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Sacred Pentagram Approach to the Full Moon and Special Spiritual Events







2020-08-05-Leo-Sirius-Closing-Ritual (Special intergroup discussion hosted by the Morya Federation, Blue Rose Sisterhood and the 2025 Initiative.  Our final offering in this series of programs celebrating the Leo/Sirius Festival will be a Candle-Lighting Ceremony symbolizing the Glorification of Humanity at the time of the third initiation—far ahead of the majority to be sure, but eventually destined to occur when the time is right. It will be realized that not only Capricorn, the Sign of Initiation will be prominent, but Leo, Aquarius and Sirius as well. Group Preparation for that climactic moment, the First Solar Initiation, is already under way and preparations for that Glorification will increase during the Age of Aquarius.



2020-08-03-Cooperating with the Emerging Mysteries of Our Times (Special intergroup discussion hosted by the Morya Federation, Blue Rose Sisterhood and the 2025 Initiative.  Both Aquarius and Leo are focally important for the Group Work of the emerging New Age. Heights of service are to be reached under the influence of each of these constellational energies. Representatives of a number of active service groups will offer their perspectives on how we can all participate in the Restoration of the Ancient Mysteries—once again, after several millions of years absence on the physical plane. Among the secrets to be discussed is the Secret of the Soul Itself:   Capricorn—Guards the secret of the soul itself and this it reveals to the initiate at the time of the third initiation. This is sometimes called the “secret of the hidden glory.” We will find that Leo and Sirius also participate in the revelation of this mysterious secret.

2020-08-02-Leo-Sirius-Discussion (Special Leo-Sirius intergroup discussion hosted by the Morya Federation, Blue Rose Sisterhood and the 2025 Initiative, including the presentation of some foundational ideas concerning the role of Leo and Sirius at this important Festival when Sanat Kumara recognizes the entire Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet. One day, not too far in the future, this Sirius/Leo Festival will become an even more notable Festival than the Wesak Festival.)





















2020-03-08-Sacred-Pentagram-Approach II

2020-03-07-Sacred-Pentagram-Approach I

2020-02-10 Aquarius Sacred Pentagram Approach IV



2020-01-01 Day of Obligation Meditation Broadcast


2019-12-22 Capricorn Solstice Meditation Service

2019-12-14 Sagittarius Sacred Pentagram Approach Day V

2019-12-13 St Lucia’s Day and the Sagittarius Sacred Pentagram Approach Meditation

2019-12-11 Sagittarius Sacred Pentagram Approach

2019-11-14 Scorpio Sacred Pentagram Approach Day V

2019-11-13 Scorpio Sacred Pentagram Approach

2019-11-11 Scorpio Sacred Pentagram Approach II

2019-10-14 Libra Sacred Pentagram IV Meditation V

2019-09-29 All Angels Saint Michael’s Day Service

2019-09-16 Virgo Sacred Pentagram Approach V

2019-09-13 Sacred Pentagram Meditation II

2019-08-13 Leo Sacred Pentagram Broadcast

2019-07-18 Cancer Sacred Pentagram Meditation V


2019-07-14 Cancer Full Moon Sacred Pentagram

2019-06-21 Cancer Solstice Service Meditation



2019-04-21 Easter Resurrection Service Meditation

2019-04-20 Silence of the Tomb Part 3

2019-04-20 Silence of the Tomb Part 2

2019-04-20 Silence of the Tomb Part 1 Taurus Ingress

2019-04-19 Good Friday Service Meditation

2019-04-18 Maundy Thursday Service Meditation Sacred Pentagram Approach Day 2

2019-04-17 Aries Blue Moon Sacred Pentagram Approach Day

2019-03-21 Sacred Pentagram Aries IV

2019-03-20 Aries Equinox Service Meditation

2019-02-21 Pisces Sacred Pentagram Approach V


2019-02-18 Sacred Pentagram Approach 2 to Pisces

2019-02-18 Ingress of Sun into Pisces

2019-02-17 Sacred Pentagram Approach 1 Pisces

2019-01-23 Aquarius Sacred Pentagram Meditation V

2019-01-22 Aquarius Sacred Pentagram Meditation Day 4

2019-01-20 Sacred Pentagram 2

2019-01-20 Aquarius Sun Ingress

2019-01-19 Sacred Pentagram Approach to Full Moon in Aquarius

2019-01-06-Epiphany Service Meditation

2019-01-01 Solemnity of Mary Broadcast Day of Obligation

2019-01-01 New Year’s Eve Service Meditation Broadcast

2018-12-31 Vigil Broadcast on New Year’s Eve NGWS Focus

2018-12-31 The New Group of World Servers in the Final Years of the Forerunner

2018-12-25 Blessing the Animal Kingdom on Christmas Day

2018-12-23 Christmas Gospel Readings

2018-12-23 Sacred Pentagram Approach to Capricorn FM Day 4

2018-12-21 Sacred Pentagram Approach to Capricorn FM Day 2

2018-12-20 Sacred Pentagram Approach to Capricorn FM Day 1

2018-12-13 Santa Lucia Service Meditation


2018-11-24 Sacred Pentagram FM Approach IV

2018-11-23 Sacred Pentagram FM Approach III


2018-11-20 Sacred Pentagram FM Approach

2018-10-26 Sacred Pentagram Approach to Scorpio Day 5

2018-10-25 Scorpio Full Moon Sacred Pentagram Approach Day 4

2018-10-23 Sacred Pentagram Approach to the Scorpio Full Moon

2018-10-23 Ingress Meditation for the Sun Moving into Scorpio

2018-09-29 Archangel Michael’s Day All Angels Week

2018-09-27 Blue Rose Sacred Pentagram IV

2018-09-26 Blue Rose Sacred Pentagram III

2018-09-24 Blue Rose Sacred Pentagram II

2018-09-23 Blue Rose Sacred Pentagram I


2018-08-27 Shamballa Names of Mary Lady of the Miraculous Medal Sacred Pentagram

2018-08-26 Shamballa Names of Mary Stella Maris and Sacred Pentagram Approach to Full Moon in Virgo

2018-08-24 Shamballa Names of Mary and Sacred Pentagram Approach to Virgo Full Moon



2018-04-20 Pentecost

2018-04-01 Easter Resurrection


2018-03-31 Good Friday Broadcast

2018-03-30 Maundy Thursday

2018-03-29 Sacred Pentagram Full Moon Approach Inauguration

2018-03-20 Aries Equinox

2018-02-18 Pisces Ingress Meditation

2018-01-06-Epiphany Service Meditation Broadcast


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