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Discover the Self: Through the Seven Rays webinar by Eva Smith
A Deeper Understanding of the Seven Rays

So what is the value of studying the Seven Rays?

“Above everything else, it is necessary that the aspirant be practical. The days of a mystical and dreamy consciousness are rapidly falling away … with an understanding of psychology the aspirant will begin to act with precision and intelligence …” A Treatise on the Seven Rays Esoteric Psychology Volume I page 111

We will examine the similarities, the differences and areas of confusion. The third ray is the ray of intelligent activity, so how is this intelligence expressed differently under the influence of the fifth ray? How can we tell these influences apart in ourselves? How can we discern these important yet subtle variations and integrate the energies to advance in our own development and service?

We will look at the ray cycles and the outgoing sixth ray vs. the incoming seventh ray. All of which will provide insights into understanding ray differences and their expression.

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Discover the Self: Through the Seven Rays, presented by Eva Smith, held on April 23, 2017.
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