Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

Relations Between
Taurus & Libra

Important Foundational Relationships

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

Missing Links

Important Foundational Relationships


Important Foundational Relationships

In Comparison With
1.   The Bull

  1.   The Scales
2.   Esoteric Mantram: I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined.

  2.   I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force.
3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word said: Let struggle be undismayed.

  3.   And the Word said: Let choice be made.
4.   Quality of Light: The penetrating Light of the Path

  4.   The Light that moves to rest
5.   Element: Earth Sign

  5.   Air Sign
6.   Fixed Cross

  6.   Cardinal Cross
7.   Transmits R4 constellationally

  7.   Transmits R3 constellationally

8.   Secondarily,(assuredly, but not exclusively), Taurus transmits R5 and R1 through Venus and Vulcan—its two planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.

  8.   Secondarily, (assuredly, but not exclusively) Libra transmits R5, R7 and R3 through Venus, Uranus and Saturn—its three planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.

9.   Color: deep blue

  9.   Color: indigo. Green (strong Saturn) should not be ignored.

10.   Creative Hierarchy number III (unmanifested), characterized by “Light thro’ Knowledge”

  10.   Creative Hierarchy number III (manifested) which is number VII (of all twelve). Lesser Builders, Conferring Form, the Triple Flowers.

11.   Taurus can be reasonably associated with the de-glamorizing second initiation and the ‘ego-shattering’, shroud-splitting, intuition-invoking (EA 205-206) fourth initiation. The blinding light of the third initiation and the Vulcanian destruction of the first also suggest a Taurean relationship to these degrees. There is, as well, a possible relationship with the revelatory fifth—revelation in the blazing “light of day” (cf. R&I 644)

  11.   Libra can be reasonably associated with the regulatory, balancing, reorienting first initiation; with the proportion-inducing, ideal-subduing, de-glamorizing second initiation, and with the decisive, nirvanic sixth initiation—the initiation of Decision.

12.  Associated with the form-building throat center and the form-envisioning and registering ajna center. A sacral center connection is also reasonable, as Taurus is one of the major signs of sex, and is related to the tangibility of the physical form—created through the instrumentality of the sacral center. As Vulcan is associated with the “heart of the sun” (the correspondence of which is the heart within the head) Taurus must be correlated, as it must with the solar plexus, because “aspirational idealism in its highest possible expression is also achieved in Taurus” (EA 391), and the solar plexus is the center of aspiration. For completion, fourth ray Taurus, is numerically related to the four-petalled base center and the heart chakra—the fourth!

  12.   Libra can be reasonably associated with the sexually-unitive, form-generating sacral center, and with the decision-making, force-balancing, triadally responsive ajna center. Libra has so much of the third ray (as do its rulers Uranus and Saturn, with Venus ruling Taurus, the sign of the throat) that throat center influence is to be expected. Libra can be connected be connected with the center at the base of the spine, from which stems the Sushumna—the “royal road” to Shamballa. (cf. EA 168)

13.  The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Taurus endows it with a portion of the “Greatest Light” which is resident within Shamballa—the place of unfettered enlightenment. Taurus endows the Monad with its inherent omniscience relative to the human energy system

  13.   The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Libra governs the ‘Path of Return”, by means of which the immersed Monad regains its originating source. (cf. EA 168) Libra also endows the Monad with power from the Dragon and Pleiades and ensures that the Monad performs its part in the balancing of planetary karma, for every Monad is a cell within the planetary Logos.

14.  Within the Triad—Taurus is associated principally with buddhi as it bestows wisdom  and the “clear cold  light” of pure reason which is resonant to the “Greatest Light” of the monad. There is some association with atma as well, because Taurus and Vulcan are resonant to and expressive of Shamballa.

  14.   In relation to the Triad—it can be said that Libra (the ruler of the third manifested Creative Hierarchy—the Triple Flowers) rules the Spiritual Triad as a whole. Within the Triad Libra, transmitting constellationally (exoterically) only the third ray, and related to “super-mind”, is clearly influential in relation to the higher mind—higher manas. Libra and Saturn are also express through the atmic plane, and hence are related to the principle—atma—Spiritual Will. Not surprisingly, Libra “admits the soul” to Shamballa. Eventually, Libra, ruling the union of all polarities, will be shown to be related to buddhi as well.

15.  In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Taurus governs the causal body considered as a ‘treasury of transpersonal quality’ garnered from personal experience in the three lower worlds. Taurus is associated with soul-light and, through Vulcan, with the Jewel in the Lotus and the light emanating from that Jewel.

  15.   In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Libra represents the skill, wisdom and power of the Solar Angel to supervise a balanced development in its personality. Libra is one of the major signs of karma, which the Solar Angel wisely administrates to ensure that the personality is eventually governed by the Law of Love.

16.  Within the Personality—Taurus can be identified with the luminosity and determination of the mental nature, for Taurus facilitates the state called the “mind held stead in the light”; with the strong desires, passions, incentives, aspirations of the astral nature; with the pranic vitality of the etheric nature; and, often, with the tamasic inertia of the dense physical nature. Taurus is especially related to the astral vehicle. (cf. EA 92, 380) (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)

  16.   Within the Personality—Libra can be identified with the evaluative, judicial and decision-making processes of the lower mental nature; with balancing and proportion-inducing processes within the astral nature; with the harmonizing of energy flows within the etheric nature; and, in general, with the energetic balance of the dense physical form. Libra has a special connection with the mental permanent atom. (EA 302) (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)

17.   Stage within a Preliminary Fourfold Meditative Process: Magnetization

  17.   Stage of Meditative Consciousness: Contemplation. Libra—Contemplation—Life of soul and form is balanced. Neither dominates. Equilibrium. An interlude wherein the soul organises itself for battle and the personality waits. This is the probationary path. Duality known.” (EA 228)

18.   The Choice of Values (Desires)

  18.   The Crisis of Balance followed by Reversal. (cf. EA 101)

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

In Comparison With
1.  Expressive of the third aspect of divinity because of its identification with light, but of the second aspect through association with the principles of consciousness and of wisdom. The first aspect is distributed through its ruling planet Vulcan.

  1.   Expressive, principally of the third aspect of the divinity, with an expression of the second aspect slowly emerging.” “This sign is consequently closely connected with the third aspect of the Godhead.” (EA 243) “It is through a study of Libra that light upon the third aspect will come.” (EA 244) “Libra—Divine Love—Understanding” (EA333)

2.   Cosmically, preeminently associated with the Pleiades. “…he constellation Taurus, the Bull, being found in the Pleiades.” (EA 111) “Aquarius relates humanity to the Pleiades and therefore to Taurus in an unusual manner.” (EA 200) “There is at this time, owing to the influx of the Shamballa force, the establishing of a peculiar relation or alignment between the constellation, Taurus (with its own specific alignment with the Pleiades and Great Bear) the planet, Pluto, and our Earth.” (EA 376) “A new light enters in. The Seven Sisters play their part (the Pleiades are in Taurus, the first sign of the Fixed Cross) and then three lights shine forth. And thus one radiant sun appears.” (EA 562)

  2.   Related cosmically to the Pleiades. “Libra—is related to and transmits the potencies of the Pleiades.” (EA 349) Libra is also related to the Dragon and the Dragon to the Pleiades. “The adepts who choose this Path are called esoterically the ‘beneficent dragons,’ and the energy with which they work and the stream of living force upon which they are found emanates from the constellation of the Dragon, working through the zodiacal sign Libra.” (TCF 1245) D.K. speaks of the  “…buddhic force, which is transmitted via the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades from a constellation called the Dragon…” (TCF 1162) Libra is related to one of the stars in the Great Bear. (A triangle?—Mizar-Libra-Sun?) (R&I 404)

3.  Three Constellations Connected with Taurus: a) Orion—the Hunter; b) Eridanus—“The River of the Judge”; c) Auriga—the Charioteer (LOH 47-48)   3.   Three Constellations Connected with Libra: a) The Southern Cross; b) Lupus—the Wolf; c) Corona—the Crown (LOH 137-138)

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers, and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment


Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

In Comparison With
1.   Venus is the exoteric ruler of Taurus.

  1.   Venus is the exoteric ruler of Libra.

2.   Uranus falls in Taurus.

  2.   Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra.

3.   Mars is in detriment in Taurus.

  3.   Mars is in detriment in Libra.

Subtle Relationships Between Rays, Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

In Comparison With
1.   Taurus transmits the fourth ray constellationally.   1.   Libra, because of its oscillatory nature, may well have some subtle fourth ray associations—destined to emerge more in other world periods. Venus, too, seems to have the higher more harmonious part of the fourth ray associated with it. But there are no direct fourth ray connections linking these two constellations.
2.   Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and has, therefore, numerical affinity with the number two, and with the second ray. If numbering is begun with Pisces (which the Tibetan demonstrates as possible), then Taurus is the eleventh sign on the clockwise wheel, hence resonant with the second ray.

  2.   Libra is also the second sign when numbering by polarities (Aries, Libra, Taurus, Scorpio, etc., and, hence, has numerical resonance with the second ray, which it may more powerfully express in a future world period. Venus (exoteric ruler), called by the Tibetan,  “pure love wisdom” can be considered as transmitting the second ray. (EA 281)

3.   Taurus, the twelfth sign on the clockwise wheel, is numerologically resonant to the number three, and, hence, to the third ray. Further, counting by polarities (Aries-Libra-Taurus-Scorpio-Gemini-etc.), Taurus is third in order, hence resonant to the third ray. Further, within the three “cosmic decanates”, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces—Taurus is associated with the Buddha and the “light”, and obviously upholds a connection with the third ray—Scorpio being related to the first, and Pisces to the second. (cf. EA 204, 487).

  3.   Libra transmits the third ray, constellationally. Uranus, the esoteric ruler, is closely associated with the third ray (EA 138, 200), and may well transmit this ray as its personality ray. Saturn, exalted and ruling hierarchically, transmits the third ray monadically and probably, in addition, through its soul.

4.   Venus is the exoteric ruler of Taurus and transmits the fifth ray.


4.   Venus, the exoteric ruler of Libra, transmits the fifth ray. Uranus has strong fifth ray associations through its rulership of “exoteric science” (EA 149), and Saturn is easily seen as associated with the concrete mind (the generic ray of which is the fifth), and with the Law of Cleavages. “This fifth ray energy operates in connection with the Law of Cleavages.” (R&I 602).

5.   Venus is “pure love-wisdom” and, therefore, can be seen as transmitting the second ray (probably as the personality ray) (cf. EA 281) (TCF 369)“…the second ray is the ray at present of the planetary Logos” (DINA II 210)

  5.   See #2 above.

6.   Venus is the “home of the planetary Logos of the sixth Ray” (EA 595) thus transmits the sixth ray, probably monadically, just as Uranus, with its first ray Monad, is the “home of fire electric” (TCF 1154)

  6.   Counting from Pisces as the first sign (which the Tibetan also does) Libra is the sixth sign on the clockwise wheel, and, hence, numerically resonant with the sixth ray. Venus, exoteric ruler of Libra, is closely associated with the sixth ray (TCF 595), and probably transmits this ray monadically. If one begins with Pisces as one counts signs upon the ordinary wheel (and this the Tibetan does at least once), Libra is the sixth sign, thus having resonance with the sixth ray.

7.   Vulcan, the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Taurus, transmits the first ray.

  7.   Libra governs the entry into Shamballa, hence must be associated with the first ray. “Libra admits the soul into the world centre which we call Shamballa, for it is the polar opposite of Aries which is the place of beginnings” (EA 168) .Uranus, the esoteric ruler of Libra,  transmits the first ray “esoterically”—i.e., monadically. “Uranus is the home of ‘fire electric’.” (TCF 1154) Saturn, the hierarchical ruler of Libra (also exalted in this sign) transmits the first ray powerfully. (EA 450) “This is why Saturn is so powerful a ruler and transmitter to the Earth of the dynamic quality of the first ray of power” ( EA 621)

8.   Vulcan is associated with the “heart of the sun” (EA 393) and, hence, with the second ray.

  8.   See #2 above.

9.   Vulcan may be involved in the direct transmission the fourth ray (DN 91—depending upon how this citation is understood), and, in any case, is connected strongly to the fourth kingdom (whether human or mineral, depending on the mode of counting); the fourth scheme (the Earth Scheme); and the fourth initiation within the Human Kingdom.

  9.   See #1 above.

10.   Vulcan, “the synthesis of matter” (TCF 597) is ruler of the mineral kingdom, and, as the “fashioner”, is closely associated with the concretizing forces of the fifth ray. (R&I 597)

  10.   See #4 above.

11.   Vulcan has resonance with the seventh ray through the principle of rhythm, and is often veiled by the Moon which is always associated with cycles and rhythm.

  11.   Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac on both the reversed and ordinary wheels and, hence, has numerical affinity with the seventh ray. Uranus, ruling Libra esoterically, transmits the seventh ray. Saturn, ruling hierarchically and exalted,  has seventh ray associations, through its rulership of the dense systemic physical plane and cosmic physical plane—being the permanent atom of the latter. (TCF 406).

12.   The Moon, exalted in Taurus, is a veil for the transmission of the fourth ray.

  12.   See #1 above.

13.   The Moon, exalted in Taurus, is closely associated with the third ray and the third aspect of divinity.

  13.   See #3 above.

14.   The Moon, exalted in Taurus, is closely connected to the third ray. (EA 280)

  14.   See #3 above.

15.   The Moon also is related to the seventh ray, through its (the Moon’s) rulership of the seventh manifested Creative Hierarchy, and, in general, through its association with the dense physical plane—the lowest part of the seventh plane.

  15.   See #11 above.

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts and Pragmatic Descriptors

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

In Comparison With
1.   The Mystery or Secret of Taurus: “Taurus—Guards the secret of light and confers illumination upon the initiate.” (EA 165


1.   The Mystery or Secret of Libra: “Libra—Guards the secret of balance, of equilibrium and finally speaks the word which releases the initiate from the power of the Lords of Karma.” (EA 165)

2.   “Taurus—the Bull of Desire.—Material desire rules. (Life.)” (EA 232)

  2.   “Libra—the balancing of desire.—The opposite objective to desire is the scales or balances. (Balance.) (EA 232)
3.   Taurus: “Consciousness” (EA 314)

  3.   In Libra there is reached a point of balance and “a somewhat static equilibrium” between Life, Consciousness, and Activity. (EA  314)

4.   The Venusian mind expressing itself in Taurus: “In Taurus, this means the mind expressing itself through intelligent desire, for that is the goal of knowledge for ordinary man.” (EA 244)

  4.   The Venusian mind expressing itself in Libra: “In Libra, the point of balance or equilibrium is attained between material personal desire and intelligent spiritual love, for the two qualities of cosmic desire are [Page 245] brought to the fore in the consciousness in Libra and balanced one against the other.” (EA 244-245)
5.   Taurus—Stimulating Desire: “Taurus pours the energy stimulating desire, via Venus, onto our Earth;…” (EA 362)

  5.   Libra—Balance and Clear-Seeing “…in Libra this [awareness of the sense of duality] reaches a point of balance wherein the one who struggles sees the issues clearly and achieves a desirable point of equilibrium through the wise use of the Mercury-Venus mind,...” (EA 362)
6.   “directed desire…producing manifestation” (EA 230)

  6.   “the point of balance is eventually reached between spiritual man and personal man” (EA 230)
7.   Taurus—in relation to sex: “the Bull is so frequently regarded as the symbol of the mad urges of the uncontrolled sex principle” (EA 233)

  7.   Libra—the sign of sex: “this constellation can be associated more specifically with the problem of sex than can any of the others.” (EA 233) The “judicial mind” is needed to solve the problem.
8.   Taurus in relation to the second house of the horoscope: “Taurus, the ‘seed house’ of illumination and the new emerging light” (EA 538).

  8.  Libra in relation to the seventh house of the horoscope: “Venus also rules Libra exoterically and the seventh House wherein enemies are recognised and unions and friendships achieved.” (EA 538)
9.   The First and Seventh Rays are Dominant upon the Path of Initiation: Taurus is active in relation to the first ray through Vulcan. (EA 166)

  9.   The First and Seventh Rays are Dominant upon the Path of Initiation: Libra is active in relation to the seventh ray through Uranus. (EA 166)

10.  Taurus—for the Undeveloped Man: “Selfish desire. The Light of Earth.” (EA 332)

  10.   Libra—for the Undeveloped Man: “Unbalanced fiery passion. Human love.” (EA 333)

11.  Taurus—for the Advanced Man: “Aspiration. The Light of Love.” (EA 332)

  11.   Libra—for the Advanced Man: “The weighing of the opposites. Devotion and aspiration.” (EA 333)

12.  Taurus—for the Disciple/Initiate: “Illumined living. The Light of Life.” (EA 332)

  12.   Libra—for the Disciple/Initiate: “Balance attained. Divine love. Understanding.” (EA 333)

13.  Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Taurus: When the Sun is in Taurus, an individual may cultivate

  13.   Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Libra: When the Sun is in Libra, an individual may cultivate proportional action and response, and both balance and equilibrium within his own energy system, as well as between his energy system and the environment in which it expresses.

14.   The Life of the Christ from the Taurean perspective: “Christ said (as have all the Sons of God Who know the true significance of the Fixed Cross), ‘I am the Light of the world,’ and he added, ‘if thine eye be single thy whole body shall he full of light.’ Taurus is, as you have heard, the Mother of Illumination, and [Page 566] the "eye of the Bull" is the symbol of the eye to which Christ made reference.” (EA 565-566)

  14.   The Life of the Christ from a Libran Perspective: “Christ stood at the point of balance in human evolution; He stood between the old world and the new, between the East and the West. In the Christian era comes a ‘point of balance’ or that ‘crisis of equilibrium’ in the human kingdom. (EA 567)

15.   Fixity of will

  15.   Oscillation and vacillation

16.   Persistence

  16.   The scales swing

17.   An unrelenting approach (once motion and momentum are achieved)

  17.   Moderation, balance

18.   Certainty (for good or for ill)

  18.   Uncertainty

19.   Strong identification with the desire nature (ESE, MSE)

  19.   Objectivity, unbiased evaluation (MSE, ASE)

20.   Entering the light without reservation (cf. EA 391(ASE)

  20.   Achieving a compromise between spiritual and material values

21.   The amassing of energy

  21.   The equilibrizing of energy

22.   A stubborn and fixed point of view

  22.   The capacity to see both sides

19.   War-like, “seeing red”

  19.   Peace-making

20.   A well-established sense of values

  20.   Ambivalence

21.   Undeflectable (once in motion)

  21.   “Give and take”

22.   Non-responsiveness

  22.   Reciprocity

23.   Rigidity of position

  23.   Accommodating response

24.   Insistence upon the fulfillment of the instinctual nature. Selfish gratification

  24.   Fulfillment only insofar as it does not infringe upon the right of others

25.   The isolativeness (Vulcan) of profound meditation

  25.   The need for social interaction

26.   Identification with the animal or natural state

  26.   A more genteel, civilised and cultured orientation

27.   The blind seeking of what is desired regardless of its repercussions upon order and balance (cf. DN 85)

  27.   The “will-to-order and balanced judgment” (DN 85)

28.   Following Nature

  28.   Abiding with the social contract

29.   Grossness and crudity (ESE)

  29.   An increasingly polished aesthetic response

30.   Clumsiness, oafishness; “the bull in the china shop” (ESE)

  30.   More artful and gracious; “skill-in-action”; finesse

31.   The rights of instinct

  31.   Human rights according to law

32.   Material desire—hence aggression

  32.   Respect for the rights of others

33.   Taurus is associated with the “Eye of the Bull” and hence, partially, with the ajna center

  33.   Libra can reasonably be associated with the decision-making function of the ajna center.

Similarities and Points of Cooperation Between the Influences

 Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between Taurus and Libra

These signs are united by their response to beauty. Aaesthetics is frequently a primary consideration. Both signs exert a powerful magnetic attractiveness. This is confirmed by their shared rulership of the planet Venus.

Both are strongly involved in the mating impulse and the allure between the sexes which makes mating rituals and practices possible, is cultivated and strengthened in both of these signs. The connection with beauty and colour is accentuated in the northern hemisphere by the fact that the most colorful blossoming moments of spring are found in the sign Taurus and the most colorful moments of foliage take place when the sun is tropically in Libra.

Frequently great beauty of person can be found with those who are born in or under these 2 signs. Of course other zodiacal and planetary factors must always be taken into consideration.

Both signs are profoundly related to the sexual impulse. Taurus is a major sign of sex relating to the gratification of the instinctual nature and the procreation of the race. For Libra, sexuality involves more the development of relationship. Nevertheless both have a very strong connection to the sacral centre as Venus can be considered in relation to the sacral centre.

Further it might be said that both Taurus and Libra are connected with the Ajna centre. Taurus to the illuminative, form-creating aspect of the Ajna centre and Libra to its role in deciding the direction of the integrated personality, whether towards spirit or towards matter. In many respects the Ajna Center is the point of decision and Libra is that sign in which choice is made.

Neither sign is given to excessive agitation especially in relation to the meditative process. Profound depths of stillness and revelation can be reached in Taurus and Libra similarly governs the act of contemplation.

Both signs are signs in which clarity can be achieved through the steady and objective gaze. Both signs can be considered, at a high stage of development, signs of peace and stillness. The profound peace at the time of the Wesak Festival is similar to the peace of perfect equilibrium when the opposites are balanced  through the agency of Libra. At such moments there is a unified vision and no bias exists

Both signs are associated with Shamballa. Taurus governs the spiritual will and is peculiarly active at the time of Wesak when Shamballa is contacted directly or via the mediatorship of the Buddha. Libra governs with Aries the pathway into Shamballa.

Further Libra is the sign representing perfect equilibrium and peace – Shamballa itself is the state of pure and perfect peace. The peaceful, silent will. It is interesting that the Buddha, ruled by Taurus, conceived of the noble middle path which is surely related to Libra.

From another perspective Libra is associated with the revelation of Spirit because it governs the central channel or Sushumna, the total activation of which brings about complete liberation. That liberation is also associated with Taurus through the influence of Vulcan.

For Taurus and Vulcan are active at the 4th initiation, producing the depths of isolation and also the shattering of the causal body, via among other things, the hammer blow of Vulcan. Libra and Taurus are also united in their love of rhythm.

The rhythm of Taurus being re-enforced by its distribution of the 4th Ray and its rulership by rhythmic Vulcan and the rhythm of Libra connected with its graceful oscillation.

Not only are both signs related to the sexual impulse and the sacral centre but to the energy known as money. Taurus rules the accumulation of money as a necessity to induce manifestation. Libra rules money as a medium of exchange to produce an equilibrization of energy.

Libra seeks to bring equilibrium to whatever field it touches and under the influence of Libra a right distribution of prana, or the 3rd aspect of Divinity, is achieved.

It might also be said that both signs are conducive to a state of harmony – Taurus through its love of Beauty via the 4th ray and Libra via its love of balance, equilibrium and fair distribution.

In the early days however, both Taurus through its activated instinctual desire and Libra through its fluctuating tendencies to pursue either spirit or matter, can be extremely biased. A fair degree of mathematical ability exists also in those born in or under both of these signs – Taurus through its tendency to amass, accumulate and attract is friendly to the concept of number by which quantity can be calculated.  Libra through its desire to create equilibrium masters the mathematics which will balance the equation.

Libra through its association with the abstract mind and the 3rd ray, will additionally produce the abstract mathematician.

From one very important perspective, Taurus being the 2nd sign, can be related to the great Universal Law of Attraction and Libra being the polar opposite of Aries, which sign represents the Law of Synthesis, can equally be considered related to the great law of Attraction. This is reflected in the rulership by Venus exoterically of both of these signs 

Another similarity shows the members of both of these signs involved in the drama of evaluation. It is asked what is truly worth the expenditure  of desire. In Taurus what is worth having; in Libra what is worth relating to. Spiritual and material values are weighed up in this air sign. Spiritual and material treasures are evaluated in Taurus the earth sign and in both signs there is the ignoring and discarding of that which is found to be of lesser value.

Again this tendency to appreciate value relates the natives of these 2 signs to the energy of money as well as to the energy of love, at first in its more sensual aspects. It is interesting that those born in these 2 signs are uniquely equipped to appreciate the relationship between love and money and many choices in relation to the one will necessarily involve the other.

This ties them in with the sacral centre – a centre which has 6 petals, exactly one half the number of petals, whirls or vortices found in the heart centre – the centre of love.

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