Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

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Relations Between
Capricorn & Pisces

Important Foundational Relationships

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

Missing Links

Important Foundational Relationships


Important Foundational Relationships

In Comparison With
1.   The Goat, the Unicorn   1.   The Fishes
2.   Esoteric Mantram: Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back.   2.   Esoteric Mantram: I leave the Father’s Home and turning back, I save.
3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word said: Let ambition rule and the door stand wide.   3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word said: Go forth into matter.
4.   Quality of Light: The Light of Initiation   4.   Quality of Light: The Light of the World.
5.   Element: Earth Sign   5.   Element: Water Sign
6.   Cardinal Cross   6.   Mutable Cross
7.   Transmits R1, R3 and R7 constellationally   7.   Transmits R2 and R6, with a possible secondary transmission of R3 (matter—the “waters of space”)
8.   Secondarily, (assuredly, but not exclusively) Capricorn transmits R3 and R5 through Saturn and Venus—its two planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.   8.   Secondarily, (assuredly, but not exclusively), Pisces transmits R2, R1 and R6, through Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune—its planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.
9.   Color: green   9.   Color: lavender
10.   Creative Hierarchy number V (manifested) and X of 12. Human Personality; the Crocodiles; Makara the Mystery   10.   Creative Hierarchy number I (unmanifested) characterized by the energy of Intelligent Substance
11.   Associated with the first five initiations: the soul/Self-revealing, soul-law-imposing, Christ-birthing first; the emotion-controlling, ‘un-capsized’, ‘water-crossing’ second; the soul-illumined, personality-transfiguring, three-aspect-synthesizing third; the isolation-inducing, world-renouncing fourth; and the supernally-lighted, mountain-peak-revelatory fifth. Saturn (ruling Capricorn) does not follow a man onto the Cardinal Cross.   11.   Associated with the Fixed-Cross-mounting first initiation (cf. EA 125); the purifying, desire-releasing second initiation; the crucifying, death-dealing fourth initiation, as well as the liberating Path-revealing fifth initiation, which in this case opens to the “world saviour” the door to Shamballa and to great revelation through self-abnegating willingness to serve the Divine Will. (cf. EA 141, 320-321, for the fourth and fifth initiations) Since, Pisces brings about the “consummation of divine desire”, the sixth initiation which restores the ‘Savior-Monad’ to complete power may also be indicated.
12.   Capricorn can be reasonably associated with the clear-seeing, forcefully-penetrating, powerfully directing ajna and brow centers, and the ‘dominating’, all-controlling crown center. Capricorn must be connected to the magically materializing throat and sacral centres via the third and seventh rays (resonant to both centers). The humility-inducing centers at the knees are also indicated. Also associated with Capricorn are the central “jewels” in all the chakras.  

12.   Pisces can be reasonably associated with the centers in the soles of the feet, giving humility, ‘under-standing’, and the power to tread the Path. Pisces is also strongly related to the solar plexus center (in relation to which purification of desire and detachment must prevail) and to the compassionate, all-embracing, all-forgiving heart center—these centers being ruled, in part, by Neptune, special ruler of Pisces. Pisces can, at a high point of evolution, condition the ajna center (when Alpha {Aries—crown center} and Omega {Pisces—ajna}) meet. The buddhically-resonant heart within the head, of which the Buddha, Himself, is a symbol (EXH 87) is another significant association.

13.   The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Capricorn causes the Monad (even in immersion) to be guided by Shamballic and Logoic Law. There are lines which the Monad may not cross as it ‘super-vises’ its own Self-extension. It must leave its fragment ‘free within limits’; free-will (of a relative kind) must not be violated. The initiatory power, flowing through Monad from Capricorn, endows the Monad-in-extension with the power to face every obstacle and re-ascend to its source. This re-ascent is initiation.   13.   The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Pisces provides the foundational motivation for the entire monadic pilgrimage, for every Monad is a “Lord of ceaseless, persevering devotion” (EA 117) and, under the influence of Pisces—a savior. The monadic pilgrimage is entirely sacrificial, and is undertaken for purposes of redemption. Pisces both symbolizes and impulses the humanly unfathomable Self-abnegation which send the Monad forth. “Go forth into matter”, is one mantram of Pisces.
14.   Within the Triad—Capricorn is most associated with atma (first triadal aspect) and higher manas (third triadal aspect). Capricorn transmits the first ray which relates it to the will and law emanating from the atmic plane. Capricorn transmits the third ray, as well, which relates it not only to higher manas but, again, to atma, for the atmic plane is the third systemic plane, and is a plane of both law/will and mind—the atmic mind—God’s mind as directly expressive of God’s will/law. Capricorn is less related to buddhi, though it is the sign admitting (via hierarchical Venus) into the buddhic dimension known as Hierarchy.   14.   Within the Triad—Pisces (which transmits the second ray)  is principally related to the second principle buddhi, as it expresses the divine love, wisdom and understanding which redeem. Pisces is also one of the intuitive signs connecting it to buddhi. Pisces eventually induces a “pervasiveness of wisdom” (EA 136), and wisdom is the influence of the first aspect upon the second (as in the case of the Buddha). (cf. DINA II 518) In Pisces there is a powerful sensitivity to the will of God, (“Father, not my will by Thine by done”) and thus to the atmic aspect of the Triad—and to the Monad. Pisces, transcending Mercury, is less related to higher manas.
15.   In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Capricorn can be understood as the will of the Solar Angel to master its personality, through total soul-infusion leading to transfiguration and subsequent crucifixion. Karmic confrontation with residual darkness is enforced from ‘above’, and the power to transcend matter bestowed. The will aspect of the Solar Angel is strongly asserted, leaving the responsive personality no choice but elevation. (cf. EP II 174)   15.   In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Pisces is the energy of the will-to-save which animates those “Hearts of Fiery Love” known as Agnishvattas, or Solar Angels. Pisces (in which Solar Angelic Venus is exalted) provides the originating incentive for the sacrifice which the Solar Angels made aeons ago, on behalf of the human Monads, and in service of the Planetary Logos. Pisces governs the Solar Angel as Savior.
16.   Within the Personality—Capricorn can be identified with the concretizing, regulatory and disciplining processes of the lower mental nature; with processes which focus, control and deepen the astral nature; with organizational and co-ordinative processes within the etheric vehicle; and the with maintenance and survival of the dense physical vehicle—of which Capricorn represents the density. (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)   16.   Within the Personality—Pisces can be identified with the impressionability and eventual intuitive sensitivity of the lower mental nature; with the sentient permeability, and imaginative, tranquilizing processes within the astral nature; with the induction of quietude within the etheric nature; and with the general sensitivity of the dense physical vehicle. (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)
17.  Stage of Meditative Consciousness: Initiation   17.   Stage of Meditative Consciousness: Identification
18.   The Crisis of Initiation characterized by the quality of Expansion   18.   The Choice of Method of Salvation (such as that which confronted the Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene)

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

In Comparison With
1.   Expressive primarily of the first and third aspects of divinity. “CAPRICORN. This is the constellation by means of which comes the conquering will which releases from form life and initiates the man into the kingdom wherein the will aspect (not the soul aspect) of divinity expresses itself.” (EA 620) Capricorn is the major transmitter of the seventh ray which is related to the first aspect. “The seventh ray is, in the last analysis, the focussed differentiated energy of Ray One as it expresses the will of the first aspect of divinity on earth…” (EA 138) “the third and fifth rays work pre-eminently through this sign, embodying the third major aspect of divinity, active intelligence plus that of its subsidiary power, the fifth Ray of Mind.” (EA 164)   1.   Expressive principally of the second divine aspect, with a lengthy history connected to the material substance (“water”) of the third. There is some emphasis upon the liberating will of the first aspect. “In Pisces, you have the consummation of the work of that which the matter aspect has made possible, and the Christ emerges as the world saviour. All this has taken place through the will aspect of the second ray, focussed in Shamballa, expressing itself through humanity and consummated in the Hierarchy. (EA 627-628)
2.   Related cosmically to the Pleiades. “…from these three (The Pleiades, Capricorn, Mercury. A.A.B.) Man takes a nature which is his today. Son of the Mother, born from the tomb and showing after birth the light which he has taken from them all.” (EA 433, also 427-428) Capricorn is necessarily related to the Great Bear because, like Aries, and Leo, it transmits the first ray. (cf. EA 417) Capricorn, the “great sign of initiation” (EA 173) is almost certainly related to Sirius, “the great star of initiation.” (EA 197) Venus completes a triangle.   2.   Cosmically related to Sirius. “The triangle of Pisces-Uranus-Hierarchy is becoming magnetically attractive to the triangle of Humanity.” (EA 438) “And then the heavens within the ring-pass-not responded to the light from Sirius which, passing through the sea of Pisces, lifted the fishes into the heavenly sphere (Uranus) and thus a lesser triple light appeared, the radiant sun of suns, the watery light of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus.” (EA 432, also 427-428)
A connection between the Dragon, the Pleiades and Pisces may well exist, in relation to the saving,  self-abnegating Path of Earth Service. (cf. TCF 904, 1162)
3.   Three Constellations Connected with Capricorn: a) Sagitta—the Arrow; b) Aquila—the Eagle; c) Delphinus—the Dolphin (LOH 175-176)   3.   Three Constellations Connected with Pisces: a) The Band—(connecting the two Fishes; b) Andromeda—the Chained Woman; c) Cepheus—the King (LOH 200)

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers, and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment


Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment


In Comparison With


1.   Venus is the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn.   1.   Venus is exalted in Pisces.
2.   Jupiter falls in Capricorn.   2.   Jupiter is the exoteric ruler of Pisces.
3.   Neptune falls in Capricorn.   3.   Neptune is a special and pervasively powerful ruler of Pisces.

Subtle Relationships Between Rays, Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

In Comparison With
1.   Capricorn transmits the first ray, constellationally.   1.   Pluto is the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Pisces, and transmits the first ray.
2.   Capricorn transmits the third ray, constellationally. In addition, Capricorn is the third sign of the zodiac on the clockwise wheel, beginning number with Pisces. This numerical fact reinforces the relationship of Capricorn to the third ray.  

2.   Pisces, associated with “water” and with the “ocean” has an indirect connection with the material third ray through “matter.” Pisces is the “fish swimming in the waters of matter and finding there its sustenance.” (EA 287) ‘As we well know, water stands for matter,…” (TCF 1005)  “Neptune is as you know, the God of the waters, and the term ‘water’ covers many angles of the esoteric wisdom, such as: The whole concept of matter—universal and itemised.”.. (EA 275) The Piscean is to become “the fish who swims free in the ocean of matter.” (EA 62)  Pisces is also the twelfth sign on the reversed wheel, numbering normally and also by polarities (Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, etc.), and hence, resonant to the third ray. Neptune rules Pisces in a special way (EA 171), and the Neptunian trident connects it to the third ray. “Water” and “matter” are equivalent and matter is ruled by the third ray. Pluto, through it lunar, material, sub-conscious associations, and its associations with the “past”,  shows its relation to the third ray.

3.   Capricorn transmits the seventh ray, constellationally.   3.   Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Pisces, rules “ritualistic worship” and,  thus, transmits the seventh ray. (cf. EA 648, 660)
4.   Capricorn is the eighth sign of the zodiac on the reversed wheel counting by polarities (Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, etc.) This connects Capricorn to Scorpio and Leo, and to the energy of the Christ. “Eight is, under some numerical systems, regarded as the number of the Christ.” (EA 37)   4.   Pisces demonstrates the culmination of the Christ-life, for Venus (“pure love wisdom”) is exalted in Pisces. Mercury, which falls in Pisces, really “falls away” from its lowest functions, and becomes highly intuitive, in revealing the Christ-life in all things.

5.   Capricorn may, in some subtle matter, transmits the fifth ray (independently of its hierarchial ruler Venus). Ray 5.—Concrete Knowledge or Science, under the influence of Capricorn, focussed through Venus, which will enable the man to take initiation.” (EA 357) Also, “Capricorn is an earth sign and because the third and fifth rays work pre-eminently through this sign, embodying the third major aspect of divinity, active intelligence plus that of its subsidiary power, the fifth Ray of Mind. These pour through Capricorn to Saturn and to Venus and so reach our planet, the Earth.” (EA 164) Note the word, “through.”

  5.   Venus (exalted) transmits the fifth ray. Pluto, for whom Mars is the “Alter Ego” (EA 507) is connected with scientific research, and Mars rules science—on the fifth ray.
6.   Capricorn is the tenth sign on the reversed wheel, hence numerologically associated with the number one and, by numerical affinity, with the first ray.   6.   See #1 above.
7.   Capricorn is the fourth sign of the zodiac on the clock-wise wheel—hence, resonant with the fourth ray (especially through its rulership over ‘for-m’ and establishment).   7.   Only indirect fourth ray connections relate Pisces to the fourth ray. Venus, the planet exalted in Pisces, can be understood as associated with the harmony and beauty aspects of the fourth ray (but not with the factors within this ray which lead to conflict). Neptune, the special spiritual ruler of Pisces (for “humanity as a whole”) has strong relations to buddhi/intuition, and to the fourth plane, the buddhic plane
8.   Saturn is the exoteric and hierarchical ruler of Capricorn and transmits the third ray monadically (EPI 421), and, probably, through its soul.   8.   See #2 above.
9.   Saturn, the exoteric and esoteric ruler, is a strong transmitter of the first ray. (EA 450, 621).   9.   See #1 above.
10.   Saturn has strong seventh ray associations through that fact that it is the “logoic physical permanent atom” in relation to the cosmic physical plane (TCF 406), hence strongly involved in the manifestation of the cosmic physical plane.   10.   See #3 above.
11.   Saturn is associated with the concrete mind (concretion pertains to the fifth ray).   11.   See #5 above.
12.   Venus, the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, transmits the fifth ray.   12.   See #5 above.
13.   Venus, the hierarchial ruler of Capricorn, is “pure love-wisdom”, and hence, transmits the second ray.   13.   Pisces transmits the second ray, constellationally. Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Pisces, transmits the second ray. Neptune, as special, spiritual ruler of Pisces for “humanity as a whole(EA 129), transmits the second ray monadically. Venus, “pure love-wisdom” (exalted in Pisces), transmits the second ray. (EA 281)
14.   Venus, the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, transmits the sixth ray, probably monadically.   14.   Pisces transmits the sixth ray constellationally. Enthusiastic Jupiter has sixth ray associations. Neptune (a special ruler of Pisces) transmits the sixth ray. Pluto (esoteric and hierarchical ruler) has sixth ray associations through its relation to the solar plexus. (EA 78)
15.   Venus, the hierarchical ruler of Capricorn, may have some higher fourth ray associations—harmony and beauty.   15.   See #7 above.
16.   Mars (exalted in Capricorn) transmits the sixth ray   16.   See #14 above.
17.   Mars, exalted in Capricorn, teaches “those whose work lies along the lines of the destroyer”, hence must transmit the first ray. (TCF 1179)   17.   See #1 above.
18.   Mars (exalted) participates in the expression of the third ray through a great third ray Entity.   18.   See #2 above.
19.   Mars (exalted in Capricorn) is closely related to the fifth ray through science, as well as through its rulership of the five senses.” Thirdly, Mars governs the senses which are five in number. These senses are the basis of all human knowledge where that which is tangible and objective is concerned or inferred. Mars, therefore, rules science and hence the reason in this present era for the fundamental but not permanent [Page 216] materiality of science—” (EA 215-216)   19.   See #5 above.
20.   Mars (exalted in Capricorn) is a major planet of conflict, so it is difficult not to think that Mars has some strong fourth ray association—perhaps within its personality vehicles. “The theme of that ray is "Harmony through Conflict" and it is the lower aspect of the ray energy, producing conflict which has hitherto controlled, and is climaxing now through the impetus of the new incoming Shamballa force.” (EA 328)   20.   See #7 above.
General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts and Pragmatic Descriptors

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

In Comparison With
1.   The Divine Father   1.   The Mother of Compassion
2.   The Perfected Human Kingdom “as ten stands for perfected man,…” (TCF 914) Capricorn is the tenth sign, and one day human beings will be like unto the Solar Angels ruled by the sign Capricorn.   2.   The Perfected Deva Kingdom: “so twelve stands for perfection in the deva kingdom.” (TCF 914) Pisces is the twelfth sign, and one day the devas (related closely to Venus) will rise into consummated perfection, just as Venus is exalted in Pisces.
3.   The King   3.   The Priest
4.   The Law—of the King or State   4.   The Law of Compassion
5.   Hierarchy: Capricorn opens the door into the Hierarchy..” (EA 157) “Capricorn admits the soul into conscious participation in the life of that world centre which we call the Hierarchy.” (EA 168)   5.   Shamballa: “In Pisces, the influence of Shamballa claims the initiate as its field of activity and the dualism of soul and spirit emerges instead of that of soul and body ….” (EA 319)
6.   Shamballa: The “Ancient of Days” comes under the influence of Capricorn. “CAPRICORN. This constellation stands for the influence which will carry the will of Shamballa to the Hierarchy or to the world initiates, giving to Them that dynamic and enterprising spirit which will enable Them to carry forward to completion the Will of God on Earth. (EA 632-633)   6.   Hierarchy: Christ is the Savior under Pisces. “Pisces, you have the consummation of the work of that which the matter aspect has made possible, and the Christ emerges as the world saviour.” (EA 627-628)
7.   “Illumination, governing intuition—Capricorn. Soul consciousness in later stages. I realise” . (EA 178)   7.   “Identification, governing liberation—Pisces. Divine consciousness. I and the Father are one.” (EA 179)
8.   Of Capricorn, in the Leo-Capricorn-Pisces Triangle: “Capricorn.—Ruler: Venus, governing the second House, which is concerned with economics, the distribution of money and metals and which rules Taurus, the "seed house" of illumination and the new emerging light. Venus also rules Libra exoterically and the seventh House wherein enemies are recognised and unions and friendships achieved.” (EA 538)   8.   Of Pisces, in the Leo-Capricorn-Pisces Triangle: “Pisces.—Ruler: Pluto, governing the eighth House, the house of death, of dissolution, of detachment and ruling Scorpio, the sign of testing and of discipleship.” (EA 538)
9.   Capricorn—for the Undeveloped Man: “The earthbound soul.” (EA 333)   9.   Pisces—for the Undeveloped Man: “Responsiveness to environment. The medium.” (EA 333)
10.   Capricorn—for the Advanced Man: “The one who crosses the water. Fluid.” (EA 333)   10.   Pisces—for the Advanced Man: “Sensitivity to soul. The mediator.” (EA 333)
11.   Capricorn—for the Disciple/Initiate: “The Conqueror of death. Initiated.” (EA 333)   11.   Pisces—for the Disciple/Initiate Man: “Spiritual responsibility. The Saviour.” (EA 333)
12.   Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Capricorn: When the Sun is in Capricorn, an individual may cultivate achievement and mastery over all that opposes that achievement with respect to a selected task.   12.   Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Pisces: When the Sun is in Pisces, the disciple will know that “sensitivity to the higher impression is his right and privilege.” (EA 564)
13.   The Life of the Christ from a Capricornian Perspective: “This sign marks the point of concretion and of crystallisation which results eventually in the death of the form. This we see happening today. In His triumph over death and in His resurrection into life, Christ indicated the deep mystery of Capricorn.” (EA 567)   13.   The Life of the Christ from a Piscean Perspective: “The Piscean aspect in its highest expression is demonstrated by His sensitivity to immediate and unbroken contact with His "Father in Heaven"; He was in constant communication with the Monad, thereby proving to the world that He was initiated into states of consciousness of which the third initiation is but the beginning.” (EA 565)
14.   Atma   14.   Buddhi
15.   Emphasis upon Will   15.   Emphasis upon Love
16.   The human personality   16.   The saving soul
17.   Mental emphasis   17.   Emotional emphasis
18.   Mastery   18.   The complete, sacrificial sharing of all that has been mastered.
19.   The “Conqueror of Death”   19.   Death as relinquishment and renunciation—liberating man from all that holds in bondage to the three worlds.
20.   Pride (ESE, MSE)   20.   Humility; self-effacement (MSE, ASE)
21.   Depths of selfishness (MC, LMC)   21.   Selfless (FC, LFC)
22.   Strength   22.   Weakness (ESE, MSE)
23.   Enforcing   23.   Attracting, inviting
24.   Just retribution   24.   “Turning the other cheek”
25.   Spiritual imperviousness (ESE, MSE)   25.   Spiritual strength; subjective strength; willingness (MSE, ESE)
26.   Tendency towards objectivity   26.   Tendency towards subjectivity
27.   Bowed with materialistic concern   27.   Release
28.   Clarity itself   28.   Confusion (ESE, MSE)
29.   Focus (MSE, ASE)   29.   Nebulosity (ESE, MSE)
30.   Time; subject to time (ESE, MSE)   30.   Timelessness; living in the “Eternal Now) (ASE)
31.   This-worldliness   31.   Other-worldliness
32.   Practicality   32.   Impracticality
33.   Efficient   33.   Wasteful of time and resources
34.   Well planed   34.   DIsorganized
35.   Achieving   35.   “N’ere-do-well”
36.   Liberated   36.   Handicapped (in bondage)
37.   Bound to materiality (the “chains of the devil”)   37.   Liberated through self-sacrifice
38.   Groundedness   38.   Ungroundedness
39.   Strength and firmness   39.   Weakness
40.   Hardness   40.   Softness
41.   Straight-laced   41.   Fluid
42.   Confined   42.   Pervading
43.   Aridity   43.   Nourishment
44.   Imposing   44.   Receiving
45.   Realism   45.   Naivete, gullibility
46.   Pessimism   46.   Hopefulness
Similarities and Points of Cooperation Between the Influences

 Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

A.   In terms of similarities, these signs are very different, though they are united in their sense of responsibility. For Capricorn easily assumes the hard tasks of life and is determined to carry them out and no one bears a greater burden than the self effacing Piscean who has accepted responsibility for the saviorship of many, rather for the salvation of many.

So there is the attitude of great responsibility, actually in all of these signs. Though perhaps we see Capricorn and Pisces united in their seriousness and in their sense of sacrifice. Aquarius is perhaps more attuned to the joy vibration, although Pisces may well find bliss.

B.   These two signs Pisces and Capricorn are united in their attitude towards solemnity as well. Heights of self effacement are reached in both. The Capricornian realizes on the basis of the immensity of Hierarchy that in his personal sense, he is as nothing. And the Piscean has that oceanic sense which destroys all sense of personal importance. Therefore, these are two signs of powerful self effacement.

As well, they represent high initiatory status and identification with the impersonal point of view.

C.   In both of these signs as well, there is a profound connection with the Spiritual Will and the idea of the father in heaven and contact with that father is pronounced. The concept of not my will but thine be done, father, is found in Pisces.

So there is a powerful monadic sense, monadic awareness in both of these signs and the spiritual disciplines of a self denying nature are easily accepted, more easily accepted by Capricornians and Pisceans perhaps than by many other types. They know that spirituality is serious business.

D.   Again with the two of these signs, matters of life and death are paramount. Capricorn is the conqueror of death and Pisces is a sign of final sacrifice. Consequently as well, they are related to the law of sacrifice.

At times, too, these two signs can share a certain over-seriousness and joylessness, a sense of being bowed under the weight of karmic responsibility. For indeed, both are united as being signs of karma. Capricorn rules the mountain of karma and Pisces, the final release from karma.

So there is much of the past to confront and a certain sense of finality in both signs. The finality comes from the relation of the number ten to the number twelve. The number ten is the last number in the ten series which represents the greater zodiac and the number twelve, the final number in the series of twelve representing the lesser zodiac.

Capricorn has been known as the sign of periodic arresting and Pisces is certainly omega to Aries alpha.

So both are signs of bondage, yes, bondage to materiality, but both are equally signs of freedom. Capricorn - liberation from the personality. And Pisces perhaps liberation from the causal body as well.

E.      So the natives of this signs share the attitude of those who must at long last finish what they began and bring it to a proper consummation. As can be imagined, both signs share a connection with Shamballa, the source of Spiritual Will, for Sanat Kumara is the Ancient of Days associated with Capricorn. The true and final lasting peace is found in Shamballa.

This relates it to Pisces and also Sanat Kumara in his aspect as world savior is related to Pisces.

One more point, there is a similarity in both of these signs in relation to matter, for Capricorn is connected with the dense material element and Pisces rules the waters of space which are matter. There is a Pisces statement, "Go forth into Matter."

Missing or Weak Links

Missing or Weak Links between Capricorn and Pisces
(to be completed)