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Tapestry of the Gods Series Michael Robbins Commentaries on the books by Alice A Bailey and Djwhal Khul 
Volume I – Rayology in pdf 28 Rules: 14 Rules for Aspirants & 14 for Disciples & Initiates
Volume II – Rayology II in pdf Adventures in Identification
Volume III – Astro-Rayology of Famous Lives Adventures in Identification Series I
Comparisons & Contrasts of Rays and Signs Adventures in Identification Series II
Interpretations of Points in Signs  Adventures in Identification Series III: Simultaneity and Sequence
Interpretations of Famous Lives Adventures in Identification Series IV: Realization Through Magical Word-Formulas
Volume IV – On the Monad – pdf & html Adventures in Identification Series V: Meditations on Identification
Volume V – Physiognomy A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Fellowship
Volume VI – Rituals & Music A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Classes
Music and Rituals for the New Age A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – Webinar Commentaries
Michael D. Robbins and Harold G. Moses A Treatise on Cosmic Fire – New Fellowship Group
     Select free music and lyrics A Treatise on White Magic I – Rules for the Mental Plane
Volume VII – Infinitization of Selfhood pdf A Treatise on White Magic II – Rules for the Astral Plane
 Prolegomena: Entering the Domain A Treatise on White Magic III – Rules for the Physical Plane
Commentary on Initiation Compilations  **New content added**
See the MAKARA Original Reference Section Commentary on the Rays and the Initiations Part II
Egoic Lotus – Webinar Commentaries
Esoteric Astrology Adventure – Webinar Commentaries
 Other Series Esoteric Psychology – Webinar Commentaries:
A.S.K-PROJECT to Ask Help for Humanity Broadcast Events Blessed Ones – Webinar Commentaries
Dissipation of Glamour Initiative Events Angel of the Presence – Webinar Commentaries
Esoteric Foundations of Triangles Events Laws of the Soul – Webinar Commentaries
Full Moon Meditations Law of Repulse – Webinar Commentaries
Techniques of Integration – Webinar Commentaries
Speeches by Michael Robbins Techniques of Fusion and Duality – Webinar Commentaries
Externalization of the Hierarchy Webinar Commentaries**New content added**
Identify as Being – Group enquiry into the State of Identification
Special Events: Initiation, Human and Solar
2019 Festival Week of NGWS Event Recordings Letters on Occult Meditation on Future Schools
Esoteric United Nations Initiative Letters on Occult Meditation Webinars**New webinar Series**
35th Anniversary of the Seven Ray Institute Meditation Seeds of the Infinite Webinars
Seeds of the Infinite, Identify as BEING – the ABSOLUTE Series 3, 2019-2020
Morya Federation Webinars Seeds of the Infinite, Identify as BEING – the ABSOLUTE Series 4, 2020
Awakening the Higher Mind with Duane Carpenter
Esoteric Astrology and the Pairs of Opposites 2020 (Eva Smith, BL Allison)

About the Seven Ray Institute Conferences

Esoteric Astrology and Chart Delineation 2018 (Eva Smith, BL Allison)

Conference Videos can be found on Morya Federation YouTube

DINA Disciples Webinars (Elena Dramchini)

Information about the annual conferences can be found at the Seven Ray Institute

Discover the Self: Through the 7 Rays Webinar (Eva Smith)

35th Anniversary of the Seven Ray Institute Meditation

Great Quest Student Webinars (Leoni Hodgson, BL Allison)


Journey of the Soul Webinars (David Hopper)


Labours of Hercules Webinars (BL Allison)

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Open Webinars

Sacred Geometry Webinars (Francis Donald)
Secret Doctrine Webinars (Francis Donald)

Secret Teachings of All Ages Webinars (Francis Donald)

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Seven Rays Webinars and Esoteric Astrology Webinars (Eva Smith)

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Student Webinars – Questions and Answers for the Entire Student Body
The Great Invocation – A Voiced Diamond webinars (Nicole Resciniti)
The Reappearance of the Christ webinars (Nicole Resciniti)
Theseus and the Minotaur (Walter Pullen)