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Of the Tibetan’s Personal Instructions to IBS
Impersonality, Being, Synthesis
Ray Formula—16-463
commentary by Michael D. Robbins



Proposed Chart for IBS containing the Uranian Planets


1.                  IBS’ Ascendant is Sagittarius, the sign of vision and of one-pointed discipleship. The Sabian degree for the rising degree is “A Flag-Bearer in a Battle”. The sixth ray implications are unmistakable. Perhaps this is merely a coincidence, but if the degree carries the energy suggested by the symbol, the power of the sixth ray, already very strong in IBS’ ray make-up, is made even stronger.

2.                  The rising degree (the 26th degree) is in the third decanate, which both esoterically and exoterically is ruled by the Sun. The Sun signifies, in this case (and according to the Tibetan) the “Solar Angel”. It is placed in the sign Gemini, a sign closely related to the influence of the Solar Angels. IBS is to learn soul-service (Sun in the sixth house) and expression through the heart rather than so focally through the throat and solar plexus.

3.                  The Ascendant is ruled exoterically by Jupiter in Taurus bringing material fulfillment and, more positively, the growth of illumination. Esoterically the Earth, placed heliocentrically in Sagittarius in the twelfth house, is the Ascendant ruler. IBS’ main disciplines are subjective and are to make of her a practical server on behalf of the Ashram. From the beginning of the her collaboration with the Tibetan she was treading the Path of Accepted Discipleship and demonstrated the one-pointed discipleship for which Sagittarius is the major indicator.

4.                  The major planets are confined to what is called a “bundle” pattern, bounded by the breakthrough planets Mars and Uranus approximately 150º apart. IBS’ problem is to see from a sufficiently large perspective and to take her eyes off the little self. The two planets Mars and Uranus (as the bounding planets of the bundle) indicate the difficulty she has restraining and controlling her energies.

5.                  The natal Sun in Gemini indicates her constant experiences with duality and the alternation of the pairs of opposites—a fluctuation she is to learn to subdue through the use of her fourth ray mind functioning in the grip of her first ray soul. A more consistent relationship between soul and personality is desired and the Geminian energy can be helpful in facilitating this relation. Gemini the “Messenger” is a sign which relates her to the Tibetan (the “Messenger” of the Masters), to Alice Bailey with her Sun in Gemini; to Foster Bailey with his Geminian Ascendant, and to a number of other workers in the Tibetan’s groups, well endowed with the Gemini Energy.

6.                  The Gemini Sun is found in what DK gives as the Mars decanate, emphasizing the quarrel between the two brothers. IBS had much to do to adjust the interplay between her first ray soul and sixth ray personality.

7.                  The esoteric dispositors of the Leo Moon and the Gemini Sun (Neptune and Venus respectively) are both found in Taurus. Many of IBS’ problems can be solved through a growing mental polarization and the use of soul light and love.

8.                  The Moon is in Leo in the eighth house, and represents a struggle point, for the Moon is the “prison of the soul”, and the dominance of the ahamkaric principle represented by the Leo Moon is a energy dynamic needing real attention. IBS has a stubborn and difficult “I complex” represented by this position.

9.                  Because the Moon is conjunct the Vertex, there is scheduled a “fated encounter” with the principle of ahamkara. Its transformation is demanded. The position of the Moon in the eighth house facilitates the process known as the “death of desire” which must be in process if the second initiation is to be taken.

10.              The Sun in Gemini is the dispositor of the Moon, and thus the personality (Sun) and the lunar vehicles (Moon) are closely related supporting the ahamkaric emphasis. Fortunately, transformative Uranus squares the Sun from Virgo, offering the opportunity for the unseating of the personality and its eventual decentralization.

11.              Mercury is in its own sign, exoterically considered, and on the seventh house cusp. This position confers mental ability and versatility and a compulsion to communicate—in IBS’ case, as a teacher of vocal music. The Sabian Symbol degree of Mercury is also fascinating in this regard: “The First Mocking Bird of Spring Sings from the Treetops”.

12.              Mercury is quintile both Mars and Uranus, contributing to the “outgoing blast of power” which, according to the Tibetan, characterized her communications—an energy condition which often drove away those whom she had attracted for service purposes. This quintile adds a fifth ray quality to the fourth ray mind, contributing to its power of analysis.

13.              IBS’ intuitive potential is under cultivation. She is primarily astral/buddhic in her polarization, somewhat like SCP. The axis of Sagittarius and Gemini contribute to the cultivation of the intuition as will the angular Mercury in Gemini

14.              There is a tremendous stellium in Taurus (the sign of the voice), and this stellium if largely focussed in the fifth house of self expression, depending upon which house system is used. This stellium is obviously of great use to a teacher of singing.

15.              Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are all in that stellium as is the important planetoid, Chiron. Taurus is a sign in which the incentive towards illumination is powerful. It is also a sign of habit and of conditions which are resistant to change. We can understand that much instinctual energy (also associate with Taurus) is given expression through the art of singing. IBS is in the midst of a great process of elevation and transmutation. Most of these Taurean planets, with the exception of Pluto, can be considered conjunct through “translation of light”.

16.              The art of singing raises instinct to an elevated expression through art. A further raising to the level of mind is required, and, thence, from mind to intuition.

17.              Since the fifth house (and fourth) is so much involved, much of the accumulated content of the causal body (indicated by the fifth house) can be expressed through her art.

18.              But as the fifth house is also one of the main houses of selfhood, the stellium contributes to the stubborn self-emphasis which proved so resistant to change.

19.              Spiritually, the stellium promotes devotion to the Path of Light. This tendency is pronounced because vision-oriented Sagittarius is the Rising-sign.

20.              Sound is associated with Taurus. Her present work with sound and the voice is only preparatory to the advanced work with sound she will be doing in her next incarnation.

21.              Sixth ray Mars is in Aries on the IC, indicating a restless and impulsive nature in which the lunar vehicles (fourth house) are hard to restrain. It also indicates abundant, if ill-regulated, energy.

22.              That sixth ray Mars is conjunct the ‘Asteroid of Devotion’, Vesta, indicates IBS’ ‘militant commitment’ to the treading of the Path. The conjunction also contributes to her tendency to over-do—her persistent immoderation. She seems to live in a state of overstimulation to which the Mars and Uranus positions and aspects both contribute.

23.              We find the ahamkaric Leo Moon in square to the Taurus stellium, indicating that the transmutation of ahamkara depends upon the light of wisdom and a growing mental polarization in which the mind is held steady in the light.

24.              The Moon is also quintile Pluto (which is found on Alcyone in the Pleiades), adding to the pressure for regeneration applied to the self-centralizing Moon.

25.              Saturn in Taurus is of real interest as it conjuncts Venus and trines Uranus. The Saturn/Venus conjunction (occultly) represents discipline (Saturn) by the Solar Angel (Venus). The Saturn trine to Uranus, shows the possibility of bringing the etheric body (Uranus) and the physical body and brain (Saturn) into more harmonious relationship. The blend between the pursuit of occultism and one’s conventional labor is relatively smooth. She could incorporate esoteric ideas and approaches into her teaching methods.

26.              Uranus is found in Virgo on the border of the ninth house of philosophy and higher mind. This position would open her mind to occultism and its transformational potential.

27.              Uranus is trine a number of the Taurus planets involved in IBS’ expression as a teacher of singing. She naturally had many occult views about her artistic expression and teaching methods. New approaches to the meaning of sound are also indicated. These approaches are furthered especially by the Uranus trine to Venus.

28.              Uranus is the esoteric ruler of the Libran MC, indicating that her true calling or vocation is related to higher mind and vision/perspective. The ninth house is additionally significant because of its correlation with the Sagittarian Ascendant.

29.              Venus is the esoteric ruler of the Gemini Descendant and in septile relationship with Mercury, the exoteric ruler of the Descendant (found conjuncting the Descendant). There was an attempt to reach others (students particularly) with an occult (septile) understanding of the arts. Her mode of speaking of these things was unique (Mercury quintile Uranus) and forceful (Mercury quintile Mars).

30.              Mercury is the esoteric ruler of the Aries IC, suggesting the orientation of “I serve my Brother” and “I serve the One” (Geminian keynotes) which she was attempting to develop as a service to the Ashram (fourth house).

31.              Neptune in Taurus is widely square the Moon adding to IBS’ astral susceptibility, and rendering her discrimination of astral phenomenon less than it should have been.

32.              The Neptune/Jupiter conjunction shows the potential of elevating solar plexus potential to the heart, but also contributes to exaggeration.

33.              The Taurus planets, in general reveal the potential for aligning solar plexus (Neptune) with heart (Jupiter) and with the throat (Saturn) and ajna center (Venus). At one time or another in the instructions, DK put emphasis upon the development of and relationship between various of these centers.


ASTROLOGY In Relation to the Ray Chart

1.                  The soul ray is the first and expresses, generically, through the three constellations Aries, Leo and Capricorn, of which Aries and Leo are prominent in the chart.

2.                  Vulcan is a soul ray ruler and will be found in Gemini, giving forcefulness in speech and communication.

3.                  Vulcan as a soul ray ruler will also have the task of forging a union between the two warring brothers—soul and personality.

4.                  Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and Mars are also distributors on various levels, of the first ray.

5.                  Mars is in the first ray sign, Aries, and angular (at the IC) rendering the first ray, which expresses through it, disruptive of circumstance.

6.                  The first ray as it expresses through Uranus, unsettles the personality position, for Uranus is square the Sun (associated in esoteric astrology, with the personality).

7.                  First ray Saturn in Taurus, renders IBS resistant to change.

8.                  First ray Pluto in late Taurus is semi-sextile Mercury, adding power to speech and thought and a degree of penetration.

9.                  IBS’ personality and astral vehicle are on the sixth ray, distributed by the constellational triangle, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, of which only Sagittarius is represented significantly in the normal chart.

10.              The fact that two vehicles are on the sixth ray places added emphasis upon the sixth ray planets.

11.              Angular Mars in Aries and Neptune in Taurus in the fifth house distribute the sixth ray. The Martian sixth ray is extremely strong through the Aries placement and inclined her to go to extremes. It also suggests a rebellion against early conditioning.

12.              Neptune, exaggerated by its conjunction with Jupiter, contributed to a pattern of belief which was too inclusively gullible. She was able to believe in two Tibetans—one of which turned out to be a glamorous astral thoughtform (Neptune).

13.              The fourth ray works through the mind and is powerfully reinforced in the chart by fourth ray Taurus and the Sagittarian Ascendant. The fourth ray, though only functioning in this incarnation through the mind, developed into a much needed ray of balance, to regulate the extremism of the one/six combination.

14.              The physical body is on the third ray. No constellational distributors of the third ray are tenanted, but third ray Libra conditions the MC. Mars with its great tendency towards activity is in the active signs Aries and in the fourth house, easily associated with the physical vehicle. The third ray Earth is the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius. Aspectually, third ray Saturn (representing the brain) squares the Moon (so often associated in occultism with the dense physical form).


IBS’ Replies to Questionnaire for the Groups of Nine

(Most items from the questionnaire appear in black; IBS’ comments are in dark blue; the author’s comments in violet.)

1.      Anne Stevenson Dixon, 66 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.

It is clear that IBS lived in the general New York Area. At some undetermined point there appears to have been a move to Roselle, New Jersey. The longitudes and latitudes are sufficiently comparable for our present purposes. The New York latitude is about three minutes of arc farther north and Roselle is about fifteen minutes of arc farther west.

Roselle has been used in the quadwheels for transits where the difference from NY is negligible. The only noticeable differences could occur in solar return charts and, even there, the differences will be slight. New York is used for the first set of solar return charts. Roselle will be used for the solar returns following 1940, at which time the New Jersey address was definitely given.


2.      Born  Reading, Kansas, June 1st, 1881; 8:40 P.M. (corrected time)

a. Rising sign: Sagittarius, in latter degree,

b. Sun in Gemini in the 6th House.

c. Moon in Leo in the 8th House,:


3.      To what groups, Church or organisations have you belonged in the past, and to what groups do you now belong?

Past: As a child of ten attended the Baptist Church with Mother for two years only. We moved and that severed the connection.

(When IBS was approximately 12 years old, transiting Uranus squared her natal Moon and Vertex indicating the move, as the Moon suggests the place of residence; Saturn conjuncted the MC and opposed the IC; the Nodes were transiting the MC/IC; Pluto conjuncted Sun. We can see that there were many changes at that time.)

In the spring of 1916 joined the Rosicrucian order under Max Heindel at Oceanside, Cal., though living in New York City, but severed connection in the fall of 1917.

(For joining, we have transiting Jupiter conjuncting IC, transiting Vesta conjuncting MC, and progressed Moon in Scorpio conjoined with natal Juno, opposing natal Jupiter; progressing IC was conjuncting progressing Jupiter.)



(For leaving: the Progressing Moon had entered into Sagittarius; progressing Ascendant was in the last degree of Capricorn {should it be entering free-thinking Aquarius?} If so, the time of birth would be closer to 8:43 pm (8:43:03 pm)—approximated a minute and a half later than the proposed rectification. Of course, changes of the Ascendant’s sign are mostly qualitative, and should not be used to indicate strict timing of events. Also there is transiting Uranus square natal Chiron; and transiting Uranus square progressing Jupiter.)


Now:      A member of the Arcane School only; entered in the spring of 1926.

(In the chart for 8:40 AM, the progressed IC conjuncts Pluto (indicating a searching into the roots of one’s past and the foundation of one’s life). This is a bit more exactly so than in the later proposed chart. Either chart, however, represents the beginning of this “deeper search”.

It should be mentioned that the MC generated by 8:40 gives a MC with 16 degrees Libra, the symbol for which is, “After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.” The key word is “REPAIR”. After the glamour which overtook Group IX.2, IBS was in real need of repair, and, to a degree, this idea could be applied to her entire incarnation. Certain well established tendencies which were incapacitating her physically and ‘nervously’ had to be corrected. The symbol for 17 degrees of Libra (which culminates when the proposed time of 8:41’30 pm is used) is “A Retired Sea Captain”, suggesting retrospective objectivity. It is, however, dangerous to rectify solely on the basis of the Sabian Symbols. The dynamic factors of the chart have to be given equal or greater weight.

In any case, the Ascending degree stays the same with the 8:40 am and 8:41:30 am charts, and even when using 8:43:03 pm: “A Flag-Bearer in a Battle”—a symbol entirely appropriate for an individual powerfully influenced by the sixth ray and Sagittarius.

In the chart for 8:43:03 pm, the progressing MC is very close to ingressing Sagittarius at the time of her entry into the Arcane School. At any rate, the 26th degree of Sagittarius is looking pretty convincing as an Ascendant.



(Relative to the entry into the Arcane School at an unspecified time in the spring of 1926 {let us choose April 1} we should note the January 1926 lunar eclipse closely conjuncting IBS’ natal moon in Leo and her Vertex (point of fate). This eclipse includes her progressing Ascendant in Aquarius. {This latter point would be true in all the proposed charts—8:40 pm, 8:41:30 pm, and 8:43:03 pm.} There was a lunar eclipse in August 1925, at 11º 30’Aquarius/Leo which included the progressing Ascendant and the natal moon. In the 8:40 pm chart, the progressing Ascendant in Aquarius was closer to the Anti-Vertex at 8º 17’ Aquarius.

Elena Dramchini, who rectified IBS’ chart to 8:41:30 pm, notes that when she entered the Arcane School in the Spring of  1926 progressed Ascendant was quincunx the natal Uranus; the solar arc Ascendant was opposition the natal Moon (esoteric ruler of the ninth house of esoteric schools ) and the progressed Moon was trine the natal Moon and sextile the solar arc directed Ascendant. In May of 1926 the progressed Moon was sextile the progressed Ascendant.

We can see that we are close to the time of birth.

It must also be noted that for all proposed charts {at that time}, transiting Uranus is squaring the natal Asc/Dsc and, for the 8:40 chart, especially, solar arc directed Jupiter (in Gemini) is very close to the natal seventh house cusp. Joining an esoteric correspondence school (largely focussed on the second ray—Gemini) is most appropriate for this Jupiter direction. For all charts the progressed Moon is in Aries—the sign of new initiatives.



4.      How long, in this life, have you been interested in Esoteric Truth and in occult training?

Since 1916, (the first I even heard of it) sixteen years.

(If we choose May 1, 1916 {this was actually the year in which she joined the Rosicrucians} we see a solar eclipse on the Moon and Vertex in the eighth house of occultism. We see the progressing Moon in the sign of occultism, Scorpio {conjuncting natal Juno—occult partnerships, and close to the progressing Scorpio MC}. We also see a possible touch from the Ashram with transiting Jupiter at the fourth house cusp {“home” and, spiritually, the “Ashram”}. As well Mercury had recently progressed into Leo, giving more independence of mind and a deepened quest for illumination {Leo—the “Will to Illumine”}. The directed Vertex {Point of Fate} has also conjuncted and is then conjuncting natal Uranus (occultism) which is natally placed on the cusp of the ninth house of higher mind. As well, the progressing Vertex is late Leo is just about to move into Virgo, in which sign discriminative self-training may be undertaken. Solar arc directed Neptune is also conjuncting the South Node—the reawakening of spiritual aspirations and longing.)



5.      To what Ray do you think you belong as regards ‑your

a.       Personality ray: The 6th ray.

(Here, she has it correct, but it is not always easy to be correct, even with the rays of soul and personality, which are frequently reversed in an individual’s self-estimation.)

b.      Egoic ray: The 2nd ray,

(This is an interesting mistake. Of course she is much associated with those upon the second ray. Further, the ray transmitted by her Sun sign, Gemini, is the second ray of Love-Wisdom. The unitive, Trans-Neptunian planet Cupido is conjunct the South Node indicating perhaps a second ray past. There is a strong possibility that her past personality ray could have been the second, as was the case with another first ray soul who had a second ray personality. It is not true that {from the perspective of the personality} one always moves from the sixth ray to the second and not in the reverse direction, as the two following two references demonstrate.

Of L.D.N-C. (another first ray soul with a sixth ray personality) DK writes: “Fortunately for you, in your last life, your personality ray was the second ray of love and so it had been for several previous lives.” (DINA I 262)

Of the disciple DLR (15-567) DK says: “In a previous incarnation, your personality was on the second ray, thus leaving you with a deeply loving and understanding nature and a power to include, which is a major asset; it serves to offset the first ray tendencies which are so dominant in this particular life. (DINA I 315)

Give reasons for your belief.

2nd ray egoic because of my response to this type of Force, or the Master of this ray. Also due to the fact of my teaching which I understand is 2nd Ray expression.

(The teaching may simply come in on the influence of Gemini, which, as a Sun sign, will always add the second ray to the life demonstration. There would also be a strong potential heart influence given the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.

We see, however, a situation in which an individual does not have any second ray influence in their present ray chart, and yet, strongly {and, apparently, deeply} responds to the second ray. The reasons may not be only astrological. It is of course possible that the second ray had recently been her personality ray, but still more deeply, it is possible and even probable that the second ray is IBS’s monadic ray, otherwise as a first ray soul, it is unlikely that she would be in the group of Master DK.)

6th ray personality, or abstract idealism, in my case finds expression on the 4th ray of music. When , teaching students to sing I somehow link up with their ideal consciousness and using this as a guide I aim to draw them out. This is of course a co‑operation with their ego through a subjective attitude.

(Neptune is square to the Moon, increasing the idealism with respect to self-expression. Neptune is also inconjunct to Ceres in Sagittarius, by means of which she nurtures {Ceres} their dreams and ideal consciousness {Sagittarius}. Sixth ray Mars is also angular {at the IC}, in its own sign, exoterically considered, and thus powerful.)


6.  Would you be willing to let each member of the group have a photograph of yourself?

Yes.       Have enclosed copies.

(I have a copy of a photograph which will be included after this interpretation is posted on the new website under development. The photo, as you will see, is strongly marked by the fire signs—especially Leo and Aries.)


7.      Would you be willing to write a letter sometime before Christmas to those members of the group with whom you are not as yet in touch by correspondence?



8.      What practical work are you doing at this time along the line of service?

The teaching of singing.

(Second ray Jupiter, one of the planets of impartation, is placed in Taurus, the signs of the voice, on the cusp of the 5th house {and within the 5th house in some house systems}; Venus, one of the planets of illumination, is also in Taurus and in the first {or Taurus} decanate. Jupiter and Venus are to be considered conjunct, and Saturn, also in Taurus, joins that conjunction, conferring duty and manifestation. There is simply a tremendous stellium in Taurus, which is a fourth ray sign imparting its influence, principally to the fifth house of creative self-expression {also one of the teaching houses}. Add to this the teaching tendencies of second ray Gemini, and the fact that Mercury, the planet of communication is also placed in Gemini on the seventh house cusp, and you have an excellent pattern for a teacher of singing.)

I have found singing to be a potent force for development, Applying the technic according to the occult understanding it becomes a definite means whereby the transmutation process can be stimulated in the student:

(Concerning the process of transmutation, it is interesting to see one of the major planets of transformation, Uranus, squaring the stellium in Taurus, and Pluto, the ‘Lord of Death and Regeneration’, placed in the fifth house of creative self-expression.)

it seems to act upon the etheric body…

(ruled in part by Gemini, her Sun sign)

…and the centres, a form of pranayama, and accords with the teachings given in the Disciples’ Degree anent the breathing exercise and the etheric body.

(An individual with a strong Gemini is inclined to be interested in breathing exercises, for Gemini rules the lungs and the breath.)

This from the standpoint of tone study. Carrying it on into the creative aspect it is surprising to see its possibilities for unfoldment. I call it the “Conscious Cultivation of Inspiration.”

(Here we see a blend of the second, first and sixth rays—conscious cultivation coming in on the second ray, and inspiration usually associated with both the first and sixth rays.)

The intense concentration that is required and the planes of consciousness reached through symbolic steps…

(Here the fourth ray mind, with its interest in symbolism, emerges. We are seeing that IBS approaches the study of singing, to a large extent, as an occultist would. She is preparing, we are later told, for an interesting method of service in her next incarnation—a method related to sound.)

…lead to contact with and release of egoic force with intelligent purpose. The degree of this is dependent upon the quality of the student.

Am also cooperating with the group called the “Studio Concert Society” which has formed around my husband’s playing of the piano. It seems to have a real spiritual potency, or message, and works through the grouping of people in an intimate environment.

(A deep love of culture related to the fourth ray and to Venus in Taurus is evident.)

Many opportunities occur through both of these activities for reaching individuals who are seeking spiritual and occult training.


9.      State what you feel to be your main usefulness to the group.

I don’t know exactly unless it is the ability to work subjectively and the sensing of group activity.

I am wondering if the following idea that came to me is a part of the grouping idea.

Each group of nine composed of the three aspects of head, heart, and form, of purpose, building, or linking, and expression, with each aspect represented by a group of three members who in turn contribute individually one of the three aspects either through their egoic or personality type of force.

This first group of nine represents the first aspect, or the purpose.

The second group to represent the second, or heart aspect and composed of the three triads as in the first group.

The third group of nine to be formed later to represent the third aspect, or active intelligence, and again composed’ of the three triads as the other two groups.

The sum‑total of the three groups of nine each being 27 the two digits added make the number nine.

If the group selection continues then the above composite would become the first aspect, and so on until a sum‑total of 81 units in the nine groups would again make the number nine,

This entire subjective group being the “heart of all our work in the many activities we are carrying on,” our work in the outer world is then the form, or expression, and the inner Plan with which we are trying to link up the purpose, or head aspect.

(The reasoning mind is here revealed through an interest in numerology.)

What do you feel that you can contribute spiritually psychologically and intellectually?

Spiritually. Perhaps it might be possible to find a way to use for the group that contacting of an atmosphere, an enveloping something which takes place here in the studio at times, that will help to unify us in spirit and mayhap bring us some inspiration when needed for purpose and service.

(Here we see an example of Neptune square the Moon, a kind of psychic sensitivity {Neptune} which arises during creative {fifth house} experiences. Neptune is also conjunct Chiron—another planet prominently on the second ray. The conjunction reveals a subtle way of teaching and healing through teaching.)

This would be done in the White Light.

Psychologically: Recognition of subjective contact, or rapport, also of another’s need.

(In Gemini there is an orientation of “I Serve My Brother”. Both Sun and Mercury are in Gemini, and Mercury is placed conjunct the seventh house of rapport. Also, for the advancing individual, Gemini can be considered a sign of the intuition, and, certainly, Sagittarius is.)

This is growing in my consciousness. Am also learning to use the heart centre for the purpose of overcoming of separating barriers. This is an applied effort apart from the practice of harmlessness, it is love sent for a purpose.

(We note the blend of the first and second rays.)

Intellectually: With the mind’s eye to visualize an idea or purpose with intent of service. Imagination active. A flash of intuitive perception of the idea behind words, spoken or written.

(Here we see the “flash of intuitive perception” which is characteristic of the developing Sagittarian individual. We must also remember how closely Taurus is related to vision and, via the fourth ray, to the buddhi plane of intuition.)

When meditating I do not visualize words, but the thing itself in its entirety. It remains to be seen if I can cultivate the faculty of expressing it in words as I have never employed the written word, but in teaching it seems possible to find exact simple words that stimulate the picture in the pupil’s mind.

(The imagistic quality of the fourth ray mind emerges here. Also, there is a close quintile between Mercury, the planet of the mind, and Uranus, the planet of the creative, individual approach. The quintile aspect, through its association with the number five, further suggests the mind and its creative or original use.)


10.  What do you feel is the predominant fault in your personality which might act as’ a hindrance to the group work?

Lack of organizing ability of the essential details in their proper sequence of execution so as not to get sidetracked in their carrying out.

(Here we see both the lack of seventh ray in the personality equipment and also the diffusive tendencies of Gemini. The third ray of the brain and body may also be contributing this difficulty.)

In other words, the need of one‑pointed application to the thing in hand until finished.

(The Sagittarian Ascendant, rightly cultivated, would give this. Even Gemini {“Let instability do its work”} can be, in time, rendered stable and more ‘grounded’. The esoteric rulership of Venus ({natally found in stable Taurus} will assist in transcending the instabilities of Mercury.)

This I am now diligently trying to learn.

(a sixth ray statement).

I have had many co-workers in the past and so did not need to bother with all the extraneous details…

(thus, she displays a first ray attitude, caring principally for the essentials)

…but now I see that the complete plan must be kept in mind and discrimination acquired in the handling of details and the eliminating of non‑essentials.

Are you willing to work hard at its overcoming for the definite space of two years?

Yes, I would be grateful for criticism or suggestions..

(She does not yet realize it, but she will get a fair share of corrective advice from the Tibetan. Unlike some others, however, she endured it and persisted until the New Seed Group was disbanded in 1946.)


11.  Will you find it possible to keep a spiritual diary? (and) once every six months... to make a synopsis of its contents for the helping of the group?


Are you willing to go through your spiritual diary once a year, review your progress, and register growth or defeat with equal truthfulness for the helping of the members of your group?



12.  Meditation.

The value of meditation. Are you getting results? If so, what are they?

It is the means of bringing together the subjective and the objective natures in conscious cooperation. The indwelling creative genius

(this phrase about “creative genius” reveals the power of the Leo Moon in the horoscope. We remember, also, that the Leo decanate of Sagittarius is rising. The powerful fifth house emphasis is also suggested.)

…emerges from its deeply hidden subjective state into the Light of Self‑awareness and assumes its rightful control of the objective form nature which in turn gives up its identity as the one who rules into the one who obeys—

(continuing the Leo theme, in which the Lion of soul seeks the Lion of personality as its prey. First ray themes also emerge. The theme of “occult obedience” is of importance to IBS. Master DK takes time to define it for her and clarify the subject.)

from the one who is the activity of life into the one through whom the active life flows.

The practice of meditation at regular stated times has taught me that meditation can take place at any moment: that alignment with the soul, or the subjective awareness, can be contacted when needed for specific purposes, that the practiced meditation is the training for this very thing, It has made true in my consciousness not only that subtle turning to the soul but that the soul often steals over one unsought. From this is coming an increasing conviction that the real existence lies behind the form and that it may become possible to knowingly contact others there who are likewise subjectively aware, and with them to live and work in co‑operation with the Plan.

The use of form, Do you still use a form, or is your meditation mostly contemplative?

Partly contemplative.

If you use form, is it one you have drawn yourself,’), or are you using one of the three forms provided in the Disciples’ Degree?

I use the outline suggested in Mrs. Bailey’s letter of April 10, 1931, but leaving out the seed thought. If I need one to focus the mind I use the phrase “The Solar Angel collects himself”. If I am able to contact an impress in the silence I meditate upon it. At descent I use the obligation of the 3rd form of the Disciples’ Degree following the meditation upon harmlessness. Before the Gayatri I take others who need help and the various needs and activities of the Arcane School. I sound the Word inaudibly during the breathing exercise and audibly following the descent,

Group Meditation. Will you be able to give some time each day to meditation on service through our group?

Yes.        I am so doing anyway in the morning meditation.

Do you favor or not the sending in of reports on the meditation work, or do you feel that the keeping of the spiritual diary will meet the need?

I feel that the keeping of the spiritual diary serves the purpose of record, of clarifying the consciousness, and for the development of discrimination as to real spiritual values, or truth, in the daily life.


13.  Set of words or phrase embodying aspiration towards expression of the heart of love?

May the Light and Love of pure Being illumine our hearts,

(here the first ray emphasis upon “Pure Being” is noticed) 

may it speak through our work, make knowledge our might,

(first ray),

faith our sword,

(first ray and sixth ray)

and silence the armor that cannot be broken

(first ray and sixth ray. One is reminded of the symbol for IBS’ proposed Ascendant degree: “A Flag-Bearer in Battle”.)


14.  What is your reaction to the suggestion that we each go into retreat once a year for the period of 24 hours?

I think it a most valuable suggestion. I seem to find the summer time most propitious, in July or August, the mind is somewhat freer then from the pressure of duties and being in the country the close contact with nature brings a spiritualizing effect. However anytime that would be more uniformly convenient for the group could be arranged.


15.  Do you feel that you possess any psychic powers. What are they and what use are you making of them?

Yes, Mental telepathy

(promoted by the relationship between Gemini and Sagittarius and by Mercury, orthodox ruler of Gemini, upon the cusp of the seventh house, wherein close rapport is sought. Interestingly, however, IBS was not chosen for the Group of Telepathic Workers, but for the group whose focus was the dissipation glamor.)

When receiving others’ thoughts or impressions of a need, I send them answering thoughts or, take them in meditation if the need is great,

Have felt conscious several times of subjective indication of some bit of service to be done. I try to carry it out as best I can. This has taken the form sometimes of the environment being used to stimulate others, I try to cooperate with it;

The intuitive faculty is valuable in teaching

(the gift of Sagittarius and the fourth ray mind)

it reveals a vision of what they may become and gives me a guide allowing me to cooperate with their ego and its intent as it reveals the next necessary step.

(A direct first ray attitude is here revealed. There is a certain “take charge” approach which runs subtly throughout this Questionnaire.)

Have felt an individual presence at times when explaining something to another for their helping, so real that it has made me feel that perhaps I had said too much or the wrong thing.

(We catch a hint of IBS’ overly emphatic sixth ray personality.)

This is different from the Presence that hovers over.


16.  What is your intensified personal service?

Helping others to find themselves,

(Sagittarius, the ‘Guide’, and Leo promoting the emergence of selfhood)

The stimulating of the spark of Spirit,

(a first ray phrase and impulse, correlated with two words in IBS’ ‘Developmental Formula’—“Being” and “Synthesis”)

…and aiding them to catch a vision of themselves worth working for—

(a sixth ray perspective combined with a Leo emphasis)

this through teaching and social contact.


17.  Would you be willing to use the book “The Crest Jewel of Wisdom” as a basis for spiritual study?


(This book is especially suited for those upon the first ray. Sankaracarya was said to be a manifestation of Shiva, even though DK stated he was upon the second ray. The first and second rays seem to be his major rays, with one of them relating to the soul and the other to the monad.


18.  Are you doing any particular breathing exercises now?

Have been following the Tibetan’s instruction up to March 30th; discontinued then because of illness along with discontinued meditation but am resuming now by degrees as strength returns.

(For IBS, overstimulation is always a problem. The Tibetan seeks to promote a state of greater moderation.)

The result of use was increased poise and well being along with the clarifying of the head in meditation and facilitating it. When ill it brought in too much energy so this will have to be watched as I resume. Will send in report later as to this.


Natal Horoscope for IBS, including some Trans-Neptunian planets.


Relocated Solar Return for IBS, Jun 3 1931


(Our purpose is to enter as deeply into the psychology of each disciple and to reveal how the art and science of esoteric astrology provides explanatory power to each unfolding life of discipleship and to the Tibetan’s attempts to wisely promote that unfoldment.)


Major Chart Developments

During the months preceding receipt of the first letter from the Tibetan in relation to

Group IX.2—the Trained Observers,

From Jun 15, 1931 to March 15, 1932



(If we study this chart erected for the middle of 1931, we are considering the time leading to IBS’s participation in the Groups-of-Nine organized by the Tibetan. She was already a member of the Arcane School, and had been so since the spring of 1926. The first letter she received from the Tibetan was dated March 1932, though of course, it could have been written in February. We must note that in October of 1931, there was a solar eclipse within a degree of her natal MC. It is likely that her Application to become a member of the Groups-of-Nine was written during the period when this powerful solar eclipse was effective. Such an eclipse certainly signals the advent of an activity of dharmic importance. The progressing Sun is preparing to leave Cancer and enter Leo, which it did on January 24, 1932.)


(The progressed Sun has just entered the sign Leo, and had been there just a little more than a month when this first instruction was received. There is thus an emphasis upon self-knowledge, centralization of power and responsibility, accountability, will, illumination, etc. That progressed Sun is placed upon the cusp of the eighth {or within the eighth} depending upon whether Placidus or Regiomontanus is used. The eighth house is generically associated with Scorpio, the sign of discipleship, and thus is a field of experience where issues typical of discipleship are faced. Various kinds of relinquishments will be forced upon IBS. “Scorpio stages the release of Leo” and the progressing Leo Sun is moving into Scorpio’s house. As well, IBS has a very important and focal Leo Moon. In the progressed chart, taken erected with the progressed Aquarius Ascendant at the cusp of the first house, the progressed Sun is placed in the sixth house, also emphasizing training and meticulous development.

From one perspective, that of the Indian Decanate System, put forward by Alan Leo, the first decanate of Leo, is Leo sub-Leo and, thus, ruled by the Sun. This would emphasize the Leonian characteristics which IBS has in abundance because of her Leo Moon. From another perspective {that of the Tibetan}, the first decanate seems to be given to Mars, necessitating a kind of conflict which precedes self-rule, or, rather, Self-rule {indicated by the Sun}. This Martian rulership seemed characteristic of the kinds of frictional developments which unfolded during her initial participation in Group IX.2.

The progressing Moon remains in Gemini for about another half year. It is approaching closely to the seventh house cusp indicating the new kinds of communication expected of group members, and also that the quality and quantity of speech and thought will become the focus of attention. One of the foci enjoined upon IBS is the right use of speech.

Further, in the progressed horoscope, Mars and Jupiter are conjoined in Taurus, indicating an intensified focus upon the relationship between the heart {Jupiter} and the solar plexus {Mars}—an important and ongoing theme in the life of IBS.

Transiting Neptune, in the seventh degree of Virgo, is in the vicinity of the progressing Vertex and natal Uranus. An opportunity for self-transcendence is being offered, as Neptune is the veiled esoteric ruler of the progressing Leo Sun. Also the contrast between occultism {Uranus} and mysticism {Neptune} will be highlighted. Within this impending Neptune/Uranus conjunction is contained a story about the revelation and transformation of glamour which developed over the next several years. The Vertex is the point of fate, and so we might say that there was to be a fated encounter with the glamour represented by the transiting Neptune hovering around the progressing Vertex.

The progressed Ascendant is in the middle of the sign Aquarius, the sign of Hierarchy and of occult group work. This position is reinforced by the Aquarian Ascendant found in the relocated solar return chart for June 3, 1931 {a chart still in effect when IBS joined the Groups of XI.2}.

Transiting Jupiter in Leo is passing through the eighth house, offering success to the occult transformational work associated with that house. Transiting Pluto is {and for a year, has been} in the vicinity of progressing Mercury in the twenty third degree of Cancer, offering deep-seated changes in mental perception. This Pluto Mercury contact is doubly important because Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini Sun sign.

Additionally, we are, at the writing of this first letter of instruction from the Tibetan, in a period which has seen Uranus in Aries{for the past year or so} transiting conjunct the natal IC, thus setting off aspiring Mars and indicating important and transformational changes with respect to participation in the Ashram {indicated, esoterically, by the fourth house}.

One of the most important features of the period is solar arc directed Saturn conjuncting the Descendant in February of 1932. Saturn, in this instance, can be viewed as the “Master”, and the seventh house emphasis would indicate collaboration with Him and the attempt to follow the laws and rules {Saturn} enjoined by Him.

ED, analyzing the dynamic chart for this period, remarks that just before the first instruction for March 1932 {i.e., in November of 1931}, the solar arc directed Pluto {ruler of the 11th house  of group work and the 3rd house of communication/meditation} squares the natal MC {Dharma }; In February of 1932 the transiting Uranus conjuncts the IC and enters the 4th house {symbolizing the Ashram} and the solar arc directed Saturn opposes the natal Ascendant {offering spiritual opportunity for soul progress}.) 

We can see that the moment is personally propitious for IBS to be involved in this new group work.)


Introduction to the Commentaries on the Tibetan’s Personal Instructions to IBS

A word about the manner of these commentaries would be in place. More than other commentaries I have written, this one will be a combined psychological and astrological commentary. Usually, ED and I have divided the task, she taking the more detailed astrological approach and I, the more general esoteric approach. The following commentaries for IBS will, instead, combine both approaches. Where ED has made certain suggestions about the chart, these will be incorporated in the general flow.

The format of the interpretation will also be somewhat different. The commentaries are based on interpretations written about six years ago in which a more strictly astrological analysis of these personal instructions was the method pursued. At that time, commentary was inserted in the midst of paragraphs. That format will be preserved in principle, however, at the end of every paragraph of any size or significant section, there will numbered commentary. These numbered comments (where necessary and advisable) will serve as a rounding out of the original astrological commentary and will focus on esoteric matters of general interest, as in recent commentaries.

Now, quadwheels, including solar arc directions are in use. This was not the case in 1998 when these interpretations were first drafted. Where evidence from such directions is relevant to the interpretation, mention will be made.

The original, largely astrological, commentary will be inserted in the color violet. New commentary and general esoteric analysis will be numbered in blue (as has been the recent practice).


March, 1932

Progressions, Directions and Transits for March 15, 1932



You have entered my group of disciples for a certain specific training and in that word “training,” you have the keynote of your intended accomplishment.

(IBS has no seventh ray in her present system, and an organized, regulated approach to life is not her strong point. There is much need for a regularity which is often disrupted by sixth ray tendencies, and the Mars position in Aries at the IC—giving unregulated impulsiveness.)

The training to be given calls for no enforced obedience…

(He is, after all, speaking to a first-ray soul)

... but it does entail the submission of the personality to the will of the soul and not to that of the lower desire nature, no matter how fine or aspirational.

(As a sixth ray personality with a sixth ray astral body, she is full of aspiration, and this is augmented by the angular position of idealistic Mars in the fiery sign Aries. The Sagittarian Ascending sign, distributing principally the sixth ray, only adds to the intensity of the contest between desire and will.)

I seek to indicate to you modes of unfoldment and to give you hints as to capacity. Beyond that I have no function.

(He is encouraging her sense of freedom, which is wise when handling a first ray soul.)

1.                  DK begins His instructions to IBS emphasizing the keynote of “training”. This is an important idea for a disciple with so much sixth ray in her energy system and so little of the seventh.

2.                  Immediately the stage is set for a discussion of “occult obedience”, which in the case of a willful, first ray disciple is of the utmost importance.

3.                  The words, “occult obedience” are easily spoken, but the task of submitting to the will of the soul is a day by day battle (at a certain stage of unfoldment), most subtle, and not easily accomplished.

4.                  We are faced with the contrast between soul values and personality values. There is a fundamental qualitative difference between them. People often mistake the forces of a high-grade personality for the energies of the soul.

5.                  DK is leaving very much to IBS. In a way, she is only temporarily His chela. He indicates and hints hoping that she will recognize these subtleties and take the appropriate action. It is always interesting how Master DK approaches the chelas who, essentially, ‘belong’ to a different Master.

You have been working and serving for years, and it is that service and that aspiration which have carried you forward into definite training for initiation.

(From all appearances, it is the second initiation which lies ahead of IBS, and not immediately ahead.)

In a certain sense, therefore, you have been accepted as a chela…

(whether or not this means accepted discipleship technically considered)

…and to me has been assigned the work of safeguarding you. I say “work” with deliberation and ask you to ponder the phrase I employed.

(Whenever the first and sixth ray energies are conjoined and reinforced by fire signs {Aries, Leo and Sagittarius}, there is a forceful and possibly unbridled combination.)

How long you will be preparing for such a step in the expansion of your consciousness is of no importance and I ask you to forget it.

(He says this because the sixth ray personality of the fiery kind is always in a hurry, and that very haste is detrimental to progress.)

But it is of importance that you get out of this opportunity its utmost usefulness.

6.                  There is no doubt that “service” and “aspiration” carry a disciple forward—especially upon the Probationary Path, ruled by rays six and four (both prominent in IBS’ ray chart”).

7.                  DK is almost humorous here, when He discussed the “work” of safeguarding IBS. With her first and sixth ray tendencies and her prominent Aries, Leo and Sagittarian energies, we see she could “run headlong” into trouble. In fact, this is what happened. Apparently, she did not ‘take the bridle’ well and paid for her lack of restraint through a disrupted energy system and a sense of humiliation.

8.                  Regarding IBS’ training for initiation, we remember how much the sixth ray is associated with that particular initiation. The majority of DK’s chelas were being prepared for the second degree (whether in this incarnation or immediately succeeding ones).

9.                  When DK begins training a chela for initiation, it may not be an initiation to be taken in the present incarnation. There is a hint that IBS is spiritually ambitious, and perhaps thinks, over much, about the initiation she might achieve. DK asks her to forget this, as it would only produce more of that self-emphasis which He is wishing to see reduced.

10.              A balanced approach is needed. She must be aware that she is being prepared for initiation (eventually) but not become consumed or obsessed with the thought. There is, after all, a double sixth ray emphasis.

11.              Sixth ray types are often ready to be told what to do, but if the Master did this (which He rarely if ever does) IBS would learn very little about wise and discriminating self-direction.

12.              It would appear that IBS ‘belongs’ to the Master M (head of the first ray Ashram). We might think, with reason, that the ‘assignment’ of IBS to DK’s group has met with Master M’s approval.


You may well imagine, brother of mine, that it is not my intention to waste my time or yours in feeding pride…

(towards which the Leo Moon and the first ray incline)

... with flattery or in holding out to you a vision of a notable future.

(This is a liability of an accentuated ahamkara principle indicated by the Leo Moon, Mars in Aries and the first ray. Further the Sagittarian Ascending sign is in the Leo decanate of Sagittarius.)

The physical plane realities emerge out of a true, inner, spiritual development, and if you are sincere…

(the gifts of the sixth ray and Sagittarius)

(and this I do believe you to be) you will welcome the plain speaking and truth—no matter how temporarily humiliating you may find it to be.

(Here the Tibetan is subtly prophetic, for humiliation of a kind soon became the lot of this disciple, due in part to over-stimulation and lack of discrimination. Additionally, D.K. is speaking to the first ray of this disciple, since the first ray must cultivate the fearless speaking of the truth, and similarly, the impersonal reception of such truth fearlessly spoken.)

If all is ultimately to be revealed as men develop the powers of the soul, it is time we learned to know one another as we are and to regard exposure as a means towards eradication.

(This group process drags many hidden tendencies to the surface, and so does Pluto which is transiting conjunct the important progressing Mercury in her natal chart.)

13.              In general, it could be said that many disciples enter spiritual enterprise with high hopes of rapid achievement. This varies with their level of spiritual ambition. This tendency, which is essentially selfish, must be defeated.

14.              Disciples often look for physical plane results without realizing that such results grow, inevitably, from subtle inner causes.

15.              We do note that IBS has many positive/masculine signs (fire and air signs—the tremendous Taurus stellium being the great exception). Exposure and revelation are common to these more outgoing signs.

16.              In warning of possible humiliation, DK is speaking to all of us. One need not necessarily be outwardly humiliated to suffer humiliation. Inner revelations can bring on the same effect. In this regard it is interesting to see natal Pluto in the natal fifth house, associated with Leo and ahamkara. Pluto in this house may contribute to the defeat of the ego. Before the second initiation can be taken, normal personality selfishness must be overcome.


You have two main difficulties and before you can go forward into a greater liberty…

(“liberty”—a first ray theme)

…these must be, in some measure, overcome. The one that looms the larger in your consciousness is that of the physical plane handicap of an unstable digestive system.

(The Moon which is the natural exoteric ruler of Cancer and the esoteric ruler of Virgo {both of which are related to the digestive organs} is squared by the Taurus stellium.)

The one that looms the larger (in the consciousness of those who seek to help upon the inner side) is an over-emphatic personality,…

(a sixth ray, Martian/Neptunian personality {with these two planets in close semi-sextile}. These planets are necessarily emphasized because they are sixth ray planets and the personality is on the sixth ray.)

 …with its attention focussed on the personality and on its doings,…

(indicating the hyperactivity of the Gemini Sun and Mercury plus an active third ray physical vehicle)

instead of being focussed upon the inspiring soul.

17.              Always, there are obstacles and, always, they are to be overcome. The usual difficulty is that the real personal liabilities are not readily seen by the one who is their victim.

18.              When there are digestive difficulties, we are always alerted to an over-active or under-active solar plexus center. Because IBS has so much fire and so much sixth ray, one would think that over-activity is the problem.

19.              We must also notice the placement of Mars, in its own sign, Aries, almost exactly on the fourth house cusp (a position associated with Cancer, and, thus, with that part of the body which Cancer rules—namely, the stomach). While it is true that the placement of planets in signs relate unmistakably to activity in that part of the body ruled by the sign in question, planetary placements in houses correlated with certain signs, also have influence upon that part of the body ruled by the sign associated with the house.

20.              Because the Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, the close square from inhibitory, cramping Saturn to the Moon may also be implicated in this digestive difficulty. Jupiter and Venus are also square the Moon, which (because they are in Taurus) introduces the possibility of excess in relation to the amount eaten and in relation to sweets. IBS, however, appears to have had a very high, nervous metabolism, and was not in the least overweight.

21.              What is “an over-emphatic personality”? The sixth ray is called the ray of “undue emphasis” (DINA I 323). In such cases, the personality is too much to the fore and receiving too much of the available energy. Its prominence obscures the presence and expression of the soul. DK seems to be linking the over-emphatic personality with the digestive instability. Naturally, an over-emphatic sixth ray personality would channel much energy through the solar plexus and thus into the organs of digestion.


The result of this tendency is an excessive intensity of vibration which wrecks and shatters the mechanism.

(Mars, distributing the sixth and also the first rays, is placed at the IC which, generically, relates to the lunar realm, and the lunar vehicles. If there is any combination of energies which is responsible for excessive intensity, it is the first and sixth rays combined.)

Your sixth ray personality produces an intense adherence to your ideals and to the truth, as you see it;

(We must remember that she is also a Sagittarian visionary.)

it produces also a one-pointedness which has led to a focussing of energy in the head.

(Aries, which holds Mars, is the zodiacal sign associated with the head. Gemini is mental, thus reinforcing the head emphasis. The first ray is naturally associated with the head center—the center of will.)

This has been intensified also, owing to our western civilisation being immersed in the thoughtforms of the Piscean Age—the age of the sixth ray which is still with us. When the first ray energy of the soul pours in and blends itself with the sixth ray force, the shattering effect is increased and the personality carries more force than it can handle.

(A certain delicacy is indicated by the square between the Moon, generically ruling the physical vehicle, and sensitizing Neptune. Gemini (prominent in this chart) rules the etheric body and the nervous system and, with Sagittarius, tends to produce those who are highly-strung. The chart indicates strong extroversion. There are no sensitive, internalizing water signs, and much fire.)

That energy is also unevenly distributed and goes primarily to the throat and to the solar plexus, causing a disturbance and an upsetting of the balance of the forces in the body.

(This is to be expected with two major signs of the chart associated with the center of speech—namely Taurus ruling the throat center, and Gemini, through its association with speech, and reasonably associated with the throat center as well. Mercury in Gemini only accents the situation adding increased volubility. The third ray ruling the throat center and the sixth ray ruling the solar plexus are numerically related, for six is the double of three. Interestingly Mercury, a principally fourth ray/third ray planet associated with the throat center is in exact septile with Saturn which, for disciples, rules the throat center. Since Mercury is angular at the seventh house cusp, there is a definite emphasis upon the throat center. Further, the opposition of Gemini/Sagittarius, is associated with Pleiades and Mercury (c.f., EA 50) and, by inference, the throat. Mars and Neptune are the two principal rulers of the solar plexus; Mars is quintile Mercury and Neptune is a reasonably close semi-square. We can see, therefore, a close interplay between the two centers—solar plexus and throat. Vulcan’s position would be an important considering the emphasis upon the head. However, for first ray types, the head is automatically emphasized, just as is the heart for second ray types. The alimentary track is Virgo-ruled, and Virgo holds the disruptive planet Uranus in close bi-quintile to fiery Mars in Aries. Interestingly, Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of the Sagittarian Ascendant is found in the Virgo decanate of Taurus as is Neptune, which is one of the solar plexus rulers, since it is a planet of the sixth ray.)

This, in its turn, produces a disturbance in the alimentary tract and when this disturbance becomes an established habit, a very real problem is presented.

(In any case, we have a digestive track disturbed by the sixth ray which is aggravated by the active third ray and not yet quieted by the second ray which, however, does show the potential for emergence due to the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction and to the essentially second ray nature of the sign Gemini, which holds the Sun and Mercury.)

22.              It is interesting that one-pointedness causes a head center focus. The head is always associated with the number one, and the heart (containing the principle of relationship) with the number two.

23.              We can see that for IBS a ‘de-intensification’ will be required. As we move from the sixth ray to the second, we are moving from the intensity of desire to a subtler, but more relaxed intensity of love. Although it might not seem the case, much that might be received is shut out through the wrong kind of intensity—personality intensity.

24.              One of the coming sciences will study the effect of the prevalent energies of the Precessional Age upon the energy system of individuals and groups. The Piscean energies, still potent, are feeding IBS’ natural sixth ray tendencies.

25.              Another important study concerns the blending of energies. DK speaks of the blending of first ray soul energy and sixth ray personality energy. How, actually, does this blending occur? Is a new amalgam produced? A mixture? Or do the two streams maintain their integrity while functioning together?

26.              In IBS’ case, she is simply overstimulated. The body, as a result, cannot properly hold that which descends or is aroused. The result is instability, of which Gemini types must always beware and aware.

27.              We thus have a typical solar plexus/throat connection, and what is left out is the heart. More heart activity would correct the imbalance. It would seem that (even if IBS has a second ray monad) more second ray energy is needed in the personal energy system. If it is cultivated it could be the personality ray in the next incarnation.

28.              DK is telling us how our difficulties arise. Subtle energy patterns become habitual and work themselves out into physical manifestation. Whatever shows up as a chronic condition in the body has previously been a psychological condition.


You ask: What shall, therefore, be done? I will give some suggestions which you can follow or not as you choose.

1. Lose sight of yourself in loving other people and feed not personality satisfaction in a constant managing of their affairs.

(The busy-body tendencies of Gemini and Mercury are suggested and accentuated by first ray tendencies. The sixth ray, as well, produces the activist, aggravated by the “up-and-doing” attitude produced by Mars in Aries. The need simply for love is apparent. It would seem that IBS has become over-officious, but the simplicity of love often escapes her—even though DK does speak of the fact that she loves and is loved.)

29.              The solution to so many disciples’ problems is simply self-forgetfulness and the expression of real love.

30.              When one demonstrates prowess (especially prowess over others), pride is easily fed. The Moon is the “prison of the soul” and is placed in one of the signs of pride—Leo.


2. You have a gift of love and understanding. Use it as a soul and not so much as a personality.

(This is interesting as D.K. does not suggest that IBS had a second ray personality in the immediate past, though he does suggest that she is to have a second ray personality in her next life if development proceeds as intended. There is a strong possibility that the monadic ray is the second, though it is too early in the process of development for this ray to manifest at all powerfully. More probable reasons for the presence of the love and understanding are past development, plus present reinforcing factors, such as the Gemini Sun distributing the transmitted second ray of Love-Wisdom, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction—both being second ray planets {Neptune, monadically}, and the wide Jupiter/Venus conjunction, mediated by Saturn. Venus like Neptune both have very strong second ray associations, but for different reasons. )

31.              As a general statement, one cannot simply look at a ray chart and determine whether the individual has developed certain qualities such as love and understanding.

32.              There are a number of first ray disciples who, says the Tibetan, are characterized by love and understanding. Perhaps, indeed, they do have second ray monads, but we should not have to have recourse to the monad to explain the presence of such qualities. A personality ray, rightly used for perhaps a number of incarnations, can help to instill qualities which we might usually consider qualities of the soul.

33.              As a corollary: simply because certain individuals are both loving and understanding, we must not, thereby, conclude that they are necessarily second ray souls. Two cases come immediately to mind: DLR and IBS. LCD-N, though also a first ray soul and sixth ray personality, had had a second ray personality for several lives, thus moderating the fiery one/six combination. Another first ray soul who seemed to demonstrate the love energy strongly (and she had a second ray astral body) was DPR.

34.              There were, however, other first ray souls in the Tibetan’s group who did not seem to possess the qualities of love and understanding and who did more readily demonstrate the abuses of the first ray soul—namely, O-LRD. For others, understanding love was definitely under cultivation.

35.              The first ray souls in the Tibetan’s groups were: JWK-P, SCP, BSW, IBS, DLR, DPR, O-LRD, CAC, LFU, JAC, IAP, and LDN-C—twelve in all.


3. Learn to put first things first and do not pay so much attention to the small but engrossing details, presented by circumstances and by other people. These feed personality satisfaction as you handle them…

(first ray management)

…with your undoubted efficiency.

(Gemini, Mercury and the third ray in the physical vehicle. It is sometimes thought that the third ray will necessarily produce chaos upon the physical plane, but one of the key glamors of the third ray is the glamor of efficiency, indicating that third ray types can, indeed, be physically efficient.)

Sit back and let the life aspect work in you and in others.

(The sixth ray is overly engaged. The Mars/Mercury/Uranus quintile relationship only accents this. Mars in Aries almost never sits back, especially when Mars is the planet transmitting the personality ray.)

36.              The sixth ray frequently ‘gets too close’. Through an intensity of desire, it ‘crowds’ others, not leaving them space to breathe.

37.              DK acknowledges IBS’ efficiency, but shows how it is feeding personality satisfaction.

38.              Personality satisfaction depends upon keeping the eyes upon the little self. The satisfaction that one should feel, however, is for others as they rise through the service rendered them.

39.              It may be that the sixth ray (so often associated with faith and trust) also demonstrates the opposite—the lack of faith and trust. As well, the first ray likes to keep matters in its own hands and does not allow natural process. The combination of rays one and six often defies natural process.

40.              Even though the process of initiation is a forcing process, one must learn to cooperate with instinctual mechanisms which already in place and valuable as means of assistance. There is a wisdom to life which, if allowed to function, will carry the disciple forward. It would be unnatural to run counter to these helpful patterns. Discrimination is therefore needed regarding what processes may be forced and what processes demand intelligent cooperation and trust in their mechanism.

Your digestive difficulties will be much aided and might disappear when you have established a constructive relation between your soul and your personality and when you can live in your heart and not in your solar plexus.

(This will require the work of second ray Jupiter, which is conjunct sixth ray Neptune {planet of the solar plexus}. Conditions are suitable as Jupiter, in the short term, is in Leo, the sign of the heart, and the Sun has progressed into Leo, and will there be found for the next thirty years.)

41.              It might be said that wherever there is a noticeable difficulty in the personality mechanism, a more constructive relationship between soul and personality will ameliorate it.

42.              The soul, generically conditioned by the second ray, brings in the factor of wise balance.


August 1932


Letter from I.B.S. to A.A.B

43.              This letter followed the receipt of the first instruction from the Tibetan and seems to be an attempt to respond to it.

Dear Mrs. Bailey,

Needless to say I have been pondering constantly over the Tibetan’s Letter, I do indeed welcome plain speaking and a little personality humiliation matters not and is probably just the needed sting more quickly to destroy the illusion. He “knows us well”. I am grateful for the explicit clarity and helpfulness of the letter and it bears out those hints that have been coming from the soul, and its vivid dramatisation in a dream.

(Here we see the blend of the sixth and fourth rays—the fourth ray being the ray of her mind.)

44.              We find “humiliation” as a recurrent theme. She has seized upon this word because it is of psychological importance. Later DK will use it again.

I knew that in Self realisation, or being, lay the answer, but how to do I knew not.

(One can sense the overly-emphatic personality of which the Tibetan speaks.)

“With the attention focussed upon the personality and its doings instead of upon the inspiring soul,” yes….I now see it so plainly. “Let the soul do it”. Through constant attention to the inspirations via the soul will come the gradual perception of Him, the One, as the real doer. “Neither by yoga, nor by sankhya, nor by work, nor by learning, but by the realisation of one’s identity with Brahman is liberation possible, and by no other means.”

(This is a quotation from the Crest Jewel of Discrimination by Sankaracarya.)

45.              We remember, from IBS’ application to the Groups-of-Nine, that the “Crest Jewel of Discrimination” or the “Vivekacudamani” was required reading for all group members.

46.              The book is written by a great sage who used much of the first ray. The terms “Impersonality”, “Being” and “Synthesis” in IBS’ ‘Developmental Formula’ fit well with the intent of this book.

47.              The paragraph above is most interesting because it seems show a tendency to leap from the personality to the spirit, bypassing, as it were, the soul—the middle principle. What is first needed is identification as a soul before identification as a spirit (the point of the “Vivekacudamani) can be realized. The sixth ray (especially when fuelled by Mars in Aries) is always ready to jump.

“Seeing Him alone one transcends Death; there is no other way.”

I do love people and love working with them and am able to psychometrise them somewhat, thus giving me an  insight into their motives and aspirations so that their personalities, as such, do not bother, but I realise that instead of assuming the maternal attitude which expresses itself as patronising love and management I may be of greater service if the subjective attitude is held, letting the “life aspect work in myself and in others”, seeing the universal, the One, instead of the individual and losing sight of self in loving that One in all.

(One senses why D.K. has suggested that it is “work” to safeguard IBS. A question arises as to the true motive for writing this letter to Alice Bailey. Does IBS perhaps question how much AAB is responsible for the writing of the letter vs. how much the Tibetan is responsible?)

48.              There is some effort at self-justification in the words, “I do love people and love working with them…”

49.              Surely IBS grasps the theory and is restating it. It is interesting to see how much IBS is influenced by the Sankaracarya book. With her first ray approach, she is oriented towards the “universal, the One”. The simple approach of the soul, however, proves more elusive.

“Personality satisfaction” …. What a true measuring rod for the daily reactions. I can ask myself; “Is this true being or is it just plain satisfaction?”

50.              We find her reviewing the Tibetan’s letter point by point.


(The frequent use of exclamation points in writing are often an indication of the presence of a strong sixth ray—witness the writings of ISG-L {a sixth ray soul with a sixth ray astral body} whose writings have an abundance of them.)

Again the soul knew that the practice of love was needed else why did it make me turn to that patient, tender Master of the Second Ray and call upon Him day after day so that at least I sensed the ideal if only I could pour out to all Beings one tiny ray of that beautiful love.

(Note here the combination of the sixth and first rays aspiring towards the second. To call D.K. “that patient, tender Master of the Second Ray” may indicate that, because of her idealism, IBS does not see D.K. as He truly is, but then, what student, realistically, could be expected to do so?)

51.              The attitude of the ‘one guided’ is evident. IBS says it was the soul that made her turn towards the Master of the Second Ray.

52.              The general phraseology of the paragraph indicates the exaggerative tendencies of the sixth and fourth rays in combination. This is especially evident in the words, “so that at least I sensed the ideal if only I could pour out to all Beings one tiny ray of that beautiful love”. We note the contrast between the ‘greatest of the Great’ and the ‘smallest of the small’—an exaggerated contrast.

I think I am a little afraid of the Master of the First Ray, Perhaps because of His direct and, shall I say, stern way of dealing with His disciples at times, and perhaps a premonition of what lies in store for me as discipline. Yet I have been puzzled over the thought that I might be on that ray and over an experience last summer through the photograph. You may remember my saying that sometimes I think that I am on the First Ray?

(Presumably, she is speaking of the photograph of the Master Morya, a leading Master upon the first ray.)

53.              How does one know one’s soul ray? Reasoning is one way. Intuition is another. Sometimes, resonance or non-resonance to the photographs of various Masters can reveal the Master to whom one ‘belongs’.

54.              In a subtle way, IBS is asserting her first ray nature and pointing to her membership (or eventual membership) in the first ray Ashram.

55.              We remember that she thought her soul ray was the second, so perhaps, at first, it was puzzling to receive information from the Tibetan that she was on the first ray. A number of the disciples were faced with puzzlement when Master DK revealed their rays, because His estimation conflicted with their own reasoned and ‘felt’ assessment.

What shall I say regarding the first paragraph of the letter? Pondering as deeply as may be, it is not yet possible for me to grasp the full significance of it. It will take time and intuition to reveal more clearly the suggested meaning which I believe carries a double one. This I do seem to sense; that the Instructions and suggestions coming from the teacher from now on are to be given as to an accepted chela and that the ‘work’, in both the giving and the receiving of it, is to be regarded in that light.

(There is, perhaps, a subtle note of pride and self-satisfaction at having been named as an accepted disciple, even if indirectly.)

56.              If one studies what DK said in the first paragraph, it is a qualified form of “acceptance” of which He speaks: “in a certain sense, therefore, you have been accepted as a chela…” (Ital. MDR)

57.              Already IBS begins to sense the decentralization which is being asked of her. This is part of the cultivation of “Impersonality”.

The discipline involved in bending the personality to the will of the soul, I can foresee, is not an easy one. I can expect the worst in order to accomplish the best.

(Here we note the broad contrasts which are so often used by those with fourth ray in the mind, especially when that ray is stimulated by the sixth.)

It may also mean that the type of work done in the past may not be adequate to the requirements of the future, that the serving and the aspiring have been sincere enough but that something different may now be necessary,- a more intense application. It is my responsibility to yield myself entirely to this effort. I realise that this is the time of opportunity for real service and development, and – if not embraced to its fullest in so far as in me lies – I would indeed fall short.

(The aspirational attitude is evident. IBS is approaching the requirements with intensity. The phrase, “to yield myself entirely” gives the picture.)

Difficult as it will be to endeavor constantly to measure up to the requirements of the new step undertaken, at least the wisdom and the activity of the soul is also evidenced in the preparation that has been made to facilitate matters through the changes in my environment, and the release from many of the distracting demands that have formerly made it seem so discouraging.

58.              We know that at some point before 1940, she moved to Roselle, NJ. This is probably not the change which is here meant.

59.              In the words “constantly measure up” we again see the phraseology of the sixth ray.

In this group, so far, unifying love seems to be our first work together as expressing its keynote and its need, individually and as a group meditation. How wonderfully…

(again, a word, “wonderfully”, which those upon the sixth ray are inclined to use)

the individual development fits into the plan as a whole and shows the working out of the Divine Idea.

60.              The idealistic, aspirational attitude is palpable, is it not? There is, however, nothing wrong with such an attitude. It is both understandable and useful. However, it is not yet accomplishment.

This letter abounds in the pronoun ‘I’, but how can one be silent towards the personality at a time of searching such as this… it has to be got out of the system to clear the way for Reality.

(This is an interesting comment, unknowingly anticipating later instructions to IBS in which D.K., noting constant self-reference {due to ahamkara} calls for decentralization. The Leo Moon is powerful in this disciple.)

61.              The premise seems to be that one can exhaust personality centralization by constant reference to the personality. The wisdom of this approach may be doubted.

The floodgates of inspiration have let down and just now the following is what I see:-

62.              The energies of the sixth ray and visionary Sagittarius are again evident. If one studies the language used by different individuals, their rays will often be apparent.

WORK. In carrying out the details of the instructions or other discipline, as imposed, and doing this before all other things if need be, the personality is put down, humbled. There is developed that razor-edged discrimination that reveals the Self; it strips away the sheaths, in obedience to the work.

63.              The attitude of first ray imposition is suggested, and a certain “all or nothing” attitude, found in relation to the sixth ray.

64.              IBS senses the imposition of discipline from ‘above’ and, in response, seeks to impose the imposed discipline on that which is ‘below’.

65.              The word “humbled” suggests a recurring theme.

66.              We sense the fierce militancy of the Martian sixth ray, stimulated by Mars in Aries and strengthened by the first ray.

67.              We can see the need for moderation. Sixth ray people tend to speak in terms of “absolutes”. Words like “all”, “every”, “no”, “none” and “must”, are frequently found.

This obedience to the work lies in Obedience to the Master. Those intuitive perceptions which constitute the discipline first-hand must be acted upon and constitute the link with the inner side, or the subjective reality, which allows of no distractions.

(The theme of distraction is an important one, given the astrological chart. The natives of Gemini are easily distracted, at first, and Sagittarius, the Rising-sign, when rightly used inclines the aspiring disciple towards becoming the “one-pointed disciple.” This development would obviously be of value in the life of IBS, and she seems to have a premonition of its importance.)

68.              She is stressing “Obedience to the Master” more than obedience to the Plan (a point which DK takes up in various ways through individual and group instructions).

The work of the Tibetan, or teacher is to see the specific need and to suggest the ways or technic, the training, or in order to achieve control of the instrument and the release of the soul powers. He has no other function. As the channel clears, the Master’s voice will be heard more distinctly, the voice of the silence, and, in obedience to this voice, lies the real work of the disciple.

(Somehow, in this letter, IBS is attempting to demonstrate that she has understood the first letter of instruction.)

69.              One senses that there is still much to learn about the naturalness and ease of the process of soul-infusion, and about blending with the will of the Master. There is much of force suggested in these words.

70.              It will be necessary for IBS to contemplate the difference between ‘forced process’ (typical of the first and sixth rays) and a more natural, organic approach to process (characteristic of the second).

The purpose of this  is to train for cooperation in the One Work. The day of opportunity and the need of workers is right now, so that there is no time to loose.

(Here is the sense of urgency and immediacy of the sixth ray personality of Mars in Aries)

As I read this over, it seems nothing more or different than what is being said over and over from every angle, but my own inner feelings are quite definite, and sum up in this; A constant link with the inner Reality must be maintained through the intuitive faculty and the messages acted upon as they come, both for development and in the work of the New Age. My own failures to do this in the past are coming into my consciousness and the capacity to do more can be developed if I will.

Very sincerely yours,

71.              The fire of aspiration is definite. Again the word, “constant”. It is an important word for a Gemini individual who is seeking to develop Sagittarian attitudes.

72.              Statements regarding the desirability of constancy and consistency are good as declarations of intention, but performance, as every disciple will realize, is something entailing long struggle.

73.              The incorporation of letters such as these into our analysis serves an illustrative purpose. It is important to hear, in the disciple’s own words, certain thoughts and attitudes expressed. It gives us a real ‘feel’ for the presence of the ray energies which DK has given in the ray formula. In this way, the very substance of disciplic living becomes real to us and we advance in the ability to recognize the quality of various energies and forces.


Relocated Solar Return for June 2, 1933


(The relocated solar return chart for the period emphasizes the need for keen discrimination as Virgo rises, with Neptune in Virgo on the Ascendant, and Mars, Jupiter and the Moon also in that sign and in the first house. Saturn is found in the sixth house, Virgo’s house, generically considered. The possibility of being carried away by sixth ray urges {Mars and Neptune rising} is also present.)


(Notable features for the progressed chart of this period are here given. The Moon has progressed into the sensitive, emotional sign Cancer and is transiting the seventh house. Transiting Jupiter in Libra is hovering near the MC, and transiting Neptune in Virgo is still in the vicinity of the progressed Vertex. Uranus and the progressing Vertex are still quite closely conjuncted and progressing Jupiter and Chiron are separated by only one minute of arc in the twenty-third degree of Taurus. Transiting Saturn in Aquarius has been squaring the Taurus stellium and continues to do so, especially, in the months ahead, in relation to Pluto. This is a period of testing, due to the square, and also the impending conjunction of testing Saturn coming conjunct to the progressing Ascendant in Aquarius.)


November 1933


You have made some progress in relegating the personality to the background and you are now more inclusive than heretofore.

(Inclusive Jupiter, by transit, has been transiting the house to which it is most related, the ninth house, and is now elevated at the MC. For disciples, the development of inclusiveness is easier when Jupiter is elevated or on the angles. Jupiter is important in this chart as it is the exoteric ruler of the Sagittarius Ascendant. In some ways, IBS has to “work against the grain” because of the ingress of the progressed Sun into Leo—a sign which emphasizes personality. However, it is the task of every Leo individual to subdue the “lion of personality”, and so, in another way, opportunity is being offered. The ‘Lion of Soul’ can emerge.)

See to it that steady progress is made in that direction. With an aspirant as tried and focussed…

(first ray soul and Sagittarius)

…as yourself, I need no easy words with which to apply the truth.

(Sagittarius is one of the major signs of truth and is, in some measure, a distributor of the fifth ray of knowledge and science—a ray of truth.)

I can speak with directness and with certainty of attention to that which may be said.

(The following words, in green, were not included in DINA I)

The progress you have made warrants my giving you a meditation to be followed with care during the next few months. The following meditation is intended to link the head centre and the heart centre more closely and to decentralize the personality by withdrawing force form the solar plexus.

(It is interesting that self-centralization is related to the solar plexus. D.K. is speaking to IBS in a period when some degree of heightened emotionalism is to be expected because of the progression of the Moon through the sign Cancer—a sign which can reasonably be connected with the solar plexus, emotion and instinctual desire.)

Follow the instructions with care, and on your monthly meditation report let A.A.B. be kept informed of results. This may produce in you a lessened psychic consciousness…

(a sixth ray and Neptune/Moon tendency which D.K. seeks to elevate to heart and soul activity)

…but will lead to greater conclusive love and spiritual perception.

(Interestingly, the word is “conclusive” and not “inclusive”; a sure and stable stand within the love energy is an objective. Heart development is sought, and this during a period in which the transiting second ray planet Jupiter, has (from Libra) trined the Sun in the sixth house and will return to do so for a number of months, though not with exactitude.)

74.              An indication of general utility is implied: when the personality is relegated to the background, greater inclusiveness emerges. This is understandable.

75.              The following meditation is not to be used unless the objective is exactly that which DK has proposed: “to link the head centre and the heart centre more closely and to decentralize the personality by withdrawing force from the solar plexus”. Further, the meditation, if used, can only be used three times a day.

76.              We can see why DK said this to IBS; she had the tendency to over-do. This is a tendency which those upon the sixth ray must notice within themselves, and from which they must refrain.

1.                  Take seven long breaths of a purifying nature as in singing.

77.              We note how D.K. utilizes the experience of the disciple, who is, after all, a teacher of singing. DK tailors the meditations He assigns to the consciousness of the chela.

2.                  Then, holding the consciousness steady in the head, take one long breath and, as you do so, gather up all the energies in the body from the base of the spine up into the head. Use the imagination and the power of visualization in so doing.

78.              The act is synthetic, gathering all etheric energies into the first ray center—the crown center.

79.              We note that there is no dwelling at the various chakras in the spinal area; there is, as it were, one great sweep upwards.

3.                  Next, sound the AUM audibly and as you thus exhale send the garnered energies, plus the soul energy of the head centre itself, straight to the heart centre. As you do so see a band of bright yellow light connecting the head and heart.

80.              Here we find the application of buddhic energy through the use of its color, bright yellow.

81.              We note the word “AUM” is used. Presumably, it is to be sounded as “OM”.

82.              We have two important words: “gather” and “garnered”. The second term suggests the care with which the energies along the spine are to be gathered.

83.              It is important to realize that soul energies are inherent in the “head centre itself”.

84.              Here we find the application of buddhic energy through the use of its color, bright yellow.

85.              The buddhic energy can be visualized as yellow, blue or violet (depending on the context). When visualized as yellow, it is the energy of Mercury that is suggested. A color often associated with Mercury and Gemini is yellow. In this case, Mercury-in-yellow is as a link between head and heart.

Remember that the heart is in the spine and that the yellow light extends downward from the top of the head through the medulla oblongata to the heart centre in the spine.

86.              Here is a piece of technical information, and it reminds us that the assigning of occult meditation is a matter requiring technical expertise. More mystical meditations can be followed in general.

87.              Therefore, we should be reticent in the assignment of such meditations, lest we do damage.

88.              Because of the reference to the “medulla oblongata” it would seem that the alta major center is included in the alignment between head and heart.

4.                  This exercise must only be done three times a day and only once each time. At the close of it say: “May the love of my soul and the power of my consecrated will be poured forth on all I meet.”

89.              The affirmation given seeks to link head with heart and the first ray with the second.

90.              We note that it is “consecrated will” which is to be employed. This is not personal will, per se, but will dedicated to the soul and guided by the soul.

5.                  Then sit for a few minutes in perfect silence as the cleansing vivifying stream does its work.

91.              It is important to know when not to do. We have noticed DK telling IBS to “sit back and let the life aspect work in you and in others”. Once a correct alignment is established, energy will flow and do its own work.


And, brother of old, I say to you (as I say to all aspirants in training for discipleship):

92.              We note that D.K. is qualifying IBS technically as an aspirant because of her emotional polarization. In other instructions, we have noticed that those who have not yet achieved the degree of accepted discipleship are called, “aspirants”, but the term may be used even more broadly. Technically, it is Master DK’s task to train those who are “aspirants for initiation” (R&I 586).


Learn that occult reticence which produces inner power and outer silence. Speak less and love more.

(The Gemini Sun sign and Mercury at the descendent inclines towards much speech, as does the union of solar plexus and throat {greatly stimulated by sixth ray Sagittarius with its exoteric ruler Jupiter in Taurus, the sign of the throat} and sixth ray Mars in fiery Aries, inclining against reticence, especially with its quintile to Mercury. The esoteric ruler of Sagittarius is the third ray Earth, which heliocentrically will be placed in Sagittarius. There are lessons to be learned regarding right speech.)

93.              Another powerful hint is given: occult reticence produces inner power and outer silence.

94.              We find that the second and third aspects are being contrasted. With the suppression of the third aspect (speech) comes the greater emergence of the second aspect (love).

May I ask you to re-read my first instructions to you. May I ask you to follow all instructions with care for 1933 – 1934 are years of moment to you as a worker. What you learn now will enable you to make good progress.

(The opportunity comes with two planets of the heart {Jupiter and Neptune} prominent—second ray Jupiter at the MC, and second ray Neptune conjuncting the karmically fated Vertex and squaring the Sun. There will also be lunar eclipses involving both the Moon and the progressing Sun. Powerful solar eclipses also conjunct the progressing Ascendant and Descendant. The progressing Vertex conjuncting the progressing Uranus during 1933 contributes to the sense of an appointment with destiny. If the aspirant, ruled by Neptune, is to become the occultist, ruled by Uranus, we can see a configuration in this chart which will allow such a change.)

95.              There are periods in our lives when greater than usual progress is possible. Sometimes we are not aware when such moments come. When the Master indicates such a period, it is the course of wisdom to do all one can to avail oneself of opportunity.


If you fail to learn that path must inevitably be harder. But you will learn for that has ever been your way.

(Does D.K. see the impending glamor which overtook IBS even shortly after receiving this November instruction? Certainly the influence of Neptune is strong enough to so incline. With an aspirant or disciple, it is difficult to know whether the response to an astrological influence will be positive or negative.)

96.              Master DK has apparently had IBS under long supervision. He seems to know the way this soul progresses. There is a certain undeflectable will which can be relied upon. It is, however, suggested that opportunities have not always been taken. For whom is this not the case?!


Progressions and Transits for March 15, 1934


(On January 30, 1934, there occurred a lunar eclipse at 10ºLeo07’, with the Moon of this eclipse conjuncting IBS’ natal Moon and Vertex. This would emphasize the lunar nature, the psychic nature and the ahamkara principle which D.K. has labored to help IBS subdue. The months intervening between November 1933 and March 1934 have seen transiting Neptune, the planet of glamour, exactly squaring the natal Sun in Gemini, ruler of the eighth house, associated as it is with “maya” and deception—two negative qualities allied to lower Scorpio. Chiron by transit has been conjuncting Pluto, ruler, in one respect, of the realm of Hades, the astral plane. This conjunction is also a wounding and healing combination, and there was a destructive process which subsequently needed much healing and attention.

We begin the March 1934 instruction with transiting Saturn having crossed the progressing Ascendant in the twentieth degree of Aquarius, and thus a new cycle has begun with a new sobriety. IBS has been chastened by what has occurred. Saturn by transit continues to square a number of the natal and progressing planets in Taurus, and she is being subjected to the group discipline which Saturn in Aquarius represents.)



(The Relocated Solar Return for June 2, 1933 offers its testimony concerning the problem with glamour, as Neptune rises in that chart, square the Sun, and sixth ray Mars rises as well. Under such a combination of Mars/Neptune it is easy to see how one could be “carried away”, especially as the Mars is augmented by a close conjunction to Jupiter. Fortunately, sobering Saturn sits in the sixth house of self-correction, and the problem was caught and remedied.)


March 1934


What shall I say to you now as the time comes when again I can communicate with you?

(The glamour represented by the Neptune Sun square has prevented communication and apparently for a few months.)

My heart is with you and I have an understanding of the way that you have come. Your very intensity…

(sixth ray)

…and your strong aspiration

(fed at this time by Neptune, and by the ever-present fire signs)

have led you into difficulty and you are the victim of your virtues and of your occult inexperience. Do you not know, my brother, that the disciple [Page 238] is ever balanced in endeavour and runs not to extremes of any kind?

(There is little in the ray make-up or in the natal astrological chart to produce that balance.)

Yet balanced effort has not characterised your work the past few months.

(A prominent transiting Jupiter at the MC and transiting Neptune in a powerful square to the Sun are inclined together towards exaggeration, and not balance. They lead to false hopes and this is exactly what overtook IBS in the form of an apparently beautiful but spurious thoughtform of the Tibetan.)

You have been swept by an emotional thoughtform and the effect of the astral energy has been to increase the emotional devotion and the physical nervousness which have ever handicapped you.

(The effect of Neptune has, in this instance, been devitalizing and productive of excess emotion.)

The effect of true teaching, emanating from mental levels, is to stabilise, to mentalise and to ground the disciple in spiritual being; to be is for you the goal.

(Here D.K. speaks to her mental potential given by a prominent Mercury in quintile to Uranus and Mars, and, in general, to the mental nature of the Gemini energy. But the Gemini Sun has been squared by Neptune, and the progressing Moon has been in an emotional sign, ruled both by itself and Neptune.)

97.              DK shares that He (perhaps through His own experience) understands what has overtaken IBS. This assurance from the heart of the Master is of great value in healing the erring disciple.

98.              We note that our virtues can combine with our inexperience to lead us into trouble. Virtue overemphasized can become vice. A balanced approach to life prevents us from blindly rushing forward; our inexperience is our blindness. Sometimes it is better to grope than to plunge.

99.              When one is “swept” by any force, one loses control. The Path of Occultism is a path of great control. We cannot allow ourselves to become the plaything of powerful lunar forces. High motivation and aspiration have led to this debilitating condition.

100.          DK points to two ongoing handicaps: “emotional devotion” and “physical nervousness”. We can account for both of these liabilities astrologically. The nervousness is typical of the high-strung Geminian energy so closely related to the system of nadis and nerves. Additionally, Uranus in Virgo, square the Sun in Gemini, adds its tension. As for the sixth ray indicators, they are abundantly present, especially sixth ray Mars in Aries on the IC. Devotional natal Neptune is fed by conjuncting Jupiter, and natal Neptune is square the natal Moon (indicator, in many respects, of the emotional nature).

101.          DK could not speak more strongly for the desirability of mental polarisation: “The effect of true teaching, emanating from mental levels, is to stabilise, to mentalise and to ground the disciple in spiritual being; to be is for you the goal.” We note His use of the word “true teaching” because IBS has been victimized by a false teaching coming from a spurious thoughtform of the Tibetan.

102.          In telling IBS that “to be if for you the goal”, He is referring to the second term in her ‘Developmental Formula’—“Being”.


It is not the function of the true teacher ever to criticise. It is his function to watch over the chela and in the light of wisdom and compassion to aid him with instruction. I have today a few things to say to you and they must be briefly expressed because your fatigue is greater than you realise. You need rest and care. This is owing to excessive emotional stimulation which has been thrust upon you; this comes from a group of well-meaning aspirants gathered around a thoughtform of myself to be found on the higher levels of the astral plane.

(One of the great tasks for IBS in this life is to repolarize upon the mental plane. She has some astrological help to aid her, but her rays do not incline towards this desirable polarization.)

It is only a thoughtform which they see in a glamorous light and such thoughtforms of the teachers are often to be found and are purely astral and not real.

(Another task for IBS is to discriminate between the real and the unreal. During this period, she fell under glamour, but transiting Saturn, a planet of realism and sobriety, has been inconjuncting progressing Mercury in Cancer from the fifth ray sign Aquarius. She had sufficient discrimination to awaken from her mistake. Interestingly, the mistake concerned identity {remember the eclipse on the Leo Moon}, and it concerned the possibility of twoness—two Tibetans, one real and one unreal. This is typically a Geminian, Mercurian dilemma, and forced her to utilize her fourth ray mind to arrive at a true decision.)

103.          In saying that it is not the function of a true teacher to criticize, DK is warning His other disciples not to criticize that which has befallen a couple of members of the Trained Observers Group—Group IX.2.

104.          In the following sentence we have beautifully presented for us, the attitude of a Master upon the second ray: “It is his function to watch over the chela and in the light of wisdom and compassion to aid him with instruction.” If we, in the LAWS Mentoring Program, could adopt such an attitude, we would be of great benefit to our students.

105.          The Master must always consider the condition of His chela when offering advice. In this instance He is assessing the damage which has come from excessive emotional stimulation.

106.          There are many students of spirituality today gathered around astral thoughtforms of the Masters. They will have to pass through IBS’ sobering experience, but their pride and ignorance of the realities disinclines them to do this.

107.          That which is astral is not real. The astral light can prove a “glamorous light”. If such aspirants could only realize how often such thoughtforms are to be found, and how delusive they are! The sense of a unique contact would immediately disappear.

108.          Such deluded aspirants are invariably “well-meaning”, but their inexperience prevents them from being able to exert the proper discrimination to tell the unreal from the real. Now that the astral plane is, as it were, ‘coming closer’, there will be more and more of such cases. Unfortunately, psychically inclined aspirants who fall into delusion are rarely persuaded by the voice of reason.


First, I would say: Be not discouraged but admit the failure of your intuition.

(The intuitive nature of the Sagittarian Ascendant is to increase in this life {for the sign is rising—i.e., symbolically, increasing}.. Neptune, which can be a planet of the intuition, can also be a planet inducing glamour, which militates against the reception of the intuition. This has been a crisis in ‘seeing double’. Instead, the “single eye of vision” is needed and this should be facilitated by the presence in her natal chart of very strong Sagittarius and Taurus. IBS is to learn how to see so that she can be. )

Be, however, true to yourself and if you feel, my brother, that the position is not as I have stated it to be, then abide by your own decision and be true to your higher self.

(Here D.K. stimulates authenticity and self-reliance. He attempts to have her rely upon her first ray soul which is clear-sighted compared to the energy of the overly enthusiastic sixth ray which led her into the difficulty.)

That is the matter of the greatest moment—personal truth and integrity.

(He tries to change her from a follower, into one who learns to see clearly and to determine her own direction. Of course, in a way, she went in her own direction, and it was a direction different from that of her co-disciples. Transiting Chiron, which always takes one on a ‘journey’ was sesquiquadrate her MC and semi-square her IC during the trouble, and inclined her to “go her own way”.)

This decision may lead you to continue to form part of my group of disciples—a cooperation which has been interrupted the past few months—or it may lead you to work in conjunction with the group which has lately so powerfully influenced you. But be true to the situation as, in sober meditation, you see it; no higher attitude can be expected of anyone.

(The “sober meditation” is provided by the transiting Saturn, inconjunct to the progressed Mercury and by directed Saturn beginning to conjunct natal Mercury. One of the major virtues of these two planets of discipleship (Saturn and Mercury) is, precisely, to deglamorize the aspirant through careful, detached thought.)

109.          We note that the failure to which IBS is to admit is not her own personal failure, but the failure of one of her faculties—the intuition. In this way the Master places blame, so to speak, upon the sin and not the sinner.

110.          Between the first and second initiations, many lessons about truth are learned, and about the integration which results in integrity. Before the second degree can be passed, the disciple must go far along the journey “from the unreal to the real”. IBS faces a choice in discrimination.

111.          A choice is being forced upon IBS. The Master will not allow the present situation to continue. We do note that in the immediate future, Saturn, the planet of choice, is returning to conjunction with the progressed Ascendant in Aquarius (and so the choice has naturally to do with group life, as Aquarius is the group sign, par excellence). Further, solar arc directed Saturn has begun its conjunction of natal Mercury in Gemini. The mind will be more sober now, and more capable of truly disciplic decision.

112.          The Master is wise is throwing IBS back upon herself. If He said, “do this” or “do that”, she might, and then learn very little. The ‘follower’ within her would be stimulated and not the independent first ray soul.

Have in mind, however, that your physical body is not strong enough to stand the pressure of two vibratory groups and (until such time as you make your choice) we will hold the work you do with me in abeyance.

(Choice—the theme of Saturn—is being forced upon her, and it must be a choice which clearly involves the clear mind, as transiting Saturn is inconjuncting progressing Mercury. Progressing Saturn is slowly gaining on natal Jupiter, and is already conjunct in the same degree. Great enthusiasms, to which Jupiter and sixth ray are inclined, will be checked by the sobriety which Saturn represents.)

113.          The Master can gauge what His chela can withstand. People can be destroyed by cross-currents of energy.

114.          He does mean what He says, for He is not willing to continue having IBS as an active chela if she is pursuing ‘knowledge’ from a false thoughtform. He does this, one would presume, for the sake of Group IX.2, which would be disrupted by the intrusion of foreign thought related to the Tibetan, and also to preserve the physical and psychological integrity of His student.

The choice is entirely yours; you are utterly free to act as seems wisest to you and there will be no criticism from us entailed in any decision you may make.

(Here is a clear-cut choice between the two and the one; in other words, IBS has to choose between a Geminian attitude which characterizes her Sun sign, and is thus more related to her personality than her soul, and a Sagittarian attitude which inclines towards singleness of vision, and is related more to her soul than her personality—at least potentially so.

115.          The Master would leave all His chelas in complete freedom. This is especially important when dealing with the first ray disciple.

116.          To promote IBS’ freedom of choice, He assured her of His non critical attitude, and, presumably, the non-critical attitude of AAB.

Secondly, should you desire to continue with my instructions, [Page 239] then discontinue acting upon the instructions which have been going to you from this group whose focus is on the astral plane.

(She is really having to learn the lessons of lower Neptune, and to use the mind as the great discriminator—something she is not usually inclined to do.)

Resume then the work I outlined for you earlier which you have lately neglected and follow my instructions in detail and with meticulous care.

(Without the seventh ray in her system, careful and regular work is not the line of least resistance.)

117.          IBS is presented with an “either/or”. This is fortunate, as disciples grow from such ‘hard choices’. The impending choice will draw forth her powers of discrimination which, otherwise, might remain latent.

118.          We can see that Master DK and AAB have little use for the astral plane as a source of truth. They combine their efforts to teach the mental polarization which is expected of the modern disciple.

119.          We see that IBS, in her misplaced enthusiasm over the ‘false Tibetan’ has neglected the work assigned to her (by the real Tibetan) and to Group IX.2 in general. DK asks for an earnest resumption of the assigned work.

In connection with the meditation work and the energy you gather, will you remember that this will not stimulate your nervous body at this time but can become a group asset.

(Because transiting Neptune has been squaring the natal Sun, it has also been squaring the Earth position {considered heliocentrically}. Both the Sun and Earth positions lie along an axis which has much to do with the physical body. Neptune’s square to this axis contributes to nervous debility. The Moon is another physical body indicator {ruling as it does the “dead matter” of a previous cycle and of which the physical bodies of human beings is composed}, and there was a lunar eclipse with the eclipse Moon on the natal Moon, thus contributing to the debility.)

120.          We remember the meditation discussed a few pages earlier. Its major purpose, among other purposes, was to draw energy from the solar plexus and direct it (once transmuted by elevation to the area of the head center) to the heart.

121.          The “nervous body” seems to be the etheric body when affected by astral force currents. This mediation exercise will not stimulate the etheric vehicle in a debilitating way. IBS needs the high perspective which focus in the head center can confer.

The effect of the work you have been doing with the group which is working under the influence of glamour has been to feed your devotional nature, to emphasise your development, your training, your work, your need and what is thought of you.

(Notice how the ahamkara or self-centralization has grown during this period. The natal Leo Moon gives this tendency which was greatly enhanced by the emphasizing eclipse. The solar plexus is self-referencing and the solar plexus has been greatly stimulated.)

122.          The ‘other’ group has a clear personality emphasis. Its work promotes centralization rather then decentralization.

123.          IBS, we remember, has an over-emphatic personality much centered on the “I-consciousness”. The devotion stimulated is really a devotion to oneself and one’s own progress. It is not selfless devotion and service.

None of it has been of any value to this group of disciples to whom you had pledged yourself or to your associates in service with whom you have been for so long affiliated or to those connected with you in your current daily life. It has indeed produced a separating effect between yourself, your group and your surroundings.

(Note that this chastening Saturn in Aquarius is squaring the progressed Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Taurus. Under Jupiter/Chiron, one optimistically goes one’s own way, in full confidence of success. Transiting Jupiter, more or less stationary at 23º Libra, and thus inconjunct the progressed Jupiter/Chiron conjunction, has promoted this, but transiting Pluto has been sextile to this conjunction and, thus, has brought about penetrating vision, and Saturn has stopped the false ‘progress’ in its tracks.)

124.          DK emphasizes the deleterious group effect—a piece of information that should bring any sincere disciple to her senses. We note that when one is ‘brought to one’s senses’, one is removed from astral focus.

125.          Each disciple is responsible for the welfare of his/her group. We cannot pretend that our consciousness is exclusively ‘our own’. DK cannot let IBS continue in this way because the group will be compromised.

126.          DK review IBS’ history with the group; it has been a long affiliation. It is not to be traded for glamorous, flattering hopes.

127.          We are witnessing the beginning of what has been called IBS’ “humiliation”.

This you know well and it is distressing you deeply. Your failure to conform to the requirements of my Ashram has not aided either, has it?

(The first ray is self-determining and disinclined to conform. This is especially so when Leo is stimulated, as it has been by the eclipse. The lack of seventh ray in the equipment has not helped either.)

128.          IBS is a sincere disciple and feels things deeply.

129.          Although she is a first ray disciple, she is expected to conform to the requirements of the second ray Ashram with which she is now affiliated. DK had certain expectations of all His chelas. The requirements were presented at the outset of the instructional process. It is sad, but over the duration of their years under Master DK’s supervision, many of DK’s chelas fell away from fulfilling these requirements.

All the work that I seek to do with you and my other disciples has been with the objective of intensifying their group relation, to deepen their group love and to bind them together as a group. For this is group work which the Hierarchy and those associated with it do, and my group is not one wherein personal training is given in order to bring about personal growth.

(D.K. seeks to decentralize IBS at a time when a number of forces are contributing towards personal centralization by feeding solar plexus energy. The Leo energy so often militates against true group attitudes, and Mars in Aries is nothing if not independent; and yet, the progressing Ascendant is in Aquarius and Saturn is transiting through this sign of group enterprise, thus “saving the day”.)

130.          It is clear that the astrally polarized group was promoting the idea of “personal growth”. Such an approach would negate the cultivation of correct group attitudes.

131.          The one thing which Master DK had the most difficulty in conveying to His disciples of that period (would it be the same now?) was the group idea. We can see that IBS has many signs which are not especially group oriented. Gemini, however, can be. Really, any sign can be, but for those born in or under certain signs, the group attitude is easier.

Let me emphasise this again, my brother. I am not training you so that you can grow. I am training a group of disciples so that they may function as a unit, and as a welded totality. That subjective inner unity has been neglected by you whilst you wandered down a byway of high grade personality and emotional beauty but which in reality belonged to the world of illusion and not to the world of light and of vision.

(D.K. describes so well the glamorizing effect of Neptune, which further inclines to the feeding of idealism because, by transit, it is entering the ninth house where the higher vision is determined and followed.)

132.          The main purpose of group training is emphasized. The modern disciple is trained in groups which are to “function as a unit” and as a “welded totality”. We see in the term “welded” the role of Vulcan and the spiritual will.

133.          On the spiritual path, it is easy to be deceived by beauty. There are many beautiful things which are not true. One could, however, question whether they could be essentially beautiful, if not true, for Beauty and Truth have been equated by great poets and by Master M: “with beauty thou hast the light”.

134.          There are many today wandering down such byways, entirely convinced of the beauty of the vision they are seeing, and little concerned with its truth. Were they so concerned, the bubble would break, and they would become disillusioned—an initially sad and eventually liberating experience.

Your great sensitivity made this easy.

(There is a sensitive natal Venus, natal Moon square. Neptune is also widely square the Moon.)

Your latent love of power facilitated your delusion.

(Apparent ‘special attention’ was accorded to the aspirants who gathered around the false D.K. thoughtform. The result was an enhancement of the sense of self-importance, thus fulfilling the love of power.)

Your failure to conform to group requirements precipitated the coming of the glamour.

(There has been a kind of rebellion. Uranus (natally square to the Sun) has been active too, by transit, beginning to contact the Ascendant/Descendant axis, but transiting Neptune and Chiron seem the most problematic. Thus was Chironic pain brought through illusion—Neptune.)

135.          DK is specific about IBS’ failure. Great sensitivity (note—even in a first ray soul) opened the door. But there was an unsuspected though “latent love of power”. This is, obviously, a problem for those upon the first ray. And, let us again note carefully, the protection afforded by a correct following of group requirements was relinquished through non-compliance.

136.          When, upon the path of occultism, we are given certain rules to follow, they are often to be followed as safeguards. We do not fully know the dangers. Really, we know them very little and ,often, like IBS, have to find out the hard way.

But your inner link is strong and your aspiration vital, if you will but see truly…


…and act strongly

(first ray soul).

137.          DK knows He can rely upon His chela. She has been badly deluded, but there is an inner core which loves and seeks the truth. Sagittarius, in a disciple, produces the earnest seeker of truth.

138.          Here He calls upon the power of her Ascendant in combination with her soul ray.

The next thing that I want to say to you is that your etheric [Page 240] body (which expresses itself through the nervous body) is in a rent condition.

(Chiron has created wounds which need healing.)

Forget not that these thoughtforms of power sap and drain those who attach themselves to them. You have much ground to regain physically as a result of the past few months...

139.          It is significant that at this period, transiting Chiron has been transiting natal Pluto (the deep wound) and will be conjuncting the progressing IC—showing the need for deep-seated healing.

140.          The fourth house cusp has much to do with the physical body (since it is, generically, Moon-ruled). Chiron is there demanding that the lunar lords (and the past) be healed.

Again I say: Be not discouraged. By our failures and our reactions to glamour, we learn to tread with confidence the Way of Light.

(She is, indeed, starting a new cycle because transiting Saturn, the time-keeper, has crossed the progressing Ascendant. Further, it is not accidental that the transiting Nodes have been in conjunction with the progressing Ascendant and Descendant. The Nodes indicate contact—in this case, contact between the real Tibetan and a false Tibetan. The North Node is in Aquarius and indicates the “way to go”; the South Node indicating that which must be relinquished is found is separative, ahamkaric Leo {at least as the energy of Leo tends to be appropriated by IBS at this time}. Throughout the months of January and February the true node has been at 19º Aquarius, the very degree of the progressing Ascendant. A great choice is confronting IBS, and, as if to accent the importance of that choice, transiting Saturn is conjuncting and opposing the Nodes as well as the progressing Ascendant.)

141.          One of the hardest things on the Path of Occultism is to recover from the effect of one’s own stupidities and from self-inflicted wounds to one’s self-image. If one refuses to “get over it” and “move on”, it only indicates personality fixation—in this case, a negative fixation.

142.          The Path of Occultism is, we have oft been told, a thorny path. We may understand this theoretically, but a thorn is not a theory!

By our falling into criticism, we can gauge our soul quality. Neither criticism of those who lead my group and with whom you have been affiliated, nor criticism of those who lead the group upon the astral plane which has brought you into the realm of glamour, will do more than reveal to you that personality reactions block the way of the soul.

(A potent Mars in Aries has arrived as a Mars return indicating the possibility of criticism and attack. At the time of this writing, transiting Mars is squaring Mercury. Mars/Mercury combinations often involve criticism.)

143.          DK is again subtly advising His chelas to refrain from all criticism in this matter.

144.          IBS may expect criticism, as her chart shows. DK is advising her how she may understand it.

In the last analysis, your problem is not which of these two lines of teaching you will accept or which of certain guiding personalities are my representatives.

(Sight has failed, and we have here a problem of guidance which can only be resolved by discrimination and real intuition.)

Your problem is whether your intuition can discern between a soul vibration and the vibration of a high grade astral form. Your Tibetan brother and other individuals do not count.

(DK tries to disabuse her of her prevailing glamour of personality, and of personalism in general—a frequent failing of the sixth ray personality.)

145.          DK wants her decision to be free of personality impress. She is obviously not yet stable in mental polarized. Her consciousness, like that of SCP (16-261) is often astral/buddhic.

146.          Two forces, the astral and buddhic are contending, and between them she must judge, even though she probably has little experience with buddhic energies. This is true of most disciples.

147.          The astral form which has deluded her (and others), is of high quality, and thus the discrimination is made more difficult.

148.          Both Sagittarius and Gemini are signs which can promote the intuition. Now she must call upon them. The decision about which way to go cannot be personal.

149.          As master DK has often suggested, in learning the difference between soul and personality, the disciple passes through much suffering.

If they count with you, then you are in error. It is truth that counts and the associating of yourself with the highest truth you can contact.

(Towards this, Sagittarius, if properly utilized, would incline.)

150.          We see the lesson which IBS can derive from her great difficulty. One of her great life lessons is to discover truth. This will only happen, however, if she succeeds in becoming far more impersonal than she presently is.

I have written to you thus, my brother, because I sense the tension of your nature and your bewilderment at the situation—one which you had not foreseen and which causes you deep distress.

(Transiting Neptune continues, bringing ongoing confusion and uncertainty.)

151.          A well-meaning disciple filled with latent pride has wandered into a spiritually compromising situation. She is surprised by what has happened; it has come upon her unawares.

152.          The distress is cased partially by humiliation and partially by a deep desire to serve.

Relax and be at peace.

(The natal square between natal Uranus in Virgo and natal Sun in Gemini will always be fruitful of a tense situation in the body {here represented by the Sun/Earth} and the nervous system {represented by electric Uranus}.

153.          This is sound advice to all those potently conditioned by the sixth ray, especially when that energy is intensified by the first.

154.          Correct decisions cannot be made in turbulence.

 Thus will you make right decision. In the light of eternity, these little happenings (and how small they are when looked at in the right light and—dare I say it?—with a sense of humour!) disappear. Go forward with fresh courage.

(Always sound advice to a Sagittarian, and the motion of the first ray is the motion of “progress onward”.)

Learn from the past but refuse to be held by that past. Do not let the words or the influence of anyone lead you.

(DK counsels her to choose the first ray over the sixth ray, with its tendency to be led.)

155.          There is, after all, a “right decision”. DK emphasizes this, even though He has attempted to leave His chela perfectly free in the making of that decision.

156.          One can sense the benevolent, smiling love of the Master, trying to help his intense, and self-chastening chela “lighten-up” (in more ways that one).

157.          The “right light” is the Light of the Soul, which sees all things “under the aspect of eternity”.

158.          We have all erred grievously, at one time or another. The only salvation from obsessive self-deprecation, it to see things from the broadest possible view. This can bring healing and release.

159.          DK is helping His chela achieve freedom from a very embarrassing situation. Different kinds of things cause embarrassment to different kinds of people. In the spiritual community, to fall deeply into glamor and illusion is a spiritual embarrassment.

160.          The correct attitude towards the past is to learn from it. This, however, requires detachment, and detachment is promoted by impersonality. Really they promote each other.

May the light of your own soul lead you from strength to strength and reveal to you a purity of motive which will flood your life with love.

(He attempts to throw her back upon herself, for the sixth ray personality often looks to others for guidance. The eclipse on the Leo Moon and the progressing Sun in Leo can contribute to Self-reliance, as well as to ahamkara.)

(Choose the first ray over the sixth ray, with its tendency to be led.)

161.          There is no question that Master DK has subtly strengthened His chela through the words and energies conveyed in this instruction. Thoughts are powerful, especially a Master’s thoughts. He tries to restore her to usefulness.


Relocated Solar Return for New York, for June 2, 1934


(Scorpio rises in the Solar Return chart for the period, and so the possibility of a victory is offered. Most importantly, Saturn sits precisely upon the Solar Return IC, giving the opportunity to anchor firmly in the Ashram.)

Progressions and Transits for September 15, 1934


(At the time of this instruction, we see transiting Pluto, the destroyer and healer conjuncting the progressing Moon in Cancer. This indicates deep-seated changes in the lunar vehicles. Transiting questing Chiron is approaching conjunction with the natal Sun but will not reach it in this immediate period, so the time to embark upon a new and worthwhile quest is not yet present. Progressing Venus is now in the same degree as the progressing {really regressing} South Node, and so, soul knowledge {Venus in Gemini} from the past {the South Node} will again be available. The progressing Moon has, during the two months preceding this instruction, conjuncted the progressing Mercury, and thus the rational faculties {Mercury} could be successfully applied to the condition of the astral body—represented by progressing Moon in sensitive, emotional Cancer. Transiting Neptune continues in its position square to the natal Sun, but transiting Saturn has been bringing caution and restraint and clarity of thought through its inconjunct to progressed Mercury in Cancer; thus, so the same dangers which earlier beset are avoided. As well directed Saturn has been conjuncting natal Mercury contributing to the same cautious approach. Transiting Uranus in Taurus is now beginning its square to the progressing Sun in the early third degree of Leo, resonating with the natal square between Uranus and the natal Sun. A period of occult transformation is possible, and the glamours induced by Neptune can be subdued. The opportunity still exists for the blending of the mystical, intuitive Neptunian vibration and the mental, intuitive Uranian vibration, through the conjunction of transiting Neptune to progressed Uranus.)


September 1934


For you today I have a very simple message and a simple instruction. I would say to you in the words of the initiate, Paul: [Page 241] “Forgetting the things which are behind, press forward.”

(This epitomizes the attitude of the first ray Sagittarian. To succeed, IBS must blend the best qualities of her first ray soul and Sagittarian rising sign.)

162.          A new beginning is possible. Transiting Saturn conjuncts the progressing Ascendant, indicting a new and disciplined approach to group life.

163.          A first ray Sagittarius will always be able to press forward.

The glamour which enveloped you has gone. It has gone, my brother. You are now suffering primarily from fear…

(the progressing Moon is still in fearful, reticent Cancer)

…and from humiliation

(ever a problem for the first ray soul with strong Leo tendencies—provided in this case by the Leo Moon, the Leo decanate of the Sagittarian Ascendant, and the current progression of the Sun through Leo.)

164.          We can think ourselves beset by a glamor even when it has passed away. The ghosts of the past may haunt us. Master Morya calls these the “karmic shells”.

165.          The fear would relate to the possibility of being overcome again, for, originally, it had happened unexpectedly (and under the impulse of high and worthy motives—apparently).

166.          The humiliation is understandable; no one likes to be considered a fool, especially in one’s own eyes.

167.          Self-forgetfulness of all painful personality states is required. There are times in the life of every one of us when we must “pick ourselves up and get on with life”.

These are both destructive and unnecessary. You were the focal point for the glamour but you were also the focal point for the group love, which you aided much in awakening. Dwell somewhat upon this.

(D.K.’s protection is ever around His disciples and He finds a way to emphasize the positive. Natal Neptune has been the root source of the glamour, the open door, but Jupiter {which in a way represents the protecting, benevolent second ray Master}, is natally conjunct that Neptune, and represents the Master’s guardianship in the midst of the glamour.)

168.          Self depreciation is to be found in disciples on many rays, though it is most often found in those upon the second and sixth rays. IBS has an abundance of ray six, and, primarily (i.e., in relation to the monad) seems to be a second ray type.

169.          There are always two sides (especially in a Gemini life). DK points to a strength which balances IBS’ weakness. She was the “focal point for the group love”. This, interestingly, seems to point to a deep-seated second ray in her nature.

You are entering now upon changed conditions and your life will take a different line of action in the future.

(Transiting Pluto conjuncting the progressing Moon will confer change as will the imminent progressed lunation at 3º Leo18’ on July thirteenth, 1935. The impending square of transiting Uranus to the progressing Sun and to the progressed Lunation will add great change, especially since the Sun rules the eighth house of transformation, relinquishment and sacrifice. Transiting Chiron, too, at various times in the year ahead will be conjuncting the Sun, giving a new direction, or a new quest.)

For this you must be prepared. But all ways are ways of service

(a strongly Geminian thought, emphasizing the adaptability of the Love-Wisdom Ray when expressing through Gemini),

and in service and in the helping of your fellowmen there comes for you the way of liberation. Be concerned with the group work and its rightful processes. Your soul will prove your guardian. Continue to give your physical body rest and sleep.

(That body is always highly-strung due to Uranus/Sun square. Other Uranus/Sun squares are also forming.)

170.          Master DK has predicted changes. We are not given the specifics. We feel that at some point there were definitely changes in the marriage relationship. This may not yet have occurred.

171.          The point to all this is that “all ways are ways of service”—a golden precept. It is easy to get fixated upon one mode of service and refuse to relinquish it for other equally valuable modes.

172.          The way of release lies in self-forgetfulness, promoted by giving service to one’s fellowmen.

173.          DK is asking for caution, group work, right process and attentiveness to the soul. The soul/Solar Angel is, after all, a “Master” of high degree. After many bouts with illusion, we are forces back upon our soul for guidance. This is always the safest way.

Feed it normally and sanely and play no experiments with it as you have so oft and foolishly done in the past.

(On the exoteric level, experiments with the physical body are clearly represented by Uranus square the Sun/Earth axis.)

174.          The Master counsels moderation and a refusal to seek rapid progress through dangerous experimentation with one’s energies and forces. We feel the protective influence of sheltering, guarding second ray love and wisdom.

Keep busy with the Master’s work and with happiness enter upon and accomplish each day’s task...

(At the time of this writing, the planet of joy, Jupiter was sextiling the Ascendant, conferring the capacity to go forwards joyfully with the soul-intended direction which the rising sign can represent.)

175.          The initiate is characterized by a “sanctified normality”. There is much of value in living life normally. Unfortunately, sixth ray people have a difficult time doing this. LTS-K was another who had difficulty living a normal life. Sometimes, to live normally means to live with a respect for life’s natural rhythms.

Your offering to the group is the providing of opportunity for service. You must learn to be served as well as to serve, for in so doing, your personal will is broken and the higher good substituted.

(Those upon the first ray must learn receptivity as well as the dynamism of the attitude toward service and contribution which is closely allied to imposition. There are about six months remaining in which receptivity can be easily cultivated, for the Moon is still in the receptive sign, Cancer. Then a time of reinforced expression dawns with the entry of the progressing Moon into Leo and the formation the progressed Lunation in Leo.)

176.          We note the need for breaking the personal will. Perhaps, it is something like “breaking a horse”. The undisciplined lunar lords (who prompt personal will) must be subdued.

177.          The breaking of the personal will requires learning how to be served as well as how to serve. In so-called active service, there may be much personal will in evidence. The server is in the position of power. IBS has a latent love of power and must allow herself to be in the position of one who accepts service from another, thus allowing another to be in power.


Relocated Solar Return for June 2, 1934


(The relocated solar return for this period, June 2, 1934, shows the transformational sign, Scorpio, at the Ascendant, ruled both exoterically and esoterically by Mars which is placed in Gemini in the seventh house with Chiron, Ceres and the Sun. Progress must now be definite but intelligent, with intelligence represented by Gemini. The guarding of the lunar vehicles and the closer conformity to group process are both represented by the conjunction of Saturn and the Moon in Aquarius, with Saturn just a few minutes of arc away from exact conjunction with the IC. IBS can anchor herself in the Ashram and fulfill group responsibility, intelligently. There may be some struggle in so doing, for Scorpio rises in the relocated solar return, but the outcome will be good. Jupiter, one of the major planets of Love-Wisdom, is in Libra in the eleventh house and in trine to the Sun in Gemini and widely trine to the Moon is Aquarius. This can be a period of more successful group relations and loving group cooperation, and it is needed because IBS departed psychologically and effectively from the group in order to pursue what turned out to be glamorous allurement.)


Progressions, Directions and Transits for February 15, 1935


(Chart features for this period show the progressing Moon in late Cancer, just a few months shy of the impending lunation in Leo. The transiting Nodal Axis has conjuncted the progressed Sun. Transiting Saturn has entered Pisces, and transiting Jupiter is now in Scorpio in the eleventh house, opposing the Taurus stellium in the fifth house, such that transiting Jupiter is exactly opposed progressed Jupiter and progressed Chiron. This offers widened vision of the way ahead and the opportunity to tread that way. Progressing Jupiter and Chiron are still conjoined, as are the progressing Vertex and progressing Uranus. The progressed Ascendant {if we could but be sure of its exact degree} is inconjuncted retrograding progressed Mercury.)


continued …