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Externalization of the Hierarchy — Webinar Commentaries, by Michael D. Robbins

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 44: Approximately 2.25 hours, and covers pages 437 to 445 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 43: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 431 to 437 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy.  (Correction made re the tank Battle of Kursk in 1943–an important turning point following which the Nazis were in retreat.)

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 42: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 423 to 431 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy.  (Please note error to be corrected in next program. The Battle of Kursk took place in July and August 1943, not 1944. But it was a decisive turning point after which the German Armies were in constant retreat.)

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 41: Approximately 1.5 hours, and covers pages 418 to 423 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 40: Approximately 3 hours, and covers pages 409 to 418 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. As we look ahead and begin to question what structure the faith of Humanity should assume three more fundamental truths appear: the demonstrated existence of a Spiritual Hierarchy devoted to the good of Humanity; the development of the Science of Invocation and Evocation as an approach to Divinity; and the realization that the solar system and planets are all manifestations of Great Spiritual Lives. Relationship to God, through Christ, has always been the teaching of the spiritual leaders of the world, no matter by what name they called Him. In the future we shall draw closer and more intelligently to the living substance of Reality and be more definite in our apprehension of this relationship. We shall speak openly of the Hierarchy and of its Members and Their work; the hierarchical nature of all spiritual Lives, and the fact of the great “chain of hierarchies” stretching all the way up from the mineral kingdom through the human and the kingdom of God. Then there will open for the spiritual Lives what has been called “the Way of the Higher Evolution.” Many know the truth today; many people of integrity and worth are cooperating consciously with Members of this Hierarchy. What the orthodox theologian has to offer no longer satisfies the intelligent seeker or suffices to answer his questions; he is shifting his allegiances into wider and more spiritual areas. He is moving out from under doctrinal authority into direct personal, spiritual experience and coming under the direct authority which contact with Christ and His disciples, the Masters, gives.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 39: Approximately 5 hours, and covers pages 387 to 409 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The greatest Approach of all time in imminent, but much depends now upon the aspirants and disciples of the world. A major contact between Shamballa and the Hierarchy which initiates and Masters have for centuries been preparing is now in the process of consummation. At the May and June Full Moons of 1943 disciples were asked to use the first two Great Invocations for a five day period around the Full Moons, testifying to the fusion of Humanity into one great group of invocative appeal combining with the strength of the Hierarchy. Spiritual guidance is accorded to mankind, and behind the veil that separates the visible from the invisible there stand Those Who are working strenuously and scientifically to meet the present dire world need. The members of the Hierarchy are occupied with the need to bring the present strife to an end and to release mankind from an evil past that opens the door to a better future; and they are laying the foundation for a new world religion that will meet man’s need for many centuries ahead. Can this new cycle of spiritual contact and liberation be brought about by the action of mand and women of goodwill? Can the united effort of the masses standing in massed intent and the spiritually minded people make the supreme effort so Humanity is focused in its appeal to bring about a response from the highest available sources? Along side much material activity of reconstruction is found the strenuous endeavor to think constructively with focused idealism and register the vision of goodwill; disciples everywhere, plus the trained spiritual activity of the Hierarchy and spiritual leaders must be added in cooperation to that center where the Will of God is focused. The problem is to fuse and blend the groups so that the spiritual appeal is integrated and united. Much of this task falls to the Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers (all who truly love their fellowmen and who serve them with sacrifice and selfless understanding). Always in moments of crisis the cry of Humanity has evoked response from the Hierarchy; one approach was that of the Buddha and another was the Christ. Another Great Approach is now at hand, but it’s dependent on the activity of the New Group of World Servers and the spiritual tension they can achieve. Men are recoiling in horror from the display of rampant evil that is today stalking the Earth; that realization is good and will help the needed reorientation of mankind towards God and good, bringing the Externalization of the Hierarchy closer to manifesting. This will bring about a closer relation between those great Lives Who embody the Will of God and the Custodians of the Divine Purpose and those Who embody the Love of God and are the Custodians of the immediate Plan for Humanity. It will also bring about a closer relation between mankind and the Hierarchy. At the time of the May and June Full Moons the Christ will focus in Himself the spiritual energies of the Hierarchy, plus the energy that the buddha distributed, and the New Group of World Servers will focus the spiritual demand for life and liberation, voicing the “massed intent” of Humanity. Esoterically speaking, the work of the Hierarchy is to focus the divine will-to-good as it affects Humanity. The work of the spiritually minded men is to evoke that will-to-good on Earth through as full an expression of goodwill as possible. If the fusion of the Hierarchy and Humanity can be successfully accomplished, two great revelations may then reveal the light and understanding to Humanity, causing them to see the present catastrophe in a new light and how to rectify the past errors. It will also reveal a life more abundant that Christ promised on Earth, indicating that spiritual energy leads to right activity, sound leadership and inspired living. Members of the New Group of World Servers can act as mediating factors between Humanity and the Hierarchy, bridging the gap between the mass of men and the spiritual group seeking to bring them help. Walk silently in the light of your souls, radiate love, seek clarity of vision and when needed, speak to others with power and understanding. Step by step man has been led through prayer, the voice of desire, worship and the belief in the divinity of man. The new form of the one religion will be the Religion of the Great Approaches between mankind and the great spiritual Centers; it will be a religion of Invocation and Evocation, of bringing together great spiritual energies and stepping them down for the benefit and stimulation of the masses. The work of the new religion will be the distribution of spiritual energy and the protection of Humanity from energies and forces which they are not yet fit to receive. It will be the stimulation of mankind through the distribution and transference of spiritual energy so that the right steps can be taken in any given period, leading mankind out of darkness and into light, from death to immortality, and from the unreal to the Real. Together, the two great Sons of God, the Buddha and the Christ present to mankind (one in the East, one in the West) a complete and perfect representation of Diety. By Their lives and words They guarantee to man the possibilities always latent in the human spirit. The new world religion must be based upon those truths which have stood the test of the ages: the fact of God, man’s relationship to God, the fact of immortality and eternal persistence, the continuity of Revelation and the Divine Approaches, the fact of our relationship with each other, the fact of the Path to God.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 38: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 383 to 387 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The following suggestions are for everyone: study and discuss the proposals of world leaders reference world rehabilitation; discuss the study of the coming world order and cooperate with the effort; extend your interest to many countries and try to understand the diverse problems facing those countries (strengthen them with your goodwill and interest); pray and meditate on the world pattern and needed structure to blend yourself with the sensed Divine Will; find two other people to work with you as there is a unique potency in this triple relationship (form a goodwill triangle of light); interest yourself in the techniques and objectives of groups and organizations working for world reconstruction; take an interest in and cooperate with the men and women of goodwill in your environment; set aside funds to help with the reconstruction and world need; and above all else, plan physically, psychologically, and spiritually for the rehabilitation of the children in every country. Selfless sharing and cooperative understanding between all men of goodwill everywhere can bring a more beautiful life into being.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 37: Approximately 5 hours, and covers pages 364 to 383 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. An attempt was made with Master DK’s writings to deal with both the past and future, and the fact that the issues Humanity was facing had to be settled by Humanity itself Even the most enlightened men and spiritual leaders could not judge what line mankind would take or whether there were enough clear-sighted people in the world who could effectively lead the world into one united and steadfast whole embodying the spirit of freedom. Work must still be done in this interlude between the ending of the war and the coming of world order, beginning with a sound reconstruction process and period of rehabilitation. Trained experts in institutionalized activities, financial enterprise, economics, social workers, and government agents are needed, as are the understanding interest of those whose hearts of love pour out an uprising of goodwill providing right compassionate incentive to the world. The work of reconstruction will be the work of the intelligent men and women of goodwill; their task is to rebuild the fabric of human life, restoring new life and happiness to Humanity through the spirit of understanding and cooperation. This will be strong enough to break down racial barriers and heal the wounds of war. Goodwill is the active principle of peace, as is international understanding, a future of shared planetary resources, and the end of an era of separativeness. The plight of Humanity everywhere is definitely steadying public opinion and evoking an unalterable determination to end evil and the resources of the United Nations are now vast and easily mobilized. The emphasis on the Four Freedoms and the Atlantic Charter ensure right human relations for everyone, and the spirit of freedom and the beauty of the human spirit is emerging everywhere. But there are still dangers involved in the era of reconstruction, including the danger of too prompt a peace settlement, of a return to “normality” and its nationalisms and separative barriers, and dangers incident to adjustments made between nations involving historical tradition or ancient boundaries—the people must determine their own destiny in establishing the kind of world in which they chose to live. There are also dangers growing out of hate, revenge, and pain; this must be stemmed by men of goodwill in every nation who see Humanity as a whole and all men as brothers. Another issue is the danger due to the effects of war upon the children of the world; they have seen the very depths of cruelty and terror, been bombed and shot, known no security and feared for their lives; restoring them to happy, productive lives is the problem of educators, psychologists and intelligent people in all nations. Another danger is the re-emergence of nationalism. The family of nations, viewed as a unit, needs to shoulder the responsibility for all national enterprise, the resources of the entire planet must be shared collectively; redemption of the nations comes with the understanding that each of them is a part within the international Whole. Past and present cultures and civilizations are of great value in enriching the entire human family; the new civilizations must emerge out of the past, cultivate new ideals and recognize the events of the past had to prepare the people for the future. Every nation (great or small) should pursue its own individual culture and work out its own salvation as seems best to them, while all develop the realization that they are an organic part of the Whole and must therefore contribute to that Whole. This will lead to right human relations, economic stability based on the spirit of sharing, and to a fresh orientation of man to man, nation to nation, and to that supreme power we call “God”. Three great activities that we all can do to further this work are to develop a sense of individual responsibility, express real love in service, and reorganize our life to get the utmost out of each day and our spiritual work; having done all that, we must develop the spirit of goodwill and evoke it in others, whether our immediate family, our business and social associates, or casual acquaintances.

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 Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 36: Approximately 5.6 hours, and covers pages 349 to 364 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. During Wesak, the Buddha comes each year to assist Humanity to evoke the spirit of demand, while holding open a channel so the demand can reach Shamballa. The Christ joins with him in focusing the demand of Humanity, a dual process of two great Sons of God. The Christ continues the work at the June Full Moon, invoking the Lords of Liberation, so the two Full Moons form one complete cycle of work. Both Full Moons should be times of effective service and in stimulating the powers of invocation in the masses. The present acute world situation is rooted in world glamor; centuries of greed and selfishness, of aggression and materialism are rampant as Humanity’s Dweller on the Threshold faces its Angel of the Presence. It is here that orthodox religion has gone astray, being preoccupied with the Dweller and the material phenomenal aspect through fear, and not on the Angel as anything more than wishful thinking. Humanity is today battling (as it has for ages) illusion, glamor, and maya. The United Nations are gradually throwing their weight on the side of the Angel through increased clear thinking, growing ability to conceive ideas in terms of the whole and a desirable world order; this is preparing the way for three spiritual energies that will sweep humanity into an era of comprehension, leading to a focused mental clarification. These energies are: the energy of the intuition which will gradually dispel world illusion; the activity of light which will dissipate, through illumination, world glamor; and the energy of inspiration which will devitalize the power of maya (substance). Part of this process is bringing home to the nations of the world the truths taught by the Buddha, the Lord of Light; and by the Christ, the Lord of Love. The Buddha enunciated the Four Noble Truths and the Christ taught that “no man liveth unto himself.” The goal of all human effort is loving understanding, prompted by a program of love for the whole. The combined work of these two great Sons of God, concentrated through the world disciples, will eventually shatter illusion and dispel glamor through intuitive recognition of reality by minds attuned to it and the pouring in of the light of reason. Their work must now be intelligently carried forward by a humanity wise enough to recognize its dharma. When the work of the Buddha is consummated in the aspiring disciple and in his integrated personality, then the full expression of the work of the Christ can be consummated and both light and love will find radiant expression in the transfigured disciple. When the Will of God (expressed in Shamballa and focused in the Buddha), the Love of God (expressed in the Hierarchy and focused through the Christ), and the intelligent desire of humanity (focused through the world disciples and men of goodwill) are all brought into line, then a great reorientation will take place.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 35: Approximately 5.3 hours, and covers pages 332 to 349 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. In discussing the preparation for future activity, certain questions arise about materializing the Plan. Disciples learn to work with the Plan by working; they discover their inner expanding consciousness of Humanity by developing their sensitivity to it; and they find their coworkers in the Plan by trial and error. Some workers are eliminated in this perfecting process, but those remaining are worthy of trust, are sensitive to the impression of the Hierarchy, and have a right sense of proportion. Let love be the keynote in all relationships, for the power that must salvage the world is the precipitation of love into the groups of workers. Another factor is that of the will aspect and first ray workers that must be introduced, and that will bring its own problems. The dynamic quality of the power aspect must be guarded against and it must be motivated by love, harnessed to gentleness and qualified by understanding. All this work will require spiritual energy, sound business sense, skill in action and financial support. It is the integrating work of the first and second ray workers which can carry the world through the reconstruction period. A balanced attitude and realization that there is one work being done by all, and the whole group is concerned in the entire activity is essential; the need now is for fusion and group understanding. A united attitude of love, of hopeful expectancy, of courage, of spiritual demand and of directed will is potent in results and will bring all that is required. The vision of the future will be a better world where spiritual values will control (values of what is good and right for the whole of humanity) and where spiritual perception is inclusive. It is a theme of betterment, of universal welfare, of general security and widespread opportunity irrespective of race, color or creed. The task of rehabilitation and rebuilding will involve the Will-to-good. The stage of economic opportunity, peace, right use of security and planned education programs must involve the Will-to-organize. And thus mankind will be conditioned by good, the beautiful, and the true, integrated and reoriented towards the good life and better way for all Humanity. The secret of the will lies in the recognition of the divine nature of man; only this can evoke the true expression of the will. It has to be evoked by the soul as it dominates the human mind and controls the personality. As yet mankind has much difficulty in comprehending the significance of Love; so the problem in relation to the Will will naturally be still more difficult. Will, invoked by the soul and dedicated to the purposes of light, must be used to establish right human relations.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 34: Approximately 5 hours, and covers pages 313 to 332 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. (For the sake of economy of time, I am producing some longer programs. Just stop the video during your studies or study groups in order to think more deeply about something which has just been said. Michael.) Disciples and aspirants are urged to strengthen their faith, confidence, and joy through meditation, prayer, and clear thinking, and above all else, to deepen their love of Humanity. They need to eliminate anything (mental, psychic, emotional, or physical) that could hinder their future usefulness. And then they must plan together for the work of the future by constantly demonstrating self-discipline, persistence, and spiritual will and by intelligently carrying out the plan being outlined. A daily meditation was given to the disciples (pages 315-316) that would help link the head and heart, leading to intelligent, loving service that would bind the group together in closer spiritual unity, vitalizing the etheric bodies of the workers. The Atlantic Charter meeting of President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill put forth certain common principles that laid the foundation for a new world order. First, that countries seek no aggrandizement, territorial or other; second that they desire to see no territorial changes that don’t characterize the wishes of the people concerned; third that they respect the right of all peoples to choose their own form of government; fourth that they will respect their existing obligations (victor or vanquished) and establish equal terms of trade for raw materials of the world; fifth that they bring about the fullest economic collaboration between nations; sixth that they establish a peace afforded to all nations within their own boundaries; seventh that such a peace enables all men to travel without hindrance; and eighty that all nations of the world abandon the use of force or aggression. Also given by President Roosevelt were the Four Freedoms—for everyone, everywhere in the world: freedom of speech and expression, freedom to worship God in his own way, freedom from want or need, and freedom from fear. In the last analysis, the world situation must be settled by Humanity through right actions that embody these eight principles and four freedoms. Other steps they can take include using the third stanza of the Great Invocation, by educating the public in demonstrating goodwill, and by understanding that the coming world order must be in line with Humanity’s need. Discover the manner in which you can assist with the world need to help produce right human relations, sound world politics, and economic sharing that will ensure even distribution of the necessary resources in life for all peoples of the world.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 33: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 309 to 313 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The immediate task is one of needed spiritual action, inner spiritual activity and orientation that parallels it with outer activity that ignores their own theories and ideals and focuses every effort on fighting evil upon the physical plane and other levels. Right attitude is now present in many people of the world, and this brings forth the activity of the Brothers of the Shadows. The major prerequisites today for true world service are an overwhelming love of humanity and a sense of proportion. They need to do everything possible to bring the war to an end, to focus their inner life towards the Hierarchy in radiant faith, to clarify the mental life in the pure light of the soul, and to endeavor to understand what the objectives of the coming Avatar will be. Next, they need to prepare for the Coming One by standing with all other disciples in focused intent, to provide a nucleus through which the Avatar of Synthesis can work, to construct a network of light and service in every land, and to prepare the general public for the Coming One.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 32: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 302 to 309 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. When the Avatar comes he will convey the principle of directed purpose involving understanding of the Plan, focused intention emphasizing the will, and the capacity to direct energy towards the desired end. Another avatar, the Avatar of Synthesis, will transmit a cosmic energy who quality is synthesis, harmony and unity. Another related to Him will combine with the activities of the Christ, the three creating a triangle of loving, purposeful energy which should prove more effective and safe way to release this focused energy, promoting goodwill and ending the separative tendencies of mankind. The Hierarchy stands with massed intent and the cry of the masses is rising up to Shamballa. Can Humanity stand with focused intent, physical service, and preserve the inner attitude of love and non-separateness? Can they sacrifice everything for the cause of freedom and righteousness? There are three methods used by Avatars to influence their agents: overshadowing some member of the Hierarchy, disciple, or aspirant; inspiration from “on high” by direct expressions of His mind, energy, and plan; and the third method is through appearance or manifestation of the Avatar.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 31: Approximately 2.5 hours, and covers pages 295 to 302 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion continues on the Angel of the Presence and Dweller on the Threshold as Humanity stands at its darkest hour. The massed intent of the world aspirants is directed toward the world of truer values, better human relations, more enlightened living and better understanding between all men. The Avatar is sensed, the second Coming is imminent as the cry goes up “Let light and love and power and death fulfil the purpose of the Coming One.” But he still will not come until WE have done all we can. His emergence must be caused by a five-fold chain of energy: the focused will of the people, the massed intent of the world disciples and aspirants, plus their desire, their active participation in the task of clearing the way for Him, and complete selflessness. Avatars have been called forth before and taken the form of men and women who successfully championed some truth or right cause, changing the current of men’s thoughts and pointing the way to a better life. Other Avatars come from a higher center who “release from crisis the sons of men.” These are the Racial Avatars (evoked by the destiny of a race), Teaching Avatars (revealing the next needed truth), Ray Avatars (when a ray is coming into manifestation), and Transmitting Avatars (appearing at great cyclic moments of revelation when humanity needs the expression of a new truth or the expansion of an old one in order to progress). There are also Divine Embodiments, appearing rarely, and the effectiveness of their work is very great; they are expression of the will nature of Deity, issuing forth from Shamballa and they can only be reached by the united voice of the Hierarchy and Humanity speaking in unison. They never descend lower than the mental plane and the main emphasis and attention of Their work is directed to the Hierarchy, who is their transmitting agency.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 30: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 293 to 295 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Regarding Divine Intervention, there are two kinds of Avatars, those who are the embodiment of the Angel of the Presence (whether that of the soul of man, a planetary Logos, or some extra-planetary Entity); and those Avatars who embody the Dweller on the Threshold (whether a human dweller, a dweller of the planetary Forces of Materialism, or some aspect of Cosmic Evil). There comes a point in the life of a man where the Angel of the Presence is sensed, known, and then seen as the revealer of divinity—this is true of the race of men as well. Just as there come cycles where the Dweller on the Threshold appears and confronts a man, a nation, or humanity as a whole, blocking the door leading to expanded life and liberation. The Angel indicates the future possibilities and divine nature. The Dweller indicates the past limitations and evil habits. Avatars appear from time to time who appear as the embodiment of evil and the lower nature. It is the person (or nation, humanity) who evokes one or the other. Humanity’s soul or humanity’s material nature must evoke the response so the Avatar can manifest. It is the magnetic appeal or massed intent of humanity which produces the manifestation. Eventually there comes a time when the disciple (or humanity) is confronted by both the Dweller and the Angel simultaneously and the major conflict of his experience takes place, as is the case in the world today (humanity the disciple becoming humanity the initiate).

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 29: Approximately 1.6 hours, and covers pages 282 to 293 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. This is an age of culmination, in religion as well as science and politics. All great lines of human approach to reality and truth are passing out of the realm of tangible and exoteric and into that of intangible and esoteric. Science is rapidly becoming the science of the unseen and religion has merged from the realm of the mystical into the clear atmosphere of the occult. All human questioning and need can be found in the doctrine of Avatars and the continuity of divine Revelation. It is a persistent belief that at major moments of world need, God reveals Himself through the appearance of a Coming One. All this is tied up with the undying belief of mankind in the loving Heart of God. This is a fact of the nature of Deity itself, God is Love is a deep spiritual fact. These truths, inherent in the divine nature, reveal the soul of God. The Law of Compassion is the truth of right relationships, loving understanding, and actively expressed Love; it is the foundation of brotherhood and inner unity. The fact of God is the truth that Being is God Immanent and God Transcendent, recognizing the great Whole and the related parts, and the knowledge of divinity. It is the revelation of the life of God, pervading all that is (God Immanent) and at the same time, providing that still greater cosmic relations (God Transcendent). And the Continuity of Revelation is the sequence of progressive manifestations of Avatars, divine Messengers from the Heart of God, sent forth as a World Teacher or World Savior. Humanity must have a spiritual reaction to these three foundational truths and thus respond to the divine Appearance. The types of revelation might vary, given in response to human need, but progress is made and has led Humanity onward towards a steadily brightening goal and a rejection of some existing limitation. Continuity of Revelation brings Continuity of Progress for the human race, making transcendence possible, to surmount the limitation and go beyond the existing natural law. An Avatar is a being who first developed his own nature (human and divine) and then transcended it and is now capable of reflecting some cosmic Principle needed to produce the desired effect upon humanity, evoking a reaction, and producing a needed stimulation. History is the record of man’s cyclic reaction to some inflowing divine energy, to some Avatar or inspired leader.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 28: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 278 to 282 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The law of cycles is the law governing the appearing and disappearing of great and active energies that pass in and out of manifestation. If any intervention is possible, it will be an intervention in time. The new era is coming, death is the power to relinquish what must be relinquished, including all preconceived ideas and ideals. Only when Humanity offers all that is has to give to the service of the sad, suffering and oppressed, and works actively and intelligently to bring about release will it be possible for the Lords of Liberation to bring Their activity on Earth. Working in cooperation with Hierarchy and Shamballa, Humanity is responsible for the manifestation of the Great Potencies on levels lower than the mental plane. Using the Great Invocation with dynamic intent and true understanding makes it possible to drive aggression back and end the rule of hate and fear.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 27: Approximately 1.5 hours, and covers pages 272 to 278 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The right use of the mind in meditation will lead to the correct relation of soul and personality. When that happens, the light of the soul ignites the light in the head and man reaches the stage of illumination. When Humanity and Hierarchy are more closely aligned by the spiritually minded people, people of goodwill, and world disciples standing with massed intent, then the will can come from the spiritual Forces. The Lords of Liberation will transmit to the Hierarchy energy from the center where God’s Will is known; the Rider will receive this energy and take action to express it and the motivating energy from the center where God’s Love is expressed; and the Lord of Civilization will stimulate and prepare the center we call Humanity for right reception of the releasing force. The Will of God, Love of God, and Intelligence of God will then fuse and blend on Earth in relation to human problems. This synthesis is the saving Force; and although it is a blend of energies from the three centers, it is primarily the energy of divine Will. Divine and spiritual Will, carried on the impulse of selfless love, can be evoked for the destruction of the selfish and materialistic forces rampant on Earth (light, love, power, and death must be invoked to fulfill the purpose of the Coming One). Light is the new vision; love is the fixed determination to do what is the best for the group and whole of Humanity. Power must be evoked from the human soul, and involves the ability to know the Plan and consciously work toward it

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 26: Approximately 2.5 hours, and covers pages 265 to 272 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Those people today who broadcast thoughts of love and peace but are occultly ignorant do no good. No Lords of Liberation can approach Humanity unless Humanity is ready to raise its ideal of freedom to a higher level of expression. The place they come from is the divine Consciousness, which is open to the human sense of awareness if sufficiently enlightened and selfless. These Lives are embodiments of service and can be reached by true servers with massed intent of many focused minds when Humanity, Hierarchy, and Shamballa are aligned and en rapport with each other, then there will be a direct channel for the inflow of the Lords of Liberation. This has only happened once before in the history of the race, but due to the fact mankind is so weakened by pain and suffering, it may not be possible for direct contact with Humanity, but will instead work through the intermediary of the Christ, the New Group of World Servers, and through mental stimulation of advanced disciples. Liberty, when rightly understood and interpreted, is a nature of the Will of God, a quality of Shamballa. Equality is the true understanding of a right sense of proportion, correct self-respect, and the laws of cause and effect. Fraternity, based on the third aspect of right contact, is something that humanity itself will contribute, brotherhood founded on equality and leading to liberty.  

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 Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 25: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 258 to 265 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. This is a great book and shows us how the Hierarchy combats the Forces of Evil. The use of cataclysm was the method employed in Atlantean days; it is hoped that such a drastic step will not be needed today. Natural law, free will, and karma are becoming increasingly related and are all aspects of one great law embodying divine purpose—a purpose that must work out through the medium of humanity itself. Planned collaboration with the work of the Christ at this time is needed and will serve to elevate humanity and its thought to produce a permanent spiritual stabilization. Great potencies and ancient evil are rampant on Earth at this time, released through unusual human selfishness, cruelty, and dangerous men. Yet it is possible to evoke eternal good and deepen spiritual contact if enough people stand together spiritually and selflessly and offer themselves as channels for these new and unknown spiritual Forces.   

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 24: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 248 to 258 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion began with the giving out of the second stanza of the Great Invocation to invoke the Forces of Divine Will. As before, the use of this mantram must be accompanied by the dedication of the personality life to the cause of humanity. The new invocation blends the forces of the divine Will-to-Good, the Love underlying the Hierarchy, and the activity of Humanity into a magnetic unity, thus creating a reservoir of power for the Forces of Light. The previous stanza of the Great Invocation was rendered relatively powerless because the majority of those who used it turned it into a peace prayer instead of the intended spiritually-militant invocation. The success of invocation is dependent on clear thinking and not upon emotional desire; when free will and the will-to-good of humanity are present, then divine intervention is possible when the good will is the result of the spiritual activity of those who know the law and who understand the purpose of the will of God.  

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 23: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 244 to 248 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Dear Friends, There are FIVE MINUTES of PANTOMIME on Program 23. I had a malfunction with the audio, but will insert those Five Minutes into Program 24. The timing of the PANTOMIME is from 31:05 to 36:54. When you reach it, just go ahead to 36:54 at which point the voice resumes. My apologies, but editing all that takes too long and the interlude is short. The discussion picked up where we left off, now that we have recognized the vision and studied the hindrances, what steps are necessary? Eliminate prejudice, national pride, and religious antipathies. Refuse to be afraid of any results of right and positive action. Decide the details and methods necessary to manifest the vision, to fight for world peace, security, and economic stability for all. Keep your mind free from hate. .

Video 497 MB .wmv file, 1 hr
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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 22: Approximately 1.6 hours, and covers pages 239 to 244 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion was on the steps necessary to stop the progress of aggression, selfish nationalism and cruel attack upon the weak and defenseless. The vision of this new world order establishes right human relations and has no nationalistic concepts or aspirations. It will be a human world, based on right understanding, correct human relations, recognition of equal educational opportunities for all men, and a realization we are all part of the One Humanity. Racial distinctions and national unities will be recognized as enriching the whole, as interdependent on each other. The whole of mankind will be recognized as the essential unit and as being of greater importance than any of the parts. Once this vision is grasped by men of goodwill throughout all nations, then the next step is to study the hindrances and impediments to making this happen. This can only happen when individuals everywhere are willing to submerge their personal interests in the good of the group, and when the groups merge worldwide, nation to nation for the international good and international right relations.  

Video 497 MB .wmv file, 1.6 hrs
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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 21: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 229 to 239 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion was on the rapid changes in the world situation as humanity either takes action or fails to take action as crises occur. The basic hope of right human relations and a lasting peace rests upon the Forces of Light triumphing, and they must be aided by people of goodwill everywhere. Peace, when it comes, will be the result of right world conditions and right human relationships. It is an effect and not a cause; it is the effect of certain subjective attitudes which are not yet present in the world on a sufficiently wide scale. Humanity is the victim of propaganda everywhere, and it must be seen in the true light of human liberty for all. The new world that we seek will enlist the cooperation of all peoples on a basis of human equality, self-respect, and mutual tolerance; all nations have their contributions to make and great responsibility in thought and action to ensure this becomes possible.  

Video 497 MB .wmv file, 2 hrs
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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 20: Approximately 1.5 hours, and covers pages 222 to 229 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion was on the possibility of divine intervention. Hovering within the aura of our planet are certain great spiritual Forces and Entities awaiting the opportunity to participate actively in the work of world redemption, readjustments, and reconstruction. A great and vital thoughtform is in the process of construction upon our planet, built by the power of sound and the magnetic pull of invocation. It’s being constructed by the united efforts of the Hierarchy, of world aspirants and disciples, and men of goodwill everywhere, yet it still has a gap on the mental plane because the minds of men are not yet functioning correctly, are not thinking with clarity nor working in unity. The work of the festivals at Easter, Wesak, and Asala (Aries, Taurus, and Gemini Full Moons) is essential in anchoring this work.  

Video 389 MB .wmv file, 1.5 hrs
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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 19: Approximately 1.5 hours, and covers pages 213 to 222 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. This is a practical book on service as we must apply it. The discussion is on the choice facing thinking people in every country and the responsibility of not only national leaders, but representatives in government, the churches, and the intelligentsia in all lands, without exception. They all are needed to throw the weight of their combined influence to the side of spiritual values, human freedom and dignity, the right to think, and human kindness. Every nation has individuals who see this vision of right human relations and who seek to live by brotherhood; they also have neutrally-minded groups who can hinder the work of the forces of goodwill until they are energized and educated so they can intelligently take a stand and know why they do so. When men everywhere begin to think in terms of mankind as a whole then public opinion becomes potent and inclusive; the part is seen in relation to the larger whole and international cooperation becomes possible.  

Video 615 MB .wmv file, 1.5 hrs
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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 18: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 203 to 213 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Discussion was on the task ahead of bringing the new world order into being. It will involve educating people everywhere on right living and the new rhythms of sharing, of healing the wounds of humanity and rebuilding shattered civilizations. Disarmament must occur, as must recognizing national, material, and psychological needs of all people, especially the children. Workers of goodwill must develop intelligent understanding, love of their fellowmen, and sound common sense to be able to effectively deal with the work ahead. They can be found in all nations, in all walks of life, from political and scientific circles to educators, philanthropists or theologians. They will band together by placing an emphasis on constructive peace, goodwill and the need to establish right human relations. They will not interfere with the allegiance of any person or nation, but will seek to express the spirit of Christ, free from hatred, revenge or racial differences. They will emphasize the One family, life, and Humanity. Let Humanity see the glorious vision of this spiritual, scientific, and physical rebuilding of Humanity to inspire them in this endeavor. Goodwill nourishes the spirit of understanding and fosters the principle of cooperation that is key to establishing and maintaining right human relations. The peace and happiness of each person is the concern of all people of goodwill and the future must be developed by all nations in close cooperation.  

Video 608 MB .wmv file, 2 hrs
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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 17: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 194 to 203 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion centered on some problems facing the new world order that need to be solved by right education and true understanding of the objectives of the new world order, including racial, economic, religious and government problems. The only solution to the racial problem is the recognition that all men are brothers and that we are all children of the One Father; failure to recognize that is through ignorance. This basic unity must be recognized and the solution is through education of the appreciation of other nations and their role in the world. It is one of right thinking, decent behavior, and simple kindness; the world is one world, Humanity is one unit. The economic problem is solely due to man’s selfishness and the deplorable conditions around the world must be rectified through right distribution of the resources and food necessary to every person. There is enough food, fuel, oil, and minerals in the world for the entire population, if it were only distributed properly. Economic rules should be established that are based on national requirements, animated by a general will-to-good, and that establish preventive measures against selfishness and greed. Governments must preserve large national outlines yet end the age of separateness by creating great geographical blocs of cooperative unity and economic relations that ensure proper distribution of food and resources. And a new world order of religion must emerge with widespread recognition of a universal Divine Intelligence and an inner spirituality that supersedes separatist theology with right human relations and brotherhood toward all.  

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 16: Approximately 5 hours, and covers pages 174 to 194 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion about the coming world order begins. There were points of crisis in history before, but none that involved the entire planetary population as the two World Wars did; just as there were periods of danger, difficulty, famine and distress before, but non that conditioned the lives of untold millions that we are now seeing. Today the entire planet is involved, from fighting, aggressor nations with ambitious dictators; to nations seeking to defend themselves and the liberty of others; to the neutral nations, seeing the issues and faced with the need to take sides. There are only two sides, those of right human relations and those of selfish and cruel power politics. The spiritual forces of the planet have no alternative but to align with those fighting for right human relations, but the spirit of goodwill must be steadily and unchangingly the motivating impulse in this case—no hate must be allowed to enter. The death of the physical body in war is a lesser evil than setting back civilizations and thwarting right human relations. The world as it exists today is a result of past tendencies and human decisions that led to cleavages and antagonism between nations because of selfish and materialistic goals and ancient hatreds. The new world order will contrast drastically with this old order as spiritual objectives motivated by goodwill and right human relations emerge. Separativeness must be superseded by unity so relationships can be established that produce happiness and peace for all Humanity, not just a small part. The new world order must meet the immediate needs and must lay the foundation for a future world order that allows for recovery and reconstruction; it must be founded on the recognition that all men are equal and that personal integrity, intelligence, vision, and goodwill should mark the character of all future leaders. Governing bodies in all nations should work for the greatest good of the majority, afford opportunity to all, and leave the citizens free. Sovereign rights of each nation must be recognized, and natural resources of the planet need to be shared by all with fair and proper distribution of food and minerals based on the requirement of all people in relation to the whole. Above all, right human relations based on justice, right education, and opportunity for all must be established. Men must feel secure and trust each other to develop international goodwill. And the future world order will have an effective expression of a fusion of the inner spiritual way of life and outer civilized and cultural way of acting.  

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 15: Approximately 4.5 hours, and covers pages 158 to 174 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion about the various versus of the Great Invocation, used by the Hierarchy since 1425 A.D., continued. The first phase, Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind, invokes potencies found upon monadic levels, including the Lord of the World and Seven Spirits before the Throne of God; the second phrase invokes the Spirit of Peace and the Christ. When world aspirants use the invocation, it links the three centers, Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa and to establish a closer rapport with the human and hierarchical centers. The importance of Wesak Festival was discussed, a time when the Manu, the Christ, and the Mahachohan invoke the Buddha to help facilitate right human relations and synthetic rapport and cooperation between the three planetary centers in illumined, loving understanding of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out Divine intent. Buddha, through his achievement of illumination, established the first major link with the Forces of Light. The Christ, through his ability to express the will of God in Love and as world salvage, established the first major link with the Spirit of Peace (an extra-planetary solar systemic Being). And through the Christ and the Buddha, humanity can now establish a close relationship with Shamballa. Humanity will then enter its destined task as the intelligent, loving intermediary between the higher states of planetary consciousness, the super-human states, and the sub-human kingdoms, becoming the planetary savior. It is the living Christ who saves Humanity; it is the sacrifice in the process of daily living which can save the world of men (sacrifice of selfish personal interests for the good of the whole).  

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 14: Approximately 4 hours, and covers pages 141 to 158 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion focused on maintaining right thought and right interpretation of current events in the face of adversity so that the spirit of goodwill could grow, including everyone closely watching personal words, thoughts, and criticism to keep hearts and minds clear of undesirable reactions. The Mantram of Unification was given to use daily, and emphasis placed on the Great Invocation as well—both being potent formulas to help facilitate change and readjustments in the world. Words of power such as these and prayers like the Lord’s Prayer are only effective when used by the soul in a dynamic manner, upon the mental plane and with the power of the controlled mind—focused on their intent and meaning. The Great Invocation, rightly used by hundreds of thousands of people daily can reorient the consciousness of humanity, stabilize men in spiritual being, and disrupt and rebuild planetary thoughtforms to dramatically help in ushering in world goodwill and right human relations. Use of these mantram invoke the soul of Humanity and bring about its freer expression upon the physical plane; this stimulates the inflow of the Christ principle of Love and sets up a vibration within humanity of such potency that it will bring Hierarchy and Humanity in conscious rapport.  

Video 901 MB .wmv file, 4 hrs
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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 13: Approximately 5 hours, and covers pages 122 to 141 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Towards the close of the Atlantean Age, the cleavage between the forces of materialism and of light grew wider and a crisis was precipitated, and the crisis we are going through now is an effect of that earlier crisis. At that time Hierarchy was forced to intervene and they brought the Atlantean civilization to an abrupt end, salvaging only an ethically sound minority. For the good of Humanity, the Hierarchy withdrew into the background, leaving man to find his own way out of the mirage and illusion of materialism in the right way, through free will and the discriminating use of the mind. The lines of cleavage between materialism and spirituality are clearly outlined, and it is up to Humanity to find their way to right action through spiritual tenets like the Ten Commandments, Sermon on the Mount, and the Beatitudes. Disciples of the world recognize the importance of freedom of choice and the right use of will because they are motivated by group good and the needs of the majority; they are oriented toward higher spiritual and altruistic values with keynotes of sacrifice, group good and world understanding. The issue is the right to express the will-to-good in right human relationships that are free of territorial barriers and national habits, and to stamp out hate and separateness. The events happening due to world dictators, statesmen, and inspired leaders are simply great personalities who are a product of the past and the victims of the present—they are agents of destiny, creators of the new order and destroyers of what must be destroyed before Humanity can go forward. In the last analysis, and from the standpoint of the Hierarchy, the present conflict between the personality of humanity (expressing the material values as the dominating factor in life experience) and the soul of humanity (expressing the spiritual values as the dominating factor in human affairs) is identical with the conflict which takes place within a human being’s consciousness when he has reached the stage of discipleship and is faced with the problem of the pairs of opposites. The battle is therefore on between the form side of life and the soul. The Dweller on the Threshold (the threshold of divinity, my brothers) is humanity itself with its ancient habits of thought, its selfishness and greed. Humanity today stands face to face with the Angel of the Presence—the Soul Whose nature is love and light and inclusive understanding. The great problem today is which of these two will emerge the victor out of the conflict, and which of these two great agencies of life will determine humanity’s future and indicate the way which humanity will decide to go.  

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 12: Approximately 5 hours, and covers pages 107 to 122 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion began with information on the three centers, Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity, and how in the past the flow of energy went from Shamballa to the Hierarchy and from there to Humanity. In the present there is some flow from Shamballa to Humanity and some from Humanity to Hierarchy. In the future there must be established energy flow in all 6 directions—to and from all three centers as the old, outdated forms of expression are destroyed and the new spiritual life of Humanity progresses. These result from the point Humanity has achieved in racial evolution, upon karmic causes from the old conflict in Atlantis, from incarnation of some potent personalities whose destiny is to make great evolutionary changes, and some planetary happenings connected with the life of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. For the first time Humanity is in a position to recognize the process of rebirth of a civilization as an expression of the evolution of spiritual culture; today we are watching the death of civilization play out. As painful and awful as this is, death is inevitable—the old orders must be changed and transmuted into higher and better ones. It is the death of the personality of Humanity and the coming of in of the soul. (Note: The download is under 1 GB, and is a fusion of consecutive programs from EXH made this way for economy of time, of which I do not have sufficient. MDR)

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 11: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 101 to 107 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. This discussion began with the information that the early seeds sown among animal-man were imbued with separateness, which at the time was a necessary quality for the unfoldment of self-consciousness. This must now be distinguished by fusion and a sense of union as the power of groups upon the subtler planes of thought, desire, and egoic levels becomes steadily more potent. The new order will be brought into expression by the play of spiritual energy upon the forces in the three worlds and is the task of the New Groups being organized.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 10: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 98 to 101 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion is on the concept of the self, the lower integrated self (self-centered and self-directing) and the need for the self-directed individual to realize the larger Whole involved and dedicate the self to the life, love, and light and of a greater vision of group work, group relationships, group objectives, and group fusion to the larger Whole.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 9: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 95 to 98 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion focused on the fact that Humanity as a whole is now confronted with the opportunity to function as a disciple in training for initiation.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 8: Approximately 2 hours, and covers pages 90 to 95 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion is on the anchoring of the seed groups esoterically so they can respond to the subtler forces and produce conditions within existing world trends that will enable new sciences, new approaches to divinity, new education, and new economic and political models.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 7: Approximately 3 hours, and covers pages 79 to 90 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion is on the Spiritual trend of human destiny, and how Hierarchy stands behind all spiritual forces and the emergence of the essential relationships and desire for establishing right and peaceful relations of goodwill that is Humanity’s divine inheritance. The discussion continued on the conflict between the forces of ancient origin and the fact that there would be no darkness without the light and no light without the dark; the forces of the Great White Lodge are directed toward lifting the organized forces of materialism to a higher spiritual plane.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 6: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 77 to 79 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion covers the need to solve the Jewish problem by fusing all racial problems into one vast humanitarian situation making racial fusion along all lines possible.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 5: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 75 to 77 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion covered Shamballa’s occupation with the life aspect, the Hierarchy’s occupation with the consciousness aspect, and the Black Lodge’s occupation with the matter aspect, and the fact that evil or wrong exists only when the emphasis is retained in the wrong aspect (the Forces of Darkness working to preserve that which is ancient and material).

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 4: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 71 to 75 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. The discussion was on the three main centers being impacted in the world, Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity and the results they caused.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 3: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 65 to 71 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. It discusses the work of the seed groups and how they needed to familiarize people with the hierarchical Plan as it is working out in a time of crisis. Their work was to partly dispel illusion and impress the Plan upon the consciousness of the leading people in the world.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 2: Approximately 1 hour, and covers pages 61 to 65 in The Externalization of the Hierarchy. This program begins penetrating into the book on the eve of the Second World War and highlights that while the Hierarchy itself didn’t know which forces would prevail, the greater Forces could intervene if the world aspirants made their voices heard, showed clear thinking and clear appraisal of the causes, and had a loving attitude to all where policies were determined by world good.

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Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentary 1: Approximately 45 minutes, this is the Introduction to how to think about the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ in terms of TIME. It will be followed by Webinar Discussions given by Tuija and me and also by Video Commentaries on The Externalization of the Hierarchy. Michael.

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