort to communicate contained, as we shall see, a letter of real importance for FCD.

Your meditation work must keep pace with your vision. I suggest for you the following outline.

351.          This is something we must always remember. Meditation feeds the vision, and without it, the vision fades and the “people perish”.

The edited, altered and rearranged text that appeared in DINA II was as follows: [Your meditation work must keep pace with your vision. I suggest that you follow the simple outline which I call “The Pinnacles,” and give much time for quiet thought and for impression. Know that guidance will be given—given step by step as needed.]

The Pinnacles

1.                  Imagine yourself standing at the top of a mountain shaped like a pinnacle, facing another, seemingly miles away.

352.          This is a very important mediation given to FCD to promote success in his important “assignment”. It was not included in the DINA books because the whole discussion of his responsibility in relation to the Jews was deleted.

353.          A pinnacle is a summit. It represents a  mountain peak, higher than which it is impossible to go (without descending and then re-ascending a still higher mountain).

354.          We can think of a pinnacle as cone-shaped. The cone suggests a vortex and a spiral action which tightens and increases in speed until the topmost point is reached.

355.          FCD stands on the first pinnacle. This suggests that he has taken the third initiation and is now transfigured.

356.          Far away, “seemingly miles away” is another pinnacle, representing, one would think, the fourth initiation. The term, “seemingly” is important, because, perhaps, the next pinnacle is not as far away as it seems. This idea relates to whether it would be possible for FCD to take the fourth initiation in the present life.

357.          From certain respects, his horoscope is more favorably configured for the fourth initiation than for the third.

a.       A vast struggling mass can be seen in the lowland in between the two pinnacles.

358.          When FCD descends the mountain, he will encounter many who must be elevated and, eventually, ‘saved’. These are the “struggling mass”—those laboring under mass consciousness and victim of their lunar natures.

b.      One group of struggling people emerge more clearly in your vision than the rest; they carry the yellow flag, marked with a six-pointed star. On this phenomenon you ponder. (Let not the thoughtform of the Jewish people engulf your consciousness. Stand on your pinnacle and let not the potency of their struggle distract your attention from your mission and the goal.)

359.          One who is intent on salvage cannot salvage all—unless that One is of the calibre of a Christ.

360.          We can see that group of struggling people who emerge with greater clarity in FCD’s vision is the Jewish people.

361.          They carry a yellow flag. Yellow is, from different perspectives, the color of both the third and fourth rays—two rays prominent in the previous solar system and with which the Jews are strongly identified.

362.          Yellow is also connected to Gemini and to Mercury, both of which influences are important for the Jews. Mercury, a highly mental planet, is one of the rulers of Virgo, which is the soul-sign of the Jews. Mercury is also involved in a triangle connecting it to the Pleiades and Capricorn (and also to humanity, per se, of which the Jews are the eternal symbol).

363.          The six-pointed star is King Solomon’s Seal, and is always associated with the Jews, although its antiquity and its significance are far greater. It was the symbol of Akbar, who would be associated with King Solomon (if both of these kings were incarnations of the Master M.)

364.          The six-pointed star can be considered the star of form with which the Jewish group is so identified.

365.          We are not told in what color the six-pointed appears; only that the flag is yellow.

366.          The personality ray of the Jews is the third ray, associated in Esoteric Psychology I, with the color yellow. The great artistic development of the Jews may indicate a fourth ray monad (since they were the “bridge” from the first solar system to the second). In most of the Tibetan’s writings, the color yellow is assigned to the fourth ray.

367.          Yellow is a color of both pain and harmony, as well of brilliant mentality. Yellow is, therefore, an appropriate color for the Jewish group. For Master DK, ‘personally’, yellow is also important, as He is associated with Gemini and with Mercury because He is the “Messenger” of the Masters.

368.          DK warns that FCD is not to be engulfed by the thoughtform of the Jewish people. It is a powerful thoughtform and has already engulfed RSU, limiting her service.

369.          If he stands on his pinnacle (third degree consciousness), he will not be dragged down, and will be able to preserve his vision of his mission and goal. He must resist being lured from his pinnacle by sympathy for the struggle and suffering of the Jew. This type of resistance has not been easy for FCD to develop, because he identifies to readily with human suffering.

2.                  In your meditation you plan guidance for their guidance. Ponder long and deeply on these plans.

370.          This is a mental and planning phase of the meditation. It is a stage of enlightened brooding on possible futures.

3.                  Then see yourself returning to my Ashram for conference deep. Later imagine yourself passing along the path which leads to the Ashram of K.H., entering the door which A.A.B. is always to be found. Go then with her to K.H. Give much time here for quiet thought and for impression. This is one of the most important parts of the meditation. Glamour will disappear, light shine, plans receive acknowledgement, and strength for the next step be given.

371.          FCD is to be in deep conference with Master DK. Obviously, DK’s thoughts on FCD’s plans are of real moment.

372.          FCD’s visualizations are to take him to the Ashram of KH, where AAB will greet him and take him to KH.

373.          In KH’s presence, and accompanied by AAB, much time is to be given for “quiet thought and for impression”. It is in such times that FCD will be most illumined. As DK says, “Glamour will disappear, light shine, plans receive acknowledgement, and strength for the next step be given.”

374.          We are being shown how any serious worker with the Plan may proceed—in imaginative conference and consultation with his Master and with any ashramic co-worker who may be of assistance.

375.          The way of proceeding with this “enormous task” is through meditation and visualization. Through these means, the best plans will emerge and be confirmed by those who know.

4.                  Then return consciously to the place where you daily work and KNOW the guidance will be given – step by step as needed.

376.          The meditation ends with return to the sphere of daily labor, and with a confirmed self-assurance (a knowing) that guidance will be given—step by step as needed.

377.          We can see that FCD is supposed to stay in closest consultation with his Masters as the task is one of extreme difficulty. Hierarchical guidance is definitely needed, even in matters of detail.

My love enfolds you, and the way into my Ashram stands open wide for you.

Your friend and co-disciple in the Ashram of K.H.


378.          Master DK ends with an affirmation of love. FCD has the freedom of his Ashram. It is a home and place of refuge.

379.          DK signs Himself as FCD’s “friend” and “co-disciple” in the Ashram of K.H. This tells us something of the high regard He has for FCD and of FCD’s level of attainment. These words also orient DK and FCD to the same Master and emphasize their mutual service for Him.

380.          The Master’s closing words speak to FCD as if he were a member of Hierarchy, which, as a third degree initiate, he actually is.

November 1948


It is two years since I last communicated with you, via A.A.B., and they have been years of great stress and strain for you. Every disciple in these troubled times carries three kinds of stress; no, my brother, I would say the major stresses are of four kinds:

381.          The last communication from the Tibetan came only to certain disciples closest to Him—eight in all.

382.          DK notes the stress and strain through which FCD has been passing. At the time of the communication, we note that transiting Saturn has reached one of the angles of the chart, the fourth house cusp. During the two year period following the 1946 communication, the progressing Moon has been passing through the sign Scorpio (though at the time of the writing it has entered Sagittarius). The period of the progressed Moon in Scorpio will present many tests. Significantly, we find transiting Pluto conjuncting the progressing Ascendant in Leo during October and November of 1948, and continuing for about four years (years in which the new task should emerge tangibly). Thus, first ray planets are prominent.

383.          DK elaborates on four kinds of stress which disciples carry.

1. There are the stresses and the strains incident to the disciple's family life or his immediate daily relationships, and of these you have had your full share.

384.          With a Cancer Ascendant, FCD would naturally be tied to the stress and strain of personal and familial relationships. DK hints that FCD has had his “full share” of such difficulties.

385.          The position of the Moon (squared by destructive Pluto and by Jupiter, and opposed by the Sun) in the fourth house of home reinforces this indication. The intimate life with “near ones” has not been peaceful.

2. There are stresses and strains due to the deep interior life of soul relation; these bring with them their own unique difficulties which can be shared with no one (except the Master, when the disciple has reached the point of unfoldment which you have now reached), and yet which bring about a life of inner tension which can lead inevitably to the next point of revelation.

386.          DK now speaks of very subtle stresses and strains arising out of soul process and the relation of the disciple’s consciousness to soul consciousness.

387.          These are not things which can be easily discussed. In fact, they should not be discussed or shared with anyone except one’s Master, at least, once a high stage of spiritual unfoldment has been reached.

388.          We have noticed that there is a close relation between FCD and AAB and, in such a relationship, many things bearing on the life of the Ashram can be shared in confidence.

389.          Yet, there are some matters so interior, so fragile, delicate and obscure, that the Master’s presence is the only safe venue in which to seek understanding, assistance and resolution.

390.          The life of “inner tension” arising from soul culture will lead, however, to the “next point of revelation”, and this, inevitably.

3. There are the problems and circumstances which arise out of the period in which our modern humanity lives; these today are unique and of disturbing importance; they involve the balancing of values which is going on in every department of human living and which evokes in the disciple an almost unendurable pain and anxiety.

391.          Stresses and strains arise from the historical period in which the disciple’s life is lived. The twentieth century has been uniquely stressful and disturbing and the twenty-first century shows signs of increasing turbulence.

392.          The disturbances, we know, arise from the interplay of many potent, subtle energies, some of which are driving the planetary process forward and, thus, inevitably, human civilization. These stresses must be endured, and over them humanity has no control.

393.          It is impossible for major evolutionary steps to be taken within accompanying strain.

4. There are also peculiar complications and tests which have their origin in ashramic relationships which the disciple realises through his contact with the Ashram. [Page 472] These are the result of his attempt to lift the burden of humanity and the measure of his understanding of the Plan, in unison with the entire Hierarchy. This produces an inevitable crisis and constitutes a load which—when added to the other three spheres of difficulty—often make the disciple feel that his cross (his vertical and his horizontal life) is more than he can bear. The Fixed Cross becomes a reality, and he begins to learn its true meaning.

394.          Now that FCD is becoming firmly established in the Ashrams of DK and KH, this fourth kind of stress will definitely apply to him.

395.          The Ashram propels forward the evolution of its members and, thereby, places them under yet another kind of pressure. It is the pressure of the Master’s presence, as that presence reflects the will of the Master’s superiors. DK calls these stresses “complications and tests”. There are ashramic standards which must be upheld, thus the tests. There are ashramic factors which always must be considered (whereas those who are not members of Ashrams need not consider them); thus, the complications.

396.          When a disciple begins earnestly to serve in cooperation with his Ashram, complications and tests arise.

397.          The result of ashramic pressure is “inevitable crisis”. Ashramic responsibility is experienced as a “load”.

398.          There are three normal spheres of difficulty and ashramic requirements constitute a fourth. The number four suggests the cross with its horizontal and vertical arms. Upon this Cross (the Fixed Cross, in this instance) the disciple feels himself crucified.

399.          The stresses of soul and Ashram configure themselves along the vertical arm of the Cross; the stresses of immediate relationship, and of the ambient energies of the times, are more circumstantial and relate to the horizontal arm.

400.          The Fixed Cross is a Cross of blinding light, of fiery pain, of bitter woe, and yet the Cross of liberation.” (EA 82) The four fixed signs are thus described in order—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

401.          As disciples we should pause to measure the energies and forces coming to us from the four directions of the Fixed Cross and from the four areas of stress and strain which DK discusses. These constitute our “cross to bear”. One or other arms of the Cross may be, for us, in any one life, more difficult or burdensome. One or other of the four kinds of stresses may be most pressureful. Eventually a reasonable balance is required, but the pressure from the Ashram will become the most insistent.

All these four types of difficulties are further enhanced when you consider the fact that they are felt in all three aspects of the disciple's personality simultaneously. There is a reaction in his etheric body, in his emotional vehicle and in his mind. This makes what is sometimes called the "seven divine sorrows"; these are symbolically and most inaccurately depicted in the Christian discipline as the seven stations of the Cross.

402.          DK enlarges upon the impact of the four difficulties; they are felt in every personality vehicle and simultaneously.

403.          We can see where the number seven enters. There are four difficulties and three personality vehicles. Really, the number twelve could be used, as well.

404.          It is clear that Master DK is speaking to an initiate who is on the Path of the World Saviours. He has already known these “seven divine sorrows” to some extent, and will come to know them even more intimately as he approaches the fourth degree.

405.          We find Master DK often correcting presentations and interpretations common to Christian writers—even the early ones. He has told us that many episodes in the Gospel stories are inaccurately reported. Here He tells of a most inaccurate depiction of the “seven stations of the Cross”. We can see that the Ageless Wisdom will add much clarification to written accounts which for centuries have been “taken as Gospel”!

406.          The “seven stations of the Cross” obviously have much to do with the chakra system of any disciple or initiate, and the “seven divine sorrows” with the pains and agonies (whether physical or in the realm of consciousness) which the advancing initiate ‘feels’ as he finds himself upon the Cross.

The following sentence is not included in the original papers: As I told you elsewhere* "from the standpoint of Christian symbolism (even though the interpretation is as yet inadequate) these seven crises correspond to the seven stations of the Cross which mark the way of an advancing world Saviour."

407.          This sentence is a later insert, perhaps added by AAB for FCD’s greater comprehension.

Here again you have the four and the three brought together in a synthesis of service, of discipline and of unfoldment.

408.          The triplicity and the quaternary are found throughout occultism.

409.          One of our major tasks is to discover the reality of the three, and express it within the domain of the four.

410.          There are some contexts in which the three is superior to the four and others in which the four is superior to the three. There are, for instance, three higher subplanes of the systemic mental plane, but four higher ethers of the systemic physical plane.

411.          When rightly combined, they lead to “a synthesis of service, of discipline and of unfoldment”.

412.          Synthesis is a keynote of FCD’s life and we see the Tibetan seeking to present him with visions of synthesis.

All these factors have been active in your life, my brother and co-disciple. I would like to commend you on one point. You have proceeded with your Ashram work, your thinking and your service in spite of all that has been going on. This has been noted by us and it is for this quality of spiritual stability that we watch. The field of your work remains the same; it is part of your karmic obligation which may not be avoided, but the mode of work and the nature of the work which should be done will have to be altered for reasons which I am confident you will understand…

413.          FCD has demonstrated great steadiness in the face of difficulty and adversity. What DK once said of him has proven to be true: “You have the persistence and the will (like tempered steel) of the second ray…” (DINA I 139-140)

414.          The true pledged disciple or initiate is responsible along several fronts; the angles of the natal horoscope describe them to some extent. He is responsible for his own inner cultivation (the Ascendant); to others (the Descendant); to manifest the Plan (the IC); to his Ashram (the MC). The IC also carries the meaning of the Ashram (as a place of refuge). As a source of regulatory pressure, the MC suitably describes the Ashram.

415.          We are told that the Masters watch “for this quality of spiritual stability”. This we should remember as we live our personality lives. Many things may ‘happen’—to us and around us. What is the quality of our spiritual stability in the face of these happenings?

416.          DK returns to FCD’s intended work with the psyche and consciousness of the Jewish people. We learn that it is, in fact, for FCD, a “karmic obligation”. DK hinted that FCD had been a member of the Jewish group but had worked his way out of it long ago.

417.          It is interesting that in 1942 FCD was given an “assignment”, the following of which seemed at the time optional. Now (1948) he is told that it is part of a karmic obligation which may not be avoided.

418.          There have been many developments with respect to the Jews. The State of Israel has been founded on May 14th or 15th, 1948. The context in which FCD’s redemptive work could be done has changed dramatically. These are the reasons to which DK obliquely refers.

Just as humanity is always left free to make its own choices and decisions, so is a branch of the human family or a group within that family left free to determine its own destiny. The Zionists have proved susceptible to that remnant of evil which is not yet “sealed” behind the door where evil dwells. They are today a point of infection and of danger to the rest of the world, and this is due to their lack of truth, their unbridled cruelty, and their biased hate. They are as much aggressors as were the Germans, and are working under the evil control of the same forces. The whole situation must be judged and gauged from the karmic angle; the Zionists are endeavoring to repeat the horror of their first invasion of Palestine, of which you may read in The Old Testament. There they behaved with unspeakable cruelty but were given the opportunity to offer the nations of the world – through the synthesis of Jewish culture – the fruitage of their third and fourth ray development: i.e., their comprehension of money and its intelligent use. This is possible to them because they are the remnant of the humanity of the first solar system which makes them (as souls) the oldest group on earth; this also gives them their essential creative and artistic value which is the result of their participation in the evolutionary processes of this planetary humanity.

419.          This paragraph contains Master DK’s harshest indictment of the Zionists, but, let us note, not of the Jews (especially, the “true Jews”). At various points He takes great pains to make the distinction.

420.          Humanity has come of age and must make its own decisions which will determine its destiny. The same may be said for groups of human beings within humanity. The Zionist group is one such.

421.          The attempt was made during the Second World War to “seal the door where evil dwells”. It was very nearly done, but the door was left ajar, so FCD noted elsewhere, by the Zionists.

422.          DK gives an occult analysis. This group “proved susceptible to that remnant of evil which is not yet ‘sealed’ behind the door where evil dwells.” This is a shocking statement and demands reflection. The nature of the Zionists is never portrayed in this manner; how could it be? Occult understanding and the ability to “read the record” is missing in all conventional assessments.

423.          DK says that the Zionists represent a “point of infection” and are danger to the rest of the world.

424.          In the Bailey Teaching we learned that Germans and the Jews were brothers and, as it were, members of the same family. We learned that, from the reincarnational perspective, Germans had been Jews and Jews, Germans. The great contention between them during WWII was a family quarrel.

“Like frequently repudiates and swings away from like, and the Germans and the Jews are curiously alike. Just as many British people and the preponderance of the British race are reincarnated Romans, so many Germans are reincarnated Jews. Hence the similarity of their points of view. It is a family quarrel and there is nothing more terrible than this.”
(GWP 147)

425.          The mediumistic German nation (with its mediumistic Pisces personality) was obsessed by the Forces of Darkness. DK tells us (to the shock, horror and disbelief of many) that the Zionists were working under the same impression.

426.          We have no way to prove the veracity of this statement, but when one looks at the world situation today, and the great danger to humanity posed by the Middle East situation, one can see the hand of the Dark Forces at work. They have set up a new front for their attack against humanity.

427.          The condemnation of the Zionists (again, not the Jews) is uncompromising: they are accused of “lack of truth”, of “unbridled cruelty”, and of “biased hate”. A thorough condemnation! We must remember that Master DK does not exaggerate. He speaks truth as He sees it. If any group inspires from Him such a condemnation, it cannot be taken lightly.

428.          DK resorts to an analysis of the problem from the karmic angle. DK seems to equate the Zionists with those who invaded Palestine at least three thousand years ago in the time of Joshua (the successor to Moses). We may think of these two great figures as the later Masters, Morya and Jesus.

429.          The invasion of Canaan is a historical-biblical fact. The Hebrews of the time took Canaan (the “Promised Land”) by the sword and neither man, woman or child was spared. This is why DK tells of the “unspeakable cruelty” of “their” invasion of Palestine. By the word “their”, He means that the Zionists are the reincarnated aspects of the early invaders. Obviously, none of this will make any sense to those who do not accept the veracity of the doctrine of reincarnation and will be rejected as the wildest, anti-Semitic fantasy.

430.          The guerilla wars fought before the establishment of the State of Israel, and the conventional wars fought after that establishment are, from the Tibetan’s point of view, a replay of that early invasion. These wars have been, relatively, more restrained, with far less slaughter, but the continued wars and hostilities between Israel and the surrounding Arab countries are filled with ongoing horror and deep frustration for all who work for world peace. These wars and have held the world stage for over half a century.

431.          We can only listen carefully to what the Tibetan is saying, and then see if, intuitively, it carries the ring of truth. We are not in a position to estimate whether the Zionists are the same souls who took Canaan by the sword more than three thousand years ago. If they are, however, an entirely new light on the founding of Israel is shed, and not a happy light.

432.          The Hebrews of those ancient times acted, says DK, “with unspeakable cruelty”, but were given (in the hope of compensation) an opportunity to offer to humanity the fruitage of their culture based upon the third and fourth rays. We have remarked that the personality ray of Judea is the third and speculated that its monadic ray may be the fourth. This group possesses the “comprehension of money and its intelligent use”. This was, potentially, one of the gifts to be given to humanity.

433.          The Jews (as a group), are, we are told, part of the remnants of the first solar system—souls knows as the “ancestors”. This makes them, according to the Tibetan, “(as souls) the oldest group on earth”. This is an amazing thought and suggests that humanity does not learn its lessons rapidly—especially some sectors of humanity who are strongly conditioned by the energies of the first solar system.

434.          Their great creative and artistic value is affirmed. Interestingly, this value is said to result from their participation in the “evolutionary processes of this planetary humanity”. It is as if much along the artistic and creative paths was learned during the fourth round of the fourth chain—our Earth-chain. These “ancestors”, as they are sometimes called, are said to have entered evolution on this chain and in this round before the individualization of Earth-chain humanity—another astonishing thought.

They made, however, a false move in Old Testament days and since then their ways have been devious and wandering; they are unquestionably the most reactionary group on earth. Their desire for dominance in all fields can be seen founded in the Ten Commandments which are voiced in terms of an authoritative negation and in their clinging to an outworn and separative faith – all the tents of which, the rituals and prohibitions serving to build a wall around the Jewish consciousness. The Jews are not a nation; esoterically, they are the seed or originating germ of mankind and hence their scattering in every nation in the hope that they would in due course of evolution cease to be Jews – as you have ceased to be Jew. But they have held on throughout the centuries to the infantile segregation and to the protective taboos which were necessary in the early days, five thousand years ago. Hence the trouble today and even the Hierarchy knows not what end shall be.

435.          DK is still talking of those who manifest as the present Zionists (especially, the ones who paved the way for the founding of Israel through violence and machination). There are some in the Jewish group who are strongly identified with its strange history. They are the true “ancestors”, although, it must be said, that many “ancestors” have moved on, have changed their motivations and identifications entirely, and have ‘graduated’ from this planetary school. DK is speaking of the most resistant group, which He calls “the most reactionary group on earth”. For such statements, He will wrongfully be accused of anti-Semitism. In fact, He is looking at a vast panorama, unavailable to any strictly human researcher, and is evaluating in an objective manner the origin and destiny of races, peoples and nations.

436.          It must certainly be clear that not every member of the Jewish people is a reactionary “ancestor”—i.e., a soul who individualized in the first solar system and who has remained identified with that orientation throughout its development on the Earth-chain. Souls are constantly changing races and subraces and only a Master of the Wisdom can decipher the soul’s history on this planet and on an earlier chain or solar system.

437.          The whole problem can be solved through dis-identification from the not-Self. Consciousnesses who are identified exclusively with the form through which they manifest, and with the hereditary history of those forms, have yet very much to learn about the spiritual aspects of evolution.

438.          DK speaks of a “false move in Old Testament days”. Presumably, this was the invasion of Canaan, now Palestine. This led, eventually, to the karma of the Diaspora, and to the over-emphasis of the devious third ray personality. The first ray Soul of Judea had been vanquished by the Romans, and for two millennia after their conquest by the Romans and the destruction of the Temple, the majority of Jews were forced to live more according to their personality ray than by the first ray of the soul.

439.          In modern times, with the rise to power of the Zionists (a group strengthened by world reaction against the repugnant horrors of the Holocaust) the first ray Soul of Judea has again reasserted itself, in a manner very little influenced by the love aspect (which has been growing in most human groupings under the Piscean influence for the past two thousand years). These Zionists, it seems, were ancient warriors upon the first ray, and represented a certain aspect of the first ray Soul of Judea, though not its best aspect.

440.          The first ray, when unmoderated by the ray of love and wisdom, insists on dominance. The Ten Commandments, with its “authoritative negations”, the Tibetan tells us, demonstrate this will-to-dominate. The first ray is a ray of isolation as well. DK tells us that a wall has been built around the Jewish consciousness and held in place over centuries by means of the rituals and prohibitions of the orthodox Jewish religion, thus perpetuating an “outworn and separative faith”. Many Jews will instinctively and violently recoil from such an assessment; only once they have observed the panorama revealed by the esoterically-trained mind, will they give such views a hearing.

441.          DK tells us that the Jews are not a nation, per se. Their nature is far more occultly based; “…esoterically, they are the seed or originating germ of mankind and hence their scattering in every nation…”

442.          DK says that it has been hoped, apparently by the Directors of our planetary process that, eventually, the Jews would cease to be Jews. Immediately, thoughts of genocide will enter some minds, and the prospect will be seen horrifically inhumane.

443.          But the suggestion has nothing to do with any cruelty or intended annihilation (as was enforced by the barbarism of the German nation responsive to impression of the Black Forces). Rather, it is question of the gradual assimilation of the best that the Jewish people has to offer, and their harmonious blending with the newer human group—the humanity of the Earth-chain and of the second solar system.

444.          Such an assimilation or blending would be a project overseen by the Department of the Manu as He seeks to build a racial form which ensures the best possible vehicles for the incarnating human race. The Jews are carriers of a great treasures for humanity—creativity, artistry and great intelligence. DK has named many virtues of the Jewish people and said they were spiritually based. These qualities have to be preserved and eventually blended with the energies which characterize the humanity of our present chain and solar system.

445.          Humanity comprises some sixty billion souls. These souls will be taking incarnation for millions of years in all manner of races and subraces. For the psychological health of humanity, it is important that souls cease to identify with the forms through which they manifest.

446.          DK speaks of the “infantile segregation” and “protective taboos” of the Jewish group, necessary, perhaps, five thousand years ago, but no longer necessary. These must be released. They are a obstructive concretion in the psyche of humanity. There are far better possibilities for humanity ahead. The invocation and manifestation of such possibilities is the real project for the human race. The old and outworn can only be preserved for so long.

447.          The best that the Jewish people, or any people, have to offer the ‘new racial amalgamation’ must be offered. The great spiritual, psychological and artistic riches of the Jewish group will make their indispensable contribution to what humanity must become. There is nothing anti-Jewish in this point of view. The treasures of consciousness carried by the Jews are acknowledged and the contribution of these subtle treasures to the human race eagerly anticipated. It is just that outworn identifications with ancient forms and rituals must go (however gradually, naturally, harmoniously and lovingly)—for the welfare of humanity as a whole.

448.          The problem is one of the utmost seriousness. DK does not exaggerate when He says, “even the Hierarchy knows not what end shall be”. Upon this rock, humanity could be broken and might not recover for millennia, if then. DK warns of a next war which must not be fought. In such a war, religious passions would be ascendant, and hatred of unimagined proportions released. We can see that ancient religious approaches, whether pertaining to Judaism, Christianity or Islam, must go. They have nothing to do with the elevation of human consciousness into that state of transcendent realization characteristic of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Their major spiritual test will come in their reaction to the Christ when again He comes and it will be a terrific test because they have never – as a race and during their long evolution –recognised a single one of the World Teachers. I am entering into these details so that you may see more clearly where the trend of your work should lie.

449.          The major test for the Jewish people has not yet arrived. The Christ is expected to reappear in physical form some time after 2025—members of humanity do not know exactly when. Perhaps the Christ, Himself, does not know the day or the hour, but He certainly knows the prevailing conditions which will allow Him to reemerge.

450.          DK told of us of the changes in consciousness which should occur for the Jewish people over the next five hundred years. The Jewish people will persist into the future for an unspecified time. But positive changes in their consciousness and psyche are possible and highly desirable.

451.          DK promises a “terrific test” for the Jews when the Christ reappears. As one with access to the “akashic record”, He tells us that they have never – as a race and during their long evolution – recognized a single one of the World Teachers”. This is another amazing statement and obviously is a historical perspective which includes Atlantean and Lemurian times. One day we shall see the “record” He references when He relates this information.

452.          We can anticipate that this terrific test will occur during the next one hundred years. It probably will occur before the Age of Aquarius begins in earnest in the year 2017—which fact was imparted by DK to FCD in a letter responding to FCD’s enquiry about the actual astronomical beginning of the New Age.

453.          The test will, it is anticipated, be part of the clearing of Piscean karma (and of much karma from the preceding Age of Aries), for we are still in the five hundred year overlap period between the outgoing Piscean Age and the incoming Aquarian Age.

454.          FCD is having his work outlined for him with the greatest care. The historical context of his work is revealed in a way that no conventional historical analysis could describe. As a trained esotericist, He will see the reasonableness of the analysis. He could not, however, speak in such terms to those he would seek to help. He would not be believed and he would certainly be resented. In fact, he would be considered a madman.

The last two years have demonstrated that the Jews (through the activities of the Zionists) have learnt little during the past 3000 years; they are still engulfed in the glamour of territorial acquisition and nationhood; they have, nevertheless, had the opportunity of being the group which could have (because of their wide dispersion and their international citizenship) demonstrated the factual nature of the One Humanity and be recognised because of their cultural life. They have no national importance.

455.          Hierarchy’s view on the founding of the State of Israel is apparent. The Jews have been misled by the Zionists—a very intelligent, ruthless and aggressive group. They have fallen under the glamour of “territorial acquisition and nationhood”.

456.          Although intelligent and perceptive world Jewry does not share the perspectives of the Zionists and of many Israeli governments, we could say that within the Jewish consciousness, the glamor here named still prevails. It is, I would think, a great deterrent to the progress of humanity.

457.          This does not, in my view, exonerate the policies of various Arab nations who have resorted to countermeasures which are abusive, aggressive, and cynically manipulative. The virulent determination to “push the Zionist Entity into the sea” is equally odious and heedless of the lives of thousands of good people who are working in Israel for peace and cooperation with all Arab nations.

458.          If Germans have been Jews and Jew, Germans, I will hazard a guess that Arabs have been Jews and Jews, Arabs. It seems to be another desperate family quarrel!

459.          Again DK holds out a vision of what the Jews might have become and, perhaps, can still become: “they have, nevertheless, had the opportunity of being the group which could have (because of their wide dispersion and their international citizenship) demonstrated the factual nature of the One Humanity and be recognised because of their cultural life.”

This is a beautiful destiny. Can it be appreciated by world Jewry? There is still a chance that many Jews scattered in the various nations of the world can relate to it and see its planetary purpose. It would be a fitting and climactic destiny for the world’s oldest group of human beings.

460.          The Jews, then, are to excel through the medium of culture rather than nationhood. This would indicate a response to their deeply recessed fourth ray, rather than a personal response to their first ray soul. When there is a true soul response to the first ray, they will seek to know the Will of the Planetary Logos (certainly not Jehovah) and will abide faithfully by that Will.

Your task, my brother, because of Zionist compelling action, is not to find and link together those Jews in every land whose relationships are cultural and spiritual and who are free in their consciousness of all claims of territorial possession. Think this out. Territories and national boundaries are symbolic of separativeness and aggression and frequently of theft and murder. Therefore, the sin of the Zionists becomes clear when – during this time when the United Nations are in process of forming – they fall back on old ways of fighting for a land which is no longer theirs. It is an effort of evil forces to render the United Nations a negative body and to offset the new ideals of the One Humanity and the One World.

461.          The “Zionist compelling action” has been the forceful founding of Israel.

462.          FCD is put into an emergency mode. He must work with Jews “whose relationships are cultural and spiritual and who are free in their consciousness of all claims of territorial possession”. The glory and beauty of the Jewish people is that there are many Jews who fulfill these requirements.

463.          DK seeks to lay clear the “sin” of the Zionists. It is a sin against humanity which, as a whole, is seeking to cooperate and harmonize through the United Nations. At a time of such great promise for the rest of the human race, the Zionists “fall back on old ways of fighting for a land which is no longer theirs”.

464.          Behind the Zionists, the Tibetan sees the “an effort of evil forces to render the United Nations a negative body and to offset the new ideals of the One Humanity and the One World”. We can see why He is so forceful in His condemnation of this ancient and aggressive group.

465.          We can understand that FCD is meeting his destiny in this request for aid by Master DK and KH. When the fourth degree is involved, the area of sacrificial service becomes the world and humanity.

My suggestion to you, therefore, (as regards your future work) is to gather together those Jews out of every nation who seek cultural but not national unity and who – because they are not strictly orthodox – can begin to accept the premise of a retuning One for Whom they may prepare. Begin, my brother, with the utmost caution, discovering the views of such men as Dr. …, certain Jewish writers with whom you may already be in touch, and with the leaders of the Council for Judaism, with whom A.A.B. and F. B. have ben in touch. Begin with the cultural angle only and NOT as yet with the preparation for the Christ. You need only a group of seven men to begin with and you should have no difficulty in finding them. Move forward with optimism but with caution and also with no undue haste. You are one who is authorised subjectively by the Hierarchy to help build up the true nature of the Jewish group; you are well equipped to do so. You can write in several languages and you move at times in and out of many different countries. Gather together into one folio (if you have not already done so) all that I have said anent the Jews; arrange them into proper sequential form and use it with discretion as wisely as possible. Be not discouraged, but work as if the Zionists did not exist; waste no time on them but aid the true Jews, the people who were chosen to form the nucleus of the One Humanity; let them learn what is the real objective of their existence and realise how wrong they have been in creating the separative element which has infected the whole body of humanity. This trend of theirs goes back into Atlantean history and lies outside the pale of our modern historical records.

466.          FCD receives important practical instructions. He is to gather together those Jews of every nation “who seek cultural but not national unity”. This will be a theme for the future as well (and will probably involve FCD in his next incarnation, which, at the time of the writing of this commentary, may already have begun).

467.          The idea of the “Coming One” or a “returning One” must also be promoted among those who are not strictly orthodox. Orthodox Jews also believe in a Messiah, but their views are far at variance with the understanding of the Trans-Himalayan Lodge.

468.          DK directs FCD towards certain specific individuals and bodies.

469.          He is to work occultly with a group of “seven men”. Perhaps, FCD would be one of the seven. We cannot tell whether DK means both men and women; times were different fifty-six years ago.

470.          We remember that Hitler, too, knew how to work occultly, and gathered around him an “evil gang” (as DK calls them) to reinforce his purposes.

471.          DK leaves no question about FCD’s authorization to do this particular kind of work: “You are one who is authorised subjectively by the Hierarchy to help build up the true nature of the Jewish group; you are well equipped to do so.” Many energies, forces and spiritual factors have come together to present FCD with this opportunity. One may imagine that a candidate for the fourth initiation will find himself to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time for an extremely difficult task demanding great sacrifice—if not the sacrifice of all.

472.          FCD is to ignore the Zionists and aid the “true Jews”. We should fix in our minds DK’s definition of the true Jews: “… the true Jews, the people who were chosen to form the nucleus of the One Humanity;” If the monadic ray of the Jews is the fourth ray (and, in any case, the fourth ray is powerful in the Jewish expression) that monadic ray will correlate with the ray of humanity which is also the fourth ray. We can understand how the Jew can be understood as prototypical of humanity. The history of the Jews, as DK presents it, seems to confirm this. The true Jew is a ‘non-local’ being and has the capacity to identify with all human states and conditions. This deep comprehension of all manner of human expression is often seen in the great motion pictures produced and directed by Jews.

473.          DK wants the Jews to understand the nature of the glamor of separateness—derived from the Great Heresy of Separateness. They are to repudiate the “separative element” by means of which they (through their most reactionary members) have “infected” all of humanity. Among the “true Jews”, who are more enlightened beings, this repudiation is certainly possible. In fact, there is promising movement in this direction.

474.          DK traces the trend to separatism to Atlantean history; naturally, modern historical research cannot investigate the happenings of such remote times associated with a civilization which most suspect never existed! The revelatory historical records do, however, exist, in the annals of the Masters. Before long some of these archives may be opened to prove the point.

I have, as you will have noted, said little to you about yourself and your own spiritual development. The war taught many disciples that it is in serving and in thinking through that true wisdom comes; they came to realise that in [Page 473] enlightening others the radiance of the glory of God can be revealed. This you have learned and from henceforth you enter in a new stage of discipleship and can be regarded as one who can teach himself.

475.          We have noticed that the major discussion in these letters has focussed on FCD’s relation to world service. Any personal/individual problems have figured very little into the discussion, and if then, only in relation to the wider area of service.

476.          DK seeks to see disciples more independent—less dependent upon a teacher. If a disciple serves and “thinks through”, then true wisdom will come. If disciples work to enlighten others, then “the radiance of the glory of God can be revealed”. All this points to the idea that real progress occurs through work and service.

477.          The Buddha called for self-reliance and so does DK.

478.          The terrible war years strengthened FCD. He has entered into “a new stage of discipleship”—that of “initiate-disciple”, and is now regarded “as one who can teach himself”. This does not mean that the Master no longer communicates that which is of teaching value to an initiate of the third degree; it does mean that such an initiate has much wisdom and knows how to access still more, and to apply it to himself.

The work outlined for you will require only one discipline for you and that is a hard one. It is the drastic organising of your time, irrespective of personality claims, or the hindrances of an etheric body which is too loosely knit, and a sensitivity which makes life very hard for you. The great need of the service which you can render and the desperate task involved in the reorganisation of your time and plans will do much to offset the above difficulties and—in time—to cure them. You do not, my brother, belong to your family any more. You belong to humanity—a lesson which A.A.B. had much difficulty in learning.

479.          One piece of personal advice is offered: FCD is to organize his time irrespective of personality claims or the hindrances of his etheric body, which is too loosely knit. Outer plane organization, apparently, has always been difficult for FCD. His astrological signs do not conduce towards it, and he has very little representation of the hard-line rays in his ray make-up. His seventh ray body, further, is negative to his fourth ray personality. The fourth ray is not known for its organization potential.

480.          The great need for the service which FCD can render will help to motivate him and to offset the etheric difficulties. Eventually these difficulties will be cured. Is a hint being give by the words, “in time”? Perhaps the difficulties are to be cured in the moment and through the right use of time.

481.          DK seeks to widen FCD’s outreach. FCD belongs to the family of humanity and no longer to his limited, biological family. Second ray types have much difficulty with this form of detachment. AAB had the same difficulty, but apparently learned the lesson. In 1951 FCD’s beloved son died—a blow which would lead to a still deeper understanding of detachment.

I give you no meditation to follow. You may feel it necessary to make certain changes in the one you are now doing; feel free to change where you deem it desirable and seek constantly and daily a closer contact with your Master and with mine—the Master K.H.

482.          FCD may meditate as he chooses. He is given freedom to change and modify the meditation he is now using, presumably given by Master DK.

483.          He is advised to “seek constantly and daily a closer contact with your Master and with mine—the Master K.H.”. He is in need of this strengthening.

Keep in touch with A.A.B. for whether she is here on earth or elsewhere in the Great Service, she stands every ready to stand by you. Her link with the Jews is close, because of her link with the Master K.H. and with the Christ.

484.          AAB’s imminent death is hinted, but death poses no barrier between such close ashramic brothers as FCD and AAB.

485.          The “Great Service” is not limited to the physical plane. When AAB passes she will be even more potently involved in the “Great Service”.

486.          AAB, too, stands ready to assist. She is ever ready to “stand by” FCD. We can see that FCD is being acquainted with what DK has called “ashramic intimacy”. It is a condition of the closest brotherhood between ashramic members.

487.          Another hint of importance is given. AAB is so closely linked with the Jews (and therefore of assistance to FCD in his assigned task) because of her link with Master KH who is directly linked to the Christ. The implication is that the Christ cares deeply about the Jews and their fate. It is He, the Christ, above all, Who seeks the redemption of the Jewish people, and all who are closely associated with Him are swept into His intention.

Daily I look towards you, brother of mine, and that is no idle statement on my part. Rest back on my understanding and call on me at need. Develop telepathic sensitivity to my voice—as I have developed it to yours.

488.          The master has His inner means of strengthening His disciple. A “look” from a Master is a great empowerment. We note that Masters have much to uphold. With certain disciples, They have established a rhythmic contact which they scrupulously observe.

489.          FCD is to “rest back” on Master DK’s “understanding”. In the meditation on the Pinnacles, he was to enter into “conference deep” with Master DK. The Master’s deep pool of understanding can be accessed and is to be accessed. This is an ashramic right.

490.          DK ‘hears’ the voice of FCD when he speaks, and especially, when he thinks. The Master is inviting FCD to ‘hear’ His voice. In a very short time, AAB will not be available for transmission work, yet Master DK intends to stay in touch—quite directly it would seem. Thus, FCD must learn to hear His voice.

491.          FCD is working intensively, for a few years at least, in the Ashram of Master DK (while holding position in Master KH’s Ashram). This work will require frequent occult conversation, as the task is of great importance. This being the case, we might think of FCD as a disciple who is not only “on the thread” but as one who is “in the aura” of His Master.

Miscellaneous References to FCD

I would conjure you to face the future with joy and optimism. Courage you always have but joy you lack. With you, as with F.C.D., much of the physical plane activity is hampered by etheric devitalisation, though the causes producing the existing condition differ. (DINA I 157)

492.          This paragraph is written to JWK-P (Foster Bailey), another advanced disciple with a Pisces Sun-sign. Vitalization is never an easy prospect for those with a Pisces Sun—unless there are other indicators in fire signs.

With you, as with F.C.D. and R.S.U., the main difficulty is lethargy, based on a genuine physical disability. (DINA I 166)

493.          Master DK speaks of there advanced disciples all of whom have problems with lethargy based upon physical devitalization.

To R.S.U.: The gift of wise teaching is your gift to my group—a wisdom, divorced from criticism, coupled also to the reticence of the trained occultist. This gift you and F.C.D. have in great degree. (DINA I 357)

494.          There was a close relation between R.S.U. and F.C.D. Both of these disciples share “the reticence of the trained occultist” and both are hypothesized to have Cancer (a sign of reticence) rising.

The wisdom aspect in you is highly developed. Let the love aspect of the second ray now have fuller sway. You and F.C.D. have to reverse your life tendencies. He has a highly developed love nature and must learn to express wisdom more effectively. You have wisdom manifesting strongly and must learn to love more widely and not to fear love, as now you do. (DINA I 363)

495.          FCD has wisdom is full measure but he must learn how to express it more effectively.

You and F.C.D. are extreme types on your specific rays. In him, the heart dominates, e'en though his wisdom is deep and his understanding rare. (DINA I 626)

496.          This is a deep psychological assessment of where FCD stands in relation to love, wisdom and understanding (three fundamental divine qualities). Love and the heart dominate for FCD; his deep wisdom needs greater expression. His understanding (which may be considered the bridge between human experience and the eternal verities of wisdom) is “rare”. Understanding may also be considered a bridge between wisdom and knowledge.

I am not interested in some particularly occult work which you will evolve in meditation or in discussion. F.C.D. is entering upon his life work along the lines of my enterprises; it will be a hard one, growing out of the Problems, presented by me to you. Forget not that these Problems were part of your instructions released for the general public. I have no criticism of F.C.D., who has come through deep waters to heights from which he can do most effective work. I am happy to be associated with him and have asked the Master K.H. to leave him a little longer in my group. (DINA II 75)

497.          At the close His work with the New Seed Group, Master DK is making an assessment of His chelas’ contributions and liabilities. DK has no criticism for FCD who has triumphed in relation to his tests. The term “deep waters” is suggestive of the forces of the astral plane which were arrayed against him during the turmoil of the war years.

F.C.D. is doing well, but he is an old and trained disciple, and about him no anxiety has been needed. (DINA II 93)

498.          The disciples in the DINA groups had various degrees of training and experience. FCD, like JWK-P and RSE were ‘older’ disciples. FCD, especially, was acknowledged as an “initiate-disciple”

Certain of you (F.C.D., J.W.K-P., R.V.B., P.G.C., R.S.U., and R.S.W.) are actively working in relation to my plans, though those plans are not in reality mine, but simply the required cooperation in hierarchical endeavour. The rest of [Page 101] you are engulfed in the processes of daily living or else too tired to be more active than you already are, and for that condition of the personality I have no criticism. (DINA II 100-10)

499.          At the close of the training period, August-September 1949, just a few months before AAB’s passing, Master DK wrote a final letter to the remaining members of the New Seed Group (which, let us remember, had been disbanded in 1946). We find FCD as one of the few still actively working in relation to Master DK’s plans.

In the coming cycle of service, however, you will not have the association that you have had during this life with A.A.B. and F.B., who will then be working in the Ashrams of their own Masters, as will also F.C.D. and R.S.U. Do not infer from the above statement that contact and mutual interplay in world service will not then be present; it will. (DINA II 102)

500.          Through this excerpt we come to understand the FCD will be working in the Ashram of his own Master, Master KH, in his next incarnation.

To L.D.O.: Keep close to your group brothers. Seek to establish a contact—subjective and real—with F.C.D. who is so close to you in nature, though with more first ray strength. Whether you ever work for and with him on the outer plane is of no great matter. The need is for you to work with him on the inner planes, giving him what support you can, and receiving from him the strength that you need. Some time, during each morning meditation, I would request you to call him by name three times, and then to send out your heart's thoughts to him. A link would thereby be established which you would never regret. (DINA II 455)

501.          DK asks his disciple LDO (24-427) to contact and support FCD, an older and stronger disciple. DK tells LDO that FCD is close to her in nature. We can see this if we examine FCD’s ray formula (24-127) in comparison with LDO’s. The only difference is FCD’s first ray mind. Interesting occult methods of establishing rapport between disciples are given. The name is to be called three times and then the thoughts of the heart are to be sent.

To L.D.O.: Should you find it possible, I would ask you to aid (to the utmost of your ability) your brother disciple, F.C.D., whose rays are closely allied with yours. He has thrown himself into [Page 458] a supremely difficult task ... and his future work will not be easy. Help him; he is one of our agents who is worthy of all aid, and though temporarily in my Ashram, is a powerful worker in the Ashram of K.H.—his Master and mine. (DINA II 457-458)

502.          Not only should LDO contact FCD, but she should do all she can to aid him—to the utmost of her ability. FCD has apparently thrown himself into the “supremely difficult task” of working for the re-education and upliftment of the Jewish people.

503.          FCD is names as a “powerful working in the Ashram of K.H.”. His occult standing is being acknowledged.

To D.H.B.: One of the major needs in your nature is the evocation of a new and fiery incentive. For this reason, I have (as I seldom do) indicated the future ahead of you. You and F.C.D. are both numbered among the "friends of Christ," as this special group is called, and are upon a peculiar path of training. Step by step, the nature of this Path will be revealed to you, and, little by little, you will perceive the quality of the unfoldments which presented opportunity can give you. (DINA II 670)

504.          DHB and FCD are both “Friends of the Christ”. They are treading a “peculiar path of training” which requires the development of the wisdom aspect.

To. D.H.B.: Go ahead, brother of mine, in our service. Every contact has its unrealised importance; give of yourself, therefore, and not only through others. You can induce others to work, but give of yourself and see (as far as is possible and commonsense dictates) everyone who seeks to contact you, and this with love and willing understanding. This is hard for you, but it is essential for the development of that loving understanding which is the complement of wisdom. F.C.D. needs to develop wisdom as the complement of love. (DINA II 674)

505.          DHB has wisdom and need to develop “loving understanding” as a complement to wisdom. We have already seen that FCD’s “understanding” is “rare”. FCD is do develop more wisdom (especially applied wisdom) to complement his well developed love nature.

506.          DHB has a ray one astral body; therefore, contact with others is more difficult for him than for FCD.

She never troubles about the inevitable and unimportant mistakes that her workers make. She has made them herself and knows their relative unimportance. She troubles greatly when there is a misinterpretation of principles, a side-tracking of major issues, or a general inertia. Stand by her. With the unfailing love of F.B. and the developed understanding of yourself, of R.S.U. and F.C.D., she can round out this life cycle with satisfaction to her Master—which is all that she cares about. She has earned this from all of you. She has, I may add, refused to take down this last sentence (as she thinks not in terms of reward or recompense), but has done so when I enjoined upon her the need for impersonality. (DINA II 712)

507.          We see that FCD supports AAB with “unfailing love”. This is touching and, from all we have learned about his love nature, we would expect it.


We have studied the instructions to one of the most advanced disciples in the DINA group of disciples. We can understand that he is considered advanced because of his great love and wisdom and his ability to serve. He is a mature disciple (a disciple who is “initiate”), having overcome most of the personality liabilities which limit the service of many disciples. It is instructive to seek to understand a disciple who is actually entering the ranks of Hierarchy and whose intimacy with Master DK and with his own Master, KH, is far closer than will be possible for the average disciple.

Perhaps, from studying the life and disciplic efforts of FCD, we can gather some sense of the livingness of the process of discipleship training. It is an extremely subtle process. Much of what happens cannot be put into words. Much will, therefore, depend upon the cultivation of the intuition and upon maintaining subjective contact with the inner realities. Perhaps, as a result of this study, our own sense of ashramic intimacy has become a more living reality in our consciousness. At the very least, the Master and His Ashram should appear as more vivid realities, and our approach to these realities should be more intent. May we achieve our “high calling”, the better to serve and save!