Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

Relations Between
Taurus & Pisces

Important Foundational Relationships

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

Missing Links

Important Foundational Relationships


Important Foundational Relationships

In Comparison With
1.   The Bull   1.   The Fishes
2.   Esoteric Mantram: I see, and when the eye is opened, all is illumined.   2.   Esoteric Mantram: I leave the Father’s Home and turning back, I save.
3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word said: Let struggle be undismayed.   3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word said: Go forth into matter.
4.   Quality of Light: The penetrating Light of the Path   4.   Quality of Light: The Light of the World.
5.   Element: Earth Sign   5.   Element: Water Sign
6.   Fixed Cross   6.   Mutable or Common Cross
7.   Transmits R4 constellationally   7.   Transmits R2 and R6, with a possible secondary transmission of R3 (matter—the “waters of space”)
8.   Secondarily,(assuredly, but not exclusively), Taurus transmits R5 and R1 through Venus and Vulcan—its two planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.   8.   Secondarily, (assuredly, but not exclusively), Pisces transmits R2, R1 and R6, through Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune—its planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.
9.   Color: deep blue   9.   Color: lavender
10.   Creative Hierarchy number III (unmanifested), characterized by “Light thro’ Knowledge”   10.   Creative Hierarchy number I (unmanifested). The energy of Intelligent Substance
11.   Associated with the de-glamorizing second initiation and the ‘ego-shattering’, shroud-splitting, intuition-invoking (EA 205-206) fourth initiation. The blinding light of the third initiation and the Vulcanian destruction of the first also suggest a Taurean relationship to these degrees. There is, as well, a possible relationship with the revelatory fifth—revelation in the blazing “light of day” (cf. R&I 644)   11.   Associated with the Fixed-Cross-mounting first initiation (cf. EA 125); the purifying, desire-releasing second initiation; the crucifying, death-dealing fourth initiation, as well as the liberating Path-revealing fifth initiation, which in this case opens to the “world saviour” the door to Shamballa and to great revelation through self-abnegating willingness to serve the Divine Will. (cf. EA 141, 320-321, for the fourth and fifth initiations) Since, Pisces brings about the “consummation of divine desire”, the sixth initiation which restores the ‘Savior-Monad’ to complete power may also be indicated.

12.  Associated with the form-building throat center and the form-envisioning and registering ajna center. A sacral center connection is also reasonable, as Taurus is one of the major signs of sex, and is related to the tangibility of the physical form—created through the instrumentality of the sacral center. As Vulcan is associated with the “heart of the sun” (the correspondence of which is the heart within the head) Taurus must be correlated, as it must with the solar plexus, because “aspirational idealism in its highest possible expression is also achieved in Taurus” (EA 391), and the solar plexus is the center of aspiration. For completion, fourth ray Taurus, is numerically related to the four-petalled base center and the heart chakra—the fourth!


12.  Pisces can be reasonably associated with the centers in the soles of the feet, giving humility, ‘under-standing’, and the power to tread the Path. Pisces is also strongly related to the solar plexus center (in relation to which purification of desire and detachment must prevail) and to the compassionate, all-embracing, all-forgiving heart center—these centers being ruled, in part, by Neptune, special ruler of Pisces. Pisces can, at a high point of evolution, condition the ajna center (when Alpha {Aries—crown center} and Omega {Pisces—ajna}) meet. The buddhically-resonant heart within the head, of which the Buddha, Himself, is a symbol (EXH 87) is another significant association.

13.  The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Taurus endows it with a portion of the “Greatest Light” which is resident within Shamballa—the place of unfettered enlightenment. Taurus endows the Monad with its inherent omniscience relative to the human energy system   13.   The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Pisces provides the foundational motivation for the entire monadic pilgrimage, for every Monad is a “Lord of ceaseless, persevering devotion” (EA 117) and, under the influence of Pisces—a savior. The monadic pilgrimage is entirely sacrificial, and is undertaken for purposes of redemption. Pisces both symbolizes and impulses the humanly unfathomable Self-abnegation which send the Monad forth. “Go forth into matter”, is one mantram of Pisces.
14.  Within the Triad—Taurus is associated principally with buddhi as it bestows wisdom  and the “clear cold  light” of pure reason which is resonant to the “Greatest Light” of the monad. There is some association with atma as well, because Taurus and Vulcan are resonant to and expressive of Shamballa.   14.   Within the Triad—Pisces (which transmits the second ray)  is principally related to the second principle buddhi, as it expresses the divine love, wisdom and understanding which redeem. Pisces is also one of the intuitive signs connecting it to buddhi. Pisces eventually induces a “pervasiveness of wisdom” (EA 136), and wisdom is the influence of the first aspect upon the second (as in the case of the Buddha). (cf. DINA II 518) In Pisces there is a powerful sensitivity to the will of God, (“Father, not my will by Thine by done”) and thus to the atmic aspect of the Triad—and to the Monad. Pisces, transcending Mercury, is less related to higher manas.
15.  In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Taurus governs the causal body considered as a ‘treasury of transpersonal quality’ garnered from personal experience in the three lower worlds. Taurus is associated with soul-light and, through Vulcan, with the Jewel in the Lotus and the light emanating from that Jewel.   15.   In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Pisces is the energy of the will-to-save which animates those “Hearts of Fiery Love” known as Agnishvattas, or Solar Angels. Pisces (in which Solar Angelic Venus is exalted) provides the originating incentive for the sacrifice which the Solar Angels made aeons ago, on behalf of the human Monads, and in service of the Planetary Logos. Pisces governs the Solar Angel as Savior.
16.  Within the Personality—Taurus can be identified with the luminosity and determination of the mental nature, for Taurus facilitates the state called the “mind held stead in the light”; with the strong desires, passions, incentives, aspirations of the astral nature; with the pranic vitality of the etheric nature; and, often, with the tamasic inertia of the dense physical nature. Taurus is especially related to the astral vehicle. (cf. EA 92, 380) (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)   16.   Within the Personality—Pisces can be identified with the impressionability and eventual intuitive sensitivity of the lower mental nature; with the sentient permeability, and imaginative, tranquilizing processes within the astral nature; with the induction of quietude within the etheric nature; and with the general sensitivity of the dense physical vehicle. (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)
17.   Stage within a Preliminary Fourfold Meditative Process: Magnetization   17.   Stage of Meditative Consciousness: Identification
18.   The Choice of Values (Desires)   18.   The Choice of Method of Salvation (such as that which confronted the Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene)

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

In Comparison With
1.   Expressive of the third aspect of divinity because of its identification with light, but of the second aspect through association with the principles of consciousness and of wisdom. The first aspect is distributed through its ruling planet Vulcan.   1.   Expressive principally of the second divine aspect, with a lengthy history connected to the material substance (“water”) of the third. There is some emphasis upon the liberating will of the first aspect. “In Pisces, you have the consummation of the work of that which the matter aspect has made possible, and the Christ emerges as the world saviour. All this has taken place through the will aspect of the second ray, focussed in Shamballa, expressing itself through humanity and consummated in the Hierarchy. (EA 627-628)
2.   Cosmically, preeminently associated with the Pleiades. “…the constellation Taurus, the Bull, being found in the Pleiades.” (EA 111) “Aquarius relates humanity to the Pleiades and therefore to Taurus in an unusual manner.” (EA 200) “There is at this time, owing to the influx of the Shamballa force, the establishing of a peculiar relation or alignment between the constellation, Taurus (with its own specific alignment with the Pleiades and Great Bear) the planet, Pluto, and our Earth.” (EA 376) “A new light enters in. The Seven Sisters play their part (the Pleiades are in Taurus, the first sign of the Fixed Cross) and then three lights shine forth. And thus one radiant sun appears.” (EA 562)   2.   Cosmically related to Sirius. “The triangle of Pisces-Uranus-Hierarchy is becoming magnetically attractive to the triangle of Humanity.” (EA 438) “And then the heavens within the ring-pass-not responded to the light from Sirius which, passing through the sea of Pisces, lifted the fishes into the heavenly sphere (Uranus) and thus a lesser triple light appeared, the radiant sun of suns, the watery light of Pisces, the heavenly light of Uranus.” (EA 432, also 427-428)
A connection between the Dragon, the Pleiades and Pisces may well exist, in relation to the saving,  self-abnegating Path of Earth Service. (cf. TCF 904, 1162)
3.   Three Constellations Connected with Taurus: a) Orion—the Hunter; b) Eridanus—“The River of the Judge”; c) Auriga—the Charioteer (LOH 47-48)   3.   Three Constellations Connected with Pisces: a) The Band—(connecting the two Fishes; b) Andromeda—the Chained Woman; c) Cepheus—the King (LOH 200)

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers, and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment


Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

1.   Venus is the exoteric ruler of Taurus.
In Comparison With
1.   Venus is exalted in Pisces.

Subtle Relationships Between Rays, Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

In Comparison With
1.   Taurus transmits the fourth ray constellationally.   1.   Only indirect fourth ray connections relate Pisces to the fourth ray. Venus, the planet exalted in Pisces, can be understood as associated with the harmony and beauty aspects of the fourth ray (but not with the factors within this ray which lead to conflict). Neptune, the special spiritual ruler of Pisces (for “humanity as a whole”) has strong relations to buddhi/intuition, and to the fourth plane, the buddhic plane
2.   Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and has, therefore, numerical affinity with the number two, and with the second ray. If numbering is begun with Pisces (which the Tibetan demonstrates as possible), then Taurus is the eleventh sign on the clockwise wheel, hence resonant with the second ray.   2.   Pisces transmits the second ray, constellationally. Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Pisces, transmits the second ray. Neptune, as special, spiritual ruler of Pisces for “humanity as a whole(EA 129), transmits the second ray monadically. Venus, “pure love-wisdom” (exalted in Pisces), transmits the second ray. (EA 281)
3.   Taurus, the twelfth sign on the clockwise wheel, is numerologically resonant to the number three, and, hence, to the third ray. Further, counting by polarities (Aries-Libra-Taurus-Scorpio-Gemini-etc.), Taurus is third in order, hence resonant to the third ray. Further, within the three “cosmic decanates”, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces—Taurus is associated with the Buddha and the “light”, and obviously upholds a connection with the third ray—Scorpio being related to the first, and Pisces to the second. (cf. EA 204, 487).  

3.   Pisces, associated with “water” and with the “ocean” has an indirect connection with the material third ray through “matter.” Pisces is the “fish swimming in the waters of matter and finding there its sustenance.” (EA 287) ‘As we well know, water stands for matter,…” (TCF 1005)  “Neptune is as you know, the God of the waters, and the term ‘water’ covers many angles of the esoteric wisdom, such as: The whole concept of matter—universal and itemised.”.. (EA 275) The Piscean is to become “the fish who swims free in the ocean of matter.” (EA 62)  Pisces is also the twelfth sign on the reversed wheel, numbering normally and also by polarities (Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, etc.), and hence, resonant to the third ray. Neptune rules Pisces in a special way (EA 171), and the Neptunian trident connects it to the third ray. “Water” and “matter” are equivalent and matter is ruled by the third ray. Pluto, through it lunar, material, sub-conscious associations, and its associations with the “past”,  shows its relation to the third ray.

4.   Venus is the exoteric ruler of Taurus and transmits the fifth ray.   4.   Venus (exalted) transmits the fifth ray. Pluto, for whom Mars is the “Alter Ego” (EA 507) is connected with scientific research, and Mars rules science—on the fifth ray.
5.   Venus is “pure love-wisdom” and, therefore, can be seen as transmitting the second ray (probably as the personality ray) (cf. EA 281) (TCF 369)“…the second ray is the ray at present of the planetary Logos” (DINA II 210)   5.   See #2 above.
6.   Venus is the “home of the planetary Logos of the sixth Ray” (EA 595) thus transmits the sixth ray, probably monadically, just as Uranus, with its first ray Monad, is the “home of fire electric” (TCF 1154)   6.   Pisces transmits the sixth ray constellationally. Enthusiastic Jupiter has sixth ray associations. Neptune (a special ruler of Pisces) transmits the sixth ray. Pluto (esoteric and hierarchical ruler) has sixth ray associations through its relation to the solar plexus. (EA 78)
7.   Vulcan, the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Taurus, transmits the first ray.   7.   Pluto is the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Pisces, and transmits the first ray.
8.   Vulcan is associated with the “heart of the sun” (EA 393) and, hence, with the second ray.   8.   See #2 above.
9.   Vulcan may be involved in the direct transmission the fourth ray (DN 91—depending upon how this citation is understood), and, in any case, is connected strongly to the fourth kingdom (whether human or mineral, depending on the mode of counting); the fourth scheme (the Earth Scheme); and the fourth initiation within the Human Kingdom.   9.   See #1 above.
10.   Vulcan, “the synthesis of matter” (TCF 597) is ruler of the mineral kingdom, and, as the “fashioner”, is closely associated with the concretizing forces of the fifth ray. (R&I 597)   10.   See #4 above.
11.   Vulcan has resonance with the seventh ray through the principle of rhythm.   11.   Jupiter, the exoteric ruler of Pisces, rules “ritualistic worship” and,  thus, transmits the seventh ray. (cf. EA 648, 660)
12.   The Moon, exalted in Taurus, is a veil for the transmission of the fourth ray.   12.   See #1 above.
13.   The Moon, exalted in Taurus, is closely associated with the third ray and the third aspect of divinity. (EA 280)   13.   See #3 above.
14.   The Moon also is related to the seventh ray, through its (the Moon’s) rulership of the seventh manifested Creative Hierarchy, and, in general, through its association with the dense physical plane—the lowest part of the seventh plane.   14.   See #11 above.
15.   Mercury (called “Buddha” in Sanskrit) has a special place in Taurus, the sign of the Buddha. Mercury is the “Messenger at the eighth gate” (EA 298), and the Buddha is just such a messenger from (from Shamballa) for eight minutes every year.   15.   Mercury falls in Pisces. It “falls away” from its lowest expression, and manifests as pure intuition, or buddhi.


General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts and Pragmatic Descriptors

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

In Comparison With
1.   The Buddha   1.   The Christ
2.   “Buddha—Taurus.—Illumination through struggle.” (EA 487)   2.   “Christ—Pisces.—Resurrection through sacrifice.” (EA 487)
3.   Wisdom   3.   Love
4.   Will-Wisdom   4.   Will-Love
5.   “Taurus—the Bull of Desire.—Material desire rules. (Life.)” (EA 232)   5.   “Pisces—consummation of divine desire.—The ‘Desire of all nations.’ The Cosmic Christ. (Appearance.)” (EA 232)
6.   Attachment to the “contents of consciousness” (ESE, MSE)   6.   Detachment from the “contents of consciousness” and attachment to being (ASE)
7.   The substance of “Such-ness” or “That-ness”. The liberated, enlightened state. (ASE)   7.   Substance presented under the spell of Maya; “water” as “matter” and substance (ESE, MSE)
8.   Illumination: “…let Taurus bring illumination and the attainment of the vision;…” (R&I 23)   8.   Salvation: “…let the mark of the Saviour, as the group toils in Pisces, be seen above the aura of the group.” (R&I 23)
9.   “…Taurus, the nurturer of all illumination…” (R&I 229)   9.   The Light of Divine Love
10.   Taurus and the New Group of World Servers: “The initiate sees the New Group of World Servers brought under the illuminating power of Taurus,…” (R&I 23)   10.   Pisces and the Rest of Humanity:
“…with the rest of humanity still under the influence of Pisces.” (R&I 23)
11.   Taurus and the Overshadowing of the NGWS: “You have, consequently, the ‘over-shadowing raincloud of knowable things’ hovering over humanity, just as the Hierarchy overshadows the New Group and just as the soul overshadows the personality of man; you have all the needed illumination and light upon all the coming problems, waiting to precipitate itself through the New Group of World Servers under the influence of Taurus, the nurturer of all illumination,…” (EA 229)   11.   Pisces and Sensitive Humanity:
“…and you have humanity, at the same time, conditioned and made sensitive by Piscean energy during the past two thousand years.” (EA 229)
12.   Disciples and initiates are “illumined by Taurus” (EA 233)   12.   Disciples and initiates “toil in Pisces” (EA 233)
13.   Taurus and Pisces, through Vulcan and Pluto, are related to Ray 1. “Transmutation of desire…”
“…and of the individual will…”
The World Saviour (EA 67)
  13.   Taurus and Pisces, through Vulcan and Pluto, are related to Ray 1.
“…into sacrifice…”
“… into the divine will.”
The World Saviour (EA 67)
17.   Taurus: the twelfth sign on the ordinary or clockwise wheel   17.   Pisces: the twelfth sign on the reversed wheel
18.   Taurus: the second sign on the reversed wheel   18.   Pisces: the second sign on the ordinary or clockwise wheel
19.   Taurus; the second sign on the reversed wheel   19.   Pisces: the first sign on the ordinary or clockwise wheel by one method of numbering—(cf. EA 298)
20.   Taurus on the ordinary or clockwise wheel: “…the man reenters the sign Aries again under the potent impression of Taurus, which at this stage of development feeds his ardent desire for the many material advantages of physical incarnation and of constant worldly undertakings;…” (EA 107-108)   20.   Pisces on the ordinary or clockwise wheel: “…thus after a period of re-creation, he passes out into incarnation in Pisces and begins again the great round of manifested life, for Pisces is the ocean wherein he is ‘the fish,’ controlled by the laws of substance or material existence.” (EA 107-108)
21.   Taurus on the reversed wheel: “…he passes from Aries to Taurus, because desire has at last been transmuted into aspiration.” (EA 108)   21.   Pisces on the reversed wheel: “After proving his steadfastness to the ideal of the spiritual life in the intervening signs, he passes again into Pisces, from the opposite direction to his usual procedure, having earned the right to mount the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens, the power to take a final planetary initiation and the privilege of passing on to one of the seven paths.” (EA 108)
22.   Taurus: “a sense of the vision (through the illumined eye…” (EA 162)   22.   Pisces: “…the sign of all world saviours” (EA 162)
23.   “Taurus—Desire—the incentive to evolutionary unfoldment in the human kingdom” (EA 495)   23.    
24.   The First and Seventh Rays are Dominant upon the Path of Initiation: Taurus is active in relation to the first ray through Vulcan. (EA 166)   24.   The First and Seventh Rays are Dominant upon the Path of Initiation: Pisces is active in relation to the first ray through Pluto. (EA 166)
25.  Taurus—for the Undeveloped Man: “Selfish desire. The Light of Earth.” (EA 332)   25.   Pisces—for the Undeveloped Man: “Responsiveness to environment. The medium.” (EA 333)
26.  Taurus—for the Advanced Man: “Aspiration. The Light of Love.” (EA 332)   26.   Pisces—for the Advanced Man: “Sensitivity to soul. The mediator.” (EA 333)
27.  Taurus—for the Disciple/Initiate: “Illumined living. The Light of Life.” (EA 332)   27.   Pisces—for the Disciple/Initiate Man: “Spiritual responsibility. The Saviour.” (EA 333)
28.  Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Taurus: When the Sun is in Taurus, an individual may cultivate   28.   Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Pisces: When the Sun is in Pisces, the disciple will know that “sensitivity to the higher impression is his right and privilege.” (EA 564)
29.   The Life of the Christ from the Taurean perspective: “Christ said (as have all the Sons of God Who know the true significance of the Fixed Cross), ‘I am the Light of the world,’ and he added, ‘if thine eye be single thy whole body shall he full of light.’ Taurus is, as you have heard, the Mother of Illumination, and [Page 566] the "eye of the Bull" is the symbol of the eye to which Christ made reference.” (EA 565-566)   29.   The Life of the Christ from a Piscean Perspective: “The Piscean aspect in its highest expression is demonstrated by His sensitivity to immediate and unbroken contact with His "Father in Heaven"; He was in constant communication with the Monad, thereby proving to the world that He was initiated into states of consciousness of which the third initiation is but the beginning.” (EA 565)
30.   Associated with the light of the third eye and with the pineal gland   30.   Associated with the synthetic head  center (Shamballa). (LFC, CC)
31.   The light which dissipates glamor   31.   The intuition which dispels illusion
32.   Attachment (through desire) (ESE)   32.   Detachment (through relinquishment and humility) (ASE)
33.   Detachment (through conquest of desire) (ASE)   33.   Attachment (through non-discrimination) (ESE)
34.   Fixity; immobility   34.   Fluidity, mobility
35.   Centralization   35.   Diffusiveness
36.   Grasping (ESE, MSE)   36.   Releasing (MSE, ASE)
37.   Possessiveness (ESE, MSE)   37.   Generosity
38.   Love and Wisdom Lacking in the Taurian: “Only indirectly does the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and its subsidiary line of energies appear and, therefore, love and wisdom are often noticeably lacking in the person born in this sign.” (EA 394)   38.   Serving and Ministering in Pisces: “People born in this sign are frequently to be found serving the race and ministering to its needs upon some level of consciousness.” (EA 117)
39.   War-like attitudes   39.   Peacefulness; even unwise pacifism
40.   Rage—“seeing red”   40.   Quietude, acceptance, resignation
41.   Bovine contentment (ESE, MSE)   41.   Capable of acts of extreme (though quiet) courage based upon Divine Love (MSE, ASE)
42.   Strength of will--determination   42.   Weakness of will—susceptibility
43.   Initial weakness of spiritual will. To a disciple with the Sun in Taurus: “You are stubborn but your will is weak.” (DINA I 472)   43.   Strength of spiritual will—achieved through the power to renounce.
44.   Grounded practicality (MSE)   44.   Ungrounded impracticality (MSE)
45.   The earthly plane (dense and etheric)   45.   The astral plane
46.   Materiality   46.   Immateriality
47.   Worldly   47.   “Other-worldly”
48.   “In this world”   48.   “Not of this world”
49.   Tangibility   49.   Intangibility
50.   The bellowing of the bull   50.   The silence of the fish
51.   Concretion, consolidation   51.   Dissolution, dispersion
52.   Overt destructiveness (through Vulcan)   52.   Concealed destructiveness (through Pluto)
53.   Pride. The Tibetan speaks to a Taurean disciple of “the inordinate pride of the Taurus individual, who is on the first ray where his personality is concerned.” (DINA I 471)   53.   Self-effacement
54.   Principle of acquisition fed by desire. (ESE, MSE)   54.   The principle of sacrifice, fed by love and spiritual will. (MSE, ASE, VASE)
55.   The principle of detachment fed by illumination (MSE, ASE)   55.   The principle of attachment fed by susceptibility and non-discrimination.
56.   Attachment fed by desire   56.   Relinquishment and renunciation fed by the will-to-liberation. “Mukta”
57.   Magnetism   57.   The severing (Pluto) or dissolving (Neptune) of magnetic bonds
58.   Incentive—galvanized by “what the world can offer”   58.   Motive—salvation. (Really, monadic motive) Piscean people prepare for “final sacrifice in Pisces which ‘absorbs them back into their originating Motive,’.” (EA 117)

Similarities and Points of Cooperation Between the Influences

 Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

Although these signs seem very different, they are active in the drama of detachment. Both can be extremely attached in the early days. Taurus to its desires and to the fulfillment of its instincts and Pisces to the entire sensuous life.

Later the first ray becomes active in each via Vulcan in Taurus and Pluto in Pisces and the entire world of sensory phenomena is left behind.

It can be seen how both of these signs could be considered active at the time of the crucifixion when destruction and isolation are the rule. Destruction is brought about through the hammer blows of Vulcan and the dissolution through Pisces. The price of wisdom (Taurus) is total relinquishment (Pisces).

In the relationship between Taurus and Pisces we find the relationship between the Buddha and the Christ, both aspects of the 2nd ray.

Interestingly, if one begins counting clockwise in Aries, one reaches Pisces at the 2nd step and counter clockwise, beginning with Aries, one reaches Taurus, therefore these 2 signs are symmetrically related and are extremely active on the path of initiation.

In the early days extremes of attachment can be found and complete subjugation of the consciousness to the sensory life. Interestingly the will is strong in both signs during later stages of development. With Taurus we have the will to mould the personality under pressure according to the soul's intent mediated through Vulcan. With Pisces we have the self-effacing will to do willingly the will of the Father mediated through the destructive influence of Pluto.

Although it seems that Pisces is often considered a sign weak in will, this is decidedly not the case in the later stages of evolution.

These signs bring about, through the distribution of the 4th ray (through Taurus) and the 2nd and 6th ray (through Pisces), the fulfillment of the soft-line of energythe love/wisdom line of energy. A

lso Taurus, which in the early days is very attached to material values, learns the worthlessness of such values and is thereby capable through an act of will and illumination, of relinquishing them.

Pisces similarly promotes detachment by dissolving all connection with earthly values.

Both of these signs are active in the work of healing and both are signs of pronounced psychic sensitivity. 

Since the Ajna centre one aspect of the higher psychism and Taurus is so intimately associated with itTaurus also is a psychic sign.  Since both of these signs resonate with the number 2, they will naturally be associated with the 2nd plane, the astral plane and with the emotional life.

In the early days there is complete subjugation to this emotional life and later the illumination of this astral plane, with light and its irradiation with love. The light comes via Taurus and the love via Pisces, for Pisces and Taurus are both, by numerical resonance, connected with the buddhic plane which is the 2nd counting downwards from the Atmic and the unitive light of wisdom in Taurus and the unifying love of Pisces are different aspects of the Love/Wisdom Ray and are reflected in the emotional nature.

A great healing of the emotional nature is possible through the application of these two signs. Each of them has strong a Venus connectionTaurus through the esoteric ruler and Pisces through Venus as the exalted ruler. Hence the love energy is strong in both and there is a great deal of magnetism.

Vulcan is also powerful in both, esoterically and hierarchically ruling Taurus and veiled by the rulership of the second decanate by the moon, helping to establish not the self will of the personality but the spiritual will of the soul. 

From another point of view both Taurus and Pisces might be related to the monadic plane, which again is the second and at the fourth initiation in which both signs can be seen as active, for there is a great renunciation and detachment at that time.

The monadic influence becomes more powerful in the life of the disciple by far.

It must also be said that both Pisces and Taurus are related to matter and the mother. Each is the second in distance from the sign Aries counting either counter-clockwise or clockwise. The second is always the objective or matter/mother and just as Virgo is associated with Mulaprakriti, so must Pisces and Taurus be associated with the great sea of light which is matter as well.

Through the action of spirit or Purusha upon the energies of Pisces/Taurus, the tangible worlds are formed. Perhaps it might be said that Taurus rules mother at the early stages of Manvantara and Pisces rules Mother at the stage of Pralaya or dissolution when all is resolved back into primary substance.

It also must be said that whereas Aries is always the beginning, it may be said that Pisces/Taurus represent the end, depending upon which way the wheel is turning. Turning clockwise, Taurus represents the refocusing of earthward desire prior to another assertive entry into matter. Turning counter-clockwise, Pisces represents the termination of all unfinished business prior to the inauguration of a new cycle on a higher turn of the spiral. But their symmetrical position thwart Aries, giving them therefore, a similar meaning.

So in each case Taurus/Pisces represent 2nd steps and final steps and their relationship to matter/mother/form, whether the creation of form or the dissolution of form, is profound.

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