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Studies of Individual Instructions
commentary by Michael D. Robbins

To R. S. U.
January 1940


You and I, my brother, have worked together for long years — longer perhaps than you know. There is little that I can say to you along the line of revealing to you the glamours which hold your personality in thrall. These you well know. Often I have told you what they are. In your case, it is not so much a particular glamour but the presence of several smaller ones. The more sensitive a person is the more responsive he is to others.

1.                  The Tibetan has begun His work with the New Seed Group. Those disciples who survived the change are experiencing a second chance to “make good” and are newly committed.

2.                  The Second World War is in full swing. The times are serious and the occult work goes on.

3.                  DK does not relent in His analysis. RSU still is in the grip of certain glamors which are inhibiting her spiritual freedom and her usefulness in service.

4.                  Usually, it is not a question of whether or not she knows her liabilities; she does. It is a question whether anything decisive and effective will be done about them.

5.                  She is now almost fifty-seven years old and will shortly be experiencing her second Saturn Return.

6.                  The Moon has progressed into Gemini and transiting Chiron, the ‘Director’ and ‘Guide’ is hovering at the Ascendant. The progressing MC in the proposed chart is to be found conjuncting her natal Saturn.

7.                  RSU has no particular or main glamor so much as a number of smaller ones. Some of these seem to concern relationship matters.


You have wisdom, beauty of purpose, devotion and sincerity — all characteristics of the advanced disciple. The glamour which holds you is inherited from other lives. You have immersed yourself in no new glamour in this life, and this is rare indeed and for this I commend you.

1.                  RSU is an advanced disciple. This may mean that she can be considered an initiate of the second degree, for the one who is an advanced disciple has frequently passed that degree.

2.                  RSU’s glamors are inherited from other lives. One could wonder, from what is here said, if during those periods she was also associated with the Jewish Race. Later, the Tibetan clarifies this matter in a surprising way.

3.                  Apparently, no matter what glamors may have been inherited from the past, it is usual for people to immerse themselves in new ones during their present incarnation. RSU, however, has not done this, for which the Tibetan commends her. She is still, however, very much involved in dealing with those issues generated in the past.


But certain ancient glamours — racial and personal — still hold you, and it is the overcoming of these that constitutes your life problem and your present failure to do so that keeps you where you are. If perhaps I define or indicate to you two glamours which intrude into your soul expression and prevent the entrance of the full light of the soul, and if I give to them names which are not usual you may, perhaps — by due pondering — arrive at the point where you will be able to dissipate them.

1.                  One could easily think that the racial glamors which presently hold RSU were indeed generated in past incarnations. It could seem she had been previously associated with the Jewish Group but, from what is said here, this cannot be confirmed with certainty. In fact, in the very next paragraph it is denied.

2.                  The sign Cancer (her proposed Ascendant) looks backwards and thus these liabilities, generated in the past, have a very present hold on her. She still has much to overcome.

3.                  DK is going to define for her two glamors. We remember that in her DINA I instructions there were two faint wisps of glamor that DK did not want to name lest He contribute to their precipitation. He then advised her to love unselfishly and seek no personal recognition.

4.                  Now He will attack the glamor problem in an unusual way. He will give two of her glamors unusual names thus, perhaps, arousing RSU’s interest sufficiently to ponder upon them and reach the point where she may dissipate them.

5.                  SA-Saturn is still opposing natal Mars and, as well, is beginning to conjunct the proposed Cancer Ascendant. She is still under the strong discipline of the Master’s attention.


The glamour of "the flight into safety of the racial consciousness" [Page 600] is one of your dominant glamours, even if — in your own consciousness — you repudiate it. Every individual, without exception, is subject to this racial glamour and its potency is unbelievable. The subjective life of any nation, producing as it does racial psychology, national inclinations and traits and characteristics, lies behind every single individual and into it he can at any time throw himself, and into it he can retreat thus taking refuge in the past and emphasising certain racial attitudes. The overcoming of inherited traits and attitudes is, in your case, essential. You are really cosmopolitan. But in your life demonstration no one would know it. Disciples need to remember that it may only be in this life that they have been born into any particular race or nation and this only from the personality angle. Being, however, thus temporarily affiliated they may — if sensitive — become so identified with racial problems and relationships, with racial history and qualities that this ancient inheritance (which is racial and not personal and therefore not theirs) overwhelms them and constitutes a major conflict. So it is with you. In every race and nation there are those who — down the ages — have again and again incarnated in certain races and groups. There are also those who have incarnated in a particular race in order to acquire either certain valuable qualities with which a race or nation can endow a man, or to use that racial and national experience as a means whereby there can be the breaking of such bonds, a consequent release and a subsequent entering into the freedom of humanity itself. Ponder on this, my brother, and be not separative in your sensitivity and set as to your personality origins, to your so-called racial loyalties and characteristics, acquired through environing circumstance.

1.                  DK has often pointed out the unfortunate effect which the Jewish racial consciousness has upon RSU’s discipleship.

2.                  Now He names a related glamor as “the flight into safety of the racial consciousness”. He sees it as a “dominant glamor”. There is something very familiar and comfortable about the racial consciousness and, therefore, it may prove an avenue of escape or ‘easy respite’. It is an ‘escape backwards’.

3.                  DK enlarges the subject stating that every individual, without exception, is subject to racial glamor, and it is of unbelievable potency. We have already seen how some of the people from Britain carried certain spiritually unhelpful attitudes which could be called glamors related to their racial consciousness.

4.                  Such a glamor always is an evocation of the past and the true disciple is meant to look intuitively into the future. These racial glamors are a kind of ‘lunar refuge’ offering the illusion of safety (but actually preventing a progressive attitude).

5.                  DK points out an interesting contrast. He sees RSU as “cosmopolitan” but indicates that her way of life conceals her cosmopolitan nature.

6.                  He goes on to clarify the question of whether RSU is new to the Jewish Race or has incarnated in it over and again. It appears that she is new to it but is so sensitive that she has absorbed many of its traits and tendencies.

7.                  The ancient racial inheritance which RSU has absorbed is not personal; it only seems so because she has so thoroughly absorbed it. We note that Cancer is a very absorbent sign and Capricorn (her Sun-sign) is the sign ruling the personality of the Jewish Race.

8.                  DK sees her as overwhelmed by a racial consciousness which is not really her own. All of us, as disciples, are warned against this, apparently, fairly common possibility.

9.                  The Master is putting RSU’s origin into a broader context and suggesting to her why she may have been born into the Jewish group. She is not one of those who has incarnated as a Jew over and again. She has entered the Jewish Race for a purpose.

10.              Such a purpose is usually related to one of two possibilities. Either she is to absorb something of value from a particular racial consciousness, or she is to find a way to break away from that racial consciousness into the “freedom of humanity”. When a disciple takes incarnations in the Jewish Race (related as it is to the previous solar system and to the third aspect of divinity) there are presented many opportunities to break bonds which hold the soul to material or lunar preoccupation. DK hints that it is for the second reason that RSU has entered the Jewish experience. She, of course, does not realize this.

11.              DK has given RSU the information she needs to achieve freedom. Her personality may be of Jewish origin but the Jewish Race has not been the major arena of her soul’s repetitive focus. Like FCD, another Jew by birth, she really belongs to humanity and the world. DK would have her realize this and free herself from all separatism.

12.              Master DK hints at RSU’s problem with achieving a correct perspective in a section of unpublished material written to the disciple FCD, who, like RSU was born into the Jewish Race:

“As you know, the task consists in the effort to help the Jewish people to see their plight in a different light. They must register the situation in the light of truth. This work can only be undertaken by people who, like yourself, have taken a Jewish body but have no Jewish consciousness, who repudiate without any difficulty the dreadful and revengeful Jehovah of the Jewish religion and who never act or think as does the average Jew. You meet all these requirements, though R.K. (RSU) does not”.

13.              Interestingly, FCD also has a Cancer Ascendant, but his Moon sign is in Virgo — the sign of the soul of the Jewish people, whereas RSU has her Sun in Capricorn — the sign of the personality of Judea.

14.              It seems that RSU’s racial loyalties and characteristics are really recent acquisitions, external to her deeper nature.

15.              Probably she had not anticipated being offered such a perspective concerning her ‘roots’.

16.              Interestingly the planet of freedom and breaks from the past, Uranus, is placed almost exactly at the point in the chart where the racial consciousness can be seen as focussed — the fourth house cusp. This Uranus position signals her need to break from her racial inheritance.

17.              Uranus at the fourth did help her leave her homeland, Hungary, apparently (as revealed in an interview with Francis Adams Moore, then Director of Meditation Mount) in the year 1898, but the full liberating potentials of this position has not been employed at the time this letter was written, or DK would have to attend to the problem so closely.

18.              Interestingly, RSU’s Sun is placed in the sign which rules the Jewish personality (i.e., Capricorn) and her Uranus is in the sign Virgo, which rules the “Soul of Judea”. This problem can be seen as clinging more to the personality of Judea than responding to its soul (which, in a sense, invoked the Christ).

19.              The sign Cancer, of course, clings to the past, and with the Moon in Taurus, may contribute to RSU’s reluctance to ‘abandon’ her inherited ‘family’.

20.              In the paragraph above, DK has given RSU a reasonable means to escape from the racial consciousness which holds her, for it is more an ‘assumed’ consciousness than really her own. Her sensitivity has contributed to her absorption in a gigantic thoughtform in which she is only newly participating (from the reincarnational perspective).

21.              Will RSU utilize the Tibetan’s perspective to gain freedom? That is the question.


Is this too hard a lesson and a task, my brother? If so, determine within yourself if it is so or if it is not. Another life, the issue may be clear to you. It could be clear in this life if you accepted my suggestion.

1.                  The stakes are high. Obviously the Tibetan does not think that the recognition of RSU’s relatively superficial Jewish origins is too great a task. If she but recognized the truth of the matter, adjustments in her approach would soon follow.

2.                  DK asks her to decide whether or not she will accept His suggestion. He cannot make the decision for her and her will must be left free.

3.                  He hints that it may take yet another life to make the issue clear to her, though clarity could be achieved now. Thus, the stakes are high.


Upon the second glamour I need not enlarge. We might call it the "glamour of continuous frustration." In your case and in the constant failure to achieve the fullest expression of your spiritual aims and goals, because of small and unimportant [Page 601] personality qualities (most of them tied up with your racial inheritance and your environing circumstances), you are constantly aware of lack of achievement and of failure to do what your soul has made quite adequately clear to you is possible. Here I cannot help you. The issue lies in your own hands. Do you realise, my brother, that a week's perfected discipline would carry you further than a year's aspiration, accompanied as it is (in your case) by a constant sense of failure? Go forward therefore, my beloved brother, and rest not content until liberation is yours.

1.                  The second glamor may seem more usual: “The glamor of continuous frustration”. To RSU’s frustration in making her inner life manifest DK has earlier alluded.

2.                  The inhibitions to fuller achievement are “small and unimportant personality qualities”. Most of these are tied up with her racial inheritance and environing circumstances.

3.                  Again, DK cannot really help. The decision concerning whether there shall be freedom is up to RSU.

4.                  DK counsels “a week’s perfected discipline” instead of a year of aspiration (followed by the constant sense of failure because aspiration alone will not lead to accomplishment).

5.                  One would think that with all her hard-line rays and with astrological signs which bring in so much third and seventh ray, RSU could succeed in disciplining her physical nature. Capricorn should be very good at this and Mars in Capricorn should add to the capacity. But the available astrological and ray energies are not used as they could be and so frustration is the result.

6.                  Natal Saturn squares natal Mercury which is the ruler of both the fourth and twelfth houses. The square symbolizes frustration, the fourth house correlates with individual and racial inheritance, and the twelfth house represents karmic issues.

7.                  DK assures RSU of His love and spurs her on to achievement. It is as if He is driving her to take those steps which will result in her liberation.

8.                  If we think about it, we will see what a disciplining effect Master DK has had upon RSU’s life. She should be able to discipline herself and in a number of areas of her life she can and does. In the most stubborn and critical area, however, she does not. It is this one area that the Master repeatedly emphasizes.


August 1940



Since my last instruction to you, you have attained to a certain measure of release and that means much and for that achievement I would indicate my pleasure and commend you. You are freeing yourself for service. All that I earlier said as to your problems still holds good and I would ask you to reread prayerfully and aspirationally what I said then. To the injunctions there given I would add some further suggestions. I seek further to clarify the issue in your mind. Once a disciple sees clearly, he can then take intelligent action.

1.                  We are witnessing an ongoing struggle. Periods of release arrive and are followed (at least this has been the case) by periods of stasis. The present moment is one of release and achievement, for which DK commends His chela.

2.                  RSU has been freeing herself for service. Transiting Uranus, the planet of ‘Freedom’ has been conjuncting her progressing MC which, itself, has reached natal Saturn (planet of ‘Opportunity’).

3.                  While there is some release, the disciplining continues, and what Master DK has said about RSU’s problems still holds good.

4.                  Interestingly, He asks her to reread “prayerfully and aspirationally” all that He has written to her over the years. This may strengthen her motivation towards accomplishment. At the time of this writing we notice that transiting Neptune (a planet of prayer and aspiration) is opposing the progressing Sun in Pisces.

5.                  Further suggestions will be offered in the hope of clarifying her mind so she can take intelligent action. For all disciples, clarity of sight is much to be desired and will lead to right action.


You have not really liked my reference to racial limitations and yet, my brother and I can say my friend, why resent them? All national heritages lay their impress upon their peoples. A.A.B. is typically British in her personality attitudes and with her pride of race, heritage, ancient lineage and caste, with her stubborn persistence and dogged determination, with her sense of truth and her attitude of inner solitude. These qualities she has had to learn gradually to transmute into the dignity of soul consciousness, intelligent direction, clear expression of her sense of truth and a wide and general inclusiveness. This has not been easy though you, not possessing her particular problems and tendencies, may fail to realise that they are (or rather have been) as grave as yours. Some day I will give the group members a diagnosis of their racial colouring and consequent tendencies. Today I deal only with your peculiar difficulties because your battle [Page 602] ground lies right there and it is mainly your racial faults which hinder you.

1.                  DK puts RSU’s problem in a broader context. This is necessary as, apparently, she has resented what DK has said about “racial limitations”.

2.                  AAB’s British traits (some of them undesirable) are cited. DK states that AAB’s problems with these traits has been as grave as RSU’ with her racial traits.

3.                  AAB has transmuted negative racial qualities into positive soul-oriented attributes.

a.       Her pride of racial heritage, and of ancient lineage and caste have been transmuted into dignity of soul consciousness.

b.      Her stubborn persistence and dogged determination have become intelligent direction.

c.       Her sense of truth has been transmuted into a clear expression of her sense of truth.

d.      Her attitude of inner solitude has been transmuted into a wide and general inclusiveness.

4.                  RSU is being subtly invited to consider the negatives of her racial traits and consciousness to see what transmutation might bring when applied to them:

a.       Separativeness could become inclusiveness.

b.      Hyper sensitivity to persecution could become a determination to uplift those who suffer.

c.       The sense of inferiority could become a readiness to see the essential dignity and value of every human being.

d.      Selfish intelligence could become astute intelligence utilized to further the Divine Plan.

e.       Perhaps RSU caught the hint and made her own list of ‘traits to transmute’.

5.                  DK promises to give all group members an analysis of their racially induced traits. He did this with certain people from time to time, but it is not clear whether He approached the matter systematically and at once.


I would add also to the above — which I rarely do — that you are likewise freer from the imposition of physical control than at any previous time in your life story, except once when you were much younger. Your second major limitation has been, as you know, a physical one and is incidentally also a part of the racial trouble, and of racial polarisation. Every disciple has to achieve complete freedom from racial limitations and to break down certain separative barriers; otherwise they remain and hinder, as I hinted elsewhere to S.C.P. This is however an attainable attitude for you. You have, secondly, also to release your personality from the control of that which is the most potent personality vehicle, owing to the focus of the thought and life being largely there. The visualisation of yourself as one who is unlimited in soul expression physically would aid you. It is usually only in the brain (not in the mind) that racial reactions and racial vibrations make their presence felt. The brain cells, the atomic lives of the brain organism, respond to the racial brain and thus condition physical plane activity. A conflict is then apt to take place between the mind and the brain as in your case, but brain-responsive habits are apt to remain powerful for a long time and hence the problem. I am explaining, my brother, as you can shift the emphasis if you so desire and become entirely unconscious of racial control and racial karma. At present you seldom forget it and it conditions you unduly. Will you please not misunderstand me here if I say that once you relinquish that emphasis, the integration of the personality will be complete and you will be ready for a major step onwards.

1.                  DK notes that RSU is freer from physical control than at any other time of her life except at one time in her youth. He is entering into a discussion of personality matters; this He rarely does, so it must be for a good purpose.

2.                  The presence of the progressing Moon in Gemini (a sign of mobility and ‘youthfulness’) may also have been of value in helping RSU achieve a greater degree of release.

3.                  The position of transiting Neptune (a planet of ‘release’) at the bottom of the chart (IC) may also be weakening the hold of the racial inheritance, though, depending on the response, it could deepen the glamor.

4.                  Along with the problem of excessive responsiveness to the racial consciousness, DK again emphasizes the physical problem but links it to the “racial trouble and racial polarization”. The racial polarization, in this case, is quite mental-physical, exacerbating RSU’s physical problem.

5.                  RSU is again compared to SCP (who also has significant first ray in her energy system — though on different levels, i.e. conditioning the soul and physical body). Both of these disciples have to release themselves from the sense of separatism strengthened by their racial consciousness.

6.                  DK suggests that for RSU the physical vehicle as been “the most potent personality vehicle”, largely because the focus of the thought life has been there.

7.                  She is to visualize herself as one who is “unlimited in soul expression physically”. The increasing strength of Neptune will help, as Neptune is a planet which assists in the transcendence of physical limitations.

8.                  DK explains why racial traits and limitations may have such a powerful effect. They affect largely the brain and not the mind. The “racial brain” affects the brain of the individual born into in a particular race. A conflict is then set up between the mind and brain. In her mind RSU understands the nature of these racial limitations, but her brain (subject to the racial brain) inclines her to submit to them.

9.                  DK seeks to see her free from all racial influence which, at the same time, would free her from the influence of the physical body (so tied to the racial inheritance and racial brain).

10.              He offers a very great incentive if she can free herself: “once you relinquish that emphasis, the integration of the personality will be complete and you will be ready for a major step onwards”. This statement deserves close analysis. RSU is not yet a completely integrated personality. In her case, integration seems to be proceeding from ‘above’ downwards. Her mind is certainly integrated with her soul as is her astral nature to a significant extent (for her aspiration is keen and strong and her dedication most earnest and intent). Only the physical nature escapes the necessary integration with the other aspects of her energy system.

11.              It is well known that complete personality integration (spiritually considered) occurs at the third initiation. RSU is an advanced disciple and an accepted disciple; she is no beginner. If her personality integration becomes complete she will be ready for a “major step onwards”. The term “major” is important, for it can be related to the third initiation which is the first “major” initiation.

12.              DK asks that RSU please not misunderstand Him in relation to the strong hint He imparts. What might she think if she misunderstood? This we cannot know. But we can see how it is reasonable to think that DK is hinting at third initiation possibilities. At least this possibility should be entertained and pondered.


A Master watches His disciples long before they are aware of the inspection, for they themselves take the needed steps into His presence long before the brain registers the contact or the response of the Master. All in this group have been watched by me for many years and in three cases for several lives (so slow were they to register inner spiritual impression) before I communicated to them my intention to train them. This inner direction definitely precipitates situations [Page 603] and difficulties and engenders problems and none of you are unaware of this. The lot of disciples in these days is particularly hard owing to the fact that sensitivity and a conscious reaction to the impress of all the vehicles in the personality simultaneously is so rapid and direct. This is the result of a measure of alignment and of conscious aspiration. But the compensation is adequate if disciples would be more occupied with the inner realities and less engrossed with the outer difficulties. But this, as you know, is most difficult of achievement.

1.                  DK describes His method of watching and inspecting His disciples long before they become aware of it. A disciple will usually enter a Master’s presence long before the brain registers the contact or the attention of the Master.

2.                  The process of choosing His disciples is not spontaneous; long planning and supervision have entered the process. Each disciple in the present group has been under supervision for many years and in a few cases for a number of lives, due to their slowness of response.

3.                  DK talks about the influential power of the Master’s “inner direction” of His chelas. Many difficulties and problems may arise as a result. The Master is symbolically Saturn (from one perspective), and Saturn is the bringer of necessary difficulty and resultant opportunity.

4.                  Disciples today have a hard time due to their sensitivity and the ability of all personality vehicles to respond simultaneously to impression.

5.                  The Master is a ‘master of understatement’ when He says that “the compensation [for bearing the difficulties of being occultly trained by a Master] is adequate”. Disciples (and RSU is one) have to change their focus and occupy themselves far more with “inner realities” than with outer difficulties.

6.                  Master Morya tells us that “obstacles are possibilities” and that we are to “rejoice at obstacles”. The right kind of inner orientation will allow us to face our difficulties with positivity.


You ask me: What would I have you do in regard to your own attitudes to the group and to the work with which you are all engaged? It is not hard to answer your enquiry because for you the task is uncomplicated though not simple of achievement. Be, my brother, on the outer plane, what you are interiorly. You have much knowledge and wisdom. Use it as much as possible because you have a sphere of usefulness in this connection right in front of you, ... Your destiny is that of teacher. Begin, therefore, to fulfil it. You have been much occupied with organisational work — a choice of vocation made by your soul which was intended to offset the limitations with which I have sought to make you familiar. Such a task was intended to provide scope for expression upon the outer plane and this it has done. Now pour your energies into the work of the groups with which you are affiliated. Give to A.A.B. the aid which you are well fitted to give, making yourself increasingly responsible for certain aspects of the work which will make their appeal to you, and which call for your conditioning. I am choosing my words with care. Above all else give love with impersonality and true understanding. It must not be the impersonality of a planned and forced achievement but the impersonality of complete self-forgetfulness. The task is so vital that you and all your group brothers must lose sight of the little self in the need and the opportunity of the moment. Oft have I told you this. May I now see the result of this oft recommended truth?

1.                  DK is ready to relate RSU to the process He has been describing. She wishes to know what the Tibetan would have her do in relation to the group and to the work with which all group members are engaged. Again the answer is simple, though not easy to accomplish. The theme of this answer has been repeated in various ways throughout RSU’s series of instructions: she is to be on the outer plane what she is on the inner. She is to ‘come through’.

2.                  With both Saturn and Uranus (planets of manifestation) transiting over her Taurus stellium in the house of group work and the Ashram (the eleventh), this may be increasingly possible.

3.                  RSU has knowledge and wisdom — very much the result of the influence of her second and third rays (and her extensive experience). The sphere of usefulness before her is almost certainly the work of the Arcane School (reference to which has been deleted so that RSU could not be identified personally).

4.                  RSU is to move into her soul destiny — that of a Teacher. The energies of her hard-line personality and its vehicles have inclined her to organizational work. This vocation was a soul choice intended to offset the various kinds of limitations which DK has been bringing to her attention, and it has done so. Now her true soul vocation must take over.

5.                  When it comes to dharma and that which will bring a disciple more fully into the Spiritual Hierarchy, Saturn is an important indicator, and, in the proposed chart, Saturn has arrived within orb of conjunction to the proposed Ascendant by solar arc direction, and the progressing MC has been conjuncting natal Saturn. We note that Saturn is placed in the sign of knowledge and wisdom (Taurus) and in the eleventh house of group work and the Ashram. The indications are clear.

6.                  New responsibilities are opening up for RSU — an intensification of participation in the esoteric work surrounding AAB. Certain aspects of the work will appeal to her and also call for her “conditioning” (for the application of her particular qualities of energy). A knowledgeable occultist is always of use in the training of aspirants and younger disciples.

7.                  The Tibetan is having RSU express the attitudes of her soul (or of herself as a soul) — the ability to love with impersonality and understanding. This is a wide and inclusive love that loves despite the personality limitations of the one loved.

8.                  The impersonality which the Tibetan recommends cannot be forced into expression; it arises because of “complete self-forgetfulness”. The Divine Plan is understood as far more important than the little self — the ‘person’ with its ‘personal’ attitudes.

9.                  The injunction to love in this manner is really addressed to all the group members, for the times are critical and the attack of the ‘forces of hate’ upon humanity is severe.


As regards your personal meditation, I seek to give you one which will intensify the activity of the ajna centre and which will produce new vision and, above all, integration. [Page 604] The ajna centre becomes active increasingly as alignment, leading to integration, is achieved. I would have you use this meditation twice a day, laying the emphasis upon the exercise angle or aspect of the work and paying no attention at all to the possible spiritual value. I would remind you here (and when I say this I am speaking to all the group members and not only to you) that work in connection with the centres is incidental to true spiritual development and is or should be purely mechanical and automatic. The centres are physical, being aspects of the etheric body and constructed of etheric matter, and their function is simply to express the energy which flows in from the astral body, or from the mind or from the soul (in three aspects). After the third initiation, they will register energy flowing in from the Monad — again through three types of force. If this can be grasped, disciples in training will not over-emphasise the system of centres through which the expressive energy must come.

1.                  The new meditation being offered will strengthen the development of the ajna center, helping to produce new vision (for the sake of motivation) and integration (which we have been discussing as a necessary prerequisite in the training for the third initiation). The three key words associated with that initiation are “Integration. Direction. Science” (cf. R&I 340)

2.                  We cannot know for certain whether RSU is being prepared for the third degree (as was DHB and, presumably, JWK-P — AAB and FCD were mostly probably already there), but there are hints which make it impossible for us to dismiss the possibility.

3.                  DK discusses the unfoldment of the chakras, pointing to the fact that their development is “incidental to true spiritual development and is or should be purely mechanical and automatic”. Undue attention should, therefore, not be given to them; they will respond automatically to inner developments. At different stages of evolution they express different kinds of subjective energies and after the third initiation, they will “register energy flowing in from the Monad”. Again, He mentions the third degree.

4.                  DK has said that He is not training disciples for the third degree (and this is generally true). However, exceptions have been noted (as in the case of DHB) and there is also a reference which states that DK has been charged with training disciples for the first three degrees of initiation. The two contrasting paragraphs are listed below.

a.       A would-be-initiate does not, at first, work solely under the care of the Master of a particular Ashram. Or initiation may be taken in the interim period between incarnations, or else immediately upon return to physical plane life. This latter is the most probable for those who are not taking initiations higher than the third; and, at present, for that initiation I am not preparing disciples. (DINA II 70)

b.      Certain of the Masters (usually Masters like myself who have only lately passed through the fifth initiation) have been chosen to train and instruct aspirants on all the rays until after the third Initiation of Transfiguration. (DINA II 383)

5.                  In only a couple of cases does DK explicitly state the initiation for which the disciple is being prepared. In others He hints in such a way that, if the disciple is alert, he will catch the hint. It is for us also to attempt to catch these hints, although the possibility exists that we could be incorrect in our interpretation.


The object of this particular exercise is to centralise the consciousness (plus the energies of which it is aware within the physical body) in the centre between the eyebrows, the ajna centre. When this is done, you have a secondary form of integration made possible, i.e., the integration of forces coming from the outer world of impression, via the five senses and the synthesising sense, the mind. You have, therefore, energies seeking outlet and expression, via the etheric body as it conditions and renders active the dense physical body, and at the same time energies making known to the man the world of spiritual being. Of these two worlds of sense perception, the two eyes are the symbol, as you know.

1.                  The kind of integration which DK hopes RSU will achieve is described.

2.                  Two forms of integration are the object of achievement: 1) the integration of energies which make known to man the world of spiritual being and 2) the integration of energies which seek outlet and expression via the etheric body as it renders active the dense physical body.

3.                  There arises an integration of higher and lower worlds and both are worlds of “sense perception”. Higher and lower senses are involved. The inner worlds and the outer worlds are united in the consciousness of the perceiver.


1. Achieve quiet. Relax with as much rapidity as possible and with little mental activity. Then raise the consciousness to the ajna centre.

2. Sound the OM, visualising the integration of the personality with the soul. In doing this, link the pituitary centre with the head centre, above the pineal gland.

3. Then pause and after a mental grasp of what is to be done proceed as follows:

a. Take a long breath and draw the energy from the throat centre in so doing.

b. Repeat the breathing and draw the energy from the heart centre, holding these two withdrawn energies imaginatively in the ajna centre.

c. Repeat the process in connection with the solar plexus.

d. Repeat also in connection with the sacral centre.

e. Recognising then that four types of energy have been centred in the ajna centre, take another long breath and draw the energy of the muladhara centre to the ajna focus.

f. Then consciously endeavour to hold all the energies there.

1.                  This is actually a very occult meditation and will certainly enhance personality integration and the integration of that personality with the soul.

2.                  We can see its potentially centralizing effect and how it would empower the ajna centers to direct and guide the energies of all centers below it.

3.                  The soul and personality are visualized as integrated. Two glands and one center are related as a triangle: the pituitary, the pineal and the head center above the pineal.


4. At this point, dedicate the energies of the personality (which express themselves through these five centres and the ajna centre, making six centres in all) and breathe them back again — by an act of the will — into the centres to which they belong. Do not do this sequentially and piecemeal but as one dynamic outbreathing; see these energies travelling down the spine to their respective resting places, carrying new life, pure stimulation and dynamic will to each and every centre.

5. Then, as the soul informing the body, sound the OM and proceed with the group meditation.

This meditation should definitely aid in increasing the activity of the physical body along the lines you have for so long desired, and make the discipline for which you have striven, no longer a discipline but a life of unconscious, automatic spiritual expression.

1.                  This is a simple and clear meditation but undoubtedly of great power.

2.                  The energies gathered to the ajna center are dedicated presumably to the soul and to the manifestation of the Divine Plan. Through this dedication the gathered energies are consecrated to the highest possible use.

3.                  The will is definitely involved in this exercise; all upgatherings are done through the will as well as all re-direction of the gathered energies.

4.                  The process of ‘breathing back’ is necessary to restore balance, and as it occurs, it give the meditator the opportunity to redirect the gathered energies to their various sources producing revitalization.

5.                  The ‘breathing back’ occurs dynamically in one “outbreathing”. This synthetic rather than piecemeal approach also serves to produce balance and induces a sense of wholeness within the energy system.

6.                  The purpose of this meditation is to carry “pure stimulation and dynamic will to each and every centre”.

7.                  DK is bringing still more powerful occult methods to the task of discipline which for more than a decade has engaged RSU’s attention. The highest centers are being established as directors of the lower. A transition is being made from a life of discipline to a life of “unconscious, automatic spiritual expression”.


August 1942


1. Your feet have onward marched. The Path stands clear revealed. You know the step ahead.

1.                  Two years have passed since the last series of instructions. One can imagine Master DK deeply involved in the war process having no time to dictate letters to individual chelas.

2.                  Six powerful mantrams have been given to each of the chelas in the New Seed Group. One suspects that they are so concentrated in their potency that they would provide each chela with major meditation themes for the rest of his/her present incarnation.

3.                  These mantrams or occult phrases are given out at a time of great peril for humanity. The “lower interlude” is in full swing. It was during this period in 1942 that the Master thought They might have to withdraw, as it appeared that humanity was going down to defeat. It is in this historical context that occult phrases of the most essentialized kind are given to the group members.

4.                  This first group of occult sentences indicates that the aspiration has been keen. Marching Mars and the sixth ray have played their role. Now there is light upon the Path ahead. It stands “clear revealed” under the influence of light-bearing Venus.

5.                  There is a step ahead and RSU knows it. This step is presumably an initiation. It is surely either the second or third, and many are the indications that it could be the third. We must remember that the second and third initiations can be taken in the same life and, in fact, usually are (cf. I HS 84-85).


2. I would ask you not to backward look, my brother, but [Page 606] tread with confidence the Lighted Way. It leads to Me. Your soul and I are One.

1.                  The Way lies on ahead. We have already seen RSU demonstrate certain backward-looking tendencies stimulated by the third ray, Cancer and Capricorn.

2.                  We notice how emphatic is the Tibetan: He emphasizes the word, “not” through italics. The ‘backward way’ leads not to the light. The “Lighted Way” is the “Lighted Way of Integration” involving the influence of Venus and the activation and directing power of the integrating ajna center.

3.                  The Way ahead leads to the Master. Master DK offers an integrating thought which is realized by those who stand at the third level of unfoldment: the soul (the first Master) and the Master of the chela’s Ashram are One.

4.                  The utilization of this second group of sentences leads into the Ashram.


3. Yet I am always near thee — nearer than breeze, or breath or air. Your soul, your Master and yourself are truly one. Reflect.

1.                  These beautiful, poetic sentences suggest the reality of ashramic-intimacy, and invite RSU to partake of its reality.

2.                  The phrase “nearer than breeze, or breath of air”, may be a hint concerning the breath as a means to achieve a greater sense of that intimacy. Perhaps, also, the presence of the Master is to be felt like a gentle breeze and is to be invoked through the breath. We remember that “air” is a symbol of the buddhic plane on which many of the Masters’ Ashrams are to be found, including Master DK’s.

3.                  The theme of the previous groups of sentences is repeated. The attempt is to achieve what all advanced disciples must — the realization that those often distinguished centers of energy and consciousness (the Master, the soul and the self) are really one. This realization will require the power of the buddhic sense of fusion.


4. Stand free. Let naught disturb your calm. Yet seek not peace. Keep poised upon a pinnacle of love.

1.                  A tranquil condition of the astral body is sought. This leads to a detached and free condition.

2.                  In RSU’s life there has been much concealed distress. It has its roots in self-depreciation and the conflicts into which her identification with the Jewish racial consciousness precipitate her.

3.                  The calmness unperturbed is not astral peace. “Naught in me seeks the way of peace. Naught in me yearns for earth”. These sentences from the Mantram of Fire (LOS 209) set the proper orientation for the advanced disciple.

4.                  If there is identification with the fluctuations of the emotional life there can be no calm.

5.                  The method of achieving the necessary calm is through an attitude of love.

6.                  A beautiful and evocative phrase is used. RSU is to “keep poised upon a pinnacle of love”.

7.                  A pinnacle suggests a kind of mountain, a promontory, a lofty position. Astrologically, Venus in Capricorn (the hierarchical position of Venus) is a pinnacle of love.

8.                  She is to achieve that pinnacle and not descend from it into lesser states. She is to remain poised in the attitude of love, not losing her balance.

9.                  Those who have achieved the third degree have achieved (rather permanently) “a pinnacle of love”.

10.              Another way of describing this pinnacle is as polarization within the soul, i.e., within causal consciousness. It is definitely an ‘altitude’ ‘above’ personality focus and identification.


5. I seek to have you come closer into the work. Seize upon opportunity when it may come.

1.                  These two sentences are clear and direct. There is nothing poetic or symbolic about them.

2.                  To come “close into the work” can mean two things: closer into the outer work of the Arcane School and Lucis Trust, and, also, closer into the work of the Ashram.

3.                  The injunction to “seize opportunity when it may come” is probably not just general advice, but based upon the prevision which Master DK uses on occasion in relation to His chelas. He probably sees ahead an opportunity of a certain kind and is hoping that alerting RSU to its possibility, may stimulate her intuition to recognize it and take it.


6. Move forward in my Ashram; the middle Place within that Ashram is the outer Place within the centre of K.H. You know your place.

1.                  These final sentences deal directly with ashramic matters. There is a diagram on page 610 of DINA II which describes the relationship between the Ashram of DK and that of KH. (Unfortunately this diagram cannot be inserted here at this time.)

2.                  This sixth group of sentences is related to the fifth group. There the Tibetan told RSU that He sought to have her “come closer into the work”. Now He asks her to “move forward in my Ashram”.

3.                  The “middle Place” here mentioned is pictured in the diagram. Since Master KH’s Ashram is that of a Chohan, a “middle Place” in Master DK’s Ashram is relatively an “outer Place” within KH’s.

4.                  The suggestion is that disciples upon the periphery of Master DK’s Ashram cannot move into the Ashram of a Chohan like KH. Only once they have advanced considerably into the lesser Ashram can they gain entry along the periphery of the greater Ashram.

5.                  We suspect that RSU is really a disciple of the Master KH, or intended to be. The implication in this sixth group of sentences is that RSU has not yet achieved the “middle Place” from which she could enter Master KH’s Ashram. It seems that Master DK wishes to position her so that this will be possible.


September 1943



It has been under discussion between K.H. and myself as to whether you should at this time move into His Ashram or whether you should still stay within my Ashram which — in the last analysis — is a part of His. I hinted at this fact to you in one of the six statements which I gave you in my last instruction. It has been decided between us (subject to the approval of your own soul) that the work in my Ashram calls for your cooperation and help, particularly as A.A.B. is now working at her own post within the Ashram of K.H. This decision was reached for certain definite reasons which it is only fair should be communicated to you:

1.                  The manner of address is significant. When one becomes a “friend of the Master” it marks a certain stage of advancement. The phrase “friends of the Christ” is used in the instructions to DHB where it is stated that both DHB and FCD are numbered in that group. We can infer that there are also “friends” of lesser Masters than the Christ.

2.                  Usually, the manner of address includes the word, “Brother”. The letters following this particular letter use that term again, so there must be some special purpose in DK’s use of this form of address in this particular letter.

3.                  The term, “Helper” is unusual and seems to signify one who is rendering the Master helpful service of a definite kind.

4.                  We notice that the Masters do discuss amongst Themselves the condition and position of certain disciples. Master DK discussed JWK-P with Master M. and FCD with Master KH. Probably a few other discussions of this kind can be found in the text of the two DINA books. It seems clear that for such discussion to occur, the disciple in question must be relatively advanced, and possessed of the imminent possibility of moving into the Ashram of a more powerful Master (to Whom that disciple probably already ‘belongs’) — for JWK-P ‘belonged’ to M and FCD to KH even though they were serving in DK’s Ashram.

5.                  It is important to note, when distinguishing the Ashrams of KH and DK, that one is really, and “in the last analysis”, a part of the other. A Master’s Ashram is included within the Ashram of the Chohan of the Master’s ray.

6.                  We noted in the previous instruction that there was mention of the “middle Place” in DK’s Ashram and the “outer Place” in KH’s. This is the hint of which Master DK now speaks.

7.                  The discussion between DK and KH concerns whether RSU should be transferred to KH’s Ashram or whether she should remain in the Ashram of DK.

8.                  The decision was made to retain RSU in the Ashram of DK, largely because of ashramic need. Master DK’s Ashram needs her help as AAB is now working “at her own post” within the Ashram of KH.

9.                  We note something of very great interest. The decision which has been made is “subject to the approval” of RSU’s soul. We must remember that the Solar Angel is an “initiate of all degrees” (R&I 259) Who for long has had a particular human soul under supervision and training. We learn here that in any such decisions the wisdom of the Solar Angel must be consulted. This is a rare piece of occult information with far-reaching implications.

10.              We note that the ashramic-positioning of a disciple is a balance of group and individual considerations. No such change of position is taken lightly.

11.              DK tells RSU that there were certain “definite reasons” for reaching this decision and, further, that it is only fair that these reasons should be communicated to her. The Masters do nothing without purpose, thus, it can be assumed that communicating the reasons will be spiritually helpful to RSU.


First: It was felt that your present type of physical vehicle could not adequately take the heightened vibration which distinguishes the Ashram of a Chohan from that of a Master. It would require too much adjustment and consequent delay in the work to be done, especially in this time of world crisis wherein every disciple has to contribute all that is in him. You yourself know that consistently you have been told by me that your major hindrance was the physical body — a body equipped to render the service and complete certain karmic adjustments during this life. People seldom appreciate adequately the fact that the physical body is a definite channel of contact (and sometimes the only one as it expresses [Page 607] physical plane relationships of a karmic nature) between themselves and the people with whom they have to work out certain relationships. This has been pronouncedly so in your case; this is a fact which you will grasp with greater facility when no longer limited by that physical body, as are all who are in incarnation, particularly disciples at your stage of expression. Have you not realised that one of the lessons which every disciple has to learn is the lesson of limitations? Usually this lesson climaxes in some one incarnation wherein — again as in your case — there is full and free inner expression and at the same time definite physical limitations. If you were now transferred into the Ashram of K.H., it would necessitate too much expenditure of protective force on the part of K.H. in order to prevent the disruption of some of the atoms of your body, to offset a too rapid purification of the cells of the physical body, to stem a too direct stimulation of the centres in the etheric body, and a consequent arresting of the work you are doing — and doing so well. Your personal karma still demands that you stay where you are — and I still need your aid, my brother.

1.                  One of the reasons for retaining RSU in DK’s Ashram is related to the present condition of her physical vehicle. We now see, perhaps, one of the reasons why Master DK has for so long emphasized the condition of that vehicle and the need to heighten its vibration. He, no doubt, foresaw the possibility of transference to KH’s Ashram and sought to prepare His chela.

2.                  It appears that RSU has not, over the many years, raised the condition of her physical vehicle sufficiently to warrant the transfer.

3.                  We are learning something about the relative strength of two kinds of Ashrams — that of a Chohan and that of a Master. The difference is strength is, apparently, considerable, and is an important factor to be considered when the possible transference of a disciple from one to the other is under discussion.

4.                  If the transference were to occur, too much time would have to be spent with necessary adjustments. Given the seriousness of those times, it would not have been a correct move in terms of the Law of Economy.

5.                  DK reiterates a common theme, reminding RSU that the physical body is and has been her major hindrance. He points to the purpose of such a physical body: to “complete certain karmic adjustments” and also to “render the service”. He does not specify what the service is, but presumably, the body is suited to the kinds of service in which she has been engaged.

6.                  Another important piece of occult information is imparted — the importance of the physical body in providing relationships of a karmic kind. Sometimes, such necessary relationships can be provided in no other way.

7.                  If there were no such physical relationships, nothing in the astral or mental nature would incline such people to meet and interact and thus “work out” the relationships which karmic obligation and Karmic Law demand.

8.                  Perhaps we are learning in this paragraph of some deeper implications concerning the decision made by DK and KH with respect to RSU. It is the responsibility of the Master to recommend His Chela to the Initiator when the time is right. The decision under discussion may be part of such a process. Or it may be a lesser kind of recommendation which could lead to a greater. That lesser type of recommendation, then, would concern only change of Ashrams but not of initiatory degree.

9.                  Master DK does not expect RSU to understand this fully. When released from the limitations of physical incarnation, she will understand more. It is suggested that disciples at her stage of development (relatively advanced) are especially able to understand the reasons for such karmic connections (with all their attendant limitations) after they are free from the physical body.

10.              More general teaching follows. One of the hard lessons of discipleship is the “lesson of limitation”. Such a lesson would help a disciple distinguish between the inner and outer man, for if the outer plane and the outer vehicle are resistant to inner expression, the disciple is thrown back upon his/her inner nature (which, as a result, is more completely understood and valued).

11.              All this discussion of karma and limitation is occurring at a time when RSU’s progressing Sun is in the final, karmic and very limiting degrees of Pisces. The time is, therefore, apt for such discussion.

12.              This type of limiting incarnation is now upon RSU; inwardly, she has achieved a significant degree of freedom, but her inner contacts are difficult to express given the nature of her physical vehicle and personality profession and, to a certain extent, her environment. If one is in such an incarnation, it is important to recognize the fact as this recognition will help one abide the limitation intelligently and constructively.

13.              Transfer to Master KH’s Ashram would involve certain definite consequences of a physical etheric nature. These are now discussed:

a.       Some of the atoms of RSU’s body would be disrupted.

b.      A too rapid purification of the cells of the body would ensue.

c.       A too direct stimulation of her chakras would occur.

14.              If these results were to be at all neutralized, Master KH would have to intervene, and such intervention would require too much “expenditure of protective force”.

15.              We can see how carefully the personal condition of any disciple is considered by those Masters Who have some responsibility for the disciple’s training (and welfare).

16.              The end result of the over-stimulation which would result from transference to the Ashram of a Chohan would stop the work that RSU is presently doing, and (adds Master DK), “doing so well”. This would clearly be undesirable.

17.              We can all learn much from the extreme caution exercised by the Masters when making important decisions.

18.              The final statement sums up the situation: her personal karma (presumably the karma of relationship and the karma/condition of her physical body) demands that she stay where she is. Also, Master DK needs her. This last reason would be (for any true disciple) sufficient incentive to accept with acquiescence, understanding and good cheer the decision which has been made.

19.              We must remember that karma means both action and condition. Karma is, in a way, ‘the state of things’. When He mentions her “personal karma” He might as well be saying ‘your personal condition’. Action results in the creation of condition, and condition is always a ‘karmic condition’. Karma is the vibratory state or condition which action has generated. It is not just ‘that which will befall’. It is the condition that is at any moment.

20.              We should note that at this time (when transference into KH’s Ashram is for various reasons denied) Saturn (the planet of restriction, limitation and of opportunity) is transiting her soul-ray ruler, Jupiter, which is found in Gemini (a sign definitely related to Master KH and, as well, almost certainly related to Master DK). Apparently her progress is being arrested (Saturn), but, simultaneously, there is a presentation of opportunity (Saturn). A decision has been made (Saturn).


Second: This particular group of disciples in my Ashram, with which you are and will be affiliated, needs your help and service. That is another phase of karma (this time the karma of a pledged disciple) which you have assumed. The years have proved your staying power, your unswerving devotion and your stable love for your co-workers. All that is still needed and will be increasingly required. An understanding heart and a steady application to the work to be done are great attributes, and speaking esoterically, both I and your group brothers "know where to find you." The part that you have to play will slowly emerge and become clear to your mind and you, I know, will meet requirements as they arise.

1.                  The group within Master DK’s Ashram is the “New Seed Group” and it needs RSU’s help. Presumably this help could not be rendered as needed were she transferred entirely to Master KH’s Ashram.

2.                  We begin to understand more completely why this letter began with “My Friend and Helper”. It is important for RSU to understand clearly the nature of the help she can and should offer the Ashram of Master DK. She must also understand that the offering of this kind of help is part of her karma as a pledged disciple. We note that, although RSU is definitely an “accepted disciple”, this in no way negates her “pledge”, and that she is, still and in fact, a “pledged disciple”.

3.                  A pledged disciple must do that which the Ashram most needs. In such a case, individual opportunity counts for less than ashramic need.

4.                  DK affirms the value of His disciple. RSU has “staying power” (as we would expect from the strong Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus emphasis), “unswerving devotion” (which exists despite the fact that there is presently no sixth ray in her ray chart — though, no doubt, there has recently been) and a “stable love for your co-workers” (this, despite RSU’s difficulty in expressing love of a more personal kind).

5.                  DK gives a summery of RSU’s valuable qualities and states that they will be even more in demand.

6.                  DK continues listing RSU’s good qualities: “an understanding heart” and a steady application to the work to be done”. This kind of reliability is of great value both to the Master and to RSU’s fellow chelas. Occultly, both know where to “find” her. This is important, as it is frequently the case that, temporarily, a disciple’s light may not be easy of detection — i.e., not readily seen or found.

7.                  RSU’s future work for DK is not clearly indicated here. He simply indicates that the work will emerge; it will be clear to her; and He can count on her to “meet requirements as they arise”.


Third: Your work must increasingly be that of the teacher, and you must learn more and more to bring through, for the use of the many, the knowledges stored up by your soul through many lives of training; this knowledge, rapidly being transmuted by you into wisdom, must be made available for your personality to use as it seeks to help and train other personalities to become soul conscious. If you were to [Page 608] move into the more advanced Ashram you might find that you could not do this, for you would not only be occupied in making certain needed adjustments, but would also have to apply yourself to fresh learning. It has been felt by Us, therefore, that for the remainder of this incarnation you should develop the facility to make full use of what you have acquired, so that the stream of outgoing teaching can become so direct that you will establish a teaching facility and technique for your next incarnation which will stand you in good stead when the work your soul has planned for you opens up in front of you.

1.                  A third reason for her to remain within the Ashram of DK is offered. Increasingly she must work as teacher. She has much knowledge (not only from this life), and this knowledge is being rapidly transmuted into wisdom. It is a needed and valuable process which is furthered by her presence in Master DK’s Ashram. In His Ashram both knowledge and wisdom are being made increasingly available to her personality for use in training “other personalities to become soul conscious”.

2.                  Interestingly, this valuable process of transmutation and impartation would very likely cease in the Ashram of KH, because of the time needed for inevitable adjustments and because of the “fresh learning” required.

3.                  As they decide what should be done, KH and DK are looking ahead to the dharma of RSU’s next incarnation — that of a teacher. Full use has not yet been made of all that RSU has acquired, so a definite period of assimilation of many stored forms of knowledge is required.

4.                  We should note what is here said: that the decision has been made to retain her in Master DK’s Ashram “for the remainder of this incarnation”. Such a decision would seem to be irreversible, but later it was, in fact, reversed. When we get to that point we shall consider the interesting reasons for reversal.

5.                  Three specific reasons have been offered for keeping RSU serving in DK’s Ashram. Generally, these reasons are:

a.       The heightened vibration of a Chohan’s Ashram would disrupt her work.

b.      She is needed in DK’s Ashram.

c.       She must continue to prepare for her future role as teacher, which she can do best in DK’s Ashram.

6.                  We note that the soul plans head — perhaps a number of incarnations ahead. RSU’s work in her next incarnation is already definitely planned.


You have, therefore, three things to do as the future unrolls:

1. Continue with the discipline and right control of the physical body so that it can increasingly become a better and more usable instrument.

2. Form a steady and stable focal point of loving attention to which your group brothers can turn in years to come.

3. Give out to others more and more of what you know. You have a good field of expression in the work for which A.A.B. tells me you are responsible. Use this increasingly — with firmness and judgment. Let not your heart always determine the issues at stake, but call in the balancing head increasingly. The so-called kind immediate thing or the thing which the student wants is not always the wise thing or that which will help him the most.

1.                  This is definitely a most orienting letter. What RSU must do is clearly given.

2.                  Really, these directives grow out of the three reasons given for keeping RSU with Master DK.

3.                  The continuation of physical discipline is, by this time, to be expected.

4.                  The continuation of the work done for DK comes next. In regard to this work, DK asks RSU to “form a steady and stable focal point of loving attention”. Steadiness, reliability and loving attentiveness are requested.

5.                  The third directive is also familiar: “give out to other more and more of what you know”. Perhaps the Cancerian tendency towards retentiveness militates against the direction DK would like to see established (especially with the ruling Moon placed in acquisitive, retentive Taurus). Still, the opportunity is there, and with the soul ray ruler, Jupiter, in Gemini, it is likely that the distributive flow of knowledge and wisdom will become increasingly adequate.

6.                  A piece of good advice is offered. Although RSU has much wisdom, she often follows her heart instead of her head. She often gives to students what they want rather than what they need. DK calls for balanced judgment in this regard. Firmness too is required. RSU has the first ray equipment to facilitate this, but her second ray, it appears, is often stronger.

7.                  Short-term apparent kindness (perhaps growing out of the “love of being loved”) may be no real kindness. A student’s real needs are not always correlated with what they desire. Sensitivity to real need is required; we remember that it is an important and often unsuspected psychic power.

8.                  It would seem that RSU is working increasingly with the Arcane School and that AAB has given her important work to do in this respect.


The remarks which I have made anent the two Ashrams will have awakened interest in your mind and you will be pondering upon the relation existing between the various Ashrams. Scattered throughout these personal instructions, as well as in the group teachings, will be found much that has hitherto not been given out or which is relatively new, and hence the value of reading with care the instructions of the individual group members. There was much of esoteric value in the various statements given last year to the group members, [Page 609] and the sixth sentence in yours embodies a new and interesting truth.

1.                  There are many technicalities concerning the Ashrams which are unsuspected by the casual student.

2.                  DK has scattered much that is new throughout the personal instructions to His chelas and through the group teachings. However, “reading with care” is required if they are to be discerned.

3.                  We have noted that the six statements given to RSU (and, at the same time to all the other chelas) had much of deep esoteric value and interest.

4.                  DK recalls her attention to the sixth grouping sentences concerning the “middle Place” and the “outer Place”. He did not disclose the full meaning of those sentences. The discovery of that meaning will be revealed as she ponders.


There are many Ashrams upon the various rays. My Ashram, being a second ray Ashram, is naturally closely related to that of K.H., which is the central or the most important Ashram upon the second ray line of energy as it penetrates the hierarchical centre. K.H. is at this time, under the Christ, the working Representative of the second ray in the Hierarchy. The Christ is the link between the second ray as it expresses itself in the Hierarchy and Shamballa. Initiates of high degree and Masters on all the rays have Their Own Ashrams, but not all are teaching centres; this is a point to be remembered, as well as the fact that all of them are not concerned primarily with the unfoldment of the human consciousness and with the needs of the human kingdom. There are other types of consciousness of deep and real importance in the great chain of Hierarchy stretching from below to far above the human kingdom. This is a point apt to be forgotten.

1.                  Master DK gives some teaching on ashramic matters.

2.                  We are told that KH’s Ashram is the “most important Ashram upon the second ray line of energy as it penetrates the hierarchical centre”. This is a curiously worded sentence. Either the “second ray line of energy” penetrates the hierarchical centre or Master KH’s Ashram does so. Presumably, the “hierarchical centre” is the Christ, Himself. We learn that Master KH works in very close cooperation with the Christ, and thus, KH’s Ashram could be reasonably seen to “penetrate the hierarchical centre”.

3.                  We learn that KH is (at least “at this time”) the “working Representative of the second ray in the Hierarchy”. This is a position external to that of the Christ and involves more of the third aspect than characterizes the Christ’s work.

4.                  The roles of Master KH and the Christ are contrasted. The Christ is the “link between the second ray as it expresses itself in the Hierarchy and Shamballa”. The Christ is definitely a member of Shamballa and the second ray definitely expresses itself in Shamballa as well as in Hierarchy. KH’s role is to link the second ray as it expresses itself in Hierarchy with the second ray as it should increasingly begin expressing itself in humanity. The Christ’s role is higher and greater.

5.                  “At this time” Master KH works under the Christ, but one day, KH will be the “World Teacher” and the Christ will move on to other and greater duties. At that time KH will no longer be working under the Christ as He is now.

6.                  There are many Ashrams serving many purposes. Master DK reminds us that not all Ashrams are “teaching centres” and not all concern the unfoldment of human consciousness and the meeting of human needs.

7.                  Humanity as a whole is still very ‘self-centered’ (considering humanity as a self). Humanity is only one expression of life on this planet and the needs of all life expressions must be met. We are being presented with decentralizing thoughts. DK wishes us not to forget the other forms of life — of “deep and real importance in the great chain of Hierarchy…”


I, as a Master upon the second ray, have an Ashram which is a branch, an affiliate, an outgrowth or a specialised part of the Ashram of K.H. It is because of this that the services of A.A.B. have been made available to me for two decades and more than two decades. Words here are limiting and confusing. In the statement of six sentences which was given to you last year, you were told to move forward in my Ashram. The meaning is that in the great interlocking directorate of the Hierarchy and in the basic relation between the Ashrams (as, for instance, all Ashrams upon the second ray) there arises a point where the circle of an Ashram overlaps or interpenetrates the circle of another Ashram, and at their point of contact and of overlapping an increased intercourse and interplay becomes possible. It is here that you have to find your place. It might be pictured somewhat like the diagram (page 610), as regards my Ashram and that of K.H.

1.                  The relationship between KH’s and DK’s Ashrams is more specifically described.

2.                  DK describes His Ashram as a “branch, an affiliate, an outgrowth or a specialised part of the Ashram of K.H.” DK’s Ashram is, per se, more manasic than the greater Ashram of KH which is, we may say, more buddhic.

3.                  The ashramic reason why AAB (a disciple of KH) could cooperate with Master DK is given. It is principally because DK’s Ashram is really an aspect of the Ashram of Master KH.

4.                  DK refers back to the sixth group of sentences in the group of six such groups offered in the last instruction. RSU was to move forward in Master DK’s Ashram until she reached the “middle Point” of His Ashram, which is, at the same time, a “point of contact and of overlapping” with Master KH’s Ashram. If she achieves a standing at such a point, she is effectively in both Ashram’s simultaneously.

5.                  DK reminds her that she is has not yet moved forward to that position; she has not yet found her place there and this she must do.

6.                  Again, the very interesting diagram cannot be imported, but students may turn to page 610 either in the DINA II book or in the AAB CDRom.

7.                  Even thought RSU is not to be transferred entirely into KH’s Ashram at this time, she may achieve a greater degree of intercourse and interplay with that Ashram. DK is seeking to encourage this achievement.


At this Middle Point there is a coming and a going; there is relation and contact; there is increased opportunity and inspiration; there are focal points of transmutation, of transition and of transformation. It is towards this area of merging [Page 610] and of fusion that you are now asked to move. Reflect upon this and get the deep spiritual implications which this picture of relationship between the Ashrams can convey to you. By your effort, your determination and your understanding you can form part of the group which stands in this "Middle Chamber" (to use Masonic terminology) and can work from this point in the ashramic life. This important little diagram can be applied also to the relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity — the New Group of World Servers occupying this lower midway point.

1.                  The diagram is only suggestive of the process. In fact, in some ways it may be misleading, for the periphery of KH’s Ashram intersects DK’s Ashram at a point still more interior to that lesser Ashram than the “middle Place”. Still, one gets the idea.

2.                  DK elaborates upon that which may be achieved at this “Middle Point”:

a.       relation,

b.      contact

c.       increased opportunity

d.      increased inspiration

e.       finding a focal point of transmutation —

f.        a focal point of transition,

g.       a focal point of transformation

h.       merging

3.                  It is clear that the “Middle Point” is a potent ‘vibratory location’. It would seem that at that “Point” preparation for eventual transference into the greater Ashram is undergone. At that “Point” there is a general keying-up of vibration which we usually call transmutation leading to the still greater process of transformation. And at that “Point” the key differences between the vibration of Master KH’s and Master DK’s Ashrams can be more distinctly appreciated.

4.                  There is, apparently, a group which stands in the “Middle Chamber” (we remember DK’s earlier references to it). It is a ‘transitional location’ but has important relational functions, just as the NGWS has important relational functions between Hierarchy and humanity.

5.                  From another perspective, the “Middle Chamber” is the causal body itself, midway between the life of the personality and the life of the monad/triad/

6.                  In Masonry the “Middle Chamber” has reference to what might be called the ‘middle degree’ (that of the “Fellow Craft”). The Fellow Craft degree is related to the second initiation just as the Entered Apprentice is to the first. The Master Mason degree is related to the fourth initiation especially, with another and still higher degree carrying the focus to the fifth initiation.

7.                  In the Fellow Craft there is developed a great fellowship and responsiveness to soul direction and refinement. DK may be telling RSU something about her initiatory status; those who stand at the “Middle Point” may be second degree initiates, or very close to that stage.

8.                    The mediating center between the heart and the throat is the ajna center. The NGWS is an ajna center of the Lord of the World, we have been told (R&I 368). Hierarchy represents the heart and humanity the throat. We can perhaps begin to see another reason why DK gave RSU a meditation specifically designed to help develop the ajna center. (Instruction of August 1940)

9.                  By asking her to stand at the “Middle Point” He is hinting that she is being prepared for transference into KH’s Ashram. It has been stated, however, that such transference would not occur in this particular incarnation.


It will be obvious to you also how the symbolism of an eclipse will come into your mind, for when the merging is complete, humanity and the Hierarchy will be one; there will be no outer or inner and no middle chamber, but only complete unity. Later in our planetary history, this design will also depict the relation of Shamballa to the Hierarchy. It can also be applied most usefully to the relationship between soul and personality, wherein the "encroaching light of the soul obliterates the dim light of the personality, and within that lighted area the disciple learns to stand."

1.                  The value of the diagram is further elaborated.

2.                  As the diagram is presently rendered, the symbol of the eclipse is to be seen. Gradually, the lesser identification will be ‘eclipsed’ by the greater

3.                  Every lesser sphere will gradually be absorbed into the greater sphere — whether we are speaking of the relationship between Masters on the same ray, between Hierarchy and humanity as mediated by the NGWS, between Shamballa and Hierarchy as mediated by the Nirmanakayas, or between soul and personality as mediated by that ‘area of identification’ known as the disciple (the conscious ‘soul in incarnation’).

4.                  As disciples, we are subject to the “encroaching light of the soul” and the dimness of our consciousness (experienced because we are identified as personalities) will gradually be obliterated.

5.                  As disciples we are presently standing not entirely within the personality nor entirely within the soul, but in that ‘intermediate space’ which is as a “Middle Point”. We are ‘in the personality but not of it’. From another perspective, we are ‘of the soul but not yet in it’.

6.                  When we try to understand ‘where we stand’, this kind of diagram can prove most useful.


There is much more that could be said, my brother, but reflection and prolonged thought upon what has been said will enable you to add that much more.

I would suggest that you take these thoughts into your meditation, and that you also use this little diagram as the theme for reflection during the coming year. Draw up your [Page 611] own meditation form, embodying these concepts and preserving steadfastly in your consciousness the imperative command of your soul to "move forward." Look for indications of this moving forward in the growth of increased understanding, in a sense at times of a greatly heightened vibration, and also in a greatly increased facility in imparting knowledge. Learn to know yourself as the disciple, and be not so intensely preoccupied with yourself as the struggling aspiring personality. Personalities enter not into Ashrams —  only souls.

1.                  The Master does not and need not say all. Something must be left to the “prolonged thought” and reflection of the disciple.

2.                  RSU is advised to use the diagram as a theme for meditative reflection during the coming year. She has also reached that point in her development at which she may draw up her own meditation forms.

3.                  What it will take to “move forward” is for her to determine.

4.                  The evidence of progress, however, will appear in three ways (of which we all should take note).

a.       growth of increased understanding

b.      a sense at times of greatly heightened vibration

c.       greatly increased facility in imparting knowledge

5.                  It is clear that if RSU fulfills the three things she must do “as the future unrolls”, she will, indeed, move forward.

6.                  A change of identification is called for. There are three points of possible identification:

a.       as a struggling, aspiring personality

b.      as the disciple

c.       as the soul

7.                  RSU has identified overly much as a “struggling, aspiring personality” and now the time for this is past. The fact that her progressing Moon will soon be moving into the sign identified with the “Light of the Soul” (Leo) should facilitate this change of identification.

8.                  While that point of identification known as the “disciple” is not yet the soul (on its own plane), it is more soul-identified than is the “struggling, aspiring personality”.

9.                  Why do personalities not enter into Ashrams? Ashrams are located on triadal levels. Personality vibration cannot penetrate there; personality vibration will not transfer to such high ‘elevations’.

10.              The ‘disciple-as-soul’ however, can experience those higher states and therefore, ‘as soul’, can enter the Ashram (at least its periphery). Triadal identification will be required to enter deeply into such Ashrams as those of Master DK and KH.

11.              The lesson here for all of us is that we must “move forward” to a certain point before we enter the sphere of influence of the soul. If we remain centered exclusively in the personality, we remain standing ‘outside’ the “sphere of influence” of the soul.

There is no need for me to ask you to stand by A.A.B. The rhythm of years cannot be disturbed and you have always stood by her and you always will.

1.                  In a way, Master DK is asking RSU to continue to stand by AAB. AAB needs that support.

2.                  A strong and persistent rhythm of relationship has been built between AAB and RSU and it can be relied upon to continue.

3.                  Then, a most interesting thing is said: “you have always stood by her and you always will”. We probably cannot take the word “always” literally, but it certainly indicates a very long relationship extending ‘backwards’ into the past and on into the future. It is clear that, essentially, RSU is a loyal disciple, trusted by both AAB and the Master and needed by both.


November 1944



The past year has seen much change in your life, and for this I earlier sought to prepare you; it is change which is largely in the nature of release and of a freeing for more effective service. In reviewing what I said to you last year (and this I have carefully done in order to help you more effectively in the process of adjustment which faces you) I am impressed with the nature and scope of the information which I saw fit to impart to you. I wonder if the implications of what I said made due impression upon your mind? The following information was given you:

1.                  The year in question has seen transiting Saturn squaring both the MC and the progressed Pisces Sun, and the progressing Moon conjuncting both solar arc directed Pluto and transiting Pluto.

2.                  There may have been a release from professional circumstances and also from close personal relationships, as the Moon, being the ruler of the Ascendant, is a strong personal indicator.

3.                  Master DK has foreseen all this and, through various forms of advice and the impartation of hints, has attempted to prepare her.

4.                  We note that Master DK has actually reviewed what He earlier imparted to RSU. He notes (as no doubt we have noted) how very much He imparted to her in the instruction immediately preceding this one.

5.                  Having Himself reviewed His instructions to RSU, He now offers her the opportunity to review them as well.


1. That the Master K.H. was aware of you and of your relation to Him.

1.                  This fact was offered to RSU as a clarification of her position within Master DK’s Ashram and, increasingly, in relation to the Ashram of Master KH.

2.                  The information may also have been offered to her as an incentive for greater effort and discipline.


2. That it had been decided, in view of A.A.B.'s recall for more definite work in His Ashram, that you would continue to work in my Ashram for the remainder of this life. A.A.B. had temporarily given up some of her work in the Ashram of K.H. in order to be of assistance to me in the specialised work I was attempting to do and which she was equipped to aid.

1.                  RSU is reminded of her close internal relation to AAB and of the need for her to remain with DK (due to the fact that AAB had been recalled to the Ashram of KH).

2.                  AAB is now required to do certain work in KH’s Ashram which she had given up in order to work with DK. The implication is that RSU (always close to AAB) is equipped to undertake for DK the specialized work which AAB had previously done.

3.                  Again it is stated that this arrangement will hold “for the remainder of this life”. This has been stated one way or another, three times. This is curious, as before long, the plan for RSU is reversed.


3. That the "middle point" between the auras or spheres of influence of the related Ashrams should form your [Page 612] immediate objective and the goal of your endeavour. This would mean, in your case, that when you have achieved the "freedom of the middle point" you would be sensitive to impression from me and from my Ashram with which you are now affiliated, but you would also be sensitive to impressions from the Ashram of K.H., via A.A.B.

1.                  It is important to note how often the Master finds it necessary to repeat what He has said to a disciple. The human mind simply forgets important spiritual matters and these have to be re-emphasized.

2.                  RSU is reminded that she has not yet achieved her immediate object and goal — the “freedom of the middle point”. The incentive of a dual form of sensitivity is given; there would be a growing sensitivity to impression from Master DK but also a sensitivity to impression from the Ashram of KH.

3.                  A point of interest here is that this sensitivity to the Ashram of KH would come “via A.A.B.”, as if AAB were a kind of intermediary between KH’s Ashram and RSU.


4. It was also indicated to you that the vehicle which you should seek to discipline and subject to refinement was the physical body. The density of your physical vehicle is both an asset and a liability; it is for you to discover the nature of both and offset the liabilities through discipline and employ the assets in active service.

1.                  Finally, the often repeated advice concerning the physical body is repeated yet again.

2.                  This time, however, DK points to both the assets and liabilities which such a body presents.

3.                  The body is apparently, occultly dense. This may serve for persistence with fortitude and steady, reliable work, but it occultly deflects contact with energies of a more refined nature.

4.                  The directive is clear: offset the liabilities and employ the assets in service.


These are four of the more important facts which I earlier gave you and I recall them to your attention, owing to their major significances in providing vision of possibility and of necessity.

1.                  Quite a number of facts were imparted in that last letter, but DK emphasizes only the most important.

2.                  These four points indicate not only that which is possible but, more urgently, that which is necessary.


The future holds much of true service and opportunity for you, and in the place where your heart lies. When you have successfully and rightly freed yourself from other claims, I would urge you to look forward with joyful anticipation to a fuller and a richer life. A great Law of Compensation comes into play in a peculiar manner and along special lines where accepted disciples are concerned. The emphasis laid upon discipline, upon purification, upon hard demanding work and upon relinquishing that which the personality holds dear, is a needed phase of occult development. This is generally and often sadly recognised. But — paralleling the period of pain and difficulty — is a compensatory activity of the soul which brings all life and circumstance into true perspective and changes attitudes so completely that the recognition of adequate reward supersedes the realisation of pain. The Law of Sacrifice and the Law of Compensation are closely allied, but the first to become active in the life and to become a recognised factor in daily living is sacrifice. Compensation comes later into recognition.

1.                  DK turns predictive. He foresees opportunities for true service in the “place where you heart lies”. Presumably this is in relation to ashramic work and not so much in relation to the more mundane work as an executive.

2.                  RSU is in the process of freeing herself from “other claims”; these may be in relation to her family and her outer-plane work.

3.                  We note that transiting Saturn will soon be crossing the proposed Ascendant indicating the beginning of a new phase of life. It has been moving through the twelfth house indicating a necessary stage of relinquishment.

4.                  DK speaks of a “great Law of Compensation”. It applies to accepted disciples especially. The soul’s rewards of expanded consciousness are substituted for those relinquishments which are perceived as loss by the saddened personality.

5.                  DK speaks of the alliance of the Law of Sacrifice and the Law of Compensation. The Law of Sacrifice must first be activated, however, before the Law of Compensation comes into recognition.

6.                  The compensations will not be those which are recognized by the personality, for they do not fulfill personality desires. The compensations are of the nature of the soul and only those who are increasingly polarized in soul consciousness can appreciate them.

7.                  The occult law is that giving must ever precede reception. The Law of Sacrifice is to be considered the ‘Law of Giving’.

8.                  In RSU’s horoscope we notice the simultaneous, significant influence of both Saturn and Jupiter, the first associated with sacrifice and the second with compensation. Transiting Saturn has conjuncted natal Jupiter and is preparing to cross the proposed Ascendant. Transiting Jupiter is conjuncting the solar arc directed Ascendant, progressing and natal Uranus, and the proposed IC.

9.                  If, however, the occultist looks for reward as the motivation of sacrifices undertaken, the rewards come more tardily and less fully. The motive for a full compensatory replenishment must be service.


You have, my beloved brother, lived a full and rich life; you have been brought into contact with thousands of people [Page 613] of all degrees, religions and points of view; you have known a family life, oft of great pressures but also of frequent happiness; you have fulfilled your duties and adhered to your obligations. Along with all the many impacts upon your life and the many demands upon you, you have successfully endeavoured to live the dual life of the disciple, to serve me and participate, as far as you could see it, in the work of my Ashram. There have been failures, and of these I have not hesitated to tell you oft.

1.                  RSU is almost 62 years old at the time this letter was written.

2.                  The Master, through the life-summary He is offering, is attempting to induce a sense of perspective.

3.                  RSU has come in contact with many people of all kinds and, presumably, has influenced many. Her family life, though often pressured, has also been full and frequently happy.

4.                  She has also lived the dual life of discipleship with relative success.

5.                  There have been failures, and of these the Master has made her aware.

6.                  Perhaps life-summaries are in place when Saturn is about to cross the soul-related Ascendant.


There still remains the conscious refining of the physical vehicle in order to enable you, in your next incarnation, to step into the ring-pass-not of the Ashram of the Chohan K.H. No one can do this for you. In your present circumstances it should be easy for you to apply that desired and recognised discipline — a discipline of such a practical nature that you need not that I should outline it for you. It is one that can and should be gradually applied; this method is more likely to be successful than a rigidly outlined and forcefully demanded procedure and life of physical sacrifice, which might succeed but which might, however, land you in another "field of failure."

1.                  Persistently Master DK deals with the necessary refining of the physical vehicle. As the letters continue, we can see understand with greater depth why this refinement is so important.

2.                  We note that it is principally an insufficiency of refinement which has, to this time, prevented RSU from fully entering the Ashram of the Chohan KH.

3.                  DK looks forward to RSU’s next incarnation when entrance into KH’s Ashram should occur.

4.                  Discipline is to be “gradually applied”. If it is rigidly enforced and a “forcefully demanded procedure”, it could land her in yet another “field of failure”. That failure could be expressed in terms of physical health or in the over-focusing of the consciousness upon strictly physical matters (thus removing it from its intended field of soul-focus).

5.                  Apparently the problem is not insurmountable. It may be that RSU is now living with fewer responsibilities to outer plane work and to family.  DK attempts to help her realize that the demands for greater discipline are not excessive.


Your place in relation to my work in the world is well recognised by you and I would have you remember that your major spiritual responsibility is essentially work that is close to my heart. Each soul you touch in the carrying out of these duties is placed in a particular and peculiar relation to you. Why, my brother? Because, as a member of my Ashram and as one who is approaching the more important Ashram of K.H., you can and do, by the fact of your relation to these aspirants and students, bring them en rapport with hierarchical force. This you should remember, and also bear in mind that the effects of implementing this relationship will be both good and bad. Contact with any disciple acts as a precipitating agency, evoking that which is good and bringing to the surface that which is undesirable and which needs revealing, in order to bring about its rejection. This force and responsibility you need to handle with more conscious understanding. Shrink not from the results, but see to it that reaction to contact with you and with your band of associates, [Page 614] does have definite results. To handle these reactions was something which A.A.B. had to learn both to understand and use; you must learn also, brother of mine.

1.                  What is this work which is “close to my heart”? DK has referred to the work of Triangles as “close to my heart”, so perhaps RSU’s responsibility lies there. More likely it lies within the Arcane School and in relation to the “Fourth Degree” of that School — “Weavers in the Light”. The publication of the book Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, was also close to Master DK’s heart.

2.                  The Master speaks of RSU’s growing influence on younger souls. Since RSU is a member of DK’s Ashram and approaching the more important Ashram of KH, her contact with the students she serves through the Arcane School puts these students in line with the hierarchical forces which pass through her. Every accepted disciple is a carrier of hierarchical force.

3.                  DK is instructing His disciple on some of the practicalities involved with working as an accepted disciple. Earlier He asked her to be firm and wise — not unwisely kind and overly responsive to the desires of her students. Now He tells her that the hierarchical force she carries may stimulate both the good and bad within the lives of the students she touches.

4.                  We are told in Esoteric Healing that “Perfection calls imperfection to the surface” (EH 295). A senior disciple may act somewhat as a representative of the planet, Pluto, helping to draw to the surface that which is deeply hidden in the lives of junior disciples and aspirants. For this, every accepted disciple must be prepared. The following sentence is extremely Plutonic in its significance:

“Contact with any disciple acts as a precipitating agency, evoking that which is good and bringing to the surface that which is undesirable and which needs revealing, in order to bring about its rejection.”

5.                  AAB has been recalled to more interior work, and now RSU must learn the lessons with which AAB struggled. Second ray disciples wish to be liked or loved by their students and associates. The hierarchical force pouring through them may, however, in some cases, militate against this.

6.                  One of the terms in AAB’s ‘Developmental Formula’ was “Skill-in-action”. As RSU is replacing AAB in some of the work she once did for the Tibetan, we find the Tibetan calling for the development of a similar skill. To step successfully into more responsible and central work within the Arcane School and Lucis Trust, RSU needs additional training. We find DK offering wise counsel in this regard.


I will be in touch with you increasingly as you bring the physical vehicle into a greater degree of purity and refinement. You are, in any case, sensitive to my impression. Move onward into light and find me ever there.

1.                  A hint is here given. Many disciples wish to have direct contact with the Master. DK is here linking such direct contact with the refinement of the physical (and, presumably, etheric) vehicle.

2.                  At least RSU is sensitive to DK’s impression and this sensitivity will only grow as she disciplines her physical vehicle.

3.                  We may wonder where the Master can be ‘found’ and where one may seek contact with Him. The answer is given: in the “light”. The Master will not only be there, but “ever” there.

4.                  To move “onward into light” is the equivalent of “move forward into my Ashram”.

5.                  We note how RSU is being trained at both extremes of her nature. In every letter the Master has pointed out the need for physical discipline; in recent letters He is also emphasizing the importance for RSU to polarize her consciousness in higher dimensions (elevated above her “struggling personality”).

August 1946



I would ask you at this time to reread the instructions which I gave you last, and to read them in the light of the present circumstances. This is a painful and rather dreadful testing time for you and — to date — the immediate issue is uncertain, though the final issue is not.

1.                  Very nearly two years passes between the last instruction and the present one. The World War II has ended and many changes have occurred. More are imminent.

2.                  The “present circumstances” constitute for RSU as “rather dreadful testing”. That part of her nature which responds excessively to the Jewish racial consciousness has been overly stimulated and has acted unwisely, in fact, disastrously. The quality of “Restraint” was not used when it should have been and the consequences have been difficult to say the least.

3.                  This period of dire testing coincides with the discontinuation of the “New Seed Group” which, for all group members, proved a most painful experience. The actual disbanding occurred in June 1946 when DK dictated the instructions which were to be the last to the members of the “New Seed Group”. (Some few individuals did, in fact, receive a further communication from DK in 1948). It appears that a general notification of the disbanding occurred with the reception of these papers in August, 1946.

4.                  It is impossible to know whether RSU (working intimately with AAB at Headquarters) knew of the disbanding before the rest of the disciples. It is certainly possible and would (in part) account for the critical time of testing through which she was passing. DK’s thoughts as strongly expressed in this set of instructions certainly had to contribute to the atmosphere of testing; if these instructions were known to her only in August, they would not have had time to influence her.

5.                  At the time that the letter was dictated in June it was uncertain whether RSU would weather the partially self-induced storm.

6.                  We do note that her progressed Sun has moved into Aries about two months before the writing of the present letter. The actual date of the Sun’s ingress was May 20th, thus very close to the time when this letter was dictated. Saturn has crossed the proposed Cancer Ascendant and has just been opposing the natal Sun in Capricorn (indicating the testing period). Solar arc directed Chiron has also being opposing the natal Sun. The demands of the Hierarchy and the Master (Chiron) have stood opposed certain personality tendencies indicated by the Sun in Capricorn (the same sign as the personality of the Jewish Race).

7.                  DK is careful to point out that while the immediate issue for RSU is uncertain, the long-term issue is not. The implication is that she will win through — eventually.


The problem with which you are faced falls, in your mind (if you would only think clearly), into two parts: the problem of your reaction to the Jewish minority question, and the problem of your relation to D.R.S. The first problem you say does not exist; the second problem you consider entirely the fault of D.R.S., and therefore, my brother, you stand clear of all blame and responsibility on both scores. As you are still dwelling in a personality and have not yet taken the third initiation, such complete innocence is far from likely.

1.                  The Tibetan outlines RSU’s problem. It falls into two parts.

2.                  The first part is somewhat familiar. RSU is overly-sensitive in relation to the question of the Jewish minority, as DK has pointed out in a number of letters. RSU, however, denies that this is the case.

3.                  The second part of the problem is related to RSU’s relation to DRS which is the code for t AAB’s ‘Developmental Formula’. Whatever difficulty may exist between them, RSU thinks that AAB is to blame.

4.                  The twofold problem is a psychological one and involves projection. RSU absolves herself of all blame seeing the difficult entirely as outside herself. This is classic when projection is involved.

5.                  A strong hint is given regarding RSU’s initiatory status. She is “dwelling in a personality” and has “not yet taken the third initiation”. Her personality focus is still too strong, as DK has often pointed out. While it is possible that RSU has not yet taken even the second initiation, the way this sentence is worded suggests the possibility that she has. Still, it is not a foregone conclusion.

6.                  A general teaching point is, however, offered. The third initiation is that point in the development of a disciple when a true harmlessness can be expected — and not before. At that point the energy of love is pervading the personality, and it is far less likely that the now-initiated disciple will harm or bring unnecessary difficulty to his/her fellow disciples.

7.                  The Master is faced with a problem which requires a keen psychological analysis, and He must bring His disciple to the point where she sees the matter in a truer light.

In the interest of clarity of thought and a deeper understanding of the psychology involved, I will now include some sections of DK’s letter which were deleted (or rearranged) by the editor:

“As regards the Problem of the Jewish Minority, your first reaction was one of revolt, resentment, refusal to accept what I said and a definite effort to get me to change my mode of presentation, and to alter certain paragraphs and sentences; these you felt to be unwise and not true, and so stated. I would have you bear in mind, my brother, that I knew as always, exactly what I was doing; also AAB and I had twice modified the originally dictated draft. In this first reaction, you acted under the dictation of your racial consciousness and to your third ray personality (governed by the same ray which rules the Jewish people); you reacted also to the ill-judged and emotional talk of your relatives”.

1.                  We can see that these are very frank words, and can understand why the editor may have deleted them. Now after nearly sixty years, it is hoped that we can understand them with some perspective and that the inclusion of these words (with their ray indications) may help us to understand the psychology of RSU more completely.

2.                  We can see that RSU’s response to DK’s rather frank discussions of the Jewish Problem was, in fact, a reaction — and a strong one. It is here that we may sense the powerful unredeemed aspect of her first ray astral body, especially in such reactions as “revolt”, “resentment” and “refusal”.

3.                  It is astonishing that she sought (presumably, via AAB) to have Master DK change His words. The originally dictated draft was already twice modified (presumably put into language which was less direct). It cannot be here determined whether some of the modification was due to the pressures brought to bear by RSU. In any case, AAB and DK were both aware of the probable impact on Jewish readers and, no doubt, sought to present the case in a way which would have the maximum impact and yet provoke the minimum of instinctive, unintelligent reaction.

4.                  DK analyzes the source of RSU’s reaction. It was “under the dictation of” her ray three personality with its ties to the third ray personality of the Jewish people. The attempt to manipulate the situation also fits with the negative tendencies of the third ray. Despite the many warnings given by the Tibetan and despite His clarifying explanation of RSU’s true and essentially tenuous relation to the Jewish consciousness and people, she still persists to act under their sway. We could say that she is acting, to a degree, under the influence of her “Dweller”, for it is as if she refuses to see the truth as presented by the Master.

“Later, you changed all this and had a second reaction. Within yourself you repudiated the first attitude you had taken and accepted what was said in the article because I said it. I could have wished you changed your attitude because you were yourself convinced of the truth of my statements and had not given blind acceptance to what I said – a thing which I have consistently fought. Now you take the position (and expect others to do the same) that you never reacted as you originally did; you have rationalised yourself into complete innocence of the reactions imputed to you. This present attitude of blind acceptance of what I have said on the Jews is probably sincere, and I and your group brothers must accept it as such”.

1.                  Because RSU is an advanced disciple, she would necessarily soon realize the inappropriateness of any violent emotional reactions (however hidden from others). Revolt, resentment and refusal to accept what the Master has said are not attitudes which a sincere disciple can long entertain.

2.                  DK, however, points out a psychological defense (promoted by Cancer-rising and the third ray) in which RSU has engaged. She repudiated her earlier position and professed to accept DK’s analysis of the Jewish Problem simply because it was His analysis. This is not the same as really understanding His point of view and agreeing with it because it is understood.

3.                  After changing her psychological position, she (under the third ray) rationalized herself into believing in her own innocence; she denied ever having succumbed to the first type of reaction and maintained that position of supposed innocence, expecting others to believe it also.

4.                  DK simply wants her to recognize this and no longer deceive herself — something always possible when the third ray is sufficiently strong.

5.                  DK also seems to want her to question the sincerity of her “blind acceptance” of what He has said. He says her acceptance is “probably” sincere and will be accepted as sincere by Himself and her co-workers. At the same time, RSU is invited to question herself concerning the reason for the position she has taken and the degree of its sincerity.

6.                  We notice that at the time this letter was dictated (June, 1946), the progressed Moon is just leaving Leo (with its implicit pride) and entering the sign of self-critical analysis, Virgo. The Master is inviting her to analyze her behaviour objectively and in all humility.

7.                  Under such duress, it is possible that RSU will win through where she has not been capable of doing so before.

8.                  We notice that the Master (as Chiron) is opposing her Capricorn Sun (representing her personality). At last she will have to face herself and any vestige of unexamined attitude and behavior.

9.                  We also note that solar arc directed Pluto is beginning its square of the proposed position for her Taurus Moon. This will bring self-confrontation, cleansing and purging. Significant aspects of pride (a Taurean, Leonian and sometimes Capricornian trait) may be defeated.

“We come now to the second part of your problem – that connected with your relation to AAB. It is not my habit to touch upon the relations on the physical plane of personalities; however, this attitude of yours has created an ashramic situation, because of your relation in the past to the Ashram of K.H. and to the work which it had been planned that you should do as a liaison officer standing at the midway point. A.A.B. has a definite position in K.H.’s Ashram and would normally be the one to act in collaboration with you; the situation is, therefore, changed, and becomes something to be adjusted. It has to be adjusted from your side, and herein lies the difficulty. You are taking the position that you are being persecuted by A.A.B. You have definitely stated that she has been trying to get rid of you for the past two years, that she has deliberately been making things hard for you and that all that she has said anent your first reactions to my article on the Jewish Problem is untrue. Again, you see how rapidly you rationalised yourself and relapsed into the position of the persecuted Jew – the line of least resistance for most Jews. Again you take the position of being entirely right and others entirely wrong.

1.                  DK now goes far more fully into the second part of RSU’s problem than one would understand from simply reading DINA II.

2.                  Normally DK would not comment on the relations of physical plane personalities, but, in this case, the relation touches on ashramic affairs and has created an “ashramic situation”. The work that RSU was intended to do seems in jeopardy because of the difficult relations she imagines she is experiencing with AAB.

3.                  An adjustment is needed, not from AAB but from RSU. DK points this out.

4.                  With Saturn (as ruler, in RSU’s chart, of the house of human relations — house seven) moving by transit opposed to RSU’s Sun, we see that part of the testing she is undergoing definitely concerns relationship issues.

5.                  RSU is taking a position that is hard to imagine in a disciple who has worked harmoniously with AAB for so many years. She imagines that AAB is persecuting her and is trying to be rid of her. DK points again to her tendency to rationalize (i.e., to justify her point of view with good ‘reasons’, failing to see the falsity of her point of view and its true causes).

6.                  This power to “rationalise” can be found in the horoscope when we view the difficult aspects between Mercury (ruler of the twelfth house of “self-undoing” and both Neptune and Saturn). Neptune, in this case, confers confusion and an inability to see clearly; Saturn limits the point of view.

7.                  RSU’s position is demonstrating a lack of psychological sophistication. She does not see what she is doing psychologically. She always is in danger of lapsing into the racial consciousness. DK pointed out the glamor of the “flight into safety of the racial consciousness”. It would seem that her astral body and brain (strongly influenced by the racial consciousness) prevent her from seeing her situation with objectivity.


“I am not interested in defending A.A.B., my brother. She needs not defense from me. She has been and still is staunchly your friend. I am, however, interested in helping you free yourself from the glamour you have built up in connection with A.A.B. Therefore, I would remind you that – with my permission, not immediately accorded, for I know you well and foresaw these tests – she dedicated Discipleship in the New Age to you and did this within the two years in which you claim she has sought to eliminate you. Also, last fall, she spent much time urging you to retire and come and help her in the work. She knew – apart from the work of the fourth degree, that you needed to be free and quiet for the intensive inner work with which you were spiritually confronted. You are where you are today – a worker in the office of the Arcane School – because A.A.B. refuses to let you go. It is not expediency or threats or intimidation which makes her steadfast on this point, for she is not easily frightened and certainly fears you not, but because she loves you and deals with you as a disciple in training for difficult work; also she is grateful to you for the help and friendship with you which have extended over many years”.

1.                  This paragraph is given to establishing AAB’s staunch friendship and love for RSU — something she presently fails to realize.

2.                  Nothing fails like success and nothing retards like recognition and commendation. DK says He was reticent to allow AAB to dedicate Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I to RSU, for He foresaw the impending tests and the possibility of RSU’s present reactions.

3.                  DK points out the irrationality of RSU contention — that AAB is persecuting her and has wanted to eliminate her. In fact AAB dedicated DINA I to RSU during a year in which RSU imagines that AAB was trying to be rid of her.

4.                  At every step, AAB has been looking out for RSU’s welfare. What, but a distorted state of mind fed by the limited and limiting racial consciousness, could be responsible for such a reversal of perception so much at variance with the truth?

5.                  These words must certainly have been chastening to RSU, revealing as they do the ways in which she has wronged AAB (both verbally in and in thought).

6.                  It seems that RSU is being prepared for an imminent initiation. DK speaks of the “intensive inner work with which you were spiritually confronted”. There are a number of indications that that initiation could be the third, but in this instance, it seems more like the second. The freedom and quietude needed by her correspond to similar states suggested as valuable preparatory steps to ISG-L, who definitely was undergoing some of the final tests prior to the second initiation, and to RVB who, very reasonably, was preparing (more successfully, it seems, than ISG-L) for the same degree.

7.                  It seems that a kind of quietude and retirement from many external demands are required of those preparing for that degree.

8.                  It surely has to be one degree or the other. Certain mental/intuitive aspects of RSU’s consciousness make her seem fit for the third degree and DK seems to offer hints in this direction. Her emotional difficulties, however, and the glamors arising therefrom, make the second degree a more likely prospect. These emotional tests seem to parallel the tests through which ISG-L was passing, though in RVB there was, apparently, more natural humility.


“I have stated the above in order to help you see and think clearly. Right down the years, my beloved brother, I have taught you that your major limitation is your physical body; that necessarily means that your physical brain is a centre of limitation. I have begged you for nearly fifteen years to discipline your body, to attempt to refine it and to endeavour to make it more sensitive to spiritual impression. It is on the seventh ray, and therefore its task is to relate the inner to the outer. This it cannot yet do properly, as you have taken few steps to refine it and change its quality. Your brain, therefore, responds easily to your first ray astral body and to your first ray mind, and very little as yet to your second ray soul. Had it done so, truth and love would have distinguished you during this testing time, and little of these were seen. Your handling of this Jewish Problem should make clear to you your limitations. You have not acted as a loving soul but as a martyred persecuted Jew, bracing yourself to bear nobly the unkindnesses imposed upon you by A.A.B.. But those unkindnesses are non-existent or exist only in your imagination, nurtured by your first ray mind (engendering stubbornness) and received by your brain – at this time but little responsive to your soul, to me your Master, or to the love of A.A.B., A.A.B. has tried again and again to reach you as I have also, but to little avail”.

1.                  The major center in the physical body is the physical brain.

2.                  When DK discusses the ray of the physical body, He tells us that this is the ray coloring the brain cells.

3.                  DK speaks of His intense effort (“I have begged you”) to help RSU discipline and refine her physical body, to render it more sensitive to spiritual impression. Its seventh ray function (to connect the inner with the outer) cannot even yet be accomplished.

4.                  Then comes some teaching which is of great import to RSU. DK speaks of the responsiveness of her seventh ray brain to both her first ray astral body and her first ray mind, but not to her second ray soul. This is a major limitation.

5.                  Truth and love have not been much in evidence during this difficult testing period, and they would have been had her second ray soul been able to more readily reach her seventh ray brain.

6.                  RSU is so sensitive (in the wrong way) that she has succumbed easily to the thoughtform prevalent during World War II, and especially at the end of the War when the terrible cruelties to the Jews were discovered. It was understandable that at those times, many Jewish people fell into the role of the persecuted. Indeed millions were persecuted (along with millions of Slavs, Gypsies, handicapped people and many others). But even those who had not been physically persecuted often carried with them a “persecution complex”, and to this RSU succumbed.

7.                  An important fact about the first ray mind is revealed; in this case it nurtured the sense of being slighted or persecuted and, in general, it promotes stubbornness. For RSU this has meant the stubborn persistence in an unfounded attitude which perceived unkindnesses from AAB when there were none; in fact AAB’s true attitude was entirely otherwise.

8.                  The natal Saturn, Pluto, Chiron conjunction is indicative of deep-seated psychological conditions of a negative kind and these must be healed.

9.                  DK sums up the situation. The brain is unresponsive to the soul and overly responsive to those aspects of the personality which are conditioned by glamorous and illusory thoughtforms. Illusion can be considered a control of the mind and brain by gigantic (and untrue) thoughtforms. At this time of her life and under these conditions, we find RSU misled by both glamor and illusion.

The normal text continues. It is unusual that there be such a large excision. Both matters under discussion are, however, so sensitive that the editor (RSU) chose to delete them. The cause of deeper understanding is, however, in this case served by their inclusion. This might not be the case with other excisions and only those are included which, in the considered opinion of the commentator, would truly contribute to the illumination of the reader. In any case, the commentator does not have access to much of the text that was deleted throughout DINA I.

As regards the following paragraphs, where significant deletions occur they have been inserted in violet.


What really lies at the root of your reaction? Let me tell you. It is a latent, unsuspected and quite unconscious jealousy. This you will naturally deny, and this matters not if you will attempt to establish immediate contact with your second ray soul. On that level you can again contact AAB, who – under my instructions – will make no further attempt to meet you on personality levels of love and understanding, but will wait for some real expression of love to come first of all from you. After these years of trust and love on her part, surely that should not be difficult? Look back over your instructions. I have often told you, have I not, that you need to love more?

1.                  Now the true cause of RSU’s reactions is revealed. She is latently, unsuspectedly and quite unconsciously jealous of AAB.

2.                  It is easy to see how a person with an inborn inferiority complex can fall into jealousy (no matter what her apparent accomplishments may otherwise be). RSU’s unredeemed psychological condition temporarily tainted her relationship with AAB. DK is trying to help her set it right. A right adjustment of the matter will further ashramic purposes, and no adjustment made will frustrate work that RSU should do for the Ashram.

3.                  Master DK has instructed AAB to treat RSU with complete impersonality and not reach out to her in any way that could be considered personal. This is not meant in any sense as a punishment, but to more rapidly cure RSU of her distortions and prompt her towards right action.

4.                  DK is trying to bring RSU to her senses and to evoke her second ray soul. It along this soul line that she may again reach AAB (and the Tibetan). RSU’s personality (according to its ray nature) is little inclined towards the expression of the energy of love. Although this is the case, genuine love must be drawn from the soul and demonstrated.


This is enough on this distressing subject. It relates at present only to this life, but it has its roots in the past, and — unless you clear it up — will have to be dealt with again by you in a coming incarnation. Again I reiterate, this is largely due to your failure to refine the physical body.

1.                  The paragraphs as they were written in the original letter have been rearranged. In this section of this commentary they have been put in proper order so that a truer understanding of DK’s approach to His disciple may be gathered.

2.                  DK assures RSU that the difficulty relates “at present only to this life”, but it is a situation with roots in the past and unless solved, will be carried into the future.

3.                  It is almost shocking to realize but these very real difficulties with Ashramic implications are attributable to RSU’s failure to refine her physical body. By failing to do this, she has made it very difficult for her second ray soul to reach her brain and, hence, her in-world, personality consciousness. Thus, she has been (unnecessarily) subject to both glamor and illusion.


You are an earnest disciple, my brother; you are oriented to and serve the Hierarchy; you are dedicated and have much, very much, to give. Fit yourself, therefore, for a richer giving. Drop self-pity and the sense of magnanimous superiority you have lately been cultivating, and just (how can I put it to you in such a way that I can help?) — just be sorry, truly sorry, for the trouble you have caused.

1.                  Given the difficulties into which RSU has fallen and her ‘conflict’ with AAB, it is possible that the MC could be slightly earlier (perhaps a degree and a half, or about 20°Pisces 30’ (time, 3:26 pm). This would bring solar arc directed Mars. As well, the progressing MC (necessarily earlier than in the 3:32 pm chart, would be conjuncting Chiron during the wounding and possible healing which this crisis represents.

2.                  ED, in a later assessment of RSU’s probable time of birth, proposes setting the chart for 3:30 pm CET, rather than 3:32 pm. We can see that these proposals all place the birth time within approximately six minutes. For purposes of many points pertaining to esoteric analysis, this is sufficiently close.

3.                  For strengthening, DK reminds RSU of her gifts. Having done this, He asks her to become more fit and to drop certain failings — self-pity (chiefly) for it is a major second ray glamor and also “the sense of magnanimous superiority” which she has lately been cultivating (as a defense, of course).

4.                  He asks her simply to be truly sorry for the trouble she has caused. All of this fits well with SA-Mars at the natal MC and progressed MC on progressed Chiron.


I am giving you no meditation outline. What you need at this time is a period of quiet reflection. When AAB returns from Europe, if you give her the opportunity by a loving, objective, and spontaneous expression of correct love toward her, she will give you a meditation about which I will give her instruction.

1.                  Much of a distressing nature has occurred. No more stimulation is required; only a period of quiet reflection for the sake of gaining clarity and perspective.

2.                  DK gives RSU instructions on how she may make amends. If she expresses love towards AAB correctly, AAB will give her a meditation which, presumably, will facilitate recovery from the distress through which she has been passing.


I asked K.H. if He had any word for you, as He had sensed the situation, though He has no time for the details. He replied: "Tell R.S.U. to move to the periphery of your Ashram, away from the midway point, and there learn truly to love — and love the little ones."

1.                  DK consulted Master KH for advice to RSU.

2.                  After sensing the situation, KH advised a sacrifice which would promote the flow of love in RSU. Rather than advance forward towards the midway point of Master DK’s Ashram, she is to move away from the midway point and towards the periphery (of DK’s Ashram). This advice seems to run counter to that given by DK, but its purpose is to increase in RSU the capacity to feel love, express love, and, simply, to love.

3.                  She is to have greater contact with the “little ones” (initiates of the first degree primarily) and express love to them.

4.                  Apparently she followed Master KH’s advice as will be apparent in the next and last letter of instruction.


I can leave you with no better thought at this time, my beloved brother. I am steadily standing by — as is A.A.B.

1.                  Master KH’s thought is the best thought that can be offered. It is the wisest possible advice. Master DK and AAB stand by to see whether RSU will profit from it.

2.                  With the progressed Ascendant and progressed Moon both in Virgo, the opportunity to cultivate an increasing demonstration of Christ-like love is certainly with RSU.


November 1948



You are no longer in my Ashram. I wonder if you have realised this fact? Like A.A.B. you are back in the Ashram of K. H., understudying — to some extent — A.A.B. so as to free her for work definitely connected with the coming of the Christ. You know that it is the rule in all Ashrams that all senior disciples have those associated with them who can take up the work that they are doing if need arises. When A.A.B. expressed the wish that you train for her work (to be taken up by you in certain aspects though not her work in direct relation with K.H.) the transfer was made. Your present work in the Fourth Degree provides a fine training ground for this future work, provided that you lay the constant emphasis upon the esoteric aspect of all the teaching which you must increasingly give, and learn yourself always to live in the world of meaning.

1.                  This final letter begins with an amazing statement which reverses a number of statements made in earlier letters. RSU is back in the Ashram of Master KH. This means, of course, that she had been associated with it before her tenure with Master DK (howevermuch loosely associated).

2.                  On a few occasions it had been stated that RSU was to remain in DK’s Ashram for the rest of this incarnation. It seemed then that the decision was final. Perhaps DK’s decision in 1946 to discontinue His work with the New Seed Group, obviated the need for RSU to remain with Him. Perhaps as a result of that decision (and many other interior events of which we may know nothing) there had been changes in plan which made it possible to release RSU from her previous commitments.

3.                  We are also given to realize that it is possible for even an advanced disciple to undergo such a transfer and not realize it.

4.                  Her admittance to Master KH’s Ashram is definitely purposeful, for by its means AAB is freed “for work definitely connected with the coming of the Christ”.

5.                  AAB is considered a “senior disciple” in the Ashram of Master KH. This does not mean that she cannot also be an initiate of the third degree.

6.                  In the proposed horoscope, we see that the progressing Moon in Virgo reaches the IC (the Ashram) in 1948, reaching the conjunction of progressed Uranus in March of 1948 and the conjunction with natal Uranus in June of 1948. Uranus, we may remember, is involved in all manner of transfers and changes of location (migrations in general). Solar arc directed Uranus has been opposing natal and progressed Pluto (providing energy for a significant transformation) and transiting Chiron has been opposite its own natal position. Chiron, we may realize, often signifies the Master/Director. With Chiron opposing Chiron it is a question of two Masters and a decision to be made between them.

7.                  AAB and RSU seem indissolubly bound together: “The rhythm of years cannot be disturbed and you have always stood by her and you always will”. RSU is, in many respects, AAB’s ‘understudy’.

8.                  What is deeply interesting is that the transfer of RSU to KH’s Ashram was made upon AAB’s request. What might be the inner energetic changes involved in such a transfer, we do not know, but certainly they exist (for DK described the kinds of stimulation RSU would undergo if she were to enter KH’s Ashram). Now, all those earlier concerns seem set aside, and, instead the Masters give Their permission for the transfer largely because AAB requests it. It would seem that AAB is valued highly as a present and future server, and her wishes are respected if it is at all possible to do so. We see here the deep love which AAB bears RSU. When she read the main reason for her transfer (namely, AAB’s request), she must have been assured of that love. She must also have seen the extreme error of her earlier assessment of AAB’s attitude towards her.

9.                  It is confirmed on several occasions that RSU is working in the Fourth Degree (what is now called, “Weavers in the Light” — one of the more advanced degrees in the Arcane School). DK notes that this degree gives RSU a “fine training ground for…future work”. She is to emphasize the esoteric approach and learn to live in the world of meaning. She has always been a fine esotericist and occultist (with one predominating liability — a vibratorily inadequate physical body with its oversensitivity to the Jewish racial consciousness).

10.              RSU is to learn to live always in the world of meaning. What would this mean? Surely that she would be above identification with personality reactions (which, as a result of her basic disinterest in them, would die of attrition). The world of meaning is at least the world of the soul. All of life would be viewed as from the perspective of a wisely understanding observer. Every situation would be used as an occasion to harvest some gain for consciousness. All happenings would be seen in the light of the soul and used to increase that light. The mental polarization would be definite and undisturbed by neurotic personality complexes and complexities.


Last year you passed through a terrific test and it looked for a while as if the true significance of it all would escape you; the national thoughtform of any nation is necessarily a powerful entity; and that of the Jews is the most powerful of all because they are NOT a nation in any true sense but an ancient religion; they have resurrected something which has been dead for many, many centuries and are now attempting to call it a nation. It is as if the ancient Incas and Aztecs suddenly announced themselves as nations in South America and sought to gain recognition; they were great nations and as civilised as were the Jews, possessing a great and beautiful religion. There is always trouble when that which should be past and gone seeks recognition along ancient lines, and this is a lesson which the Zionists must perforce learn.

1.                  DK speaks of the “terrific test” as occurring “last year”. This means that the test continued long after NSG was disbanded in 1946 and after RSU had received the June/August 1946 letter in which the root of her problems were so pointedly indicated.

2.                  We note that in May of 1947 there was a solar eclipse exactly on her natal Pluto, indicating the possibility of deep cleansing, purification, transformation and, over all, the expulsion of negative, glamorous and illusory attitudes.

3.                  As well, during all of 1947, she had the advantage of the progressing Sun newly progressed into Aries — the sign of all beginnings. So if she wished to undertake the remediation of her psychological condition and her troubled relationship with AAB, she had the dynamic energy to do so.

4.                  From the time of the receipt of the June/August 1946 letter, and all throughout 1947, the testing continued. DK did not know the immediate issue, but it worked out as He would have hoped. RSU and DHB both fought through great tests and, in the assessment of the Tibetan, became “very much better servers”.

5.                  DK again reviews the ‘enemy’ with which RSU had to battle — a “national thoughtform” which is a very “powerful entity”. She had a particular susceptibility to this thoughtform and had to learn to dissociate herself from it. This, also, could be seen as the work of Pluto, which, during the year or more of struggle was squaring her Moon (the “prison of the soul”) from a solar arc directed position.

6.                  DK gives His critique of Zionism — not Judaism per se. For Him, the Jews are not a nation but an ancient religion. He accuses the Zionists of trying to resurrect something long dead and for the sake of our illumination, asks us to think of the implications should the ancient Incas or Aztecs attempt to resurrect their nations. Because we are the products of Western Civilization we are not, perhaps, accustomed to think in such terms.

7.                  It can be presumed that DK’s thoughts represent the general perspective of Hierarchy. Should this be the case, it is reasonable to consider that Hierarchy believes that the State of Israel should never have been created. Entering this matter would lead to tremendous and probably destructive controversy. Today, the existence of Israel is a significant fact in all geo-political considerations and there is no going backwards. Final decisions have been made (whether they were properly motivated or not), and new approaches must be evolved to heal the cleavages cause by the ‘resurrection’ of which DK speaks.  What is clear is that humanity does not and cannot yet share the same perspective as the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, and it will probably be many centuries before human race adopts a more illuminated point of view.

8.                  Humanity has many problems to solve and the so-called “Jewish Problem” is one of them. Elsewhere in His writings, Master DK gives much attention to solving this problem. It is clear that He loves Jewish people just as He loves all of humanity. Master DK is frank in indicating abuses, no matter in what nation, religion or people they occur. The Jewish Race/Religion has not been singled out for special unfavorable treatment in His writings. Abuses by Christian groups and churchianity have received even sterner reproof. A Master is aware of all human behavior which interferes with the timely manifestation of the Divine Plan. He is therefore obliged to point to such abuses so that they may be more quickly brought to an end.

9.                  DK seems to point to a lesson which the Zionists “must perforce learn”. Many years have passed since these words were written. We are still in the midst of a Middle East crisis which, no doubt, He foresaw as possible. We must judge to what extent the lesson is being learned or how it might be learned. All of humanity is somehow involved in this learning process.


But you, my beloved brother, belong to no nation; disciples of your standing have no national allegiances but stand [Page 617] for the One Humanity; this was the basic lesson which confronted you last year. You learnt the lesson and earned the right to undertake advanced work. It is hard for disciples to realise what of beauty and opportunity lies ahead when confronted with a situation in which — at the time — they see no light and which involves the testing of their mental perception, their emotional reactions and their physical relationships. All these three were involved in last year's testing and it took some months for you to see with clarity the trend of events.

1.                  DK reminds RSU of the cosmopolitan nature of her consciousness.

2.                  She is a disciple of a certain standing — clearly (and now surely) an advanced disciple. She had to prove her ability to rise above national or racial allegiances and to “stand for the One Humanity”. Relinquishment of ancient attitudes was obviously involved. The passage of her progressing Sun through the final degree of Pisces signaled this relinquishment among other things.

3.                  DK judges that the lesson was indeed learnt. Learning the lesson earned for RSU “the right to undertake advanced work”. This statement has initiatory implications. It does not seem likely that she passed through the third degree, but passage through the second degree (with all its emotional tests) seems confirmed.

4.                  DK’s words make it seem that RSU underwent a testing on all three levels of her personality system. She was tested in

a.       mental perception

b.      emotional reactions

c.       physical relationships

5.                  It will be debated whether the initiation probably passed was the second or the third. Surely RSU has the correct Sun-sign for involvement in third initiation processes (Capricorn), and the exalted Moon in Taurus can signal the resistance of the entire personality to the process (especially the physical body).

6.                  Since Mars represents all three aspects of the personality and the personality itself, as a whole, its angular position in Capricorn, can represent the kind of battle with the threefold personality said to occur at the third degree.

7.                  We are told that at the third initiation there is a “fearful conflict” and it involves Mars and the Moon. At the time of the testing the progressed Sun had entered Aries, the orthodox ruler of which is Mars. Further, if we make the birth time about six minutes earlier than proposed (i.e., if we use a time of about 3:26 pm, CET), we shall arrange a MC which will bring solar arc directed Mars to the MC at the time of the testing. Further, during this testing period, solar arc directed Pluto was squaring the Taurus Moon (which represents the powerful resistant personality).

8.                  We also know that Aries can be involved at the third initiation, giving an understanding of being.

Aries — Libra — The Sun (which are an expression of the Great Bear) bring about that focussing of energy in the life of the disciple which makes it possible for him to function consciously and with intention upon the Path of Initiation. He enters the realm of the formless worlds because Aries, the sign of beginnings makes this possible; through the potency of Libra, he has succeeded in achieving that point of balance which makes the final escape from the pairs of opposites possible. He now knows, through transcended feeling and from identification with the seen Vision, the true meaning of being”.
(EA 466-467)

“The secret of Aries is the secret of beginnings, of cycles and of emerging opportunity. At the third initiation, the initiate begins to understand the life of the spirit or the highest aspect; until that time, he has expressed first the life of the form and then the life of the soul within that form. This experience is of so high a nature that only those who have passed through it could in any way comprehend anything I might say”.
(EA 387-388)

9.                  From an astrological perspective, therefore, the necessary signs and planets are present and active at the correct time. That Mars is in Capricorn natally (the position of Mar’s exaltation) and angular in the proposed chart, adds to the testimony. The right planets are available.

10.              Regarding the Moon as the “prison of the soul” and exalted Moon in Taurus is not necessary a good thing. The resistance of the personality can be strengthened.

11.              When we look at the presence of a first ray astral body, we may imagine that the choice by the soul of this ray is for the purposes of forcefully expelling obstructive astral magnetisms. It may be that, over all, RSU had achieved control of the astral body which the controlling first ray confers, but it still operated subversively and in subtle ways, and needed a drastic cleansing. The first ray would be suitable for this. We note that DHB, who was, according to DK, working towards the third initiation, also had a first ray astral body, but LTS-K (who almost certainly had not even taken the first degree) also had a first ray astral body. So having a first ray astral body cannot confirm that one is a candidate for the third initiation. Still, its helpfulness cannot be denied.

12.              It also cannot be presumed that one can only enter the Ashram of a Chohan if one is an initiate of the third degree. Even LUT (who with LTS-K was considered a disciple holding his fellow disciples back) did not ‘belong’ essentially to Master DK, but with several other group members, was more closely related to KH.

13.              It does seem reasonable however to judge that one cannot enter the Ashram of a Chohan unless one is at least an initiate of the second degree. In this regard the numbers also seem to confirm the thought, for a Chohan is an initiate of the sixth degree, and the second initiation demands the control of sixth ray tendencies. Further, the numbers six and two are related, for the monadic plane, on which the sixth degree initiate (Chohan) is more firmly focussed than a Master of the Wisdom can be, is both the sixth and the second plane, depending upon whether one counts the planes ‘up’ or ‘down’.

14.              We know that at the third degree, all three personality vehicles are simultaneously tested. The involvement of both the Moon and Mars signals this, for both planets represent all three personality vehicles and the personality as a whole.

15.              The situation is not easy to resolve, as there were clearly aspects of RSU’s nature which, from the first, could be considered ‘worthy of approach’ to the third degree. There were also, however, unredeemed aspects of her emotional body (perhaps largely unconscious to her) which needed the purification which the second degree represents.

16.              The consideration is complicated by the fact that the second degree and the third can be (and probably are) taken in the same life: “Once the second initiation is taken the progress will be rapid, the third and fourth following probably in the same life, or the succeeding”. (IHS 84-85)

17.              The matter is open for debate with various scholars bringing their opinion forward. The more exacting astrological work of ED will, I am sure, shed additional light on this matter.


All that is past and over. Today you stand clear — a disciple who can pass back and forth into all second ray Ashrams, carrying benediction as you go. The parting of the ways has come for you this life as regards the family with which you have been associated through physical birth — with the one exception of the brother with whom you live and who is — perhaps as yet unconsciously to himself — associated with my Ashram. The members of one's family upon the physical plane may or may not (in any particular incarnation) be also one's spiritual family. In your case and during this incarnation they are not and their spiritual understanding should indicate this to you. This incarnation has for you one major lesson: the lesson of standing free from all environing limitations, whilst steadily giving love where association exists but doing so with complete detachment. That is the concept or idea behind the apparently peculiar episode in the life of the Christ where he repudiated even His mother; it is a symbolic story and probably has no basis in fact but it nevertheless carries a lesson for all disciples.

1.                  RSU is now clear. DK says, “today you stand clear”. Only a second degree initiate can actually stand clear, for the second degree represents a great deglamorization.

2.                  What shall we think of the idea that RSU can now “pass back and forth into all second ray Ashrams”. Probably, this is the prerogative of all conscious members of Master KH’s Ashram, for it is the principal Ashram of the second ray and, as the earlier diagram suggests, intersects other second ray Ashrams (just as it does the Ashram of Master DK).

3.                  RSU has achieved the power to bless. This is why she can carry “benediction” to the other second ray Ashrams. Again this is proof of having taken at least the second degree.

4.                  RSU is now released from her karmic obligation to her family of origin. The progressed Moon’s arrival in the fourth house and its conjunction to natal and progressed Uranus may be considered the astrological signature of this “parting of the ways” of which DK speaks. In the 3:32 pm chart, the progressed MC and IC align with Pluto (severance) at the time this final letter was written. Pluto is the ‘Terminator’ and the MC/IC axis involves family as well as career. The proposed rectification for an earlier time (3:26 pm, or so) would not bring this releasing contact with Pluto.

5.                  The fact that RSU lives with her brother is indicated by the Sun (ruler of the third house of brothers and sisters) placed natally in the seventh house of partners.

6.                  It is interesting that many of our “immediate family” may not be deeply related to us, but other family members are, perhaps, members of our soul family (our Ashram). RSU’s brother is a case in point and his association with her no doubt brings him closer to Master DK.

7.                  Detaching from one’s immediate family may be a hard lesson for many disciples — especially second ray disciples in whom the power of attachment is highly developed. AAB was confronted with this lesson and had to learn it early. RSU also has to learn it — much later in life.

8.                  A major life lesson for RSU is indicated: “This incarnation has for you one major lesson: the lesson of standing free from all environing limitations, whilst steadily giving love where association exists but doing so with complete detachment”. The Cancerian energy will bring close family ties — perhaps ‘over-close’. The Capricornian energy, rightly used, can facilitate detachment. Uranus, the planet of revolution and a planet of detachment sits at the fourth house cusp conferring the potential for RSU to free herself from family conditioning and “all environing limitations” represented by the Moon (the natural ruler of the fourth house and esoteric ruler of Virgo, found on the fourth house cusp).

9.                  It is interesting to read that the story of the Christ’s repudiation of His mother is a symbolic story with little or no basis in fact. It is also arresting to see that the Tibetan uses the word “Christ” instead of “Jesus”. A close examination of the cooperation between the Christ and Jesus must be undertaken so there can be a better understanding of when the Lord Maitreya contacted the Initiate, Jesus, and began to train Him.


The lines of your life have fallen for you now into those which your soul desires, for your brother travels with you and you are doing the needed work. Those who bear or have borne the same family name as yourself invoke your loving sense of responsibility and obligation but only temporarily and only for this life. Is this a hard saying for you? Think not about it unduly, brother of mine; your next incarnation is necessarily duly arranged, the needed relations retained and the unneeded discarded.

1.                  RSU is now free to pursue her soul desires. Her work in the Arcane School facilitates this and from her brother (probably a future disciple of Master DK) there is no resistance. He travels with her.

2.                  There are still family obligations. RSU has for her normal family members a “loving sense of responsibility and obligation” but this is a temporary condition lasting only for this life.

3.                  For someone strongly influenced by the sign Cancer, this may be a “hard saying”. DK would have RSU reflect upon the thought and come to the proper perspective.

4.                  A certain release of personality control is suggested, for the soul/Solar Angel has already arranged the next incarnation: “your next incarnation is necessarily duly arranged, the needed relations retained and the unneeded discarded”. The word “relations” may not be only an abstract term but may actually refer to those who are now relatives in the immediate family.

5.                  Obviously, karma called upon RSU to care for a number of them in the present incarnation, perhaps financially, as she was a strongly Capricorn/Taurus/Cancer person — all these signs having to do with finance.

6.                  It is quite interesting to think that our next incarnation may already be “duly arranged”. In our deepest recesses we already know the arrangement. It is known, surely, to the Solar Angel and also, if we are affiliated with an Ashram, by the Master.


One of the great lessons to be mastered by all disciples and perhaps one of the hardest is that trained recognition [Page 618] which recognises the spiritual family to which one belongs and this is seldom the same as the earthly family. A.A.B. had to learn that none of her earthly family were related to her and it was not an easy lesson for her, particularly as she had to learn it while quite young. It is a lesson which I am now with deliberation bringing to your notice.

1.                  A most important principle is brought to our attention, and especially to the attention of RSU.

2.                  The lesson involved is one of the hardest and requires true soul identification if it is to be successfully learned. Can we tell the difference between our “spiritual family” and our immediate family — if there is a difference, which, usually, there is?

3.                  AAB had a particularly hard task, for none of her earthly family were related to her. At one point, however, the Tibetan does seem to point out the value, clear thought and general usefulness of M. Pugh, who was one of AAB’s daughters.

“As you have realised, AAB is going to need much of your help this coming fall and winter, and I would urge you also to see as much as possible of ….. He is shouldering a heavy load of work, carrying it forward into its second stage and he will need your help and counsel.”


Your work lies in training the senior students and for this you are well equipped and need not to handicap yourself with self-depreciation as A.A.B. has done for years. It is, as she has learnt, a form of false humility and a desire to have people realise that you are not proud and so that they will then like you. Put it from you, brother of old, and move forward with confidence into fuller service both in this world and in the Ashram of K.H.

1.                  Practical advice now follows, for there is always work to be done. RSU is encouraged to help another disciple strongly involved in the work.

2.                  RSU is compared to AAB. AAB, apparently, has handicapped herself through self-depreciation for many years. It is a second ray tendency.

3.                  The real reason is related to the glamor called the “love of being loved” and has nothing to do with the advancement of the work.

4.                  Loving second ray disciples need to learn to use more wisdom in detaching themselves from the pleasant feeling which comes from being superficially liked and ‘loved’ by others.

5.                  RSU needs to drop this self-depreciating attitude (common also to Cancer as well as to the second ray) if she is to move forward in KH’s Ashram as she should.


I indicate to you no meditation work. In the doing of the meditation work of the Fourth Degree and your presentation of the problems, you bring to them both life and substance. That is the service which you can render and one that A.A.B. has quietly rendered for many years. Each group — through its meditation work — must have its focal point and its energising area and these you must attempt to provide. This is one of the most deeply esoteric arts. In the Groups of Nine and in the New Seed Group, it was the cause of much difficulty. I myself was the central focal point and the energising centre, and my vibratory quality was too potent for the majority; more than half of those chosen reacted in such a manner that they threw themselves out of the group. I may deal with this in greater detail when communicating with P.G.C. who has always been deeply interested and concerned with the causes of the various defections. A handful remain profoundly attached to the work and to the purpose. Another handful is still in receipt of the papers of the New Seed Group but lack dynamic. The rest have moved temporarily to the outer periphery of the Ashram awaiting another life.

1.                  RSU needs no personal meditation. The mediations involved in the Fourth Degree suffice. RSU is also involved in presenting to a wider public the “Problems of Humanity” work of the Lucis Trust. We have heard the story that the Christ first took notice of the Arcane School and Lucis Trust when they began doing the Problems of Humanity work.

2.                  RSU is to be the “focal point” for the group working in the Arcane School “Fourth Degree”. She is in many respects an ‘understudy’ to AAB and must now begin to function as AAB has for many years — quietly serving in certain esoteric ways.

3.                  DK points to “one of the most deeply esoteric arts” — the art of being a focal point in an esoteric group. The issue of focal points was a fruitful cause of difficulty in the Groups-of-Nine and in the New Seed Group.

4.                  DK says that He, Himself, was the main focal point and energizing center for the groups He created, and that His vibratory quality was “too potent for the majority”. The reactions of more than half who were chosen threw them out of the group.

5.                  PGC (rays: 27-567) wanted to understand the reason for the various defections. DK is ready to meet his need for understanding.

6.                  In speaking of the members of the NSG, DK places them in three categories

a.       a handful who remain profoundly attached to the work and to the purpose

b.      another handful who receive the papers but “lack dynamic”

c.       and those who have “moved temporarily to the outer periphery of the Ashram awaiting another life”.

7.                  The work sponsored by Master DK is not easy and there is a tendency to prove over and again the ancient adage (modified for esoteric understanding): “many are called but few choose”). The original statement is “many are called but few are chosen”. Just as DK emphasizes the value of the concept of the “accepting disciple rather than the accepted disciple” so this modified adage suggests a similar idea. It is not so important that one is “accepted” or “chosen”; it is far more important that one “accept” and “choose”.

8.                  I hope we realize the tenacity and persistence that are required if one is “make good” in the true esoteric work. Real discipleship, “accepting discipleship” is not for the faint of heart.


This, my brother, is all that I have to say to you at this time. My love goes with you and you may call on me for strength when the pressures of life seem too heavy.

1.                  Thus end over seventeen years of personal instructions to RSU. They have been rich indeed, and filled with wisdom applicable to the lives of many disciples.

2.                  DK expresses His love and His will to be a source of strength in times of need.

3.                  A Master is not to be called upon in ordinary circumstances, but when the “pressures of life”, especially related to the work seem too heavy, then the call may go forth. Especially may those who know they are accepted disciples do this.

4.                  The constant loving care of the Master is remarkable.


Additional Comments on R.S.U. From DINA II

I have taken the time to say these things so as to make clear to you certain reasons for what may look to you as failure. I am greatly pleased with the work being done by some of the eight members who remain truly active. Two of you have fought through great tests and are today very much better servers. They are D.H.B. and R.S.U. (DINA II 93)

1.                  As stated above, both DHB and RSU went through severe testing.

2.                  Both, it seems, had reactions which involved pride. Both were commended at various times and the commendation produced reactions which were less than desirable. Both won through.

3.                  We note that by the end of the process, only eight members of the original groups remained “truly active”. These are sobering numbers and deserve our consideration.


Certain of you (F.C.D., J.W.K-P., R.V.B., P.G.C., R.S.U., and R.S.W.) are actively working in relation to my plans, though those plans are not in reality mine, but simply the required cooperation in hierarchical endeavour. The rest of [Page 101] you are engulfed in the processes of daily living or else too tired to be more active than you already are, and for that condition of the personality I have no criticism. (DINA II 100-101)

1.                  DK speaks of the group members who “are actively working in relation to my plans”.

2.                  The liabilities confronting the other disciples are mentioned. They are engulfed by the process of daily living or are too tired to do more than they already are doing. DK does not criticize their fatigue.

3.                  A life of strenuous discipleship may lead, at length, to fatigue, but a non-strenuous life may also end in fatigue. We are reminded that AAB “refused invalidism” when she might justifiably have accepted it. Such was her spiritual will that she would not and, in fact, could not.


In the coming cycle of service, however, you will not have the association that you have had during this life with A.A.B. and F.B., who will then be working in the Ashrams of their own Masters, as will also F.C.D. and R.S.U. Do not infer from the above statement that contact and mutual interplay in world service will not then be present; it will. The union of all the Ashrams under the spiritual Plan is complete and the interlocking relationships will be increasingly present. But neither of these four people will be working in my Ashram and for this I would have you prepare. Remember nevertheless [Page 103] that personal karmas have been established and are based upon many unexpected relationships, and there is much personal karma in this group of over fifty people; this was necessarily so; otherwise little personal relationships would have been possible, which may present a difficult point for you to understand. (DINA II 102-103)

1.                  DK is looking into the future and advising members of His Ashram about conditions which will be present in future incarnations.

2.                  Several of the disciples have been “on loan” to Him, and they are, relatively, “senior disciples”. These are AAB, JWK-P, FCD and RSU. All of them, in the next life, will be working in the Ashrams of their own Masters.

3.                  Interestingly, by the end of their work with DK, AAB, FCD and RSU were all ‘returned’ to their Master’s Ashram. This does not seem to have been the case with JWK-P (FB) whose progress, nevertheless, was noted by His Master — Master M.


I would call to your attention another point. You may perhaps have noted that I have given some of you meditations which are concerned with certain of the centres and their relation. This I will increasingly do. Most of the meditations which I gave to the group members in the earlier stages of the forming of the groups, are in reality ray meditations and can be so adapted and reference to the centres later inserted; but — at this stage — only A.A.B. knows enough to make the adaptation and necessary insertions. I have instructed her to ask R.S.U. gradually to copy the entire file of meditations and you can then, during the coming months, cooperate with A.A.B. in their changing and assembling under the correct rays. (DINA II 576)

1.                  An important piece of occult work is here discussed. The many meditations given by DK (few of which are in the DINA books) were mostly ray meditations.

2.                  The section above was written to PGC, who was to cooperate with AAB in the assembling and organizing of these meditations.

3.                  Unfortunately, it seems that AAB was the only one who knew enough to organize the meditations by ray type properly (and include implied references to various of the chakras). PGC, as an esoteric healer and chiropractor, would naturally be suitable to assist with this kind of technical work. We do not know whether this project was ever brought to completion.

4.                  Although many of these meditations have been deleted from the books, there is the sense that they were to be usefully assembled, for the use of whom? Perhaps for future general use. This entire matter must be investigated for the assistance of future students.

5.                  RSU, as a general organizer and person much involved in producing papers and documents, was to be involved in the process.


This service and this expansion of the teaching is of importance and should constitute the service of you and R.S.U. in collaboration with A.A.B. The assembled meditations and the knowledge gained will serve to provide some of the practical side of the teaching to be given by the Arcane School in the more advanced courses to be given in the future. After the war is over — provided that it terminates as desired by the Great White Lodge — many will provide evidence that they are ready for this advanced training and for this you, as a group, must be prepared. (DINA II 576)

1.                  Here we see evidence that the assembled meditations were, indeed, to be generally used, especially in the advanced degrees of the Arcane School.

2.                  Again this instruction is to PGC who is to cooperate with RSU in advancing the teaching, especially after the war.

3.                  It is said here that “many will provide evidence that they are ready for this advanced training”. This has probably been the case, but the assembled meditations were probably never used as anticipated.


R.S.U. has also been designated for this work of preparation and — in my instruction to her — I shall indicate certain basic attitudes which she must develop and hold as she stands steadily with you and with the younger key people. I particularly want her to work with them because she is a true esotericist and the Arcane School is fundamentally an esoteric school. (DINA II 597)

1.                  This instruction is written to JWK-P (FB).

2.                  DK is looking to the future and anticipating lines of cooperation which must be set in place after AAB’s passing.

3.                  JWK-P is generally to be in charge, but DK wants RSU to work beside him. She must stand steadily with JWK-P.

4.                  Her particular area is to be the Arcane School because she is a “true esotericist” and “the Arcane School is fundamentally an esoteric school”.

5.                  Those who know the history of the Lucis Trust after AAB’s death know that what the Tibetan envisioned did not happen as He hoped. After a few years, the group split along first ray/second ray lines. RSU (with others more along the second ray than the first) then became a founding member of the School for Esoteric Studies. JWK-P remained in charge of the Lucis Trust and Mary Bailey became, for all intents and purposes, the president and managing director.


I am mentioning all these disciples to you as they should all work in the closest cooperation with you and that lays upon you much responsibility. R.S.U. has for years worked side by side with you; she has come through her test triumphantly, and in the task of serving as a channel for esoteric light and information she is competent and likewise humble in her attitude. (DINA II 598)

1.                  DK continues to speak of RSU and the work which she should do with JWK-P. He is hoping for the disciples to work in “closest cooperation” with JWK-P. JWK-P is told that this lays much responsibility upon him.

2.                  DK reminds JWK-P of his long association with RSU. That should continue. RSU is valuable in “serving as a channel for esoteric light and information”. Further, “she is competent and likewise humble in her attitude”. The combination would have been ideal, but was not to be.

3.                  We note a very important statement: RSU has “come through her test triumphantly”. She is, then, surely at least “the triumphant disciple” who is particularly found at the second degree.  Whether this statement can be taken as referring to the third degree should be debated, but it certainly seems initiatory in its implications.

4.                  When we look at the horoscope for this period, Mars and the Moon are far more involved that Jupiter, Venus and Neptune. When we see the progressed Moon in Virgo conjuncting progressed and natal Uranus, we have to remember that Uranus is the Hierophant.

5.                  We note that RSU is more a channel of esoteric light than of esoteric love. This points to her association more with the wisdom line of the second ray than the love line. It also may suggest a third ray monad, for the Buddha (the “Lord of Light”) was almost certainly a third ray monad.


5. Continue, as ever, to stand by A.A.B. The reason for this is that my Ashram is an affiliate of the Ashram of K.H. I would ask you to study what I say to R.S.U., for it applies also to you. (DINA II 665)

1.                  These words are addressed to DHB, who was a candidate for the third initiation, though, from the writings, he may not have been successful in taking it. Yet, he also came through and was mentioned with RSU as having done so.

2.                  DK says the following to DHB in DINA II, 681:

“My love goes out to you. Much in your present situation and spiritual dilemma reminds me of myself when I was in preparation for the third initiation; therefore, I understand and with this thought I leave you and will not fail you”.

3.                  There is much in DHB’s nature reminiscent of the third ray. His personality was on that ray in the immediately preceding incarnation. He, like, RSU had a first ray mind and first ray astral nature. He was an astrologer and a number of the charts we have of early disciples are attributable to his interest in astrology. It is possible that, like RSU, he was a third ray monad. The third ray is the ray of astrology.

4.                  If we reason on the subject, realizing that much of what DK has to say to RSU applies also to DHB, we may conclude that they both stand at a similar point upon the Path. This line of thought would frame RSU as a candidate for third initiation as well.


She never troubles about the inevitable and unimportant mistakes that her workers make. She has made them herself and knows their relative unimportance. She troubles greatly when there is a misinterpretation of principles, a side-tracking of major issues, or a general inertia. Stand by her. With the unfailing love of F.B. and the developed understanding of yourself, of R.S.U. and F.C.D., she can round out this life cycle with satisfaction to her Master — which is all that she cares about. She has earned this from all of you. She has, I may add, refused to take down this last sentence (as she thinks not in terms of reward or recompense), but has done so when I enjoined upon her the need for impersonality. (DINA II 712)

1.                  RSU’s role in helping AAB round out her life cycle and complete her service to the satisfaction of her Master is noted.

2.                  Those mentioned here are among AAB’s closest co-workers and all are senior disciples, though not as senior as AAB.

3.                  We note that AAB did not want the Tibetan to say that “she has earned this from all of you”. The Tibetan enjoined upon her the need for impersonality and then she took down the sentence. One must be impersonal when one is praised or criticized.


Dear Students of DINA I and II,

We have reached a temporary end of our study of RSU, an important disciple in the AAB/DK work. We have seen the struggles of this disciple, advanced in so many ways, but frustrated by the stubborn condition of her physical body — a body which acted as an impediment not only to her life upon the physical plane but to her spiritual progress (which demanded the alignment of her inner life with her outer expression).

In many ways she endured the constant frustration of being unable to bring the physical vehicle into compliance, but she persisted with determination and won through, eventually, “triumphantly”.

As we read RSU’s instructions we are introduced to the problems of uniting the second and third rays — the principal ray of our planet, Earth (for its first ray monad is not yet appreciably in effect). We are also introduced to the fundamental conflict between soul and personality, for generically the soul is influenced by the second ray and the personality by the third. As well there is suggested the drama which comes from the conflict between the energies and forces of the first solar system and those of this, our second system. The conflict between the principally third ray Moon-chain and the Earth-chain (conditioned more by energies along the second ray line) is also brought to our attention. We also learn a great deal about the relationship between Master KH’s Ashram (very purely on the second ray) and Master DK’s Ashram (a second ray Ashram which seems to have in it much of the third ray).

RSU’s triumph is significant. She was fighting not only with her own personal liabilities, but with those liabilities as exacerbated by a huge and potent racial thoughtform. In liberating herself from the domination of that thoughtform she made it that much easier for others to do the same. Every disciple is obliged to battle and struggle no matter what may be the ray upon which soul and personality are found. The real fight is almost never where we expect it to be. Always there are blind spots and it is there that the Master’s attention will be drawn, and there that He will attempt to focus the rehabilitative attention of the chela.

Each of us, in his or her way, must achieve a victory. Perhaps by studying the life of RSU we come closer to understanding where the battle must be fought and how the victory is to be achieved.