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We are assembling an ongoing tribute to our Sacred Brother, Teacher, Father, Friend and Infinite Being

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                A simple, but for me, potent observation that’s come through this ongoing vigil for Ukraine, as well as through these 49 days of puja and remembrance for Michael, lovingly honouring him in his leaving: our human family is a whole of many parts. One body. As we personally honour our dearly Beloveds in their passing, so we honour all those have died – and who are dying – at the hands of violence in conflict-ridden relationships and war-torn regions of the world. In creating ceremony for those we love and have ‘lost’, so we love those who have died in unspeakable circumstances, without ceremony. Through the personal, we contact the universal. By naming and honouring our loved ones when they leave this plane, we name and acknowledge this we do not know… Blessings and gratitude to dear Michael, and to you, Tuija, for the deep privilege of sharing this space and journey with you.
~ Claire Beynon ~

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