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Shamballa, Where the Will of God is Known – Study Group and Meditation

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Compilation on Shamballa Word Document —  2MB .doc file.

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Michael Robbins Notes – Compilation on Shamballa from Zach Rymill–with Commentary

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 9, held on December 12, 2021.

The beings at Shamballa know what the immediate purpose is. Usually if the plan that expresses the purpose and usually if the purpose lasts in perpetuity and it’s the plan that brings the purpose into time and space, under the guidance of the three great lords in Shamballa – The Manu the Bodhisattva/Christ and the Maha-Chohan.

Another perspective, the Christ is the heart and head, I think you could say both of the present hierarchy, and I say the word present because it is before the year approximately 500 BC there was another head of the hierarchy, and that was the Buddha.

Who are these who do express through love intelligently applied.
The three great lords and, if we look at this a little more loosely they will be the Chohans and the masters of wisdom themselves going on with DK their major occupation is the working out of that will into manifestation.

We have to treat the animal part of our nature in the right way, so we can progress as the foundation of our sojourn in the human kingdom.
There are all kinds of ancient rituals and methods and we have to see what really serves so anyway experiments have been tried. And the cases when all these temporary experiments have been tried and when humanity has been led on in his consciousness from one stage of understanding to another and of recognized interrelation the Kingdom of God will be established on Earth.

We are all the time is struggling to express the higher and better qualities and to free itself from the thralldom of Ancient Evil, the slavery of Ancient Codes and the curse of Ancient habits of thoughts and living.

Perceptions provide the scenes, but not necessarily the reality. Under the pressure of modern life under the strain of imposed present conditions and civilization human consciousness is rapidly awakening. To live consciously and constantly within the egoic Lotus or causal body is already a significant achievement… To move as hierarchy lives within the spiritual triad.

During the discussion we covered:

  • Nirmanakayas of the Atmic plan gather the orientation or aspiration into song.
  • Christ in the garden of Gethsemane
  • Rainbow bridge work, ie Norman and Josephine Stevens work.

I am persistent and I trust you are persistent and we will have some degree of victory, as we, as we go along.
The meeting was 1.26hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 9 Video — 697MB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 9 Audio — 78MB .m4a file.

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 8, held on November 14, 2021.
Michael continues his discussion involving Shamballa and the 3 major energies and aspects.

There are higher aspects, but the solar system, per se, is considered to be the combination of cosmic ethers and cosmic dense planes our seven normal planes… The cosmic etheric physical and the Council at Shamballa especially of which the Christ, and the Buddha are members. The council is found at the very highest level on the logoic plane, where the Christ, so to speak, is symbolically sitting at the right hand of God.

The first major solar system of intelligence, the Center which is humanity was prepared and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation. 2 and 5

In the second solar system, the hierarchy of love must make its appearance and must eventually come into full manifestation upon the physical plane, thereby enabling the love of God to be seen.

The next solar system, the Tibetan says the centers which we today call Shamballa will manifest intelligently and through love. The will aspect of deity, in this second solar system that all these three centers expressing the three divine aspects meet simultaneously at various stages of living this. We then have the possibility of the combination of three aspects, and we would expect that, when the fusing power of the second race is dominant. It is interesting to note that it is only through human beings that these centers can ever come into true functioning activity.

Shamballa will work through the hierarchy and the hierarchy in its turn will reach the various kingdoms in nature, through the medium of humanity well humanity is the kind of microcosm to the entire animal kingdom.

Christ, where we have to find the way to love our enemies.
The meeting was 2.1hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 8 Video — 1.19GB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 8 Audio — 93MB .m4a file.

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 7, held on October 24, 2021.   Michael’s reading was from Destiny of Nations, pages 22-24.  He reiterated where we left off last time, with DK calling our attention to the underlying, motivating idea behind the work needed as we consider the ideologies in effect that emanate from the 3 major planetary centers (Shamballa, the Hierarchy, and Humanity).  DK suggests that the ideology which is embodied in the vision of the totalitarian states is an erroneous but clear-cut response to the Shamballa influence of will; that the ideology behind the democratic ideal constitutes a similar response to the universality which the love of the Hierarchy prompts it to express, and that communism is of human origin, embodying that ideology which humanity has formulated in its own right.  Thus the three aspects of God’s nature are beginning to take form as three major ideas and what we see upon the planet at this time are the distorted human reactions to spiritual impulses, emanating from three different centers, but all equally divine in their essential natures, and in their essences.  Most people are affected by the methods employed to materialize the ideas and by the quality of their exponents than the pure idealism which gave them birth and which lies behind them as the motivating impulse.  This is because most people are affected by the impact upon the emotional bodies (not their minds) after these divine impulses have filtered through from the Shamballa and the hierarchical centers into and through the human center and have then been seized upon and applied to specific national, racial and political conditions.  Below is a table of these three  great planetary centers and their relationships:

I. Shamballa                    Will or Power            Planetary head center, spiritual pineal gland.
The Holy City                   Purpose . . Plan
                                Life Aspect.
                                Ruler:-Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World.
                                The Ancient of Days.
II. The Hierarchy               Love-Wisdom              Planetary heart center.
The new Jerusalem               Consciousness.
                                Group Unity.
                                Ruler:-The Christ.
                                The World Saviour.
III.  Humanity                  Active Intelligence      Planetary throat center.
The city, standing              Self-Consciousness.
foursquare                      Creativity.
                                Son of the Morning.
                                The Prodigal Son.

These three centers are closely interrelated and must be thought of in their entirety as expressions of divine livingness, as embodying three great stages in the unfoldment of God’s plan and as constituting the three major centers in the body of the “One in Whom we live and move and have our being.”  These centers can be related to the three solar systems, referred to in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire —

  1. In the first solar system, the center which is Humanity was prepared, and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation.
  2. In the second solar system, the Hierarchy of love made its appearance and must eventually come into full manifestation upon the physical plane, thereby enabling the Love of God to be seen.
  3. In the next solar system, the centrer which we today call Shamballa will manifest (intelligently and through love) the will aspect of Deity.

It is only however in this second solar system that all these three centers, expressing the three divine aspects, meet simultaneously at various stages of livingness.  It is interesting to note that it is only through human beings that these centers can ever come into true functioning activity.
The meeting was 1.9hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 7 Video — 767MB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 7 Audio — 104MB .m4a file.

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 6, held on October 10, 2021.

[page 19-22] DON

Shamballa impulse further developed in the red solar system which will increase our understanding of Divine Will. Understand historical context to really comprehend divine purpose.

The directors of hierarchy are seeking to evoke an intelligent response from humankind. In the next Solar System (Red) love wisdom must be distributed as to make sure it does not obstruct Divine Will.

The most common response to Shamballa energy is fear and terror. Only a few can really grasp the vision of the future. Do you count yourself amongst them? They have no ill will or hatred for others.

Love is a great unifier and interpreter. The energy of love is concentrated in the NGWS chosen as a main channel of expression. As servers we will inevitably come under criticism and scrutiny. Disciples will learn to grasp the need of group love. Awakening the latent love in human beings will initiate an initial inchoate goodwill. Are you a person of goodwill?

Focus on the 3 Planetary Centres – Shamballa – The Hierarchy – and Humanity

Q&A – Discussion:
Misunderstanding today are often born from a skewed response to the Shamballa impulse. There is a great inversion of sight and vision today. Taurus – Leo – Scorpio.. Coming closer to understanding the real meaning of liberation.

The meeting was 1.2hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 6 Video — 646MB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 6 Audio — 78MB .m4a file.

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 5, held on September 5, 2021.

Michael continues with the first great energy and also a reminder of the great conclave in 2025 and that the era of the forerunner beginning in 1965 is concluding. Numbers and numerology are important. Pay attention to numerical relationships and similarities.

Form destroying bringing death to Material forms and organized bodies which hinder the free expression of the life of god.  1854, 1903, 1952, 2001, 2050 – 49 year cycles wherein choices of service are taken.

Shamballic energies can cause humanity to withdraw from fear or exploit this energy for selfish ends. We must and are learning to deal with Shamballic energies and their more direct contact. The negative use of Shamballa energy hinders spiritual progress but often is the initial state of utilization by humankind.

Second Ray – the dormant Will impulse makes itself felt. Masses of the people of the world… will expresses itself through sound whereas consciousness or love does through light. Demanding peace and understanding between all human beings. This Ray is expressing its values which embody human betterment. The greatest good for the greatest number.

DO we truly love humanity? The disciples deficiency is the lack of love for humanity.

The second great energy – 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom – Christ’s Ray. Living in the indigo light affords the future humanity a positive evolution.  Shamballa into matter where the travails take us toward the destination eventually finding the Sirian Light. Care wisely about the form of man while adjusting to the form of spirit.

Energy of Love seeking to blend with what is flowing out of Shamballa. This blending is required for the proper dispensation and use of this energy. The fusion of Shamballa and hierarchical energies to temper destruction and bring forth construction. Intelligence and Love combined is the optimal Divine plan future.  Recognize hierarchical impacts which are more frequent than Shamballic. Over time Shamballic impacts will become more frequent. An experiment is being allowed in which some humans are connecting directly to Shamballa with no mediation from hierarchy. Shamballa impacts are too dangerous as of now to connect the mass of humankind to them directly.

Intelligence and Love – Love Wisdom – Form Destroying and Soul Constructing.
The meeting was 1.8hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 5 Video — 724MB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 5 Audio — 106MB .m4a file.

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 4, held on March 11, 2021.  Emphasis was on first ray personalities who are really first ray souls. A true first ray personality who works in response to the Shamballa influence will have the ultimate good of the group deeply enshrined in his consciousness and heart, and will think in terms of the whole and not in terms of the part. There is both destructiveness or constructiveness with the Shamballa Energy. Master DK uses the word energy in reference to the spiritual expression of any ray, and he uses the word force to denote the misapplication by men of that spiritual energy.  History has many examples of leaders who may have had personality limitations, but actually used first ray energy wisely and constructively within the limits of the immediate Plan. There are Disciples of Shamballa (just as there are Disciples of the Hierarchy) and they are powerful, headstrong and often cruel as they impose their will and dictate their desires.  They make mistakes but they are nevertheless true disciples of Shamballa and are working out the Will of God as much as the disciples and Masters of the Hierarchy are working out the Love of God.  The meeting was 2hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 4 Video — 947MB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 4 Audio — 118MB .m4a file.

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 3, held on March 4, 2021.  Michael began consideration of the Compilation on Shamballa prepared by Zach Rymill (you can download a copy above) with excerpts from Destiny of Nations pages 12, 13, 14, & 15. The mysterious force described in many writings – as “God moves in mysterious ways “characterizes the mystery of the will of God, a 1st Ray Will. Man’s using this 1st ray force is seldom used as the will-to-good but leads to separation and selfishness. Few know how to use this force as Goodwill. It pours in from Shamballa. Not every prophecy DK has given has worked out in time but still the prophecies are sound. For example, DK warned of the latent fascism in the United States some seventy years ago. The United States with its Soul Ray – and motto e pluribus unum – one from many, was touched in the inception of the nation by Master R in his work with some of the founders including Benjamin Franklin. The question was asked what have been the Shamballa Impacts. Only twice before has the Shamballa Impact occurred. First was an initiation of our Planetary Logos at the time of the individualization of man in ancient Lemuria. The in-coming of the Solar Angels with fire storms, we must seize on the scope of that. The second was in Atlantean days, between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Expression. The climaxing battle took place on a plain in India about 20 miles south of what is now New Delhi. Michael mentions the intermediate Shamballa ‘effects’ that have occurred in the past century and are referenced in Phillip Lindsay’s writings on Shamballa. We are in the pralaya of the Age of Pisces in which everything of the Piscean age will be swept away and it is said an attempt will be made to destroy the Aryan root race by fire. A period of destruction still remains. Shamballa is preparing the way for humanity to enter the next great crisis of initiation. It is possible that many of the disciples today may have been individualized on the Moon Chain entering in the Third Root Race of the Atlantean were assigned a Solar Angel.  Some discussion of the Shamballa on the animal kingdom. Psychologists and the personalities into the theater of world activities was discussed. The personalities appropriate the soul ray in a personal way. Those “really in power” have a first ray soul and their personality is swept by the first ray soul and expresses the personality in a first ray way. The soul ray allows for direct contact with the Shamballa force and they are sensitive to the will energy of deity. The ray and astrological differences cause a misapplication of the soul ray qualities of R1. These are dominant persons and dictators in political, social and religious institutions. Upon closing the discussion of the text excerpts from the Compilation, there were questions posed and answered related to DK’s guidance on what foods should be consumed and other recommended physical habits.  The meeting was 2hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 3 Video — 859MB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 3 Audio — 115MB .m4a file.

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 2, held on February 11, 2021.  Discussion was on how little we know about Shamballa.  Shamballa is seeking, through what is called the Shamballa impact, to contact Humanity, but this must be done very carefully.  Tuija gave some information on what we know about Shamballa, mostly from legends and stories that have fascinated spiritual seekers for decades.  What is Shamballa, and where is it?  Some names of Shamballa are Shangri-la, the Hidden Land, the White Island.  Master DK calls it “serene determination and of poised, quiescent will . . . a world of pure energy, of light and of directed force . . .  all forming a pattern of consummate beauty . . . all potently invocative of the world of the soul and the world of phenomena. . . Shamballa is essentially the energy of life itself, implemented by the will.”  Michael continued the discussion, describing the White Island as being completely etheric, so we are not going to find it in the dense ethers, but most likely on the higher two etheric subplans of the physical plane. Seekers traveling to the Gobi Desert looking for Shamballa will never find it that way, they need etheric vision to see it.  And when they find it, the question of entry is another matter to be addressed.  In truth, the real Shamballa is found on the highest two levels of the Cosmic Ethers, and then is projected down into the White Island.  The meeting was 1.5hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 2 Video — 544MB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 2 Audio — 92MB .m4a file.

Shamballa Study Group Meeting 1, held on February 4, 2021.  Discussion was on Shamballa and Will, and participants gave some of their impressions of what Shamballa is for them.  From the standpoint of true esotericism, Rays and Initiations p314 tells us, Shamballa is a place of “serene determination and of poised, quiescent will.”  Later in R&I, p247, it discusses the ceremonial ritual of the daily life of Sanat Kumara, implemented by music and sound and carried on the waves of colour, which break upon the shores of the 3 worlds of human evolution . . . As beauty in any of its greater forms breaks upon the human consciousness, a dim sense is thereby conveyed of the ritual of Sanat Kumara’s daily living.  Also discussed was the fact that Shamballa does receive energy from Sirius; recipients of this impression are the highest members of the Great Council, presided over by the Lord of the World.  The meeting was 2hrs.

Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 1 Video — 819MB .mp4 file.
Shamballa Study and Meditation Meeting 1 Audio — 115MB .m4a file.