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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

in progress

Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis

Zodiacal Signs Compared & Contrasted

Volume III Table of Contents

Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | VIrgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces

See background notes, by way of an introduction to this section
(in progress)

Aries in relation to other signs

  Aries & Libra  

  Aries & Taurus 

  Aries & Scorpio  

  Aries & Gemini

  Aries & Sagittarius

Aries & Cancer 

  Aries & Capricorn 

  Aries & Leo  

  Aries & Aquarius  

  Aries & Virgo 

  Aries & Pisces 

Taurus in relation to other signs

Gemini in relation to other signs


Cancer in relation to other signs

Leo in relation to other signs

Virgo in relation to other signs

Libra in relation to other signs

Scorpio in relation to other signs

Sagittarius in relation to other signs

Capricorn in relation to other signs

Aquarius in relation to other signs

Pisces in relation to other signs


Michael Robbins notes, excised from the original transcripted tapes. 

"Let's make sure we make a strong separate note about this on the same sheet where I will be giving myself advice all through this taping.  

When summarizing these relationships, the relationships of all signs to each other, it would be well for me to make a short summary at the end of every pair to make it easier for the reader to grasp the essence of the similarities because the similarities are given in paragraph form rather than in tabulation form.

The advanced man, for instance, and the probationer are not necessarily the same. The pledged disciple, the accepted disciple, the initiate and the higher initiate, all these must really be differentiated. Also the emotionally focused man, the mentally focused man, the personally focused man, the totally physically or undeveloped man - all of this must be included.

VS: From the end of Cancer/Libra? ...MDR emphasizes the point, as made above, that the point of evolution -- the 'level of response' -- must be taken into consideration during any analysis (i.e., energies have various effects depending upon the quality of material, or the level of development, that any entity has attained.)  Additionally:

The great problem in today's world is the problem of inducing right human relations and as long as differences and the law of cleavages rules, there will be separation, conflict, lack of cooperation and the mal-distribution of force. The energies of each will not re-enforce each other and the whole will be impoverished but when the commonalties and the lines of resonance are determined, then the many lines of mutual re-enforcement will be disclosed. In any astrological analysis, especially one which hopefully will promote right relations, a close analysis of both differences and similarities must be brought forward. 

So diverse are the energies and yet so multiple in their parts, that many lines of connection can be found  where at first sight, few were revealed or detected. (Later I will determine whether these little sections should stay where they were inspired or be brought into some other section.  In the midst of all the tabulation and relational work, the reader sometimes needs to be reminded of wider principles which were triggered by certain associations.)


For instance, a planet may affect a given center. And then, a sign or constellation of the zodiac may affect that same center. Of course, the constellation is an immensely more powerful being than the planet. And then one of the super constellations at least as far as humanity is concerned, may equally affect that same center even though there may be a considerable difference in magnitude between a super constellation and a constellation of the zodiac. It is not entirely determined on the absolute scale of values which entities are greater.

There are super constellations with respect to Earth such as Sirius, the Great Bear and the Pleiades. These three great constellations as far as beings within our Solar System are concerned may be immensely powerful and may control areas of development in the human being which the zodiacal constellations do not.

But on the absolute scale of values, there is no sure way at this time to determine whether the entity ensouling one of these three great constellations is actually greater in absolute magnitude than entities ensouling the various zodiacal constellations.

The constellations Capricorn for instance and Aquarius are filled with huge, super giant suns at vast distances from the Earth and if these constellations are ensouled, there is certainly no rational way of demonstrating that the ensouling entity is less, shall we say, in absolute magnitude and development than the entity which ensouls the dwarf star Sirius eight and one half light years from our Solar System. So concerning these magnitudes or the degree of development of any entity ensouling a great stellar system, we must with our present knowledge, remain in ignorance of the facts. However, we may know somewhat of the relative influence of various stellar sources with respect to our Earth. The absolute development of these entities therefore does not matter because a lesser entity may affect the Earth in a greater way and a greater entity in a lesser. So we must remain as terra-centrists here because it is practical to do so.

This then brings us to the conclusion [aquarius-pisces is the final analysis from which this excerpt was originally placed] of our examination of the similarities and differences of the zodiacal signs or constellations just as we examined the similarities and differences of the seven Rays.

We are here attempting to make a contribution to the development of the great science of relations. This is the outstanding gift of the Tibetan's book on esoteric astrology and the purpose in the comparison's offered in this book is to expand upon what was offered, fill in some of the gaps as he would have us do I'm sure and to apply these similarities and differences to immediately practical factors in human life.

Every entity in Cosmos is of course unique and each of these twelve entities that we have been considering is unique. But there are important points of relationship which are then points of communication and points of mutual cooperation and also naturally points of apparent antipathy. And to truly understand the meaning, identity or value of any entity, it should be compared with relative thoroughness to all the other entities with which it is included in any creative system.

What I am saying here is that in order to understand Aries, for instance,  most completely, it is not only well to discuss its functioning and to describe its potencies, but to examine its potencies in relation to the potencies of all other associated entities. And that way a 360 degree perspective can be achieved.

Of course what is offered here is woefully incomplete and as laborious as it may seem is merely an indication of the interactions. There are so many possible interactions with all of these entities which take place on levels which cannot possibly be comprehended by the human mind. But as we look over the way in which this has been done, it is clear that the zodiacal entities are being associated primarily on the basis of ray, center, hierarchy and number.

Also, the principle or vehicle within the human being with which they may be associated. And as well, many strictly psychological and behavioral factors were included to give these comparisons an anchor in our more normal experience.

The end result should be with any individual with a number of these signs present in the horoscope, to understand somewhat more the human, planetary, solar and even cosmic context into which he fits. Contextual thinking is very important. It involves a simultaneous grasp of all related matters. And it promotes the development of wisdom because when all pertinent relations are taken into consideration or con-SIDER-ration as it might more properly be called, then wise decisions can be made upon this more complete vision.

All of this work is an attempt to help people understand who they are, where they fit, what they have to deal with and what they have to do as a result.

Okay then, that's the end of that section.


VS:  Is the below fire sign and Finger of God commentary the beginning of probably development of commentary on all triangles?


It is easy to make discriminations here (see Leo and Virgo, where this text originated from) -- just as it was for instance, with Cancer and Leo and as it is with any pairs of opposites such as Leo and Aquarius

From a certain point of view, what might be called "finger of God planets", are definitely related. In this case we would say Aquarius, Virgo and Cancer and indeed in this particular situation, they do have a profound relationship through Neptune and the Moon. Does this hold in other finger of God relationships?

For example, look at the finger of God relationship surrounding Aries, which would be Pisces, Libra and Taurus, all of which are potent in relationship to Venus.  What about the finger of God relationship surrounding Taurus?  Namely Aries, Gemini and Scorpio - potent in relationship to Mercury.  Is this an accident?  Will it bear out consistently?

I think there are some very convincing relationships here and they must be considered therapeutic and transformational. The kinds of triangles formed are extremely important. Look at the degrees of the angles in  a number of inter-zodiacal triangles. For instance we will have 60° at each angle between all water signs, all air signs, etc. We will have a right triangle with two 45° angles when dealing with squares. What are the angles which involve a sign, its trine and its opposite? There are triangles which are defined within the range of a sign, its opposite and all of the signs between them, on one side or the other. However the triangles will be kept to one side or another. There are also triangles which will measure on either side of a sign.

For instance an Aries, Taurus, Pisces triangle which is an isosceles triangle and here geometrically, we have to measure the chords. There is also the triangle of Gemini, Aries, Aquarius. Does it bear the same relation as does Aries, Taurus, Pisces?

Then we have Aries, Cancer, Capricorn - is there a right angle here at the Aries point?  We have Aries, Leo, Sagittarius which is the equilateral triangle and then the important finger of God triangle, Aries, Virgo, Scorpio - which is the finger of God triangle for Libra and which is united via Mercury. (I must deal with this new area.)  These angles must be determined and their meanings revealed.

It becomes clear that there is no way to study the science of triangles without actually measuring the triangles involved. Many different triangles with many different signs involved will have the same type of triangle displayed. 

For instance: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius will be the same as Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn and Gemini,  Libra, Aquarius and Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Something about the 60° angle is crucial here.

Then we must look at all the isosceles triangles possible, and I think there will be four different kinds of isosceles triangles possible and then all the 3/4/5/ triangles which are possible because if we travel 3 signs and then 4 signs, let us say form Aries to Cancer, and then from Cancer to Scorpio, then from Scorpio to Aries is 5 - the hypotenuse. There must be a special relationship between Aries, Cancer, Scorpio in relation to the 3/4/5/ triangle.

So how would the numbers add up? Always 180° equals 9. Nine being the number of completion, 9 being the number of the 3rd Ray wherein the 3 aspects of divinity are complete and 9 in this case being a very important number for the entire science of relations and esoteric astrology.

Also interestingly, Capricorn's numbers are both 10 and 3 and this combination of numbers also produces 13 or the eighth sphere.

The potential for esoteric numerology in relationship to astrology is astounding and many are the revelations of quality which will come through adding and subtracting the numbers associated with the signs.  All truth does have a numerical pattern, this pattern is most intricate but we have been given enough if we know how to operate upon it)

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