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Index of Michael Robbins Commentaries on the books by Alice A Bailey and Djwhal Khul 
28 Rules: 14 Rules for Aspirants & 14 for Disciples & Initiates
Adventures in Identification

Adventures in Identification Series I

Adventures in Identification Series II

Adventures in Identification Series III: Simultaneity and Sequence

Adventures in Identification Series IV: Realization Through Magical Word-Formulas

Adventures in Identification Series V: Meditations on Identification

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Fellowship
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Classes
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Webinar Commentaries
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – New Fellowship Group
A Treatise on White Magic I – Rules for the Mental Plane
A Treatise on White Magic II – Rules for the Astral Plane
A Treatise on White Magic III – Rules for the Physical Plane
Commentary on Initiation Compilations
Commentary on the Rays and the Initiations Part II
Egoic Lotus – Webinar Commentaries
Esoteric Astrology Adventure – Webinar Commentaries
Esoteric Psychology – Webinar Commentaries:

Blessed Ones – Webinar Commentaries

Angel of the Presence – Webinar Commentaries

Laws of the Soul – Webinar Commentaries

Law of Repulse – Webinar Commentaries

Techniques of Integration – Webinar Commentaries

Techniques of Fusion and Duality – Webinar Commentaries

Externalization of the Hierarchy – Webinar Commentaries
Identify as Being – Group enquiry into the State of Identification
Initiation, Human and Solar
Letters on Occult Meditation on Future Schools 
Seeds of the Infinite Webinars
Seeds of the Infinite, Idenfity as BEING – the ABSOLUTE