Master Morya
Morya is the Chohan of the first ray Ashram
Also see Akbar the Great
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Presumably, as He is a Chohan, and as Chohans have achieved the sixth initiation, at which point they become monads in expression, His monadic ray is the first ray of Will and Power. “Morya Remembrance Day” is designated as March 24th, thereby linking Him with the fiery sign, Aries. The type of yoga which Master Morya has promoted is Agni Yoga, the “Yoga of Fire”.

No conventional chart is available for Master Morya, though, presumably, in the archives of the Great Ones, such charts exist. One is tempted to associated the sign Leo with him as well as Aries, as so often, He has been the great monarch—whether as King Solomon or as Akbar. There are similarities, as well, to Charlemagne (though no hypothesis that they are the same entity is thereby suggested).

For His great love of beauty (evidenced in the lives of both Solomon and Akbar), the fourth ray is suggested.

  Agni Yoga

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