More can be found on the following pages.  We continue to add Tributes, Memories, Inspiration as they come in.

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We are assembling an ongoing tribute to our Sacred Brother, Teacher, Father, Friend and Infinite Being


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Tribute for Michael Robbins (from Duane Carpenter) 16 Feb 2022, pdf, .5 MB

Astrological Obituary – Michael Robbins (from Phillip Lindsay) 16 Feb 2022, web link

Tribute: Psychic Gift Waves (from Duane Carpenter) 18 Feb 2022, pdf, .2 MB

Michael Robbins Has Embarked on the Great Adventure (from Robert Borel) 16 Feb 2022, pdf, .1 MB

I Left, from the Flame in Chalice collection of Nicholas Roerich (from Jose Becerra) 17 Feb 2022, pdf, .2 MB

The Newer Esotericism (from Jose Becerra) 18 Feb 2022, pdf, .2 MB

The True Ashram (from Antonella Nobilio) 19 Feb 2022, pdf, .1 MB
Video Clip 256MB DINA Volume I, the Six Stages of Discipleship (15min clip corresponding to Antonella’s post)

A More Complete Tribute for My Brother Michael (from Robert Borel) 23 Feb 2022, pdf, 6MB

My Three Favorite Philosophers: FM-W, RWE, MDR (from Robert Borel) 20 Feb 2022, pdf, 3.2MB

Franklin Merrell-Wolff and Michael Robbins (from Duane Carpenter) 23 Feb 2022, pdf, .2MB

Thoughts About Times of Crisis (from Jo Walz) 26 Feb 2022, pdf, .3MB

Tuija at Christ College (from Julia and Orest Tarnawsky) 4 Mar 2022, pdf, .7MB

A Tribute to Michael D. Robbins (from Patrick Chouinard ) 4 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

Life is Like an Opera (from Heli Nuotio) 4 Mar 2022, pdf, 13MB

The Law of Death (from Michael Stacy) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .2MB

Some Words of Memory of Michael Robbins (from Francis Donald) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .3MB

We Are One (from Duane Carpenter) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .4MB

Sacred Funeral Ceremony (from Tania Belfort) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

Michael is a Great Teacher (from Karen Gritzka) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

I Will Meet You There (from Rose Bates) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

Sharing Tapestry of the Gods (from Barbara McCombs) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

An Esoteric Catechism (from Halina Bak-Hughes) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

Life Before and After MDR (from Zenaide Moret) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

DK and MDR (from Robert Borel) 8 Mar 2022, pdf, .2 MB

Another side of Michael (from Robert Borel) 10 April 2022, pdf, 1.72 MB