Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

Relations Between
Virgo & Pisces

Important Foundational Relationships

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

Missing Links

Important Foundational Relationships


Important Foundational Relationships

In Comparison With
1.   The Virgin   1.   The Fishes, the “Fish Goddesses”

2.   Esoteric Mantrams: I am the Mother and the Child, I, God, I matter am. Christ in you, the hope of glory.   2.   Esoteric Mantram: I leave the Father’s Home and turning back, I save.

3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word said: Let matter reign.   3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word said: Go forth into matter.

4.   Quality of Light: The blended dual Light.   4.   Quality of Light: The Light of the World.

5.   Element: Earth Sign   5.   Element: Water Sign

6.   Mutable or Common Cross   6.   Mutable or Common Cross

7.   Transmits R2 and R6 constellationally

  7.   Transmits R2 and R6, with a possible secondary transmission of R3 (matter—the “waters of space”)

8.   Secondarily, (assuredly, but not exclusively) Virgo transmits R4, R4, R6, R1, and R2 through Mercury, the Moon, the veiled Neptune, the veiled Vulcan, and, also, Jupiter—all these are its planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.

  8.   Secondarily, (assuredly, but not exclusively), Pisces transmits R2, R1 and R6, through Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune—its planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.

9.   Color: yellow (Mercury rulership). Blue-green is an additional reasonable possibility.

  9.   Color: lavender

10.   Creative Hierarchy number II (manifested) and VII of 12. Divine Builders conferring Soul; the Burning Sons of Desire

  10.   Creative Hierarchy number I (unmanifested). The energy of Intelligent Substance

11.   Associated with the stages immediately preceding the ‘birthing’, form-regulating first initiation (EA 67, 471); then, with the cleansing, purifying second initiations, and possibly with the decisive, Monad-establishing sixth (introduction to true monadic living)

  11.   Associated with the Fixed-Cross-mounting first initiation (cf. EA 125); the purifying, desire-releasing second initiation; the crucifying, death-dealing fourth initiation, as well as the liberating Path-revealing fifth initiation, which in this case opens to the “world saviour” the door to Shamballa and to great revelation through self-abnegating willingness to serve the Divine Will. (cf. EA 141, 320-321, for the fourth and fifth initiations) Since, Pisces brings about the “consummation of divine desire”, the sixth initiation which restores the ‘Savior-Monad’ to complete power may also be indicated.

12.   Virgo can be reasonably understood as influencing, particularly, the cherishing, patient, maternally-loving heart center (through the second ray), and the persistently devoted solar plexus center (through the sixth). In addition to its influence upon a number of smaller, sub-diaphragmatic centers associated with the solar plexus, Virgo must have an influence upon the ajna center—as an organ of discrimination and discernment. The mysteries of generation are ruled by the Moon, which rules Virgo esoterically; a sacral center association is, thereby, reasonable. The six of the sacral center leads to the twelve of the heart.


12.   Pisces can be reasonably associated with the centers in the soles of the feet, giving humility, ‘under-standing’, and the power to tread the Path. Pisces is also strongly related to the solar plexus center (in relation to which purification of desire and detachment must prevail) and to the compassionate, all-embracing, all-forgiving heart center—these centers being ruled, in part, by Neptune, special ruler of Pisces. Pisces can, at a high point of evolution, condition the ajna center (when Alpha {Aries—crown center} and Omega {Pisces—ajna}) meet. The buddhically-resonant heart within the head, of which the Buddha, Himself, is a symbol (EXH 87) is another significant association.

13.   The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Virgo is powerful in monadic life because the second manifested Creative Hierarchy (Who are the “prototypes of the Monads”—TCF 1197) are ruled by Virgo and its hierarchical ruler, Jupiter. One motivation of the descending Monad is the perfection of matter (in this case, the substance of the first solar system). With this mission, Virgo is intimately concerned.

  13.   The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Pisces provides the foundational motivation for the entire monadic pilgrimage, for every Monad is a “Lord of ceaseless, persevering devotion” (EA 117) and, under the influence of Pisces—a savior. The monadic pilgrimage is entirely sacrificial, and is undertaken for purposes of redemption. Pisces both symbolizes and impulses the humanly unfathomable Self-abnegation which send the Monad forth. “Go forth into matter”, is one mantram of Pisces.

14.   Within the Triad—Virgo ( esoterically ruled in part by Neptune, and hierarchically by second ray Jupiter, and transmitting, itself, the second ray), is related primarily to buddhi (the second aspect of the Triad), bestowing as it does the second ray and a higher correspondence to “mother love”—a divine, maternal compassion. Virgo is also associated with the third ray, and the third divine aspect, and hence, even if indirectly, with higher manas, the third triadal aspect.

  14.   Within the Triad—Pisces (which transmits the second ray)  is principally related to the second principle buddhi, as it expresses the divine love, wisdom and understanding which redeem. Pisces is also one of the intuitive signs connecting it to buddhi. Pisces eventually induces a “pervasiveness of wisdom” (EA 136), and wisdom is the influence of the first aspect upon the second (as in the case of the Buddha). (cf. DINA II 518) In Pisces there is a powerful sensitivity to the will of God, (“Father, not my will by Thine by done”) and thus to the atmic aspect of the Triad—and to the Monad. Pisces, transcending Mercury, is less related to higher manas.

15.   In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Virgo, like Cancer, can be seen in the ‘mother’ role—with Virgo providing a nurturing and discriminatively cleansing energy, utilized by the Solar Angel to improve the quality of its personality manifestation. Virgo, as the Solar Angel expresses it, is the will to manifest love intelligently through matter, until the Christ energy pours successfully through the personality-form and a relative perfection is reached.

  15.   In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Pisces is the energy of the will-to-save which animates those “Hearts of Fiery Love” known as Agnishvattas, or Solar Angels. Pisces (in which Solar Angelic Venus is exalted) provides the originating incentive for the sacrifice which the Solar Angels made aeons ago, on behalf of the human Monads, and in service of the Planetary Logos. Pisces governs the Solar Angel as Savior.

16.   Within the Personality—Virgo can be identified with the discriminative, analytical, and selective processes of the lower mental nature; with the cleansing and purification of the astral nature; with the magnetic purity of the etheric nature; with the general health and nutrition and of the dense physical vehicle. Virgo, via the Moon, is particularly related to the dense physical vehicle and to all personality substance as a whole. (EA 194) (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)

  16.   Within the Personality—Pisces can be identified with the impressionability and eventual intuitive sensitivity of the lower mental nature; with the sentient permeability, and imaginative, tranquilizing processes within the astral nature; with the induction of quietude within the etheric nature; and with the general sensitivity of the dense physical vehicle. (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)

17.   Stage of Meditative Consciousness: Meditation proper. “Virgo—Meditation—Soul life, as sensed in man, the gestation period. The stage of the hidden Christ. Intelligent man. Personality, as hiding the Christ life.” (EA 228)

  17.   Stage of Meditative Consciousness: Identification

18.   The Crisis of the Birthplace characterized by the process/quality of Initiation

  18.   The Choice of Method of Salvation (such as that which confronted the Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene)

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

In Comparison With
1.  Expressive of both the second and third aspects of divinity, but especially well-rooted in the third. “Virgo is the focal point for the expression of the third aspect, that of active intelligence. In that sign the highest function of matter is symbolised.” (EA 194, also 280)

  2.   Expressive principally of the second divine aspect, with a lengthy history connected to the material substance (“water”) of the third. There is some emphasis upon the liberating will of the first aspect. “In Pisces, you have the consummation of the work of that which the matter aspect has made possible, and the Christ emerges as the world saviour. All this has taken place through the will aspect of the second ray, focussed in Shamballa, expressing itself through humanity and consummated in the Hierarchy. (EA 627-628)

2.   Cosmically associated principally with the Pleiades. “One of the most esoteric cycles is based upon certain conjunctions and respective positions of Virgo and the Pleiades.” (EA 657) “Virgo is inseparable from Leo and the Pleiades and the Hyades.” (EA 679) Virgo is related to several feminine constellations which figure importantly in the astrology of the form. “There is Cassiopea, Venus, Coma Berenice, Andromeda and one or two others, as well as Virgo, the Virgin, the most important of them all.” (EA 400)

  2.   Cosmically related to Sirius. “The triangle of Pisces-Uranus-Hierarchy is becoming magnetically attractive to the triangle of Humanity.” (EA 438) “And then the heavens within the ring-pass-not responded to the light from Sirius which, passing through the sea of Pisces, lifted the fishes into the heavenly sphere (Uranus) and thus a lesser triple light appeared, the radiant sun of suns, the watery light of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus.” (EA 432, also 427-428)
A connection between the Dragon, the Pleiades and Pisces may well exist, in relation to the saving,  self-abnegating Path of Earth Service. (cf. TCF 904, 1162)

3.   Three Constellations Connected with Virgo: a) Coma Berenice—the Mother of the Form Only; b) The Centaur—Half Man/Half Horse; c) Bootes—the One Who is Coming (LOH 120)

  3.   Three Constellations Connected with Pisces: a) The Band—(connecting the two Fishes; b) Andromeda—the Chained Woman; c) Cepheus—the King (LOH 200)

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers, and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment


Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

In Comparison With
1.   Mercury is the exoteric ruler of Virgo and is exalted in this sign, as well.

1.   Mercury falls in Pisces and is also considered in detriment.

2.   Neptune is a veiled esoteric ruler of Virgo. (EA 273). Neptune is also in detriment in Virgo.

  2.   Neptune is a special type of ruler in Pisces.

3.   Jupiter is the hierarchical ruler of Virgo and also in detriment.

  3.   Jupiter is the exoteric ruler of Pisces.

4.   Venus falls in Virgo.

  4.   Venus is exalted in Pisces.

Subtle Relationships Between Rays, Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

In Comparison With
1.   Virgo transmits the second ray constellationally. Virgo is also the eleventh sign of the zodiac, counting by polarities (Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, Gemini-etc.), which reinforces its resonance with the second ray.

  1.   Pisces transmits the second ray, constellationally. Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Pisces, transmits the second ray. Neptune, as special, spiritual ruler of Pisces for “humanity as a whole(EA 129), transmits the second ray monadically. Venus, “pure love-wisdom” (exalted in Pisces), transmits the second ray. (EA 281)

2.   Virgo transmits the sixth ray constellationally.

  2.   Pisces transmits the sixth ray constellationally. Enthusiastic Jupiter has sixth ray associations. Neptune (a special ruler of Pisces) transmits the sixth ray. Pluto (esoteric and hierarchical ruler) has sixth ray associations through its relation to the solar plexus. (EA 78)

3.   Virgo (the second oldest of the constellations) is associated with the third ray—the ray of the previous solar system. “…it might be said that Cancer is an expression (in the stage of great advancement) of the first half of the life cycle in solar system one, whilst Virgo is an equally advanced expression of the second half” (EA 256).


3.   Pisces, associated with “water” and with the “ocean” has an indirect connection with the material third ray through “matter.” Pisces is the “fish swimming in the waters of matter and finding there its sustenance.” (EA 287) ‘As we well know, water stands for matter,…” (TCF 1005)  “Neptune is as you know, the God of the waters, and the term ‘water’ covers many angles of the esoteric wisdom, such as: The whole concept of matter—universal and itemised.”.. (EA 275) The Piscean is to become “the fish who swims free in the ocean of matter.” (EA 62)  Pisces is also the twelfth sign on the reversed wheel, numbering normally and also by polarities (Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, etc.), and hence, resonant to the third ray. Neptune rules Pisces in a special way (EA 171), and the Neptunian trident connects it to the third ray. “Water” and “matter” are equivalent and matter is ruled by the third ray. Pluto, through it lunar, material, sub-conscious associations, and its associations with the “past”,  shows its relation to the third ray.

4.   Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac on the reversed wheel and, hence, has numerical affinity with the number six and with the sixth ray.

  4.   See #2 above.

5.   Virgo is the seventh sign of the zodiac on the clockwise wheel, IF one begins numbering from Pisces (which the Tibetan does in relation to the sign, Leo). This seventh position reinforces Virgo’s relationship to the seventh ray.

  5.   Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Pisces, rules “ritualistic worship” and,  thus, transmits the seventh ray. (cf. EA 648, 660)

6.   Virgo is the eighth sign of the zodiac on the clockwise wheel and hence is related to the Christ—Whose number is “eight” (EA 37)—and to Mercury—the “Messenger at the eighth gate.”

  6.   Pisces demonstrates the culmination of the Christ-life, for Venus (“pure love wisdom”) is exalted in Pisces. Mercury, which falls in Pisces, really “falls away” from its lowest functions, and becomes highly intuitive, in revealing the Christ-life in all things.

7   Mercury is the exoteric ruler of Virgo (and also exalted) and transmits the fourth ray.

  7.   Only indirect fourth ray connections relate Pisces to the fourth ray. Venus, the planet exalted in Pisces, can be understood as associated with the harmony and beauty aspects of the fourth ray (but not with the factors within this ray which lead to conflict). Neptune, the special spiritual ruler of Pisces (for “humanity as a whole”) has strong relations to buddhi/intuition, and to the fourth plane, the buddhic plane

8.   Mercury has a close relation to the third ray. (EA 280)

  8.   See #3 above.

9.   Mercury has a close relation to the fifth ray, through its relation to the fifth scheme, the fifth round, the fifth race and sub-race. “The fifth race is born under Mercury.” (EA 663)

  9.   Venus (exalted) transmits the fifth ray. Pluto, for whom Mars is the “Alter Ego” (EA 507) is connected with scientific research, and Mars rules science—on the fifth ray.

10.   The Moon is the esoteric ruler of Virgo, and transmits the fourth ray.

  10.   See #7 above.

11.   The Moon is anciently related to the third ray, being associated with dense physical “matter” and with the Moon Chain and the first solar system in which the third ray was dominant.

  11.   See #3 above.

12.   The Moon is also associated with the seventh ray, through its rulership of the seventh manifested Creative Hierarchy and its rulership of the dense part of the seventh plane.

  12.   See #5 above.

13.   Vulcan is a veiled esoteric ruler in Virgo and transmits the first ray.

  13.   Pluto is the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Pisces, and transmits the first ray.

14.  Vulcan, a veiled esoteric ruler in Virgo, has a close relation to the number four—to the fourth kingdom (the Human Kingdom), the fourth kingdom from the human (the Mineral Kingdom) and to the fourth initiation.

  14.   See #7 above.

15.   Vulcan has an association with the second ray, as Vulcan is connected to the “heart of the sun.” (EA 393)

  15.   See #1 above.

16.    Vulcan has associations with the fifth ray through concretion and the seventh ray, through the mineral kingdom and the principle of rhythm.

  16.   See #9 above.

17.   Neptune is a veiled esoteric ruler of Virgo and transmits the sixth ray.

  17.   See #2 above.

18.   Neptune also transmits the second ray monadically. (EPI 421)

  18.   See #1 above.

19.   Neptune is associated with the fourth ray through its rulership of the fourth or buddhic plane, and with the third ray through its associations with the “waters” which are “matter.” (EA 666, 275)

  19.   See #7 above.

20.   Jupiter is the hierarchical ruler of Virgo and transmits the second ray.

  20.   See #1 above.

21.   Jupiter also transmits the seventh ray through its association with “ritualistic worship.” (EA 660)

  21.   See #5 above.

22.   Jupiter has a possible connection with the sixth ray through its exoteric rulership of Sagittarius and its enthusiastic nature.

  22.   See #2 above.

23.   It is hard to conceive that Virgo, as a constellation, has no relation to the seventh ray because of the traits demonstrated by so many Viroan individuals. In any case, Virgo is the ruler of the seventh Creative Hierarchy (if the unmanifested Hierarchies are included in the numbering).

  23.   See #5 above.

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts and Pragmatic Descriptors

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

In Comparison With
1.   God-imminent

  1.   God-transcendent

2.   Associated with Pre-Universal Substance—Mulaprakriti

  2.   Associated with Post-Universal Substance--Pralaya

3.   The Elemental Lives of the Third Aspect

  3.   The Saving Lives of Shamballa

4.   The Fallen Solar Angels (Venus falls in Virgo)

  4.   The Triumphant Solar Angels (Venus is exalted in Pisces)

5.   The “Army of the Voice”

  5.   The Perfected Deva Kingdom: “so twelve stands for perfection in the deva kingdom.” (TCF 914) Pisces is the twelfth sign.

6.   Christ in the form

  6.   Christ released and transcendent from form

7.   The Server or Servant

  7.   The Savior

8.   The Earnest Disciple (FC)

  8.   The Compassionate Master (CC)

9.   The Redeemed

  9.   The Redeemer

10.   The Loyal Servant

  10.   The Loyal Savior: “Lo, I am with you even unto the end of the Age.”

11.   The Mother of the personality; the Mother of the Christ; the soul as Mother to the personality

  11.   The Soul as Savior

12.   The Soul Gaining Freedom

  12.   The Free Soul

13.   The Hermit

  13.   The One Who is All

14.   Martha—who was too busy to talk with the Lord.

  14.   Mary—who talked with the Lord.

15.   The Karma Yogin

  15.   The Bhakti Yogin

16.   The Mental Mediums (EA 214)

  16.   Trance and low-grade mediums (EA 214)

17.   The Analyst

  17.   The Intuitive

18.   The Reasoner

  18.   The Knower

19.   The Thinker (LMC, FC)

  19.   The Believer (MC, LMC, FC)

20.   The Rationalist

  20.   The Mystic

21.   The Selector

  21.   The Receiver

22.   The Discriminator

  22.   The Absorber

23.   The Specialist

  23.   The ‘Inclusivist

24.   The Realist (FOP)

  24.   The ‘Fantacist’ (FOP)

25.   The ‘Factualist’

  25.   The Dreamer

26.   The Critic

  26.   The Sensitive (with no barriers or protection against impression); the Empath

27.   Virgo: “…Virgo, the Virgin, becomes…” (EA 182)

  27.   Pisces: “…the Fish goddess in the polar opposite, Pisces.” (EA 182)

28.   Virgo: “the Mother” (EA 349)

  28.   Pisces: “the submerged Fish” (EA 349)

29.   The Farmer

  29.   The Sailor

30.   Response to the Virgo Force: “…but are responding also to the steadily expanding Christ-consciousness; of this they are becoming increasingly aware in their own individual experience.”  (EA 471) Virgo—“The recognition of the Christ life and nature, as the aspirant for the first initiation emerges out of the group of world individuals.” (EA 471)

  30.   Response to the Pisces Force: “This is the higher aspect of the energy of Pisces; it is awareness of the group, of the whole and of the universe. It is the energy of buddhi, the higher aspect of the lower psychic nature; it is the aspect of the mediator in contradistinction to the medium. It is intuitional control instead of the intellectual overlordship of Leo and the limitations of Virgo.” (EA 471) Pisces—“The awareness, universal in nature, of the initiate, as he emerges out of the ranks of the world disciples.” (EA 471)

31.   Virgo for Unevolved Man: “Material life. The cherishing of an idea.” (EA 182)

  31.   Pisces for Unevolved Man: “Sensation. Mediumship. Fluidity” (EA 182)

32.   Virgo for the Evolved Man: “The mother of the Christ Child. Gestation.” (EA 182)

  32.   Pisces for the Evolved Man: “The world Saviour. Mediatorship.” (EA 182)

33.   Virgo upon the Mutable Cross: “Virgo—In Virgo, the man who was fluid in Pisces and emotionally selfish and full of desire in Sagittarius, begins to focus still more intently and to reason and think. The latent soul is becoming interiorly active; a germination process is proceeding; the hidden man is making his presence felt. The intellect is awakening and instinct—after passing through the emotional stage—is being transmuted into intellect.” (EA 118-119)

  33.   Pisces upon the Mutable Cross: “Pisces—Here the beginner upon the way of life starts with a material receptivity which will enable him to respond to all contacts in the cycle of manifestation. He is, at this stage, negative, fluid and endowed with an instinctual consciousness which contains within itself the potentiality of the intuition. But the seed of the intuition is dormant. The mind which is the instrument of reception from the intuition is, at this stage, unawakened.” (EA 118)

34.   Virgo upon the Fixed Cross: “Virgo—The mind, under the influence of Virgo, which has been analytical and critical, changes to that quality of mind which is best described by the words, illumination and revelation. The Christ to whom the Virgin must eventually give birth is recognised as present in the womb, though not yet born. Life is recognised. The process of the revelation of the Christ consciousness is [Page 121] carried intelligently forward and the selfish aspirations and experiments of the undeveloped man give place to the selflessness of the illumined and intuitive disciple.” (EA 120-121)

  34.   Pisces upon the Fixed Cross: “Pisces—Here, at the final stage, Pisces stands for the death of the personality and the release of the soul from captivity and its return into the task of the world Saviour. The great achievement is finished and the final death is undergone. "There is no more sea" says the ancient book, which means inevitably the "death of the fishes" and the release of the imprisoned life into new forms or new cycles of the divine Adventure.” (EA 121)

35.   Ordinary Wheel Virgo: “Virgin matter attracts the soul and the divine Mother becomes more important than the son. The life of the soul is hidden”. (EA 338)

  35.   Ordinary Wheel Pisces: The Spirit/soul is the deepest subjective state of the human being. It is hidden in the material nature of Virgo, and waits to be fully revealed when the full meaning of Neptune in Pisces can be revealed.

36.   Reversed Wheel Virgo: “The form…

  36.   Reversed Wheel Pisces: “…reveals and releases the indwelling soul.

37.   Ordinary and Reversed Wheel in Virgo: Virgo, the field of “hidden souls”, becomes the field in which the World Savior works.

  37.   Reversed Wheel Pisces: “The saviour of the world appears and nurtures the hidden souls in Virgo (EA 339) With respect to the Ordinary Wheel—the group must “toil in Pisces” (R&I 269)

38.   Incarnation—the “Word made flesh.”

  38.   Liberation; release from incarnation

39.   Virgo in relation to the Cancer-Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces Quintuplicity: “In Virgo, the Christ life or consciousness is hidden and the Christ Child is as yet embryonic in the womb of matter and of time, and during this stage, the emphasis is upon the form which veils and hides the reality. The human soul and the divine soul (the essential duality) are there but their presence is not easily detected.” (EA  318)

  39.   Pisces in Relation to the Cancer-Virgo-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces Quintuplicity: “in the fourth incarnation he begins to respond to the inner influence of Pisces. He thus demonstrates his ability to react to the Shamballa influence and, when this influence is established, he goes out to salvage and to save. He acts consciously as a world mediator.” (EA 319)

40.   In the Leo-Virgo-Pisces Triangle, Virgo is called “the Informers of that which is awakened.” (EA 470)

  40.   In the Leo-Virgo-Pisces Triangle, Pisces is called “the Constructors of the modes of fusing Wisdom.” (EA 470)

41.   Virgo in Relation to Service: “In Virgo, matter or substance exchange or interchange their service and each serves the other.” (EA 258) “It has been said that Virgo ‘involves the service of the immediately present’ or in other words that God immanent evokes reaction from the form side and is thereby served.” (EA 258)

  41.   Pisces in Relation to Service: “in Pisces, there appears—as a result of the entire evolutionary process—the dedicated, trained and tested world Server or Saviour.” (EA 258)

42.   Virgo—for the Undeveloped Man: “The germinating energy. The Mother.” (EA 332)

  42.   Pisces—for the Undeveloped Man: “Responsiveness to environment. The medium.” (EA 333)

43.   Virgo—for the Advanced Man: “The creative force. The Protector.” (EA 332)

  43.   Pisces—for the Advanced Man: “Sensitivity to soul. The mediator.” (EA 333)

44.   Virgo—for the Disciple/Initiate: “The Christ activity. The Light.” (EA 332)

  44.   Pisces—for the Disciple/Initiate Man: “Spiritual responsibility. The Saviour.” (EA 333)

45.   Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Virgo: When the Sun is in Virgo, an individual “will know that opportunity to bring the form more under the influence of the hidden Christ is possible…” (EA 564)

  45.   Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Pisces: When the Sun is in Pisces, the disciple will know that “sensitivity to the higher impression is his right and privilege.” (EA 564)

46.   The Life of the Christ from a Virgoan Perspective: “The Virgo aspect came into expression in His twelfth year when He said: ‘Wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business,’ thereby indicating the subordination of the form life to the will of the indwelling Christ; this was consummated when ‘divinity descended upon Him’ at the Baptism. (EA 564)

  46.   The Life of the Christ from a Piscean Perspective: “The Piscean aspect in its highest expression is demonstrated by His sensitivity to immediate and unbroken contact with His "Father in Heaven"; He was in constant communication with the Monad, thereby proving to the world that He was initiated into states of consciousness of which the third initiation is but the beginning.” (EA 565)

47.   Related to the processes of concretion and crystallization—the formation of the jewel

  47.   Related to the processes of dematerialization and dissolution

48.   Analysis

  48.   Synthesis

49.   Preparation for birth and birth

  49.   Death

50.   The burden of matter

  50.   Release from the burden of matter

51.   Life in form

  51.   Release from form (similar to Scorpio)

52.   Eradication of glamor through clarity

  52.   The inception of glamour

53.   Dissipation of glamor through clarity

  53.   Dispelling of illusion through intuition

54.   The critical mind

  54.   The compassionate heart (LMC, FC)

55.   Mental (FOP)

  55.   Emotional (FOP)

56.   Objectivity (FOP)

  56.    Subjectivity (FOP)

57.   Detachment

  57.   First, identification with matter/form, detachment from soul/spirit; then, much later, identification with soul/spirit, total detachment from matter/form

58.   Mental mediumship. “Whether those mediums who are becoming more positive and more self-controlled and who are beginning to get a glimpse of the higher correspondences in their work—mediatorship and interpretive activity—have not got Virgo appearing somewhere with real potency [Page 125] and activity.” (EA 124-125)

  58.   Trance-mediumship “Whether the majority of the lowest kind of medium (trance mediums in particular) have Pisces dominant in some powerful manner in their charts.” (EA 124)

59.   The non-essential

  59.   The essential

60.   The tangible

  60.   The intangible

61.   Rational

  61.   Irrational

62.   De-glamorizing

  62.   Glamorizing

63.   Logical

  63.   Intuitive

64.   The material senses

  64.   The subjective senses

65.   The superficial (ESE, MSE)

  65.   The profound (MSE, ASE)

66.   Analytical

  66.   Holistic, synthetic

67.   Practical

  67.   Impractical

68.   Common-sensical

  68.   Ecstatic (stimulated by Neptune and the sixth ray)

69.   The protection of non-identification

  69.   The vulnerability of identification

70.   Creating lines of distinction

  70.   Dissolving lines of distinction

71.   Discriminative

  71.   Confused

72.   Definite

  72.   Indefinite

73.   A definite sense of selfhood

  73.   Either an indefinite or a greatly expanded sense of Selfhood

74.   Separative

  74.   Identifying

75.   Skeptical

  75.   Full-of faith

76.   External

  76.   Internal

77.   Self-disciplining

  77.   Self-indulgent (although both signs are capable of great heights of spiritual responsibility

78.   Sharp lines

  78.   Blurred lines

79.   Description

  79.   Exaggeration, distortion

80.   Coldness

  80.   Warmth; but “cold fish” are also possible

81.   Strong work orientation

  81.   Frequent escapism and laziness

82.   Incapacity to see the “big picture”

  82.   Expansive understanding based upon the power of fusion

83.   Categorization

  83.   The blending of all categories

84.   The small (the mite)

  84.   The large (the whale)

85.   Strenuousness

  85.   Lassitude

86.   Application

  86.   Release

87.   Critical (FOP)

  87.   Forgiving (FOP) (MSE, ASE)

88.   The details

  88.   The essential

89.   Immersion in matter

  89.   Release from matter

90.   The power to deflect impression through analysis, mentality and rationality

  90.   Super-sensitivity

91.   Selective

  91.   All-inclusive

92.   Multiplicity

  92.   Unity, Synthesis

Similarities and Points of Cooperation Between the Influences

 Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

A.   The similarities between these two are many. They are both mutable or common signs. They are both therefore found upon the cross of Christ. Their Rays are identical, the second Ray of love-wisdom and the sixth Ray of devotion and hence their relation to the Christian religion. For Christ was born of the virgin, Virgo, and became the world saviour, Pisces. Again, these are signs related to the Christ force.

Virgo indicates the birth of the Christ and Pisces, the absolute fulfillment of the Christ principle, a fulfillment -- [inaudible]    Virgo represents the incarnation of the second aspect within the third aspect, matter and Pisces, the absolute redemption of the third aspect by the second aspect and hence the release of the second aspect from the third aspect. As Christ or the soul is the healer, both of these signs are healing signs.

Both of them are frequently found associated with the medical professions, the healing professions and the sixth and the twelfth houses of the astrological chart are frequently found tenanted by those who have a strong impulse towards healing. As Christ is the true psychic and again, as both of these signs are Christ oriented, psychism is found pronouncedly developed, also mediumship, although mediumship is more unconscious says the Tibetan in Pisces and more mental or conscious in Virgo. Nevertheless, psychism really indicates an extension of the senses and both of these signs are associated with the sensitivity to the not self.

The planet of psychism is Neptune which is the generalized ruler of Pisces and perhaps its most spiritual ruler and which is the veiled ruler esoterically or Virgo. Hence, the various cities or shaktis as shaktis are female potencies, are strongly associated with these two signs in a general sense. In fact the entire feminine principle is indicated by these two signs, God as mother rather than God as father. But in Virgo we have more the physiological mother and in Pisces the psychic and subjective mother.

B.   Both of these signs should also be considered signs of fulfillment as is well indicated by the hierarchical ruler of fulfilling Jupiter in Virgo and the orthodox rulership of Pisces by Jupiter. They are in a certain sense, consummating signs, Virgo consummating the first hemi-cycle and Pisces not only the second hemi-cycle but the entire circle of the zodiac. Although Pisces is a sign much related to release, early Pisces can be as materialistic as Virgo itself. And so these two signs being related as they are to the mother are thus related to matter. The evolutionary mantram of each bringing a strong association to matter. With Virgo we have: Let matter reign. With PiscesGo forth into matter.

So there is a tremendous investment in the material element. Interestingly, the even numbers such as the even numbered Rays  and both of these are even numbered signs as well, do deal with manifestation from one point of view. And with the investment of Spirit in matter, its association with matter, though Pisces through its rulerships by Pluto and Neptune, is well equipped to achieve the divorce of consciousness from the material principle.

C.   Both of these signs share a kind of affinity with bondage. Pisces is the preeminent sign of bondage, of handicap, of the subservience of Spirit to matter or soul to form in the early days. So there is a kind of slavery and subjugation of the subjective to the objective and Virgo ruling as it does the dense material element and especially that which is brought over from the first Solar system, also carries the theme of bondage. If Aries and Leo are two signs of absolute freedom, then Virgo and Pisces at certain points along the evolutionary process indicate the factor of slavery and subjugation.

D.   Both of these signs can be considered related to the heart center for in Virgo, the birth of the heart occurs and with Pisces, salvation through the heart. And this is mediated especially through the planets Jupiter and Neptune, both of which must be associated with the heart. They are equally associated with the solar plexus as might be suspected from the rulership by the sixth Ray, the solar plexus mediating the sixth Ray or rather expressing the sixth Ray.

E.      Both of these signs are signs of synthesis even though the particularity of Virgo might seem to indicate the opposite. The glyph of Virgo indicates a material synthesis which the seventh Ray also brings, the number seven being associated with the Virgo hierarchy. And Pisces draws all things into itself. As it is said on p. 333 of Esoteric Astrology, Pisces takes from all the signs. And so a great and fluid intuitive synthesis is created.

But the synthesis created in both of these signs is in fact a material synthesis or certainly involves the matter element whereas the synthesis of Aries and Leo are perfectly detached and blot out all form. As might be expected, both Virgo and Pisces indicate subjugation to substance or the dominance of the material aspect, either through food or drugs or strictly materialistic processes. They can be seen as powerful in relation to the Atlantean civilization which was a matriarchy, Virgo and which an astral focus was the norm, Pisces.

F.      Even though Virgo represents a preeminently mental polarization and Pisces an emotional, intuitional polarization, they are associated with monadic consciousness or monadic awareness. In fact, Virgo rules the second hierarchy which has numerical resonance with the second Cosmic Physical plane upon which the Monads are found. And Pisces is the second sign counting clockwise from Aries, giving it resonance with the number two. And it might be said that monadic awareness is in some respects an advanced Piscean form of identification.

t is interesting that many of the zodiacal signs are seen to distribute during this world period only one Ray or perhaps two. In fact, if the law of analogy holds, every sign should distribute three Rays for a sign or a constellation is in fact a great entity which could be assumed to have three periodical vehicles if not other vehicles. Due to the strong association of Pisces an Virgo with the material element, it would seem appropriate to hypothesize the association of the third Ray of matter with both of these signs.

G.   Again, we find service and saviorship in common. Pisces individuals are the great helpers of the zodiac, if not eventually a more extreme form of helper known as the saviour and Virgo represents attentive service to the practical matters of life. So both have a very strong helping orientation and are characteristic of those found within the helping professions. There is a quality of humility or self effacement which is found in relation to both signs and the statement, "not my Will Father but thine be done," though relating particularly to Pisces is also applicable in a lesser degree to Virgo.

Both of these signs, as well, characterize the life of the aspirant and disciple for there are many ego defeating disciplines which must be undertaken upon these paths and both of these signs have what you might call, ego corrective power.

Interestingly, two signs of major selfhood, Leo and Aquarius, precede these two signs., Virgo and Pisces. In Leo and Aquarius the self is fully expressed in the individual or group form. In Virgo, Pisces adjustments are undertaken and selfhood no longer becomes the measure of excellence. A kind of refining process begins and the expressions of the ego are submitted to standards to which they must conform.

Both of these signs have a powerful association with the number six as previously stated and hence are involved in the processes of form construction and form dissolution. At any rate, they always take into consideration the material element and the adjustment, harmonious adjustment and right adjustment, of the consciousness to this material element.

So, in a way, these are signs of fusion in which steps are taken to work out the differences between elements which are not easily reconciled, for Virgo represents the fusion of soul with personality and Pisces represents the fusion of Spirit with the soul infused personality and thus the climax of the evolutionary process. In a way, both can be considered signs of consummation for Virgo, in a sense, perfects the individual process. Individual perfection is achieved before it is related to the other.

And Pisces perfects the process of the relation of the individual to the group and to the greater whole. So the perfecting power of the two signs is very great and in this respect, the number six and the planet Neptune should be seen in their relation to perfection, the ideal. There are two kinds of perfection really. The one is brought forward by the seventh Ray and has to do with the perfection of the form. And the number six indicates the perfection of relation of the consciousness to the form with the values on the side of consciousness.

Missing or Weak Links

Missing or Weak Links Between Virgo and Pisces