Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins (c)

in progress

Relations Between
Cancer & Scorpio

Important Foundational Relationships

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

Missing Links

Important Foundational Relationships


Important Foundational Relationships

In Comparison With
1.   The Crab   1.   The Scorpion; the Eagle
2.   Esoteric Mantram: I build a lighted house and therein dwell.   2.   Esoteric Mantram: Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.
3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word Said: Let isolation be the rule and yet the crowd exists.   3.   Exoteric/Evolutionary Mantram: And the Word said: Let Maya flourish and deception rule.
4.   Quality of Light: The Light within the form   4.   Quality of Light: The Light of Day
5.   Element: Water sign   5.   Element: Water Sign
6.   Cardinal Cross   6.   Fixed Cross
7.   Cancer transmits R3 and R7 constellationally.   7.   Transmits R4 constellationally. Possibly R1 is a subtle constellational transmission.
8.   Secondarily, (assuredly, but not exclusively), Cancer transmits R4 and R6, through the Moon and Neptune—its two planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.   8.   Secondarily, (assuredly, but not exclusively) Scorpio transmits R6, R1 and R4 through Mars, Pluto and Mercury—its three planetary rulers on three levels—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical.
9.   Color: violet   9.   Color: crimson, dark red. Black is important.
10.   Creative Hierarchy number V (unmanifested) Mass Life, Veiling the Christ   10.   Creative Hierarchy number IV (manifested). The Human Hierarchy, The Initiates, Lords of Sacrifice
11.   Cancer has no specific relation to the first three initiations. Since Neptune (inducing love and inclusive idealism) is so important at the second initiation (EA 71, 297-298), Cancer must be implicated. After the third initiation, the Cancerian can become “the Crab, who clears the ocean of matter which flows around the soul of man” (EA 62) In subtle ways Cancer must be related to the fourth (EA 218) and eighth initiations (relating to unmanifested Hierarchy V—eighth from below).   11.   Associated with the body-transmuting, appetite-regulating, first initiation; the purifying, emotion-transforming, desire-subduing second initiation; and the mind-transfiguring, personality-conquering third initiation. Scorpio prepares “the disciple for the first, second and third initiations. After the third initiation, its peculiar testing potency is no longer felt.” (EA 199) Even so, the fourth degree is ruled by the fourth ray, and bring buddhi powerfully into the life, as does fourth-ray Scorpio, powerfully resonant to the buddhic plane.
12.   Cancer can be reasonably associated with the protective and nourishment-giving centers in the breasts and, particularly, with the instinctual, bi-polar, emotionally sensitive solar plexus center. The disease, cancer, is strongly associated with a disturbed, congested solar plexus; the sign and the disease are, in fact, related. The sacral center (involved in form-building) cannot be ignored. The chakras in the ‘gripping’ hands are related. When Neptune (the esoteric and hierarchical ruler) functions buddhically, the sign Cancer can also be related to the compassionate, humanity-embracing heart center.  

12.   Scorpio is correlated principally to the three sub-diaphragmatic centers, sub-ruled by Mars and Pluto: to the attracting and repelling, desiring, aspiring, solar plexus center; to the instinctually insistent, sexually-unitive sacral center; to the system-empowering, hindrance-destroying, will-impelling center at the base of the spine. Because the ajna center is ruled by fourth ray Mercury (from a point in time near the third initiation and following), and because Mercury is the hierarchical ruler of fourth ray Scorpio, Scorpio can be reasonably associated as an influence upon the drama of contrasting polarities staged in relation to the ajna center.

13.   The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Gemini makes it possible for the “Brother” who is the “prodigal son” to go forth into a “far country” (as the Monad-in-substantial-immersion), and yet, remain ‘at home’ within the Father’s House as the “elder Brother” Who did not go forth (i.e., as the Monad undiminished upon its own level of consciousness). Thus is the Monad “in the world yet not of the world”. Gemini endows the Monad with its all-pervasive omnipresence relative to the human energy system. “Having pervaded the entire Universe with a fragment of myself, I remain.”   13.   The zodiacal signs influence the Monad of every human being (EA 411, 637, TCF 1191); the influence from Scorpio is potent indeed, because the entire fourth manifested Creative Hierarchy (the Hierarchy of Human Monads) is ruled by Scorpio. Scorpio guarantees that the Monad will not remain trapped in immersion, but will conquer its apparent captor (lower matter), and, thus, achieve its proper function in relation to the buddhic plane as the mediating kingdom between the three higher and three lower manifested Creative Hierarchies.
14.   Within the Triad—Gemini, the third sign, is related to higher manas (the third aspect of the Triad). Higher manas formulates into abstract thought the revelations of the ‘idea-patterns’ to be found upon the buddhic plane. Gemini, as its dualistic symbol reveals, is also related to the divine love, pure reason and intuitive revelations of buddhi, the second aspect of the Spiritual Triad.   14.   In relation to the Triad—Scorpio (the sign in which that great exemplar of the first ray, Hercules, achieved his triumph) must be understood as having an influence  upon the first aspect of the Triad—atma, the spiritual will. Scorpio (esoterically during this world period) may well transmit the first ray. In Scorpio, the threefold Illusion is conquered, and, buddhi (the intuition) is the conqueror. Buddhi rules upon the fourth plane, and Scorpio transmits the fourth ray constellationally. Scorpio seems less related to higher manas, though it is a triple sign.
15.   In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Gemini can be seen as governing the pulsations of Solar-Angelic thought and vitality which rhythmically stimulate the personality. Gemini can be associated with the attempt the Solar Angel to ‘communicate’ with the personality.   15.   In relation to the Solar Angel, and the soul-consciousness (and causal body) through which it expresses—Scorpio can be understood as the will of the Solar Angel to drastically purify its personality, when that personality has, at length, demonstrated its readiness for the process. Under Virgo, the personality has been consistently improved; under Scorpio, the Solar Angel (“a most efficient surgeon”—(DINA I 232)) reveals all obstruction to soul-infusion, and (with the help of its now desperate personality) sees to the removal of such obstruction.
16.   Within the Personality—Cancer can be identified with the memory and retentiveness of the lower mental nature; with the sensitivity and receptivity of the astral nature; with the de-vitalization or insufficient vitalization of the etheric nature; and, with the tenacity of the physical elemental as it seeks to perpetuate the integrity of its life. In general, Cancer (through the Moon) is especially associated with the dense physical form as a first solar system ‘residue’, and with the fourth or personality elemental (arising from the lesser three). (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)   16.   Within the Personality—Scorpio can be identified with the penetrative and controlling (EA 180) processes of the lower mental nature; with the intensely purgative and emotionally transformational processes of the astral nature; with the general power of the etheric nature (though emotional/mental battles can be devitalizing); and with the fortitude, hardiness and staying-power of the dense physical nature. (The vehicular focus and its degree of prominence, depends upon the stage of evolutionary development.)
17.  Stage within a Preliminary Fourfold Meditative Process: Incarnation, Embodiment   17.   Stage of Meditative Consciousness: Illumination. “Scorpio—Illumination—The soul triumphs. Experience in Taurus consummated. Astral glamour dissipated. Soul light pours in. The Path of Discipleship. The Disciple.” (EA 228-229)
18.   The Crisis of Incarnation characterized by the process/quality of Individualization   18.   The Crisis of the Battlefield characterized by the process/quality of Conflict

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

Wider Relationships: Cosmic and Systemic

In Comparison With
1.   Expressive principally of the third or Intelligence aspect—in relation to matter. (EA 351)  The incarnation process under the rulership of Cancer “is initiation into the creative third aspect, the matter aspect and the world of intelligent activity.” (EH 144) Since ruled by Neptune and related to the Pleiades, Cancer is correlated to buddhi (TCF 1162), and thus, also, is linked to the second aspect of divinity.   1.   Expressive of the first aspect as it seeks to transmute the third aspect so that the second aspect may emerge—“triumphant”.
2.  Cosmically associated primarily with the Pleiades.  “Pleiades—Cancer—Venus—Humanity(EA 416)   2.   Cosmically, associated primarily with Sirius. “Scorpio is under the influence or inflowing energy of Sirius. This is the great star of initiation because our Hierarchy (an expression of the second aspect of divinity) is under the supervision or spiritual magnetic control of the Hierarchy of Sirius.” (EA 197) Initiation (Sirius) is transformation (Scorpio) “Scorpio is the great constellation which influences the turning point both in the life of humanity and the life of the individual human being. For the first time in the history of both mankind and disciples the energy of Sirius, pouring into the seven groups which form our planetary Hierarchy evokes a response.” (EA 198) “We come now to another triangle, the activity of which produces the manifestation of Hierarchy—the intermediary between Shamballa and Humanity: Scorpio, Sirius and Mars.”(EA 483)
3.   Three Constellations Connected (symbolically) with Cancer:
a) Ursa Major—the Great Bear;
b) Ursa Minor—the Little Bear;
c) Argo—the Ship.
(LOH 90-92)
Another constellation Connected with Cancer is Praesepe—the Beehive.  There are eighty three stars to be found ‘within’ this constellation. (LOH 87-88) Tradition connects both Ursa Major and Minor with “flock(s) of sheep” and “sheepfold(s)”
  3.   Three Constellations Connected with Scorpio:
a) Serpens—the Serpent of Illusion;
b) Ophiuchus—the Serpent Handler or Wrestler;
c) Hercules—the Sun God/Hero
(LOH 153-154)
4.   Identification with the third aspect of divinity   4.   The use of the first aspect of divinity to establish the primacy of the second divine aspect over the third
5.   “Cancer and Scorpio, through Neptune and Mars, are related to Ray 6.” “Transformation of the mass consciousness…” (EA 67)   5.   “Cancer and Scorpio, through Neptune and Mars, are related to Ray 6.” “…into the inclusive consciousness of the disciple.” The Triumphant Disciple (EA 67)

Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers, and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment


Relationships Between Three Levels of Planetary Rulers,
and Planets in Exaltation, Fall and Detriment

In Comparison With
1.   The Moon is the exoteric ruler of Cancer.
1.   The Moon falls in Scorpio.
2.   Mars falls in Cancer.   2.   Mars is the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Scorpio.

Subtle Relationships Between Rays, Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

Subtle Relationships Between Rays,
Zodiacal and Planetary Energies

Subtle Relationships Between Ray, Zodiacal and Planetary Energies.

In Comparison With
1.   Cancer transmits the third ray constellationally.   1.   Scorpio (like Virgo) is a triple sign, hence related to the third aspect (which it conquers) and to the third ray. Mars participates in the expression of a great third ray Entity (EPII 99) ; Pluto is related to the third ray through stealth and stratagem; Mercury is strongly related to the third ray and may well transmit it via the personality. (EA 280) Uranus, exalted in Scorpio, expresses the third ray. (EA 138, 200)
2.   Cancer transmits the seventh ray constellationally. Cancer is also the seventh sign if one numbers by polarities (Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, etc.), and thus has a further resonance with the seventh ray.   2.   Uranus, exalted in Scorpio, transmits the seventh ray
3.   Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac on the reversed wheel and, hence, has numerical affinity with the number four and with the fourth ray.   3.   Scorpio transmits the fourth ray, constellationally. Counting by polarities (Aries-Libra-Scorpio-Taurus-etc., ), Scorpio is the fourth sign, hence resonant with the fourth ray. Mercury, the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio, transmits the fourth ray. Mars also seems to be associated with the lower part of the fourth ray—the conflict side. (Note the frequent Mars/Mercury associations, as, for instance, related to kundalini.
4.   Cancer is the tenth sign of the zodiac on the clockwise wheel and, hence, has numerical affinity with the number one and with the first ray. This is not a strong representation of the first ray. Only the presence of a generically veiled Vulcan, which could be described as the ‘will asleep in matter’, would bring in the first ray—mostly from the angle of resistance. However, a great first ray power is indicated as latent—inured in matter.   4.   Scorpio (as its close connection with Hercules implies) is strongly related to the first ray as a constellation as a cosmic decanate. (cf. EA 204,  486-487). This first ray association may emerge more definitely in a future world period.  Mars, the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Scorpio, transmits the first ray, because its “School” trains “those whose work is along the lines of the destroyer.” (TCF 1179). It is the first ray which is the Ray of the Destroyer. Pluto, a special ruler in Scorpio, is the “Lord of Death” and transmits the first ray. Uranus, exalted in Scorpio, is the “home of fire electric” and transmits the first ray, almost certainly monadically. (TCF 1154)
5.   The Moon, the exoteric ruler of cancer, transmits the fourth ray.   5.   See #3 above.
6.   The Moon is closely related to the third ray. (EA 280)   6.   See #1 above.
7.   The Moon is closely related to the seventh ray, through its rulership of the seventh manifested Creative Hierarchy, and its general association with dense physical matter.   7.   See #2 above.
8.   Neptune, the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Cancer (and exalted, with Jupiter, as well), transmits the sixth ray.   8.   Scorpio is the sixth sign of the zodiac on the ordinary (clock-wise) wheel, and hence has numerical affinity with the sixth ray. Mars, the exoteric and esoteric ruler,  transmits the sixth ray. Pluto, special ruler, has solar plexus associations (EA 78), hence, sixth ray associations.
9.   Neptune also transmits the second ray, monadically. (EPI 421)   9.   Uranus (exalted in Scorpio) is in line with a great second ray transmission of force from Sirius, and is also one of three planets (Uranus, Jupiter and Venus) which probably participate in the expression of a great second ray Entity (EPII 99)
10.   Neptune is associated with the fourth plane, the buddhic plane, and with the energy of buddhi. “”No man begins to coordinate the buddhic vehicle until he comes under the influence of Neptune…. When this happens, his personality horoscope will show this influence as dominant” (TCF 899)   10.   See #3 above.
11.   Neptune, as “God of the Waters” is associated with “matter” and, hence, with the third ray. “Neptune is as you know, the God of the waters, and the term “water” covers many angles of the esoteric wisdom, such as: The whole concept of matter—universal and itemised….” (EA 275)   11.   See #1 above.
12.   Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and transmits the second ray.   12.   See #9 above.
13.   Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and transmits the seventh ray through “ritualistic worship.” (EA 660)   13.   See #2 above.
14.   Jupiter (exalted in Cancer) through its enthusiasm and aspirational nature has defensible connections to the sixth ray.   14.    
15.   There are no strong transmissions of the fifth ray through Cancer and its related planets.   15.   Scorpio is the fifth  sign of the zodiac on the clockwise wheel—numbering from Pisces as one.  This gives Scorpio numerical affinity with the fifth ray.. Mars expresses the fifth ray in its relation to science and the five senses. (EA 215) Uranus has strong fifth ray associations through “exoteric science.” (EA 149)

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts and Pragmatic Descriptors

General Qualitative Comparisons, Contrasts
and Pragmatic Descriptors

In Comparison With
1.   The Compassionate Gods   1.   The Gods of Wrath and Death; the Avenging Deities
2.   The Mother   2.   The Warrior
3.   The Angel of Birth   3.   The Angel of Death
4.   Death to Spirit (submersion)   4.   Death to Form
5.   The Protector   5.   The Destroyer
6.   The Defender   6.   The Attacker
7.   The House-holder   7.   The Survivalist
8.   The Nurse or Nurturer   8.   The Surgeon
9.   The House of Worship   9.   The Arsenal (the ‘House’ of Weaponry)
10.   The Cradle   10.   The Sword
11.   The Traditionalist   11.   The Revolutionary (under exalted Uranus)
12.   The Coward   12.   The ‘Confrontationalist’
13.   The “Mass” Man   13.   The Triumphant Disciple
14.   Generation   14.   Regeneration
15.   “Cancer—Incarnation—experience of realization” (EA 495)   15.   “Scorpio—Aspiration—the key to the testing of the disciple” (EA 495)
16.   The “mass consciousness”   16.   The triumph of the Christ Consciousness
17.   “In Cancer, he [the human being] forms a part of the mass with the mass consciousness, inchoate and unfocussed, and with no recognition of objective (except the satisfaction of instinctual desire) (EA 60-61)   17.   “In Scorpio he [the human being] becomes the triumphant disciple,…” (EA 61)
18.   A Transformation: “Transformation of the mass consciousness… “ (EA 67)   18.   A Transformation: “…into the inclusive consciousness of the disciple.” (EA 67) “The Triumphant Disciple”
19.   Cancer the Crab as Part of the Watery Triplicity: “The slow moving Crab, identified with its dwelling place and carrying its house upon its back, lives upon the land (physical plane life) and also in the sea (the life of the emotions);…” (EA 317)   19.   Scorpio the Scorpion as Part of the Watery Triplicity: “the Scorpion is rapid in movement, deadly in its effect upon men around it and is a creature of the land; it is also the symbol of the transformed Crab and the result of the evolutionary process, and indicates the dangerous nature of the man who is not transformed and is therefore harmful and hurtful to others;…” (EA 317)
20.   Instinct: “…Cancer is the sign of instinctual life…” (EA 179)   20.   Mind: “In Scorpio the mind is released into full governing activity. This release takes place in two stages: Stage 1—Wherein the intellect becomes dominant and powerful and controls eventually the emotional nature. Stage 2— Wherein the intellect is illumined by the light of the soul. (EA 179-180)
13.   The Sixth and Fourth Rays are Dominant upon the Path of Evolution: Cancer is active in relation to the fourth ray through the Moon. (EA 166)   14.   The Sixth and Fourth Rays are Dominant upon the Path of Evolution: Scorpio is active in relation to the sixth ray through Mars. (EA 166)
21.   Cancer in Relation to Birth: “…Cancer is the sign of birth; it is the door into incarnation and the sign of generation.” (EA 217)   21.   Scorpio in Relation to Regeneration: “Scorpio is the sign of sex and of regeneration, and birth is ever the intended result of the sex relation. Father-spirit and Mother-matter when brought together produce the Son.” (EA 217)
22.   Cancer Related to Scorpio through Sixth-Ray Neptune: “Cancer, being the door to incarnation, has a close relation to Scorpio through Neptune and Mars, both of whom are expressions of the sixth ray energy. In Cancer, you have the devotion of the soul, developed to such an extent that the urge to manifest overcomes all other urges, and the processes of incarnation impose themselves upon the soul. (EA 220)   22.   Scorpio Related to Cancer through Sixth-Ray Mars: “In Scorpio, that same spirit of devotion (which is based on the sense of duality and the need to go out towards that which is not the Self) is turned in the reverse direction and the urge towards liberation and the desire to tread the Path of Return becomes so strong that the disciple submits to tests, reverses—at tremendous cost and pain—his position upon the wheel of life and assumes the attitude of the Observer in contradistinction to that of the Experiencer. Old identifications cease; new trends toward higher, subtler and more spiritual identifications begin to appear and then Neptune and Mars begin to play their part. (EA 220)
23.   In Cancer: “Focussed impulse. Incarnation.” (EA 221)   23.   In Scorpio: Reversing impulse. Return.” (EA 221)
24.   In Cancer: “..the processes of incarnation go forward…” (EA 230)   24.   In Scorpio: there “takes place the reversal of the wheel and the beginning of the new orientation and of discipleship…” ( EA 230)
25.   Cancer completes an “esoteric quaternary of great importance” (EA 314)   25.   Scorpio disturbs the balance within that esoteric quaternary. (cf. EA 314)
26.   In Cancer: “imprisonment of the soul” (EA 341)   26.   In Scorpio: liberation of the soul from the form—initial stages.
27.   In Cancer—the Lunar Elementals are Empowered.   27.   In Scorpio—the Soul is Empowered: There is a “…final stage in consciousness which will place the soul within the form surely in the place of power, swinging the earlier achieved balance and control definitely into the realm of the soul. It is this which, in the Scorpio experience, produces the terrific experience of the disciple…” (EA 360)
28.   Cancer focusses the struggle between soul and personality. (cf. EA 360)   28.   Scorpio brings to a crisis the struggle between soul and personality. (cf. EA 361)
29.   Latency and Hiddenness in Cancer: “You have two signs of water and earth (Cancer and Virgo) in the stage of sub-conscious emphasis wherein everything is latent and hidden. Human consciousness is only embryonic in Cancer, for it is the mass mind which dominates and not the individual mind.” (EW 318)   29.   Emergence of that which is Hidden, in Scorpio: “In Scorpio comes a point of transition, of change and of re-orientation. That which has been hitherto hidden appears and is brought to the surface by means of the experience, the tests, the trials and the ‘sting of life’.” (EA 318)
30.   In Cancer—Emerging Duality: “In Cancer, the influence of the human Hierarchy begins to make its presence felt and to include the dualism of man. This emerges clearly in Virgo. Soul and body are closely related and knit together in one form. Man is a conscious personality, and this is a result of the Cancer experience, consummated in Virgo.” (EA 319)   30.   In Scorpio—the Testing of Duality: In Scorpio, the influence of the occult Hierarchy begins to set its seal on the human being, and his essential duality is put to the test. This is preparatory to a new and higher unity. He is at the miserable stage of being neither the soul nor the form—the stage of transition.” (EA 319)
31.   “Cancer and Scorpio.—The triumphant Disciples.” (EA 243)   31.   “Cancer and Scorpio.—The triumphant Disciples.” (EA 243)
32.   Purification in Relation to Cancer: “In Cancer, the purificatory waters of experience begin their beneficent work. This is begun upon the Cardinal Cross because that cross deals only with wholes and, therefore, with mass experience.” (EA 287)   32.   Purification in Relation to Scorpio: “In Scorpio, the purificatory waters of testing and trials are applied. This takes place upon the Fixed Cross and their effect is drastic in the extreme.” (EA 287)
33.   Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, indicating that it is part of the number eight, thus linking it to Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac. (cf. EA 286)   33.   Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, indicating that it is the double of the number four, thus linking it so Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac. (cf. EA 286)
34.   Cancer—for Undeveloped Man: “The blind unit is lost. The mass.” (EA 332)   34.   Scorpio—for the Undeveloped Man: “Unity of selfishness. The Monster.” (EA 333)
35.   Cancer—for Advanced Man: “The unit awakens to that which is around. The House.” (EA 332)   35.   Scorpio—for the Advanced Man: “Conflict with duality. The Fighter.” (EA 333)
36.   Cancer—for the Disciple/Initiate: “The Whole is seen as one. Humanity.” (EA 332)   36.   Scorpio—for the Disciple/Initiate: “Higher Unity. The Disciple.” (EA 333)
37.   Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Cancer: When the Sun is in Cancer the disciple may attempt to increase his power to manifest (to em-‘body’), his intuitive faculties, and cultivate the sense of wholeness.   37.   Yearly Opportunity in Relation to Scorpio: When the Sun is in Scorpio, an individual may cultivate the power to overcome some aspect of his lower nature—through humility, and the use of the analytical mind and intuition.
38.   The life of the Christ from the Cancerian perspective: “The potency of this sign is expressed for us by Christ in the oft misinterpreted words: ‘Other sheep I have which are not of this fold, them also I must bring.’ This refers to the mass consciousness in contradistinction to the initiate consciousness of His disciples. Cancer is a mass sign.   38.   The Life of the Christ from a Scorpionic Perspective: “The significance of this sign in the life of Christ has been deleted from The New Testament, but has been preserved for us in the ancient Christian legend that—in the cradle itself—Christ killed or strangled two serpents, thus referring to the pairs of opposites which could no longer control Him.” (EA 566)
39.   Conservative   39.   Transformational
40.   Receptive, passive   40.   Aggressive
41.   Side-stepping   41.   Confrontational
42.   The fulfillment of the personality (Jupiter is exalted)   42.   The “death of the personality” (Mars and Pluto rule, Moon falls)
43.   Birth into the ‘death’ which form represents.   43.   Death as a release from the form.
44.   Constructor and preserver of the form.   44.   Destroyer of the form.
45.   Promoting life in form   45.   Lethal to life in form
46.   Rebirth   46.   Death as the prelude to re-birth
46.   The Past   46.   Destruction as the gateway to the future
47.   Fear of death   47.   Facing and overcoming death (consummated in Capricorn)
48.   Survival at all costs   48.   Seeking death as a means of spiritual survival. Or (negatively) actually self-destructive, or suicidal.
49.   Integrative   49.   Disintegrative
50.   Safety   50.   Victory
51.   Focusing on the integrity of the lunar nature   51.   Treating the lunar nature so as to put the solar nature in charge
52.   Shielding   52.   Radical
53.   Excessive attachment   53.   Preliminary excessive attachment followed by dramatic detachment.
54.   Identification with the form aspect   54.   Identification with the soul and spirit aspects
55.   Passionate about the parental relationship   55.   Passionate about the relationship with the partner
56.   Protection from war (whether the protection advances or retards evolution)   56.   Engaging war (whether than engagement advances or retards evolution)
57.   Timidity   57.   Aggression
58.   Super-sensitive   58.   “Rough and ready”
59.   Clinging   59.   Ejecting
60.   Binding   60.   Severing
61.   Sentimental   61.   Harsh and brutally realistic
62.   Heaven as a sanctuary   62.   “Marching into hell for a heavenly cause”
63.   The ocean   63.   The boiling underground streams
64.   Tenderness to the form; ignoring the soul   64.   Harshness to the form; facilitating the emergence of soul
65.   Easily crushed and destroyed   65.   Rising again and again after mortal blows; the Phoenix rising from its ashes
Similarities and Points of Cooperation Between the Influences

 Similarities and Points of Cooperation
Between the Zodiacal Influences

Looking at similarities, we see two signs profoundly connected with the emotional nature.

Both are water signs and therefore signs of acute sensitivity emotionally, although Scorpio will exert greater self-control.

A great deal of devotion is to be expected in the natives of both signs, for exoterically and esoterically, Mars rules in Scorpio, bringing in a strong 6th Ray and esoterically and hierarchically, Neptune rules bringing in a strong 6th Ray.

The devotion in Cancer will be to that which is under the Cancerian’s protection, at least at first, and the devotion in Scorpio, will be to that which the passions are focussed upon.

Later in Cancer, the devotion is to all forms of life towards whom the advanced Cancerian subject adopts a maternal attitude and the devotion in Scorpio is to the very process of transformation and elevation – to death and rebirth.

Both of these signs are psychologically attuned. They understand in-depth personal issues, they are able to discover the subtle motivations of individuals and they are found prominent in those who pursue therapeutic fields.

This can also be said of the sign Pisces – all the water signs really.

Both signs with their strong emotional resonance, naturally carry an intuitive resonance and this is supported by the idea that intuitive Neptune is the esoteric and hierarchical ruler of Cancer and the intuitive, illusion-dispelling aspect of Mercury is the hierarchical ruler of Scorpio. 

Both signs are also closely related to the 4th creative hierarchy, to the incarnation of that 4th hierarchy which is the human hierarchy and its change of kingdom.

Interestingly enough, the 4th creative hierarchy as a whole is ruled by Scorpio but the very first incarnation of members of the 4th creative hierarchy, is said to take place in the sign Cancer.

Also, it is the purpose at present of the 4th creative hierarchy to transform itself from the human stage into the kingdom of souls – the 5th kingdom.  That transition is made via the intervention of the solar angels which have much to do with the number 5 and Sirius and with the number 10 and Capricorn.

The 5th creative hierarchy which is, as the Tibetan tells us, “On the verge of liberation”, must be numerically resonant and be intimately associated with this transformation from the 4 into the 5.

(I'll pursue numerology in its astrological mode, whereby the combination of certain numerical qualities, yields other numerical qualities. The point is, there is something about the addition of the quality 4 and the quality 5 which combined to yield the quality 9 and in this way it is possible also to add planetary influences together in order yield other planetary influences – for quality is quantity and every entity is nothing but a quality.) 

Since the 5th creative hierarchy, ruled by Cancer synthesizes the 5 aspects of manas and is directly related to the 5th manifested hierarchy, that of the solar angels, it shares with Scorpio the influence of helping the human unit (the number 4) transfer itself into the domain of the number 5.  It is clear also, that Cancer and Scorpio are rulers of the solar plexus center, at first in its grasping nature and in its sensitivity to lower vibration and later in terms of its aspirational transference towards heart energies ruled by higher Neptune.

(When I use a term like “higher” or “lower”, higher Neptune, higher Mars, lower Neptune, lower Mars, I do not imply that the emanation of the planet or particular deity, is higher or lower but simply that the vibrations and influence of a planet will be used by the form upon which it impacts in a way that we term higher or evolutionary and spiritual, or relatively lower ie encouraging the maintenance of material values.)

There is in these two signs as well, a connection via the 4th Ray, because the moon veiling an undiscovered 4th Ray  planet, transmits this 4th Ray as does the entire sign Scorpio and its hierarchical ruler Mercury, whichever signs either constellationally or through their planetary rulerships, transmit the 4th Ray are naturally closely associated with the human stage of struggle.

For Cancer, each of the lunar vehicles, which Cancer rules as a whole, are caught in the struggle of following their own involutionary paths or being enfired towards a higher evolutionary status by the application of aspirational fire.

There is vehicular stress and the attempt to seek some sort of balance and middle ground between the natural level of vehicular comfort and the higher vibrational possibilities which are impulsed by the impact of the solar self upon the lunar vehicles and naturally Scorpio is profoundly a 4th Ray sign, synonymous with the manifold struggles, temptations and victories with which the aspiring human being is confronted or any human being for that matter. Interestingly, if you add up the numbers of the Cancerian hierarchy, number. 5 and the Scorpionic hierarchy number.9, you get the number 14 which equals 5 – again associated with the soul state or the mental state of man.

Adding the numbers up differently, the number 5 of the Cancerian hierarchy and the number 4 of the Scorpionic hierarchy, bring you the number 9 which is the number of completion and interestingly is the number which blends the number of the 4th kingdom of the human nature with the 5th kingdom of souls.

When adding from below, the human hierarchy again turns out to be 4th and the first of the liberated hierarchies would be the first, adding the two numbers together again, the number 5 appears, correlating with the other method of addition.

Should the human hierarchy be considered the 4th and the Cancerian hierarchy the 8th, counting from below, we have the number of completion 12, which adds to 3 – again a mental number. 

So the combined effect of these two hierarchies and hence of these two signs, is to raise the irrational to the rational and the kama-manasic human being into the realm of pure manas which is correlated with the 5th kingdom of nature and with Sirius, the source of manas and hence with the kingdom of souls. 

There is another close connection with these two signs and it relates to the power of reproduction and generation, perhaps under the rulerships of the Moon, the mother of form and Mars, the ruler of the sacral center by some assignments.

This is the relationship between birth and sex, for Scorpio is one of the major signs of sex and Cancer the sign of birth and re-birth and as the Tibetan informs us, the function of the sex impulse is to lead towards regeneration and birth. 

So the Rays of Scorpio and Cancer can be seen in this context, the bringing together of the polar opposites under the 4th Ray and the impulse of sex is meant to lead to birth and manifestation under the 3rd and 7th Rays (the rulers of Cancer and both of these processes in life are considered great mysteries).

Perhaps there are no greater mysteries than the processes of birth and death and of course Pisces would be involved in this.

Two of the planets associated with Cancer and Scorpio, namely Neptune and Pluto, are planets of mystery.

Interestingly, if one begins numbering from Scorpio and proceeds counter-clockwise, Cancer becomes the ninth sign, again re-enforcing the theme of completion which can be derived numerologically from combining these two signs.

There is much about the number 9 as it relates both to birth and initiation that is worth pondering, it is also interesting to realize that the abuse of the creative function will lead to death and that even the right use of the creative function in Scorpio leads to a kind of death or entombment of the spirit in matter which is ruled by Cancer and hence the early mantram associated with birth and Cancer, the blind unit is lost.

So we see that both Cancer and Scorpio are signs both of death – death differently considered and of life differently considered.  Cancer is the life of the form which is the death of the spirit, a death at least in terms of consciousness and Scorpio is the death of the form which is the releases into life the consciousness.

Humanity is powerfully attached to both these processes as the powerful 6th Ray of these two signs demonstrates and seems unable to separate itself either from the birth or the death drama on higher or lower turns of the spiral.

Interestingly, the obligatory nature of these two facets of human life are re-enforced by the planet of compulsion; Pluto which says that death must come in Scorpio and the planet of spiritual obligation, Neptune, which promises birth  and re-birth.

It is important and paradoxical to realize that Neptune, in association with the 5th creative hierarchy, the Cancerian hierarchy, does induce the processes of rebirth in which the free and formless spirit, which for practical purposes we can call the monad and which is associated with Neptune by numerical resonance.

Since the monad is a resident of the second plane and Neptune is the major distributor of the 2nd Ray spiritually speaking, i.e., in which this free and formless spirit is given a home in the lower dimensions, the dimensions of matter represented by Cancer.

So one of the important meanings of Neptune and Cancer is that the formless takes birth, the formless under Neptune, in form under Cancer, ruled by the 3rd and 7th Rays. 

(I notice here that prolonged brooding upon two signs or two entities or two qualities continues to yield relationships. It had been my intention to release consideration of the Scorpio and Cancer some time ago but a certain tenacity held me to it and the yield was a most significant relationship which otherwise I would have overlooked).

These are both signs of great tenacity and the natives hold to their pursuit of the mysteries of birth and death even as they are held to the cycling wheel which demands that they pass ever and again through these experiences.

Missing or Weak Links

Missing or Weak Links Between Cancer and Scorpio

The fifth ray is not represented as transmitted through Cancer and its related planets.

Only in relation to those planets which fall (Mars) or are in detriment (Saturn) can fifth ray relations be found.

Scorpio is not strong in the seventh ray.

Only its exalted Uranus carries that energy.

Scorpio is also weak in relation to the second ray.

Again, only Uranus, in one of its more recondite associations can be said to have anything to do with the second ray.