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Remembering Michael D. Robbins

Remembering Michael David Robbins 

One Final Goodbye, 5 March 2022

More can be found on the following pages.  We continue to add Tributes, Memories, Inspiration as they come in.


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Tributes from 5 Mar Ceremonies

Some Words of Memory of Michael Robbins (from Francis Donald) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .3MB

We Are One (from Duane Carpenter) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .4MB

Sacred Funeral Ceremony (from Tania Belfort) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

Michael is a Great Teacher (from Karen Gritzka) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

I Will Meet You There (from Rose Bates) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

Sharing Tapestry of the Gods (from Barbara McCombs) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

An Esoteric Catechism (from Halina Bak-Hughes) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

Life Before and After MDR (from Zenaide Moret) 5 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

Is a remarkable Soul (Walter Pullen) 8 Mar 2022, pdf, .4MB

Soul-love emanating from his Being (Jessica Baird) 8 Mar 2022, pdf, .1MB

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