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Studies of Individual Instructions
To S. C. P.
commentary by Michael D. Robbins

1.                  The letters “S.C.P.” stand for the qualities (or as we have been calling these qualities — the ‘Developmental Formula’) Silence, Creation, Patience. We note that the word “Silence” is italicized, placing a special emphasis upon it.

2.                  SCP’s unusual ray chart is as follows: 16-261. Both the second ray mind and the first ray physical body are not the customary rays. The soul ray is the first, and the personality and astral rays both the sixth.

3.                  The day of SCP’s birth is known: September 2, 1889. From all evidence, her residence appears to have been England. Although the birth place is not known, London is taken as a reasonable hypothetical location, especially since her instructions from the Tibetan reveal that the stress of the Second World War was taking place in close proximity to her.

4.                  On the day of SCP’s birth the Sun was in Virgo and the Moon, most probably in Sagittarius. Only if she had been born between midnight on September 2nd, and 1:35 am, would the Moon have been in the last degree of Scorpio.

5.                  We note that in the chart proposed, Neptune (a planet of the sixth ray) and Pluto (a planet of the first ray) are found rising. SCP’s soul ray is the first and her personality ray the sixth. The Ascendant has important connections with both the soul and personality. This conjunction (with its potential for deglamorization) is, thus, most significant.

6.                  The rectification of SCP’s chart erected by Elena Dramchini, gives a hypothetical time of 9:35:30 pm. This places the first degree of Gemini on the Ascendant. The justification for choosing this time and the detailed esoteric interpretation of SCP’s chart will be sent, as usual, in another document prepared by ED.


November 1931


I would say to you in cryptic form: Study the meaning of the flame and of the wick and realise that there needs must be a wick to demonstrate the flame. Make your meditation definite and then anchor yourself to earth by certain specific activities, carried through to completion. Let your service be group service and not so much individual work as heretofore, and remember that the gift of power in meditation and the capacity to bring through the vital energy which makes things to be (which you can do) produces increasing detachment from physical plane realities; it can produce also the severing of lower contacts unless the energy is carried through on to the plane of earth happenings and works out in paralleling action. This faculty "to bring through," you began to demonstrate last spring. It should continue.

1.                  Master DK begins His instructions on a cryptic note. Surely He begins in this manner for a specific purpose, for, with many other chelas, His first words were clear and direct.

2.                  May it be that His intention is not only to advise, but to evoke SCP’s inner wisdom via her powerful intuition? He speaks in symbolic form. The intuition is needed to interpret the symbols and to disclose that area of her life where the statement most applies.

3.                  This advice is given to a person with a very strong sixth ray, accentuated by the prominence of two signs through which the sixth ray is transmitted (Virgo, her Sun-sign, and Sagittarius, her proposed Moon-sign). We know the tendency of sixth ray people to “burn themselves out” through excessive intensity. This is called the “glamor of self-immolation”. There must be a tangible source of sustenance for the flame or it cannot manifest. Actually, in other references in various parts of the Teaching, we hear the Master speaking of a “threefold wick”, meaning that the mental, emotional and physical-etheric vehicles are involved in its composition.

4.                  The ‘upward-tending’ sixth ray is often in need of anchorage on the physical plane. The study of the “wick” for the flame encourages an understanding of the need for anchorage.

5.                  In addition, the cryptic statement calls for the use of the fifth ray (or, at least, of the focussed, interpretive mind), the influence of which is useful to SCP due to indefiniteness of her particular expression of the second ray mind.

6.                  Master DK writes with great economy and under the pressure of time. He can only say a little to each chela, and what He says must be of the utmost pertinence to the chela’s state and situation.

7.                  We note DK calling for definiteness in meditation. SCP has an astral-buddhic tendency, and badly need a sharpening and focussing of the mind. Astrologically, we note the planet often associated with vagueness and uncertainty, Neptune, rising in the chart, and an easy trine aspect of Neptune to the planet of thought, Mercury. (When qualities are ascribed to the various planets, it must be realized that such qualities are only one or two of many possible associated qualities, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Particular qualities are used because they are explanatory in the given context.)

8.                  The Tibetan calls not only for definiteness, but for ‘follow-through’. This certainly should be possible given SCP’s strong and persistent first and sixth rays, but the proposed Gemini Ascendant and Neptune rising could be deterrents.

9.                  That SCP could have “the gift of power in meditation and the capacity to bring through the vital energy which makes things to be” is clear from her ray structure — a first ray soul and first ray physical body and brain. DK warns of the results of failing to bring through this abundant vital energy onto the “plane of earth happenings”. A severing from physical plane realities (always a danger when the sixth ray is strong) could results. We realize, as well, that ray one is one of the rays of severing.

10.              We find the Master calling for practicality on the physical plane and the right handling of power through its application in right action.

11.              He notes, encouragingly, that the power to “bring through” is actually in process, having begun not long before this instruction was written. He advises SCP that it should continue.

12.              We remember that, elsewhere, (in Esoteric Astrology) when speaking of Gemini, DK has touched upon the absence of the seventh ray in relation to this sign. Should Gemini be the Ascendant, DK seems to be emphasizing that which many people born in or under Gemini need — continuity, follow-through and practical action upon the physical plane.

Carry your thought in meditation to the throat centre at the back of the neck and each day vitalise that centre so that the creative work is carried forward by you and you continue to cause things to be. The lesson of Being is not your lesson at present; it must be the lesson of selfless acting upon the physical plane. Go forward with the ordinary routine work as I have outlined it for these members of my Ashram, and let your spiritual diary take for you the place of speech. Strengthen the physical body and learn to avoid the taking on of those obligations which others can as properly handle.

1.                  The proposed chart for SCP shows Gemini on the Ascendant. Normally one would think that no particular type of throat-center activation would be needed in relation to this normally very verbal sign. But it would appear that DK is interested in a different kind of activation — a creative process brought through. It may be a question of continuity promoted by definite, focussed thought along esoteric lines.

2.                  First ray disciples are likely to be interested in the whole question of “Being”. Perhaps DK is responding to one of SCP’s meditation reports or perhaps to a question which has been posed by her. Rather than discuss the nature of “Being” and , He calls her attention to a quite concrete lesson — that of “selfless acting upon the physical plane”.

3.                  We disciples do not always know exactly what may be the lesson before us. Often we think it may be a lesson having to do with rather lofty matters; in fact, it may be quite an ordinary lesson requiring of us humility.

4.                  DK is speaking to the members of that group-of-nine known as Telepathic Workers. We note that He calls these individuals “members of my Ashram”. At times it seemed that only certain members in the first groups-of-nine were members of His Ashram. At other times, such as this, He seems, perhaps, more inclusive of all participants. Later, when in 1940 the New Seed Group was organized, all participants were considered “accepted disciples”, and, thus, to some extent at least, members of His Ashram.

5.                  Writing is to take the place of speech. Either act is closely related to Gemini, but through writing, SCP would necessarily apply more forethought and, importantly, more accuracy. The effect of fluid Neptune in Gemini (a noted sign of speech) could produce a considerable flow of words, imprecisely formulated.

In your meditation work you have asked the question: What hinders that can be sacrificed? Is this not so, my brother? I answer: Over-analysis of the reactions of others to what you say and do and an over-focussing of your attention upon the results of what you say. You know your field of service; therefore, serve. You know your group relations for this life; see that you are related!

1.                  The Master demonstrates His knowledge of the content of His chela’s meditation. Although the members of these groups did submit written work to AAB which DK reviewed, DK’s remarks here seem to refer to content which He observed in her subjective process.

2.                  Of course, the question, “What hinders and what can be sacrificed?” is a good one for anyone sincerely involved in group work. Every one of us helps and hinders in certain ways, and it is well for us to be specifically aware of them.

3.                  When instructing SCP, DK refers often to speech. This in itself is a confirmation of the importance of Gemini or Mercury or both in SCP’s chart. We note in the chart proposed by ED, that Mercury is in very early Libra, trining the Gemini Ascendant, making the flow of speech easy. It appears that SCP was loquacious.

4.                  He is really calling for practical action, and not just talk about what could or should be done. We notice Him becoming very directive in a way a first ray individual can understand. His directiveness is part of helping SCP ‘bring through’.

5.                  Although during the present incarnation, SCP has no fourth ray in the normal ray chart, there is a fourth ray glamor implied: the “undue recognition of that which is produced by speech” (EP I 41).

6.                  The fourth ray planet, Mercury, is however necessarily strong, as SCP is born in Virgo and under Gemini, both of which are ruled by Mercury, so the presence of this fourth ray glamor is not surprising.

You are not clear as to the hindrances existing in your personality. This is partly because your knowledge of the mechanics of that personality is less than that of the majority of my disciples because you have less academic knowledge. Avoid the glamour which comes from realisation of pure motive — and that you have. Your brain and soul have close alliance. A high grade astral body acts oft as a distorter where your vision of character is concerned. Where the Master's work and your own field of service are in question, clearly and truly you see. Where you yourself are concerned, the vision is not so clear yet the method of close self-analysis would land you in morbidity. In utter self-forgetfulness, therefore, know yourself and serve. Be silent towards your personality. Ponder on these cryptic words or phrasing, for they hold for you the truth.

1.                  SCP is probably a business person, not the usual second ray scholarly type. Second ray types are more adept at understanding psychology — both their own and that of others.

2.                  If the proposed chart is correct, yet another reason for SCP’s inadequate self-knowledge appears: Neptune (often the planet of ‘indistinct vision’ is rising!).

3.                  SCP’s mind is on the second ray (which is not a ‘sharp’ ray), and this too contributes to her lesser degree of self-knowledge.

4.                  Because the sixth ray is so strong for SCP, she does have “pure motive”, for the sixth ray is often a ray of purity. But a glamor could result from the “realization of pure motive”. What might that glamor be? Perhaps, that if the motive is pure, one need not bother with closer self-examination and the accumulation of academic knowledge related to occultism. Pure motive is an excellent foundation, but is not sufficient unto itself. Action resulting from that motive has still to be monitored and improved.

5.                  DK points to the alignments which become obvious if one studies SCP’s ray chart. A first ray soul and a first ray physical-etheric body will, of course, be in “close alliance” and provide a channel for the descent of considerable spiritual power.

6.                  But the astral body is strong (and of “high grade”) and is reinforced by a personality on the same ray, the sixth. This astral body (probably filled with devotion and idealism) militates against clear perception, perhaps of others, but especially of self. Again we note that the rising Neptune (proposed) is a sixth ray planet and (as “Lord of the Waters”) is directly connected to the astral body. Neptune rising can signify blurred, unrealistic, inflated, or overly-idealistic self-perception. (There are also positive possibilities for the dissolving of normal ego-consciousness, as such consciousness will prevent perception of that which is transcendent. As well, Neptune so placed can confer a powerful intuition.)

7.                  DK is asking SCP to judge more accurately as to character — presumably in relation to both self an others. The sixth ray (Neptune and Mars) has trouble keeping things in proportion; usually exaggeration or minimization is common. But Mercury in Libra could contribute to a more balanced point of view.

8.                  In some areas, SCP does see clearly, and DK brings one of these to her attention. There is clear sight in relation to the Master’s work and her own field of service. Vision in relation to herself (her character, psychological tendencies and behavioral patterns) could be clarified.

9.                  We note, however, that DK sees a danger. Were she to choose the method of “close self-analysis” (which might be the preferred method of those with other rays), she would be landed in “morbidity”. DK’s foresight reveals this to Him. Perhaps the nearness of Pluto (planet of the depths, depression and morbidity) to both Neptune and the Ascendant would contribute to this possibility.

10.              Master DK is speaking to a very intuitive chela and He offers her words which the intuition must help to penetrate: “In utter self-forgetfulness, therefore, know yourself and serve. Be silent towards your personality.”

11.              How can one be both self-forgetful and self-knowing? This would seem to be one of the paradoxes of the occult path. It is of course possible, because the self that will appear to the vision of a self-forgetful person is different from the ordinary self. At least the personal self will be seen in the context of the soul’s work and that of the Master — the Plan. This would prevent the ordinary preoccupation with the personality (in isolation) and would place the personality in a broader context in which it could be more clearly and truly understood.

12.              If one is to know oneself in utter self-forgetfulness, there will necessarily be a more detached perspective upon the self. No selfish motive or egotism will bias the point of view and the self will be revealed more clearly — as it is.

13.              It is useful to give a chela something enigmatic upon which to ponder; the intuition is thereby evoked and subsequent realization (in this case, self-realization).

14.              Again, as in the beginning of this instruction, Master DK uses the word “cryptic”. This must all be very purposeful. He is seeking from SCP a more penetrating perception and deeper understanding, and He offers her ‘riddles’ or paradoxes to ‘provoke’ the intuitive perception which will stimulate understanding.

15.              She is to be “silent toward [her] personality”. This would certainly mean the avoidance of mental chatter, self-critical or otherwise. It would place her truly in the “attitude of the Observers”. Then, perhaps, the self could be truly seen.

16.              DK seems to invoke SCP’s vision in this instance, rather than her ability to use speech (in this case, inner speech). The injunction, “be silent towards your personality”, also places her in a position detached from her personality. As in Gemini, one brother recognizes the other, with all lucidity. “I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow”.

June 1933

I would say to you, my brother, that the instructions which I last gave to you still carry for you the needed teaching — a teaching which, if followed, will lead to realisation. I have today but little to add. Will you again and with a lighted heart read what I there have said? Your progress on the Way and your power to take the kingdom of Heaven by violence is very real and the keys of the entrance lie within your grasp. But this power itself carries with it its own problem and its own solution. Only one vital thing stands in the way of a life of utter usefulness and that is the sixth ray quality of your personality. It is, as you know, the ray of devotion, of a fanatical idealism, of [Page 323] undue emphasis and this ray, when conditioning the personality, is apt to cause much trouble. The lesser light of that minor ray (in itself, divine) can shut out the full radiance of your soul. Study all you can find out about the nature of the sixth ray. Your point in evolution necessitates a dominant personality which must be understood by you if your full usefulness in my work is to be reached. Follow instructions, brother of mine. You can be used and when the lesser light is dimmed, the first ray quality of your soul will be turned increasingly to the work of illumined building with the aid of other souls. There is much to be accomplished if the work of the Hierarchy is to go forward as desired....

1.                  About a year and a half have passed since the first letter of instruction.

2.                  DK asks that the instructions proposed in the first letter be continued. We have noted over and again that (as a rule) if instructions are not assimilated by the chela, DK calls attention to them and asks that they be continued.

3.                  It is “realisation” (related to the sense of vision) which DK seeks for this disciple. That realisation is as much self-realisation as any other kind. We do note that two important ‘planets’ (the Moon and Jupiter) are in the sign of sight, vision and, therefore, realization. This would very likely be the case no matter what might be the time of birth.

4.                  The combination of the first ray soul and sixth ray personality (not so uncommon in DK’s various groups), is not easy to handle. It is one of those combinations which induces the one it qualifies to “take the kingdom of Heaven by violence”. This combination is reminiscent of the approach of St. Paul, who had in His nature much of both the first and sixth ray. IBS and LDN-C also had this combination.

5.                  DK points to the problem which often exists with the sixth ray — fanatical idealism and undue emphasis. It seems to be standing between SCP and a “life of utter usefulness”. Sixth ray Mars is in a powerful, self-emphatic first ray sign, Leo; the Moon is in the sixth-ray Sagittarius; and sixth-ray Neptune is proposed as rising, and in quintile aspect with Mars.

6.                  The sixth ray is a minor ray when compared to the ray of the soul, the first. Apparently, SCP is much influence by the “lesser light” of that minor ray, and it is not allowing the energy of the first ray soul through in the correct manner.

7.                  DK advises study of the sixth ray. Where there is difficulty, study is always one valuable approach, as it informs and clears the mind.

8.                  SCP is told that her point in evolution “necessitates a dominant personality”. This is interesting, as it suggests that not all first ray souls (depending upon their point of evolution) would necessarily be working through a “dominant personality”.

9.                  What is that point in evolution which necessitates such personality dominance? Surely it occurs before the second degree, at which point the disciple begins to learn how to handle personality power (and love of power) through the use of will. It is at the “temptations in the desert” that the disciple learns whether or not he/she is the victim of the very evident powerful personality which has been developed.

10.              A dominant personality is necessitated, but it must be a personality which, also, is “understood”. We do note that SCP has three planets in the sign Leo (a sign related to the self and knowledge of the self).

11.              DK asks His chela to “follow instructions”. This is something which first ray types (most often, self-determining) do not have an immediate inclination to do.

12.              His meaning is very clear: the lesser light of the sixth ray must be dimmed by the quality of the first ray soul. So far, the sixth ray personality is stronger than it should be relative to the soul — which also says something about the stage of spiritual development at which SCP stands.

13.              The work of the soul is set forth — “illumined building with the aid of other souls”. We can see that DK is enjoining upon SCP the value of the affiliative, cooperative second ray. There is also the suggestion that a second ray monad may lie behind the first ray soul, for the second ray is the illumined builder, and there is no other second ray in SCP’s makeup than the mind. As a first ray type she must learn that she “travels not alone”, but must function “with the aid of other souls”.

14.              One of the disciples, EES, had a first ray physical body; that first ray was the only Ray of Aspect to appear in the personality vehicles and thus, DK, concluded that the ray of the monad must be the first!

“You have a first ray physical body. This is the only vehicle or energy of expression in your equipment which is on one of the major rays. Curiously enough, this fact indicates to those of us who watch on the inner side that your monadic ray is the first and that later, in your next life, it will be necessary for you to shift the centre of your egoic or soul attention on to the second ray.”

15.              We see this is not the case for SCP, for, interestingly, another Ray of Aspect (other than the first) appears in her personality vehicles; the second Ray of Love Wisdom, qualifying the mental vehicle.

16.              That other disciple, EES, had a seventh ray soul, which, most curiously, was to be refocussed on the second ray. This is not one of the usual modes of ray-change.

17.              Given the rays of SCP, and what the Tibetan has said about the ray qualities of those who work closely with Him, it is most likely that her monad was upon the second ray.

18.              As an illumined builder, SCP would increasingly come under the positive and constructive energies of the planet, Vulcan.

Your work in my group is known to you. It is twofold and that you also know. You can stand in the group as the embodiment of dynamic energy which, as I earlier told you, causes things to be. You can also stand as a tower of strength and let the strength of love pour through you.

1.                  Dynamic energy results from SCP’s combination of the first and sixth rays.

2.                  The first ray is also adept at causing things to be, provided that it is not incorrectly intercepted by the sixth ray.

3.                  Because of her rays, SCP is also well-equipped to “stand as a tower of strength”.

4.                  DK is calling for a combination of the first and second rays to pour through this disciple: “the strength of love”. From where would this second ray come? Two of the three second ray signs are well-represented in the proposed chart — Virgo and Gemini. But we must not overlook the power of a possible second ray monad which could enter into combination with the first ray soul.

5.                  DK is sounding a high ideal for this disciple and one toward which she could be induced to strive. He seems to be seeking to evoke her very highest possibilities from the highest aspect of her nature.

6.                  Is it too early to implicate the monad in the developmental process before the second initiation is taken? This would depend. Surely, from the second degree onwards, the influence of the monad can begin to be registered (for will is emerging to control desire), through the conscious registration of even a little of what the monad ‘sees’ is not given until the third degree.

Say daily the following words, as oft as you feel the urge and when you choose:

"The strength I touch and am, that strength I give. The central Light I reach so oft, I pass along the lighted Way to those who need that light. I seek to walk the ways of men as light and love and power. My strength and power come from the secret place and much I know. I live for others and must learn to lose myself in them."

1.                  All three aspects of divinity are included in this beautiful mantram.

2.                  This is clearly a mantram of service, for everything accessed is passed on, in service, to others.

3.                  There is an identification with being, for not only does one touch the strength but one is that strength.

4.                  One not only gives light and love and power, but again, is identified as all three.

5.                  The mantram is occult, emphasizing contact with the “secret place”.

6.                  One both knows and learns.

7.                  The words close with utter selflessness and altruism. The obstructive little self is lost in others.

8.                  By giving such a mantram to SCP, He is helping her achieve a stage of decentralization to which He refers extensively later in the instruction.

June 1934


For you, there come now some months of inner consolidation. You have heightened your vibration since I last instructed you and have learnt and realised much of what the inner path of reality signifies. Such cycles of realisation must inevitably be succeeded by periods of quiet unemotional growth and assimilation. During these months, the high moments may perhaps cease and the work will go on with no realised tensions and, consequently, with no moments of startling import. This is happily the case. A constant succession [Page 324] of spiritual enlightenments and an unabated keying-up to high contacts would eventually dull the instrument so that true recognitions would fade out. Ponder on this, my brother, and be grateful for the days of coming duty, of quiet living, of steadfast orientation towards the light, of silent communication with your soul, of study and of thought. They are of as real value and of as true usefulness as e'en those hours when the technique of the Presence entered into your consciousness. They lead towards the time when the technique is superseded by the Presence.

1.                  It is interesting to note in the horoscope that this period of “inner consolidation” coincides with a period when transiting Saturn opposes natal Saturn. Saturn, we know is a planet much associated with stabilization, solidification and consolidation.

2.                  Master DK gives advice which is useful to all those with a prominent sixth ray, for such people are ever on the search for “high” experiences. They are adverse to the “periods of quiet unemotional growth and assimilation”, which seem to them, perhaps, not ‘exciting’ enough.

3.                  Master DK says something very important of which we all must take cognizance: “A constant succession of spiritual enlightenments and an unabated keying-up to high contacts would eventually dull the instrument so that true recognitions would fade out.” The limited resilience of the instrument must be respected. It grows cyclically. It is not intended that the peg controlling the tension of the string be relentlessly tightened; the string will snap.

4.                  Clearly, an attitude of gratitude is of use when facing the quieter periods of life. In this case, DK is calling for second ray virtues — again: days of “quiet living, of steadfast orientation towards the light, of silent communication with your soul, of study and of thought”. Disciples are necessarily eager for progress and advancement, for contact with the new, but they do not know the ‘laws of assimilation’, and the limited assimilative capacities of their own instrument.

5.                  Apparently the “Technique of the Presence” has been very important for SCP. We do not know the date of which the entry into consciousness of this technique occurred, but we know that any first ray disciple would find it of especial use, for the “disk of golden light” (ruled by the second ray and related to the “Angel of the Presence”) veils the Presence (ruled, generically, by the first).

6.                  As well, Neptune is a planet which is especially conducive to an experiential appreciation of the “Presence”, and in the proposed chart, it is rising.

7.                  Virgo, the Sun-sign, is a sign much given to the use of techniques; at least an ability to understand and practice techniques is conferred by this sign.

8.                  Eventually, practice results in attainment. The “Technique of the Presence” is superseded by the “Presence” itself. For SCP, this clearly lies in the future. We might say that by the time the third initiation is achieved, the Presence has been established as a fact in consciousness.

The fiery force of your life is now one-pointedly directed towards your goal. Naught can cause you to step aside. The dynamic quality of your aspiration towards usefulness in service indicates energies which have been directed to the wish or the will to serve. Can I make clear to you, my brother, that these energies must be now used differently, and that dynamic will must supersede dynamic longing. You oft confuse the two. It is the will of the soul which must be brought into play for group ends and not the will and the aspiration of a high grade and consecrated personality. Ponder on this, for its acceptance and realisation will open a door for you that has hitherto remained shut.

1.                  The powers of the first and sixth rays are combined.

2.                  The life has become unalterably directed. We note that (given the proposed chart) during the year preceding the one in which this instruction was written and at the time of the writing, the planet of direction, Chiron, was hovering in the vicinity of the proposed Ascendant.

3.                  There is now a question of the “wish” or the “will” to serve. Both are operative, but DK is trying to bring SCP closer to the will aspect.

4.                  This paragraph is full of important hints. “Dynamic will must supersede dynamic longing”. What is the difference? Both, we see, are dynamic. But longing is not yet empowered, and will is. Will works from a position of attained adequacy. Desire and longing are still ‘reaching out’ for that adequacy. Will has; longing would have.

5.                  The transition from longing to will can be made through right centralization. Desire grows out of a sensed dualism; will arises when dualism is resolving into unitive realization and power to act is generated thereby.

6.                  Will, further, is unemotional.

7.                  SCP has been using a kind of will but it is not the will of the soul. It is will of a high grade and consecrated personality (accompanied by its aspiration).

8.                  DK promises that if will can supersede longing, a door hitherto shut will open. Will this be the door of the second degree, which is shut to all those who do not know the difference between will and desire?

9.                  Another secret for the activation of the will of the soul is its group use. The personality often longs for itself. The soul, being group conscious, seeks to apply its will for the welfare of the realized group. Tuning in on the group and its welfare can bring one closer to the use of soul-will.

January 1935


To you, I would say at this time that one of the wisest and one of the most educational things you have ever done is to start this group which you now instruct and teach. Remember that your function as a teacher in no way resembles that of those who are on the second ray of love wisdom. It is not the teaching aspect which is primarily yours but the awakening aspect. The group meets ostensibly for teaching and you give them what they need but your prime function is to charge the group members with dynamic energy. Through the power of your soul you must awaken their souls into selfless activity. You can touch them dynamically and then never again will their orientation be purely personal. The task of re-orienting people can be yours. Some people work with groups and, through the inclusiveness of their auras and the potency of their souls, they sweep large numbers of people into a higher aspirational attitude and into a deeper spiritual tide. Others have the duty of finding the advanced men and women of the world, the individuals who stand at the portal of discipleship — but blindly, knowing not where they are or why. They then, through their dynamic soul potency, call into living activity the soul imprisoned in these waiting personalities. Such is your task — to teach and vivify.

1.                  SCP has undertaken to teach students. There has been an eclipse on her North-Node (a point indicating action to be taken), and that Node sits on the cusp of the third house of instruction (the Gemini house).

2.                  Another solar eclipse occurred close to her South Node. Illuminative Venus in illuminative Leo was also involved with an eclipse. Speaking of initiative, there was an almost exact solar eclipse on natal Mars in August of 1934. Naturally, she would undertake something new.

3.                  If we look just a little ahead, we see the proposed progressing Vertex entering Sagittarius (the sign of the higher type of instruction) in early May of 1935. If the chart is not exact, it would seem very close, because the Vertex is very time-sensitive, and its ingress into a new sign (from Scorpio to Sagittarius) would be indicative of a new approach — impartation of that which has been accumulated.

4.                  As well, the Moon has been progressing through Leo, indicating the “Will-to-Illumine”.

5.                  Teachers can be found on all the rays. In the case of SCP, she is to be an “awakener” rather than a teacher in the usual sense. Interestingly, Uranus, the “awakener” has been transiting opposite her progressing Sun, beginning the year before.

6.                  DK is surely helpful to His chela, for He outlines her real task: to “charge the group members with dynamic energy” and “awaken their souls into selfless activity”. We can see that this is a task into which SCP could easily throw herself. The power to convey inspiration and empowerment is hers.

7.                  We think immediately of her transiting Chiron position, for she is to change the orientation of her students, to re-direct them towards the impersonal life. Chiron is hovering near the Ascendant and even closer to her rising Neptune (planet of inspiration, vision and upliftment). In a sense, SCP is being a ‘Chironian’ ‘quest-guide’.

8.                  DK speaks of two kinds of teachers, endowed respectively, it would seem, with the second and first rays, but the distinction is not solely a ray distinction.

9.                  The first kind of teacher is inclusive and potent in soul, and can sweep large numbers of people into a deeper aspirational attitude. This type works with groups rather than with a few individuals. The magnetic second ray is of great value in this work.

10.              It would seem that teachers like SCP are more dynamic and are to find advanced men and women who stand — not as potential aspirants — but on the very portal of discipleship. SCP has, apparently, found such people and is to awaken the soul in them. She is not only to teach but to vivify; this demands the use of the first aspect of divinity, connected as it is with life. With this aspect she is abundantly endowed.

And what, my brother, shall be for you the keynote of the coming months? What shall be the word I give to you which shall govern your personality until the coming Wesak Festival in May? I am impelled to give you just two words of practical import. They are gracious loving-kindness. These qualities of graciousness and of loving-kindness mark the superficial (occultly understood) outer expression of the soul and for a first ray person they are ever difficult; their need is oft not recognised nor are they deemed necessary. The first ray person frequently does not know he lacks them. The inner, dynamic and realised goodness of a first ray disciple can be marred by a haste and an outer quickness of speech and attitude. So sure is a first ray person of his essential kindness and love (and he is rightly sure) that he judges other people as himself. The inner rectitude of attitude and the inner love matter more to him than the outer expression. But lesser people and those upon the other rays are apt to misunderstand. The potency of your work is so real and the opportunities opening before you are so great that if you add to that potency a gracious outer attitude of loving-kindness, you can be much used. Ponder on this, my brother of old.

1.                  Master DK does something important when He imparts a “word”, for a “word to the wise is sufficient”. This word he imparts is to “govern the personality”. We see the regulatory power of the right word.

2.                  Again we are reminded how so many spiritually constructive processes build towards the Wesak Festival.

3.                  Ever attempting to preserve the balance, Master DK recommends “graciousness” and “loving-kindness” to His Chela. These are qualities not easy for a first ray type to cultivate.

4.                  DK gives dignity to these qualities by explaining that they are the “superficial…outer expression of the soul”. All souls have them, but first ray souls have a special task in ensuring that they are expressed.

5.                  DK assures this first ray disciple that first ray types often possess the qualities of “essential” kindness and love, but do not bother to express these virtues outwardly.

6.                  Many of us have probably seen this to be the case. Those of lesser development will misunderstand, but also those of higher development on rays other than the first.

7.                  DK’s recommendations are therefore along the line of developing a type of “skill-in-action”, to improve the possibilities of successful work.

8.                  Just as first ray types do not normally appreciate a polished style of writing (as long as what they have written conveys the essence of their meaning with potency), so they do not normally work at cultivating a polished style of behavior. But both substance and form are of value, and the balance must be kept.

9.                  We note the Master’s skill, as He does not simply reprimand, but, rather, assures His chela of her essential inner love and kindness and asks for greater attention to expression.

10.              DK always wishes for the quality of service of His disciples to be improved and He easily sees the means of improvement. Often that means is the adaptation to or utilization of a quality contrary to their normal ray quality.

11.              The incentive is given. The Master paints a picture of potency and usefulness, if only there will be “added to that potency an outer attitude of loving-kindness”.  One of the best ways of teaching is to recognize strengths, and build upon them, adding the needed virtue to the established virtue.

I change not your meditation and will ask you to adhere to it until next May. This is for you a preparatory period in which the qualities of your soul must be welded into those of the personality. In 1936 and particularly in 1937, if the plans work out as desired and you go forward on the Way, the door of opportunity will stand wider open. These words are for you to interpret. Symbolically I say to you:

"The door before you has two leaves. One is now open wide. The other is ajar. Love alone can open the one that is ajar. The other opened to the force of will — this to the [Page 326] pull of love. Behind this door there stands a Presence, hiding another door which opens to a field of newer service."

1.                  SCP is in a period of fusion. The term “welded” is used, suggesting the importance during this period of the planet Vulcan. Soul qualities are to be “welded into those of the personality”.

2.                  We note that the progressing Sun in Libra is closely conjuncting the natal Vertex (Point of Fate, and of duty that must be faced). Libra is a sign of politeness and graciousness and the Sun position carries the potencies of Vulcan, for Vulcan and the Sun are one.

3.                  DK promises opportunity ahead, if all goes as it should. Is He promising the possibility of initiation?

4.                  The Jupiter positions during 1936 and 1937 are promising. Jupiter is a planet of love and magnetism.

5.                  The two-leaved door before SCP may be the symbol of the second degree, for the taking of which, both love and will are required. The ‘door of will’ has already been opened, because she is so easily equipped to do so. But the ‘door of love’ has not yet been entirely opened. It requires more of the second ray, which, we see, DK has been attempting to have His disciple cultivate.

6.                  We note that will forces and love pulls. It is the power of magnetism and attraction that SCP must learn.

7.                  A type of “Presence” is to be revealed if she can pass through the two-leaved door, but this “Presence” hides still another kind of door. It would seem that we are seeing here, symbols for the second and third initiations.

8.                  Sensitivity to ‘Presences’ seems to be growing for SCP; she is an intuitive.

9.                  Though a field of “newer service” looms head, it cannot be discussed until the quality of love becomes more pervading.

10.              We realize, do we not, how “love opens doors”.

I cannot impress upon you too strongly two matters, my brother: First that your closest work in the future lies with three people.... This you know already. Secondly, guard more your health and take not on your shoulders more than your strength can suffice to carry. Rest more. The ardent flames of inner love and aspiration oft burn too fiercely the physical vehicle. Pass on to greater work and live with joy the life of loving service.

1.                  The Master becomes specific. The names of these people, with whom her closest work in the future lies, may have been given in the original instructions, but have been deleted here (either at the request of SCP or according to the judgment of the editor). In any case, our service as disciples is very often a specific matter and not general at all. Working with the right people at the right time can make the difference between success and failure.

2.                  The Master asks His chela to guard her health and to rest. It is easy to see that, with her combination of rays, she could get carried away with enthusiasm and a determination to do ‘at all costs’ that which must be done. Rays one and six, together, are not known for their moderation.

3.                  It is interesting that two other disciples had “Rest” as part of their ‘Developmental Formula’, and they, too, like SCP, had a prominent Gemini in their horoscopes. One was RSW who had, as is proposed for SCP, early Gemini rising. The other is Alice Bailey, herself, DRS, who had the Sun in Gemini.

4.                  SCP is an ardent soul, apparently an old mystic, burning with the ardour of “inner love and aspiration”. DK seems to be calling for more of the second ray quality of solar fire, rather than the fierce burning (fire by friction) common to the sixth ray, especially when intensified by the first.

5.                  These fires, combined, would damage the physical vehicle, and, indeed, the health of mystics (often such ardent individuals) has not been especially good. They could and sometimes did, die of their aspiration.

6.                  The sixth ray has a narrow view. The first ray sees broadly. Master DK asks His chela to “pass onto to greater work” (wider work), and to live more the life of joy, as second ray types seem to do more easily than those upon the sixth ray.

7.                  There can be little question that for SCP, the second ray is the ray to cultivate. Perhaps it is intended to be the ray of the personality in the next incarnation. Yet, seeing it in the position of the mind, also reminds one that it is possible for the ray of the mind to descend into the mental position in a succeeding incarnation, so perhaps she has lived recently upon the second ray in her personality.

8.                  DK’s constant injunctions concerning the kindness of the second ray have been (over the course of years when this quality was recommended) well-reinforced by the position of transiting Neptune over the natal Virgo Sun.

July 1935


The note of my instruction to you this time can be best summed up in the strong injunction to practise truth at all times. My word to you in my last instruction was to ask you to inculcate in your outer expression upon the physical plane that gracious loving-kindness which first ray disciples ever need to cultivate. This you have attempted to do with marked success. The practice of these qualities will extend your sphere of usefulness for there will be nothing, eventually, in your outer impact upon people to throw them away from you. Instead, you will draw them magnetically to the centre wherein the Masters are found.

1.                  It is so interesting how easy it is to lose the balance. Eager to follow the Master’s advice, SCP has been practicing “gracious loving kindness”, but in the process, apparently, a fair measure of truth has been sacrificed. We have seen on many occasions that when asked by the Master to practice certain kinds of behaviors, disciples often go too far.

2.                  SCP has been successful in following the Master’s instructions. Advice to all first ray disciples is given in succinct form. Being kind and gracious will extend their sphere of usefulness. They will not drive people away from them.

3.                  It is interesting how Master DK is often more explicit about a disciple’s liabilities after a desirable quality has been attained, than during the period when He first asks for its attainment.  Apparently, there was that in SCP which drove people from her, and, to a degree, it still persists, for the Master uses the word “eventually”. But the situation is much improved.

4.                  Every possible sincere student is dear to the Master. He deplores that some may be driven away from contact with Him by overzealous disciples. Yet it happens all the time.

5.                  Often the Master sees just how bad things are with us, but does not share with us the full extent of His understanding. To do so would serve no purpose and could be initially discouraging to the disciple He hopes to motivate. Later, however, He may tell us, and often we may be shocked. How much tact and right-timing are required of Him, plus an ability to weight the present energies and forces and foresee their best possible future development.

Now I call your attention to the necessity for that crystalline truthfulness and that precise accuracy which will release you increasingly from the prison of the lower self. People who work as you could work upon the distinctly abstract levels of existence frequently have a difficulty in expressing the precision of truth. They lack, if I may so express it, the capacity to bring through into form and to build the concrete shell which can precisely express the idea. This you also quite markedly lack; you have oft said, have you not, how difficult you find it to clothe in words the ideas you contact and the field of knowledge in which — at high moments — you find yourself. This inability to express spiritual ideas in the right words has necessarily its counterpart in the limitations of your personality. The ecstasy of divine knowledge which you know at times and which fails of right [Page 327] expression in words, finds its inevitable counterpart in the exaggerated detail of daily life when recounted. There is ever the tendency to continue the ecstasy (known on abstract levels) into the concrete life on the physical plane. As it is stepped down, it over-stimulates other and lower aspects of the nature, and, therefore, removes itself further and further from the truth.

1.                  One thing which any teacher must understand is that not all desirable things can be done at once. Students grow through a gradual process and to demand that all achievements be simultaneously attained is to court certain failure.

2.                  SCP does not yet work predominantly upon “distinctly abstract levels of existence”, but she “could” do so, and has the tendency to do so. Because she is largely focussed on abstract levels, she has difficulty in “expressing precision of truth”. The Tibetan is calling this to SCP’s attention for the first time, interestingly after asking her to develop “gracious loving-kindness” in her outward expression. The first cause of imprecision is the deeper one; her outer attempt to be kind and gracious has, perhaps, added to the difficulty.

3.                  The second ray is one of the Rays of Aspect and, hence, is, by definition, an abstract ray, related to the buddhic plane. Some of the best descriptions of the workings of the second ray mind are here found. The ability to find or choose the “right words” is present with the fourth and fifth ray mind and the third also. The second ray mind (rare though it may be) seems to have this deficiency, at least in the case of this disciple who is not as academically trained as many of her co-workers. The ability to choose the right words, however, can be assisted by the right use of the Gemini Ascendant, as long as the influence of Neptune is not allowed too much leeway.

4.                  The Master is engaging here in some extraordinary psychological analysis. A situation of polarity is brought to her attention. The overly-abstracted condition of the mind is counterbalanced within the personality by a tendency which is overly concrete (and exacerbated, one would think) by the speech-prone Gemini Ascendant.

5.                  It is fascinating to see the polarity existing between an inability to express on one level (the abstract) and a tendency towards “the exaggerated detail of daily life when recounted”. Some sort of balance is being sought, but does not yet exist.

6.                  DK explains that abstract ecstasy is brought to the levels of personality expression and leads to a kind of over-stimulation of the faculties of concrete thought and resultant speech. This ecstasy (can we related it to Neptune?) is, in SCP, a faculty removed from its proper domain and creates exaggeration and distortion ‘below’.

7.                  One can presume that if there developed a better ability to render abstract/intuitive thought into right speech, the lower tendencies towards exaggeration of the inconsequential would subside. Neptune rising in Gemini is a position which calls for the rendering of that which is buddhic and ecstatic into well-formulated speech. Neptune is a planet of ecstasy, wordless truth and, also, glamorous, misleading untruth.

8.                  As far as the tendency towards exaggeration goes, Jupiter, another planet of abstraction, is found in buoyant Sagittarius and is well known for its exaggerative tendencies. Its inflating square to Mercury must be noticed.

During the coming year, brother of old, assume the task of watching with care every statement made and every attitude assumed, so as to negate all tendency to emotional misrepresentation. But be not overwhelmed or discouraged by any discoveries anent your lower nature which you may make. Should you discover lack of precision in relation to those concerns which affect the lower man, remember that this inaccuracy is due to two things:

First, to your power to work on abstract levels, involving ecstatic realisation. This reacts on the lower man and inclines him to over-emphasise all details, and to exaggerate the usual and the commonplace into the unusual and the rare.

Secondly, to your innate humility which induces in you a tendency to reassure yourself constantly that you are on the Way and that all you do is in line with soul purpose. The world of glamour which is the distorted reflection of the world of inspiration (the intuitive buddhic plane) then catches you and the truth, with its clarity of outline and precision of detail, disappears into the mists of illusion. Then all objects and affairs loom too large and appear too important and too interesting. With the majority, the reverse happening is the case and everything dwindles in retrospect and becomes too small. Hence the word "exaggerated" in connection with the watch that I want you to make over all words and descriptions.

1.                  DK continues His discussion of the problem of exaggeration — a Jupiter, Neptune problem, and related to Mercury as well, since both these planets of inflation are in aspect with Mercury.

2.                  He is asking His chela to commeasure emotion and speech. If that which is said is accompanied by inappropriate emotion, truth suffers.

3.                  The Master is calling for close self-observation, but we remember what He said earlier about SCP’s tendency to fall into moroseness should self-analysis go too far.

4.                  He is requesting accuracy and continues to analyze the source of the evident inaccuracy.

5.                  First “ecstatic realization” (Neptune) is reacting on the lower man. The love of the rare and wonderful (found on abstract levels) is not assisted by the discrimination which would prevent many normal things from seeming rare and wonderful. A sufficient sense of proportion is not being kept.

6.                  There is, indeed, a constant problem with speech, as we might expect when we see Chiron (the “wound”) in the third house of speech, accompanied by the dedication and intense focus of the asteroid Vesta.

7.                  One has to think carefully here. Two things account for SCP’s problem with truth and accuracy. Exaggeration of the commonplace (based, in part, on ecstatic realization transferred to the personality and misapplied); and her constant self-reassurance that since she is “on the Way”, and that, therefore, all she does is in line with soul purpose. This is, apparently, not the case and shows an important lack of discrimination.

8.                  In a certain respect, she is the victim of misapplied inspiration, or ‘inappropriately transferred inspiration’. The commonplace life is not seen as it really is and is blown out of proportion.

9.                  Others, we know, seem to lose touch with the physical plane and their normal life seems to dwindle in importance. They may not, as a consequence, handle that normal life with due attention to detail.

10.              The sum of all this is that Master DK wants His chela to beware of exaggeration. This will take a keen vigilance and a virtually word-by-word watchfulness. The Master is pointing out a maladjustment with respect to the physical plane and is seeking to bring correction.

11.              This rather exacting discipline imposed upon SCP occurs most fittingly at time when transiting Saturn is opposing the natal Sun. She is being forced to face herself and discover, with some exactitude, the true nature of her physical plane life. Saturn, we know, is a major planet of truth.

This self-imposed attention to true accuracy must be your most rigid discipline during the next year and, when success is achieved, you will find yourself walking in a clearer world and discover that you will have potently increased your power to serve. This inability to produce a true picture of things as they intrinsically are and to portray facts as they really exist, has militated against your power to materialise that which is desired upon the physical plane and has caused you much concern and distress of mind. Your desire to help has been urgent and your [Page 328] capacity to materialise that which is needed has seemed to you inadequate and oft futile. You have ascribed this inability to the fact that probably you have needed to learn patience. But that is not a lesson that you need, brother of mine. Your weak point has been your inability to bring through the vision with accuracy. In order to do this you must learn to practise accuracy of thought and speech daily.

1.                  Nothing could be more Saturnian than this first sentence, and, as mentioned above, fittingly so.

2.                  We do not know whether Master DK had access to SCP’s astrological chart in any normal sense, but He certainly must have known its content. Either that, or His infallible intuition summed all that the astrological chart would indicate to an investigating astrologer.

3.                  For approximately a year following this instruction, Saturn is in a strong position with respect to the Sun. Thus, the discipline is to continue.

4.                  Application to truth and accuracy, if successful will make this disciple far more effective on the physical plane and will cause an increasing ability to be creative upon the physical plane. We remember that, from the beginning, DK has been trying to help His disciple “bring through”. One would think this should not be too difficult, given the materializing energies of the Virgo Sun-sign, and the dynamism of the first ray soul and first ray brain aligned. But the sixth ray intervenes and Gemini may not always be helpful.

5.                  We see why the Master has listed “Creation” as one of the qualities of SCP’s ‘Developmental Formula’. Perhaps the combination of rays six and one apply too much intensity to render materialization successful, especially if there is insufficient clarity of thought regarding the formulation of what must be brought through.

6.                  A point of interest is that “Patience” is one of the qualities of SCP’s ‘Developmental Formula’, but here, DK says she does not need patience! This causes us to think deeply about the purpose of a ‘Developmental Formula’. Does it simply indicate insufficiencies and inadequacies, or does it also indicate qualities, already partially developed, which must be continued in practice?

7.                  It may be possible that SCP has patience in some areas of her life but not in others, just as she uses her concrete mind effectively in some areas of her life and not in others. If Gemini is the Rising-sign it could account for this inconsistency.

8.                  Again, we see that the disciples do not know themselves at all as well as the Master knows them. His task is to point to the real weakness or insufficiency — often not the one they imagine.

9.                  Over and again, DK reiterates the point: SCP is a visionary (two strong Sagittarius placements and Neptune proposedly rising), but she does not bring through the vision accurately. If she wishes to improve her capacity to do so, she must practice accuracy of thought and speech.

10.              Among DK’s group members, there were three with second ray minds. We cannot readily, however, find a common denominator among all three, though two of them were guilty of some form of misrepresentation. One seemed overly nice (which was untrue to his real inner state). SCP is also, in some manner, misrepresenting vaguely perceived inner states, or, at least, failing to bring them through with accuracy. The other individual (the third of those with a second ray mind) however, seems perfectly clear in the manifold detail of his mind: for him, accuracy was not a problem. In fact, he was able to work with “order, skill and precision” in his chosen area of service. (cf. DINA I 500-501)

Each Full Moon period, prior to entering into contact with the world of spiritual realities as you have been instructed, check up your progress during the month in this respect, remembering that initial success will take the form of recognition of a hitherto unrecognised verbal inaccuracy. You have so little to do (relatively speaking) in order increasingly to become a purifying flame that I beseech you to do that which is needed.

1.                  One expedient to growth is to check our progress at regular intervals.

2.                  DK assigns the Full Moon period as the time for evaluation. This is a hint to us regarding whatever qualities we may be attempting to build into our nature. Assessment may be made at a time of maximal clear-seeing — the Full Moon.

3.                  Master DK recognizes his disciple’s intensity. We remember that the second initiation (at the possibility for which, He seemed earlier to hint) is the initiation of purification. In yet another way, the Master seems to be saying that not much remains for this disciple to achieve that degree or, at least, to be well on her way towards it.

4.                  The word “beseech” (earnestly to implore) is old-fashioned, but effective. The Master is focussing intently upon His chela’s possibilities and seeking with an unusual degree of intensity to evoke from her the correct response.

Let your meditation take the form more and more of contemplation. In order, however, safely to increase the length of time you can spend in contemplation, you must achieve an attitude of gentle unswerving intensity and not develop any further that powerful dynamic intensity which imposes ever a strain upon the brain cells. Your work must lie along two lines:

1. Work on contemplative levels, functioning as a soul on its own abstract levels.

2. Bringing through from those levels the ideas and methods of work which must materialise upon the physical plane. Hence the need for constant right techniques in speech and the cultivation of right perception and right accuracy. Where there is the habit of accuracy, the clothing of the ideas in proper and true form will come more naturally.

1.                  We can see that SCP’s ray structure is ideal for contemplation, rather than for analysis.

2.                  Contemplation is meditation characterized not only by the mind held steady in the light, but by identification as a soul and with any object which may be subjected to sustained meditative attention..

3.                  One who knows something of the Technique of the Presence may enter into contemplation.

4.                  But SCP’s first ray/sixth ray intensity may be a difficulty. She needs “an attitude of gentle unswerving intensity” and not a “powerful dynamic intensity”. As usual, it is the second ray that is required, for the word “gentle” is peculiarly representative of that ray.

5.                  With first ray/sixth ray people, there is always the danger that they may burn themselves out.

6.                  SCP is not to be only an abstract contemplative. Indeed she is to function as a soul on its own abstract levels, but true to the higher meaning of Gemini, she is to “bring through” from the ‘higher brother’ to the lower.

7.                  We begin to see why DK has so much been insisting on right thought and speech where SCP is concerned. He foresaw her ability as a contemplative, but knew the impediments and sought to see them removed.

8.                  The goal is to see the content of the ray one soul realized in contemplation (facilitated by the right use of the second ray mind) and brought through creatively into manifestation — anchored by means of the ray one brain. The sixth ray components of the energy system must be regulated if this is to occur. They should facilitate the ‘bringing through’, and not side-track it.

January 1936


I have not much to say to you at this time. After the Wesak Festival, the needed changes in work may be made if you and others in my group of disciples warrant increased spiritual attention. I seek to let you know, however, that your real inner progress has been noted. You have stepped into clearer light and because of that progress you can shoulder greater responsibility in the future, provided that you hold the ground gained [Page 329] and lose nothing that has been revealed to you. It is no easy task which you and all disciples have set themselves these days. It means facing up to the issue which each has for himself created and this involves facing one's life with truth as well as one's environment, one's characteristics and one's responsibilities. It is an arduous undertaking to deal clear-sightedly with the lower self, to see life and the self truly and to guard the precious jewel of the vision untouched. You are evidencing increasing capacity to do this; I want you to know that I am aware of your effort and your growing success.

1.                  Master DK observes the Law of Economy. When there is something to say, He says it, and not otherwise.

2.                  He addresses all his group of disciples, telling them of expanded work and service ahead if they make the grade.

3.                  SCP has progressed and now her task is to hold the ground gained. Obviously, there is always a danger of back-sliding, as many of will know from chastening experience.

4.                  This first paragraph is complimentary; the Master recognizes the disciple’s efforts and encourages her for her successes.

5.                  At the same time, He generalizes for the benefit of all disciples reading His words; it is not easy to work as a disciple in the modern world. So much truth and clarity of vision are needed, both about oneself and one’s environment.

6.                  All of us are involved in facing up to certain issues in our personality; the Master notes that they are issues which “each has for himself created”. When we can realize that our difficulties are, indeed, self-created, an entirely new and more constructive attitude to them will supervene. Such realization takes one beyond the possibility of blame.

7.                  The Master deals with some ideas which may seem obvious, but He offers another of His “cryptic” phrases: disciples must “guard the precious jewel of the vision untouched”. The beauty of the inner vision must be preserved inviolate, uncontaminated by the more mundane happenings within the incompletely redeemed personality.

Definitely, I ask you to study and to do some strenuous mental work. It will greatly enrich you. If you will follow my instructions re study as indicated in the work which I assigned to my group (you amongst the rest), it will suffice to give you the needed mental stimulation. The manifestation of intuitive perception upon the physical plane is greatly aided by the effort to read, to understand and then to express that understanding in words. This is never an easy task for a natural intuitive such as you are, but it is one that will bring high reward.

1.                  In SCP’s nature there are none of the rays customarily associated with mentality, especially if, as seems likely, the monadic ray is the second. The ray structure would then be 216-261. The usual rays of mentality (the third and fifth) would be missing.

2.                  To correct the tendencies of the ray two mind as it manifests in SCP’s case, the Master recommends “strenuous mental work”. The Gemini Ascendant would indicate this direction as desirable. The Sun continues to be opposed by the transit of disciplining Saturn.

3.                  A second ray Master naturally expects that His students will read and study, and, in fact, most are inclined to do so. SCP, however, is a “natural intuitive” as we can see from the positions of Neptune and Mercury relative to the Ascendant and to each other.

4.                  Master DK does not make it easy on His students, because He is always asking them to do things which are supplementary to their natural tendencies. Saturn is the planet which forces us to do what must be done, and in this instance, the Master is playing the role of Saturn. So often, in fact, the Master can be represented by Saturn, especially in the early stages of relationship with a chela. At these stages He is also Mercury. Later He will assume other planetary roles, initiatory Uranus among them.

5.                  It can be presumed that if SCP reads, thinks about and expresses in words her understanding of what she has read, it will facilitate the development of accuracy of thought and speech.

Stand by your fellow disciples with renewed strength and inner realisation of the sources of power this year. It is the strong inner grasp of your true self to which I appeal. This, my brother, is a year of crisis and, therefore, a year of intense strain upon all the disciples in the world. They will need all the strengthening that they can get and the sense of reliant confidence which comes from the knowledge that there are those who stand steady, who love strongly and who aid untiringly. Give this kind of help, for well you can.

In silence and in confidence and in a growing inner realisation must lie your strength and the strength of every member of my group of disciples.

1.                  In these instructions we have reached the all-important year 1936, when Hierarchy, through a spiritual offensive, sought to offset the terrible danger imminent in the world situation of that time.

2.                  The Master is appealing to SCP’s first ray soul — to “stand by with renewed strength” and to reassert the “strong inner grasp of your true self”. In the word “grasp” we find the presence of the first ray planet Vulcan, to which the soul of SCP may be seen to be related. Vulcan is of astrological importance anyway, as she is a disciple and hence responsive, to a degree, to the esoteric ruler of her Virgo Sun-sign (the esoteric rulers being the Moon veiling Vulcan and Neptune). First ray strength is needed and SCP has it to give. DK asks for it.

3.                  This is a period in which her progressing Moon is found in the first ray sign Leo, a sign which can set an example of courage and strength.

4.                  The Master seems to be strongly suggesting the difficulties of the times, and calling His disciples to “measure up”.

5.                  We remember that the very first term in SCP’s ‘Developmental Formula” is “Silence”.  DK calls for “silence”, “confidence” and a “growing inner realization” as the sources of SCP’s strength. He seeks to strengthen her, not for herself alone, but for the strengthening she may bring to others at a time when such strengthening is needed.

6.                  It is the Master’s task not only to correct, but to invoke His disciple at times when the disciple’s qualities are needed.

June 1936


A new cycle is being entered upon by you, as it is by all in my group and for this you have been prepared and this you have earned. The world itself enters upon a new cycle at the [Page 330] end of this year but does so unconsciously. Disciples enter upon cycles or, rather, register their effects earlier than the rest of humanity because their minds are somewhat awakened and subjective recognitions can be earlier accorded. This is a point which should be remembered and one which has a definite bearing upon the Science of Prevision.

1.                  The middle of the year 1936 was a time of promise for all in the Tibetan’s groups. Perhaps the spiritual offensive had been, to a degree, successful.

2.                  In 1936, there was the beginning of a fresh three-year cycle for the New Group of World Servers. The first stanza of the Great Invocation was brought forward and distributed. (“Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind”…) Certain extra-planetary beings were offering humanity their aid, and the Christ was beginning the nine year period of His “Great Decision”, which would determine the mode of His reappearance. Such events, taken together, were momentous in the extreme. No wonder DK spoke of 1936 as a “Year of Crisis”.

3.                  The state of the groups was, at times, doubtful, but a breakthrough seems to have been made. The group, so it seems, had earned a fresh opportunity.

4.                  DK speaks of cycles as they are experienced by disciples and by humanity. The disciples, apparently, had entered upon the new cycle already; for humanity the entry was to be at the end of 1936. At least it would be then that humanity would register the effects of the new cycle into which they had entered unconsciously.

5.                  DK speaks of the “Science of Prevision” which should be of significance for an intuitive disciple with so much Sagittarius in the chart. Disciples may foresee what humanity will experience, because they are more sensitive, and that which is ‘descending’ occurs to them long before humanity has any conscious registration of it.

6.                  As to the specific reason that SCP may be entering a new cycle, one fact of interest is the relationship between her solar-arc-directed North and South Nodes with natal Saturn with the progressed Moon. As well, towards the end of the year (and directly related to prophecy and prevision) there is a solar eclipse in prophetic Sagittarius at the midpoint of her Sagittarian Moon and Jupiter.

7.                  DK has been trying to help SCP foresee and bring through creatively that which she foresees. Silence, clarity and patience will help.

It has been my wish to assign higher and more esoteric meditations but the time is not yet; it will be dependent upon two things:

1. The amount of group integration which this band of disciples in my Ashram can manage to achieve.

2. The power of the individual disciple to decentralise himself.

1.                  DK had wanted to assign “higher and more esoteric meditations” but He knows He cannot do that unless the requirements are fulfilled.

2.                  Group integration must be increased as must the degree of the individual disciple’s decentralization. With progressed Moon in Leo on natal Saturn, the task of decentralization could be undertaken in a disciplined manner by SCP.

3.                  The approach by transit of context-transforming Uranus to a trine of the Virgo Sun could also assist.

This decentralisation is for you a major task, as it is for another of my disciples who is working at the same problem as you are, but from a totally different angle of approach. It should be interesting to both of you to help each other and see in what the differences consist and the entirely different effects which the same general outlook has upon two different ray types and personalities. Let me see if I can make myself clear to you for this matter is of importance.

1.                  With three Leo planets (Venus, Saturn and Mars), decentralization is an issue. Aquarius, a sign easily leading to decentralization, is not present.

2.                  The other disciple in need of decentralization is RSU (23-117).

3.                  DK contrasts the problem of one disciple with that of the other, hoping to shed light for both of them. Though they share the same general outlook, the results are entirely different. So is their astrology, for RSU has a strong Capricorn, Taurus and proposedly Cancer influence.

It would not have been possible for me earlier to have enlarged upon this matter as you would not have understood the truth of my words nor would you have been able to profit by them. Even now I can only just touch upon the problems. It is peculiarly yours and that of R.S.U. You have, however, made so much progress in overcoming hindrances that my help is warranted. Forget not, my brother, that every disciple has some major characteristic which requires transmutation. Some know what it is and are working at it and the others fall into two main groups. They are either working furiously to bring about a general change in themselves and thus succeed in bringing their faults to the surface and they do it with such potency that they temporarily handicap their service. Or, secondly, they are overwhelmed and depressed by the discovery of their weaknesses. They resent being thus handicapped and the energy which should go towards the processes of transmutation is turned towards their lower nature in disgust, self-pity or hurt [Page 331] pride. All this leads to loss of time and produces inevitably the over-emphasis of the personality. The problem with which you and R.S.U. have to deal and which you must eventually solve is, above everything else, the problem of decentralisation. There is in both of you an over-emphasis of the "I" at the centre of the stage. I am telling you nothing new when I say this, for you have been faithfully working at this decentralisation for some time and making real progress. This, I, your friend and brother, tell you gladly.

1.                  Master DK is skirting on the issue of His disciples’ sensitivity. Though He knows the truth regarding all of His disciples, He can only reveal part of it because His disciples are not really ready to hear it. As for SCP, there is some degree of readiness to hear at the time of this writing, but no complete readiness.

2.                  Nine disciples are in the group to which DK is writing (the Telepathic Workers). Two of the disciples have the same problem (personality centralization), peculiarly.

3.                  DK compliments His disciple. She has made considerable progress in overcoming hindrances; thus He can offer her additional help.

4.                  This paragraph is instructive for all of us, as it deals with that within our character which must be transmuted.

5.                  The Master begins classifying. Some know what is to be transmuted and are doing so with some steadiness and success. The others exhibit opposing tendencies — an aggressive attack against their liabilities (causing those liabilities to rise to the surface in force), or depression and overwhelm (a more passive approach).

6.                  Both approaches are inefficient leading to loss of time and to the misapplication of energy.

7.                  The problem in both cases is one of the need for decentralization. We can infer, by the respective ray structures, that SCP’s approach is initially more intense and ‘furious’; RSU’s, more disappointed, depressed and disgusted (all traps for energy which could be directed towards transmutation).

8.                  In both cases there is an intense “I-consciousness”. This is clearly a liability to clear and free soul-consciousness.

9.                  While RSU is not endowed with Leo planets (often implicated when there are personality problems requiring decentralization), she does have a pronounced Capricorn energy, and this, too, can lead to self-focussing (though in a more depressed manner).

The emphasis upon the little self is, in your case, based upon three things:

1. A realised sense of divinity, of the beauty of the life of the spirit, of truth and of the power of your ray life. It is due to the fact that you have — in past lives — achieved a fair measure of soul control. Note my words with care.

1.                  The Master outlines the reason for SCP’s problem — a problem at which she has been working for some time and with some success.

2.                  SCP’s realizations are high, hence she can indulge in the painful process of comparison.  She has realized to a significant degree, divinity, beauty, the life of the spirit, truth, and the power of her ray life — the first ray.

3.                  DK tells her of her achieved soul control; it is not insignificant.

4.                  There is an exalted, ecstatic aspect to SCP’s consciousness. It has been earned in the past.

5.                  A sense of the heights, however, is likely to emphasize that which (within oneself) cannot achieve those heights — namely the normal personality, with which one may be inclined to identify because of its very evident obstructiveness.

2. A desire to impose upon the personality and to make the lower self to be in factual living what you know yourself to be on the higher soul levels. This is complicated by the desire that those you love should likewise recognise your divinity, your service and your power.

1.                  SCP knows the higher worlds and wants her personality in the lower worlds to conform to what she knows herself to be ‘above’. This is never easy. The first ray type seeks to impose the higher upon the lower, and the lower finds its effective means to resist.

2.                  One problem here indicated is that SCP seeks recognition. One of the very first eliminations necessary for the disciples in the newer types of groups is the elimination of the demand to be recognized (by anyone — even the Master).

3.                  SCP is seeking admiration as a kind of personality reinforcement. Not only has she three planets in Leo, but her Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all proposedly placed in the fifth house of self and its expression.

3. Being primarily astral-buddhic, demonstrating as intuitional development working out in a high emotional reaction, your personality polarisation is emotional, even though you function, as a soul, on the power ray. You have, therefore, a consequent weakness in the mental polarisation. This I endeavoured to aid you in correcting last year when I suggested that you studied more and did more mental work. Did you do this, my brother?

1.                  DK names His disciple as “primarily astral-buddhic” with high emotional reactions resulting from intuitional development.

2.                  Perhaps it is unusual that her personality polarization is emotional, because she is a first ray soul. The first ray is adept at controlling the emotions.

3.                  There is an imbalance. There is a “weakness in the mental polarization”. DK tried to correct this when he suggested more arduous mental work. His question here posed to SCP suggests she may not have followed His suggestion.

4.                  This astral polarization furthers the emphasis upon the little self, the dramatic “I” at the center. A better mental polarization would relieve this, for it would allow the consciousness to distance itself from the “I” at the center. A mentally polarized disciple can withdraw and observe the personal “I”, and thus decentralize.

5.                  Every disciple has the soul and personality focussed through one or other of the personality vehicles. We seem to be told here that the sixth personality is focussed through the sixth ray astral body, which would certainly stand to reason. Let us see, later, if indeed this is the case.

As I said above, R.S.U. has the same problem of being too much in the centre of her own life stage, but her whole attitude and life presentation is the exact reverse of yours. You, realising a measure of divinity, impose upon your personality in speech and desire what you believe to be the effects of divinity. You over-estimate the capacity of the personality to respond to this. She, realising the same measure of divinity, is so conscious of the failure of the personality to express this, that she retires within herself and (if I may use a phrase of real ugliness) she there "wallows" in the sense of failure.

This ability to see such failure and to sense at the same time the beauty of divinity is due to [Page 332] her mental polarisation which enables her to cast the light of the mind in two directions. She is largely an expression of the higher or abstract mind, invading the lower mind, via the soul. Yours is buddhic or intuitional reason, stimulating the astral-emotional nature, via the soul. In these two statements, you and R.S.U. have your problem clearly defined. The building of the antahkarana — more surely and more definitely — is the solution for both of you, plus a trained and cultivated self-forgetfulness. In some ways, the problem of R.S.U. is harder than yours because (through her sense of inferiority brought about by the second of the two capacities of the mind which casts its clear light upon the personality) she tunes in on the illusion of human failure — a gigantic thoughtform — and also upon her racial sense of inferiority. Her distress is deep-seated in her love nature. Yours is not so deep-seated as it is not fed so dominantly from the mental plane.

1.                  DK continues with the contrast between His two disciples who need decentralization.. We will come to a full study of the very interesting disciple RSU later.

2.                  Both the first and sixth rays are ‘rays of imposition’, and SCP uses them to impose her idea of divinity upon the personality. She does this through her speech and her desire. (Why is her thought not mentioned?).

3.                  The personality, however, will not respond as expected. It resists and will not instantly comply. This conflict traps the consciousness into self-centeredness.

4.                  The dynamics of two very different ray types are here discussed. RSU has a third ray personality and a considerable development of the abstract mind. We realize that the number three corresponds to the abstract mind.

5.                  In both cases the soul is the intermediary between the level of abstraction and the level of personality. We can see in the case of SCP, the mind is not effectively part of the transmission (from buddhic through soul to the emotional nature). It would be better for her if a more trained mind were involved.

6.                  This section shows DK engaged in acute psychological analysis. The solution for each of these two disciples is the same: build the antahkarana and forget the lower self.

7.                  How will building the antahkarana help? First of all it will remove attention from the little ego, and focus attention within the triad. The antahkarana definitely involves the stimulation of the concrete lower mind (with soul qualities). In the case of SCP, it would definitely help her “bring through”, and it would stimulate the mind with higher light before that stimulation reached the astral field from the buddhic.

8.                  The building of the antahkarana would help RSU because it would access the buddhic level (to which SCP so easily responds). The exhilarating buddhic energy could help dissolve the thoughtform of self-pity and failure.

9.                  A trained and cultivated self-forgetfulness is also needed in both cases. How does one train and cultivate self-forgetfulness? Perhaps by remembering the Divine Plan, to which the antahkarana gives access. If one is able to lose himself in building for the world, attention to the little ego is naturally redirected to higher aspects of the identity.

10.              Though SCP is distressed, her distress is not as deep-seated as that of RSU, due to RSU’s mental polarization and also, perhaps, to the sensitivity of her second ray soul.

11.              Unlike SCP, RSU has a tendency to see herself with a distressing clarity. Self-understanding had always been a difficulty for SCP, thought the situation has been improving.

The way out for R.S.U. is the cultivation of joy, as it brings release to others. Yours is by the right control of speech and the elimination of all reference to personality activities. This must be achieved, not by the processes of inhibition, but by a true lack of self-interest. If my reference to the buddhic-astral nature of your life direction is not clear to you, take the matter up with R.V.B. Your technical knowledge of these terms may not be adequate to true comprehension. You need to study in order to awaken your mental grasp, without losing at the same time your intuitional wisdom. R.S.U. needs to study less and to be more.

1.                  DK gives the way out for both of His disciples.

2.                  We will focus on RSU later when her instructions are under examination. SCP’s mode of escape is, by now, no surprise. Right speech is essential; this would mean true and accurate speech accompanied by a proportionate emotional energy. There is far too much self-reference in her life, and it is the little self that is referenced. We can see, perhaps, the inner logic and appropriateness of a soul-chosen Gemini Rising-sign.

3.                  SCP and RSU are so different. RSU had a fine grasp of all the occult technicalities. SCP had none of this, and was, in a way unequipped in this very necessary area of occult understanding.

4.                  While SCP has plenty of “intuitional wisdom”, her “mental grasp” must be awakened through study. Otherwise the process of decentralization will not proceed as it should, and she will fail in her attempt to “bring through” creatively.

5.                  RSU was the perpetual student, responsible for preparing the publication of most of the AAB books. To study is the preferred mode of those upon the second ray. To be is the way that those upon the first ray find most natural.

6.                  With so many of these chelas, DK is engaged in helping them round out their causal bodies. We see in SCP a great deficiency relating to the absence of the specifically mental rays (three and five). There is will and there is love (especially in its sixth ray mode), but there is less intelligent articulation.

Power can flow through you, my brother. As a channel, you can be potent once that channel has been better cleared. You can act as a distributor of strength and power to your brothers once you have freed yourself from the centre of your stage and can move with greater freedom on soul levels....

1.                  DK knows His chela for a potentially effective channel for power. But there must be purification, clearing.

2.                  All this work sounds preparatory to the second degree (whether that degree was to be taken in the present life cycle or in incarnations immediately ahead).

3.                  We realize here that decentralization is a form of purification. Wrong centralization blocks the channel between soul and personality and precludes “freedom on soul levels”. It is a form of attachment to the lower worlds, the point of attachment being the lower ego.

4.                  The incentive is offered. The purification is to be undertaken not for herself but for her brothers.

5.                  Before the second initiation is possible, much clearing is required.

6.                  The little ego may seem (to itself) powerful when “full of itself”, but this is really a form of weakness. Whatever inhibits the flow of soul force through the personality weakens the spiritual life of the individual; preoccupation with a centralized ego is a major inhibition.

Your work must continue to lie a great deal on buddhic levels. The calls to meditation which so constantly come to you from somewhere must still meet with prompt response from your personality. This is one thing which you have mastered, the ability as a soul to call the attention of the personality. This ability is your major asset and contribution where my group of disciples is concerned for it enables you, if you so choose, to [Page 333] send forth at will light and strength and power. Continue with this work of attention.

1.                  There is no question as to the focus of SCP’s work, whether or not her mental polarization has been sufficiently strengthened.

2.                  An interesting angle on meditation is here offered. The call to meditation is coming from SDP as a soul, and it comes constantly.

3.                  DK points to this as an achievement.  The soul is not considered some ‘other’ entity, but rather as the higher aspect of SCP. This “calling” is something she has “mastered” — mastered as a soul. This way of framing the relationship between soul and personality is unusual and worthy of consideration.

4.                  SCP’s access to the higher worlds is real and immediate. Neptune is rising in the proposed chart. She will not send forth streams of mentality, but “light and strength and power” are hers, and she can send them forth to aid others.

5.                  It is always of value to a disciple when the Master points out the disciple’s “major asset”. It both heartens the disciple and shows him/her where emphasis may be constructively placed. Apparently, in these higher moments of access, the normal personality centralization does not interfere. Reciprocally, if this form of service can be strengthened, it will also help decentralize the personality.

May the light of the Eternal shine upon your way, my brother and the power of your soul pour through you with increasing helpfulness to your chosen band of comrades. Such is my prayer for you as I gather you closer into my aura.

1.                  Master DK closes with a beautiful benediction.

2.                  The “light of the Eternal” is the “Light of the Soul” (minimally). It is the light from the World of Being, from those high worlds which it is SCP’s natural ability to contact.

3.                  The Master is exhorting His disciple, and using the language of the first and sixth ray as He does so. He seeks to inspire and empower SCP to give more with spiritual generosity. There is a somewhat militant ring in the words “chosen band of comrades” and it should appeal to her sixth ray.

4.                  DK tells His chela that this benediction/exhortation is His “prayer” for her — “prayer” — yet another sixth ray term.

5.                  Yet, He closes on the magnetic note of the second ray, saying that He is gathering her “closer into [his] aura”. I do not think this means we are to assume that SCP had reached the high disciplic stage called “chela within the aura”, but progress is being made and increasing ashramic intimacy achieved.

6.                  It is obviously Master DK’s intention to inspire SCP, and He uses what can only be termed “words of power” to do so. Every Master-Teacher knows the value of inspiration and is master of the words which inspire.

January 1937


You have asked me a definite question and you have made one statement to which I would call your attention as it embodies a major truth which — grasped theoretically by you at this time — can be practically applied if you so choose.

1.                  It would seem that an increasing degree of clarity is entering SCP’s thought.

2.                  We can correlate this with the entry of her progressing Moon into clear-thinking Virgo, with that Moon conjuncting progressing Saturn, also in Virgo.

3.                  Exoterically, Virgo offers discrimination and clarification.

You asked how one can definitely know my vibration. There are four vibrations to which you respond and which you should carefully study and learn to differentiate more accurately in the year of training which lies ahead:

1. That of your own soul at moments of contact. These are the moments of light and illumination and of released thought and for this contact and its expression in these forms you should increasingly work. They are free from personality ideas, ideals and desires (of no matter how high an order) and from all traces of personality love. But they should throw a flood of light upon the personality, revealing you to yourself. If this they do not do, then they are kept on too high a mental level and are impractical for they remain mystical and abstract, theoretical and divorced from consummated practice. They increase responsibility but remain relatively useless for they are futile upon the physical plane.

1.                  The question, in itself, demonstrates an increasingly discriminating attitude, and the will to tell one subtle vibration from another.

2.                  The science of occultism is very much the science of the registration and utilization of subtle vibration.

3.                  Master DK demonstrates Himself as most discerning; He sets Himself to clarify the dynamics of SCP’s subtle response capability.

4.                  DK describes soul-contact as the first ray soul experiences it. Such contact is characterized by light, illumination and released thought. From what is thought released? From all “personality ideas, ideals and desires” and from all personality love.  Personality ideas, ideals and desires may be of a high order, but true soul revelation does not contain them.

5.                  DK tells us the function of such soul revelation; it is practical; it is meant to reveal the disciple as personality to the disciple as soul, by throwing a “flood of light upon the personality”.

6.                  The soul, we remember, is found upon the higher mental plane, but SCP’s alignment is primarily astral-buddhi, bypassing, at least, the lower mental plane. The Master is calling for a reduction in abstraction, asking that soul-illuminations be made practical and not be “kept on too high a mental level”.

7.                  Soul illuminations are not for their own sake, but for the improvement of the personality life. Apparently, SCP has some control over the use of these soul illuminations. They must (He insists) be brought ‘down’ and ‘through’.

2. The vibration of your group of co-disciples. You sense this group of mine most potently and particularly at the time of the Full Moon. It produces collective heart expansion. This I think also you know and have at times experienced. It should deepen your love for your fellow disciples and should destroy all barriers between you and them. If it does not do this, then the whole activity is [Page 334] kept on the level of theory and mentation and is not practically expressed. What I say to you here I say to all disciples.

1.                  It is clear that the Master is giving SCP a lesson in practicality. The ideal function of each level of vibration she contacts is given, and then a potentially futile result is proposed as an illustrative contrast. Naturally each of us wants to avoid futility. Such futility is, however, more common than we might suspect.

2.                  When contacting one’s group of disciples “collective heart expansion” should results. The main contact of a group of disciples is on the level of “heart and soul”. Personality contact is of relatively minimal importance. At such potent times our hearts are to swell in unison. Without a prominent heart activation, there is no is no true group relation (relation within the group soul).

3.                  A hint is given to us as to yet another purpose of the Full Moon period. We are to achieve contact with our fellow disciples, and use the unique occasion to destroy all barriers between ourselves and other group members.

3. You sense also the vibration of two in this group of disciples particularly; they are the most easily contacted by you and produce stimulation — the one of the head centre and the other of the heart centre. Forget not, stimulation is an impersonal force and is unconsciously applied in your case by them and it feeds your thought life more than anything else. This means that tuning in on these two vibrations accentuates all your thought life — the good and that which is not so good. The three of you create in fact a triangle within my group and this should increase the interplay of love. At the same time, it could also produce a tendency to drive apart when handled personally. Foster the love but tune not in when that sensed link of love is absent.

1.                  The Master knows and must know the subtle energy dynamics within His group.

2.                  Perhaps SCP knows who are the other two group members whom she most easily contacts, perhaps not.

3.                  One of these members contacts her head center and the other her heart center, the result being, in both cases, the accentuation of all her thought life. DK warns her of the dual effects of the stimulation.

4.                  Examining the group-of-nine (Telepathic Workers), we discover that the three of them are first ray souls: JWK-P (Foster Bailey), BSW (John Smith Tassin) and SCP (Betty Harris).

5.                  It would be only natural to for three first ray souls to form a triangle, but just because it is reasonable, does not mean it is true.

6.                  But may the Tibetan be giving a hint when He says “Foster the love”? Perhaps, indeed, it is the first ray soul, Foster Bailey (JWK-P, 12-427) who is connected on the level of love or heart, with BSW (17-467) connected in relation to the head center. If this were true, a most interesting form of revelation through words would be disclosed.

7.                  When triangles in a group form, the interplay of love may be increased. DK asks that the love be fostered, but that a tuning in with the other two occur only when love is present.

8.                  A subtle lesson in soul-love is perhaps being offered. If the first ray is involved (as, by resonance, it may be) it will cause cleavage on the plane of personality.

9.                  As an interesting side-consideration, we note that JWK-P has a Gemini Ascendant. The Ascendant proposed for SCP is also Gemini. Work upon the unknown birth-date of BSW (his year of birth and death now appear to be known), may also reveal a Gemini Ascendant, for many are the references in his instructions which point to the possibility of a prominent Gemini.

10.              All this is speculative and cannot, at this time be resolved, but lines of resonance between disciples occur for a number of reasons — ray and astrological similarities being among two of the most prominent.

4. You sense at times also my own vibration. This can be the tuning in to the periphery of my aura, producing integration of your entire personality and also facilitating soul alignment; it can also be a closer contact, a tuning in on the energy of my heart centre. How can you know that you have done so? Only, my brother, by the after effects and not by any phenomenal vision, response or reaction. An increase of love and understanding, a developed impersonality and a keener response to need — these would be some of the true reactions.

1.                  DK comes to the most important of SCP’s responses to vibration — response to His own vibration. Her original question was about her response to the Master.

2.                  The Tibetan tells us that His vibration can be contacted in more than one way. If His auric periphery is contacted, it will produced the integration of the entire personality and also facilitate soul alignment.

3.                  A still higher type of contact exists, however — “a tuning in on the energy of [His] heart centre”.

4.                  The results of such a tuning-in would be beautiful — “an increase of love an understanding, a developed impersonality and a keener response to need”.

5.                  The Master does not tell SCP whether she has managed to tune-in to His aura in the second and greater manner. She will have to determine this for herself.

Study these various vibrations by practising the habit of contacting them with deliberation and determination, tuning on one or other of these four at separate times, noting results and registering any response.

1.                  DK follows His analysis of SCP’s responses to subtle vibration with a call for practice. To soul, to her group brothers, to two other disciples in the group, and to the Master, SCP must attune (with deliberation and determination). We see that she is indeed in a period of discrimination indicated by her progressing Virgo Moon. A number of other planets have been progressing through Virgo for a long time, but the presence of the Moon seems to activate that sign in her life in a newer and more constructive manner.

2.                  Virgo is a sign of discrimination and separation (considering these qualities in both a positive and negative sense). In order to avoid confusion, she is to tune in on these four vibrations “at separate times”. When a disciple begins working upon such subtle discriminations, the danger of confusion is considerable, so a distinct approach to each type of vibration, “one at a time”, is advisable.

The statement which you make and to which I seek to call your attention is as follows: One must distinguish between essentials and non-essentials. This is a statement of deep occult fact and significance and holds the key to the spiritual life and to all the occult mysteries. It pleases me that you have isolated this truth and have attempted to formulate it with clarity. Now, my brother, use it as the keynote of your spiritual practice during the next few months, living by it and abiding by it. Apply [Page 335] it, however, not to the use of your time or to your physical plane active life but to the use you make of emotion and of thought. Bring it as a touchstone to every problem and situation of an emotional nature and every glamorous, personality reaction and watch the light which will stream in from every side.

Ask yourself, for instance: Is this line of thought or inner emotional reaction an essential or is it of no importance in the light of the larger issues and is, therefore, a non-essential? Is my agreement or disagreement with someone's ideas or point of view based on spiritual essentials or on personality non-essentials? Act then on the response which you call forth as you stand in the light of your own soul. Ask yourself also: Are these comments of mine, this discussion in which I may be engaged, concerned with spiritual essentials or not? Are my words emphasising the spiritual reality in my brother or do they bring to light that which is non-essential? Am I throwing the weight of my influence upon the side of essential facts or am I fostering the non-essential and, therefore, the unnecessary? One could make lengthy application of a practical nature to this occult law but I have indicated sufficiently the usefulness of your statement.

1.                  Having presented SCP’s four modes of vibrational contact, Master DK reviews the one statement offered by SCP which embodies a major truth. That statement is, “One must distinguish between essentials and non-essentials”.

2.                  This statement is of such great importance, that one senses Master DK elaborating it, not only for SCP’s benefit, but for the benefit of all — and we are included in that all.

3.                  Of this statement (which must be very old indeed) the Tibetan says the following remarkable words: “This is a statement of deep occult fact and significance and holds the key to the spiritual life and to all the occult mysteries.” When faced with His statement, it must certainly give us pause.

4.                  He promises us that if we apply the test of essential or non-essential to every level of personality response and every personality interaction with environment, we may “watch the light which will stream in from every side”.

5.                  There then follows what may be considered a kind of review upon the essential and non-essential.

6.                  The whole approach seems to arise upon the first ray which can swiftly discriminate essence from non-essence. Used properly, the technique brings spiritual freedom.

7.                  In closing His series of questions, we learn that an “occult law” is involved in this type of discrimination. SCP (upon the first ray in her soul) touched upon an occult law, and Master DK saw fit to elaborate it in a little detail. He implies that He might have gone much further.

8.                  Each of us would find it illuminating (and, perhaps, chastening) to apply this discrimination between the essential and non-essential to the various inner and outer activities of our life. Let us pause here to attempt it.

I am giving you no occult exercises at this time. You have evolved your own way of working and of preparation for meditation and it will suffice you for the present. The occult phrases which should constitute your subject of meditation during the coming months and which have in them the clue to increased release are:

"The will dynamic sweeps from the centre to the periphery and builds the little world of form — the world of I and my, of me and mine. This world a prison makes. It hides the beauty rare; it shrouds the sound divine; it veils the Word incarnate."

1.                  As disciples proceed upon the Path, they may often evolve their own way of working — especially first ray disciples. Earlier, we noted that JWK-P had devised his own approach to meditation, which DK found among the most effective approaches.

2.                  These words from the “Old Commentary” touch upon the out-breath and the in-breath.

3.                  When the impulse moves from center to periphery, a great veiling takes place. Lower ego is the result, symbolized here by the words, “the world of I and my, of me and mine”. This is a world to which SCP, in her wrongly centralized state, has paid too much attention.

"The will dynamic sweeps from that which is without to that which lies within. It builds the wider world of Thou and Thine, of Ours and That. The doors stand open wide; a light shines forth; a Word can then be spoken and many prisoners go free."

1.                  The return motion from periphery back to the center, from the without to the within, builds a wider world — the world of soul.

2.                  This is the world of relationship, “of Thou and Thine, of Ours and That”.

3.                  We are reminded here of the second phase of the three Leo mantrams — “I am That”, midway between “I am” and “I am That and That I am”.

4.                  The “doors” are the doors of initiation and the light of the soul shines forth.

5.                  The Word that can be spoken is the “Word of the soul” or the “Word” which the soul is.

6.                  When the “Word of the soul”, conventionalized by the OM, is spoken the “prisoners of the planet can go free”. These prisoners are the souls held by the lunar lords; they are also the lunar lords themselves.

7.                  The second ray type uses the releasing power of the Word to promote liberation.

8.                  The references in all three of these beautiful stanzas are to the “will dynamic” (which is a first ray mode of will).

"The will dynamic sweeps around the world upon the wings of love divine. It sweeps throughout the universal world; it acclaims with joy the All, the Whole, the One. [Page 336] The Life then stands revealed. The universe stands free and with it man."

1.                  The third phase of these stanzas from the “Old Commentary” invokes the life aspect of divinity, the first aspect.

2.                  We note, however, that this first type of dynamic will is not divorced from the second aspect, i.e., from “love divine”.

3.                  The “universal world” here referenced must mean the solar system — our ‘local universe’.

4.                  We are discussing a distinctly solar vibration which “acclaims with joy the All, the Whole the One”.  How beautiful this is!

5.                  The revelation of Life is accorded to high initiates, and it is to these types of initiates that this last of three stanzas applies.

6.                  The first ray type is particularly interested in the revelation of Life.

7.                  The last sentence is enigmatic: “The universe stands free and with it man”. Is not the universe always free? Yes and no, for liberation must be experienced in all levels of cosmos. Factually, we know that our Solar Logos is not yet free, and this lack of freedom may similarly be predicated of every cosmic entity.

8.                  But there will be a “Day Be With Us” on every cosmic level after the “will dynamic” appropriate to that level has swept around that ‘world’ upon the winds of love divine. This will be true of the greatest of all universes — the One Universe.

9.                  At last, this final and consummating Universe entire, will stand free, and Universal Man (the sum total of all E/entities-in-Universe) will also stand free. Universal Consummation will have arrived.

July 1937

You have an interesting and definite problem, brother of mine, which entails the organisation and the right relation of the different aspects of your personality forces and their eventual coordination with the energy of the soul.

1.                  We reach that section of DINA I in which the Tibetan reveals to each of His chelas his/her ray formula.

2.                  Each chela must organize his or her ray energies and achieve between them a right relation and eventual coordination.

3.                  Of what use to reveal these energies unless they could be wisely used?

4.                  SCP’s energies, however, are both unusual and difficult. In two places of the ray formula she breaks from the usual.

Your mental body is on the second ray. This, as you will note, is not usual. It makes illumination the line of least resistance. It facilitates contact with the soul and provides your dominant problem. That problem is the demanding of love and of appreciation where your personality is concerned. Think this out. It means that you can always be depended upon to sacrifice everything in order that the desires, the will and the purpose of the soul — once they are made clear to you — may be truly worked out. Nothing will be permitted by you to arrest your spiritual achievement once the way appears open to you. But it means also, from the lower angle, that you will sacrifice much in order to be loved by people. This matters not at all in the case of the average person for in due time and inevitably a proper sense of proportion will emerge. But it does matter in the case of those who are on the Path of Discipleship and who face at some not so distant time preparation for initiation. Watch this with care and discover for yourself the situation. One clue to understanding would be that you study whether or not, in moments of personality emergency, you sacrifice your sense of truth or your friends.

1.                  SCP is one of three instances of the second ray mind within Master DK’s groups: WDS and DEI are the other two.

2.                  It is easy enough to realize that a second ray mind would facilitate illumination, for the second ray (with the fifth) is one of the prominent rays of light.

3.                  This second ray mind also (and interestingly) facilitates soul-contact even though SCP’s soul is on the first Ray of Will and Power. On this we may ponder. Perhaps, since the second ray of the mind corresponds to the generic second ray of all souls, is will always facilitate soul contact.

4.                  Interestingly, as well, this second ray mind presents a real problem (in fact “your dominant problem”): “the demanding of love and of appreciation where your personality is concerned”. We encountered this tendency earlier as a reason for the obstruction of soul-alignment.

5.                  The Master points out the virtues and liabilities of the second ray mind (as SCP uses that mind).

6.                  The second ray is a ray of sacrifice (promoted by love and sense of the truth). We remember that the second ray individual (usually soul) is capable of an unwearied search for absolute truth.

7.                  SCP will sacrifice everything so that the desires, will and purpose of the soul may be “truly worked out”, with one proviso — that the situation is clear to her. We are reminded of the Tibetan’s insistence that SCP learn to “bring through”.

8.                  This clarity, however, may be difficult to achieve. The Master has been attempting to help her achieve it from His very first instruction. Indeed, the second ray is a great “ray of light”.

9.                  There are liabilities to this ray however — especially the glamor of the “love of being loved” to which this first ray soul is, apparently, not immune. We do remember, however, that she is probably a second ray monad (as are probably JWK-P and BSW) and the monadic ray is fundamentally conditioning.

10.              What is it that is sacrificed in order that SCP may be loved by people? Both the truth and friends.

11.              In a disciple, says DK, this matters much. SCP is among those who are slated to being preparation for initiation at a “not so distant time”. By “initiation” (in this context) DK must mean the third initiation, the first true initiation.

12.              What are “moments of personality emergency”? Are they perhaps moments when the status or reputation of the personality may be threatened or compromised? In such cases the lower ego seeks to preserve its image (in its own eyes or the eyes of others), and to do so the reputation of others may have to be impugned or down-graded. As well, the truth (if inconvenient) may have to be bent or twisted, or in some way modified — all this to preserve the ego status of the person.

13.              DK calls for a close self-examination to see if these types of lower sacrifices are being made — for obviously unworthy ends.

14.              This second ray mind is no ‘small player’ in SCP’s energy system, and contributes in a most influential way to the difficulties which DK has been calling to her attention for some six years — since her period of instruction commenced.

Your emotional body is on the sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism; hence your devotion to those you love, to truth and (unknown and unrealised by you) to me, your Tibetan brother and teacher. Hence also your devotion to the Hierarchy which I serve. Hence also the interplay between your sixth ray personality and your sixth ray astral body which provides both spiritual opportunity but also a definite problem.

1.                  SCP’s various devotions are listed by the Tibetan. They are both normal and high, and apparently very strong.

2.                  It is natural to be devoted to those one loves, but only an aspirant or disciple will be devoted to the Master or to the Hierarchy.

3.                  Do we note the purpose behind DK naming Himself as “your Tibetan brother and teacher”? Perhaps the word “brother” is a signal to SCP that devotion to Him is not so necessary. There is an aspect of brothers (the spirit aspect, really) that stands “on the level”.

4.                  The natural interplay between the sixth ray personality and astral body is also cited. As we might expect is gives both a spiritual opportunity and a problem.

5.                  It can focus into an attitude which relentlessly counts all things as loss except the Kingdom of Heaven be achieved; but the combination of these two vehicles on the sixth ray can also “carry one away”, and make practical anchorage of soul qualities difficult.

Your physical body is of a dominant first ray type. This again is not usually so except in the case of disciples, who are liable to build vehicles of any type of force to meet the emergency, the need or the service of a particular life. This [Page 337] first ray body enables you to handle spiritual energy upon the physical plane. It enables you also to act as a force transmitter and distributor. The forces, therefore, with which you have to deal are:

1. The soul ray — the first Ray of Will or Power.

2. The personality ray — the sixth Ray of Devotion.

3. The ray of the mind — the second Ray of Love-Wisdom.

4. The ray of the astral body — the sixth Ray of Devotion.

5. The ray of the physical body — the first Ray of Power.

1.                  The first ray body is also an unusual soul-choice, though it was perhaps not uncommon amongst the Tibetan’s disciples. Six of the approximately fifty-one disciples had the ray one body.

2.                  We note that there is something “dominant” or dominating about the physical body of SCP. This would probably translate into physical strength and to an imposing presence.

3.                  Only disciples, or those upon the Path, can have vehicles on rays which differ from the customary. Reasons for choosing such alternative rays are here given. Such choice arises in order to “meet the emergency, the need or the service of a particular life”.

4.                  If there is no particular reason in line with the three suggested reasons, then each vehicle will be qualified by one of the usual rays — 1, 4, or 5 for the mind; 2 or 6 for the astral nature; 3 or 7 for the physical-etheric body.

5.                  The connection of the first ray body with the first ray soul is obvious. The result is the ability to “handle spiritual energy upon the physical plane” and to “act as a force transmitter and distributor”. It is clear that SCP could function as a spiritual individual of considerable power if she cleared the channel adequately, and learned to function with a clear, lucid articulate mind and an attitude of gracious, loving-kindness.

I have one personal word of commendation to give you at this time, my brother. Your sense of truth is growing fast. See that it continues so to do.

1.                  A word of commendation is offered. SCP’s sense of truth is growing fast.

2.                  Will this commendation become, as in a number of cases, the cause of an unexpected reaction of a nature contrary to the commendation?

3.                  We do not know for certain, but we know that SCP was one of those disciples who eventually quit the process.

4.                  Astrologically, we note that the Moon continues to progress in clarifying Virgo and is quite closely conjunct the natal Sun at the time the words above were written.

5.                  As well, Jupiter (the planet of higher mind) is transiting through the ninth house of higher understanding.

January 1938


I would ask you to study the instructions which I gave you a year ago. By so doing, you will be able to gauge any measure of growth to which you may have attained (if you study with care and understanding). You will also be able to decide if you have gone forward as indicated. You have had a year of development on all planes and your task is now to balance, one against the other, the various aspects of your life so that (in the words of the occult phrases given to you a year ago and definitely chosen by me with an eye to your future progress), you can build that "wider world of Thou and Thine, of Ours and That." Forget not, that what you build can be either a temple of the Lord from which the Words of Power can issue forth and "many prisoners go free," or a prison house, hiding and not revealing, veiling and not manifesting that which is of beauty rare.

1.                  Does a commendation encourage a disciple to relax his/her spiritual tension? It often seems to be the case and seems the case in this instance, for it appears there has been a measure of back-sliding.

2.                  When the Master asks a chela to study instructions formerly given, it necessarily means that they have not been entirely assimilated or applied.

3.                  SCP’s mind has been under stress during the year that DK references, for transiting Saturn has opposed her natal Mercury in Libra.

4.                  Clearly, however, the Tibetan senses that the incomplete process of developing and balancing could go either way; there is, so far, no clear victory. Such is often the case when Libra is involved.

5.                  It would appear that “I and my” and “me and mine” are fighting with the “wider world of Thou and Thine, of Ours and That”; soul has not infused personality and they are still at war.

6.                  The Master never knows what will be the result not only of commendation, but of giving out, for the first time, a chela’s ray formula.

7.                  We students of the present day read from a privileged position, one denied even to the original recipient of the instructions, for they did not know until well into the process of receiving letters from the Tibetan the exact rays of their lower vehicles. Only the personality and soul ray were, in most cases, given at the outset.

8.                  Learning of her unusual ray formula had to be surprising for SCP. Did this knowledge lead to greater balance, or was it, in some manner, upsetting of the balance she was achieving. Each of the rays of the three personality vehicles presents its liability, and perhaps some of those liabilities became even more pronounced.

One of the problems with which all disciples are faced as they become dynamic and constructive on all planes (as they do and must) is to avoid becoming the prisoners of their own constructions or limited by that which they themselves have created. They must learn to live with vision in the world of causes and of motive, adhering strenuously to "original intention"; they must not permit themselves to be sidetracked [Page 338] by the activities which they have themselves set in motion, or by the details which emerge out of their creative activity, or by the lesser responsibilities and obligations which may appear. You know well to what I here refer and should increasingly respond to these ideas. Keep the vision clear, my brother, and live upon the mountain top. It is this message which I seek to send to you and to all in my group of disciples today. You are all living on the verge of new happenings, of increased opportunities, fresh complexities and of definite spiritual crises. Then, remember the words which I spoke to you last year. We grow by the presentation of moments of crisis. Face such times with detachment, with deep inner comprehension and consecration and with illumined understanding, and swerve not from your basic objective to serve the race of men, the Plan and Us. Such is the appeal I make to all my disciples.

1.                  DK points to a well-known problem common to disciples but also to advanced human beings. They can become prisoners of their own creations.

2.                  This problem is much discussed in the book, A Treatise on White Magic.

3.                  DK suggests that the creator must adhere strenuously to “original intention”. We are reminded here of the difference between the essential and non-essential, which SCP formulated (unknowingly) as an important statement of occult law.

4.                  The Tibetan points to the possibility of side-tracking or of over-absorption in secondary detail (after the creative process has unfolded). We can understand that Gemini could lead to side-tracking and Virgo to over-absorption in secondary detail.

5.                  Then follows one of the Tibetan’s not uncommon “you know well” statements, in which He hints to a disciple the source of a difficulty, but does not disclose what that difficulty may be (in order to avoid the burden of involving the thought of others in the details of the situation).

6.                  SCP apparently needs both clearer vision and a higher elevation. It would appear that she has somewhat descended.

7.                  Master DK generalizes. The message, He says, is for all his disciples. About a year or so later, He was forced to terminate His experiment with the groups-of-nine.

8.                  The world was entering into a state of deepening crisis, and the strength of DK’s disciplic groups needed fortifying. Some lowering of the general vitality and clarity was to be felt (otherwise He would not have had to disband the groups).

9.                  The times were difficult and full of crisis and complexities, yet the Tibetan reminds that “we grow by the presentation of moments of crisis”. Why might this be the case?

10.              Saturn is “Lord of Opportunity” and a great inducer of crises. (In the case of SCP, Saturn is transiting opposite Mercury, the orthodox ruler of both SCP’s Sun-sign and her Ascendant). Perhaps there is a crisis on the plane of mind.

11.              In crisis, all our resourcefulness is called for, and we are given the opportunity to rise to the presented challenge with new solutions. Master Morya reminds us that “Obstacles are Possibilities”, and enjoins us to “Rejoice at Obstacles”.

12.              From this instruction, one can feel, in a general sense, that ‘things are slipping’, not only for SCP, but for the group as a whole (and no doubt for the other groups-of-nine which had been, by then, formed).

I am not giving you a definite meditation till later. But I particularly beg you to concentrate attention each month at the time of the Full Moon. For one full week each month make your conscious, dynamic and intelligent approach and let nothing interfere with this. It will be the best method for your first ray nature and will enable you to preserve your spiritual integrity; it will also serve each month to awaken your consecration and your dynamic spiritual will so that your dedication to service, your consecration to the life of meditation and your pledged obedience to your soul may move forward "from strength to strength." You will thereby be enabled (in the rush of new undertakings) to preserve yourself ever at the inner point of peace and from that spiritual centre go forth to the day's task, serene and unafraid, and with consciousness of spiritual purpose, kept ever at its highest point of tension. Will you, however, take the following seed thoughts into your meditation?

March              Spiritual Purpose.

April                 Consecration to the Plan.

May                 Tension and Intensity.

June                 Quiet Poise.

July                  Spiritual Carelessness.

August              Loving Understanding.

September        Self-forgetfulness.

October           Soul Purpose.

1.                  The Tibetan sensing a weakening in His disciple, seeks to keep things simple, and thus, offers no definite meditation until later.

2.                  When He uses words like “beseech” or “appeal” or “beg”, we know the situation is serious. It often means that the disciple is being offered a kind of last chance which must be seized for the sake of his/her spiritual welfare.

3.                  The Full Moon approach is to be reemphasized, as a rallying point of empowerment and clarification. When the Tibetan asks that SCP “let nothing interfere with this”, He is sounding a note of urgency. And, she is to take a whole week in the process — presumably three days before the Full Moon, the day of the Full Moon itself, and three days after.

4.                  Master DK knows what it is to handle disciples from other Ashrams (belonging to other Masters on the same ray or other Masters on different rays). When dealing with chelas from Ashrams on other rays, the customary mode of approach in such Ashrams is often quite different to that of the second ray on which He most often instructs. First ray disciples may be negligent in their performance of that which is requested, or not fulfill it in detail.

5.                  It seems like DK is going with the trend of SCP’s own Ashram, offering her an approach which is best for her first ray nature and which will allow her to maintain her spiritual integrity.

6.                  A rededication to the Full Moon Approach will allow also the following: “it will also serve each month to awaken your consecration and your dynamic spiritual will so that your dedication to service, your consecration to the life of meditation and your pledged obedience to your soul may move forward ‘from strength to strength’.” Note how the notes of both the first and sixth rays are being sounded throughout this exhortation.

7.                  In the following, also, we see the Master addressing both the tendencies of the first and sixth ray, with emphasis, however, on the prevailing of the first ray: “You will thereby be enabled (in the rush of new undertakings) to preserve yourself ever at the inner point of peace and from that spiritual centre go forth to the day's task, serene and unafraid, and with consciousness of spiritual purpose, kept ever at its highest point of tension”. Clearly SCP’s life has become very “active”. The word “rush” signals the effect of the sixth ray, which the Master obviously seeks to balance by the wise assertion of the first ray.

8.                  There is always a danger that a disciple may fall into the personality and its ray. Master DK seems to e attempting to guard SCP from this possibility, but it already may have begun.

9.                  Rays are neither good nor bad, but when a ray qualifies the soul, its expression is usually considered desirable, and when it qualifies the personality, less desirable effects can be expected from it.

January 1939


May I start my instruction to you at this time by quoting to you some familiar words: "In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength." Have you ever noticed the occult significance of these words? Quietness refers to the necessary condition of the astral or emotional body, and confidence, which is the outward expression of an inward faith, describes that of the mind. In quoting to you these words I have given you the working rules which should govern your personality life during the next few months. Quietness leads to a right reflection in the quiet pool of the emotional life and this in the light of the soul. Confidence is the expression of the personality faith in the fact of the soul and of the Plan. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." These desired realities, when reflected in the emotional nature, evoke aspiration and develop faith.

1.                  The Master, it appears, seeks to quiet His disciple at the same time increasing her strength.

2.                  This mantram was given earlier in her instructions, but DK hopes to refresh her interest in it by offering a new form of interpretation, a more occult interpretation.

3.                  There is a desirable relation between mind and emotions: the emotions are to be quieted and the mind is to become confident. This single mantram is to govern SCP’s life for several months. The idea is sufficiently simple and probably much needed.

4.                  With Jupiter transiting in Pisces and opposing the Sun, there are probably many opportunities and distractions possible to SCP, and DK hopes to give her guidance toward the essential amidst all this possible activity.

5.                  DK seeks to see SCP’s soul reflected in a quieted astral body — i.e., “in the quiet pool of the emotional life”. Confidence is related to personality faith in the fact of the soul.

6.                  So often when Gemini is a powerful energy, the disciple is in need of stabilization. ISG-L, an individual with a Gemini Sun-sign, had a ‘Developmental Formula’ in which the ‘S’ stood for “Stability”. The same was true for RSW, with her Gemini Ascendant.

7.                  One senses DK trying to steady His disciple. His touch is meant to bring a clarifying quietude in turbulent times.

8.                  The words of St. Paul are brought forward — another disciple/initiate with a strong first and sixth ray.

9.                  Is the reflection of “desired realities” in the astral nature a clear reflection? The Master seeks to bring about that clarity.

The focus of your soul is in the brain and that is why (when you came into incarnation) you built a first ray physical body — which is an unusual thing to do. The energy of your personality ray is focussed in the astral body. Your problem is to swing the mind nature into greater activity without (at the same time) developing criticism — a thing from which you are at this time relatively free though you are not free from certain unrecognised jealousies. You are free because the lower concrete mind, even if of good calibre, is subordinated in your case to intuition and to feeling. Your task is to gather personality and soul energy into the mind and — losing nothing of your present intuitive ability and power to feel and love — to work from the place of mental power. If you can do this, then your intuition will take due form and the power which flows through you will transmute feeling into understanding.

1.                  DK reveals the vehicular focus of soul and personality. As might be expected the first ray soul is focussed in the first ray brain. Interestingly, this was also the case for JWK-P (his first ray soul, focussed in his seventh ray brain). It probably also should have been the case for the other ray one soul in the Telepathy Group (BSW), whose first ray soul should also have been focussed in his seventh ray brain, instead of being short-circuited (and ‘captured’) by his sixth ray astral body.

2.                  But Master DK offers deepening instruction upon this ray alignment. It is not only that a first ray soul is focussing through a first ray brain for reasons of the resonance of identical rays. It is that the soul was focussed (perhaps in previous incarnations, and was to be focussed in the coming incarnation) in the brain itself, and it was for that reason that a first ray physical body and brain were built (during the process preceding birth!).

3.                  As suspected according to numerical resonance (and as hinted in earlier suggestion) the sixth ray personality was focussed in the sixth ray astral body.

4.                  SCP’s problem is phrased in yet another way, still largely involving, as before, her mind upon an unusual ray.

5.                  An active mind may well be a critical mind, though having a mind upon the second ray may relieve, somewhat, from the tendency towards criticism.

6.                  The Master introduces yet another consideration, suggesting that SCP may have “certain unrecognized jealousies”. Upon these He does not elaborate, but He has given His disciple some cause for investigation.

7.                  The real reason for SCP’s freedom from criticism, is that her lower mind, of good calibre, is subordinated to intuition and feeling; it is, in short, dominated by the buddhic and astral planes.

8.                  DK seeks to make SCP’s mind a place of focal power. This is to be accomplished by gathering personality and soul energy into the mind (as is done when one builds the antahkarana) — a building, which earlier, was suggested as a cure for her problem of incorrect personality centralization.

9.                  It is not so much that DK seeks in SCP’s case to substitute mind for emotion or intuition, as to add a focussed mind to these other and stronger faculties. Whenever an ‘addition’ takes place, however, it is necessary to ‘hold the whole’ so that nothing of value is relinquished.

10.              Astrologically, this adding of the mind coincides with the ingress of progressing Venus into Libra, thus approaching the natal Mercury position in early Libra. Mercury and Venus together indicate the lighted, focussed mind.

11.              It is really amazing how much occult psychology is offered in the instructions to SCP. Not only will a focussed mind help the intuition to take “due form”, but “the power and force which flows through you will transmute feeling into understanding”. We take note that “understanding” necessarily involves the astral body as it is impacted by a formulated intuition.

12.              The transmutation of feeling into understanding is a necessary and vital transmutation and one which recommends itself for pondering. This transmutation involves the elevation of solar plexus energy into the heart center, for the energy of the heart center is foundational to understanding.

13.              This is perhaps another way of saying that without feeling, without heart, without sensitivity, without intuition, there is no true understanding. It also suggests that we should not expect real understanding to arise unless one has made some degree of buddhic contact, via the antahkarana.

Before, therefore, you meditate each day, I will ask you to practise the ability to withdraw into the mind. You usually get focussed too high in the region of buddhic realisation (which is the exercise of the intuitive faculty) or you are focussed too low, in the realm of astral perception. I do not here refer to astral vision or psychism but to responsiveness to feeling.

1.                  DK becomes most precise. A new form of meditation (new for SCP) is being offered. She is to “withdraw into the mind”, which for her, is an unusual procedure. Usually she focuses in the realm of buddhic realization or in the realm of astral perception.

2.                  She needs to find a place between the extremes (for she has facility with the extremes, but not with that which lies between them).

3.                  The luminous combination of progressing Venus and natal Mercury (a combination growing in intensity at this time) should facilitate the process.

4.                  DK tells us what “astral perception” is not. It is not astral vision or psychism. In SCP’s case, it is “responsiveness to feeling”.

5.                  Over and again, the central place of mind is accented.

6.                  If Gemini is indeed the Rising-sign, then Venus (as it progresses and makes the conjunction aspect with Mercury) is very important, for Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini (conjuncting, in this case, its exoteric ruler), and indicates the luminous mind which “draws the two together”. On this we may ponder.

You must learn to see the mind as a centre of pure light. You must rid your consciousness of any thought of the mind as intellect and must learn to see it as simply a powerful reflector of the light of the soul, transmitting soul wisdom into the world of men. When you have found this centre of light, which is the mind, there take your stand in the very centre of the sphere and from that point proceed with the rest of the work which you are doing with my group, after duly linking up soul and brain.

1.                  Venus is particularly the planet under which the mind may be seen as a “center of pure light”, and Venus is temporarily powerful in the chart, through its new ingress into a sign favorable to it — Libra.

2.                  Mercury presents a different approach to mind, more active, but Venus is the ‘aspecting agent’.

3.                  We see that in SCP’s case, mind is to be visualized, and it is certainly Venusian mind. It seems that she functions well in relation to the process of visualization and that more can be accomplished with her than through intellection.

Your objective in alignment will then be the mind, linked with the soul and the brain. This is a little different to the usual presentation of soul-mind-brain. It is mind-soul-brain. Ponder on this.

1.                  DK offers an enigmatic arrangement of aligned factors. SCP’s situation is unusual. Rather than aligning as soul-mind-brain, she is to align as mind-soul-brain.

2.                  The foundational point must be the mind, because it has been so ignored as an anchor in the process of bringing the ‘higher’ to the ‘lower’.

3.                  If SCP does not go first to the mind, her usual practices are liable to deemphasize it. This she cannot do, for the intuition needs a vehicle of expression other than the astral body.

4.                  If SCP follows the suggested alignment (placing mind in a fundamental position) her entire situation will stabilize.

November 1939


The entire glamorous life today, presenting itself as a necessary pageant and one that must be accepted in its inevitability, involves your consciousness. By this I mean that there is little of the specific and the particular in the glamour which seeks control of you, as is usually the case with the man in the street. It is the whole, swirling miasma which well-nigh engulfs you because — as I told you some years ago — you are predominantly astral-buddhic in your consciousness. Your intuitional grasp of reality and of truth is far ahead of the average. Your sensitive response to glamour is equally so. It is for this reason that your soul has led you into places where (in the competitive life of mankind) your lower mind must perforce function and thus the gap between the two major factors in your life (the higher intuitive mind and the astral-emotional nature) can be bridged, thus letting in the illumining control of the lower mind, plus normal concrete thinking. This is by no means an easy process, but, for a disciple like yourself, it is one which you can face with gallant attitude.

1.                  Some of the disciples are clearly being overcome by the very difficult world situation. DK begins by generalizing about that greater situation and then relates it to His chela. He sounds a note of inevitability free from any blame.

2.                  Glamors, we see, seek control of people, as if they were active agents.

3.                  But, in SCP’s case, no one particular glamor can be identified, but rather the “whole swirling miasma”, allowed in because of a predominantly astral-buddhic polarization, unprotected by a focussed, luminous mind.

4.                  SCP is the victim of her extremes. She is an advanced intuitive, but as a result, is also more that usually susceptible to glamour.

5.                  The soul/Solar Angel, has staged the personality life in such a way that business competition would place demands upon the concrete mind, empowering it so that it might bridge the gap between the higher intuitive mind and the astral-emotional nature.

6.                  Thus, the soul has placed stress upon the mind demanding that it function. This saved the mind from excessive inactivity and allowed it to begin preparing for its bridging function.

7.                  We can see how the world of business competition would be difficult for an astral-buddhic disciple, but SCP has, apparently, risen to the occasion gallantly. Such gallantry would signify grace and poise in the face of formidable odds.

My aim is to let you know the purpose of your present life activity. It is not the seeking of money in order to live rightly and correctly; it is not the full occupation of your time, nor is it place or power. These are not the true incentives. The real [Page 341] aim of your soul is bridging work and the achievement of clear-sighted control over a powerful personality, thus leading you to face yourself as you are and to make the needed changes. When the personality can be appraised justly and its achievements, its faults and its capacities rightly gauged, and when it is then deliberately subordinated to the aims of the soul — then you will have made a very great step forward.

1.                  The Master becomes most concrete. He is delivering to SCP the purpose of her present incarnation — quite concisely. This is unusual.

2.                  DK begins with those incentives which are not true and which, apparently, SCP has focussed upon — the making of money, full occupation of time, place and power. All of these objectives correlated in her ray formula with the first ray.

3.                  Additionally, we may say of Virgo (her Sun-sign), “Let Matter Reign”.

4.                  The soul in this life is engage in “bridging work” and to achieve “clear-sighted control over a powerful personality”.

5.                  Bridging work is usually associated with the fourth ray, of which there is none in SCP’s present equipment, though, as stated, fourth ray Mercury is of focal interest as the orthodox ruler of the proposed Gemini Ascendant.

6.                  It is a life of increasing self-knowledge, leading to the necessity for self-confrontation, leading, ideally, to constructive change.

7.                  From the very first SCP was told that her knowledge of her self (of herself as a personality) was not highly developed. Now, during this much later instruction, the same theme is repeated. Interestingly, as this letter is written, her progressing Sun is ending a thirty year passage through the sign Libra, and in just a few months will be entering Scorpio — a signs which confers much greater psychological acuity. The period of balancing and of evaluating the relative strength of spiritual and material values is nearing an end.

8.                  DK would like to see “a very great step forward” but He knows that the personality must be justly seen and appraised and that it must then be deliberately subordinated to the soul. He is telling her that she has not really accomplished either of these objectives, though there are signs of progress.

9.                  Perhaps this is the kind of message a disciple does not like to hear, as it seems to indicate that a number of years have been spent in apparent futility, or at least without accomplishing the set objectives.

And, my brother, you are making it. Your values are truer than they were a few years ago. The small social amenities and the calculated choice of friends no longer entirely govern your attitudes, though ancient habits still persist. Twenty years ago you were governed by social considerations; today that is not the case. It has been a long and hard lesson for you to attain a better sense of proportion, a more correct judgment and a finer perception as to people and their values; this will actively aid you in the dissipation of glamour. You are making real progress in overcoming the glamour of the social world, of place and position.

1.                  Master DK is ever encouraging. He insists that the step is being made.

2.                  At a time when progressing Venus is conjuncting the important natal Mercury, DK is telling SCP that her values are truer than they have been. Venus is the planet of values.

3.                  SCP apparently moves in high circles — socially considered. During her life she has spent energy to maintain her position.

4.                  The “social considerations” to which she used to adhere can be seen as related to a combination of Virgo and Libra, supported by the ambition of the first ray.

5.                  Libran qualities of proportion, correct judgement and finer perception are cited. SCP has considerable Libra in her chart — not only Mercury but Juno, Uranus and the Vertex (Point of Fate). Uranus in Libra would, if rightly used, contribute to her ability to transform her values and her perception of social place and status.

6.                  DK names a glamor to which He has not referred in His earlier instructions: “the glamour of the social world, of place and position”. This glamor may be somewhat exacerbated by Venus natally placed in self-glorying Leo.

7.                  Interestingly this evaluation is being offered by DK as SCP’s Sun prepares to transition into the sign Scorpio from the sign Libra, the sign relating to the “glamour of the social world”.  Progress, thus, has been made.

You are beginning to think in terms of human beings, thus negating your background. Does this surprise you, my brother? The glamour of caste still holds many nations and their peoples, and this the present war will bring to an end and from it will emerge humanity — whole, and able to function in human ways, free from the major trends and tyrannies of the past caste system, churchianity and financial grading. Ponder on this, for it is a point which you have not seen with clarity, and right understanding of this will clear your way to a future of wonder. In the lives of the world disciples at this time, great world problems are being worked out. Their response to world conditions is more sensitive and quicker and in their subsequent clear thinking lies the hope of world regeneration. So think and, my brother, lose not time worrying over what may look like an implied criticism of you.

1.                  SCP’s background, apparently, is wealthy and related to the higher classes. The position of abundant Jupiter in the eighth house, the house of inheritance, is prominent, and may indicate inherited wealth.

2.                  Perhaps there is something of ancient India is SCP’s approach. Indeed, many of the Brahmans of India are said to have incarnated in Great Britain, just as did the Romans.

3.                  Master DK is helping SCP to ‘see humanity whole’, unbiased by her social position. He is dealing with first ray matters, and with false hierarchies based upon strictly human values.

4.                  It is DK’s hope to de-condition His chela who seems not to be able to quite free herself from the conditioning of her class, cast or social order. He seeks to make of her a true humanitarian. Obviously there are habit patterns which resist this.

5.                  But the Master’s attempt to disengage His disciple from an imprisoning social context was, strangely, interpreted as criticism.  It is as if she could not withstand an analysis of the class and social set to which she belonged, and, thus, apparently (even at such a late date) she decided to withdraw from the Tibetan’s group.

6.                  The Master is asking His disciple to join the many decentralized, self-forgetful disciples who are attempting to make a real difference in the world through selfless service.  A beautiful picture of what may be accomplished is painted; a “future of wonder” is envisioned, but still the incentive is not sufficient, to a perhaps, psychological weary disciple.

7.                  At this point, she is not seeing with sufficient clarity to respond to the Master appropriately and with understanding.

8.                  She had fallen into glamor and had lost the ground gained (at least much of it). The Master’s earnest exhortations could not save her from pride and hurt-feelings (for they go together). She withdrew in a state of continuing glamor as a result of her own decision.

NOTE: Inability to take criticism or to walk with humility on the Way temporarily has glamoured this disciple and direct contact with the Tibetan's group has stopped; the decision was the disciple's and not the Tibetan's.

1.                  We note that is was “direct contact” with the Tibetan’s group that stopped. In fact, she re-appeared later, rejoining the New Seed Group.

2.                  Even after she again dropped from that group (after an attempted reinstatement), she remained inwardly affiliated.

3.                  The instability aspect of Gemini prevailed for a time.

4.                  We note that it is often hard for a disciple to hold his/her gains. Though such gains be hard won, they are not necessarily stable.

To S. C. P.

August 1940


It is often difficult to know just how to approach you on account of your exceeding sensitivity both to lack of love or understanding and also to criticism. Your first reaction is one of intense pain of being misunderstood — as you think — by me. This is caused by your complete identification of yourself on mental planes with your spiritual objective — an identification which is true, sincere and lasting. You are apt to think that you now are what you want to be. This is a thing impossible if the law of achieved progress is of any importance. Your resentment of criticism (which is sharp and glamour-producing) is not based on pride in fancied achievement but is more a fierce resentment over failure. You add your own criticism of yourself to my proffered suggestions and this creates a glamour. Forget not that contact with disciples older and more experienced than yourself will ever produce a stimulation. That stimulation will apply to any innate glamour as well as to your spiritual life.

1.                  It is now a year later; the Sun has progressed into Scorpio and SCP has rejoined the Tibetan’s group, now a member of the New Seed Group, reorganized as a group of twenty-four disciples.

2.                  The same problem encountered in November of 1939 was still present — an exceeding sensitivity both to lack of love or understanding and to criticism. It sounds rather more like an individual on the second ray than one who is focussed on the first.

3.                  We see that the Tibetan does not hesitate to begin with a searching psychological analysis.

4.                  Why does SCP think she has been misunderstood? Because she is so completely identified on the mental place with her spiritual objectives, thus fancying that she is now what she wants to be.

5.                  DK points to the unrealistic over-idealism of this estimation.

6.                  Anything coming from DK that suggests that SCP has not yet achieved her goal, produces resentment at the imagined criticism — a “fierce resentment” at the implied failure. That resentment is “sharp and glamor-producing”, for it obscures her mind to the real issues.

7.                  We know the sign Virgo to be sharply self-critical, and we find SCP indulging in this tendency, reacting to the Tibetan’s suggestions for improvement with a self-criticism which creates a glamor.

8.                  Why is this glamor stimulated? Because she is in contact with disciples older and more experienced than herself.

9.                  DK often talks to SCP about a kind of dual stimulation — one good the other bad. He is speaking again about this dynamic.

Your second reaction is a silent acceptance of the criticism or suggestion, and a silent effort (once the emotional crisis is over) to change what is undesirable and to make the desired progress.

1.                  The second reaction is more constructive — silent acceptance of criticism or suggestion and a silent effort to change.

2.                  SCP is, after all, a sincere disciple, and however reactive certain aspects of her nature may be, she is empowered by the endurance of the first ray.

Can you, my brother, think of a single instance which did not (in the early stages after reading my instructions) produce a turmoil in your consciousness? I cannot, nor can I remember any time when you did not see the matter more clearly and profit by my words.

1.                  Master DK is simply recounting history. Turmoil arises (always) when the Tibetan offers her instruction, and is followed by a more constructive approach.

2.                  The sixth ray reaction comes first, and then a saner, more balanced approach which attempts to really profit by the Tibetan’s instructions.

I make this preamble in the hope that this time you will waste no time in any futile reaction or self-defence and for the good of your group brothers, that you will see directly that which I — in love — seek to make clear to you.

1.                  Can the Tibetan speak with frankness to this first ray disciple? He hopes so, for the sake of her group brothers and herself.

2.                  Every instruction has led to a time-wasting reaction. He hopes that there will be no similar reaction to this instruction.

3.                  Apparently, however, there was — yet again.

4.                  Perhaps, if anything, the sharp reaction to imagined criticism would be still more fierce, for the progressing sign has moved into a sign no as likely as Libra to “take things equably” — Scorpio.

Nothing matters these days (when the bulk of humanity is in such dire distress) except to aid in its liberation at any personal sacrifice. The temptation of many people these times is oft to evade the issue and find in the daily task and [Page 571] karmic responsibilities as well as in a type of satisfaction with their emotional reactions a way of escape from direct and practical action on behalf of humanity. They employ a forced preoccupation with their own concerns — in order not to think, not to realise and subconsciously to evade doing anything which adds to their present load. When I speak of emotional reactions, I refer to the distress and sorrow and anxiety engendered by having those for whom one cares in the besieged or occupied countries. From that you, with thousands of others, naturally suffer and this is quite unavoidable though it can be controlled. I refer to definitely constructive interest and help upon the physical plane and I would ask you:

1.                  The war is on. SCP, if a British citizen, as seems likely, may be in the thick of it. Everyone is suffering and the fate of England hangs in the balance.

2.                  DK calls for a disciplic attitude which will not allow evasion of responsibility.

3.                  Many are the ways of evading responsibility, and DK lists a number of them. Such people find ways to preoccupy themselves with near and relatively non-essential things, while thousands around them are suffering.

4.                  The Master seems to be asking SCP to control the natural suffering which is entailed by living in a besieged country. He is calling her to order and asking her if, really, she is being of much real help to those who are suffering all around her.

What do you do of a practical nature to add your burden-bearing capacity to the group of world workers everywhere who are attempting to absorb the world's sorrow, who are giving time and thought and effort to bring the war to an end or to alleviate in some practical way what you can of world distress and the physical plane needs of the unhappy? Maybe you are doing something of a practical nature. I take not the time to search into your daily activities. There is a symbol which flashes out from the heart of all who serve their fellowmen for which we look at times; when found, it indicates a world server. This symbol should flash with greater frequency into my vision. You serve with fealty those you love. I thank you myself and on behalf of K.H. for what you have done for A.A.B. and ask you again to continue to stand by her. But I would ask you again: What do you do of a practical nature to bring your quota of effort to the present world need? Because your creative enterprise deals with the luxuries of life, you need to offset it with an equally potent expression — again on the physical plane — of your service to your fellowmen. That is the first question which I put to you.

1.                  DK, in all love, is directly challenging His disciple. Real efforts to serve and solace are under way, but SCP is not very involved in them.

2.                  Is she really a true server? The symbol which flashes out from the heart of all who serve their fellowman flashes out too infrequently from her. The hint, however, is a powerful one; it is from the “heart” that we may expect to see this symbol.

3.                  DK never is ungrateful. Just as He thanked LTS-K for assisting with the publishing of His books, so He thanks SCP for the financial assistance (presumably) which she has afforded AAB.

4.                  He is, still, however, determined in the pursuit of His questions. Is SCP really helping when help is so needed?

5.                  We learn for the first time that SCP’s “creative enterprise deals with the luxuries of life”. This is not a tenable position during such a wave of human suffering, unless offset on the physical plane by service to her fellow men.

6.                  Again, Venus in Leo may relate to those luxuries, which flatter the ego.

The second question is to ask you if you feel that you are freer from the ties of those who are regarded by Us as a basically selfish and self-centred group — those who belong to the so-called social set? I told you in my last instruction that you were making definite progress in this respect and I believe that you yourself are becoming conscious of your own [Page 572] reactions in this connection. Humanity, and not the group of so-called cultured people, should take your time and attention as well as your work along your chosen creative lines — those on which you are now engaged. Are you freer from the fear of what they would say and what they might think, or are you still guided by the massed self-interest of that group of men and women whose lives are preoccupied with possessions, with the social amenities and who regard doing Red Cross work as demonstrating adequately their usefulness? You, along with others, have refused to identify yourself and interests with any set except the one in which your destiny or your ambition placed you, and this proves an obstruction often to true spiritual growth. It is a problem and takes years to learn the lesson of general human interest. It is not easy to be a "fool for Christ's sake," and, my brother, the social set is one of the cruelest in the world. They need defying for their own sake and their own awakening.

1.                  DK then poses a second question, perhaps even more demanding and challenging for SCP. He informs His chela of Hierarchy’s view of the set of people from whom she has come and with whom, it seems, she is again associating more than in the past.

2.                  In the last instruction, Master DK informed His chela that she was making some degree of progress in freeing herself from this group. She was then beginning to think in more terms of humanity, thus offsetting the prejudices often found in one with her apparently privileged background. It seems, however, that there has been some retrogression, and at a period characterized by some of humanity’s deepest suffering.

3.                  Really, it is a rather sharp rebuke and redirection. The so-called “culture people” are taking much of SCP’s time and attention, and they should not: instead, humanity should.

4.                  When the Master asks a question like, “Are you freer from fear?” the implication is that the chela is not. DK points to the superficial and material preoccupations of the group of people with whom SCP associates. These people are not those who deeply love their fellow human beings.

5.                  At the hour of humanity’s greatest need, a far deeper identification with humanity and its sufferings is required of all true disciples, and this, SCP (along with others) has apparently refused to do. DK, thus, is telling her that her spiritual growth is ‘on hold’.

6.                  An astrological situation is of note. For a long while, the Sun had been progressing through Libra, and thus Venus in Leo (orthodoxly) and Uranus (esoterically) were the rulers. Both planets (Venus, by progression and Uranus natally) are (at the time of this writing) found in Libra (the sign exoterically governing ‘social sets’ and the people of the apparently higher classes). Mercury (as orthodox ruler of the proposed Gemini Ascendant) is also placed natally in Libra. Thus, through natal placements and progressing positions, SCP has been presented with the opportunity to evaluate her relation to class and society. During the period of the Sun’s progression through Libra, SCP had been faced with a constant choice of values which Libra significantly represents.

7.                  From the beginning of 1940, the progressed Sun had entered Scorpio, the normal ruler of which (Mars) is natally placed in Leo (the sign representing self.) The progressing Mars is passing through Virgo, which can mean purification but also a ‘return to matter’. It is certain that during 1940 she began passing through some important psychological change (perhaps not for the better), for it was not long after the letter dated November, 1939, that she apparently withdrew from the Tibetan’s group. We find the Tibetan writing of “fierce resentment” — words which aptly evoke the quality of Scorpionic energies.

8.                  When the Tibetan now writes, (August, 1940) she is still in this period of withdrawal or just emerging into renewed participation. But the Scorpio energy is critical for decision, and yet another possible reaction may descend upon her with the reading of this present letter from the Tibetan. In fact, it seems as if just such a reaction occurred, for it was the Tibetan’s last letter to her. Following this letter, she seems again to have withdrawn permanently — at least for the present incarnation.

9.                  The Tibetan closes the paragraph with profound and challenging wisdom: “It is not easy to be a ‘fool for Christ's sake,’ and, my brother, the social set is one of the cruelest in the world. They need defying for their own sake and their own awakening”.

10.              DK is calling upon his chela for an act of psychological bravery, of which she could and should be capable if responding correctly to the ingress of her progressing Sun into Scorpio — the sign which can repudiate vices and, in general, all that which is negative.

11.              But, SCP, it seems, is well aware of her reputation and does not want to sacrifice it. She does not want to appear a “fool” as, no doubt, she would in the eyes of her customary associates. The Leo energy, governing personality and reflection of self in the eyes of others, is, perhaps, too strong in her.

12.              We have seen that Mercury and Uranus are both natally placed in Libra (“Let choice be made”), and the Master is presenting her with an important choice, on the outcome of which her future association with the group (and with His work — in this incarnation) depends. It becomes apparent that she made the wrong choice.

13.              To accentuate this question of choice, we see that the progressing Moon was passing through the sign of choice, Libra. Again, Libra is the sign of apparent refinement and also of non-decision, or the refusal to decide.

14.              The whole matter may, perhaps, have been shocking and disturbing to SCP, for the progressing Libran Moon was, during this period of presented choice, conjuncting both natal and progressing Uranus in Libra.

15.              Discipleship calls for courage, but of many different kinds. We may be brave in one area of life and cowardly in others. DK, apparently, had found a point of cowardice in His first ray disciple. At least the aftermath of this letter seems to say so.

Learn to stand free and unafraid, and as a soul include all with whom you are brought in contact within the dynamic vibration of your soul-directed personality. Seek to tune in on world need mentally and not emotionally; add to your service in meditation that which can practically help in this appalling world emergency. The problem of all disciples today is to achieve successful activity in their chosen task of competent citizenship and life occupation and yet, at the same time, to add to that at any cost a practical life of service. Such is not the duty or dharma of average man. It is sufficient for him to make good (as it is called) upon the physical plane, leaving to a later life cycle the development of a more dynamic and inclusive inner life. All disciples have both objectives, one outward and one inward, with also an ordained integrated expression. In your case, this situation is peculiarly ordained by the soul in order to bring about a needed bridging between your powerful astral nature and your definitely illumined intuition. This I pointed out to you some years ago.

1.                  Again the exhortation toward the right use of the first ray, as it dynamically should direct and inspire the personality.

2.                  Emotional response will not suffice. World need must be appreciated mentally, not only emotionally.

3.                  The Tibetan is calling for ‘full engagement’ in humanity’s woes, evidenced by practical service upon the physical plane.

4.                  The Master is calling upon SCP to honor her discipleship, and to give more than the average man would give or is required to give. He calls her to integration of the inner and outer life, reminding her that her soul staged her life circumstances so that this integration could occur. At the moment, it appears that she is not living that integrated life.

5.                  Thus, we see the Master summoning to wholeness, as that wholeness is interpreted disciplically. It is not permissible to allow a powerful chela to withdraw from her responsibilities, no matter what may be the apparent justifications.

6.                  And, she would be equal to the task if she used the newly available Scorpio energy, but we are always free to choose our response to the Master’s suggestions or implorations.

The world of competitive business and the struggle with the financial situation calls for all the resources of your lower mind and this strengthens and brings your mind into practical [Page 573] effectiveness. The process is therefore one of a pronounced technique for the integration of soul and personality. The same process in the case of the average citizen produces an integration of the personality — what we might call an integration downwards. In the case of a disciple, such as yourself, it produces an integration upwards, leading to a definite reorientation of the life forces and the calling into creative activity the centre at the throat.

1.                  We see that even a mind on the second ray may be equal to the challenges of survival in the business world. DK has on several occasions pointed out the value of SCP’s business interests to her overall integration, for the increasingly focussed mind is to become the bridge between her highly attuned buddhic responsiveness and her over-responsive astral condition.

2.                  Two kinds of integration are discussed, both necessitating the mind. One is for the average man; it an “integration downwards”, an integration of the personality. But the mind has its higher aspect and can, when rightly oriented, provide an “integration upwards”, bringing into relation the higher and lower aspects of man’s nature.

3.                  This is the type of integration upon which SCP must focus her attention, so that her life forces may be reoriented. The present emphasis upon Uranus furthers this possibility.

4.                  Her throat center (ruled generically, as are all throat centers, by the third ray) is to be brought into “creative activity”. This reminds us of that the second word in her ‘Developmental Formula’ is “Creation”, suggesting the necessity for a creative approach she has not yet fully developed, at least in a spiritual sense.

5.                  DK calls for a pronounced dual use of the mind. Its use, as oriented to the demands of business, appears to be fairly correct; its use as an agent of creative linkage between the intuition and the emotions is not yet firmly established. We see that the same themes are emphasized over and again until the disciple has assimilated them. The Master never wearies of presenting the next task or reminding of the continuing task.

I will give you a short personal meditation which will aid in this development and increase your vision, effective service and usefulness. Do this meditation prior to the group meditation and do it with dynamic brevity.

1. A quick rising act of alignment.

2. A moment of poised attention.

3. Then sound the OM as the soul.

4. Arrest the downward flowing soul energy and effect its fusion with the uprising aspiration of the personality on mental levels. Hold the consciousness steady at that point.

5. Visualise then a golden band of light, extending from the soul — via the mind — to the physical brain. Attempt simultaneously to see a thin thread of light ascending upwards from the soul towards the Hierarchy, passing through the members of the group.

6. Then breathe out the OM again and see it going to the throat centre at the back of the neck.

7. Focus your consciousness there and at the same time hold it in the head. This activity corresponds to the dual life of the disciple to which I referred above.

8. Sound the OM

six times as the soul, sending the energy

a. To the mind, and there focus.

b. To the brain or the highest head centre.

c. To the throat centre and there focus.

d. From that centre, imaginatively breathe out the OM

throughout the personality.

e. Then breathe it out over the group of your brothers.

f. From thence to humanity.

If you will do this simply as an exercise in the direction and right flow of energy, via the throat centre, you will find much instructive value emerging and increased usefulness and effectiveness in every aspect of your life, in the world and on spiritual levels as a disciple. You have learnt much, my brother, and I do not regret adding you to my group of accepted disciples.

1.                  Dynamic brevity is a quality preferred by the first ray type. If the Master assured us that a short meditation would increase our vision, effectiveness in service and usefulness, we would perform it, correct? Or would we?

2.                  Dynamically and with brevity, this meditation brings together the energies of SCP as soul and SCP as personality, focussed on the level of the mind.

3.                  Point #4 shows the flowing soul energy and the rising personality aspiration gathered into the mind. Consciousness is then held in the mind — not the usual place of focus for SCP except when engaged in business matters.

4.                  The golden band of light in point #5 connects soul, mind and brain. We remember earlier that SCP’s alignment of these three factors was to be mind-soul-brain. Now the order presented is the more usual one, descending from the soul ‘above’ through the mind in the intermediate position and, thence, to the brain. The initial focussing in the mind has, however, been performed in the earlier part of the meditation.

5.                  We note the colors and the apparent ‘width’ of the two strands of light. One is a band which is broader than a “thread”; it is golden, relating it thus to the light of the soul and of the mind. The other strand is a “thread”; it is thin and white and relates to the soul aspects of SCP’s fellow group members and to the Hierarchy as a whole. It touches the higher sources of inspiration.

6.                  The OM, representing both alignments (individual and group), is to go to the throat center at the back of the neck, thus vitalizing the center of “creation”.

7.                  A dual focus is required of SCP: she is to focus both in the head and throat centers (a Gemini situation). The higher focus represents the life of the disciple as a soul, the lower focus the disciple’s life as a soul-infused, creative personality.

8.                  SCP is to sound the OM six times. This number may simply be related to the ‘six destinations of the visualization, but may be significant in its own right, as the number six is specifically related to the expression of the ideal in the world of form.

9.                  During this final sounding of the OM, the alignment developed during the meditation is emphasized. Really there are the soul source and six destinations. In the last analysis, the meditation is a service to humanity.

10.              The meditation closes on a very positive note. The meditation offered should be very constructive to SCP, and promises much: “you will find much instructive value emerging and increased usefulness and effectiveness in every aspect of your life, in the world and on spiritual levels as a disciple”.

11.              Clearly, SCP is in another period during which opportunity is being presented. Saturn, the planet of opportunity (occultly considered) is squaring by transit its natal position, so although there will be difficulties, there is a definite chance to realign with the Plan and its values.

12.              DK closes by re-welcoming SCP, adding her to his group of “accepted disciples”, for all members of the New Seed Group were “accepted disciples”, technically considered.

13.              This ‘accepting’ welcome, apparently, did not provide sufficient incentive for SCP to courageously face those undesirable conditions indicated by the Master and to bring about the necessary changes. The editor of DINA II states that the same condition given at the end of the last instruction in DINA I still applies. This must mean that SCP, of her own free will, chose not to continue her outward affiliation with the Tibetan and His groups.

14.              Astrologically, transiting Jupiter was coming to her Ascendant. While this might have meant soul-expansion (especially increasing infusion by the second ray as it could supplement the first), it could also mean release from responsibility.

15.              Not long after her departure from the group, there was a progressed new moon in the second degree of Scorpio — a most powerful configuration, but one which, in this case, seems to have signified termination of her spiritual group responsibilities rather than a spiritual deepening of those responsibilities and a spiritual empowerment in their execution.

NOTE: This was the final instruction given to the disciple whose personal instructions are included in Vol. I. The footnote therein on page 341 still applies.

There now follow several references from other instructions which mention SCP. They are included for the sake of completeness.


Much that I have written to S.C.P. is also of prime importance to you. I refer not to it here as I have other things about which I wish to speak to you. I urge you from my heart (which enfolds you in its constant love) to look away from yourself and dwell not with such constancy upon your failures to achieve. Recognise failure — if it is there — but then with a face lifted to the light and a smile upon your lips, turn your back upon such failure and go with steadfastness forward. (DINA I 366)

1.                  This excerpt is taken from the instructions of RSU — “Restraint”, “Strength” and “Understanding”.

2.                  Like SCP, RSU suffered from a strong need for personality decentralization (though for different reasons).

3.                  It is interesting that another disciple with a ray structure quite similar to SCP (namely, IBS, 16-463) also had a problem with decentralization. The first ray tends towards centralization (and all these three disciples are well-endowed with that ray, though one of them is a second ray soul). When the sixth ray is also present, the astral body conspires to participate by making the individual ‘feel’ like the center of most perceived processes.

Three of the original members (C.A.C., S.C.P., and W.O.I.) could not stand the spiritual pressure, and their personalities forced their withdrawal (probably for this incarnation) from the group work. The tests of discipleship are severe, as you well know, and only the pure heart, true love and mental activity can serve to pull the disciple through them; this is always possible, however, where these exist and where there is also a determined orientation towards the light. (DINA II 28)

1.                  DK is summarizing the fate of some of the disciples who are no longer with the group. SCP is among them.

2.                  The main reason for withdrawal in these cases is that their personalities could not stand the spiritual pressure. The personality can be expected to react, but there was apparently insufficient control over the personality and a felt necessity to follow its lead.

3.                  DK reiterates what we all say we know — that the tests of discipleship are severe. Probably we would know better if we were in a group such as His and were subjected to His rhythmic scrutiny.

4.                  Certain qualities are needed if the disciple is to win through. SCP may have had, with frequently, the “pure heart” and “true love” but the right kind of mental activity was not achieved. Surely, she had, for most of her tenure as a disciple in His group, a “determined orientation towards the light”. At the end, however, this too seemed to fail her, for she was offered very great opportunity as an accepted disciple and yet refused participation.

2. Affiliation with an Ashram subjects the aspirant to intensified stimulation; in many cases it proved impossible for some chelas to handle it. Spiritual energy pouring into the personality, via the aspirant's own soul, fostered the emergence of that which was good but also of that which could not be taken closer into the Ashram itself. The undesirable qualities had to be eliminated. (Such were S.C.P. and L.U.T.) This stimulation cannot be avoided and is one of the tests of an accepted disciple's fitness for "ashramic sharing." Perfection [Page 92] is not looked for or expected, but certain personality faults of pride, temper and an undisciplined nature must at least be controlled. (DINA II 91-92)

1.                  In review, Master DK continues to analyze SCP’s (and LUT’s) situation.

2.                  The intensified stimulation to which they were subjected was inevitable, for they were affiliated with an Ashram (a center of great inner power).

3.                  This increasing stimulation, pouring through the soul (as stimulated by the Ashram) produced that emergence of that which could not be taken closer to the Ashram. Of this dynamic, DK spoke in one of the earliest instructions to SCP.

4.                  SCP had these undesirable qualities pointed out to her; she could not pretend that she did not know or recognize them. But she refused to act upon them decisively.

5.                  The value of such stimulation is discussed. To be subjected to such an intense flow of stimulation is a test “of an accepted disciple’s fitness for ‘ashramic sharing’”. As one draws closer to the Ashram, all that one is, is shared with the other members of the Ashram. Character traits of a low order, however, simply cannot be ‘shared’ without damaging the Ashram, or at least its personnel. (Such traits cannot penetrate the inner Ashram.) Thus the Master insists that they be cleared — as He insisted with both SCP and LUT (though the traits to be eliminated were much different in these two cases).

6.                  DK lists certain major personality faults which were unacceptable. We know that SCP had the fault of “pride” (pride of place, pride of class, pride of financial status). We do not know about “temper”. LUT had an undisciplined kama-manasic and physical nature.

There are some things which I must say to you as this will be my last instruction on the theme of group work. It is not necessary for me to say much more upon the subject. I would start with some questions. Do you ever think with recognition of those who are no longer working with us? For instance, is D.A.O. ever in your minds? Do you ever think of S.C.P., of W.D.B., of J.A.C., or of that expert worker for the Hierarchy, L.D.N-C? I would guarantee that they seldom enter your mind. Yet they are still an integral part of this group which had the task and the responsibility of being one of the first groups (not by any means the only one, however) to attempt to make the first steps towards the externalisation of the Ashrams of the Hierarchy. (DINA II 102)

1.                  In this excerpt, DK does not say much about SCP personally, but challenges his remaining disciples on the principle of inclusiveness and group cohesion.

2.                  We learn that, although SCP and others had outwardly left the work, they were still an integral part of the Tibetan’s group. The outward severance was of temporary significance, but it was not an essential severance.

I would add also to the above — which I rarely do — that you are likewise freer from the imposition of physical control than at any previous time in your life story, except once when you were much younger. Your second major limitation has been, as you know, a physical one and is incidentally also a part of the racial trouble, and of racial polarisation. Every disciple has to achieve complete freedom from racial limitations and to break down certain separative barriers; otherwise they remain and hinder, as I hinted elsewhere to S.C.P. This is however an attainable attitude for you. (DINA II 602)

1.                  Again, the Tibetan is addressing RSU, who had a number of problems in common with SCP.

2.                  SCP, it is hinted, was possessed by a certain pride of race or nation which acted as a separative barrier. SCP was proud, probably of her upper class British origins; RSU carried an inferiority complex about her racial origins as a Jew.

3.                  Both attitudes, though contrasting, amounted to incomplete freedom from racial limitations.

For you, my brother, I have somewhat the same message as I gave to S.C.P. Free yourself from the glamour of inherited ideas and national concepts and prejudices. The world picture is clearer and more beautiful than you know, seeing it as you do today through the windows of prejudice, pain and limitation. If I sound harsh in so speaking, it is simply because I, the Master D.K., value what you will be able to do and be when you have released yourself from the glamour of prejudice. You have made real progress in this condition but there is much still to be done and this your heart of love can accomplish once you see clearly and with understanding the true nature of your glamour. There are many points of view, coming from the many types of men, the many races [Page 682] and the many nations and grades of human beings. Who, my brother, are you to determine what is right and which point of view is correct? The Hierarchy sees the beauty in them all. Ponder on this and seek to see it too. (DINA II 681-682)

1.                  Again SCP and RSU are brought together for comparison.

2.                  Although this instruction is to RSU, the inference is that SCP, too, suffers from “the glamour of inherited ideas and national concepts and prejudices”. There was perhaps a certain narrowness in SCP’s view (so much ray one and ray six), that could have been broadened by a more trained cultivation of the mind under Gemini. She did not, it appears, succeed in thinking herself free from these inherited attitudes.

Your glamour is, as you know, that of psychic sensitivity. Like S.C.P. you function on the astral-buddhic line; but, having a trained mind from the educational angle (for you passed through college, did you not, my brother?) you have a somewhat different problem. Your task is to use your mind for the unfoldment of the intuition and for the control of the lower psychic nature. This psychic glamour does not unduly distort your point of view but its very presence constitutes a disturbing element to you. You neither like nor desire this psychic sensitivity or the knowledge which it brings, but it constitutes an environment in which you have to learn to walk with freedom and with grace. It is not some situation from which you must aim at escaping for it is part of manifestation and you must learn to work with it and function in it but with complete detachment from it — just as you do not identify yourself with physical phenomena such as rain or storm. Glamour exists. It is. The higher glamours are goals towards which the lower psychics must work and your work may lie along the line of helping them in the midst of the glamour and by this remark I may aid in reorienting your thought and dissipating some of your concern. (DINA II 734)

1.                  In this case SCP is being compared to the disciple RSW (“Rest”, “Stability”, “Wisdom”). Her ray structure was 27-427.

2.                  She, too, was an example of astral-buddhic sensitivity, but her mind was more trained than that of SCP, as she had been through college (as a student of music).

3.                  Interestingly, RSW also had very early Gemini on the Ascendant. She was, however, more successful in using the Gemini energy to stimulate the mind as an intermediary between the buddhic and astral nature.


We have now completed our review of the instructions written by the Tibetan to His chela SCP — “Silence, Creation, Patience”. It has much in it worthy of study. The problems encountered may not have been the usual one, but are there, really, any usual problems? Each disciple is unique.

Again, and unfortunately, we see an experiment which ended in at least partial failure. Before the second initiation one must learn the uses of failure and many of the disciples stood at this point (if not in the immediate incarnation, then they would so stand in the incarnations immediately ahead).

We note Master DK working tirelessly and acutely (as always) to bring this disciple into an appreciation and expression of her higher possibilities. We note some success on her part, but, as with all of us, the ever-present danger of relapse (to which, in fact, she seems to have succumbed). Still, many valuable lessons were learnt, and she must have emerged with a mind more luminous and more capable of creatively formulating the content of her vivified intuition than could have been possible earlier in her life and without the Tibetan’s instruction. Apparent failure there was, but no doubt a foundation was laid for future success in an impending incarnation.

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