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Vol. III: Astro-Rayology
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Tapestry of the Gods
Volume III
by Michael D. Robbins

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Interpretations of Famous People by Ray, Sign and Life Emphasis
With Explanations of All Astrological and Rayological Elements

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Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo or Mars in Relation to Leo
(from Esoteric Astrology)

Mars rules the first decanate of Leo (on the Reversed Wheel). (EA 311)

Mars rules the third decanate of Leo if Leo is partitioned among the members of the Fire Triplicity. Aries, exoterically ruled by Mars, would then correspond to the third decanate.

Specific Expressions of Mars in Leo

1. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to the Dense Physical Vehicle: Mars in Leo will strengthen the physical vehicle. These indications are accentuated when the planet in the sign under consideration is also the ruling planet (as it would be, in this case, if either Aries or Scorpio were rising). Leo, via the Sun, is always connected with strength and vitality. Mars and the Sun are the two principally masculine indicators among the ‘planets’ (even though the Sun is not really a planet). “Blood rushes” to the heart and the immediate circulatory system connected with it. This may increase the strength of that organ, or bring difficulties and high blood pressure through an over-concentration of force.
2. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to the Etheric Vehicle: The overall effect of Mar in Leo upon the etheric body is vitalizing and positive. Taken alone as an indicator (i.e., independently of other perhaps contrary influences), it will increase etheric radiation, immunity and the general force and impact of the etheric vehicle upon the dense physical vehicle. There will be no difficulty ‘specializing’ prana, as may be found with Mars in Cancer or Pisces.
3. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to the Astral Vehicle: This combination (the sixth ray of Mars blended with the first and fifth rays transmitted through Leo) adds willfulness to the astral dynamics. There will be emotional insistence, and determination that desire be fulfilled. Mars in Leo has a potential for egotism; this reflects within the astral nature as a demand that states of feeling and emotion be acknowledged rather than ignored. Emotional responses can be forceful and dramatic. Desires are fiery and can be selfish (Leo being the sign of selfhood), or at least tied to a separative personality attitude. Intense desire is mobilized in support of lower ego. In any case, the tendency to want to “have one’s own way”, emotionally, is pronounced. A disciple will have overcome these more negative tendencies, and an emotional strength and positivity will result.

4. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to the Concrete Mind: Leo transmits the fifth ray and Mars is connected with science and the senses (both from the more material perspective). Whatever the ray of the mind, this combination will strengthen the fifth ray and (under Leo and the first ray) make one more certain of one’s point of view. Mental positivity can be an asset when its purpose is free from control by the lower ego (the personality consciousness), but there is also a subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) dominating effect, and a tendency towards “intellectual overlordship” (as the Tibetan has described it—{EA 471}) There can be an attitude of ‘mental conquest’, and the assertive mental approach is of one who is ‘not to be subdued’.
5. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to the Personality as a Whole: Leo, in the development of most human beings today, represents either the integrated personality or the dominant (and integrated) personality. This combination adds first ray force to the personality manifestation and the tendency to wield personality power dominantly is certainly increased. Egoistic tendencies are augmented, but (at a later date) so is strength of character, bravery and nobility. The willingness to assert one’s individuality, whether for good or ill, is pronounced.
6. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to Glamor: Glamors appear surrounding issues of overbearing certainty, self-assertion and self-will. These are fed by the glamors of pride and separativeness. Mars in Leo can certainly produce the illusion of the separated individual which leads to the emergence of the separative individual. This sense of separativeness lies at the root of so many glamors and illusions—overcome, as they are, by love, light and the sense of unity.
7. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to Necessary Transmutations: Mars in Leo strengthens the ahamkara principle—the principle of “I-ness”, and in this case, quite separative “I-ness”. Egoism is crude compared to soul-consciousness, and it is this crude (and sometimes cruel) assertion of separativeness, (accompanied by selfish thought, desire and action) which must be transmuted and transformed.
8. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to Sex: Sex is the playground of the lower ego, but it can also be the battleground where ego faces its demise. Dynamics of dominance and submission play a great part in human sexual behavior, so one can see how the very assertive (and masculine) attitude of Mars in Leo would play its part. Does sex occur within the field of love, or is the egoistic thought of “conquest” prominent in the mind (whether of a man or a woman)? Sex can become a tool for ego-reinforcement or even aggrandizement; this is the selfish approach, and one to which Mars in Leo persons are prone at a certain point in evolution. In any case, with this combination, the whole area of sexual encounter is faced positively (even exuberantly), with much of the self invested in the process.
9. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to the Management and Expenditure of Energy: Mars in Leo holds nothing back. When things are done, they are done “in a big way”. The self and its energies are spent in pursuit of its desires. Lavish Management and Expenditures, like fireworks, are brilliant but of short duration. This combination is abundantly endowed with energy to spend, but it spends fast. Restraining forces from other horoscopic influences would be helpful.

10. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to Courage: Mars in Leo is exactly courageous. Leo, the “Lion-hearted” becomes, with the addition of Mars, “Brave-heart”. Courage can be manifested even by egoistically motivated persons, but it becomes especially powerful when love (Leo) and devotion (Mars) rule.

11. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to Aspiration: If and when the lower ego with its many lower desires is overcome, this combination can be filled with aspiration for the glories of the higher Life of Light and Love. The Leo energy always inclines towards an appreciation of brilliance, of a radiance which shines far beyond the dullness of normal, lack-luster life. Mars in Leo aspires towards the radiant glories of the fifth kingdom of Nature (the Kingdom of Souls), and the ardor to reach those heights can be strong.

12. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to Idealism: To be a true idealism, one must value someone or something more than oneself. Lower ego is the enemy of true idealism. A false idealism, which aggrandizes the ego, there may be. We have seen this in the Leonian attitude of Mussolini who, in seeking to restore the glory and grandeur of ancient Rome, sought, really, his own aggrandizement. So true idealism cannot exist if one wishes to submit all things to the dictates of ones ego. However, once this selfishness is overcome, this combination offers the brave, courageous pursuit of the higher ideal, and a willingness to devotedly (Mars) invest one’s entire S/self (Leo) in that pursuit.

13. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to the Readiness and Willingness to Fight: Mars in Leo is a commanding and dominating position. The lower ego makes war in order to preserve its little kingdom of selfhood. If other forces oppose, it forces itself forward—to fight and to prevail. In such cases we have the familiar thought of “fighting to preserve one’s honor”.

Later, the motivation changes, and one fights to preserve soul values. In any case, there is no lack of willingness to assert ‘one’s-self’, or to be asserted by ‘one’s-Self” (the soul as the assertive, warrior Self)

14. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to Life’s Battlefield and the Nature of Personality Rebellion against the Soul: This must be obvious from all that has gone before—the dominant and dominating Mars in Leo personality has its own separative and “prideful purposings” (EA 491) which are at war with the intended loving unity of soul life. The egotistical general, commanding the armies of personality forces for his own ends, must become the simple soldier in the Army of the Soul (the Army of Maitreya, of which Master M. speaks). It is so easy for the Mars in Leo person to go his own way. This combination epitomizes personality rebellion against the higher nature—the aroused and assertive lower ego challenging its Master, the soul. Lower Leo must become higher Leo, and lower Mars, higher Mars, before the rebellion can case. Many a hard experience (in which the egotistical person is “cornered” by his own selfishness) must eventuate before the rebellion ceases—the pledge of loyalty withdrawn from the kingship of lower ego and humbly offered to the true King—the soul within.

15. Mars (in Leo) in Relation to Personality Cooperation with the Soul: The soul needs a strong and selfless instrument. Those who offend in a certain direction, equip themselves to master their own offenses, transforming them into virtues redirected to positive ends. “The greatest sinner makes the greatest saint.” If the ways of selfish egotism are thoroughly understood and eventually devalued, they will not be repeated, and the energy hitherto poured into them will be dedicated to higher things. Armed with nobility and unimpeachable individual integrity, Mars in Leo can become the commander of the personality forces for the sake of the soul. If “heights of noted service” can be reached in Leo (and Aquarius) (EA 339), then, an unselfish Mars can only strengthen the power to serve. Then the inherent positivity of the soul can triumph, and its personality instrument will reflect that positively—bravely and in all circumstances.

A Few Miscellaneous Meanings of Mars in Leo

1. The assertion of the soul rather than the personality
2. The courage of the heart; “Braveheart”
3. Great vitality; considerable physical strength
4. Courageously setting an example
5. Forceful self-expression
6. The union of solar plexus and heart
7. The forceful expression of the ahamkaric nature
8. Stepping forth first
9. Boldness—for better or for worse
10. Great personality force
11. Aggressive egoism
12. The demand to be noticed
13. Pride and separativeness; one-upsmanship
14. Pushing others out of the way

Individuals with Mars in Leo

Dante Alighieri
Hans Christian Andersen
Alice Bailey
William Blake
Niels Bohr
Nadia Boulanger
Nicholas Culpeper
Baba Ram Dass
Benjamin Disraeli
Fyodor Dosteovski
Henry Ford
Anne Frank
R. Buckminster Fuller
Charles Goren
Ulysses S. Grant
Manly Palmer Hall
Mata Hari
Heinrich Himmler
David Hume
Thomas Jefferson
Jim Jones
Helen Keller
Herbet Horatio Kitchener
Edward Bulwer Lytton
Carl Gustav Emil Mannerheim
Yehudi Menuhin
J. Pierpont Morgan
Florence Nightingale
Auguste Piccard
Maximillian Robespierre
D. T. Suzuki
Algernon Swinburne
Frank Lloyd Wright
William Butler Yeats
Boris Yeltsin


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